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Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

I would like a ipad Please and a new Barbie house Please and awlike a Big house for me to step in So I could play in it please and a table please and some teacher soplixs please please and like a Desck like a school Desck Please. Love,

What I really want fron you is a Windos Eight Compyuter and well sometoy Disny Infintey. I also would like a new ipod and a case for it and maby the case could have jouls on it. Love your friend,

Ashlee Fischer

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

Ihope I can get a new bike! I also want an ipad manny. I want some pants and jackts for homeless people in Mexco that don’t have toys like we do. I want candy in my stocking! Merry Christmas,

Could I Please have DOCMCSTUFFINS Thank You. Love, SARAH

Dear Santa, How is Patricia ) THE Elf doing) If I am really good for momma and Daddy I would like a Yellow Flutterfly Fairy for Christmas! Are you going to sing happy birthday to Jesus? Love, Theresa Boling

Dear Santa, My name is Olivia and I want a monster high bike for Christmas. Love Olivia Barnhill

Dear Santa, I wantI a Tractor And Legos. I have been a good boy. Love, Weston Hofer

Dear Santa, I want a ipod, and hotwheels. I hope you and Rudolph are warm. Love You, Marcus Barnhill

Nina Houdeshell

Eva Johnson

Dear Santa, I realy like a ninjago lego set for Christmas. I also want a Star Wars clone troopers gun. I also want a big sack of coal. Oh, I almost forgot! I also want you to have the most awesome Christmas ever! Also forgot! Ho,ho,ho! P.S I realy like your hat! Love your friend, Ian Atkinson GETTY IMAGES/ISTOCKPHOTO

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

I hope I can get these Things for Cristmas… a girl-zommer,barbiedoll house, and rolly-poly ball you put animals in. Well thats all for now. Thank you for listening. Love,

I hope I get lots of presents this year insted of a ptato with tooth pick in it. I love Crismes. It is a holiday that is very very very spashal and it bringschoy to one and all. Love,


Samuel Whiteley

I relly want some Beyblade stuff like Samari pegusas and the cyclone bey station plus a luncher. I am looking ford to it! I hope my friends come and have fun. The thing I relly want more leftover in crist! Love your friend,

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,


I want a Play Station 4 with controller, a iPod, a romote controle plane, BasebaLLcards, a blue and yellow titanieum neckliss,a dog,a Pad mini, and baseball. Love,

I would really want minecraft Xbox 360. And I would like Legends of china too!But what day is elf, Scotty coming? Because im not shore. We had are Chrismas decorations up in November. Love,

Dear Santa,

Caleb Powell


For Christmas I want a new hook and some nail polish. I also want a bird caller, an American girl doll. So my other one isnt lonely. I want a big girl lego set with Lego friends. Please Santa. Rachel McCann


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Dear Santa, Can you please give me an Ipad for Cristmas? I realy want my puppy Fuzzy boy back for Cristmas. He is realy cute and fuzzy. Can you please bring him back? Love, Emma

Dear Santa, I relly want an Ipad. and a starwars lego set. and flash-light pets. 4 lego guys. I want It to snow this year thats all. Love, Alexander Lucas

Dear Santa, I hope you get me a Pupex and a Nerfe gun. I hope it is a an nasheen gun and please get me Lazar tag battle ureenu in my backyard. It is going to have 10 Lazer and vest and it is goin to be fun. Love Caden Kanaby

Feliz Navidad

We want to Wish you a Merry Christmas

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Dear Santa, I am hopeing that you have a great Crhismas.Oh and I forgot to say that with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtels video game I want the car and playset. P.S. ask jack frost for a lot of snow! Love, Luke

Dear Santa, I really,really want a new desk, and a rainbow loom, a marker marker,and a mini santa outfit! Also,a sack to go with it and a new water botel (The one I’ve always wanted) P.S. I hope this is the best Christmas! P.S. I really want a iPad mini Love, Jordyn Keltogg (=

Dear Santa, I would like a airhockey table and a pool table. I would also like skylanders, kidsbop 22,books,headbands a ctup,bop it game. You are the best. I will leave out cookies for you. Merry Christmas. Love, Matthew Rasmusson

