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July 2012


Navi Mumbai

MEDICAL TOUR BY SENIOR DOCTORS Central, West and East India Dr. Tenzin Deche Kartsang, Medi-

Mainpat, Nagpur, Bhandara and Mumbai from 9 May - 8 June, 2012. In these seven places the doctor gave consultation to 1095

cal officer Nizamuddin Branch Clinic visited our brances in Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar, Orissa,

patients including visit to 32 senior citizens in the old age home and home visit to 42 bed ridden


The most common disorders suffered by the people in these areas were arthritis, neurological problems, asthma, stress related disorders, diabetes, hypertension, gastritis and indigestion. Besides treatment, the doctor also gave health awareness talk on causes and prevention of disorders affected in the respective regions and advised on diet and lifestyle. Jangthang Remote Areas, Ladakh Dr. Tenzin Thaye, CMO Men-TseeKhang Culture Center, Ladakh toured the remote areas of Jangthang in Ladakh from May 7 -

1 June, 2012. He gave health care service to a total of 877 patients 1


living in the remote areas of Bilsar, Chushul, Goyul, Kagshung, Hanley, Sumdho, Samedh and Kery in Ladakh Jangthang. The doctor gave awareness advise to the people on lifestyle and diet, prevention and causes of disorders and introduction on Tibetan medicine. North East India Dr. Tenzin Norbu visited the North East areas from May 10 22 June, 2012 in order to provide health care to the people. A total of 1189 people received health care service during the doctor’s tour to Miao, Tezu, Bomdila, Tenzin Gang, Tawang, Guwahati, Itanagar, Gangtok, Ravangla, Kalimpong, Darjeeling and Sonada. The common disorders faced by the people living in these regions were: chronic digestive disorder, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis and kidney problems. The doctor gave public talk to the community and school children on the prevention and causes of Diabetes and Hepatitis B. He also advised on diet and lifestyle. EDUCATION SYSTEM FOR THE DIPLOMA COURSE IN AUSTRIA A meeting between Men-TseeKhang, Dharamsala and Tibet Center I.I.H.T.S (International InMen-Tsee-Khang

April 2012

stitute of Higher Tibetan Studies) Austria took place from 24-26 July, 2012. The Director’s of I.I.H.T.S. and Men-TseeKhang Geshe Tenzin Dhargye la and Mr. Tsering Tashi met on 24 July, 2012. They assured good cooperation between the Institutes in the future during their discussion.

search was held on 27 July, 2012. Director Mr. Tsering Tashi gave a briefing and was also present during the closing of the meeting. The meeting was presided over by the Chairman, Council of Tibetan Medicine and Astrology Dr. Tsewang Tamdin. All the heads of academic departments, the team of doctors and staff of Clinical Research Department, Medical officers of Nizamuddin and Bangalore branch clinics and the co-ordinators were present in the meeting.

In the afternoon the meeting took place at Men-Tsee-Khang Hall. The Director of I.I.H.T.S, Director of Men-Tsee-Khang, Principal (Dr. Tenpa Choephel) & Vice Principal (Dr. Khenrab Gyamtso) of Men-Tsee-Khang College and nine doctors participated for the discussions. The main topics on the agenda were: 1. Review on the course conducted in the past. 2. Improvement in the education system. 3. Decision on the syllabus for the next course. The doctors who were involved in the teaching in Austria and the team spoke in detail about the modifications of curriculum and the preparation of the syllabus in order to make progress in the education system. A 5-member team headed by the Principal of the College were nominated to compile the syllabus into a text book format.

The members also reviewed to improve the documentation of patients record, to document reports on diabetic patients who are undertaking western as well as traditional Tibetan medicine and to add two more branches for the efficient process on the ongoing Clinical Trial on newly diagnosed Type II Diabetes.


DIRECTOR’S TOUR From June 22 till July 11, Director visited 14 branches to greet and meet the staff and to offer words of encouragements. In a few places, he met and thanked the Men-Tsee-Khang well wishers and Sponsors. The branches covered were: Sorig Production Center near Panipat; Majnuka Tilla Tibetan Settlement, Nizamuddin branch and Men-Tsee-Khang Exports in New Delhi; Bengaluru Branch, Chennai Branch, Kollegal Tibetan Settlement, Hunsur Tibetan Settlement, Bylakuppe Tibetan Settlement, Branch at Sera Monastery, camp 3 and 6 in Mundgod Tibetan Settlement, and Secunderabad. 2


E-News 2012 mentseekhang


E-News 2012 mentseekhang