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TABLE OF CONTENTS Our County | 8 “Sumner County rich in history, innovation” Federal officials State officials County commissioners County officials Fact Book 30th anniversary retrospective 2011 Readers' Choice

Bluegrass legend Jesse McReynolds performs with the McReynolds Tradition at the Whippoorwill in Gallatin in February 2011.

8 10 10 12 13 15 18

Our Cities | 20 Gallatin Hendersonville People on the street Goodlettsville Portland White House Westmoreland Millersville Mitchellville

20 24 29 33 35 36 37 37 37

Our Communities | 38 Education | 39 School administration 2011-12 public schools calendar Public schools directory Union University COMPASS Volunteer State Community College Private schools directory

39 39 41 43 43 43 45

Emergency Preparedness | 47 Essential services Police/fire departments Emergency preparedness checklist “1,000-year flood” Recent Sumner disasters Emergency agencies Earthquake preparation

47 48 49 50 52 52 53

Charitable Organizations | 55 Nonprofits directory


History | 58 Historic sites, places Historical timeline Historical preservation organizations Historic cemeteries Historical markers Origin of Sumner names

58 60 61 61 62 65

Health & Fitness | 66 Fitness facilities Sumner Regional Medical Center Hendersonville Medical Center Portland Diagnostic Center Assisted living and therapy centers Rehabilitation therapy centers Retirement centers


| FACT BOOK 2012

67 68 69 71 72 72 72


Business | 81 Economic development agencies Small business assistance Small business workshops Chambers members directory

81 81 81 82

Transportation | 106 Sumner Regional Airport Highway Superintendent Judy Hardin Commuter bus schedules Vehicle emissions testing Park and ride information

106 106 107 107 107

Real Estate | 108 Sumner Association of Realtors Selling home: avoid pricing mistakes Sound home-buying decisions Make life easier: Hire a realtor

108 109 110 110

Faith & Worship | 112 Directory of churches


Sports, Parks & Recreation | 119 Local pro, college teams Recreational outlets Sumner marinas

119 121 123

Culture, Arts & Entertainment | 126 Family fun The arts/art galleries Wineries 2011-12 community events calendar

126 127 127 127

Legal Services | 130 Legal services directory Legal Aid Society Sumner Mediation Services CASA HomeSafe

Professional Services Directory | 133 Advertiser Index | 135

130 130 131 131 131

About the cover For this year’s cover, we again solicited local photographers to submit for consideration their work that they believe best depicts Sumner County in a single shot. Once again, we received more than a dozen worthy photos. Following are the credits for the photos we used: The main cover photo of Rock Castle, in Hendersonville, was provided by Jim Jennings. Inset photo credits (clockwise, from top left): Connie Hughes, Rick Murray, Sherry Mitchell, Matthew Diggs, Rick Murray, Rick Murray, Rick Murray, Dessislava Yankova. Cover designer: Jamie Hall Editor: Mike Towle Assistant editors: Tena Lee, Melissa McDonald, Cecil Joyce Reporters/contributors: Sherry Mitchell, Sarah Kingsbury, Dessislava Yankova, Jennifer Easton, Will Daugherty, Craig Harris, Michael Murphy, Hollie Deese Page designer: Jamie Hall Retail ad manager: Rachel Biggerstaff Advertising sales: Randy Moore, Deb Pinger, Bridgette Orten, Lisa Peters, Susan Sharp, Diane Votaw Administrative assistant: Brenda Cook

30 years and counting With this year’s edition of the Sumner County Fact Book, we celebrate our 30th anniversary of bringing you the most comprehensive and annually anticipated source of countywide information, guidance, facts, figures and photos. We are proud that we can tell our readers that not only has our Fact Book been around 30 years, but that the weekly publications that drive our reporting efforts – the Gallatin News Examiner (which dates back in one form or another to 1840) and Hendersonville Star News (1950) – have each been around a lot longer than 30 years. We thank our tens of thousands of readers for their sustained interest through the decades, and we continue to make the extra efforts to bring you the kind of useful information you need and deserve so you can enjoy Sumner County life to the max. In recognition of our 30 years with the Sumner County Fact Book, we have added a special 30th anniversary section to this year’s edition. This special presentation features some of our county’s longtime residents telling us how Sumner has changed since 1982. We’ve also included a Fact Book timeline that offers interesting tidbits from each of the last 30 years, as well as a look back at our inaugural edition of the Fact Book. As always, we hope and trust you will make good use of your Fact Book. If and when you get the chance, let us know your thoughts on how we can make it better for 2013 and beyond. I can be reached at 575-7122 or at

– Mike Towle, general manager/editor

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FACT BOOK 2012 |



Sumner County rich in history, innovation By Mike Towle

Sumner County Publications

Over the past decade Sumner County has experienced rapid population growth, while striking a balance between entrepreneurial innovation and an old-time rural feel reflected in the fact that 70 percent of the county’s land remains unincorporated. In Portland, around which agricultural operations abound, Shoals Technologies Group manufactures cuttingedge solar power products that help provide clean and sustainable energy solutions. “We hope to create, over the next four years, another 400 jobs,” Shoals Chief Operating Officer Jon Maros has said. In recent years Sumner has emerged as an incubator for entrepreneurs and small businesses, which account for 92 percent of all the county businesses. On its website, Forward Sumner Economic Council states, “Entrepreneurs in music, arts, tourism, real estate, technology and other specialties bring an adventurous and individual spirit to the community.” According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Sumner’s population between 2000 and 2010 grew 23.1 percent to more than 160,000, a growth spurt double the state’s average. Much of that growth has enveloped the county seat, Gallatin, as well as Sumner’s largest city, Hendersonville, where many of its nearly


| FACT BOOK 2012

Residents, young and old, of Sumner County live for the present and strive toward a better future, but to a person they share a deep appreciation for our past, to include those who have given up their lives for our country. FILE PHOTO 50,000 residents embrace Old Hickory Lake as a haven for boaters and fishermen. Thousands of county residents make the daily commute to jobs in Nashville; countless others make regular trips into the big city to enjoy shopping and entertainment venues that supplement the smaller-town experience. Sumner, however, is more than a bedroom community. It is also home to major employers in areas such as the service industry (ServPro), distribution (Gap, Inc.), automotive (UniPres USA), and healthcare (Sumner Regional Medical Center, Hendersonville Medical Center). There are strong connections between Sumner and the rest of Middle Tennessee beyond Vietnam Veterans Parkway and I-65 southbound into Nashville, both of which underwent major expansion projects several years ago. The multi-county ties also include the Metropolitan Planning Organization’s ambitious

Quick Facts Established: 1786 Population: 160,645 County seat: Gallatin County tax rate: $2.02 per $100 of assessed property Cities: Gallatin, Hendersonville, Goodlettsville, White House, Portland, Westmoreland, Mitchellville, Millersville

Key Contact Info Sumner County archives: 452-0037; County Executive: 452-3604; County Clerk: 452-4063; County Trustee: 452-1260; Tax Assessor: 452-2412; Voter registration: 452-1456; Tag renewals/marriage license: 452-4063; Sumner Co. Animal Control: 452-2400; Driver’s license and testing center: 230-2995; dlstations/sumner Social Security: 451-9341; Department of Human Services: 451-5814; humanserve/

2035 Transportation Plan, which is as much about integrating Sumner into the Metro mix as it is preserving the best of the county’s rich heritage. Notable landmarks that form a core to the county’s tourism industry include

Rock Castle, a circa-1794 historic home in Hendersonville overlooking Old Hickory Lake; Historic Mansker’s Station, a reconstructed 18{+t}{+h} century frontier fort in Goodlettsville; Cragfont, the 1802-built Castalian

OUR COUNTY Springs home of Memphis cofounder Gen. James Winchester; and Wynnewood, a massive 19th-century log structure and National Historic Landmark, also located in Castalian Springs. “The (2035 Plan) key points are the land use, which should keep us from gobbling up all the green space, and the transportation, which longer term, hopefully, will provide mass transit to Nashville, where the majority of our county now commutes,” said Reggie Mudd, a Gallatin businessman and state economic and community development director for a 13county region that includes Middle Tennessee. “These both contribute greatly to quality of life, which is why most people live in Sumner County.” Count college students

among those making the trek from outside the county to Sumner. Volunteer State Community College’s main campus in Gallatin now has a student enrollment of 9,000. Newer to the scene is Union University, which has broken ground on a Hendersonville campus and has introduced a nursing program to go with its doctoral-degree program. Sumner County Publications continues its commitment to Sumner County coverage via two twice-weekly newspapers ( Gallatin News Examiner and Hendersonville Star News), Sunday’s Sumner A.M., which is inserted inside The Tennessean, and via Facebook and Twitter. We’ll keep you connected. - Mike Towle is general manager/editor of Sumner County Publications.

Sumner County is fertile ground for thousands of entrepreneurs and small-business owners as well as an area noted for its agribusiness endeavors and with plenty of room to roam. FILE PHOTO

Portland 615.325-9257 • Gallatin 615.452-6666 Hendersonville – East Main St. 615.824-6542 • Orlinda 615.654-3388 Hendersonville – New Shackle Island 615.824-6844 • Goodlettsville 615.855-6676 White House 615.672-4364 • Greensboro Village 615. 989-9810 Springfield 615.384-9623

FACT BOOK 2012 |


FEDERAL/STATE OFFICIALS Sumner County is currently part of the 6th Congressional district, which includes 16 counties and the Granberry precinct in southern Davidson County. Sumner County is the second-largest county in the district, which also includes Macon, Clay, Trousdale, Smith, Jackson, Overton, Putnam, DeKalb, Cannon, Rutherford, and Marshall, Bedford and Robertson counties and a part of Wilson County.

FEDERAL OFFICIALS U.S. Sen. Bob Corker (R) 2006-12 (202) 224-3344 Nashville office, 279-8125 Fax number (202) 228-0566 or 279-9488 Online: U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander (R) 2008-2014 (202) 224-4944 Nashville office, 736-5129




STATE OF THE ART GUN RANGE Memberships Available



(615) 206-8685

10 526 West Main Street, Gallatin TN | FACT BOOK 2012


Fax number (202) 228-3398 or 269-4803 Online: U.S. Rep. Diane Black (R) 2010-12 (202) 225-4231 Gallatin office: 206-8204 Murfreesboro office, 896-8218 Online:






STATE OFFICIALS Gov. Bill Haslam (R) 2010-14 741-2001 Fax number 532-9711 E-mail: State Sen. Kerry Roberts (R-Springfield) 2010-12 Nashville office, 741-1999 Online: members/518 E-mail: Roberts represents Sumner and Robertson counties. State Sen. Mae Beavers (R-Mt. Juliet) 2010-2014 Nashville office, 741-2421 Mt. Juliet, 754-4632 Online: senate/members/s17.htm# E-mail: Beavers represents parts of Cannon, Clay, DeKalb, Macon, Smith, Sumner, Trousdale and Wilson counties. State Rep. Mike McDonald (D-Portland) 2010-2012 Nashville office, 741-1980 Portland, 888-3081, Online: house/members/h44.htm E-kail: Precincts in the 44th District are Westmoreland, North Sumner, Mitchellville, Portland, Fountain Head, Cairo, Castalian Springs, Sideview, Bush’s Chapel, County Ad-


ministration Building, Salem, Cottontown, Union Elementary, Madison Creek, Millersville, Oakmont, White House and a split of the Long Hollow Baptist and Shackle Island precincts. State Rep. Debra Young Maggart (R-Hendersonville) 2010-2012 Nashville office, 741-3893 Fax number 253-0350 Online: house/members/h45.htm or E-mail: Precincts in the 45th district are Gallatin City Hall, South Water, Volunteer State, Gallatin Senior High, Bluegrass, Knox Doss, Wessington Place, Brown Elementary, Lakeside Elementary, Nannie Berry, Indian Lake, Rock Castle, Walton Ferry, Freehill Fire Hall and part of Long Hollow Baptist and Shackle Island. State Rep. Linda Elam (R-Mt. Juliet) 2010-14 Nashville office, 741-7462 Fax number, 253-0353 Online: house/members/h57.htm E-mail: Elam represents the 57th District, which includes several precincts in the Hendersonville area.

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FACT BOOK 2012 |


COUNTY GOVERNMENT Sumner County Commissioners




District 1 Moe Taylor 420 Buck Graves Road Westmoreland H: 384-3571 Mike Akins 1345 Smiley Trout Road Westmoreland H: 644-3575


District 2 Billy Geminden 1419 Highway 259 Portland H: 325-5911 Shawn Utley 280 Cook Road Portland H: 325-3771

Steve Graves 1514 Rock Springs Road Bethpage H: 841-3112, W: 841-4121 David Satterfield 1976 Hartsville Pike Gallatin H: 452-6166 C: 838-4226

Baker Ring 461 Brady Lane Gallatin H: 230-6818 Ben Harris 466 Buffalo Ridge Gallatin H: 804-2583

Merrol N. Hyde 103 Rebecca Drive Hendersonville H: 822-3866 Paul Decker 134 Meadowvue Drive Hendersonville H: 824-1902


Frank Freels 2134 Long Hollow Pike Gallatin H: 452-9748 C: 585-0376 Joe C. Matthews 604 Harris Lane Gallatin H: 230-7898



District 6 Paige Brown 1717 Lake Grasslands W. Gallatin H: 826-5290 James R. “Jim� Vaughn 2981 Cages Bend Road Gallatin H: 264-3858


District 7

203 War Memorial Building Nashville, TN 37243-0145 Phone (615) 741-3893 Fax (615) 253-0350


| FACT BOOK 2012


District 8


District 45


District 5

District 4 Utley


District 3

F. Freels



Trisha LeMarbre 230 Spy Glass Way Hendersonville H: 824-2912 Kirk Moser 189 Wynbrooke Trace Hendersonville H: 824-9148



District 9 David Kimbrough 209 Island Drive Hendersonville H: 824-2026, W: 822-8332 Chris Hughes 103 Bayview Drive Hendersonville H: 264-2297, W: 824-6970



District 10 Jo Skidmore 209 Neptune Drive Hendersonville H: 824-0033, 824-3070 Paul R. Goode 124 Cedarcrest Drive Hendersonville H: 479-5088

COUNTY GOVERNMENT/OFFICIALS Appointed county officials:

P. Freels


District 11 Paul D. Freels 2458 Long Hollow Pike Hendersonville H: 824-0817 Jerry F. Stone 3293 Long Hollow Pike Hendersonville H: 824-5981

District 12 Michael Guthrie 548 Thompson Lane Portland H: 323-9475



Robert Pospisil 202 Denise Circle Cottontown H: 672-1290, W: 672-1905

Elected county office holders County Executive Anthony Holt, 452-3604 County Clerk: Bill Kemp, 452-4063 Trustee: Marty Nelson, 452-1260 Tax Assessor: John Isbell, 452-2412 Register of Deeds: Pam Whitaker, 452-3892

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Holt Road Superintendent: Judy Hardin, 452-2632 Sheriff: Sonny Weatherford, 452-2616 Circuit Court Clerk: Mahaliah Hughes, 452-4367 General Sessions Judge: Division I Jim Hunter, 4522288 General Sessions Judge: Division II Barry Brown, 452-4332 Chancellor: Tom Gray, 451-6004 Criminal Court Judge: Dee David Gay, 452-5526 Circuit Court Judge: C.L. “Buck” Rogers, 452-6771 District Attorney: Ray Whitley, 451-5810

County Law Director Leah Dennen, 451-6060 Administrator of Elections: Darlean McDougal, 452-1456 Finance Director: David Lawing, 451-6026 EMA Director: Ken Weidner, 452-7584 EMS Director: Keith Douglas, 451-0429 Director of Construction and Development: Gary Hammock, 451-6097 Risk Insurance Manager: Tony Southern, 451-6023 Clerk and Master: Darlene Daughtry: 452-4282

The Difference Is Our People Since 1912 The F Farmers Bank has been a strong and consistent presence in the community; building relationships, providing op opportunities, and enriching lives. Portland • Westmoreland • Millersville • White House Springfield • Cross Plains • Ridgetop Mortgage Office NOW OPEN The Farmers Bank now has two convenient Springfield locations to serve you: 3490 Tom Austion Austin Hwy. and 1203 Memorial Blvd.

FACT BOOK 2012 |



Sumner: a place to work, live and play

Kailey and Mar'keria Bettis look at student artwork on display at Volunteer State Community College in April 2011. FILE PHOTOS

Colt Shook and Kipp Alexander hang out at the back of one of the floats in the Bethpage Christmas Parade in 2011.

Sean and Kyle Fluharty watch an experiment during the annual Math and Science Expo at Volunteer State Community College in April 2011. Kaitlyn Skinner, Nicholas Zarichanski and Ben Calvert help Puryear Farms employee J.K. Skinner put the final touches to the tree they just planted near Mapleshade Rest.

Lori Johnson, Paige Brown, Mary Jo Lewis and Jimmy Overton at the 2011 Gallatin Chamber's Roaring '20s-themed gala event.


| FACT BOOK 2012

Jon Hansen, Cindy Geiger and Rachel Early work together during the Sumner County Literary Council’s Scrabble Challenge in February 2011.

Gallatin Mayor Jo Ann Graves presents Gallatin native Kimberle Locke the Key to the City in April 2011.


1982 Sumner County Fact Book: The First One

It was 30 years ago this year that the Gallatin News Examiner and Hendersonville Star News teamed up to produce the first Sumner County Fact Book, which like today was made available to the citizens of Sumner County. To commemorate those 30 years, to include republishing some content from the 1982 edition as well as a timeline of informative snippets from the ensuing decades, we have devoted this and the next two pages of the 2012 Sumner County Fact Book to a 30-year Fact Book retrospective. Please join us as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of this handy guide to all that makes Sumner County special. - Mike Towle, Sumner County Publications general manager/editor

This is an ad that appeared in the first Fact Book, illustrating areas of health concerns for the family. FILE ART

This is a 1982 statistical look at Sumner County demographics, with population growth projections going forward from 1982. Note that it predicted the county population in 2000, 18 years later, would be 130,000. In fact, according to the latest U.S. Census Bureau statistics, our 2000 population turned out to be 130,449! Good guess. FILE ART

Country singer superstar Conway Twitty, now deceased, is shown here with his wife, Mickey, breaking ground on Twitty City, in Hendersonville. The 28-acre "city" opened in March 1982. FILE PHOTO

The cover to the first Sumner County Fact Book, published in 1982. The cover text begins with the following, which is still true today: "This is your guide to the good life in Sumner County, the pride of Middle Tennessee." FILE ART

FACT BOOK 2012 |



A Fact Book timeline: 1982-2011 Snippets from 30 years of the Sumner County Fact Book: 1982: The average annual pay for an industry employee was $11,089. 1983: Of the 15,209 people working in Sumner County, 41.23 percent of them were in manufacturing. The nextlargest area of employment was state and local government, at 18.39 percent. 1984: The first full day for the 1984-85 school year was Aug. 28, and June 1 was the last scheduled day of school. 1985: Business section story lead: “The last year has seen new trends in Sumner County banking, sparked in part by the emergence of electronic anytime tellers and the completion of deregulation.” 1986: Fleetwood Enterprises moves to its new manufacturing plant in Westmoreland. 1987: Bluegrass Baptist Church in Hendersonville opens a Christian-based counseling service. 1988: According to census estimates, the population of Sumner County was 102,221. 1989: Joe Holland, manager of the Nashville Basin office of the Department of Health and Environment, declares Old Hickory Lake one of the cleanest bodies of water in the state. 1990: Four firms provided cable TV service to the county: Volunteer Cable, Parcable, Central Tennessee Cablevision and Tele-Media. 1991: County local option sales tax revenues over the past 12 months exceeded $5.6 million, exceeding budget projections by about $67,000 despite a statewide slump in sales tax collections. 1992: Benny Bills was the principal at Westmoreland Middle School. 1993: Historical fact reported: “The land now known as Sumner County was first discovered around 15,000 B.C. by nomadic Ice Age Indians,


| FACT BOOK 2012

Sumner Regional Medical Center, in Gallatin, in 2008 unveiled its $87 million patient tower, adding another landmark to the Sumner County landscape. SUBMITTED PHOTO whose artifacts consisted primarily of stone weapon points and tools." 1994: The Gallatin Fire department boasts 36 fulltime firefighters and nine volunteers, who work for Fire Chief Joe Womack and Assistant Fire Chief Billy Crook. 1995: It was reported that the top five Sumner County taxpayers for 1994 for taxes levied were Bell South, Donnelley Printing, Cumberland Electric, Hoeganaes and Hendersonville Hospital. 1996: Benny Bills was principal at Union Elementary. 1997: National Catalog Corporation, new to Portland, added 75 new positions to the local workforce. 1998: Eve Freeman was the producer and host of a local cable TV talk show that ran on Inter Media Channels 3 and 7. 1999: It is reported that

more than 1,000 new homes were constructed in the county during 1998. 2000: Tom Marlin was county executive for Sumner County. 2001: Jim Fuqua was mayor of Hendersonville. 2002: The Sumner County Health Department opened the doors to its new facility in Gallatin. 2003: Sumner Regional Medical Center was recognized for having been voted by associates as second in the nation in employee satisfaction in a 2002 Sperduto and Associates survey. 2004: Merrol Hyde was Sumner County’s director of schools. 2005: Business section headline: “Sumner tobacco farmers wait for federal buyout.” 2006: More than 7,000 students were enrolled at Volunteer State Community

College (compared to more than 9,000 in 2011). 2007: The Portland Medical Center, which had been in existence more than 90 years, celebrates its first year of integration in the Tri-Star Health System. 2008: Sumner Regional Medical Center touts its new state-of-the-art patient tower, at a cost of $87 million. 2009: Benny Bills was Sumner County's director of schools. 2010: Sumner County lists 10 stimulus projects funded by federal funds, including $1.3 million for improvements to South Water Avenue in Gallatin and $660,000 to White House for signal upgrade to fiber optics along Highways 76 and 31. 2011: Gov. Bill Haslam is the keynote speaker at the annual COMPASS fundraising luncheon.


30 years of change in Sumner County Personal memories from local citizens In the last 30 years – between the time the first Sumner County Fact Book was published and now – Sumner County has seen plenty of changes. No one knows this better than the residents who can remember Sumner firsthand prior to 1982 and who still call this county home: Mahailiah Hughes, Circuit Court clerk and Gallatin resident since 1961 “Years ago, there were plenty of jobs, most of them in manufacturing, but the majority of those jobs are gone now. The (court) caseloads are now bursting at the seams. There are so many more people and so many more crimes, and the types of crimes have changed. Most of them now involve drugs and alcohol. A lot of it stems from people just not having the feelings for other people they once had.” Joni Worsham, Hendersonville High School principal “I remember the three school bus drivers in Hendersonville; Louis and Andrew Jackson, and Mr. Buford Rush. This was right after the lake was impounded. We saw an immediate increase in the size and number of our classes, and we have not stopped growing since. I would not even attempt to guess how many buses run to all of the Hendersonville schools now.” Larry Collins, Collins Construction owner, Portland resident since 1933 “The industry growth in Portland has been exceptional, and the access to I-65 has really played a big role for the community. There are more local jobs available now – about 50 percent of the population works here. Portland is still a good place to live with a small-town atmos-

Velma Brinkley

Larry Collins

phere.” Velma Brinkley, Gallatin resident, author and historian “The biggest observation I have noticed is Sumner County is it is home to a more diverse population than ever before. Secondly, I feel that there seems to be less civility now, and thirdly, the difference in the last 30 years on the national level is we are engaged in fighting far too many battles on too many fronts. My personal desire is to bring our troops home. Let’s protect our homeland, and let’s work on fixing America the beautiful.” Rick Murphy, Gallatin native and local businessman "Having grown up in Gallatin and being a recent president of the Gallatin Chamber of Commerce, the increasing number of small businesses moving into the area is unquestionably the most impressive change I have seen." Jamie Steele, Hendersonville Fire Department chief “The biggest change in the Hendersonville Fire Depart-

Jamie Steele

Mahailiah Hughes ment in the past 30 years was when Chief Bill Posey brought in some of the biggest transitions on how the department should grow. None of us ever dreamed we would be attending a national fire academy. A lot of the things now as far as codes we use, were put into place then. As far as the community itself, the changes involve the

Joni Worsham sheer growth of residents, school, traffic and the number of calls we answer. One thing that is still the same – it still has that same feel of hometown people helping each other.”

FACT BOOK 2012 |


More people in our community get local news from our Sumner County print publications than any other source. That’s because we have the most complete coverage of the people, places and events in Sumner County available. Sumner County Readership

51,743 23,644 The Gallatin Newspaper and The Hendersonville Standard

Sumner AM, Hendersonville Star News and Gallatin News Examiner

6 out of 10 of our readers will not read another local newspaper. Find out how you can feature your product or service with us by calling 615-575-7141, or visit

Source: Tennessean Custom Study, Scarborough 2010 (Sumner: Total Adults 18+ 121,507)


| FACT BOOK 2012


County unveiled new facility in 2011

After operating the county's animal control department from a makeshift shed that one might expect to see in a remote rural county, Sumner County Sheriff’s Office officials unveiled a new $1.3 million facility June 16, 2011. Named after the elected official responsible for pushing the new facility through the ranks, the late Sheriff Bob Barker, the building was formally dedicated as the Bob and Connie Barker Animal Control Facility. Barker was able to attend the groundbreaking of the new facility at the beginning, but he passed away in August 2010 after a brief battle with pancreatic cancer. “This is something that has been needed for our county for a long time," said Anthony Holt, county executive. "I

think it is very appropriate the county commission named the new facility after Bob and Connie Barker. This is one way that Sheriff Barker's legacy can live on.” With separate adoption rooms for cats and dogs, as well as a quarantine room for sick animals, the 10,000square-foot building is expected to put Sumner County near the top in addressing the animal overpopulation problem in Middle Tennessee. “I'm confident that as our new facility opens, our adoption rates will go way up and reduce the need to euthanize as many animals," Holt said. "Not only is this the humane thing to do, it will ultimately reduce the cost of operating the agency for the taxpayers.” Sheriff Sonny Weatherford told members of the county

law enforcement committee he expected to see a sharp decline in the number of animals being put down. Another vision of Barker's was to provide a more affordable way for local pet owners to have their pets spayed or neutered. In July 2011, a lowcost clinic started sharing space inside the new animal control facility. The agency is operated by the Sumner Spay Neuter Alliance. “Bob was so supportive about the positive impact a low-cost spay neuter could have in the community to reduce the number of healthy, adoptable animals that were being abused or abandoned and then euthanized due to overpopulation,” said June McMahon, SSNA president and founder. “I watched him go to bat for the clinic at a county meeting when the

i us o s




Bob and Connie Barker, for whom the new animal control facility in Gallatin is named after. FILE PHOTO clinic was questioned.” Officials hope to eventually have a barn on the property to house seized and abused horses and cows. The new facility is located at 1033 Union School Road . – Sherry Mitchell, Sumner County Publications



Locally owned & operated 5306 Old Hwy 52, Portland TN 37148 Since 1997 Hours of Operation Email: Mon - Sat 9-6 | Sun 12-5


(615) 325-4086

(Closed Easter & Christmas) FACT BOOK 2012 |


CITY OF GALLATIN When Tennessee became a state in 1796, Sumner County was already a decade old – yet still did not have a designated county seat. It took three failed attempts by the General Assembly to establish the town before a group of five commissioners Mayor Graves successfully purchased 42.5 acres on land that was once a Native American hunting ground. The first lots were sold in 1802, marking the beginning of Gallatin. The town was named for Albert Gallatin, a Swiss immigrant who as a U.S. Congressman in Pennsylvania took an active part in winning admission to the Union for Tennessee. Gallatin served as Secretary of the Treasury under former presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, but never visited the town bearing his name. Gallatin incorporated as a city in 1815. (Source: Gallatin 200: A Time Line History Celebrating the Bicentennial of Gallatin. Edited by Walter Durham and Glenda Milliken. 2002.)

Mayor Jo Ann Graves 132 W. Main Street joann.graves O: 451-5961 F: 451-5934

Gallatin City Council: Anne Kemp District 1 1207 Gibbs Ln H: 452-8924 Term expires Jan. 2013 Dale Bennett District 2 1202 Langwood Court H: 452-4954 Term expires Jan. 2013 Jimmy Overton District 3 901 Lakeview Court H: 230-0496


| FACT BOOK 2012

Gallatin is host to two major street festivals a year: Squarefest, usually in late April, and the Main Street Festival in October. FILE PHOTO

Quick Facts Year founded: 1802 Population: 30,278 (from the 2010 Census) City Hall: 132 W. Main St. Government: Mayor and seven-member council Property tax rate: $.99/per $100 of taxable property Zip code: 37066 Website:

Term expires Jan. 2015 Craig Hayes District 4 146 Woodlake Drive W: 452-1303 F: 452-6285 Term expires Jan. 2015 John D. Alexander District 5 780 Anthony St. H: 452-4168 Term expires Jan. 2015 Tom Garrott Council At Large 931 Belvedere Drive H: 452-5717 Term expires Jan. 2013

Ed Mayberry Vice Mayor Council At Large 801 Haynie Place H: 230-7869 Term expires Jan. 2015

Key city employees City Recorder/Judge Connie W. Kittrell connie.kittrell@ O: 451-5895 F: 451-5916 City Attorney Joe H. Thompson

joe.thompson@ O: 230-0681 Gallatin Police Department Don Bandy, chief 130 W. Franklin St. O: 452-1313 F: 452-1597 Gallatin Fire Department William L. “Billy” Crook, chief 119 GFD Memorial Blvd. O: 452-2771 F: 452-2543 Codes and Planning Tony Allers, director O: 451-5968 F: 452-0348 Inspection hotline: 451-5970 Finance Rachel Nichols, director rachel.nichols@ O: 451-5963 F: 451-5960


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CITY OF GALLATIN Personnel Dave Crawford, personnel official dave.crawford@ O: 451-5890 F: 451-5960 Engineering Nick Tuttle, city engineer O: 451-5965 F: 452-0348 Public Utilities David Gregory, superintendent dgregory@ 239 Hancock St.

O: 451-5922 F: 452-0568 After hours: 452-5969 Department of Public Works Ronnie Stiles, superintendent ronnie.stiles@ 641 Long Hollow Pike O: 451-5909 Economic Development Agency Clay Walker, executive director clay.walker@ O: 451-5940 F: 451-5941

Leisure Services (parks) David Brown, director david.brown@ 451-5911 – Civic Center 451-5915 – Message line 451-5907 - Fax

Gallatin Area Chamber of Commerce Paige Brown, executive director 452-4000

Gallatin Public Library 123 E. Main St. O: 452-1722 Open Tuesday and Thursday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesday and Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Closed on Sunday and Monday.

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1038 S S. Water W A Ave. • Gallatin G • 136 Hwy 76 • White House • Barry Wells 452-1968



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Family Heritage Funeral Home

A Family Tradition Built On A Strong Foundation

100 Albert Gallatin Ave. Gallatin, TN 615-452-7115 Obit Line 615-452-5900

For Over Sixty Years Garrott Brothers Inc. has been the local concrete supplier...

Alexander Funeral Home

584 Nashville Pike Gallatin, TN 615-452-2324 Obit Line 615-452-1200 Owners: Charles A. (Tony) & Sue Newby Alexander


Owner: Johnny Garrott


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• Underground Utilities • Demolition Work

• Rock Excavation • Site Work & Excavation

“With no clumps, it’s so fine you can spread it with a leaf rake.”

Licenced, Bonded, & Insured 566-0808 • 452-1606 • 566-8111

0000578311 TN-0000729967

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CITY OF HENDERSONVILLE In July 2009, Family Circle magazine named Hendersonville one of the top 10 places to raise a family. Hendersonville was the home to country music legends Johnny and June Carter Cash, and the city is mentioned Mayor Foster in the Academy Awardwinning movie “Walk the Line” based on Johnny Cash’s life. Singer Taylor Swift is a graduate of Hendersonville High School. and was recently seen at her brother’s graduation at Pope John Paul II High School.

Board of Mayor and Aldermen Scott Foster, mayor 822-1000 Ward 1 Jack Long 130 McBratney Drive 824-7070 jlong@ Garry Forsythe 139 Lake Harbor Drive 822-3875 Ward 2 Lisa West 146 Edgewood Drive 824-4959 Scott Sprouse 127 Woodvale Drive 824-2022 Ward 3 Chris Gallaher 104 Stirrup Court 943-7014 Arlene Cunningham 129 Windham Drive 822-6004 Ward 4 Fred Qualls 103 Pleasantview Drive 824-4507 Steve Brown 110 Meadow Lane 824-4771


| FACT BOOK 2012

Hendersonville students attend several events and festivals at schools every year. FILE

Quick Facts Year Founded: 1969 Population: 51,325 City Hall: 101 Maple Drive North Government: Mayor and Board of 12 aldermen Property tax: $0.65 per $100 (city) County: $ 2.0208 Zip Code: 37075 Ward 5 Tommy Elsten 138 Country Club Drive 822-9656 Hamilton Frost 116 Dalton Circle 822-8163 Ward 6 Jim Hoback 123 Wessington Place 824-1829 Matt Stamper 115 Camden Ct. N. 428-4610

A triathlete cools off during an event in 2011.

BJ’s Trailers, LLC


5940 Highway 109 Lebanon

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Titan Auto Care

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327 Hancock St., Gallatin

230-9658 FACT BOOK 2012 |


CITY OF HENDERSONVILLE City employees Building and Codes Steve Mills, director Finance Ron Minnicks, director 101 Maple Drive N. 264-5317 Planning Fred Rogers, director 101 Maple Drive N. 264-5316 Public Works Gerald Horton, director 822-1016 Police Mickey Miller, chief 822-1111 Capt. James Jones, assistant chief 822-1111 Fire Jamie H. Steele, chief 822-1119 Parks and Recreation Dave LeMarbre, director 822-3898

Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce

Members of the Hendersonville High School Golden Girls visit with T-Rac, the mascot of the Tennessee Titans.

Brenda S. Payne, president and CEO 824-2818 City Recorder Kay Franklin 590-4602 Library Lelani Sabo, manager 140 Saundersville Road 824-0656 Hendersonville Utility District: 824-3717 White House Utility District: 672-4110 Cumberland Electric: 452-3725 NES: 736-6900 Piedmont Natural Gas: 734-0665 AT&T: (888) 757-6500

Mel and Connie Davenport listen to live music at Monthaven, the home of the Hendersonville Arts Council.


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Everyday at the ExpoCenter you’ll find: • • • • •

Retail shopping Bowling Restaurants Gymnastics Go karts

• • • •

Sporting events Gun Shows Boat Shows Antique Shows and More!


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HENDERSONVILLE 100 Maple Drive North | 615.271.2091




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242 West Main St. 822-4700 Fax: 615-822-4777 Hendersonville’s 2011 Relay for Life Co-Chair Genie Carr applauded after the singing of the National Anthem at the fundraising event for the American Cancer Society at Station Camp High School. RICK MURRAY/FOR SUMNER COUNTY PUBLICATIONS

People on the street

Sumner County residents, whether they've called it home for years or are new to the area, share an affinity for their county as well as the cities in which they live. Here, some residents share what their communities mean to them. Marirae Mathis: “Gallatin is such a great community and a beautiful downtown shopping area. Everyone is friendly and kind.” Brandon Schell: “My family has lived in the Hendersonville area for six generations, and I love to hear it when people who move here just because they love the area and atmosphere.” Cathy Taylor: “For over 25 years, Hendersonville has provided me a perfect place to live and operate my business. Small-town feel with lots of amenities, friendly people, and on the lake – priceless.” Eddie Gibson: “Gallatin is a place to see family and friends and have a home. It’s going on the lake and out to eat. It’s working downtown, living all that for over 25 years.” Janna von Kessel: “We're blessed to wake up





Von Kessel


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every day in a community which is home to civic-minded industrious people. And the great events from September through December in Hendersonville are my favorites.” Susan Oliver: “My hometown of Gallatin is a Sunday morning feeling, comfortable and easy. The



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ROOFING Being the only local certified Master Elite contractor, we offer a 20 yr. workmanship warranty on your roof


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115 Powell Drive • Hendersonville, TN 37075 TN-0000727497


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(615) 264-3233


Hendersonville’s 2011 Relay for Life brought out people of all ages to celebrate those who have defeated cancer and remember those who have lost their lives to the disease. RICK MURRAY, FOR SUMNER COUNTY PUBLICATIONS

Complete Auto Service • AC Service • Water Pumps • Axle • Struts • Radiator

Circle of Excellence Chairman

• Shocks • Tune-Ups

Circle of Excellence Director



Please scan with your smart phone app to learn more about the Chamber

Come grow with us! 100 Country Club Dr Ste 104 Hendersonville, TN 37075 Phone 615.824-2818 Fax 615.250.3637

800 West Main Street • Hendersonville 615-824-3780 FACT BOOK 2012 |



people are friendly and accepting, a place you want to spend time in.” Vickie Watson: “Whether going to a Hendersonville football game on Friday night, fireworks on the 3rd of July, or a soccer game at Drakes Creek, you’ll have the same feeling – home.” Curtis Williams: “White House is a small town where everyone knows everyone. It’s 20 minutes to Nashville, but far enough out that it is safe with less crime. It’s a nice place to raise a family.” Mailynn Calvin: “For me, community is feeling welcomed and free of judgment by others, and building lasting, genuine relationships. To a non-native like me, Hendersonville has offered a great place to live and build business relationships and friendships in the area.”





Jason Elkins: “My family has called Hendersonville home since 2003. My wife and two children love the lake, the family values and the close proximity to Nashville.”

Lynn and Tim Takacs of Hendersonville enjoyed the Jerry Vinett Band in 2011 at Monthaven Mansion, the home of the Hendersonville Arts Council. MATTHEW DIGGS/FOR SUMNER COUNTY PUBLICATIONS

– Sherry Mitchell

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CITY OF GOODLETTSVILLE Goodlettsville is located in Sumner and Davidson counties. The city was incorporated in 1858, and has a total area of a little over 14 square miles of land. The city is comprised of a local government, but also utilizes Gary Manning the amenities of the larger metropolitan government in Nashville, though still operating as a separate government entity than Metro Nashville.

City government The city’s governing body is the Board of Commissioners, made up of five elected members. The mayor and vice mayor are then selected from these, five by the commission itself. The city commission is elected to alternating, fouryear terms. Elections are held every two years. Gary Manning, mayor 708-2161 105 S. Main St. John Coombs, vice mayor 973-0724

Mansker's Fort in Goodlettsville is an authentic reconstruction of a 1779 frontier forted station typical of early Cumberland settlements. FILE PHOTO

Quick Facts Year Founded: 1958 Population: 15,921 City Hall: 105 S. Main St. Government: Board of 5 Commissioners Property tax: (per $100 of assessed value): $.64 Zip Code: 37072

Commissioners Dan Bloodworth 594-1398 Jane Birdwell 859-3142 John Finch 714-1011

Other city officials Jim Thomas, city manager 851-2231 Alicia Prince, city recorder 851-2205 Codes, Building Safety, and Property Maintenance Larry Di Orio, director 851-2208 Mike Bauer, senior inspector 851-3746 Bill Brasier, public works director 859-2740 Richard Pope, police chief

The ballfields at Moss-Wright Park in Goodlettsville are among the most popular in Middle Tennessee. FILE PHOTO 851-2220 851-2226 Fax Phillip Gibson, fire chief 851-2248 Julie High, finance director 851-2201 Dawn Freeman, human resources 851-2206 Parks and Recreation Amy Mitchell, director 851-2218

Jack Tompkins, city engineer 859-2740

Chamber of Commerce Denine Torr, president 855-4000 Steve Shoulders, executive director 859-7979 steve@goodlettsville- Library 205 Rivergate Parkway 862-5862

Utility providers Metro Water Services, Water and Sewer 862-7225 Nashville Gas Company 800-353-6340 Tennessee Valley Authority 747-3981 Nashville Electric Service 747-3981

FACT BOOK 2012 |


When you

want to know What’s going on in your own backyard! Turn to the media team in Sumner County! There’s nobody that covers local news better than our Sumner County publications team. Every week you’ll find complete coverage of news around the county, community and school sports, school news, politics, local people, businesses, growth & development, entertainment and more!

