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Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013

Lorna Eade

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First and foremost, huge thanks to everyone who came to our Help For Heroes Fund Raiser last Saturday. The total we helped to raise is currently 2,650 Euros, smashing last year’s total, and still rising. Your contributions are very much appreciated. Full coverage can be found on pages 28-29. So the Queen of The Netherlands has abdicated and in turn, made her son, now King Willem Alexander, the youngest king in Europe, see page

Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013 30. I would love to hear what our own Queen Elizabeth says about all this. I bet Prince Charles has a few views of his own too! Finding things to do that doesn’t necessarily mean beaches and booze can be difficult, if you don’t know where to look and there is a lot of culture just waiting to be discovered on our beautiful Island. Have a look at page 7 where you will find a full round up of events, fiestas and exhibitions, there is literally something for everyone during May. How many of you saw the gunboat in Los Cristianos this week? Apparently


it has been searched several times as it is suspected to be a mercenary ship on its way to Senegal try and stop pirate activity, even though the captain strongly denies the claims, see page 4. It has now been taken to port in Santa Cruz awaiting the results of investigations. Whatever the outcome, I bet a few people nearly choked on their ice creams, wondering in Tenerife was about to be invaded. See you all next week.

Lorna Eade

Continued from page 1 More Than Just Food

English Time Adeje blog Well done to the Adeje social services department. While many homes are suffering the effects of the crisis and struggling to feed their families, it’s not just food that is needed to keep people healthy. Good hygiene is important too, but to often this side of the needs of those on the bread-line might be ignored.

By Colin Kirby Paddle boats, fishing trawlers, and pleasure craft still bobbed on the sparkling sea but the cruise ship Albatros dominated the views from Las Vistas beach with its sleek lines and stately presence.

The 177 metre long visitor was in its Sunday best as it moored just off shore

on the way through from Bremerhaven, Germany on a circular tour taking in Portsmouth, Vigo, Agadir, Funchal and Portugal as well as calls at Lanzarote, La Palma and Tenerife. It was the first of the traditional cruise liners to call in the south after the small sailing cruiser Sea Cloud paved the way last year. Albatros is quite a different animal, 10 decks high and capable of 21 knots it has been majestically sailing since be-

ing built in Finland in 1973, a major facelift in 2006 added more features including its own hospital complete with operating theatre. The sheer size of Albatros and many other hoped for cruise ships means the offshore option is the best way to welcome them but the 600 passengers and 300 crew brought in a welcome trade boost as they shuttled to shore in the busy little orange ferry boats.


Antonio Muñoz Romero is 32 years old, originally from the south of the mainland but presently living in La Laguna studying for a Master’s Degree in Astrophysics. He has been missing since 16th April.

Colleagues at ULL say he has vanished as though the earth had swallowed him. His parents and sister, who is a doctor of medicine, are all in Tenerife helping with the search. Antonio was recently at home in Cádiz for a family wedding and keeps in regular contact with his family. It appears that he had just popped out, with only his door key taken: documents, wallet and all of his personal belonging are still in his room. His family fears the worst; police have discounted any connection with the body recently found off the Guía de Isora coast. Family and police are

appealing for anyone who has information to contact them on any of these numbers:-

112 (Emergencies), 091 (Police) 663 300 946 or 617 665 679.

Councillor Amada Trujillo Bencomo and her team along with members of the Red Cross have just distributed 80 boxes of home hygienic products for families in need in Adeje. Amada also praised the solidarity shown throughout the borough with neighbour helping neighbour.

Monday Evening Dance Fever Hits Los Cristianos

By Colin Kirby

Everyone loves a dance, you can’t click on the internet these days without a face full of Harlem Shake or switch on the goggle box without a pack of celebs bombing around the ballroom or gliding around the ice rink. So when International Dance Day came to Los Cristianos on Monday, people of all ages were getting down at every opportunity.

Small stage areas were set up between Plaza del Pescadora and the church with demonstrations of all dance forms including tango, zumba, salsa, and even ballet. Passersby were encouraged to shake a leg, it’s hoped that this will encourage a few more people to take up regular dancing for fun, exercise, or both.


Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013

news On tHe ROCK

the new “europa series” notes, were introduced into circulation by the Central European Bank on Thursday 2nd May, starting with the new 5 Euros. They are easily distinguishable from the old style as they are emerald green. Existing Euro notes will remain valid indefinitely. unions have called for a general strike in the Canaries in protest of the Canarian Government’s policies which, they say, has resulted in the appalling unemployment statistics in the islands. Secretario general of the Canarian UGT, Gustavo Santana, said that the blame cannot be laid at Madrid’s door alone because the regions had control over health, education, social protection, and employment policies. Sr Santana said that the Canarian Government is blind to the social reality in the islands, as demonstrated by their continuation with policies which have been shown to be total failures over the last five years. The Unions involved are the UGT, CCOO, FSOC, STPA Canarias, STEC, COBAS, USO, Sindicato de la Elevación, and the Colectivo Independiente Guaguas, between them representing some 93% of syndicated union membership in the archipelago. Mafia acts in tenerife. A nightclub and the home of the owners were set alight in Playa Paraiso, Adeje, last Friday night. The owner says he was asleep at the time with his wife and 2 daughters. He says it was a classic Mafia act. The Italian businessman says he had already been `warned´ that he had to pay a fee to guarantee his protection. The fire was started exactly a year and a half after the Guardia Civil arrested 13 members of an alleged mafia group in a complex in Costa Adeje and another in Playa Paraiso. The second complex is only 3metres from the nightclub, La Cueva, where this latest fire took place. the basic income tax rate was raised in December 2011 from 24% to 24.75% as a result of the new Government’s austerity measures. When it was announced, the government said that the increased rate would be in place for 2012 and 2013. Ministro de Hacienda y Administraciones Públicas Cristóbal Montoro has announced that it will remain in force throughout 2014. Sr Montoro said that the continuation of the increased income tax rate through 2014 as it is not feasible to bring it back down to its former level before 2015. The minister also announced the introduction of new “green taxes” and the removal of some corporation tax deductions for large companies. He ruled out increases in IVA (equivalent to VAT on the mainland – the Canaries has its own IGIC), but announced rises in “special taxes”: he did not specify which ones would bear the brunt of the increases, but said they would not be oil taxes, nor taxes relating to the hotel and catering industry. Puerto de la Cruz ayuntamiento has unanimously given initial approval to a new bylaw to enforce street cleanliness, which will see fines of between 100 and 750 Euros for a range of activities in the street. These activities include using them as a public toilet, throwing cigarette ends, feeding animals, car washing, not picking up animal mess, writing graffiti, placing publicity leaflets, spitting, and shaking carpets or other fabrics. Even watering plants on the outside of buildings is now forbidden unless between midnight and 8am. Further offences, to incur fines of between 751 and 1,500 Euros for throwing rubbish in any public areas, emptying buckets of water in the street, throwing anything out of a moving vehicle, leaving rubbish outside bins, burying animals’ bodies on private land without prior authorization, or abandoning vehicles. The highest fines, of between 1,501 and 3,000 Euros will be for transporting without adequate protection materials which could scatter on the public highway, the abandonment or spilling of dangerous substances, or burying animals’ bodies in public spaces. There will now be a month’s public exposition of the regulations before it is finally approved. the crew of an excursion boat found the badly decomposed body of a man off the coast of Guía de Isora this week. It has not been possible to identify the man due to the state of his body, and he was been transferred to the Instituto Anatómico Forense for an autopsy to be carried out to find out how he died, and to attempt an identification. All that can be said at present is that he was wearing mountain walking boots.

Ex-gun Boat Held Over Mercenary Claims FoRMeR lieutenant Chris enmarch has dismissed claims that he was heading to Somalia to fight pirates as ‘nonsense’ the exRoyal navy officer’s decommissioned gunboat defender raised suspicions among Spanish authorities last week after he was forced to stop off in tenerife for repairs.

Civil Guard officers carried out five inspections of the ship and have refused to allow the heavily armoured converted warship to sail. However, Mr Enmarch, 53, of Penryn, Cornwall, said the Spanish authorities were making a ‘fuss about nothing’ and said the cannons on his boat were ‘just for show and totally unusable’. Following background checks on Mr Enmarsh, the Spanish authorities are believed to have been concerned by comments he made to a local newspaper, the Maldon Chronicle, in Essex in 2011 that he intended to arm it for shipping and oil rig protection: “Defender’s task will be to deter any pirates intent on boarding the many ships that pass the East African coastline. One look at her should be enough to send them looking for easier targets. She will be manned by handpicked ex-Royal Marine Commandos and run as a professional naval ship, obey-

ing the rules of engagement. Our primary task will be to protect oil platforms which are towed close to the coast of East Africa, and a number of oil companies want to hire Defender to look after their interests. We are not mercenaries; this is strictly a business venture similar to other British private protection firms which operate in Iraq and Afghanistan.’ Following investigations by authorities, Mr Enmarsh maintains it is all a ‘fuss about nothing’ and said the Spanish authorities had gone ‘totally overboard over nothing whatsoever.’ He said: “The reports of us heading to Somalia are nonsense. We would not have come down this way if our destination was the Horn of Africa. There are quicker routes to get there. We are on our way from England to Senegal to discuss with the authorities there the possible use of the Defender as a deterrent against illegal fishing boats. The idea is that one look at us and anyone who should not be fishing there will think twice about staying. We have been searched from top to bottom and nothing improper has been found. The only reason we have to stay is because the inspectors say our on-board safety equipment is not up to standard. We need to get new fire extinguishers and some other items before we are cleared to depart. The crew have not been detained in any way.’ The 127ft boat, which

Photo By Colin Kirby

weighs 135 tons, was built in Lowestoft, Suffolk, during the1970’s as a fast attack craft for the Sultan of Oman’s navy in the Gulf. The ship was decommissioned in 2002. Mr Enmarch is thought to have bought it two years ago. Local maritime officials impounded the vessel last week after an inspection found ‘administrative irregularities’ and security issues relating to life-saving equipment. The drama began on Tuesday, April 23 when the Defender made an unplanned stopover in Los Cristianos af-

ter blowing a gasket. Spanish Civil Guard officers boarded the ship and refused it permission to stay there. The vessel was then escorted to a berth in Santa Cruz by a Spanish navy warship.. The boat has been inspected five times but officials have refused the skipper permission to sail. Mr Enmarch and his five-man crew have not been held. The Spanish ministry of defence said inspections had revealed ‘irregularities in the paperwork of the boat and its crew, as well as deficiencies in safety equipment’. Anyone who has the slightest interest in the unexplained will probably have heard of the Chupacabra or “El Chupacabras”- literally “goatsucker” in Spanish.

This mythical beast or “cryptid” has been a regular source of mystery for many years, especially in the Latin American communities of the United States, Mexico and Puerto Rico, where the beast was first sighted. The earliest reports of the creature occurred in Puerto Rico back in 1995, when, over a period of months, up to 150 animals, including livestock and domestic pets were found drained of blood from 3 puncture wounds, which led to Puerto Rican comedian Silverio Pérez coining the term goatsucker. But did you know Tenerife has its very own Chupacabra mystery, which predates the Puerto Rican sightings by over 15 years? Though reports of its appearance can vary wildly, here’s an idea (as described by Wikipedia) of what to look out for! “The most common description of Chupacabras is a reptile-like crea-

Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013


The Tenerife Chupacabra

By Marc Craig

ture, appearing to have leathery or scaly greenish-grey skin and sharp spines or quills running down its back. This form stands approximately 3 to 4 feet (1 to 1.2 m) high, and stands and hops in a similar fashion to a kangaroo. In at least one sighting, the creature was reported to hop 20 feet (6 m). This variety is said to have a dog or panther-like nose and face, a forked tongue, and large fangs. It is said to hiss and screech when alarmed, as well as leave behind a sulphuric stench. When it screeches, some reports assert that the Chupacabras’ eyes glow an unusual red which gives the witnesses nausea.”

El Chupacabra de las Montañas de Taco

In 1979, the municipality of La Laguna, specifically the Taco area, was plagued by a series of attacks on sheep and goats in the area around the banana plantations, which left the carcasses in such an alarming

Email Marc: condition, it prompted “members of the Higher Echelons of Police and Security” to seek the advice of Dr Jimenez Del Oso, writer, TV presenter and an expert in mysterious phenomena. His description of the dead livestock is as follows; “They appeared totally bloodless, with not a single drop of blood in the bodies. But, surprisingly, there were no signs of any blood either around or on the bodies - as though they had been sucked clean. Nor were there any signs of violence. And another inexplicable detail was that the skins of the animals appeared to be soaked through with water without having been any rain, and with the terrain immediately around bone-dry. And finally, the sole sign left by the attacker was a small and perfectly circular orifice some 30 cms. in diameter at the surface and sufficiently deep to affect the immediately adjacent internal organs. The position of the orifice was different in all the animals.” The professor added later that: “The two agents informed me in confidence that in the same area sightings of luminous objects were occurring, for which reason there was the possibility of a link between the killings and the UFO Phenomenon.” As far as my research can tell, the events of that year were never explained, however, in recent years

several academics have put forward theories that may or may not explain the mystery of El Chupacabra 1. Research into the original witnesse’s description revealed startling similarities to the alien being “Sil”, from the sci-fi horror “Species”, a film she had just seen,which “seriously undermines the credibility of the chupacabra as a real animal. 2. In October 2010,biologist Barry O’ Connor concluded that US sightings were; “ simply coyotes infected with the parasite Sarcoptes scabiei, the symptoms of which would explain most of the features of the chupacabras:

they would be left with little fur, thickened skin, and rank odour. O’Connor theorized the attacks on goats occurred “because these animals are greatly weakened, they’re going to have a hard time hunting. So they may be forced into attacking livestock because it’s easier than running down a rabbit or a deer.” So, the imaginative fantasies of a horror movie fan, infected or genetically mutated coyotes or something much stranger? Whatever you think, the Chupacabra is yet another example of the weird and wonderful here in Tenerife, a truly mysterious island.

6 Cats Welfare, k9 And Live Arico p.A.W.s. Have Another great Afternoon Of Fundraising!! Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013

anotHeR rip roaring success, which is what the event at our Place, Costa del Silencio was last Sunday!!! the second joint fundraiser stages by the three animal welfare associations, was extremely well attended and a great time was had by all.

The afternoon included the fabulous vocal talents of:- Alaya Shonyata - heat winner of Tenerife Loves Karaoke, the lovely Vicky Denton, Tenerife favourite Martin McCall, Mark from the Irish Times giving us one last gig before returning to Ireland, teen guitar vocalist Alfie B, Welsh favourite Mr Steve Delsey, the ever entertaining Storm Duo and Mickey Glamz who had the dance floor full! Our thanks go to Aidy Evans for keeping things on track for the event and filling in with some songs, a true professional and always there for us. There was a raffle, and Wendy from Cats Welfare made sure no one was missed when selling the tickets. Many thanks to Superior Foods, Our Place, and everyone who donated the prizes for both the raffle and the tombola. The final 100 Euros was raised in 10 minutes by Wendy and Live Arico’s Sharon Edens – well done girls on the team work. The quiz went ahead inside, maybe next time it would be good for those outside to be

told it had started!!! But nobody minded really it all made for a fun and fab afternoon. There were plenty of furry friends there receiving cuddles from everyone, including Luci one of the Guaza mountain pups who has grown into a fantastic dog who is, through no fault of her own, still

looking for her forever home. She was the star out on the terrace! A total of 545 Euros was raised which will be split equally between the three charities. Thanks to all who attended, supported, and of course the hard working volunteers and bar staff. Here’s to the next one.






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aS a result of last week’s article about giving dogs a second chance, Popov the labrador was adopted!!! We are so happy, as is he. His new name is Raggy, and we wish him and his new owner Sam all the best.

Pool And Darts Knockout Competition

Sat th

Adopt A Live Arico Dog

This week’s featured dog is Misty, a 13 week old pup, who will be medium sized when fully grown. She is fully vaccinated and chipped, and is a very playful pup. A 70 Euros adoption fee will be payable at Hospivet Sur, to cover the cost of the vaccinations, and the changing of the microchip details into your name. Call Sue on 629 388 102 for more information about our dogs for adoption.

Fri rd




Live Arico PAWS will be staging their first Pool and Darts knockout competition on Sunday the 26th May at the Terrace Bar, Amarilla Golf. Registrations will take place from 12 noon or alternatively you can pre register by calling Sharon Edens on 671 783 117. So polish off your cue, sharpen your darts and get down for a great afternoon of fun, just 5 Euros entry for each competition with the

winners and runners up receiving cash prizes. Look forward to seeing you there.

Bargains Galore

To be found in our charity shops this month. Come and browse in Los Cristianos, Calle Reveron, near the children’s play park, where Kel, Jackie and the lovely volunteers open between 10 and 4pm daily. Alternatively, have a look at Siobhan’s Aladdin’s Cave in San Eugenio, near Amandas Bar and opposite Hotel La Nina. Both shops are closed Sundays. Come and see, you will be surprised at the high quality goods at knock down prices. Happy shopping.

Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013

Things To Do In May


in Arguayo, Santiago del Teide 13th – 15th Romería de la Virgen de Fátima in Arona. 15th Fiestas de San Isidro in Granadilla, San Isidro, Valle de San Lorenzo. 17th – 19th Fiestas de San Isidro in Guía de Isora 19th Pilgrimage of San Isidro and Santa María de la Cabeza in Valle de Guerra, La Laguna 24th Pilgrimage of San Isidro in La Corujera, Santa Ursula 26th Pilgrimage Volcano in Santiago del Teide . 26th Pilgrimage of San Isidro Labrador and Santa María de la Cabeza in Los Realejos, Las Mercedes, La Laguna 30th “El dia de Canarias”, Bank holiday in the Canaries. 30th 10:00 Canary Day Celebration, Plaza del Llano (Alcala) with dance, song, costumes and a Craft Fair.

While Tenerife is an all year round holiday destination, May is usually quiet in terms of visitors. So much so that some places close for a few weeks towards the end of the month for their annual holidays. The weather is perfect with temperatures staying around mid 20’s and nights getting warmer as the month progresses. May Highlights

There are lots of fiestas during the month but probably the most spectacular is Fiestas de la Cruz every May 3rd during the Festivities of the Cross, Los Realejos, in the north of the island, puts on an amazing firework display it is an absolute must-see - the largest fireworks exhibition of the Canary Islands. 2nd and 3rd May Granadilla - Crosses of May Up to May 6th Celebrations in honour of the Holy Cross in Lomo de Mena. Activities include sports tournaments, exhibitions, workshops, dances, performances, etc. The most anticipated day is the “Taifa Prom IV and Candle”, which will take place on Saturday May 4, with performances by various folk groups, plus an “Arts & Crafts Fair” and a chance to sample typical food of the earth. As

a finale to the festivities on May 6, the Town Square will host the traditional “Canvas Dance”, with the participation of “San Juanito Clubbing Mena Loin”. Other Celebrations in May are: 2nd and 3rd: Fiestas de la Cruz (Festival of the Cross) in Los Realejos, Puerto de la Cruz and Granadilla de Abona 3rd Founding Celebrations in Puerto de la Cruz 11th Pilgrimage of El Pico in Tejina, La Laguna 12th San Isidro Pilgrimage

Events around the Island

Ethnographic Park Pinolere is a cultural and educational project unique in the Canary Islands which offer numerous activities such as agriculture, trails and ancient crafts that enhance and preserve popular culture in the Orotava Valley. For 2013 there is an extensive program aimed at all audiences.

