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Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013


Wow, a great big thank you has to go out to Women In Business Tenerife this week. They held their Summer Fayre at Vivo last Saturday, and it was fabulous. Not only did we have some superb entertainment, the event raised a load of cash for Fundacion en Pie. Congratulations ladies, it was incredible, can’t wait for the next one! You even made it onto the Canarian Weekend News! See the report and pictures on pages 28-29.

So sad to hear the news that the “James Bond” star of the opening ceremony of London’s 2012 Olympics has been killed in an accident whilst jumping from a helicopter in the Swiss Alps. Mark Sutton just about wowed everyone as he parachuted in with the “Queen”. I know many people wondering if it was actually her! A tragic end for a very brave man, who at least died while doing what he loved best, see page 23. My absolute favourite story this week is the giant bottle lost at sea. Back in March, regular readers may

Continued from page 1 One year after the f ire came down Valle Gran Rey

remember that Norwegian company Solo launched a 30 foot long, bright yellow, bottle as part of a PR campaign, off the coast of Tenerife. It now appears to be missing. Just one question… How on earth do you manage to lose a 30 foot long, bright yellow bottle, loaded with electronic tracking gadgets, even if it is in an Ocean? Think yourselves lucky you only get to lose keys and ‘phones!! Check out the story on page 19. See you all next week.

Lorna Eade

the car people

competition This week’s The Car People Competition had another amazing response, with loads of correct answers to the question; What was the “Name” of the car used in the TV series “The Dukes of Hazzard? The answer is General Lee. Congratulations go to Joanne Morrisey who was the lucky winner. We look forward to seeing her with her family at the Sunday Carvery at Vivo, where

Photo: ©Ehlert


This week, exactly one year ago, the fire came down the valley in La Gomera, causing an inferno that burnt about 100 houses and made it necessary to evacuate the whole population of Valle Gran Rey to the harbour area.

There were two events to mark the occasion: One was a huge and wonderful party in a secluded house and gardens where about 200 people danced all night and retold their stories of the night of the blaze. The other commemoration was high up in the valley at the church of San Antonio where local pressure group ‘La Gomera Se Mueve’ held a ceremony with ringing of the church bells and projecting slides of the blaze onto the church wall. It still seems like a miracle that there were no casualties in August 2012. The wildfires and forest fires in the Canaries that made headlines internationally began on La Gomera on the 4th of August, spread later in the month, and fanned by hot winds spread to a large area of the island. About 8% of the whole island was seriously affected and 18% of the national park was damaged or destroyed. Over 100 houses were partially or totally burnt down, most of them in the upper part of the beautiful Valle Gran Rey district. Thousands of people were evacuated and had to spend anxious nights in shelters. While the investigation into the cause of the fires is still

National police are searching for a missing 37-year-old named as Marcos Castellano Doble. His disappearance was reported by his sister in the La Victoria area of central Santa Cruz (as opposed to the north Tenerife municipality of La Victoria).

The last time Marcos was seen by his friends and family was on Monday 5th August, when he told his mother around 10pm that he was going out to dinner and would be back in a couple of hours. When he left home, Marcos was wearing black trousers, a white shirt with a blue design on the back, and brown moccasins. He was carrying a bag and a white sports jack-

et. He is said to have been suffering health problems, and his family and police ask that if anyone can help, they should call 091 or 600 303 860.


on-going, it is widely accepted that arson was behind the first three fires that erupted in different locations within a very short time span, and previous attempts at arson were numerous . The extreme weather conditions with hot, dry and strong winds after an almost rainless previous year did the rest. It all culminated in a most dangerous ‘thermal inversion’ in the upper part of Valle Gran Rey that trapped the hot, smoky air from the forest fires with a hot dry wind that blew sparks into this explosive mix in the deep and narrow part of the valley and the ensuing inferno caused a lot of devastation in some places in a very short time. I saw two stacks of the same type of planks used for roofing side by side and the blaze left hardly any remnants of one of the stacks, while the second just two inches away remained totally intact. Similar scenes that were difficult to comprehend were to be seen in many places and showed the explosive nature of the fire. In the forest the fires spread just as suddenly and were difficult to combat due to the inaccessibility of some terrain and the adverse weather conditions. The fires even spread underground through roots and dry organic matter in the soil. The blaze lasted about ten weeks and up to 7 hydroplanes and 9 helicopters threw countless tons of water strategically onto the fires, with numerous firefighters from all over the Canaries together with specialised military units from mainland Spain battling on the ground day and night. Thanks to their heroic efforts lots of areas were spared and

they will also be treated to a round of mini golf each. This week’s competition question is on Motoring News page 39. Good Luck

greater damage was avoided. A special thank you also to the Moroccans, who sent two hydro-planes with crews, while no aid was offered from European countries, where these specialised aircraft remained idly parked in the rain. NOW: First of all let me state that miraculously there was no loss of life and no serious injury. The fires were eventually brought under control, and aided by the first rains of the season all the work now concentrates on restoration. Nature itself has shown to be resilient in a lot of places and new green shoots can be seen sprouting from blackened trunks, from roots left intact in the ground and even from seeds that have survived the intense heat. Nearly all the scorched palm trees have developed new green crowns. The local type of palm called ‘phoenix canariensis’ probably got its name due to its resistance to fire and locals say it grows even more strongly after a blaze. Forest workers are using burnt trunks to erect barriers against erosion, and this meas-

ure has proven very effective during the recent heavy rainfalls. Groups of volunteers and professionals have begun with re-forestation. Miles of power lines and hundreds of poles are being replaced, and water mains are being repaired. Burnt down houses are making progresses in reconstruction, while debris and scorched material is still being removed from affected areas, completing the clean-up. However, help and donations are still needed. Most importantly: Nearly ALL the tourism infrastructure was left intact by the fires and even most of the forest walks are open and can be enjoyed today. All hotels, shops, restaurants, etc. are the same as before and lots of tourists don’t notice anything unusual. The most important areas of the national park were not affected at all. The overall impression is one of ‘beautiful as usual’ and of rapid rehabilitation in the affected areas! Remember that La Gomera’s economy much depends on tourism and the highly exaggerated media coverage of the fires nearly did as much damage as the fires themselves.


Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013


Members of the National Police based at Tenerife South airport have arrested a pair of Colombian nationals aged 42 and 33, for drug trafficking. It is believed they have been arrested for the same offences previously. After searching the men police found 153 grams of cocaine. Both men were detained pending trial. The tourist industry in Tenerife generated 8,855 new work contracts during July 2013, an increase of 22.6% compared with the same month last year. This increase represents 1,635 more contracts signed during the summer months and makes July 2013 the best month in the last four years in terms of sector hiring. Information supplied by the Canarian Employment Observatory (Obecan) and analysed by Turismo de Tenerife, shows that tourism represents 35% of all hiring during the month. Recruitment in the catering industry during July increased by 24.9% with 6,348 contracts signed during the month, with special mention to the food and beverage services, where new contracts increased by 33.7% to a total of 3,777 contracts in July, according to data from the Cabildo. So far this year the council noted the positive developments related to the tourism industry in Tenerife, which is responsible for 44,031 new work contracts being signed, representing an annual growth of 12.3%. A cyclist was knocked down after a collision with a car at the El Varadero junction of the TF-47 in Guia de Isora on Monday morning. The injured man was taken away by ambulance, but his injuries are said to be minor. Local Police from Santiago del Teide and Guardia Civil officers attended the scene after traffic tailed back at the notorious accident black spot. The priorities at the junction can be confusing, particularly to visitors who are not familiar with the area and accidents occur regularly at the turning. Primary priority is for traffic travelling in the Alcalá direction from the Tamaimo direction (1), then when that lane is clear, traffic coming from Alcalá and waiting in the slip lane to turn left into El Varadero is free to do so (2). Finally traffic coming out of El Varadero that has been waiting at the stop sign to left onto the main road to go in the Tamaimo direction may do so when 1 & 2 are clear of traffic. A 67-year-old man was found dead on a bench in Calle Brasil in El Médano. Emergency services received several calls about the grim discovery, but the paramedics who arrived at the scene were sadly able to do no more than confirm the death at the scene. The Guardia Civil arranged for the body to be removed and an autopsy will be carried out to investigate the cause of death. Tanausú Álvarez Delgado, who escaped from Tenerife II prison a month ago, has been apprehended in Los Cristianos. He was picked up by national police near the Apolo Centre. He was taken to the Arona Courts and returned to prison. Students from all across Europe are in Tenerife working voluntarily in the Teno National Park, Buenavista del Norte. They are trying to eradicate the Pennisetum setaceum plant, better known as Cat’s tail in Spanish or Fountain Grass in English. Fountain Grass is an invasive plant that threatens native species and students, aged between 19 and 28-years-old have been offered accommodation in exchange for their work. Fountain Grass is drought-tolerant, grows fast, reaches up to 3 feet in height and has been introduced to many parts of the world, including Tenerife, as an ornamental plant. It thrives in warmer, drier areas and tends to increase the risk of intense wildfires.

Busy Week for Bomberos

MANy residents will remember the dreadful fires that destroyed large parts of Tenerife last year. At the time, and for many weeks afterwards, everyone saluted our voluntary and professional firefighters that spent hours saving huge areas of our island. However, what people may not realise that our bomberos spend many hours extinguishing day to day fires, and helping in traffic accidents without any praise or recognition.

Last week, the mostly volunteer services had to attend a house fire in Adeje. Adeje volunteers were required to attend to a fire at a terraced house in a housing estate built, but uninhabited. Firefighters put out the fire which was found in a bathtub in one of the townhouses. Another house fire, this time in Granadilla, also required the services of the bomberos. The Saturday afternoon fire in San Miguel de Abona, called for Guayota volunteers to intervene in a fire in a house on Magellan Avenue, in El Medano. The fire had broken out in the kitchen and was successfully extinguished. Also on the Saturday afternoon, firefighters based in the Park of Santa Cruz de Tenerife were called to attend a warehouse where smoke was spotted coming from a recent shipment of fruit and vegetables. It transpired the smoke came from batteries in a light that had been left on. La Orotava firefighters were also called to a hotel in Puerto de la Cruz which had reported a fire in the kitchen. A deep fat

fryer had caught fire causing the power at the hotel to be disconnected. No injuries were reported. Also on Sunday, a person had to be rescued after getting into difficulties in a natural pool in Jaca, Arico. The natural spring water pool had to be emptied to enable firefighters, with the assistance of a medical helicopter, the civil guard and the Canario emergency services, to manage the rescue. In the midst of dealing with fires, firefighters were called to attend to various car accidents. San Miguel de Abona Park firefighters helped with the release of a driver of a vehicle that was involved in a

traffic accident on the TF-1 motorway, in Las Chafiras, Arona. In the early hours of Sunday, professional and volunteer firefighters from La Laguna were required by Civil Guard officers to intervene in a traffic accident which took place in the TF-24, between La Laguna and El Portillo road, in which the vehicle hanging on the edge of a slope. Whilst all of these incidents pale in comparison with the forest fires of 2012, this is a very small selection of what they had to deal with in just two days, it is worth remembering that we rely on them on a day to day basis and don’t always appreciate their efforts.

Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013


id-August is here and with it comes hunting season in the Canary Islands, and the most popular kind of hunting over here must be rabbit hunting, using packs of hunting dogs, my early morning walks to exercise my 3 mutts has turned into a traumatic game of “guess where the scary pack of dogs will suddenly appear from”!!


Let The Hunt Begin!

By Marc Craig

The Canarian Hound, known locally as the Podenco Canario or the Canarian Warren Hound, is a slender (although often, emaciated might be a better description) but sturdy breed with the larger males reaching a height of 55-64cm at the withers (top of shoulder). They have short coats and are normally red, white or a combination of both. Their skin is pinkish and is known to “blush” when excited. The breed is widespread throughout the islands, and is thought to have been brought to the islands by the earliest settlers, possibly from Egypt and North Africa and would have been used as a source of food.

however, it must be noted that most of the Podencos that are used for hunting are not treated or considered to be “pets”, they are working dogs. I’m not saying they are dangerous, I’ve accidentally stumbled into a hunt several times with my dogs and they’ve barely glanced at us, so focused are they on the job at hand it is however quite unnerving, luckily my male dog, who can get a bit confrontational has never had a go (maybe he’s got more sense) but I wouldn’t like to be put in a situation where my little man is off his lead and decides to challenge a group of 12 or more trained killers, so my advice? If you see the trucks and hear the frenzied yelps of a pack engaging the local bunny rabbits walk your dog in the opposite direction!!

Hunting season

Animal cruelty?

There are 2 hunting seasons in Tenerife and these dates are as accurate as I can find, seems like it’s a case of you either know or you don’t but this is as far as I can tell, fairly accurate; 3rd of August to 18th September, hunting with dogs and ferrets 21st of September to 2nd of November, hunting with dogs ferrets and rifles.

There has been a fair amount of controversy over hunters treating their dogs cruelly and although I’m sure most owners treat their dogs with care and respect, reports of cruelty and neglect are fairly common, at the end of the hunting season, unwanted dogs that are no longer viable for the hunt have known to be slaughtered without veterinary assistance. One horrific case saw unwanted dogs thrown into a ravine and left to die of terrible injuries. Many documented cases exist of animals being beaten with clubs, with these poor excuses for human beings hanging dogs and unbelievably even dragging them behind a car. Unwanted Podenco puppies are often just dumped into waste bins and with over 100,000 Podencos spread across the Canaries, it seems unlikely that this evil tradition of cruelty will be stopping anytime soon. I must stress once again, I’m not accusing all hunters of cruelly treating their dogs but for any caught red handed, here’s an idea, dress him in a giant bunny rabbit costume and give him a 30 second headstart!!


Another site states hunting season is from the first Sunday in August to the second Sunday in December. Ferrets and dogs are used to hunt rabbits and rifles primarily for partridge shooting, although wild pigeon, dove, quail and for big game enthusiasts Mouflon-large curve horned sheep, can be hunted around las Cañadas del Teide. For all types of hunting, a licence is required as well as a firearm licence if using a rifle. There has been a fair amount of conflict in the past between southern hunting societies and the island’s hunting council, as the south has felt discriminated against, due to the season opening several days earlier (8 days I believe) in the north of the island, however I was unable to determine whether this has been

reconciled or indeed, if the dates I mentioned are for the north or south!

Rabbits By far the most popular type of hunting here in Tenerife is rabbit hunting using Podencos and every Thursday and Sunday during the hunting season, it’s easy to spot the numerous pickup trucks with mesh cages on the back, used by hunters to transport their animals, parked alongside the roads near the many national reserves. Many hunters have 3-4 dogs that often pair up with other hunters and packs to make larger packs. Rabbits are a serious pest to farming ever since their introduction (originally to La Palma) in the

16th century and hunting is seen as a necessary form of pest controlalthough it apparently does very little to affect the rabbit population mind you, with rabbit being a Canarian delicacy, I’m sure that’s a valid enough reason for most hunters.

Are they dangerous? Breed standard, or bench standard as it is also known is a set of guidelines written by breed clubs, about the appearance and behavioural patterns for all breeds of dogs. The Podenco is described as “nervy agitated and of an enthusiastic dynamism”. They are known to make wonderful pets, similar in their nature to greyhounds and are known for loyalty and gentleness-


Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013

Staying Safe in tenerife Heatwaves

fore one talks about simple heat stroke. The Canarian health authority, Sanidad, says that the symptoms of being heat-affected include fainting or lightheadedness, nausea, and palpitations. Children might become irritable and lose their appetite. Sanidad, and common sense, says that when we get these heatwaves, people – especially the elderly, young, or chronically ill – should take extra care and watch out for any of these sorts of symptoms. At the first sign, people should try to cool themselves immediately, drink water, and if they do not feel better very quickly, seek medical help.

iT’S obvious that Tenerife is hot. it’s why people come here. And yet there are times when it can get too hot, most especially when there’s a calima or scirocco – dust storms from Africa – which bring incredibly hot air to the Canaries causing an “ola

de calor”, a heatwave. The above satellite image is of a calima in August 2013, and makes the point that they often come when it is already very, very warm here, causing the temperature to rise, on some occasions, to the high 40ºs.

These blasts of hot air can sometimes last up to a fortnight, and apart from the dangerously low levels of humidity that they bring, which cause problems particularly for those with respiratory conditions, they carry all sorts of pathogens that can cause their own problems, not least to the eyes and throat. And all this is be-








16 Aug

17 Aug

18 Aug

19 Aug

20 Aug

21 Aug

22nd Aug






















High: 30oC

High: 29oC

High: 25oC

High: 25oC

High: 26oC

High: 26oC

High: 27oC

Real Feel: 32oC

Real Feel: 29oC

Real Feel: 25oC

Real Feel: 30oC

Real Feel: 33oC

Real Feel: 31oC

Real Feel: 32oC










Mainly clear

Mainly clear


Partly cloudy


Low: 22oC

Low: 20oC

Low: 19oC

Low: 20oC

Low: 21oC

Low: 22oC

Low: 22oC

Real Feel: 19oC

Real Feel: 17oC

Real Feel: 17oC

Real Feel: 19oC

Real Feel: 20oC

Real Feel: 21oC

Real Feel: 20oC







general advice from the authorities to protect from sun and heat is: • to stay in places shaded from the sun and in the cooler rooms • to keep the blinds down during sunlight hours • to open windows overnight to cool dwellings • to use fans or air conditioning to cool the environment where

possible • to be careful of dramatic temperature variations when changing environments • to avoid direct sunlight, and if going out is inevitable, wear a cap or a hat, and lightweight, light coloured clothing, and try to walk through shaded areas or with an umbrella for protection, taking breaks in cool places • to carry water always and sip it frequently • not to leave children or elderly people – or animals – inside a closed car • to avoid strenuous activities in the central hours of the day • to eat light meals and refreshments rich in water and mineral salts, such as fruits and vegetables, which help to replenish salts lost by sweating • not to drink alcoholic beverages • to help others, particularly those who might be sick, or old people living alone • to consult a doctor if taking medication that can influence the body’s ability to regulate temperature • to call 112 for any information More than a hundred families in Guia de Isora county are living below the breadline and having to beg for food each month from the local Social Services.

With a static population of around 21,000 inhabitants, and incalculable numbers of tourist visitors to the county’s coastal areas, it is a sobering thought that a total of 860 families needed food donations and basic needs assistance (rent, medication, spending for transportation, housing maintenance, and child support) during the first half of this year. This is the reality facing local government in Guía de Isora, which has spent more than 400,000 euros in the first 6 months of this year in subsidies of this type, absorbing 12.90% of the total municipal budget. The head of Social Services, Raquel Gutierrez points out things would be worse if the local food bank were not partly funded by contributions from local hotels, NGOs, and charitable organisations like Caritas and the Red Cross. The profile of an applicant for food and other aid has changed radically: “Before it was broken families where members were often long term unemployed, now we see men over 52 who have worked all their lives, but having lost their jobs have run out of unemployment benefits. They cannot find work and have to

Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013


Tourist Hotels Donate To Food Bank ask for assistance to survive” says Gutierrez. There are also young families where both parents are unemployed, who do not have any income and have children. “This is the reality that we face every day and the situation continues to worsen,” says the social worker. Gutierrez, is insistent that Social Services must collaborate with other departments such as Employment and Education and attempt to find common solutions to get out of this situation. “We must not fall into a culture of welfarism” she says. There are other projects in the area which have also suffered from the cuts in public spending. The county’s old age people’s home project has been brought to a standstill, even though construction is at quite an advanced stage. “We get seven to eight applications per week for a place in a care facility – but there simply aren’t any” says Guitierrez Local Government, so far without success, have been seeking private funding to complete the work.

Rubbish Fines TEN Diez

By Janet Anscombe Arona Ayuntamiento has announced an investment of some 12m Euros in the borough’s public roads and refuse collection points to ensure the area is kept clean. The council says, however, that for the money to be most effective, the public needs to use the basura (rubbish) points properly, and analysis shows that this is often not the case.

Prominent among the examples of misuse is the time that rubbish is deposited, and the council says that it will be passing a new bylaw increasing existing fines for this offence, which go from 60 to 600 Euros. I think it’s possible, though, that not too many people know that there are set times when rubbish may be taken out. In Arona, rubbish hours

are from 8pm to midnight, and rubbish must be taken out in closed bags. In Adeje, the hours are 9pm to midnight, and rubbish must be in closed biodegradable bags. Guía de Isora is after 8pm in closed rubbish bags – ie not carrier bags. In San Miguel, hours are 9pm to 11pm, with rubbish in closed bags. Granadilla is not before 8pm in winter,

and not before 9pm in summer, and rubbish must be bagged. Rubbish must always be bagged, some areas being more specific about the type of bag than others, and the bags must be closed. It must also always be deposited in the evenings – the earliest allowed is 8pm in Arona, Guía de Isora and Granadilla in winter.

The Ten Diez Movement organises events for the Costa Adeje Congress Centre Magma and they are looking for new faces for the second annual exhibition which will show works by Canarians as well as international artists from different disciplines such as photography, sculpture, painting and drawing.

Ten Diez strives in its continuous efforts to discover and provide the opportunity for new artists to exhibit their works in a unique location, Magma Centro de Arte y Congresos of Costa Adeje. On this occasion the group is looking for 55 artists who follow the philosophy of Ten Diez of teamwork and effort to increase dialogue between the general public, not only for Canarian artists, but also for artists around the world. Painters, sculptors, photographers, illustrators and even groups of musicians could have a place in the next event which will be held

in late October. There are no limits or requirements of age, nationality or sex, all that is necessary is to send an email to info@ten-diez. com specifying the discipline of the participant as well as some personal information. The Ten Diez team will get in touch with interested parties and provide the formal requirements of the images necessary to send an exam-

ple of the work. In case of being elected, participants will be required to exhibit at the event in October. The deadline for sending the works ends September 7, 2013. The exhibition will be held between October 26 and November 2, 2013 More information is available at their website:-http:// ten/


Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013



CrYptiC CroSSWord

1. Not scant but 18. Scrooge can be very unvarying (8) unhappy (9) 4. Shortage of food is 20. Mean and drunk, fine around but not loose at morning (6) least! (5) 8. Bubbles rather move 22. It’s a curio, right? right to left (6) To stand in for half 9. Circular graph made an inch of of patchier materials charity? (6) (3,5) 24. Difficulty sleeping, 12. Rent horn out in Nina? I’m so Arctic hemisphere (8) upset! (8) 13. It is, in an old 27. Where does halo fashioned way, little appear in hangover Susan with a paper headache? (8) hanky (6) 28. Flourish in Perth 14. Hovers threateningly river (6) over weaving 29. Soup served up frames (5) in the southeast by 16. Mild temperature partner (6) once you are 30. Treat Leo made for gone (9) bear (8)

Av Rafael Puig 7, Playa De Las Americas Arona ( In Front of Hotel Tenerife Sol)


1. Col takes one learner to rank (7) 2. Scandalous, not laborious, to yield research room (9) 3. Canines bite Ethel a bit (5) 5. He has plans to build (9) 6. Eggs stream noisily from furthest limit (7) 7. Excavate some cardigans (3) 10. A ship’s fool? (3) 11. Pine ridge on guitar neck (4) 15. Withdraws from race

due to superficial cuts and grazes (9) 17. Eva’s land near giant disturbance (9) 18. Reflects ‘Mr’ or ‘Sir’ variation (7) 19. Dame Everage adored nature at heart (4) 21. Bar for swinging artists? (7) 23. Fish eggs for the odd rioter (3) 25. Finding yellow pigment is a dreadful chore! (5) 26. Even Edward could be an ancestor (3)

Answer to the CRYPTIC CROSSWORD is on page 2

Know your Consumer rights THE law covering consumer rights in Spain is clearly designed to protect consumers along with informing them on their obligations as consumers.

By Sylvia from Crystal Clear Solutions Here we explain how What products are considered the law covers prices long-lasting? of products, services • Electrical, electro-techniand restaurants along cal, electronic and comwith your rights to exputer devices and their change faulty products software and the details of prod• Clocks and watches, Optical, photographic, musical uct guarantees and instruments and materials warranties that must • Tools, knives, cutlery, and be supplied with longother common metallic lasting products. products Product prices

Prices of products must be clearly visible using signs or labels. The price stated must include taxes and expenses, if there are any.

Services prices

Service prices must be indicated with signs or lists, and it is understood that the price includes taxes, unless otherwise stated.

Restaurant prices

For restaurants, the prices must be shown both inside and outside the premises. Bars only have to show the prices inside the premises.


When you have bought a product, you have the right to exchange the product or request a full refund if the product is faulty. If any damages were produced by the fault, you can also claim compensation.

guarantee Long-lasting Products

Products of a long-lasting nature must come with a guarantee document from the manufacturer. By law, the guarantee must be a minimum of 2 years and the guarantee document must clearly state: • The product which is guaranteed • Identify the guarantor, which may be the manufacturer or the importer of the product • The holder of the guarantee or buyer of the product • The guarantee holder’s rights • The length of validity of the guarantee

Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013 NATioNAL police have arrested a couple for the alleged crimes of fraud committed by the sale of airline tickets which were purchased with cloned credit cards.

