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Creating new jobs on the island

Figures looking better

Brico Group invest in Tenerife

Festival of Love in Callao Salvaje

Waiting for 7 million euro project approval

The number of visitors increases

First store opened in Tenerife

Find a partner at a rather unusual new venture

A total of 1200 jobs could be created.

The latest figures show a growth in all the main markets.

The largest store in the Canaries with 3000sqm.

The weekend is aimed at single people over 30.

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ANARY folklore is once again being brought direct to tourists across Tenerife. The Canary Islands´ Folk Festival proved such a success last year that it is being repeated between now and next April. A new element this year is Canary dance. Musical activities and dance with traditional groups will be taking place in all the main tourist zones, including Thursday evenings in Los Cristianos, Fridays in Las Galletas and Las Américas on Saturdays. Events will also be accompanied by promotion of traditional gastonomy, wines, cheeses and Canary craft. “We often forget what we are,” says David Herrera, tourism councillor for organisers Arona Council.

Call for Let Tenerife prosper! prudence I NDUSTRIALISTS have given a vote of confidence to the future train projects for the north and south of Tenerife.


OLITICIANS have advised caution amid some belief that unemployment across the Canary Islands might have reached its ceiling.

Figures for July to September of this year show a decrease for the first time in 2010 and the first time since the second quarter of 2009. The archipelago closed the third quarter with 310,000 people without work which is 7,100 less than the previous quarter. Unemployment is now running at 28.9 per cent as opposed to 29.48 per cent between April and June but it is still the highest in Spain. There are still more men than women without work and the worst hit age group is the

16 to 24 category, followed by 25 to 36 years. By isands, the unemployment percentage rates are 32.65 for Fuerteventura, 32.25% for Lanzarote, 29.99% for Gran Canaria, 27.69 % for El Hierro, 26.77% for Tenerife, 26.72% for La Palma and 25.14% for Gomera. The Spanish figure is 19.79 %. Spanish president Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has called for prudence as he said the way ahead was still going to be long and it will be difficult to obtain a recovery.

But their backing for the biggest scheme the island has seen for decades has been tempered with harsh words to ecologists. They have been accused of systematically blocking big projects which are necessary to take Tenerife

Although he could not be optimistic because the figures were high, other politicians have suggested unemployment might have touched its highest mark. Meanwhile, Zapatero has defended huge budget cuts, describing them as austere but “responsible, honest and realistic”.

into the future and increase its competitiveness. These include the train projects themselves, which green campaigners say will harm the environment, and the new Granadilla port which they claim will be to the serious detriment of marine life. Both

could be subject to legal action. The Confederation of Industrialists of Santa Cruz (Ceoe-Tenerife) and the Chamber of Commerce says an effective and competitive public transport system has to include a suitable railway network, together with ports and airports. The railway would offer an attractive alternative to road

transport in that it would bring ecological and economic benefits, has an efficient energy consumption and would help to reduce the island´s ever-increasing traffic. The industrialists say green campaigners are harming Tenerife´s progress because of their continued opposition to port, road, airport and now the train projects.














































The struggle of making ends meet


ANY people who live in the Canary Islands are struggling to make ends meet, according to new figures.

The Survey of Conditions of Life 2009, carried out by the National Institute of Statistics, reveals that 27.5 per cent of Canary residents are living below the poverty line. This places the archipelago fourth highest on the list when compared with other independent commu-nities across Spain, below Extremadura, Andalusia and Murcia. Last year, the figure for the Canary Islands was 19.5 % but in 2008 it was 24.8 % so the situation has got worse. The survey shows the average wage in Spain is 9,865 euros but in the Canary Islands, it is 8,420 euros. The report also shows that three out of each ten Spanish homes have difficulty in making

ends meet each month and four out of ten do not have enough money to deal with anything unexpected. Generally, 20.8 % of the resident population in Spain (one of each five people) are below the relative poverty line; that is to say, living with income below 60 % of the average of the country. Those struggling most appear to be people over 65 years of age and minors of 16. Some 7.5% of households are behind with payments such as the mortgage or utility bills whereas five years ago, this figure for the whole of Spain was 4.7 %. The survey also reveals that the annual average income of the Spanish homes reached 25,732 euros in 2009.


Creating new jobs in Tenerife


HE Tenerife Cabildo is hoping to win approval for a seven million euro project which could provide jobs for 1,200 people.

The bid is being made through the Canary Service of Employment and, if successful, would help all parts of the island. The various projects would relate to roads, tourism, agriculture, innovation, education, youth, handicrafts, commerce, sports, museums, culture and improving the landscape amongst others. Priority would be given to the long-term unemployed, young people seeking their first job, families with dependents and those in danger of social exclusion. Councillor for economic development, trade and employment Efrain Medina said the contracts would be for a duration of six months and would include a training programme so that when people left, they would be better prepared for a permanent job. The deadline for submission of the first round of projects to the tune of 4.3 million euros is November 30.

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Arico “to suspend green licences”


RICO´s council has taken the controversial step of suspending the granting of licences for renewable energy projects along the coastline for a year. The Mayor, Eladio Morales says they are not against green schemes but feels permissions are not opportune at the moment because of major tourism plans for the area. The two, he says, could conflict. The one year suspension affects the coast of the municipality between the barrancos of Las Eras and El Rio and the area from the coastline to the TF-1. It would also have a major impact on

plans for a new Aeolian Park. The Mayor says they cannot allow wind turbines in the zone earmarked for a unique tourist project around Punta de Abona and around Tajao, Abades, Las Listadas and Jardín del Atlántico. The plans envisage provision of 3,000 tourist beds and two golf courses. The suspension of licences, described as “precautionary”, would also affect photovoltaic energy projects.


The Canaries, caught on CCTV .


EB cameras are to be installed in prime locations across the Canaries to bring potential visitors a “live” experience of the islands wherever they might be in the world. The project, Stations of Landscapes, is expected to be up and running within a year. The aim is to show the beauty of the archipelago over the net with people being able to tap into the pages of and hopefully it will encourage them to visit. The images will include sound and commentary in seven different languages, as well as a temperature watch through a link to the Meteorological Institute. The project will show

natural landscapes such as the Mount Teide National Park, the huge cliffs at Los Gigantes, the rugged coastline of Gomera and the sand dunes of El Médano. However, as a contrast, cameras will also be placed to highlight urban zones and depict the old and new architecture of the islands. The initiative has already been given the go ahead with 85 per cent of the funding coming from the European Union. The total budget is 700,000 euros. .





Facelift for major tourist areas


ELL known and major parts of Arona and Adeje will take on a completely new look in the near future.

Three projects have just been given the go-ahead at a cost of around 150,000 euros. The contracts have been awarded to three companies who now have four months in which to prepare the details although the concepts are already taking shape. All three schemes form part of a regeneration plan for Arona, Adeje, Santiago del Teide and Puerto de la Cruz, an initiative launched through the Tenerife Cabildo through Tourism of Tenerife. They will transform Parque Mare Verde and Avenida de Bruselas in Adeje and Calle Luis Diaz de Losada in Arona. First vice president of the Tenerife Cabildo and tourism councillor José Manuel Bermúdez said the projects would transform these major tourist areas and help to make the island more competitive as a holiday destination. Projects were invited in June and of the 56 received, these three were the winning bids. The ideas for the Parque Mare Verde will transform the area into a green oasis with facilities for sports and accommodation. There will also be parking, a future market and a cafe above the existing tunnel which runs through the middle of the park. Ideas for Avenida de Bruselas include the incorporation of a cycle track and pedestrian route

Avenida de Bruselas

Mare Verde in equal measures to the car and extensive landscaping. The project for Calle Luis Diaz de Losada will also see the

unusual element of a lookout platform to take in the views whilst still providing a direct link to the beach.


Figures looking better for Tenerife


HE number of visitors to Tenerife in September recorded a 3.66 % increase The latest figures also show that for the first nine months of this year, tourism numbers are up 1.35 % from 2009, with growth in all the main markets. During September, the island attracted 367,183 tourists, a 3.66% rise on September of last year. The number of foreign tourists in September went up 7.63%, the British figure stayed relatively stable at 115,331 (just 0.03 %down) while the German market soared to a total of 43,074 which is 17.98 % up. The Spanish market went down 2.92% to 129,375. First vice president of the Tenerife Cabildo and tourism chief José Manuel Bermúdez said the foreign market had

now shown six months of growth and was ver y important relevant to the island´s tourism fortunes. Even though the Spanish market was down for September, the positive trend was 2.59% up for the year so far. In September, there were 2,808,494 overnight stays, a 3.35% increase over the same period last year. In terms of occupation, it stood at 53.44 %, 7.36% above the index recorded in the same month in 2009. The average stay was 7.65 days, -0.02

points less than last year. In relation to the main tourist areas, the south accommodated a total of 293,003 tourists, 5.20% more than in September 2009 while the north recorded 60,460 guests staying, a figure which indicates a decrease of 2.58 %. In the first nine months of the year, there were 3,598,574 tourists, a 1.35% increase over the same period last year, with rises in key source markets. Spanish tourists, 1,183,302 in total, showed a rise of 2.59% and foreign visitors show an increase of 0.76% on an overall figure of 2,415,272 visitors. UK visitors totalled 1,097,447 (3.18%) and Germans, 384,952 in total, up 1.05%.








British motorcyclist Bogus gangs “collect for the severely injured deaf ”


39 year old British motorcyclist was seriously injured and another Spanish rider was killed outright on the main road across the Teide National park on 16th October. The incident occurred at 15.20 hours when the riders were heading for the cable car on the TF-21 road at the base of Mt. Teide, close to El Portillo. Reports suggest the riders came across a blue Renault Clio which was turning into a parking area and were unable to avoid the collision. The British motorcyclist, named as Jason, crashed into the car. The Spanish colleague, Domingo,

tried to avoid the car but hit volcanic rock and was killed instantly. The Briton was flown by helicopter to the University Hospital in a very serious condition. The car was been driven by a woman. She and her female companion escaped injury but a five year old girl was treated at the Bellevue Hospital in Puerto de la Cruz for minor cuts and bruises.


OLICE have warned about bogus charity collectors who have been out on the streets of Santa Cruz trying to con tourists.

The gangs, who have included children, say they are collecting on behalf of an organisation for the deaf but it does not exist. They have added authenticity to their claims by showing passers-by official looking letters complete with a logo. A gang of seven women, including a child, were recently operating in the Plaza


de España in the centre of Santa Cruz and many complaints were generated to the police about their behaviour. Earlier, police had arrested three other women collecting elsewhere and, on this occasion, they included two girls of fifteen. The gangs are specifically homing in on foreign tourists.

Police crack speedball gang


PANISH police have dismantled a drugs´ ring organised by members of the same family who used their children as carriers and decoys.

In some cases, the young boys and girls had to watch for the police from balconies, hide the drugs on their bodies and even flush them down the toilets if in danger of detection. The operation was centred on the mainland, in Navarre and La Rioja, and involved drugs from Madrid, Barcelona and the Basque Country.

Police said the drug being peddled was “speedball” , a very dangerous mixture of heroin and cocaine. In all, 19 people were arrested, including the 53 year old ringleader and his wife. The investigation began in February when two men were stopped in Madrid with more than a kilo of pure heroin.


Police to stop cruising Knife attacker sent to prison T

HE Conservative PP Security Councillor in Puerto de la Cruz, Luis Rodríguez, admits there is concern about the growth of “cruising” in the upmarket La Paz district and issued a reminder that people carrying out sexual acts in the street can be fined between 100 and 750€.

Cruising is the term used for men who make contact through internet or by “cruising the streets” in certain areas looking for free sex with other men. The Councillor pointed out that his government does not set out to discriminate against people with different sexual tendencies but that the town has strict rules against sex and prostitution in public places as it might offend others or affect especially sensitive groups such as children. The councillor aid the police would be especially vigilant in La Paz and act against the growing trend for “cruising”.


woman who stabbed the vice-president of La Palma´s Cabildo seven times, narrowly missing his heart, has been jailed for eight years.

She has also been ordered to stay away from Gerardo Hernández for 12 years and pay compensation of just over 4,000 euros for his injuries which kept him in hospital for 17 days. The court heard that one of the wounds went 7cms into his chest near his heart and he also sustained cuts to his arms and hand as he tried to get the knife away from her. A neighbour finally came to his rescue. The attack happened last August and the woman was heard to say she was going to kill him.






The half Brico Group T million Euro invest in Tenerife

Masca thief caught



HE urgency of repairing an old bridge, the one which crosses into la Orotava from the old TF-21 access road from the east, has caught up with the authorities.

First customer through the door

Sr. Laurin Vega

N Friday October 29th Brico Group opened their first shop here in Tenerife; hundreds of people attended the long awaited opening. Situated below Media Market in Añaza Santa Cruz, they stock everything you could possibly require in hardware and DIY materials.

running discount promotions running right up to Christmas.’ The Group has other stores in the Canar y Islands. However, with the important investment and large size of the store, their new shop is set to be the flagship in this dynamic company. You can contact them on 922 68 71 29 or you can visit their website to find out more


The new store is the largest here in the Canaries with 3000m2 of shop floor and 48 employees on hand to offer expert advice. The store manager Sr. Vega told the TN

‘this is an important investment for our company as well as for Tenerife. We are sure this new venture will be a success and customers will love the service we provide. We will also be

But Mayor Isaac Valencia, is now doing his utmost to get the regional authorities to commit themselves to fund the complete rebuilding of the bridge. It is considered too narrow and dangerous to cope with modern-day traffic and pedestrians. So, at a cost of 500,000€, the Council wants it rebuilt. Valencia proposes widening it to make it a two-

way 12 metre wide bridge with room or pavements for the pedestrians. Such is the urgency, possibly to have something on the table in time for the next local elections, that the Mayor met with Cabildo chief, Ricardo Melchior, in October to discuss the project. The Mayor of La Orotava usually accomplishes what he sets out to do.

HE Guardia Civil in Buenavista arrested a 45 year old Algerian immigrant in October. He is alleged to have been the thief responsible for having broken into 17 vehicles in Masca, most of them hired cars parked by foreign visitors out to explore the breathtaking Masca valley and ravine.

They had been keeping an eye out for the thief and finally spotted a man acting suspiciously and eyeing cars as he walked by. He turned out to be a resident in Los Realejos and to have a long record for thefts and when he spotted the police he attempted to evade them but he was intercepted. He is reported to have been carrying a considerable amount of cash.



OUR men have been arrested after police intercepted an elderly man at Tenerife North airport carrying 8.3kg of cocaine in his luggage.

It appears the drug dealers had been using pensioners with family in South America as couriers to introduce drugs in the mainland Spain and the Canaries. They worked on the presumption that elderly folk were less likely to cause suspicions or to be searched by customs police. The ring leader worked as a security guard at Madrid’s Barajas international airport.








Council pacts Garachico Protest at may get a lift home for the firm T disabled T

HE Nationalist Coalición Canaria Council in Garachico wants to install two lifts for public use with which to communicate the old seaside town with the suburbs at the top of the volcanic slopes above. The idea has been floated about before but it is now being considered more seriously and has been included in the new urban development plans which the Nationalists want to have approved during the first quarter of 2011. Like the new port which is currently under construction, the project has aroused a certain amount of controversy. Nevertheless it follows a need for politicians to look to the future. With the island’s population growing rapidly and likely to require more infra-

structures to cope with demand, the lift project is intended as a tool to ease communications between the town centre and El Vo l c á n z o n e w h e r e t h e sloping terrain is very steep. The original idea was to b u i l d a s y s t e m o f m echanical escalators but this option was ruled out because of the high cost involved. The two independent lifts or cable cars with panoramic views, are a much more feasible alternative. Importantly, they are likely to be funded by private investors.


Cheese fair at Pinolere


RGANISED in conjunction with La Orotava town hall, the Canary cheese fair is coming to Pinolere between 2nd and 7th of November.

There will be workshops on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th where master cheese makers will be on hand to show the public how to make traditional cheeses. The cost of these workshops will be 10 euros per day and there are only a limited amount of places available. On November 6th and 7th the best cheeses on the islands will be available to taste and purchase. For more information you can call 922 32 26 78 or by visiting their website


HE Nationalist Coalición Canaria Mayors in Puerto de la Cruz and Icod, Marcos Brito and Diego Afonso, hope and expect their respective governing alliances with the Partido Popular Conservatives to last the term until the 2011 local elections.

WENTY two families in Tacoronte have been refusing to send their disabled children back to the Naranjos de Luz home for the disabled.

They have been protesting against a decision to readmit two members of the staff at the home, after the Court in La Laguna had dismissed the case, who had been accused of alleged abuse. The families have called for the two staff members to continue under precautionary suspension until there has been a firm sentence. The problem began in

the month of June when eight monitors at the home and one parent denounced the alleged abuse. The Court held that the variety of versions in the allegations implied that there was an internal problem at the home, centred upon whether the current director at the home should continue or be replaced by another.