May Programme

3rd – 8:30pm CONCERT Convent of San Francisco –

Garachico 4th XII Hiking Day National Meeting – Visit the Ethnographic Museum and taste local gastronomic products 4th – 8:30pm Garachico Chamber Choir Edificio de Usos Múltiples Federico Pérez Hernández – El Tanque 11th – 8:30pm Montserrat and Manel Cabero Voice and Piano Recital Convent of San Sebastian – Los Silos 11th – 12th I Tenerife Forest Fair 12th – 12:30pm musical group New Union Los Silos Square Nuestra Señora de la Luz, Los Silos 18th – 8.30pm Pilates and Music Edificio de Usos Múltiples Federico Pérez Hernández, El Tanque 20th – 24th Music, games and handicrafts – Aimed at nursery to secondary schools 24th – 8:30pm Mar’a – Folk Fusion Edificio de Usos Múltiples Federico Pérez Hernández,El Tanque 3rd - Salsa Open Canarias - at the Event Centre La Cascada, alongside the Parque Marítimo in Santa Cruz from 10:00 pm. The best dancers will compete in the islands Canary Salsa Open 2013 and the winning team will represent Canaries in the final played in Puerto Rico in July. 4th And who pays for this now? “The Suppository” a group of well-known comedians and writers from the TV program “Chigüesque TV” return with a show “absurd and crazy, like life itself.” 20.30 Cultural Centre Theatre Adeje. Tickets: 10 Euros. At the box office. 4th Mini Cross Country – Pueblo Chico, La Orotava 1st - 4th International Jazz Festival – La Laguna 1st Celebrating Blue Note – Ruiman Fran Martin Rodriguez + JM Augusto Baez Churchi - Plaza Doctor Olivera Time: 8:00pm 2nd The Cloudmakers Trio - Plaza Doctor Olivera Time: 7:00 3rd Jazz on the Square - Miguel Marcos Manescau Asunçao + Quartet + Triphasic – Plaza de la Concepción Time: 9:00pm 4th Dixie Jazz Parade Time: 1:00 – 14:00pm From Carrera by Plazas Doctor Olivera and back to the Teatro Leal. 4th Closure of the Jazz Week – Big Band de Canarias Concert Teatro Leal 28th April - 9th May: 50th


Anniversary The Beatles in Tenerife, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, three members of one of the best pop groups in the history of contemporary music, had their first holiday in Tenerife between 28th April and 9th May 1963, after recording their first LP Please, Please Me. In 2013 Puerto de la Cruz celebrates the unrepeatable event. Programme including: 4th“Almas de Goma” first part: early songs, second part: later songs. Keep the number of your admission ticket as this will allow you to participate in the draw to win a “Paul McCartney” type guitar. 5th Band of the Puerto de la Cruz, Songs of the Beatles

17th Lava Sound Tenerife presents the international artist “General Levy” 23:00 in SALA JUNQUITO (Carretera de la Esperanza, Tenerife). For more information go to Lava Sound on Facebook 18th Jazz Festival Church Plaza, Los Cristianos - Now in its 6th year the Jazz Festival is a popular free event that attracts top local performers. This year, the Enrique Valdivieso Band, with Edith B, are headlining. Starts at 9.30pm. 18th at 9:30 am Athletics in Tenerife. Calle del Campo, Guia de Isora 18th and 19th Adeje Crafts Fair Plaza de España and Calle Grande Adeje 24th and 25th Second Classical South Tenerife reaches

- Plaza del Charco Time: 12:00 10th – 12th MUECA Festival Puerto de la Cruz which sees local artists and theatrical performers take to the streets to show off their skills and talents. 9th – 13th Exposaldo Summer Sale, Recinto Ferial, Santa Cruz - you will find all kinds of products textiles, accessories, footwear, appliances, toys, decoration, furniture, cars for sale, etc. at greatly reduced prices for more information go to http://www. 11th - The Latino Festival La Laguna arrives in May Plaza del Cristo the legendary Gilberto Rosa Santana The Gentleman of Salsa and three exceptional orchestras that keep the Latin rhythms going Maracaibo Orchestra, Orchestra and Orquesta Sabrosa Guava. 12th Mencey Romántico – Boleros Cycle – Plaza de la Concepción La Laguna. 16th U.S. BRASS American Music – Ermita de San Cristobal, The Laguna Time: 20:30. Free entrance

the region of Granadilla de Abona. During the first edition a total of 28 teams took part. 24th Live performance Sativa Indica. House of Culture - Güímar The purpose is to promote concerts and mobilize local groups, helping those in need with their funding. 26th Canary Championship Mountain Bike in Tenerife from 10:00h circuit Sibora, Los Silos. An ideal event for bike lovers, and followers of this dynamic sport, to enjoy an exciting championship. 29th Impro 30 – Free Concert – Equipo PARA, El Clavel, 10 Santa Cruz To 20th July Isla Baja Musical Whims 2013 Once again ‘Caprichos Musicales de Isla Baja’ will enliven different cultural spaces in Garachico, Los Silos, Buenavista del Norte and El Tanque. A perfect excuse to visit one of the most beautiful areas of the island during the spring and summer. For more information


Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013



1. Common contraction 5. Island garland 8. Charity 12. Raise 13. Have title to 14. Rocker ____ Young 15. Emphasized 17. Monopoly, e.g. 18. Traitor 19. Matured 21. Get lost! (2 wds.) 24. ____ Ripken, Jr. 25. Halloween mo. 26. Get even 31. Boutique

Av Rafael Puig 7, Playa De Las Americas Arona ( In Front Of Hotel Tenerife Sol)

QUiCk CROssWORD 33. Fishing aid 34. Oaf 35. Cilantro 38. Haul 39. Bullring cheer 40. Crave 42. Corrosion layer 46. Feathery scarf 47. Bassoon’s relative 48. Georgia city 52. ____ Macpherson 53. Age 54. Pinnacle 55. Psychic 56. Dusk, to a poet 57. Paper quantity


1. Tax agcy. 2. Collection 3. Storyteller 4. Goody 5. Part of “L.A.” 6. Water container 7. Pointed out 8. Cherubic 9. Thin 10. Silent actor 11. Winter coaster 16. Recipe verb 20. Chum 21. Bartlett’s kin 22. Canyon effect 23. Nashville’s state 27. Baseball’s ____

Williams 28. Coalition 29. Sightseeing trip 30. Margin 32. Trailblazer 36. Heavyweight great 37. ____ McEntire of country music 41. Radar’s kin 42. Foot digits 43. Competent 44. Part 45. Jack rabbit 49. Moving truck 50. Doctors’ org. 51. Dress edge

Answers to the QUICK CROSSWORD are on page 2

Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013


Grease The DJ Jocks Tenerife Musical Comes Reunion 2013 To Tenerife B ack for the second year, Las Americas is preparing for the onslaught of party goers for DJ Jocks Tenerife Reunion.

From the 3-7th of July the world famous musical Grease will be shown in the Auditorio Adan Martin in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Choreographed by Coco Comin, the Spanish version of this show conceived in 1971 by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey, who gained world fame thanks to the 1979 film starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.

Prices range from 25 to 50 euros, available by calling 902-317-327 or from ticketmaster and halcon viajes and, and

there will be a total of seven shows. On 3 and 4 July the shows will start at 8.30pm, on the 5th and 6th, there will

be two shows, at 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. and on July 7 Grease will say goodbye with a finale from 6.00pm.

May Madness at Aladdin’s Cave

Aladdin’s Cave in Los Toscales is planning a discount “RED SPOT” day on Saturday 11th May. They will be open from 9.00am till 2.00 pm and all items marked with a red spot will carry a whopping 30% reduction in price.

If you wanted to know what happened to your favourite DJ from the 1990’s, then look no further. They are back. And they are back to party. Hard. The reunion itinerary is hectic to say the least!! While the actual reunion wasn’t scheduled to start until Friday, but many of the guests arrived in Tenerife and started warming up on Tuesday. On Friday it´s Tony Walsh´s Flip Flop Friday this begins when you get out your bed put your flip flops, shorts and reunion t shirt. Then meet up at O’Neill for 11pm with Kenny Cuddles, Fat Rab, Robbie Hannah and Carl Mattox tearing it up with the old skool!! On Saturday 4th, the party starts at 8.oopm at Vivo, Treasure Island, with live music from Marc Craig from the Wild Boys then everyone will

head over to O´Neills with Fat Rab warming up then the Mrs T´s residents Dave Scott, Robbie Hannah and Robbie Miller side by side Super Sunday 5th again at O´Neills bar with live music from the Dubliner Band, Diddy´s Ska revival show, Ga-

reth from Outrun hosted by Roscoe from Oasis fm. Kenny Cuddles and Butch will be paying homage to the shows of Bonkers and The Reunion DJ’S´s will be playing till late DJ Line ups may vary due to very poor excuses! You have been warned.

Corpus Christi

This will apply to all second hand furniture and other decorative items while antiques and artwork will attract a discount of between 10 and 20%. So for the bargain that you’ve been waiting for, pop along for a browse to what has become known as the islands most unique shop. Find us on the main road between Buzanada and Valley San Lorenzo. Tel 922 720 493. As David Dickenson would say see you there “Bargain Hunters”!

Readers letters

Dear Editor Hi my name is R Railton. I don´t know if you can help with this matter as it seems to be very underhand, and wants looking into. We have an apartment in a block, with twelve stories, in Las Americas. As probably a lot of complexes do in Tenerife, we have owners who haven´t paid their community fees for quite a long time.

So our administration has taken some of them to court. Apparently if they don´t come up with the money, at some stage they can have their apartment taken off them and sold at the auction, It seems that two apartments had mortgages on them and the bank took those,

and we heard sold them for 50,000 Euros. At least one other apartment that was paid for, so we have heard, was taken to court and put up for auction. Now as far as we have been told by our administration, someone at the court offered 10,000 EUR´s as we think that´s what owed, and someone else offered 11,000, Euro´s, and that was accepted. The thing is if that is true surely it should be seen to be done correctly and advertised properly, because if that´s the case and someone at the court bought it, does that mean every time an apartment comes up like this, people at the court get first bite of the cherry. The owners of the apartments in our complex are hoping mad, there are a lot of us who would have paid quite a lot more than they have gone for. Our administration is supposedly going to appeal against this,

This year’s Corpus Christi in La Orotava is set for 6 June, with Faith as the theme for this year’s carpet display. The end result will be primarily red and white, and use some 1,250 kilos of coloured soil divided into five sections.

Two will be floral, and the three main sections of the triptych will illustrate the resurrection, the doubt of St Thomas, and the ascension, as in the drawing above, presented recently by La Orotava Ayuntamiento. but what can be done I don´t know, especially as they have already started to refurbish them. Surely if an apartment is coming up for auction it should be advertised to let everyone have chance. So someone is going to make a lot of money out of this, and we don´t think it´s fair. Is it a case of someone getting a back-

hander? I´m writing to you but I know you won´t be able to do anything, but I thought I would bring it to your attention and hope this isn´t happening all over the island. We are going back in a week’s time so we won´t know what the outcome is with the appeal. Thanks R Railton Via Email

10 The Dorada – ingane Yami golf Tournament 2013 At Costa Adeje golf Course Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013


atuRday 27th april 2013 was the date for the 4th annual ingane yami charity golf tournament.this year’s event was made possible with the help of our principle sponsor do-

rada, tenerife’s very own brewery whose history can be traced back to 1895 when the SaB brewery was founded in Johannesburg, South africa. Months of preparation had preceded the event and the admin

team at Pearly Grey have been very busy behind the scenes, negotiating with sponsors, collaborators, promoters and suppliers to ensure that everything would be in place to make the event a success. Media coverage was provided by local radio station CoastFM who did a live broadcast throughout the

Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013

holes of the day and making their way back to the clubhouse. Once we had got all the teams fed and watered in the clubhouse bar/restaurant it was then time for the first of the afternoon’s entertainment. A local cheerleadday with Ray Wilde, Phil West and Gordon Slayney keeping everyone entertained with updates and music. Tenerife Weekly newspaper published regular promotional articles and a centre page spread in the weeks leading up to the event. 108 players registered making up 27 teams and Tee off time was 10am for the shotgun start format and the excitement was already building. Promptly at 10am the horns sounded to signal the start of the golf competition, the teams scattered around the Costa Adeje Golf Course and took their first shots of the day, the planning had worked to perfection as all 108 players drove and putted their way around the 18 hole course. Teams of Pearly Grey helpers together with the course marshals made sure that refreshments were on hand at various locations around the course. Four and a half hours would pass before the teams would be putting their final ing troupe ‘Tenerife Tigers’ from Callao Salvaje performed a dance routine to Shakira’s Waka Waka song. Next on stage was the very talented female vocalist ‘Bleu Travelle’ who sang a medley of old and new songs. The stage was then set for speeches and prize giving. Resort developer and the driving force behind Ingane Yami charity ‘James Beckley’ thanked all those present and gave an overview and update and the various projects underway at the village. The announcing of the winners is always the most anticipated part of the day, host James Foster to revealed the winners and presented the trophies and prizes; • Longest Drive (ladies) – Francisca Reyes Martin Colchero, who won a jewel (donated by Tenerife Pearl) and a box of golf balls (donated by Golf Costa Adeje) • Longest Drive (men) – Gavin Harris, who won a Taylormade Driver (donated by Golf Shop Tenerife) • Nearest the pin – Ernesto Garcia, who won a Taylormade Putter (donated by


golf shop Tenerife) • Second placed team – Royal Palm (Paddy Davies, Ray Simpson, Rob Mark, John Wilmott), who each got a box of Callaway golf balls (donated by Golf Shop Tenerife) • First placed team – Dorada (Antonio Gross, Mark Tindall, Gareth Tyler, Feliz Fernandez Claverie), who each got a Taylormade golf bag (donated by Golf Shop Tenerife) All the winners were warmly congratulated before we moved on to the auction event where some great prizes had been donated, our sincere thanks to all those who donated prizes; • 4.5L Jamesons Whiskey (donated by Irish team) • 16 piece golf set (donated by El Corte Ingles) • Iberostar – 2 nights x 2 adults with breakfast (donated by Iberostar) • iPhone5 (donated by Pearly Grey) • Authographed golf frame, signed by the winning team of the 2006 Ryder Cup (Donation via Steve Moore) • Hotel Jardin Tecina Golf, La gomera – 2 nights x 2 with breakfast + 2 green fees (donated by Hotel Jardin Tecina) We also had a great prize raffle event with a host of prizes up for grabs, thanks to the following companies who kindly donated prizes; Renault – Motor Arisa, Coca Cola, Fuente Alta, Hotel Jardín Tecina , Iberostar, Submarine Safaris S.L., Buenavista Golf, Sheraton La Caleta Resort & Spa, Fairways Club, Vitanova Spa, Royal Delfin, Golf del Sur Tenerife, Tenerife Pearl, Restaurante La Brasa, Jungle Park & Aqualand, Rosso sul Mare Restaurante, Hairitorium, El Corte Ingles, Adidas, Thai Botanico Gourmet Thai Restaurant, Karting Las Américas, Piramides de Güimar, ACG, Imarca, Panificadora de Tenerife, Fruvesur, Vivo Decades Dinner Show, Jamon, Jamon Restaurant , Origins Wellness Tenerife & The Irish team. The afternoon came to a close with local comedian Steve Salter sending the tired golfers home with a smile on their faces. It was a great day it was for all those involved, which managed to raise over 11,000 Euros for Ingane Yami Children’s Village. - Together we can make a difference.


Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013

Fake insurance Woman Refused Claims On The Rise Treatment


He recession in Spain has made people resort to extreme measures to make money.

A report by the Investigation Co-operative of Insurance Companies revealed false claims have rocketed by 50% in the past five years, reaching 146,792 in 2012. Chairman, José Antonio Sánchez, said: ‘This rise matches the economic crisis situation which we are in.’ The report said the Spanish insurance industry spent 10 million Euros each year investigating possible fraud. Two Spanish men were caught red handed after they mutilated themselves in an effort to claim a two million pounds insurance claim. The insurance company refused to pay out a s

their injuries were obvious and done “too well”. Two claimants pulled off fake accidents stories and try to fool the insurance company. The first man chopped off his finger with an

electric saw

and claimed that he lost

Found Dead

oFFiCialS in Spain are investigating the death of a woman in Valencia who allegedly had been refused medical care five times in five days.

his f i n ger in a freak car accident. He went on to make 11 claims to various insurance companies demanding £2million in compensation. However, the official charged with investigating the claim said the cut was “too clean” for a car crash. The second claimant chopped off his arm above the elbow and tried to claim 600,000 Euros from insurance companies. Criminal gangs are faking car accidents to win insurance cover for their vehicles, often described as “Oscar winning performances”, by the insurance company officials.

A Bolivian national identified as Soledad, was found dead in the doorway of her home in February. Multiple organizations called for the investigation into her death amid reports she was turned away for treatment for a persistent cough, possibly because of racism. Soledad had initially visited a local clinic on February 15th, but was allegedly denied treatment after being told her state healthcare card was invalid. Two days later, she was seen by staff at a local hospital but allegedly was told there was nothing urgently wrong and advised to see her general practitioner. She failed to obtain treatment despite three more stops at health-

care facilities and follow-up phone calls by her husband. On February 20th, the husband was ignored when he called for an ambulance to take his wife to hospital and he asked a friend for help. The friend also called for an ambulance but was allegedly refused, so he called police. Officers who showed up at their home called for

an ambulance but it was a further two hours before paramedics arrived and by then the woman was dead. The cause of the woman’s death had yet to be determined. Investigations were to be conducted to determine whether there had been negligence on the part of medical staff at the various facilities.

Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013


Spanish Restaurant Mainland News In Named Best In The World Brief Spain’s Banco Santander says net profit for the first quarter fell 26% compared with the same period last year owing to slower economic growth in Brazil and Britain as well as the recession. The biggest bank by market value in the 17-country Eurozone reported it made a net profit of 1.21 billion euros, down from the 1.63 billion euros in 2012. Gross income for the first three months was 10.29 billion euros, down 8.8% from the 11.29 billion euros in 2012. Non-performing loan ratio in the first quarter was 4.76%, up from 3.98% for the same period in 2012. Banco Santander SA shares were down 3.2%, 5.44 euros in Madrid trading. Santander’s Chief Executive Alfredo Saenz, 70, had stepped down after a prolonged legal battle over whether he should be barred from banking due to a criminal conviction. The Bank of Spain opened new proceedings earlier this month to decide Saenz’s future after the government passed a law that could have helped him retain his post. Santander has named Javier Marin, who has been the bank’s managing director, as new CEO. French football pundit Eric di Meco has eaten a rat after losing an on-air bet about a player. Three years ago, when Spanish full back Cesar Azpilicueta joined di Meco’s old club Marseille, the club’s then president Jean-Claude Dessier described the player as “Spain’s future right back”. But di Meco, a former defender himself, scoffed at the suggestion and told listeners to radio station RMC: “If that happens I’ll eat a rat.” Now Azpilicueta is established as Chelsea’s number one full back, and recently made his debut for Spain. To his credit, di Meco did not renege on his promise and duly devoured a coypu, a species of river rat, live on air.... Spain’s King Juan Carlos has discussed the political situation in the Middle East with Jordan’s King Abdullah II during their meeting at Zarzuela Palace in Madrid. The Spanish monarch, who continues to recover from the surgery he underwent a month-and-a-half ago, received the Jordanian king at the door of the palace with a warm and prolonged embrace. In a brief statement, the Spanish head of state thanked Abdullah for his visit and the pair posed for media photographs at the palace entrance before heading off to breakfast. For about 90 minutes, the two monarchs spoke about the Middle Eastern situation, officials at the Royal Palace confirmed, but they also discussed personal matters since they have a very friendly relationship. According to a report called ‘Noise and Health‘, Spain is the second noisiest country in the world, beaten by Japan in first place., Spain has the highest rate of population exposed to excessively loud noise: it currently affects more than 9 million people, 20% of the population. The study is the most complete collection of research on the population’s exposure to sound and the effect this has on health. Traffic, transport and some forms of entertainment mainly from concerts and clubs, are the main causes of the problem in Spain. The study underlines the direct relationship between noise and the appearance or increase of some diseases, including hearing problems, an increase in cardiovascular disease, insomnia, psychological problems and problems with slower cognitive development in children. It is a question that affects all parts of society, which is both the victim and, at the same time, the creator of excessive noise. Experts are therefore recommending a ‘low-noise diet’. By changing some habits, it is possible to considerably reduce one’s exposure to loud noise. By limiting the volume on music players, the TV and radio, by avoiding noisy places, respecting the hours of rest and by using public transport or more efficient cars, it is possible to reduce exposure to excessively loud decibels.

The El Celler de Can Roca Restaurant in Girona, Spain, has been named the number one eatery in the world in Restaurant magazine’s annual ranking of the world’s 50 best restaurants. Rene Redzepi’s innovative Danish restaurant Noma had previously held the honour for the past three years, after ousting renowned Spanish restaurant elBulli from the top spot in 2010.

The three Michelin-starred El Celler is run by three brothers, Josep, Jordi and Joan Roca. It had been ranked No. 2 for the past two years. Opened in 1986, El Celler is well known for dishes that blend innovative cooking techniques with traditional ingredients, such as lobster parmentier with black trumpets and Iberian suckling pig with pepper sauce and garlic and quince terrine. Noma, which focuses on indigenous ingredients, fell to No. 2 on this year’s list. In third place is Osteria Francescana, in Modena, Italy, which has been placed in the top 10 restaurants since 2010. Six U.S. restaurants made the list, but only one broke into the top 10, Daniel Humm’s Eleven Madison Park in New York was No. 5, up from 10th place last year. Thomas Keller’s Per Se in New York fell from sixth place to 11th, and his Yountville, California restaurant, The French Laundry, came in at No. 47, down from 43rd. The French Laundry has held the top spot in 2003 and 2004. Grant Achatz’ ultra-modernist Alinea in Chicago fell from seventh to 15th this year. It had been in the top 10 since

The World’s Top 10 Restaurants:

2009. Eric Ripert’s seafood-focused Le Bernardin in New York held fast at No. 19, while Daniel Boulud’s Daniel in New York slipped from 25th to 29th.

1. El Celler de Can Roca, Girona, Spain 2. Noma, Copenhagen, Denmark 3. Osteria Francescana, Modena, Italy 4. Mugaritz, San Sebastian, Spain 5. Eleven Madison Park, New York, United States 6. D.O.M., Sao Paulo, Brazil 7. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, London, Britain 8. Arzak, San Sebastian, Spain 9. Steirereck, Vienna, Austria 10. Vendome, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

Spanish Workers Search For Work In Oz

Spanish workers are moving to Australia in an effort to escape the nation’s deepening economic woes, as youth unemployment reaches 60%.

The Spanish-Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry says it has noticed an increase in enquiries from Spanish job hunters, but is unable to provide exact figures on the number of arrivals. Some of those enquiring into Australian employment are in Europe, says the chamber, but others have already made the move to Australia and are looking for work there.

The chamber’s New South Wales president Lillian Ajuria says Spanish companies setting up in Australia, and rather than taking jobs from Australian citizens, they are creating them: “A lot of jobs are being created in Australia for Australian citizens because of the Spanish companies coming here and sitting up operations,” she said. Many of those who are making the move are employed on 457 visas in industries where there are skills shortages in Australia. According to the chamber there are skill shortages in renewable energy requiring workers to be brought in from Spain. Young Spaniards, however,

cannot get working holiday visas, there is no reciprocal arrangement between Spain and Australia. Instead they enrol in a course at a university or college and apply for a student visa, which allows them to work 20 hours per week. Juan Gutierrez, who is a qualified engineer, could not find an engineering role in Australia or Spain. He is now studying a master’s degree ‘in engineering and works part-time in a Sydney delicatessen: “The situation is pretty difficult back in Spain.” Mr Gutierrez said. “I’m

looking for a job as an engineer but working here helps me to live, helps me to pay my bills, helps me to live here in Australia.” Juan Gutierrez’s employer Eduardo Perlo has hired dozens of young Europeans and expects many more to come knocking on his door: “They’re coming. Obviously, the European situation is a bit difficult for young people, so they’re looking for a lot of coming to Australia,” Mr Perlo said. Ms Aljuria says discussions are underway about launching a working holiday visa program for Spaniards.


Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013

Tourism spending Village Celebrates increases First Baby for 45 Years tion for these tourists, benefited the most from this growth. However, the largest increase in tourist spending in Spain over the last month was posted by those

tourists visiting from France. With a total figure of 400 million euros spent, the French market recorded tourist expenditure growth of 43.5%, mostly in Catalonia.

tHe village of los Giles is celebrating after a woman recently gave birth to the first child born there in 45 years.

ple said. Los Giles, which has a predominantly older population of around 60 people, there has not been a single birth since 1968. Ainara’s parents take her on daily walks in the village so the older residents can meet her. “Everyone’s really pleased -- this is a celebration,” one Los Giles resident said. Ainara has been held by every single villager and visited by many at her home.

tHe tourist expenditure Survey (eGatuR), ordered by the institute for tourism Studies of the Ministry of industry, energy and tourism, reports that tourist spending in Spain in March amounted to 3.28 billion euros, up 13.7% on the same month in 2012. the average person spent 963 euros, on average 110 euros per day, indicating a growth of 5.4% and 5.1%, respectively. In the first three months of 2013, aggregate spending amounted to 9.31 billion euros; an increase of 8.4% on the first quarter of 2012. The three main markets in the first quarter of the year were Germany, with spending of 1.56 billion euros and a year-on-year increase of 3.8%; the United Kingdom, whose tourists spent 1.53 billion euros in Spain with an increase of 3.5% on 2012; and the Nordic countries that, with 1.37 billion euros spent and a significant increase of 19.1%, posted better

results than France in the period. The Canary Islands posted the largest volume of tourist spending between January and March, at 3.16 billion euros (up 7%), followed by Catalonia, with 1.99 billion euros and an increase of 14.2% on the same period in the previous year. In third place, Andalucia posted a figure of 1.25 billion euros in the first three months of the year from tourist spending, an increase of 10.5%. In March, Germany was the top market in terms of spending (up 13.4%) and Andalucia benefited

most from this result, as did the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands. Tourists from the United Kingdom spent a total of 632 million euros (up 2.2% on March 2012), the focus for this increase being the regions of Andalucia and Catalonia. The spend per British tourist rose while their average spend per day remained stable. Third place on the list was held by the Nordic countries, which spent a total of 558 million euros in Spain in March (up 25.7%). The Canary Islands, the main destina-

First-time parents Beatriz and Iker gave birth to Ainara in the village in Spain’s Almeria province three weeks ago. The couple have lived all over Spain but settled in Los Giles so their child could grow up close to her maternal grandparents and “grow up close to nature,” the cou- Ambassador Alan Solomont had only just checked into to his hotel room in Valencia, Spain, on April 15th when his daughter called from Boston to say she was OK.

A life-long Bostonian who’s now the U.S. ambassador to Spain, Solomont began tracking the events in his hometown. As he dedicated a new “American Space” at the Valencia Polytechnic University the next day, Solomont experienced an outpouring of solidarity from Spaniards toward Americans that he says was all the more intense because of Spain’s recent experience with terror. Spanish officials dedicated last Sunday’s Rock and Roll Marathon in Madrid to Boston and handed out black ribbons with runners’ race numbers alongside a minute of silence at the start in honour of Boston. While in Boston this week, to give a speech to students at Tufts University at an event scheduled before the bombings, Solomont said his first reaction to the blasts was dismay: “We were shocked, horrified, angry. It was clear early this was a terrorist attack,” said Solomont, who is chairman of a Boston health care investment firm and founder of a Boston-based home care company. But then he was enveloped by a heart-warming embrace from all across Spain, which had sent 100 runners to participate in the Boston race. Senior members of the Spanish government called to express

Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013

US Ambassador To Spain Speaks Out Against Boston Bombings

their condolences. The parliament passed a resolution expressing sympathy with the Boston victims. At the university, the day after the attack where Solomont was presenting an “American Space” to expand cooperation between the two coun-

tries, American flags flew at halfstaff, adorned with black sashes, and every event started with an expression of concern, Solomont said: “There was an enormous sense of solidarity, of feeling sympathy and concern for our city,” he said. “This

is something that galvanized people around the world.” Solomont says the reason has to do with what the Boston Marathon symbolizes and the culture of free and democratic nations: “The (Boston) marathon is a celebration that


brings people together from all over the world,” he said. “Runners come together with their families, and it’s a holiday in the city of Boston. The best antidote (to terror) is to be true to our values and be normal.” Spain has seen its own fair share of violence, including a brutal civil war followed by decades of military dictatorship and poverty in the 20th century, and a massive terrorist attack on March 11, 2004, when extremists linked to al-Qaeda launched a coordinated bombing of commuter trains, killing 191 people and injuring 1,800. Yet Madrid, where those attacks occurred, is still vibrant, with a lively nightlife, beautiful restaurants with almost 60 million visitors each year, Solomont said. In general elections four days later, Spaniards ousted their incumbent government and installed a leader who promised to withdraw troops from the war in Iraq. “You’d never know they went through this. It’s an open city,” he said. “Spain is a great example of the resilience of society.” Extremists who attack Western targets should take note “that our commitment to our values is solid even in the tragedies they can create,” he said. Driving through Boston’s congested traffic on a spring afternoon this week after speaking to students at Tufts University, Solomont said the same sentiment came to mind: “People are walking in the streets. The flowers are blooming. You wouldn’t know what happened,” he said. “The antidote is to live lives freely in a democracy where people are free to express themselves.”

Zoo Animals - Doping Doctor Sentenced Latest Crisis Victims

Eufemiano Fuentes, accused of running one of the world’s largest sports doping rings has received a one-year suspended sentence for endangering public health. The Spanish doctor was convicted over his role in supplying blood transfusions to professional cyclists. He was charged under public health laws because doping was not illegal in Spain at the time. Ignacio Labarta, a former official in the Kelme cycling team, was sentenced to four months in prison. Former cycling team officials, Manolo Saiz and Vicente Belda, were cleared, as was Fuentes’ sister and fellow doctor Yolanda.

Animals are the latest victims of Spain’s economic crisis. Budget cuts and shrinking revenues have forced the Comunidad of Catalonia to sell or give away hundreds of wild animals including lions, bears and antelopes housed at the natural reserve of Aqua Leon in Albyniana, Tarragona.

Catalonia is Spain’s most indebted regional community, with an estimated debt of around 8 billion euros. This year the region will fail in its efforts in limiting its deficit in spite of a 5,7 billion euro loan from the liquidity fund for autonomies, and unpopular measures which have exasperated citizens already dealing with austerity measures passed by the central government. So after imposing a one euro ticket on every medical prescription and increasing highway tolls, the local government is cutting on expenses it considers unnecessary. Amongst them is the

management of the natural reserve of Aqua Leon which costs the state half a million euros every year. The regional economy ministry had tried to cut down costs to 250,000 euros but the sum was considered insufficient to preserve the animals. The animals were originally given to the Comunidad ten years ago by a judge after the ‘Rioleon safari Albyniana’ company managing the zoo, which included a water park, went bankrupt. The judge ruled that the Comunidad had to provide for

its maintenance. In 2005 the local government tried to sell it but there were no bidders. The animals will now be donated, first to the zoos of Madrid and Alicante which will get about 50 antelopes. ‘It is important to find suitable accommodation for them’, said Jordi Ruiz, who is in charge of the animals’ welfare on behalf of the regional government. It is thought that by giving the animals away as presents it will be easier to find a home for all of them.

Police found around 200 bags of frozen blood and plasma when they raided Fuentes’ offices in 2006. The World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) and Spain’s domestic authorities had wanted access to the blood, to test whether athletes from other sports were involved in the doping ring. But Judge Julia Patricia Santamaria declined to grant them access and ordered that the bags be destroyed. The Operation Puerto doping trial focused on cycling and dozens of cyclists were implicated. As well as giving Fuentes a one year suspended sentence, the court in Madrid struck him off as a medical doctor for four years and fined 4,650 euros. Fuentes said he had worked with athletes, footballers and boxers, as well as cyclists, though he did not say whether he had helped

them dope. He maintained that the aim of the blood transfusions was to protect athletes’ health and improve their performance during training. The bags of blood found in Fuentes’ offices were labelled with codenames, which were believed to relate to well-known cyclists

and possibly other athletes. But the judge’s ruling means authorities will not be able to establish this. Spain has passed antidoping legislation since 2006, and parliament is expected to vote on an anti-doping bill later this year that would bring Spanish law into line with Wada’s guidelines.

HARD Puzzle

EASY Puzzle


Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013

SudoKu tanto Solve a SudokuTanto puzzle in the same way as you would solve a standard Sudoku puzzle. The numbers 1 to 9 must appear once in every row, column & box of 9. The difference in a Sudoku Tanto is that the shaded cells show the locations of all the even numbers (2, 4, 6 & 8)

answers to the SudoKu tanto on page 2.

Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013


Spanish Link To Brit Lad Follows Murray World’s Biggest Cyber Attack

Jordan Bury has exchanged cold East Lancashire for warm southern Spain in his attempt to follow in the footsteps of his hero Andy Murray. The promising youngster from Simonstone has joined the SotoTennis Academy to try and become a top class tennis player.

A Spanish court remanded in custody a Dutchman suspected of disrupting Internet services in a massive cyber-attack allegedly launched from his hi-tech bunker in Spain. A judge in Madrid ordered the suspect to be held in custody pending a decision on whether to extradite him to the Netherlands, said a judicial source who asked not to be named.

Authorities are calling the attack, the biggest cyber-attack in internet history. Police say the 35-year-old suspect - identified only by his initials S and K - had a van capable of hacking into networks anywhere in the country as well his bunker in northeast Spain He is accused of attacking the Swiss-British anti-spam watchdog group Spamhaus, whose main task is to halt adverts for counterfeit Viagra and fake weight-loss pills reaching the world’s inboxes. The unprecedented attack last month led to cyberspace congestion, and the slowing

down of the internet. Spain’s Interior Ministry said the man travelled in Spain using his van “as a mobile computing office, equipped with various antennas to scan frequencies”. He was arrested last week in Granollers, 35km (22 miles) north of Barcelona, and was questioned at the weekend in the National Court in Madrid. The man, whose birthplace has been given as the western Dutch city of Alkmaar, is expected to be handed back over to the Netherlands within 10 days, where he will face justice. He is said to have called himself a diplomat belonging to the “Telecommunications and Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Republic of Cyberbunker”.

Dutch authorities alerted Spanish police in March of large denial-of-service attacks being launched from Spain that were affecting internet servers in the Netherlands, UK and US. These attacks culminated in a major onslaught on Spamhaus. Denial-of-service attacks overwhelm a server with traffic, jamming it with incoming messages. Recent cyberattacks - such as the ones that caused outages at US banking sites last year - have tended to peak at 100 billion bits per second. The attack on Spamhaus was three times that size. Police from the Netherlands, Germany, Britain, Spain and the US took part in the investigation.

The 17-year-old St Mary’s College student will combine his studies by correspondence while training and playing in Spain: “It was a big decision to move out to Spain but the conditions were one of the big factors. Moving out to Spain means I can train outdoors in the warmth and on the clay courts which can only help improve my game. It is something Andy Murray did when he was younger so hopefully it will work for me as well.” Jordan says he is already feeling the benefits of moving to the Costa del Sol with his family just a few weeks ago: “I have only been out here for three weeks but my game is already improving,” he said. “That is the reason I came out here so hopefully I will continue to get better.” For Jordan, who is studying the Cambridge Technical in Sport level three, this is the second big decision he has had to make, previously he had to choose between football and tennis. The talented left-sided midfield player was on the books at Manchester United and

Tax Haven Clamp Down

So-called ‘tax havens’ have agreed to disclose the bank details of British taxpayers as part of the crackdown on tax evasion. The deal signed on Thursday commits Anguilla, Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, Montserrat and the Turks and Caicos Islands to automatically share information with the UK.

The British Overseas Territories will pass on names, addresses, dates of birth, account numbers, account balances and payment details and the move also extends to some accounts held by trusts. They will also share information with Spain - as part of an international pilot to clamp down on wealthy banking clients who escape paying taxes by hiding their money overseas. According to the Treasury, the Isle of Man, which was the first non-US jurisdiction to agree to greater exchange of information with the UK, will also extend information to France, Germany

and Italy which are also involved in the scheme. The move was announced ahead of the UK’s presidency of the G8, which Prime Minister David Cameron vowed would see tax transparency as a top priority. Chancellor George Osborne said the agreement marked a turning point in the fight against tax evasion:

“This represents a significant step forward in tackling illicit finance and sets the global standard in the fight against tax evasion. I now hope others follow these governments’ lead and enter into similar commitments to this new level of transparency, removing the hiding places for those who seek to evade tax and hide their assets.”

Blackburn Rovers: “I played football and I was at Manchester United’s Academy then at Blackburn Rovers when I was younger,” he said. “My dad suggested that I should take up another sport so I decided to give tennis a go and really enjoyed it. It came to the stage when I had to concentrate on one of them so I decided to carry on with tennis.” Jordan has competed in national and international men’s and junior tournaments. He is currently taking part in the Future’s Tournament against players older than him: “It is not really about winning tournaments at this stage, it is more about playing against players who are older than me and trying to improve.” While Jordan’s short term future continues to improve, his long term aim is to break in to the world’s top 100 players: “I know how difficult it will be but that is my ultimate aim,” he said. “Training and playing every day in Spain can only help improve me as a player so hopefully one day I could fulfil my aim of breaking in to the top 100 players in the world.