The detainees, according to a statement from police, a couple aged 26 and 29 are of Russian origin and the investigation was initiated after the denunciation of an airline which reported that citizens of Russian origin were buying airline tickets that were not effective because the owners of the credit cards used to purchase the tickets had complained to their banks about fraudulent billing. Police in south Tenerife allege that the sellers of these tickets, who also taught tennis to Russian citizens on the Island, acquired the airline tickets at a price lower than the market value. At the time of their arrest police seized 2,200 euros and 14,000 roubles and airplane tickets to be sold, among other effects. The men and woman have been detained in custody.

fake airline tickets Seized

Barranco del infierno agreement Signed

• Household goods, accessories and all kinds of things for the home • Vehicles and their spare parts • Toys, games, leisure and sports items • Housing

While the guarantee is in force, the buyer has the right to:

• Total free repair of faults in the product • Compensation, if any damages were produced by a fault • Travel expenses, accessories, spare parts or workmanship cannot be charged to the buyer. If the repair is not satisfactory or if the product is not in a suitable condition to be used, the consumer has the right to a replacement of the product for another one with at least identical characteristics or a full refund of the price paid. Manufacturers must guarantee the supply and availability of spare parts for a minimum of 5 years from the date the product left the factory. Finally, if the breakdown is the consequence of incorrect use by the consumer or manipulation by third parties, the rights of the guarantee are forfeited and the repair must be paid for by the consumer. We help expats living in Tenerife with advice in their own language. If you have any questions about the Consumer rights in Spain, please contact us: +34 922 085 124.

The Cabildo’s President, Ricardo Melchior, and the Mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, have signed an agreement for the reopening of Barranco del infierno. The agreement states that the City Council will be responsible for managing the services of information, visitor screening and preservation of the trail. The agreement is valid for 20 years. The council may manage the area directly, or by concession to a private company. The council will also close the area whenever security issues are raised.

Ricardo Melchior said: it was “an important step for Tenerife and Adeje, who have worked hand in hand to make the reopening of the barranco possible. We have to ensure the conservation of this protected natural space, and people’s safety, so access has to be regulated and controlled. It is important news for tourism and, consequently, for employment because more economic activity will be generated.” José Miguel Rodríguez explained that “ Barranco del Infierno is an icon and a benchmark in the life of the people of Adeje. Even more so as the City Council is on its doorstep.


The Convention is a breakthrough because it will be the municipality of Adeje, who is responsible for the management and use. We can respond to the high demand we have, the administration will know who best it can handle and possible problems and , as it is part of the local economy, we will generate more visitors”. Rodriguez Fraga said that the reopening is forecasts for before the end of

this year. The island Minister of environment, Ana Lupe Mora, also present at signing of the agreement, stressed the importance of the landscape of the protected natural área, with its aims for preservation of habitat, its specific species and geological formations. She explained that with this in mind, the number of daily visitors would be limited to 300.

Under this arrangement, the administrations undertakes to promote the Barranco del Infierno as a tourist destination, given its unique landscape, both ecologically and culturally, facilitating its use as a place of leisure and recreation. The Cabildo Insular de Tenerife, reserves the right to carry out inspections in order to ensure that the municipality of Adeje, has undertaken measures to prevent potential hazard to users. The path of the Barranco del Infierno was formerly used by goatherds and caretakers. It runs in a gentle slope and across a landscape which several stunning viewpoints. The importance of this space lies in the aquatic habitat and rocks which houses, its fauna and flora associated with many endemic species, and the geomorphological structure of the area. It is one of the most visited parts of the island because it has some beautiful natural attractions. The new regulations covering the area will allow people to come and explore without causing excessive pressure to the region.

arona Lions Club

ARoNA Lions Club international, Las Galletas, Costa del Silencio would like to thank everyone who came and supported our Sunday afternoon charity event on the 11th August at The Heritage Bar in Los Cristianos.

A big thank you goes to the bar and their staff for allowing us to hold the event and to all the artists who per-

formed for free Stan Fraser, Kerry Railton, Ken Sharratt, Rick Porter, Scott Whitley, Jon G, Indianna and Dave G Tracey. We would also like to thank Sister Sister and Simon King who also gave us a few songs even though they were only there to enjoy themselves. Prizes were donated by Viana Shows, Iceland and Restaurante Margarita as well as some that came from members of the public. We very much appreciate the support we get and hope that this may continue in the future.


Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013

Casting on La gomera for ron Howard movie A FiLM casting for extras will take place on Sunday, August 18th, 2013 in Playa de Santiago on La Gomera. The film production company Film-Sur of Tenerife will hold the casting in the Casa Cultural (cultural centre) at the seafront in Santiago with the support of the town hall of Alajero (the administration for Playa de Santiago) from 10am to 6pm.

The prestigious company Film-Sur have worked on productions like ‘Fast & Furious’ and ‘Clash of the Titans’. Even though they only say that it is ‘for a big international production’ this casting can only be for Ron Howard’s ‘In the Heart of the Sea’ which will begin shooting on La Gomera and other Canary locations in the autumn with production services supplied by the Tenerife Company. If you fancy joining the illustrious Hollywood cast as an extra, head for Playa de Santiago on Sunday. It is a nice but fairly sleepy small fishing harbour with a beach (most of it pebbly) on La Gomera’s south coast. Film-Sur will be looking for people of all ages, including children, with Canarian and/or European features and

Los palos golf

SuNDAy 11th August at Los Palos, sadly only 17 players took part. But this is normal for August.

We had 3 guests, Ian Crane, Russ Young, Callum Young (aged 12) who came in third place with his dad, well done Callum!!! Our winners: • Ist: Keith Simpson, Charlie Sinclair a dark or tanned complexion. Natural looks and long hair will get preference and visible tattoos and strongly-dyed hair will rule you out. Don’t expect too much glamour if you get a role. I know from experience that the job can be extremely boring and mostly involves waiting and more waiting without knowing what’s going on. Extras won’t be paid Hollywood rates here and the food usually isn’t worth the trouble.

• 2nd: Sean Bible, De Bel Karrol • 3rd: Russ Young, Callum Young • N/P ladies - Try Harder next month Julia!!!! • N/P Gents - Keith Simpson • Booby: John Bentley, Julia Fleming Our next competition is on 8th September, anyone wishing to play call Clive 922 797 640

anglican Church of St. francis, Sth tenerife iT is with great pleasure that we advise the arrival, at the end of August, of our new chaplain, the Reverend Roy Taylor.

His first sung Eucharist services will be on Sunday 1st September 2013 at 10.15am in San Eugenio Church, Pueblo Canario, Las Americas and at 6.00pm, in Espiritu Santo, Los Gigantes.

Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013


Canarian Traditional Costume

cannot find out the history to each item of Tenerife clothing, in general terms the following are included in all the costumes on all of the islands: White leggings (el calzónes) slightly reminiscent of underwear and white voluminous petticoats (el zagaljo) worn to the ankles. For the girls, a jerkin or waistcoat made of wool or brocade and embroidery on the back with flower motifs is worn over the top of a

up at the side by coloured balls to revealing the petticoat. All the women wear aprons (el delantal) which are white with red ribbons and exquisitely embroidered and finished with lace. A shawl often covers the shoulders this can range from a beautiful blanket to a humble scarf. The hat (el pañuelo) can be made of palm leaves or straw and worn with or without a headscarf they can also be black felt and when you get to the footwear these are either canvas shoes or black short boots with a medium heel. The clothes tell a lot about a person, for example depending on the colour of the skirt, style of blouse or hat you would know just by looking if a woman was single or married (Well I wouldn´t but some people would!) and as you can see I have only looked at what the women wear. Men can be summed up quickly, white or black clothes and a battered old hat! Whether it is a traditional outfit or teaching the young people how to play the timple, take part in “lucha canaria”, the traditional form of Canarian wrestling, or mastering the techniques of “Juego de Palo,” the

blouse (la camisa) which is usually white and could be short sleeved, similar to gipsy style and trimmed with red ribbons on neck and sleeves or long sleeved. The skirt (la falda) is made of wool rainbow stripes and worn over the top of the petticoat and leggings. It is trimmed with ribbons and drawn

sport of stick fighting, it is fortunate that people are busy keeping up and handing down the old crafts of the islands for future generations. Even today, after quite a while living here there are still so many strange and wonderful traditions to explore, I just hope next time finding the information is easier.

it is one thing, finding information has not been as straightforward as I thought. Much to my disappointment, I have been unable to find anything specific to Tenerife despite numerous searches on Google. I do now know that each Canary island has its own traditional costume and while all are similar, there are variations and small peculiarities that make them to the well trained eye specific to their island. So while I

Anyone who has been to a romería on Tenerife will have marvelled at the traditional costumes that seem to be owned by just about every man, woman and child living on the island.

Being a woman, dress naturally attracts me. I enjoy browsing in the gift shop in Guia de Isora where you can buy traditional Canarian clothing handmade by skilled artisans or

in many of the villages just a short distance from the coast you will find shops specialising in the cheaper mass-produced costumes to suit all pockets and worn by everyone from grandma to tiny tot. So I have been thinking about writing something on the traditional dress for quite a while and I therefore assumed that with so many costumes around it would be easy to find out exactly what each piece represented and how it evolved. However wanting to write about


Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013


arona Summer Cinema uRiNG the summer months The Board of Culture of the Municipality of Arona launches its “Summer Cinema” Project until September 5th. This means current films will be screened at 21:30 pm and are FREE. The films are spread across the various towns and villages in the area and i have listed these below. So make a note if there is anything you par21st August – The Amazing ticularly want to see. Spiderman In this new instalment the most elusive superhero, Peter Parker, tries to discover who he is and how he came to become what it is. Buzanada Church Square.

20th August – Brave the unruly daughter of King Fergus and Queen Elinor, is a skilled archer who decides to break with an old custom sacred to the lords. Her actions trigger chaos and fury in the kingdom and she will face great dangers before learning what is real bravery. This Pixar film won the Oscar for best animated film in 2012 Plaza de la Iglesia, El Fraile.

3rd September – Tinkerbell This animated adventure from Disney follows the adventures of Peter Pan’s inseparable friend Tinkerbell with her friends Rosetta, Iridesa, Silvermist, Fawn and Vidia. Plaza, guaza.

28th August – Madagascar 3 New Adventures of Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Melman the giraffe and Gloria the hippo, determined to return as the Central Park Zoo in New York. After leaving Africa, they take a detour and emerge in Europe, chasing the penguins and chimpanzees that have managed to break the bank of a Monte Carlo casino Plaza de la Paz, Arona.

27th August – Hotel Transylvania tells the story of Dracula, who operates a high-end resort away from the human world, and who goes into overprotective mode when a boy discovers the resort and falls for the count’s teen-aged daughter Mavis. Plaza La Camella.

aloe Vera and diabetes FRoM past issues, you will have already learnt how good aloe vera can be for the human body – both inside and out. We know that we can use Forever Livings’ Aloe Vera Gelly to soothe skin irritations, burns (including sunburn) and even apply it inside the mouth to sooth ulcers and teething babies.

We have also learnt that drinking just 60 ml of our Aloe Vera drinking gel is good for our immune system, helps us maintain a healthy digestive tract, maintains our energy levels and provides us with a wide variety of vitamins (A, C, E and B12) and minerals (iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium) as well as 19 of the 20 amino acids required by the body to help it function. Our skin glows, our nails grow strong and our hair has a healthy shine. But diabetics may be interested to learn that a recent study carried out by scientists from Vellore Institute of Technology and Christian Medical College revealed that aloe vera was effective in the treatment of diabetic rats! This could mean that the aloe

vera plant may – in the future - emerge as a natural substitute for current medicines available for diabetics. During the study, rats were induced with diabetes and then given a dose of aloe vera extract. It was found that this treatment brought the fasting blood glucose level back to normal. This new study also showed that changes seen in the liver and small intestines of the diabetic rats were reduced after they were given the plant extract. In a paper published in the Journal “Current Science” the research team said “The results of the study show that aloe vera extract brings fasting plasma glucose levels to normal in diabetic rats”. Although the exact chemi-

cal compounds responsible for the glucose lowering effect of the plant still remain speculative, experimental evidence indicates that it contained “an anti-diabetic property”, the scientists said. So yet again the wonder plant aloe vera could be a natural answer to yet another ailment suffered by the human race. Of course, if you are a sufferer of diabetes, we do recommend you consult with your doctor about the merits of ingesting aloe vera in conjunction with your current medicines. We are also proud to say that Forever Living Products are now available at Bamboo Hair Design in La Caleta – pop in or call on 922 702 546.

4th Sept – The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Bella must adapt to a new life becoming a vampire Rambla, Las galletas 5th September – WreakIt Ralph For decades, Ralph has lived in the shadow of RepairsFelix Jr., the good guy of his game. Tired of being the bad guy,

Ralph decides to take matters into their own hands and launches on a journey through the various worlds and generations of video games to show that he too can be a hero, adjacent to the Cultural Centre, Parque La Reina.


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Live Arico News Live Arico PAWS Hospivet Sur second Vaccination Campaign

Has already commenced for the whole month of August. Just look at these amazing prices. Rabies and microchip 25 Euros V7 and rabies 25 Euros V7 only 20 Euros Rabies only 10 Euros We ran a similar campaign in June, and 47 animals were chipped and vaccinated as a result. Hopefully this will be just as popular. You don’t need an appointment, just call into Hospivet Sur in Las Chafiras, just down from Solbank, and ask for the Live Arico offer. Let us help you to help your pet - don’t let his vaccinations lapse.

20th August to 7th September Special ‘Back to School’ Circus performances at the Centro Comercial La Villa Orotava Time: 7.30pm

30th August – 1st September Pinolere Craft Fair The largest craft fair in Tenerife celebrates its twentyeighth year. The theme this year is ‘Con la caña a tres trozos – 5 Bienal de Cestería’ (a reference to basketry). The best craftsmen from all specialities will attend the annual meeting in Pinolere, a not to be missed date for professionals and, of course, for craft lovers. Pinolere Ethnographic Park (La Orotava).

It’s a year since San Miguel inaugurated this mountain race and now it will be run for a second time on 7 September. There are two routes as last year: Las Lajas and Fuente de Tamaide-La Hoya, of 10 and 21 km respectively. Those interested can now register, at a cost of 10 or 20 Euros depending on route: the application form is available at inscripciones-ii-trail-san-miguel-de-abona

The Gillian Banks Theatre School Do It Again!!

Two thoroughly fantastic nights were had by all last week as we were treated to world class entertainment by those talented students from the Gillian Banks Theatre School in Yorkshire, fundraising for us for the third consecutive year. No less than 20 performers with their entourage travelled to Tenerife with scores of costumes to accommodate the many changes within the 90 minute extravaganza. EU funding was secured to help finance the trip, meaning certain criteria had to be met. Help was needed by Viana Shows to ensure all the boxes were ticked, and the show was also performed in two hotels, co-ordinated by Denise Bell from Viana Shows. From a fundraising point of view, 400 Euros was raised at The Palms Bar and Restaurant, Golf del Sur on Tuesday the 6th August, the beneficiaries being the Guardyl Orphange, Sangha Animal Sanctuary and ourselves, Live Arico Paws. A further 1500 Euros was raised at the Harbour Club Los Gigantes, with the Santiago del Teide branch of San Francisco de los Animales also on the list of beneficiaries. The School’s patron, Nik Page made a special guest appearance in the Les Miserables section, and the audience were spellbound and delighted. So, a total of 1,900 Euros went to local good causes. We thank Gillian, Martin, all the lovely students and their entourage for entertaining us yet again. Dare I say we look forward to next year? Also many thanks to Colin Stevens for compering the Palms event, and of course Babs and all the staff for working so hard. Lastly, thanks to one of our major and most loyal supporters, the Wine Bar at the Harbour Club Los Gigantes, where owners Jane, Dodi and Marco always make sure that maximum funds are raised. And to all the staff who were totally run off their feet, not forgetting Heather who single-handedly organises and mans a tombola stall. Forever grateful to all of you.

Autumn Events For Your Calendar Yes, we have a few for you. On Sunday the 1st September we will be at Blue Luna in Los Cristianos from 2pm to 6pm, with “Spanglish” the order of the day. English tapas (haha) sangria,

and drinks promotions throughout the afternoon, with entertainment from Alfie B, Kerry Railton plus more to be confirmed. Come and join us for a nice afternoon out. On Saturday the 28th September from 8pm, we find ourselves back on the Top Square, Golf del Sur for our three monthly fund raising spectacular. The rule is, we have to better the entertainment each and every time. It’s a challenge. So, you never know what will happen next. Come and see..... On Saturday the 19th October we will be having a bit of a posh do. Get your best togs out for our black tie and posh frock fundraiser at Vivo Decades, Playa de las Americas, from 7pm. Be entertained by the world class Bitter and Twisted, whilst you enjoy a two course meal with wine, beer and soft drinks at the table. Later, chill out on the terrace with Marc Craig and maybe some special guests. Tickets priced at just 25 Euros each, call Sue quickly on 629 388 102 as they are going fast already. The dress code is of course optional, come as you please, but we thought we needed an excuse to dress up for a change, ha ha. In any event, don’t miss it; it will be a night to remember.

Katie Update Katie, our much loved rescue horse became ill with colic, a potentially life threatening condition, last week, but thankfully is now doing well. Jim and Sara, from Horse Riding Adventures in Aldea Blanca, where Katie lives, were very quick to spot the signs and the vet was called immediately. Her stomach was flushed out; she was injected through the night with relaxants and was far better within hours. Fast action was needed as the usual course of action – walking or trotting the horse was not possible due to the problems with her hooves. She really has improved so much in the three months we have had her. She is walking better and her hooves are improving by the day. TLC can do so much. Please go to see Katie from Tuesday to Sunday, 10am – 2pm or 4pm – 7pm where Jim and Sara will make you welcome. Katie has monthly sponsors who donate 100 Euros towards her care, but we need more. If you can help towards Katie’s costs call Sue for more information. And if you do go and see her, please don’t forget a couple of carrots. We thank Jim and Sara for their expertise and dedication – our girl could not be in a better place.


Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013

Botched “restoration” moss e-Ciggy painter Holds exhibition flight

THE Spanish pensioner whose restoration of a prized fresco left Christ resembling a “hairy monkey” is launching her own art exhibition.

KATE Moss is supposed to be trying to quit smoking, and, if media reports are true, is very serious about her new health kick.

A year ago, Cecilia Gimenez made headlines after her attempts at restoring the century-old Ecce Homo (Behold the Man), in the Sanctuary of Mercy Church near Zaragoza. Now as she holds her very first exhibition, the 82-year-old explained her intentions at the time. She says she tried to restore the fresco “with all the love in the world” and describes some of the internet mockery her efforts attracted as “hurtful”. Gimenez says she had to take to her bed after suffering a panic attack as a result of the criticism. However, thanks to the support of friends and residents in her home town of Borja - and many others around the world - it seems Gimenez has fully recovered, she is about to show off 28 of her paintings at an exhibition. She even argues her botched restoration has been “good for Borja”, suggesting it put the town “on the map”. Thousands of people have visited in the last year and all who visited the church have left donations towards renovating the building, she says.


All services 112 National Police 091 Local police 092 Ambulance 061 Fire Brigade 080 Guardia Civil 062 Citizen information 010 Lost property 092 Postal services 902 197 197 International operator 11825 Local operator 11818 Tourist information 922 605 590

The model is reported to have flown her driver first class to Spain after leaving her electronic cigarettes at home in London. She is said to have paid close to £2,000 for the trip while she is on holiday with her family in Spain. The 39-year-old has been trying to cut down on her smoking habit for the past year, and was said to be stressed out after leaving her trusted brand of electronic substitutes at home whilst packing for her break in Formentera. A newspaper report that a desperate Kate sent an urgent message to one of her London based employees to fly the electronic cigarettes to her holiday destination from her home. After failing to find e-cigarettes in Spain, Kate apparently couldn’t find a recognisable brand, so decided the elaborate plan was in order:

TFS - Tenerife Sur Airport (Reina Sofía) Flight info Airport info Tourist info

Multi-lingual police 902 404 704 central office

922 759 000 902 102 112 922 392 037 Call this number and ask for an English operator to make an official report or complaint. Tenerife North

TFN Airport (Los Rodeos) Flight info General info

Hospitals 094 National Ferry Services Hospital Las Américas,

Armas 902 456 500 922 628 252 922 793 802 Fred Olsen 922 757 409 922 798 607 Tourist offices 922 777 720 Costa Adeje 922 750 633 El Médano 922 176 002 Transport Buses TiTSA La Laguna 922 631 194 922 531 300 La Orotava 922 323 041 The “Bono-Bus” discount card Las Galletas 922 730 133 can be purchased from all TITSA Los Cristianos 922 757 137 stations and terminals and 922 796 668 reduces the cost of transport by Las Américas Las Vistas 922 787 011 up to 30%. Puerto de la Cruz 922 386 000 Santa Cruz 922 289 394 Radio taxis Santiago del Teide 922 860 348 922 641 112 Main Tourist Office 902 003 121 922 747 511

Tour operators Cosmos Thomas Cook Thomson TUI

Local police

902 404 704 922 757 006 922 635 800

Playa de Las Américas 922 750 022

Playa de las Américas Centro Médicos Del Sur 922 791 000 Candelaria Hospital 922 602 000

Red Cross

Emergencies and ambulances 922 281 800

Pharmacy 922 282 424

Kate is thought to have been introduced to the healthy alternative by her pal Simon Cowell who shared how they had helped him when the friends shared a meal with Sir Philip Green. The cost of the ciggy flight won’t make that much of a dent in her bank balance; it has been revealed that she made £11.7 million over the last year. The number was calculated from her earnings between the period of October 2011 to October 2012, and shows that she earned almost three times the amount she had the previous year.

Mainland News In Brief A drunken Italian sparked a sky emergency when he threatened the flight crew on his Barcelona-bound plane, forcing the pilot to U-turn to Philadelphia, authorities said. The scare started when Massimo Fiorani, 35, staggered up the aisle as US Airways Flight 742 ascended out of Philadelphia on its way to Spain, according to an affidavit. A flight attendant approached Fiorani and asked him to return to his seat. When the attendant placed a hand on his shoulder, Fiorani allegedly threatened to kill him. Several passengers scrambled to help crew members restrain him in flexible handcuffs. But Fiorani allegedly continued to threaten to kill the flight crew, so flight attendants positioned beverage carts at the cockpit’s door and stood guard to protect the pilots. Fiorani was “extremely intoxicated and verbally and physically aggressive,” passengers and crew told investigators. The flight returned to Philadelphia nearly two hours after it had left. The airborne incident was Philly’s second in less than a day. A plane from Ireland landed in Philadelphia after someone called in a bomb threat. Investigators later determined the threat was a hoax. Police in Spain have smashed a sophisticated network of human traffickers suspected of smuggling Chinese migrants into Europe and the United States. It follows the arrest of 75 people in raids across Spain and France. Spanish authorities released footage of some of the material seized which they claim was used to make false passports. Police say Spain served as a “travel springboard” and the gang charged between 40 and 50,000 euros for each person, most of whom would end up in Britain or the US. Some would also end up in prostitution or other sexual exploitation rings. Spain’s Melia brand of hotels has unveiled their new Sol Wave House in Majorca as the first ‘Twitter hotel’ of the world that merges the real and virtual worlds to create a total new experience. Social Wave House connects everyone in the hotel to their own social community, where they can meet, interact, have fun, compete, experience, flirt, tweet, and much more. There is a dedicated Twitter concierge and a ‘Twitter Party Suite’ that includes concierge assistance during the stay of visitors. Guests can communicate with the check-in desk and hotel staff using #SocialWave hashtag. Guests can order room service, a drink by the pool, or any other request using the hashtag (#). The hotel’s Twitter account, @SolWaveHouse, has about 950 followers till now. Wine exports from northern Spain’s Rioja region rose 7.74% in the first six months of this year, compared with the same period in 2012, totalling 47.7 million litres, according to Rioja’s DOCa wine quality regulation agency. The best customer for Rioja wines was the UK, purchasing 14.8 million litres, 4.58% more than previous year; followed by Germany, with 8.6 million litres, or 0.56% less than in 2012; and the United States, with slightly more than 5 million litres, a 20.23% increase. The domestic market, meanwhile, consumed 91.8 million litres 2.75% more than during the same period last year. Sales of wine from Rioja totalled 139.5 million litres between January and June, a 4.40% increase over the same period in 2012.

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47 Floors High – But No Lifts!

The builders of the InTempo skyscraper in Benidorm, Spain, what was supposed to be a striking symbol of prosperity amid the country’s financial crisis, forgot to include a working lift. Now the builders say adding exterior lift shafts seems to be the only Plan B available for a 47-story skyscraper that currently only has stairs.