Ascot in Los Realejos


HE two northern councils of Los Realejos and San Juan de la Rambla are prepared to cooperate in the construction of a racecourse.

The original idea, for a race course to be built on the Tigaiga plains, came from the Conservative Partido Popular opposition in Los Realejos, with a very ambitious project, but the Council in San Juan has also jumped on the bandwagon with its very own project. It claimed it already had funding, although it still needed to find a suitable plot

of land on which to build the racecourse, exhibition enclosures and training areas. Spokesmen for both Nationalist run councils appear to be prepared to talk about a united effort, suggesting that the Partido Popular’s proposal was over the top. The Conservatives were inclined to agree to whatever proposal best suited the general interest.

There was no question about this being the case until the end of October. But, as a result of the regional CC Nationalists supporting Spain’s Socialist President Zapatero’s crisis reforms, therefore allowing Zapatero to govern until 2012, the regional Conservatives have withdrawn their governing allegiance with the regional Nationalists. This means the regional Nationalists will now govern the Canaries in a minority. Many, even from within the ranks of the regional Conservatives, have questioned the wisdom and necessity of the decision, which they believe to have been ordered by the national Conservative leader Mariano Rajoy. The rift has not only confused

regional Conservatives but also put Nationalist-Conservative allies in Puerto and Icod in a difficult spot. For the moment, however, there is no sign that the Conservatives will follow the example at local level. Indeed they can hardly afford to, in political terms and the last thing both Puerto and Icod need now is a return to political instability. Both councils appear to be doing a reasonable job to clean up debts left by previous administrations and to keep future projects alive, despite the economic crisis. Nobody, except the opposition Socialists, appear to be interested in putting a spanner in the works at this stage either. Common sense urges prudence and political stability.


Major scheme now complete


RAINAGE problems across Candelaria are likely to be a thing of the past following completion of a major scheme.

Much of the old network dated back to the 1970s and was incapable of coping with demand or with torrential rain. The extensive work has cost nearly 900,000 euros and has included drainage, sanitation, lighting, new pavements etc and will especially address problems in El Pozo area.







Political words Find a partner at Media chiefs Festival of Love on island visit T

HE Nationalist Coalición Canaria group at the town hall in La Victoria walked out of a council meeting on 14th October, evidencing that tensions are running high again. They walked out because the Socialist Mayor used the words “bad man” and “loco” to describe their spokesman. This was in reply to another use of political words by the Nationalist spokesman who had called the Mayor a “fascist”. The matter appears to have arisen because the Mayor refused to let his opponent present three

proposals independently, insisting that they would all have to be considered as one lot. Understandably the Nationalists thought this absurd and unfair and this led to the almighty and unnecessar y row which, published in the local press, does nothing to improve the public’s opinion of some local representatives.


Family education


HE town council in Santa Ursula has edited a booklet called “A recipe for education within the family”.

This pioneering guide has been approved by the regional government and Funcapid, the Canary Island Foundation for the Prevention and Investigation of Drug Addiction. The booklet includes strategies and steps, recommended by educational specialists, based on a better understanding of situations which most concern parents.

One of the main sections is the guide’s “kitchen recipes”, which cover topics from drugs and sexual education to leisure activities, communication, school bullying and typical family models. An initial batch of five hundred copies of the book is being distributed to parents and teachers.


RE you looking for love? You might well find it at Callao Salvaje, thanks to a rather unusual new venture.

On November 5, 6 and 7, Adeje tourism chiefs are holding a Festival of Love which has already attracted 150 people. The weekend is aimed at single people over 30 who are looking for a partner and will include lots of treats, including enjoying the luxurious thermal spa at the Callao Sport Hotel which is set in lush grounds just off the first main roundabout. There will also be

champagne, a chocolate fountain, tropical fruits, a Hawaiin feast in the pool, surprise activities, beauty sessions and a gala dinner and dance with orchestra. The final day will be dedicated to love around the hotel pool and closed with a lively party and barbecue. It costs 95 euros and there is still time to sign up at the Tourist Development Centre Costa Adeje (CDTCA).

Big sea delays port


HE first really big autumn seas early in October damaged part of the new port which is under construction in Garachico. As a result the estimated time for completion for the marina and fishing harbour will have been delayed by approximately one month.

This is the statement made by the authorities in the aftermath of the storm. Nevertheless, as pointed out by nationalist spokesman for the Garachico Council, José González, the big swell did not cause serious damage. From above, it looked far worse than it really was and the primary sea wall withstood the battering well. The area damaged was the incomplete provisional reef which is used as a platform to extend the main harbour walls.


PANISH TV across the Canary Islands was one of the issues discussed when a media chief was welcomed on a formal visit to the Tenerife Cabildo.

President Ricardo Melchior received Alberto Oliart who is president of RTVE, together with Juan Luis Callau who is the recently appointed chief executive of Radio Television Espanola. They also discussed various topics of current political and social issues. Alberto Oliart was Defence Minister in the government of the UCD formed by Leopoldo Calvo Sotelo and after the elections in June 1977, took over the ministerial portfolio of industry and energy. In 1980, he was appointed Minister of Health and Social Security. In 2009, he received a Special Award from the Ministr y of Defence for his role in the process of incorporating Spain into international organisations.







Tenerife’s New bus services? I message for tourism students MPROVEMENT works to the bus station at Playa de las Américas will be followed by new and better services, it has been pledged. The renovation work began in February and is expected to be complete by early December. It has been financed by the Tenerife Cabildo to the tune of half a million euros. Progress on the project was recently seen by the councillor responsible for mobility Manuel Ortega and Adeje Town Hall tourism councillor Jose Miguel Santos. Sr. Santos said he was delighted that the work was carried on without the need to close the bus station and therefore avoided inconvenience for passengers. The improvements to the infrastructure are to be complemented by better services and a deal is to be signed shortly for new lines to serve the Costa Adeje area.



New plant at Tagoro

EOPLE who live in the Canaries are continuing to be educated about the special circumstances of making your home on a volcanic island.


HE importance of tourism for Tenerife has been stressed to students who want to go into the industry.

A group of graduates in tourism were received by the Tenerife Cabildo, with talks given by president Ricardo Melchior and tourism councillor José Manuel Bermúdez. The 40 students have been studying tourism at the Higher Institute of Tourism in La Orotava and come from countries such as Perú, Mexico, Nicaragua, Chile, Venezuela and Argentina. They were accompanied by centre director Antonio Pedro Tejera. Ricardo Melchior spoke about the importance of tourism and the quality, innovation and efficiency needed to be competitive with other destinations. Sr. Bermudez outlined Tenerife’s special qualities and its strengths and weaknesses and said they were always seeking better air connectivity. He stressed the need for kindness and hospitality to all visitors and to establish a culture which paid attention to every detail.

Knowing the volcanic risks P


new treatment plant at Tagoro in Tacoronte will continue to work even if there is a power failure on the island.

The new installation includes its own generator which would take over in the event of an emergency. The project is part of a 475,000 euro renovation plan for the area and will benefit 421 homes, as well as allowing for connectivity to future developments. The plant was visited by president of the Tenerife Cabildo Ricardo Melchior and the local Mayor Hermogenes Pérez.

Earlier in the year, a major international conference about Cities on Volcanoes was held in Santa Cruz and since then, there has been a touring programme of information events for the general public. Last week, it visited El Rosario on Tenerife and other ports of call on Gran Canaria. The three day event includes two films on understanding volcanic hazards and reducing volcanic risks, as well as pictures of the last eruption in the Canary Islands. The third day is devoted to the volcanic

phenomenon and volcanic risks specifically in the archipelago. The thinking behind this programme is that if people are better educated about volcanic risks, the more prepared they would be in the event of anything happening. The initiative, through the ITER which is part of Tenerife Cabildo, was recently praised by the International Association of Volcanology. The intention is to eventually visit ever y municipality within the Canary Islands.


The ‘Aire’ Exhibition a great success


HE ‘Aire’ Exhibition that has been running at the Casa Elder in Santa Cruz since October 8th came to a climactic end on October 29th.

The exhibition was closed with a conference by the famous photographer José M Rodríguez accompanied by percussion music performed by Carlos Malagón and Sisi castillo. The exhibition that was organised by cultural operator Nortápolis was a great success, with almost 70 exhibits being shown by 12 different artists. The exhibition was attended by hundreds of people over the three weeks it was open and was such a success that people are already talking of a repeat event.



Job ideas at Magma event


new initiative has taken place in Adeje to help point young people in the right direction for different jobs and careers.

The Adeje SpacioModa took place as a complementary event to the Young Fashion Designer Contest at the Magma Centre. Students were invited along to find out about potential careers and to help them in this difficult economic era. They were also able to see live demonstrations of hairdresssing, beauty, nail care, textiles, clothing etc, with sponsorship from a range of companies. The Mayor of Adeje stressed the importance of such events and there was praise for the initiative from the Minister of Education for the Canary Islands.


Another boost for Russian market


new direct flight to St. Petersburg will help capitalise on the expanding and lucrative Russian market, say tourism chiefs.

From December 26, the island will have a direct link with St. Petersburg through tour operators Soltour, Akademia and Vam Tour. First vice president of the Tenerife Cabildo and tourism head JosĂŠ Manuel BermĂşdez said this new flight would help to capitalise on the expanding market which emitted tourism with a high spending power. Russian clients, he said, particularly appreciated the luxury and quality service provided in Tenerife and its warm and sunny weather, together with the beaches and host of attractions. The new flight will have capacity for 180 passengers and is being chartered by tour

operators Soltour, Akademia and Vam Tour with 60 seats each. The new flight will be weekly. The other existing flight is operated by Versa, also with 180 seats, so the direct route between Tenerife and St. Petersburg will reach 360. Last year, Tenerife received 67,987 Russian visitors who are particularly active holidaymakers. Some 80.2 per cent do some sort of activity during their stay. They prefer to stay in hotels and their average duration here is 12.7 days. They are also the market most satisfied with Tenerife, recording a score of 8.9 as opposed to the 8.4 of others.









Take part in My Corner contest


AVE you got a favourite “hidden corner� of Tenerife you would like to share with others?

concerts, amusement parks etc. In addition, the winning pictures will become part of the official website of Tourism of Tenerife on which receives over two million visitors a year.


XCITING things continue to happen at the Tenerife Espacio de las Artes in Santa Cruz. This thriving contemporary arts centre recently restarted its series of guided tours and educational workshops following the summer break.

The Department of Teaching and Training is continuing where it left off and is presenting a ver y varied programme for young people. The programme started with a workshop for children aged four and five which revolved around taste, smell and touch. There was also a workshop for boys and girls aged between six and 12 which was based around the food portrayed in still life photographs displayed in the centre. The workshops and guided tours are aimed at bringing contemporary art to everyone and for the personal development of the individual. These events also show that learning can be fun. On October 24, there was also a special event aimed at six to 12 year olds who had to bring along two different generations of their family. These events will continue


Giant pumpkins


UST in time for Halloween a farmer outside Tacoronte proudly presented three enormous pumpkins. He told reporters he had not set out to break any records.

They had just grown that way naturally, which is not surprising as Tacoronte has one of the best climatic conditions for pumpkins throughout the year. The three giants weighed in at 45, 53 and 60 kg. They were not, as one might believe at this time of year, going to be used for any Halloween party. One was being used for the family soup and the other two were being sold for similar purposes.

every Saturday until November 20 and you can find out more by visiting

which will also tell you how to join in. In December, it is hoped to

set up a new venture which will feature workshops designed to build up a play.


Carnival in stadium link

Photo supplied by Club Deportivo Tenerife

If so, why not take part in a new competition being organised by Tourism of Tenerife. The idea is to submit a photograph of your favourite location on the island. It could win you a prize as well as encouraging other people to visit and to show your pride in Tenerife. Appropriately, the contest is being called My Corner and you can enter by visiting The winners will be the pictures which receive the most comments from visitors to the site. The entries can show the people of Tenerife, places, customs, traditions, events etc. The deadline is January 31, 2011 and there are four categories namely activities, dining, holidays and traditions. The prizes include tickets to

Learning is fun at the TEA


HE home stadium of CD Tenerife is once again being suggested for a new base for one of the most important parts of the annual Santa Cruz Carnival.

A study into the possible use of the Heliodoro for the popular murgas or musical groups is being studied to see if it would be possible to avoid damage to the turf during the playing season. The report suggests a huge stage and facilities for 4,000 chairs and 20,000 people. The celebrations would take place in February when CD Tenerife

had an away weekend match and ever ything would be returned to normal afterwards. The suggestion failed once before because of concerns but

organisers are asking for a rethink as they feel the Heliodoro would be a better venue and allow more people to see the contests.





A toast to the Oktoberfest

Adeje fiesta goes T back to its roots A

HE Oktoberfest at the Acción del Sol dog refuge was a huge success. The event attracted the best attendance ever with German, Spanish and ever increasing support from the English community.

The celebrations mark Adeje´s Saints´ Day in honour of the Virgen de la Encarnación and the patrons Santa Úrsula and San Sebastian. It was particularly special this year because the usual motorised carts were replaced with live animals which added to the authenticity of the occasion. The Mayor also had words of praise for the 30 boys and girls who headed the procession because their involvement, he said, meant the young would continue to pass down this heritage to their own families. The day began with a cattle market and included mass and the romeria through the town with traditional folk groups, dance groups, traditional Canary Island costumes, music, dance and traditional cuisine. Those attending included a delegation from the German town of Unterhaching which is twinned with Adeje.

There were clowns, a puppet show, fun dog races, horse riding, buggy rides, a German beer garden, barbecue, entertainment by Adrian Townley (fortune teller), agility practice and lots more fun and games. “The feedback was really good, people were speechless when they had a tour of the refuge, the dogs are in immaculate condition and the facilities are second to none,” said one of the organisers. Director Marion does her hardest to re-home the dogs, many going to Germany for a new life. Thanks have been extended to Marion and everyone who helped to make the event such a success.


Tenerife goes on parade


ENERIFE showed it can do pomp and ceremony as much as any other country when the island celebrated Día del Pilar.

Photo by Gerard Zenou

change of day appeared to help, not hinder, the annual fiesta celebrations at Adeje. The colourful event was held on Tuesday, October 12 rather than the usual Sunday. However, as October 12 was a public holiday, it meant more people could go along and organisers said they were very pleased indeed with the attendance.

This is Spain´s national fiesta day, an occasion when people are encouraged to show pride in the nation and for being Spanish. In Tenerife, parades were captured in Adeje, Arona and Playa San Juan by photographer Gerard Zenou. Being a fiesta, school children had the day off and many banks and businesses were closed. On the mainland, the traditional ceremonies were marred by protests and shouts of abuse against the Spanish president because of hostility over major labour reforms and the economy.





LIBE LULA, a gift of a shop

coming in. OPENING


The shop is open Monday to Saturday 10am to 9pm and Sunday from noon to 8pm, with no lunch closure. Telephone 638 53 1439 or 638 53 7058, email and see also


IBE Lula is not only a beautiful new gift shop in Playa de las Américas, it is a fair and ethical one too. This terrific new business has been opened by partners Johann and Fjalar who come from Iceland but have moved to the island from London to seek a new challenge and way of life. You can find Libe Lula on the lower level of CC Parque Santiago 111 in the heart of Playa de las Américas. Parque Santiago 111 is just a few yards up from the Mare Nostrum Resort and about three minutes’ walk from the Safari Centre but on the opposite side of the road. This commercial centre is thriving with a lot of people walking through and there are a lot of shops to visit, over and above Libe Lula which you should make your first port of call if you are looking for a special gift, birthday present or keepsake in a lovely quality but not at a ridiculous price. Why exhaust yourself searching high and low when you can go straight here – and please note, there is an

underground car park just opposite. The first thing you notice when you walk into Libe Lula (libélula is dragonfly in Spanish) is the attractive layout and lighting and the lovely smell. This, I later discovered, comes from the range of scented hand-painted candles. Johann showed me round and it soon became clear that he and Fjalar place a lot of emphasis on fair trade and gifts made from recycled material although you would never guess from looking at the items. Many of them have a hidden stor y including a fantastic range of the most unusual handbags which are fast becoming celebrity musts.

These Doy Bags are made by a co-operative of ladies in the Philippines from recycled juice boxes. There are 500 women in the group and each is able to support four to six children from the wages they receive. These bags are colourful and durable and will last for ever. They come in normal handbag size, shopping bags, clutch bags, purses, belts and wallets and are a gift with real meaning which don’t cost the earth. A normal bag, for instance, is around 25 to 30 euros. You can find them in places like London and New York but they are unique to Tenerife. A lot of the gift items are from Bombay Duck of London and include very unusual bottle stoppers, charms and gorgeous cow and elephant money boxes. You can also find a range of quality hand made cards and if you can’t find what you want, you can order one in.