King Juan Carlos Watches Real Lose King Juan Carlos left Zarzuela Palace for the first time since his back operation to attend Tuesday’s Champions League semi-final between Real Madrid and German club Borussia Dortmund. The monarch will go to Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in hopes of seeing the Spanish club mount a comeback from the 4-1 loss they suffered last week in the first leg of the semifinal. He may have wished he stayed at home as Dortmund

beat the Madrid team 4-3 on aggregate. It was the first time the monarch was be seen in public outside his residence near Madrid since undergoing a herniated disc operation on March 3rd. After that operation and the subsequent process of recovery, Juan Carlos reappeared before television cameras for the first time last week when he received in his office the Spanish writer Jose Manuel Caballero Bonald, winner of this year’s Cervantes Prize.


Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013

Lower Drug Trial Restrictions pleas

tHe family of 18-year-old Chloe drury, who died from a rare form of bone cancer, is calling for the relaxation of rules governing who is eligible to take part in potentially life-saving drugs trials. despite the pleas of her parents, doctors and politicians, Chloe was refused access to treatment being trialled by american pharmaceutical company BioMarin.

Her family says she was told last September, when she was 17, that she was too young to take part, and that her participation could “jeopardise [her] safety and the integrity of the trial data”. Chloe, from Purley in Surrey, died in February, a month after her birthday. She had finally been allowed on the course to treat her Ewing’s Sarcoma, but the cancer had progressed aggressively and it was too late. Her mother, Debbie Binner, says she felt totally impotent: “We were just sitting there watching our beautiful 17-year-old daughter get weaker and weaker, knowing there is something out there she could have had and it just seems totally wrong to me, and not a world that I want to live in that treats young people like that.”

BioMarin said in a statement: “Our deepest sympathy goes out to the parents who are grieving the loss of their child. It is precisely because of patients who suffer from devastating rare genetic diseases that BioMarin develops therapies where there are few, if any, options. Ewings Sarcoma is a terrible, aggressive disease, and we hope to make a difference in this type of outcome. We

are conducting a Phase 1/2 trial in several genetically defined cancers. Not only is this an early stage trial, but it is the first clinical trial that we have ever done with this therapy. It is premature to know if it is safe or effective.” The family wants age restrictions for clinical trials to be lifted. Currently fewer than 20% of 15 to 24-year-olds who have cancer are

on one. Cancer Research UK’s clinical research director Kate Law admits the criteria, which sometimes stop teenagers taking part, are not always logical: “Actually for many trials I think there is no good reason. They could either go down, and join the children’s trial, or they could go up and join an adult trial. And in fact the committee that I’m responsi-

ble for specifically looks at the age range for each new application. So I think we’ve taken on board some of the concerns that pre-dated even this sad case.” Concerns about the potential compromising of the integrity of a trial is one of the reasons drugs companies are reluctant to bend the rules, as is the fear of being sued if something goes wrong.

Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013


New Hope Bad News For Hay For Migraine Fever Sufferers Sufferers

Scientists claim they are a step closer to creating more effective treatments after discovering a genetic fault that causes migraine. A team of researchers made the breakthrough during a study of two families of migraine sufferers. They found a common genetic mutation which, when tested on mice, lowered pain thresholds significantly.

It is hoped the findings will lead to a better understanding of what causes the crippling headaches, which affect one in four women and one in 12 men in the UK. Louis Ptacek, lead researcher and professor of neurology at the University of California said: “It’s our initial glimpse into a black box that we don’t yet understand,” said “(The research) put us one step closer to understanding the molecular pathway to pain in migraine. As we come

to a clearer understanding, we can start thinking about better therapies. Certain molecules might be targets for new drugs.” In the study, scientists found the mutation affects the production of an enzyme that carries out vital functions in the brain and body. As well as lowering the pain threshold, the mutant mice were more susceptible to cortical spreading depression. This “wave of silence” in the brain is thought to cause the visual sensations that sometimes come before a migraine, such as flickering lights and jagged lines.

Mr Ptacek said that although several drugs can ease the pain felt by sufferers, “they only help some of the patients, some of the time”. “The need for better treatments is huge,” he added. Migraines usually begin in young adults, with 90% of sufferers experiencing the condition before their 40th birthday. They cause a pulsating or throbbing pain on one side of the head that can last for up to three days, and can also lead to nausea, vomiting and extreme sensitivity to bright light and loud sounds.

Sufferers of Hay fever could be set for the worst spring and summer in decades as scientists predict a possible pollen surge in the coming weeks. Trees, crops and even the grass are playing catch-up after a long and extremely cold winter. It is feared the delayed growing season could cause them to release pollen simultaneously, making hay fever symptoms much worse than usual.

Beverley Adams-Groom, a pollen forecaster at the University of Worcester’s National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit, said: “We’ve got a late start to the birch pollen season which means people have had a little bit of relief initially. But what that means is the birch pollen season is going to run into the beginning of the grass pollen season. People who are allergic to both those types won’t get any relief - they won’t have a gap. And then if we get good weather in June we’ll get some very high grass pollen levels - so it could be a long period of time for

Bees Saved – For 2 Years

An EU ban on pesticides believed to kill bees will mean “significant costs” for British farmers, the Government has warned. Environment Minister Lord de Mauley issued the warning after the European Commission decided to go ahead with a two year ban on a type of pesticides called neonicotinoids in a bid

to save bees: “Having a healthy bee population is a top priority for us but we did not support the proposal for a ban because our scientific evidence doesn’t support it. Significant countries agree with us that a ban is not the right action to take and we will work with them to get much better evidence. We will now

work with farmers to cope with the consequences as a ban will carry significant costs for them.”

Earlier EU countries had failed to reach agreement on a ban as some countries believe there is not enough evidence to justify it. The UK, which was one of those opposing the ban, insists better scientific evidence of the link between pesticides and a huge decline in the bee population is needed before

taking such action. Some 15 countries backed a ban on neonicotinoids, with Britain among eight opposing it and another four members abstaining. With no overall majority achieved, the European Commission is using its right to make the final decision; now two votes have failed to clear the hurdle. It means the use of three of the world’s most widely-used pesticides will be restricted. The decision is a major victory for environmental campaigners who had raised concerns about the dramatic decline in bee populations. Bees are essential for the growing of fruit and some other produce as they pollenate flowers and allow plants to reproduce. However, the ban is a blow to chemical companies who make billions from selling neonicotinoids, and to British ministers who have fought a ban. EU health and consumer commissioner Tonio Borg said: “Since our proposal is based on a number of risks to bee health identified by the European Food Safety

people to suffer.” One in five people in the UK suffers from Hay fever, caused by an allergic reaction to the fine powder released by plants as part of their reproductive cycle. Dr John Chapman, is a paediatric consultant who runs an allergy clinic at the James Paget Hospital in Gorleston, Norfolk, says he expects to see many new patients, particularly teenagers, suffering

from hay fever for the first time, once they have been referred by their GP: “It blocks their noses, which means they can’t sleep properly, which means they can’t think properly in the day, which is particularly bad at this time of year when children are doing exams and studying.” For more information on the pollen forecast visit: www. public/pollen-forecast

Authority, the commission will go ahead with its text in the coming weeks. I pledge to do my utmost to ensure that our bees, which are so vital to our ecosystem and contribute over 22bn euros (£18.5bn) annually to European agriculture, are protected.” In Britain, the coalition has fiercely resisted any ban on “neonicotinoids” because it argues that the science about the damage to bee levels is inconclusive. Friends of the Earth said the vote was a “significant victory for bees and common sense”. Head of campaigns Andrew Pendleton said: “Restricting the use of these pesticides could be an historic milestone on the road to recovery for these crucial pollinators.” Bee numbers have been devastated across Europe in recent years, with a subsequent steep rise in honey prices for consumers. Major fears have also been raised about pollination problems for trees if bee populations continue to slide. Last Friday beekeepers and their supporters staged a demonstration in London, urging Britain to support

the pesticide ban but it still voted against it. The pesticides suspected of harming bees are chiefly produced by two firms, Bayer of Germany and Sygenta in Switzerland, which is the top player in the global agrichemical market. The companies have rejected claims that their products are at fault and say studies behind the suggested ban are based on flawed science. Celebrities including fashion designers Dame Vivienne Westwood and Katharine Hamnett and artist Rachel Whiteread were amongst those who protested at Westminster. Ahead of the march, Ms Hamnett said: “The European Food Safety Agency - who are usually very right wing and on the side of business are saying we definitely need this ban, and if they are saying it we really are in trouble. We have a huge problem with the British Government failing to support it and it’s quite hard to understand when you have got the Pesticide Action Network, the Soil Association, the Beekeepers Association (and) all the scientists saying this group of pesticides, neonicotinoids, kills bees.”


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Bamboo Towels Brother 5, shoots Dead sister 2

tHey are brand new to tenerife; in fact, they are brand new to anywhere! you may not have heard of Bamboo towels before, but they are here and they are fabulous. Take an opportunity to discover the benefits of having bamboo bath towels. Picture yourself getting out of the bath or shower and wrapping yourself in pure heaven, in possibly the softest bath towel ever. Bamboo towels allow you to dry yourself off quickly due to their premium absorbent properties while also giving you the luxurious feeling of the softest fabric you have ever felt against your body. Pure cotton can often feel a bit rough to the touch; not only will you find that the towels are exceptionally soft and absorbent, but you will also find that they are durable for everyday use. They are also perfect for people who want to maintain a hygienic environment, because they are naturally odour resistant due to the fibres fast-drying characteristics. So say goodbye to that disgust-

ing mildew smell you get from other towels from time to time, and bathe in serenity. Bamboo fabric is created from the bamboo pulp and is 100% biodegradable. It is also anti-bacterial and hypo-allergenic; bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and resists mould, mildew, fungi and dust mites. These properties remain intact, making it suitable for those with eczema, hyper-sensitive skin or hay fever caused by dust mite. Even better news is that bamboo fabric require less frequent washing, it needs no more than a 30˚C wash and dries in half the time of cotton. Tumble dry low and remove from dryer as soon as it stops to avoid unnecessary creasing. The only place that actually stocks these delicious items is Antiquities Tenerife in Las Chafiras. The have stock in three different colours, soft brown, grey and aubergine and at the moment they have an offer for one bath towel and a hand towel for just 15,00 Euros. Pop in and see them and feel the difference for yourself.

a FiVe-yeaR-old shot dead his two-year-old sister as he played with his own rifle. the tragedy happened on tuesday afternoon at their home in southern Kentucky. the boy had picked up the .22-calibre Crickett gun, which he was given as a birthday present last year, when it went off. the child was pronounced dead at Cumberland County Hospital from a single gunshot wound to the chest. doctors worked on reviving her for about an hour without success.

The children are not being identified because of their ages. Police said the family did not realise it was loaded. The children’s mother was at home at the time but had just stepped away: “She was actually cleaning her house, and she had went out on the porch,” the coroner said. “She

said no more than three minutes had went by and she actually heard the rifle go off. She ran back in and found the little girl.” Cumberland County coroner Gary White told the Lexington Herald-Leader it was “just one of those crazy accidents.” He said the shooting would likely be ruled as accidental, but Kentucky State Police spokesman Billy Gregory said it was unclear if any charges would be filed: “Down in Kentucky where we’re from, you know, guns are passed down from generation to generation. You start at a young age with guns for hunting and everything,” Mr White said. “Accidents happen with guns.”

Keystone Sporting Arms make and sell Crickett and Chipmunk rifles especially for children. They come in various colours, including blue and pink. The company’s slogan is “my first rifle”, and its website features a section showing children on bird and deer hunts.

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Kercher Family “Not Interested” In Knox Book

The family of student Meredith Kercher have no interest in reading Amanda Knox’s book, Waiting To Be Heard. Stephanie Kercher’s comments came after Miss Knox appeared in her first television interview since being freed from an Italian prison to promote her memoir.

In the interview Miss Knox said she would like to visit Miss Kercher’s grave, but only with the permission of the Kercher family. Stephanie Kercher said in a statement: ‘’We are not interested in this book, as well as all the others regarding the case and we will not be reading it. The Italian legal system still has an appeal procedure underway and as a result a new trial will be heard. The sentence can still be overturned. I have no doubts that even on the other side there is a story of pain and loss and of enormous lack of trust, but on the other side there is also one of hope and an opportunity of life. Something that Meredith will never have, and something that we will never share with her. Meredith is the victim in this tragic case.” Miss Knox has always denied the accusation made by Italian prosecutors that she and her thenboyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, killed Miss Kercher, 21, in a drug-fuelled

sex game along with another man in 2007. Her murder conviction was overturned in October 2011, but in March an Italian court ordered a retrial for both her and Mr Sollecito, 29. Miss Knox says she is considering a return to Italy for the retrial, against her lawyer’s advice: “My lawyers have said that I don’t have to and that I don’t need to. I’m still considering it, to be honest. It’s scary, the thought. But it’s also important for me to say, ‘This is not just happening far away from and doesn’t matter to me. So, somehow, I feel it’s important for me to convey that. And if my presence is what is necessary to convey that, then I’ll go.” Miss Knox’s alibi rests on her claim that she was at Mr Sollecito’s house on the night of the murder, and not at the Perugia flat she shared with Miss Kercher. But during a police interrogation she revealed she was at home with Miss Kercher. In the interview with ABC News, she insisted that initial claim was the result of her “breaking down”. “I didn’t confess. I was interrogated. (The police) acted like my answers were wrong, they told me I was wrong, that I didn’t remember correctly, that I had to remember correctly, and that if I didn’t I would never see my family. I can only describe it as breaking down; I didn’t


know what I remembered and what I didn’t remember anymore. I was incredibly vulnerable at that time.” As she expressed her desire to visit Miss Kercher’s grave, she said: “Eventually I can have their permission to pay my respects at her grave and I would also like them to know that she talked about them to me.” Miss Knox insists in the interview that she did not leave Mr Sollecito’s home: “We stayed in, had dinner, we watched a movie, we smoked, we had sex, we were together. We just hung out together, we talked, we talked about his mum, we made silly faces at each other. We stayed in the whole night.” The 25-year-old said she returned to the home she shared with Miss Kercher the next morning, but despite the front door being wideopen and spotting blood on the sink she took a shower: “At the sink when I was taking out my earrings I noticed there were speckles of blood. But speckles, a few drops.” She said that when she got out of the shower she noticed a bloodied bath mat, adding: “I thought it was strange.” She says returned to Mr Sollecito’s home, and told him of her concerns after breakfast. He called police, who discovered Miss Kercher’s body. “It never occurred to me that I would ever be considered a suspect. Ever.”

Madeleine Missing - 6th Anniversary Madeleine McCann’s parents say a police review into their daughter’s disappearance is making “excellent progress” as they mark the sixth anniversary since she went missing. In an interview, Kate and Gerry McCann asked the public to remain vigilant about possible sightings and talked about adapting to life without Madeleine.

Madeleine was nearly four when she vanished from her family’s holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in Portugal on May 3, 2007 as her parents dined at a nearby tapas restaurant with friends. Today

(Friday) marks the six-year anniversary of her disappearance. “With the review the Met have been doing over the last two years I think we are closer to finding out what happened,” Gerry McCann said. “But for Kate and I, until we find Madeleine or the person responsible, then we’re still miles away.” He also said of the review: “We certainly feel they’re making excellent progress”. The couple will mark the anniversary with a service in their village, said that although they struggle with various occasions, including Madeleine’s birthday, they are coping with her absence: “It’s a horrible, confusing, uncomfortable situation to be in. As times gone on we’ve obviously

got stronger and you do adapt to living in that situation,” said Kate. She said their home is full of photos and other memories of Madeleine. “She should be here and we should celebrate with her but we still celebrate her and her being part of our lives.” Gerry McCann said that seen from a distance his family is like any other. The couple, from Rothley, Leicestershire, also have twins: “Twins do everything that other eight-year-olds do, and they’ve been a tremendous source of pleasure and joy for us,” he said. “They’re so adaptable and it’s a matter of fact to them that they’ve grown up with their older sister missing.” The couple thanked the public

for their “tremendous support”, and urged people travelling abroad to keep vigilant about possible sightings of Madeleine: “Someone knows - not just the people involved in the crime. Other people

will know as well, or will be strongly suspicious,” said Kate. Her husband added: “The key message is - if someone thinks they’ve seen Madeleine, contact police straight away.”


Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013

Zeta Jones in snake kills Oz “pro-active” Hockey player Health Check in an australian hockey player has died after being bitten by a snake - a rare fatality despite the country being home to the majority of the planet’s deadliest species. Karl Berry, 26, is believed to have picked up the snake to remove it from a hockey pitch in darwin which children were using. He then went for a run but later collapsed.

CatHeRine Zeta-Jones has checked into a health care facility further help for her bipolar disorder in what her publicist called a “proactive” move to take care of her health. it is the second known trip to a health care facility for the British actress since 2011.

The 43-year-old actress suffers from bipolar II disorder, a milder form of the illness that is marked by sharp mood swings and erratic behaviour. Her publicist Cece Yorke said: “Catherine has pro-actively checked into a health care facility. Catherine has said that she is committed to periodic care in order to manage her health in an optimum manner.” The Welsh star, who won an Oscar for her role in the 2002 musical Chicago, underwent treatment two years ago after her husband, actor Michael Douglas, developed throat cancer. Aides said it was to help her deal with the stress of coping with his illness and treatment, which was successful. No specific reason has been given for her decision to seek help this time. Bipolar II is marked by “less manic moods but more depressive episodes” than bipolar disorder, according to medical experts. It can be

treated with medication or therapy. Zeta-Jones was last production was seen in the crime thriller Side Effects, which received warm critical acclaim.

St John Ambulance operations manager Craig Garraway told the Northern Territory News: “For 10 to 15 minutes we tried to figure out what he had been doing and he mentioned he had removed a snake and put it into bushes: “I think he thought it was a python.” He said that when paramedics looked at the bite mark, it was more consistent with a bite from a venomous species, possibly a brown snake: “After some discussion

and investigation we became aware he had picked up a snake off the hockey field and it had actually bitten him on the finger.” Mr Berry later died in the Royal Darwin Hospital. Australia is home to 20 of the world’s 25 most venomous snakes and according to official estimates, there are about 3,000 snake bite

cases in Australia every year, with 300 to 500 requiring anti-venom treatment. Only an average of two per year prove fatal. Brown snakes are easily alarmed and will bite if handled or threatened. If bitten, symptoms can include abdominal pain, breathing difficulties, convulsions and renal failure leading to death.





Canarias S.L.

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 1pm and 4pm to 8pm Saturday 9am to 1pm Industrial Estate Las Chafiras, Motorway Exit South 24, North 64, Tel. / Fax. 922 735 335 Avd. Modesto Hernandez Gonzalez N°46, Opposite Coca Cola, Next to Koala Sur, 200m behind Biombo The Ministry of Justice has confirmed that television cameras will be allowed inside court rooms later this year. The first cases at the Court of Appeal will be televised from October. The news follows a campaign calling for the restrictions on television cameras in courts to be lifted.