Delivered Wednesdays and Fridays Online at

Delivered Wednesdays and Fridays. Online at


Delivered Sundays in The Tennessean

Call 615-452-2561 to subscribe. Or visit: One Examiner Court Gallatin, TN 37066 34

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CITY OF PORTLAND Home to the annual Strawberry Festival, Portland is a rural community 35 miles north of Nashville. In the 1920s, strawberries became a booming Portland business. The growth of strawberries as a Portland export crop resulted in a growth of industry. The procMayor Wilber essing and transporting of strawberries also became major businesses. Beginning in 1941 and continuing through the years to the present, Portland has hosted an annual Strawberry festival. Country music artist Ronnie McDowell and Roy Drusky have made Portland their home, along with NBA basketball player Corey Brewer. Kenneth Wilber, mayor 325-6776 KMayor@ Jody McDowell, vice mayor 325-2274

Council Luther Bratton P.O. Box 276 W: 325-2233 H: 325-6046 Tim Coker 113 Hearthstone Drive H: 325-4359 Mike Callis 221 Westland St. H: 325-4504 Brian Harbin 300 Willow Lake Drive C: 887-8538, 600-7081 Melvin Minnis 401 North Russell Street H: 325-2421 Steve White 112 Ewing Drive H: 323-1692

Offices/facilities: Elmer Hinton Memorial Library 321 Victor Reiter Parkway

Portland is the strawberry capital of Tennessee, and the citizens celebrate with an annual Strawberry Festival. FILE PHOTO 325-2279 Chamber of Commerce 106 Main St. Sherri Ferguson, director 325-9032 Police department Richard Smith, chief 325-3434 Fire department Robert “Al” West, chief 325-5649

Portland Utilities: 325-6776 White House Utility District: 672-4110 Portland Utilities: 325-6776 Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation: 325-4172

100 South Russell Street Portland, Tennessee 37148 (615) 325-6776

Quick Facts Founded: 1904 Population: 11,480 City Hall: 100 S. Russell St., 325-6776 Government: Board of six aldermen with vice mayor and mayor Property tax (per $100 of accessed value): $1.10 Zip code: 37148

106 Main Street Portland, Tennessee 37148 (615) 325-9032


A Great Place To Do Business, A Great Place To Live, Work, Play And Get An Education FACT BOOK 2012 |


CITY OF WHITE HOUSE Incorporated in 1971, White House, is split between Sumner and Robertson counties along Interstate 65 about 20 miles north of Nashville. The story of how White House got its name dates back to 183858, when the Carter, Thomas and Hough Stage Mayor Arnold Coach Company traveled the L&N Turnpike. One of the stops for food and lodging and to change out horses was a two-story house built around 1829 by Mr. Richard S. Wilks. It was painted white, which was particularly rare during this time, especially in the underdeveloped land between Louisville and Nashville. Stagecoach drivers and others began to refer to this stop and the surrounding area as “White House.� Mike Arnold, mayor 405 Hunterwood Dr. 456-4030

Abby Page learns about bike safety during the bicycle parade held during the annual Public Safety Day at the White House Municipal Park. MATTHEW DIGGS/FILE PHOTO

Aldermen Ward 1 Farris Bibb 210 Mount Vernon Court 499-0487 Ward 2 John Decker 125 Brookview Drive 308-8126 Ward 3 Dave Paltzik 205 Amber Lane

672-6995 Ward 4 Clif Hutson 3674 Hwy 31W 672-0582

Other city officials: Joe Palmer, fire chief 672-5338 Gerald O. Herman, police chief



414 Highway 76 P.O. Box 521 White House, TN 37188 (615) 672-3937 Fax (615) 672-2828


Email: Website: | FACT BOOK 2012

672-4903 Angie Carrier, city administrator 672-672-4350 ext. 2105 Amanda Priest, city recorder 672-4350 ext. 2111 Charlotte Soporowski, finance director 672-4350 ext. 2103 Steven Russell, parks maintenance supervisor 672-2682 Library 412 Highway 76, P.O. Box 1218 672-0239

Chamber of Commerce Julie Bolton, executive director: 672-3937

Utilities White House Utility District: 672-4110 White House Public Works: 672-0215 Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation: (800) 987-2362 Piedmont Natural Gas: (800) 752-7504

Quick Facts Founded: 1971 Population: 10,316 City Hall: 105 College St., 672-4350 Government: Mayor, board of aldermen Property tax (per $100 of accessed value): $1.01 Zip code: 37188




Many early settlers came to Westmoreland between 1805-20 as tourists on the L&N Railroad. Area sulphur waters with supposed medicinal value found here made it a popular spot Carter until the mid 1920s. In 1901, Westmoreland became an incorporated town. The town lost its corporate status in the early 1930s due to the Great Depression, but was re-incorporated in 1951. Michael Carter, Mayor H: 644-3287 C: 417-5497 mike492@ Vice-Mayor Brian Smalling C: 319-0056

Chartered in 1981, the city operates under the city manager-commission form of government. In August 2011, Millersville residents won the 2011 Governor’s Environmental StewToole ardship Award for Aquatic Resource for Sumner County for the significant cleanup of Slaters and Mansker creeks. Dan Toole, mayor H: 859-3780 Phillip Uldrich, vice mayor H: 859-7352

Mitchellville, the northernmost town in Sumner County, has a radius of two miles and a total area of 0.5 square miles . Mitchellville is listed in the Portland phone directory, and its rural mail Worman routes are served by the Portland Post office. City Hall can be reached at 325-6020. The city has a volunteer fire department; it can be reached at 325-8878. Bobby Worman, mayor bobby.worman1@ H: 325-2271 C: 948-8472

City Commissioners

Darlene Worman H: 325-2271 Susan Barber C: 681-5580 Parnell Brown 325-3141 325-2624 Barbara Canida, city recorder W: 325-6020 Mitchellville Utilities: 325-6776 Mitchellville Sewer Department: 325-6020 CEMC: 325-4172

Dawn Freeman C: 388-4293 Larry Reeves C: 812-7373 Ricky Cline H: 644-3748 David Harrison H 644-3823 City recorder: Fredia Carter 615-644-3850 Tim Farley, codes and building inspections 644-2640 Mark Jenkins, fire chief 644-3303 Carla Deneise Etheridge, police chief 644-2222 Water, Sewer and Garbage: 644-3382 Tri-County Electric Membership Corporation: 6442221 North Central Telephone Cooperative: 644-6282

Frank Fox H: 859-0833 Bonnie Coleman H: 430-8432 E. Keith Bell H: 851-6164 Rob Wheeler, city attorney O: 834-0071 John Lowe, city judge O: 859-9665 Robert Mobley, city manager O: 859-0880 Ext. 105 H: 672-5081

Founded: 1901 Population: 2,236 City Hall: 1001 Park St., P.O. Box 8, 644-3382 Government: five-member city council with vice mayor and mayor Property tax (per $100 of accessed value): $1.40 Zip code: 37186

Millersville Quick Facts Founded: 1981 Population: 6,471 City Hall: 1246 Louisville Hwy., 859-0880 Government: five-member city commission Property tax (per $100 of accessed value): $.7992 (Sumner); $.8248 (Robertson) Zip code: 37072

Mitchellville Quick Facts Population: 208 City Hall: 1007 W. Main St. Government: three aldermen and a mayor Property tax (per $100 of accessed value): $.6397 Zip code: 37119



Live! A Great Place to

Dan Toole, Mayor • Phillip Uldrich, Vice Mayor Commissioners: Frank Fox, Bonnie Coleman, Keith Bell


Councilmembers/City officials:


Westmoreland Quick Facts

Robert Mobley City Manager

Holly Murphy City Recorder

Karen Smith Codes Administrator

Ronnie Williams Chief of Police

Frank Wilkerson Kirt Brinkley Public Works Director Fire Chief

(T): 615.859.0880 • • (F): 615.851.1825

FACT BOOK 2012 |


OUR COMMUNITIES Major unincorporated areas of Sumner County Bethpage Between Gallatin and Portland on U.S. 31E. Population: 4,256

Castalian Springs Highway 25 Population: 5,256

Cottontown Highway 25 Population 5,156

Oak Grove Highway 52. Population: 4,421

Will Lee, 8, (left), brother Orinn, 4, (front) and friend Braylin Burnett, 8, wait to get ice cream from the mule-driven machine behind them at Mule Day in Westmoreland. DESSISLAVA YANKOVA/GALLATIN NEWS EXAMINER


| FACT BOOK 2012

EDUCATION SUMNER COUNTY SCHOOLS The Sumner County School District consists of 46 schools and a variety of programs that serve nearly 28,000 students. The system’s central office is located in the renovated old Gallatin Junior High School at 695 E. Main St. in Gallatin. Questions about school system operations can be directed to central office personnel by calling 451-5200. Del Phillips III, who is in his first year as director of schools, will serve in that position through at least 2015, based on his current contract with the Board of Education. The director manages various aspects of the district through assistant directors of schools and a community

relations supervisor: » Jennifer Brown, assistant director for instruction » Norma Dam, assistant director for pupil services » Clint Barnes, assistant director of pupil transportation » Michelle Ungurait, chief administrative officer » Pat Conner, safe schools coordinator » Jeremy Johnson, supervisor of board and community relations For more information on the school system, go to for test information and for all Sumner County Schools information.

Alexia Taylor fills out paperwork at Benny Bills Elementary to open an account at Wilson Bank & Trust as part of an educational partnership to teach students about saving money. FILE PHOTO

BOARD OF EDUCATION The Sumner County Board of Education is made up of 11 members who make policy decisions for the school system. The director of schools handles the day-to-day operation of the district under a performance contract with the board. The school board meets regularly on the third

Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. at the central office, 695 E. Main St., Gallatin. The board usually conducts a study session the first Tuesday of the month in the same location at 6:30 p.m. The public is always invited to attend. The school district in 2011 began streaming video of

meetings on its website and launched its official Facebook page. For meeting dates, agendas, or to watch meetings, visit the district’s website at During the 2011-12 fiscal year, the Sumner County Board of Education had a General Purpose budget of

approximately $200 million. About 65 percent of the revenue for the year comes from the state, with the remainder locally funded by the county. The school system is the county’s largest employer, with nearly 5,000 employees districtwide.

2011-12 PUBLIC SCHOOL CALENDAR July 27: New student registration Aug. 2: New teacher inservice Aug. 3: Administrative day No. 1, no students Aug. 4: Registration day – all K-12 students report to school Aug. 5: Administrative day No. 2, no students Aug. 8: First full day of instruction Sep. 5: Labor Day – schools & central office closed Sep. 6: No school – schools

& central office closed Oct. 10-14: Fall break, no students Oct. 17: Administrative day.No. 3, no students Nov. 23-25: Thanksgiving break Dec. 20-21: Exam days Dec. 22-31: Winter break Jan. 2-3: Winter break Jan. 3: Administrative day No. 4, no students Jan. 4: Students return from winter break Jan. 16: Inservice day No. 2, no students Feb. 20: Inservice day

No. 3, no students March 9-16: Spring break April 6-9: Schools closed April 23-27: TCAP testing for grades 3-8 April 27: Kindergarten registration for 2012-13 April 30-May 18: Online Gateway testing May 1-4: End of course testing May 22-23: Exam days May 24: Administrative day No. 5, no students May 25: Report card day, last day of school May 28: Memorial Day,

central office closed June 11-22: Online Gate way testing July 9-20: Online Gateway testing Note: Union Elementary School on Carson Street in Gallatin serves students in grades K-5, and follows a slightly different calendar. The school has a science, technology, engineering and math-based concept curriculum. For information about Union Elementary’s calendar, call the school at 452-0737.

FACT BOOK 2012 |



Station Camp juniors Kyle Moak, Leah Suter, and Jadon Ramsey fill out forms for the upcoming school year at Bison Stampede night in 2011. JENNIFER EASTON/FILE 1st District Vanessa Silkwood 104 Hidden Lake Court, Hendersonville 264-6737

5th District Shannon Dunn 107 Marshall Greene Circle, Goodlettsville 859-9870

9th District Will A. Duncan 205 Old Highway 31E, Bethpage 841-3712

3rd District Don Long 132 Wynbrooke Trace, Hendersonville 826-6173

6th District Danny Hale 761 Plantation Blvd., Gallatin 451-3467

10th District Glen Gregory 403 Willow Lake Drive, Portland 325-9764

7th District Andy Daniels 1845 Cairo Road, Gallatin 230-0687

4th District Beth Cox 113 Windham Circle, Hendersonville 429-0056

8th District Ted Wise 426 Clearview Road, Cottontown 323-8744

11th District David A. Brown 1229 N. First St., Westmoreland 644-4225

2nd District Tim Brewer 383 E. Main St., Hendersonville 424-9711


| FACT BOOK 2012

DIRECTOR OF SCHOOLS The Board of Education in April 2011 unanimously voted to hire Del Phillips III as Sumner County Director of Schools. Phillips Phillips was previously superintendent of schools for the Columbus Municipal School District in Columbus, Miss. His contract with the board expires in June 2015.

SUMNER COUNTY SCHOOLS Reach the Sumner County Board of Education’s main office, 695 E. Main St. in Gallatin, at 451-5200 or at PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOLS School





Beech High School

Frank Cardwell

3126 Long Hollow Pike, Hendersonville 455 N. Boyers Ave., Gallatin 37066 700 Dan P. Herron Drive, Gallatin 123 Cherokee Road, Hendersonville 37075 128 Township Drive, Hendersonville 37075 600 College St., Portland 37148 1040 Bison Tr., Gallatin 37066 4300 Hawkins Drive, Westmoreland 37186 508 Tyree Springs Road, White House 37188 102 Indian Lake Road, Hendersonville 37075


















R.T. Fischer Alternative Bob Cotter School (K-12) Gallatin High School Ron Becker Hendersonville High School Merrol Hyde Magnet School (K-12) Portland High School

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Station Camp High School Westmoreland High School White House High School E.B. Wilson

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100 Indian Lake Road, Hendersonville 1338 Drakes Creek Road, Hendersonville 37075 240 Albert Gallatin Ave., Gallatin 487 Walton Ferry Road, Hendersonville 281 Big Station Camp Blvd., Gallatin 604 S Broadway St., Portland 619 College St., Portland 350 Hancock St., Gallatin 2101 New Hope Road, Hendersonville 4128 Hawkins Drive, Westmoreland 2020 Highway 31W, White House





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250 Shutes Lane, Hendersonville 3120 Long Hollow Pike, Hendersonville 1030 Union School Road, Gallatin 420 Old Highway 31E, P.O. Box 68, Bethpage 211 Fountain Head Road, Portland -1632 115 Gail Drive, Hendersonville

Students 605



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Guild H.B. Williams

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Station Camp Elemen- Linda Cash tary Union Danny Sullivan Vena Stuart Brenda Valentine Walton Ferry Jeff Witt Wa t t Hardison Ge orge Whitten

Susie Turner Adam Cripps


David Stafford



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1018 S Water St., Gallatin 115 South Palmers Chapel Road, White House 805 Long Hollow Pike, Gallatin 505 Indian Lake Road, Hendersonville 922 S. Broadway, Portland 204 Dolphus Drive, Hendersonville 1040 Madison Creek Road, Goodlettsville 1248 Louisville Highway Goodlettsville 138 Indian Lake Blvd., Hendersonville 1485 North Sumner Road, Bethpage 3323 Hwy. 76, Cottontown 1098 Gateview Drive, Portland 1020 Bison Trail 516 Carson St., Gallatin 780 Hart St., Gallatin 732 Walton Ferry Road, Hendersonville 300 Gibson St., Portland 140 Scotch St., Hendersonville 3012 Thompson Lane, P.O. Box 9, Westmoreland

452-5583 672-6432

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479 619 514

325-3233 824-3258

430 480



SECONDARY EDUCATION UNION UNIVERSITY 106 Bluegrass Commons Blvd. Hendersonville 447-0401 In fall 2008, Union University opened a satellite campus in Hendersonville. Recognized nationally by U.S. News & World Report and Forbes magazines, Union is a top-tier Christian university and is one of only four Tennessee universities to be included in the 2010 Colleges of Distinction guide. Union University Hendersonville offers the following graduate degrees: master of Christian studies, master of education, education specialist and doctor of education. The university offers a Master’s of Science in Nursing and will begin offering the accelerated

COMPASS 451-5200 COMPASS is a nonprofit organization that works to strengthen public schools by using all available community resources. The mission of COMPASS is to promote student success by developing partnerships between the business community and all of Sumner County’s 46 public schools, impacting the education of about 28,000 students. Through relationships built

Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree in the spring of 2012. Union University Hendersonville will have a permanent home after construction is completed on a new 24,000square-foot facility at the intersection of Indian Lake Boulevard and Maple Drive in March 2012. The local campus also offers an adult degree completion program for a bachelor of science in organizational leadership with four concentrations available: organizational management, church leadership, health management and project management. Union University is regionally accredited through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. The main campus is located in Jackson, Tenn.

Along with high expectations in our challenging academic program, we want our students to embrace a sense of integrity and respect for others.

by COMPASS partners, students are exposed to business and community leaders, who in turn encourage the development of positive attitudes toward learning that will sustain students throughout their academic careers and ideally mold them into lifelong learners. Among its programs is Educate & Grow Sumner County, which provides Sumner County graduating seniors free tuition to Volunteer State Community College.

1480 Nashville Pike 452-8600 Volunteer State Community College offers more than 70 programs in five divisions: business, humanities, math and science, social science and education, and allied health. The two-year college

offers associate of arts and associate of science transfer degrees in more than 40 programs at its Gallatin campus. More than 9,000 credit-seeking students were enrolled in fall 2010, and there are various music, art and cultural programs open to the public throughout the school year.



Open Door Days January 16, February 20, March 1st Call for Reservations! 464 Nichols Lane • Gallatin • Tennessee 37066 • 615-452-1914 FACT BOOK 2012 |


Serving families in our community since 1999. We’re a full-service Christian private school for parents who teach their children at home. Our experienced staff will be happy to help with your educational needs. Our services include: tutorial classes, graduation ceremonies, field trips, athletic teams, and plenty of online help. Call us at 615.826.2595 or find us online at

Want to meet our team?...


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Sorry, we’re a little busy on Fridays.

SUMNER COUNTY SCHOOLS AREA PRIVATE SCHOOLS DIRECTORY Aaron Academy, Gallatin Road, Hendersonville. Home school. 826-2595, Davidson Academy, North Nashville, Bill Chaney, headmaster. 860-5300, Goodpasture Christian School, 619 Due West Ave., Madison. Ricky Perry, president. 868-2600, Hendersonville Christian Academy, 355 New Shackle Island Road, Hendersonville. William Slater, headmaster. 824-1550, Heritage & Hope Academy, 506 Hester Drive, White House. Beth Johnstone, principal. 672-3752, Highland Academy, 234 Highland Circle Drive, Portland. Becky Patrick, principal. 325-2036, Highland Elementary

School, 234 Highland Circle Drive, Portland. Michael Cookenmaster, principal. 325-3184, Pope John Paul II High School, Caldwell Lane, Hendersonville. Faustin Weber, headmaster. 822-2375, St. John Vianney Catholic Elementary School, Gallatin.Jennifer McCormick, principal. 230-7048, St. Joseph School, 1225 Gallatin Road S., Madison. Sister Martha Ann Titus, O.P., principal. 865-1491, Southside Christian School, 1028 S. Water Ave., Gallatin. James Bell, principal. 452-5952, Sumner Academy, 464 Nichols Lane, Gallatin. William Hovenden, headmaster. 452-1914, Home Schooling: Sumner

Parent-Teacher Store USA “Where Learning is Child’s Play”

Connor Thompson of Cottontown reflects on his education career prior to graduating from Hendersonville Christian Academy in May 2011. DEB PINGER/FILE County School System, 4515409; Middle Tennessee Home

Education Association: 7943259


Your One-Stop Education Shop! Over 15,000 Different Items in Stock! Shop Online Anytime at 4 Nashville Area Locations! Goodlettsville · 615-859-3007


SUPER SATURDAY is the First Saturday of Each Month! Enjoy Free Crafts for Kids & 60% off Clearance Items!

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Austin Peay State University, a Tennessee Board of Regents institution, is an equal opportunity employer committed to the education of a non-racially identifiable student body.

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Integrating top-tier academics and Christian faith


nion University is nationally recognized for its Christ-centered academic excellence. Union University Hendersonville brings this tradition to the adult learner in the Nashville area.

Graduate degrees in Education Nursing Christian Studies Undergraduate degrees in Nursing Organizational Leadership 447-0416

Visit our new location in 2012 205 Indian Lake Blvd.




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Law enforcement often patrol on horseback. FILE

ESSENTIAL SERVICES Water Service: Gallatin 451-5922 Hendersonville 824-3717 Goodlettsville 862-4600; 868-3201 Portland 325-6776 White House 672-4110 Westmoreland 644-3382 Bethpage/Castalian Springs 841-3724 Millersville 672-4110

Electrical Service: Gallatin 452-5152 Hendersonville 736-6900

Goodlettsville 736-6900 Portland 325-4172; (800) 987-2362 White House 325-4172 Westmoreland 644-2221 Bethpage/Castalian Springs 666-2111 Millersville 677-7066 Nashville Electric Service 736-6900 Cumberland Electric 452-3703; 325-4172 Tri-County Electric 644-2221; 666-2111; 374-2986

Sewer Service: Gallatin 451-5922 Hendersonville 824-3717 Goodlettsville 859-2740

Portland 325-6776 White House 672-3654 Westmoreland 644-3382 Millersville 859-0880

Natural Gas: Nashville Gas 1 (800) 353-6340 Gallatin Gas 451-5922 Hendersonville 734-0665 Goodlettsville 1 (800) 752-7504 Portland Gas 325-6776 White House 734-0665 Millersville 734-0665

Polka Dots & Pigtails

Boys & Girls Clothing and Accessories



114 North Water Ave., Gallatin Gallatin Public Square

Accepts Consignment for Newborns - Size 16 Spring/Summer Seasons: Jan-Jul Fall/Winter Seasons: Jul-Jan Please call for more info 615-989-1671 Store Hours: Tues-Fri: 10-5 | Sat 10-3

See the difference a Montessori education can make! Toddler-Elementary

615-264-3401 •


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ESSENTIAL SERVICES County/city police departments Sumner County Emergency Management Agency Director: Ken Weidner 452-7584 Sumner County Sheriff's Office Sheriff: Sonny Weatherford 452-2616 Gallatin Police Chief: Don Bandy 452-1313 Hendersonville Police Chief: Mickey Miller 822-1111 Goodlettsville Police Chief: Richard Pope 859-3405 Portland Police Chief: Richard Smith 325-2061 White House Police Chief: Gerald Herman 672-4903 Westmoreland Police Chief: Deneise Etheridge 644-2222 Millersville Police Chief: Ronnie Williams 859-2758

Officers practice deployment tactics during a multi-agency warrant sweep. The joint effort involved the Gallatin PD, Sumner County Sheriff's Department and two agencies. ERIC MILLER/FILE

City Fire Departments Gallatin Chief: William “Billy� Crook Phone: 452-2771 Hendersonville Chief: Jamie Steele Phone: 822-1119 Goodlettsville Chief: Phillip Gibson Phone: 851-2246 Portland Chief: Al West Phone: 325-5649 White House Chief: Joe Palmer Phone: 672-5338

Westmoreland Chief: Mark Jenkins Phone: 644-3303 Millersville Chief: Kirt Brinkley Phone: 672-5697 or 859-0880

Volunteer Fire Departments Number One Volunteer Fire Department (Cages/Douglas Bend areas) Chief: Jason Erlewine Phone: 451-1596 Membership: $75 for basic Gallatin Volunteer Fire Department








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Chief: Phillip Douglas Phone: 206-9910; 481-5574 Membership: $50 for bronze, $75 for silver and $125 for gold Shackle Island Volunteer Fire Department Chief: Martin Bowers Phone: 824-4300 Membership: $35 for gold; $50 for silver and $100 for platinum Highland Volunteer Fire Department (Portland) Chief: George Nuckols Phone: 323-0008 or 911 Membership: $75 Oak Grove Community Volunteer Fire Department (Portland) Chief: Ashley Choate Phone: 888-9900 Membership: $35 White House Community Volunteer Fire Department Chief: Gerald Wakefield Phone: 672-4030 Membership: none Southeast Community Fire Department (Bethpage and Castalian Springs) Chief: Mickey Summers Phone: 841-4100; 804-5995 Membership: $50 Cottontown Fire Department Chief: Joe McLaughlin Phone: 206-1300 Memberships: $39 Mitchellville Volunteer Fire Department Chief: Beth Collins Phone: 325-8878 Membership: none


Emergency responders rescue residents whose homes were flooded during the May 2010 floods. JENNIFER EASTON/FILE Consult with your local emergency management office and learn about the hazards that might strike your area and how your community is prepared to respond to emergencies.

Develop a family disaster plan that addresses the following: » Draw a floor map of your home with two escape routes from each room and post copies at several locations; define a meeting place outside.

» Plan how family members will contact one another if separated: phones, radios, information cards. » Make sure you know how to properly shut off utilities such as natural gas, water and electricity.

Preserving property » Consider purchasing the appropriate (tornado/flood/ earthquake) insurance to reduce losses. » Make a record, take interior photo or a video of your belongings for insurance purposes. » Store important docu-

mentation in a safety deposit box outside home. » Consider saving money in a separate account for use during crisis. » Check with emergency services how to assist family members with special needs. » Make sure family members know how to administer first aid, CPR and use a fire extinguisher. » Prepare supplies, carriers and leashes to quickly evacuate pets. » Assemble disaster supply kit: prepare food, water, clothing and other supplies for at least three days. » Know where the closest

shelter is and the safest way to reach it; avoid vehicles. » Get constant weather updates from radio or TV. » The plan must be practiced regularly. Ask questions to make sure family members remember meeting places, phone numbers and safety rules; conduct drills such as drop, cover and hold on for earthquakes; test fire alarms; replace and update supplies. For more information, call the Sumner County Emergency Management Agency at 452-7584 or visit

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Andrea Silva, a Beech High School graduate, and Jamey Howell, a soon-to-be Beech High School graduate, clung to Howell's Jeep in May 2010 as flood waters overtook the vehicle at the intersection of Saundersville Road and Lower Station Camp Creek.

A 1,000-year flood? Don't count on it Editor’s note: The following column originally ran in a March 2011 edition of the Gallatin News Examiner and has since been slightly edited: At 7:20 a.m. Monday, Feb. 28, I stepped out the front door of our house to drive my son to school. The first thing we noticed was a smattering of raindrops hitting the front steps, the point at which you can still make out the individual droplets on the cement. Over the next 10 minutes, the pace of the rain picked up, and that’s how it stayed for the next four hours or so. On my drive to work, from Hendersonville to Gallatin, I gingerly drove through spots of pooling water on streets and roads. On either side of Vietnam Vets were rushing streams of brown water where normally streams don’t


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exist, and small bodies of water forming in fields. All this rain can make anyone nervous. “Our climate prediction center can do long-range seasonal forecasts, but we have found that spring is not very predictable,” said Larry Vannozzi, meteorologist in charge for the National Weather Service’s Nashville office and a Hendersonville resident. After what happened in early May 2010, when two days and about 10-12

inches of steady rain brought major flooding to Sumner County, any sort of sustained rain can cause anxiety. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers categorized the May 2010 event as a 1,000-year flood. Then in August 2010 – just three months later – another heavy rain in a short period of time caused a second wave of flooding, not as serious as the first but bad enough to disrupt our daily flow of life. Some experts called that second flooding a 100year event. “What are the chances of two such

events happening in the same year?” Gallatin City Engineer Nick Tuttle said. “What happened last May has changed our state of mind such that now we see this kind of flooding as a possibility where before it wasn’t even on people’s minds.” Between Thursday, Feb. 24 (two to three inches) and Monday, Feb. 28 (one to three), we were hit with two sustained rains and a shorter one in between that in tandem sent creeks and rivers rising, although not to flood level. My guess is, we are not necessarily safe for the next 999 or even 99 years. My very-amateur theory is that the May 2010 flood event has left us more susceptible to a similar disaster, if not this year than in the next five to 10 years. Consider this: it

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS took less than 48 hours of steady rain in May 2010 to make our cars float, well short of the 40 days and nights that sent Noah and the animals packing for their one-way cruise to Mount Ararat. If that’s not bad enough, there’s always the tornado potential this time of year, just like we had in 2006 and 2008. With predictions this past Sunday of severe thunderstorms headed our way accompanied by tornado warnings, it’s no wonder Ken Weidner, director of the Sumner County Emergency Agency, was on conference call with the National Weather Service at 2:30 p.m. Sunday and again at 5 a.m. Monday. During Monday morning’s rain, Weidner had staffers carefully monitoring county creeks such as Bledsoe, Drakes and Station Camp, while he stayed abreast with continual weather updates that included warnings of

Many people lost possessions in the flooding, including furniture cars and household items. SARAH KINGSBURY/FILE

long-tracking tornadoes – the kind that stay on the ground for a long time and distance. “People need to be aware of what is going on,” said Weidner, who recommends buying weather radios with S.A.M.E. technology (Specific Area Message Encoding) to keep close by during the

storm season, which like football is fast approaching year-round. Any other advice, when it comes to rain and flooding? “The NWS has a saying, ‘Turn around, don’t drown,’” Weidner said. “If you’re driving and you come to a spot in the road that is underwater,

don’t drive through the water. Go back and find another way.” Sumner County Publications general manager/editor Mike Towle can be contacted at 575-7122 or

Service Whether it’s keeping your

lights on

or providing your


excellent customer service is our goal. It is always our pleasure to serve the people of Gallatin and Sumner County! 800-987-2362 TN-0000737608

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Sumner faced many natural disasters Recent Sumner disasters 2006 tornadoes Hundreds of residents, dozens of businesses and Volunteer State Community College suffered heavy — including some total losses — after devastating tornadoes rushed through Gallatin and Hendersonville on April 7, 2006. The hardest-hit Gallatin areas included Woodhaven on the Lake, Lake Shore Drive, Plantation Terrace Nichols Lane, Connie Drive, the Airport Road/Highway 109 intersection and Vol State. At the school, the storms injured three people and destroyed Caudill and the Ramer Administration building, causing $9 million in devastation. All of Vol State’s 16 buildings and 95 personal vehicles also sustained damages. The storms struck Hendersonville mainly around Boone Trace, Autumn Creek, Mansker Farms, Goshentown and Saundersville roads. Thirty homes were ravaged and more than 200 affected, Mayor Scott Foster said. 2008 tornadoes Two waves of tornadoes swept through on Feb. 5-6, 2008, cutting a mile-wide path of destruction through Castalian Springs and parts of Gallatin, killing eight people and damaging 115 homes

Neal Johnson and brother-in-law Gary Maxey dig through the pieces that once comprised the Johnson household, destroyed in the 2008 tornado. FILE PHOTO valued at more than $3.3 million, as estimated by Sumner County Property Assessor John Isbell. The 1828 stagecoach inn Wynnewood, the county’s only National Historic Register landmark, suffered huge damage, while the Castalian Springs post office was wiped out. 2010 floods Unanticipated floods destroyed hundreds of homes and public structures countywide on May 1-2, 2010. In just 48 hours Hendersonville, Gallatin, Millersville and Westmoreland received about 12 inches of relentless rainfall. Portland and White House was soaked in 7 to 9 inches, the National Weather Service reported.

Frizzell & Frizzell, PLLC Attorneys-At-Law

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Terry S. Frizzell Samantha K. Grosland 131 Maple Row Blvd. Building C, Suite 301 Hendersonville, TN 37075 Office (615) 824-7163 Fax (615) 826-4014 Major Credit Cards Accepted


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According to Hendersonville Codes Director Steve Mills, approximately 169 properties within the city sustained damages. Within Gallatin, 113 residential properties and 39 commercial structures were damaged, according to the planning and codes department. City officials estimated the total private-property loss at $8.4 million.

Sumner Disaster Timeline March 27, 1890 — tornadoes sweep through Sumner (Gallatin) and Macon counties; five dead, 50 injured May 12, 1923 — tornadoes hit Sumner and Davidson counties; six injured Dec. 7, 1924 — tornadoes sweep through Gallatin; eight injured March 18, 1925 — tornadoes devastate portions of Tennessee and Kentucky (including Sumner County); 39 dead, 95 injured March 4, 1955 — tornadoes hit Sumner (Mitchellville) and Robertson counties; four injured Feb. 27, 1956 — tornadoes touch down in White House; four injured April 27, 1970 — tornadoes sweep through Sumner Mont-

gomery and Robertson; three dead; 85 injured May 24, 1971 — tornadoes hit Hendersonville; three injured Nov. 10, 1984 — tornadoes cause damage in Gallatin; three injured May 18, 1995 — tornadoes sweep through Sumner (Goodlettsville) and Davidson counties; 28 injured May 5, 1999 — tornadoes hit Gallatin; 17 injured April 7, 2006 — tornadoes wreak havoc in Sumner (Gallatin, Hendersonville) and Davidson counties; seven dead; 128 injured Feb. 5, 2008 — tornadoes sweep through Sumner (Castalian Springs, Gallatin) Trousdale Macon and Monroe (Ky.) counties; 22 dead; 63 injured May 1-2, 2010 — record rainfalls flood much of Sumner County, mainly Hendersonville and Gallatin

Emergency Agencies SCEMA Sumner County Emergency Management Agency responds to and manages most any disaster in Sumner County. SCEMA is often called upon by other agencies to assist in marine incidents, locating lost or endangered persons, hazardous materials incidents, traffic direction and special events. TEMA Tennessee Emergency Management Agency coordinates emergency management responders into the recovery to reduce loss of life and property in the State of Tennessee. TEMA provides multipliers of assistance by reaching out for mutual aid or assistance from other departments or agencies of the state, counties and municipalities, from other states and from the federal government. Contact TEMA at 741-0001.


Learn to prepare for earthquake

It might seem like the possibility of Middle Tennessee getting shaken up by an earthquake is slim: According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the biggest earthquake in Tennessee occurred Aug. 17, 1865, near Memphis and was a 5.0 – smaller than the one that hit Virginia and shook much of the Eastern seaboard in August 2011. In fact, no quake over a 3.0 has registered in this state in the last 30 years. But it is never a bad thing to be prepared for any emergency, and earthquakes should be no exception. Recently scientists have estimated a 25-40 percent probability of a damaging earthquake occurring in the central U.S. within the next 50 years. In fact, in March 2011 Congressman Steve Cohen (D-TN) introduced legislation to ensure vital community services such as trauma centers and airports are fortified to withstand major earthquakes. “One lesson that can be learned from the recent earthquake in Japan is that being prepared and having structurally sound buildings can make a big difference in the aftermath of an earthquake,” Cohen said at the

time. “My measure would provide federal funding to ensure hospitals and airports across the country continue to play an important role in helping people during the aftermath of an earthquake.” As a homeowner, you can get your house as prepared as possible. The Central U.S. Earthquake Consortium recommends you bolt down water heaters and other gas appliances, since fire damage can result from broken gas lines and appliance connections. Use flexible connections wherever possible. When decorating, place large or heavy objects on the lower shelves and then securely fasten the shelves to the walls. A home survival kit is also great to have on hand, preparing you for any disaster. With a well-stocked emergency kit you will be able to eat, drink, get contact with emergency officials and administer simple first aid for at least a week, should you need it. Keep your kit stored in a waterproof container or even a large plastic trash barrel with latching lid.

- Water (one gallon per person per day) - First aid kit (ample, freshly stocked) - First aid manual (know how to use it) - Food (canned or individually packaged and precooked) - Baby food (canned or precooked) - Manual can opener - Blankets or sleeping bags for each family member - Critical medication and eyeglasses - Fire extinguishers (dry chemical, type ABC) - Flashlight (spare batteries and bulbs) - Watch or clock (battery or spring wound) - Dust masks - Portable radio with spare batteries - Spare cash - Duct tape - Basic tool kit

Cooking supplies - Grill (use outside only – charcoal or sterno) - Small pots and pans w/utensils - Plastic bags (various sizes) - Paper plates, plastic cups and utensils, paper towels

Sanitation supplies - Large plastic trash bags (for trash, waste, water protection) - Ground cloth or tarp - Toiletries (personal hygiene supplies, toilet paper, feminine supplies, soap, etc.) - Infant supplies - Chlorine bleach and powdered chlorinated lime (add to sewage to disinfect and keep away insects) - Newspapers (wrap waste and garbage) Finally, should an earthquake actually hit, have a plan in place for your family. Assign people to shut off gas, electricity and water lines and assign another to first aid. Most importantly, teach everyone to react as soon as the shaking starts. The standard response is the Drop, Cover and Hold method. If you are at home, drop down to the floor and take cover under a sturdy piece of furniture if possible. If that is not possible, press against an interior wall and protect your head and neck with your arms. Steer clear of windows and tall furniture. And finally, if you are under a piece of furniture, hold on to it and be prepared to move with it. Don’t move until all the shaking has stopped.

– Hollie Deese, For Sumner County Publications


Disaster general supplies

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Advertising in Sumner County?


Not everyone wants the same things. So if you want to attract customers to your business, you need to reach people who want what you have. And The Tennessean Media Group’s Sumner County publications and can help.

The Hendersonville Star News, The News Examiner, Sumner A.M. and the Sumner County Shopper are among the 50 plus different products we produce every month. Each one suited to different people and tailored to engage their interests. Because the right message, to the right people is what drives results for you. Let us help you find the right audience and environment for your advertising message. Make The Tennessean Media Group’s Sumner County products your first move. To find out more, visit or call us today at 615.575.7141.



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CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS NONPROFITS DIRECTORY Christmas 4 Kids Inc., Debbie Lamberson, 483-3208, Provides Christmas gifts for underprivileged children.

Alzheimer’s Association, MidSouth Chapter, Nashville, 292-4938, Amazing Grace Ministries, Westmoreland Food Bank, 1024 Pleasant Grove Road, Westmoreland, 6442247

Community Child Care Services, Hendersonville, 824-5060. Enrichment programs and day care services for low-income families.

American Cancer Society. Relay for Life chapters of Hendersonville, Gallatin, Portland, White House and Westmoreland, 341-7302, American Red Cross, Nashville area chapter, 250-4300, Arthritis Foundation, chapters/Tennessee. Arthritis research.

Cottontown resident Cindy Muller listens carefully as her son Zach shows her the Greek-themed pottery he painted during the VSA Arts Institute. DESSISLAVA YANKOVA/FILE Whether one wants to donate, volunteer or perhaps obtain help themselves, Sumner County has dozens of nonprofit groups designed to help those in need.

VSA Arts Tennessee VSA Arts Tennessee, based in Gallatin, provides opportunities for people with disabilities to express themselves through the arts. It’s part of VSA International Organization on Arts and Disability, which was founded in 1974 by Jean Kennedy Smith, sister of President John F. Kennedy. The Tennessee branch, launched by Gallatin resident Lori Kissinger in 2001, celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2011 and was voted Best Non-Profit in the Sumner County Publications’ annual Readers’ Choice contest. “The whole point is for these young people to realize a goal or push themselves beyond what they think their limits are,” said Kissinger, who serves as executive director. VSA Arts Tennessee holds workshops and events each month that serve to expose children with disabilities to the arts.

For more information about VSA Arts Tennessee, contact Kissinger at 826-5252 or visit

United Way of Sumner County Since 1977, United Way of Sumner County has worked to improve the daily lives of all Sumner County residents by collaborating with service agencies working in the community. In fiscal year 2010-11, United Way of Sumner County allocated more than $412,000 from funds raised during an annual campaign to 36 health and human services programs. In the 2011-12 fiscal year, the United Way funds 36 agencies with more than $463,000. United Way funds helped meet critical needs of more than 50,000 Sumner County residents, as well as addressed the root causes of community issues including drug and alcohol abuse; teen suicide; life skills for children, youth and new parents; domestic violence; and lack of educational opportunities. For more information about United Way of Sumner, call Director Dana Given at 461-8371 or visit

John T. Alexander American Legion Post 17, assistance and activities for veterans . 452-0590.

Cumberland Crisis Pregnancy Center. Offers abortion education, counseling and alternatives, sexual health education, parenting classes, adoption referrals. 822-1242 (Hendersonville) or 451-1717 (Gallatin). Faces of Hope, Gallatin. Director Leslie-Face Lee, 206-1176. Autism therapy, parent and family resource center, etc.

Ashley’s Place, Advocacy center for children of sexual abuse, 451-2169, Bass-N-Buddies, fishing and outdoor activities for children with physical, mental and social challenges. Director James Gill, 230-9496. Beyond the Limits, autism resource connection of Hendersonville. Books from Birth of Middle TN, 936-3554, vanderbiltchildren’ booksfrombirth. Provides books to children from birth to age 5.

C.O.M.P.A.S.S. (Community Outreach Making Partnerships at Sumner Schools) Partners local schools with business sponsors. 451-5200, ext. 1048,

Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary, rescue for abandoned or abused animals, Hendersonville. Claudette Spinks, treasurer. 664-2380. Fresh Start Resources, support and recovery groups, counseling, etc. 822-6772, Friends of the Gallatin Public Library, Fundraising for the Gallatin Public Library. Shannon Gehl Lannom, board president. Friends of Rock Castle. Preservation of historic Rock Castle in Hendersonville. 824-0502.

Boy Scouts of America Middle Tennessee Council, 383-9724, Children Are People Inc., Helping at-risk youth, Director Fred Bailey, 230-5702,

Friends of Bledsoe Creek State Park. Protection of and education about the park and its history. 452-3706.

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Gallatin Sertoma Club

The GIFT OF HEARING… HELP US GIVE IT! SERTOMA Exists for the high purpose of SERVICE TO MANKIND. Our mission is to assist the community with hearing health issues, educate the public on the issues surrounding hearing health and to support and sponsor activities that will benefit our community. To learn more go to 2nd ANNUAL CHRISTMAS CARAVAN FOR KIDS Sponsored by Gallatain Sertoma Club

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011 • 7:00 PM GALLATIN CIVIC CENTER


Little Texas & Randy Houser TN-0000736953

ORDER TICKETS ONLINE NOW! Doing what we can to Keep Smiles Merry & Bright During Christmas for kids! Find us on Facebook @


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Gallatin C.A.R.E.S. (Christian Association for Relief of Economic Suffering), 452-5732, Assistance with food, bills, rent, disaster relief. Gallatin Day Care Center Inc., 452-2518. Government-subsidized childcare. Gallatin Senior Citizens Center, Nona Yates, 451-1531, Gallatin Shalom Zone, Director P.J. Davis, 442-7575, Good Neighbor Mission and Crises Center, 452-7337, Director John McGaw. Emergency shelter for families with children. Habitat for Humanity of Sumner County, Bob Dyer, 452-9606, H.A.T.S. (Habilitation and Training Services), 451-0974,, Support and programs for adults with mental disabilities. H.A.T.S. (Habilitation and Training Services) Rainbow Intervention Program. Provides services to children with physical, mental and emotional disabilities from birth to age 3. Hendersonville HomeBound Meals Program, Elizabeth Wallace, 824-0811. Hendersonville Samaritan Association, Steve Brown, 824-7105, Hendersonville Senior Center, Director Rena Eller, 822-8758, HomeSafe Inc., domestic violence shelter; HomeSafe, Inc.’s Student Training & Empowerment Program, Mike LaBo, 452-5439; hotline, 4524315, Hope Family Health Services (Hope Clinic), Westmoreland, 644-2000. Health care, lab services and assistance with medication on a sliding pay scale. Hope Food Bank, White House, 672-8006, Food distribution. Hope Center and Thrift Store, White House, 672-0298, The Jason Foundation, teen suicide prevention, Clark Flatt, 264-2323. Junior Service League of Gallatin, 451-7233. Community service or financial contributions to local schools, mentoring programs, cultural outreach, and others. Kristen Kay Hunter Foundation, provides scholarships to students who seek to study education. Legal Aid Society of Middle TN and the Cumberlands, 451-1880, Literacy Council of Sumner County, 822-8112, literacysumne- Offers learning resources for children and adults of all skill levels in areas of literacy, GED preparation, ESL and writing and grammar. Memorial Foundation, 822-9499, Responds to diverse community needs by assisting a variety of agencies . Mid-Cumberland Human Resource Agency, Homemaker Program, Meals on Wheels, Ombudsman Program, 331-6033, Mid-Cumberland Community Action Agency, Gallatin, 452-7570. Various social services . New Hope Construction Inc., Hendersonville, Russell Meade, 822-0111, Low-cost home building. NAMI of Sumner County, support for those with mental illness and their families., Debi Wheatley, (800) 901-6264. Portland C.A.R.E.S. (Christian Association for the Relief of Economic Suffering), 325-7805, Emergency assistance. Portland Senior Citizens, 3250922, Salvus Center, health care for the working uninsured, Gallatin, 4510038; Hendersonville, 822-0804, Senior Citizens of Hendersonville Inc., Rena Eller, 822-8758, STARS Nashville – Kids on the Block, and STARS Nashville - Students Assistance Program, 279-0058, Southern Sudanese Youth Connection, assists Sudanese refugees with assimilation into American society. Ter Chual Lual, 451-6219 Sumner County Adult Education Advisory Council, Sumner County Schools, 451-5200, Offers adults literacy training, GED preparation, English as a Second Language, workplace and computer literacy. Sumner County Anti-Drug Coalition, 461-8243, Sumner County CASA, 451-1688, Volunteer advocates for children in cases of abuse or neglect. Sumner County Food Bank, Pastor James Gill, 461-6059. United Way of Sumner County, 461-8371, Director Dana Given. VSA Arts Tennessee, Gallatin, Lori Kissinger, 826-5252.