Dear Santa, My name is Bricyn and nanny said she thinks ive made the GOOD LIST SO FOR this year. Santa I want my moma to come home for Christmas more than anything. I would like to also have a John Deere Blanket. Tow Truck, Bulldozier and please bring the SNOW from the North Pole for Christmas. I will have cookies and milk for you! From, Bricyn


Christmas wordsearch puzzle GETTY IMAGES/ISTOCKPHOTO

» Friday, December 20, 2013 » 2013 Sumner County Letters to Santa

HAPPY HOLIDAYS & HEALTHY NEW YEAR This holiday season reminds us that we are blessed to be a par t of these great communities. The hospitals of HighPoint Health System wish you and your loved ones a safe, healthy and happy holiday season. We will be open Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We are here when you need us – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Livingston Regional Hospital • Riverview Regional Medical Center Sumner Regional Medical Center • Trousdale Medical Center TN-0000953418

2013 Sumner County Letters to Santa » Friday, December 20, 2013 »


Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,Clause,

What I want for Christmas is a bumpercar in the water that shoots out water. I want a zip line That is what I want for Chrismas. Love,

I’ve been good so I would like a toy crane a toy grabbagetruck and a toy landfield I would also like a playdoh maker. Love,

Eli Schuh


Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

Santa: I have never wrote you a letter this is my first one. I hope that I’m on the good list again. This is wat I want this year. I wan’t: a eltric scooter, and I want a new mini basketball goal that keeps score, And I want a DS 2, I want 2k basketball for psp. Some skylanders swap force characters., psp football game. From,

I have been very, very good this year. I would like an Ipod. I would also like the all new leapfrog game system. Love,


Kole Garrison

Dear Santa, I have been very good. For Christmas, I would like a American girl doll. I would like Molly. Could you get my brother Ben some Mickey Mouse pajamas? Love, Emily Clemens


Christmas Eve Candlelight Services 5:00 p.m. Family Service 7:00 p.m. Choir & Brass 11:00 p.m. Late Service Location: 525 New Shackle Island Road Hendersonville, TN TN-0000949641


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May our Heavenly Father richly bless you and your families during this Christmas season! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for voting us

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2013 Sumner County Letters to Santa » Friday, December 20, 2013 »


Dear Santa,

Dear Sant Claus,

Dear Santa,

I would like some and shoes and a video game minecraft. Love,

I have bee good at school and not at home. I would like a skateboard and sky landers and a dog or cat. Love,

I would like some snow for my present. I would like some bells. I would like some more math for school. I love math it is relly fun. Love,

Jaden Majors

Dear Santa,


I have been helpful this year. I want the SkyLander Swap force game.If I can not get that can you get me Legend of Chima Lego guys! Love,

Dear Santa, I want a new bike and a Barbie set with baries, a zoomer, dress up clthes and gloves. Love,

Reagan Cannon

Hailey Long

Dear Santa Claus,

Dear Santa,

I would tummie stuffers. I would like a American Girl Doll named Molly. I also want a cotton candy maker. Love,

I have been extremely good this year. I would like some Action figures, two puppies, and a hamster. I want some race cars a new back pack too. I wish for a iPod ,a nerf football an iPhone. Love,

Scarlett Beasley

Chelsea Herauf

Dear Santa,

Will Spence


I have been doing good in school and I have been making good grades. I want a razor skooter and a red passenger train. I have been nice to my friends. Love,


We love helping Santa!

Ashton Spry

Dear Santa,

“Where Your Child’s ’s Storyy Begins” g

What I want for Cristmas is a marker maker, legos any kind, cotton candy maker, and also I want a new monoply game Love,

Located in the Glenbrook Shopping Center er in Hendersonville



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» Friday, December 20, 2013 » 2013 Sumner County Letters to Santa

Nicholas Williams

Dear Santa, I have been good. Can I have a ride on your sleigh? I would like a beanie baby or a husky puppy for Christmas. I also would like a cotton candy maker and an Ipod. Love,

Dear Santa Claus,

Genevieve Bobb

I have been super-deduper good this year. From Dec. 26, 2012 to Dec. 24, 2013. I would really like an I tunes card. I would like a pair of tennis shoe. I would like a football calander and a rubber football. Love,

Dear Santa,

Nick Martini

Karlye Dillard

I want an American Girl Doll and I want a new nerf gun and bullets. I hope you have a great Christmas. Can I also have a ride on your sleigh? Love,

May your Christmas be Merry and Bright.