Under previous legislation, no cameras were allowed to be used within the ‘precincts’ of a court. Campaigners said that showing trials on television would help improve awareness and understanding of the judicial process. The move was originally outlined in the Queen’s Speech, which sets out Government plans, in 2012. Ministers said at the time they want to “demystify” the justice system and providing limited access for television cameras would help. Photography was originally banned from court rooms in 1925. Film and video cameras were added to the ban later. Opponents say that filming proceedings can lead to those participating in trials changing their behaviour or testimony. There are also fears about the effects that filming would have on a jury if Crown Court pro-

Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013


TV Cameras To Be Allowed In Court

ceedings are shown. The Court of Appeal, presided over by highly experienced judges, is thought to be less at risk of being affected by TV cameras. Some hearings in Scotland have already been shown on television, including the sentencing of David Gilroy who received 18 years for the 2010 killing of book keeper Suzanne Pilley in April last year. Judge Lord Bracadale was recorded at the High Court in Edinburgh and the footage was then transmitted. Simon Bucks, Sky News’ Associate Editor, said: “It’s a very important moment in the campaign to fully open up the courts to the public. We will start showing pooled coverage of hearings in the Court of Appeal from October and very much hope that it won’t be long before we can also show some parts of Crown Court trials.”

Changes To Harpoon Miracle Prison Regime

Government clampdowns now mean that prisoners will be made to earn perks such as televisions in their cells and the ability to wear their own clothes. Violent and sexually explicit 18-rated movies will also be banned from jails in England and Wales under changes to the Incentives and Earned Privileges (IEP) scheme.

The current scheme allows inmates to earn privileges such as a televisions in their cells and gym access for good behaviour. But the Government wants inmates to take part in work and education programmes to earn the perks instead. Justice Secretary Chris Grayling said: “It is not right that some prisoners appear to be spending hours languishing in their cells and watching daytime television, while the rest of the country goes out to work. For too long there has been an expectation that privileges are an automatic right, given as a reward for staying out of trouble. This cannot continue. There will be a new entry level for all prisoners in the first two weeks of sentence

Bruno Coutinho has miraculously avoided brain damage after shooting himself through the eye with a six-inch harpoon.

where perks, including private cash will be restricted. All male prisoners will be made to wear prison uniform while on entry level. Regulations for women prisoners are under review. All prisoners could find themselves working a longer day and will not be allowed to watch television when they should be working.” Mr Grayling added: “Only by tackling bad behaviour and taking part in education or work programmes as well as addressing any alcohol or drug issues can we cut reoffending.” The changes will see subscription channels removed from private prisons and inmates will have to earn the right to wear their own clothes. The new scheme allows prisoners to work up specific levels of privileges through good behaviour and, in turn, lose perks if

they do not reach the required standards. With the new privileges entry any inmates who have not co-operated with the regime will drop to basic level while those who do will progress to standard. Prison regimes changes will change meaning inmates work a longer day and will not be allowed to watch television when they should be working. Frances Crook, from the penal reform group the Howard League, disagrees with the changes: “There have been numerous inspectorate reports published recently which have found prisons struggling to offer any purposeful activity within their walls, this problem will only get worse. It is bizarre then to introduce new layers of red tape which will only add to the cost of prison and demands on staff time.”

The Brazilian was cleaning his harpoon gun at his home in Petropolis when he accidentally triggered the apparatus, sending the harpoon straight through his left eye and into his cranium. X-rays showed the harpoon speared through his eye straight through to the back of his skull. It took doctors four hours to successfully remove the metal harpoon. Incredibly, Mr Coutinho was able to call for help after the accident, and was taken to Santa Teresa hospital. Surgeons carried out two operations to remove the harpoon, which had been stuck inside his head for more than 10 hours. Dr Orlando Maria, chief of neurosurgery at the hospital, said the harpoon came within millimetres of piercing a major artery in Mr Coutinho’s head: “The object, it seems, took a path where it didn’t damage any vital structures, any vascular structures and was taken out.” Amazingly, Mr Coutinho has not suffered any brain damage, although he has lost the sight in his left eye. A neighbour said: “There were people who saw it and got frightened. A thing like this you only see in a movie.”


Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013 within hours to protect its essential nutritional content. We add no artificial colouring or flavouring, and none of our plants are sprayed with chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Our gel is not homogenized, boiled or filtered, and so our drinks have a rich pulp which contains much of the goodness of Aloe Vera that is necessary in our daily diets.

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8. 9.

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Magic Lessons For Royals

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry have been getting some practise lessons in wizardry. The young royals officially opened the Warner Bros studios in Hertfordshire where the Harry Potter movies were made.

The studio is home to the popular Making Of Harry Potter tour that has proved a huge attraction. Props, costumes and models from the movies that tell the stories of the teenage wizard’s adventures were on display for the royal guests. Futuristic vehicles from the Dark Knight Batman trilogy, made by

Warner Bros and starring Christian Bale in the lead role, were also on display as well as the caped crusaders’ Batmobile and his bike the Batpod. William could not resist jumping on the Batpod and he leaned forward and gripped the handlebars of the vehicle as Harry and Kate looked on. The Duke joked “Where’s the start button?” adding “It’s awesome, absolutely incredible” while his younger brother put his fingers beside his head for Batman’s ears and said “You need the ears”. The fun continued with the boys’ toys continued as William smiled and clambered inside the nearby Batmobile, Harry stuck his fingers

in his ears as the vehicle, which has a 5.7-litre engine with 350bhp, was revved hard. The royal visitors were then introduced to Harry Potter author JK Rowling ahead of viewing set-pieces from the movie series and a speech by William to mark the opening of

the film facility in Leavesden. The £100m studios were the production home of all eight Harry Potter films, the James Bond movie Goldeneye starring Pierce Brosnan, the first of the Star Wars prequel films, and director Tim Burton’s gothic horror Sleepy Hollow.


Kate, who is around six months pregnant, wore a black jacket and a £38 polka dot dress from Topshop that showed off her famous baby bump and she, William and Harry were introduced to local dignitaries and senior executives from the film studio.

Sean The Sheep Record Holder Dies Hits The Big Screen In Latest Attempt

Shaun The Sheep is to star in his own movie. The animated Aardman creation has his own series on CBBC which has been seen in more than 170 countries Shaun was first seen as one of the characters in the Oscarwinning Wallace and Gromit film A Close Shave. The TV show features the voices of children’s TV star Justin Fletcher, with a theme tune sung by Vic Reeves.

In his movie - which will be called Shaun The Sheep - Shaun and his farmyard friends have to venture into the city to rescue their farmer after he is taken away as a result of their mischief. Aardman executive chairman David Sproxton said: “Shaun and his friends have a massive global following and we are very excited about being able to put

them into a bigger adventure for the big screen.” Shaun The Sheep has also inspired its own spin-off show, Timmy Time, which is aimed at younger viewers. The show features a lamb called Timmy, who, along with his school friends, has to learn to share, make friends and accept his mistakes. Timmy, who is aged three in sheep years, but turns four when his birth-

day features in one of the episodes, also makes an appearance in the Shaun The Sheep series. Wallace and Gromit have so far featured in four animated short films and a feature-length film by Nick Park of Aardman Animations. The characters are made from moulded plasticine modelling clay on metal armatures, and are filmed with stop motion clay animation.

Sailendra Nath Roy, an Indian man who holds the Guinness World Record for covering the longest distance on a zip-line while hanging by his hair has died while performing a stunt. The 49-yearold police officer was attempting to cross the River Teesta in the state of West Bengal on Sunday on a 180m (594ft) wire above the water.

Mr Roy attached his shoulder-length hair to a pulley on the wire and completed around half the distance but then became entangled and found he was unable to move. Hundreds of spectators started to cheer him on, but then began screaming in horror when they saw he was making increasingly desperate attempts to move forward. Senior police officer K Jayaraman said: “Roy

tried frantically to get hold of a second rope to reach the finishing point.” After several minutes, Mr Roy stopped moving and was eventually rescued. No ambulance or doctor was present during the stunt. He was admitted to hospital in nearby Siliguri, but was declared dead by doctors after a suspected heart attack. Mr Roy achieved the Guinness World Record after covering 82.5m (271ft) on a zip-line while attached by his hair in 2011 at the Neemrana Fort, a heritage hotel in the desert state of Rajasthan. Last year he used his hair to drag a train and four coaches on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. His younger brother Benoy, who was witnessing his brother’s stunt for the first time, said: “We were proud of his bravery. He was sure to win but destiny has taken his life and the most beloved member of our family as well.”


Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013

Thatcher’s Funeral – The Final Costs Revealed

Amy Winehouse Film premiers At Cannes

doWninG Street has confirmed Baroness thatcher’s funeral cost the taxpayer an estimated £3.6m.

The amount revealed by the Government includes some £2m “opportunity costs” for police who would have been on other duties on the day. Ceremonial costs, including the service at St Paul’s, the reception at the Mansion House and the printing and circulation of invitations, came to around £500,000 and an estimated £1.1m went on additional security and policing. The final costs are due to be pub-

lished in due course, although the Prime Minister’s spokesman said he expected they would be close to the estimated totals. Thousands of invited mourners attended the funeral at St Paul’s Cathedral, including dignitaries from around the world and all Lady Thatcher’s prime ministerial successors. The presence of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh raised it to a state event. It was the first time the monarch had attended the funeral service of a former prime minister since Sir Winston Churchill’s state ceremony in 1965.

aSiF Kapadia , the director of the award-winning film Senna is making a documentary about the late amy Winehouse. the Winehouse family have confirmed they have been approached with many proposals for a film about the soul singer.

But the family said that Kapadia, and producer James Gay-Rees, had presented a vision that would “look at Amy’s story sensitively, honestly and without sensationalising her”. The movie will use unseen archive footage to tell the story of the art and life of the musician, who died at the age of 27 in London in 2011 from accidental alcohol poisoning. The five-time Grammy award-winning singer had suffered years of drug and alcohol addiction. Senna, Kapadia’s acclaimed film from 2010, focused on the life of Brazilian Formula One driver Ayrton Senna. The film featured a mix of home videos and interviews to tell the driver’s story. The champion racing driver also died young - the 34-year-old was killed in an accident while leading the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix. Kapadia and Gay-Rees, who won two Baftas for Senna, said Wine-

house was a “once-in-a-generation talent who captured everyone’s attention”. They explained: “She wrote and sung from the heart and everyone fell under her spell. But tragically Amy seemed to fall apart under the relentless media attention, her troubled relationships, her global success and precarious lifestyle.” Focus Features International, a division of US entertainment gi-

ant NBC Universal, said it would be taking the as-yet untitled film to next month’s Cannes Film Festival. Alongside the competition for the Palme d’Or prize, Cannes is also a huge marketplace. It draws thousands of people, from producers and distributors haggling over upcoming movies, to screenwriters trying to sell their scripts and firms offering innovations in computergenerated imagery.




Aladdins Cave

For all the Best Bargains ranging from new beds and mattresses, sofa beds and suites, direct from the manufacturers to quality used furnishings, artwork, antiques & curios.

Find us on the main road between Buzanada and Valle San Lorenzo Open: Monday - Friday 9:30 - 7:00 and Saturdays 9:30 - 3:00

922 720 493 -

Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013

9/11 Debris Discovered nearly 12 years On


Buble goes Underground


MiCHael Buble surprised new york commuters with an impromptu concert on the subway. the singer sang a rendition of the Jackson 5 classic Who’s lovin’ you on the platform at the 66th Street lincoln Centre stop. He was joined by the group naturally 7 on backing vocals as a small crowd looked on, many filming on smartphones.

The twisted and rusted equipment features cables, levers and giant bolts. It measures 5ft high, 3ft wide and 1.5ft deep: “The odds of this being wedged between there is amazing. It had to have fallen just the right way to make it into that space,” Browne said. He added that other wreckage has been found nearby in the years since the terrorist attack. The part was found by surveyors hired to inspect the site of a planned Islamic community centre at 51 Park Place, about three blocks from ground zero. They spotted the debris as they looked down between the buildings from the roof and called emergency services. The scene was secured and police documented the findings with photographs. The National Transportation Safety Board and police will work to determine whether the wreckage belongs to American Airlines Flight 11, which struck the North Tower, or to United Airlines Flight 175, which crashed into the South Tower. Both planes were Boeings. Police are awaiting a determination from a medical examiner on whether to sift the soil around the building to search for human remains. The medical examiner’s office is in the middle of a 10-week sifting operation as it attempts to identify

Buble hugged the group after the performance and said it was “the coolest thing ever”. “Singing in the New York subway is something that’s been done for years and years and years and I feel like it’s the most authentic, organic way to make music. You see some of the greatest musicians in the world come down here and play.”

PieCe from one of the commercial planes that was deliberately flown into the twin towers on 9/11 has been found lodged in between two buildings. Paul Browne, a spokesman for the new york Police department said the piece of landing gear was discovered wedged between a mosque site and another lower Manhattan building, has a clearly legible Boeing identification number.

His new album, To Be Loved, was recently released and he is currently on a promotional tour: “Out of all the press I had to do, out of everything that I’m gonna do - Europe and America - this was the thing I was most excited about,” said Buble. The singer’s clean-cut image and traditional, big band songs helped him sell millions of albums around the world

and pick up several Grammy awards. He also has a big following in the UK and is playing 10 dates at London’s O2 arena this summer. The crooner is not the only singer to take their musical talents on to public transport. Kim Wilde scored nearly two million YouTube clicks at Christmas for an impromptu performance on a London Underground train.

impromptu spice

dRinKeRS hoping for a quiet night at their local had their evening interrupted by an impromptu gig from former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell. the 40-yearold walked into the bar and burst into song in front of an audience of somewhat bewildered men.

additional human remains in debris unearthed at the World Trade Center site during construction of a new skyscraper. If the landing gear’s origin is authenticated, it would mean it sat undisturbed for nearly a dozen years. More than 2,750 people were killed at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, when terrorists

hijacked the two commercial passenger planes and flew them into the upper floors of the Twin Towers, then the tallest buildings in the world. Hijackers also took over two other planes that day, crashing one into the Pentagon in Washington DC. The fourth plane went down in a field in rural Pennsylvania.

The former Ginger Spice got through a chorus of the band’s 1996 hit single Say You’ll Be There before she was stopped in her tracks by a punter who called out, “come on, how much do you

want?” The live performance appears to be the latest in a line of challenges between members of the Spice Girls who have been keeping in touch via Twitter. A few hours after Geri posted her video on YouTube, her ex-bandmate Mel B tweeted: “@GeriHalliwell just saw your video; only ginger spice could do this. And that why I love you!!! Xxxxx.” Geri indicated the game of dare would continue, turning to the camera at the end of her song and saying to the camera, “I’ve done it! Melanie, it’s your turn.”


Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013



atuRday was a real Red letter day at Vivo decades. We support an extremely limited number of charities, but one of our favourites is Help For Heroes in conjunction with the Royal Marines Help our Wounded.

We were hoping for a grand turn out, and we weren’t disappointed. Firstly the “Yompers”, ladies and gents of all ages took part in the 10km trek from the El Rancho Restaurant, Palm Mar over the foothills of Guaza Mountain, down through los Cristianos to the Market Tavern. They were welcomed with open arms and fed beer and pies, purely for medicinal reasons you understand. The end stage was Vivo, Treasure Island in las Americas, arriving to a great applause from everyone gathered to greet them. Indianna Mcdonough opened the entertainment and was the compere for the early part of the afternoon; she introduced the first act, our very own Marc Craig who sang, amongst others, Bring Him Home from the musical Les Miserables. There was more than one tear spotted in the audience. Marc was followed by a fabulous Elvis, better known as Leslie Elvis Moore who, complete in a white and silver jumpsuit, was spectacular. Next up were Storm Duo who were incredible

lueber ry Open Tuesday to Saturday 10am - 6pm

922 73 75 69 HAIR & BEAUTY SALON

Est 1995

ob s

and had the venue up and dancing, both on and off stage! Our very own Bitter and Twisted provided an hilarious break from the usual, with their special guests for the afternoon, one half of the Senile Sisters, as well as Mike, their mystery guest. They all had the audience in hysterics and brought the house down! The Decades Dancers provided great talent and spectacular costumes and brought the whole mix together beautifully. Well known, and loved local singer, albeit extremely pregnant Vanessa Pindoria gave us some fabulous show renditions with here quirky twists and had the audience singing and clapping enthusiastically along with her. Luke Towler sang alongside his father and gave everyone a glimpse of this very young, but very talented singer, who by all accounts, will be making his mark in the very near future. The excellent Timelordz were on in full swing, taking everyone down memory lane with our absolute, nearly forgotten fave tunes. They had everyone in the

Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013


HELP OUR WOUNDED (RM) venue up, dancing and singing along. Tenerife favourite, Vicky Denton was superb with her choice Emile Sande’s songs and other top ranking favourites was a hit, swiftly followed by Luke Carey who gave the crowds exactly what they wanted from Michael Buble and Brat Pack singalongs. To close the guest entertainers, Cara Cher Madonna brought tears to most people’s eyes for her costumes alone! The venue had been decorated in red and white and Magic Moments, Gifts by Design kindly donated a balloon arch and some balloon pillars to bring the whole thing together. We had some famous guests

show up to help the children really enjoy their day. Mickey and Minnie Mouse danced along with various partners, both young and old and posed for pictures with just about everyone, and Russ Myers provided balloon sculptures and some table top magic tricks, astounding everyone who was watching. Rene’s Make-up stall put together a very successful Tombola and sold make up – all for the Help For Heroes cause. Through sponsorship for the Yomp and money raised during the day, the sum of 2,650 Euros (with more to come in) was raised. This eclipsed last year. Many, many thanks to everyone involved.

