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Impressions of Madrid. -- 4B graphite rubbings --

teng teng chong

Graphite rubbings of the streets of Madrid, Spain. crumbly painted wall on calle fuencarral. wooden engraved doors. glass windows. grates. street poles. door with a J. door with a P. keyholes. leaf on the ground. mailbox. marble street. postered wall. shop fronts. store front walls. street cover - gas. telefonica manhole. tiled wall. ventilation grate. wall cover. wall grate. more walls. carpark gate. door knob. cement block. doorbell. fans sold illegally on the street. cd movies, jewellery for sale illegally. bank machine pad. metal siding. stickers. palacio real - lamp posts, metal grate. parroquia de san jeronimo - door gate, hinge of gate, steps, keyhole. paseo de prado - half circle bench, tree. plaza mayor - metal engravings on seats. garbage bin. prado - walkway, brick wall, machine for museum entry tickets, magnificencia statue, paz statue, rainbird street cover, statue of goya, wooden shutter. watches for sale. vespa seat. wicker cafe chair. shop window.

. . . . . . . . made in madrid 2009


Impressions Of Madrid - 4B graphite rubbings  

A series of graphite rubbings from the streets and walls of Madrid. They are direct impressions of this city. Observe the city with a differ...