Something which really caught our eye were animal cuckoo clocks, my favourite one emitting a horse sound with a horse’s head coming out rather than a cuckoo! For adults who like collectables, there is a range of Wild and Wolf toys and games, again made from recyclable materials, and including a remake of the popular 1920s Shanghi robots. There are also Fair Trade candle holders made in Thailand and ver y pretty scented candles hand-crafted in the finest details. I also loved the giant colourful garden flares at 7.90 euros, the incense sticks in lovely bags and the candy Christmas tree decorations. Johann and Fjalar intend to change the stock every two months or so because they want Libe Lula to appeal to local people as well as holidaymakers and of course Christmas items are now


New VIBRATION STUDIO opens in Chafiras


HIS location is an excellent mid-way point for those who live in the south or the north, for those who might want to pop in before or after work or in the lunch hour or for those visiting Chafiras to do their shopping. For that is the beauty of vibration exercise. You don´t have to spend a lot of time on the vibration machine(each session is ten minutes), you don´t have to shower or change and you can do it wearing your ever y day clothes. Vibration training is very much the rage in America and in London and is fast catching on here in Tenerife too. You can achieve rapid weight loss and tone up with not a lot of effort and with Christmas coming up, it is possible for women to drop a dress size and men a trouser size too as it is suitable for both sexes and indeed is very popular with men. The new Vibrationgym Studio is on the main industrial estate not far from the Oasis FM studios and within the popular Designer Outlet. There is plenty of parking right outside and you will find the

gym air conditioned and beautifully decorated for maximum comfort and enjoyment. It is open 9am to 9pm Monday to Saturday and from 10am to 3pm on a Sunday. Each ten minute session costs just four euros but your first session is half price. You can also take advantage of a great offer which gives you unlimited access to the vibration machine for 45 euros a month which is very cost effective. You don´t have to book, even for your introductory half price session. Just turn up and on your first visit, you will be given a full introduction and personal appraisal and there is always someone on hand to guide you through exercises to generally tone up or target specific areas like flabby arms or thighs. If you need to phone for any reason, ring 628 567 286.







N today´s tough economic climate, businesses need innovation, enthusiasm and lots of for ward thinking to survive and flourish. Fortunately, Linda Martin, director of Results Property Solutions at Los Cristianos, has these qualities and more in bucket loads. Linda is a successful businesswoman with many interests and has been involved with property for more than 17 years. It was a recent trip to Miami which inspired her latest idea - a property shop where you can pop in and use your laptop through their free of charge wifi or pay just one euro an hour for the internet on one of their four computers. “All the property agents are offering this service in the States and it´s going to be the thing of the future,” says Linda. The good thing is that this facility is also very accessible in the heart of the Los Cristianos shopping and business hub. You can find Results Property Solutions in Avenida de Suecia which is the main shopping street in Los Cristianos. The office is behind

the little white church on the opposite side of the road to the stationery shop and ferretería. Just look out for the big Tenerife Business Centre sign and walk down the stairs. If you want to take advantage of the free wifi service or use the internet on a supplied computer, go along any time between 10am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Linda is also supplying vending machines so you can enjoy a cold drink or a coffee, together with comfy sofas to turn it into a chill-out wifi cafe. The idea behind this venture is exactly what businesses should be doing. Providing something which attracts people which might then have a spin-off effect. You might, for example, see a property to rent or to buy on one of the display boards or remember Results Property

Solutions when it is time to move or recommend it to a friend or colleague. As Linda so rightly says, it´s better to have somewhere with people in it and a lively atmosphere rather than empty soulless premises. And you really can sit there for as long as you like using the free wifi on your own laptop without obligation or being frowned at! Linda says that Tenerife is still very popular with people, especially with retirement in mind, and as fast as some people might be going home, there are as many coming out to the island for a new life and to escape the cold and gloom. Results Property Solutions deal with all property from apartments to villas, though mainly in the south, with sales and long term rentals. Clients are always advised to use an English lawyer who has worked in Tenerife for some time so that everything is done properly without any hitches and there are some bargains around at the moment in this buyers´ market.

Linda has many other ideas and is keen to hear from any business which needs office accommodation within the Business Centre, such as a call centre, as this is an economical way of setting up. The entire

premises are very large and spacious with toilets, kitchens etc and a reception area. Soon a service will also be provided where experts will look into your private pension and see if you can release some

of the equity after the age of 55. So pop in next time you are passing or phone Linda on 620 945 895 or 922 753 027, email or visit







TECHNISTUDIO, architects with a mission


S we are all well aware, the construction industry isn’t in the best shape it has ever been in. As such there have been many cutbacks by the large constructors, many of which fell on the shoulders of the people who work in the industry. Caught up in this situation were Architect Shaila García Hernández and Technical Architect José Alvarez García. Having finished their respective studies and with hardly any ‘new build’ projects planned in the near future, they decided to go into business on their own. They have now been operating for a year and a half and are going taking on new clients all the time. Shaila handles purely the design side of things whilst José takes care of the legal and technical paperwork. Not all their business is focussed on building new structures they can also help with extensions and smaller projects, attaining the necessar y paperwork whilst advising you on any potential problems you may not be aware of. Shaila said ‘there are still many people on the island looking to build that dream house or finally getting round to building that extension. Contacting an architect doesn’t always have

to cost a fortune and can save you money in the long run, by offering the correct honest advice at the right time. We see many clients that could have sorted out their problem quite quickly but who on the misdirected advice of others have spent time and money when they didn’t need to in the first place.’ They offer a fast efficient service and can also translate all the paperwork for you as Shaila spent some time in sunny Stevenage back in the UK. If you have any construction queries or problems don’t hesitate to contact them on 922 37 02 44 during office hours, or you can pay them a visit, you will find them about 50 metres up on the right hand side past Clinica Tucán, Calle Luis Rodríguez Figueroa, Edificio Mayaguez.

BROKER 7 ISLAS, cutting your insurance costs


ROKER 7 Islas has been trading in Puerto de la Cruz for some 24 years now, tending to its clients insurance needs and requirements. As an insurance broker Jorg Thieme has built up a loyal client base over the years, by seeking the best possible cover for his clients at the best possible price.

He is able to work with the top ten insurance companies in Spain to provide the best policy. Realising that there are many people who only spend the winter months in the Canaries, he has worked alongside AXA to produce a unique tailor-made motor insurance policy only available at his offices. Jorg told the TN ‘the problem has always been that people who own their second property over in Tenerife often have a runaround car, which they own and which they only use for maybe six months of the year. They are

forced into insuring that vehicle for a whole year leaving them only a few options when it comes to saving money on a car that doesn’t turn a wheel for six months. They have up until now been able to suspend the policy whilst they were away; however this is no longer the case and anyway it wasn’t the ideal situation, if anything happened to their vehicle, or

let us say it caught fire in the communal garage, they would not be covered and would face a stiff bill on return. Working alongside AXA we think we have found a solution to the problem. We can now offer the people that fall into this category a policy that will cover them for the full twelve months whilst only paying for six. As well as this we are able to offer

the same amount of no claims discounts that they have on their policies in the UK.’ This offer will make it much cheaper for the people who come to spend the winter in our warm climate. To talk about this new product or any other insurance requirements do not hesitate to contact their office, they speak English. Tel. 922 38 61 84 or mobile 620 89 40 30




Try a cruise at last with TENERIFE SUNSHINE


´VE always wanted to go on a cruise! How many times have you heard someone say this? In fact, you are probably one of them.

If so, now´s the time to give it a try and you shouldn´t have any worries about thinking you are possibly too old, or that your young children will be too much to handle or that you can´t afford it. None of these are true. Quite simply, you shouldn´t miss the boat. Give a cruise a try and you will be hooked. Your first port of call should be the expert team at Tenerife Sunshine. “We have heard all these misconceptions before, and guess what: none of it is true,” they say. “Cruises are amazing fun, no matter what your age or personal circumstances. At least they are when you book them with us! All it takes is a little time to match your needs and wishes to the cruise that suits them.” For example, some cruise liners encourage you to bring your children by offering services such as a toy-swap library, parent and child

exercise classes and crèche facility so you can enjoy a romantic dinner while your little one sleeps soundly. Teens are more than catered for too, with sports clubs, video games lounges and discos. Customers watching their wallet will find a selection of very affordable cruises, in fact cruise liners offer such a fabulous range of facilities and on-board entertainment that you might forget to get off and look around the destinations you’re visiting. Cruises really do cater for everyone. Everything you can think of – and some things you’d never believe – can be found on board, depending on which ship you go for: from casinos and night clubs to shops and spas, hairdressers to cinemas and rock climbing walls to surf simulators. Last year, Tenerife Sunshine held a Cruise Open Day which proved an overwhelming success.

This year, they have set aside a period from now until the end of November, which they are dedicating to offering clients personal consultations with cruise specialists. All you have to do is phone on 922 751 867 or email, book your appointment, then come in for a relaxed chat and a cuppa and tell the team what you’re looking for. From the information you give, and just from spending some quality time getting to know you, they will put together your dream cruise: the length you want, visiting the destinations you’d like to see, for a price you can afford. Everyone attending will automatically be entered into a grand draw, with some amazing prizes including a free Royal Caribbean cruise plus many more unbelievable prizes! All of the consultants have sampled cruises themselves and have invaluable first-hand experience as to the wide variety of cruise types available. But most importantly, they listen to you,


Spa welcomes physio to the stars


renowned physiotherapist whose clients include Rafael Nadal, Maria Sharapova and Juan Carlos Ferrero has opened his own clinic in the luxurious spa at the Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque. Michael Novotny, who was born in Prague and educated in Spain, is known as the physiotherapist to the stars and has been the official physiotherapist for the Davis Cup for the last ten years. It is expected that stars such as Nadal and Maria

Sharapova will travel to Tenerife before big sporting events to take advantage of his expertise which has seen him travel the globe and the international circuits. He will also be able to help local people and guests alike through prior reservations at

the Hotel Bahía del Duque and they will see for themselves why he has achieved such a fantastic reputation. Special rates are available for Canar y residents. Michael Novotny is highly qualified in physiotherapy, massage therapy, osteopathy and has developed his own system of training and injury prevention called SYSTEM X. You can read more about the spa on

to your needs – because it’s YOUR cruise, not their´s, and because they care. Tenerife Sunshine has become synonymous with a fantastic cruise experience

and has thousands of happy customers. They will guide you through the whole process, from the initial consultation until it’s time to set sail. All you have to do is

decide what to pack and enjoy yourself – hard life, isn’t it?! Why settle for a nice cruise when you could have an amazing one?






IA its International Department, Línea Directa offers all foreign policyholders residing in Spain customer service by telephone in both English and German. As a result, customers can take out their policy, make any type of enquiry, present claims, send documentation and enjoy 24 hour road assistance, all in their own language, with a single call to 902 352 325 (902 123 540 in German), at a time which is convenient for them, whatever product they have purchased. In addition, the same department offers its policyholders a translation service for dealing with repair garages. The customer service in English is the only one in Spain which also makes it possible for the customer to make contact by telephone from outside Spain, by calling 0034 91 807 49 06 from a mobile phone or 0034 902 325 325 from a landline.

Linea Directa Customer Service HELP LINES IN ENGLISH Information and new poilices 902 325 325 9am-7pm (Monday to Friday) from outside Spain 0034 91 807 49 06 (mobiles) 0034 902 325 325 (landline) Information and new poilices 902 326 326 9am-5.30pm (Monday to Friday) from outside Spain 0034 91 807 49 07 (mobiles) 0034 902 326 326 (landline) Travel Assistance from outside Spain

902 120 123 (24 hours, 365 days) 0034 91 807 42 56 (mobiles)

THE BEST ONLINE SERVICE Línea Directa also offers all its foreign policyholders living in Spain the possibility of making all their enquiries and carrying out all operations by email at If customers write to this address, they will receive a quick, personalised reply in their own language to any type of question they might have or any enquiry they wish to make about their insurance. By dealing directly with policyholders, offering them a personalised service and committing itself to excellence and quality, Línea Directa has become the 5th largest Spanish insurer in only 15 years, with over 1.7 million customers. Included in this figure are over 60,000 foreign policyholders residing in Spain, who enjoy all the marvellous benefits which Línea Directa offers all its expatriate customers. If you wish to find out more, call 902 123 104 now. (902 123 963 in German)




N September 30th a new collaboration was launched between two events companies with a difference. La Gañania restaurant and events centre in the North has teamed up with the stunning Finca Punta del Lomo in Guargacho to offer the very best in events organising and catering.

Together they are able to cater for your every need, from a birthday party or anniversary all the way up to lavish wedding. The presentation was held at the Finca Punta del Lomo and was attended by a large number of businessmen and travel agents from across the island. The food was supplied by Pedro from La Gañania who brought his unique style and tastes to a very successful event. To make reservations or for futher enquiries please contact 933 37 62 04.

Cristina, Maria & Cristina, responsible for the event.




UK revenue taking ruthless approach to tax evasion By Bill Blevins, Financial Corespondent, Blevins Franks


ITH the UK government applying unpopular spending cuts left, right and centre to rein in the deficit, it is essential that it also does everything it can to raise revenue in other ways. Taxation is the key source of revenue, but while the government has implemented some tax rises and may have to announce more in the future, it cannot rely on these alone. Its crackdown on tax evasion and efforts to collect previously unpaid tax are crucial and will intensify. A HM Treasury Press release on 20th September confirmed that it is making new funding available for :

 a more robust criminal deterrent against tax evasion – HMRC will increase the number of criminal prosecutions fivefold .  a crackdown on offshore evasion with the creation of a new dedicated team of investigators to catch those hiding money offshore.

This new unit has a large database on potential offshore tax evaders to work with, built up over the recent years by various HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) initiatives. In 2007, prior to its first tax “amnesty ”, the Offshore Disclosure Facility, it had

forced the five main high street banks to disclose confidential information on their clients’ offshore accounts. Last year HMRC served notices to 308 UK and foreign banks to disclose all information on offshore accounts. This included UK institutions with offshore branches plus foreign banks with UK customers, including several institutions with operations in Switzerland. Financial institutions have been handing over information on both individuals and companies going back six years. This was followed by the New Disclosure Opportunity and the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility both of which allowed tax evaders to come clean with reduced penalties. The latter has more favourable conditions and runs until March 2015. HMRC could also obtain information from other

countries on British taxpayers who may not be declaring their offshore assets. Tax authorities around the world are now cooperating with each other and sharing information through Tax Information Exchange Agreements and Double Tax Agreements. This includes offshore financial centres which used to be considered as ‘tax havens’. Countries like the UK, Germany and the US have also shown that they are willing to pay for information – and to share it with each other. In 2006/07 an employee of HSBC Geneva stole confidential data on account holders, which he later passed on to the French tax authorities. It is believed that France passed on names of suspected tax evaders to other European countries, including the UK and Spain. In June 2010 the Spanish government said it had received details of around 3,000 Swiss bank accounts owned by Spanish taxpayers and had started to investigate them. Then at the end of September HMRC announced that it was investigating over 200 “extremely wealthy ” taxpayers suspected of failing to declaring their HSBC Switzerland banks deposits. The tax evasion is understood

to amount to “many millions of pounds”. The tax department has taken the – so far exceptional – step of sending them Code of Practice 9 (COP9) letters. These came into force in 2005 and are used for the most serious form of tax inquiry but have rarely been used… until now. COP9s require the taxpayer to attend a meeting with HMRC, giving them one last chance to make a full disclosure and so avoid prosecution for tax fraud – though it is not completely ruled out. The aim of the investigation is for HMRC to uncover the full facts, determine the tax liabilities due and collect them along with interest and penalties. The onus is on the taxpayer to prove that they have now come completely clean. They will need to supply an exhaustive amount of supporting evidence to prove they have nothing else to hide. An HMRC spokesman said: “This is part of our drive against tax evasion. The days of hiding money offshore to evade tax are now over.” Anyone receiving a COP9 loses the right to come forward voluntarily – they cannot even use the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility with its more

favourable terms. As the UK authorities continue to intensify their efforts against offshore tax evasion, and as the new unit searches through the existing database and any new information coming in, it is expected that HMRC will be sending out more and more COP9s in future. Other recent changes to help HMRC’s efforts include the imposition of more stringent penalties where undisclosed funds are held in jurisdictions which do not exchange information with the UK; the power to publicly name and shame defaulters and increased inspection powers. UK tax inspectors now have police-like powers and can turn up at homes and businesses unannounced to examine their records if they suspect they have underpaid tax. Taxpayers who have hidden money away offshore and believe the tax authorities will never find them are being proved wrong. The UK’s hard stance against tax evasion is a reflection of what is happening throughout much of the developed world. Some Tenerife News readers may be affected by what is happening in the UK, or alternatively by measures being applied here

in Spain against tax evasion which may intensify in the near future. It is often still possible to lower your tax liabilities but you should only use arrangements which are fully compliant with the regulations in your country of residence, be it Spain, the UK or elsewhere. For reassurance contact a tax and wealth management firm like Blevins Franks for a review of your tax obligations and advice on legitimate tax planning arrangements.


