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Career .

Skills .

A brief for experience and period which happen in my students time for four years.

Different acting level on few skills particular in computer, two dimension and three dimension modeling.

First two years for mechine My major was assigned to mechanics institute which would take us about two years to learn basic acknowleges .


ZX elevarot company Probation of a month, where focus on Graphic Artist Design including icons and interaction UI design.




Good at posters making and decorate photos, able to handle normal Special effects and sketching effects.



Mr. Chen tengfei Introduction I am a twenty two years old student who majors in industrial design for 4 years on school North Eastern Univercity from 2013 to 2017 .

Planning . Future planning I want to combine interaction with traditional industrial design but not UI. I prefer real products than softwares. I might want to be Tony Stark ( The Iron man ) who design an advancing suit. It fits people well in both physics and mind with an humanized AI.


The reasons why this design should be done.

It's simple software which is used to typese so I can handle it better than others, good at typese.


Three dimension Alias Keyshot

Design process .

★★★★☆ ★★★★☆

Alias is the only one modeling software I learn and I am pretty good at handling it on Smooth degree adjustment and Curved surface modeling, I start my career with car design and modeling. So, keyshot for rending also one of my skillful abilities.

Questions I come up with and what should I concern about


Program Processing


What have I done to solve the questions

Able to know the logical arrangement of language java and basic orders. Simple programs will be fine but not for those complicated. Know limited Arduino.

NorthEasten Univercity



The Reason A favor The idea of protable pot comes form one of my friends.

Conclusion People location

price location

Ages between 25-40 who have ability to afford a decent life for coffee but without time.

prices can be fluctuate around 300 comes from the questionnair

Style location It's a kind of technical cold and fashion style instead of ancient.


Questionair I want to exam the feasibility of my friends' ideas. A questionnair form designed by me is suitable to match this goal. So I full it with lots of varied questions which including age, habits, occupations and etc.



A questionnair investigation I want to figurd out what kinds of people I am dealing with so that I can try a special and pricise plan in my design. At least I want to achieve their requirements on new product I finally find out some standards to evaluate my design.



Design Research

The whole diagram develops by clues of time, the vertical axe stands up in prices. A look are displayed with coffee pots' evolution, prices and materials relevent.

Artical style Going without plastic, metals but glasses only

Style location Coffee pots are pretty normal on our life for those people in need. Coffee have been the activator of citizens now. The presures on modern city have imposed heavy burdens to citizens. People would like to spent their leisure style on relaxing themselves.

Wood & mental

Material Stainless metals and glasses, woods are available.

Glass & wood

Capability 250ml-320ml capability like the size of normal bottle

I am searching for some products of coffee pots from the market now and comparing their apperance on materials with time development. It helps to analyze the trendency and culture within coffee history. I can focus on an area and extract some informations I need.

Stainless & glass

Daild style Plastic play main part in large size containor


Coffee pot What

Plug and chute

Rotate 45°to machtch

Tank inside and outside were connected by several plugs and chutes

With the chute sturcture, pot is allowed to reappear the siphone floating and at the same time moving plugs can release the water contained.






Bulge alarm cover tank

Sealing strip

inner tank

Floating alarm Coffee will not be soaked for long time without warning.



D - heater Charged by electric, followed by a ioslated base wich I have not designed yet.


Short size Design origin Siphon making process includs few phases but all of them are showing a kind of artical functions. To reappear the visual pleasures, it's necessary to consider about the construction and principal of original siphon pots.

A daily cup of coffee in minimal size call "short".It is the most magnificient size to taste.

Entire φ50mm × 2050mm Effect φ50mm × 1900mm 373ml theroretical


There are so many limitations to size in design, I have to consider about portablity and construction's proportion of volume at the same time. Beside that, I have to take the normal standards of coffee cup in consideration. Because different rations live with different sizes of a single cup of coffee. That complicating machanical combine is meaning to reappear the siphon floating.Inner tank can rise at first with the power of buoyancy and then sink down after the gravity of water offsets the buoyancy.