It was due to be hailed as the tallest residential block in the European Union However, in a major oversight, the InTempo building in Alicante was designed, approved and well under construction before anyone realized the plans did not include any lift shafts. The project was 94% completed as of last week and many of its apartments were sold as workers continued to carry materials up flights

of stairs. The grand opening is scheduled for December; however bolting exterior lifts will add significant cost to the project. The project appeared to have been rushed through the approval process so it could be seen as a sign of progress among Spain’s economic turmoil. Construction on the massive structure was initially funded by the now defunct Caixa Galicia bank. It then had to be taken over in December 2012 by Sareb, known as Spain’s “bad bank,” which was created to consolidate the nation’s toxic assets. When the building reached around 23 floors the bank stopped paying workers, it became clear they been carrying supplies up the stairs and there was no service elevator. The project is also battling with fraud allegations from customers and suppliers who say they are owed some 3 million Euros.

Nudists Arrest Google Glass Spy

People with reservations about “Google Glass” just might be right. On a nudist beach in Benalmádena, a pervert was arrested for filming women, using a home-made version of the technology.

The cheeky voyeur, using a DIY version of Google Glass, was arrested by local police after a beach-goer noticed the man, wearing outlandish sunglasses and constantly adjusting them. The angry nudist held down the suspect until police were on the scene. When police questioned him, the 48-year-old man admitted that he had been filming naked women along the beach with what he called his “spy shades,” which had an adjustable lens in the middle of the frame. The man was arrested for invasion of privacy, and police found a video camera, a regular camera, along with a pen drive and several memory cards in the man’s beach bag.

This is not the first incident on a beach in the area. In July, local police in Málaga surprised a Chinese citizen who was taking photos of women and minors. That man apparently had more than two thousand images on the memory card of what was a normal camera. However, the latest news comes as privacy concerns are voiced over the impending arrival of Google Glass. There is

concern over the issue of people being secretly filmed or photographed with the new wearable computer. Google has tried to allay peoples’ concerns by saying the new software requires users to give an explicit command such as “Glass, take a picture”. Apparently the device will also light up when the camera or video are activated. Google Glass prototypes on sale locally in Spain for 1,125 Euros.


EASY Puzzle


Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013

SuDoKu Every Sudoku has a unique solution that can be reached logically.

Enter numbers into the blank spaces so that each row, column and 3 x 3 box contains the numbers 1 to 9.

Answers to the SuDoKu are on page 2.

Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013


Railway Cancer Drive Spain’s Review

Journalist Claudia Maccioni and her husband Jose Ramon Puig, travelled overland from Barcelona to Ghana with one simple message for women, seek early treatment when diagnosed with breast cancer – a disease which kills one woman every 60 seconds globally. The two Spanish nationals began their journey via road about a week ago and drove from Barcelona through Niger, Mali, Senegal, Gambia, Burkina Faso and finally arrived in Kumasi a week later.

Following Crash

Spain has said that it will review its railway network to improve security after the train derailment last month that killed 79 people, the country’s deadliest train disaster in decades.

Claudia Maccioni, 31, says she survived breast cancer four years ago and is in Ghana to create awareness about the disease and encourage women to undertake regular checks of the breast. She had pledged to support breast cancer awareness and treatment in Ghana and had already raised thousands through fundraising and sponsorships, to support activities of the Breast Care International.

President of Breast Care Internationa,l Dr. Beatrice Wiafe Addae, whose organization is at the forefront of breast cancer education said that many women are dying silently from the disease due to late reporting, adding that cultural behaviour is hindering the fight against the disease. She said that some women resort to prayer camps to deal with the disease because of the perception that breast cancer was a result of attacks from witches.

Public Works Minister Ana Pastor told a parliamentary panel about the July 24 crash: “We are carrying out a general review of all protocols and all security systems, as well as speed limits. When I say all, it is of the entire railway network. We are analysing the network. And we will take decisions that improve security based on this analysis.” The eight carriage train was hurtling around a bend at 179 kph (111 mph), more than twice the speed limit, when it leapt off the tracks near the North West city of Santiago de Compostela, according to its data recording “black boxes”. The driver, 52-year-old Francisco Jose Garzon Amo, was on the telephone to the onboard conductor and stopped speaking just 11 seconds before the train flew off the tracks. Garzon has been provisionally charged with 79 counts of reckless homicide. He has been released under court supervision while an inves-

tigation into the crash continues. Railway officials say the track where the train crashed was not equipped with the automatic braking systems in place on some highspeed lines and that it was therefore left up to the driver to brake. The president of state train company Renfe, Julio Gomez-Pomar, told the parliamentary panel that the crew had not reported any problems with the train before the crash. “All security procedures were followed correctly,” he said. “We are committed to finding out what caused the accident and we will continue to improve the safety of the Spanish rail system.” Nine foreigners, including two Americans, were among the 79 people who died in the accident. Many aboard the train were Catholic pilgrims heading for Santiago de Compostela’s internationally celebrated annual festival honouring St. James, a disciple of Jesus whose bones are said to rest in a crypt beneath the altar of the city’s cathedral. It was Spain’s deadliest rail accident since 1944 when hundreds were killed in a train collision, also between Madrid and Galicia. In 1972, 77 people died when a train derailed between Cadiz and Seville.

Warship Sent To Gibraltar


ritain is sending a warship to Gibraltar later this month as tensions increase with Spain over plans to charge people travelling in or out of the territory. HMS Westminster and two other ships will visit the territory, it emerged a day after David Cameron called his Spanish counterpart to discuss the situation at the border. The Cougar 13 deployment involves the UK’s response force task group and training includes honing their skills through various exercises, the MoD said. It is in its third year. A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: “The Royal Navy’s annual Cougar deployment is long-planned and well-established: “Gibraltar is a strategic base for UK Defence and as such Royal Navy ships visit its waters throughout the year as part of a range of regular and routine deployments.” A No 10 source said David Cameron made the Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy aware of the “routine deployment” of ships when the pair spoke last week in a telephone conversation that lasted 15 minutes. Mr

Cameron told Mr Rajoy the situation at the border with Gibraltar was “not acceptable”. No 10 said that in the “constructive” phone call Mr Rajoy agreed to reduce measures at the border which have led to lengthy delays. Recent checks at the border have caused significant delays, with queues of several hours, and Madrid has threatened to impose a 50 euro fee on every vehicle entering or leaving the Mediterranean British outpost through its border with Spain. There have also been allegations that Gibraltar’s creation of an artificial reef has damaged Spanish fishing grounds. In June Spanish authorities allegedly fired rubber bullets at a British jetskier in an inci-

dent Mr Cameron described as “totally unacceptable”. Gibraltar’s chief minister, Fabian Picardo, has likened the Spanish behaviour to something from the Franco era or the regime in North Korea. The European Commission has suggested organising a “technical meeting” with the Spanish authorities about the border controls in September or October. Spain claims sovereignty over the Rock, which stands on the southernmost tip of the Iberian Peninsula but has been a British Overseas Territory since the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713. The UK Government has made clear that it will not negotiate over sovereignty as long as Gibraltar’s people want to remain British.


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Spain fills uK a Street named nursing Shortage JoHn maJor!

TWo hospitals in Essex, Colchester General and Essex County Hospitals are turning to Spain in a bid to fill shortages in nursing posts, and are already in the process of introducing 68 new nurses from Madrid, but need more to satisfy demand. A second recruitment drive is due to take place this month.

Despite recruiting newlyregistered nurses locally, hospital bosses say they need more qualified staff and so need to look abroad. Acting director of nursing at Colchester General, Kathy French, said it was a question of “supply and demand”. A spokesman for Colchester Hospital University NHS Trust said: “Every year we do a review of our nursing numbers. These days we have more sick patients who need more intensive nursing and we haven’t got enough


EX-PRiME Minister John Major is to be honoured as a street in Candeleda, Spain, will be named after him, according to officials.

qualified nurses. There is a surfeit of fully-qualified nurses in Spain.” The first 68 nurses were recruited in June, with further 50 to be recruited to work on wards in the two hospitals. The spokesman said they continued to employ nurses who had just qualified from Anglia Ruskin and Essex Universities. The Department of Health

icod de los Vinos

Santiago del Teide

La orotava

El Sauzal

C/ Grande 1, 38670, Adeje. Plaza Luis de León Huertas, Tel: 922 756 200 - 922 710 1, 38440, Icod de los Vinos. 120 - 922 710 420 Tel: 922 869 600 - Fax 922 869 643


Plaza del Cristo, s/n, 38640 Arona. Tel: 922 725 100 y 922 725 125 - Fax: 922 725 478

Granadilla de Abona

C/ San Francisco, 14, 38600, Granadilla de Abona Tel: 922 759 953 y 922 759 902 - Fax 922 759 965

Guía de isora

Plaza General Franco, s/n, 38300, La Orotava. Tel: 922 324 444 - Fax 922 334 512

Puerto de la Cruz

C/ Santo Domingo, s/n, 38400, Puerto de la Cruz. Tel: 922 378 400 - Fax 922 375 253

El Rosario

C/ del Ayuntamiento, 4, 38680, Guía de Isora. Tel: 922 850 100 - Fax 922 850 354

Plaza del Ayuntamiento 1, 38290, El Rosario. Tel: 922 297 447 - Fax 922 548 280


Ctra. de Los Abrigos 30, 38620, San Miguel de Abona. Tel: 922 700 000 y 922 700 001 - Fax 922 167 168

Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 4, 38500, Güímar. Tel: 922 526 100 y 922 526 101 - Fax 922 526 102

said that it was up to individual trusts to recruit appropriate levels of staff: “If they cannot recruit enough staff locally, they may opt to seek nurses from further afield,” a spokesman said. “Nurses from abroad have made a very valuable contribution to NHS patient care. However, they should only work in the NHS if they have proven their competence and language skills.”

San Miguel de Abona

C/ la Placeta 10, 38436, Santiago del Teide. Tel: 922 863 127 y 922 863 150 - Fax 922 863 212 C/ La Constitución 3, 38360, El Sauzal. Tel: 922 570 000 y 922 570 24 - Fax 922 570 973

El Tanque

Avda. Príncipes de España 24, 38435, El Tanque. Tel: 922 136 715 y 922 136 623 - Fax 922 136 766


Plaza de San Marcos 1, 38280, Tegueste. Tel: 922 541 799 y 922 541 851 - Fax 922 540 903


C/ Doctor Pérez Cáceres 1, 38613, Vilaflor. Tel 922 709 002 - Fax 922 709 151

Major first visited the town, which is located in Spain’s north west Castilla y Leon region, when he was on holiday after he became head of the Conservative party in late 1990. The former prime minister regularly visited the town, staying with friends who live there. Rodrigo Munoz, spokesman for Candeleda’s PP council, said the town decided to name a street after Major to promote foreign tour-

ism: “He clearly likes it here and we’re delighted to welcome him -- I’ve enjoyed a beer with him in the town hall square the last few times he was here,” Munoz said. “He seems a pleasant and a very grounded man and, although he doesn’t speak Spanish, he knows how to say a few words.” Major said he was “touched and honoured” by the town’s gesture. Launched in Tenerife, the story of the high-tech 30 feet long message-in-a-bottle, which uploaded pictures during its crossing of the Atlantic, has gained worldwide attention, but last Sunday the bottle lost its satellite connection. Now the bottle is believed to in the proximity of the Caribbean islands and the company behind the project is asking people in the area to keep a look out.

The giant bottle was released to the ocean currents of Tenerife on March 15th, alongside its own twitter account (@solosoftdrink) it came with state-of-the-art tracking equipment allowing fans to chart its progress across a world map online, together with a 360 degree camera taking photos every eight hours. But after last week’s heavy sun storms, the satellite connection is down and the company is for the moment not able to get updates on the bottle’s whereabouts. “We are asking for people in the area to keep a lookout and notify us with any information,” says Joakim Sande, CEO of Solo, the Norwegian soft drink that is behind the project. “As soon as the bottle drifts ashore and the finder gives us a call, we will come right down and throw him or her a celebration party,” says Sande. All kinds of security measures have been taken to ensure that the bottle will not be of danger to others at sea. It has AIS, navigation lights and is built in radar reflecting material that cannot sink.

Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013


The World’s Largest Message-In-A-Bottle Is Lost At Sea

“We believe Solo is the best soda in the world, but unfortunately not enough people outside of Norway have had the chance to taste it yet. Deciding who should be the lucky ones to get a taste was too heart-breaking, that is why we decided to leave it to the ocean currents in the first place. With the satellite connection lost, it has become an even more authentic message-in-a-bottle and it will definitely be interesting to see where it comes ashore,” says Joakim Sande. On their website, http://, people can guess where the bottle ends up. The winner receives a bottle of Solo per nautical mile the bottle drifts, which at the moment of disappearance was a whopping 3539 bottles. If you have any relevant info about the bottle’s whereabouts please call +47 22069480 or notify Solo on their Facebook page. “It has been one week since the last position relay. Now we hope to hear back from passing ships or someone spotting it from the air - or indeed if someone should

find a big yellow bottle on their local beach,” says Sande. As the world’s largest

message-in-a-bottle was launched, it was consequently voted the world’s

best PR-stunt by in April. It was expected to cross the

Atlantic in about 70 days, but has taken its time – Who knows where it will turn up?

The survey was carried out a year after London 2012, where increased participation in grassroots sport was supposed to be a key part of the legacy of

the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Government guidelines suggest adults should do 150 minutes of exercise a week. However, figures show over half of adults are achieving that, but more than a quarter don’t even manage 30 minutes of exercise a week. The Department of Health has announced £5m will be allocated in encouraging more people to incorporate exercise into their daily lives. Public Health Minister, Anna Soubry, said: “It’s fantastic that more than half of English adults are doing the recommended amount of physical activity, but I am shocked that more than a quarter are not getting even 30 minutes of exercise a week. We were all inspired by the Olympics and as part of its legacy we

want to encourage everyone – children and adults – to get active and get healthy. “We want to do everything we can to help people lead longer, healthier, lives, which is why for the first time ever, we’ve given local authorities increased and ring-fenced budgets to tackle public health issues in their local area.” The money will be divided up with £3m being spent establishing school sports clubs in areas with the highest childhood obesity. They will be part of the Change4Life project which aims to inspire children following London 2012. A million pounds will be spent on initiatives encouraging more walking and a further £1.1m will go towards a project aimed at

getting more children out playing in the streets. Called “Street Play” the idea is the funding will be used to help parents to apply for their street to be closed from time to time so children can play outside safely. Director of Play England Cath Prisk said: “Active kids become active adults and we know one of the places kids are most active is on the streets outside their own houses when they are able to simply go out there and play, like most adults did. Everyone can do something to make their own communities more playful and we are very happy to be given this opportunity to support residents and local voluntary groups across England in making their own streets playful again.”

Government Announces Exercise Budget


cc o rd i ng to the latest Government Figures, fewer than one in three children is do-

ing the recommended amount of exercise, only a third of boys and a quarter of girls do 60 minutes of physical activity a day.


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Bamboo towels & Sheets THEy are brand new to Tenerife; in fact, they are brand new to anywhere! you may not have heard of Bamboo towels or sheets before, but they are here and they are fabulous. Take an opportunity to discover the benefits of having bamboo bath towels. Picture yourself getting out of the bath or shower and wrapping yourself in pure heaven, in possibly the softest bath towel ever. Bamboo towels allow you to dry yourself off quickly due to their premium absorbent properties while also giving you the luxurious feeling of the softest fabric you have ever felt against your body. Imagine sleeping on pure heaven, now you can with the amazing Bamboo sheets that are now also available in a selection of different colours. Experience the ultimate in sleep comfort. Pure cotton can often feel a bit rough to the touch; not only will you find that the towels are exceptionally soft and absorbent, but you will also find that they are durable for everyday use. They are also perfect for people who want to maintain a hygienic environment, because they

are naturally odour resistant due to the fibres fast-drying characteristics. So say goodbye to that disgusting mildew smell you get from other towels from time to time, and bathe in serenity. Bamboo fabric is created from the bamboo pulp and is 100% biodegradable. It is also anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic; bamboo is naturally antibacterial and resists mould, mildew, fungi and dust mites. These properties remain intact, making it suitable for those with eczema, hyper-sensitive skin or hay fever caused by dust mite. Even better news is that bamboo fabric require less frequent washing, it needs no more than a 30ËšC wash and dries in half the time of cotton. Tumble dry low and remove from dryer as soon as it stops to avoid unnecessary creasing. The only place that actually stocks these delicious items is Antiquities Tenerife in Las Chafiras. The have stock in three different colours, soft brown, grey and aubergine. Pop in and see them and feel the difference for yourself. The Emirati royal family now rule the waves after revelations that they own the world’s biggest megayacht, the top spot formerly occupies by Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich.

The Chelsea owner’s vessel Eclipse has held the title of the world’s biggest yacht for the past three years, but has now been usurped by Azzam which is 54ft (16.5m) longer - the length of a football field penalty area. The 590ft (180 metre) superyacht is set to launch a new round of one-upmanship among the world’s super-rich. Ownership of the £390 million craft had previously been top secret, but Yachts France, which creates the annual mega yacht league table, revealed it belongs to Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nayan, President of the United Arab Emirates and Emir of Abu Dhabi. The Azzam is longer than 12 double-decker buses, it is not only the biggest super yacht, and it is also expected to be one of the fastest. The 94,000 horsepower vessel could reach speeds of more than 30 knots, or 35mph. The size of super yachts has grown as billionaires compete with each other to own the largest and its builders boast that Azzam, which means dedication in Arabic, is the ‘most complex and challenging yacht that has ever been built’. It was designed by Nauta Yachts and built in Bremen by Lurssen - she was floated out in April. The firm’s Peter Lurssen said: ‘She truly represents another milestone in yachting history.’ The yacht operates with a staff of 50, and interior features include a 29ft salon and a stunning, openplan interior. French interior designer Christophe Leoni was briefed to produce a sophisticated and yet timeless interior with a turn-of-thecentury, Empire style. It is likely to match the luxury of Abraovich’s Eclipse, which features an armour-plated master suite,

Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013

Super Yacht Sailing Into Record Books

two swimming pools, two helipads, a hall, a cinema, a mini-submarine and even its own missile defence system. Abramovich has owned Eclipse, which is valued at £740 million, since it was launched in 2010. It took the title of world’s biggest private yacht from the 454ft Rising Sun, owned by American businessman Larry Ellison, which in turn took over from the 414ft Octopus, owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. Azzam’s design suggests it has been built for a buyer in the Middle

Glucose Test Strips Recall

More than 1.7 million blood glucose testing strips have been being recalled in an urgent safety alert. A manufacturing fault in two batches of the GlucoMen LX Sensor test strips could result in inaccurate readings and lead diabetics to inject too much insulin, according to the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

A spokesman for the watchdog said that the readings could mislead patients to such an extent that they suffer hypoglycaemia low blood sugar - which can result


in a loss of consciousness. However, there are no reports at present of patients being harmed by using the strips, the MHRA have said. Just over 1.7 million of the strips were sold in British pharmacies between October and November 2012. The affected containers, which are stamped with lot numbers 3212219249 and 3212214249, expire on 31st August 2014 and are no longer on sale. Other batches are unaffected by the fault. The strips are manufactured by Menarini in Italy and distributed in the UK. The MHRA urged anyone with the affected strips contact Menarini on 0800 243667 for a free replacement.

East as it has about 50 suites but no large open spaces on deck, said TheYachtPhoto’s Peter Seyfferth. ‘I have never seen an Arab-owned yacht with big parties and girls round the pool like the Russians have,’ he said. ‘It is unlikely it will leave its dock very often. It is more of a question of prestige, to have the world’s largest yacht.’ Of the top 100 yachts featured in the list, 31 were owned by people from the Middle East, 19 were Russian owned, and 17 belonged to Americans.

Microsoft To Fund Blake’s 7 Remake

Microsoft is to fund a remake of the cult BBC sci-fi series Blake’s 7 for its Xbox Live service.

Blake’s 7, which was dubbed “The Dirty Dozen in space”, was devised by Terry Nation, the creator of Doctor Who’s Daleks, and ran for four series on BBC1 from 1978 to 1981 and became an international hit that has maintained a loyal following. Microsoft, which has agreed to finance a remake according to the Financial Times, replaces NBC Universal’s Syfy which announced a deal to revitalise the show last year. Syfy, which successfully revived 1970’s cult series Battlestar Galactica in 2004, had been considering a 13-episode series.

For Microsoft, the deal marks its latest high profile move to invest in original TV programming ahead of the launch of the new Xbox One console – it already has a deal with Steven Spielberg’s Amblin TV to make a series based on its hit game Halo. “We do not comment on rumour or speculation,” said a spokesman for Microsoft. Microsoft’s big budget programming strategy is following in the footsteps of Amazon and Netflix, the latter spent $100m on a remake of the BBC’s House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey. It is not clear how true to the original any Blake’s 7 remake will be, given that the story of the interstellar renegades and their fight against the evil Federation ended in a bloodbath.


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redbullies - micro unlike – faCeBooK miSerY Brewery in Brand row

FACEBooK could be responsible for spreading unhappiness through society as well as keeping people connected, research has shown. The number one social networking site is strongly associated with declines in wellbeing, psychologists claim.

Scientists found the more time people spent on Facebook over a two-week period, the worse they felt. In contrast however, talking to friends on the phone or meeting them in person led to greater levels of happiness. Study leader Dr Ethan Kross, from the University of Michigan in the US, said: “On the surface, Facebook provides an invaluable resource for fulfilling the basic human need for social connection. But rather than enhance wellbeing, we found that Facebook use predicts the opposite result - it undermines it.” The researchers recruited 82 young adults, all of whom

had smartphones and Facebook accounts. To assess their personal levels of wellbeing, participants were sent questions by text message at five random times each day for two weeks. Participants were asked how they felt “right now”, how worried or lonely they were, and to what extent they had been using Facebook or interacting with other people directly. The “experience sampling” technique is a recognised technique of measuring how people think, feel and behave in their day-to-day lives. Writing in the online journal Public Library of Science ONE, the

researchers said higher levels of Facebook use correlated with greater loss of wellbeing. Volunteers were also asked to rate their level of life satisfaction at the start and end of the study. Over the two-week period, satisfaction ratings were found to decline the more people used Facebook. “This is a result of critical importance because it goes to the very heart of the influence that social networks may have on people’s lives,” said University of Michigan neuroscientist and co-author Dr John Jonides.

REDWELL brewery, which employs just eight people in Norwich, has been told it must change its name or face legal action, because it sounds too similar to the energy drink Red Bull. Company owner Patrick Fisher said he was “shocked” by Red Bull’s letter which said its name could “confuse” customers and “tarnish” its trademark.

Mr Fisher said the brewery started up earlier this year and problems began days after it went to trademark its brand, which is named after Redwell Street in Norwich city centre: “We were just shocked. It’s been like a dark cloud hanging over us,” he said. “Our name is different, our branding is different. We don’t make energy drinks and we’re not planning to move into Formula One or send a man skydiving from space very soon.” A letter from Hansjorg Jeserznik, Red Bull’s brand enforcement manager, said the brewery’s mark was “highly similar” to Red Bull’s earlier trademark of RED and its application covered goods in the same mar-

ketplace in which it was competing. In addition, it said Redwell and Red Bull looked and sounded similar and it was “likely” that customers would perceive the brewery’s drinks as an “imitation”. Mr Fisher said the brewery, which makes about 5,000 pints of lager and ale every week, had been given until the end of August to come to a resolution. He said: “It’s just very sad. We’ve had a successful launch of the brewery and we just don’t know what sort of clout they’ve got. But our solicitors have told us we are in a strong position and we hope to reach a settlement.” Red Bull said it would not comment on a pending case.

Acid Girl Gets Uni Place One of the teenagers who had acid thrown on her in Zanzibar was told she had won a place at university minutes before she went into surgery for a skin graft. 18-year-old Kirstie Trup will be going to Bristol University and reading history after receiving her A level results.

She and Katie Gee, also 18, were splashed with battery acid while volunteering on the African island, leaving them with burns on their faces, chests and hands. They are both undergoing surgery for skin grafts following the attack. Kirstie’s family said they received the news when the UCAS website indicated that she had been accepted by the university indicating that she had achieved the grades required. She wants to study history while Katie’s first choice is the University of Leeds. Speaking from her bedside, her proud father Marc said: ‘Kirstie got the good news before she went into thea-

tre. ‘We haven’t opened the letter with her results in yet, but Kirstie is very modest so I don’t think she will want to tell the whole world if she has done well. We found out that she got a place to study History at Bristol University and will be starting in September, she will be very pleased. At the moment she is having an operation, a skin graft, and will probably be in hospital for a couple of days feeling a bit uncomfortable. At the moment my wife Rochelle and I are waiting for her to come out. She is incredibly positive, she is very strong, but we have never had any experience of this kind of thing before and nothing can prepare you for it.’

Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013

‘James Bond’ Killed In Sky Diving Tragedy B ritish skydiver, Mark Sutton, who parachuted into the 2012 Olympic Stadium dressed as James Bond has been killed after crashing into a mountain near Martigny in the Swiss Alps.