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HISTORY National Register of Historic Places The following Sumner sites are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, according to the list provided by the Tennessee Historical Commission. Starred items are also designated national landmarks. » Ashcrest Farm, Hendersonville » Bledsoe Station, Castalian Springs » Bowen-Campbell House, Goodlettsville » Bridal House, Cottontown » Brown-Chenault House, Castalian Springs » Cairo Rosenwald School, Cairo » Cragfont, Gallatin » Daniel Smith Donelson House (Eventide), Hendersonville » Douglass-Clark House (Durham’s Chapel School), Bethpage » Fairvue Plantation, Gallatin » Mary Felice Ferrell House, Gallatin » Gallatin Commercial Historic District, Gallatin » Gallatin Presbyterian Church, Gallatin » Greenfield (David Chenau lt House), Castalian Springs » Hazel Path, Hendersonville » James B. Jameson House (Jameson-Harsh House) , Gallatin » King Homestead

The Rock Castle home next to the lake in Hendersonville.FILE (Greer House), Cottontown » Leonard B. Fite House (Monthaven), Hendersonville » Locust Grove, Castalian Springs » Maple Cottage (ElkinOdom House; Harris Place; Lewis Place), Gallatin » Maple Shade (Robb House; Wemyss House), Gallatin » Oakland (Dr. Daniel Wade Mentlo House), Gallatin » Oakley (Dr. John W. Franklin House), Gallatin » Parker-Bryson Historic District, Castalian Springs

» Rascoe-Harris Farm (Maplewood Farm; Anderson Farm), Liberty » Rock Castle, Hendersonville » Rose Mont, Gallatin » Shackle Island Historic District, Hendersonville » Talley-Beals House, Hendersonville » Trousdale Place, Gallatin




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Trousdale Place in Gallatin FILE

» Trousdale-Baskerville House, Gallatin » Walnut Grove, Gallatin » Wall Spring, Gallatin » Westmoreland Tunnel, Westmoreland » Williamson & Adams Carriage Factory (Simpson Mill; Swaney Apartments), Gallatin » Wynnewood, Castalian Springs*

HISTORY National historic landmark Wynnewood, Castalian Springs Wynnewood is the largest existing log structure in the state and Sumner County’s only national historic landmark. The home was built in 1828 by A.R. Wynne, William Cage and Stephen Roberts as a stagecoach inn, but six years later Wynne bought out his partners and moved his family into the building, where he remained until his death. Local historic sites See the 2011-12 calendar of events in the Culture, Arts and Entertainment section for more information on events at these historic sites. » Bledsoe's Fort Historic Park Highway 25, Castalian Springs Open daily from daylight to dusk. Free. The self-guided walking tour guides you through the shaded hills retracing the pioneer footprints along the Avery Trace, the first road leading into Middle Tennessee. The tour continues past the 1890s Parker Cabin, the Hugh Rogan stone cottage, and the Cavern of Skulls. Also visit the cemetery where brothers Anthony and Isaac Bledsoe are buried. » Cold Springs School and Museum Richland Park, Portland Road, Portland 351-0719 Open by appointment only Built in 1857, this one-room schoolhouse was originally located near the Cold Springs that created Portland's city lake. Camp Trousdale, a Confederate training camp during the Civil War, was moved to the Cold Springs site to provide water for the troops. In time Cold Springs School became a hospital for soldiers at Camp Trousdale. Cold Springs School re-opened for students after the war. The school has been restored as a museum of local history. » Cragfont 200 Cragfont Road,

The historic Palace Theater on the Gallatin square. FILE Castalian Springs 452-7070 Open April 15 through Oct. 31, Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Sunday from 1-4 p.m. Cragfont was completed in 1802. It was built by Gen. James Winchester, one of the founders of Memphis. Tennessee statesmen Andrew Jackson and Sam Houston were frequent guests at the parties hosted by the Winchesters. Each April, Cragfont sponsors the annual Pilgrimage of Homes that highlights several historic and private homes in the county. » Historic Mansker's Station 705 Caldwell Drive, Moss-Wright Park, Goodlettsville 859-3678 Open Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Closed Sunday and Monday. Admission includes Mansker's Fort and the Bowen Plantation House. Last tour begins at 4 p.m. Historic Mansker’s Station features the Bowen House, built in 1787; Mansker’s Fort, a reconstruction of a 1780 log fort station; and a visitors center and museum. Living history events, workshop and

lectures are scheduled throughout the year. » Monthaven 1154 W. Main St., Hendersonville 822-0789 Open weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. An historic antebellum home, built circa 1860, Monthaven was used as a field hospital during the Civil War. It now houses the galleries and offices of the Hendersonville Arts Council. » Palace Theater 112 Public Square, Gallatin 452-5692 Tours by appointment. Located in Historic Downtown Gallatin, the completely restored Palace Theater is the oldest silent movie theater still standing in the South. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and hosts a variety of shows, movies and events. Current run movies shown every Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. Admission is $5 for adults and $2 for children. Call 230-0884 to find out what movie is showing. » Rock Castle 139 Rock Castle Lane, Hendersonville 824-0502 Hours of operation: April-November: Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Sunday 1-5 p.m. December-March: Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Closed Sundays. Gen. Daniel Smith acted as surveyor for the Tennessee frontier, produced the state's first map and is credited with naming the state. Daniel Smith Days, a re-enactment and community fair, is held each October. Available for special events and weddings by appointment. » Rose Mont 810 S. Water Ave., Gallatin 451-2331 Open April 15 through Oct. 31, Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday from 1-4 p.m. Closed Mondays and holidays. Built by Josephus Conn

Guild and his wife, Catherine Blackmore, in the 1830s, Rose Mont is recognized as one of Tennessee's outstanding Greek Revival houses. It remained in the Guild family until 1993, when it was purchased by the City of Gallatin and the Rose Mont Restoration Foundation. » Sumner County Museum 183 W. Main St., Gallatin 451-3738 Hours of operation April 1 through Oct. 31, Wednesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Sunday from 1-4:30 p.m. The museum exhibits more 250,000 artifacts housed on three floors. The collection includes prehistoric fossils, Native American and African American artifacts, antique toys, cars, clothing and furniture. The museum also includes displays for Randy's Record Store, the USS Sumner County, and the Roxy Theater. » Trousdale Place 183 W. Main St., Gallatin 452-5648 Open by appointment. The historic home of former Tennessee Gov. William Trousdale. Built around 1813, the house contains original Trousdale furniture and a small Confederate library. Available for special events and weddings by appointment. » Wynnewood Highway 25, Castalian Springs 452-5463 Wynnewood was temporarily closed for three years as a result of severe damage from a tornado on Feb. 5, 2008. Standing two stories tall and 142 feet long, Wynnewood is purported to be the largest log structure ever constructed in Tennessee. Built in 1828 by Col. A.R. Wynne, it served as a stagecoach inn and later as a mineral springs resort. It remained in the Wynne family until 1971, when it was conveyed to the State of Tennessee.

Source: The Sumner County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau

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HISTORY: SUMNER TIMELINE 1786: Sumner County created by act of North Carolina General Assembly. 1801: The Tennessee General Assembly appoints five Sumner County Commissioners to select site for a town called Gallatin that will serve as the county seat. 1802: Gallatin is created when commissioners select and purchase site, lay out town lots, and sell them at auction. Andrew Jackson purchases one of the lots that, around 1974, became a part of the City Hall property on West Main Street. General James Winchester completes construction of Cragfont, one of grandest homes on the Tennessee frontier. 1803: Builders complete construction of county courthouse, jail, and stocks in Gallatin. Andrew Jackson and John Hutchings open general store on lot Jackson purchased the prior year. 1804: Gallatin hosts first local horse races over a public track. 1806: General Assembly establishes council of five commissioners to govern Gallatin. 1812: Congress declares war on Great Britain. Volunteers organize local companies for military duty with General Andrew Jackson. 1813: John H. Bowen elected to Congress. Volunteers depart for Natchez and below. 1815: The Tennessean appears as first local newspaper. The Gallatin, Tennessee Bank receives charter. General Assembly incorporates town of Gallatin. Volunteers return after battle of New Orleans. 1817: The General Assembly reorganizes the town government, providing for mayor and seven aldermen. Gallatin Inn, owned by David Shelby, opens on Public Square. The Columbian is second Gallatin newspaper. 1819: Investors develop first privately owned subdivision, totaling fifty acres. 1822: John H. Bowen dies without finishing his house, now known as Trousdale


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Place. 1824: Gallatin Female Academy opens. 1828: Voters elect Andrew Jackson president of the United States. City paves Main Street. First Presbyterian Church organizes congregation. 1829: Eliza Allen marries Tennessee Gov. Sam Houston, but in a matter of weeks leaves him never to return for reasons that she does not publicly disclose. The First Methodist Church is established in Gallatin. 1830: Gallatin has a population of 666, 234 of whom are black. Most of the blacks are in slavery with only about 10 or 12 free. Stage service to Carthage is offered twice each week. Nashville-Lexington mail stages pass and repass through Gallatin three times each week. 1832: Andrew Jackson wins re-election to presidency. Isaac Franklin begins construction of residence on his Fairvue plantation. New local newspaper, the Guardian, begins publication. Publisher discontinues Gallatin Journal; reopens to publish new Gallatin Union. 1833: Balie Peyton is elected to Congress. Local whites establish branch of African Colonization Society. 1834: Public meeting at courthouse elects officers for the Gallatin fire engine company. 1835: Voters re-elect Balie Peyton to Congress. 1836: The General Assembly charters Gallatin Turnpike Company and grants a charter of incorporation to the Gallatin Female Academy. Volunteers leave for the Seminole War in Florida. 1837: Citizens welcome the Seminole War volunteers’ return. County replaces original courthouse with new one on the Public Square. Eliza Allen and Sam Houston divorce is final. Isaac Franklin dies and his executor incorporates Isaac Franklin Institute. 1838: Sumner Female Academy succeeds Gallatin Female Academy. Stage lines

operate on regular schedules to and from Nashville, Hartsville and Carthage. The Cumberland Farmer, the city’s first magazine, begins publishing. 1843: District voters elect Joseph H. Peyton to Congress. Balie Peyton produces Peyton’s Stakes at Nashville and captures attention of international thoroughbred fanciers. 1845: J. H. Peyton is reelected to Congress but dies before House convenes. 1846: Congress declares war on Mexico. Local young men rush to volunteer for military service. 1848: Appreciative citizens erect Mexican-American War Monument in Gallatin cemetery. Col. Thomas Boyers is a founder and charter member of the Tennessee Historical Society. 1849: Cholera epidemic is devastating. William Trousdale is elected governor of Tennessee. 1850: Investors organize local cotton factory. Population of city reaches 1,200. 1851: Louisville and Nashville Railroad will be built through Gallatin. Governor Trousdale loses bid for reelection. 1852: Cholera strikes again. 1856: The Sumner Female Academy becomes Howard Female Institute, later Howard College. Thomas Boyers founds and edits the Gallatin Examiner. 1858: The Louisville and Nashville Railroad is completed with depot here. First Baptist Church organizes and meets in the Odd Fellows Hall. 1860: Abraham Lincoln is elected president. Secession sentiment grows. Trying to head off war, Balie Peyton works to organize and promote Constitutional Union Party. First gas lighting is turned on. First Baptist Church on East Main Street is built and dedicated. 1861: Civil War begins. Tennessee declares independence from the Union and

affiliates with the Confederacy. Volunteer companies enlist. Howard Female Institute closes. Confederates set up Camp Trousdale near Portland, giving it the name of Gov. Trousdale. In an example of split sentiments in same family, Balie Peyton remains loyal to Union, son Balie joins Confederate Army. 1862: Union Army arrives in town unopposed; city and county government cease operating. Col. Morgan’s Confederate Cavalry takes, leaves and retakes Gallatin for short periods. Morgan wins battle of Gallatin in five-hour cavalry clash. Union Army establishes garrison. Military Governor Johnson banishes Josephus Conn Guild to Union prison in Fort Mackinac, Michigan. 1884: Gallatin Board of Education created as the beginning of modern public schools in the area. Closes around 1950 as city system yields to a countywide system. 1901: Westmoreland incorporated as a town. 1905: Portland incorporated as a city. 1918: Devastating flood inundates lower portions of county; access to Nashville blocked. 1923: Typhoid outbreak prompts creation of water filtration plant in Gallatin. 1925: Tornado kills 33 in Bethpage. 1950: TVA-built dam creates Old Hickory Lake. 1951: Westmoreland again incorporated as a town after a population decline during the Great Depression caused it to lose its original town status. 1953: Public schools offer free textbooks for first time. 1954: Cumberland River bridge, called Veterans Memorial, is open to traffic. 1956: TVA starts generating electricity using steam turbines at its fossil-fueled Gallatin plant. 1957: Fire destroys Crescent Amusement Company’s Roxy Theater on East Main Street just off the square in

HISTORY: SUMNER TIMELINE Gallatin. 1958: Goodlettsville incorporated as a city. 1959: Sumner Memorial Hospital established. 1960: Census data shows population at 7,857. 1962: County purchases 162 acres on Cairo Road for airport. Fire guts third floor of Genesco shoe plant on East Main Street. 1965: School board votes to comply with state guidelines to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. 1969: Hendersonville incorporated as a city. 1971: Volunteer State Community College opens. White House incorporated as a city. 1980: Genesco closes Factory Lane shoe plant that had been in operation since 1938, ending a long presence in town. U.S. Census data shows population of Gallatin is 17,191. 1981: Millersville incorporated as a city. 1982: Country music artist Conway Twitty opens Twitty City, a $3.5 million entertainment complex on Nashville Pike in Hendersonville. 1986: State Route 386, also known as Vietnam Veterans Boulevard, opens, creating a main artery between Sumner and Davidson counties. 1988: Despite efforts by the city to locate the new

Sumner Administration Building in the downtown area, the County Commission votes to build it on North Belvedere Drive. County signs contract to build 3,800square-foot floor space for the Sheriff’s Department on West Smith Street. 1989: For the first time, women are on the Gallatin City Council, holding four of the seven seats. 1990: State begins construction on first leg of Highway 109 bypass on west side of Gallatin. U.S. Census data shows city population is 18,794. 1991: Randy’s Record Shop closes after 45 years in business. Sumner County Resource Authority begins operating $2.6 million recycling facility. 1992: With popular election no longer required, the Sumner County Board of Education selects first superintendent of schools as authorized by new state Education Improvement Act of 1992. 1994: Gallatin Civic Center opens. County builds new Rucker-Stewart Middle School on Hancock Street. Sumner Regional Medical Center is now operated by Sumner Regional Health Systems, a nonprofit organization that leases the hospital

HISTORIC CEMETERIES Gallatin City Cemetery 250 S. Cemetery Ave. First recorded burial: 1818 Significant names: Trousdale, Offitt, Vertress, Boyers, Douglass 452-5206 Old Brush Cemetery Old Brush Cemetery

Road, Portland First recorded burial: 1864 A free public cemetery Kings Cemetery Woodvale Drive, Gallatin First recorded burial: 1795

building from Sumner County for $1 per year. Vol State opens newly constructed $5.5 million library. 1995: Sumner Regional Medical Center breaks ground for four-story medical office plaza adjoining hospital. It will house first cancer treatment center in county. GAP announces plans to locate southeastern U.S. distribution facility in Gallatin on 132-acre site behind Volunteer State Community College, with peak employment expected to be 1,500. 1996: First house built under auspices of Habitat for Humanity of Sumner County is completed. Victorious in litigation against local opponents of their plans, Wal-Mart begins construction of superstore in Gallatin. 1997: TVA shifts coal delivery from rail to river barges. The Department of Transportation announces plans to make a four-lane road of State Highway 109 between Gallatin and Portland. City purchases 180 acres for what will become Triple Creek Park. 1998: Gallatin and Hendersonville agree to a planned growth scheme that establishes adjoining borders. 1999: Gallatin joins eight other cities in the county to

project their boundary lines 20 years out and to publish a map of the projections. 2001: Ellen Wemyss, the gracious mistress of Fairvue Plantation and lifelong historical preservationist, dies at the age of 106 years. Residential development of Fairvue proceeds; it is called The Last Plantation. 2006: An F-3 tornado strikes Sumner County, damaging 1,000 homes and killing eight people. Hendersonville City Hall moves to 101 Maple Drive North. 2007: Cash house burns in Hendersonville. 2010: Historic flooding devastates Middle Tennessee, including Sumner County. Sumner Regional Health Systems declares bankruptcy and is purchased by Brentwood-based LifePoint Hospitals after a weeks-long battle with the county, changing the name to Highpoint Health System. (Source: Gallatin News Examiner/Hendersonville Star News archives; Gallatin 200: A Time Line History Celebrating the Bicentennial of Gallatin, Tennessee. Edited by Walter Durham and Glenda Milliken. 2002.)

SUMNER MUSEUMS » Sumner County Museum Gallatin 451-3738 » Cragfont Museum Castalian Springs 452-7070 » White House Inn Library and Museum White House 672-0239 » Historic Rock Castle Hendersonville 824-0502

» Mansker Station Goodlettsville 859-3678 » Sumner County Archives Gallatin 452-0037 » Cold Springs Museum Portland 325-9032 (Portland Chamber of Commerce)

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HISTORY: HISTORICAL MARKERS » Cairo Town: Erected at the Cairo Community Club, beside Cairo Methodist Church. » Captain Ellis Harper (1842-1908): Located on the north side of the intersection of Reed Street and Highway 109 N in Portland. » Colored Fair: Located on the intersection of Highway 109 North and Blythe Street in Gallatin. » Union High School: Erected on the front lawn of the old Union High School building on Small Street in Gallatin. Union High was the segregated high school for black students. » Ft. Smith: Located on the south side of the intersection of Woods Road and Highway 109 North in Portland. » Rose Mont: On South Water Avenue in Gallatin. » Buck Lodge: At the south side of the intersection of Old Bush Cemetery Road and Highway 109 south of Portland. » Mexican War Monument: On East Main Street, a historic marker pointing out the nearby Mexican War Monument located in the City Cemetery. » Rutherford-Kizer Native American Indian Mound: Located off Stop Thirty Road in Hendersonville, marking the resting place for hundreds of American Indians. » William Henderson: Located at 177 W. Main St. in Hendersonville, dedicated to William Henderson, the community's first postmaster. » Fountain Head: Named because several creeks and streams appear to have their beginnings in the area, » Richland: Portland was known as Richland Station and was changed to Portland in April 1888. » Free Hill Road: Located off Main Street in Hendersonville. Received its name when freed slaves moved to this area. » Tennessee Maneuvers World War II: Located on the south side of the intersection of U.S. 31W and College Street


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At the Sumner County Courthouse in Gallatin, 200 ex-slaves joined the Union Army as volunteers in July 1863. FILE in Portland. Less than a mile from the hospital that cared for injured soldiers. » Trousdale Place: Built by John Bowen prior to 1820 and purchased in 1822 by William Trousdale, governor of Tennessee, 1849-51. » Camp Trousdale: On Highway 109 N., 3.1 miles south of the junction with U.S. 31W. Served formerly by Richland Station on the L&N RR, this was an early staging and training area for Tennessee Confederate units. » Stagecoach Tavern: On U.S. 31W, 1.5 miles south of the junction with U.S. 52. Built in 1837, it succeeded the notorious Cheek tavern as an overnight stopping place. » William Bowen Campbell: On U.S. 31W in Goodlettsville. Campbell was born in a brick house 2.2 miles northeast, Feb. 1, 1807. He was governor from 185153. » Mansker's Station: On U.S. 31W in Goodlettsville. Here, near Mansker's Lick, Kasper Mansker established a station of the Cumberland Settlements in 1780. » Morgan at Gallatin: On U.S. 31E in Gallatin near the junction with U.S. 25. Coming from Dixon Springs, Col. John H. Morgan, with the 2nd Ken-

Gallatin's Mexican-American War monument was completed in 1850 using funds donated by Sumner Countians. BY SARAH KINGSBURY/FILE

tucky Calvary, captured without a fight the federal garrison of 200 men. » First Presbyterian Church: On U.S. 31E in Gallatin. The oldest church building in Gallatin in continuous existence, this church was organized Oct. 25, 1828. » Rock Castle: Off U.S. 31 in Hendersonville. It was the

home of Daniel Smith, who was captain in Lord Dunmore's War, colonel in the Revolution, brigadier general of militia in the Mero District, member of the committee to frame the Bill of Rights, Territorial Secretary of State, and U.S. Senator. » Beech Cumberland Presbyterian Church: On U.S. 31E in Hendersonville. The first Synod of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church was constituted Oct. 5, 1813. » Tyree Springs: On Tyree Springs Road. A mineral springs resort was established here by R.C. Tyree sometime between 1814 and 1822. By 1834 it was a celebrated watering place. » Morgan and Johnson: On U.S. 25 between Castalian Springs and the Trousdale County line. On Aug. 20, 1862, moving east along this road, Col. John H. Morgan, met Brigadier General R.W. Johnson's task force of the 2nd Indiana Calvary. » General William Hall: On U.S. 25, nine miles east of Gallatin. Revolutionary War veteran Maj. William Hall settled in this area in 1785 and built a station 1.25 miles northeast. » Bledsoe's Lick: On U.S. 25 in Castalian Springs. The

Historic Homes of Sumner County


A Special Place For History A Special Place For Architecture Special Events

• MERRY MANTELS OF ROSE MONT (1st Sat in Dec) • Annual ROSE MONT FESTIVAL (3rd Sat in June)

451-2331 810 South Water Street • Gallatin, TN

Open to the public every weekday except Monday 10am until 5pm • Sunday 1pm until 5pm April 15th until November 1st November 1 until April 15 by appointment.

Grounds available for rental for weddings & other special events.

Phone: (615) 452-7070

Trousdale Place Stately & Beautiful With Lovely Shaded Grounds

Home of Tennessee Governor William Trousdale (1849)


Open to public by appointment. Sept 24 & 25, 2011

For more information, call 615.452.5648

Trousdale Place

183 West Main, Gallatin, TN 37066


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HISTORY: HISTORICAL MARKERS spring to the north was a rendezvous for salt-seeking game in pre-pioneer days. » William Brimmage Bate: On U.S. 25 at the west edge of Castalian Springs. A general in the Confederate Army, Bate was governor of Tennessee from 1883-87 and a U.S. senator from 1887 to 1903. He died in Nashville March 9, 1905, and is buried there. » Cragfont: On U.S. 25, east of the bridge over Bledsoe Creek. Home of James Winchester, War of 1812 brigadier general. He is buried behind the house. » Bledsoe's Fort and Monument: On U.S. 25, five miles east of Gallatin. The Bledsoe Monument marks the graves of Revolutionary War veterans Anthony and Issac Bledsoe. Both were longhunters and explorers. » Ziegler's Station: On U.S. 25 on Hartsville Pike. Built in 1790 near Bledsoe Creek by Joseph Ziegler to protect early settlers. In 1791, it was attacked by a war party of Creek, Cherokee and Chickamauga Indians, who killed 10 people and took 18 prisoners. » Hugh Rogan: On U.S. 31E, on Gallatin-Bethpage Pike. Two miles east is Rogana, the stone and brick house built in 1800 by Hugh Rogan (1747-1814), a signer of the Cumberland Compact. » Downtown Gallatin: The area of the square has been declared a national historic district because of the number of buildings there that are at least 50 years old. » Avery Trace: A foot trail that ran from East Tennessee to French Lick (Nashville), then a small settlement on the Cumberland River. » King Homestead: A log home built in 1798 by William King. » Cold Springs School: Original site of Cold Springs School in Portland, it now serves as a museum at Richland Park. » Big South Tunnel: Located on the corner of Highway 109 and South Tunnel Road, it


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Union High School was opened in 1922, the first high school for African American students in the county.

Alfred Burney holds the longest tenure at 13 years as president of the prestigious Howard Female College in Gallatin. SUBMITTED shows where Confederate forces destroyed the tunnel over the Louisville-Nashville Railroad on Aug. 12, 1862. » Howard School: Located in Gallatin at the U.S. 31 E at College Street, this marker commemorates the old Howard school. » General Griffith Rutherford: Located on U.S. 25 between Cairo Road and the State Highway Garage. » Parker's Chapel Old Taylor Field: Intersection of U.S. 52 E and Airport Road in Portland, it commemorates the community that began shortly after the Civil War. » Station Camp Baptist Church: Intersection of Upper Station Camp Creed Road and Vantrease Road, it commemorates the first Baptist church in Sumner County, founded in 1796. » Scattersville Community: Honoring one of Sumner

County's first African-American communities, this marker is located at the intersection of U.S. 31W and Scattersville Road near Portland. » New Hope Baptist Church: Located at 2905 New Hope Road in Hendersonville. Worship services for this church were first held in a brush arbor two miles northeast of the present location. » Abraham "Abram" Bledsoe, African American Frontiersman: Between Isaac Bledsoe's fort and Anthony Bledsoe's Greenfield, the frontier slave, identified in early accounts only as "Abram" and belonging to Col. Anthony Bledsoe, thwarted an April 27, 1793 attack on Greenfield. This marker is located at Bledsoe's Fort, nine miles east of Gallatin on U.S. 25. » Morgan's Raiders at Cage's Ford: Located on

Cage's Bend Road 3.5 miles south of U.S. 31E, this marker is where one of the rare fights across the Cumberland River north of Nashville occurred. » Cairo School: Located on the southeast side of the intersection of State U.S. 25 East and Zieglers Fort Road, Cairo School was completed in 1923, providing educational opportunities for AfricanAmerican children until 1959. » Highland Community: Located at the intersection of Highland Circle and Highway 109 in Portland, the Highland Community's roots stem from the rise in popularity of the Seventh Day Adventist movement of the late 19th century. » Invasion of Kentucky: On Sept. 17, 1861, Confederate forces from nearby Camp Trousdale prepared for the invasion of Kentucky at Richland Station. The site is marked in downtown Portland at the intersection of Main Street and S.R. 109. » A.I. Thornburg Heath: Heath established himself as a rifle maker prior to the Civil War. In 1862, he joined the Tennessee 9th Cavalry. Marker is located on U.S. 52. » Peter Vertrees: AfricanAmerican soldier, minister and educator, came to Gallatin after the war to begin a 61-year ministry. » Tennessee's first African American Civil War Volunteers: At the Sumner County Courthouse in Gallatin, 200 ex-slaves joined the Union Army as volunteers in July 1863. They became a part of the 13th United States Colored Infantry at Nashville. » Zollicoffer's Headquarters: Located in Portland at the intersection of Freedom Drive and Highway 109, this sign marks the headquarters of Brig. Gen. Felix K. Zollicoffer. » Rose Mont: Finished in 1842. It was built by Judge Josephus Conn Guild, and no other family has lived there. In 1993 it was sold to the City of Gallatin. It is open to the public.

HISTORY: STORIES BEHIND SUMNER NAMES Shackle Island The traditional story goes that illegal whiskey was available in a small shack on an island in the middle of a local creek. People would say, "Let's go to the shack on the island for a drink." Eventually, the name became simply Shackle Island, and, in 1900, the post office recognized it as the name of the community. Free Hill Road After the Civil War, many freed slaves came to the area and settled on a high hill northwest of Hendersonville. Thus, the hill and road became known as "Free Hill." Pilot Knob Pilot Knob is the highest hill in the area that can be seen from the Cumberland River. Pilots on river craft would identify their locations from the hill, which stood out above the trees. Millersville Miller was a revenue officer who often stopped at the general store for cheese and crackers on his way to hunt for illegal stills in the mountains. Miller did not return from one of his trips, and his body was eventually found in an old well. After some time, his friends at the country store honored his memory by naming the village after him. Station Camp Creek The creek was named for a camp that longhunters (men who left home for extended periods and went far distances to hunt game) established in 1771. The camp was located on Cages Bend Road near the creek and present U.S. 31E. Frog Town A former settlement located on Sanders Ferry Road on Drake's Creek was named for the chorus of frogs that could be heard in the evening from early spring until late summer. Goshen Town Road The Goshen Town neighborhood was named by a Mr. Frazier, who came to the area as a veteran of the Revolutionary War. The land was rich and well-watered, and so

Sumner County Executive Anthony Holt (right) and Bob Dulany of Hendersonville chat by the Douglass-Clark House that is on the National Register of Historic Places. DESSISLAVA YANKOVA/FILE he named it "Goshen," meaning land of plenty. The name was not officially recorded until electricity was being installed along the road. The construction foreman asked W.L. Kirkpatrick the name of the road. "Call it Goshen Town Road," he said. Cairo Cairo was a sparsely settled frontier located east of Gallatin along the banks of the Cumberland River. It was named Cairo around 1800 by Gen. James Winchester (of historic Cragfont) who, with two other men, acquired 150 acres in the midst of a frontier controlled by Creek Indians. Westmoreland The town of Westmoreland, located on the northern edge of Sumner County, was once named Old Coate's Town, but sometime in the mid-1890s the name was changed to West Moor Land, or Westmoreland. Some say the name was changed after a storekeeper named West-

moreland opened a business in the community. Graball This small community along Dobbins Pike bears one of the county's more interesting names. According to legend, a local group was heavily involved in a card game or a chicken fight or some other illegal activity when the sheriff pulled up. One of them yelled, "Grab all you can get and run!" Fountain Head This community just outside Portland was named because several creeks and streams appear to have their beginnings in the area. Early residents called the community Fountainhead. Stinking Creek Located between Westmoreland and Portland, this community got its name from the sulfur springs in the area that created an unpleasant odor. Scattersville The first people credited for starting the community in

1880 settled a distance from each other for unknown reasons. A traveler, George German, came through the area and saw how scattered about the residents were and suggested they call it Scattersville. Rogana Named for Tennessee pioneer Hugh Rogan, who built a small, stone house in the community in 1800. Sumner The county was named for Jethro Sumner, a Revolutionary War general and hero. He was born in 1733 and died in 1807 in Warren County, N.C. Gallatin The city was named for Albert Gallatin, who served for 12 years as secretary of the treasury under U.S. presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. He also had several diplomatic posts and was one of the most respected government leaders of his time.

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Staying Fit in Sumner

Yoga is held from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. every Wednesday at Senior Citizens of Hendersonville, Inc. WILL DAUGHERTY/FILE

These Lakeside Park Elementary students jumped rope to keep fit at the school. SHERRY MITCHELL/FILE

Senior Citizens of Hendersonville, Inc. members Charlene Brumbelow, Faye Nelson and Rusty Elrod perform yoga poses as per instructor Ray Morris’s directions. WILL DAUGHERTY/FILE


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Karen Fleming, Cheryl Caswell and Clara Rogan carry the Relay for Life banner during the survivors’ lap outside the Gallatin Civic Center in June 2011. Sumner County offers many opportunities for exercise and recreation as well as facilities for medical treatment for residents to maintain their overall well-being. The

county has two hospitals, Sumner Regional Medical Center in Gallatin and Hendersonville Medical Center. The Sumner County Health Department has locations in Gallatin, Hen-

dersonville and Portland. Two locations of the Salvus Center offer treatment to residents who work but are without medical insurance.

Family Dentistry Transform your smile with our personalized dental care. We use state of the art technology to bring you whiter, straighter and healthier teeth.

FITNESS FACILITIES Sumner County YMCA Hendersonville 826-9622 Family Ministry Center First Baptist Church Hendersonville 824-6184 Curves for Women Hendersonville, 264-9331 Gallatin, 452-2973 White House, 672-1277 Goodlettsville, 855-0222 Personal Health & Fitne ss Inc. Hendersonville 822-1866 Snap Fitness Hendersonville 826-5996 Anytime Fitness Hendersonville 822-3487 Xtreme Fitness Center Portland 325-3333 Fit Stop 335 W. Main St. Ste 3 Gallatin 230-5444


at Monthaven

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1020 Antebellum Circle • Hendersonville, TN 37075 • 615.822.5678 •

TN-0000730742 TNTN-000 T N-000 N -00 -000 000 00 007 07307 073074 73074 7307 3074 30 074 07 742

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HEALTH & FITNESS: HOSPITALS Sumner Regional Medical Center 555 Hartsville Pike Gallatin Established by local government in 1959 as Sumner County Memorial Hospital, this Gallatin-based medical facility has grown and adapted with technology through the years, changing names and ownership along the way, while maintaining the same dedication to caring for patients. Today, Sumner Regional Medical Center (SRMC) is a 155-bed hospital fully accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations, and is one of the largest non-government employers in Sumner County. Following the bankruptcy in 2010 of its parent organization, Sumner Regional Health Systems, SRMC was subsequently purchased by Brentwood, Tenn.-based Lifepoint Hospitals, becoming the

flagship of the newly-created Highpoint Health System. Key services provided by SRMC include emergency care, a cancer center, obstetrics and gynecology services, pediatrics, a cardiac catheterization lab, a wound care center, medical imaging, rehabilitative care, dialysis and same day surgery. For more than 50 years, Sumner Regional’s mission has been to provide patient care and compassionate service to the residents of Sumner and surrounding counties. With a goal to provide the community with high-quality health care located close to home, Sumner Regional has expanded its service offerings over the last decade by adding more expert physicians to its medical staff; investing in state-of-the-art facilities and advanced imaging technology; and adding a new 200,000-square-foot patient tower to the SRMC campus. The tower offers all


When you need a place to live, choose a place where you can really live. A place that cultivates friendship and inspires an adventurous spirit, where caring is what we do for each other. That’s an Elmcroft community.

Here’s to Life.

1020 Carrington Pl. | Hendersonville, TN 37075

615-264-2440 |


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Ownership: Lifepoint Hospitals, Brentwood, Tenn. Number of patient beds: 155 Facility administrator: Mary Jo Lewis, chief executive officer Telephone: 328-8888 Patient information: 328-5518 SRMC is part of Highpoint Health System.

private patient rooms, including 70 private patient wellness rooms featuring the latest in health care design, patient safety and infection control. Other features of the tower include an expanded emergency department staffed 24/7 with physicians who are board certified and residency trained in emergency medicine; a new medical imaging department, patient lobby and registration area; 18 advanced critical care rooms, six new surgical suites, and a renovated women’s center. Sumner Regional’s campus also includes a six-story parking garage to provide convenient parking for patients and guests. Additionally, the hospital boasts an award-winning wound care center, which is recognized for its high patient satisfaction rates, exceptional healing results, and outstanding clinical out­comes, and a nationally recognized cancer-

treatment program. Cancercare services at SRMC received accreditation from the American College of Surgeons’ Commission on Cancer in 2006 and again in 2009. In 2007, the program was one of only 31 cancer treatment facilities in the entire country to be recognized with an Outstanding Achievement Award. In addition to representing progressive healthcare, Sumner Regional is also viewed as a community partner, a tradition that has continued for more than 50 years. This tradition has been largely upheld by the Friends of Sumner Regional Medical Center, a nonprofit volunteer organization that originally began in 1972 with 32 women. This group has grown to more than 250 women and men throughout the health system who volunteer their time and service to raise funds for medical student education.

HEALTH & FITNESS: HOSPITALS Hendersonville Medical Center 355 New Shackle Island Rd Hendersonville Since opening its doors more than 30 years ago, Hendersonville Medical Center has continued to grow to provide much needed healthcare services to the communities it serves. The hospital continues to provide Sumner County with the most comprehensive healthcare network in the region and enhancing services as new technologies become available. “We are certainly very proud of our accomplishments,” said Chief Executive Officer Regina Bartlett, “but we are more excited about where we are today and where we will be in the future.” The medical center has taken on several upgrades and additions to services over the last few years. HMC was among the first hospitals in the state of Tennessee to offer

Hendersonville Medical Center

“Helping You Keep Your Smile For a Lifetime”

Jean-Max Jean-Pierre, D.D.S., M.D.S Diplomate, American Board of Periodontology

• Laser Periodontal Therapy • Periodontal Plastic Surgery • Dental Implants • Sedation Dentistry Diagnosed with periodontal disease or are troubled with dentures, partials, loose or missing teeth, & bad breath? Dr. Jean-Pierre will be happy to see you.









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HEALTH & FITNESS: HOSPITALS therapeutic hypothermia, a technology designed to cool the body temperature of patients who have suffered cardiac arrest in order to avoid brain damage that’s often the result of going even a few minutes without oxygen. Working together with Sumner County EMS, several local lives have been saved as a result of this investment. Perhaps the largest recent investment back into the health of the community was the addition of MRI technology that allows for patient movement as well as the capability to perform breast MRI scans, thus improving the detection of breast cancer at the very earliest stages. In the fall of 2011, the hospital was planning to begin an expansion of its Critical Care Unit (CCU), doubling bed capacity from 10 to 20. This $2.9 million construction project will create new jobs in the area in the form of

contractors and construction as well as new clinical positions once the expanded unit is fully operational. Additionally, due to new staff and equipment required to manage the expanded unit, the hospital expects to add another $184,000 to its $7.6 million tax bill each year, as well as the anticipated $268,000 in sales taxes associated with the construction project, all being pumped in to the local economy. “Doubling the size of our critical care unit will impact this community in so many ways,” Bartlett said. “Economically, it’s a great way to support our local economy, but more personally, we’re able to alleviate the burden of a seriously ill loved one for even more families by offering more of this level of care close to home.” And along with the technical advances the hospital is making, Hendersonville Medical Center continues to

Comprehensive Rheumatology Care

Dr. Farooq Ali Board Certified Rheumatologist

Accepting Major Health Insurance Plans Accepting New Patients. 70

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Rheumatoid Arthritis Gout Osteoarthritis Lupus Auto Immune Connective Tissue Diseases 353 New Shackle Island Rd. Suite 201A

(615) 822-5660

Ownership: HCA/TriStar Health System Number of patient beds: 148 Facility administrator: Regina Bartlett, chief executive officer Telephone: 338-1100

recruit high caliber physicians of many different medical specialties. “With our expansions and additions, we are equally fortunate to boast a staff of highly trained and qualified physicians,” Bartlett said. “The quality of life here in Hendersonville and Sumner County has allowed us to recruit many talented physicians from primary care to a wide range of specialties.” Along with a very strong base of primary care physicians, Hendersonville Medical Center is home to numer-

ous medical specialties, including allergy and immunology; cardiology; dermatology; endocrinology; gastroenterology; gynecology; neurology; obstetrics; orthopaedics; otolaryngology; pain management; pediatrics; podiatry; pulmonology; rheumatology; and urology. Surgical specialties also span a board range of needs, such as plastic and reconstructive; orthopaedic; gynecological; and vascular surgical procedures available alongside general surgery capabilities at the hospital. Hendersonville Medical Center remains home to the county’s only Accredited Chest Pain Center. This means the hospital has met or exceeded established criteria confirmed by on-site evaluations by the Society of Chest Pain Centers, and statistics show chances for survival increase 37 percent when a heart attack sufferer is treated at an accredited chest pain center.

Gallatin Family Practice Family Medicine • Internal Medicine

Noridia Mauras, DO Hablanos Español

Subir Guha, MD

Ryan Kroser, NP-C


608 Commons Drive, Suite A Gallatin, TN


HEALTH & FITNESS: HOSPITALS Portland Diagnostic Center 105 Redbud Drive Portland Portland Diagnostic Center, a department of Hendersonville Medical Center, offers the convenience and ease of an outpatient center backed by the safety and security of a full service medical center. Board-certified radiologists along with licensed technologists and sonographers offer quality care through Hendersonville Medical Center. Portland Diagnostic Cen-

ter was designed with the user in mind by offering guaranteed appointment times and faster service with most results available in hours, not days. Patients can experience imaging services that use the latest technologies delivered by highly skilled, caring professionals. Several imaging services are offered at Portland Diagnostic Center, including Xrays, holter monitors, CT scans, MRI, ultrasound, bone densitometry and all laboratory services. While no appointments are

The Spirit of Perkins Drugs

Celebrating 115 116 Years Celebrating Yearsof ofService Service


/ ( -. '0   )! 0 /  %-  " -0 -2 Cards 002 /  ! + , 2# / * -$ Accepted • Drive-up Window / +       &00- 

Ownership: HCA/TriStar Health System Phone: 325-7301 Appointment scheduling: 695-7240 The Portland Diagnostic Center offers lab services Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. The hours for imaging are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Lab services are provided Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. This is an outpatient facility, and most patients can be registered and scanned in one hour or less.

necessary, a physician order is required for all services. Imaging services are provid-

ed Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.




At Morningside, our resident’s families say it best:

“The gorgeous grounds, the Southern-style wrap-around porch, the friendly pets that provide constant entertainment, the daily exercise class that Mom doesn’t want to miss, the garden that yields county fair winning vegetables‌ Morningside has it all.â€? –Randy Hampton, resident’s son Discover the community that has everyone talking! Call us at 615-230-5600 to schedule your personal tour.