To keep in touch with the latest developments in the offshore world, check out the latest news on our website






María Teresa Fernández de la Vega

The Great Cabinet Reshuffle: the significance


José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero

Miguel Angel Moratinos

Elena Espinosa As writers in all the Spanish newspapers correctly predicted, this meant that on the day after, a Monday, the El Pais website duly ‘leaked’ the news that there was about to be a positively volcanic reshuffle of responsibilities in the Cabinet, in which only Mr Zapatero himself would be untouched, one way or the other. First, Zapatero has removed three of his most stalwart fans and supporters.



Out María Teresa Fernández de la Vega, senior vice-president and ZP’s staunchest admirer; Miguel Angel Moratinos, Foreign Minister, and Elena Espinosa, Minister for the Environment are all out. They will be given sinecures for their pains. Moratinos learnt about his abrupt dismissal while occupying his seat in Congress, and was seen to weep. Zapatero has elevated his personal Rasputin, Alfredo de


Leire Pajín


Rosa Aguilar


You don’t think I’m going, do you?

N a recent Sunday the President of the Government was asked at a meeting if he intended to remodel his government, by making changes among the ministers. Rodríguez Zapatero replied briefly to the effect that the only change considered at the time was a new post for the retiring Minister of Labour, Celestino Corbacho. Sr. Corbacho had announced his interntion of returning to the normal (?) everyday debate in Catalan politics.

Rubalcaba, to the position of First Vice-President. He stays at the head of the Ministry of the Interior too. His powers are almost unlimited. Elena Salgado stays as Second VicePresident and Minister of Finance. Manuel Chavez stays as Third Vice-President and Minister in charge of Territorial Politics. Ramon Jauregi (one of the formerly great barons of the Party) has been rescued from his post at the European Union, and reinstated in the Cabinet as Ministry de la Presidencia, in charge of most matters connected with the present incumbent of the Moncloa Palace. This had been another post held by De la Vega before the Great Reshuffle. Trinidad Jiménez, fresh from her humiliating defeat in the Madrid candidacy battle, has been moved to Exteriores, replacing the tearful Moratinos. The female Minister

Ramon Jáuregui

of Defence, one Carme Chacon, stays put, much to the chagrin of certain senior army officers, who strangely think (but keep quiet about it) that a country’s Ministry of Defence should ideally be headed by a man with some militar y experience. Chacon is a lawyer, like so many politicians of today. The new Minister of Labour, who must face the nearly five million unemployed in Spain, is a trade unionist who was much photographed demonstrating with other workers during the recent rather unsuccessful general strike. His name is Valeriano Gómez. He will now have to negotiate with his fellow strikers, which could prove difficult, and amusing for some. Francisco Caamaño stays in the hot seat as Minister of Justice. Leire Pajín has been lifted out of her job as Party Organiser, and dropped into

the chair at the head of the Ministry of Health. There is a difference of opinion in various newspapers about Srta. Pajín’s qualifications for high office. Some say this young lady (34) has a Degree in Sociology. I do hope so. Other organs claim she left school young with no examinations of her knowledge having taken place. Who knows? Spain has had six years of Zetapé’s government, and has experienced a remarkable

indifference to the truth throughout those years. The dumb Ministry of Equality invented by Zapatero under the leadership of one Bibiana Aído has vanished. The repulsive José Blanco still has his Ministr y of Development (Fomento), but he isn’t often seen there. He leads the rabid spokesmen who on a daily basis (especially at weekends) gather to insult and assault the only important political party in Opposition, the Partido


Elena Salgado Staggering, but still there Popular. Both the Ministry and the Minister of Housing (Vivienda) have gone like a puff of smoke, and ex-Minister Beatriz Corredor will become a secretary of state, which is a sad comedown for this hardworking young lady (42). Angel Gabilondo is a good Minister of Education, and will be relieved to know he has not been relieved. The Ministry of Culture (Angela GonzálezSinde) is untouched. So is the Ministr y of Science under Cristina Garmendia. Zapatero surprised not a few of his many supporters by plucking Rosa Aguilar (another lawyer) from the ranks of the Communist Party and making her the new Minister for the Environment, replacing Elena Espinosa. The Minister for Industry, Miguel Sebastián, one of ZP’s oldest friends and advisers, stays at the helm, though the seas are very rough indeed, and he will need all his undoubted talents to avoid the rocks. Thus the total number of ministries is reduced from 17 to 15, but it has also been announced that each ministry will form a department working for a Spokeperson (Portavoz). This means there will be no change in the cost of government. No cuts are expected. In fact not a single newspaper or political website has missed the fact that the cabinet re-shuffle has brought no new plans to deal with unemployment, rising inflation or reckless public spending in the Autonomies. It is a wholly political game of musical chairs, designed with one purpose in mind; an unending and determined assault on the Popular Party, which has

started already. The significance of all this drama is to reduce the Opposition by systematic propaganda. Under the genius of Rubalcaba, who has just become the effective ruler of the country (he controls justice, the police forces, and communications), each serving member of the Opposition will be singled out for scrutiny. Character destruction via the PSOEcontrolled media will be rife. Woe betide any Popular foolish enough to accept a bribe in the form of a box of chocolates. He or she will be dragged up before the courts as a champion of corruption. I don’t need to point out that such microscopic meddling by government departments will not be applied to members of the PSOE. That would be stretching things a bit. When I regard recent events, I am reminded, by some perverse chance, of a very early sixteenth century painting by the barely known artist Signorelli. This brave man dared to produce a work showing the AntiChrist as identical to the figure traditionally associated with Jesus Christ, rather more saturnine, with skin affected by the fiery regions he inhabits. Standing close by the AntiChrist in this remarkable painting is Satan himself, whispering bitter thoughts in his ear. Four centuries later Cardinal Newman remarked that noone resembled Christ more than the AntiChrist, except that the former is the Son of God, and the latter is a Prince of Iniquity, capable of defrauding everybody, including those on his side. Why do I see in this minor masterpiece a mirror of our times? Could Signorelli have foreseen Rubalcaba whispering into Zapatero’s ready ear? Note: By the way, the painter did indeed suffer horribly for his daring to put on canvas his interpretation of the AntiChrist. His oldest son, already an admirable painter himself, was cut down by the plague in the flower of his youth. Signorelli himself died twenty years later, forgotten and penniless.


Playground Politics


ITHin the space of a few days the propaganda machine of the socialists has been working overtime. First came the undignified opinion of the mayor of Valladolid. He said that Leire Pajin, the Pasionaria of our times, had ugly cheekbones. Scandal! Tumult! The entire new Zapatero cabinet appearing on TV with solemn, indignant faces, hypocrisy braced, to declare that the ‘comments of El señor alcalde de Valladolid were ‘out of place’, ‘repulsive’, ‘typical of the extreme Right’ etc. etc.

Serves: 4 people

Partridge in Rioja Wine


ERE is an autumnal dish fit for kings (and queens too). You can buy partridge at almost all big frozen food shops in Tenerife, or you can go to your local branch of Iceland, where the game comes frozen from the UK.

Ingredients: 2 plump partridges (perdiz; dos perdices) 30 gms. Butter (mantequilla) 2 medium sized glasses of red Spanish wine from the Rioja (or Valdepeñas) ¼ litre of well made, jellied stock (use stock cubes or make your own) 1 teaspoon tomato purée (puré de tomate) Mixed herbs (optional, but usually parsley, thyme, sage, rosemary etc., or a bouquet garni if you have such a thing; 120 gms. unsmoked rashers of streaky bacon (beicon) 120 gms. of button mushrooms (champiñones; fresh if possible, but you can use well drained tinned mushrooms if you want, though the taste is not the same) 24 very small white Spanish onions, small enough to use for pickling (cebollas muy pequeñas) Another 30 gms. of butter 30 gms. of butter kneaded with 15 gms. of ordinary white flour (mantequilla and harina blanca)

Method: Drop the butter into a heavy-bottomed casserole and put it on to a low heat. When the butter begins to foam put in the clean partridges and colour slowly on all sides. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper, and add the herbs or bouquet garni. Heat up one glass of the red wine in a separate saucepan and pour over the birds when it has just come to the boil. Add the stock and tomato purée. Cover with grease proof paper and the casserole lid and place in a medium oven to cook. Remove the rind from the bacon slices, and cut into lardons or sections about an inch long. Remove any stalk from the mushrooms and wash thoroughly; drain and cut into quarters. Blanch the tiny onions (put them into boiling salted water for the same time as it takes you to say out loud, slowly and clearly: “¡Y ellos vivieron felices, y comieron perdices!” Melt the second 30 grams of butter in a frying pan, put in the bacon and onions and cook gently for five minutes. Do not let them burn. Add the mushrooms and continue cooking for another two minutes. When the birds have had about 40 minutes in the oven, add the bacon, mushrooms and onions and continue cooking for another fifteen minutes until all is tender.Take up the birds, carve in your favourite manner, and arrange in a warm serving dish. Heat up the second glass of red wine and add it to the juices in the pan, then thicken with the kneaded butter. Spoon the sauce and garnish over the birds.

Raise a laugh!


ON’T mope about looking like a soggy blanket all day. Allow Dean Swift’s humour to raise a laugh!

A personable young man in his early twenties faced his father one afternoon and said, “Dad, there’s something I have to tell you.” “Tell away, son!” said the father. “Promise me you won’t get like you always get?” said the boy, ungrammatically. “Come on, out with it!” said the dad. “All right I will,” said his son. “Here goes; I think I am gay.” There was a dramatic pause. Then the father said: “Have you got a Degree in Social Science?” “You know I haven’t.” “Right; have you got a job paying you an annual income in five figures?” “No, Dad, I haven’t.” “Do you wear clothes by Tommy Hilfiger or Armani?” “No, Dad, I don’t.” “Do you introduce a TV programme?” “No, Dad.” “Have you got an Aston Martin Rapide?” “Dad, please!” “Good, never mind then. You are not gay, you’re just a bloody poofter!”

After this unimportant piece of juvenile badinage came the much respected Spanish author Arturo PerezReverte, member of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language. He published on Twitter that Miguel Angel Moratinos, the recently sacked Foreign Minister, was ‘a silly shit’ because he allowed himself to be seen on

TV cr ying when it was announced that he was the exMinister. This was, according to the author, unmanly. PérezReverte is not known for generosity in his prose when he writes about politicians, of whatever hue. One supposes that he will be hauled before a court, or sacked from his valuable position as columnist with ABC, or lynched. The odd

thing is that the socialist newspapers publish infinitely worse insults every day, and members of the PSOE have the freedom of the press and the rest of the media to insult the day ’s selected victim whenever they like. Pérez-Reverte, author among other books of the tremendously successful Alatriste novels, should

embark on the real yacht he owns and sails singlehanded around the Med. Let him leave poor embattled Spain to live in Corsica, or the Hebrides. World literature expects that he, at least, should be saved from the Civil War that Zapatero and his minions so urgently seek. Jeremy Taylor.




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Disgruntled customer Dear Editor: I am a frequent visitor to your lovely Puerto de la Cruz. When I say frequent, have been fortunate the last 3 years to have been able to holiday to Puerto 5 times a year. Obviously over the years have made some very dear friends there, and we are constantly looking for something different on our nights out. Unfortunately we did get “something different” just 3 weeks ago. We decided to visit a bar/restaurant in the main street of Puerto. This

bar I was told had opened late last year. AS a person who loves her music and of course the Beatles, I was more than pleased to accompany my friends. On entering the bar at around 8pm we were quite shocked to hear a very loud football match blasting out from not one but 4 or 5 televisions, but we still seated ourselves hoping it may soon finish. We were a table of 6 so pondered over the menu. We had to shout over the football match to the non speaking English waitress what we would like to order. When the meals arrived the presentation was quite poor as were the meals. The chef before

5TH NOVEMBER 2010 TO 18TH NOVEMBER 2010 I TENERIFE NEWS 412 our meals were served and after seemed to be more interested in his cigarette and football match, than his clients and venue. All of us were very disappointed and unwelcome. What has happened to the friendly old Puerto we used to know and love, where owners and staff were pleased to welcome you, and made your holiday special. In the 2 half long hours that we sat at the Beatle bar, we heard no Beatle music at all, it actually felt like the world cup all over again. I feel so sad that a good venue like this could be is just using the Beatles name and giving people unfriendly and poor service, come on Puerto get these owners to smile, if they don’t nor will their staff, then maybe we wouldn’t hear so many sob, sob stories from owners who are saying business is bad. From a true Beatle fan, that feels that the Beatles name is just being trodden on.

Trinity School. The answer is that the Yeoward family in England were not advised. They knew about it however because a resident living and working here had taken the trouble to advise them by telephone. I gather the Yeowards are surprised that no-one involved in the operation should have informed them that their name, after more than 30 years, has been removed. Yours etc. Jeremy Taylor

Health Cards Dear Editor I believe you had an article in a past edition which informed us that we could renew our Tarjeta Sanitaria Europea cards (Health Cards) on line rather than an annual visit to Granadillia, could you please let me know the web site address if this is the case. Yours faithfully Janice Sankey

UK Wedding Bells Help Tenerife Dogs

Jean Pickhurst

In Memorium

Lawrence William Johnson LESLEY, Nick and the rest of the family would like to thank everyone who knew our father for their heartfelt support over the last year. He has been sorely missed and remains in our hearts forever. God bless you Daddy wherever you are.

The Yeoward School Sir, I have been able to answer my own question, put to you by letter in Edition 210. I asked if the Yeoward family had been advised that their name (as in International British Yeoward School, IBYS) has been erased from the name of the school following fusion with the

Newly weds Ben and Suzanne Davies, regular visitors to Tenerife decided to request their guests to give a donation to Live Arico, in lieu of wedding favours, at their recent ceremony. Says Suzanne; “My husband and I were really touched by all the work you do to help stray and abandoned animals on the island. We have also been to a couple of the fund-raising events to hear our friend Charlie Karlsen sing. We decided to make a donation to Live Arico as we felt that the animals in your care needed the donation more than our guests. We were also heartened that the donation will go directly to help care for the animals and will not be swallowed up by pricy mail shots and endless administration as is often the case with the larger charities here in the UK.” A cheque for €340 was presented to Live Arico, for which they are truly thankful.

Not how did he die, but how did he live? Not what did he gain, but what did he give? These are the units to measure the worth Of a man as man, regardless of birth. Not what was his church, nor what was his creed? But had he befriended those really in need? Was he ever read, with word of good cheer. To bring back a smile, to banish a tear? Not what did the sketch in the newspaper say, But how many were sorry when he passed away.




Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Helping to avoid accidents C

ONTINUING on from last time, we are explaining about the advance driver assistance systems that car manufactures are creating to help avoid accidents or to reduce the severity.

AUTONOMOUS EMERGENCY BRAKING Radar and/or forward looking cameras – mounted behind the rear view mirror or front grill – can be used to detect other vehicles, obstacles or even pedestrians. Systems may initially provide some warning to the driver of a possible collision and if necessary automatically apply pre-crash braking to reduce the severity of impact if the system determines a crash is inevitable. At lower speeds such as in an urban environment it may be possible for the car to brake automatically to a standstill and completely prevent the crash. Emergency braking/ collision mitigation systems may also make adjustments inside the vehicle to prepare for the possibility of a crash. You may also come across systems that are able to change the dynamic characteristics of the vehicle – stiffen up suspension and adjust steering rate for example – to increase the chances of the driver being able to successfully make an evasive manoeuvre.

CAMERAS Ultrasonic rear parking sensors that bleep faster and

louder the nearer you get to a wall and rearward looking cameras to help you reverse are both quite common on new cars. Some car manufacturers are fitting side-view cameras – as you edge the front of the car out of a junction, cameras mounted on the wing or ends of the bumper give you a clear view up and down the road even if your own line-of-sight is obscured.

ELECTRONIC STABILITY CONTROL (ESC) Electronic Stability Control allows the car to take action – by braking individual wheels – when it senses the onset of a

slide. This sort of braking is particularly effective in cutting skidding, and keeping the car heading in the direction that the driver is intending.