The 41-year-old had been invited to take part in an event with 19 other wingsuit pilots, which involved being filmed jumping from helicopters. Wingsuits are special jump suits which increase the surface area of the body and act like a parachute wing, allowing users to glide through the air at high speeds. Mr Sutton had been practising a dangerous discipline in the sport known as terrain flying, which involves flying in close proximity to cliffs and mountains. The accident happened on the first day of the thee-day event in the Valais canton, near the French border. Rescuers believe Mr Sutton died on impact, Swiss police are still trying establish what how the accident happened. Five days ago he posted an update to his Facebook profile: “The sun comes out for a beautiful day in Chamonix, two base wingsuit flights from Brevent then a spectacular paraglide with Mont Blanc and the glaciers glistening in the background.” Mr Sutton took part in one of the most memorable arrangements during the Olympics opening ceremony, dressed as James Bond, he parachuted into the stadium alongside Gary Connery, who was dressed as the Queen. He doubled for actor Daniel Craig for a section of the London Games curtainraiser which saw the spy jump alongside the Queen with Union flag-emblazoned parachutes after flying to Stratford by helicopter from Buckingham Palace. Speaking after the event Mr Sutton said: “It was an incredible day. It all felt very ‘British’ - the enormity of it was

only apparent when Gary flew it into the boxes, that everyone had just witnessed a ‘World’s First’.” He was also co-pilot and teammate during Mr Connery’s successful attempt to become the first person in the world to safely land a wingsuit without a parachute. After hearing news of the accident, Mr Connery posted the following message on Twitter: “All you jumpers/flyers

Superstorm Sandy Victims Hit Lottery Jackpot

Six people who lost their homes to Superstorm Sandy were among 16 New Jersey garage workers who won a third of the recent US $448m Powerball jackpot. The group of Ocean County workers have christened themselves Ocean’s 16 in a reference the Ocean’s Eleven heist films.

“When I found out we were winners, I was speechless,” said Darlene Riccio. Ms Riccio and her daughter have been living with relatives


out there, stay safe, make wise choices and know your limits and your locations live to tell your stories. One love.” Mr Connery said Mark was smart, articulate and funny. “In any sport where you share a common bond you can make friends in a heartbeat that last a lifetime,” he said, adding: “My relationship with Mark was like that.” Mr Sutton’s death was the thirteenth known wingsuit fatality this year.

since October, when Superstorm Sandy wrecked the Brick Township house she and her daughter had been renting. “It has been an extremely rough year since then,” she said. “The first thing I’m going to do is buy me and my daughter a house, and bring my dog home.” William Seeley, who said a tree fell on his home, was one of the few winners to say he may retire now: “We are happy, happy, happy!” he said. “I’m going to continue to watch Nascar races on Sunday. Maybe I’ll be at a log cabin on multiple acres of land.” Almost all of the Ocean’s 16 say they intend to continue working, at least for now. After taxes, each of them will receive $3.8m (£2.5m). “We are truly blessed for what we received,” said Brian McCarthy, another of the winners.”It’s been truly

great.” The players chose the cash option, taking a lumpsum immediately that cuts the value of the jackpot in half. Barbara Jo Riivald had forgotten that her recently deceased father, state Senator John F Brown, wrote the law creating the New Jersey Lottery. But a phone call from her sister made the connection once the winning numbers were drawn. “She said, ‘Dad is just smiling down. It’s his lottery.” The winning ticket, bought at a supermarket in Little Egg Harbor, was one of three winners in last week’s Powerball drawing. A suburban Minneapolis man, project engineer Paul White, claimed one of the Powerball prizes last week. The holder of the third winning ticket, sold in South Brunswick, New Jersey, has not yet come forward.


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enerife Golden ViP is a company led by Paolo Torre. A renowned professional in the tourism sector.

Paolo, throughout his career, has always sought professionalism and excellence in customer service, so, he has created Tenerife golden VIP. A club for those seeking an exclusive, personalized and quality offer. our loyalty card opens the door to a diverse group of companies, leaders in their sector, which by their nature have managed to join the exclusive club of Tenerife golden VIP.

Paolo Torre oversees, at all times, that the partner establishments meet the standards of quality and service provided. If this does not occur they automatically cease to be part of the Tenerife golden VIP offer. The goal is to make your visit to Tenerife a memorable one and always keep you wanting to return. We will keep you wanting more!


British and an Irish woman arrested on suspicion of cocaine-smuggling in Peru claim they were forced at gunpoint by Colombian gangsters. Melissa Reid, 19, and Michaella McCollum, 20, are being held after 11kg (24.2lbs) of cocaine with an estimated street value of £1.5m was found in their luggage.

Archbishop of Lima Sean Walsh, who visited the pair in a police holding centre in capital city Lima, said that the two women - one a Scot and the second from Northern Ireland - had no choice but to follow orders. The Irish-American archbishop with the Eastern Catholic Church, said: “They told me that there were a group of Colombians that actually took them at gunpoint and threatened them.” He said the women were held for a while by the gang before being taken to Morocco and back again to Peru: “I don’t know how that happened, and I don’t know how they got over to Peru,” he said. “There’s no direct flight from Morocco, they go through Spain probably, but if they threatened them in some way that to me seems like a credible defence. “If they have been coerced or threatened as I think they are going to argue, then the fact that they physically had it in their possession may not mean that they were intentionally or wilfully doing it. If they were forced with threats on their life or something then they might not have gone through with this.” He had earlier said that Reid, from Kirkintilloch in East Dunbartonshire, and McCollum, from Dungannon in County Tyrone, were “weepy and upset”. It is understand a British police officer and a British embassy offi-

Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013

Peru Drugs Bust Girls “Forced At Gunpoint”

cial based in Lima have visited Reid, and McCollum. It is believed that the two women were picked up by profiling in the flight queue and questioned. Lawyer Peter Madden, who is representing the McCollum family, said: “Michaella’s family are obviously shocked and distressed by the recent events but are confident that Michaella will be exonerated: “The family fully support her and they are making arrangements to travel to Peru. They have contacted support groups in Lima to ensure that her current needs are met. I am arranging legal representation for her in Lima. I spoke to Michaella last night and she emphasised that she denied that she was guilty of any offence. She is well. She is not on hunger strike. She is finding it difficult to cope with the current situation, so far from home, but is optimistic.” A video was released shortly after they were arrested, showing the two women answering police officers’ questions. The police footage also shows an officer examining a row of food bags, in which the drug was allegedly hidden. Police accused the two of acting as “drug mules” to carry the contraband back to Europe. Reid told officers: “I was forced to take these bags in my luggage.” Asked if she knew the bags contained drugs, Reid replied: “I did not know that.” The father of Reid said that his

family is devastated by the arrest. William Reid said she was a beautiful and intelligent young woman who would never do anything like this of her own free will. The pair confirmed to police at the Lima airport that they had travelled to the South American country from Spain, and then on a Peruvian domestic flight to Cuzco. They reportedly stayed four days in Cuzco, which is 350-miles south east of Lima, before returning to the capital. Peruvian police said the two had been held and their luggage exam-

ined after a sniffer dog detected drugs at the Air Europa check-in counter. Reid was allegedly carrying 18 foil packets containing 5.78kg of cocaine while McCollum was accused of carrying 5.81kg of the drug in 16 bags hidden in food sachets. They pair said they were planning to travel to Madrid and then to the Mediterranean island of Majorca. They had apparently spent several weeks before the Peru trip living in Ibiza. Reid had posted dozens of Facebook photos of her time on the

Ryanair Documentary Pilot Has Been Sacked

Airline pilot John Goss has been sacked by Ryanair with “immediate effect” and been issued with legal proceedings against


him after he appeared in the Channel 4 documentary which raised questions over the airline’s safety policy.

The no-frills airline has already instructed lawyers to take legal action against Channel 4’s Dispatches over the allegations made in the documentary, called Ryanair: Secrets from the Cockpit. The no-frills airline said in a statement: “We will not allow a Ryanair employee to defame our safety on national television just three weeks after he confirmed in writing to Ryanair that he had no concerns with safety and no reason to make any confidential safety report to either the IAA (Irish Aviation Authority) or Ryanair.” It is not known if Goss, a captain who had been with the airline for 25 years, has also taken legal advice. Goss was expected to retire later this year, in October. Goss is a

member of the interim council of the Ryanair Pilot Group (RPG), the group played a crucial role in the documentary. Ryanair has refused to engage with RPG and argues

island, although her profile had not been updated since late July. Belfast-born McCollum had reportedly been looking for work as a nightclub dancer and hostess in Ibiza. The apparent disappearance from Ibiza of McCollum had sparked an online campaign back home, backed by a number of Irish sports stars, to establish her whereabouts. A representative for the Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin confirmed she was no longer considered missing and that consular assistance was being provided to her family.

that its safety record is unblemished: “Ryanair rejected the false and defamatory claims made by the Channel 4 Dispatches programme which wrongly impugn and smear Ryanair’s outstanding 29-year safety record based on nothing more than anonymous hearsay claims made by individuals whose identity was concealed, and/or by representatives of pilot unions of Ryanair’s competitor airlines masquerading as a non-Ryanair Pilot Group,” said the company. A memo has also been cir-

culated to all Ryanair pilots by its director of flight and ground operations, David O’Brien, according to a report in the Irish Independent. “I write to advise you that Capt. John Goss was today dismissed with immediate effect from Ryanair,” the memo said. It added that safety remains Ryanair’s “No 1 priority”. The memo added that management wrote to Mr Goss three weeks ago. Ryanair said it was “shocked and astonished” that he then contributed to the Channel 4 documentary.


Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013

dutch prince dies

The youngest brother of King WillemAlexander of the Netherlands, Prince Johan Friso, who had been in a coma since early last year, has died at the age of 44.

He succumbed to his injures at The Hague after complications resulting from the brain damage he suffered during a skiing accident 18 months ago. The prince had been off-piste in Lech, Austria when he was caught in an avalanche February 2012. He was initially treated in a London hospital and was brought back to The Hague last month. In a statement, the Dutch royal family said Prince Friso had never regained more than “minimal consciousness” after the tragedy. The government said he died “from complications that arose as a consequence of the brain damage caused by oxygen deprivation following his skiing accident”. He passed away at the Palace Huis ten Bosch, where he was being cared for.

top 10 Baby names

A list of the most popular baby names in 2012 has been published. Harry and Amelia were the top names for babies born in England and Wales last year, the same as in the previous year. Top 10 boys’ names in England and Wales: 1. Harry 2. Oliver 3. Jack 4. Charlie 5. Jacob

6. Thomas 7. Alfie 8. Riley 9. William 10. James Top 10 girls’ names in England and Wales: 1. Amelia 2. Olivia 3. Jessica 4. Emily 5. Lily 6. Ava 7. Mia 8. Isla 9. Sophie 10. Isabella

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Veteran Rock Stars Form Super Group

Veteran rock stars from Roxy Music, The Smiths, Suede and Supergrass have teamed up to form a brand new super group for a TV drama series. Roxy Music guitarist Phil Manzanera, The Smiths drummer Mike Joyce, Suede bassist Mat Osman and Supergrass frontman Gaz Coombes have come together to make up Chaz Chance And The Prophets.

The fictional rock band has been put together to feature in a new UK TV series called The Records, which tells the story of the ups and downs of a music industry talent agent. In 2006 Manzanera co-produced David Gilmour’s album On An Island and played in his

band for tours in Europe and North America. He also wrote and presented a series of 14 one-hour radio programmes for the station Planet Rock entitled The A-Z of Great Guitarists. Osman was a school friend of Suede’s lead singer Brett Anderson and was in early garage bands with Anderson such as The Pigs and Suave And Elegant. He co-wrote some of the band’s songs, including Lost in TV and Golden Gun.

A gallery of the most wanted tax fugitives has been released in an effort to collect hundreds of millions of pounds in unpaid duty. A year after releasing the details of the UK’s 20 most sought-after tax criminals, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has now added the names and photographs of 10 more fugitives to that original target list. The list includes those being pursued for a range of crimes, including VAT fraud, tax evasion and money laundering. Together, their crimes have cost the taxpayer close to £720m. Among the new names on the list is Michael “Arthur” Fearon, who is wanted in connection with evasion of excise duty on nearly £8.4m of cigarettes, and is believed to be in the Republic of Ireland. Anish Anand, who is believed to be in the UK, is wanted in relation to £6m VAT and film tax credit fraud, while Michael George Voudouri is wanted in connection with a £10m VAT fraud. He is believed to be in Northern Cyrpus. And Sumir Soni (aka John Soni, John Miller, Samir Soni, Bhader Singh), who is believed to be in Kenya, is wanted in connection with evading duty of £3.6m from the illegal sale and distribution of alcohol, and the illegal importation of nine million cigarettes. Anthony Judge, who was wanted for his role in over £350,000 of tax fraud and had been on the run for 10 years, was detained at Heathrow Airport in July as he attempted to enter the UK on a forged passport. He is the second of HMRC’s most wanted to be

While The Smiths provided Joyce with his first taste of success, he had previously drummed for Manchester band The Hoax and Irish punks Victim. Chaz Chance And The Prophets are reported to have recorded three songs for the show. Joyce told NME magazine: “The calibre of the players - heroes, y’know (sic) - it’d be mad not to do it. And the tracks are genuinely good. They sound Bowie-ish, but they’re not a pastiche.”


Birdman “Breaks Record” High Flier Ron Freeman has set what he believes is another Birdman world record. He leapt off Worthing Pier in West Sussex with his hang glider and flew 141.5 metres into the English Channel.

It comes a day after he claimed he had set a new record by becoming the first person to break the 100-metre mark with 106 metres: “I just took off and got good lift on take-off and I knew I was going to go far,” he said after his latest flight. I couldn’t wait to experience that. Seventeen seconds in the air, that’s a world record as well. It’s a long time.” Mr Freeman, 57, admitted to being nervous ahead of his attempt after watching opponent Tony Hughes record a 132.5-metre flight: “My legs went numb, I got the shakes,” he said. “Then all of a sudden the alarm bells went off and I’m thinking, well just a minute Ron, you’ve got a glider just the same as Tony’s, you can

do the same, just get up there and do it.” Mr Freeman, from Newbiggin-by-the-Sea, Northumberland, said he was “euphoric” despite missing out again on the £10,000 jackpot for a 100-metre flight going forwards. He chose a sideways route because of strong winds. Fun flyers in joke outfits also took part in the two-day event alongside the seriouslyminded adventurers.

Rogue’s Gallery Of Tax Evaders

captured since the rogues’ gallery was first published. In May, John Nugent was apprehended in the US after the authorities there saw the list. The gallery has been viewed more than 1.5 million times, with new intelligence received from the public on the current whereabouts of 17 of the 20 named on the original list. HMRC has also launched an interactive map of the world, showing where the tax fugitives are believed to be. Chancellor George Osborne said: “Our message is clear, tax fraud and

evasion is illegal and will not be tolerated. The Government has stepped up HMRC’s enforcement activities to enable them to pursue tax cheats relentlessly around the world. This new list will help put more tax fraudsters in the spotlight and bring them to justice.” The Chancellor has faced public outrage in recent months over the number of large, multinational corporations operating in Britain that pay little or no corporation tax on earnings which can top billions of pounds each

year. Yet some tax experts say HMRC is missing the real problem in tackling tax avoidance. Richard Murphy, of Tax Research UK said: “The problem is very large companies who aren’t paying very large amounts of tax that they might owe because of skilful tax avoidance by accountants and lawyers. The second problem is actually ordinary people avoiding and evading income tax by putting cash in their pockets … paying their builders, their plumbers, their

cleaners, their tutors and everybody else without tax being paid and that is a massive problem in our economy. But the big problem is not this form of crime of which this list is being published about.” Taxpayers Alliance chief executive Matthew Sinclair said part of the difficulty was with the UK’s “hugely complex and fundamentally dysfunctional tax system”. He said reforming taxes to make them simpler would reduce the scope for evasion and free up HMRC resources to focus on fraud.


Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013

WiBt take over Vivo

to keep them all out of trouble. Watching over the proceedings were TV Canaria (RTVC), who filmed it all and then broadcast it on Telenoticias 1 (Weekend News). WIBT and Vivo would like to thank everyone for their collaboration including Carlos Dieter Goertz, President of the Fundacion, Paulo Torre from Tenerife Golden VIP, Swing Latinos FM, Julian Arteaga and J.J. Verdera. It was the first of many such events that Vivo hope to hold and if last Saturday was anything to go by, don’t miss out!


Crystal Clear Solutions, London Look Fashion, Forever Living, Life Wave, Agefix, Sugar Slice Cakes, Caldos de Anaga Wine, Organo Coffee, Helping Hands Massage, Jo Jo Make Up, Curvey Girlies Fashion, Goozy Travel, Paradise Moments Evening and Bridal Wear, Lisa’s Nails and hair Extensions, Avalon Funeral Planners, Precious Cards and Gifts, Back To Bed Linen, Amber Personalised Gifts.

raff le and auction prizes Kindly donated By

LAST Saturday – Vivo was turned into a Mecca of information, by some very talented ladies. Women in Business Tenerife (WiBT) is a group of extraordinary ladies who all have something to offer to residents, as well as tourists. Their spectrum is huge, covering financial, legal and property, information, fashion, beauty and health, as well as a few naughty treats like wine, cakes and coffee. What makes this inspiring group special is that they are all local business and they all know what they are talking about in their specialist fields.

They decided to hold a “Summer Fayre” at Vivo and, to make it even more of a special day, each exhibitor made a donation, plus proceeds from

raffle and auction went to Fundacion en Pie, a local health charity which WIBT are supporting this year. It was a first for both WIBT and Vivo, and it was a huge success, raising 475 Euros for the charity. The event was ably put together by Currencies Direct’s Carol Schleisman, Blacktower FM’s Laura Mann and Kate Williams from Property Gallery who kept everything on track and the exhibitors under control!!!! Not only did we have an incredible turnout of exhibitors, we had entertainment coming out of our ears! Marc Craig, our resident singer was acting as compere for the day and managed to keep everything together. First up was the absolutely amazing Batucada group, a real carnival experience with drummers and dancers from Comparsa “Suenos del Sur” – complete with sparkles and feathers – who paraded down the street to Vivo and all the way through the venue. It was

lueber ry Open Tuesday to Saturday 10am - 6pm

922 73 75 69 HAIR & BEAUTY SALON

Est 1995

ob s

absolutely fantastic and the audience loved it, an incredible start to the event. We were the treated to the amazing voice of Zebenzui Martin, an international singer who sang in both English and Spanish and brought the house down. He was followed by Canarian singer, Neo Pinto, another incredible voice that was appreciated by the audience. Time to step up the pace came with the appearance of Diego Felicio’s Latin dance master class, very well attended by the audience who swung their hips with the best of them! This was swiftly followed by Academia “Dile Que Si”, a dance troop from Valle san Lorenzo, who gave a fabulous performance and carried on with a Zumba class, again, very well atended by the audience – with varying degrees of competence!!!! The kids were all kept very well entertained on the bouncy castles and ball pool and WIBT had even arranged for Russ, well known local magician

Fundacion en Pie, Aberdeen Steak House, Hair 2 day, Vivo Decades, Treasure Island Golf, The Palms, Arcadia, San Andres Car Hire, Aries Bar, Herman’s Supermarket, Sophie’s Kitchen , Excellent Medical, Padi 5*, Club La Costa, Cafe Med, Amarilla Car Hire, Adeva, Bliss, Fairways Pool Bar, The Tapas, One Stop Home shop, The Terrace Bar, Suncare Central, Curvey Girlie, Golf del Sur Golf Club, Waterfall Bar and Restaurant, The Emerald Lounge, Bianco’s Restaurant, Iceland/ Overseas, Tenerife Property Guide.

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Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013

AN orson Welles film that was thought to have been destroyed in a 1970 fire has been found in an italian warehouse. The silent film ”Too Much Johnson” will finally make its public debut 75 years after being filmed, an italian film archive announced.

While the existence of the film was known, the only remaining copy was believed to have been destroyed in a blaze at Welles’ home in Madrid. The slapstick comedy was made before Welles went to Hollywood to film Citizen Kane. The film was found in a box that had been stored for years in the north eastern city of Pordenone before being identified, said Giuliana Puppin, a spokeswoman for the archive, Cineteca del Friuli. How the 35mm nitrate print arrived in Pordenone remains a mystery. Ms Puppin said: “Found by a shipping company, it was turned over at some point to a local film society, but the film seemed of no particular value and was left unopened for many years. We don’t know where the box came from. There were no documents with it. We don’t know the road it took.” Too Much Johnson stars

Lost orson Welles film gets public debut

Joseph Cotten and is a series of scenes made to be shown as part of a production of the play by the same name, said Circo Giorgini, an Italian expert on Welles who identified the film about three

years ago. It was never finished and never shown publicly. It is not known how many copies of the film were even made. Mr Giorgini said he knew immediately the film had

been found when he received a call from a friend saying he believed he was in possession of a Welles film that starred Cotten wearing a straw hat: “I said, ‘It is something very precious,

take care of it. You have found a film that has been missing for decades”. The expert said viewing the film “was like finding an important, lost painting - like seeing a painting of Caravag-

gio that no one knew about”. This movie shows that Welles at the age of 20, demonstrating a great talent and great mastery of cinema. It would be confirmed a few years later with Citizen Kane,” he said. Mr Giorgini, who made a 1993 documentary about the star, said he believes the movie was left behind when the Hollywood legend fled his home in Italy after a gossip magazine reported he was having an affair while still married to his third wife, Paola Mori: “He was very protective of his private life and he packed his bags and left within a week. As far as I know, he never returned to Italy,” Mr Giorgini said. The film has been restored by the George Eastman House in Rochester, New York, with funding from the National Film Preservation Foundation in San Francisco. It will debut on October 9 at Le Giornate del Cinema Muto, a silent film festival in Pordenone.

Local Markets Day





9:00 am to 4:00 pm



7:00 pm to 10:00 pm


Los Abrigos

5:00 pm to 9:00 pm


Playa San Juan

9:00 am to 2:00 pm



9:00 am to 2:00 pm


Golf del Sur

9:00 am to 2:00 pm


San Isidro

5:00 pm to 9:00 pm



9:00 am to 2:00 pm


El Médano

9:00 am to 2:00 pm


Los Cristianos

9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Markets information numbers: 922 716 867 / 610 464 841

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By Marc Craig

Blue New Who?

November 1963! A lifelong fan, it was revealed in the book “The Official Doctor Who Fan Club Volume One”, that the 14-year-old Capaldi was so desperate to run the club, he harassed Production staff until Producer Barry Letts’ secretary Sarah Newman wrote in a letter to the fan club’s teenage President Keith Miller: “I wish the Daleks or someone would exterminate him or something to that effect.” Of winning the role Peter gushed: “Being asked to play The Doctor is an amazing privilege. “Like the Doctor himself I find myself in a state of utter terror and delight. I can’t wait to get started.” The 50th Anniversary in November which will be Matt Smith’s swan song, will feature classic Who monsters the Zygons- 38 years after their first appearance, as well as Billie Piper,back as Rose, and David Tennant - not as THE 10th Doctor, but the clone Doctor from the episode “Journeys end”.

Classic Monsters we want back!! Speculation on who will play the 12th Doctor ended last week when it was announced “The Thick of it” actor Peter Capaldi had accepted the role.

The actor, famous for playing Malcolm Tucker, the foul-mouthed spin doctor from BBC 2’s political satirical series is unlikely to turn the air as blue as the Tardis doors when he takes over from Matt Smith at the end of the year, given the family oriented content of the much loved Timelord series which celebrates its 50th anniversary later this year. The choice of Capaldi, 55, ends the trend of casting increasingly younger actors after each regeneration, which began when the show was re-launched with Christopher Eccleston who was cast in 2005, aged 41. He was followed later that same year by David Tennant, 34, who played the Doctor for almost 5 years until the current 11th Doctor, Matt Smith took over at the tender age of 27-leading many to speculate that the production may have gone even younger this time, and recently fantasy novelist and Who Producer claimed a young black actor who he wouldn’t name had turned the role down. Instead, Capaldi shares the record of being the oldest actor to debut as the Doctor since original Doctor Who, William Hartnell back in

Of course there will always be Daleks and Cybermen episodes and New Who has revived many classics, like Sontarans and recently The Ice Warriors-but what about these classics? Krynoids- alien plant thingys from a Tom Baker 6 parter,”The Seeds of Doom”, were a nod to the movie “The Thing” and could telepathically control plant life.

Timelord outcast would make a great nemesis for the Doctor with the right actress-Helen Mirren has expressed interest in playing a Who villain!! The Celestial Toymaker-a bored immortal who creates entire fantasy worlds for his amusement, an adversary of the Doctors for longer than the Daleks, unfortunately original actor Michael Gough died in 2011,but with the right actor and some creepy toys, he could make a great villain!

The Clue’s in the Title Bruce!!

I had to laugh when I came across this bit of movie news!

World War Z

Showing daily at 17:35 hr - 116 min Action | Adventure | Horror Rated 15 Starring Brad Pitt - Gerry Lane Mireille Enos - Karin Lane Daniella Kertesz - Segen

Tel: 922 713 858

Giant Spiders from Metebelis III- I still remember a picture from a Doctor Who Annual of one of these crawling up Sarah Jane’s back, would seriously freak out arachnophobics, and their insane leader “The Great One” would be great with a guest celebrity voice! Nimons- A nice touch that one of these Bull headed aliens was the Minotaur of Greek Mythology! The Rani- Basically the female equivalent of The Master, this evil mad scientist and

Life for former United Nations investigator Gerry Lane and his family seems content. Suddenly, the world is plagued by a mysterious infection turning whole human populations into rampaging mindless zombies. After barely escaping the chaos, Lane is persuaded to go on a mission to investigate this disease.