L-R, SamFerrell Rickman, Andrew Finney, Nancy Cohen & Ferrell Haile Owners Haile, Andrew Finney & Sam Rickman


Perkins Drugs


 -!  '  / --  /   (Across from Sumner Medical  -!  '  /Regional --  / Center)    1 %   - Sumner

 / Regional )- -  / Center) )    (Across from Medical %   -  / )- -  / )   

1085 Hartsville Pike • Gallatin, TN • 615-230-5600 Š2009 Five Star Quality Care, Inc.


Pet Friendly

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HEALTH & FITNESS: REHABILITATION AND RETIREMENT REHABILITATION AND THERAPY CENTERS Sumner Regional Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit 555 Hartsville Pike Gallatin 328-5083 21st Century Living Services 122 E. Franklin St. Gallatin 452-9766 Physiotherapy Associates 104 Glen Oak Blvd. Ste 120 Hendersonville 338-4391 Star Physical Therapy 100 Bluegrass Commons, Ste 120 Hendersonville 822-8804 Westmoreland Care & Rehabilitation Center 1559 New Highway 52

Westmoreland 644-5111 RETIREMENT CENTERS Christian Manor I 100 Trident Place Hendersonville 824-9265 Christian Manor II 100 Riviera Drive Hendersonville 824-9265 Christian Towers & The Manor 138 E. Franklin St. Gallatin 452-9363 Park Place 31 Executive Park Drive Hendersonville 822-6002 Highland Rim Terrace 100 Woodland Drive Portland 325-3245

Pennington Place 202 Walton Ferry Road Hendersonville 822-7520 Noles Home for the Aged 622 N. Water Ave. Gallatin 451-1450 Golden Living Community- Brandywood 555 E. Bledsoe St. Gallatin 451-9483 Oakwood Village 2021 Oakwood Drive Westmoreland 644-3800 Long Hollow Terrace 3048 Long Hollow Pike Hendersonville 824-6889 Clearview Apartments 3318 U.S. 31W North White House 672-4494

White House Elderly Housing 306 Whitson Court White House 672-3023 Morningside of Gallatin 1085 Hartsville Pike Gallatin 230-5600 Emeritus at Gallatin 400 Hancock St. Gallatin 451-7722 The Terrace at Bluegrass 674 E. Main St. Hendersonville 824-4552 McKendree Lambuth Gallatin 1054 Hartsville Pike Gallatin 230-2267

Gallatin Physician Associates, LLC Dr. Chak Ashish Chakravarthy, MD Internal Medicine State-of-the-Art Surgery Center


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(615) 575-1076

1525 Hunt Club Blvd, Suite 600 A • Gallatin, TN

Michael E. Green, M.D. Board Certified Eye Physician & Surgeon

• No-Stitch, No-Shot Cataract Surgery • Advanced Technology Implants • Custom Vue LASIK • On-site Optical • Comprehensive Stephanie Bestwina Bestwina, OO.D. D Eye Exams Medically-Trained Optometrist

854 Lone Oak Drive • Gallatin, TN 37066 452-1602 •



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Gallatin Optical Complete Family Vision Care

Designer Fashion Frames


Eddie dd diie S Swan wan 137 West Broadway • Gallatin, TN E

Coming Together To Serve Your Health Care Needs... Family Practice

Leila August, M.D. (Nursing Home pts.) Stephen Bennett, M.D. Andrew Dill, M.D. H. Wayne Hooper, M.D. Henry Lau, M.D. Clay MacConnell, M.D. Robert McDaniel, M.D. Brian Stuart, M.D. Brett Scher, F.N.P. Joe David Cox, M.D. 262 E. Main St. • 452-3532

Internal Medicine

Ramesh Alwarappan, M.D. (Hospitalist) Donald Ezuteh, M.D. A. Sid King, M.D. David Mazurek, M.D. Anil Nachnani, M.D.


Deepti Bulchandani, M.D.

Gastroenterology & Hepatology

Mark D. Uhl, M.D. Jagdish Nachnani, M.D.


Hermogenes P.D. Battad, MD William T. Faith, M.D.

Specialty Clinic Physicians Cardiology Affiliated with St. Thomas Heart

Mark Aaron, M.D. Thomas Bartlett, MD (Electrophysiology) Reginald Dickerson, M.D. Mark Goldfarb, M.D. 451-9200


Affiliated with Rivergate Dermatology

Keith H. Loven, M.D. - 859-7546


Affiliated with St. Thomas Neurology Group

Subir Prasad, M.D. Roxanne M. Valentino, M.D. 383-8575


Affiliated with Neurosurgical Associates

Richard A. Berkman, M.D. - 986-1256


Graham Frazier, DPM

Vascular Surgery

Affiliated with Surgical Clinic

William Edwards, Jr., M.D. - 385-1547

Rheumatology Affiliated with St. Thomas Medical Group

Poonam Somai, M.D. - 297-2700


300 Steam Plant Road Suite 300 - Gallatin, Tennessee 37066 Administrator • Wanda Gant

Phone: (615) 230-8070

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HEALTH & FITNESS: HEALTH CARE Sumner County Health Department Gallatin 1005 Union School Road 206-1100 Hendersonville 351 New Shackle Island Road 824-0552 Portland 214 W. Longview Drive 325-5237 Services offered Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program, breastfeeding promotion, Children’s Special Services, dental services, emergency preparedness, epidemiology, family planning, food and general sanitation, health education and promotion, immunizations, men’s health, paternity acknowledgement, prenatal care, Help Us Grow Successfully, STDs, tuberculosis, vital records and women’s health. Salvus Center The faith-based Salvus Center offers health care for

Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Tuesday 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Thursday 12:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

The Salvus Center serves the working uninsured. FILE the working uninsured in Sumner County. Fees are based on income. Patients must provide proof of residency and income. For more information, visit Gallatin 556 Hartsville Pike 451-0038 Hours of operation:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Tuesday 12:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Hendersonville 107 Imperial Blvd., Suite 3 822-0804 Hours of operation:

Assisted Living and Nursing Homes » Golden Living Center-Brandywood, Gallatin 452-7132 » Gallatin Health Care Center, Gallatin 452-2322 » Emeritus at Gallatin 451-7722 » Morningside of Gallatin 230-5600 » National Health Care Center, Hendersonville 824-0720 » The Bridge at Highland, Portland 325-9263 » Westmoreland Care & Rehabilitation Center 644-5111

ERIC SCHUH, DDS & MARISSA STROUBE, DDS Our office is equipped with the latest in Dental Technology Eric E. Schuh, DDS

Marissa Stroube, DDS

• Implants • All Porcelain Fillings • Preventive Dentistry • Lumineers • TMJ Joint Treatment

• Periodontal Treatment • Snap On Smile • Laser Dentistry • Cerec All porcelain crowns in 1 hour • Digital Radiography (90% less radiation than traditional x-rays)

Financing Available • Most Insurances Accepted

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Hours Mon-Thurs 8AM - 5PM Friday 8AM - 3PM 608 Commons Drive, Suite B Gallatin, TN

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Crisis pregnancy center finds new location By Dessislava Yankova Sumner County Publications

The new Cumberland Crisis Pregnancy Center feels less like an office and more like a home to staff and clients. The CCPC held an open house in April of 2011 to celebrate its move to 2229 Nashville Pike in Gallatin inside a twice as big building with expanded amenities needed for the center’s growing visitors’ base at a strategic location, officials say. “The main reason why we decided to move here is because this building creates a more home-like, comfortable and peaceful environment,” CCPC Director of Development Jana Allen said. “Our clients are already in very difficult circumstances, and for them to come to a home rather than an office space

makes them feel more welcomed, cared for and loved, and that’s very important to us.” Founded in 1986, the nonprofit organization’s five full-time and two part-time employees and six volunteers provide care and confidential services to women and families experiencing crisis pregnancy. Services include pregnancy tests, maternal support, prenatal and parenting classes and post-abortion recovery among other counseling. Officials also teach abstinence classes in middle and high school mostly in Sumner but also in Macon, Trousdale and some of Davidson County. All services are free of charge, officials said. The expansion was needed to accommodate the center’s growing number of customers. “Over the last five years,

Tabor Dental Associates

we have seen a 33 percent increase in the number of clients we have served and a 54 percent increase in the number of client visits,” Allen said.” In 2010, we served 894 clients. Everything is totally renovated and suited for our needs.”

New site includes 11 acres The new property includes a little more than 11 acres of land, the original early 1900s home, and several later-added building, all of which have been upgraded from the foundation. A major addition at the new facility is a designated room for prenatal and parenting classes that seats up to 35 people. The lack of space in the old location required classes to meet in the hallway. In addition to increasing

the counseling rooms from two to four and creating more play area for mothers with children, the new center now also has a big, dedicated room that serves as storage for maternal clothing for expecting mothers in need. A similar room now also offers twice as much space for free baby clothes and dippers. Five times larger, the new waiting area features a warm, cozy setting in front of a big, stone fireplace. The move from the previous leased site to the current purchase became possible through an estate gift from late CCPC founding member Dr. David Stewart of Gallatin. Officials bought the property a year ago and completed the six-month renovation in December of 2010.


General, Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry

Michael P. Tabor, DDS Jayson Tabor, DDS

from Expert Hands

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Hendersonville Health Mart Ralph Williams, PhD

Caring for you and about you • Senior Care Center • Diabetes Care Center • Compounding Specialists (BHRT, Veterinary, Adult & Pediatric)

At Caris, we strongly believe that the last days of life

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are a sacred time and that grace should be provided when and where it is needed most.

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All Access Coach Leasing, located in Gallatin, TN, providing tour transportation to entertainers all across the country for nearly 10 years.

364 N. Water Ave., Gallatin, TN 37066 | p: 615.230.7400 | f: 615.230.7010 76

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Robert D. Phillips, M.D.

R. Alan Bennett, M.D.

Raegan A. Diller, M.D.

William R. Caldwell, M.D.

Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Board eligible of the American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology

Specializing in Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility 437 East Main • Gallatin

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SPECIALIST with 25+ years experience Serving Hendersonville Since 1986 • Free orthodontic consultation • Interest Free Financing • Convenient Hours

100 Springhouse Court Suite 200 Hendersonville • 824-8929 Gallatin • 452-5750 White House • 824-8929


Mentality hinders triumph over food By Cindy Landham

For Sumner County Publications

Have you ever noticed that in our struggle to get our weight down and our energy up, that sometimes it is not the obstacles around us that trip us up most, but the obstacles in our own heads that do the most damage? Let’s tackle a few of the sabotaging messages in our heads that keep us from reaching our goals. » “I’ve blown it. I might as well ...” » “Monday I start a new diet so I better eat up now!” » “I can’t eat in public because I’m overweight and people will judge me.” » “I paid for it. I have to eat it all.” In a country where we are chronically overserved, this is very dangerous

thinking. Get a box and take it home, or throw it away knowing you have saved money on medical bills. » “It’s a special day! I’m gonna eat big!” It is easy to get into the mindset that we are helpless when it comes to eating reasonably during any special occasion or holiday. Dieting for years, or even decades, has gotten some crazy, unquestioned things into our heads. Let’s stop, take a deep breath and think this through. We can think a new (and true) way to live a new way – a way that makes us and keeps us healthy. Cindy Landham is a licensed and certified wellness coach leader of WhyWeight workshops and a Hendersonville resident. She can be reached at 330-8884 or

Tommy J. Koen, D.M.D. Mary Beth Hearn, D.D.S, MS

Specialists in Orthodontics 131 Indian Lake Boulevard Suite #202 Hendersonville

(615) 824-5636 Member American Association of Orthodontists

VIP MidSouth. LLC

Specializing in the care of Pediatric and Adolescent Patients

We’ve Been Serving Your Children For Over 26 Years Hendersonville Children’s Clinic 105 Glen Oaks Blvd, Suite 102 Hendersonville, TN 37075

(615) 824-1142

Kenneth Wyatt, MD • Saagar Karlekar, MD Stacy Lane, FNP • Denise Stuart, MD Heather Lehmann, MD Tena Simmons, PNP

Gallatin Children’s Clinic 648 Hartsville Pike Gallatin, TN 37066

(615) 451-9246

Norman Spencer, MD • Ronald Miller, MD • Samuel Murray, MD Jason Kastner, MD • Steven Riley, MD • Jo Cook- Collins, MD Victoria Rundus, MD • Elizabeth Buskirk, MD Chris Crabtree, MSN,FNP • Beverly Matthews, MSN, CPNP Lindsey Case, PNP • Jasmine Geisinger, PNP

White House Children’s Clinic 128 Raymond Hirsch Pkwy. Suite 1 White House, TN 37188

(615) 672-8118

Jo Cook-Collins, MD • Jason Kastner, MD Samuel Murray, MD • Elizabeth Buskirk, MD Beverly Matthews, MSN, CPNP • Lindsey Case, PNP

Also serving these locations

Portland Children’s Clinic 105 Redbud Dr., Suite D • Portland, TN 37148

(615) 323-1640

Lafayette Children’s Clinic 306 West Locust Dr. • Lafayette, TN 37083

(615) 688-7012


Springfield Children’s Clinic 426 22nd Ave. East • Springfield, TN 37172

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Dr. Mary Beth Tabor is a general dentist who has extensive experience treating children and would love the opportunity to see your kids! She and her entire team are dedicated to providing your child with personalized, quality dental care that they deserve.

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Lindsay McDuffey of Hendersonville does pull-up repetitions during a 300 Fitness Games competition to benefit Project Stop Obesity. SHERRY

Tennis courts are available at several parks countywide. FILE

Gallatin resident Peggy Hall talks with nurse Marie Kimall and lactation consultant Christina Perez at Women’s Health Day at Sumner Regional Medical Center in May 2011. SARAH KINGSBURY/FILE


Providing quality dental services for the whole family! 151 Indian Lake Blvd. • Hendersonville, TN 37075



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Economic development agencies Forward Sumner Economic Council 822-7610 For countywide assistance, Forward Sumner Economic Council assists corporate and small business leaders interested in site location projects in communities throughout the county. The council can provide demographics, arrange visits and connect companies with local economic development organizations. Gallatin Clay Walker, executive director of the Gallatin Economic Development Agency 451-5940 The Gallatin Economic Development Agency serves as the catalyst for community and economic development projects for the city of Gallatin. The agency also established the first formal existing industry program in the county five years ago with GEAR – Gallatin Expansion and Retention. The EDA conducts an annual wages and benefits survey that it has made available to other communities, expanding the report to include countywide data. In conjunction with the Tennessee Small Business Development Center, the EDA recently launched a resource website ( to assist potential entrepreneurs. Goodlettsville Tom Tucker, economic and community development director 851-2204 Goodlettsville ECD continues to target destination retail and corporate office relocation. Goodlettsville has stepped up the marketing program in the last two years with expanded web presence, selected print media coupled with targeted television and radio branding campaigns. Notable victories include Incredible Dave's, a 65,000square-foot entertainment

The Gallatin branch of Wilson Bank & Trust opened in June 2011. Pictured are Kathy Harris, U.S. Rep. Diane Black, Edie Kirkpatrick, Chuck Gregory, Debbie Day and Kim Sloan. DEB PINGER/FILE venue opening inside Rivergate Mall in October 2010, Prevost Motorcar, ReMedParm which relocated its headquarters from Southern California. Hendersonville Don Long, director of economic & community development 822-1000 While the City of Hendersonville has its own director of economic and community development, like other incorporated cities in the county it also has a not-forprofit, public corporation that works to assist in the planning and development of business and industrial growth in the city. The Hendersonville Industrial Development Board is made up of business leaders and representatives from all of the city’s voting districts and it operates independently from city government. The board of directors has the authority to issue bonds for the purchase of industrial, retail and office property. Portland

Denise Geminden, community development administrator 325-6776 Westmoreland Fredia Carter, city recorder 644-3382 In Westmoreland, the Economic and Industrial Development Board helps drive business to the city. The seven-member board, which operates as a leg of city government, was formed in the early 1990s but laid dormant until the city brought it back around in 2007. The board’s main project has been the $350,000 purchase in 2009 of the old Fleetwood building, which was turned into an expo and business center that opened in October 2010. White House Amanda Priest, city recorder 672-4350 ext. 2111

Smallbusiness assistance Tennessee Small Business Development Center Charles Alexander, director 230-4780 The Tennessee Small Business Development Center at Volunteer State Community College offers help to both existing and startup businesses. The center provides services through one-on-one consultations, which are free and specific to the business owner’s needs. Director Charles Alexander can also help connect businesses with resource partners like the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Revenue, local chambers of commerce, and other local, state and federal government agencies. The center also offers workshops, training and seminars throughout the year on topics like search engine optimization, business plan development and government contracting. For more information and a schedule of workshops visit

WORKSHOPS In person » How to start a small business » Social media » QuickBooks » Government contracting » Marketing Online Twenty-one online workshops are available any time at under the training section.

TSBDC 2010 ECONOMIC IMPACT » » » » » »

Client count 210 Event count 51 Attendees 703 Jobs created 47 Capital formation $1.2M Business starts 26

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CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE Sumner County chambers’ members directory (by city) (As of August 2011. All phone numbers are 615 are code unless otherwise noted. Information provided by respective chambers)

Gallatin (All are Gallatin-based, unless otherwise noted) 109 Wines & Liquors, 4521099 123 For Embroidery, 2301750 21st Century Living Services, 452-9766 A Around the Clock Bonding Co., 452-7770 A Taste of Italy, 230-7827 A+ Storage, 230-8400 AAAA Safe Stor/SOS Mobile Storage, 452-2122 Absolute Carpets, 206-1087 Accurate Autobody, 2060523 Active Spine and Joint Center, 537-5520, Hendersonville Advanced Alarms Technologies, 451-3444 Advanced Payment Solutions, 777-5020, Nashville Alexander Funeral Home, 452-2324 Alice's Rib Shack, 452-1046 Alive Hospice, 405-7909, Nashville All Access Coach Leasing, 230-7400 All Star Personnel, 5754500 Allstate Insurance, 4521500 American Computer Services, 451-4985 American Legion Post 17, 452-0590 American Red Cross, 3088449, Nashville American Security Bank & Trust, 575-7060 American Tire Center, 452-0987 AmeriGas Propane L.P., 452-3843 AMSI Mailing Service, 644-4732, Westmoreland Arbonne International, 452-9279 Area 21 Special Olympics (Sumner & Trousdale Counties), 452-8685 ASAP Printing, 822-6052, Hendersonville


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Ashley's Place/Child Advocacy Center, 451-2169 AT&T, 214-3012, Nashville Avondale at Kennesaw Farms, 230-6007 B & E Automotive, 4520009 B & M Trucking, 230-9306 Baker Enterprise, 943-5979 Baker Motor Company, 452-4363 Baker, Campbell & Parsons, 760-2376, Nashville Banc Card, 452-1752, Castalian Springs Barry's Air Conditioning & Heating, 452-5509 Batteries Plus, 461-8065 Beacon Technologies, 301-5020, Nashville Belk Department Store, 451-1660 Benny Bills Elementary School, 451-6577 Best Value Inn, 452-4521 Bethel University, 3299391, Nashville Better Block Company, 384-4578, Springfield Better Business Bureau, 250-4222, Nashville Bob Parks Realty, 826-4040 Bobby Reed Marine Works, 210-3692 Bone, McAllester, Norton, 822-8822, Hendersonville Boyd Mechanical Co., 452-7450 Bradshaw Collision Repair #4, 206-9912 Broadway Discount Liquors, 451-2727 Brown Appraisals, 4519518 Brown Properties, 4523801 Brown's Mulch Yard, 2305400 Buffalo P's, 828-4629 Buffalo Wild Wings, 2309464 Bull Creek Resort, 4525353 Cambridge Mortgage, 230-1998 Campione's Taste of Chicago, 206-6965 Care Counselors, 559-4442, Castalian Springs CarePro, 230-8251 Carl Wells & Associates, 452-1968 Carriage Drive In Cleaners, 452-3866 Cartridge World Hendersonville, 265-8651, Hen-

dersonville CenterStage Performing Arts Academy, 598-2319 Champion Car Wash, 4514702 Charles C. Parks Company, 452-2406 Charles R. Curtis Construction, 206-1401 Charlie Taylor Homes, 230-1904 Charlie's Golf Carts, 4513647 Chef Christopher's Catering/Epic Event Centre, 4521912 Chick-fil-A of Gallatin, 230-1945 Children Are People, 2305702 Christian Country Music Association, 742-9210, Nashville Christian Towers of Gallatin, 452-9363 Church's Chicken, 452-7103 Circuit Court Clerk, 4513209 Citizens Bank, 206-1748 City of Gallatin Attorney, 230-0681 City of Gallatin Codes & Planning Department, 4515968 City of Gallatin Engineer, 451-5965 City of Gallatin Finance, 451-5963 City of Gallatin Information Technology, 451-5892 City of Gallatin Mayor, 451-5961 City of Gallatin Personnel, 451-5890 City of Gallatin Public Utilities, 451-5922 City of Gallatin Public Works Department, 451-5909 City of Gallatin Recorder/ City Judge, 451-5893 City of Gallatin Special Projects Director, 451-5961 Clinard Home Improvement, 399-3066, Nashville Cobb Nursery, 451-5151 Cockeyed Pig, 461-8622 Coley & Lyles Insurance, 452-3651 Comcast, 244-7462, Nashville Comfort Inn, 230-8300 Commerce Union Bank, 575-7200 Commercial Credit Reports, (800) 748-6290, Hendersonville

Community Greeting Service, (270) 842-5566, Alvaton, KY COMPASS, 451-5200 Competition Powder Coaters, 452-7317 Computer MD, 230-6348, Castalian Springs Computer Sales & Service, 668-9185 Concept One Screen Printing, 452-2900 Corlew Appliance Parts & Service, 451-3661 Cottage Rose Decor, 4513887 Covenant Plastics, 9891347 Cozy Living, 452-2046 Crestview Funeral Home, Memory Gardens, & Cremation, 452-1943 Critter Clinic, 452-1477 Cumberland Electric Membership, 452-3703 Cumberland Mental Health Services, 452-1354 Cumberland River, 451-4001, Lebanon Curd Construction, 4060515 David M. Amonette & Associates, 452-5537 David McKenzie Jewelers, 452-0062 Davidson Academy, 8605300, Nashville Dean Oil Company, 4522947 Depot Square Entertainment, 451-1535 Derryberry's Heat & Air, 452-8121 Deshea Creek Gallery & Gifts, 417-0636 Designs by Julie, 731-4218182, Jackson, TN Destiny Cheer & Fitness, 452-2345 Digitec, 858-1534, Hermitage Diversified Ventures Telecom Services, 230-6433 D'Lish Delivery, 452-4545 Donoho, Holt & Legge Insurance, 230-7704 Dr. Charles Moffatt, 4520793 East Camp Village, 4513610 Edward Jones Investments, 451-1672 Edward Jones Investments, 452-9927 Elmcroft of Henderson-

Your Cemetery & Funeral Home Needs Combined Together. Two locations to serve you.

Hendersonville Memory Gardens Funeral Home & Cremation Center 353 Johnny Cash Parkway, Hendersonville, TN 615-824-3855



Helping you create meaningful goodbyes and honoring your family legacy!

Crestview Funeral Home, Memory Gardens & Cremation 1623 Highway 109 North, Gallatin, TN 615-452-1943


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CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE/GALLATIN ville, 264-2440, Hendersonville Emergency Management Agency, 452-7584 Emeritus at Gallatin, 4517722 Energy Automation Systems Incorporated, 822-7250 Eric E. Schuh, DDS, 2306611 Ernie Reyes' World Martial Arts, 230-9658 Esprit Images Photography, 451-1212 Extreme Lawn Service & Landscaping, 828-3801 Faces of Hope Children's Therapy Center, 206-1176 Fairvue Tire & Service, 452-7686 Family Chiropractic Center, 452-5250 Family Heritage Funeral Home, 452-7115 Fann Motors, 206-1770 Farm Credit Services, 452-3852, Springfield FASTSIGNS, 590-7526, Hendersonville Fifth Third Bank, 451-7001 Financial Partners Group,

230-9700 Firestone Complete Auto Care, 452-2371 First Baptist Church, 4528189 First Baptist Church of Gallatin, 452-5715 First State, 452-6869 First Tennessee Bank, 452-1464 Fisher Asphalt Sealcoating & Striping, 416-3773, Hendersonville Foreign Currency Incorporated, 496-6732 Forward Sumner Economic Council, 822-7610, Hendersonville Foster's Floor Covering, 451-4838 Four Lake Authority, 3744607, Hartsville Four-Way M & M, 452-5950 Freebird Bail Bonds, 2303171 Freedom Church, 451-6299 Friends of Bledsoe Creek State Park, 347-3639 Friends of the Gallatin Public Library, 452-1722 G.E.D.S., 452-4954

Gallatin Arts Council, 452-9129 Gallatin Children's Clinic, 451-9246 Gallatin Civic Center, 451-5911 Gallatin Country Club, 452-6988 Gallatin Day Care Center, 452-2518 Gallatin Dental Care, 4522191 Gallatin Department of Electricity, 452-5152 Gallatin Economic Development Agency, 451-5940 Gallatin Farmers' Market, 452-5692 Gallatin Fire Department, 452-2771 Gallatin First Church of The Nazarene, 452-2101 Gallatin Flower & Gift Shoppe, 452-1679 Gallatin High School, 4522621 Gallatin Jazzercise, 2758861 Gallatin Leisure Service (Civic Center), 451-5911 Gallatin Lions Club, 428-

1127 Gallatin Liquor Store, 452-7804 Gallatin Marina, 452-9876 Gallatin Mini Storage, 452-8091 Gallatin News Examiner, 452-2561 Gallatin Noon Rotary Club, 452-5250 Gallatin Optical, 452-2111 Gallatin Police Department, 452-1313 Gallatin Printing Co., 4523095 Gallatin Public Library, 452-1722 Gallatin Senior Citizens Center, 451-1531 Gallatin Shalom Zone, 442-7575 Gallatin Womens Center, 452-8705 Gap Inc., 230-2300 Garrott Brothers Continuous Mix, 452-2385 Garver Builders, 417-5675 Gateway Tire & Service Center, 206-9898 Gene Carman Real Estate & Auctions, 452-5341

Voted Best of Sumner County in 3 Categories! BEST SALON, BEST SPA/MASSAGE & BEST MANICURE/PEDICURE

Refresh by receiving a customized facial & hydrating body treatment with a steam shower or soak. Relax by enjoying one of our award winning massages. Transform Your Look in our full-service hair & nail salons, and by make-up application. During your time down, continue your STAYCATION in our air cushion, zero gravity loungers.

Spa Catering is available for those who would like to stop & enjoy a private lunch with a friend in a relaxed atmosphere. PERFECT FOR BRIDAL PARTIES & OTHER GROUPS! GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE! 179 Hancock Street, Suite 205 • Gallatin,TN I I (615) 230-2962


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CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE/GALLATIN General Tire Service, 452-2552 Gibson Furniture & Patio, 452-4420 Golden Living Center Brandywood, 452-7132 Good Neighbor Mission & Crisis Center, 452-7337 Goodall Homes & Communities, 451-5029 Goodlettsville Chamber of Commerce, 859-7979, Goodlettsville Goodwill Industries of Middle TN, 452-7886 Gordy's Garbage and Recycling Service, 451-2805, Castalian Springs Grace Manor Assisted Living, 724-0109, Nashville Greater Gallatin, 452-5692 Grecians Greek and Italian Cuisine, 230-7200 Green & Little, 452-4500 Green Bank, 575-5305 Green Bank, 452-9000 Gregory Real Estate, 4529949 H & R Block, 452-8183 H & R Block, 230-1055 H G Hill Market #15, 452-

0122 H. Glenn Jones, DD S, 452-6765 Habilitation and Training Services, (HATS), 451-0974 Habitat for Humanity of Sumner County, 452-9606 Hair & Body Day Spa & Salon, 230-2962 Half Time Sports Bar and Grill, 461-8362 Halo Properties, 822-3509, Hendersonville Hampton Inn - Gallatin, 206-9595 Hangar 767, 230-3100 Harsh and Harsh, Attorneys at Law, 452-4611 Haynes Realtors & Sycamore Springs, 452-7500 Health Source Chiropractic & Progressive Rehab, 230-0490 Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce, 824-2818, Hendersonville Hendersonville Medical Center, 338-1000, Hendersonville Hiller Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling, 292-6110, Nashville

Hodges Group, 325-2741, Portland Hoeganaes Corporation, 451-2000 Holleman Trucking & Excavating, 452-3385 Home Health Care of Middle Tennessee, 351-1089, Springfield Home Helpers, 934-3151, Hendersonville Humane Society of Sumner County, 822-0061, Hendersonville Hyatt Place, 826-4301, Hendersonville Iced Bake Shop, 206-8678 Invitations Etc, 230-7948 ITW CIP Fasteners, 4521002 James B. (Jim) Hawkins, Attorney at Law, 452-9200 Jameson Inn, 451-4494 Jamil Packaging Corporation, 451-9533 Jamison Bedding, 451-2424 Joe Warren Jones, CPA, 452-7764 Johnny Woodard, CPA, 230-6563 Jones and Company Hair

Proudly Serving Hendersonville for over 3 decades!





Mention Fact Book For Half Off Any Color Service Suite 205, City Square • Hendersonville Call for Appointment

Design, 230-8950 Jonesy's, 708-3329 JR Wireless - Boost Mobile, 989-1284 Julesbury Press, 604-4144 Junior Service League of Gallatin, 881-2269 Kelly & Smith Law Office, 452-2000 ext. 10 Kelly Services, 452-9875 Kennesaw Farms, 824-2500 Key-Stewart United Methodist Church, 451-1705 Keystone Business Solutions, 826-3500, Hendersonville Kingsley Photography, 957-1670 Kroger, 451-2802 Kroger Marketplace, 2303900 LA Creative, 481-4839 Lakeside Stor-n-Loc Volunteers, 230-6464, Lebanon Laminate Technologies of Tennessee, 451-4554 Landscape Services, 3913434, Nashville Langley Properties Company, 859-253-2255, Lexington, KY


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    *''- %*"+' .  %,  . ')(+!""    &     . )    .      TN-0000730449


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CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE/GALLATIN General Tire Service, 452-2552 Gibson Furniture & Patio, 452-4420 Golden Living Center Brandywood, 452-7132 Good Neighbor Mission & Crisis Center, 452-7337 Goodall Homes & Communities, 451-5029 Goodlettsville Chamber of Commerce, 859-7979, Goodlettsville Goodwill Industries of Middle TN, 452-7886 Gordy's Garbage and Recycling Service, 451-2805, Castalian Springs Grace Manor Assisted Living, 724-0109, Nashville Greater Gallatin, 452-5692 Grecians Greek and Italian Cuisine, 230-7200 Green & Little, 452-4500 Green Bank, 575-5305 Green Bank, 452-9000 Gregory Real Estate, 4529949 H & R Block, 452-8183 H & R Block, 230-1055 H G Hill Market #15, 452-

0122 H. Glenn Jones, DD S, 452-6765 Habilitation and Training Services, (HATS), 451-0974 Habitat for Humanity of Sumner County, 452-9606 Hair & Body Day Spa & Salon, 230-2962 Half Time Sports Bar and Grill, 461-8362 Halo Properties, 822-3509, Hendersonville Hampton Inn - Gallatin, 206-9595 Hangar 767, 230-3100 Harsh and Harsh, Attorneys at Law, 452-4611 Haynes Realtors & Sycamore Springs, 452-7500 Health Source Chiropractic & Progressive Rehab, 230-0490 Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce, 824-2818, Hendersonville Hendersonville Medical Center, 338-1000, Hendersonville Hiller Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling, 292-6110, Nashville

Hodges Group, 325-2741, Portland Hoeganaes Corporation, 451-2000 Holleman Trucking & Excavating, 452-3385 Home Health Care of Middle Tennessee, 351-1089, Springfield Home Helpers, 934-3151, Hendersonville Humane Society of Sumner County, 822-0061, Hendersonville Hyatt Place, 826-4301, Hendersonville Iced Bake Shop, 206-8678 Invitations Etc, 230-7948 ITW CIP Fasteners, 4521002 James B. (Jim) Hawkins, Attorney at Law, 452-9200 Jameson Inn, 451-4494 Jamil Packaging Corporation, 451-9533 Jamison Bedding, 451-2424 Joe Warren Jones, CPA, 452-7764 Johnny Woodard, CPA, 230-6563 Jones and Company Hair

Proudly Serving Hendersonville for over 3 decades!





Mention Fact Book For Half Off Any Color Service Suite 205, City Square • Hendersonville Call for Appointment

Design, 230-8950 Jonesy's, 708-3329 JR Wireless - Boost Mobile, 989-1284 Julesbury Press, 604-4144 Junior Service League of Gallatin, 881-2269 Kelly & Smith Law Office, 452-2000 ext. 10 Kelly Services, 452-9875 Kennesaw Farms, 824-2500 Key-Stewart United Methodist Church, 451-1705 Keystone Business Solutions, 826-3500, Hendersonville Kingsley Photography, 957-1670 Kroger, 451-2802 Kroger Marketplace, 2303900 LA Creative, 481-4839 Lakeside Stor-n-Loc Volunteers, 230-6464, Lebanon Laminate Technologies of Tennessee, 451-4554 Landscape Services, 3913434, Nashville Langley Properties Company, 859-253-2255, Lexington, KY


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    *''- %*"+' .  %,  . ')(+!""    &     . )    .      TN-0000730449


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FACT BOOK 2012 |


CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE/GALLATIN Larriviere's Restaurant, 451-2772 Leadership Sumner Lebanon Chamber of Commerce, 444-5503, Lebanon Lee Raines Insurance Agency, 452-5833 Lenny's Sub Shop, 452-3800 Liberty Baptist Church, 206-8232 Lime Deli, 442-8323 Linatex Corporation of America, 230-2226 Lindsey Wilson College, 448-5455 Littlestone of Village Green, 451-1500 Logan's Roadhouse, 2069393 Long Hollow Gardens & Nursery, 451-2666 Long Hollow Golf Course, 451-3120 Long Hollow Golf Course, 451-3120 Longhorn Steakhouse, 206-9063 Lowe's of Gallatin, 2302708 Mapco Mart/Quiznos, 4511233 Maple Street Properties, 451-0991 Martin Realty House, 451-0480 Mary J. Clement, Ph.D., 206-1343 Mary Kay Cosmetics Charlene Mason, 451-1150 Matchett and Associates/ Architects, 451-1505 Max Electric Motor Service, 452-2970 Mays Dentistry Family and Cosmetic, 452-1225 McDonald's Restaurant, 452-5300 McGee Florist, 452-4312 McKendree Lambuth Retirement Community, 2302267 McMillan Veterinary Clinic, 451-0522 McMurray and Associates, CPA, 824-2724, Hendersonville Medical Billing Partnership, 230-6092 Melaleuca, 306-6121, Greenbrier Melanie's Custom Framing, 452-6227 Michael's Attic, 451-7841 Mid-Cumberland Community Action Agency, 452-7570 Miracle Chrysler, Dodge &


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Jeep, 452-2792 Miracle Ford, 452-5267 MJS Investigations, 5904258, Hendersonville Monell's at Fitzgerald Manor, 230-8335 Montessori Achievement Academy, 349-6629, Lebanon Montgomery Engineering, 230-9089 Morningside of Gallatin, 230-5600 MP Security, 451-3444 Ms. Sue's Skin Care Center & Med Spa, 452-6677 Mudd Properties, 957-2695 Murray Machine & Tool Co., 452-0308 My Hot Yoga Place, 8229642(YOGA), Hendersonville Nashville Apartment Guide, 360-0073, Nashville Nashville Electric Service, 747-3876, Nashville National College of Business & Technology, 612-3015, Madison Nationwide Studios, 4528353 Nature's Point Stone, 4512330 NCG Gallatin, 451-9500 Neat Freaks, 582-5884, Goodlettsville Needle Bent Tattoos and Piercing, 451-0488 Newgy Industries, 4526470 Newton Nissan, 451-6827 Nicol Financial Services, 390-0445 Occasions/5 Chefs, 3259500, Portland Office Furniture Nashville, 242-7220, Nashville Olympian Construction Co., 248-8843, Hendersonville Oral Health Associates, 451-3833 Orgain Family Vision Care, 824-5486, Hendersonville Our Saviour Episcopal Church, 452-7146 Pain Solutions of Gallatin, 230-3045 Painturo's, 230-7444 PathFinders, 374-9397, Castalian Springs Patient Partners Surgery Center, 575-9000 Pediatric Dentistry, 8245047, Hendersonville Perfect Fit Image Apparel, 451-2226 Perfect Pay, 230-1605 Perkins Drugs and Gift

Shoppe, 452-6111 Phillips & Ingrum, 4528030 Polka Dots & Pigtails, 989-1671 Pope John Paul II High School, 822-2375, Hendersonville Porter Paints, 452-1580 Portland Chamber of Commerce, 325-9032, Portland Precision Coach Interiors, 451-9767 Premier Grounds Maintenance, 452-2752 Premier Payroll Consultants, 230-7704 Pritchett's Tax Service, 230-8453 Pro Medical Corporation, 230-3000 Publix Grocery Store, 451-6285 Puryear Farms Nursery/ Landscaping, 452-8948 Quality Printing Company, 452-7653 R & S Groundskeeping, 451-7911, Castalian Springs R. C. Owen Company, 4525658 R. R. Donnelley & Sons, 230-1210 Randy Jones Construction, 452-7731 Ray Whitley, Tennessee District Attorney General, 451-5810 RE/MAX Choice Properties - Gwen Dowland, 531-0011 RE/MAX Choice Properties - Mike Gaughan, 8222003, Hendersonville Reed's Home Improvement, 484-8201, Westmoreland Regions Bank, 230-4600 Regions Bank, 230-4688 Renal Advantage, 452-0913 RHA Health Services, 206-1883 Ricardo's Mexican Restaurant, 230-0590 Ricardo's Mexican Restaurant, 230-5650 Richard Suter Photography, 390-1844 Rising Sun Karate & Fitness, 293-8017 Robert G. Glass, D.D.S., 452-2081 Rochelle's Pet Supplies, 206-8133 Rock Bridge Cottage Nursery, 230-8733 Rock-Tenn Company, 452-

7620 Rockwood Church, 5820726 Rocky Top Septic & Portable Toilets, 476-4464, Portland Rockys Tuff Trucks & Accessories, 452-8834 Rogers Group, 451-4777 Ron Hibbard Toyota, 2309000 Ronnie Fox, CPA, 452-8256 Saddlebrook Homes, 4521164 Safe Place for Animals (SPA), Thrift Store, and Grooming Center, 451-7342 Salvus Center, 451-0038 Saundra Boyd, 452-6762 Savannah, (859) 229-6306 Schroeder Chiropractic, 451-4306 Sea of Silver & Sass, 4521955 Secure Self Storage, 4520933 ServPro Industries, 4510200 ServPro of Sumner County, 822-0200 Shady Cove Resort & Marina, 452-8010, Castalian Springs Shangri-La Massage & Wellness Center, 451-2708 Shelter Insurance, 4522472 Sherwin-Williams, 4524661 Shook's Film & Glass Service, 428-1515, Bethpage Signature Cleaners, 2060067 Simpson Strong-Tie Company, 230-8788 Sirls-London Agency, 4528080 Skincare by Traci (Rodan & Fields), 451-7266 Southern Directories, 212-2220, Springfield Southern Sports Medical Institute, 452-3320 Southgate Mini Warehouses, 230-6658 Southside Baptist Church & K-12 Christian School, 4525951 Sport Clips Haircuts (Patlan LLC), 451-7399 Sprint - JStar Wireless, 451-5100 SRS, Inc, 230-2966 St. John Vianney Catholic Church and School, 452-2977 St. Luke A. M. E. Church,

CHAMBERS/GALLATIN, GOODLETTSVILLE 452-3137 Staffmark, 451-1111 Star Physical Therapy, 451-5158 State Farm Insurance Anna Stephens, 452-2740 State Farm Insurance Jeannie Gregory, 452-7133 State Farm InsuranceCraig Hayes, 452-1303 State Farm InsuranceLarry Treadway, 452-5735 State Representative Debra Young Maggart, 741-3893, Nashville State Representative Mike McDonald, 888-3081, Nashville Station Camp Band Boosters, 394-6878 Station Camp High School, 451-6551 Station Camp Market, 452-1585 Stoneridge Farms @ the Hunt Club, 451-7057 Sumner Academy, 452-1914 Sumner Bank & Trust, 451-4151 Sumner County Adult Education Advisory Council, 451-5415 Sumner County Anti-Drug Coalition, 461-8243 Sumner County Board of Education, 451-5206 Sumner County Career Center, 451-5800 Sumner County CASA, 451-1688 Sumner County Clerk, 452-4063 Sumner County Convention & Visitors Bureau, 2308474 Sumner County Co-op, 452-1755 Sumner County EMS, 451-0429 Sumner County Executive, 452-3604 Sumner County Family YMCA, 826-9622, Hendersonville Sumner County Food Bank, 206-8232 Sumner County Museum, 451-3738 Sumner County Ornamental, 230-8649 Sumner County Regional Airport Authority, 452-7248 Sumner County Register of Deeds, 452-3892 Sumner County Resource Authority, 452-1114

Sumner County Sheriff's Office, 452-2616 Sumner County Trustee, 452-1260 Sumner Eye Care, 4522020 Sumner Gun & Supply, 934-9825 Sumner Medical Group, 230-8070 Sumner Regional Medical Center, 328-8888 Sumner Spay Neuter Alliance, 452-8742 Sun Loan, 451-7885 Suncrest Home Health, 230-0009 Susan Maddux Reed, 3903680 Swim World Pools, 4521669 Target Marketing, (800) 933-3909, Crescent Springs Taylor Gymnastics Academy (formerly Dynamics), 451-2055 Tennessee Chamber of Commerce & Industry, 2565141, Nashville Tennessee Hardware, 452-9309 Tennessee Laser Express, 230-0880 Tennessee Network Cabling Solutions, 206-8222 Tennessee Rehabilitation Center, 451-5826 Tennessee State University, 963-7001, Nashville Tennessee Technology Center @ Hartsville, 374-2147 Tennessee Tire and Auto Clinic, 452-8855 The Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cafe', 230-1002 The Crown Business Group, 504-1275 The Dinner Bell Restaurant, 206-8629 The Gallatin Newspaper, 452-4940 The Hancock House Bed and Breakfast, 452-8431 The Milliken Companies, 264-0800, Hendersonville The Palace Theatre, 2300884 The Pick Inn, 452-7321 The Pizza Machine & Company, 989-1434 The Red Tulip, 206-1395 The Tennessee Credit Union, 452-7910 The UPS Store, 230-9030 The Whippoorwill, 2309130

The Wood Shop, 452-5234 Thomas 'Tip' Martin, Attorney at Law, 452-1519 Three-Star Program, 5321291, Nashville Tigges Chiropractic, 4521575 Tim Bar Packaging and Display, 452-0110 TN Nails, 452-2800 Top Hog BBQ, 504-3971 Trevecca Nazarene University, 248-1555 Trinity Music City, 8228333, Hendersonville Trinity Pediatrics, PC, 575-1080 Tru Vista Windows and Doors, 230-7795 TVA Gallatin Fossil Plant, 230-4000 Tyree Woods Company, 452-0313 U. S. Congressman Diane Black, 896-1989, Murfreesboro U.S. Pest Protection, 5901260, Hendersonville Ultimate Nails, 461-6028 Uncle Hanks Bar & Grill, 230-8942 Union University, 447-1342, Hendersonville United Way of Sumner County, 461-8371 U-Save Auto Rental/B&T Auto Rentals, 452-5934 Ventures, 452-5534 Verizon Wireless, 452-7800 Vic Jenkins Automotive Co., 452-3037 Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 240 Sumner Co., 479-8619 Villages of Gallatin, 2300017 Virtual Goldmine Web Design, 480-4035, Hendersonville Visionary Eyecare Center, 824-4246, Hendersonville Volunteer State Bank, 452-6666 Volunteer State Community College, 230-3571 Walgreens #2, 451-5145 Wallace Custom Builders, 330-9201 Wal-Mart Supercenter, 452-8452 Waste Management of Tennessee, 831-9600, Antioch Weakley-Smith Insurance, 264-2917, Hendersonville Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, 206-1577