DROWSINESS WARNING / ALERTNESS SENSING When a driver gets tired, the way they control the car changes. Changes are subtle but sensors monitoring speed, steering input, position on the road, use of major and minor controls etc. can detect the onset of drowsiness and warn the driver that it may be time to take a break.

QUESTIONS & ANSWERS Q. I have a Honda CRV 2.0 Vtec petrol, year 2002 which has done 70,000 kilometres with full Honda service history. 2 weeks ago, in the pouring rain, the engine coughed twice and the revs dropped by 50% and the engine management warning light came on. My local garage plugged it in and it came up with VVT (variable valve timing). The garage reset it and its been driving like a dream until yesterday when, the same problem occurred. On talking to a Honda specialist they are saying it could need a new camshaft as it “was a known problem with the 2002 model”. Have you heard of this before?

A. If it was re set and it worked ok it won’t be a camshaft which is a mechanical part, it is most probably a sensor which is picking up a spurious signal. Try a new sensor first which will be the cheaper option. Of course Honda maybe correct about the cam shaft but how do you know it may have been replaced under warranty!




Is your dog scared of fireworks? I

F you live in Britain and have a nervous pet, then it´s fast approaching November 5, the time of the year they hate. But it´s also a common problem here in Tenerife as well because of all the fiestas and carnival celebrations which frequently feature firework displays. Here, in the first in a series of articles, qualified veterinary nurse Caz Irving gives some timely advice on how you can help your dog overcome its fears. Caz has three dogs of her own (pictured) and she is a dog handler with a German shepherd in the police. She has ran canine behaviour clinics and training classes and her own dogs were in a national dog display team. So, first of all, writes Caz, what is the difference between a fear and a phobia? Well a fear is essential for survival; it protects us from danger and is relative to the risk of harm. A phobia is so intense and out of context, that it limits normal behaviour. Here is an example of how fear protects and phobia cripples. A person with a normal fear would avoid walking across a road unless it was clear. One with a phobia of cars would not go near a road in case a car appeared. Dogs, which have a phobia to fireworks, may not want to go out even when the fireworks have finished or may even stop going out at night as they now

associate the fireworks with darkness. A fear is normally only displayed during the time of the fireworks. There is treatment available for phobic and fearful dogs, but there is no quick fix. Desensitisation and CounterConditioning are the recommended methods used; in severe cases, drug therapy may also be necessary. Desensitisation uses a special CD to expose the dog to the sound of which it is fearful. So as not to induce anxiety in the dog, start by playing the CD at home at a ver y low volume, as a background sound. You then increase the volume ver y gradually over time until reaching maximum volume and the dog no longer reacts to the sound. At this point, the dog is desensitised. Counter-Conditioning starts after the dog has been desensitised. You achieve this by again playing the CD at a very low volume whilst at the same time feeding the dog or playing a game. When it is apparent that your dog anticipates the food or game each time the sound occurs,

Parque Santiago III, LC 124-125 Playa de las Américas, Tenerife, Spain Tel: (+34) 922 797 023 Email:



We Specialise in Collectable Figures

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the volume is gradually increased. You then repeat the above method in various public places. You need to undertake the above methods several times a day for periods of 5-10mins. Treatment can take many weeks or months of continued repetition before you see any improvement. If you unable to complete the above methods for whatever reason you can help prevent the problem from getting any worse by following these steps,

 Do not take a sound sensitive dog to places where phobic events are likely. For example fields where hunters are out shooting or at fiestas. 

Avoid close proximity to the launch sites of fireworks.  Do not restrict access to escape routes unless there is a very important reason to do so. Try to open up opportunities to escape.  Do not sympathise with or get angry at a fearful or phobic dog, as either will add to emotional intensity of the situation and will increase the likelihood of future problems.  Do not force animals to confront their fears by, for example, dragging them to places where they are reluctant to go. It is ver y important to provide the dog with somewhere to hide; this could be under a bed, a wooden box, under the stairs or a covered indoor kennel. Your dog may already have a place they feel safe, sometimes they like to move from one place to another. This is why it is very important not to close the door and allow them to move and not feel trapped. It also helps to turn on the TV or radio in the room they feel safe. Some dogs are inclined to seek out their owners for security but this should be ignored. It may

seem harsh but they become dependant on you when frightened and will have less chance of coping when you are not home. When your dog eventually emerges from its

hideaway showing a more relaxed behaviour, you should reward the dog in the hope that this will help it recover more quickly on the next occasion.

I hope this information helps, but I would strongly advise seeking professional help to assist you before attempting the treatment methods.



ID you know that owning a pet may help to keep you healthy and boost your immune system?

One study found that children brought up with pets have more stable immune systems than those in non-pet owning homes, and missed fewer school days through sickness. An Australian survey found that dog and cat owners made fewer annual doctor visits and were less likely to be on medication for heart problems and sleeping difficulties than non-owners.

 Encouraging exercise Owning a dog can motivate people to exercise by encouraging regular walking. A study in Australia found that dog owners who walked their dog were more likely to achieve 150 minutes of physical activity a week than owners who did not walk with their dog. Another study found that older people who regularly walked their dogs walked faster and for longer periods, and also had better mobility in their homes, than those who didn’t walk regularly. Providing emotional support Pets can be a great source of companionship to their owners. Growing up with pets may improve children’s social skills with people and caring for a pet encourages childhood responsibility. Pets can also encourage children to develop compassion, understanding and respect for living things. Pets can act as ‘social catalysts’, by providing more opportunities for social interactions. For example, dogs can help to initiate conversations between strangers in public places. A shared interest in pets brings people together from different parts of the community. People with more social relationships are less likely to suffer from feelings of loneliness or social isolation.












F course, Puerto de la Cruz is such a big place that it´s nice to have a few tips about where to shop, eat or drink or to pick up something specific that you might be looking for;

 One place we would definitely recommend is Niceland which always draws a smile because of its quirky name. This small shop with a big appeal is opposite Stratford´s book shop on Calle Iriarte. Many people regard it as their local food store as you can stock up on all your favourite UK brands that you might be missing from back home. Niceland is supplied by Iceland´s in the south and is run by Gordon and Sandra who are very helpful and if they don´t have what you want, they will try and get it for you. Niceland sells frozen and dry food and is now taking orders for Christmas which is only weeks away!  If you like sport and want to get some exercise, then head for Alvaro´s Tennis Club which has a wide range of facilities including three tennis courts, five padel courts, a five a side footall pitch, gym, pilates, bridge and bowls. You can have tennis and padel lessons and become involved in tournaments. Membership is not required. Having been newly refurbished, it´s also a great place to enjoy Sunday Brunch or to enjoy the facilities of the bar and restaurant. It´s in a wonderful location with a large terrace bar at the heart of the club which allows you to look over the courts/matches being played. Owners Remedios and Alvaro are always on hand to help.

 The New Robin Hood is another in place to visit. Situated at the base of the well known Bel Air apartment complex, Jimmy and David always offer the warmest welcome to regulars and passers through alike. They offer home cooked food to a very high standard and their Sunday lunches are legendary. They always have events on the go.When one party finishes they start planning for the next and there is always a great atmosphere. Open from 11am til late, you can´t beat the English beer, the karaoke, the British home cooked food and service with a smile.  La Fragata (The Frigate) is a place you might recognise as it can be seen on many postcards. Situated at the picturesque harbour, the view out to sea is stunning. Inside the decor is warm, with a bar running down one side of the rectangle shaped premises and windows overlooking the harbour. Here you can enjoy Guinness and English beer, a great atmosphere and excellent service.  Hannen Baril is a busy bar and restaurant in the Plaza del Charco at the harbour end. Most of the bar consists of the terrace at the front, which is constantly busy from the moment they open until they close. The bar was the focal point of the World Cup celebrations in Puerto and you can catch up on all the football games. It´s a great meeting place and is very well known in Puerto, serving the most delicious German sausage, steaks and salads. German beer and wheat beer is also on draught.  A gorgeous restaurant in Puerto is La Vie en Rose, a French style restaurant/creperie situated in Calle Aceviños, La Paz. Bero and Mattieu always extend a warm welcome to all their guests. Bero is front of house while Mattieu is in the kitchen. They serve really excellent French food with rich sauces and wonderful tastes. The decor is mainly pink and lavish with French icons on pictures on the walls. You feel that a piece of classic Paris has been brought to Tenerife. French crêpes are also served in their new bar which runs down one side. This is one of the very best restaurants in Puerto de la Cruz, a visit is a must if you are in the area.

 Every beer drinkers’ dream is a stop near the harbour called La Maison Belge. They stock hundreds of beers mainly from Belgium and you really can get chocolate and fruit beers and ales you never knew existed. There are also Belgium chocolates and cheeses. This is a stylish shop with something to suit everyone´s tastes with new products arriving regularly. People come here specifically from the south to shop. Christmas orders are now being taken so get your order in soon as this shop is highly popular.  Pizzeria La Tasquita Rustica is one of the best pizza restaurants in town, situated at the harbour end of the Plaza de Charco. There is a large terrace at the front and it´s a great place to sit outside and watch the world go by. You can enjoy thin based large pizzas at very reasonable price or a wide variety of tapas, washed down with draught beer perhaps. Live football is shown







URING this current economic downturn it is rare to see a business investing in its own future with confidence and conviction. Remedios and Alvaro are two such individuals who face life full on with a smile on their faces (a breath of fresh air compared to some miserable establishments I have spent money in recently). With the extensive renovation works in their final phases Alvaro’s tennis centre has taken on a completely different atmosphere. It is now a comfortable place to go and exercise, play tennis, padel or many of the other activities, with the added extra of a terrace bar/ restaurant, that lends itself superbly to wasting an afternoon watching people exercise profusely sipping that cold beer. We chose to visit Alvaro’s for Sunday brunch having heard on the grapevine that it was worth every penny. We arrived on a showery day, which can be so typical of the North, one minute blazing sunshine and sunbathing and the next running for cover. We parked our new car, yes the Zephyr has finally died (God rest her soul for she carried us well), outside in the ample parking on the street. Remedios, as ever, was there to greet and seat us with a beaming smile on her face.

From our vantagepoint above the courts I could keep track on two tennis matches and a rather hard fought Padel doubles match, who needs Sky Sports. We were served with freshly squeezed orange juice and champagne and were shown to the ample buffet running down one side of the restaurant. There were so many things to choose from that I couldn’t possibly list them all however here is a taster. There were; croissants and seedy breads, cold meats

including roast beef and smoked salmon, salads, fruit juices, various cheeses, cereals, yoghurts, fruit salads, cakes and freshly ground coffee. Apart from this joyous culinary display there was the hot counter to contend with, here they cooked to order things like bacon and eggs or scrambled eggs. I decided to skip the buffet and head straight for the English breakfast which was a novel take on the classic artery clogging dish. It arrived with small sausages, tomato and a mix of scrambled eggs small fried potatoes and diced bacon. I enjoyed it immensely and accompanied my main brunch dish with a good dollop of brown sauce. The good thing about the brunch here is that it runs from 10am to 2pm which allows for a non-hurried service and a relaxed eating experience. Alvaro’s tennis club should be visited for a multitude of reasons but the two that stick in my mind (not being particularly sports orientated in my old age) are the restaurant and Remedios with her

delightful team made up of Lidia, Vanessa and Kathleen. You will find them abut 300 yards down the road that runs below La Cúpula shopping centre in la Paz. It was quite busy when we visited so to avoid disappointment you can make reservations on 922 38 48 64





Eat out the MONGOLIAN way A unique dining experience has arrived in Tenerife.


HE Mongolian BBQ at Los Cristianos is believed to be the first on the island and possibly in the whole of Spain. The concept has taken nearly two years to come to fruition and has involved extensive research and travel, including across Germany, Britain and Hong Kong, for the owners. It also took ten months to set the restaurant up, including finding four expert chefs in Taiwan and importing the special griddle where your Mongolian dishes are sizzled up. But all this has been well worth the effort. The Mongolian BBQ at CC Mirador (a block or two along from the Apolo Centre) will giving you a meal out to remember. This is something really different, not just in the tastes

you will encounter but in the way your meal is presented, cooked and served. Not only that, it is extremely healthy as well and you can also opt for sushi. The four strong team behind the Mongolian BBQ has already invested heavily in Tenerife over the years, now having a network of ten very different restaurants across the south. Co-owner Oscar said the idea of a Mongolian BBQ was

suggested two years ago and it took a lot of time and research to get the formula just right. However, he and his colleagues believe the island needed something different from the norm and the opening of the Mongolian BBQ has shown their faith in the future of Tenerife. This large restaurant is on the corner of Avenida San Francisco and Avenida Amsterdam, one of the roads you would travel down if you were on the way to the market. There is always plenty of parking in this area which is rapidly becoming another hub of Los Cristianos. When dining here, you have a number of options but a really cost effective and fun way is to

have the Mongolian BBQ menu which is “eat as much as you can� for 13 euros for adults and eight euros for children. This includes soup, Hindu Naam, a selection of different kinds of Asian noodles and rice, various kinds of Western and Asian vegetables, a variety of classic and exotic meats, fish and seafood, plus a drink (soft or a glass of draught/wine). The staff will explain what to do but you take a bowl, choose your ingredients and then opt for one of 20 sauces, such as Thai, green curry, black beans, sweet and sour or oyster. You then give your dish to the chef who will cook it on the red hot griddle as you watch and it is served piping hot. Then, you can go back time

and time again to repeat the experience. The restaurant also has an extensive menu with waiter service offering wonderful dishes like crispy duck, Singapore Vermiceli, Kung Pao king prawns, Dim Sum, clams with ginger and spring onions etc. There are vegetarian options here and a set menu for the gorgeous Sushi. You sit outside on the covered huge terrace with background music. Opening night last Monday saw entertainment from Mongolian band Corvus Corax but this was just to celebrate the occasion should you be worried about your ear drums. At the moment, the restaurant is open in the evenings only all week from 5pm and stays open later to 1am on a Friday and Saturday. This is going to be a popular restaurant so you might like to

book beforehand although of course who can just walk by and ask for a table when tempted by the wonderful aromas.


Tel: 922 750 036 The website of will be up and running any day now.




TRACY’S story


ANY have been asking about Tracy’s health and sending her good wishes and positive thoughts and this is a quick update.



Tracy left hospital with both her breasts intact and the thought that despite having to wait for the results of her full body scan and MRI scan that things were looking good. I am however sad to let you know that after keeping her appointment to get her results she was told that although their was no secondary cancer some cells were found in the surrounding breast areas and she was advised that a double mastectomy was needed followed by chemo and radiotherapy.


Taking control? T


had friends over recently as well as my sis. I was very apprehensive about meeting my friends as I hadn’t seen then in two years. Not that I wasnt excited but you know when you have put weight on and you just know they are going to look shocked? I crash dieted at least THREE days before they came ( I had promised myself for the last three MONTHS I would get a grip) and went off to Las Americas in my baggiest clothes to meet them. I don’t know whose jaw dropped the most! So funny as we all had put on about three stone each! When my sis arrived she found it hilarious


OE Elliot is currently a director of Coventry City Football Club and also chairman of the Coventry City Transport Museum which is the largest in the world . A regular visitor here Joe took five minutes out of his precious holiday time with his wife of twenty years- Bel.

Tracy told me that her operation should be within two weeks but that she thought it would probably take a little longer than that. Looking at now having to go through all the blood tests and pre op examinations yet again Tracy was putting on a positive attitude. I for one however cannot imagine how she is feeling inside. A strong lady but one who has and will in the future appreciate all your positive thoughts and well wishes.

and was witness to us all promising when we meet

Joe has had an amazing career and is still as busy as eversomething he enjoys immensely. His short stint as chairman of Coventry City when they were on the brink of going into administration saw Joe help them push through a multimillion pound take over. His love of cars means he is not only chairman of the transport museum but is on the Jaguar Heritage Board, something he considers an honour. He is also chairman of football in the community and is a member of the N.S.P.C.C business group having helped to raise over 2 million pounds so far. His love of Tenerife stems back fifty years when he initially came over as a young lad with

his family. His career has meant he has held many conventions over the years on all the Canary Islands but tells us Tenerife has always been his favourite. Staying up at the San Francisco complex when in Tenerife Joe spends his nights off eating and drinking at Azafran restaurant and his praise of Emilio and the staff could not have been higher. Joe also took time out to do an interview with Coventry and Warwickshire BBC radio whilst here, so not quite the relaxing holiday everyone expected him to have! One thing IS certain. Joe and Bel tell me they will be returning to their favourite holiday destination of Los Gigantes very soon.