During contract negotiations for the upcoming 3rd instalment of Sly Stallone’s “let’s get every 80’s action hero ever into one movie franchise”, also known as “The Expendables”, Hollywood legend Bruce Willis - obviously ignoring the movie’s title decided to demand a million dollars a day - 4 million dollars for 4 days work, but Stallone and the producers on the movie-who had already offered the “Die Hard” star $3m promptly rejected the fee demands and hired none other than Han Solo/Indiana Jones himself, Harrison Ford as a replacement!! Stallone later made headlines after he tweeted; “greedy and lazy-a sure formula for career failure”, an obvious dig at Willis. An insider in an interview

with “the Hollywood Reporter” said; “I think he was pretty surprised he was replaced in 72 hours by Harrison Forda better actor, a much nicer person and a more interesting direction for the film.” Willis’s recent movies have been fairly poorly received with “A Good Day To Die Hard”, “GI Joe 2” and “Red 2” all getting a critical panning,

whilst, with the expected, imminent, official announcement of his return as Han Solo and the highly anticipated “Enders Game” out soon, Ford is hotter than ever. Ford will join other newcomers Wesley Snipes and Jackie Chan and -in another coup, Mel Gibson (as the movie’s villain) in “Expendables 3”, out August 2014.


Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013

ancient mayan freize uncovered

GuATEMALAN archaeologist Francisco Estrada-Belli and his team in the Northern Province of Peten, have found an “extraordinary” Mayan frieze decorated with images of gods and rulers complete with a long dedicatory inscription.

auguSt 2013 Friday 16th August . . . . . . . . . . Bitter & Twisted Experience Saturday 17th August . . . . . . . . Saturday gALA Night Sunday 18th August . . . . . . . . . ViVo Sunday Carvery Monday 19th August . . . . . . . . Decades Spectacular Thursday 22nd August . . . . . . . Decades Spectacular Friday 23rd August . . . . . . . . . . Bitter & Twisted Experience Saturday 24th August . . . . . . . . Saturday gALA Night Sunday 25th August . . . . . . . . . ViVo Sunday Carvery Monday 26th August . . . . . . . . Decades Spectacular Thursday 29th August . . . . . . . Decades Spectacular Friday 30th August . . . . . . . . . . Bitter & Twisted Experience Saturday 31st August . . . . . . . . Saturday gALA Night

SeptemBer 2013 Sunday 1st September . . . . . . . ViVo Sunday Carvery Monday 2nd September . . . . . Decades Spectacular Thursday 5th September . . . . Decades Spectacular Friday 6th September . . . . . . . Bitter & Twisted Experience Saturday 7th September . . . . . Saturday gALA Night Sunday 8th September . . . . . . . ViVo Sunday Carvery Monday 9th September . . . . . Decades Spectacular Thursday 12th September . . . Decades Spectacular Friday 13th September . . . . . . Bitter & Twisted Experience Saturday 14th September . . . . Saturday gALA Night Sunday 15th September . . . . . . ViVo Sunday Carvery Monday 16th September . . . . Decades Spectacular Thursday 19th September . . . Decades Spectacular Friday 20th September . . . . . . Bitter & Twisted Experience Saturday 21st September . . . . Saturday gALA Night Sunday 22nd September . . . . . ViVo Sunday Carvery Monday 23rd September . . . . Decades Spectacular Thursday 26th September . . . Decades Spectacular Friday 27th September . . . . . . Bitter & Twisted Experience Saturday 28th September . . . . Saturday gALA Night

Mr Estrada-Belli explained: “This is an extraordinary finding that occurs only once in the life of an archaeologist,” he said. “It’s a great work of art that also gives us a lot of information on the role and significance of the building, which was the focus of our research.” The archaeologists were exploring a Mayan pyramid that dates to 600 AD in an area that is home to other classic ruin sites when they came upon the frieze. The stucco sculpture, which measures 26ft by 6ft (8m by 2m), features three main characters wearing rich ornaments of quetzal feathers and jade sitting on the heads of monsters. The frieze, which was found in July, depicts the

image of gods and god-like rulers together with their names. The dedicatory inscription “opens a window on a very important phase in the history of the classical period,” Mr Estrada-Belli said. The inscription is composed of some 30 glyphs in a band at the base of the structure, while the text was deciphered by Alex Tokovinine, an epigraphist at Harvard University and contributor to the research project at Holmul, the site where the frieze was found. Mr Tokovinine said the building was commissioned by Ajwosaj, king of the neighbouring city-state of Naranjo, and vassal of the powerful Kaanul dynasty. David Stuart, an expert in

Mayan epigraphy at the University of Texas at Austin, called Mr Tokovinine’s reading of the text “excellent”. But while the government statement called it “the most spectacular frieze seen to date,” Mr Stuart was cautious about using superlatives: “It’s really impressive,” he said. “But I certainly wouldn’t say this is the ‘most spectacular’ temple facade.” Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina presented the National Geographic Society with the Order of the Quetzal, Guatemala’s highest award, for their research on the Mayan civilization. Perez Molina thanked the society for its support and said the society has “put on high the cultural heritage of the Mayan civilization”.

Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013


Sharples in Session By John Sharples

Silly Bankers Superstition

How many times have you signed a contract without reading it? We sign things all the time without doubting. Mainly because there is so much to read that we just have to trust them.

Well, Tinkoff Credit Systems might just start reading their small print in the future. They sent a contract to Dmitry Argarkov via the internet for him to sign and return. He re-wrote the terms and conditions for his credit card to suit him. He gave himself a 0 per cent interest rate and unlimited credit and he also added that if the bank failed to comply they would be fined 3million rubles (£58,716).


nterta i ners are very superstitious people. There are so many things you should or shouldn’t do in a dressing room.

When overdue payments started to build up, Tinkoff attempted to close the account and sue him. For once, the judge has ruled against them. They have to honour

the contract they’ve signed. Read the small print and make sure you don’t get caught out. Isn’t it nice to hear that the little guy can win every now and then?

Oprah Harping On

A few years ago, I went into a shop in Southport with my friend. We were having a relaxing day out, shopping for clothes and luxuries and just generally enjoying ourselves. Janet saw a dress in a shop window and went inside to have a browse whilst I stayed outside holding her bags. She asked the shop assistant if she could see the dress on display and she said that she would like to try it on if it was in her size.

The shop assistant said that the dress might be a little too expensive for her and suggested that she might like to look at something a little more within her range. Janet was, of course, absolutely furious. She told the assistant what to do with the dress in no uncertain terms. The same sort of thing has happened this week to Oprah Winfrey. There is one big difference. Oprah Winfrey decided to make a big deal out

of it and say that the shop was racist. For those people who don’t know, Oprah Winfrey is a black chat show host in America. She has decided to blast her racist accusation around the world. I am tired of people using this allegation at the drop of a hat, or a bag in her case. The shop girl shouldn’t have said what she did, but I really don’t think that there was a need to make such a big fuss of it. I think it is possible that this rich woman needs to hear the word NO every now and again. It won’t do her any harm. I didn’t like her when I saw her show on TV and I like her even less now. She should have dealt with the situa-

tion in the same way as the rest of us and filed a formal complaint against the shop instead of running to the nearest TV camera. Meanwhile, the old adage that there is no such thing as bad publicity is working for the bag shop in question. They have been given worldwide coverage. They have appeared on television and in the press and all over the internet. They should put a photo of Oprah in the window with the slogan “We didn’t serve Oprah Winfrey, but we will serve you”! They should use this moment of fame to make a few extra quid! What a lot of fuss about NOTHING!

Although I am not a very spiritual person I still observe a few of these strange habits when I am working. Saying “Good Luck” to an entertainer is the kiss of death. You should really say “Break a leg”. It is also considered to be bad luck to whistle in a dressing room or to mention the play “Macbeth”. If the play is talked about backstage, it must be referred to as “The Scottish play”. There should always be a light switched on in an empty theatre. The light is usually to be found in the centre of the stage at the back. It is thought that the light will keep ghosts away. It is also thought that it helps to stop non-ghost personnel from having to cross the stage in the dark, falling into the orchestra pit, dying in the fall and becoming ghosts themselves. Ghost stories are rife in the entertainment community. There is a ghost in practically every theatre in the UK. In “Radio City Music Hall” in America, it is said that the builder of the theatre appears on every opening night with a glamorous woman on his arm. Real money should never be used on stage. It is also believe that real jewellery is unlucky onstage and fake or costume jewellery should be worn. Gifts and flowers should

never be given to the actors or entertainers before a show as it is deemed extremely unlucky to do so. It is, of course, perfectly OK to give them afterwards. It is said that Peacock feathers should never be seen on stage, whether it is as part of a costume, prop, or the scenery. Many actors and directors have tales of sets collapsing and during performances with peacock feathers to blame. A bible is also considered to be bad luck onstage. I have a number

in one of our shows where I am dressed as a bishop. The book I hold in my hand is a Scandinavian novel. I don’t want to take any chances! It is funny that I actually believe some of these silly ideas when I am such a nonspiritual person. I don’t believe in ghosts and I only believe what I can see or what can be proved. Nevertheless I never whistle in the dressing room and anyone who does is roundly admonished! Oh and please don’t wish me good luck! Just say “Break a leg”.


Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013

Vietnam refugees easy rider found after 40 Years actress dies AMERiCAN actress Karen Black has died of cancer at the age of 74. The news was announced by her husband, Stephen Eckelberry, who wrote on Facebook: “it is with great sadness that i have to report that my wife and best friend, Karen Black has just passed away, only a few minutes ago. Thank you all for all your prayers and love, they meant so much to her as they did to me.”

Ho Van Thanh left his home village with his baby son Ho Van Lang in 1971 after a mine blast killed his wife and two of his children during the Vietnam War. Now, more than 40 years later, the father and son have been found, still living in the jungle. The pair survived by foraging for fruit, lived in a timber tree-house and wore loin cloths made from tree bark.

The authorities were alerted after locals searching for firewood spotted the men deep in the forest in Quang Ngai province’s Tay Tra district. A team was set up to look for the pair, now aged 82 and 41, and found them after a five hour search. Ho Van Thanh was too weak to walk and had to be taken out of the jungle on a stretcher. He could speak a little of the region’s Cor language but his son only knew a few words. The pair were checked by doctors and a decision must now be made on how to reintegrate them to society. Ho Van Thanh is believed to have lived a normal life in the hamlet of Tra Kem, but fled into the jungle after the explosion that destroyed his

family. The men are thought to have grown their own food and even cultivated tobacco during their time in the wilderness. Another son, Ho Van Tri, told Vietnamese newspaper VnExpress that he found them hiding out around two decades ago but could not convince them to return home with him. The Vietnam War was a Cold Warera conflict that claimed millions of military and civilian lives and left surviving soldiers and victims traumatised. The US dropped millions of

tonnes of bombs on Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia during the war, which ended in 1975 with the fall of Saigon to North Vietnamese forces.

She had been battling ampullary cancer - a rare type that is connected with the pancreatic and bile ducts - for three years and had turned to fans online to raise money for treatment The actress, who was of German, Bohemian and Norwegian descent, lived in Los Angeles and had a lengthy Hollywood career. She established herself in America through her role as a drug-taking prostitute in the film Easy Rider in 1969 and went on to further success with Five Easy Pieces and the original 1974 film version of The Great Gatsby. She won two Golden Globes, for

her roles as Gatsby’s mistress Myrtle Wilson and as a waitress opposite Jack Nicholson in Five Easy Pieces, for which she was also nominated for an Oscar as best supporting actress. One of her best-remembered roles for the wider audience was as Nancy Pryor, the stewardess forced to fly the plane in the Airport 1975 disaster film. She was also picked out by Alfred Hitchcock to star as a jewel thief in Family Plot, the iconic director’s last film, released in 1976.

Question one: Which battle marked the end of the Napoleonic Wars, and in what year did it take place?

Question Two: What Soviet nuclear reactor “melted down” with severe environmental consequences in 1986?

Question Three: Which BBC TV weatherman gaffed in dismissing a viewer’s claim of an impending hurricane in 1987? Question Four: What building’s address is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,

Washington D.C.?

Question Five: What comes next: Alpha, beta, gamma, delta, ....? Question Six: Name one of the two mammals that lays eggs? Question Seven: Which synthetic fabric is made mainly from woodpulp? Question Eight: How does a possum try to avoid attack or capture? Question Nine: Which one of the three Bronte sisters wrote the novel

Jane Eyre?

Question Ten: When was Samuel Morse’s dot-dash alphabet first


Question Eleven: Which wedding anniversary is signified by china?

Tel. 922 714 500 Whale Watching Puerto Colon 2 Hours 22 Euros

Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013


gardening and Nature By Steve Andrews - aka Green Bard

How To Help The Monarch But ter fly Chrysalis on pot

town hall was a long flower border full of flowering milkweed plants. On the other side of the road was a florist and gardening shop and they had plants in the grounds too. The garden of a house on the same road also had milkweed. Santa Ursula was monarch butterfly heaven! I have found that the caterpillars can be easily raised to chrysalis and then butterfly stage. I grow milkweed plants in pots on my balcony and after eggs have been laid and develop into young larvae I leave them to get bigger where they are. Then when they are much larger I move them into a large prepared empty plastic water bottle. I cut it around the middle for easy access and stick it back together with adhesive tape. I put some tissue on the bottom and drop stems covered

info) which is located just outside La Laguna. Lawrence tells me that the plants are just 1.80 Euros each. Meanwhile in Puerto de la Cruz, Jimmy and David who run the New Robin Hood bar are also having a go at increasing the numbers of monarch butterflies on the island. They have planted milkweed seeds in their beer garden but have already been successful with a potted plant that provided food for some caterpillars. Could the Robin Hood become the first “Bar with the Butterflies”? Also in Puerto, just because of the milkweed plants there the English Library has a colony of monarch butterflies in its gardens. Imagine what Tenerife would be like if enough gardeners all around the island grew milkweed for the monarchs. It would certainly be

Scarlet or Tropical Milkweed


he tropical milkweed (Asclepias curassavica) is also known as scarlet milkweed, Mexican butterfly weed and blood flower.

Freshly emerged Monarchs Everyone loves to see pretty butterflies flying about the gardens, parks and countryside and here in Tenerife we are very lucky to have the magnificent monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus). What a lot of people don’t realize though is that their numbers are controlled to a large extent by how much the insect’s food-plant the tropical milkweed (Asclepias curassavica) is grown on the island.

Asclepias curassavica

It is easy to think caterpillars just need leaves to eat but it is a lot more complicated than that. Most species of butterfly and moth have specific types of plant that their caterpillars eat, and they are unable to feed on anything else. So knowing that monarch caterpillars need milkweed the obvious way for us to help them increase in number is to plant more of it in our gardens or even just in pots on our balconies. The tropical milkweed is a pretty flower with red and yellow flowers and it also comes in a just yellow variety known as “Silky Gold.” The flower was originally brought to Tenerife because of its attractive appearance when grown as a garden plant. Before it was grown on the island there was no way that monarchs could survive here but after it became a garden plant grown on the Canary Islands it allowed the butterflies to colonise them as new territory. The female monarchs have to find milkweed to lay their eggs on

It is a member of the large Asclepiadaceae family and comes from subtropical and tropical parts of America. There are many other species of milkweed and all of them provide food for the caterpillars of the monarch butterfly. Many milkweed types are sold as seeds on the Internet. They are cultivated as

Monarch chrysalises and there is no other plant that grows here that will do. If you grow the plant the butterflies will find it. I remember some years ago I had to go to Santa Ursula in the north of the island and was delighted to find that there were monarchs flying on both sides of the main road through the town. After counting as many as 10 in a short stretch of roadway I was wondering why there were so many there. Then I spotted the answer because outside the

garden plants and as the food-plants for monarch butterfly larvae. The adults and many other pollinating insects will feed from the flowers. The milkweeds all contain a white poisonous sap, hence their name. The monarch caterpillars store the toxins from their food in their bodies and remain poisonous into the adult butterfly stage. Because of this the caterpillars and the adults are boldly marked with “warning colours” that tell a would-be predator that they are not good to eat.

with leaves and flowers into the container and replace the bottle top. I do this to make sure the caterpillars are safe because if they run out of food they will wander away and could starve. They are very greedy and often eat all the leaves on a plant. The more milkweeds you can grow the better. When they are ready to pupate the caterpillars climb to the top of the container and spin a small pad of silk. Then they hang upside down like inverted question marks and become chrysalises which are a delicate mint-green and are decorated with gold. After about 10 days the butterflies emerge and when they have dried their wings I release them. I have managed to see as many as 50 monarchs fly away as adults in one week using this method. Tenerife Weekly reader Lawrence Chapman has been helping the monarchs too and has discovered a garden centre which sells the plants. He bought a lot from the Perez Ortega Internacional (Google it for more

great for the tourist trade if the island became known for having plenty of beautiful butterflies flying around its towns and resorts. It could become known as La Isla de las Mariposas - “The Island of the Butterflies”!

Monarch caterpillar

Also known as the Bard of Ely, the Green Bard has a Green Beard, as can be seen in the photo. He is an expert on nature and loves to write about wildlife and conservation. He has a very wide knowledge of edible plants, foraging and herbs.

He was quoted as a “Weed expert” in The Ecologist. The Green Bard, though originally from Cardiff in Wales, is currently based in Tenerife where he has successfully reared many Monarch butterflies on plants grown on his apartment balcony. In May, 2012, at the English Library in Puerto de la Cruz he gave a talk on the Flora and Fauna of Tenerife to a full house and has been invited back to be a guest speaker again.

Keep up to date with him at:


Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013

Aquarius 20 January to 18 February

Sugarcoat your words on Tuesday. Diplomacy is the key to getting what you want from others. Don’t procrastinate on Wednesday. If you hesitate to take action, you’ll regret it later. The chance to take an exotic vacation will come up when Venus enters your travel zone on Friday. Make sure your passport is current! You’ll find a lost item on Saturday. Banish pessimism from your mindset on Sunday. Look for the silver lining in any dark cloud.

Pisces 19 February to 20 March

pregnant panda? Likely Signs at uK Zoo

EDiNBuRGH Zoo has said there are “encouraging” signs that its female giant panda is pregnant. Tian Tian was artificially inseminated in April and changes in her hormone and protein levels have been detected, which suggest she may be expecting a cub. According to the zoo, Tian Tian has also been moody and showing signs of nesting behaviour, further indications of a possible pregnancy.

Call on your industrious side on Monday. A project will require extra effort. You’ll need to make a difficult decision when the Moon squares Neptune in Pisces on Thursday. Ask a friend for guidance. Take time for fun on Friday. You can do the laundry any time. Don’t set limits on yourself on Saturday. You have the ability to climb the highest hill. A lover might suggest getting together for an intimate moment on Sunday. Passion will fly in the bedroom!

Aries 21 March to 19 April

You will be in the right place at the right time on Monday. get ready for a new door to open! You might become bored with the same old routine when the Moon is quincunx Uranus in Aries on Tuesday. A change of scene could ease your restlessness. open up to a friend on Friday. This person wants to share your joys and sorrows. Revive a project on Saturday. It’s time to move forward with this particular endeavor.

Taurus 20 April to 20 May

Relationship issues will need your attention when the Moon enters your partnership zone on Monday. A serious discussion with a loved one might be necessary. Make yourself happy on Wednesday. Don’t be afraid to walk the path that suits you best. The boss will be in a good mood on Friday. It’s possible that you’ll be rewarded for a job well done. Banish self-doubt on Saturday. Catalog all your good qualities and read the list often over the weekend.

Gemini 21 May to 21 June

Be careful what you wish for on Monday. The Universe just might grant your request! You could have a brainstorm when your ruler Mercury trines Uranus on Wednesday. Write down your ideas for future reference. If you’re single, someone special may come into your life on Friday. If you’re attached, a partner will overflow with affection. go over an insurance policy thoroughly on Sunday. You could be paying for services you don’t really need.

Cancer 22 June to 22 July

Positive energy will surround you when the Moon trines Jupiter in Cancer on Tuesday. Lady Luck will be right by your side. A co-worker could get on your nerves on Thursday. Try to be patient when interacting with others. A real-estate deal could prove very profitable on Friday. Remember to do your research before buying property. Take care of your own needs on Saturday. It’s oK to pamper yourself once in a while.

Leo 23 July to 22 August

Don’t believe everything you’re told when Mercury in Leo is quincunx Pluto on Tuesday. An associate might deliberately whisper misinformation in your ear. You will be cheerful on Friday. Folks will flock to your side. A friend might ask for your assistance on Saturday. Helping others is a great way to generate good karma. Take stock of your lifestyle on Sunday. get healthier this weekend by quitting a bad habit like smoking, drinking, or overeating.

Virgo 23 August to 22 September

Strive to be flexible on Tuesday. An unexpected event could derail your agenda. Domestic matters will be your first priority when the Moon enters your home zone on Wednesday. You might decide to redecorate the living room. Socialize with the movers and shakers in the community on Thursday. A person of influence will help you achieve a career goal. You might need to make amends to a close associate on Saturday. Don’t be too proud to say you’re sorry.

Libra 23 September to 23 october

An associate could pull out of a financial deal on Monday. This person is having second thoughts regarding the venture’s success. You might experience some downtime on the job on Thursday. Try to look busy, especially when the boss is around. You’ll undergo an energy shift when Venus enters Libra on Friday. Your heart and mind will be in sync. You could be tempted to fight a friend’s battle on Saturday, but it’s better to let folks resolve their own issues.

Scorpio 24 october to 21 November

Rely on your sixth sense when the Moon in Scorpio trines Neptune on Tuesday. Pay close attention if you hear warning bells when meeting someone new. A loved one could be disagreeable on Wednesday. This individual needs plenty of personal space. You will feel pulled in two different directions on Saturday. Don’t forget that you can only walk one road at a time. Search for serenity on Sunday. Find a quiet nook in which to unwind.

Sagittarius 22 November to 21 December

Your judgment will be flawed on Tuesday. Wait before you make an important decision. A friend will tell you a secret on Wednesday. Keep this information under wraps! A wonderful new opportunity will appear when the Moon in Sagittarius trines the Sun on Friday. Make the most of any new prospect that comes your way. A naysayer might criticize your behavior on Saturday. Don’t take what this person says to heart. Avoid folks with negative energy this weekend.

Capricorn 22 December to 19 January

Revise your goals on Monday. You have evolved over the years and so have your ambitions. A partner will feel generous on Tuesday. He or she may surprise you with a lovely gift. Your emotions will hit fever pitch when the Moon in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto on Saturday. Try to maintain your composure in all circumstances. Break out of your regular routine on Sunday. Sign up at a dance studio and learn to do the tango!

Zookeepers will not be able to confirm the pregnancy until shortly before she gives birth, which would probably be in September. The UK’s only pair of giant pandas, Tian Tian and the zoo’s male panda Yang Guang, have twice tried and failed to mate naturally. Tian Tian was artificially inseminated on April 21 - with Yang Guang and Bao Bao, a Berlin Zoo panda whose sample was frozen before his death last year at the age of 34, so they are both possible fathers. Blood tests after the birth will establish which of the two the father is. Although the signs are positive, the zoo has warned that Tian Tian may be experiencing a false pregnancy which is a common occurrence with pandas. Chris West, Royal Zoological Society of Scotland CEO said:

“We cannot tell definitively at this stage if Tian Tian is pregnant or not, although we are seeing results that give us cause for encouragement. Tian Tian may be experiencing a pseudo-pregnancy, so it is important to remember that and there is still a need to just watch and wait whilst continuing to monitor her hormone levels. Confirming a female panda’s pregnancy is never straightforward and we would encourage people to try not to get too excited just yet.” Protein analysis pioneered at Memphis Zoo has confirmed repeated rises in Tian Tian’s progesterone levels as evidence of a pregnant panda likely to carry to full term. Zookeepers have been unable to carry out an ultrasound test, which would be unable to guarantee to confirm the pregnancy in any case.

Mr West said: “We much prefer to make the ultrasound optional for Tian Tian, and being the feisty female she is, she has decided she’s not up for it.” Two incubators will be prepared at the zoo in case Tian Tian has twins. If there are two cubs or Tian Tian has trouble raising her offspring, a team of four zookeepers will provide round-the-clock care. Tian Tian (Sweetie) and Yang Guang (Sunshine) arrived in Edinburgh from China in December 2011 and have been seen by thousands of visitors, including actress Nicole Kidman and the Princess Royal. Edinburgh Zoo rents its pandas from the Chinese government and any cubs would remain the property of the People’s Republic of China and be sent there after two years in Scotland.

Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013

pugh´S pantrY


By Barry pugh

i’m going italian on You!

italian food doesn’t have to be complicated… if you ask somebody what is the best dish they can cook they will probably say “Bolognaise” – is that not true?