Wendy's #1, 452-2118 Wendy's #2, 452-6513 Westmoreland Chamber of Commerce, 644-3382 WHIN AM 1010, 451-0450 White House Chamber of Commerce, 672-3937 White House Utility District, 672-3073, White House Wholesale Supply Group, 452-8888 Wil-Ro, 452-6119 Wilson Bank & Trust, 4421470 Winfred M. Vaughn, 4527513 Woodmen of the World, 969-0238, Goodlettsville WorkForce Essentials, 452-1964 Wortman Works Media & Marketing/Jewelweed Design Studio & Mercantile, 451-7781 York Guns & Ammo, 2307551 Zaxby's, 451-2992

Goodlettsville (All are Goodlettsvillebased, unless otherwise noted) 31-W Liquor Store, 8590869 94 FM The Fish, 367-2210, Nashville A Healthier U, 429-6662, Springfield Ace Photography, 513-7273 ADT Security Services, 405-7897, Nashville Advanced Payment Solutions, 416-3993, Nashville Advantage Properties, 859-6500 Alive Hospice, 327-1085, Nashville All Star Screen Designs, 859-2314 Allison Companies, 8595095 Allstate Insurance Co., 859-1008Ambassadors Formalwear by Gilda , 865-4640, Madison American Family Orthodontics, 865-6551, Madison Artists on Main, 5005272American Home Design, 361-6100American Lease Plans, 859-2004 American Red Cross, 3089059, Nashville American Tire Company, 859-3426 AnnaBelle Antiques, 855-

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CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE/GOODLETTSVILLE 1984 Anytime Fitness of Goodlettsville, 420-6364 Arby’s, 851-1115 Armed Services Mutual Benefit Assoc., 851-0800 Artists on Main, 500-5272 Associated Business Services, 851-6423 Associated Wholesale Grocers, 859-4171 AT&T, 214-3012, Nashville, Auto Loan of Tennessee, 859-1138 B.F. Myers Furniture, 859-1301 Bakers Chapel Church, 859-0754 Bar-B-Cutie, 612-6312, Madison Steve Barger, 319-7328 Baymont Inn and Suites, 859-1771 Beech High School, 8246200, Hendersonville Bellevue Chamber of Commerce, 662-2737, Nashville Nancy Bennett, 859-8009 Bill Benz, 859-0167 Jack Benz, 859-4720 Best Western Fairwinds Inn, 851-1067 Better Business Bureau, 242-4222, Nashville Bill Dorris and Associates, 868-0396 Jane Birdwell, 859-3142 U.S. Rep. Diane Black, 202-225-4231, Nashville Bob Frensley Chrysler Jeep Dodge, 859-0000, Madison Bone, McAllester Norton, 822-8822, Hendersonville Salley Bracey, 822-9101, Hendersonville Bradley Inspection Services, 851-6730 Brewster’s Hand Crafted Beer, 420-6130, Madison Bridal Warehouse, 8551005 Broker Headquarters Group, 859-6978, Madison Buck’s Barbeque, 855-6565, 859-1998 Busy Bee Printing, 8220037, Hendersonville C. David Pitzer, 851-2727 Cannon and Cannon Attorneys, 851-1880 Carlin Dental, 431-2723, Hendersonville Carpet Sales and Service, 860-5600, Nashville The Carter Company, 865-


| FACT BOOK 2012

3966, Madison Century 21 Premier, 8599500 Chef’s Market, Café and Take-Away, 851-2433 Chick-fil-A Rivergate, 851-4007, Madison Children’s Dentistry, 8553088 Chili’s Restaurant, 8519377, Madison Choate Eye Associates, 851-7575 City of Goodlettsville, 851-2200 City of Millersville, 8590880 Clarity Title, 448-6494 Clean Quik Carpets, 8769935 Joel Clifton, 512-6800 Clinard Home Improvement, 399-3066, Nashville Cobblestone Luxury Townhomes, 545-6999, Brentwood Cody’s Pub and Eatery, 855-3802 Cole and Garrett Funeral Homes, 859-5231 Cole Family Practice, 874-3422 Color and Spa Café, 8515970 Comcast Cable, 244-7462, Nashville Comfort Suites, 448-2100 The Community Ledger, 391-4826, Hermitage Community Planners, 426-3017 Companion Animal Hospital, 851-0833 Connell Memorial United Methodist Church, 859-5915 Constructive 9, 512-3469, Nashville Cornerstone Church, 8656655, Madison Country Inn and Suites, 851-4444 Crave Designs, 868-9288, Nashville Cross Point Community Church-North Campus, 2984422, Nashville Crossroads Services Group, 851-2191 Crye-Leike Realtors, 8510888 Cunningham Motor Company, 859-7781 Curves for Women, 8550222 D&T Arms, 448-6293 Peggy Dailey, 859-3834 Danny Snyder Insurance,

859-0600, Madison David Patton Construction, 859-0240 Davidson Academy, 8605300, Nashville Denham-Blythe Company, 855-2244 Depot Bar and Grill, 3828584, Springfield Des-Case, 672-8800 Dick Bundy’s Regency Jewelers, 859-5268, Madison Dinner Bell Restaurant, 865-2263, Madison Dixie Youth Baseball League, 476-9088 Dog’s Life (And Cats Too), 851-3643 Dollar General Corporation, 855-4000 Dominate Nashville, 5171954 Donaldson and Brown, CPAs, 859-6302 Donelson/Hermitage Chamber of Commerce, 8837896, Nashville Duffey Advertising/Marketing, 851-2330 Duke’s Wrecker Service, 859-4004 Ed Medical, 822-8888, Hendersonville Edward Jones, 851-9800 Electric Service Credit Union, 779-6084, Nashville Elmcroft of Hendersonville, 264-2440 Elsa Morris, 397-8156, Madison Enchanted Threads, 8553275 Evelyn Eubanks, 824-7553, Hendersonville Expressways to Learning, 851-9703, Nashville F&M Bank, 338-3839, Hendersonville Fairfield Missionary Baptist Church, 256-6435 Faith Presbyterian Church, 859-1130 The Farmers Bank, 8519910Millersville Farmers Insurance Group, 859-0969, Madison David Fergusson, 299-1622 Fifth Third Bank, 8556357, Madison Firehouse Subs, 448-6069 First Bank, 851-4620 First Baptist Church, 8591346 First Place Trophy, 8220857, Hendersonville First Response, 868-9110

First State, 851-2265 Flourgirls, 851-7437 Forest Lawn Funeral Home and Memorial Garden, 859-5279 Forward Sumner Economic Council, 822-7610, Hendersonville Fox Collection Center, 859-2891 Franklin American Mortgage Co., 778-1000, Franklin, TN Quint Fryer, 270-776-5370, Franklin, KY Gallatin Area Chamber of Commerce, 452-4000 Garrett Insurance, 8593496 Gaylord Opryland Hotel, 405-3014, Nashville John Gibson, 429-3643 Ginny Jeffrey, Halo Realty, 430-2571, Hendersonville Glen Oak Clubhouse Rental, 822-1755, Hendersonville Glitz Bridal, 646-9964, Nashville Goodall Homes, 451-5029, Gallatin Goodlettsville Area Chamber of Commerce, 859-7979 Goodlettsville Ace Hardware, 859-6528 Goodlettsville Animal Hospital, 859-1277 Goodlettsville Church of Christ, 859-5381 Goodlettsville Church of the Nazarene Goodlettsville Collision Center, 859-5121 Goodlettsville Courtyard by Marriott, 851-3000 Goodlettsville Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 8595888 Goodlettsville Help Center, 859-4706 Goodlettsville Library, 862-5862 Goodlettsville Middle School, 859-8956 Goodlettsville Pentecostal Church, 859-9450 Goodpasture Christian School, 868-2600, Madison Goodwill Industries, 3847867, Springfield Gordon Food Service, 859-0283 Grace Manor Assisted Living, 724-0109, Nashville Grady Bryant, D.D.S., 859-3386 Grand Central Party Rent-

CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE/GOODLETTSVILLE al, 868-3747, Madison Gray Line Nashville, 8835555 Grubbs and Ellis/Centennial, 320-7500, Nashville GSG Computer, 826-0017, Hendersonville David Guenther, CPA, 859-1300 H&R Block, 865-5811, Madison H.G. Hills, 859-3136 W.J. Hailey, 859-2224 Hallmark Hyundai, 8593200, Hendersonville Hallmark Volkswagen at Rivergate, 859-3200, Madison Hall’s Custom Cabinetry, 566-9343, Joelton Hampton Inn, 851-2828 Hancock Jewelers, 8510633 Haynes, Freeman and Bracey, 859-1328 Head to Toe, 859-0173 Hemphill and Moore Realty and Auction, 382-9991 Hendersonville Area Chamber of Commerce, 8242818 Hendersonville Christian Academy, 824-1550 Hendersonville Star News, 452-2561 High Maintenance Salon, 859-4274 Historic Mansker Station, 859-3678 Anthony Holt, 452-3604, Gallatin Home Décor Direct, 4762309 HoneyBaked Ham, 8517300 Humane Society of Sumner County, Hendersonville Hunters Lane Comprehensive High, 860-1401, Nashville

Hyatt Place, 826-4301, Hendersonville Imagine Goodlettsville, 496-2100 Incredible Dave’s, 5432906 Bob Ingram, 868-0845, Nashville Innovative Financial Group, 385-3867, Nashville Insurance Since 1976, 431-2908, Hendersonville Integrated Health and Wellness Center, 888-334-5957 Integrity Power Wash, 406-6942 iZigg-Mona Hitch Just Get It, 429-6662, Springfield J&M Trading, 870-1101 j Designs, 745-9444, Portland JCPenney Company, 8593461 Jenkins Chiropractic, 420-6622 Jim Cooper for Congress, 736-5295, Nashville John Shelby Insurance, 851-7716 Kabuto Japanese Steak, Seafood & Sushi, 851-4004 Keller Williams Realty, 474-9400, Hendersonville Kelley Staffing Services, 851-2998 Kelly Vision Center, 8512998 Ken Binkley Sign Co., 859-1177 Keystone Business Solutions, 826-3500, Hendersonville KFC/AJS Associates, 3614752 Kickin’ Coffee and Tea, 868-3837, Madison KinderCare Learning Center, 851-1362

The King’s Daughters Child Development Center, 865-5164, Madison Kroger Company Store 541, 859-1016 Lakeside Title and Escrow, 420-6600 Margaret Larobardiere, 862-5204, Nashville Law Office of Michael Ponce, 851-1776 Law Office of Robert G. Wheeler, Jr., 834-0071 Lending Hand Mortgage, 859-5363 Lenoxgate Apartments, 851-4322 Lizards&Lace Children’s Boutique, 859-5225 Liz’s Kitchen, 851-4449 Loden Vision Center, 8593937 Long Hollow Chiropractic and Acupuncture, 851-3900 Long Hollow Jamboree, 824-4445 Long Hollow Winery, 8595559 Love and Yount Realtors, 859-0706 Maaco America’s Body Shop, 457-1234, Madison Madison Creek Elementary, 859-4991 Madison Creek Farms, 448-6207 Madison Goodlettsville Rotary, 931-242-4354, Madison Madison-Rivergate Chamber of Commerce, 865-5400, Madison Madison Suburban Utility District, 868-3201 Madison Swimming Pools, 865-2964 Debra Maggart, 207-5424, Hendersonville Magnolia Exterminating

Co., 859-2400, Hendersonville Main Street Travel Co., 345-6663, Hendersonville Marc. S. Bail Painting, 299-5604, Whites Creek Martin’s Gym (Personal Trainer), 557-3516 Mary Cay Koen, D.D.S.M.S., 851-1222 Maybelle Carter Retirement Life Community, 8682290, Madison McDonald’s, 851-7266 The Memorial Foundation, 822-9499, Hendersonville Metro Baptist Church, 859-1184 Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority, 275-1608, Nashville Metropolitan Nashville Trustee’s Office, 862-6330, Nashville Middle Tennessee Futbol Club, 838-3539 Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia, 868-6503, Madison Miller Motte Technical College, 859-8090, Madison Millersville Winlectric Co., 859-8977, Millersville Miracle Chrysler-DodgeJeep, 452-2792, Gallatin Monarch Transporters, 635-3778, Hendersonville Monkey Joe’s, 915-0561, Madison Moore’s FloorCovering, 859-2351 Tom Mosier, 859--3312 Moveable Feast, 338-4400, Hendersonville Mr Fix It All, 643-3366, Greenbrier Myers Valuation Associates, 324-3855 Nashville Area Chamber


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CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE/GOODLETTSVILLE of Commerce, 743-3000, Nashville Nashville Country RV Park, 859-0348 Nashville Cowboy Church, 859-1001 Nashville Electric Service, 747-3876, Nashville New South Federal Savings Bank, 865-4704 Northcreek Chiropractic Clinic, 851-0515 Northfork Industrial Park, 352-2200, Nashville Nossi College of Art, 5142787, Nashville Office Depot, 860-4783, Madison OHM, 230-1000, Gallatin The Old Fashioned Smiley Hollow, 859-6310, Ridgetop Old Hickory Country Club, 847-3966, Old Hickory Old Hickory Credit Union, 847-4043 Elizabeth Page, 891-3530, Madison Painturo’s Real Italian, 859-2522 Panera Bread, 860-8522, Madison Papa Murphy’s Pizza, 8591711 Papyrus, 859-6568 Douglas Pardue, 859-9370 Parent/Teacher Store USA, 859-3007 Parker, Parker and Associates, CPA, 859-8800 Parkway Baptist Church, 865-2325 Paul Winkler Inc., 851-1950 Peoplelink Staffing Solutions, 859-6767 Phillips Builders, 859-0034 Piccadilly Apartments of Windsor Green Pinnacle Financial Part-

ners/Community Volunteer, 744-3290 Plaza Bar & Grill, 855-2993 Pope John Paul II High School, 822-2375, Hendersonville Portland Chamber of Commerce, 325-9032, Portland Precision Auto Care, 8663145, Madison Premier Designs, 868-8890 Premier Orthopaedics, 860-1580, Nashville Preston Run Apartments, 851-7670 PrimeLending, 400-4024, Hendersonville Pro Comp, 294-6151 Pro Massage Health Solutions, 448-6446 Pro Sports Etc., 889-9441 Publix Super Markets, 851-7180 Roger D. Perry, CPA, 8516081 C. David Pitzer, CPA, 8512727 Precision Termite and Pest Control, 232-7378, Nashville PuroClean, 431-3110, Hendersonville Quillen Bros., Windows, 419-636-1303 R Salon, 559-1049 Randstad, 859-6425, Madison RCC Western Store, 8594600 Red Roof Inn, 859-2537 Regions Bank-Rivergate, 748-6080 Regions Bank-Goodlettsville, 851-5200 ReMedPar, 859-1303 Renasant Bank, 851-5303 Republic Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, 865-3005, Madison


The Retreat at Dry Creek Farms, 859-9850 Richards and Southern, 859-4121 Ridgetop Station Park, 859-0596, Ridgetop Riley’s, 420-6335 Rivergate Chiropractic, 859-6677, Madison Rivergate Dental Care, 859-7117 Rivergate Dermatology, 859-7546 RiverGate Mall, 859-3458 Rivergate Med Spa, 8599840 Rivergate Pediatrics, 8596650 Rivergate Skate Center, 868-3692, Madison Rivergate Sports Medicine Orthopedic Surg., 264-4785, Hendersonville Rivergate Toyota, 8687990, Madison Rivergate Wines and Liquors, 859-0867 Robertson County Chamber of Commerce, 384-3800, Springfield Rodan and Fields Dermatologists-Independent Consultant, 400-6741 Roger Denton Heating and Cooling, 672-3335 Roger Smith Insurance, 859-1384 Rogers Group, 451-4777, Gallatin Courtney Rogers, 969-5201 Roman Pharmacy, 8598999 Ron Gregory Realty & Auction, 851-9115 Ronald Lewis, D.D.S., 859-2276 Richard Rooker, Circuit Court Clerk, 862-5181, Nash-


ville Ruth’s Flowers, 859-7551 I.C. Rip Ryman, 859-0409 Safe Watch by Monsignor, 448-6420, Madison Owen Sanders, 859-5076 Denver Schimming, 5736408 Seasons Change, 859-4017 Second to None, 480-5613 ServPro of Madison/Goodlettsville, 485-2419, Madison Sidewinder Plumbing and Drain, 851-1517 Signature Cleaners, 8252759 Singleton Family Practice, 859-8081 Skinsation, 851-8480 Skyline Medical Center, 769-7118, Nashville Small Buck, 428-0967, Springfield Smile Solutions by Joseph A. Fox, D.D.S., 859-3700 David Smith, 851-6385 Smith Group Advertising, 859-4280 Sonic Dive In of Goodlettsville, 851-4231 Southeast Financial Credit Union, 743-3700 Southern Awning Co., 451-4080, Gallatin Southwestern Consulting, 415-4931, Nashville SOS Printing, 859-0029 Space Park, 859-3548 Space Park Properties Partnership, 859-7200 SpaLashMe Beauty Bar, 775-8383 Spring Haven Mansion, 826-9702, Hendersonville Spring Hill Funeral Home and Cemetery, 865-1101, Nashville Square 1 Construction,


“Clear Communication, Compassionate Care” Complete Care for Dogs and Cats Medicine and Surgery

Boarding/Daycare Grooming Emergency Services Available

580 West Main Street, Hendersonville, TN

824-0580 • 859-3778 Emergency • J.E. Flatt, D.V.M. • W.G. Shannon, D.V.M. D.M. Fredin, D.V.M., • W.K. Duke, D.V.M.


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Don’t take our word for it! When you’re looking for a place to eat, shop, visit, etc., take the word of our readers who submitted more than 30,000 ballots, print and online, for this year’s Readers’ Choice, Toast of Sumner County awards. These were the “best of ” winners in 2011:



Best Annual Event............. Freedom Festival Best Asian ........................ Fulin’s Asian Best Attorney .................... Chad Long Best Bakery ...................... Kroger Best Bank ......................... Commerce Union Bank Best Barbecue .................. Whitt’s BBQ Best Breakfast .................. Cracker Barrel Best Burger ...................... Red Robin Best Car Dealer................. Car Smart Best Catfish ...................... Steamboat Bill’s Best Cheer Squad ............. Hendersonville High School Best Clothing Store ........... Kohl’s Best Coach ....................... Kris Bundy, Hendersonville High School Best Cocktails................... Barefoot Charlie’s Best Consignment/Thrift .. Goodwill Best Fishing Spot.............. Old Hickory Lake and Dam Best Florist ....................... Flower Express Best Furniture Store.......... Gibson Furniture Best Golf Course ............... Country Hills Golf Course Best Grocery Store............ Kroger + Kroger Marketplace Best Handyman ................ Mr. Handyman Best Ice Cream ................. Baskin Robbins Best Local Musician.......... Lake Rise Place Best Local Restaurant....... Chocolate Covered Strawberry Best Lunch Spot ............... Chocolate Covered Strawberry Best Marching Band ......... Hendersonville High School Best Massage................... Beverly Sims * Transforming Touch Massage Therapy Best Meat and Three......... Our Place Café Best Mexican.................... Dos Margaritas Best Movie Theater ........... NCG Gallatin Best Non-Profit ................. VSA Tennesee Best Park.......................... Moss-Wright Best Pizza......................... Knead Dough Pizzeria Best Place to Jog.............. Hendersonville Greenway Best Place to Work............ Commerce Union Bank Best Politician................... U.S. Rep. Diane Black



Best Preacher ................... David Landrith, Long Hollow Baptist Church Best Principal ................... Andrew Turner, RuckerStewart Middle School Best Private School........... Pope John Paul II High School Best Public School ............ Hendersonville High School Best Sandwiches .............. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Best Sports Bar................. Sam’s Sports Grill Best Takeout..................... Jet’s Pizza Best Teacher J. Eric Bowman/ T.W. Hunter Middle Chiropractor...................... Dr. Jason Hulme Dentist and Orthodontist ... Jayson Tabor, DDS Eye Doctor ........................ Eric Stamper Favorite City...................... Hendersonville Hardware and Farm Supply.. Lowe’s Health Club and Gym ........ Sumner YMCA Heat and Air...................... Derryberry Homebuilder ..................... Wallace Custom Builders Jeweler ............................ Bush Jewelry and Design Landscape and Nursery .... Todd Davidson Manicure and Pedicure ..... Tina’s Nail Spa Most Historic Location ...... Rock Castle Pediatrician....................... Jennifer Holzen Pharmacy ......................... Walgreens Physician .......................... Paul Leavitt Plumber............................ Perry Gore Realtor.............................. Wanda Cole, Coldwell Banker Lakeside Roofer............................... Sumner Roofing Salon ................................ Tangles Veterinarian ...................... Jerry Flatt FACT BOOK 2012 |


CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE/GOODLETTSVILLE 642-1755, Springfield State Auto Insurance Co.George, 851-6400 State Farm Insurance, Bryson McCarley, 868-4000, Madison Sterling House (A Division of Brookdale Senior Living), 859-2889 Stones River Electric, 885-0019, Madison Tom Storey, 859-4420 Carl J. Strassie CRS, GRI, 972-9521 Sumner County CVB, 2308474, Gallatin Sumner Crest Winery, 325-4086, Portland Sumner Homecare and Hospice, 859-9228, Gallatin Laverne Sutton, 851-2943 Sweet CeCe’s Frozen Yogurt & Treats, 587-4918 T.W. Hunter Middle School, 822-4720, Hendersonville Ted A. Beazley, D.D.S., 239-4000 Teen Challenge International, 420-6673 Tennessee Christian Cham-

ber of Commerce, 834-5250, Nashville The Tennessee Credit Union, 868-0290 Tennessee Sheet Metal, 870-1172 Tennessee Urgent Care Associates, 714-5688, Madison The Bank of Nashville, Division of Synovus Bank, 750-9000 The Legacy, a Raymond Floyd Signature Course, 3844653, Springfield The Smith Group Advertising, 859-4280 Thistletop Inn Bed&Breakfast, 851-2153 Tiffanny Eden-Miller, Realtor/Legacy Realty Group, 554-2151 Tim & Theresa Garrett, 859-1047 Tina’s Nail Spa, 822-0085, Hendersonville TNT Chem-Dry, 557-5231 Towe and Associates, 8228860, Hendersonville Tractors and Trucks Shackle Island Collectors’ Club, 826-0992

Trevecca Nazarene University, 248-1360, Gallatin Trickett Honda, 868-1870, Madison True Clean Mobile Carwash, 946-6324 Twelve Stones Crossing Golf Club, 851-4653 Tyson Foods, 855-2800 Union University, 4470408, Hendersonville United Way of Sumner County, 826-2977, Gallatin Urethane Specialties, 851-9401 US Bank, 851-5900 Vacation 4 Health, 3192254 Vanco Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, 8596600 Judy Vecchione, 859-3894 Virtual Goldmine Web Design, 480-4035, Hendersonville Vision Software Technologies, 859-6718 Vitality Chiropractic, 4486845 Volume Salon & Spa, 4486723

Volunteer State Bank, 855-6676 Volunteer Properties, 859-6998 Volunteer State Community College, 230-3204, Gallatin Waddell & Reed, 771-9266, Franklin, TN Wade’s Lawn Service, 509-3793 WC Company, 227-7690, Nashville White House Area Chamber of Commerce, 672-3937, White House White’s Cleaning Service, 202-1741, Springfield Whitts Barbecue, 868-1369, Madison Willa’s Shortbread, 8686130, Madison Phyllis Williams, 943-8545, Old Hickory David Wilson, 859-2340 Windlands East Retirement, 860-2189, Madison Steven Winters, 839-2465 Woodmen of the World Lodge, 859-1161 Woody’s Steak House, 859-5070, Madison

We treat our members like they own the place. Because they do. 92

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Rivergate Branch 917 Rivergate Parkway (615) 868-0290

Gallatin Branch 716 Nashville Pike (615) 452-7910

CHAMBERS/GOODLETTSVILLE, HENDERSONVILLE Woosley Chiropractic Clinic, 859-6644 Beth Wright, 764-3010, Springfield XMC of Middle Tn.-Xerox, 360-1050, Nashville

Hendersonville (All are Hendersonvillebased, unless otherwise noted) 1st Class Marketing, 8268225 1st Place Trophies & Signs, 822-0857 955 The Wolf & WSM-AM, Nashville321-1067 A & B Welding, 826-1998 A Plus Self Storage, 2646600 AAA of the South, 3370929, Brentwood Aaron Academy, 826-2595 AB Recycle, 574-0314 AC Automotive Diagnostic, 822-8828 Academy of Indian Lake Village, 824-1159 Accudoor Garage Door Systems, 438-4773, Gallatin Ace Hardware of Hendersonville, 824-8741 Active Spine and Joint Center, 537-5520 ADP, 317-605-9842, Nashville ADS Security, 269-4448, Nashville ADT Security Services, 405-7897, Nashville Advanced Payment Solutions, 416-3993, Nashville Advanced Propane, 4431883, Lebanon Aegis Sciences Corporation, 255-2400, Nashville Affordable Home Access, 730-2761 Aflac-Daniel Brewer, 4036156 Aladdin Temp-Rite, 5373600 Alive Hospice, 327-1085, Nashville All About Art Gallery & Custom Framing, 826-9880 All About Clean, 445-9628 All Star Screen Design, 859-2314, Goodlettsville Allstate - Sumner Insurance Group, 338-4500 Allure Hair Salon, 8229330 Always Hope Counseling Services, 822-0341

Amaranth Designs, 8227344 Ambassadors Formalwear by Gilda, 865-4640, Madison American General Life and Accident, 384-7266, Springfield American Home Design, 361-6100, Goodlettsville American Security Bank & Trust, 338-3300 American Security Bank & Trust – Gallatin, 575-7060 American Security Bank & Trust - Nashville, 620-7400 Andrew Felder State Farm, 265-8384 Angel Capital Group, 9692320, Nashville The Animal Clinic, 8240580 Anytime Fitness, 822-3487 Anyway Mailing Service International, 385-0801, Westmoreland Apartment Finder, 3537224, Nashville Arbonne International, 668-5724 Area 21 Special Olympics, 557-3457, Gallatin Arthritis Foundation, 2546795, Nashville ASAP Printing, 822-6052 Ashley's Place-The Sumner Child Advocacy Center, 451-2169, Gallatin AT&T, 214-3012, Nashville AT&T Wireless, 822-7089 Atkinson Company, 8225191 Attitudes-Color/Perm Specialists, 824-7388 Auto Service Center, 2641650 AutoSmith Premium, 8223012 Avanti Gourmet, 264-4505 Aventura at Indian Lake Village Apartments, 264-0851 Avondale at Kennesaw Farms, 230-6007, Gallatin Bachman's Paint Unique & Home Repair Co., 264-8332 Backyard Bounce, 431-0917 BaconMD Laser and Skincare, 264-0028, Gallatin Ballard Garage Door Systems, 826-4400 Bank of Nashville, 2712090 Barbara Savage & Company, 268-8626 Barefoot Charlie's, 4312859 Baskin Robbins, 822-1250

Bath Junkie, 824-9425 Baylor Bone Interiors, 822-3199 Beacon Wealth Advisors, 431-2275 BeautiControl, 264-8388 Beautiful Hendersonville, 822-1000 Beech Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 824-3990 Believers Baptist Fellowship, 512-1225 Belk Department Store, 451-1660, Gallatin Better Business Bureau, 242-4222, Nashville Betty Machine Company, 826-6004 BHRT Health, 719-0718 Biker's Choice, 822-2512 Birch Communications, 855-6585, Nashville Black-Eyed Pea, 264-3005 Blake McMeans Promise Tour Organizationm 681-3281 BleachBright by Dana Hannah, 944-0101 Blue Coast Burrito, 3379917 Bluegrass Beverages, 824-6600

Bluegrass Yacht & Country Club, 824-6528 Bob Frensley ChryslerJeep-Dodge, 859-0000, Madison Bob Parks Realty-Eileen George, 826-4040, Madison Bob Parks Realty-Oliver Barry, 826-4040, Gallatin Bone McAllester Norton, PLLC, 822-8822 Bone McAllester Norton, PLLC, 822-8822 Bone McAllester Norton, PLLC, 822-8822 Bone McAllester Norton, PLLC, 822-8822 Bone McAllester Norton, PLLC, 238-6300 Bone McAllester Norton, PLLC, 238-6340, Nashville Boy Scouts of America, 383-9724, Nashville Bradley, Earline, 216-7372, Gallatin Brauer Material Handling Systems, 859-2930 Brixx Wood Fired Pizza, 826-5907 Brown's Florist, 824-0857 Budget Blinds, 822-0001

Home is where our heart is.




1135 Nashville Pike 615-452-6869

291 E. Main St. 615-264-5000

1720 West End Ave. 615-963-2220


1040 Glenbrook Way 615-822-8787

White House

300 Northcreek Blvd. 615-851-2265

117 Raymond Hirsch Pkwy. 615-285-2265

Banking I Finance I Mortgage I Insurance I Investments Bank deposits are FDIC insured. Bank, Mortgage, and Finance loans are subject to credit approval. Insurance and Investment Services No Bank Guarantee. May lose value. Not a Deposit. Not insured by any Federal Government Agency.

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CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE/HENDERSONVILLE Buffalo Wild Wings, 8242199 Buy Floors Direct, 5900500 C. David Pitzer, CPA, 8512727, Goodlettsville Cage Drywall, 822-9000 Capital Financial Group, 309-6300, Brentwood CAPSTONE Business Advisors, 312-8280, Brentwood Captain Video & Tanning, 822-5655 Caregivers, 264-8648 Carl A. Davis & Company, 822-0231 Carlin Dental, 431-2723 Carpet Concepts, 826-4496 Carrabba's, 822-7100 Carrington Place Apartments, 822-6009 Cartridge World USA, 265-8652 Casa Vieja Mexican Grill, 264-6226 Cassetty Architecture, 822-5711 Celebration of Life Church, 826-7575 Center Point Liquors, 8249222 Centurion Stone & Exteriors, 256-6695, Nashville Ceramic Celebrations, 826-1223 Chef Christopher's Catering, 452-1912, Westmoreland Cheryl Whitt, 822-2017 Chick-fil-A Hendersonville, 264-2330 Chili's, 826-1711 The Chop House, 264-6673 Christian Brothers Automotive, 826-5550 Christian Manor Apartments, 824-9265 Chuck Porter, CPA, 2107221 Cigar Parlor, 496-1662 City of Hendersonville, 822-1000 City Alderman Ward 1 Forsythe, 822-3875 City Alderman Ward 1 Long, 824-7070 City Alderman Ward 2 Sprouse, 824-2022 City Alderman Ward 2 West, 824-4959 City Alderman Ward 3 Cunningham, 822-6004 City Alderman Ward 3 Gallaher, 943-7014 City Alderman Ward 4 Brown, 824-4771


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City Alderman Ward 4 Qualls, 824-4507 City Alderman Ward 5 Elsten, 822-9656 City Alderman Ward 5 Frost, 822-8163 City Alderman Ward 6 Hoback, 824-1829 City Alderman Ward 6 Stamper, 428-4610 City Square Commercial Center, 824-7290 Classic Siding & Windows, 656-5633, Gallatin Clean Quik Carpets, 8769935, Goodlettsville Clearview Financial Group, 826-2279 Clinard Home Improvement, 399-3066, Nashville Clipper Magazine, 4061860, Montville PA Cohen, Dr. Gary, DDS, 824-8929 Coker, Wolfe & Associates, 824-1353 Coldwell Banker/Lakeside Old Hickory Lake Living Real Estate Group, 590-1324 Coldwell Banker/LakesideEileen Alexander, 824-5920 Coldwell Banker/LakesideKarlie Kee Crunk, 824-5920 Cole & Garrett Funeral Home, 824-8605 Collier Wealth Management, 826-5203 Colliers International, 850-2700, Nashville Comcast, 244-7462, Gallatin Commerce Union Bank, 575-7200, Gallatin Commercial Credit Reports, 590-4200 Community Child Care Services, 824-5060 Community Church, 8260042 Community Planners, 859-9178, Goodlettsville COMPASS, 451-5200, Gallatin Complete Property Inspections, 419-4071, Gallatin Comprehensive Rheumatology Care, 822-5660 Compu Pay, 604-7669, Franklin CompuKey Locksmith, 264-0747 Computer M.D., 230-6348, Castalian Springs Cornerstone Financial Credit Union, 264-5080 Cornerstone Primary

Healthcare, 824-1616 Country Hills Golf Club, 824-1100 Coupon Mint Magazine, 397-7189, Hermitage Cracker Barrel, 822-7407 Craig Hayes State Farm Insurance, 452-1303, Gallatin Creekside Title & Escrow, 824-4789 Creekwood Marina, 8247963 Crisler CPA, PLLC, 8248142 CrossRoads Moving Company, 255-6683 The Crown Business Group, 482-2750 Cruisin Sports, 822-8431 Crye-Leike Realtors-Eddie White, 627-8750 Crye-Leike Realtors-Faye Sesler, 824-8008 Crye-Leike Realtors-Jan Page, 824-8008 Crye-Leike Realtors-Marilyn White, 824-8008 Cumberland Electric Membership Corp., 452-3703, Gallatin Cumberland Family Practice, 824-4244 Cumberland Mental Health, 824-5801 Cumberland Printing, 822-8111 Curtis Builders, 824-1664 Custred Insulation, 5412679, Gallatin Dancing to the Spirit of the Wood, 824-8680 Danny Snyder Insurance, 859-0600, Madison David McKenzie Jewelers, 824-5008 David Patton Construction, 859-0240, Goodlettsville David Rhoten, 824-4230 Davidson Academy, 8605300, Nashville DCS Curbside Recycling, 447-5116 Debrah K. Frizzell, Esquire, 824-7163 Decisions, Choices & Options, 308-5372 Demos' Steak & Spaghetti House, 824-9097 Design Pro, 822-0999 Diaz, Michael, M.D., 8226716 Diversified Renovations, 636-7655, Nolensville Dixie Door, 822-3667 Dixie Homecrafters /Gutterguard, 242-1979, Lebanon

Dodges Chicken Store, 822-4636 Don Ames, 812-6169 Dottie's Barber Shop, 2899557 Dr. F. William Taylor, 8241700 Dr. Gilbert J. Roth, 8221116 Dr. Megan Johnson, 8227421 Dr. Tommy J. Koen, 8245636 Drake's Creek Marine Works, 822-3886 DredgeMasters International, 822-3500 Dry Cleaning Door to Door, 822-0024 Ealey Construction Co., 822-1062 Eddie's Exterminating, 431-2758 Ed-Medical, 822-8888 Edward Jones - Ralph Ruby, 826-9655 Stephen J. Williams, Edward Jones, 822-6127 Elder Law Practice of Timothy L. Takacs, 824-2571 Electric Service Credit Union, 687-4801, Nashville Elite Installation & Design, 264-9370 Elite Properties, 448-4663, Goodlettsville The Ellis Group, 681-8047 Elm Croft of Hendersonville, 264-2440 Energy Automation Systems, 822-7250 England, James A. Jimmy, 452-4581, Gallatin Enterprise Rent- A-Car, 826-2075 ErnstHomes, 822-1727 Estate Planning Enterprises, 822-1174 Eve Freeman Interviews, 822-6322 Event Audio, 826-2603 Evjen & Associates, 5175714 Excelsius Business Valuations, 851-6160 Executive Office Suites of Hendersonville, 590-4210 F & M Bank, 338-3839 F & M Mortgage, 824-2316 Faboo Cakes, 972-6766 Falcon Press, 833-2300, Nashville Family Health Care of Hendersonville, 826-3100 Family Urgent Care, 8222232

CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE/HENDERSONVILLE FastSigns, 590-7526 Fell Merwin, 480-7070 Fifth Third Bank - E Main, 338-3008 Financial Literacy Group, 423-8648, Gallatin Financial Partners Group, 575-4160, Gallatin Fire Protection Systems, 822-3600 First Assembly of God, 824-6280 First Bank, Goodlettsville851-4620 First Baptist Church, 8246154 First Community Mortgage, 250-2534, Brentwood First Presbyterian Church, 824-8604 First State - E Main, 2645000 First State - Glenbrook, 822-8787 First State - Goodlettsville, 851-2265 First Tennessee Bank, 264-6140 First United Methodist Church, 824-8725 Fischer Family Dentistry,

824-8870 Fishy Business Aquariums, 483-4880, Gallatin Five Star Insurance Group, 822-6555 Foley Construction, 2075045 Fortune House Chinese Restaurant, 824-2006 Forward Sumner, 822-7610 The Fountain Center for Preventative Medicine, 4206884, Goodlettsville Four Lake Reg. Ind. Dev. Authority, 374-4607, Hartsville Fox Pools & Spas, 824-1431 Fox Ridge Homes, 3776840, Brentwood Fox's Pizza Den, 822-3697 Frank Freels, Sr., Gallatin Freedom Title Services, 822-8332 The French Shoppe, 8249244 Fresenius Medical Care, 636-1534 Friendship Home Healthcare, 365-4424, Nashville Frost Environmental Services, 562-2669

Fuqua, Jim Attorney at Law, 822-4400 Gaines Home Building Corp., 822-7070 Gallatin Chamber of Commerce, 452-4000 Gallatin Shalom Zone, 442-7575 Garage Band Revival, 210-8942 Garrott Brothers, 4522385, Gallatin GFWC Hendersonville Woman's Club, Gigi's Cupcakes, 264-9420 Gina Mendoza, DPM, 8260941 Girl Friday Online Team Works, 714-2063, White House Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee, 690-7059 Glass & More, 264-0001 Glen Oak Homeowners Association, 822-1755 Glenbrook N Shopping Ctr Property Owners Assoc, 2998456, Nashville The Goddard School of Hendersonville, 822-9300 Gold's Gym, 300-5662 Good Shepherd United

Methodist Church, 822-4531 Goodlettsville Area Chamber of Commerce, 859-7979, Goodlettsville Goodpasture Christian School, 868-2600, Madison Goodwill Industries, 8220307 Grace Church, 431-9538 Grace Manor Assisted Living, 724-0109, Nashville Grand Central Party Rental, 868-3747, Madison Great Clips for Hair, 8261555 Greater Nashville Association of Realtors, 254-7516, Nashville Green Village Recycling, 265-8599 GreenBank - Indian Lake, 822-8600 GreenBank - New Shackle Island Rd., 826-1123 Greenocpa, 851-6160, Goodlettsville The Growth Coach, 8229644 Grubb & Ellis/ Centennial, 234-4934, Nashville GSG Computers, 826-0017

FARM & HOME • Seed & Plants • Animal Health Supplies • Pet Food & Supplies • Fertilizer • Clothing & Footwear • Horse Feed & TACK • Livestock Feed • Outdoor Power Equipmentt


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CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE/HENDERSONVILLE FastSigns, 590-7526 Fell Merwin, 480-7070 Fifth Third Bank - E Main, 338-3008 Financial Literacy Group, 423-8648, Gallatin Financial Partners Group, 575-4160, Gallatin Fire Protection Systems, 822-3600 First Assembly of God, 824-6280 First Bank, Goodlettsville851-4620 First Baptist Church, 8246154 First Community Mortgage, 250-2534, Brentwood First Presbyterian Church, 824-8604 First State - E Main, 2645000 First State - Glenbrook, 822-8787 First State - Goodlettsville, 851-2265 First Tennessee Bank, 264-6140 First United Methodist Church, 824-8725 Fischer Family Dentistry,

824-8870 Fishy Business Aquariums, 483-4880, Gallatin Five Star Insurance Group, 822-6555 Foley Construction, 2075045 Fortune House Chinese Restaurant, 824-2006 Forward Sumner, 822-7610 The Fountain Center for Preventative Medicine, 4206884, Goodlettsville Four Lake Reg. Ind. Dev. Authority, 374-4607, Hartsville Fox Pools & Spas, 824-1431 Fox Ridge Homes, 3776840, Brentwood Fox's Pizza Den, 822-3697 Frank Freels, Sr., Gallatin Freedom Title Services, 822-8332 The French Shoppe, 8249244 Fresenius Medical Care, 636-1534 Friendship Home Healthcare, 365-4424, Nashville Frost Environmental Services, 562-2669

Fuqua, Jim Attorney at Law, 822-4400 Gaines Home Building Corp., 822-7070 Gallatin Chamber of Commerce, 452-4000 Gallatin Shalom Zone, 442-7575 Garage Band Revival, 210-8942 Garrott Brothers, 4522385, Gallatin GFWC Hendersonville Woman's Club, Gigi's Cupcakes, 264-9420 Gina Mendoza, DPM, 8260941 Girl Friday Online Team Works, 714-2063, White House Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee, 690-7059 Glass & More, 264-0001 Glen Oak Homeowners Association, 822-1755 Glenbrook N Shopping Ctr Property Owners Assoc, 2998456, Nashville The Goddard School of Hendersonville, 822-9300 Gold's Gym, 300-5662 Good Shepherd United

Methodist Church, 822-4531 Goodlettsville Area Chamber of Commerce, 859-7979, Goodlettsville Goodpasture Christian School, 868-2600, Madison Goodwill Industries, 8220307 Grace Church, 431-9538 Grace Manor Assisted Living, 724-0109, Nashville Grand Central Party Rental, 868-3747, Madison Great Clips for Hair, 8261555 Greater Nashville Association of Realtors, 254-7516, Nashville Green Village Recycling, 265-8599 GreenBank - Indian Lake, 822-8600 GreenBank - New Shackle Island Rd., 826-1123 Greenocpa, 851-6160, Goodlettsville The Growth Coach, 8229644 Grubb & Ellis/ Centennial, 234-4934, Nashville GSG Computers, 826-0017

FARM & HOME • Seed & Plants • Animal Health Supplies • Pet Food & Supplies • Fertilizer • Clothing & Footwear • Horse Feed & TACK • Livestock Feed • Outdoor Power Equipmentt


