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M E N -T S E E - K H A N G (Tibetan Medical & Astro. Institute of H.H. the Dalai lama)



December 2013

OUTREACH PROGRAMME Europe Tour Mrs. Tsering Choezom, senior astrologer (head of Astrology Department) accompanied by Dr. Tsultrim Kalsang (deputy head of Materia Medica Department), and Mrs. Dolma Tsering (administrative staff) visited the Czech & Slovak Republic, Austria, France and Germany from Oct 21 to 4 Dec, 2013. The team visited the Czech & Slovak Republic for 6 days from 24 Oct. Mr. Lukas Chmelik, Center of Tibetan Medicine was the organizer of the tour. Dr. Tsultrim Kalsang provided traditional Tibetan health care service to 64 interested people and 34 people received traditional Tibetan astrological consultations. An introductory talk on the traditional Tibetan medicine and Tibetan astrology were presented to

Astrologer Tsering Choezom and Dr. Tsultrim Kalsang giving lecture at the Paris University

the attendees. The tour in Vienna, Austria was organized by the Tibetan community from 1-12 Nov. Dr. Tsultrim Kalsang gave presentations on the traditional Tibetan medicine, past and present

and astrologer Mrs. Tsering Choezom spoke on the role of Tibetan science of astrology in the modern world on 4 Nov at the Vienna University. Around 40 people attended the talk given by the doctor and the astrologer. The doctor gave health

News consultations to 22 interested people and 4 people received oral astrological consultations. At the Austrian Academy of Sciences the doctor gave a speech on the conservation of Tibetan medicinal plants and their cultivation on 11 Nov and around 35 people attended the lecture. The team visited France from 15 Nov for 5 days and the tour was organized by Dagpo Rinpoche’s Center. On 16th Nov, the doctor spoke on the traditional Tibetan medicine, past and present and the senior astrologer gave a talk on the introduction to traditional Tibetan astro. science in the modern world. About 150 people attended the talks on Tibetan medicine and astrology. Around 39 people received health consultations according to the traditional Tibetan system of health care and oral astrology consultations were given to 25 people. On 17 Nov at the Paris University about 350 people attended the lecture on the traditional Tibetan medicine, past and present by Dr. Tsultrim Kalsang and the role of Tibetan science of astrology in the modern world by Mrs. Tsering Choezom. In Freiburg, Germany Tibetan medicine conference was held from 22-24 Nov and about 40 people attended the seminar. The doctor gave presentations on the body, psyche, awareness–link in the traditional Tibetan medicine; indigestion: the root cause of Men-Tsee-Khang

Dec 2013 all internal disorders in Tibetan medicine; exhaustion depression in Tibetan medicine- diagnosis and therapy; Hypercholesterolemia in Tibetan medicine: diagnosis - causes and therapy; aging in a healthy way and dissolution of five senses at the

non-randomized comparative study (2009-2010), involving four selected Tibetan hypertension medicines. A total of 150 hypertensive patients (BP>125/85 and <160/100 mm/Hg) were divided into two groups, the treatment group and controls. Both groups received dietary modification and lifestyle counseling. The treatment group received the four specific hypertension formulas, whereas the controls were given Tibetan medicines other than specific hypertension treatment.

time of death; diabetic in Tibetan medicine: its causes diagnosis and therapy; research on dietetic in Tibetan medicine, chronic pain syndromes in Tibetan medicine: causes - diagnosis and therapy; and external therapies with rLung disturbances while the astrologer spoke on the role of Tibetan astrology in relation to our health and how they help in our daily life.

On comparison of the groups at 3 and 6 months of treatment, the average percent reduction in systolic blood pressure (SBP) was found to be similar. At the 3-month visit, the average percent drop in diastolic blood pressure (DBP) was greater in the treatment group (3.7% ±1.0) than in controls (1.4%±10.8). At 6 months, average DBP had increased somewhat in both groups, but the rise was significantly less pronounced in the treatment group (p=0.0035),

RESEARCH Tibetan Medicine Found Effective and Safe in the Treatment of Essential Hypertension Tibetan medicine proved safe and effective for treating high blood pressure or essential hypertension, a silent and sometimes fatal disease, in a recently published research report. In response to a survey indicating a high prevalence of hypertension in the Tibetan community, the Men-Tsee-Khang Research and Development Department conducted a six months’ duration open-label, single-centre,

indicating the effectiveness of the Tibetan formulas in maintaining a healthier blood pressure. The absence of adverse effects over the study period showed that Tibetan medicines are safe for the treatment 2

News of this condition. Furthermore, the results pointed out the importance of dietary and lifestyle changes along with medication when treating hypertension. The detailed findings of this study were recently published in STM Research and Reviews-Journal of Medicine, Vol 3, no. 3, 2013. OUTREACH PROGRAMME Delhi: Ambience Kempinski Hotel 2-4 December His Holiness the Dalai Lama gave teachings to a group of 818 Buddhist from Mongolia from 2-4 December, on the ‘Blazing Teaching’, a praise

spoken by the Buddha and the ‘Foundation of All Excellence’ and ‘Three Principal Aspects of the Path’ by Je Tsongkhapa” joined by Koreans and Tibetans as well.

Dec 2013 p r o v i d e d traditional Tibetan health care to 181 interested people. Delhi: Ambience Hotel (21-23 December) Men-Tsee-Khang held outreach programme from 20-23 Dec at Kempinski Ambience Hotel during the teachings by His Holiness the Dalai Lama to a group of Russians on Shantideva’s “Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of

Life” which he had begun last year.

The teaching was held at the Kempinski Hotel, New Delhi.

Yelo Rinpoche and Telo Rinpoche, the hosts for the teaching were present to receive His Holiness. Around 1,300 Russians, some Chinese, Tibetans and other foreigners attended the teachings.

The outreach programme by MenTsee-Khang was led by Dr. Tenzin Bhaye (visiting physician to His Holiness the Dalai Lama and deputy head of Pharmacy department) including three doctors and 4 staff from Nizamuddin branch clinic.

Dr. Tenzin Bhaye (visiting physician to His Holiness the Dalai Lama and deputy head of Pharmacy department) headed the team with two doctors and two staff from Nizamuddin branch and 2 staff from Majnukatilla branch.

During the 3 days, the doctors

A total of 470 people who had come


for the teachings received traditional Tibetan system of healing. Men-Tsee-Khang would like to thank

Telo Rinpoche, the host for the teaching for providing free food to all the Men-Tsee-Khang staff during the 3 days. Dr. Tenzin Deche Kartshang (chief resident doctor), Dr. Pema Yangchen, Dr. Migmar, Dr. Sonam Wangmo, Mr. Tashi Wangdue, Mrs. Phurbu Dolma, Ms. Chime Dolkar, Mr. Lubum Thar from Nizamuddin branch and Mrs. Palden Tsamchoe, and Intern doctor Dhondup Dorjee from Majnukatilla branch were the team during the teachings.


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