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SPORTS HALL OF FAME Since its creation in 1975, the TTU Sports Hall of Fame has inducted 150 members, whose photos and biographies are featured in the Hall of Fame Gallery in Eblen Center. 1975 Inductees Preston V. (Putty) Overall (1923-67)--Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball Creed Denton McClure (1937-39)--Football, Track B. Holmes Neal (1937-39)--Football Tom Fann (1950-52)--Football James Dearing Miller (1920-25)--Football

1983 Inductees Edward Gracey (1939-42)--Golf, Football, Track Gordon Mason (1957-61)--Football Charles Pangle (1943-45)--Football, Basketball, Baseball W. J. Shumaker (1957-59)--Football Jim Youngblood (1968-72)--Football

1976 Inductees Malcolm P. Quillen (1930-33)--Baseball, Football Raymond H. (Bull) Brown (1933-37)--Baseball, Basketball, Football, Track Elwin W. (Wink) Midgett (1930-34)--Baseball, Basketball, Football Sidney McGee (1939-68)--Sports Information Emmett T. Strickland (1933-36)--Football, Baseball, Basketball

1984 Inductees Edward F. Etzel (1971-74)--Rifle William C. Francis (1949-52)--Football Don Cook (1948-51)--Baseball, Basketball Tommy Hackler (1959-60)--Football Edd Zegarski (1942, 1947-48)--Football, Track

1977 Inductees Hooper Eblen (1941-74)--Basketball, Baseball, Football, Track, Tennis, Golf Kenneth Sidwell (1955-56)--Basketball Joe B. Sills (1927-31)--Football, Baseball, Basketball Wilburn Tucker (1941-67)--Baseball, Football Eddie Watson (1922-28)--Football, Baseball, Basketball 1978 Inductees Benton Bilbrey (1940-43)--Track, Football, Baseball Huland Draper (1937-40)--Baseball, Basketball Jack Van Hooser (1951-54)--Football, Baseball Lonnie Warwick (1961-63)--Football Homer (Rudy) Schmittou (1959-62)--Football, Track 1979 Inductees Carl S. (Cotton) Barlow (1936-39)--Football, Baseball Tom Chilton (1956-57)--Track William Dupes (1949-51)--Football James S. Hagan (1957-60)--Basketball Flavious Smith (1948-52)--Football, Basketball 1980 Inductees Albert Jobe (1927-30)--Football, Baseball, Basketball, Track Jim Ragland (1960-63)--Football Marshall (Stick) Taylor (1953-56)--Football, Basketball David C. Williamson (1927-33)--Football, Basketball Larry Schreiber (1966-69)--Football 1981 Inductees Frank R. Adams (1927-31)--Football Lowell Smith (1958-61)--Football James A. Carlen (1924-27)--Athletics 1982 Inductees David Baxter (1958-61)--Football Kenneth Broyles (1951-53)--Football Bannis Norris (1931-35)--Basketball, Baseball Virgil Rains (1949, 1952-54)--Football Ray Thomas (1957-60)--Football


1985 Inductees Earl Carrier (1929-34)--Football, Baseball, Basketball Ray Carter (1970-73)--Rifle Homer Hamdorff (1936-39)--Football, Baseball, Basketball Charles (Chuck) Kriese (1970-72)--Tennis 1986 Inductees Glen (Pete) Davis (1938-42)--Basketball, Football Elois Grooms (1972-75)--Football Mike Hennigan (1971-72)--Football Ron Shumate (1957-61)--Baseball, Basketball 1987 Inductees R.L. Highers (1940-43)--Football, Baseball Basketball Frank Jones (1972-76)--Basketball L.C. (Lusk) Stubblefield (1938-42)--Football Baseball 1988 Inductees Everett Derryberry (1940-74)--Administration Herbie Merritt (1956-59)--Basketball Dana Winningham (1972-75)--Football Kenneth (Moe) Wright (1955-57)--Football 1989 Inductees Noble Cody (1952-90)--Athletics James M. Gaylor (1951, 1955-57)--Football, Baseball Gayle Burgess-Hastings (1975-76)--Basketball James G. (Red) Jarell (1944, 46-49)--Football, Basketball 1990 Inductees L.D. (Speedy) Carden (1946-50)--Basketball, Football Pam Chambers-Compton (1976-80)--Basketball Bobby Nichols (1960-63)--Golf Johnny Oldham (1955-64)--Basketball 1991 Inductees Ray Drost (1958-64)--Football, Baseball Ron Filipek (1964-67)--Basketball Rod M. Fitz-Randolph (1976-80)--Rifle Joseph (J.R.) Mulvihill (1967-69)--Football

