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devoted agents y

any you can trust... Leanna McKee 579-4443

Barbara Phillips Manager/Owner

Aretha Mims 423-9913

Connie Montoya 347-1200

Karlie Kee Crunk Broker/Owner

Darlene Norman 347-0519

Rebecca Pendergrast 973-9291 Michelle Paul 590-1340


Heather Cole 414-7071

Julie Carter 590-1382 Kristy Cartwright 838-6755

Dallas Scott 824-7625 Jennifer Skinner 294-6825 Angie & Charles Sisco 642-2799

Richard Flatbush 517-2826

Lisa Frazer-King 642-3608


Harry Frith 824-3768

Ben Trotter, Jr. 390-1341 Ron West 478-9793 Janet Vaden 210-2000

Nancy Kennedy 390-8368

Donna Laviola-Cerulli 351-9279

Paula Levering 478-4589 Cindy Williams 390-1741 Judy Wood 593-0677 Agents Not Pictured Include:

Jean Wilson 972-4351

Bob Morris 824-5920 Debbie Jo Manier 590-1329

Erica Mayo 473-7634

James McCormick 319-8357

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530 West Main Street • Henderso Office: 615.824.5920 • Toll Fr www.ColdwellBankerLa


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