A WORD FROM MY SPONSORS Tenerife Sunshine See what they have lined up in an amazing offer in this edition and on their website Tipsy Terrace Open every day 9am till late Weds to Sun. Monday and Tuesday closed from 8pm Megashop Christmas is two months away and we are providing xmas trees and garlands at very cheap prices. Los Gigantes Properties Our new office is open opposite the Los Gigantes Plaza and appointments for property viewing can be made at either. Azafran Restaurant (as recommended by the Sunday Times) Our private beach-pool-tennis courts and table tennis facilities make this the perfect day out. Atlantis Radio Jon Maxfield wakes you up with a perfect (if a little later than normal) breakfast show. The best way to start the day!

up in five months time we will all have ‘got a grip’. I can but tr y, yet again. I dont know what happened to the gym fanatic who had a personal trainer for years and loved kick boxing! If anyone finds her before me can you give me a shout and save me some time please?

HE tribute to Jens Peter Fulda in the last edition was of course written by Paul Ruane.

My apologies: his name was left off the bottom of the article and anyone who missed it can read it on www.tenerifeprope website. Just go to ‘From Our Blog’ on the main page.







THEATRE SANS FRONTIERE at Auditorio, El Sauzal


was extremely realistic, as was his accent. His first entrance as this character, when he interacted with the audience, was particularly amusing, as well as slightly confusing to the locals! Although needs must, it would be unfair to single out particular performances, as all members of the cast showed their expertise, and they were rewarded with well-earned applause at the end of the evening. Let’s hope that another enterprising playwright will come up with an offering which this highly talented group can bring to the Canary Islands, and that we won’t have to wait for too long for it.

HEN I heard that a multi-racial theatre company was to produce a multi-lingual play in the Auditorio at El Sauzal, I have to confess to being more than a little bemused! “Islands”, directed by German Franziska Schutz, was publicised as collaborative work involving four theatre groups from Britain, Tenerife, Germany and Cyprus, and as such made me a little worried, not to mention unsure, about what to expect from the evening. The fact that everything spoken in nonSpanish was translated and projected on a screen, obviously helped the Spanish speakers, and at times myself to understand. What might be described as the “host” theatre group was the “Theatre sans Frontieres” which is based in Hexham in the north of England, and the play was a study of inter-relationships between different racial types. After an unusual opening, with members of the cast poking their heads (representing islands) through a cloth representing the sea, and speaking in their respective languages, the action opened with two female holidaymakers, one English and one German, finding the body of an African woman on a beach in Tenerife. Already, we were shown a stark difference in the two characters, played by British actress Becky Jameson, and German Silke Buchholz, one of which might be described as the typical tourist, coming to the Canary Islands for sun-tan and fun, and the other looking for a deeper experience. Becky Jameson was excellent with her characterisation, especially in a

later scene where she played the teacher of a “how to become a British citizen” class for foreigners. This involved some very amusing moments, including such British institutions as the obligatory afternoon tea, Bonfire Night and grouse shooting on the glorious 12th, which caused laughter even amongst the Spanish audience members. Her romance with the Tenerife doctor who attended the beach when the body was discovered, contrasted perfectly with the other side of her character. Altogether, this was a memorable performance. But this was an evening of many outstanding and contrasting performances with action moving between England, Germany, Cyprus and of course, Tenerife. John Cobb’s portrayal of Robert, a Hebridean religious gentleman who had journeyed to London to protest about the desecration of his Sabbath by the island ferry,

James Cunningham


Dogs and owners keeping fit


F you like dogs, keeping fit and making new friends, then a new club with a twist will be of interest. The Tenerife Fitness Club is actually for dog owners (or borrow a four legged friend!) and was set up by the Acción del Sol dog refuge at Granadilla. The club met recently at Torviscas and members enjoyed a great walk with their dogs to La Camella along the seafront. The club meets ever y Thursday at various locations

for walks or fun exercise and agility with dogs. Everyone is welcome to join and remember, there are lots of dogs at the refuge that would love to join in the fun if you don‘t have your own dog.

Please contact Karen on 687905511 or Danni Bryne on 619008035 for more information. The next big event for the refuge is on December 12th when there will be a horse and dog show at Hípico del Sur in Buzanada. Father Christmas will be there with presents for the

children. More information to follow shortly but definitely a date for the diary. The Acción del Sol dog refuge is at Poligono Industrial Estate, Exit 51 TF1, situated directly under the windmills at ITER , Parque Eolica, Granadilla. The refuge is open Monday to Friday 3pm-6 pm or contact 922778630.


Success at La Luz


HE recent car boot sale at the La Luz campus of the British School was a great success.

On the day hundreds of bargain hunters turned out to see if they could find a treasure amongst the 25 stalls that were present. Amongst the stalls was a Thai food stall, which was singled out for special attention and sold out within an hour. There were food and refreshments available, which the public welcomed on such a warm day. The next car boot sale is planned for November 13th with another on November 27th, stalls cost 12 euros and can be booked by either calling Alex on 656 819 292 or by sending an email to






Santiago del Teide LIONS


Library news


OVEMBER signals the start of the winter season and we are always pleased and relieved to see our temporary members (swallows) returning and renewing their subscriptions for a few months before the mass exodus at Eastertide.

LL Saints celebrated Har vest Festival Thanksgiving on Sunday 24th October. Every nook and cranny of the church was filled with produce generously donated by members of the congregation and local schools. It truly was a bumper harvest.


In order to appease the working members of the Library who, sadly, miss our mid-week functions:


Bitter & Twisted


VERYONE is welcome to join in the Lions Christmas shopping trip and cabaret.

On Thursday 18 November the Santiago del Teide Lions have organised a coach trip from Los Gigantes, calling for two hours Chistmas shopping at the new La Villa shopping centre in La Orotava, and going on to a hot buffet and cabaret at the Majestic club in Puerto de la Cruz, the new home of the Bitter & Twisted cabaret duo.

Tickets are 26 euros and can be purchased from MDI Alcalá or Los Gigantes Dive Centre, or contact Mar y 607435267 This outing is a fantastic opportunity to buy your Christmas presents and to see the beautifully decorated Shopping Centre at Puerto de la Cruz, and then enjoy an evening with Bitter & Twisted. Terry Brighton

At 2pm we are holding in the garden a Luncheon Party Fun Day where the fare will be:  Spit roasted pork, papas arrugadas including mojo sauces plus salad.  An unlimited supply of vino tinto (judges and newts are barred).  Music to make the day go with a swing. Price is €10, tickets are limited. Should the weather be unkind we are well organised and will hold the party in the Library. Our Ladies who Lunch had such a good time at their inaugural bash they are at it again with a pre- Christmas spree.

TUESDAY 30TH NOVEMBER At 1.00 for 1.30p.m., Ladies who lunch:

 

Venue – the same as before – Petit Los Angeles. Menu – the same as before – Choice of Lamb, Chicken or Fish plus the extras. Price €15 for members (€17 for guests).

For further details speak to Jane Stewart or Anne James


Halloween at the Casa Azul T

HE Halloween festivities at Casa Azul were a great success. As usual, Secondary School and Bachillerato pupils prepared a great show for their younger classmates in Primary. In fear and trepidation, the Primary children filed into the Hall and sat around their witches’ cauldrons stepping around the various skeletons of 1º and 2º ESO pupils that were strewn about the floor and hanging from the climbing frames. At the right moment, the skeletons came to life and danced round the Hall to the song “Dem Dancing Bones”.

They were then welcomed by two wicked witches of Bachillerato who introduced the second musical number by way of a story. The children fell under their magical powers to the words of the Hocus Pocus song “I put a spell on you” while another group of ESO and 1º Bachillerato zombies streamed into the Hall dancing around the cauldrons. Next came the Magic Potion game. Four magnificent 1º Bachillerato wizards and witches prepared a magic potion with the help of their Primary counterparts whose job it was to introduce the right ingredients into the cauldron. The last number had been prepared by the Primary School children who produced a wonderfully witchy chant, dancing to the words of a version of the poem “We’re Having a Monster Party”. A final surprise awaited the children in the playground: 3º ESO pupils had prepared a Quiz Route around the school. They then accompanied the younger children who answered a series of questions about Halloween. A morning full of learning, values and fun for all involved. In the afternoon it was Preschool’s turn. The little ones, beautifully dressed-up, enjoyed a varied programme of activities ranging from watching a short Halloween filmlet, singing songs such as “Five Little Pumpkins” or “Witches of Halloween”, to playing games or a fancy-dress parade.


The harvest contributions will be distributed to many of our local charities. Prior to the service, Rayco, our resident organist together with Carol-Ann, our friend the flautist welcomed worshippers with a duet. All enjoyed the popular harvest hymns and the choir performed a special anthem for the occasion. Following the service the Harvest Lunch was served on the parsonage patio. Many thanks are extended to Kit and Ray for the barbequed meats, to the ladies behind the scenes who prepared the various salad accompaniments and not to be forgotten, our new ‘Mrs Parsonage’, Sam, who made the delicious carrot cake for desert.


 Thursday 25 th November. The theme is ‘A Shipwreck Evening’. A fun event including a fish and chip supper. Prizes for the most original ’shipwreck’ outfits. Tickets priced at 10 euros, and are now on sale after the Sunday church services or by contacting Linda Arnold – 922 38 97 75. All are welcome to come along and join in the fun.  Saturday 6th November – The next car boot sale. The gate opens at 12.00 noon. Entrance fee, one euro. It will be a chance to look around for your Christmas presents – many handcrafted products on sale. Saturday 4th December – The Grand Christmas Car Boot Sale. Another chance to pick up bargains and presents for family and friends. Look out for the next edition of The Tenerife News – Father Christmas is threatening to join us on the day!


The Royal British Legion Yes! It is that time again!


HE boxes of poppies and collection tins will be distributed as from the 28th October 2010 and collected as from the 15th November 2010.

Any amount gets you a poppy but please be as generous as possible. Boxes have been distributed here, in Tenerife, by the Royal British Legion, for more that twelve years, with a very good response by the people on the island. The 2009 Appeal, here, in the south of Tenerife, raised 8272.62 euros, which we hope, with your help, to surpass this year. All monies collected go to the Royal British Legion Poppy

Appeal. This helps to do the welfare work, not only in the UK, but all over the world, including here in the Canary Islands. The Royal British Legion has been in existence sine 1921 and had always been there to help those ex-service personnel and their dependents in need. Wars of all ages have seen so many hurt and injured. That is where we come in. Please give generously and wear your poppy with pride.

Kelly Poppy Appeal Organiser and all my helpers. Should you require poppies and a collection tin please contact Kelly on 922 786777 or the Branch Chairman Don on 922 739486







ELCOME back to all our returning ´swallows´ - please note that all new books may now be taken out for a period of three weeks. Do see Ken Fisher´s newsletter re. forthcoming events - and another reminder that we shall be having another ladies´ ( sorry, gentlemen!) lunch on Tuesday 30th November, again, by popular demand, at the ‘Petit Los Angeles’ Restaurant in Puerto. Put this date in your diaries now, before they get filled up! I very highly recommend the following two books from two of my favourite authors

YOUR HOROSCOPE WWW.ASTROLOGY-ONLINE.COM ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20) You may need the space, but you need the extra cash more. Any intimate relationships with colleagues will lead to gossip that could easily affect your position. Take action.

TAURUS (Apr. 21- may 21)

Picture Perfect by Jodi Piccoult

never dreamed she would have to make.

The Ice Cream Girls by Dorothy Koomson

revealed, ever ything will become a living hell all over again........... The following books are recommended by Richard and Judy :

Waiting for Columbus by Thomas Trofimuk

This will not be the best day to sign deals or to take care of other people’s financial matters. You must avoid gossip and focus on what you have to do. Your partner may push buttons that infuriate you. GEMINI (May 22-June 21) You can sort out any differences you have in an amiable manner. Look into joining groups that can give you hands-on advice about business. You have been going through a period of change that has caused problems for you with your loved ones. CANCER (June 22-July 22)

Thomas Trofimuk has conjured up a wonderful story, and he makes it easy to suspend your belief. Of course the man in the Spanish Asylum cannot be Christopher Columbus reincarnated in the 21st century...can he?

A woman wakes to find herself lying in a graveyard, hurt and bleeding, her memor y wiped clean. She doesn´t know what she is doing there - or who she is. She is rescued by a police officer, and af ter days of waiting, is taken by surprise when she is identified by Alex Rivers, Hollywood´s biggest movie star - and her husband. Cassie is dazzled and bewildered by the fairytale in which she suddenly finds herself. But ever ything is not quite right, and there is something dark and disturbing behind this glamorous facade. It is only as her memory gradually returns that her picture perfect life comes crumbling down, and she is faced with choices she

(If you liked ‘The Time Traveller´s Wife’, you´ll love this) (From the best selling author of ‘My Best Friend´s Girl’ and ‘Goodnight Beautiful’) As teenagers, Poppy Carlisle and Serena Gorringe were the only witnesses to a tragic event. Amid heated public debate, the two seemingly chic teens were dubbed “The Ice Cream Girls” by the press and were dealt with by the courts. Years later, having led ver y different lives, Poppy is keen to set the record straight about what really happened, while Serena wants no-one in her present to find out about her past. But some secrets will not stay buried - and if theirs is

The Crying Tree by Naseem Rakha Naseem´s descriptions of the deep impact on a family when a child is murdered are extraordinarily vivid and emotional. Just as thought provoking and moving is her account of the U.S. Death Row and a system untroubled by a gap af nearly twenty years between sentencing a man to death and killing him.

A new image can be the result if you change your look. This is a great day for a trip. A little rest will do wonders.

LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Be quiet about your intentions or ideas that might bring added cash. You can enjoy short trips. Talk to your emotional partner about your intentions.

VIRGO (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23) Try to enlist the help of those you trust in order to fulfill the demands being made of you. Effor ts made to improve yourself will turn out to your satisfaction. Make plans to do the things you enjoy. LIBRA (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23) You can bet that situations will get out of hand if you allow others to interfere. You must make sure that all your personal documents are in order. Reevaluate your motives. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22) Your creative ideas will be put to good use if you dig in and do things around the house that will make your family happy. You should check out prestigious clubs or groups that have a cause you believe in. Make plans to mix business with pleasure. Dinner with clients or business associates should be successful. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21)

Happy Reading!

You will have a tendency to put on pounds. Some of that extra energy you have stored up might just be put to good use. Be careful not to hur t someone’s feelings.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22.- Jan. 20) Friendships will be ruined if you let too many people get involved in any disputes. Romance could develop through social activities or short trips. Don’t tell others of your plans. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Trips will be enjoyable, and communication with your lover will clear up any misconceptions. Social events held in your home will be successful and entertaining for all. Limitations will set in if you haven’t followed the rules. PISCES (Feb. 20-Mar. 20) TOrganize your day well if you wish to accomplish all you set out to do. Put your efforts into making constructive improvements to your environment and to your state of mind. Don’t let your emotions interfere with your efficiency.




Vital tips for sun protection S

OME sunlight is important because our skin uses it to produce vitamin D, which helps to build and maintain strong bones. Too much sun is harmful and can damage your skin. The sun gives out ultraviolet (UV) radiation that is made up of three types of rays: UVA, UVB and UVC. UVC rays from the sun can’t get through the ozone layer but UVA and UVB rays can, and these rays have been linked to skin damage. A tan is actually a sign that your skin has been damaged and is trying to protect itself. UV radiation stimulates your skin to produce more pigment (colour), which protects against damage. Your tan will fade, but the damage to your skin remains. Short-term overexposure to the sun can cause your skin to burn, usually making it red, hot and painful. You can soothe your burnt skin with calamine lotion or aftersun lotions. If your sunburn is severe, you may need medical treatment.

HEAT EXHAUSTION AND HEAT STROKE This is when your body becomes overheated after overexposure to the sun or by getting sunburn. You may have symptoms including vomiting, headaches and fever. If you think you have heat stroke, get to a cool place as soon as possible and drink plenty of water. If your temperature is higher than 39ºC (you can measure your temperature using an oral thermometer), your skin has become dry and flushed or you feel very unwell, you should see a doctor immediately.

LONG-TERM SKIN DAMAGE AGEING AND INFECTION Ageing of your skin is a result of the UVA rays penetrating it, causing wrinkles and sagging. UV rays can also cause damage to the eyes. It has been suggested that too much sun exposure may damage your immune system, increasing your risk of infection.

SKIN CANCER Although the exact cause of skin cancer isn’t known, some things make it more likely. Your risk of skin cancer increases if you’re exposed to UV rays because of spending a lot of time in the sun.

PREVENTING SUN DAMAGE To protect your skin, you should stay out of the sun between 11am and 3pm, when the sun’s UV rays are strongest. Look for shady areas such as under trees, and use umbrellas or canopies.

WATCH THE UV INDEX The UV index describes the strength of the sun’s UV radiation. It’s usually shown as a number in a triangle on a weather map. The numbers

range from one to 11+ and the higher the number, the stronger the UV radiation. If the UV index is higher than three you will need protection when you go outside. In many countries, the UV index is reported alongside the weather forecast in newspapers, on TV and on the radio.

