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Up Close Marie Angela

Peddicord Parents: Haskell and Angela Peddicord Birthday: November 27, 1988 Birthplace: Columbus, Ind. Major: Business Administration

Marie with her second cousins on a family trip in North Carolina

MARIE’S TOP 5 u Favorite abbreviations: 1. TLTQ (too legit to quit) 2. TBCH (too be completely honest) 3. BOATS (based on a true story) 4. PIBE (play it by ear) 5. OBVI (obviously) u Favorite fantasy pets: 1. A dog sized stegosaurus with attitude 2. A teacup piglet that winks 3. A mini beluga whale in a fish bowl 4. A dog that always stays a puppy 5. A giant flying squirrel that you can ride u Top 5 classes I wish Tech offered: 1. Street smarts 2. How to be a lady 3. Healthy cooking 4. Sports nutrition 5. Movie watching 101


“With five new additions to our team this year, you can expect Tech volleyball to have a fresh new look. Also, with the experience that our senior class brings to the table, we are itching for another championship and are committed to going out with a bang.” -- Marie Peddicord


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