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450 Red River Rd. Gallatin


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CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE/HENDERSONVILLE Guaranty Trust, 824-7354 Gutter Gutter, 822-0123 Gymini Athletics, 824-4644 H.G. Hills Store #11, 8243188 Habilitation & Training Services, 451-0974, Gallatin HALO Properties, 822-3509 Halo Realty-Loretta Liyana, 822-3509 Hank Thompson Trek & Treat, Hardaway Construction Corp., 254-5461, Nashville Hardee Accounting, 8222432 Harold's Cabinets Plus, 824-7374 Harris Electric Supply Co., 824-7261 Hayashi Japanese Buffet, 431-0502 Healthcare Performance Partners, 206-0701, Gallatin The Hearth at Hendersonville, 264-0779 Heather Scott, 758-6967, Mount Juliet Hendersonville Area Chamber of Commerce, 8242818 Hendersonville Arts Council, 822-0789 Hendersonville Chimney Sweep, 822-1035 Hendersonville Christian Academy, 824-1550 Hendersonville Church of Christ, 824-6622 Hendersonville Community Singers, 264-3977 Hendersonville Coupon and Movie Magazine, 4826004 Hendersonville Electric Services, 822-0474 Hendersonville Expo Center, 824-9890 Hendersonville Handyman, 202-0159 Hendersonville Health Mart, 824-2179 Hendersonville High School, 824-6162 Hendersonville Home Bound Meals Program, 8244261 Hendersonville Hyundai, 855-3200 Hendersonville Lions Club, 681-8201 Hendersonville Lung and Sleep Center, 822-2214 Hendersonville Medical Center, 338-1000 Hendersonville Memory


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Gardens & Funeral Home, 824-3855 Hendersonville Montessori Academy, 264-3401 Hendersonville Noon Sertoma Club, 824-6819 Hendersonville Police Department, 264-5305 Hendersonville Produce, 826-0033 Hendersonville Public Library, 824-0656 Hendersonville Relay for Life/ The American Cancer Society, 341-7318, Nashville Hendersonville Samaritan Association, 824-7105 The Hendersonville Standard, 824-4044 Hendersonville Star News, 824-8480, Gallatin Hendersonville Tire Center, 824-3780 Hendersonville Utility District, 824-3717 Hendersonville Winnelson Co., 822-0979 Heritage Financial Group, 255-2091 Hiscall, 740-7771, Dickson Holiday Inn Express, 8240022 Home Helpers, 934-3151 Home Rescue, Heating & Cooling, 824-8886 Hornet Corporation, 5900909 HST Interior Elements, 277-1043, Nashville Hughes-Edwards Homes, 824-6970 Human Resources Consulting, 822-4979, Gallatin Humane Society of Sumner County, 822-0061 Huntington Learning Center, 826-5255 Hyatt Place, 826-4301 Imperial Development, 824-2156 Impressive Printing, 8248466 Indian Lake Elementary School, 824-6810 Indian Lake Executive Suites, 590-4250 Indian Lake Family Dental, 824-2926 Initial This, 822-1051 InnLink, 800 525-4658 Insight Counts, 822-5860 Inspirational Country Music Awards Association, 742-9210, Nashville Insurance and Planning Solutions, 309-2170, Brent-

wood Integrative Health Community, 859-9840, Goodlettsville InTown Suites, 826-7798 ITS Techs, 824-8497 Itty Bitty Sandwich Shop, 264-6300 ITW Dynatec, 824-3634 J. Michael Fussell, CLU, ChFC, 371-0001 Jack Anderson Elementary School, 264-5830 Jack Smith, 824-5479 Jack's Landscape Mgmt, 496-3651, Ridgetop James Totten Jamie Clary, 824-5999 Janet Carr, 822-0024 The Jason Foundation, 264-2323 Jennings & Clouse, PLC, CPAs, 206-0360, Gallatin Jennings & Clouse, PLC, CPAs, 206-0360, Gallatin Jet's Pizza, 822-4221 JGW Tractor Mowing, 822-1961 Jill Grim Law, PLLC, 5904259 Jimmy John's, 822-7827 Joe M. Staub Building Group, 732-2930 Joey Montalbano CFP, CLU, CHFC, CASL, 742-8759, Nashville John Pennington, 824-7045 John Shelby Insurance, 851-7716, Goodlettsville Jones, Elbert, 824-7991 Jos. A. Bank Men's Clothiers, 826-5764 Joseph F. Fragnoli, CPA, 513-5522 Judy Sinz, CPA, 822-9211 Julesbury Press, 604-4144, Gallatin Keller Williams, 822-8585 Keller Williams-Cheryl Bretz, 822-8585 Keller Williams-Tom Gravely, 715-6031 Kelly, Kelly and Allman, 824-3703 Kentucky Fried Chicken/ AJJ Associates, 824-3901 Keriann's Cleaning by Design, 775-7043 Key To The City, 812-6862 Keystone Business Solutions, 826-3500 Kid City Smiles - General Dentistry, 822-5588 KID Studio, 822-7744 KinderCare Learning Center, 824-0645

Kirby & Associates, 8221496 Kirk Smith, 243-6490 Kitchen Design Center DBA Kitchen Tune Up, 8241800 Kitchen Makeover, 5257044 Kohana Japanese Restaurant, 826-1124 KraftCPAs, PLLC, 2427351, Nashville Kristi Harrington Wedding & Event Design, 417-1228, Gallatin Kroger, 822-6155 Kroger - Glenbrook Way, 822-0193 Kurt R. Swauger Pediatric Dentistry, 824-5047 Lab Tests, Etc., 822-5001 Lakeside Title & Escrow, 420-6600, Goodlettsville Landscape Services, 3913434, Nashville LaSuccess One Cleaning Services, 613-8083, Madison Latham's Lighthouse Events Center, 590-7068 Law Office of Lance A. Wray, 264-0021 Leadership Sumner, Gallatin Lee Company, 567-1000, Franklin Lexus of Nashville, 8684400, Madison Liberty Mutual Insurance Group, 824-5537 Liberty Mutual Insurance Group - Reed, 822-7196 Liberty Party Rental, 8224392 Living Well Chiropractic, 826-5554 Loden Vision Centers, 859-3937, Goodlettsville Long Hollow Gardens & Nursery, 451-2666, Gallatin Lowe's Home Improvement, 822-3995 Luxury Imports of Bowling Green, KY, 270 745-0001 Lyk-Nu Collision Centers, 590-7200 The Lynch Group, 5044357, Gallatin Lyon Energy Group, 7152826 M.G. Photography - Woodland Gallery, 569-9222 Mach 5 IT Consulting, 672-4235, White House Mae Chambers, 414-4466, Gallatin Maggie Moo's Ice Cream

CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE/HENDERSONVILLE and Treatery, 824-4373 Maid in America Tennessee, 537-1116 Maple Motors, 822-4444 Market Savvy Media, 586-8967, Goodlettsville Marketplace Boutique, 310-1740 Mary Kay Cosmetics-Chris Ronen, 476-9480 Massage Envy Hendersonville, 822-7636 Maurices, 822-3003 Maxum Benefits Group, 348-0079 Mayo Architecture, 9486534 McCloud's Lawn and Landscape Services, 822-9343 McCullough Spinal Care, 264-8880 McDonald's Corp., 822-1124 McDonald's Corp.- New Shackle, 822-7169 McMurray & Associates, CPA's, 824-2724 MDO Corporation, 4032543 The Memorial Foundation, 822-9499 Merchant Services, 4459223 Merrol Hyde Magnet School, 264-6543 Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority, 275-1600, Nashville MGM Industries, 824-6572 MHI Construction, 8262166 Mid-South Insurance Agency, 824-9009 Mike Roy Roofing Company, 681-2060 Miracle Chrysler-DodgeJeep, 452-2792, Gallatin MJS Investigations, 8158730 Mobile Screen Works, 264-6456 Modular Space Corporation, 870-0788, Madison Movable Feast, 338-4400 Mr. Fix It All, 643-3366, Greenbrier Mr. Handyman of Nashville, 824-4350, Goodlettsville Mr. Sign Man, 826-0598 My Hot Yoga Place, 8229642 Nana Rosa Italian Food, 431-0268 Nashville Apartment Guide, 360-0073, Nashville Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, 743-3000, Nash-

ville Nashville Electric Service, 736-6900 Nashville Predators, 7702300 Nashville Sign Company, 826-2002 NASTC, 451-4555, Gallatin National Health Care of Hendersonville, 824-0720 National HomeCare Hendersonville, 822-4128 Nationstar Mortgage, 431-3448 Nationwide InsuranceCunningham, 824-9466 Nationwide InsuranceHarover, 824-0049 Nationwide Insurance-The Sesler Agency, 824-7913 Neat & Tidy Cleaning Service, 300-7544, Gallatin Network Solutions Group, 242-1596, Nashville New Hope Construction, 822-0111 New Life Physicians, 7718832, Brentwood Newcomers and Community Club, 822-6663 Newton Nissan of Gallatin, 451-6827 Nooni's, 826-0262 NorthField Church, 8603211 Nottingham Apartments, 822-0286 Nova CPU, 757-6999 Novita Technologies, 8667414 NutriShop Hendersonville, 590-7437 Oak Ridge Boys, 824-4924 O'Charley's, 826-9543 Office Depot, 824-4585 Office Furniture Nashville, 242-7220 Old Hickory Credit Union, 847-4043 Oliver, Louis III, 824-9131 Olympian Construction Company, 248-8843 Omni Realtors & Property Management, 826-4436 One Stop Realtors-Terry Alexander, 822-0750 OPEN DOORS Realty, 824-2249 Optimech, 338-4044 Optimist Club of Hendersonville, 824-1960 Orgain, Dr. Richard C., OD, 824-5486 Organo Gold, 431-9490 Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, 824-3276

Our Place Cafe, 264-8881 Ozie Winters Disposal, 847-5053, Old Hickory Park Place Retirement Community, 822-6002 Parker, Parker, & Associates, 859-8800, Goodlettsville Patricia Jane & Co., 2642377 Pennington Place, 822-7520 The Perfect Bite, 481-2019 Perfect Pay, 230-1605, Gallatin Periodontal Care Center, 264-6404 Personal Health & Fitness, 822-1866 Phillips Builders, 859-0034, Goodlettsville PIC North America, 2652700 Piedmont Natural Gas, 872-2310, Nashville Pigg Insurance, 822-1989 Pinnacle Financial Partners, 690-4046 Pitney Bowes Mailing, 800-322-8000, Nashville Pope John Paul II High School, 822-2375

Portland Chamber of Commerce, 325-9032 Portland Medical Center, 325-7301 Praesentia, 461-8011, Gallatin Precision HandyMan, 686-7669 Premier Digital Printing, 826-8701 Premier Grounds Maintenance, 394-7901, Gallatin Premier Orthopaedics - Dr. Gregg Motz, 826-7171 Prepaid Legal Serv. & Identity Theft Shield, 8222778 Present Help Family Church, 822-0865 Primelending, 496-8400 Primelending - Keach Driver, 991-9908 Primelending Craig Turner, 415-8008 Primrose School of Hendersonville, 338-4361 Profiles Laser & Medical Aesthetics, 822-6800 Prudential Woodmont Realty - Ryckeley, 822-9989 Publix - 0119, 264-1350

“A” is for Affordable. "A" is also for Allstate Agent.

When you’re looking to save on car insurance, I’m the first person to call. In fact, drivers who switched to Allstate saved an average of $348 a year. Call me today to see how much you can save.

Larry Maynard, LUTCF 615-452-1500

208 North Locust Ave. Gallatin,Tn.

*Savings based on national customer-reported data for new policies in 2009. Actual savings will vary. Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance Company, Northbrook, IL. © 2010 Allstate Insurance Company

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CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE/HENDERSONVILLE Puryear Marketing & Communications, 838-8238, Gallatin Qdoba Mexican Grill, 5949414 Quantum Healthcare Solutions, 255-6565 R J Young Company, 2558551, Nashville Rainbow International of Greater Nashville, 822-0054 RCW Real Estate Services, 264-8151 Re/Max Choice PropertiesFrank Duncan, 545-4729 Re/Max Choice PropertiesLindy Gaughan, 822-2003 Re/Max Choice PropertiesMarilyn Bristol, 822-2003 Re/Max Choice PropertiesMike Gaughan, 822-2003 Re/Max Choice PropertiesMolly Bass, 822-2003 Re/Max Choice PropertiesRae Collier, 822-2003 Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, 822-1975 Regions Bank - E Main, 264-1501 Regions Bank - Glenbrook, 748-2430 Relache The Spa at Gaylord Opryland, 458-3777, Nashville Relax Inn Motel, 822-4240 Reliant Realty - Dina Collins, 724-6965 Reliant Realty - Mary Beshearse, 859-7150 Renasant Bank, 826-3700 Republic Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, 865-3005, Madison Republican Party of Sumner County, 826-2250 Rivergate Dermatology & Skin Care Center, 859-7546, Goodlettsville RiverGate Mall Management, 859-3458, Goodlettsville Rivergate Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Surgery, 2644785 RiverShip Cruises, 8248511 Robert D. Jones, CPA, 557-5051 Robert Ellis Middle School, 264-6093 Robert P. Fogolin- Middle TN Orthopaedics, 264-2600 Robert S Biscan & Co., 371-8432, Brentwood Rock Castle, 824-0502 Rodefer Moss & Co., 3248270, Nashville


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Rodelle's Salon Suites, 590-2500 Rogers Group, 451-4777, Gallatin Ron Hibbard Toyota, 2309000, Gallatin Rose Bruce Graphics & Design Gallatin TN587-1875 Rotary Club of Hendersonville, 824-1720 RunDaisy, 264-8116 S&ME, 244-6020, Nashville S. Kathryn Steele, Psy. D./HSP, 264-9313 Safe Harbor Insurance, 264-0100 Safe Watch by Monsignor, 448-6420, Madison Safeguard Business Systems, 243-4774 SAIC, 431-3290 Saint Thomas Heart, 8515551 SALVUS Center, 451-0038 Sam's Club, 859-2023, Madison Sam's Sports Grill, 8240505 The Samuels Group, 8244965 Sandler Training, 399-8700, Nashville Savannah, 206-0034, Gallatin Scapes, 452-9112 ScarTula's Real Italian Ice, 826-0054 Schenk Photography, 2649471 SealMaxx of Nashville/Red Nose Lighting, 264-0535 Senior Citizens of Hendersonville, 822-8758 Service Jewelry and Repair, 826-5338 Servpro Of Sumner County, 822-0200, Madison Session Sealing & Maintenance Company, 356-0600, Nashville Shane's Rib Shack, 2642597 Signature Cleaners-Glen Oaks, 826-7100 Signature Cleaners-Indian Lake, 264-2511 Signs Now/ Hendersonville, 824-1541 Sips n Strokes, 495-4978 Skyline Medical Center, 769-7118, Nashville Smartt Steps Dance Studio, 824-7400 Smith Travel Research, 824-8664 The Smokey Cigar Compa-

ny, 824-9677 Snap Fitness, 826-5996 The Soccer Doctors Corp; DBA Just Soccer, 822-8582 Southeastern Building Corp., 824-2500, Gallatin Southern Directories, 943-1315 , Springfield Spanish & Language Learning Center, 883-7552 Sport Clips, 264-6316 Spring Haven, 826-9702 St. Joseph School, 865-1491, Madison St. Timothy Lutheran Church, 824-6244 Star Heating & Air Conditioning, 824-3533 STAR Physical Therapy, 822-8804 Starr Computer and Automation Enterprises, 264-1239 State Farm Insurance, 822-0022 State RepresentativeDebra Maggart, 741-3893, Nashville State RepresentativeLinda Elam, 741-7462, Nashville State Senator-Kerry Roberts, 741-1999, Nashville Station Camp High School, 451-6551, Gallatin Steve Emrick Photo & Graphics, 473-5094 Stewart Promotions, 502456-2244, Louisville KY Stor Place Self Storage Hendersonville, 826-1700 Stor Place Self Storage – Madison, 877-478-6775 Streets of Indian Lake, 830-2015, Oak Brook IL Strike & Spare Family Fun Center, 824-5685 Sumner Academy, 4521914, Gallatin Sumner Association of Realtors, 824-6629 Sumner Bank & Trust, 590-4100 Sumner County Anti-Drug Coalition, 461-8243, Gallatin Sumner County Career Center, 451-5800, Gallatin Sumner County CASA, 451-1688, Gallatin Sumner County Circuit Court Clerk, 452-4367, Gallatin Sumner County Clerk, 452-4063, Gallatin Sumner County Executive, 452-3604, Gallatin Sumner County Family

YMCA, 826-9622 Sumner County Register of Deeds, 452-3892, Gallatin Sumner County Sheriff's Office, 452-2616, Gallatin Sumner County Tourism, 230-8474, Gallatin Sumner County Trustee Marty Nelson, 452-1260, Gallatin Sumner Estates, 824-6074 Sumner Imaging, 824-7249 Sumner Mediation Services, 414-0304, Gallatin Sumner Parent Magazine, 256-2158, Nashville Sumner Pediatrics, 8228388 Sumner Republican Young Professional, 294-4982, White House Sumner Roofing Company, 264-3233 Sun Medical Express Walk-In Clinic, 264-4860 Suntrust Bank - E Main, 822-3024 SunTrust Bank - W Main, 822-5305 Superior Shuttle TN, 8222778 Swim World Pools, 4527665, Gallatin T. Autumn, 265-8173 T.W. Hunter Middle School, 822-4720 Tabor, M. Jayson, DDS, 822-3200 TA-DAH Designs, 824-0888 Tankersley Chiropractic, 826-7889 Target Marketing, 800-9333909, Crescent Springs, KY Tennessean Media Group, 881-7128, Nashville Tennessee Business Services, 400-2150 Tennessee Chinese Chamber of Commerce, 484-5111, Nashville Tennessee Heart & Vascular Institute-Myers, Zac, 824-0043 Tennessee Network Cabling Solutions, 206-8222, Gallatin Tennessee State Soccer Association, 590-2200 Texas Roadhouse, 826-4207 Text Me 4 Deals, 775-2195, Gallatin The Wallace Agency, 4519696, Gallatin Tile & Stone Design, 8226234 Tilted Kilt Pub and Eatery,


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CHAMBERS/HENDERSONVILLE, PORTLAND 822-4147 Tina's Nail Spa, 822-0085 Tom Cherry Construction & Home Inspections, 824-4255 Tommy McKnight Realty & Development, 822-7209 Tot's Landing Learning Centers, 264-1942 The Travel Planner, 8264335 The Trendy Trunk, 2640448 Trickett Honda, 868-1870, Madison TriGreen Equipment, 8249726 The Trillion Dollar Cookie Place, 822-1022 Tri-Med Pharmacy, 8269393 Trinity Baptist Church, 826-0874 Trinity Mechanical, 4312870 Trinity Music City, 8228333 TriStar Digital Connections, 824-7027, Goodlettsville Tsuru-Hendersonville Friendship Com. U.S. Foodservice, 826-9876 U.S. Pest Protection, 5901260 Ultimate Party Source, 431-0020 Union University Hendersonville, 447-1342 United Way of Sumner County, 461-8371, Gallatin The UPS Store - E Main St., 826-4069 USbank, 826-7800 V.F.W. Post 9851, 824-9851 Valpak of Nashville, 4858878, Nashville Vandenbergh Insurance Agency, 499-2858 Verble Estate Preservation & Advisors, 373-2733, Brentwood Verizon Wireless, 822-1128 Village Day Spa, 431-2983 Village Real Estate Services, 369-3278, Nashville Village Real Estate Services - Rankhorn, 383-6964, Nashville Virtual Goldmine, 480-4035 Visionary Eyecare Center, 824-4246 Vista Points, 824-7230 Volunteer State Bank - E Main, 824-6542 Volunteer State Bank New Shackle, 824-6844 Volunteer State Communi-


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ty College, 230-3500, Gallatin W.E. Shaw & Associates, 264-2065 Waddell & Reed, 877-4217720, Nashville Wake and Skate, 826-8500 Wallace Custom Builders, 330-9201 WAL-MART #1376, 8244598 Watson, Johnny Weakley-Smith Insurance, 264-2917 Wesley, Raymond J., MD, 824-7491 Wessington House II Apartments, 824-6074 Westmoreland Chamber of Commerce, 385-0801 Wheeler Construction Co., 824-4120 Which Wich, 822-8857 The Whippoorwill, 2309130, Gallatin White House Area Chamber of Commerce, 672-3937, White House White House Utility District, 672-3073, White House Who Cooks for You? 4611067, Gallatin Who's Who in Sumner County Magazine, 313-7600, Brentwood Why Weight, 826-5871 Wiley Brothers Aintree Capital, 338-4575 Wilhoit, Dr. Gary D., DDS, 822-0833 William Brent Nason, MD, 264-0844 Wilson Bank & Trust, 4421470, Gallatin Windsor Park Apartments, 824-8833 Wood Tax Advisory Group, 826-5749 Woodmen of the World, 859-1161, Goodlettsville Workforce Essentials, 452-1964, Gallatin World Champion Productions & Dance Club, 264-1156 World Ventures- Marilyn White, 419-0323, Gallatin Wortman Works Media & Marketing, 451-7781, Gallatin XMi HR, 250-7780, Nashville Young's Nursery & Greenhouses, 452-5825, Gallatin Your Business Solution, 440-9947

Portland (All are Portland-based, unless otherwise noted) Wiesemann Orthodontists, 325-4677 5 Chefs/Occasions of Portland, 325-9508 Advanced Alarm.MP Security, 451-3444, Gallatin Advanced America, 3230512 American Cleaners, 270586-3642, Franklin, KY American Legion Post 75, 325-2593 Amerigas , 452-3843, Gallatin An Everlasting Image, 477-4796, Cottontown Aspire Staffing, 323-8997 AT&T, 214-3012, Nashville B & B Signs & Design, 672-7446, White House B G Hot Rods Baseball, 270-901-2121, Bowling Green, KY Baylor Trucking, 325-1435 Better Business Bureau, 250-4242, Nashville Bill Macy , 325-6253 Billy Geminden , 325-9484 Bob Pospisil , 672-1290, Cottontown Bottom View Farms, 3257017 Bowling Green Technical College, 270-901-1052, Franklin, KY Bradley Kountry Acres & Greenhouse, 325-2836 Brian Ruckle , 587-4558 Brian Whitworth, 325-8731 Budget Host Inn , 325-3005 Byrums Chapel Church, 654-3984 Campbell Partners, 456654 Caring Hearts, 323-0716, CBC Title and Escrow, 323-1070 CEMC , 325-4172 City of Portland , 325-6776 Comcast, 231-7763, Philadelphia, PA Commercial Warehouse & Cartage, 325-3717 Compass , 451-5200, Gallatin County Executive Anthony Holt, 452-3604, Gallatin Covington Credit, 325-2660 Cross Roads Medical Group, 325-2226 CrownGroup, 325-3900 D & E Transportation,

325-5214 Daido Corporation, 3234020 David Amonette Attorney at Law, 325-1806 Diemaster Machine & Tool LLC, 325-9288 Dogwood Hills Country Club, 325-6551 Doug Shannon Douglas Yoeckel Accounting Service, 325-4394 Edwards Jones Financial, 323-8228 Empower Electric, 8891434 F&M Mortgage, 372-7705, Brentwood F.L.R.I.D.A Four Lake Authority, 374-4607, Hartsville Farm Bureau Insurance, 323-0346 Farmers Bank, 325-2265 Farmers Insurance Group, 325-0064 First Baptist Church, 3252386 First Call Staffing, 8121205, Indianapolis, IN FlexPac, 325-5578 Forever Communications, 270-843-3333, Bowling Green, KY Furry Paw Lodge, 8884729, Bethpage Gammon Family Dairy, 394-5198, Orlinda Garden Gate Realty and Auction, 323-0707 Garrott Bros ., 452-2385, Gallatin Gastite, Division of Titeflex Corp Generation Church, 8121523 Gentry Contracting, 3255559 GreenBank, 325-5008 H & R Block, 325-3913 H.A.T.S., 451-0974, Gallatin Hampton Inn, 270-5988001, Franklin, KY Handyman Service, 4917235 Hendersonville Medical Center, 325-1200, Hendersonville Herb Lord Realtors, 6724907, White House HG Hills , 325-7478 Highland Academy, 3252036 Highland SDA Church, 325-3925 Highland SDA Elementary,


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CHAMBERS/PORTLAND, WESTMORELAND 325-3184 Hodges Group, 325-2741 Holiday Inn Express, 270843-4431, Franklin, KY Hospital Disposable, 3259278 Imperial Plant, 325-9224 Jernigan & Cage, 325-3930 John Ford's Ball Room, 323-7445 Joseph B Freedle, Attorney at Law, 325-4345 Judge Steve Glaser, 4522121, Gallatin JuJu's Bar, 270-776-0619 Kenny Perry’s Country Creek Golf Course, 270-5869373, Franklin, KY Kirby Building Systems, 325-4165 KMC, 325-7104 L & W Properties, 325-9216 Liberty Free Will Baptist Church, 325-4504 Jake Daughtry, 325-9073 Living Free Fellowship, 497-2773 Logi Warehousing, 3259002 MacElectric , 519-1318 Mahailiah Hughes, 4513209, Gallatin Malt-O-Meal, 325-2222 Matrix Computer, 323-9010 McManus & Delaney CPA, 325-4139 Mechanical Components of Tennessee, 325-8668 Michael Littell D.O., 3253100 MISA Metal processing of TN, 859-8090 Mobile 1, 325-5454 , National Barn Company, 325-2700 News Examiner, The, 4522561, Gallatin Oak Hill Flowers and Gifts, 325-8728 Oakmont Elementary School, 325-8728, Cottontown


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Remember - Experience is important 615-319-5151 615-824-6699 615-822-0750 RMARCUM@BELLSOUTH.NET Recognized Respected Recommended TN-0000733181


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Occupational Pro Health, 270-781-6477, Bowling Green, KY Olhausen Billiard Mfg., 323-8522 Pam Whittaker Register of Deeds, 452-3892, Gallatin Papa Johns Pizza, 325-7272 Pharmacy Express, 3257272 Portland Animal Hospital, 325-6453 Portland Apartments, 325-5075, Nashville Portland Builders Supply, 325-9247 Portland C.A.R.E.S., 3257805 Portland Chamber of Commerce, 325-9032 Portland Children’s Clinic¸575-5052, Gallatin Portland East Middle School, 325-4146 Portland Family Care Clinic & Walkin Clinic, 3231020 Portland Funeral Chapel, 325-5010 Portland Gateview Elementary, 323-7638 Portland High School, 325-9201 Portland Housing Authority, 325-4559 Portland Leader, 325-9241, Franklin, KY Portland Progressive, 325-3001 Portland Public Library, 325-2279 Portland Senior Center, 325-0922 Portland Soccer Club, 456-6541 Portland Utilities Construction Co., 325-3374 Portland Vision Clinic, 325-2020 Portland West Middle School, 325-8066 Portland Wine and Spirits, 325-1740 Precision Cable, 325-5086 Prologistix, 323-7997, Hermitage Quality Personnel, 270-5866666, Franklin, KY Ragan Hall, 325-6243 Ralph Ruckle MD, 3257337 Randstad , 384-8648, Springfield Representative Mike McDonald, 741-1980, Nashville Rogers Group, 451-4777,

Gallatin Salvus Center, 451-0038, Gallatin Sams Club , 270-781-7867 Sarah's Busy Bee Florist, 325-2818 Security Finance, 325-8703 Shannon Insurance Agency, 325-3754 Shoals Technology, 3255250 Smiley Hollow, 859-6310, Ridgetop Special Olympics (Area 21), 452-8685, Gallatin Star Physical Therapy, 323-7575 Sumner County Anti Drug Coalition, 461-8243, Gallatin Sumner County Tourism, 230-8474, Gallatin Sumner County Trustee, 230-9633, Gallatin Sumner Employment Exchange, 230-9633 Sumner Eye Care Center, 323-7332 Sumner Regional Medical Center, 451-5519, Gallatin Taylor Truck Line, 3257645 Tennessee Computer Doctors, 325-1577 Tennessee Gas Pipeline, 325-4121 Tennessee Stampings, 323-0500 Tennessee Technology Center at Hartsville, 374-2149 The Bridge of Highland, 325-3245 TN Network Cabling Solutions, 325-6961, Gallatin Top of the Ridge Catering, 323-8559 Unipres USA, 325-7311 United Structures of America, 325-7351 United Way of Sumner County, 461-8371, Gallatin US Pest Protection Co., 590-1260, Hendersonville US Tsubaki, 325-9221 UTC Fire and Security, 325-8000 Volunteer Recycling & Salvage, 325-4120 Volunteer State Bank, 325-4120 Volunteer State Community College, 230-3362, Gallatin Walgreens , 325-4058 Wally Gilliam Realty and Auction, 325-4597 White House Dental Associates, 672-0096, White House

Wilkinson & Wiseman Funeral Home, 325-4191 Xpress Liquor, 325-7600 Yeary, Howell & Associates CPA, 325-1810

Westmoreland (Westmoreland-based unless otherwise noted) Mike Akins, Bethpage AmeriGas, Gallatin, 4523843 Amy's Fabrics and Gifts, 644-4438 Anderson Auto Parts Anyway Mailing Service International, 644-2548 BL Davis Enterprises BP Family Market, 6443658 The Book Store Fredia Carter Mike Carter Chef Christopher's Catering, 644-7008 Choice One Insurance, 644-3636 Citizen's Bank, 644-2119 Linda Civils The Corner Café Mildred Herald Cornwell Davis Electronics, 6445845 BL Davis Enterprises Diane Black, Gallatin Express Automotive Group, 644-5594 The Farmers Bank Forrest Chapel Free Methodist Church Fortress Pest Control Services Inc., 615-644-4976 Four Way M&M LLC, Gallatin, 452-5950 Garage Sports Bar&Grill Generation Sales, 644-2929 H&R Block, Gallatin, 4528183 David Harrison Anthony Holt, Sumner County Executive Hometown IGA, 644-3245 Tonia Howell Mahaliah Hughes JDV Productions, 598-7150 Emily Jenkins Bill Kemp, Sumner County Clerk Kenny's Korner Kirby's Auto Supply La Quesadilla Mexican Grill, 644-5991 Macon Bank & Trust, 6445156 David McDole

s t n a r y u t r a n e t u n s o e m C R Su Granny’s Stars & Stripes Restaurant

Voted One of Sumner County’s Best Restaurants! Dine In or Carry Out


1105 South Water Ave • Gallatin, TN

Unique Dining & Shopping Experience!

Campione’s TASTE OF CHICAGO Spicy Italian Beef!


NEW LOCATION! NEW MENU! Same Smiling Faces!

(615) 230-1002 2375 Nashville Pike • Gallatin, TN

George’s Restaurant (615) 206-1234

Voted √ Gallatin’s Bes t Meat & Three Restaurant!

Dine In Carry Out Catering


447 East Broadway • Gallatin, TN


Ashley & Trixie’s Family Restaurant

Dine In or Carry Out! 642 Blythe Street • Gallatin

Lunch Special

(615) 206-6965 179 Hancock Street • Gallatin, TN




Each plate includes 2 catfish fillets, white beans, cole slaw, and hush puppies. Not valid on All-U-Can-Eat Catfish. Not redeemable for cash. Coupon must be presented at time of purchase. Valid at Gallatin location only. Expires 8/31/1 1

(615) 451-9417 • 207 South Water Ave • Gallatin, TN

ffalo BuP’s BBQ, Chicken,

Catfish, & THIRSTY THURSDAY SPECIAL! Free Dessert w/meal purchasee Everything $6.00 Bucket of Beer $12.95 Dozen Raw Oysters (615) 452-9406 615-708-8428 615-461-8362 885 North Water Avenue 209 West Eastland St 513 Red River Rd • Gallatin Gallatin, TN Located on Red River Road Across From the Co-Op

Gallatin, TN


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CHAMBERS/WESTMORELAND, WHITE HOUSE Mabel McDole Mike McDonald, State Representative Mike's Food Valu, 644-2291 Mildred Herald Cornwell, Gallatin Denise Mitchell New Vision Ministries, 644-6446 NMT Web Design, Portland, 325-3858 North Central Telephone Cooperative, Lafayette, 6662151 Scotty Parker Register of Deeds, Gallatin Rick’s Market Sumner Co. Circuit Court Clerk, Gallatin Sumner Co. Sheriff, Gallatin Sumner County Road Superintendent, Gallatin Ted's Used Cars & Service, 644-8337 The Corner Café Restaurant, Inc, 644-4173 The Farmers Bank, 6442171 The Garage Sports Bar & Grill, 615-644-3538 The Season's Florist, 6442525 The Westmoreland Observer Bobby Leon Thompson Tri County Electric Membership Coop., Lafayette, 666-2111 Tuttle Salvage, 644-2688 Uncle Dave's BBQ, 6447444 Ward Construction, 6443066 Westmoreland Care & Rehab Center, 644-5111 Westmoreland Church of Christ Westmoreland Elementary School, 644-2340 Westmoreland Family Clinic, 644-3000 Westmoreland Family Dental, 644-7000 Westmoreland Florist, 644-2203 Westmoreland High School, 644-2280 Westmoreland Pawn and Gun, 644-7296 Pam Whitaker, Sumner County Register of Deeds Susannah Williams Woodard Funeral Home, 644-5200


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White House (All are White Housebased, unless otherwise noted) Office of Vandana Faust, CPA, Hendersonville, 8267316 Ace Hardware of White House, 672-2805 Ahead Staffing, 581-0267 Mayor Mike Arnold, 4564030 All Around Gutter, 6721594 All Gone Pest Service, Springfield, 426-4236 Alpine Air Products, Goodlettsville, 672-4043 Amonette, David Attorney, Gallatin, 452-5537 Area 21 Special Olympics, Gallatin, 452-8685 Ark Insurance Agency, 672-1586 Artistic Expressions Monuments and Signs, 618-1156 AT & T, Nashville, 214-3012 Austin and Bell Funeral Home, 672-5000 B & B Signs & Designs, 672-7446 Ballou Construction, 6722777 Barnfly Stables, 210-6530 Bennett Lawn Care, 3894002 Best Western Inn and Suites, 672-3993 Better Business Bureau, Nashville, 250-4235 Big D’s Ice Cream Shoppe, 581-0449 Blackhawk Audio, 672-1440 Bolton, Eddy, Individual, 414-6147 Bowling Green Hot Rods, Bowling Green, KY, 270-9012121 Bradford, Amy, Individual, 319-7438 Bradley, Howard Robertson Co. Mayor, Springfield, 384-2476 C. E. Hutson Electric Company, 672-2759 Carl R. Wells & Associates, 672-5821 CEMC, Clarksville, 6452481 Century 21 Reid Realtors, 672-0333 Chef Christopher’s Catering, Westmoreland, 644-7008 Christ Church North, 6722202

Christian Community Schools, 672-6949 Christian Gospel Temple, 654-1231 Cline, Randy, Individual, 210-6886 Coldwell Banker Barnes, 417-5132 Cole & Garrett Funeral Home, 672-3936 Comcast Business Services, 514-9098 Comfort Inn, 672-8850 Community Eye Care, 672-6896 COMPASS, Gallatin, 4515200 Countryside Cafe, 672-5995 Covenant Heating and Cooling, Cross Plains, 8299699 Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, 672-1802 Crossroads Medical Group, PLLC, 672-7122 Crossroads Urgent Care, 672-4089 DaLin Shaklee Products, 672-0509 Dance South, 672-2787 Days Inn, 672-3746 Dayspring Academy, 6729650 Dean Oil Company, Springfield, 384-8473 Dee Cee Laboratories, 672-4987 DHC Comfort, 672-9622 Drewry, Beverley, White House Realtors, 973-6831 Eden, Don Robertson Co. Commissioner, 390-5232 Empire Lock & Alarm, 533-0295 Evans, Joshua State Representative, Nashville, 741-2860 Exit Elite Realty, L.L.C., 672-6729 Exit Real Estate Solutions, Hendersonville, 451-7773 Express UR Way, 672-4454 F & M Bank, 672-1660 Farm Bureau Insurance, 672-7171 First State Bank, 285-2265 Flowers By Judy, 672-1766 Forward Sumner, Hendersonville, 822-7610 Four Lake Regional Development Authority, Hartsville, 374-4607 Fuller Home Inspection, 504-7345 Garrett Security Systems, 672-4862 Garrott Brothers Continu-

ous Mix, Gallatin, 452-2385 Gene’s Home Improvement, 879-6655 Givens, Chris, DMD, 6729309 Godsstix Clothing, 2898494 Goodlettsville Collision Center, Goodlettsville, 8595121 Green Bank, 672-2265 Guill, Danny, Keller Williams/Herb Lord Group, 4455277 H & R Block, 672-3721 H. B. Williams Elementary School, 672-6432 H.A.T.S. Incorporated, Gallatin, 451-0974 Hallmark Title Company, 672-1266 Hardiman, Gerald, ReMax 1st Choice, 308-2686 Hatfield, Rika, Exit Elite Realty, 482-5493 Haven Real Estate, 6721199 Hendersonville, Lung & Sleep Center, Hendersonville, 822-2214 Hendersonville, Medical Center, Hendersonville, 2644100 Holiday Inn Express, 6727200 Holt, Anthony Sumner Co. Executive, Gallatin, 452-3604 Holt, Bill Robertson Co. Sheriff, Springfield, 384-7971 Home Sweet Home, 6729428 Hughes, Mahaliah Sumner Co. Circuit Court Clerk, Gallatin, 452-4367 Humane Society of Sumner County, Hendersonville, 822-0061 Jackson, Pam, Individual, Cottontown, 672-9460 Jackson, Skip, Individual, Cottontown, 672-4431 Jaspan Medical Systems, 672-9063 Jepson, Brittany, Northcrest Medical Care in White House, 672-5575 Jim Brinkley Realtors, 594-4343 John W. Marlin, CPA, 4033600 Jones, W. G., Individual, 672-4109 Kalista Granite & Marble, 672-9776 Keller Williams/Herb Lord Group, 672-4907

CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE/WHITE HOUSE Kelley, John, Kelley Farms, 672-3182 Kentucky Fried Chicken, Nashville, 285-0444 Koen, Tommy, DMD, Hendersonville, 824-5635 Leadership Sumner, Gallatin, 451-4588 Little Caesars, 672-0038 Long Hollow Baptist Church, 581-0559 Mach 5 IT Consulting, 400-8546 Mahalo Photography, 5879820 Mapco, 672-5170 Mark Reid Insurance, 672-5848 Mary Kay (Raquel Turange), 335-5560 Mary Kay Cosmetics (Becky Davidson), 314-5044576 Matt Davenport Productions, 672-3265 McCormick’s Pharmacy, 672-7114 McDonald, Mike, State Representative, Nashville, 741-1980 McDonalds, 672-2957 McKinzie Mechanical, Goodlettsville, 851-4066 McNutt, Fran, Haven Real Estate, 210-3121 Medical Necessities and Services, Nashville, 515-3669 Mid-South Insulation, 672-0752 Mid-Tenn Guns and Ammo, 581-0797 Miller-McNutt, Mary, Haven Real Estate, 417-3713 Nervous Charlies, 672-4921 New Haven Assisted Living, Franklin, KY, 270-9948321 NMT Web Designs, Portland, 325-3858 Noble Trophy & Award, 672-5668 NorthCrest Medical Center, Springfield, 384-1588 Northland Ministerial Association, 672-0298 Northridge Church, 6726789 Orchard Park Animal Hospital, 672-4200 P.E.S.T., Springfield, 3829774 P.I.M. Physical Therapy, 672-2977 Papa Johns Pizza, 672-5656

PCMD Plus, 672-0900 Petitt Heating and Cooling, 581-0150 Plummer, Walton, Individual, 672-3625 PR Travel, 672-0491 Premier Orthopaedics, Hendersonville, 826-7171 Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, 672-3300 Quail Ridge Children’s Center, 672-9238 Quality Inn, 672-7000 randstad work solutions, Springfield, 384-8048 Regions Bank, 851-5351 Remax 1st Choice, 672-0, 672 Revolution Church, 6721192 Richter & Associates, 533-3333 Robert F Woodall Elementary, 672-7772 Roberts, Kerry State Senator, Nashville, 741-1999 Robertson County Times, Springfield, 384-3567 Robertson County YMCA, Springfield, 382-9622 ROCO Cleaners, 672-5323 Rod’s Tire Company, 5810430 Rodan+Fields Dermatologists (Peggy LeNoue), Hendersonville, 516-8511 Roger’s Group, Gallatin, 206-6800 Ron’s Garage, 672-2727 Roy E. Conquest Disposal Service, 672-4149 Second Chances, 672-1552 Servpro, 672-1905 Shreeve Lawn Care, 4174073 Skyline Medical Center, Nashville, 769-2000 Sleepin’ Bear Lodge and Farms, Greenbrier, 672-0050 Smiley Hollow, Ridgetop, 859-6310 Smith.Sholar.Associates, PLLC, 452-5513 Soteria Health Food & Coffee Bar, 672-7087 Southern Directories, Gallatin, 812-630-9811 Southern Made Moments, Cottontown, 330-4654 Speight, Judy, Individual, 672-1634 Sprecher, Doris (Granny), Individual, Cottontown, 3102243

STAR Physical Therapy, 672-8230 State Farm Insurance, 672-7974 Stay Down On The Farm, Cottontown, 426-2151 Stickel, CPA, 672-9205 Strassle, Carl, Crye-Leike Realtors, Goodlettsville, 8510888 Stratton DV Imaging, 719-8875 Subway of White House, 672-7874 Sumner County Anti-Drug Coalition, Gallatin, 681-3281 Sumner County Tourism, Gallatin, 230-8474 Sumner County Young Republicans, 294-4982 Sumner Regional Medical Center, Gallatin, 328-6695 T & T Sales, 672-9488 Tate Ornamental Inc., 672-8333 Tate, Douglas, Individual, 672-3343 Temple Baptist Church, 672-5339 That Steak Place, 672-3113 The Bargain Browser/ Browser Connection, 672-3555 The Church at Grace Park, 672-3752 The Farmers Bank, 6723704 The Paint N’ Paper Shoppe, 672-0481 The Smile Center, 672-3774 The UPS Store #4297, Springfield, 384-0093 The Zanger Law Firm, 672-0511 Think Ink Promotions, 672-5847 Title Escrow of Robertson County, 672-7925 Tri Venture Marketing, 672-3388 United Way of Sumner County, Gallatin, 826-2977 USA Kenpo Karate & Fitness, 672-3773 Van McCormack Realty & Auctions, 672-2250 Volunteer State Bank, 264-8521 Volunteer State Community College, Gallatin, 230-3500 Wakefield Insurance Agency, Springfield, 384-3692 Wal-Mart Store Inc., 6726773 Walgreens Store, 672-0436

Waller Sales Corporation, 672-7266 Weakley-Smith Insurance Services, Hendersonville, 264-2917 Webb Sanders, PLLC, 581-0804 Wendy’s, 672-2360 Werthan Packaging, Nashville, 259-9331 Whitaker, Pamela, Sumner Co. Register of Deeds, Gallatin, 452-3892 White House Children’s Clinic, 672-8118 White House Chiropractic, 672-7878 White House Dental Associates, 581-5000 White House Driving Range, 285-0202 White House Family Practice, 672-0604 White House First United Methodist Church, 672-7400 White House Florist LLC, 672-3376 White House Gold & Diamond Outlet, 672-3100 White House Heritage School, 672-0311 White House High School, 672-3761 White House Kiwanis Club, 672-0669 White House Lions Club, 672-3704 White House Mini Storage, 672-3523 White House Police Department (Jeff Mingledorff), 394-7237 White House Printing, 672-4552 White House Realtors, 672-0302 White House Rotary Club, 672-7974 White House Utility District, 672-4110 White House Youth Soccer, 308-8242 Wiesemann Orthodontics, 924-6854 Wilkinson Insurance Agency, 672-4439 Wilkinson Plant Center, 672-3919 Wireless Supermart, 6727243 Workforce Essentials, Gallatin, 210-3015 Yankee Coach, 306-5388

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Airport begins extension to boost revenues By Sherry Mitchell

Sumner County Publications

Plans are currently underway with the 1,300 foot runway expansion of the Sumner County Regional Airport. David Hunter, chairman of the local airport authority said the expansion would ultimately benefit Sumner County and its residents through additional revenues. “It is economically viable and needed for this airport to grow and extend our runway so we can have larger corporate aircraft,” Hunter said. “In 2009, (Sumner County) lost a large corporation because our runway was too short. This is going to make it more economically pleasing for the Gallatin and Sumner County area for businesses to

Sumner Regional Airport SUBMITTED PHOTO relocate when we have a larger airport where they can land their planes.” Once the extension is complete, the airport’s runway will be a total of 6,300 feet, Hunter said. Future plans at the airport include moving airport road to add additional hangars. “We are expecting to be finished with the road and the runway extension hopefully in the fall of 2012,” Hunter said. The airport authority,

along with manager Steve Sudbury has procured $8 million in federal grants to help with the project cost and more is expected. “We have applied for and hopefully will receive an additional $4 million in grants within the next nine months,” Hunter said. Although the project completion is more than a year away, Hunter said the airport authority is already marketing the renovated airport. “We are actually promot-

ing it already - we have quite a few corporate folks that are interested in possibly relocating,” Hunter said. Sumner Regional Airport currently has 11 corporate hangars, two of which the airport authority owns; 40 Thangars and 23 port-o-ports, or movable units. Reporter Sherry Mitchell can be reached at 575-7117 or

Sumner sees 1st female roads superintendent By Sherry Mitchell Sumner County Publications

After more than two decades of working for the Sumner County Highway Department, Judy Hardin reached a milestone in 2010, when she was elected the county’s first female superintendent of roads. Her advice to other women interested in climbing to the top is to listen and always be open-minded. “My perspective is learn all that you can, and make every job your job,” Hardin said. “I’ve been on the back of the striper; I’ve been on the patch truck and the salt truck.


| FACT BOOK 2012

I don’t back down – I’ll try anything once. I guess that’s why I’m still here.” Hardin began her career with the highway department in 1986, starting as a payroll clerk. Even in the early years, she began to gain knowledge of what was involved in taking care of the county’s roads. “As a payroll clerk, I also issued purchase orders, and you get familiar with materials and supplies,” Hardin said. Hardin’s department is responsible for maintaining 800 miles of roads in unincorporated parts of Sumner County, including road surfaces, shoulders and ditches.