Well here are some great little Italian recipes that are easy, tasty and quick to make. of course you can add your own little extras- I have to admit I always use a good pinch of oregano in all pasta or Italian style dishes, why? Well quite simply oregano is often referred to as the tomato herb because it blends so well with it – and most simple Italian recipes use tomatoes.

rigatoni pasta pie

Here’s something really easy and different to make with your pasta. It’s a great hearty meal, or even a fantastic buffet centre piece. Cut it by the slice, just like a cake and have your friends amazed!

ingredients: 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil 500g Minced beef A good pinch of oregano 3 cloves garlic, minced 1 pinch crushed red pepper flakes 1 pinch coarse salt and freshly ground pepper 2 tins chopped tomatoes 500g bag rigatoni pasta 150g grated parmesan cheese 300g shredded mozzarella

Method: Preheat oven to 190° C. Heat the oil in large frying pan over a mediumhigh. Add the minced beef and cook until it’s browned all over, about 5 minutes. Add the garlic, oregano, crushed red pepper, and a good pinch of salt

and pepper. Sauté for another minute. Then add the tinned tomatoes and simmer on a medium heat until thickened. In the meantime, cook the rigatoni until it’s slightly underdone. Drain and rinse with cool water. Toss with parmesan cheese. Lightly oil a 9-inch spring form pan. Tightly pack the rigatoni in the pan, standing on their ends. Pour the meat sauce over the pasta. Push the meat down into the holes as best you can. Slide into the oven for 15 minutes. Remove, top with mozzarella cheese, and bake another 10 to 15 minutes, or until cheese is browned and bubbly. Let sit 15 minutes before slicing and serving! Top with fresh basil if desired.

Baked italian Chicken Breasts

I absolutely adore this recipe. It’s full of flavour, cheap to make and simply put really easy. ingredients: Small tin of artichoke hearts, drained 1 tin of chopped tomatoes 1 500g bag frozen mixed vegetables (defrosted) 3 tablespoons flour 1 tablespoons sugar 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil Good pinch of oregano 500g chicken breasts 250g shredded mozzarella cheese 250g thin spaghetti (or pasta of your choice) 2 pinches coarse salt and freshly ground pepper 100g basil or parsley (for garnish)


Preheat oven to 180°C. In a large bowl, combine the artichoke hearts, diced tomatoes, thawed mixed vegetables, flour, sugar, oregano, oil and a good pinch of salt and pepper. Toss to combine. Season the chicken breasts with salt and pepper and arrange them in a 9x13 baking dish. Pour the vegetable mixture over the chicken. Fill in the gaps between each chicken breast. Bake for 30 minutes. Remove from oven and sprinkle with cheese. Now place it under the grill for approximately 5 minutes, or until the cheese is browned and bubbly. In the meantime, cook the pasta until al dente. Serve chicken over a helping of pasta. Garnish with basil or parsley!


Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013


What’s a Hink Pink you ask?

Hink Pinks are fun rhyming word riddles. The answer to the riddle is a pair of words that rhyme with each other. For example: Large Feline would be Fat Cat.

1. Cow chuckle ___________________________________________________________ 2. Bruised hog ____________________________________________________________ 3. Store cashier idiot _____________________________________________________ 4. used honker ___________________________________________________________ 5. Tossed batter __________________________________________________________ 6. Fur maintenance ______________________________________________________ 7. Girl from Switzerland __________________________________________________ 8. Putty sled ________________________________________________________________________________ 9. Pressed rug ______________________________________________________________________________ 10. Scour the bath __________________________________________________________________________ 11. Sleeky detective _________________________________________________________________________ 12. Little separation _________________________________________________________________________ 13. Mind exhaust ____________________________________________________________________________ 14. Lard pot _________________________________________________________________________________ 15. Hasty run _______________________________________________________________________________

Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013

motoring neWS


By lingy

VW tiguan match

low a horizontal geometry. The Match is offered with a wide choice of diesel and petrol engines from a twowheel drive 1.4-litre TSI 160 PS petrol to a four-wheel drive 2.0-litre TDI 177 PS turbodiesel, with CO2 emissions from just 139 g/km. Specification is extremely generous and well equipped with 2Zone electronic air conditioning and alarm, Park Assist plus Fatigue Detection system. The 2Zone climate control helps to keep the temperature just right

on either side of the cabin and the Park Assist selfparking system takes control of the steering wheel to either reverse or parallelpark the Tiguan into spaces just 1.1 m longer than the vehicle.

Extra standard specification On top this standard specification the new Tiguan adds the RNS 315 col-

our touchscreen satellite navigation system and new 17-inch ‘New Orleans’ alloys. Connectivity comes thanks to standard Bluetooth, as well as an MDI media interface with leads for iPhone (4 and earlier) and USB, while there’s also a CD/ DVD player, SD card provision and a DAB digital radio. A multifunction steering wheel (which is trimmed in leather as is the gear lever and handbrake) enables operation without taking your hands from the wheel.

How to Cook a Sausage With an aventador is Lamborghini’s 700hp supercar the coolest BBQ in the world?

iF a great value great looking SuV is what you are looking for the then this is your lucky day as now the new Volkswagen Tiguan Match is available.

This new version costs less than the Tiguan SE it replaces and comes loads of extra equipment so the Tiguan Match 1.4 TSI could be your best choice. The exterior of the Tiguan bears

a strong resemblance to its ‘big brother’ the Volkswagen Touareg, the rear is very distinctive appearance with two part light clusters that form an ‘L’ shape while the low border of the lights fol-

Saab 900 turbo (1979 - 1993)

THE Saab 900 range might have effectively been a top ‘n’ tailed 99 with a new dashboard, and an elevated list price, but that didn’t stop it being an appealing thing when it hit the uK market in 1979. But the main feature on the 99 was the Turbo - and that would hold true with the 900 too.

AS Top Gear found while testing the Lamborghini at imola, apart from having 700bhp, a devastatingly quick 2.9 second 0-60 time and 217mph top speed, one of the most captivating features of the Aventador is its ability to shoot hadouken-shaped, blue fireballs for fun.

And it turns out that these flames can be put to good use - as what the car lacks in luggage space it makes up for in alfresco dining opportunities. As you’ll see below, the car can be used as a £265,000 barbecue; all you need is a long stick, a brave cook and sous-chef with a heavy right foot. Cooking time is dependent on fuel levels, but we’d recommend five blips at 8,250 rpm for 15 seconds and you’ll have the perfect 98 octane flambe’d banger. Yummy.

the car people

Visit our Car Warehouse at the entrance to Amarilla golf.

over 100 Cars In Stock CAR SWAP AVAILABLE

the-car-people-tenerife Tel: 660 511 611 - Email: The 900 Turbo was an expensive car, unlike the 99, and was sold against some very talented executive and performance cars. But despite that, it was a hit for its maker because it offered something quite distinct at the time - not least because turbocharging on road cars was still in its infancy at the time. The original 900 Turbo produced 145bhp and delivered rapid performance. This was soon improved upon – first by the fitment of APC and engine manage-

ment in 1981, and then with the arrival of the 175bhp 16-valve model in 1984. Threedoor cars were the most popular, and have a near-cult following now – especially in T16S Aero form. But can suffer from rust around the edges, especially in some quite important structural areas, and weak gearboxes are an issue. But they are tough classic cars that will take 200,000 miles, and more, in their stride, and which can be used all year round.


Would you like to win 4 Carvery Meals and Tickets to play Mini Golf at Vivo Decades Treasure island?

Then simply email your answer to the following question to: please include your phone number. What make was the car used in the “Back To The Future Films?

The answer to last week’s competition is on page 3.


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The Ashes: Australia’s Best Days Yb 40 Cricket The Ashes: England’s Best Days Yb 40 Cricket The Ashes: Australia’s Best Days Yb 40 Cricket


Cricket England take on Pakistan at the County Ground in their under-19 triangular series.


The Ashes: England’s Best Days Cricket The Ashes’s Australia’s Best Days Cricket

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Coronation Street Omnibus Emmerdale Omnibus Girlfriends Dinner Date Australia The Xtra Factor You’ve Been Framed! What a Girl Wants Step Up 2: The Streets You’ve Been Framed! You’ve Been Framed! You’ve Been Framed! You’ve Been Framed! The Bourne Supremacy Red Dragon The Xtra Factor Judge Judy Teleshopping

06:00 This is BBC Two 07:30 My Life with Caroline 08:50 Underwater 10:25 Reel History of Britain 10:55 The Private Life of Plants 11:45 University Challenge 12:15 Athletics 13:15 Escape to the Country 14:00 Exploring China: A Culinary Adventure 15:00 Wild China 16:00 Urban Jungle 16:30 Final Score 17:30 Coast 18:00 Flog It! 19:00 Proms Extra 2013 19:40 Dad’s Army 20:10 Thatcher 21:10 Top of the Lake 22:10 QI XL 23:00 Rabbit-Proof Fence 00:25 2 Days in Paris 02:00 This is BBC Two

06:00 06:50 08:55 11:00 12:45 14:45 16:50

Murder, She Wrote A Touch of Frost The Royal Wycliffe Hidden Treasure The Mirror Crack’d Inspector Morse


Foyle’s War A mysterious body draws Foyle into an intricate web of SOE espionage, where he must use all his ingenuity to avoid becoming fatally ensnared. Lewis Lewis and Hathaway investigate the murder of a professor of German history who had a fascination with local underground boxing bouts. Wire in the Blood Cracker Barbara


23:00 00:35 01:40

17 Au g u s t th

06:00 06:25 06:50 07:10 07:20 07:35 08:00 08:25 08:30 09:25 10:20 11:20 12:25 12:35 12:40 13:45 15:35 17:30 18:00 19:00 21:40 22:35 22:50

06:00 06:35 07:00 07:35 08:05 08:35 09:35 10:40 11:45 13:30 15:05 16:50

20:00 21:00 23:20 01:45

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Poppy Cat Canimals Bookaboo Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Gravity Falls ITV News Dinner Date Saturday Cookbook Murder, She Wrote Saturday Farm Countrywise ITV News All Star Mr and Mrs Smokey and the Bandit II Midsomer Murders ITV News You’ve Been Framed! Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix The Americans ITV News State of Play

World’s Wildest Police Videos Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers Motorsport UK The Cycle Show Bundesliga The Rawhide Years British Superbike Championship Highlights Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol Where Eagles Dare All is not as it seems in this actionpacked drama as Clint Eastwood and Richard Burton lead a team of elite commandos. Black Gold Demolition Man Magnum Force Richard Bacon’s Beer and Pizza Club

06:05 British GT 06:30 Mobil 1 The Grid 07:00 IPC Swimming World Championships 2013 08:00 The Morning Line 09:00 Everybody Loves Raymond 10:00 Frasier 10:30 Frasier 11:00 Big Bang Theory 12:00 The Simpsons 12:30 Undercover Boss Australia 13:30 Channel 4 Racing 16:10 V Festival 2013 16:40 Come Dine with Me 17:15 Come Dine with Me 17:45 Come Dine with Me

06:00 08:25 08:45 09:00 09:10 09:25 09:40 10:00 10:35 11:00 11:05 12:30 14:30 16:50

Children’s TV Angelina Ballerina Rupert Bear Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom Toby’s Travelling Circus Roary the Racing Car Jelly Jamm Power Rangers: Megaforce Slugterra Inside Hollywood Big Brother Battle of the V.1 Anzio Columbo

18:15 Come Dine with Me 18:45 Channel 4 News 19:00 Mission: Impossible 21:00 Knight and Day 23:10 Stephen Merchant 00:10 V Festival 2013 01:35 Crazy About One Direction 02:35 Hollyoaks Omnibus

18:35 Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt 20:05 NCIS 21:00 NCIS 21:55 5 News Weekend 22:00 Big Brother 23:00 Big Brother’s Bit on the Psych 00:00 Super Casino

07:05 07:15 08:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 15:30 16:00 17:00 18:00 19:00 20:00 20:30 21:00 21:40 22:20 23:00 23:40 00:20 01:00 01:40 02:15

Mission Impossible Channel 4 - 19:00 - 21:00 After he is framed for the death of several colleagues and falsely branded a traitor, a secret agent embarks on a daring scheme to clear his name in this spy adventure. Though it drew its name from the familiar television series, director Brian DePalma’s bigbudget adaptation shares little more with the original show than the occasional self-destructing message and the name of team leader Jim Phelps (Jon Voight).


The film focuses not on Phelps but his protégé, Ethan Hunt (a reserved Tom Cruise), who becomes a fugitive after taking the blame for a botched operation. He responds by banding together with a group of fellow renegades, and he is soon maneuvering his way through a twisted series of double crosses that mainly serve as excuses for spectacular high-tech action sequences. Much of the activity revolves around a missing computer disk, with the film’s most famous scene depicting Hunt’s delicate efforts to retrieve the disk from a secure, well-alarmed room in CIA headquarters.

Carpool Red Bull X-Fighters 2012 Top Gear Storage Hunters Megatruckers World’s Most Dangerous Roads Top Gear Top Gear Megatruckers Megatruckers World’s Most Dangerous Roads Top Gear Top Gear QI XL Storage Hunters Storage Hunters Not Going Out Not Going Out Not Going Out Not Going Out Not Going Out Not Going Out Not Going Out Not Going Out Storage Hunters

19:00 19:15 21:00 23:20 23:45 00:10 00:35 01:05 01:35 02:05 03:00

Great Movie Mistakes Shanghai Noon Armageddon Family Guy Family Guy American Dad! Badults Most Wanted Boom Town Stacey Dooley Investigates Shoplife

11:00 13:00

Just Wright The Addams Family 14:55 August Rush 17:05 Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader 19:15 21:00 22:50 00:55

Airplane! The Ugly Truth Machete Basket Case 2

06:00 FIFA Futbol Mundial 06:30 Premier League Years 08:30 Barclays Premier League Preview 09:00 Game Changers 10:00 Soccer A.M. 12:00 Football 14:30 Saturday Night Football: Team Talk 15:00 Gillette Soccer Saturday



17:30 18:00

The Ashes: England’s Best Days Cricket Ashes Memories The Ashes: England’s Best Days Cricket T20 Finals Cricket The semi-finals of the Friends Life t20 from Edgbaston. Ashes Memories Ashes Memories

20:00 22:00 23:30 00:00 01:00 02:30

Ford Saturday Night Football Live Saturday Night Football: Game of the Day Saturday Night Football: Match Choice FL72 Saturday Reloaded Saturday Night Football: Match Choice Fight Night International

07:00 08:00 08:30 09:30 10:30


22:30 00:30 01:30 03:00

T20 Finals Cricket The final of the Friends Life t20 from Edgbaston. The Ashes: England’s Best Days T20 Cricket The Ashes’s Australia’s Best Days T20 Cricket

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Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013


18 Au g u s t

Sunday - TV

06:00 08:35 10:00 11:00 12:00 12:10 12:40 16:15 17:00 17:35

Breakfast Match of the Day Sunday Morning Live Homes Under the Hammer BBC News Bargain Hunt Athletics Escape to the Country Songs of Praise Britain’s Big Wildlife Revival

06:00 06:45 08:00 09:00 09:30 10:00 11:30 12:00 13:55 14:25

18:35 BBC News 18:50 BBC London News 19:00 Countryfile 20:00 Antiques Roadshow 21:00 The White Queen 22:00 BBC News 22:15 BBC London News 22:25 Match of the Day 2 23:25 That Puppet Game Show 00:05 Nothing to Lose 01:40 Weatherview 01:45 BBC News

16:30 17:30 18:30 20:00 21:00


06:00 06:25

06:50 09:50 12:20 14:15 15:15 17:25 19:15


23:50 00:50 02:55

Beauty and the Geek Emmerdale Omnibus Coronation Street Omnibus America’s Got Talent America’s Got Talent The Mighty Ducks Johnny English The Scorpion King Action fantasy adventure. In a time before the pyramids, an evil king threatens to take over the world. The Shawshank Redemption Prison drama about the relationship between two inmates of Shawshank State Prison. Hell’s Kitchen Innerspace Teleshopping

22:00 22:30 00:25 01:20 02:20

07:20 08:20 09:20 10:25 11:25 13:35 15:40 16:35 17:45 18:55

21:00 23:35 01:10 02:50

This is BBC Two The Lost Moment Around the World in 80 Gardens Gardeners’ World Beechgrove Garden Saturday Kitchen Best Bites Raymond Blanc: How to Cook Well EastEnders Omnibus Coast Krakatoa, East of Java A Horizon Special Flog It! MotoGP Dragons’ Den The Hairy Bikers: Restoration Road Trip Blackadder the Third Frost/Nixon Countryfile Holby City This is BBC Two

Barbara Murder, She Wrote Murder, She Wrote Heartbeat Heartbeat Wycliffe Foyle’s War From Time to Time Murder, She Wrote Wycliffe Wycliffe Agatha Christie’s Poirot Society girl Elinor Carlisle, heiress to the considerable Hunterbury estate, is accused of a double murder. Poirot only has five days to investigate the case before she is hanged. Dangerous Liaisons A Touch of Frost Hidden Treasure Barbara


06:25 07:20 07:35 08:00 08:25 08:30 09:25 10:20 11:20 11:30 12:30 13:30 14:30 16:30 18:30 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 22:15 23:15

06:00 06:25 06:50 07:20 07:55 08:20 09:05 10:10 11:10 13:25 16:00 17:45 20:00 22:00 00:00 01:55 02:20 02:30

CITV Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Sonny with a Chance ITV News Country House Sunday Jeremy Kyle Show Murder, She Wrote ITV News Ade in Britain Murder, She Wrote Love Your Garden A Touch of Frost The Queen

06:00 06:10 06:35 07:00

ITV News Tipping Point Martin Clunes: Heavy Horsepower Law and Order: UK ITV News Perspectives Murder, She Wrote

18:40 19:00

Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers World’s Wildest Police Videos Silverstone Classic 2013 The Cycle Show Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe The Manchurian Candidate Paths of Glory Aces High Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon 1 A Dangerous Man Sports Mash: Taking the Mic Movies Now Teleshopping

Tel. 922 714 500 Whale Watching Puerto Colon 2 Hours 22 Euros

07:55 08:25 08:55 09:30 12:30 13:00 13:30 16:00 16:40

20:00 21:00 22:05 00:05 01:30

06:00 07:10 08:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 14:40 15:20 16:00 17:00 18:00 18:40 19:20 20:00 21:00 22:00 23:00 00:00 01:00 02:00 02:45

The Treacle People The Hoobs Ironman IPC Swimming World Championships 2013 Everybody Loves Raymond Frasier Frasier Sunday Brunch The Big Bang Theory The Simpsons The Legend of Zorro V Festival 2013 Step Up 3 Channel 4 News Kirstie’s Fill Your House for Free The Mill Southcliffe Dear John V Festival 2013 Baaria

Home Shopping Three Men in Another Boat Top Gear World’s Most Dangerous Roads Three Men in Another Boat Top Gear Top Gear Red Dwarf Red Dwarf QI Top Gear Top Gear Red Dwarf Red Dwarf QI QI XL QI XL QI XL QI XL QI XL QI XL Dave’s One Night Stand Lizard Lick Towing

06:00 09:15

19:00 Robin Hood 19:45 Great Movie Mistakes IV: May the Fourth be with You 20:15 Shanghai Knights 22:00 Most Wanted 22:25 Family Guy 22:45 Boom Town 23:15 American Dad! 00:00 Russell Howard’s Good News 01:00 Stacey Dooley Investigates


Children’s TV Toby’s Travelling Circus Roary the Racing Car Jelly Jamm The Mr Men Show Power Rangers: Samurai Slugterra Inside Hollywood Big Brother BB BOTS: Rylan’s Supersized Celebrity Sunday The Hotel Inspector Returns Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure Bewitched

17:50 20:00 20:55 21:00 22:00 23:55 01:45

Hitch Once Upon a Time 5 News Weekend Big Brother Next Above the Law Super Casino

18:50 21:00

06:00 06:30

FL72 Saturday Night Football: Match Choice Game Changers FL72 The Sunday Supplement Goals on Sunday Chris Kamara and Ben Shephard present a round-up of the latest football news and goals. Ford Super Sunday Crystal Palace v Tottenham Hotspur. Ford Super Sunday Chelsea v Hull City.

06:00 06:30

09:30 09:45 10:00 10:15 10:50 11:10 11:15 12:15 13:15 14:20

08:00 09:00 09:30 10:30

12:30 15:30



Solheim Cup Europe and America collide in singles competition on day three of the Solheim Cup. Ford Football Special

11:00 13:00 14:55 16:40

The Last Frontier St. Trinian’s Carry on Teacher Love Happens Mad Money The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Calvaire Basket Case 3

00:25 02:15

08:30 09:30 10:30 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 20:00 22:00 00:00 02:30

Ashes Memories The Ashes: England’s Best Days Cricket Writers on TV T20 Final Cricket Ashes Memories Ashes: Australia’s Best Days Cricket Writers on TV T20 Final Cricket Ashes: England’s Best Days Cricket Writers on TV T20 Final Cricket Ashes: Australia’s Best Days The Ashes: England’s Best Days The Ashes: England’s Best Days The Ashes The Ashes: Australia’s Best Days

Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013


M o n d ay - T V 06:00 09:15 10:00 11:00 11:45 12:15 13:00 13:45 14:15 15:00 15:45 16:30 17:15 18:00 19:00 19:30 20:00 20:30 21:00 22:00 22:35 23:20 00:00

Breakfast Heir Hunters Homes Under the Hammer Countryside 999 Don’t Get Done, Get Dom Bargain Hunt BBC News at One Doctors Perfection Escape to the Country Wanted Down Under Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Pointless BBC News at Six The One Show Fake Britain EastEnders Fight Back Britain Death in Paradise BBC News at Ten Have I Got a Bit More News for You Room 101 Weatherview

06:00 Emmerdale 06:25 Coronation Street 07:25 Jeremy Kyle Show 08:10 You’ve Been Framed! 08:40 Judge Judy 09:35 Up All Night 10:30 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 11:30 The Millionaire Matchmaker 12:30 Emmerdale 13:00 Coronation Street 14:00 Jeremy Kyle Show 16:10 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 17:05 The Millionaire Matchmaker 18:00 19:00 19:30 20:00 21:00 23:05 00:00

The Jeremy Kyle Show USA You’ve Been Framed! You’ve Been Framed! The Xtra Factor Shaun of the Dead Girlfriends Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records

09:05 10:05 10:35 11:00 12:00 12:10 12:55 13:25 15:00 15:45 16:15 17:15 18:00 18:30 19:30 20:00 20:30 21:00 22:00 22:30 23:20

19 Au g u s t th

Restoration Home Robbed, Raided, Reunited Click BBC News Coast The Weakest Link Mastermind Angels One Five A to Z of TV Gardening A Taste of My Life Journeys From the Centre of the Earth Antiques Roadshow Eggheads Flog it! Trade Secrets Great British Railway Journeys University Challenge The Incredible Spice Men Horizon The Sarah Millican Television Programme Newsnight Sins of Our Fathers

06:00 Heartbeat 06:50 Wild at Heart 07:50 Rising Damp 08:20 Dickinson’s Real Deal 09:25 Murder, She Wrote 10:25 Wycliffe 11:35 The Darling Buds of May 12:40 Heartbeat 13:40 Wild at Heart 14:40 Wycliffe 15:50 Only When I Laugh 16:20 Duty Free 16:55 Home to Roost 17:25 Downton Abbey 19:00 20:00 22:00 23:00 00:05 01:10 01:30 01:55 02:20 02:30

Murder, She Wrote Agatha Christie’s Poirot Whitechapel Law and Order: UK Wycliffe Flowers Uncut Flowers Uncut Only When I Laugh ITV3 Nightscreen Teleshopping

06:00 08:30 09:25 10:30 11:25 11:30 12:30 13:30 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 18:30 19:00 19:30 20:00 20:30 21:00 22:00 22:35 23:35 00:05 03:00

06:00 06:50

Daybreak Lorraine The Jeremy Kyle Show This Morning ITV News This Morning Star Treatment ITV News Storage Hoarders Secret Dealers Midsomer Murders Take on the Twisters ITV News London ITV News and Weather Emmerdale Coronation Street You’ve Been Framed! Coronation Street The People’s Medal ITV News at Ten and Weather Road to Referendum Benidorm Jackpot247 The Jeremy Kyle Show

14:50 15:55 16:55

The Professionals World’s Wildest Police Videos Cheers Cheers Kojak Magnum, P.I. The Saint The Professionals World’s Wildest Police Videos Police, Camera, Action! Police, Camera, Action! Kojak Magnum, P.I. The Professionals

18:00 19:00 19:30 20:00 21:00 22:00 23:05 01:25 02:20

Minder Cheers Cheers The Cycle Show Dirty Britain Bundesliga Tightrope Minder ITV4 Nightscreen

07:40 08:10 08:45 09:45 10:50 11:50 12:55 13:50 14:20

The People’s Medal

Journalist Natasha Kaplinsky has gained unprecedented access to the secretive world of the Queen’s New Year’s Honours and in this one-off hour-long documentary she explores the British Empire Medal, introduced last year to reward the extraordinary, ordinary people all