Monday – Saturday 9 am – 6 pm Sundays from 1 pm – 5 pm until Christmas

I would like some call of duty ghost action figures. I would like an iPod. I would like X and Y figures. I would like a marker and crayon maker. Love,

Zane Collins

Address: 1050 Glenbrook Way, Suite 440 Hours:

Dear Santa,



ANSWER: 5 and 8



2013 Sumner County Letters to Santa » Friday, December 20, 2013 »


Dear Santa

cookies and milk for you! Bricyn

My name is Bricyn and nanny said she thinks I’ve made the good list so far this year. Santa I want my Moma to come home for Christmas more than anything. I would like to also have a John Deere coat, John Deere jeans & shirt & sock. A play weed eater, a fire truck, John Deere blanket, tow truck, bull dozer and please bring the snow from the North Pole for Christmas. I will have

Dear santa claus I think it's awesome that you can travel around the world in one night. I would like a Razer Dirt Bike please let it be green.I would also like an ipad. Will you get me one of those castle playhouse's. please give jasper and jaden the infinity I know they want it. let kristionna

have a good christmas. PS. please let us have a white christmas I beleive in you .you don't have to get me anything if it is to much trouble. I just have one more question will you give nana and daddy a good christmas. Savannah Ivey

Dear Santa, I haven’t written you a letter since I was about six years old. I figured it’d be perfectly fine to tell

you that I miss you after nine years. What I want for Christmas this year (if I’m on the nice list) is for all the TV shows I watched as a little kid such as The Big Comfy Couch, Dragontales, Winnie the Pooh, That’s So Raven, Rollie Polie Olie, ect. To be combined into a big marathon. Also, I want kids my age to believe in Christmas like they did when they were little. Basically, I’m asking for the impossible gift of my

childhood back. I can settle for a giant bag of gingerbread cookies though! Also, it’d be wonderful if you could sprinkle a little “spirit magic” on my Westmoreland Eagles. Love me some Eagles! Merry Christmas guys. Happy birthday, Jesus. See you soon Santa! Love Sierra (Class of 2016)

Dear Santa, My name is Vega Whetstone and I have been a real good girl this year. I will be at my Poppy and Gi Gi’s house in Tennessee for Christmas and I want you to find me there. I really want a Ninja Turtle Castle and a remote Ninja Turtle Car. I like SpiderMan too. I love you Santa. Please make sure you find me. I will leave you some cookies and milk and clean my room every day. Vega Whetstone

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


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Dear Santa, I am a very good boy this year. I am going to color a picture for you Santa. I want a tool workshop so I can help my Poppy work on his cars. Thomas the Train is my favorite. I just love Thomas. I like Spider-Man and Rudolph a lot. Tell Rudolph that I will be at Poppy and Gi Gi’s house in Gallatin this Christmas. My mamma said that you will come and see me there. Vika Whetstone

Dear Santa, I have been a very good girl this year. So , I wanted to tell you about some of the things I would like for Christmas. Can you please bring me: 1) Rubber band bracelet maker 2) A Baby Alive - walk and ready to go 3)Crayola Marker Maker 4) Some Barbie Doll clothes


Family Practice Stephen Bennett, M.D. Andrew Dill, M.D. H. Wayne Hooper, M.D. Henry Lau, M.D. Clay MacConnell, M.D. Robert McDaniel, M.D. Brian Stuart, M.D. Dana Mason, FNP Joe David Cox, M.D. 262 E. Main St. 452-3532

Kimberly Snyder, M.D. 880 Green Lea Blvd., Ste. E 230-8070

Internal Medicine Donald Ezuteh, M.D. A. Sid King, M.D. David Mazurek, M.D. Anil Nachnani, M.D.

Endocrinology Deepti Bulchandani, M.D.