( short 8oz for 240ml)






prepare materials

The reason why siphon making is so unique is the liquid floading. As for the portable requirement, we can not review the floading like tradition does.

coffe powder



Full the tank with water below the limitation and the water will flood into the gap, then the buoyant can support the innter tank to float up.

Enjoy the floading C-G







Rotate 45°to machtch


Main idea is to reproduce the process I inherit the isolated double containers but replace the fourth stage with a air pressure switch for rotating which simplify the process.



coffe powder





With the tempeture rising, water turns into vapour and the pressure in glass tank is increased, water is forced to rise and flow into inner tank through gap and holes among inner tank surface, at last coffee powder will be countered.

The air pressure will be rebalanced cause isolating space is broken, the magic hold plays the roles of tunnel that allows water refull the glass. We can drink now.



P.12 27

A heavy style

Egg Packaging


The Reason

The reason why I was choosen to design a heavy style egg packaing is not because I want it.That's all comes from a funny game which we have to express the contrary sides of our characteristics in packaing. Love Hate

Till 5,21,2016 13


round of my design Considering about how to protect egg well and show the strong sence to customers,I decide to use corrugated paper which born with amazing single sturdy color and strong structure.

Stereo Structure How

Second round

of my design


round of my design The suggestions from my tutor reveal some relationship between number and entirety. Appearantly, the secoud round of my plan isn't good enough for what we call



We vote for each other in the class for picking up the most welcomed original project.As for me, the hive form was believed the most ideal construction for eggs.I devise diffrent assemble methods to achive it.

Tricky smile Graphic design, which is also an important part of a mature packing. As for the purpose of creating a better effect, a logo is designed with illustrater. It is a tick above egg but seems like a tricky smile. However, it will be covered by triple seals, and that's not only for decoration, also for holding the packing, because there are not assemblies borned with struction to fast itself.That's one of my unconsidered mistakes.

2 6




lower part Manufacturing

process upon part

it's so unfriendly that I can't print the enginnering drawing right on the Corrugated paper , but wise like me , I cover the corrugated paper with a printed normal paper.


How What

Photograph win

Above all The feeling of my design have a little distance from waht I have been choosen for. Above all , eggs should be health to struggle for a space on dinner table which mean nature will be the main idea, and what I could do it's showing the tough form with meterials.

It's a poster I do for my packgaing which take me a lot of time but the consequence haven't achieve my anticipation.




Inspiration Research

Cadillac Museum design

Modern diamond form car and structure


The Reason

Cadiilac car

Diamond form Cadillac's design comes from diomond's edge construction

Structure The final porpuse for museum project is manufacturing a real museum model for one of your favorite car brands. As what I have chosen, I love the design concept of cadillac which has created the greatest car for presidents but being ignored in china market.


Size limitation 500





Till 9,05,2015

From diamond to diamond From diamond concept to diamond building, there are many inspiration in asthetics. Modern abstrated structures are extrodinary at using edges and simple lines to render contemporary style and it is the reason why I like cadillac.


Pollution stress


Museum design How

Rest room


Isolated chatting room It's for clients who wants to pur -chase car and have a chat.

2rd floor

Half 2rd



Where there is a balcony, there is a world. Toilet

Right Back

Interior balcony The view inside can be glanced entirely on this place.

Left Back Corridor A


Great Court

Corridor A It's used to advertise the history and techologies of cadillac.

Great Court The main exhibiton place is enough to contain three cars.

Right Front



Basement corridor

Hall space

This part of the building with a top roof can show explosive views of cars.


Left Front 10


Team work

Cadillac Museum design


Co - worker Tengfei Chen This sturcture is my plan, both of us are required for designing a plan for cadillac. And my plan pasts the final stage.




Mengdie zhang My female partner in this design project is focusing on decorating environment and manufacture. The model takes me and my partner a half month.

Beside for museum itself, surrounding was designed

100% follows the original computer model


P.17 57

EarthQuake- proof

Table concept why

The Reason

Before I stared to design I had to make a general concept in my brain and it mean that I needed a simulating situation so that I could consider what I should do or not being blind. And at the same time, I want to create a shelter for family.