19:00 Snog, Marry, Avoid? 19:30 Top Gear 20:30 Would I Lie to You? 21:00 Stacey Dooley Investigates 22:00 Russell Howard’s Good News 22:30 EastEnders 23:00 Family Guy 23:45 American Dad! 00:05 Stacey Dooley Investigates 01:05 Extreme OCD Camp

06:00 Children’s TV 08:05 IPC Swimming World Championships 2013 09:00 Frasier 09:30 Everybody Loves Raymond 10:00 Big Bang Theory 11:00 Hollywood Me 12:05 A Place in the Sun: Home or Away 13:05 Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals 13:35 Bullwhip 15:10 Countdown 16:00 Deal or No Deal 17:00 Come Dine with Me 18:00 The Simpsons 18:30 Hollyoaks 19:00 Channel 4 News 20:00 Ade Adepitan: Journey of My Lifetime 21:00 Benefits Britain 1949 22:00 Ramsay’s Hotel Hell 23:00 Random Acts 23:05 How to Get a Council House

06:00 Children’s TV 08:35 Roary the Racing Car 08:50 Bananas in Pyjamas 09:00 Tickety Toc 09:15 The Wright Stuff 11:10 Cowboy Builders 12:10 5 News Lunchtime 12:15 Big Brother 13:15 Animal A and E 13:45 Neighbours 14:15 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 15:15 The Perfect Assistant 17:00 5 News at 5 17:30 Neighbours 18:00 Animal A and E 18:30 Newstalk Live 19:00 Police Interceptors 20:00 The Billion Dollar Wreck Hunt 21:00 Big Brother 22:00 Under the Dome 22:55 Big Brother 23:30 Big Brother’s Bit on the Side 00:30 Botched Up Bodies

00:35 02:15

07:10 08:00 10:00 11:00



12:00 13:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 23:00 23:40 00:20 00:55 01:55

Crash Top Gear Lizard Lick Towing Man v Food: The Carnivore Chronicles Total Wipeout USA Top Gear Lizard Lick Towing Man v Food: The Carnivore Chronicles Top Gear Top Gear QI XL Suits QI XL Russell Howard’s Good News Extra Never Mind the Buzzcocks Alexander Armstrong’s Big Ask The Impressions Show with Culshaw and Stephenson Russell Howard’s Good News Extra Never Mind the Buzzcocks

ITV 1 - 21:00 - 22:00 “Every year journalists like me report on the well-known names in the Queen’s New year’s Honours list. But in fact, some of the most remarkable recipients are people who don’t make the national headlines. Buckingham Palace has recently re-introduced an award specifically designed to celebrate the vital work of local heroes.” Natasha Kaplinsky


over Britain who have made a huge impact on their community. For the first time ever, cameras have been allowed behind the closed doors of the Honours selection process at The Cabinet Office in Whitehall, where a highlevel committee including Lord Coe, draws up the list of names to put forward to the Prime Minister and then to the Queen for all the awards, from knighthoods, MBE’s and OBE’s to the BEM (British Empire Medal). The British Empire Medal was first introduced by the Queen’s Grandfather, George V, in 1922. It became known as the ‘working class medal’ and was scrapped in the 1990s because it was at odds with the Government’s vision for a classless society. But it was brought back as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

07:00 08:00 09:00 10:30 11:00 12:00 13:30 15:30 17:00 18:00 19:00 23:00 00:00 00:30 01:30

Good Morning Sports Fans Good Morning Sports Fans Good Morning Sports Fans Ford Football Special FL72 Football Ford Football Special Fight Night International Ford Football Special Soccer A.M. The Best Bits FL72 Ford Monday Night Football FL72 SPL Round Up Soccer A.M. The Best Bits Ford Monday Night Football

11:00 Five Children and It 12:50 Bandslam 15:00 Campbell’s Kingdom 17:05 Anastasia 19:00 21:00

08:00 09:00 11:00 12:00 15:00 15:30


22:30 00:30 01:30

The Seeker: The Dark is Rising The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Evil Dead II Primal

The Ashes: Australia’s Best Days T20 Final Cricket The Ashes: England’s Best Days T20 Final Cricket The Ashes: Australia’s Best Days Ashes Memories The Ashes: England’s Best Days YB40 Cricket Warwickshire Bears do battle with Worcestershire Royals at Edgbaston. The Ashes: England’s Best Days YB40 Cricket The Ashes: England’s Best Days

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Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013


2 0 Au g u s t

Tu e s d a y - T V

06:00 09:15 10:00 11:00 11:45 12:15 13:00 13:45 14:15 15:00 15:45 16:30 17:15

Breakfast Heir Hunters Homes Under the Hammer Countryside 999 Don’t Get Done, Get Dom Bargain Hunt BBC News at One Doctors Perfection Escape to the Country Wanted Down Under Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Pointless

18:00 BBC News at Six 19:00 The One Show 19:30 EastEnders 20:00 Holby City 21:00 New Tricks 22:00 BBC News at Ten 22:35 The Naked Rambler 23:25 Paul O’Grady’s Working Britain 00:25 Weatherview

09:35 10:35 11:00 12:00 12:15 12:55 13:25 15:00 15:45 16:15 17:15 18:00 18:30 19:30 20:00 21:00 22:00 22:30 23:20

06:00 Emmerdale 06:25 Coronation Street 07:25 Jeremy Kyle Show 08:10 You’ve Been Framed! 08:40 Judge Judy 09:35 Up All Night 10:30 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 11:30 The Millionaire Matchmaker 12:30 Emmerdale 13:00 Coronation Street 14:00 Jeremy Kyle Show 16:10 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 17:05 The Millionaire Matchmaker

06:00 06:25 07:20 08:20 08:55


17:55 19:00 20:00 22:00 23:00 00:05 01:10

19:00 19:30 20:00 21:00 22:00 00:05

The Jeremy Kyle Show USA You’ve Been Framed! You’ve Been Framed! You’ve Been Framed! A-Z Hell’s Kitchen The Invention of Lying The Big Reunion

09:55 10:50 12:00 13:05 14:05 15:05 16:15 16:50 17:20

02:05 02:30

The Fantastic Mr Feynman HARDtalk BBC News Coast The Super League Show Mastermind Lucky Jim A to Z of TV Gardening A Taste of My Life Journeys From the Centre of the Earth Antiques Roadshow Eggheads Flog it! Trade Secrets Great British Railway Journeys The Great British Bake Off Midwives Expect the Unexpected Family Tree Newsnight The Hairy Bikers: Restoration Road Trip

Home to Roost Heartbeat Wild at Heart Rising Damp Dickinson’s Real Deal Murder, She Wrote Wycliffe The Darling Buds of May Heartbeat Wild at Heart Wycliffe Only When I Laugh Duty Free Home to Roost Downton Abbey Murder, She Wrote A Touch of Frost Whitechapel Law and Order: UK Wycliffe Ruth Rendell Mysteries ITV3 Nightscreen Teleshopping


06:00 08:30 09:25 10:30 11:25 11:30 12:30 13:30 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 18:00 18:30 19:00 19:30 22:00 22:35 23:20 00:10 03:00

06:00 06:50 07:40 08:10 08:40 09:45 10:45 11:45 12:45 13:50 14:50 15:55 16:55 17:55 19:00 19:30 20:00 21:00 22:00 23:50 00:15 00:40

Daybreak Lorraine The Jeremy Kyle Show This Morning ITV News This Morning Star Treatment ITV News and Weather Storage Hoarders Secret Dealers Long Lost Family Take on the Twisters ITV News London ITV News and Weather Emmerdale UEFA Champions League Live ITV News at Ten and Weather UEFA Champions League In Plain Sight Jackpot247 The Jeremy Kyle Show USA

The Professionals Minder Cheers Cheers Kojak Magnum, P.I. World’s Wildest Police Videos The Professionals Minder The Saint Kojak Magnum, P.I. Motorsport UK Minder

Cheers Cheers Black Gold River Monsters Crank Nitro Circus Nitro Circus Richard Bacon’s Beer and Pizza Club 01:20 The Saint 02:20 Movies Now 02:30 ITV4 Nightscreen

06:10 07:00 07:10 07:35 08:00 09:00 10:00 11:00 12:05 13:05 13:35 15:10 16:00 17:00 18:00 18:30 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 23:05 00:05

07:10 08:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 23:00 23:40 00:20 01:00 02:00

The Hoobs Hugh’s 3 Good Things According to Jim Will and Grace Frasier Everybody Loves Raymond Big Bang Theory Hollywood Me A Place in the Sun: Home or Away Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals The Lavender Hill Mob Countdown Deal or No Deal Come Dine with Me The Simpsons Hollyoaks Channel 4 News Double Your House for Half the Money Top Boy Rude Tube The Dealership Random Acts

Crash Top Gear Lizard Lick Towing Man v Food: The Carnivore Chronicles Total Wipeout USA Top Gear Lizard Lick Towing Man v Food: The Carnivore Chronicles Top Gear QI XL Suits QI XL Russell Howard’s Good News Extra Never Mind the Buzzcocks Alexander Armstrong’s Big Ask The Impressions Show with Culshaw and Stephenson Russell Howard’s Good News Extra Never Mind the Buzzcocks

06:00 Children’s TV 08:35 Roary the Racing Car 08:50 Bananas in Pyjamas 09:00 Tickety Toc 09:15 The Wright Stuff 11:10 Cowboy Builders 12:10 5 News Lunchtime 12:15 Big Brother 13:45 Neighbours 14:15 NCIS 15:15 While My Pretty One Sleeps 17:00 5 News at 5 17:30 Neighbours

19:00 19:30 20:00 21:00 22:00 22:30 23:00 23:45 00:10 00:30 01:30 02:00 03:00

Wolfblood Wolfblood Barely Legal Drivers Don’t Tell the Bride Badults EastEnders Family Guy American Dad! American Dad! Don’t Tell the Bride Badults Shoplife Don’t Tell the Bride


The Nutty Professor Ramona and Beezus King Solomon’ Mines The Ladykillers

18:00 Animal A and E 18:30 Newstalk Live 19:00 NCIS 20:00 The Devil’s Disciple: Born to Kill? 21:00 CSI: NY 22:00 9/11 Crime Scene Investigators 23:00 The Csi Movie: Dr Who and Mr Jekyll 00:45 True Crimes: The First 72 Hours 01:10 Super Casino




07:00 08:00 09:00 11:30 12:00 13:00 15:30 16:30 16:45 17:00 18:00 19:00 22:30 23:30 01:00 01:30 02:30

Good Morning Sports Fans Good Morning Sports Fans Good Morning Sports Fans Ford Monday Night Football SPL Round Up FL72 Ford Monday Night Football FL72 Football Gold Football Gold Barclays Premier League Review Revista de la Liga Champions League Play-Off Revista de la Liga Barclays Premier League Review Football Asia Revista de la Liga Barclays Premier League Review

13:10 15:15 17:10 19:00 21:00

07:00 08:00 10:45 14:00 15:00 15:30

16:30 22:30 23:30 00:30 01:30 02:45

St. Trinian’s The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Gozu

The Ashes: Australia’s Best Days YB40 Cricket The Ashes: England’s Best Days The Ashes: Australia’s Best Days YB40 Cricket Ashes Memories The Ashes: Australia’s Best Days YB40 Cricket The Ashes: Australia’s Best Days The Ashes: England’s Best Days YB40 Cricket The Ashes: England’s Best Days The Ashes

Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013


We d n e s d ay - T V 06:00 09:15 10:00 11:00 11:45 12:15 13:00 13:45 14:15 15:00 15:45 16:30 17:15 18:00 19:00 19:30 20:00 21:00 22:00 22:35 23:35 01:05

Breakfast Heir Hunters Homes Under the Hammer Countryside 999 Don’t Get Done, Get Dom Bargain Hunt BBC News at One Doctors Perfection Escape to the Country Wanted Down Under Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Pointless BBC News at Six The One Show Rip Off Food Celebrity MasterChef Who Do You Think You Are? BBC News at Ten The Call Centre Smart People Weatherview

08:15 09:00 10:00 10:30 11:00 12:00 12:45 13:15 14:45 15:15 16:15 17:15 18:00 18:30 19:30 20:00 21:00 22:00 22:30 23:20

06:00 Emmerdale 06:25 The Xtra Factor 07:25 Jeremy Kyle Show 08:10 You’ve Been Framed! 08:40 Judge Judy 09:35 Up All Night 10:30 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 11:30 The Millionaire Matchmaker 12:30 Emmerdale 13:00 The Xtra Factor 14:00 Jeremy Kyle Show 16:10 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 17:05 The Millionaire Matchmaker

06:00 06:25 07:20 08:20 08:50

18:00 Jeremy Kyle Show 19:00 You’ve Been Framed! 20:00 Funniest Ever You’ve Been Framed! 21:00 Girlfriends 22:00 Bridget Jones’s Diary 00:00 Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records 00:25 America’s Got Talent

17:55 19:00

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Home to Roost Heartbeat Wild at Heart Rising Damp Dickinson’s Real Deal Murder, She Wrote Wycliffe The Darling Buds of May Heartbeat Wild at Heart Wycliffe Only When I Laugh Duty Free Home to Roost

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Downton Abbey Murder, She Wrote Death Becomes Her Wire in the Blood Law and Order: UK Wycliffe Rising Damp ITV3 Nightscreen Teleshopping

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The Professionals Minder Cheers Cheers Kojak Magnum, P.I. Police, Camera, Action! Police, Camera, Action! The Professionals Minder World’s Wildest Police Videos Kojak Magnum, P.I. The Professionals Minder Cheers Cheers Silverstone Classic 2013 Passenger 57 Demolition Man The Professionals Minder Teleshopping

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Welcome To The World of Weight Loss

BBC 2 - 21:00 - 22:00 All over the country in Britain’s churches and community halls, tens of thousands of people - mainly women - attend slimming clubs every week. yet, despite the fact that more people than ever are on a diet, obesity rates are soaring. So does dieting help?

Critically acclaimed director Vanessa Engle (Walking With Dogs, Money, Women, Jews, Lefties) follows members from three different slimming clubs over a three-month period as they try to lose weight. With unprecedented access to a Weight Watchers group, a Slimming World group and a Rosemary Conley


group, this warm-hearted film explores why we have such a complicated relationship with food and why so many of us struggle to stay in control of what we eat. The film features revealing contributions from two sisters who have lost 16 stone between them, a 48-year-old woman who wants to lose a stone in order to fit back into her designer clothes, a mother and daughter originally from Ghana who put on weight eating too much African food, a divorced man who lives with his parents, three young students who have been slimming since they were in primary school and a woman with Body Dysmorphic Disorder who attends a slimming club three times a week.

Children’s TV According to Jim Will and Grace Frasier Everybody Loves Raymond Big Bang Theory Hollywood Me Channel 4 News Summary A Place in the Sun: Home or Away Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals Channel 4 Racing Deal or No Deal Come Dine with Me The Simpsons Hollyoaks Channel 4 News How Not to Get Old 24 Hours in A and E The Last Leg I’m Spazticus 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown Random Acts Shameless USA

Meat Men Meat Men Top Gear Lizard Lick Towing Storage Hunters Man v Food: The Carnivore Chronicles Man v Food Presents Total Wipeout USA Top Gear Lizard Lick Towing Storage Hunters Man v Food: The Carnivore Chronicles Man v Food Presents Top Gear QI XL Suits QI XL Russell Howard’s Good News Extra Never Mind the Buzzcocks Frank Skinner’s Opinionated The Impressions Show with Culshaw and Stephenson

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Children’s TV Peppa Pig Peppa Pig Peppa Pig Roary the Racing Car Bananas in Pyjamas Tickety Toc The Wright Stuff Cowboy Builders 5 News Lunchtime The Hotel Inspector Returns Animal A and E Neighbours NCIS Flirting with Danger 5 News at 5 Neighbours

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Animal A and E Newstalk Live Cricket Nurses The Da Vinci Code The True Story The Aussie Millions Poker Championship


Good Morning Sports Fans Good Morning Sports Fans Good Morning Sports Fans Revista de la Liga Barclays Premier League Review Football Asia Revista de la Liga Barclays Premier League Review Football Asia Revista de la Liga Barclays Premier League Review Football Gold Football Gold Boots ‘n’ All

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20:00 21:00 22:00 23:00 00:00 01:00 02:00 03:00

Dragonball Evolution Tooth Fairy The Third Man Doctor in Clover Home Alone Macaulay Culkin stars as an eight-year-old who is accidentally left at home. The Social Network Saw III Julia’s Eyes

The Ashes: England’s Best Days The Ashes Classics YB40 Cricket Lancashire Lightning host Hampshire Royals at Emirates Old Trafford in the Yorkshire Bank 40. The Ashes Day one of the fifth Ashes test between England and Australia from the Oval. The Ashes The Ashes Verdict The Ashes The Ashes Verdict The Ashes The Ashes Verdict The Ashes The Ashes Verdict

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Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013



Thursday - TV

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Emmerdale Coronation Street Life’s Funniest Moments Jeremy Kyle Show You’ve Been Framed! Judge Judy Up All Night You’ve Been Framed! Real Housewives of Beverly Hills The Millionaire Matchmaker Emmerdale Coronation Street Judge Judy Jeremy Kyle Show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills The Millionaire Matchmaker Jeremy Kyle Show You’ve Been Framed! Funniest Ever You’ve Been Framed! Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason House of Wax

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Athletics Shoplife Most Wanted EastEnders Family Guy Family Guy American Dad! American Dad! Shoplife Most Wanted Stacey Dooley Investigates Shoplife

Alamar A Knight’s Tale Son of the Mask Fool’s Gold Gulliver’s Travels Jack Black stars in this take on Jonathan Swift’s 1726 novel. Lemuel Gulliver works in the post room of a New York newspaper. The Tourist Red Hill

The Ashes: England’s Best Days Relive day one of the second test from the Adelaide Oval in the 2010/11 Ashes series. The Ashes The Ashes Verdict The Ashes Day two of the fifth Ashes test between England and Australia from the Oval. The Ashes The Ashes Verdict The Ashes The Ashes Verdict The Ashes The Ashes Verdict The Ashes The Ashes Verdict

Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013



Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013

Spiritual Healing


Air Conditioner


Washing Machine

A simple and effective method of Spiritual Healing. Appointments are private, non-invasive and relaxing . Please leave contact number for return call.

We have been providing services and IT products in Tenerife since 2007. We register, host and develop custom built web solutions.

For Sale - Air Conditioner comprising external Inverter and internal diffuser. 7.9 KW. In good condition and well maintained original cost 2,500 euros b...


Washing machine for sale, good condition, excellent working order 135 euros can deliver ...

922 176 592

922 13 81 46

922 862 376

650 € 626 389 410

70,000 € 635 911 337

135 €

Bedroom Furniture

KENWOOD Amplifier

Electric toothbrush

Heater water Vaillant 20

4 bedroom flat

These are old but heavy good quality, head boards, dressing table, mirror, two bedside cabinets and stool, good condition, selling due to resort changing f...

Amplifier KENWOOD Lucasfilm THX Surround EX DTS Surround Dolby Digital 100 wattt x 6 dvd6/ch CD / DVD Phono, Tuner, Video1, video2, video3 MD / Tape...

Electric rechargeable Dentalux toothbrush with 8 new heads. New....

Heater for warm water with propano or butano for 2-3 appartments by central regualation in Puerto de Santiago. New more than 1000.Euro Transport possib...

Lovely 4 bethroom flat in the centre of the capital , very spacious and bright , its situated on a pedestrian zone so its very tranquil . This flat is idea...

626 389 410

632 092 358

922 857 817

922 868 496

637 581 392

75 €

450 €

10 €

300 €

220,000 €

Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013


Camera HD Panasonic

Golf Clubs

A new scooter

Jaguar XJ8 3,5 Executive

3 bedroom Apartment

Camcorder Full HDC-SD9 Panasonic Full HD 1920 x 1080p Leica lens O.I.S 5.1 CH 5 micro's In Adeje ...

Golf Clubs Golden Bear S,P 3-9 ,Putter Howson , 3x Driver , Bag...

I have a selection of 50cc mopeds that you can choose from on a rent to buy basis, 40 euro per week....fully insured and fully serviced during your rental ...

Jaguar XJ8 3.5 Executive. Immaculate condition. One owner, complete service history from Jaguar garage available, ITV until 2015, 4 brand new tyres, alwa...

Reduced 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment for sale in the quiet residential complex of Edificio Aulaga in the quiet town of Fañabe Alto. The apartment comes...

632 092 358

687 036 000

676 892 814

922 717 779

616 327 762

350 €

150 €

40 €

19,950 €

135,000 €

Static Mobile Home

Charcoal BBQ

Apt Chayofita

Original oil paintings

For Rent Ocean View

STATIC MOBILE HOME BASED IN TENERIFE SITED Based in Tenerife where the sun shines all year round for sale is our 2 bedroom static mobile home. The size...

Charcoal BBQ, cooking area 50 cm x 30 cm. Including 3 opened bags of charcoal brickettes (2 nearly full), part box of matches, part bottle of lighting gel,...

Apt to refurbish. Blank canvas. Can be one or two bedrooms. CASH SALE €25,000. Chayofita Costa del Silencio....

Three original oil paintings done by Haitian artist james Maitre who is now being sold in a number of American Galleries (Gallery Martelly).All three are l...

Ocean View Large Studio apartment, with Bedroom area, Kitchen, Dining and Lounge areas. Large Terrace and Beautiful Sea Views. Rent includes €60 for Ele...

602 119 715

622 555 486

922 784 676

922 729 654

686 924 450

12,500 €

30 €

25,000 €

225 €

400 €

Seat Cordoba


Canon G11 Poweshot

Iphone 4 for sale

parrot fish

Seat Cordoba, year 2002, 185,000kms, air conditioning. €1250....

Motorola mobile, in original box and as new. tri band, One for the collector! With leather case and car charger etc Tenerife south, Adeje...

Canon G11 Powershot with 2 adaptors for lenses and a wide angled macro lens. Perfect condition. Excellent camara. 180€...

Iphone 4. Perfect condition. Unblocked to all Networks. Gran Sur Area. 240 Euro. ...

a pair of mature red parrot fish for sale beutiful condition,female as bred with midas cihlid....

675 351 336

666 248 656

606 800 150

632 483 969

922 730 367

1,250 €


180 €

240 €

70 €

Duplex - Playa De La Are


Double divan bed

Lose Weight in 9 days

Nikon D5000 DSLR

Large Duplex/House on quiet, residential complex close to beach, shops, school, gym, bars and restaurants, with pool and gardens. 2 double bedrooms, 1 1/2 ...

Living /Dining room furniture. Wall unit 225 cm L X 45 cm W .Dining table 152 cm L X 87 cm W and there is also a mid section which takes it to 187 cm L. ...

Double divan bed with mattress, 4 drawers. Only 6 months old as new. Base divides into 2 sections....

Our 9 days weight loss and detox plan is safe way to loss weight and is easy to follow with fabulous results. In just 9 days feel cleaner, leaner and heal...

A Nikon D5000 DSLR camera in mint condition. The camera comes with the following.. 18-55mm Nikon lens with lens hood, Nikon camera manual, Nikon view NX 2 ...

922 860 191

922 719 257

922 727 170

606 265 994

689 385 190

160,000 €

450 €


350 €

Karaoke Equipment

Top loader washing machi

2 Iguanas

Ironmaster vibrating exercise machine. 16 speeds. 4 modes plus manual. timer. calories burnt indicator. excellent condition....

Advent 8555GX 17" Gaming Laptop with PCDJ_VJ_5.1 karaoke system KAM KKAw karaoke amp with effects Behringer MicroHD HD400 Hum Destroyer KAM Wireless Mic...

Top loading washing machine, only 2 years old, excellent condition, all working with user manual. Can deliver 145 Euros ono...

Well kept pets ( 15 months old )...

922 309 264

699 608 734

635 911 337

691 634 508

House in Chio

Ironmaster exerciser

Modern 3 bedroom house, ( Unfurnished ) with new kitchen, Lounge, Dining area, 2 bathrooms, integral garage with electric door. Full roof terrace, and balc...

922 850 087

159,000 €

250 €

50 €

1,250 €

145 €

80 €


Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013

Personal Vibration Machine Brand new in boxes, your own personal weight loss vibration machine. I have 14, will sell individually or make an offer for the lot.

Contact: 603 194 568

THE BEAUTY SPOT Completely legal with opening licence. Long established fully fitted Hairdressing/ Beauty Salon for rent in Costa del Silencio. Available immediately.

Contact: 629 487 090

RED TOMATO ( 649 200 774


Satellite & CCTV Installation Computer, Mobile Phone & Electronic Repairs



No Dish required!

Watch all UK TV!