5) Walkie Talkie Text Phones 6) Just some other fun stuff You and Rudolph be careful on your trip to my house. I will have some yummy cookies and milk for you. I will be sure to put out some Raindeer food for Rudolph and the other Raindeers. I love you, Hailey Ausbrooks

Dear Sant Nikeolise, I am shore what I want. I want a ipod and a monster high doll named clawdeen wolf. I also want a lalaloopsie mermade. I want a Tv and a coputore. Thank you Love, Ava Elizabeth

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa, Would you bring these thangs for Christmas? Will you bring me Luigi’s Mansion and will you bring me closes and shoues? From, Parker

Dear Santa, I want a for wheeler and some legos to. I want a tablit and a dsi xl. I want a durt bike And a ipod. I want a ifone and a hd tv. I want a ps4 and afone. Love, Caleb

Dear Santa, I Want a sea pet. and a Barbie doll..And a Sophia the first doll. Love, Kerri Jo

I wont for Christmas a bike. I wont a tablit. I want a ipaedpod. I wont a pohe. I wont a computer. Love, Chloe

Gastroenterology & Hepatology Mark D. Uhl, M.D. Jagdish Nachnani, M.D.

Neurology Megan Mason, M.D.

Pulmonology Hermogenes, P.D. Battad, M.D. William T. Faith, M.D. Bradley Rust, M.D.

PRACTICE ADMINISTRATOR: Wanda Gant phone: (615) 230-8070 fax: (615) 452-1774


300 Steam Plant Rd., Suite 300 Gallatin, TN 37066

w w w. s u m n e r m e d i c a l . c o m 2013 Sumner County Letters to Santa » Friday, December 20, 2013 »



Dear Santa,

Match the pairs: find the exact mirror copy for each penguin

I went a bike and a toy deer. Santa can you make my sister not mean? Santa can you make me happy? Love,

Vika Whetstone & Vega Whetstone


St. Augustine Florida

Dear Santa,

Grandchildren of Joe & Sandi Johnson Gallatin, TN

I want a real puppy for chismas. I want a a dog. I want lo fish. I want is a kit. I want is a apple. Sinerly, Ashlynn


Dear Santa, I want is a nother car for my dolls. And more cloths for Julie and cloths for Julie’s best friend. And a pool. And a tire wing. And a puppy and a kitten and a Cinderella book. Love, Olivia

To you Santa, Dear Santa Clows, I wont a gotaer. I wont a minecraft game. I wont a rc-car. I wont a car, I wont a a game. Mychal

Dear Santa, Dr. Mary Beth Tabor

Here is a list of things I want for Christmas; a few model cars, a few model trucks, a few candy, a few model monster trucks, and a few curious George dolls, a few car magazines, a few model trains, a few unusial model cars, a few model boats. Sincerely,

Dr. Clair Poff

Drs. Tabor and Poff are general dentists who together have extensive experience treating children and would love the opportunity to see your kids. Kid City Smiles is dedicated to providing your child with the personalized quality dental care they deserve.


Dear Santa, I have been good. Can you get me the Maker Maker. Will you please get me a dolphin that swims in water. Will you please with a cherry on top get me a snow cone maker. Will you pretey please with a chery on top and choclete sprinkles get me a tablet. Love,

Kid City Smiles wishes you a Merry Christmas! GETTY IMAGES/ISTOCKPHOTO



» Friday, December 20, 2013 » 2013 Sumner County Letters to Santa

ANSWERS: 1/4, 2/8, 3/5, 6/7

107 Maple Row Blvd, Hendersonville • 615.8222.55888


Dear santa,

Dear Santa,

Have a happy chrismis and a happy naw yher

Dear Santa,

I need some cow girl boots and I want some makeup and I want a kindle fire h.d. I want a phone and I want a I pad and I want an American doll. I want a skate board. Love,

I want a scooter for Christmas, and can I please have a Robot for Christmas please I want a barbey set for Christmas and a school with it. I want a new bike too. I want a big robot horse that I can ride. I want a big makup set too. Love,


Kaen I heav a psp and I waent my faemly to get pressiins. Bot you do not hef to get me a psp if you do not went to I just waent my faemly to be happy, gud bi Santa. Your Friend,

Kaylee Jones

Dear santa,


I want a bike. And I want a iPod and would like a talking and pooping baby. Love,

Dear Santa,


Dear Santa can you give me for Christmas Skylanders Swape Fours and Zoomer too and a Cputr a kidul ipod too a Drumset and Sup hero Books Mreokaret7 Xbox360 with minecradt and Halo4 and 1 Aiden

Dear Samta, I want a just dans 2014 and frbe boom and a ipod thoutch whinraship case talyer swift tailer swift back pack cuter taler swif pejase and some fabrek more taler swift posters. Shilea Baye

