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BASIC ROBOTICS WORKSHOP bangalorerobotics & Docel Radio Research inc., Overview of the Workshop

The Basic Robotics Workshop is an INFORMAL, non-commercial indulgence of BangaloreRobotics & Docel Radio Research.. No bias criteria, except that of "Genuine Interest". The Gurukula concept of our endeavor is focused on maximum benefit with minimum frills; we don't believe in unnecessary expenditures and the resultant enhanced Fees. The intent is to instill practical skills & create a Community of Robotics enthusiast, who can independently approach the world of Electronics and Robotics through Competitions and Projects.

The workshop is centered around Basic Robotic Techniques, Sense & Control, Practical orientation of Theoretical norms, take-home Autonomous / Remote Robot construction, Micro-controller Interface, Wireless Robot Control, Autonomous Robotic Techniques with Project build-up & Competition Fundamentals. - The Workshop is open to students of ALL semesters/ streams/ Course. - There is no need for ANY technical background or knowledge. - Those committed to serious Robotics need only apply. "Theoretical only" knowledge seekers will please excuse us for non-consideration!. - This is a wholly Practical, hands-on workshop and involves extensive, Soldering, construction, Electronics & Mechanical assembly etc., along with application theory in the two days of the Workshop.

Details of our workshop: 1. The workshop is for 2 days, between 9:30AM to 5:30PM. 2. The cost per Student/Kit: INR 2500/( The team may consist of Single (recommended) or a maximum of TWO students. Only one kit will be provided per Student/Team). 3. The content is as mentioned in our Announcements:

4. The Take-Home kit consists of •

Motors/gearbox assembly

Modular PCBs / Platform

Programmed Micro-controller ATMeGA8 & PCB

IC Motor Driver & PCB


Wireless TxRx module

Soldering Iron (imported)

CD with useful data / Progs and software for Micro-controller Data/ Tools

Robotics Workshop details  

Robotics Workshop details