More than 60 channels IPTV for 3pm Football for bars or home installation

IPTV Video Club

Imagine 400 FREE minutes every month to call a UK mobile or land line! Pay as you go. 10 euros per month (tax included). 400 mins FREE calls per month, national or international* to a land line or mobile phone. *Call Red Tomato for more info on which countries are included in the offer. ADSL LINES from BT

16.95ϵ monthly LAND LINES from BT

13.95ϵ monthly


Pebble Beach Village Amarilla Golf Mon - Fri 10am - 1pm 50ϵ OFF IPTV WITH THIS ADVERT

WELDER Tony Rippon Contact Tony on: 609 69 19 37

Fully Legal Based in Tenerife for 25 years

Security Grills, Bar Fittings, Ornamental Gates


All Fabrication Work Undertaken

Authorised Telecommunications Installer Nº 7902 For all your satellite TV requirements call ELECTROSAT TV S.L, we specialise in: • Community integral Maintenance Contracts for same day assistance • Repairing/Upgrading all satellite TV installations • QPSK-COFDM Digital to Digital Modulators • Italian TIVU sat, French TNT, Multilanguages • Swedish SVT Connova • After-sales 2 year Guarantee • Community Computer Network • Community WIFI & ADSL Network

Spanish, English, Dutch and German spoken

Opening times:

Monday-Friday 9:00h-13:00h & 14:00h-18:00h

C/. Encarnación Nº 1 - 38626 Valle San Lorenzo - Tenerife

Tel/Fax: 922 722 227 Mobile: 670 277 772

w w w. e l e c tro s at . c om One of Europe’s leading holiday clubs require additional sales representatives to service its on site clients on a full time basis in Golf Del Sur. Experience in Sales is not essential but may be an advantage, full training will be given to the selected individuals.

For further info please send your CV to

air conditioning & electrical

Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013 cleaning

ELITE CLEANING SERVICES Club Atlantis, San Eugenio Office 922 789 795 / Mobile 696 922 597 E-mail -

Tired of arriving to a dusty, dirty home??? Need someone to take the hassle out of your cleaning ……WELL HERE WE ARE ! !

Cleaning services to suit your individual needs. Apartments, villas, offices & housekeeping. Our specialist organisation can give you peace of mind that your property is well maintained and cleaned to the high standard you expect.

HEALTH & fitness


Blonde Colombiana

Hi I am a pretty, slim and sexy blonde Colombian, Very compliant and I can make ALL your fantasies come true. Let me get to know you and attend to you. I have erotic and massage toys. Private apartment or I can come to your home or hotel

Call Now on: 664 876 132 PATRICIA - LATINA

Available 24 hrs A Day Sexy, Playful Big Breasts, Natural French, All Positions, Massage, Vibrators I am waiting to meet you I am in front of the Cultural Centre in Los Cristianos.

I Can Also Come To Meet You... C al l : (+3 4 ) 6 5 0 4 4 2 6 6 5


Yoga Vibe Tenerife Complete mind & body workout Classes throughout the South

678 71 21 51

One2One Special Yoga Vibe Tenerife Offer with this advert

Home & garden

Latina, sexy, beautiful, affectionate, French natural, anal vibrator, very comprehensive, dominant. Fetish Private Apartment infront of Hotel Aguamar in Los Cristianos

Call: (+34) 687 129 426 or 687 129 687 YENI LOS CRISTIANOS AVAILABLE 24 HRS

Venezuelan, Pretty, Hot, Nice Body, Large Natural Breasts, I Can Offer All Services. I am opposite the entrance of the Hotel Aguamar in Los Cristianos. I Speak Some English.

Call: (+34) 610 359 991 GRACIELLA - VENEZOLANA I am 25 years old and I am very Curious and pleasing.


I do Deep Greek, Black Kiss, French Natural, Positions and Massage.

WASHING MACHINE REPAIR All Makes & Models We have reconditioned washing machines for sale

car maintenance & sales

Happy 2nd Birthday Offer - Win a Reliable Second Hand Car Each Invoice = One Entry (For all work between 24/10/12 & 24/10/13

CARS - RENT TO BUY Long Term Rental From Just € 230 per month Insurance and maintenance Included No Finance Necessary TEL: 922 738 410

I am available 24hrs a day in Los Cristianos I can also come to meet you.

washing machine repairs

Call now on 635 911 337

Tenerife Weekly

A Classified advert this size costs ONLY € 10 per week. We print 8,000 Newspapers every week. Can you afford not to advertise your business?? C a l l us NOW on 6 2 7 6 8 6 8 3 0

personal services


I’m 19 years old, very beautiful, European model girl, who offering you High Quality Services. Private and discrete apartment house and Home/Hotel visit. If you want the Best, call me!

Call: 655 520 316



605 072 917

PAULA ESPAÑOLA I am a 19 year old Spanish loving and pretty girl. All services performed, French natural, Positions. I have no limit.. Deep Greek. I am opposite the entrance to the Aguamar Hotel in Los Cristianos I can also come to meet you.

Call: (+34) 672 518 835


Available 24 hrs A Day Sexy, Playful Big Breasts, Natural French, All Positions, Massage, Vibrators I am waiting to meet you in front of the Cultural Centre in Los Cristianos.

I Can Also Come To Meet You... C al l : (+3 4 ) 6 5 0 4 4 2 6 6 5

MAR MEXICANA I am a loving and obliging girl. I am in front of the Cultural Centre in Los Cristianos. I am available 24 Hours a Day

I love French, Natural, All Positions and many other things. You won’t regret meeting me...

C al l : ( + 3 4 ) 6 6 0 9 3 8 6 3 1


Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013

The Solheim Cup - a tournament where a player’s passion for their sport and their country is ignited on the largest stage. There’s no other event in women’s golf history that produces high pressure, strong emotions and intense competition like it

Twenty-four of the world’s best female golfers will travel to the Colorado Golf Club in Parker, Colo. this week to compete for their teammates, their captain and their country in the 13th staging of the Solheim Cup. There’s a lot on the line this year, as the reigning European champions fight to retain the Cup and win on American soil for the first time in the tournament’s history. “Obviously it’s very difficult, we’ve never won in America and that’s something we want to change,” said Alison Nicholas, captain of the victorious 2011 European Solheim Cup team. “But it’s always tough because we all know how tough [the Americans] are and how their fans operate over there. I’m sure that won’t detract from what the girls want to do because I know they’ll play hard too.” The 2011 Solheim Cup was held at Killeen Castle in County Meath, Ireland in late September. The U.S. Team entered the week as favourites, having won three consecutive titles, but Europe was determined to regain control of the Cup on their home soil. Tied 8-8 entering Sunday’s singles play, the European

Solheim Cup 2013 By Bill Sir old golfer

Team played flawless golf in the midst of torrential downpours and wind to steal a 15-13 victory in the final two matches. The loss has the American Team more motivated than ever before. “We’ve been waiting for two years to get our Cup back,” said Paula Creamer, who is competing on her

fifth U.S. Solheim Cup team this year. “We’ve never lost on home soil and we’re all very aware of that. It’s little bit of added pressure but I still think we can use our crowds to be great motivators for us and I think we’ll all feed off of that.” Captained by 18-time LPGA Tour winner Meg Mallon, this year’s U.S.

Solheim Cup squad consists of eight Solheim Cup veterans and four rookies. Led by the RICOH Women’s British Open winner and runaway U.S. points leader Stacy Lewis, the young team will also seek guidance in Solheim veterans Cristie Kerr, Paula Creamer, Brittany Lincicome, Angela Stanford, Brittany Lang, Morgan

Pressel and Michelle Wie. Four Solheim Cup rookies who are eager to play as contributing factors on Team U.S.A. include Lexi Thompson, Jessica Korda, Lizette Salas and Gerina Piller. The U.S. Team currently leads the Europeans with an 8-4 record in Solheim Cup history. While the Euros have given the Americans a run for their money during foursomes and four-ball matches, the tournament tends to end in dramatic fashion with Sunday’s singles event, which has historically been dominated by the U.S. Team. The European Solheim Cup Team, led by Captain Liselotte Neumann, also features seasoned veterans and enthusiastic rookies. Headed by seven-time European Solheim Cup Team member Suzann Pettersen, the squad also consists of four of her teammates from the victories 2011 team including Caroline Hedwall, Catriona Matthew, Anna Nordqvist and Azahara Munoz. Karine Icher also joins the veteran contingent, although she is making her first appearance since 2002. Six rookies will represent Team Europe in Colorado this week which includes Jodi Ewart Shadoff, Giulia Sergas, Carlota Ciganda, Carolina Masson, Beatriz Recari and Charley Hull, who is the youngest player to make a Solheim Cup Team at age 17. While the European Team comes into the week with heavy momentum following their dramatic win in 2011, the American Team exudes confidence in regaining the Cup on home soil.

Suarez - may Stay flower pays Because of fans tribute to Captain

LuiS Suarez has suggested he may be willing to stay at Liverpool and end his dispute with the club.

Suarez had claimed that he had an agreement that he would be allowed to leave Liverpool if they failed to qualify for the Champions League. Arsenal have made two bids for the striker, and in the meantime Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers has ordered Suarez to train alone and only return after he has apologised to his team-mates. But his desire to leave now appears to have changed. Suarez is currently away with Uruguay for their friendly in Japan and he was quoted in Uruguayan newspaper El Observador as saying he is willing to remain at Anfield because of the supporters. “For now, owing to all the affection of the people, I would be staying,” he said. The newspaper goes on to suggest he may even extend his contract with the club. That would represent a remarkable u-turn from Suarez. In interviews with the Guardian and the Daily Telegraph, Suarez said: “Last

year I had the opportunity to move to a big European club and I stayed on the understanding that if we failed to qualify for the Champions League the following season I’d be allowed to go. “I gave absolutely everything last season but it was not enough to give us a topfour finish - now all I want is for Liverpool to honour our agreement. “I don’t feel betrayed (by Liverpool) but the club promised me something a year ago

just as I promised them that I would stay and try everything possible to get us into the Champions League. “They gave me their word a year ago and now I want them to honour that. And it is not just something verbal with the coach but something that is written in the contract. I’m not going to another club to hurt Liverpool.” He even threatened to take Liverpool to Premier League arbitration to secure his release.

ENGLAND head coach Andy Flower paid tribute to captain Alastair Cook after he led his side to an unassailable 3-0 Ashes series lead with a 74-run victory at the Emirates Durham iCG.

Australia collapsed from 147-1 to 224 all out in their second innings, with Stuart Broad ripping through them. Flower was happy to pick the fast bowler out for praise but also came to the defence of skipper Cook, who has come in for criticism from some quarters. “It was a sensational match and it has been a great series,” said Flower. “There has been some really good cricket played and it has been competitive. “Cook’s captaincy has been excellent. He has been strong in the dressing room and out in the field and made some decisions yesterday that turned the game.

“He is still a young man but he led the side brilliantly. He is a strong leader and has made some really good decisions in this Test series. “I am not sure what is said off the field because we judge ourselves by our standards in our own dressing room. “Broad was outstanding. He showed real flair, competitiveness, nous and heart and it was nice to be part of that session when Broad and Cook turned things around for us.” Flower refused to be drawn on whether the selectors would make changes to the squad for the final Test at The Oval, which begins on 21 August. He also declined to give his views on DRS, which has come under fire at times during the Ashes. “We will meet over the next couple of days and will talk about our side for the fifth Test but I can’t see us changing much,” he added. “It’s still an Ashes Test and we are determined to win it.

Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013


Hull City New Rules Means Renamed Clubs May Sell Up

Hull City AFC will be renamed Hull City Tigers, it has been revealed by the Egyptian-born owner who runs the risk of stoking a backlash among fans. Owner Assem Allam has confirmed that the club will abandon the Association Football Club moniker at the start of the new season. It has been part of the Yorkshire club’s name since its formation in 1904. Mr Allam made the announcement in the Hull Daily Mail, saying: “Hull City is irrelevant. My dislike for the word ‘City’ is because it is common. “City is also associated with Leicester, Bristol, Manchester and many other clubs.

“I don’t like being like everyone else. I want the club to be special. It is about identity. City is a lousy identity. Hull City Association Football Club is so long.” Any references to AFC on club branding are to be phased out, although AFC will remain on the shirt crest during their first season back in the Barclays Premier League, before being removed from the 2014/15 campaign. According to the Mail’s report, Mr Allam wants to market the club as Hull City Tigers locally and Hull Tigers to national and international audiences. “In the commercial world, the shorter the name, the better. The more it can spread quickly,” Mr Allam said. He took over Hull City in 2010 following their relegation from the top flight and his investment is credited with saving the club from a significant financial crisis. “I have always used short names in business. It gives you power in the science in marketing. The shorter, the more powerful the message. In Tigers, we have a really strong brand,” Mr Allam said. Mr Allam’s son and vice-chairman Ehab Allam defended the decision to drop AFC from the club’s name He said: “AFC is redundant, it is not used by the club, the fans never mention AFC, nor do the media. We have dropped something that is redundant, that is

of no value, and is of no use.” However, Ehab Allam admitted the club could not force people to accept the rebrand. He said: “People have the right to call the club what they like, it’s their club. “We are not going to fans and saying they all have to refer to us in the same way. “They call it what they like, we will do the same, but it is for commercial reasons that we are choosing this branding.” Managing director Nick Thompson, meanwhile, sought to quell supporter upset over the change by urging them “to judge it in the fullness of time”. Bernard Noble, of the Hull City Official Supporters’ Club, told BBC Radio 5 Live: “My per-

sonal opinion is I’m disappointed because I’m a bit of a traditionalist. But this guy saved us from liquidation and administration and it’s his club.” Fans expressed their anger at the change on various websites. User Kinoftheheat said on the website Hull City Mad: “It’s embarrassing and makes me feel a little further away from the club. “I will not use the term and will not buy anything with the term on it.” User Exiled said on fan site City Independent: “We are Hull CITY, we have been for 109 years and since we played in black and amber stripes our nick name has been the tigers not the other way around. “I fear this is going to get ugly just when we should be celebrating our finest hour. “I’m going to say it sounds like an innocent misjudgement and one that can quickly be put right.” However TenfootTiger said on the same website: “I’m not too bothered. What’s matter with you all? You’re all being too conservative and Ludditelike. “Times change, things move on and they obviously want to harness the international marketing opportunities - and what’s wrong with that? “Anyway, nothing has really changed. The name is HULL CITY TIGERS. (NOT Hull Tigers).”

Almost a third of football clubs in the Championship and League One could sell up in the next 12 to 18 months, according to a new study.

Following the launch of Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules, which aim to regulate football finances, 65% of clubs surveyed said they rely on funding from principle shareholders to stay afloat. It comes as many continue to feel the squeeze struggling with funding gaps, while staying competitive on the pitch. The study, by accountancy firm BDO, surveyed 66 teams from the English Premier League, Football League Championship, Football Leagues One and Two and the Scottish Premiership. According to the research, 28% of Championship club owners and 36% of League One club owners are considering a full or partial exit in the next season. Trevor Birch, a business restructuring partner in BDO’s Professional Sports Group, said: “Intense competition for a limited number of promotion places has pushed the majority of Championship and League One clubs into the red and created a dependency on principal shareholders bankrolling trading shortfalls. “In this context, we now see around a third of existing owners seeking a full

Uefa President Michel Platini

or partial exit. “While a similar proportion of clubs are being approached by new external investors, in reality there is a dwindling number of genuine potential owners outside the Premier League.” However, the study also suggests that some clubs are starting to come to terms with Financial Fair Play, with 85% expected to adhere to the rules in 2013/14 without changing their business models. And 10% plan to meet the regulations following major revisions of their financial plans, and the remaining 5% will not

comply for at least one further season. Mr Birch added: “Though many would prefer the sport to find its own sustainable financial equilibrium, the pressure on clubs and their owners for success has not allowed this to happen. “This is why it is important for the FFP regulations to be embraced not just in letter but in spirit.” He said: “The initial signs suggest that clubs are taking the new requirements seriously and beginning to adapt their behaviour in the way the football authorities intended, which is encouraging.”

Greg Rutherford Finishes 14th In Qualifying

Olympic champion Greg Rutherford has failed to qualify for the long jump final at the World Championships in Moscow.

The British jumper, who recovered from a hamstring injury he suffered in Paris in July to take part, could only finish 14th overall in qualifying - with only the top 12 progressing to Friday’s final. Rutherford registered a best jump of 7.87m in the third round, having earlier recorded distances of 7.81m and 7.57m. These were well below the 8.10m required to automatically qualify for the final, though, with 13 other athletes going on to register bigger jumps than Rutherford. “It’s just a bad day for me, I tried my hardest to make it work, but for whatever reason I just couldn’t time it properly,” said Rutherford. “Initially when it (the injury) happened, I said ‘no chance’. When they scanned it they said, ‘You’ve got a pretty serious injury here’. After five weeks, I’m not sure I should even be running, let alone jumping. “But two weeks later I took a fitness test and it looked great. I took the

decision myself and UK Athletics have been great. “But maybe I felt better than I actually was - I wasn’t good enough today, that’s the hard fact.” His failure to qualify led to a furious response from his British rival Chris Tomlinson, who was not selected for the championships despite Rutherford’s fitness problems. Tomlinson tweeted: “Words can’t describe my anger season ruined on media profile & not current athletic form.

Thanks for the support from the athletics community.” He quickly deleted the post, and later added: “Thanks for the support, choosing not to tweet (again), will regret it when my blood pressure settles!! Good luck to all the team, I’l’ see u soon.” Spain’s Eusebio Caceres finished top of the standings with a jump of 8.25m, while Godfrey Khotso Mokoena (8.16m) and Aleksandr Menkov (8.11m) were the only other athletes to qualify automatically.


Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013

the SportS SCene By Colin Kirby


iX wins and a draw from seven games would be promotion form but in the real world friendlies count for nothing. That’s the harsh reality as CD Tenerife look to take their blistering pre season record into the start of the Segunda campaign on Sunday at Alcorcon, kick off 6pm.

new Season new Hopes for Cd tenerife


players and fans feel the farce

WHAT a thriller, it went all the way to the wire and we thought extra time might be needed - no not a game, just the little matter of confirming the Segunda Division line up with just four days until kick off. The luck of the fixture draw put CD Tenerife in the eye of the storm with two doubtful opponents in the first two games.

The first home fixture against Hercules on Sunday 25 August was a worry as Hercules were accused of financial irregularities but the

LFP (Spanish FA) gave them the go ahead at the start of the final weeks run in. With flights, other travel plans and TV coverage on hold Tenerife still had to sweat on the fate of cash strapped Alcorcon for the away game on Sunday 18th August. The call was finally made at lunchtime on Wednesday - Alcorcon were good to go - phew. All this doesn’t reflect well on the second tier of Spanish football, apparently the LFP were going to celebrate the start of the season with a party in a brewery but couldn’t organise it. Never mind, CD Tenerife will travel to Alcorcon on Sunday with high hopes for the 6pm game, you can catch it live on TV Canaria.

That doesn’t mean we can’t feel excited, encouraged, and chuffed to bits by the way new signings, hopeful fringe players, and the old guard blended together to score 17 goals with only one conceded in the best pre season campaign for ten years. Of course it couldn’t be all good news, injuries to goal machine Aridane, midfield play maker Inigo Ros, and impressive new recruit Aday Benitez have ruled the trio out for the big kick off but there are two late new signings to welcome on board. Salva Ruiz is a highly rated 18 year old left back brought in on loan from Valencia, he has already played for Spain’s under 19’s and is tipped become a big star. Borja Perez at 31 years old will be forward cover especially with Aridane needing a couple of more weeks to get fit after an operation. The striker was born in Madrid and has played for Leganes, Alicante, and Alcorcon before joining Kilmarnock in the Scottish Premier last season. They join a confident camp after an emphatic final friendly last Saturday. CD Tenerife 5, Rayo Vallecano 0 We were promised shooting stars from the Perseid meteor shower but up in La Orotava CD Tenerife closed their pre season programme with a blaze of sparkling football and five unanswered goals that showered down on Rayo Vallecano.

The annual Teide Trophy game pulled in a crowd of 3,500, Celta Vigo were to be the original opponents but after they pulled out late on, their fellow Primera side Rayo stepped into the breach. Tenerife stamped their authority on the game from the kick off and were full of running and creativity with Ayoze and Loro buzzing up front. The pair combined after 20 minutes to take the lead, Ayoze’s finish was lethal after Loro made space for him wide of the goal. Maybe Rayo weren’t taking this as seriously as they should, just after the half hour they took off their six most senior players and replaced them with youngsters. It was all the same to Tenerife, Suso was powering his way down the right and taking no prisoners and Ricardo made good use of the ball from midfield, his pass to Ayoze was planted just wide. Suso put a high ball in for Llorente to chase, if he had a neck like a giraffe he would have nodded it in the net. The next move was even better, Suso found Cristo with his back to the goal but he turned his markers and placed the ball perfectly in the top corner of the net. It got easier in the second half as Tenerife showed the killer instinct. A ball from the right found Chechu rushing in and he fooled the defence and finished coolly. Aday Benitez, one of the second half subs seized

his moment and made the most of the hesitant and wide open Rayo defence to add a fourth goal. Tenerife had far too much pace for Rayo, Guillem smashed in the final goal but another three or four wouldn’t have flattered Tenerife, they were very impressive, a real star turn.


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CD Marino Look For Tournament Boost

It’s been a low key pre season for CD Marino but there’s a chance of a trophy a week ahead of the serious business of a new campaign in the Tercera Division. Tonight (Friday 16th) the Las Americas team take on CD Aguilas in El Fraile in the San Casiano Tournament at 8pm.

A win for CD Marino will pit them against the winner of yesterdays game between UD Ibarra, on their home ground, and San Isidro in the Saturday evening final at 7pm. Following the opening home 0-4 loss to CD Tenerife, the blues have drawn 0-0 against Ibarra at Cabo Blanco and last weekend won 1-2 at Buzanada. The new look CD Marino team hope to hit the ground running next weekend with their opening league game at Las Zocas who are now coached by former Marino boss Willy Barroso.

Lambert recalled: “When I came on it was starting to open up and I thought we were on top. It was a good game to come in to and obviously we scored to make it 3-2 and I think it was good timing. I managed to lose [my marker] hoping the ball was going to go where I wanted it to go. It was a great corner from Bainsey. I caught it perfectly on my head, so to see it hit the back of the net was unbelievable.”

Lambert’s admits he’s had a good few days, and says he’s surprised with how welcome he was made to feel by his new international team

mates: “The lads have been terrific and made me feel welcome, like I was one of them, even though I didn’t feel like it. I’ve got to admit, I’ve never been in an England set-up and never experienced it, but it’s a different level completely, on every single level, so full credit to the boys and a big thank you to them and the manager.” He added: “A few people have said to put the lottery on, so I might try. It’s probably the best week of my life, the best moment of my career. It’s going to be hard to top, so I’m hoping there might be a scenario in a few months. I’ve just got to concentrate on my Southampton form and do well for them. Hopefully I can get with the group again, I’ve tasted it now and that’s what I want.”

Body Board Surfers Tenerife Blue Trail 2013 Heading To La Caleta Alexandra Rinder

Registration is now open for anyone who wants to take part in this year’s Blue Trail, on October 19th.

There will be three trails available for participants to enter, the standard Blue Trail run, Ultra Trail and the adapted Trail. Not for the faint

The wave action keeps on coming in Tenerife’s summer of hi octane sport, the style is different but the skill and control will be equally as impressive when the Canarian Circuit body board competition calls in at La Caleta on Sunday 25 August.

Body board is performed on shorter boards with more body con-

tact and greater close control rather than upright riding and catching the crest of the wave is the key to success. Costa Adeje is blessed with a wonderful venue on a headland between the Playa de la Enramada and the fishing village of La Caleta. The competition is divided into three categories body board open, body board local, and drop knee with separate sections for male and female riders. This version of surfing is growing in popularity, this

years competition has a prize pot of 2,000 euros up for grabs and plenty of trophies. One of the fastest rising stars on the scene is local girl Alexandra Rinder, only 15 years old, she is being tipped as one of the major stars of the future and is one to keep an eye on at La Caleta. Like so many top class sports in Tenerife this competition is free and there are plenty of great vantage points to enjoy the action.

hearted, these trials test athletes to their limits, but also provide an exhilarating journey through the highs and lows of Tenerife countryside. More information is available at Online registration is available at


Tenerife Weekly - 16th August 2013 - 22nd August 2013


ickie Lambert’s rise from factory worker to England match-winner is the stuff of footballing dreams and the Southampton striker says his match-winning header against Scotland at Wembley has capped the best week of his life.

He made his England debut on Wednesday and within five minutes he was celebrating his first goal that ensured Roy Hodgson’s side beat their old rivals: “I don’t know when it will sink in. I can’t explain my emotions at the minute’” said the 31-year-old, whose wife gave birth to their third child on the day his place in the England squad was confirmed. “It means so much, but I don’t think that is doing it justice. I’ve been waiting all my life for this moment so for it to happen the way it happened I couldn’t have wished for it to go any better.” Continued on Page 55



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Av Rafael Puig 7, Playa De Las Americas Arona ( In Front of Hotel Tenerife Sol)

vivo.9460 26. Space (between) 27. Electric fish 29. Be humiliated, eat humble 33. Ashes 36. Fizzed 38. Quantity (of money) 39. Jelly-like substance 40. Recommends strongly 42. Audibly 44. Military horn 46. Yeses 47. Location 48. Compiles (exam) 49. Land measure

Answer to the QUICK CROSSWORD is on page 2

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