COVER UP You can protect your skin by wearing long-sleeved tops and trousers. Choose materials that have a close weave as these block out the most UV rays. Wet clothing stretches and lets more UV radiation through to your skin.  Wearing a widebrimmed hat can halve the amount of UV radiation reaching your face. Sunglasses help to protect your eyes and eyelids. Wraparound sunglasses will also protect the skin around your eyes. You should choose a pair of sunglasses that has the following labels: 100 percent UV protection  UV 400 - this means it protects from both UVA and UVB rays If you’re buying a pair of sunglasses in Europe, check that they also carr y the European Standard CE mark and the British Standard (BE EN 1836:1997).

WEAR SUNSCREEN Always use “broad spectrum” sunscreen. This means that it protects your skin against UVA and UVB rays. Make sure it has a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or higher. The SPF tells you how good the sunscreen is at

filtering out the UVB rays. There isn’t a measure of protection against UVA rays. Sunscreen can’t give you complete protection since some UV rays will always get through, but you will get more than 90 percent protection from UVB rays with SPF 15. Re-apply sunscreen every two hours or more often if you go swimming, or sweat a lot. Water reflects the sun’s rays so you need to apply sunscreen before swimming. Cloud doesn’t stop the sun’s UV rays getting through so you should protect yourself even if it’s cloudy. Haze (from thin clouds or mist) can even increase your UV radiation exposure because the rays are scattered.

CHECK MOLES You should check your moles regularly for changes that may indicate skin cancer. Most changes are harmless, but you should see your GP if you notice:  growth of an existing mole - especially over 7mm (a quarter of an inch) in diameter a mole with an uneven or ragged edge a mole of varying shades of colour a mole with an inflamed or red edge a mole that bleeds, oozes or crusts a mole that feels different, painful or itches

DON’T USE SUNBEDS Sunbeds mimic the effect of the sun and give out artificial UVA and UVB radiation. Exposure to artificial UV radiation can also damage your skin. Sunbeds have been

linked to an increased risk of skin cancer as well as eye conditions. An artificial tan from a sunbed doesn’t protect your skin against sunburn on holiday; it’s similar to using a sunscreen with SPF 2 to 3. There are no regulations relating to the use of sunbeds, but the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that you shouldn’t use sunbeds if you: are under 18 have sunburn, burn easily or had frequent sunburn as a child have a lot of moles tend to freckle  have pre-cancerous or cancerous skin lesions  are wearing cosmetic products (these may make you more sensitive to UV radiation)  are taking medication (you should seek medical advice to check whether your medication will make you particularly sensitive to UV radiation)

WINTER SUN You can’t feel UV rays. The warmth you feel on your skin is actually caused by the sun’s infrared radiation. So just because you can’t feel the hot rays of the sun, it doesn’t mean you won’t get sunburnt. The amount of UV radiation is generally lower during the winter but snow reflects most of the sun’s rays, so you can still get sunburnt. If you’re high up in the mountains, there is less atmosphere to block out the UV rays, so make sure you use sunscreen.





Get tested for COPD E

ACH year the British Lung Foundation focuses its campaigning around World COPD Day, an annual event organised by the Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (GOLD) to improve awareness and care of COPD around the world. This year World COPD Day will take place on Wednesday 17th November 2010. The theme of this year’s campaign is get tested - you could be one of the missing millions. COPD stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. This is a term used for a number of conditions, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. COPD leads to damaged airways in the lungs, causing them to become narrower and making it harder for air to get in and out of the lungs. The word ‘chronic’ means that the problem is long-term.


Chronic bronchitis: bronchitis means ‘inflammation of

the bronchi’. These are the tubes or airways which carry oxygen from the air through the lungs. This inflammation increases mucus production in the airways, producing phlegm which makes you cough. Emphysema: this is where the alveoli (air sacs) in the lungs lose their elasticity. This reduces the support of the airways, causing them to narrow. It also means the lungs are not as good at getting oxygen into the body, so you may have to breathe harder. This can result in shortness of breath.

WHAT CAUSES IT? The most common cause of COPD is smoking. Once you give up smoking, you gradually reduce the chances of getting COPD - and you slow down its progress if you already have it. Occupational factors, such as coal dust, and some inherited problems can also cause COPD. Whether pollution is a factor is under investigation.

HOW IS IT DIAGNOSED? Cough, phlegm and shortness of breath can be symptoms of COPD. Some people may only notice their symptoms in winter, or they might put them down to bronchitis or ‘smoker’s cough’. This means that they might not seek help at an early stage of the disease. The sooner people seek treatment the better. The best way to confirm diagnosis is through spirometry. This is a simple breathing test which you can usually do at your GP’s surgery. You just have to blow into a machine. This will indicate whether your airways have narrowed. In some cases you may need more detailed tests and a referral to hospital.

HOW DO PEOPLE FEEL? The symptoms of COPD vary depending on how bad it is,

and how people have adapted to their problems. In mild cases, symptoms like a cough, phlegm and shortness of breath may only be present during the winter or after a cold. In more severe cases, you may be short of breath every day. With more severe COPD, because of breathlessness, normal activities can become more difficult. COPD can lead to feelings of anxiety because of breathlessness. People with COPD may reduce their activities to avoid becoming breathless. But by reducing activity levels you become less fit and therefore get breathless even sooner when you try to do any activity. Sufferers may adapt their lifestyles to reduce breathlessness - but keeping as fit as possible is important. Some hospitals run pulmonary rehabilitation courses. These programmes involve exercise and education. Pulmonar y rehabilitation improves your exercise performance, your health and your quality of life. Your doctor/ nurse can tell you more. Care and support from family and friends can do a lot to relieve anxiety and depression. The BLF’s Breathe Easy support network offers information and advice to people with COPD and other lung conditions.

TREATMENT There is no cure for COPD but a lot can be done to relieve its symptoms. Stopping smoking - stopping smoking will help improve your coughing and phlegm. Diet - look after your weight, eat a balanced diet and try to keep as mobile as you can. Bronchodilators - if your main symptom is breathlessness, then you may benefit from a bronchodilator. A bronchodilator is an inhaler that delivers medicine to make your airways wider. There are different types of bronchodilators which work in different ways and they can be of benefit if they are used together. Nebulisers - nebulisers can provide bigger doses of medicines but inhalers are just as effective. What you are given depends on how you respond to treatment. Steroids - if you become suddenly more short of breath and your symptoms get worse, you may be experiencing what is known as an ‘exacerbation’. Your doctor may give you a short course of steroids for a few days. Some people take a steroid inhaler regularly but your doctor will decide if this is necessary for you. Antibiotics - if your phlegm changes colour, becomes stickier, or there is more of it, your doctor may give you a course of antibiotics. Flu vaccination - a flu vaccination every autumn is also worthwhile, as flu can cause exacerbations. Exacerbations - also known as flare-ups - are common in COPD, but taking your treatment regularly may help to reduce how often they happen. Always seek treatment for any exacerbation as soon as you can.

WHAT ABOUT OXYGEN? Some people with COPD develop low oxygen levels in their blood. Oxygen treats this lack of blood oxygen, it does

not treat breathlessness. If you have low blood oxygen levels, the long-term use of oxygen at home could be of benefit to you. To find out if oxygen can help you, see your doctor who will arrange for tests in a hospital. You will have your blood oxygen measured. If necessary you will be prescribed oxygen at home using an oxygen concentrator. This is an electrically operated machine that takes oxygen from the air in your home. You can breathe the oxygen in through nasal ‘cannulae’ (small, soft plastic tubes that fit just inside your nostril) or a mask. The oxygen supply tube from the concentrator may be many feet long, so you can move around the house while having your oxygen treatment. Some people will be given portable oxygen as well as their concentrator. Various small oxygen cylinders are available. They can last for several hours and make shopping or travelling easier. Once your oxygen needs have been assessed, your oxygen will be provided by an oxygen supply company. Which company supplies you depends on where you live. The hospital will give you details. The oxygen supply company will also make arrangements for you to receive oxygen while travelling in the UK and Europe. Remember, there are treatments for COPD and the earlier you get help the better. Translated COPD leaflets World COPD Awareness Day Start Date: 17 November 2010 End Date: 17 November 2010 Description: Raising awareness events across the UK. Visit the website for more details. World COPD Day Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is an umbrella term for a number of conditions including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. It is a progressive, irreversible lung disease which kills around 30,000 people a year in the UK - more than breast, bowel or prostate cancer. Early diagnosis of COPD is vital as it allows patients to take steps to slow down the progression of the disease, and live healthy lives for longer and avoid expensive emergency care. However, not enough patients are diagnosed early enough. There are an estimated 3.7 million people in the UK with COPD, yet only 900,000 people diagnosed with the disease. This leaves approximately 2.8 million people that are unaware they have the disease which, if left untreated, could severely restrict their lives and eventually kill them. These people are the ‘missing millions’ with COPD.






Who needs supplements?

Know the hidden signs of diabetes


OVEMBER 14th is World Diabetes Day and the aim is to raise awareness about this widespread condition. The warning signs of diabetes include:


Frequent urination Excessive thirst Increased hunger Weight loss Tiredness

2010 marks the second year of the five-year focus on ‘Diabetes education and prevention”, the theme selected by the International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization for World Diabetes Day 20092013. The campaign slogan is: “Let’s take control of diabetes. Now.” For the general public and people at high risk of diabetes, the focus will be on raising awareness of it and disseminating tools for its prevention. For governments and policy-makers, efforts will focus on advocacy aimed at communicating the costeffective implications of diabetes prevention strategies and promoting diabetes education as a core component of diabetes management and treatment. The key messages of the campaign, developed for different target groups, are:

 Know the signs and

symptoms of diabetes. Early diagnosis saves lives.  Diabetes prevention and treatment is simple and cost-effective. Put it on top of the

agenda.  Your child could be affected. Know the warning signs. See your doctor to measure the risk.  Enjoy an active life and prevent complications.  Lack of interest and concentration.  Vomiting and stomach pain (often mistaken as the flu).  A tingling sensation or numbness in the hands or feet.  Blurred vision.  Frequent infections.  Slow-healing wounds. These can be mild or absent in people with type 2 diabetes. If you show these signs, seek



Obesity and overweight Lack of exercise Previously identified glucose intolerance  Unhealthy diet  Increased age  High blood pressure and high cholesterol  A family history of diabetes  A history of gestational diabetes  Ethnicity - higher rates of diabetes have been reported in Asians, Hispanics, Indigenous peoples (USA, Canada, Australia) and African Americans.

If you think you are at risk of type 2 diabetes, get tested!

Medical Implant FREE transportation

logy in A ne

Conscious Sedation


New tech

Dental Clinic

medical attention! There are many risk factors for type 2 diabetes. They include:

In-House Laboratory

Partner Hospital La Colina Sta. Cruz de Tenerife

tel: 922 74 96 72

Hospital Costa Adeje Tenerife

Tel: 922 79 24 00

Av. Los Abrigos, Nº 21 - Los Abrigos Mo to Sa 8:30 am - 20 pm tel: 922 749 742 from UK : 0844 598 7575


N general, children and adults might benefit from taking one multiple vitamin per day. For a few pennies or cents per day, a multivitamin provides added insurance that people are getting adequate intake of necessary vitamins and micronutrients. To avoid indigestion, take the multivitamin with food. Women may need extra calcium and iron. You can get calcium from low fat dairy products and from over-thecounter calcium in the form of calcium carbonate and calcium citrate. These are inexpensive and easy to take. Calcium supplements are best absorbed when taken with meals, at a dose of 500 mg one or two times per day. Women who bleed excessively during menstruation may need to take a multivitamin and mineral supplement that contains iron to meet the daily recommendation of 15 mg. Pregnant and lactating women are usually given supplements by their doctors to meet their

increased needs for iron and other nutrient. Women of childbearing age who may become pregnant should take a folic acid supplement for one year prior to conception. A recent study suggests that women who took folic acid for one year prior to pregnancy reduced their risk of delivering a premature baby by 50 to 70 percent. Because pregnancy is often not planned, ideally you should start taking folic acid when you become sexually active. A standard multiple vitamin contains a sufficient amount of folic acid, 400 micrograms. Teenagers often have irregular eating habits and

may not eat a balanced diet. A multivitamin with minerals can help fill in the nutritional gaps. Some teenage girls also need a daily calcium supplement. Vegetarians are advised to take a multivitamin with iron and other minerals each day. Iron and B12 deficiency occur frequently in strict vegetarians. Dieters and people who avoid entire food groups are more likely to have vitamin and mineral deficiencies. A daily generic multivitamin with minerals should be considered. People with deficiency diseases or absorption disorders may need therapeutic doses of nutrients (two to ten times the recommended dietary intake) prescribed by a doctor. People taking prescription medications that interfere with the absorption of nutrients may also need higher dose supplements, as will those who abuse alcohol or drugs.






45 cents per word with a minimum of 10 words (4.5 euros.) Simple display 4e. Box no. 4e. Invoiced classified advertising is subject to 5% IGIC and payable in advance.

NOTICE TO READERS TENERIFE NEWS does not accept responsibility for the contents of advertisements, nor for any claims made by advertisers. Before completing any transaction a thorough check should be made.

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Fax: 922 30 02 17 or by email to: or complete the form on page 41 and pay by credit card or bank transfer.

NEED A GARDNER, you can talk to in English? North or South, reliable English lady with green fingers. Tel: 620 350 487

VARIOUS SPANISH lessons. Native teacher, 6 per hour. North area; 687 135 711

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RENAULT Traffic 2003 van for sale. Excellent condition. New ITV, very reliable. 4900 euros o.n.o. Call 666 587 320 AUDI A4 Cabriolet, 2.8 ltr. fully electric, inc. roof. Colour maroon. Price 3950 euros. Tel: 686 411 817

SE TRASPASA. Fitness centre/ Gymnasium, Puerto de la Cruz. Equipment and fixtures included. Great opportunity. 150 active members. Enquiries 620 737 734

FOR Bar/Restaurant: 2024 tables + 60/70 chairs, notplastic. Must be in good condition. Cash paid. Tel: 667 867 390 / (0044) 7774119979


BUTTERFLY-GARDEN. Your paradise for body, soul and mind: healing, dance therapy, yoga, seminars, meditationgarden, healthy food, lodging, renting or seminar facilities. Tel: 652 211 282

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BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY SE TRASPASA. Excellent business opportunity. Puerto de la Cruz. Busy fully equipped Bar/ Restaurant. Desireable location – Existing client base. For enquiries call 620 737 734

PLAYA DE LA ARENA, directly from the owner, 2 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, 65sqm, with sea views, fully furnished, new building with garage space. 200.000 euros. Tel: 619 980 050 DIRECT from owner, 2 bed, 2 bath duplex. Los Diamante in Los Crisitanos. Ground floor. Sat. T.V. Reduced price. 140.000 euros. Community pool, bar and restaurant. 627 698 272

BEAUTIFUL 4/5 bed, 21/2 bathroom, modern house above Cuesta de la Villa. Fantastic views to sea, Puerto and La Orotava valley. View on: or tel: 922 38 88 80



APARTMENT, 42sqm in a private house, Puerto de la Cruz, well situated, free of monthly additional costs, price : 75.000 euros. Tel: 618 622 759 + + VC 2040048


BMW M5-4.4I-E39, black, full, leather, TV, carphone, Navi, fully serviced, as new, triptronic, 109.000km, 14.400 euros. Tel: 634 312 102

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PROPERTY FOR SALE LOS ABRIGOS. New apartment, one room and hall with balcony.Near beach. Reduced price:79.000 euros plus garage: 8.000 euros.Tel: 607 388 080 SUNNY 3 bed apartment Tabaiba Alta (5 mins German School, 10 mins Santa Cruz), 103 sq m, 2 bathrooms, fitted kitchen, garden, large terrace with panoramic sea views, parquet floors, garage & store rooms, very small complex.. Tel. 922 71 05 15. LOS CRISTIANOS, Centre. Avda. Suecia. 1 bedroom apartments, semi-atic. 70.54 sqm. Big terrace. Amazing sea views to port and bahia. 649 142 612 CLUB MIRAVERDE - Adeje. Semi-detached bungalow. 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 89sqm, furnished, with separate garage, needs refurbishment. 110.000 euros. Tel: 679 580 121 LOS ABRIGOS, new apartment, one bedroom and hall with balcony near beach. Reduced price 79.000 euros, plus garage 8000 euros. Tel: 607 388 080 LOS CRISTIANOS, Bahia sea front: one bedroom, furnished, residential complex harbour and see views, heated swimming pool. Call: 619 980 050 LOS CRISTIANOS.2 Bed, 2 bath Victoria court 2, refurbished,2 Balconies, Sea view & pool view comes with 4 months rental.Bookings & Webb site £2500,000 Ph 00447984148705