1992 Inductees Robert Aylward (1970-73)--Rifle Jerilynn Harper (1979-82)--Basketball Jim Harrison (1943-49)--Baseball, Football Marynell Meadors (1970-86)--Basketball, Volleyball 1993 Inductees Marc Burnett (1977-82)--Basketball Dr. William Headrick (1941-43)--Basketball, Baseball Pam Cassity Smith (1973-77)--Basketball Don Wade (1968-82)--Football 1994 Inductees Murray Cunningham (1973-76)--Football Don J. Henderson (1946-49)--Football, Baseball Ed Hooper (1940-1998)--Athletics Hubie Smith Jr. (1950-56)--Golf 1995 Inductees Ed Burns (1975-79)--Football Kurt Fitz-Randolph (1976-80)--Rifle Rodney Moore (1975-79)--Track 1996 Inductees Eldon Burgess (1962-96) and Gene Davidson (1962-98)--Broadcasting Wayne Pack (1970-73)--Basketball Kim Tunnell-Suiter (1982-85)--Volleyball Mike Winchester (1972-75)--Baseball 1997 Inductees Wayne Anderson (1977-80)--Football Donley Canary (1973-77)--Baseball Jim Newkirk (1980-89)--Rifle Cheryl Taylor (1983-87)--Basketball 1998 Inductees Juan Escudero (1986-88)--Tennis Bruce Harris (1955-57)--Basketball Bob Joye (1967-80)--Football Derek Lane (1984-87)--Baseball 1999 Inductees Jim Cornelius (1985-88)--Golf Johnny Donnelly (1989-98)--Supporter Melinda Clayton Hatfield (1986-90)--Basketball Elaine Proffitt Keagle (1978-82)--Rifle 2000 Inductees Bill Branch (1949-52)--Football, Baseball C. Stephen Lynn (1966-69)--Tennis Melanie Marshall (1986-89)--Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Golf John D. Wall (1950-53)--Track Lana Ward (1987-90)--Rifle

2001 Inductees Matt Bulow (1987-90)--Tennis, Paralympics Angela Moorehead (1988-91)-- Basketball Matt Stark (1977-80)--Rifle 2002 Inductees John Fitzpatrick (1969-72)--Football Todd Kemp (1985-88)--Baseball Roschelle Vaughn (1990-92)--Basketball 2003 Inductees Becky Murray Isom (1982-85)--Volleyball Stephen Kite, Sr. (1982-86)--Basketball Steve Moore(1968-83)--Athletics Trainer Raymond Slonena, Sr. (1980-84)--Rifle Barry Wilmore (1982-85)--Football 2004 Inductees Anthony Avery (1986-90)--Basketball Beth Keylon (1992-94)--Softball Andrea Roark (1990-93)--Softball Delores Wheatley (1969-2004)--Academics 2005 Inductees Leonard “Sonny” Allen (1951-54)--Football Scott Baerns (1985-88)--Baseball David Mays (1974-98)--Baseball Coach 2006 Inductees Shawn Monday Smith (1986-90)--Basketball Cecilia Ramsey Fisher (1988-91)--Basketball Angelo Volpe (1987-2000)--President Melanie Gray Walker (1991-95--Golf Bill Worrell (1981-2006)--Basketball Coach 2007 Inductees Dr. Thurston Banks (1973-2006)--Administrator Stacy Hughes Britt (19866-89)--Softball Dr. David Larimore (1976-2006)--Administrator Eddie Scott (1951-54)--Football, Track Ryan Weeks (1986-89)--Football 2008 Inductees Chris Hedman (1986-90)--Tennis Mark Maberry (1994-97)--Baseball John “Shakey” McClellan (1964-2007)--Supporter Rachel Melchiorre (1994-97)--Volleyball Tom Pack (1996-99)--Golf 2009 Inductees Dena Adams Fairley (1995-98)--Cross Country, Track Jim Bishop (1967-71)--Football, Baseball John Moorhead (1955-59)--Football, Track Tony Stone (1955-59/67-73)--Football/Coach Branon Vaughn (1995-99)--Football

A period of 10 years must pass after they complete their eligibility before athletes can be nominated for the Tech Sports Hall of Fame. Nominations are due each year by June 30.


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2010 Tennessee Tech Volleyball Guide  

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