This assignment topic was required to do research on team with three or four members. First of all, we could not have a common topic because all of us have different focus. However, what we would like to do was saving people's life. So we agree with catastrophe saving devices design at last. I picked the earthquake protection as my project.

Till 7,04,2016



An shelter for family From the stimulation I drawed, I finally get that the shelter I want to design for family has to be invisible in normal life.


research of my design

The shelter was for family, so they had to contain at least a adult and a kid.


It was hard to escape right in a panic earthquake evacuation and the time was deficient.The rational plan was to find a shelter strong enough.


The first research I done was about elements whi -ch related to the chance people can survive from earquake. I considered many resolvent to hide the shelter itself by transform.

Earthquake evacuating time is about 60s.

We were reporting the first stage design to our members and discussed the possibilities to make sure that we were right. Eearthquake casualties graphic This graphic showed us that the fifth day and the tenth day were the most important to survivors. At the same time, the deaths' fate seems already decided.


research of my design



An shelter for family

This device should reach the ethnic standard in whatever hight and length.

The desktop was combined by continually interval iron and wood.The iron bars were sticked up for maximizing flexural modulus to resist the crashing material better The wooden pieces didn't contect the falling heavy directly but connect the iron and lighten the weight.


The space was sufficient to normal adult's sitting size

Second research

of my design

The second research I done was about the ergonomics sizes. But in this case, the most suitable size I found out about table hight was voided because there were national standard ruling the furniture.It's lucky that I finally known that.

Calculation After the presentation, I abandoned the fomer form which is too unpractical for a house. I returned to the original thinking occure to my mind, a normal table. It's cool to transfrom a table but it needed calculation in mechanism movement .

The device had to satisfy the normal living or not only for decoration From ergonomics

Standard Chinese ruling hight was about 800 to 900 minimeter and the chair hight locating 400 to 440.






formation of my design


struction of my design B There were lateral sliding chutes in both sides for the legs closing.

The legs of table were limited by the raised edge of the glass in normal situation for not closing together. Extending part of the table is also limited by wooden pin normally and what below the desk were earthquake suppling bottles which would supply necessaries. Bottles would be introducted in following pages.In the middle of the table was movable connectors with three on one side .

The extending part of table and the main part were pie -rced through by a iron stick.Rolling up the side part after removing the wooden pin can extend the 1.2 meter long table to 1.8 meter for contain -ing more participators.

The buckle edge structure was designed to immoblize the extending part. There were also a chute for the penetrating stick.The glass in the side table were isolated and fixed with the side component. For this reason the table top were not flat entirely after extending.


Extending form was mean to a large family with more than three or four members, as what I said before, this design had to be something in normal life, so I think a meal table was really a perfect furniture which could narrow family's distance.








A What I concerned most was pretect -ing the people through out the eartuquake.



Hiding B2


The wooden pin was used to immoblize the extending part and guilded it sliding down along chute.

When earthquke happens rubbles and debris would fall down, the glass would be broken. And then the table legs can close without limitations. The pulley which were installed one side of the legs will lead the legs to close together successfully.







The numbers below the pictures were the recom -mending user numbers in each form.A complete score meant an adult and the half score point at a kid.The foot mark showed the maximum situation.



Supply bottles


bottle A

14A /20 02B /20 02C /20

First-aid bottle C

Living bottle was used to reserve water and food. The upper cavity was about 250ml for Independent packaging water, the down cavity fullfilled by constricted food just right for a single meal.The spoon designed in a special shape for emergency .

Electric bottle

20 seats

There are about 20 seats for all this bottles.


B Electric bottle was created to replace the protable bat -tery and provide light in the dark. It's impossible to take refuge with charging line, so this bottle going with it's own line and plug for earthquake situation.The light could be turned on by rotating the cap.


First-aid one had the most complex construction of all, however, we got to deal with many medical problems in catastrophe. The only reason why I donot arrange other parts in the box is there is no more space.