In addition, the highway department also maintains 500 bridges, about 200 of which are more than 20 feet long. “Most all of the bridges in the county are eight to 10 feet or Hardin longer,” Hardin said. Mowing is also a big job at the department, and 12 bush hogs are used to keep roads, shoulders and right-of-ways clear of overgrown vegetation. “The mowing and keeping

all of that in order is a fulltime job in itself,” Hardin said. Much of the work is physically demanding, and the outdoor temperatures can be extreme. But Hardin’s staff of 38 is up for the challenge, she said. “There are a lot of jobs here that most people wouldn’t want to do, especially being out in the elements – it’s hard,” Hardin said. “We have some good, dedicated employees. I can’t think of one of them that I couldn’t call day or night and they would come in.”


Commuter bus schedules

The Regional Transportation Authority added a second 92X Express bus route between Gallatin/Hendersonville and Nashville in March of 2010. The schedules for the two lanes are as follow: Weekdays to Nashville Lane 1 Stops Time Gallatin Walmart, 5:55 a.m. Kohl’s in Hendersonville, 6:15 a.m. Music City downtown, 6:40 a.m. In Nashville 10th Avenue/Broadway, 6:44 a.m. 21st/West End avenues, 6:52 a.m. 21st/Edgehill, 6:55 a.m. 21st/Children’s Way, 7 a.m. Lane 2 Stops Time Gallatin Walmart, 6:35 a.m.

Kohl’s in Hendersonville, 6:50 a.m. Music City downtown, 7:20 a.m. In Nashville 10th Avenue/Broadway, 7:28 a.m. 21st/West End avenues, 7:35 a.m. 21st/Edgehill, 7:40 a.m. 21st/Children’s Way, 7:45 a.m. Weekdays from Nashville Lane 1 Stops Time 21st/West End avenues, 3:45 p.m. 21st/Edgehill , 3:48 p.m. 21st/Children’s Way, 3:55 p.m. 10th Avenue/Broadway, 4:05 p.m. Music City downtown,

This Gray Line contracted by the RTA makes trips from Sumner County to Nashville and back. FILE 4:12 p.m. Kohl’s in Hendersonville, 4:40 p.m. Gallatin Walmart, 5 p.m. In Nashville Lane 2 Stops Time 21st/West End avenues, 4:40 p.m. 21st/Edgehill, 4:43 p.m.

21st/Children’s Way, 4:50 p.m. 10th Avenue/Broadway, 5:02 p.m. Music City downtown, 5:10 p.m. Kohl’s in Hendersonville, 5:40 p.m. Gallatin Walmart, 6 p.m. Routes do not operate on weekends or holidays.

Emissions tests Sumner County passenger vehicles and light-duty trucks 1975 or newer are required to be tested for emissions before they can be renewed or a new plate purchased. Vehicles are also checked for tampering to make sure those cars and trucks that should have a catalytic converter still have the equipment. Only those vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) greater than 10,500 pounds are exempt from the emissions test requirement. Dieselpowered vehicles are no long-

er exempt, according to the County Clerk’s Web site at To have vehicles tested, owners may take their license renewal notice or proof of vehicle ownership, such as their title, to the testing site. The Gallatin location is the only permanent emissions station in the county, but several mobile emissions testing centers are also available. Locations and hours of operation: Gallatin – 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.,

Monday and Tuesday; and 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Friday; 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday. 951 Grassland Place across from Volunteer State Community College. Holiday hours vary. Portland – 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday; and 1-4 p.m. Thursday (three consecutive days a month) next to the Streets Department on Stevison Ham Road off Highway 109N. For a complete schedule, call city hall at 325-6776. Westmoreland – 8-11 a.m.

one Thursday a month at 5300 Austin Peay Hwy. in the rear of the Public Works Building. For a complete schedule, call city hall at 644-3382. Tags can also be renewed in city hall at the same day and time. White House – 9 a.m. to noon one Monday a month at 427 Industrial Drive behind the Public Works Building. For a complete schedule, visit For more information, visit

Westmoreland can also take advantage of RTA’s park and ride on Park Street in between Oak and Lafayette streets. All parking is in RTAdesignated spaces at these locations. Please park care-

fully as not to obstruct traffic, and consider patronizing stores at these locations as an expression of thanks. Remember, these spots are designated for your convenience and you park at your own

risk. RTA routes may change every six months. For more information, call 862-8833 or visit

Park & Ride For the 92X route between Gallatin/Hendersonville and Nashville, parking lots are available in Gallatin at Walmart, and in Hendersonville at Khol’s in the Glenbrook Shopping Center. Residents in

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REAL ESTATE Sumner Association of Realtors 824-6629 The Sumner Association of Realtors is a not-for-profit association comprised of real estate professionals who are involved in residential and commercial real estate sales, leasing, appraising, property management, inspection and property restoration. Members are also involved in community service and charity events. It is governed by officers and a board of directors. SAR is located at 35 Executive Park Drive, Unit B, in Hendersonville. The following local mortgage companies are affiliated with the Sumner Association of Realtors: » Nationstar Mortgage, Hendersonville, 948-5944 » Guaranty Trust, Hendersonville, 824-7354 » Suntrust Mortgage, Goodlettsville, 865-7751 » GreenBank, Gallatin, 451-7972 » Bank of America, Hendersonville, 824-2544 » Acopia Home Loans, Goodlettsville, 859-5537 » Prime Lending, Hendersonville, 496-8400 » First State Bank, Goodlettsville, 528-1506 » Sumner Bank and Trust, Hendersonville, 451-4141 » Wilson Bank and Trust, Gallatin, 442-1470 » Citizens Bank, Gallatin, 206-1748 » F and M Mortgage, Hendersonville, 824-2316 » Superior Bank, Hendersonville, 822-1442 The following local title companies are affiliated with the Sumner Association of Realtors: » Hallmark Title, Hendersonville, 264-8979 » Realty Title and Escrow Co. Inc., Hendersonville, 826-0496 » Tennessee Title Services, Hendersonville, 348-5481 » Stewart Title of Tennessee Inc., Hendersonville, 264-2722 » Freedom Title Services, LLC., Hendersonville, 822-8332 » Signature Title Services, Hendersonville, 879-4489


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Real estate sales have been on the rise from the past year in Middle Tennessee, including those in Sumner County. WILL DAUGHERTY/FILE

The following home inspectors are affiliated with the Sumner Association of Realtors: Professional Property Inspections, Gallatin, 4510011 All-Pro Home Inspections LLC., Hendersonville, 337-1277 Building permits:

Gallatin 452-5968 Hendersonville 822-3802 Mitchellville 325-6020 Millersville 859-0880 ext. 104 Portland 325-6776 Westmoreland 644-3382 or 644-2640 White House 672-4350 ext. 2121 Sumner County 452-1467

Environmental permits Sumner County Health Department, 206-1100 Septic tank inspection Sumner County Environmental Office, 451-5858 Sumner County Assessor of Property John C. Isbell , 452-2412


Avoid pricing mistakes to get your house sold By Hollie Deese

For Sumner County Publications

Everyone knows the housing market is not what it was in 2005 or 2006. But that doesn’t seem to stop sellers from making big mistakes when it comes to pricing their home for today’s market. “There are a lot of sellers in the 2005, 2006, 2007 mindset,” Josh Anderson, a real estate consultant and owner of The Anderson Group. “I think it is a big shift, but it is a mindset that sellers have to come to.” By shaking off the idea of what could have been and moving forward in the now, sellers can be much more successful in finding a buyer for their home. Mistake #1 Thinking your home is worth more than it is This is no time to live in the past. Sellers can make themselves sick imagining what they could have gotten for their home years ago, but it isn’t going to do any good in selling the house now. And really, who is to say you would have gotten that ideal price then anyway? “I went on an appointment and the seller said a year-anda-half ago her house was worth $545,000. But that was unrealized. You could have listed it for that but who is to say it was going to sell for that,” Anderson says. Mistake #2 Confusing selling points with added value Home upgrades are great, and do a lot to entice buyers to consider your home. But don’t think some of that work you have done is going to garner a higher price than your competition. For example, upgrading a kitchen can bring you more money, but adding a fireplace probably won’t. Mistake #3 Underestimating the

buyer Consumers are incredibly savvy these days, thanks to the extra research they are doing looking for the ultimate deal. And don’t think potential buyers haven’t done everything they can to determine what your home is worth before they even walk in the door. That includes looking up school districts, going over comparables and probably even driving by at night. Mistake #4 Not doing the research If buyers are going out of their way to know every last detail, sellers should be doing the same. Know what the house down the streetsold for and anything else you can find out. And if all of your research leads you to the conclusion that now is not the best time to list your property, understand it probably won’t be any better next year either. Mistake #5 Picking the highest sale price When shopping for a realtor, it can be tempting to pick the one who comes in with the highest listing price. Probably not the best decision to make if you really and truly want to sell your property. “If you interview three agents and two say they would price it around $250,000 and then someone says they can get $275,000, that is a pretty big chunk,” Anderson says. Mistake #6 Chasing the market If you started out too high, by the time you reduce the price to fair market value, many potential buyers will have already found something else. Plus, new buyers might initially be interested in your new low price, but once they see that your home has been sitting on the market for some time, they might think there is something wrong with the home.



Live Better!

Contact Ron Jones 452-7731 or 642-4942

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Boomers make sound home-buying decisions By Hollie Deese For Sumner County Publications

A recently released joint study by the National Association of Homebuilders and the MetLife Mature Market shows that the recently struggling economy has made baby boomers more practical when looking for their next home purchase. According to the study, Housing Trends Update for the 55+ Market, older buyers have relegated design issues to the back seat while giving more thought to financial concerns and potential future lifestyle changes. And these are also trends Karlie Kee Crunk, broker and owner at Coldwell Banker Lakeside Realtors in Hendersonville is seeing locally. “I think we are all thinking a little differently now,” she says of shopping in today’s

market. “And this is in line with what we are seeing across the board, not just 55 and older.” Think ahead If you are in this age bracket and buying though, it is important to not only consider what your lifestyle is like now, but also what it could be down the road a few years and beyond. “You are glancing into the future a bit,” Crunk says. “Your lifestyle may not include grandbabies now, but if that is how you see your future, you need to look at those sorts of things too.” That could mean choosing a place near nice parks, with a larger backyard or making sure there is enough extra room to care for aging parents. In addition to thinking about others, deciding on the right home will require a lot

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for over 30 years


Residential and Commercial

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of soul searching too, especially if you are looking to make a long-term investment. “It is important to know who you are and who you want to be, and find the community that best fits that lifestyle,” Crunk adds. Streamline your life In some cases smaller is better, and that can be especially true the closer you get to retirement. “Everybody is kind of moving away from bigger is better,” Crunk says. “They want something that is easier to maintain and something that is easy on the budget.” However, people are not retiring as early as they used to, so finding a home close to work is going to still be a consideration for many buyers. In addition to looking for something easy on the wallet,

homebuyers are usually looking for something that requires less maintenance as well. Multiple floors are fine, just as long as all the necessities are ground level. “Even so, you are still seeing an in-law suite as something as a good option,” she says. Consider a community The NAHB report focuses especially on people living in active adult communities. This kind of living situation is appealing for many reasons, but especially because the amenities cater exactly to the residents. “Those communities are doing a great job of looking to the lifestyle of the 55 and older resident and providing amenities that they are looking for,” Crunk says.

Make your life easier; hire a Realtor By Hollie Deese

For Sumner County Publications

If you want to buy or sell your home in today’s market, you probably won’t get very far without the guidance of a Realtor. Now more than ever, their experience and expertise can help guide buyers and sellers through the murky waters of real estate. But it helps to know what to expect from a Realtor, and, really, what to expect from yourself before getting started. “In the past, people would be able to put a sign in their yard and run an ad in the newspaper, but that is so limited now,” said Stan Peacock, current president of the Sumner Association of Realtors and a vice president with Crye-Leike. “You want the exposure … and having someone you can trust to oversee

and manage everything about the transaction itself.” Not all Realtors are created equal, so there is no harm in shopping around. “Look to see what kind of designations they have under their name, to see if they have invested themselves into the real estate industry,” Peacock said. “If they have educated themselves, they have made themselves more valuable to their clients. Those designations that fall under their name show they have gone outside the minimum requirements of having a real estate license.” For instance, Peacock is designated by ABR, CBS, CRS, e-PRO, GRI and SFR. “There are so many different designations available, and one of the bare minimums is GRI, the Graduate Realtor Institute,” he said.

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FAITH AND WORSHIP African Methodist Episcopal St. Luke AME, 355 N. Blythe Ave., Gallatin, 4523137. Anglican Holy Family, 525 New Shackle Island Rd., Hendersonville, 238-5143 St. Michaels Anglican, 124 N. Water Ave., Gallatin, 7149550 Apostolic Zion Upper Room Apostolic Faith Church, 365 W. Blakemore Ave., Gallatin, 452-5704. Assembly of God Living Word Fellowship, 699 W. Main St., Hendersonville, 596-1467. First Assembly of God Church, 403 Walton Ferry Road, Hendersonville, 8246280. House of Grace, 600 Lock 4 Road, Gallatin, 452-3946. Living Free Fellowship, 233 Riggs Ave., Portland, 325-2149, website:, e-mail: Sumner Life, The Church at Indian Lake,1428 Callender Lane, 826-6222. Website:, e-mail: Victory Assembly of God, 1001 Center Point Road, Hendersonville, website: Baptist Antioch Baptist Church, 135 Cook Road, Portland. Baptist Mission, 229 W. Winchester St., Gallatin. Believers Baptist Fellowship, 233 Campus Drive, Hendersonville, 512-1225, website:, e-mail: . Berean Baptist Church, 837 Hartsville Pike, Gallatin. Berean Independent Baptist, 268 Marlin Rd., White House, 672-8324 Bethlehem Missionary Baptist, 879 Long Hollow Pike, Goodlettsville, 859-3925. Bible Baptist Church of Hendersonville, 260 New Shackle Island Road, Hendersonville, 824-0042. Bluegrass Baptist Church, 235 Indian Lake Road, Hendersonville, 824-0001. Cedar Grove Missionary


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Churches from across Gallatin came together in May 2011 to celebrate the National Day of Prayer at the New Day Christian Ministries Church. Pictured are Pastor Van Banks, right, and Pastor Larry Yarborough of the Gallatin First Baptist Church. ERIC MILLER/FILE Baptist, Woodsferry Road, Gallatin. Center Point General Baptist, 1002 Center Point Rd., 822-4450, Central Baptist, 186 Sanders Ferry Rd., 824-1904. Chestnut Grove Baptist Church, White House Road, Portland. College Heights Baptist, 2100 Nashville Pike, Gallatin, 452-4952, Website: ConcoRoad Missionary Baptist, 604 Tyree Springs Road, White House, 672-5220. Cornerstone General Baptist, Highway 31E Bypass, Gallatin, 452-3173. Corum Hill Baptist, Castalian Springs. Cottontown Baptist Church, Highway 25, Cottontown, 452-9225. Durham’s Chapel Baptist Church, 5055 Old Highway 31E, Bethpage. East Side Missionary Baptist, 165 N. Trigg, Gallatin. Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church, Portland. Faith General Baptist, 703 S. Broadway, Portland, Website:

faith_general_baptist_church.htm. Faith Promise Baptist Church, 807 N. Broadway, Portland, 417-9795. First Baptist, 290 E. Winchester St., Gallatin, 452-8189. First Baptist, 106 N. Broadway, Portland, 325-2373, Website:, e-mail: First Baptist, 1114 Pleasant Grove Road, Westmoreland. First Baptist Church, Gallatin, 205 E. Main St., Gallatin, 452-5715. First Baptist Church, 613 S. Main St., Goodlettsville, 8591346, Website: First Baptist Church, 2800 Highway. Hwy. 31 & McCurdy Rd., White House, 672-3266. Website: First Baptist of Goodlettsville, 211 CafĂŠ Road, Goodlettsville. First Baptist Church of Hendersonville, 106 Bluegrass Commons Blvd., Hendersonville, 824-6154, website: First General Baptist, 325 W. Maple, Gallatin, 452-4764. Fountain Head Baptist, 314

Fountain Head Road, Portland. Franklin Chapel Baptist Church, 801 Odoms Bend Road, Gallatin, 230-8399. Freedom Church, 1010 Freedom Church Rd., Gallatin, 451-6299, Website: Friendship Baptist, 245 Flat Ridge Road, Millersville, 672-8752. Gloryland Baptist, 430 Forest Retreat Rd., Hendersonville, 822-1944 Glory Way Missionary Baptist, 151 W. Smith St., Gallatin. Good ShepheRoad Baptist, 360 Sumner Hall, Gallatin. Good ShepheRoad Independent Missionary Baptist Church, 1163 Campbell Road, Goodlettsville. Grace Baptist Church, 410 Old Highway 31E No. 3, Bethpage, 841-3020. Grace Missionary Baptist, 323 Old Shackle Island Rd., Hendersonville Grace Old Time Baptist, Vol State Rochelle Center Library, Gallatin. Halltown General Baptist, 120 Dink Rut Road, Portland, 325-3768.

FAITH AND WORSHIP Harvest Hills Baptist, 565 S. Water St., Gallatin, Hendersonville Free Will Baptist, 179 New Shackle Island Rd., Hendersonville, 824-3760. Hendersonville Missionary Baptist, 221 Rockland Rd., Hendersonville, 824-8114. Hispanic Baptist Church of Hendersonville, 251 Rockland Rd., Hendersonville, 826-9811. Holiday Heights Baptist Church, 145 River Road, Hendersonville, 824-5102. Hollis Chapel General Baptist, Hollis Chapel Road, Portland. Indian Hills Baptist, 901 Long Hollow Pike, Gallatin, 452-6897. Landmark Missionary Baptist, 229 Winchester St., Gallatin. Liberty Free Will Baptist, 2314 Highway 76, Portland, Long Hollow Baptist, 3031 Long Hollow Pike, Hendersonville, 824-4006, website: Long View Missionary Baptist, 798 Spencer Ave., Gallatin, 452-8638. Macedonia Baptist Church, 457 Macedonia Road, Gallatin. Martin’s Chapel General Baptist, 112 Old Martin’s Chapel Road, Portland, 325-4335, website: Millersville First Baptist Church, 1140 Highway 31 West W, Millersville. Mitchellville General Baptist, 603 Highway 259, Mitchellville, 325-5865. Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, 239 N. Boyers Ave., Gallatin. Mt. Moriah Fellowship of Faith, 113 Overlook Drive, Hendersonville. Mt. Moriah General Baptist Church, four miles east of Portland, off Highway. 52, Mt. Moriah Road, Portland. Mt. Olivet Missionary Baptist Church, 1510 Mt. Olivet Road, Hendersonville. Mt. Pleasant General Baptist, 1089 New Deal Potts Road, Cottontown, 325-3861, website:

Faith and places of worship come in many forms in Sumner County. FILE mt_pleasant_gbc.htm. Mt. Zion Baptist, 190 Mt. Zion Lane, Gallatin, 452-4242. New Beginnings Baptist Church, 2948 Union Road, White House, 672-1121, New Bethel Baptist Church, 1080 Old Dickerson Pike, Goodlettsville, 859-4553. New Hope Baptist, New Hope Road at Tyree Springs Rd., Hendersonville, 6725708. New Hope Church, 1599 New Highway 52 W. Westmoreland, 644-3420. New Testament Baptist Church, 2320 Baker Station Road, Goodlettsville, 851-0970 Oak Street Baptist, 300 Oak St., Portland, 325-4087. Omega Harvest Baptist Church, 239 N. Boyers Ave., Gallatin. Parkers Chapel Missionary Baptist Church, 240 Airport Road, Portland. Parkway Baptist Church, 505 Cunniff Parkway, Goodlettsville, 865-2325. Peach Valley Baptist, 508 Peach Valley Road, Gallatin, 452-3941. Pipers Chapel Missionary Baptist, 600 Block Fowler FoRoad Road, Portland. Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist, off Dobbins Pike. Pleasant Valley Baptist,

3403 Highway 25, Cottontown. Portland General Baptist, 107 W. Market St. Providence General Baptist, 1100 Keen Hollow Road, Westmoreland, 888-2877 Rivergate Baptist, 611 New Shackle Island Rd., Hendersonville, 824-6717. Rock Bridge Missionary Baptist. Bethpage. Rockland Missionary Baptist, 103 Rockland Heights, Hendersonville, 824-5540, website: Rome Missionary Baptist Church, 1277 Avondale Road, Hendersonville, 264-0247. Salem Missionary Baptist, Old Highway. 109 N., Gallatin. Siloam Missionary Baptist Church, Old Highway 52, Westmoreland. Southside Baptist, 1028 Southwater Ave., Gallatin, 452-5951, website: Spring Hill Baptist Church, 6137 Dividing Ridge Road, Goodlettsville. St. Bellview Missionary Baptist Church, 2400 Baker Station Road, Goodlettsville, 851-0268. St. James Baptist Church, 1599 E Broadway, Gallatin. St. John Baptist Church, 1085 New Shackle Island Road, Hendersonville, 8240715.

Starks Knob Missionary, 139 Starks Knob Road, Hendersonville, 822-9548. State Line General Baptist Church, Portland. Station Camp Baptist, 100 Vantrease Road, Gallatin, 672-0257. Strong Tower Ministries, 1853 Highway 52, 888-3705, website: Sulphur Fork Missionary Baptist, 455 Fairfield Road, Bethpage, 888-3089. Temple Missionary Baptist, Liberty Street, Portland. Trinity Baptist, 840 Forest Retreat Rd., 826-0874. Trinity Free Will Baptist, 1207 Lowes Lane, Goodlettsville, 859-3412. Union Chapel General Baptist, 1000 Dobbins Pike, Gallatin. Union Chapel General Baptist, 1125 College St., Portland. 325-2282, website: Union Hill Baptist Church, 1301 Union Hill Road, Goodlettsville, 859-2639. Union Hill Missionary Baptist, 141 Dobbins Pike, Gallatin. Unity Baptist Church, 354 E. Main St., Gallatin. Victory Missionary Baptist, 457 E. Main St., Hendersonville, 824-8420. West End Missionary Baptist, West Main Street, Gallatin. Westmoreland General Baptist Church, Fleet Drive, Westmoreland, website: White House General Baptist, 3904 Highway 31W, White House, 672-3530. White House Temple Baptist, 117 Marlin Road, White House. Zion Faith Missionary Baptist, 155 Witherspoon St., Gallatin. Catholic Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, 1729 Stop 30 Road, Hendersonville, 8243276 St. John Vianney Catholic Church of Gallatin, 449 N. Water, Gallatin, 452-2977

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Knock and it will be opened to you. Matthew 7:7

“We Extend a Loving Invitation to Visit and Worship With Usâ€? 9:00am Sunday School • 10:00am Worship Service 172 West Main Street (Stoplight #8) • Hendersonville TN-0000731687 TN-00 T TN TN-0 TN-000 N-000 N NN-0 N-00 --00 -000 00 0 000 00073168 00 0731687 073 07 07316 7316 731 7 73 73168 316 3 31 3168 1 168 16 68 687

824-8604 •

An Open Invitation

Jesus Is Lord Overcomers Church

Sundays 10:30 AM • Thursdays 7:00 PM Come experience Hope, the Love of God, and prophetic words from the Lord that can change your life. Pastor & Mrs. J.A. Williams, Sr. Goodlettsville ~ Middle Tennessee

Call for Directions 615-673-3379 TN-0000733753


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SAINT JOHN VIANNEY Catholic Church and School “Serving Gallatin and the surrounding area for more than eighty years”

“We glory in Christ and His Grace!” 1028 South Water Avenue Gallatin / 452-5951 Sunday School - 9:30am Sunday Worship & Children’s Church - 10:45am Fellowship Meal - 12:15pm Early Afternoon Service - 1:00pm (Afternoons/Evenings for rest, family and ministry!)

Visit for Mass times or additional information about the church and school. Church

449 North Water Avenue Gallatin, Tennessee 37066



501 North Water Avenue Gallatin, Tennessee 37066


WEDNESDAYS: AWANA - 6:30 - 8:10 pm Prayer Service - 7:00 pm Pastor: James Bell SOUTHSIDE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL



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FAITH AND WORSHIP Christian Faith Christian Center, 181 W. Smith St., Gallatin. Malachi Center, 825-A S. Water Ave., Gallatin. Grace Christian Church, 177 Bonita Parkway., Hendersonville, 824-3721. Oasis Church, 52 Alton Hill Road, Lafayette, 666-7351 Paths to Dwell in Church, 1031 S. Water St., Gallatin. Church of Christ Birdwell’s Chapel Church of Christ, 3170 Highway 25, Cottontown, 325-4640. Buck Lodge Church of Christ, two miles off South Tunnel Road, Gallatin Bush’s Chapel Church of Christ, South Tunnel Road, Gallatin. Clearview Church of Christ, 470 Clearview Road, Cottontown, 325-7762. Corinth Church of Christ, 1220 Butler Bridge Road, Portland, 325-3414. Community Church of Christ, 1627 Highway 109, Gallatin. Cottontown Church of Christ, Highway. 25, Cottontown. Creekview Church of Christ, 930 Long Hollow Pike, Gallatin, 452-8212 Fountain Head Church of Christ, 290 Fountain Head Road, Portland, 325-4811 Gallatin Church of Christ, 150 E. Main St., Gallatin, 4520271 Goodlettsville Church of Christ, 411 S. Main St., Goodlettsville, 859-5381 Hartsville Pike Church of Christ, 744 Hartsville Pike, Gallatin, 452-2530 Hendersonville Church of Christ, 107 Rockland Road, Hendersonville, 824-6622, Website:, e-mail: Hillcrest Church of Christ, 2405 Dobbins Pike, Portland. Ivy Point Church of Christ, 2705 Greer Road, Goodlettsville, 859-4781 La Guardo Church of Christ, 286 Tyree Access Road, Lebanon, 444-7872. Lakeview Church of Christ, 132 New Shackle Island Rd., 824-1376. Millersville Church Of


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Christ, 1158 Louisville Highway., Goodlettsville, 859-1841 Mitchellville Church of Christ, 340 Briley Lane, Portland. Nashville Road Church of Christ, 1883 Nashville Pike, Gallatin, 452-3431 New Hope Road Church of Christ, 2600 New Hope Road, 822-5616 Northfield Church of Christ 1338 Drakes Creek Rd. at Knox Doss at Drakes Creek Middle School, 860-3211, Hendersonville North Sumner Church of Christ, 611 Highway. 52 East, Portland, 325-1977 Old Union Church of Christ, 2505 Hartsville Pike, Gallatin. Palmer’s Chapel Church of Christ, Shun Pike, South Palmer’s Chapel Road, White House. Portland Church of Christ, 200 North Russell, Portland, 325-2889 Rock Bridge Church of Christ, 1515 Rock Bridge Road, Bethpage, 323-1794 Shackle Island Church of Christ, 3578 Long Hollow Pike, Goodlettsville, 824-2569. Union Hill Church of Christ, 1000 Dobbins Pike, Portland. Waycross Church of Christ, 111 Flat Ridge Road, Goodlettsville. West Eastland Church of Christ, 342 W. Eastland Ave., Gallatin, 452-1429, website:, e-mail: Church of God Goodlettsville Romanian Church of God, 814 S. Dickerson Road Goodlettsville. Harvest Chapel Church of God, Meets at Oak Grove Presbyterian Church, 2715 Oak Grove Church Road Hendersonville Church of God, 724 East Main St., Hendersonville, 824-6855 Original Church of God, 660 W. Pace St., Gallatin. Original Jehovah Church of God, 661 Pace St., Gallatin. The Church of God, 790 Green Wave Drive, Gallatin. The Church of God, 135 Thurman Kepley Road, Portland.

Truth and Light Church of God, 469 W. Eastland St., Gallatin. West Eastland Church of God, 469 W Eastland Ave., Gallatin. Church of God of Prophecy Church of God of Prophecy, 604 S. Water, Gallatin, 452-6558 Lakeside Church of God of Prophecy, 5576 Highway. 31 E, Westmoreland, 644-3373, e-mail: Portland Church of God of Prophecy, 820 College St., Portland, 325-9449. Robert’s Tabernacle Church of God Of Prophecy, 1801 Fairfield Road; Westmoreland, 644-3824. Episcopal Church of Our Saviour, 704 Hartsville Pike, Gallatin. St. Joseph of Arimathea Episcopal, 103 Country Club Drive, Hendersonville, 8242910, website:, e-mail: Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witness, 1620 Airport Road, Gallatin. Lutheran Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, 720 Lock 4 Road, Gallatin, 452-3352 Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, 2826 Highway 31 W., White House, 672-3300 St. Timothy Lutheran Church - ELCA, 650 E. Main St., Hendersonville, 824-6244 Trinity Lutheran, 720 Lock Four Road, 452-3352, Gallatin. Methodist Bethpage United Methodist Church, 3140 Highway. 31E, Bethpage, 841-3761. Cairo Methodist Church Castalian Springs Methodist, Castalian Springs. Connell Memorial United Methodist Church 113 Church St., Goodlettsville, 859-5915, website:, e-mail: Douglass Chapel United Methodist, 2141 Long Hollow Pike, Gallatin. 451-4499 Fairfield United Methodist Church, 909 Fairfield Road, Westmoreland, 888-9939.

First United Methodist, 149 W. Main St., Gallatin, 452-1922 First United Methodist Church, 3403 Highway. 31W, P.O. Box 200, White House, 672-7400 First United Methodist Church, 217 East Main St., Hendersonville, 824-8725 Forest Chapel Free Methodist Church, 1898 New Highway 52 E., Westmoreland, 644-2023. Free Methodist, 568 N. Water Ave., Gallatin, 452-3891 Free Methodist, three miles west, one-quarter mile north of Westmoreland. Good Shepherd United Methodist Church, 525 New Shackle Island Road, Hendersonville, 822-4531. Goodlettsville Southern Methodist Church, 300 Draper Circle, Goodlettsville, 859-1785. Key Stewart Methodist, 166 N. Blythe Ave., Gallatin, 451-1705. Lambuth Memorial United Methodist, 1042 Hartsville Pike, Gallatin, 452-3715. Liberty United Methodist, 1175 Liberty Lane, Gallatin, 452-9482. McKendree Memorial United Methodist Church, 206 Wheeler St., Portland, 3254444 Mt. Olive Memorial, 1301 Mt. Olive Road, Westmoreland. Rehoboth United Methodist, 2601 Cages Bend Road, Gallatin, 822-3966. Salem Methodist, Douglas Lane, Gallatin. Saundersville United Methodist, 710 East Main, 822-7750. Walkers’ United Methodist Church, 2947 Lower Walkers Creek Road, Goodlettsville, 859-7644. Walnut Grove Methodist, 4101 Highway. 76, White House, 672-3286. Westmoreland United Methodist Church, 1101 Park St., Westmoreland, 644-2440. Nazarene Faith Community Church of the Nazarene, 159 Luna Lane, Hendersonville, 8244411 Gallatin First Church of


Congregation members attend service at the historic 1845 New Hope Baptist Church in Hendersonville that sustained serious damages during the record May 2010 flood but was upgraded with new amenities when repaired. DESSISLAVA YANKOVA/FILE the Nazarene, 407 N. Water Ave., Gallatin, 452-2101, website:, e-mail: Goodlettsville Church of the Nazarene, 400 Loretta Drive, Goodlettsville, 8592555, website:, e-mail: Hendersonville Church of the Nazarene, 159 Luna Lane, 824-4411. Highland Nazarene Church, 610 Highland Road, Westmoreland, 888-2700, Living Springs Church of the Nazarene, Station Camp Middle School, 461-6001, New Life Church of the Nazarene, 302 Wilkinson Lane, White House, 672-4965. Portland Church of the Nazarene, 409 South Russell, Portland, 325-4805,, e-mail: Nondenominational Agape Community Church,

3140 Long Hollow Pike, Hendersonville, 429-4331. Amazing Grace Ministries, 1024 Pleasant Grove Road, Westmoreland. Byrum’s Chapel Church, 8878 Byrums Chapel Road, Portland. Calvary Chapel at Rivergate 1001-A Willis Branch Road, Goodlettsville, 8513088, rivergate, e-mail: Celebration of Life, 768 Forest Retreat Road, P.O. Box 460, Hendersonville, 8267575,, e-mail: Christ’s Community Church, North Broadway, Portland. Christ Worship Center, 2732 Highway. 31W, White House, 672-2202 Christian Faith Church, 203 Richland St., Portland. Christian Faith Church of Gallatin, Highway. 25, Gallatin.

Church of the Firstborn, 3070 Hall Road, Greenbrier, 672-0747. The Church at Grace Park, 506 Hester Drive, P.O. Box 570, White House, 672-3752 Community Church, 381 W. Main St., Hendersonville, 826-0042 Emmanuel Believers Outreach Center, 4008 Old Highway 52 East, Westmoreland. Extreme Youth Church, 1250 Louisville Highway, Goodlettsville. Faith House of Prayer, 112 Main St., Portland. The Father’s House, 1627 Highway. 109 N., Gallatin. Fireplace Fellowship, 278 E. Main St., Gallatin. Flames of Fire International Church, 110 Joslin Ave. and 109 S., Gallatin. Free Indeed Fellowship Church, 825 S. Water St., Gallatin, 452-9982 Gallatin Chapel, 119 Morningside Drive, Gallatin. Gateway Christian Center, 120 East Ave., Goodlettsville,

851-3525 Grace Tabernacle Christian Center, 809-B North Broadway, Portland. Higher Ground Church, 2717 Highway. 31W, White House, 672-9100 Highland Chapel Union Church, 1122 Highland Ave., Goodlettsville. Hosanna Church, 2621 Highway. 76, Portland, 3256404 Jesus Reigns Fellowship, 396 Pee Dee Branch Road, Gallatin, 451-7778. Jubilee Worship Center, 5254 Highway. 31 E, Westmoreland, 644-3396 Lakeside Church, 5576 New 31 East; Westmoreland. Liberty Worship Center, Kerley Center, 203 North Broadway, Portland. Living Word Church, 400 Two Mile Pike, Goodlettsville, 851-5500 The Lord’s Sanctuary, 734 Red River Road, Gallatin. 452-1166. New Beginnings Church

FACT BOOK 2012 |


FAITH AND WORSHIP Of God, 1271 S Dividing Ridge Road, Goodlettsville. New Covenant Fellowship, 802 South Russell St., Portland. New Day Christian Ministries, 185 W. Franklin St., Gallatin, 230-7692. New Hope Church, 1599 New Highway 52; Westmoreland, 644-3420 New Vision Ministries, 1118 Pleasant Grove Road, Westmoreland, 644-6446 North East Church, 310 Raindrop Lane, Hendersonville, 206-9949 Old Time Christian Mission Full Gospel, Gallatin. The Shepherd’s House, 118 Main St., Portland. Victory Assembly Church, 115 N. Russell St., Portland. Victory Chapel, 800 North Broadway, Portland. Pentecostal Bethel Tabernacle, Red River Road, Gallatin. The Book of Acts Pentecostal Church, 614 Long Hollow Pike, Gallatin. 452-2962 or 587-1523 Christ Apostolic Holiness Church, 115 Main St., Portland. Emmanuel Church of Christ Pentecostal, Cemetery St., Gallatin. Faith Apostolic Church, 2314 Highway 76, Portland. The First Apostolic Church, 236 E. Schell St., Gallatin. Goodlettsville United Pentecostal Church, 1004 S. Dickerson Road, Goodlettsville, 859-9450 Harvest Point United Pentecostal Church, 715 College St., Portland, 325-6675 Hendersonville Pentacostal, 151 Rockland Rd., Hendersonville, 822-4850. Highways & Hedges Mission, 349 W. Grey St. New Life Tabernacle Pentecostal, 163 Witherspoon Ave., Gallatin. Pentecostal Assembly Of Christ, 715 College St., Portland. Portland Pentecostal Church of God, Highway 76 and Jackson Road, Portland.


| FACT BOOK 2012

Chad Hutton (shown with a group of seventh-grade boys) was one of hundreds who volunteered at Hendersonville’s First Baptist Church’s Summer Bible College for middle-schoolers in 2011. TENA LEE/FILE Shallow Ford Pentecostal, New Hope Road. Truth Tabernacle, 120 Factory Lane, Gallatin. Zion Tabernacle New Day Pentecostal, 373 Magnolia Ave., Gallatin. Presbyterian Beech Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 3216 Long Hollow Pike, Hendersonville, 824-3990 Faith Presbyterian Church 372 Caldwell Drive, Goodlettsville, 859-1130 First Presbyterian Church of Gallatin, 167 W. Main St., Gallatin, 452-3151 First Presbyterian Church of Hendersonville, 172 W. Main St., Hendersonville, 824-8604 Goodlettsville Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 226 S. Main St.; Goodlettsville, 8595888 Hendersonville Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 453 Walton Ferry Road, Hendersonville, 822-6091. Oak Grove Presbyterian

Church, 2715 Oak Grove Church Road, Bethpage. 8882435. Sumner County Upper Cumberland Presbyterian, 1038 Lock-4 Road, Gallatin, 859-3515. Seventh Day-Adventist Hendersonville SeventhDay Adventist, 118 Anderson Lane, Hendersonville, 8221466. Highland Seventh-Day Adventist Church, 100 Highland Circle Drive, Portland, 325-3925 Portland Seventh-Day Adventist Church, 627 North Broadway, Portland. Seventh Day Adventist, 873 Hartsville Pike, Gallatin. Seventh Day Adventist Church, 3660 Highway. 31W, White House. Other Baha’i Faith, 6878 Byrams Chapel Road, Portland, 8246273. Baha’I Faith, Hendersonville, 824-6273. Celebration of Life, 768

Forest Retreat Road, Hendersonville, 826-7575 Community Church of Hendersonville, 381 W. Main St., Hendersonville, 826-0042. Faith Highway and Hedges House of Prayer, 349 W. Gray St. Life Church, 120 Indian Lake Blvd., Hendersonville, 338-7241. Lighthouse Mercy Center, 260 W. Main St., Hendersonville. Living to Go Ministries, 705 Rivergate Parkway, Goodlettsville, 859-4408 North East Church, 310 Raindrop Lane, Hendersonville, 824-3679. Rock, Meets @ White House High School, White House, 654-3210. The Church at Indian Lake, 1428 Callendar Lane, Hendersonville, 826-6222. The Rock, 1041 Center Point Rd., Hendersonville, 264-3400.


Pro, college sports a short drive away

Several professional, semiprofessional, and college teams are within driving distance of Sumner County, giving residents several options to enjoy some of the same luxuries of the bigger cities throughout the United States, while still enjoying the small-town comforts.

Tennessee Titans Tennessee’s professional football team, the Tennessee Titans, is well within driving distance from anywhere in Sumner County. LP Field, home to the Titans, is less than 30 miles from most of Sumner County and is easily accessed by driving south on Vietnam Veterans Parkway, and Interstate 65. For tickets, visit,, at LP Field or call (800) 745-3000. Single-game tickets are on sale for each of the Titans’ 10 home games. There is a waiting list for season tickets and personal seat license, or PSL. To get on either list, visit or go to LP Field.