I would like some nerf guns. I also would like some LEGOS. Also would like it to snow very HARD. Dear Santa I wont a laptop a leapfrog a 3dds a ixidxs with 14 games a barbe my life ingrem havse a 43 chck tv a lecktrik car a ipod for brater a weeu a xbox 360 a privet jet a sweng set a thramplen a pool, atiar sweng 5 montr high dolls 3 kittys a jorley set expo markrs and a barn. From Hayleig

Dear Santa, I want a 3ds, and I want wigs manchen, and I want a dog toy, and I want the uggles, and I want putty, and I want goo, and I want my family, and I want a hellucopter and I want a month lode of ice cream. From, Nathan


Dear Santa, I wat a Big weden Kac. I im thankfoll for a Preset. I im doin a Kresmu PateYs. I Love Preset, Campbell

Dear Santa, You work so hard. Far chrimn. I will like to get a DSI for Chrimnh. Can I get a dog? Dane


Give your family a lifetime of memories...


Holiday Special

Championship Golf Course On Staff PGA Golf Professional New Clubhouse Opening Spring 2014


Flexible Membership Plans For information Call: 615.451.2600 Email: www.FOXLANDHARBOR.COM

2013 Sumner County Letters to Santa Âť Friday, December 20, 2013 Âť


Dare Santa, I want a noth toy frog and a star wars toy, I want you to brig me a chok bird olse a toy fogr. Are you ok? Froum, Jacob

Dear Santa, I want a new bick and a pack of prigls and a toy trueck. How are you doin? Your friend, Grayson

Dear Santa For Cismis I wut a fon. I wud like a pinkn ball. Hal or the ers doin? Your Friend,

North poule? Are you getig redy for Crismas? Your friend

Dear santa,


I want a tellascop and a Hat wheels car maker. Sinsirny

Dear Santa


I want a Baskitball video game. How are the Elfes doing? Are they doing good? I bet thay are makeing presents. Your friend,

Dear stanun clos


Dear santa, I want a dreses for ma Barbe. I am going to play in the snow! Haw are the elfs din? Your friend, Joselyn

i wute a Pink niner clook pless stanan I hop I get it I LOVE YOU Stanun you are the BEST in the hole ther world I hop I get CUP for Cristmun pless stanun you are stwet stanun clos I LOVE YOU so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much and I wute a Pink black and a ipod and I wute a thee ds fo crimus to pless sanun I LOVE YOU SANUN


Dear Santa,


Dear Santa,

Dear santae I want sele bands a cowboy hat game howlder chrahsfaormer a rela knit gune shoes.

Dear Santa,

I would like for you to bring a x-box. And some vidogames and some other stuff that I would like. How are you doing in the


Can I have TV in my room? Can I have a con conohdr f that TV? How are yor elfs doing? Your friend, Sarah ETTY IMAGES/ISTOCKPHOTO

Derryberry’s Heat & Air



“Making Customers For Life” “M 212 North Water Avenue Gallatin, Tennessee 37066 (615) 452-8121



Toby oby “nose” Comfort C



» Friday, December 20, 2013 » 2013 Sumner County Letters to Santa

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

I wood like three firel frend. Santa. I wuod like a fonewene. I wood like to no youre lefes are dowing. By Santa Your Friend,

I want a real puppy for chismas. Santa I want a necklaces for chismas. Santa I want a Amarican girl for chismas. I want a set of carons please. Santa I wat a toy wolf for chismas. Santa I want a fish for chismas. I want a teddy bear for chismas.

I want the Cleo De nile doll, and Duece and the Tyla doll. Iwant glitx globes. I want a pretty pair of high heels. I want crazyloom. I want the prettiest dolls ever. Love


Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

I want sky lander surpfor hoky table, Alambama suait, marker maker nfin titans whit jeres, Alambama jeres, shotgun, gun, pigskin football, face shild helmet, sky lander men, cowboyhat, flamhead. Love:


Dear Santa, I am gowing to help the pore for Chrismes so I am gowing to have one for Chrismes ev. I wont a iypod for Chrismese ev. Your friend, Lilly

Dear Santa, Please sind 1,000 dolrs and floot, and a violin. Can you sind me a kid sis forweelr? Can you sind me a tv and a fone anether 1000 dolrs and drieerasbord. Your friend,

I want a pink furby and pop chef. Also a strochkil and glidz glob. Marten maker furey friend dasiy glowers flipez stampez. 13 whishes moster high game for ds new ipad case with sparkles on it. Love



Abigail Marie Stewart



Dr. Benitez-Brauer and her Staff wish you all Happy Holidays!!