Bandage Bandage was the very com -mend for binding up wounds

Kit Different pills within this box to cope with different diseases was necessary.



This whistle was used to making noise for arising the lifeguard's attention

Spray The actual name of this spray was hemostatic spray.

Smart Wrist-Band The plug for Android was contained inside the bottle

It was a concept which could remind people for realizing their health condition.


P.24 75

Three layer co extrusion film blowing machine


Struction & appearance

Iron tower It's main support of the whole machine and bubble.


The Reason

Bubble maintainor Adjusting bubble and stablizing it is important for smooth.

Deviation corrector The deviation in the bubble will be corrected in this part.

My tutor have been participated in many bubble extruting machine projects especially for this brand called JinMing. Thus, he was sophisticated about the weaknesses of tra -ditional bubble machines in constructions at both pretection and appearance. So, he starts up a curricula courses for this. From then on, we study this machine deeply in operating principle, and components. We got to know how could this machine serve people so that we could consider about protection and convenience fot next design. From the conclusion from analysing, we convince that it's necessary to develop the form to match comfortable operation.

Layer collector The bubble will be divided into layers and roll up.

Mold head

Above all, we can't change anything in techology levels which need many people to work on construction in long term. It's pretty desperate, but at least we can make it more reasonable and acces -sible for human by design.

Original plastic materials are allocated and extruted into bubble by that.

Till 7,04,2016


Consturction Research

Coming from those bridges, I extract some basic symbolic iron installed and rebuild it in my modoling.

Iron connect After the ideas decided, I have to focus on this design with interweaves iron made.

Summary Connector


Rusty texture Times go by and graving of rusts are still remained. This antiquities can tell people stories about their stance for gurading.

Railway The ancient railway were built up in last centery of industrial evolution period. They used a lot of iron weaving skills to strengthen the ways.


Struction & appearance 26


Insipration Analysis

Actually I draw five concept at first , but the final one is too embarrassed in shape, I decide to abandon it !

Final desicion Scale and fluctuation

One layer covering the other layer and then fullfill entirely formation can provide flowing sence and changeable emotion.

Iron toward and bridge

It's one of my favorite departure that a bend -ing slope strained by steel ropes in the bridge looks weak but it's tough actually.

Iron bridge and artchitect That is the final design from the conversation between my tuitor and me and he believe it's the most possible plan to achieve.

Three layer

The silence waves are ruptured througth by the unbrekable warship. I like the intriguing courage.


Struction & appearance 27




Struction & appearance

Three layer co extrusion film blowing machine

Acrylic They are not glasses but acrylic which can resist the working fluctuation

Barrier The barriers have axial bulge in directional characteristics

Ocean dsty The ocean style of dusty for rational giant machin

Downside space Enough for more than three ex -truding parts to upgrate the bubble's component with more materials

Fictional vision In fact, this painting will not be possible for MP or even not easy to achieve in real life, for this reason, I paint it with other clothes for normal producing in the next page.


bubble cone


Struction & appearance

Machine is a three floor architect and each floor is supported by iron weaves. I arrange those steel bars for avoiding interfering the bubble cone.

This colors group is desged for MP, it look like more partcial with double oceant blue in decorating the main iron supportor. I still maintain the texture for old.

Inside Struction & appearance

I want to remain the heavy and historical suit for this machine in MP version. So I use reflecteing copper imitation inside and concavo-convex outside on contrast. Main road

Handrail Third stairs Second stairs Side stairs Die head barrier

First stairs Rolling barrier Main road About the stairs, I want it to be hidden totally, they are arranged along the main column, by the way, I creat a new platform connect the first floor for rolling bubbles

The bubble cone will be constricted into a double layer plat and then cut into two film for rolling up.


Mr. Chen tengfei Age State scholarship

Sketching style now Some copies from internet, not my personal ideas.

23 Bachelor Three years

Personalities I love to know different cultures and accept different concepts, thinking alone and willing to accept other people's advices. Casual in social works but not assignments. I think a lot but not good at talk.

Habits Eating, movies, hanging around, traveling, sightseeing, design, read -ing, etc

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