NEW LINK VILLA, Mirador del Golf on 9th fairway, Amarilla Golf. 3 beds, 3 baths (2 en-suite) courtyard, secure parking for 2 vars, utility room, kitchen, lounge7dining room, rear garden and patio. Small pool overlooking Fairway sea views to front. Fully furnished and fitted out to high standard. 475.000 euros. Tel: 922 85 72 19 / 687 057 372

PUERTO DE LA CRUZ, La Paz, luxury apartment, best location, tropical garden, heated pool, 150sqm, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathroms, separate kitchen, fully furnished, 2 big terraces with Teide views plus garden, 400 sqm, separate garage 345.000 euros. Tel: 0043 / 1606763902

PROPERTY TO LET AMERICAS/ CRISTIANOS!! lovely apartments for rent. Available days, weeks.Tel: 607 146 677 1 BEDROOM apartment. Los Cristianos, on the beach. All included, light, water, etc.. Beautiful views. 922 36 40 50 / 619 732 546 SUPERB MODERN HOUSE Santa Ursula with panoramic views over the Atlantic, Puerto and La Orotava Valley... 4+ bedrooms with fitted wardrobes 3+ bathrooms. Master bedroom has ensuite. Dressing room. Air con. Large front and rear terraces, 4 car garage. Double glazing Furnished or unfurnished. English tv. Excellent value at 650euros. View on : Ring Gordon on : 606668102/ Myke: 686 722 219 PUERTO DE LA CRUZ, Urbanizacion El Tucan, one bedroom apartment with garden. 450 euros. Tel: 922 30 10 10/ English: 670 745 613





LAS AMERICAS. Sunny bungalow, 2 beds, well furnished, near beach. Garden, pool. Long let. 760 euros/month. Tel: 699 424 501

1BEDROOM apartment on the beach, Los Cristianos. Beautiful terrace and sunset views. All included. Tel: 619 732 546 / 922 36 40 50

TORVISCAS AREA. Long or short term rental. 1 bedroom. From 525 euros per month. Tel: 922 71 50 30

LA FLORIDA (Valle San Lorenzo). 1 bedroom apartment 290 euros (all included).Tel: 638 866 355 LOVELY SUNNY 1 bedroom apartment. Well equipped, sea and sunset views. San Eugenio Area. 500 euros p.m. Call Nicola 619 121 058 LA PAZ, Puerto de la Cruz. Available for long or short term rental. 1 bed apartment. From 495 euros per month. Call: 922 37 85 14/ 663 851 631

LOS CRISTIANOS, furnished studio, nice complex, all included. Long term rental. 425 euros. Tel: 922 56 16 58

LAS AMERICAS: Studio, very large, near Fañabe Beach, € 350. Las Americas: 1 bedroom apartment, all furniture new. nice sea view, pool and carpark, € 490 . Los Cristianos: large 1 bedroom apartment € 430 All with washing machine, microwave,TV, DVD, safe and bills included. Possible english television. TEL: 634-312-102" CRISTIANOS: sunny, two bedroom furnished bungalow. Small garden, quiet complex adjoining Hotel La Siesta. 5 mins Las Vistas Beach and buses. 780.00 euros p.m.for long let. Owner 0034 699 424501

ONE bedroom apartment in Los Crisitanos. On the beach, nice terrace, beautifull views, all included. 475 euros. Tel: 922 36 40 50 / 619 73 25 46

PROPERTY WANTED THE ISLAND’S premier Cash Buyers of freehold property. We complete within 28 days. No agents, no viewings, no delays. Call (0034) 922 720222 or visit NATURE couple seek reasonably priced 2 bed flat/house, 4-6 weeks around mid January. Tel: mobile: 07954314912 / (0044) 1822855011. e-mail:







ICOD, Playa San Marcos, studio apartment for rent, front line to sea. Amazing views. 350.00 euros per month. Tel: 922 30 10 10

PUERTO de la Cruz, Urbanizacion El Tucan, 1 bedroom apartment to rent with garden. 500 euros. Tel: 922 30 10 10/English: 670 745 613

SUNNY two bedroom bungalow. Small garden, community pool next to Hotel La Siesta, comfortably furnished. Close to beach. 780.00 euros p.m. Tel:(0034) 699 424 501

APARTMENT, 49sqm, Puerto de la Cruz, different advantages, health reasons, price negociable. Tel: 618 622 759 LOS CRISTIANOS “Los Tamar”. 1 bedroom apartment. Beautiful views. All included (water, electrics). Large terrace on the beach. Tel: 619 732 546 / 922 36 40 50





LONG TERM RENTAL - San Isidro . 2 bedroom ground floor apartment in private house. Large independent kitchen/ dining room. Lounge. 1 bathroom. Sky TV with BBC, ITV, etc. Garden to front. Enclosed spacious terrace to rear with 2 utility rooms. Ideal for family and/or pets. For more information please contact 637406685

APARTMENT in Viña del Mar, Costa Adeje. 1 bedroom, washing machine, terrace. Direct access to swimming pool. 2 minutes to beach and bus. 450 euros/ month. 609 015 767 / 658 552 /221


 GARDEN FURNITURE Apartments and bungalows from


Call 922 71 50 30


per month APARTMENT for long term rental, 2 bedrooms, sunny terrace, partly furnished. 350 euros. Tel: 922 30 01 09 (Only speak Spanish)


BUNGALOW to let. 2 bedrooms, fruit trees. Quiet area near Las Galletas. 700 euros. All inclusive.Long let. Preferebly elderly people. 922 785 117 / 609 537 117 / 606 777 979

Tarahal Apartments in La Paz from


Call 922 37 85 14


per month

























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DOWN 1- Monetar y unit of Western Samoa; 2- Lyric poems; 3- Heating fuel; 4Fiendish; 5- Give one star, say; 6- Womb; 7- Scoundrel; 8- Glamour rival; 9- Biblical high priest; 10- Ancient; 11Electrically charged particles; 12- Fresh-water fish; 13- Summer coolers; 19- Stare angrily; 21Chamber; 25- Rapidly; 26Harmful; 27- Precipitous; 28Mum’s mate; 29- Writer Calvino; 30- Darlin’; 31- Icon; 32- “See ya!”; 33- Long; 35Seed vessel; 39- Fail to tell the truth; 40- Make gradual inroads; 42- Grain stores; 44Golfer Aoki; 46- Talisman; 47- Abstract; 49- Infectious agent; 50- Great quantity; 51- Et ____ (and other men); 52- Agrees tacitly; 53First name in country; 55Nothing; 56- Ages; 57Cupola; 59- Faucet; 60Susan of “L.A. Law”;


SOLUTIONS ACROSS 1- Pith helmet; 5- Blender setting; 10- Verdi opera; 14- Mideast gulf; 15- Ring-shaped island; 16- Prod; 17- Foliage unit; 18- Neglect; 20- Fall flower; 22- Regret; 23- Misplaces; 24- Form of croquet; 26- ___ de mer; 27- Covered with thorns; 30- In a hardy manner; 34- Japanese mat; 35- Tent stick; 36- Fannie ___; 37- Catchall abbr.; 38- Doppelganger; 40- I could ___ horse!; 41- Electric fish; 42- Slip; 43- Dactyl; 45- Outline; 47- Perceive; 48- TV Tarzan Ron; 49- Cleric; 50- ___ Domingo; 53- Manipulate; 54- Seeped; 58Sheltered; 61- Dynamic beginning; 62- Helps; 63- Misuse; 64- Jam-pack; 65- Course; 66- Ashen; 67- Flexible tube;



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Focus is the key


Big boost for motor sport

ERRARI’S Fernando Alonso may well head the drivers’ standings following his win in Korea but there is still a lot of work to do.

Amidst the traditional postvictory celebrations in Korea, boss Luca di Montezemolo has urged everybody in the squad to remain fully focused on the season’s final two rounds. “First of all, I want to congratulate and thank you all, because this great fight back is down to you,” Montezemolo told his team. “In these last few races, we have seen Ferrari working perfectly. We are a team that never surrenders. However, we have not actually won anything yet. Each one of us must aim for pole in our own roles, going about our business in a level-headed fashion, with concentration and determination, and then we can add up the figures in Abu Dhabi.” After a slow start to the 2010 season, Ferrari have been on the ascendancy recently, scoring 166 points over the last six races. But while Alonso has crept into the lead of the drivers’ standings - he leads by Red Bull’s Mark Webber by 11 points - Ferrari are

still third in the constructors’ championship, trailing Red Bull by 52 points, 374 to 426. McLaren, meanwhile, lie in second on 399. With so much still at stake, team principal Stefano Domenicali was just as keen as Montezemolo for the Italian outfit to guard against complacency and concentrate on the fight for both world championships. “Now comes the hard part,” added Domenicali. “Over the next three weeks, we have to do ever ything perfectly reliability, the work at the track and at home, and preparation for the races. I have always said that this year, keeping a cool head is what will make the difference and we must not get carried away with the words of praise, just as we did not get downhearted by the criticism in the most difficult moments. We should leave unguarded enthusiasm at the door.”







Fernando Alonso





Mark Webber





Lewis Hamilton





Sebastian Vettel G e r m a n




Jenson Button





Felipe Massa





Robert Kubica





Nico Rosberg


Mercedes GP





Mercedes GP



Rubens Barrichello B r a z i l i a n




Races left in 2010 Formula 1 Championship 18 Brazil (Sao Paulo) 19 Abu Dhabi (Yas Marina Circuit)


5 - 7 Nov 12 - 14 Nov * Subject to circuit approval


OTORSPORT enthusiasts can rest assured that they will be seeing plenty of action across the island. The Tenerife Cabildo has pledged its support for this popular sport which has many drivers, as well as spectators. A deal has been signed with the sport´s Federation which continues the collaboration founded some years ago. The sum of 62,000 euros has been pledged to help towards the financing of motorsport, as well as backing for drivers and the acquisition of equipment. The document was signed by sports councillor for the Tenerife Cabildo Damaso Arteaga and the Federation president for Santa Cruz de Tenerife Benito Rodríguez. Sr. Rodríguez said they were delighted that the Cabildo was showing its continued backing for this popular sport. The agreement would allow the Federation to continue to organise competitions across the island. These include rallies, mountain motor racing and slaloms at provincial and regional level.





First victory for CD Tenerife


D Tenerife are celebrating after recording their first victory of the season. The club has finally moved off the bottom slot following a 1-0 defeat of Elche.

There were euphoric scenes in the Heliodoro as Natalio Lorenzo put the home side ahead after just eleven minutes. Elche put up some serious resistance but CD Tenerife´s defence stood firm in front of the 15,707 crowd. Trainer Juan Carlos Mandia said afterwards that the victory was a lesson for them all and he praised the attitude of players, describing it as “fantastic”. They had played fantastically hard and he singled out Natalio as a key figure in the squad. The next match is at home, hosting Gimnastic on November 11. A new CD Tenerife fans´ shop has opened on the ground floor of the Fanabe Plaza Centre, selling all club merchandise.


London 2012 in ticket bonanza


RGANISERS of the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games have announced ticket price details for the 26 sports. Tickets for the Olympic Games go on sale in March 2011 and there will be a range of prices and initiatives to make tickets as accessible as possible. It is also anticipated that, following detailed venue and sport schedule modelling, 800,000 more tickets will be made available – an increase of 10% on the figure previously announced.

The ticket price strategy includes:  8.8 million tickets available for the Olympic Games 75% of these tickets will be on sale to the public from March 2011 90% of these tickets will be priced at £100 or under Two-thirds of these tickets will be priced at £50 or under

2.5 million tickets will be priced at £20 or under The wide range of ticket prices will see those at the higher end of the market balancing the availability of millions of lower price tickets on sale. Ticket prices will be per session, the length of which will vary from sport to sport. There will be 649 separate

ticketed sessions across the 26 sports during the Olympic Games. All tickets for events in and around London include a travelcard and LOCOG has absorbed the impact of the recent VAT increase to ensure tickets represent the best possible value for spectators. London 2012 has also revealed details of an exciting new scheme, ‘London 2012 Ticketshare’, which will see many thousands of school children receiving tickets to the Games. A levy on the price of prestige hospitality packages will allow 100,000 tickets to be donated to schools in London and around the UK via the London 2012 Get Set education network and the Olympic and Paralympic-style schools sports competition.



We love Nadal say readers


ORLD No 1 Rafael Nadal has been voted the second most influential athlete in the world by readers of men’s magazine ‘’. The Spaniard is 15th in the magazine’s Top 49 Most Influential Men of 2010, with Drew Brees, New Orleans’ SuperBowl-winning quarterback 6th. Former Chelsea manager and now Real Madrid coach, Jose Mourinho, just makes it into the top 10 at the No 9 spot while NBA star LeBron James was voted 17th. The magazine says of Nadal: “Once considered “The King of Clay,” Nadal’s game has evolved into an allencompassing barrage of lethal

The scheme is backed by the Government and the Mayor of London. Further details of this scheme and how schools can apply will be announced in 2011. Meanwhile, schools are urged to join the London 2012 Get Set education programme to be in the best position to take advantage of the scheme. LOCOG has also confirmed that a ‘pay your age’ scheme will operate for over 200 Olympic Games sessions. This will see anyone who is 16 and under at the start of the Games pay their age – and anyone over the age of 60 pay £16. These sessions will be spread across all sports and all venues. For further information, visit the official London 2012 website on

Rafa Nadal weapons: he’s capable of defeating anyone, anywhere, anytime. The man plays with reckless abandon, and we love him for it.” Wimbledon 2009: Roger

Federer first on Centre Court after Rafael Nadal’s withdrawal. Jon Stewart from The Daily Show tops the list after over half a million votes were cast.

Horse show help needed


F you love horses, make a note of December 12th in your diary. On behalf of the Acción del Sol dog refuge, a horse and dog show is being held at Hípico del Sur, starting at 1pm. Organisers would love to hear from people or companies who would like to sponsor the event and raffle prizes would also be appreciated. The event will include a Mr and Mrs Dog 2010 competition, horse and dog team agility, horse show jumping, fun dog racing, barbecue, pony rides and lots of side attractions. Father Christmas has promised to stop by and pay a visit during the afternoon with lots of presents for the children. Please contact Karen on 687 905 511 if you would like to help or if you would like to enter the competition.





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Take part in La Laguna marathon


A Laguna is inviting entrants for the first edition of the Anaga Marathon, which takes place on December 4th.

Those interested may register from October 25th to November 20th by visiting the website of the Department for Tourism at: or the Regional Body for Sports at The Town Hall of La Laguna has organised the First Anaga Marathon via the Department for Tourism and the Regional Body for Sports (OAD), under the technical guidance of Gesport Canarias

and with the collaboration of various institutions and sponsors. This marathon through the mountain areas of Anaga and departs and returns to San Cristóbal de La Laguna and runners can choose to run the 21km or the 42km course. The slogan for the event is ‘Paths of L a Laguna: Challenge your Senses’ as participants run on a varied and demanding race course along some of the most

beautiful trails to be found in the northeast of the island. Over the past few years running marathons has grown in popularity, with a growing number of increasingly important events being held every year, not only locally, but also nationally and internationally. Marathons held to date in the Canary Islands include the Transgrancanaria, Cruzatenerife, Transvulcania and Isla del Meridiano Marathon, on some occasions under the auspices of institutions seeking to promote the natural areas in each of the islands.


Lee and those mashed potatoes! N EWLY crowned world number one Lee Westwood has insisted his predecessor Tiger Woods should not be written off.

Westwood, who ended Woods’s 281-week reign at the top last Sunday, said: “He has gone away and come back before.” Woods has struggled for form since taking an extended break from the game to deal with personal issues.

Woods, Phil Mickelson and Martin Kaymer could depose Westwood when all four contest the WGC-HSBC Champions event in Shanghai this week. “It’s an exciting time for golf,” Westwood told the BBC News Channel. “It could be a real subtext to the tournament.






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Nick Faldo




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Ian Woosnam




Nick Price




Vijay Singh




Fred Couples




David Duval




Ernie Els

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Bernard Langer




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“If anyone can put a run together it’s so close they could take the number one spot. Westwood, who has been sidelined by a calf injury since helping Europe win the Ryder Cup in October, was confirmed as the new world number one after Germany’s Kaymer failed to secure the top-two finish that would have resulted in him usurping Woods. And the Englishman revealed that he was running an errand for his wife when he was told the news. “I’d been sent to the supermarket to buy some mashed potatoes and something else when my caddie rang me to tell me Martin Kaymer wasn’t playing very well and I was about to be world number one,” confirmed Westwood. “It took me a while to find my shopping after that. It was one of those quiet moments where you have a little smile to yourself.”

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