IT’S TIME TO SEE DR. B! Maria Benitez-Brauer, MD Board certified - Practicing since 1996

Call now for your child’s well-check up Accepting Tenncare 625 East Main St, Suite 3 Hendersonville 37075

Located next to Holiday Inn Express in Hendersonville



2013 Sumner County Letters to Santa » Friday, December 20, 2013 »


Dear Santa, For crismas I whant to have ningago light timple. And I whalnt the gas gar dig truck. And mine craft push toy. And 16 g b apple ipod nano. And miny half pack. JT

Dear Santa, For Christmas I want an Ipod 5. I want it because almost my hole class as schoo has ipod5s. My brother has one. My sister has one. Sincerely Paisley

Dear Santa, I wot a I pod. I wud like a preses gem. I wud like runeeg shoos. I wot rmot cincherol car. Hawh or yor elfs? Can I have a boord? I wud like a fon. I

wot sumhahils, Can I have my on sot cas?Haw or your rendeers? Your friend Kelsie

Hi Santa I have been really good this year. I have been trying my best on staying good and I want a lot of presents this year. And I love you so much. Love Jackson

Dear Santa, my family and I have been good. How are you? The present I want the most is the lego city fire station. Thank you for the bow and arrow you gave me last Christmas. From David Winsinger


Thank You Sumner County for making our

Happy Holidays from Hendersonville Medicine Associates!

1st Annual Toy Drive a Success! Gallatin News Examiner 1 Examiner Court Gallatin, TN 37066 615-575-7142

Dr. James Carmack, Jennifer Fowler, ANP and staff.

105 Glen Oaks Blvd, Suite 100 Hendersonville, TN, 37075 (615) 822-6701 TN-0000953880


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But first, help the pencils get to the tree drawing

Walk-ins Welcome

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Dear Santa,

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I’ve been perfect all year. I’ve been getting ready for Advent. Love, Lauren

how is the North Pole doing? Do the elves work hard are they funny? I have been good. Love,

Dear Santa,

Finnigan Francis Donnelly

I hope I am not too late with my wish list. I was trying hard to put my best effort in everything I do. Since you are saint Nicholas, when you visist us this year, will you give me a road ripper car and a fighter Jet.

I want a kindle fire & Madden NFL 25. You are the nicest person in the world. You make the best toys ever. Love Luke

Dear Santa I have ben good. I would like a fuurby. I help my mother. I help my sisters clean their room. My teacher is very nice to me. My elf came and I am very nice to my elf and my elfs name is Holly. Love, Ellie

Eric Jacob

Dear Santa Claus, I want a present that is a toy Tyrannnasaurs Rex. I hoPe you deliver them to the children including me! From

Sola Salon Suites 206 Indian Lake BLVD Hendersonville, TN

Thien TN-0000953537

(Across From Union University)

2013 Sumner County Letters to Santa » Friday, December 20, 2013 »



“Thanks for my letter!” -Santa



» Friday, December 20, 2013 » 2013 Sumner County Letters to Santa



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2013 Sumner County Letters to Santa » Friday, December 20, 2013 »


PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY SPECIALISTS Thank you readers of Nashville/Sumner Parent Magazine for voting us one of the very best Pediatric Dental Offices 16 years in a row!


YEARS 1998-2013

2 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS Hendersonville: 824-5047

Madison: 868-9057

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• Providing comprehensive dental care for children and teens including those with special needs • Great kid friendly office and caring staff • Accepts most insurance/Tenncare Provider

Kurt R. Swauger, D.D.S. Ryan Seaton, D.D.S. Member American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry Proud member of “The Summit Institute”, group of dental professionals

Best wishes for a Happy New Year! Thank you for trusting us to care for you Children in 2013. TN-0000953354


» Friday, December 20, 2013 » 2013 Sumner County Letters to Santa

Letters to Santa - Sumner County Publications 2013  
Letters to Santa - Sumner County Publications 2013