Nashville Predators The Nashville Predators professional hockey team is also located in downtown Nashville at the Bridgestone Arena. Singe-game, season tickets, packages and group tickets are available at Ticketmaster or at 770-7825. Tickets can also be purchased at the Bridgestone Arena from 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Nashville Sounds The minor league Nashville Sounds, an AAA affiliate of Major League Baseball’s Milwaukee Brewers, is less than 30 miles away from most parts of the county. Greer Stadium, which houses the Sounds baseball team, has all the major league baseball appeal, but at a minor league price. The Sounds offer single-game tickets, group rates, and season tickets at 6904487 or Tickets can also be purchased in person at Greer Stadium .

Volunteer State Community College participates in men’s and women’s basketball, baseball, and softball in the Tennessee Junior College Athletic Association. FILE

College sports Sumner County has a multitude of college sports that are also within the 30-mile radius ranging from Southeastern Conference’s Vanderbilt University, to Belmont University and Lipscomb University of the Atlantic Sun Conference and Tennessee State University from the Ohio Valley Conference. Tickets for any sports events can be obtained by visiting the colleges’ websites. Sumner County is also home to Volunteer State Community College, one of the

most competitive Junior Colleges in the JUCO in both basketball and in baseball and softball. To obtain single-game tickets or season passes to any of Volunteer State’s home games, call (888) 335-8722 or 4528600. Tickets may also be obtained in person the day of the game. For more information visit

FACT BOOK 2012 |




| FACT BOOK 2012


There are more than 10 high schools with athletic programs in Sumner County, including nine that participate in the Tennessee Secondary Schools Athletic Association. FILE Gallatin American Legion Little League Municipal Park Ages: 7-12 451-7789 Kiwanis Cal Ripken League Municipal Park Ages: 9-12 451-0262 Kiwanis Babe Ruth League Thompson Park Ages 13-15 451-0262 Gallatin Leisure Services slow-pitch softball Triple Creek Park Ages 5-16 451-5911 Gallatin Leisure Services 451-5911 Tennis at Municipal Park, 230-0726 Skate park at Thompson Park Indoor swimming at Gallatin Civic Center Outdoor swimming at Municipal Park Swimming teams Cages Bend 451-1314

Gallatin Civic Center, 451-5911 Fairvue Plantation , 451-0919 Other leagues Gallatin soccer league 451-5911 Gallatin youth football l eague 452-5876 Gallatin youth basketball l eagues 451-5911 Hendersonville Parks and Recreation 822-3898 USSSA Baseball and Cal Ripken Baseball Ages 5-18, though no T-ball is offered, 822-3898. Games are played at Drakes Creek Park and Veterans Park. Slow-pitch and fast-pitch softball leagues Ages 5-16, with those leagues primarily playing at Drakes Creek Park and Veterans Park. Hendersonville Soccer Club 824-6216 Ages 3-18 with games at Drakes Creek Park. Hendersonville Titans

Youth Football organization 495-4433 Ages 5-12. Sponsored by the Hendersonville Civitan Club Swim teams Bluegrass Country Club, 824-6510 Indian Lake Swim Team, 826-0206 Public pool Sumner County YMCA 102 Bluegrass Commons Blvd. 826-9622 Tennis leagues Played at Drakes Creek Park 264-2017 Hendersonville Inline Hockey Association, 364-5598 Ages 8-under to 18-under. Goodlettsville T-ball Ages 4-5, games at MossWright Park 851-2253 Girl’s volleyball Ages 10-15, games at

Delmas Long Community Center, 851-2253 Tennessee United Soccer Club Ages 9-under through 19-under Games played at Moss Wright Park in Goodlettsville and Drakes Creek Park in Hendersonville. 306-7314 Middle Tennessee Futbol Club Ages 3-18 Matches played at Moss Wright Park 300-5805 Goodlettsville Trojans football Ages 5-14 Games played at Moss-Wright Park 851-2253 Goodlettsville youth basketball leagues Ages 5-18. Games are played at the Delmas Long Community Center. 851-2253

FACT BOOK 2012 |


SPORTS AND RECREATION Portland Little League Baseball Ages 3-16, played at Portland Little League complex, 325-3555 Dixie Youth Baseball Ages 5-18 and played at Richland Park 325-6464 Portland Dixie Youth fast-pitch softball Ages 5-16. Games are played at Municipal Park. 325-6464 Portland Soccer League Ages 3-18. Matches played at Richland Park 325-6464 Portland Recreation Department youth basketball leagues 325-6464 Portland Youth Football League Ages 6-12 325-6464 Public pool 325-9282 Westmoreland Little League Baseball Ages 9-12. Played at Westmoreland Little League baseball complex. 644-4174 Westmoreland T-Ball (3-6), coach pitch (7-8), senior league (13-15) Played at Westmoreland City Park 644-4174 Westmoreland fast-pitch softball Ages 9-16. Played at Westmoreland City Park 644-3382 Westmoreland youth football league Grades 3-6. 644-2306 Westmoreland youth basketball league Grades 3-6. 325-6464 White House Dixie Youth Baseball and fast-pitch softball leagues Ages 5-16. Games are played at Municipal Park. 672-4350, ext. 2114 White House Youth Soccer Association Ages 3-17. Matches played at the W.L. Anderson Sports


| FACT BOOK 2012

There are numerous youth baseball leagues throughout Sumner County, including Little League, Cal Ripken, Dixie Youth and Babe Ruth. FILE

SPORTS AND RECREATION Complex, located at 2760 Highway 31W 672-4350, ext. 2114 The White House Parks and Recreation Department 672-4350, ext. 2114 Offers youth basketball and youth football leagues, as well as recreational softball leagues for men and women. Softball leagues play at Municipal Park, while the youth basketball leagues play at the Hobbs Municipal Center, located at 105 College St.

Sumner offers many marinas The Corps of Engineers Old Hickory Lake is a showcase for the area, annually attracting close to 8.6 million visitors, which brings in approximately $273 million in tourism revenue to the local economy. In recent years, the lake has hosted several fishing tournaments, including a

Many local swimming teams are available to youth ages 5-18 during the summer. Those include Bluegrass Country Club, Indian Lake Swim Club, Cages Bend Swim Team, Gallatin Civic Center and Fairvue Plantation Swim Team.

National Bass Association fishing tournament. The lake has many recreational uses including fishing, boating, skiing, jet skiing and scuba diving. The dam itself became operational in 1957 and has 22,500 acres of water at normal pool. There is 440 miles of shoreline for the entire lake. There are 19 recreation areas, 19 minor access points (boat ramps) and 284 picnic areas of varying sizes, campgrounds in the Cages Bend area of Hendersonville. There are eight marinas, three private clubs, six group camps on the lake and four swim areas, including Lock 3 in Hendersonville. Maps and brochures detailing the lake can be obtained at the resource manager’s office at the Rockland Recreational area in Hendersonville, located off of Rockland Road. For information, call 822-4846, write the Corps of Engineers, No. 5


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Amy Watson encourages Randal Silcox across the finish line during the Anchors Aweigh 5K and Fun Run, hosted by the Gallatin High School track and field team, in May 2011. MATTHEW DIGGS/FILE Power Plant Road, Hendersonville, or visit\op\old\rec. » Anchor High Marina 128 River Road, Hendersonville 826-26280 » Drakes Creek Marina 441 Sanders Ferry Road, Hendersonville 822-3886 » Gallatin Marina 727 Marina Road, Gallatin 452-9876 » Shady Cove Marina 115 Shady Cove Road,


| FACT BOOK 2012

Castalian Springs 452-8010 » Creekwood Marina 259 Sanders Ferry Road, Hendersonville 824-7963 » Cherokee Marina 450 Cherokee Dock Road, Lebanon 452-1515

Several youth baseball leagues are available.


Gavin Rogers hopes for a catch during a Bass-N-Buddies fishing event in May 2011. MATTHEW DIGGS/FILE

Ed Mayberry golfs during the Gallatin Chamber of Commerce's annual golf tournament in May 2011. DEB PINGER/FILE Golf courses » Long Hollow Golf Course, 451-3120 » Bluegrass Country Club, 824-6566 » The Club at Fairvue Plantation, 451-0919

» The Club at Foxland Harbor, 451-2600 » Country Hills Golf Course, 824-1100 » Dogwood Hills Country Club,, 325-6551

Bella Harris and Sherrie McCormack run during the 5K benefit for Special Riders at Streets of Indian Lake in September 2011. MATTHEW DIGGS/FILE

Triathlons are held often for youth and adults. FILE

FACT BOOK 2012 |


CULTURE, ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT Family fun Sumner County offers unique opportunities for a wide variety of family activities, from boating to walking across acres of lush farmland. Drakes Creek Activity Center 130 Cherokee Road North, Hendersonville 822-0232 Located next to Drakes Creek Park, this center offers plenty of outdoor fun. It’s most unique attraction is its outdoor laser tag, in which players choose a mission to play out. The experiences last three to four times longer than the traditional indoor laser tag experience, according to the activity center’s website. There is also an 18-hole mini-golf course, batting cages, game rooms and more. For those with money to burn, it is even possible to schedule a hot air balloon ride through the activity center. Bottomview Farms 185 Wilkerson Lane, Portland 325-7017 Just as much an attraction as it is a farm, Bottomview Farms features a Native American Village, an outdoor theater and a pay lake for fishing spread across 600 acres. Admission is free Monday through Saturday. Special events at the farm may include an admission charge. On the farm is also the Old Time Fixin's Restaurant. Madison Creek Farms 1228 Willis Branch Road, Goodlettsville 448-6207 Walk through a field of flowers with zinnias and giant rows of sunflowers. Purchase berries, jams and produce at the on-site market. Try some fresh, hand-churned butter. Bring your children to hunt for eggs or fish in the creek. Red Chief Orchard 2400 Hartsville Pike, Gallatin 452-1516 From July through October, visitors can pick fresh


| FACT BOOK 2012

Adam Pope performs at the Tennessee Liberty Festival, sponsored by Sumner United for Responsible Government. FILE

Les Bumbalough, owner of Red Chief Orchard in Castalian Springs, has a wide variety of fresh apples, cider and other and vegetables. SHERRY MITCHELL/FILE apples and peaches, purchase jams and jellies and sample the orchard’s popular fried pies. England Strawberry Farm 720 Scattersville Road, Portland 426-3068 For more than 35 years,

families have been going to this Portland farm to pick fresh strawberries in the Spring and pumpkins in October. Regal Streets of Indian Lake Stadium 16 300 Indian Lake Road, Hendersonville

824-6817 Sumner County’s newest theatre, the Regal is one of the anchor sites of the Streets of Indian Lake, an outdoor shopping center off Vietnam Veterans Boulevard exit 7 in Hendersonville. The shopping center offers both fine dining and casual dinner fare just steps from the theater doors! NCG Gallatin Cinemas 1035 Greensboro Drive, Gallatin 451-9500 Gallatin’s largest movie theater. The theater also has agreements with several local businesses for dinner and a movie combo deals. The Palace Theatre 146 N. Water Ave., Gallatin 230-0884 Originally opened in 1913, the Palace Theatre is the oldest silent movie theatre still standing in the same location in Tennessee. The theatre, operated by nonprofit organization, Greater Gallatin, offers family-friendly movie fare, as well as performance arts and live music.

CULTURE, ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT The Arts Steeple Players 260 W. Main St. Hendersonville 826-6037 The Steeple Players is a nonprofit organization that provides familyfriendly entertainment, including plays and musicals. More information is available at

Art galleries Square Space Gallery 101 Public Square Gallatin 403-1346 Govan’s Coffee House 116 N. Water Ave. Gallatin 206-9777


Law enforcement often interact with residents at events while on patrol. FILE

Community events calendar

Long Hollow Winery & Vineyards 665 Long Hollow Pike Goodlettsville 859-5559


Sumner Crest Winery 5306 Old Highway 52 Portland 325-4086

Days Gone By Tractor Show and Threshing. Begins at 8 a.m. 122 Davis St., Portland. 574-0749.

Sept. 30 – Oct. 1

Oct. 1 Main Street Festival in Gallatin, 10 a.m.–6 p.m. 452-5692. Oct. 1 Hank Thompson Trek & Treat. 5k begins at 8 a.m.; family festival from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thompson Plaza at the Streets of Indian Lake. Oct. 1

Sumner Crest Winery in Portland often holds events and wine tastings. FILE

Reba Simpson, of Portland, displays her work at Art in Bloom. FILE Oct. 15 Fall at the Fort at Moss Wright Park. Pre-register at 851-2203. Oct. 27

Gallatin Public Square, Gallatin. 452-4000. Oct. 31 Pumpkin Festival. Moss Wright Park, Goodlettsville, 5 – 7:3- p.m. 8513211.

Candlelight Cemetery Tour in the Gallatin City Cemetery starts at 4 p.m. 451-3738.

Women Impacting The Community. A night of networking, leads, education and activities at Bluegrass Country Club in Hendersonville. 824-2818.

Oct. 1

Oct. 29

HolidayFest, Hendersonville.

Mansker's Station Fall Encampment. Observe how people lived on the frontier in the late 1800s. Moss Wright Park, Goodlettsville, 9 a.m.- 4 p.m. 859-3678.

Howl O’Ween at Moss Wright Park in Goodletsville. 10 a.m. 851-3211.

Annual festival that brings together the entire community to celebrate the spirit of the season and benefits local charities.

Oct. 31 Trick or Treating on the Square.

NOVEMBER 2011 Nov. 1 through Jan. 1

FACT BOOK 2012 |


CULTURE, ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT Nov. 1 through Jan. 31 Trinity Christmas City USA in Hendersonville. 826-9191. Nov. 19 Christmas Harvest Craft Show at the Gallatin Civic Center, 9 a.m.–4:30 p.m. 451-5911. Nov. 25 Third-annual Indian Lake Loop 5-Mile Run. Streets of Indian Lake in Hendersonville. or

DECEMBER 2011 Dec. 3 Merry Mantles at historic Rose Mont. Open house and wine tasting, 6–10 p.m. 451-2331.

Bluegrass musicians jam in April 2011 to kick off Volunteer State Community College’s Celebration of the Arts weekend that featured events of music, visual arts, storytelling and film. MATTHEW DIGGS/FILE

Dec. 3

JULY 2012

Portland’s Christmas Electric Light Parade and Chili Cookoff, begins 5 p.m. 325-9032.

July 3 Freedom Festival at Drakes Creek Park in Hendersonville. Fireworks begin at dark. 824-2818.

Dec. 3 White House Christmas Parade and Holiday extravaganza. 672-4350, ext. 2114.

TBD All-American Fourth of July celebration at White House Municipal Park in White House. 672-3937.

Dec. 3 Yulefest, 6-9 p.m. at Mansker’s Station in Goodlettsville. 859-3678.

July 29- August 4. 1-6*

Christmas Open House at Sumner Crest Winery in Portland. Noon-5 p.m. Visit www.sumnercrestwinery or call 325-4086.

NCG Theater on Greensboro Drive in Gallatin was voted Best Movie Theater in a Sumner County Publications Readers' Choice poll. SARAH KINGSBURY/SUMNER COUNTY PUBLICATIONS

Sumner County Fair in Gallatin. 824-1664.

MARCH 2012

April 28

Sept. 27

Dec. 4

Date TBD

Gallatin Squarefest. 452-5692.

Hendersonville Christmas Parade presented by Keller-Williams begins at 2 p.m. at Drakes Creek Park. 822-8585.

Days of Wine & Roses. Visit

April 28*

APRIL 2012

Dog Daze of Hendersonville at Memorial Park. 415-8694.

Taste of Hendersonville. Sample the cuisine of local restaurants from 5-8 p.m. at Thompson Plaza at the Streets of Indian Lake. 824-2818.

Dec. 10

April 23

MAY 2012

Gallatin Christmas Parade begins at noon. 452-4000.

Hendersonville Area Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament. Begins at 8 a.m. at Bluegrass. 824-2818.

May 14-19

Dec. 3

FEBRUARY 2012 Date TBD McReynolds Memorial Bluegrass Music Spectacular, Gallatin Civic Center. 202-6190.


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April 28 Sumner County Pilgrimage. This annual tour of homes includes Cragfont, Rose Mont, Trousdale Place, Wynnewood and several privately owned homes. 452-7070.

The 71st-annual Portland Strawberry Festival. 325-9032.

JUNE 2012 June 16 Rose Mont Festival in Gallatin. Family-friendly day located on the grounds of historic Rose Mont. 451-2331.


Sept. TBD Festival by the Lake presented by the Hendersonville Rotary Club, 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. at Veteran’s Park in Hendersonville. Sept. 15-16 Gen. Daniel Smith Days at Rock Castle in Hendersonville. 824-0502. * Date tentative. Call the number provided for more specific information.


Hendersonville High School student Tori Williams accepts the award for Best in Show from the National League of American Pen Women during the Sumner County Student Art gallery exhibit at Monthaven. MATTHEW DIGGS/FILE Parem and Kedar Vyas play one of the games in Kid Town during the Portland Strawberry Festival in May 2011. MATTHEW DIGGS/FILE

ng us i m a n unty! r o o C f r u e o n y Thank Theater in Sum e #1 Movi es of z i s l l a LS on L I F E R orn! c E p o p FRE d ks an soft drin

All day Tuesday and everyday before 6:00 p.m. tickets to most of our shows are $6.00. Some restrictions apply and additional charge for 3D films.

NCG Gallatin Cinemas 1035 Greensboro Dr. Gallatin, TN 37066

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LEGAL SERVICES General Sessions Judge Jim Hunter 452-2288 General Sessions Court Clerk 452-4310 Juvenile Judge Barry Brown 451-6016 Juvenile Court Clerk’s office 452-4310 Criminal Court Judge Dee David Gay 452-5526 Criminal court Clerk’s office451-3209 Circuit Court Judge C.L. “Buck” Rogers 452-6771 Circuit Court Clerk’s office 452-4367 Chancery Court Judge Tom Gray 451-6004 Clerk and Master of Chancery Court 452-4282 District Attorney’s office 451-5810 Child support services 451-5829 Public Defender’s office 451-5833 Gallatin City Judge Connie Kittrell 451-5893 Hendersonville City Judge Curtis Lincoln 822-1000 Westmoreland City Judge Jade Rogers Mayberry 644-3382 White House City Judge Joseph Zanger 672-4350, ext. 2137 Millersville City Judge John Lowe 859-9665 Goodlettsville City Judge Fred Lee 851-2214

LEGAL AID SOCIETY Legal aid assists with civil cases, not criminal cases, and is offered primarily to residents of low income or to those age 60 and older. The Legal Aid Society also offers counseling for domestic abuse or health insurance or financial concerns to all residents, regardless of income. The Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee has a local office in Gallatin at 650 N. Water Ave. For more information, call 451-1880. Many services available are listed online at

The Sumner County Courthouse is located on the Gallatin square. FILE PHOTO




| FACT BOOK 2012






LEGAL SERVICES HomeSafe HomeSafe is an emergency domestic violence shelter for women and children. Community outreach services, including prevention and education, are also provided. In Sumner County the organization has three phone lines manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing help and access to services. Also, HomeSafe has three emergency shelters with beds for victims of domestic violence and their children. The organization also provides peer and crisis counseling, court accompaniment for both civil and criminal court proceedings, providing moral support and information about processes, according to the HomeSafe Web site. For survivors of domestic violence, HomeSafe may also provide those facing economic hardship with food or personal item assistance. To contact HomeSafe, call 452-4539. Their 24-hour helpline is available at 452-4315 or in Spanish at 969-3260. For more information, visit

Judy Dodds, HomeSafe volunteer and domestic violence survivor, hangs ribbons in Gallatin city square storefronts in recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October 2010. ERIC MILLER/FILE

CASA 451-1688 CASA, which stands for Court Appointed Special Advocate, trains volunteers to serve as child advocates in court. The Sumner County branch has been in operation since 1992 and has advocated for more than 1,500 children to date, according to the Sumner County CASA website. In the 2008-09 fiscal year, 67 CASA volunteers provided and made services possible to 233 children, donated 3,831 hours, trained 597 hours and drove more than 26,920 miles, according to the website. For more information, visit

Shannon Lynch, Sumner County advocate for HomeSafe, and the Rev. Kyle Gott with First Presbyterian Church of Gallatin go over the training program that helps religious leaders recognize signs of domestic violence. HomeSafe participates in many youth outreach programs. DESSISLAVA YANKOVA/FILE

Sumner Mediation Services Sumner Mediation Service is a full-service resource center for mediation, reconciliation and conflict resolution.

Established in 2000 by Juvenile Court Judge Barry Brown, the Victim/Offender Reconciliation Program continues to serve the community through Juvenile Court referrals. In June 2004, the program

began accepting cases from General Sessions Court. VORP accepts referrals from a judge or any court officer including district attorneys, public defenders, probation officers, police officers or court referees. Cases accepted include those offenses that are property related or simple assaults such as theft, vandalism, burglary, domestic assault or an unruly child with the parent or a sibling as a victim. In addition, the program has expanded to include visitation mediation to establish visitation for parents who were never married and are no longer together. These referrals come from the juvenile court judge. Sumner Mediation Service is a nonprofit organization. For more information on the program or to become a mediation volunteer, call 414-0304 or email

FACT BOOK 2012 |



Sidney Preston says his new role as assistant district attorney has been difficult but fulfilling. DESSISLAVA YANKOVA/FILE

Preston hired as new Sumner assistant DA By Dessislava Yankova Sumner County Publications

Sidney Preston didn't know his attorney act during a mock trial at age 14 would lead to a career. "I liked the legal process," Preston, 30, said. "I liked questioning the witnesses. It was interesting and exciting." Preston was sworn in on Aug. 1 as Sumner's newest assistant district attorney to represent the state in various civil and criminal cases. He replaces Wayne Hyatt, who retired in late July after 32 years as Sumner's longestserving prosecutor. "It's impressive how much service (Hyatt) has given to the people of Sumner County, and if I do half as good of a job as he did, I'll do very well," Preston said. "I look forward to protecting and serving the citizens of Sumner County." A native of Jackson, Miss., Preston earned his undergraduate degree in criminal justice from Grambling State University in Grambling, La.


| FACT BOOK 2012

Sidney Preston, Sumner's newest assistant district attorney, is sworn in Aug. 1 by Criminal Court Judge Dee David Gay. Also pictured is District Attorney Ray Whitley (center). WILL DAUGHERTY/FILE

After graduating in May of 2001, he attended the University of Mississippi School of Law the following August. After attending summer classes, he earned his Juris Doctor degree in two years on a full academic scholarship. Preston finds new job fulfilling In 2008, Preston launched his own law practice based out of Hendersonville mostly handling criminal defense

and personal injury cases. He had already applied with the Sumner County district attorney's office when Hyatt decided to retire. "I had been working here for a while," Preston said. "And I had had the opportunity to work with pretty much everyone in this office." Preston said he's enjoyed his first three weeks on the job that's proven to be different and, perhaps, somewhat

more fulfilling than criminal defense. "I've seem mostly everything, and if I haven't seen it on this side, I've seen it as a defense attorney," Preston said. "I definitely like this better. It's a job with a big deal of public service, and it offers the opportunity to help and protect the people of Sumner County. I'm so happy and excited to get up and come to work every morning." Sumner County District Attorney Ray Whitley said he's glad to have Preston as one of his nine assistant DAs. "He's come with great recommendations by just about everybody who knows him, including defense attorneys, prosecutors and judges, and he'll be a great addition to this office," Whitley said. "He's already hit the ground running handling cases in criminal and general session courts, and he's doing a great job." Reach Dessislava Yankova at 575-7170 or

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EXCELLENCE Committed to You!

The Gallatin News Examiner and are dedicated to being the authority for local news coverage in Sumner County. No source of news delivers the breadth and depth of local coverage as we do. We are proud to be recognized for this work - including eight awards by the Tennessee Press Association. The media business is changing and the Gallatin News Examiner is changing with it. But one thing remains constant our commitment to serving our community and you.

WINNERS: Education Reporting – Jennifer Easton, Dessie Yankova, Tena Lee and Cheri Tatum

SECOND PLACE: Sports Writing – Cecil Joyce, Craig Harris, Chris Lynn Website – Melissa McDonald, Matt Anderson, and the entire staff


Best News Reporting Best Single Feature Best Feature Photograph

FIFTH PLACE: Headline Writing Editorials



| FACT BOOK 2012

ADVERTISER INDEX Aaron Academy......................................... 44 Copeland Hardwood Floors ....................... 23 Abby’s Bed & Biskit .................................. 89 Cragfont ................................................... 63

Alexander Funeral Home .......................... 23 Crestview Funeral Home, Memory Gardens & Cremation................................................. 83 All Access Coach Leasing .................... 76,77 Allstate Insurance ..................................... 97 Crye-Leike - Donna Shell.......................... 55

Garrott Brothers Continuous Mix ............... 23 Gary D. Cohen, D.D.S ................................ 78 General Tire ............................................ 142 Georges Restaurant ...............................103 Gibson Furniture & Patio ......................... 141

Ashley & Trixies Family Restaurant .........103 Deborah Frizzell........................................ 52 Goodpasture Christian School ................... 42 Attitudes ................................................... 85 State Representative Debra Maggart......... 12 Austin Peay State University...................... 45 Green Eye Center...................................... 72 Derryberry Heat & Air................................ 13 Bachman’s Paint Unique ......................... 101 Green Village Recycling............................. 85 & Home Repair Animal Inn - Dr. Flatt................................. 90 Bank of Nashville...................................... 28 Hair & Body Day Spa................................. 84 Elmcroft Assisted Living............................ 68 BJs Trailers............................................... 25 Half Time Sports .....................................103 www.elmcro Harvest Hills Baptist Church.................... 114 Bluegrass Country Club............................. 30 Eric Schuh, DDS........................................ 74 Healthmart Pharmacy ............................... 75 Brandon Hodge, D.D.S .............................. 67 Ernie Reyes Martial Arts............................ 25 Hendersonville Christian Academy ............ 45 Buffalo Ps ...............................................103 Family Heritage Funeral Home .................. 23 Campiones Taste of Chicago ...................103 Hendersonville Expo Center ...................... 27 Caris Healthcare ....................................... 75 First Baptist Church Hendersonville......... 120 Hendersonville Montessori ........................ 47 Carl Wells Insurance ................................ 22 First Baptist Church ................................ 114 Hendersonville Memory Gardens Funeral CEMC ....................................................... 51 Home & Cremation Center ........................ 38 First Presbyterian Hendersonville.......... 114 Christmas For Kids.................................... 57 Hendersonville Tire Center ........................ 31 First State Bank ........................................ 93 Citizen’s Bank........................................... 85 Holleman Trucking .................................... 23 Fischer Family Dentistry............................ 80 City of Gallatin .......................................... 21 Hendersonville Chamber ........................... 31 Foster’s Floor Covering ............................. 25 City of Hendersonville ............................... 32 Franks Place ..........................................103 Hendersonville Medical Center.................... 4 City of Millersville ..................................... 37 Gallatin Family Practice............................. 70 Jesus is Lord Ministries .......................... 114 City of Portland ......................................... 35 Gallatin Optical ......................................... 72 Kabuto.................................................... 144 Coldwell Banker Lakeside........................ 2,3 Gallatin Physician Associates .................... 72 Kid City Smiles.......................................... 79 Commerce Union Bank ......................... Front Gallatin Women’s Center........................... 78 The Lawn Ranger...................................... 32 Comprehensive Rheumatology.................. 70 Gallatin Sertoma Club ............................... 56 Lyk-Nu...................................................... 89

FACT BOOK 2012 |


ADVERTISER INDEX Martin Real Estate ................................... 99

St. John Vianney .................................... 115

Trousdale Place ....................................... 63

Mary Cay Koen ........................................ 32

St. Joseph School .................................... 48

Union University....................................... 46

Miracle Chrysler..................................... 111 Miracle Ford........................................... 111

State Farm Insurance................................. 7

VIP MidSouth ........................................... 79

Sumner Academy .................................... 43

Volunteer State Bank ................................. 9

Morningside Assisted Living..................... 71

Sumner Bank & Trust ............................... 11

Volunteer Fence ....................................... 58

Ms. Sue’s Med Spa.................................... 5

Sumner Farmers Co-Op ........................... 95

Wallace Custom Homes ......................... 110

NCG Movie Theatre ................................ 129

Sumner County Visitors Bureau (SCVB)... 123

Newton Nissan ...................................... 111 Parent Teacher Store................................ 45 Peridontal Care Center ............................. 69 Perkins Drugs .......................................... 71 Polka Dots & Pigtails................................ 47 Pony Mailbox ........................................... 29 Portland Chamber of Commerce .............. 35 Randy Jones Construction ..................... 109 Rivergate Dermatology ............................ 78 Historic Rock Castle................................. 63 Ron Hibbard........................................... 111 Historic Rose Mont................................... 63 Southside Baptist................................... 115


| FACT BOOK 2012

Sumner Crest Winery ............................... 19 Sumner Gun & Supply.............................. 10 Sumner Medical Group ............................ 73 Sumner Regional Health Systems .......... 143 Sumner Roofing....................................... 30 Tabor Dental Associates........................... 75 Tennessee Credit Union ........................... 92 The Farmer’s Bank .................................. 13 The Fire Place Fellowship ...................... 115 Titan Auto Care ........................................ 25 Tennessee Pediatrics ............................... 69 The Chocolate Covered Strawberry ........ 103 Tommy Koen, D.D.S. ................................ 79 Top Hog BBQ ......................................... 103

Wilkinson Wiseman.................................. 35 White House Chamber of Commerce........ 36 Woodys Restaurant................................ 103


Elmcroft Assisted Living ...............68 Morningside Assisted Living..........71


Coldwell Banker Lakeside ...........2,3 Martin Realty House & Auction..................................99

Auto Care & Repair

General Tire ..............................142 Hendersonville Tire Center............31 Lyk Nu .......................................89 Titan Auto Care ...........................25

Auto Dealers - New/Used

Miracle Chrysler ........................111 Miracle Ford..............................111 Newton Nissan ..........................111 Ron Hibbard Toyota ...................111



Wallace Custom Homes..............110 Randy Jones Construction...........109

Austin Peay State University .........45 Union University..........................46

Business Services

Conference Rooms

Pony Mailbox Center ....................29

Chambers of Commerce

Bluegrass Yacht & Country Club ......................................30

Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce .............................31 Portland Chamber of Commerce .............................35 White House Chamber of Commerce .............................36

Consignment Shops


Credit Unions

First Baptist Church Hendersonville .....................120 First Baptist Church of Gallatin ...............................114 First Presbyterian Church Hendersonville .....................114

Polka Dots & Pigtails....................47


Randy Jones Construction...........109 Wallace Custom Homes..............110 Tennessee Credit Union ...............92


Brandon Hodge, D.D.S. ................67 Eric Schuh D.D.S. .......................74 Fischer Family Dentistry ...............80 Gary D. Cohen, D.D.S...................78 Jayson Tabor, D.D.S.....................75 Mary Beth Tabor, D.D.S. ..............79 Mary Cay Koen, D.D.S..................32 Periodontal Care Center................69 Tommy Koen, D.D.S. ...................79


Rivergate Dermatology & Skin Care ...............................78

Dog Grooming & Supplies

Abby’s Bed & Biskit .....................89 Animal Clinic, Dr. Flatt ................90


Bank of Nashville ........................28 Citizens Bank ..............................85 Commerce Union Bank............. Front Farmer’s Bank.............................13 First State Bank ..........................93 Sumner Bank & Trust...................11 Tennessee Credit Union ...............92 Volunteer State Bank .....................9

Beauty Salon/Hair

Attitudes.....................................85 Hair & Body Day Spa ...................84

Building/Construction Supply

Bachman’s Paint Unique & Home Repair ........................101 Holleman Trucking ......................23 Sumner County CO-OP .................95

Harvest Hills Baptist Church .....................114 Jesus Is Lord Ministries ..............114 Southside Baptist ......................115 St. John Vianney........................115 The Fire Place Fellowship...........115

City Governments

City City City City

of of of of

Gallatin ............................21 Hendersonville ..................32 Millersville........................37 Portland ...........................35

Coach Leasing

All Access Coach Leasing ...................76,77

Economic Development

CEMC.........................................51 City of Gallatin ............................21 Derryberry’s Heat & Air.................13 Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce .............................31 Portland Chamber of Commerce .............................35

Entertainment Transportation

All Access Coach Leasing............................76, 77


Christmas for Kids .......................57 Gallatin Sertoma Club ..................56

Farm Equipment

Sumner County CO-OP .................95

FACT BOOK 2012 |



Sumner County CO-OP .................95 Volunteer Fence Company ............58

Financial Services

Bank of Nashville ........................28 Citizens Bank ..............................85 Commerce Union Bank............. Front Farmer’s Bank.............................13 First State Bank ..........................93 Sumner Bank & Trust...................11 Tennessee Credit Union ...............92 Volunteer State Bank .....................9


Ernie Reyes Martial Arts ...............25


Copeland Hardwood Floor .............23 Foster’s Floor Covering .................25

Funeral Homes

Alexander Funeral Home ..............23 Crestview Funeral Home, Memory Gardens & Cremation Center ...................................83 Family Heritage Funeral Home ........................23 Hendersonville Memorial Gardens Funeral Home & Cremation Center....................38 Wilkinson Wiseman......................35


Gibson Furniture & Patio Shop ...........................141

Garden Centers

Sumner County CO-OP .................95


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Perkins Drug ...............................71 Sumner County CO-OP .................95 Sumner Crest Winery ...................19

Golf & Country Club

Bluegrass Yacht & Country Club ..........................30

Government Officials

State Representative Debra Maggart........................12


Brandon Hodge, D.D.S. ................67 Comprehensive Rheumatology........... Care, Dr. Farooq Ali ................70 Elmcroft Assisted Living ...............68 Eric Schuh D.D.S. .......................74 Fischer Family Dentistry ...............80 Gallatin Family Practice ...............70 Gallatin Optical ...........................72 Gallatin Physician Associates........72 Gallatin Women’s Center ..............78 Gary D. Cohen, D.D.S...................78 Green Eye Center.........................72 Hendersonville Medical Center........4 Jayson Tabor, D.D.S.....................75 Mary Beth Tabor, D.D.S. ..............79 Mary Cay Koen, D.D.S..................32 Morningside Assisted Living..........71 Periodontal Care Center................69 Rivergate Dermatology & Skin Care ...............................78 Sumner Medical Group.................73 Sumner Regional Medical Center .....................143 Sumner Regional Medical Center 143 Tennessee Pediatrics ...................69 Tommy Koen, D.D.S. ...................79 VIP Midsouth ..............................79

Healthcare Providers

Comprehensive Rheumatology........... Care, Dr. Farooq Ali ................70 Gallatin Family Practice ...............70 Gallatin Optical ...........................72 Gallatin Women’s Center ..............78 Green Eye Center.........................72 Hendersonville Medical Center........4 Rivergate Dermatology & Skin Care, C. Drew Claudel, M.D. ....78 Rivergate Dermatology & Skin Care, Emmitt Ray Claud, PA-C ......78 Rivergate Dermatology & Skin Care, Keith H. Loven, M.D. ......78

Sumner Medical Group, Leila August, MD............................73 Sumner Medical Group, Stephen Bennett, MD..............73 Sumner Medical Group, Jagdish Nachnani, MD ............73 Sumner Medical Group, Decpti Bulchandani, MD .........73 Sumner Medical Group, Andrew Dill, MD .....................73 Sumner Medical Group, H. Wayne Hooper, MD.............73 Sumner Medical Group, Henry Lau, MD .......................73 Sumner Medical Group, Clay MacConnell, MD ..............73 Sumner Medical Group, Robert McDaniel, MD..............73 Sumner Medical Group, Brian Stuart, MD ....................73 Sumner Medical Group, Joe David Cox, MD..................73 Sumner Medical Group, Brett Scher, F.N.P. .................73 Sumner Medical Group, Ramesh Alwarappan, MD.........73 Sumner Medical Group, Donald Ezuteh, MD.................73 Sumner Medical Group, A Sid King, MD ......................73 Sumner Medical Group, David Mazurek MD..................73 Sumner Medical Group, Anil Nachnani, MD .................73 Sumner Medical Group, Mark D. Uhl, MD ....................73 Sumner Medical Group, Hermogenes P.D. Battad, MD ..73 Sumner Medical Group, William T. Faith, MD...............73 Tennessee Pediatrics, David Hudson, M.D.................69 Tennessee Pediatrics, Jennifer Holzen, M.D. .............69 Tennessee Pediatrics, Jennifer Moore, M.D. ..............69 Tennessee Pediatrics, Lea Ann Lund, M.D.................69 Tennessee Pediatrics, Steve Johnson, M.D. ...............69 Tennessee Pediatrics, Warren Ervin, M.D. .................69 VIP Midsouth, Denise Stuart, M.D. ................79 VIP Midsouth, Heather Lehmann, M.D. ..........79

AVAILABLE SERVICES INDEX VIP Midsouth, Jason Kastner, M.D.................79 VIP Midsouth, Jennifer Ashworth, M.D. ..........79 VIP Midsouth, Jo Cook-Collins, M.D. ..............79 VIP Midsouth, Kenneth N. Wyatt, M.D. ..........79 VIP Midsouth, Mary Kline, M.D. ....................79 VIP Midsouth, Norman Spencer, M.D.............79 VIP Midsouth, Ronald Miller, M.D. ................79 VIP Midsouth, Saagar Karlekar, M.D. .............79 VIP Midsouth, Samuel Murray, M.D. ..............79 VIP Midsouth, Steven Riley, M.D. ..................79 VIP Midsouth, Victoria Rundus, M.D. .............79

Historic Homes

Cragfont......................................63 Rock Castle.................................63 Rose Mont Foundation .................63 Trousdale Place...........................63


B.J. Trailers ................................25

Home Health Care

Caris Healthcare ..........................75

Home Improvement

Kitchen Remodeling

Bachman’s Paint Unique & Home Repair ........................101

Bachman’s Paint Unique & Home Repair ........................101 Copeland Hardwood Floors ...........23 Foster’s Floor Covering .................25 Garrott Brothers Continuous Mix ......................23 Sumner County CO-OP .................95 Sumner Roofing & Exteriors ..........30

Lawn Care/Mowers


Mortgage Loans

Hendersonville Medical Center........4 Sumner Regional Medical Center .....................143

The Lawn Ranger.........................89 Sumner County CO-OP .................95

Massage Therapy

Ms. Sue’s Skin Care Center and Med Spa ..................................5 Hair & Body Day Spa ...................84

Sumner Gun & Supply..................10

Bank of Nashville ........................28 Citizens Bank ..............................85 Commerce Union Bank............. Front First State Bank ..........................93 Sumner Bank & Trust...................11 Volunteer State Bank .....................9


Non-profit Organizations


All State Insurance, Larry Maynard ........................97 Carl Wells & Associates ................22 State Farm Insurance, Anna Stephens .........................7 State Farm Insurance, Craig Hayes..............................7 State Farm Insurance, Jeannie Gregory ........................7 State Farm Insurance, Larry Treadway .........................7

Christmas for Kids .......................57 Gallatin Sertoma Club ..................56

Nursing Homes/Senior Adult Care

Elmcroft Assisted Living ...............68 Morningside Assisted Living..........71


Gallatin Optical ...........................72 Green Eye Center.........................72


Gary D. Cohen, D.D.S...................78 Mary Cay Koen, D.D.S..................32 Tommy Koen, D.D.S. ...................79


Bachman’s Paint Unique & Home Repair ........................101

Patio/Outdoor Furniture

Gibson Furniture & Patio Shop ...........................141


Tennessee Pediatrics ...................69 VIP Midsouth......79


Fischer Family Dentistry ...............80 Periodontal Care Center................69

Pet Care/Boarding

Abby’s Bed & Biskit .....................89

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Hendersonville Healthmart Pharmacy...............................75 Perkins Drug ...............................71

Private Schools

Aaron Academy ...........................44 Goodpasture Christian School ...................................42 Hendersonville Christian Academy................................45 Hendersonville Montessori Academy................................47 Southside Baptist ......................115 St. John Vianney........................115 St. Joseph School ........................48 Sumner Academy ........................43

Real Estate

Coldwell Banker Lakeside ............2,3 Crye-Leike, Donna Shell ...............55 Martin Realty House & Auction..................................99


Sumner Roofing & Exteriors ..........30


Aaron Academy ...........................44 Austin Peay State University .........45 Goodpasture Christian School ...................................42 Hendersonville Christian Academy................................45 Hendersonville Montessori Academy................................47 Southside Baptist ......................115 St. Joseph School ........................48 Sumner Academy ........................43

School Supplies

Parent Teacher Store ...................45

Shipping Services


Skin Care

Cragfont......................................63 Rock Castle.................................63 Rose Mont Foundation .................63 Sumner County Visitors’ Bureau ....................123 Sumner Crest Winery ...................19 Trousdale Place...........................63


Green Village Recycling................85

Small Engine Repair Sumner County CO-OP.................95






NCG Cinemas............................129 Sumner Crest Winery ...................19

Bachman’s Paint Unique & Home Repair ........................101 Copeland Hardwood Floors ...........23 Foster’s Floor Covering .................25 Sumner Roofing & Exteriors ..........30


Ashley & Trixie’s Family Restaurant.................103 Buffalo Ps.................................103 Campione’s Taste of Chicago ......103 Frank’s Place ............................103 George’s Restaurant...................103 Granny’s Stars & Stripes Restaurant ................103 Half Time Sports Bar & Grill .......103 Kabuto Japanese Steak, Seafood & Sushi ..........Back Page The Chocolate Covered Strawberry ...........................103 Top Hog BBQ ............................103 Woody’s Restaurant ...................103


| FACT BOOK 2012

Pony Mailbox Center ....................29 Ms. Sue’s Skin Care Center and Med Spa ..................................5 Rivergate Dermatology & Skin Care ...............................78

Ms. Sue’s Skin Care Center and Med Spa ..................................5 Hair & Body Day Spa ...................84

Sumner County CO-OP .................95 B.J. Trailers ................................25 Sumner County CO-OP .................95


Sports & Recreation

Bluegrass Yacht & Country Club ..........................30

CEMC.........................................51 Derryberry’s Heat & Air.................13 Green Village Recycling................85

Stress Management

Wallpaper/Paint Services

Ms. Sue’s Skin Care Center and Med Spa ..................................5 Hair & Body Day Spa ...................84

Tire Sales & Service

General Tire ..............................142 Hendersonville Tire Center............31 Titan Auto Care ...........................25

Bachman’s Paint Unique & Home Repair ........................101


Attitudes.....................................85 Bluegrass Yacht & Country Club ..........................30 Cragfont......................................63 Rock Castle.................................63 Rose Mont Foundation .................63 Trousdale Place...........................63

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2011 Sumner County Factbook  

The Sumner County Factbook provides information about Sumner County's people, places, government and resources. It is published annually.

2011 Sumner County Factbook  

The Sumner County Factbook provides information about Sumner County's people, places, government and resources. It is published annually.