We would like to thank the following organisations for donating prizes

• A week’s holiday for four from Pearly Grey • Seed pearl necklace from Tenerife Pearl • 100 Euros voucher and a set of Bamboo Towels from Antiquities Tenerife • Tickets for Loro Parque • Horse Treking for two from Asociacion Ecuestre Juan Martin • The gentleman who donated his Boozers Paradise Basket which he won at the Decades Show • A cut, wash and blow dry and a full set of nails from Cloud Nine Los Cristianos • Meal for two from Olivers With A

Twist, los Cristianos • Two Submarine Safari tickets • Decades Silver tickets for two • Sunday lunch for two at Garden City in las Americas • Meal for two at The Surry Arms in Los Cristianos • Meal for two at the Devon Arms, los Cristianos • Three Tickets for the Mustcat Excursion • Make up basket from Rene’s Make up • Bottle of wine from the Smugglers Tavern • Mini golf tickets from Treasure Island


Chris Mulvaney - Facebook Page: You’ve Been Flashed in Tenerife 655 784 500 Magic Moments, Gifts by Design, 617 153 827, 922 79 06 82 Mickey & Minnie Mouse Rachel 625 956 833 Balloon Sculptor/ Table top magic – Russ Myers – 676 306 874 Rene’s Make up 648 040 646

30 king Willem-Alexander – Europe’s Youngest king Q Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013

ueen Beatrix signed the official act of abdication in amsterdam on tuesday, making her eldest son, Crown Prince Willem-alexander, the first dutch king in more than 100 years. He is also europe’s youngest monarch. On her abdication, she became Princess Beatrix and her son ascends the throne as King WillemAlexander. He is the first Dutch king since Willem III died in 1890. The 46-year-old father of three’s popular Argentine-born wife becomes Queen Maxima and their eldest daughter, Catharina-Amalia, becomes Princess Orange and first in line to the throne. Willem-Alexander gripped his visibly emotional mother’s hand after they both signed the abdication document. The two then appeared together on a balcony of the Royal Palace on the city’s famous Dam Square and addressed the crowd. They were then joined by the new queen and their three children. The 75-year-old Queen ended her 33-year-reign as thousands of people dressed in orange cheered outside the Royal Palace in the Dutch capital and millions more watched on television. Beatrix, 75, announced her decision to relinquish the crown in January to make way for a new generation. On Monday night Queen Be-

atrix thanked the Dutch people in a televised address, where she urged them to support her son, whose wife Princess Maxima will be queen: “Now that my oldest son is to take over this fine and responsible job, it is my deep wish that the new royal couple will feel themselves supported by your loving trust. I am convinced that Willem-Alexander will apply himself with true devotion for everything a good king is obliged to do.” She also praised her late husband, Prince Claus, who died in 2002, for teaching their children to be in tune with changes in society: “Prince Claus brought our House (Of Orange) closer to this time,” she said. “Possibly history will show that the choice of this husband was my best decision.” The Dutch government allowed six protests to be staged around the city by anti-monarchist groups, and those who believe such an expensive ceremony is unjustifiable when the country’s economy is in recession. The king receives a stipend of 850,000 euros (£718,000) a year and an online petition to see that reduced has now reached over 20,000 signatures, half the number required to trigger a parliamentary debate. Organiser Anjo Clement said: “The monarchy is not democratic. It costs a lot of money. They pay no taxes and have free housing and enormous staff. And they have a hidden political power.” The Prince of Wales and the

Duchess of Cornwall were among those in the audience as the new king swore to be faithful to the constitution and faithfully discharge the duties of his office. President Obama sent a message of support: “On behalf of the American people, Michelle and I congratulate His Majesty Willem-Alexander on the occasion of his investiture as King of the Netherlands, and we wish the very best to him and

Queen Maxima as they assume their new roles.” Supporters argue Queen Beatrix has presided over a decline in the monarchy’s influence over the dayto-day running of the country, but her son has courted controversy for living an openly privileged life. At university, Willem-Alexander was nicknamed Prince Pils for his party antics and caused consternation when he married the daughter of

an Argentinian politician who had a leading role in the military junta of Jorge Rafael Videla. The prince tried to defend Maxima by issuing a letter proving her father had only played a minor role in the regime, which later proved to be written by Videla himself. Maxima later apologised for her husband’s actions telling reporters, in fluent Dutch, that he had been “a little bit dumb”.

Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013



By Marc Craig

Ghostface Gets TV Pilot Wes Craven’s 16 year old horror franchise “Scream”, is the latest big screen outing to be given a small screen makeover.

The movie franchise was created by screenwriter Kevin Williamson, who also wrote the screenplays of all but one of the 3 sequels. It’s not yet known if he’ll be involved in the TV series but original director, horror maestro Wes Craven (Nightmare on Elm Street, The Hills have Eyes) has been asked to oversee the reboot’s pilot episode which, if well received would then be made into a full series, to air summer 2014. This will actually be the 2nd of his movie franchises to get a TV series-at the height of the Nightmare on Elm Street’s film series popularity in the late 80’s, a horror anthology series was launched under the name Freddy’s Nightmares - the series, which lasted for 2 seasons (44 episodes) had very little to do with the demonic child killer with the razor claws, he only introduced each episode, a la “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” or “Tales from the Crypt”. Other notable movies that are being made into TV shows include “Hannibal”, based on the Thomas Harris books turned movie franchise about Hannibal “the cannibal” Lecter and “Bates Motel” which explores the relationship of Mrs Bates and her son Norman of “Psycho” fame. A spinoff of the massive Avengers movie, S.H.I.E.LD, is also in production by Joss Whedon, director of the Avengers film and creator

of another famous film (bad), turned TV series (excellent), Buffy The Vampire Slayer. All these are, or were fairly high profile but here are a few not so well known adaptations you may have missed!!! 1. Uncle Buck The John Candy hit got its own series but replaced comedy legend Candy with seriously unfunny Kevin Meaney as the titular character. 2. Ferris Bueller Starring an unknown Jennifer Aniston replacing Jennifer Grey as Ferris’s sister, it was cancelled after only a couple of months 3. Working Girl A very young Sandra Bullock replaced Melanie Griffith as the lead character Tess McGill 4. L.A Confidential If this prequel pilot had been picked up as a series, we may have never seen Keifer Sutherland as Jack Bauer in 24- he took on Kevin Spacey’s role in this TV adaptation 5. Baby Talk Based on the Look Who’s Talking movies, featured George Clooney as a love interest and replaced Bruce Willis as the voice of baby Mikey with Tony Danza (Taxi, Who’s the Boss?) With almost every TV series ever made getting big screen makeovers (The Lone Ranger next) it will be interesting to see how these new movies turned TV series fare- will they take advantage of the character development episodic TV allows, or will they fade into obscurity as quickly as the above list? Only time and ratings will tell!

Savages Side Effects

Showing daily at 17:45 hr - 106 min

Crime | Drama |Thriller Showing daily at 15:30 hr - 131 min Rated 12 Crime | Drama | Thriller - Rated R Starring Starring Rooney Mara - Emily Blake Lively - OTaylor Jude Law - Dr. Jonathan Banks Taylor Kitsch - Chon Channing Tatum - Martin Taylor

Aaron Taylor-Johnson - Ben

Emily Taylor, despite beinga reunited withand her Entrepreneurs Ben, peaceful husband from prison, becomesproducer, severely depressed charitable marijuana and emotional episodes and suicide attempts. Also showing at 15:35 hr Daily - Action - 130 min with friend Chon, a former Navy SEAL, run a Her psychiatrist, Jonathan Banks, after conferring lucrative, homegrown industry - raising with her previous doctor, eventually prescribes an some of the best weed ever developed. experimental new medication called Ablixa. Starring Robert Downey Jr and Gwyneth Paltrow

Tel: 922 713 858

Iron Man 3

Who Will Guard The Galaxy?

Casting is moving ahead quickly for the upcoming new Marvel movie “Guardians of the Galaxy”, due for release by Disney on August 1st 2014.

It’s by no means the only, or even the next Marvel superhero franchise to hit the big screen but as the rest are sequels (Iron Man 3,Thor-The Dark World, Captain America-The Winter Soldier, The Amazing Spiderman 2, Wolverine and X-men -Days of Future Past) there is a great deal of interest in the casting of the lead characters. GOTG is a lesser known Marvel property; it’s the story of Peter Quill or Star Lord, a human/alien hybrid who becomes an interplanetary spacecop and leader of the titular group. Casting announcements so far are, Chris Pratt (Zero Dark Thirty) as Star Lord, Zoe Saldana (Star Trek,Avatar) as alien goddess Gamora, WWE wrestler Dave Bautista as super-strong alien warrior Drax the Destroyer, Michael Rooker (The Walking Dead) as primitive hunter Yondu and most recently cast, Lee Pace (The Hobbit, Pushing Daisies)

in an as yet, unnamed villainous role. GOTG is to play a large role in the much talked about “ phase 2” of Marvel’s big screen master-plan -phase 1 consisted of solo outings for the 4 main Avengers, culminating in the 1.5 billion dollar monster hit Avengers Assemble. Phase 2 sees an interwoven plot of no less than 6 Marvel properties with crossovers galore!! Rumours already abound that the Guardian’s quirkiest character Rocket Raccoon is to make an appearance at the end of Iron Man 3 and that the Big Bad of both GOTG and Avengers 2 could be the deadly Alien Thanos (who already appeared post credits

at the end of Avengers)! Confused??? It might also be worth mentioning that in the comic world at least, Iron Man is currently a member of the Guardians and with pics of Tony Stark’s Iron Man space armour featuring in pre-publicity for Iron Man 3, it’s highly unlikely that Robert Downey JR is heading to a scrap metal dealer anytime soon and may instead be making the jump to space! One thing’s for sure, comic book fans have plenty to look forward to and whatever you do-don’t leave the theatre ‘til you’re sure you’ve not missed a post credit revelation. PS: Iron Man 3 is currently showing in English at Gran Sur....woop woop!!

Tearful Jls Announce Shock Split

Xfactor finalists JLS shocked and devastated fans last Friday when they announced they will split after 5 years together during an interview with Alan Carr on his talk show “Chatty Man”.

The boys became very emotional and shed a few tears after they told Carr they would call it quits after a farewell tour and greatest hits album titled “Goodbye”. Oritsé Williams seemed to be struggling to cope and had to be comforted by bandmate Marvin Humes as he choked back tears. Humes went on to say: ‘We never wanted to overstay our welcome. We never wanted to be that band where people said, “Oh, bloody hell. It’s JLS again”. ‘We wanted to finish on a high. We’re finishing with an arena tour — our third arena tour — and that is a massive achievement. The last five or so years have been nothing short of incredible. It has been an incredible journey.’ However in typical celeb “never say never”

style, the group have hinted that we may not have seen the last of them; Oritsé Williams admitted: ‘We may have reached the end of the JLS legacy.’ But Marvin Humes chipped in: ‘But this is not the end.’ Erm....... Farewell tour? Goodbye -the Greatest Hits? It either is or it isn’t boys!!!!


Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013

iTunes Celebrates A Decade Of success

aPPle is celebrating a decade of itunes, the digital music store that has seen more than 25 billion songs downloaded since its launch it april 2003.

MAY 2013 Friday 3rd May . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bitter & Twisted Experience Saturday 4th May . . . . . . . . . . . Saturday GALA Night Sunday 5th May . . . . . . . . . . . . . ViVO Sunday Carvery Monday 6th May . . . . . . . . . . . . Decades Spectacular Thursday 9th May . . . . . . . . . . . Decades Spectacular Friday 10th May . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bitter & Twisted Experience Saturday 11th May . . . . . . . . . . . Saturday GALA Night Sunday 12th May . . . . . . . . . . . . . ViVO Sunday Carvery Monday 13th May . . . . . . . . . . . . Decades Spectacular Thursday 16th May . . . . . . . . . . . Decades Spectacular Friday 17th May . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bitter & Twisted Experience Saturday 18th May . . . . . . . . . . . Bitter & Twisted Birthday Sunday 19th May . . . . . . . . . . . . . ViVO Sunday Carvery Monday 20th May . . . . . . . . . . . . Decades Spectacular Thursday 23rd May . . . . . . . . . . . Decades Spectacular Friday 24th May . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bitter & Twisted Experience Saturday 25th May . . . . . . . . . . . Saturday GALA Night Sunday 26th May . . . . . . . . . . . . . ViVO Sunday Carvery Monday 27th May . . . . . . . . . . . . Decades Spectacular Thursday 30th May . . . . . . . . . . . Decades Spectacular Friday 31st May . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bitter & Twisted Experience

JUnE 2013 Saturday 1st June . . . . . . . . . . . . Saturday GALA Night Sunday 2nd June . . . . . . . . . . . . . ViVO Sunday Carvery Monday 3rd June . . . . . . . . . . . . Decades Spectacular Thursday 6th June . . . . . . . . . . . Decades Spectacular Friday 7th June . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bitter & Twisted Experience Saturday 8th June . . . . . . . . . . . . Saturday GALA Night Sunday 9th June . . . . . . . . . . . . . ViVO Sunday Carvery Monday 10th June . . . . . . . . . . . . Decades Spectacular Thursday 13th June . . . . . . . . . . . Decades Spectacular Friday 14th June . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bitter & Twisted Experience Saturday 15th June . . . . . . . . . . Saturday GALA Night

iTunes launched with just 200,000 songs, and has since built up a catalogue of more than 35 million songs and has around 435 million active account-holders across the world. More than 15,000 songs are downloaded every minute, on average, and according to the technology website Pocket-lint, it would take more than 140,000 years to listen to every single music download available. Gennaro Castaldo, of HMV, said the music store - along with the iPod - had “undoubtedly” played a major part in changing the way consumers discover and listen to music: “Between them, they’ve helped to reshape the music landscape - in the process creating a commercially viable model for digital technology in much the same way the gramophone did for recordings some 100 years ago,” he said. “The challenge for Ap-

ple now is that digital consumers appear to be moving away from owned downloads to streaming, and there are now a growing number of competitors all looking to challenge their market dominance.” He added: “Demand for physical product also remains surprisingly resilient and there’s even been a mini-resurgence for formats like vinyl as some fans look for a more authentic music experience.” The anniversary comes as Apple’s arch-rival Samsung brings out its new Galaxy S4 smartphone in a bid to expand its presence in the high-end US market against the iPhone. Cameron Farrelly, a music specialist at the advertising agency pd3, said iTunes had “given us unrestricted and portable access to music’s extensive back catalogue and taught the masses the art of a perfect playlist. iTunes have pioneered a lis-

tening revolution”. Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of internet software and services, said the company took “great pride” in exposing music fans to new and emerging artists: “We thought if consumers had a great, legal way to download music they would embrace it - did they ever. Apple was floored, as were the labels, when customers bought over one million songs during the first week.” Geoff Taylor, CEO of the UK’s music industry body BPI, said: “I think we can credit iTunes with the resurgence of the singles market, which was in the doldrums in the early 2000s but has now hit a record high.” The iTunes store is available in 119 countries around the world. As well its vast collection of music tracks, it holds more than 190,000 episodes of television programmes and more than 45,000 films.

Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013


Sharples in Session By John Sharples

I’ll Have A Fiver On It

I, for one, am delighted that the new five pound note is going to feature Winston Churchill. At last, someone who is known by everyone in Britain and not just by the select few. The great man is quoted as saying, “Money is like manure, it’s only good if you spread it around”. Well, now he can keep an eye on it as it spreads around the UK with his face on it!

The last time that someone who was a true inspiration

to millions appeared on the notes was when Shakespeare adorned the fiver. I think that Shakespeare should be on the notes still. I know that they have to change them every now and then for various reasons including the

battle against forgery, but Shakespeare and Dickens are so deeply entrenched in the British Psyche that they deserve a place in our everyday life. I suppose it would be too much to ask to put Bitter and Twisted on the tenner?

What A Gem

You’ve Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two

Oh dear. Taxes are rising again in Spain as the government is forced to make further cutbacks and rake in cash from its people. These measures won’t be popular, but the country is in a terrible state at the moment. They have promised not to affect the catering and hotel industry, but there will be an inevitable knock on effect.

Those of us in Spain who have jobs are the lucky ones. Unemployment has risen to over 1 in 4 people. The younger workers are in an even worse position. It is so sad that over 57 percent of people aged 16 to 25 are out of work. What chance do these youngsters have to start a life and buy a home? It is all very sad. The people that are respon-

No More War!

The Syrian civil war is causing consternation in the USA and Britain. It looks like they have been using chemical weapons apparently. Hmmmm. We have heard all this before haven’t we? Remember Iraq?

Miriam Tucker, from Florida won a diamond worth 3,000 pounds. She had won it at a charity bash and someone had put it into her drink glass, God knows why?

Anyway, surprise, surprise, the 80 year old woman drank it along with her champagne. The dopey organizers of the event filled each of the 400 champagne glasses with cubic zirconia, except for the winning one which had

the real diamond which had been given to the event by a local business. She had an x-ray to see if it could be found, but the doctors had to carry out a colonoscopy before they managed to locate it. She then had to “Sit and wait” for it to come out naturally. It gets worse....... Once it came out, she took it for authentication without even cleaning it first. Honestly, you couldn’t make things like this up. What an idiotic way to run a raffle!

sible for this dreadful economic crisis will sail through it and we will be put in a similar position again in the future. Hopefully, I won’t be around to see it. We never seem to learn do we?

I just can’t help feeling that we should be concentrating on what is going on in our own countries just at the moment and putting all our efforts into getting people back to work, seeing to it that the sick are seen promptly and that the old and infirm are well looked after. We had our civil wars centuries ago and the Americans have had theirs. No one else got involved as we dragged ourselves through

the mud and killed our own countrymen. We have had our share of tyrants in our history and we fought our way out of the mess into freedom and democracy. Freedom comes at a price, usually war and bloodshed. We can only appreciate it and adapt into a society by fighting for our own causes. Why do we always have to go wading in to other people’s conflicts and put the lives of our own young people at risk? Isn’t it time that some other country did it, do we really have to act like the head of the world. What’s up with China doing something about it, or how about the super-rich Arabs getting together and dealing with the issues that are going on in their own region of the world. We simply can’t afford to

keep fighting other people’s battles for them. Isn’t it about time that we said that we are not getting involved instead of shooting our big mouths off and having a go at the way that other countries run their business? The British have no room to criticize others. We raped, pillaged and robbed countries in the past and made them part of the British Empire. Just because we don’t do it anymore, it doesn’t give us the right, with big brother America, to tell others what to do. It is time for others to pay in cash and blood; we’ve done more than enough. Now, Mr Cameron, get back behind your desk and out of that pulpit and start balancing the figures please. That’s what we pay you for! RANT OVER.


Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013

Whales Teach new Fishing Techniques


eSeaRCH has shown that whales pass on good ideas to each other in the same way as humans do. Researchers found that a new way to fish invented by a humpback whale was spread through all those living in one area of ocean. the hunting technique was developed after the whales, which are highly intelligent, were hit by a food crisis. after nearly 30 years, the technique had spread to 40% of the humpback population off new england in the uS. The whales were forced to find new prey after stocks of their preferred food, herring, were depleted in the early 1980s. Normally, humpback whales forage for food by blowing bubbles under water to confuse shoals of fish and herd them together. The bubbles force the fish to congregate in one place, making them easier for the whales to catch. But in 1980, as the herring stocks reached rock bottom, one whale was spotted feeding in a completely new manner. The whale slapped the water’s surface a few times with the end of its tail and only then dived down to bubble feed.

Scientists believe it was devised to target Sand lances, which often live on the sea bed. Although they are plentiful, they do not swim constantly in shoals like herring. It is believed that slapping the water could make the fish leave the sea bed, leaving them vulnerable to the whales.

By 2007, the technique, christened ’lobtail’ feeding, had caught on among a significant number of humpback whales in the Gulf of Maine, off the coast of Boston. Scientists think that the whales are able to show or somehow describe to other whales how to exploit the new technique. Use of the tech-

Question one: According to the traditional rhyme a child born on what day is loving and giving?

Question two: From which country does mulligatawny soup originate? Question three: In the financial world what do the letters IMF stand for? Question Four: Who was Lord Protector of England from 1653 to 1658? Question Five: How many triple score squares are there on a Scrabble


Question Six: Which sport was banned by the Scottish parliament in 1457?

Question Seven: Which singer had a backing group called The Wailers? Question eight: Which musical features the song “Oh, What A Beautiful


Question nine: Which Chelsea player scored a goal after only 42 seconds in the 1997 FA Cup Final against Middlesbrough? Question ten: What was the name of Charles Darwin’s survey ship in


Question eleven: By what other name are the inert gases known? Question twelve: The name of which make of car means “car for the people”?

nique is now concentrated at Stellwagen Bank, where the fish spawn and are especially abundant. Dr Luke Rendell, one of the researchers from the University of St Andrews in Scotland, said: “Our study really shows how vital cultural transmission is in humpback populations. Not only do they

learn their famous songs from each other, they also learn feeding techniques that allow them to buffer the effects of changing ecology.” The study, which follows 30 years of observations, is published in the latest edition of the journal Science.

Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013


gardening and Nature By Steve Andrews - aka Green Bard

The Dragon Tree is a Plant Symbol of Tenerife Drago Milenario


The Dragon Tree (Dracaena draco) adds its own exotic charm to Tenerife with its strange appearance, and the “Drago Milenario” in Icod de los Vinos has become a real tourist attraction. This ancient specimen is said to be 1,000-3,000-years-old although more realistic estimates say it is more likely around 650 years in age. However old the Drago Milenario is, it has its own park known as the Parque del Drago and it is a real miracle of the vegetable kingdom with its huge head of twisting branches that fan outward from its massive trunk. It is easy to imagine all sorts of things as we gaze in wonder at it. This is a tree that wouldn’t look at all out of place in

Dragon Tree berries

a Lord of the Rings film! The Dragon Tree was declared as an official plant symbol of Tenerife back in 1991 by virtue of a Regional Act and I think it well deserved this status. After all it is a tree that people actually travel to see when they come to Icod to see the famous Drago Milenario, which is said to be the biggest and oldest Dragon Tree in the world. The Dragon Tree gets its name because with its head of many small branches, it has been likened to a 100-headed dragon in Greek mythology that was said to guard the Garden of the Hesperides. The hero Hercules killed this mighty beast and when its blood hit the ground small trees began to sprout. Also aerial roots are produced that hang downward like a dragon’s beard, and if you cut the

Dragon Tree uses

Dragon’s Blood is collected by making shallow cuts in the trunk and then letting the resin that oozes out harden as it dries. It has astringent properties and chewing it is said to be good for the gums. Made into a tincture with alcohol, Dragon’s Blood has been also used as a remedy for coughs. Its medicinal properties were known about by the ancient Romans, and ground into a powder the dried resin has

been employed as a treatment for dysentery, ulcers and haemorrhages. Dragon’s Blood has been an ingredient in various dyes, lacquers and varnishes. The Guanches made shields from the Dragon Tree bark. These people practised mummification of their dead and it is thought that the Dragon’s Blood resin was one of the herbal ingredients used in the embalming process.

The small white flowers are produced in large numbers on flowerstalks and they turn into orange-red pea-sized berries with a single hard stone inside. These seeds are almost round and are surrounded by a small amount of edible flesh. It is said that the Guanches, who lived in the Canary Islands before the Spanish Conquest, used to use the Dragon Tree as a food source and also to make shields from its bark. The mencey or king of the Icod area is believed to have held meetings with his noblemen and advisors under the spreading branches of the Drago Milenario. It is very tempting to think that this ancient tree listened in to the plans of these people all those years ago but whether it is true or not is another matter. It isn’t a proper tree because it doesn’t have rings in the trunk if cut and so it is impossible to work out exactly how old individual specimens are except by estimating how long sections of the trunk and the branches took to grow. Dragon Trees are very drought resistant and in the wild can be found on cliffs and mountain slopes although they are now very rare in their natural habitat and are a protected species. Most towns and villages have their own Dragon Trees standing in some public spot and also they are commonly planted in gardens and parks around the island. They are easy enough to grow from seed and many gardening centres and tourist shops sell small trees. The seeds are sold in packets for the extortionate price of 1 Euro

or more for just a couple of seeds and why people buy them I never have been able to understand when you can easily find the berries on the ground under large Dragon Trees where they usually go to waste. It is a good idea to soak the seeds for a day before planting and be prepared to wait for them to sprout because Dragon Tree seeds usually take around a month before they germinate. You will see a tiny green spike poking through the compost. It is very rewarding though to grow your own Dragon Tree and they make interesting house plants in places like the UK where it is too cold for them to survive the winters. As we have already seen, Dragon Trees can live for a very long time and in ideal conditions much longer than humans, and I always think it is a wonderful idea to plant something that could still be around hundreds of years in the future!

Dragon Tree seedling

trunk it bleeds a sap that goes a dark red as it is exposed to the air and is known as Dragon’s Blood. Dragon Trees are very distinctive with their crowning rosettes of long pointed and leathery leaves and scarred trunks that often become a silvery-grey colour. They are very slow growing and do not branch until after they have flowered for the first time. This could take as much as 10 years. Strangely some trees keep growing and do not flower or branch. Why some flower at a lot shorter heights and others don’t is part of the mystery of the Dragon Tree.

Dragon Tree grown from seed

Also known as the Bard of Ely, the Green Bard has a Green Beard, as can be seen in the photo. He is an expert on nature and loves to write about wildlife and conservation. He has a very wide knowledge of edible plants, foraging and herbs.

He was quoted as a “Weed expert” in The Ecologist. The Green Bard, though originally from Cardiff in Wales, is currently based in Tenerife where he has successfully reared many Monarch butterflies on plants grown on his apartment balcony. In May, 2012, at the English Library in Puerto de la Cruz he gave a talk on the Flora and Fauna of Tenerife to a full house and has been invited back to be a guest speaker again.

Keep up to date with him at:


Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013

aquarius 20 January to 18 February

Much as you’d like to relax at home, career issues may take up a lot of time and energy. Monday could be frustrating in this respect, but don’t get uptight. Do the best you can and the situation may resolve itself. Meanwhile, adjust your schedule so you can recharge your batteries, eat well, and get more rest. Use this as a time of reflection in which you connect with your heart and rethink your priorities. You might get an impulse that could take you in a new direction.

First Family gift List Released

tHe uS State department has released a list of gifts given to top government officials during 2011, revealing the generosity of many foreign dignitaries.

Pisces 19 February to 20 March

One thing you may learn this week is to not argue with the powers that be. Someone may have you tied up in red tape that wastes your time and energy. Do the best you can and focus on what is working in your life. These issues should soon resolve themselves. They’re only temporary. Meanwhile, equally powerful energies may encourage you to connect with friends or business associates to collaborate on plans or projects. It could involve a financial incentive.

aries 21 March to 19 April

Despite your recent soaring successes, you may feel frustrated by a lack of progress on Monday. Perhaps financial issues aren’t moving quickly enough for you and are causing angst. You’ll soon develop a practical plan that enables you to move ahead. You might be busy working on a new contract or lucrative deal that could be perfect for you, but once again, patience may be needed when formulating the details. You’ll eventually get to a place where it all comes together.

taurus 20 April to 20 May

You seem to be in your element, although you might feel blocked by someone’s refusal to cooperate or see your viewpoint. Monday could be difficult in this respect, but it isn’t worth forcing the issue. Focus on what you can achieve, which may mean organizing your finances in order to study or travel. Use your current resources as a springboard to greater things. You may encounter more resistance from someone later in the week. Sidestep it and concentrate on the positive. It will melt away.

Gemini 21 May to 21 June

You might need to get a health issue checked earlier in the week, especially if you feel tired and generally lacking in energy. You need to pace yourself in general and not try to take on more than you can easily accomplish. Desires may be strong and should be linked to important goals as a way to channel potent energies. Notice where your passions and heartfelt needs lie, as this may give a clue to the next step on your path.

Cancer 22 June to 22 July

Your social life looks promising and very upbeat, which is great for dating, networking, and having a good time. Don’t be so caught up in yourself and your moods that you refuse an invitation, especially early in the week. Be willing get over your problem and get out of your own way. Something special may happen as a result. If you’re in a committed relationship, there is plenty of potential to enjoy life. Singles could get involved in intense situations with promising romantic outcomes.

Leo 23 July to 22 August

Home and career matters may need equal amounts of attention, which could take your focus off your primary goals. You may feel deeply frustrated on Monday as attempts to get ahead could be offset by additional responsibilities at home. It helps to go with the flow and do as much you can without worrying about it. There are possibilities for getting ahead at work and showing just how capable you really are. Attention to detail may earn you praise or even a future promotion.

Virgo 23 August to 22 September

You could be suspicious of someone’s motives when the person may be trying to help you. Reconsider your opinions on Monday. You could be sabotaging your own success by stubbornly blocking out someone’s suggestions. Meanwhile, your strength of mind may bring you additional bonuses in the form of fresh ideas and inspiration. You may be thinking of travel or study as a way to expand your horizons. You may make a decision to purposely move outside your comfort zone to see what you can accomplish.

libra 23 September to 23 October

Your finances may have been stretched lately. You could feel particularly frustrated on Monday when a financial transaction doesn’t work out as expected or if you have less cash than you thought. Try not to worry about it since this transit is temporary. You may also be thinking about investing in your home or property as a way to make your money work harder for you. Meanwhile, the desire to travel may also be on your mind. Why not go for it?

Scorpio 24 October to 21 November

A stubborn mood could cause problems when you don’t see eye to eye with another. However, you may be shooting yourself in the foot by being disagreeable. Try to be positive and open-minded and the week can get off to a good start. However, partnerships are important, especially as your partner may have so many sensual delights to offer you. Get together for a gourmet meal with your latest love interest and enjoy feeling loved and cherished.

Sagittarius 22 November to 21 December

It seems like you’ve been enjoying yourself lately, as you may have a built-in resistance to your routines. You might feel unnecessarily tired for no real reason other than they’re too much trouble. On the other hand, if you can focus, you may be able to close a lucrative deal, negotiate a pay raise, or find a way to increase your earnings and improve your lifestyle. Just a little effort could yield big results. As health issues are also in focus, don’t ignore these either.

Records show Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni gifted President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle more than $41,000 worth of luxury items over the year. Their presents included: Baccarat crystal table lamps; Baccarat statuettes of golfers; a monogrammed Louis Vuitton travel bag; his-and-hers Christian Dior bathrobes; and a large Hermes golf bag worth $7,750. While the Sarkozys gave the Obamas the most valuable gifts in 2011, they were not the only lavish givers. The governor of the Mexican state of Oaxaca presented the First Family with $13,200 worth of artwork, and former Chinese President Hu Jintao presented them with a 48-inch bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln valued at $9,800. But most world leaders were less generous in their gifts.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel gave Mr Obama a golf putter, and Canadian Prime Minister presented him with a basketball signed by the Toronto Raptors. Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard gave Mr Obama an iPod shuffle and Australian football jerseys. But the first family will not treasure these items for years to come; all gifts must be turned over to the National Archives. Other US officials also declared high-end items, as required by law, in 2011. The lists are often released a year or two late because of processing delays. Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton received a silk scarf, silver bowl and a gold coin worth $7,425 from the Sultan of Oman. And Deputy CIA Director Michael Morrell was given a silver hookah worth $1,500; the giver’s identity has been classified.

Children from 6 months to 5 years For more information: Call: 693 730 444

Capricorn 22 december to 19 January

There is a lot of activity in your romance zone, which you may be very happy about. If you’re single, you’ll enjoy flirting and chatting with positive, optimistic people. Those who love success as much as you do may be the ones you gravitate toward. Don’t let friends criticize your choice of dates. Ignore them and listen to your heart. You may be eager for one particular association to work out, but don’t try to manipulate things to your advantage. It’s best to go with the flow.

Situated in Las Chafiras Email:

Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013

pugh´s pantry


By Barry Pugh

Melt in the middle Chocolate Puddings

Chocolate fondant pudding, chocolate moelleux, chocolate lava cake or basically melt in the middle chocolate puddings. I first started making these when I worked in Liverpool with a great kitchen team. The hotel menu always featured a variation of these on the Table d’hôte menu, sometimes white chocolate, cinnamon, chocolate and toffee and even chocolate orange! There were so many different ways we used to make them. Many people cheat with them by quickly cooking them in the microwave, but the conventional way is always best to get that slight cake/muffin texture on the top of the cake. Here’s how to make that scrumptious pudding!


Pugh’s Tips/Hints:

When taking the cakes out of the oven, expect the cakes to still appear a little bit wet on the top and be a bit wobbly. So take care when running the knife around the edge of the cakes. There will be quite a lot of the melted part in the middle. If you’d prefer more cake and less sauce in the middle, cook for an extra 2 to 3 minutes. If you’re not going to serve it straight away, I use a silicon muffin mould, place it straight in the freezer when it has cooled slightly and let it freeze. Then you can easily remove them from the silicon when frozen and microwave for about 30 seconds when you need them. Try it with white chocolate, the results are really good and tasty, then serve it with a warm black cherry sauce! Why not make them in a cup and serve them to your diners on a saucer?

100g chocolate, minimum 70% cacao 100g unsalted butter, plus extra to grease 2 eggs 2 egg yolks 120g caster sugar 4 tablespoons cocoa powder 100g plain flour Method:

Heat oven to 160°c Break the chocolate into squares and melt it with the butter in a bowl over a saucepan of hot water. Take off the heat and leave to cool. Whisk the egg, egg yolk and sugar with an electric mixer until well mixed. Butter 4 ramekins, about 75mm in diameter. Dust well with the cocoa powder, then shake off any excess. Whisk the cooled chocolate mixture into the eggs and sugar mixture. Sift the flour over the mixture, and then fold in. Divide between the 4 ramekins. Bake for 15 minutes in the preheated oven. Run a knife around the edge of each cake and turn out onto plates. Serve straight away!

Jelly Fruit

I came across this great fun idea to make.

Simply take some large oranges, cut them in half and scoop out the centre leaving just the orange peel. Make your favourite jelly, pour it into the centre and allow it to set. Then cut it into segments! You can even try this with a melon or any other fruit that has a good skin. Why not even fill it with a selection of your favourite fruits then pour in the jelly for the ultimate fruit cocktail!!!


Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013

HinK PinKS

What’s a Hink Pink you ask?

Hink Pinks are fun rhyming word riddles. The answer to the riddle is a pair of words that rhyme with each other. For example: Large Feline would be Fat Cat.

1. a fragile end of the finger _____________________________________________ 2. a green mineral made into a cutting device _____________________________ 3. a happy post high school student ______________________________________ 4. a keen eyed bird’s discussion ___________________________________________ 5. a large branch _________________________________________________________ 6. a literary thief ________________________________________________________ 7. a naked sitting device __________________________________________________ 8. a literature hiding place __________________________________________________________________ 9. an uncooked animals foot ________________________________________________________________ 10. a pig meat rip off _______________________________________________________________________ 11. a prison for Moby ________________________________________________________________________ 12. a promise to grow _______________________________________________________________________ 13. a quick explosion ________________________________________________________________________ 14. a run for the money _____________________________________________________________________ 15. a sack for holding old Glory ______________________________________________________________

Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013

Motoring News


By Lingy

Dubai Police Luxury Cars Police in Dubai have been showing off their brand new patrol car – a Ferrari. The vehicle arrives hot on the heels of a Lamborghini that is already part of the city state’s crime-fighting team.

The car, which carries the green and white of Dubai Police, was unveiled at the foot of the Burj alKhalifa, the world’s tallest building. It will be used by women police to patrol tourist areas.

The introduction of luxury Italian cars to the police force is being seen as a sign of economic recovery in the Gulf emirate where a housing bubble burst in 2008. In Dubai, petrol is cheaper than drinking water, and authorities face significant challenges to curb road accidents caused by speeding. Last year, official figures put road deaths at 122, with 2,161 injuries, many of which occurred on the emirate’s notorious Sheikh Zayed highway.

New Volkswagen New Bentley 4x4 up! Special Editions


olkswagen is introducing two new special edition versions of the award winning Volkswagen up! called the Groove up! and the Rock up! The Volkswagen up! city car has won numerous accolades since its launch in late 2011, winning special praise for its combination of small footprint, big interior space and innovative City Emergency Braking system. It is popular as it is the perfect car for beginner drivers who need simplicity and safety and it boasts a class leading 1E group insurance rating which will again appeal to the younger generation as insurance premiums are so high. The car is available with two 1.0 litre three cylinder petrol engine options as well as a BlueMotion technology version. It has three doors and three trim levels Take up!, Move up! and High up! plus a special edition the up! black and up! white. The two new special editions are based on the High up! model which is the top spec model and each has its own unique twist. The Groove up! is available as either a three door or a five door model it features heated front seats, a leather-trimmed steering wheel, gear lever and handbrake with orange stitching,

bespoke black seats with orange edging, dark-tinted glass from the B-pillar back, 16-inch ‘Upsilon’ alloy wheels and black gloss door mirror caps. It really is ‘groovy’ and it is also fitted with a pumping Fender sound system, complete with six speakers, a subwoofer and a 300-Watt amplifier so you need to like your music loud! Other standard spec includes Maps & More personal infotainment device, which along with touchscreen satellite navigation provides Bluetooth phone connectivity and music streaming, making it a cinch to synch with your tunes. The Rock up! comes only as a three-door model and it is minus the Fender sound system, the distinctive styling includes an anthracite stripe running the length of the bonnet, roof and tailgate and a full body kit, consisting of gloss black front spoiler, side skirts, rear diffuser and

rear spoiler. The door mirror caps are also gloss black, apart from on vehicles ordered with Deep Black Pearl paintwork, in which case they are chrome, the fabulous 16-inch ‘Upsilon’ alloy wheels complete the look. The interior includes the same standard equipment as the high air conditioning, heated front seats, the Maps & More infotainment system and a six-speaker audio system are all standard, as is remote central locking.

Optional Equipment There is more too on offer, optional equipment includes City Emergency Braking system a sensor pack that includes rear parking sensors, cruise control and a multifunction computer and for the five-door Groove up!, a forward-folding front passenger seat to accommodate long loads. The Groove up! is also available with a panoramic glass sunroof.


entley produce the ultimate luxury tourers and now they have decided to go ‘off road’ and launch their first 4x4 vehicle which will no doubt rival the Range Rover and the Porsche Cayenne. On sale from 2015 priced at approximately £140,000 this luxury 4x4 will be on the shopping list of many a premiership footballer and it is hoped that the Royal Family who already have a number of bespoke Bentleys in their fleet, will invest in the ultimate ‘Chelsea tractor’.

Every Bentley is extremely luxurious and the new 4x4

takes it to another level as the very finest materials have been used. Bentley is using harder saddle leather for the first time in areas that may be subject to harder wear, this is a 4x4 after all the softer leather is where customers are more likely to touch it. Emerging from the traditional walnut dash is a hi-tech infotainment screen that seems to float above a panel with controls for the climate, navigation and entertainment systems. Full connectivity and Internet access with downloadable apps will keep the system up-todate. Other new features include major controls larger than usual so the driver can used them with gloves on plus the displays change depending on the driving mode and also show the view of exterior cameras. There is also full length panoramic sunroof with a central metal bar

running its full length and featuring grab handles. The size of the Bentley 4x4 is taller and wider than the Porsche Cayenne and lower and narrower than a Range Rover but longer than both!! The exterior boasts a wide matrix mesh grille flanked by large Mulsannestyle circular lights. Under the headlamps sit similarlysized circular air intakes, surrounded by LED daytime running lights. Chunky twin exhausts are integrated into metal under the bumper, which also features at the front and sides of the car. The traditional Bentley ‘catwalk’ bonnet crease runs from the outside of the grille to the edges of the wide, upright windscreen. Further styling lines are fed from the headlights, wrapping around the side of the car with side vents inspired by the Bentley flying B. It has a muscular and strong presence that will most certainly turn heads. The boot features a powered split tailgate and two fabulous hampers swing out from panels above the wheel arches great for the champagne picnic! The 23-inch turbine-style alloys with 800mm diameter tyres are clearly performance orientated Bentley engineering Chief Rolf Frech said “we have to show we can be good off road. If we build an SUV, it’ll be a real SUV, not a fake.” Under the bonnet of this new Bentley masterpiece is a twin-turbo six-litre W12 engine with an eight-speed transmission which is capable of 0 to 60mph in less than five seconds.


Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013


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18:00 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 22:40 23:20 00:00 00:55 01:55 02:25

Top Gear Traffic Cops Suits QI XL Extras Mock the Week Mongrels Suits QI XL Extras Mock the Week

08:25 10:00 11:00 12:05 12:35 13:45 14:45 15:30 16:00 17:00 18:00 18:30 19:00 19:30 20:00 21:00 22:00

06:00 Children’s TV 08:50 Bananas in Pyjamas 09:00 Tickety Toc 09:15 The Wright Stuff 11:10 Nature Shock 12:10 5 News Lunchtime 12:15 Iceland: Ashcloud Apocalypse 13:15 Home and Away 13:45 Neighbours 14:15 CSI: NY 15:10 My Neighbour’s Keeper 17:00 5 News at 5 17:30 Neighbours 18:00 18:30 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 22:55 23:55 00:00

Home and Away 5 News at 6.30 The Removal Men Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers The Mentalist CSI: Crime Scene Investigation CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Inside Hollywood Super Casino

06:30 European Tour Golf 10:30 Asian Tour Golf 12:30 Football League Semi-Final Play-Off 14:00 European Tour Golf 18:00 18:30 19:00 19:30 22:00 23:00 23:30 00:00 01:30 02:30 03:00

NBA Action Barclays Premier League Pro Contract -The Football Dream Football League Semi-Final Play-Off The Fantasy Football Club Barclays Premier League Pro Contract -The Football Dream Football League Semi-Final Play-Off The Fantasy Football Club Barclays Premier League Pro Contract -The Football Dream

19:00 Great Movie Mistakes 2: The Sequel 19:15 Doctor Who 20:00 World’s Craziest Fools 20:30 Snog, Marry, Avoid? 21:00 Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents 22:00 Impractical Jokers 22:30 EastEnders 23:00 Family Guy 23:45 American Dad!

11:00 Sea of Sand 12:55 The Four Feathers 15:10 The Anderson Tapes 17:05

18:55 21:00 23:20 01:30

Porridge Fletch and Godber find themselves on the wrong side of the bars. Never Been Kissed Eclipse Animal Kingdom The Conversation


Good Morning Sports Fans 07:00 Good Morning Sports Fans 08:00 Super League Superstars 08:30 Super Rugby Union 10:30 Super Rugby Union 12:30 The Rugby Club 14:00 Footballers’ Football Show 15:30 Super Rugby Union 17:30

19:30 22:00 00:00 01:00 03:00

Super Rugby Union Melbourne Rebels host the Chiefs at AAMI Park. Rugby League World Wrestling Entertainment Late Night Smackdown World Wrestling Entertainment Late Night Bottom Line Rugby Super League Super League Superstars

Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013


S a t u r d ay - T V 06:00 10:00 11:30 12:00 12:10 12:15 13:00 16:30 17:20 18:10 18:20 18:30

19:15 20:05 21:25 22:15 22:30 00:00 01:10

06:00 08:15 11:15 12:20 12:35 14:35 16:20 16:50 17:25 18:00 20:15 21:20 22:15 23:05 23:35 00:35 01:35 02:00 02:50

Breakfast Saturday Kitchen Live Nigel Slater’s Simple Suppers BBC News BBC London News Football Focus World Championship Snooker Final Score Pointless BBC News BBC London News Doctor Who Something ghastly is afoot in Victorian Yorkshire. National Lottery: Who Dares Wins The Voice UK Casualty BBC News Match of the Day The Football League Show Weatherview

Coronation Street Emmerdale Britain’s Got More Talent The Hot Desk King Ralph The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas You’ve Been Framed! You’ve Been Framed! You’ve Been Framed! Twister Britain’s Got More Talent Totally You’ve Been Framed! Celebrity Juice Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records Britain’s Got Talent Britain’s Got More Talent You’ve Been Framed! Funniest Ever You’ve Been Framed! Teleshopping

06:55 Up in the World 08:25 The Early Bird 10:00 World Championship Snooker 12:00 University Challenge 12:30 Just a Minute 13:00 MotoGP 14:00 EastEnders Omnibus 15:50 Coast 16:30 World Championship Snooker 17:30 Flog It! 18:30 Dad’s Army 19:00 World Championship Snooker Live action is introduced by Jason Mohammad from the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield. 21:30 QI XL 22:15 The United States of Television: America in Primetime 23:15 Sin City 01:10 This is BBC Two

06:10 06:35 08:35 09:40 10:45 11:50 12:55 14:00 16:00

Home to Roost Murder, She Wrote The Return of Sherlock Holmes The Royal The Royal Pie in the Sky Agatha Christie’s Poirot A Touch of Frost Watership Down


Agatha Christie’s Marple The Murder at the Vicarage. In the sleepy English village of St Mary Mead, one man - Colonel Protheroe - is intensely disliked by everyone. 20:00 Doc Martin 21:00 Lewis 23:00 Taggart 00:00 Taggart 01:00 Pie in the Sky 01:50 Drama Trails

4 M ay th

06:00 CITV 07:35 Ultimate Spider-Man 08:00 Jessie 08:25 ITV News 08:30 Saturday Farm 09:25 Jeremy Kyle Show 10:20 My Tasty Travels with Lynda Bellingham 11:20 Murder, She Wrote 12:20 ITV News 12:35 Fool Britannia 13:05 All Star Mr and Mrs 14:05 River Monsters 15:10 The Chase 16:10 Midsomer Murders 17:45 ITV News 18:15

You’ve Been Framed! Top 100 Weddings 19:15 Britain’s Got Talent 20:15 The Cube 21:20 The Jonathan Ross Show 22:20 ITV News 22:35 Basic Instinct 00:50 Jackpot247

06:00 06:10 07:05 08:05 09:05 10:00 10:35 11:35 12:10 15:00 19:30

20:30 21:35 23:55 02:00 02:40 02:45

World of Sport The Professionals Minder The Big Match Revisited Bundesliga UEFA Champions League Weekly Motorsport UK Motorway Patrol Dunkirk Cricket Indian Premier League Greatest Hitters Simon Hughes presents a selection of some of the best moments from IPL’s biggest hitting batsmen. River Monsters Jaws 2 Sweeney! Richard Bacon’s Beer and Pizza Club Film File ITV4 Nightscreen

06:10 06:35 07:00 07:25 07:55 09:00 10:00 11:00 12:05 12:35 13:40 16:10 16:40 17:10 17:40 18:10 18:40 19:00 20:00 21:00 23:25 01:20

The Hoobs Caterham Motorsport FIM Superbike World Championship Mobil 1 The Grid The Morning Line Everybody Loves Raymond Frasier Big Bang Theory The Simpsons Heston’s Titanic Feast Channel 4 Racing Come Dine with Me Come Dine with Me Come Dine with Me Come Dine with Me Come Dine with Me Channel 4 News Sarah Beeny’s Selling Houses Grand Designs Star Trek Premonition The Big City: Mahanagar

07:00 Bush Pilots 07:45 Carpool 08:10 Top Gear 10:00 Storage Hunters 11:00 Lizard Lick Towing 11:30 Man v Food Presents 12:00 Red Dwarf 12:35 Red Dwarf 13:15 Red Dwarf 13:50 Red Dwarf 14:25 Red Dwarf 15:00 Red Dwarf 15:35 Red Dwarf 16:15 Red Dwarf 16:50 Red Dwarf 17:30 Red Dwarf 18:10 18:50 19:30 20:10 21:00 22:30 23:10 23:50 00:30 01:10

Red Dwarf Red Dwarf QI Dara O’Briain: School of Hard Sums Red Dwarf Red Dwarf Red Dwarf Red Dwarf Red Dwarf Red Dwarf

Britain’s Got Talent ITV 1 - 19:15 - 20:15 Following one of its most successful runs in 2012, the nation’s favourite entertainment series Britain’s Got talent is back, with the four formidable judges – Simon Cowell, amanda Holden, alesha dixon and david Walliams – once more on a mission to find the most original and exciting talent around. The undisputed kings of British TV Ant and Dec return as hosts to guide viewers through the action from an amazing array of acts. Simon Cowell and his fellow judges provide entertainment in equal measure with laughter, tears, bickering and bromance as they decide


if each performer has what it takes to make it through the auditions for a coveted spot in the live semi-finals and the chance to perform at The Royal Variety Performance. The competition is open to all performers of any age and with any talent. This year’s Britain’s Got Talent is packed full of more variety than ever before with comedians and contortionists, dancers and drag acts and acrobats and animals all set to shine. All the acts need is the skill that they believe will both impress the judges and entertain the nation. For the latest Britain’s Got Talent news follow @GotTalent and @BGTpress and #BGT on Twitter.

06:00 08:45 09:15 09:30 09:45 10:00 10:15 10:50 11:15 11:20 12:20 13:20 14:25 16:10 18:05 19:30 21:20 22:15 23:10 00:10

Children’s TV Rupert Bear Toby’s Travelling Circus Roary the Racing Car Jelly Jamm The Mr Men Show Power Rangers: Super Samurai Batman: The Brave and the Bold Inside Hollywood Frontline Police Emergency Bikers Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild Avalanche Express Breakheart Pass Jesse Stone: Stone Cold NCIS Law and Order: Criminal Intent Law and Order: Special Victims Unit Law and Order: Special Victims Unit Super Casino

06:00 European Tour Golf Day three of the Volvo China Open from Binhai Lake Golf Club. 10:00 Sky Sports Classics 10:15 IRB Sevens World Series Rugby Day one of the Glasgow Sevens from Scotstoun Stadium. 14:00 Premiership Rugby 17:00

18:55 21:00 23:00 00:00 01:00 01:30 02:00

Rugby League Wakefield Wildcats welcome Catalan Dragons to the Rapid Solicitors Stadium. Football Football Football League Football League Semi-Final Play-Off Scottish Football League Pro Contract -The Football Dream La Liga

19:00 19:05 19:35 21:00 21:30 22:00 22:45 23:30 00:55

11:00 13:00 15:10 17:10

Pop’s Greatest Dance Crazes Animal Antics G-Force Sweat the Small Stuff Russell Howard’s Good News Family Guy American Dad! Old School Russell Howard’s Good News

Cat Ballou Fool’s Gold Home Alone She’s the Man

19:10 21:00 23:30

Legend Dogma Star Trek Into Darkness Interview Special 23:40 30 Days of Night 01:50 Tiny Furniture

06:00 06:30 07:30 08:00 08:30 09:00 10:00 12:00 15:15 15:30 16:30 17:00

19:55 20:25 22:15 23:45 01:15 02:45

FIFA Futbol Mundial Ringside Barclays Premier League Champions League Weekly Pro Contract -The Football Dream The Fantasy Football Club Soccer A.M. Championship Football Football Gold Ringside NBA Action Football League Semi-Final Play-Off Pro Contract -The Football Dream Football First Football First Football First Football First Football First

Editor Recommends


Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013


5 M ay

Sunday - TV

06:00 07:30 09:00 10:00 11:00 12:20 13:15 14:15 14:45 15:00 16:00 16:35 17:35

Breakfast Match of the Day The Andrew Marr Show The Big Questions Sunday Politics Countryfile Bargain Hunt Helicopter Heroes Points of View Escape to the Country Songs of Praise Great Bear Stakeout The Diamond Queen

18:35 BBC News 18:50 BBC London News 19:00 Countryfile 20:00 Antiques Roadshow 21:00 The Village 22:00 BBC News 22:15 BBC London News 22:25 Match of the Day 2 23:35 Late Kick Off 00:05 The Sky at Night 00:25 A Boy Called Dad 01:40 Weatherview

06:00 06:20 09:10 11:40 13:25 15:30 16:00 16:35 17:40 18:45

21:00 23:20 00:10 02:00 02:50

Planet’s Funniest Animals Emmerdale Omnibus Coronation Street Omnibus The Borrowers Happy Feet You’ve Been Framed! You’ve Been Framed! Britain’s Got Talent Britain’s Got More Talent Peter Pan Peter Pan flies into the lives of the Darling children and whisks them off to the magical world of Neverland. 300 Celebrity Juice The Invention of Lying 666 Park Avenue Teleshopping

06:00 06:10 07:40 09:15 10:00 11:30 12:00 12:30 14:00 18:00

19:00 23:00 00:00 01:40 02:35

06:00 06:10 06:35 07:40 09:30 10:30 11:35 13:30 14:35 15:50 17:55 20:00

22:45 00:30 01:25 02:15

This is BBC Two Experiment Perilous The White Tower A to Z of TV Gardening Saturday Kitchen Best Bites Beechgrove Garden Gardeners’ World MotoGP World Championship Snooker Coast The Secret Life of Sea Cliffs. Nick Crane explores some of the most spectacular and scary sea cliffs in Britain. World Championship Snooker Dave Allen: God’s Own Comedian Romance and Cigarettes Countryfile Holby City


06:00 06:40 07:05 07:20

09:25 10:20 11:20 12:20 12:30 13:30 14:30 16:25

CITV Dino Dan Canimals Almost Naked Animals Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sonny with a Chance ITV News Country House Sunday Jeremy Kyle Show Murder, She Wrote Dickinson’s Real Deal ITV News Love Your Garden Britain’s Got Talent Fletch Midsomer Murders

18:15 18:45 19:30 20:00 22:00 22:55 23:15 00:10

ITV News Catchphrase Off Their Rockers Endeavour Perspectives ITV News Rugby Highlights The Store

Drama Trails World Kitchen Murder, She Wrote Watership Down Heartbeat Heartbeat A Touch of Frost Wycliffe The Return of Sherlock Holmes The Secret of My Succe$s Agatha Christie’s Poirot

06:00 06:10

World of Sport World’s Wildest Police Videos The Big Match Revisited Police, Camera, Action! Police, Camera, Action! The Saint World’s Wildest Police Videos MSA British Touring Car Championship

Seabiscuit Stirring real-life drama in which a jockey, a trainer and a grieving entrepreneur buy and train an undersized thoroughbred. A Touch of Frost Wycliffe Murder, She Wrote Agatha Christie’s Partners in Crime


07:30 08:00 08:25 08:30

06:55 07:55 08:20 08:50 09:50 10:45

19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 00:00 00:30 01:00 01:55

BRDC Formula 4 Championship World of Sport Rugby Highlights Cricket Burn after Reading Police, Camera, Action! Police, Camera, Action! World’s Wildest Police Videos Minder

Tel. 922 714 500 Whale Watching Puerto Colon 2 Hours 22 Euros

06:10 07:05 07:30 08:25 08:55 09:30 12:00 12:25 12:50 13:20 13:50 16:10 17:10

The Hoobs Freesports on 4 Everybody Loves Raymond Frasier Frasier Sunday Brunch Big Bang Theory Big Bang Theory The Simpsons The Simpsons Channel 4 Racing Deal or No Deal Five Minutes to a Fortune

18:10 Channel 4 News 18:30 Come Dine with Me 19:25 Gulliver’s Travels 21:00 Peter Kay Live: The Tour That Didn’t Tour -Tour 22:55 The Waterboy 00:40 Charulata: The Lonely Wife 02:45 Coming Up 05:50 Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard

07:00 Bush Pilots 07:45 Carpool 08:10 Man v Food Presents 08:35 Storage Hunters 09:00 Storage Hunters 09:30 Storage Hunters 09:55 Storage Hunters 10:25 Storage Hunters 11:20 Storage Hunters 12:20 Storage Hunters 12:50 Storage Hunters 13:15 QI 13:50 QI 14:30 QI 15:10 QI 15:50 QI 16:30 QI 17:00 QI 17:40 QI 18:20 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 23:00

QI QI XL QI XL QI XL QI XL Dara O’Briain: School of Hard Sums 23:50 QI XL

06:00 08:45 09:00 09:15 09:30 09:45 10:00 10:10 10:40 11:05 11:35 12:35 14:20 16:00 18:00 20:05 21:00 21:55 22:00 23:55 00:55

06:00 07:30 09:00 09:30 11:00 13:00 15:30


21:00 22:00 23:30 00:30 02:00 03:00

Children’s TV Rupert Bear Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom Toby’s Travelling Circus Roary the Racing Car Jelly Jamm Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures Power Rangers: Super Samurai Batman: The Brave and the Bold Climbing the Giants The Hotel Inspector Thunderpants Along Came Polly What a Girl Wants Dirty Dancing Once Upon a Time The Truth About Travellers 5 News Weekend London Boulevard Soho Blues Super Casino

Football First Football First Pro Contract The Football Dream The Sunday Supplement Goals on Sunday Football Football Manchester United take on Chelsea at Old Trafford. Football League Semi-Final Play-Off The second leg of an npower League Two play-off semi-final. Scottish Premier League Ford Football Special Football League La Liga Scottish Premier League Ford Football Special

19:00 Great TV Mistakes 19:10 Snog, Marry, Avoid? 19:40 The Voice UK 21:00 Russell Howard’s Good News Extra 21:45 Sweat the Small Stuff 22:30 Barely Legal Drivers 23:30 Family Guy 00:15 American Dad! 01:00 Russell Howard’s Good News Extra

11:00 Calamity Jane 13:00 Jungle 2 Jungle 15:05 Five Children and It 16:50 Inkheart 18:55

21:00 23:45 01:50

Another Stakeout John Badham’s comedy thriller stars Richard Dreyfuss and Emilio Estevez. True Lies Predator Bad Education

06:00 European Tour Golf 10:00 Asian Tour Golf 11:55 Football League Play-Off The second leg of a npower League Two play-off semi-final. 14:30 Football Kilmarnock host Hibernian at Rugby Park. 17:00 WWE Experience 17:55 Football Sevilla host Espanyol at the Estadio Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan. 20:00 Football Barcelona take on Real Betis at the Nou Camp. 22:00 Giro D’italia Cycling The second stage of the 2013 Giro d’Italia. 23:30 Super League Fulltime 00:30 Super Rugby 01:00 Giro D’italia Cycling 02:30 Super League Fulltime

Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013


M o n d ay - T V 06:00 09:00 09:45

Breakfast Fake Britain Homes Under the Hammer 10:45 Animal Frontline 11:15 Don’t Get Done, Get Dom 12:00 Bargain Hunt 13:00 BBC News at One 13:30 Escape to the Country 14:30 Perfection 15:15 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is 16:00 Planet Earth 17:30 Wallace and Gromit: A Close Shave 18:00 BBC News at Six 18:30 The One Show 19:10 Pointless 20:00 EastEnders 20:30 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl 22:40 BBC News at Ten 23:00 Have I Got a Bit More News for You 23:45 The Graham Norton Show

06:00 Emmerdale 06:25 Coronation Street 07:25 The Hot Desk 07:35 You’ve Been Framed! 08:35 Flipper 10:25 The Borrowers 12:15 Emmerdale 12:50 Coronation Street 13:20 Coronation Street 13:50 The Jeremy Kyle Show 14:50 The Jeremy Kyle Show 15:55 Totally You’ve Been Framed! 17:00 Happy Feet 19:00 You’ve Been Framed! 19:30 You’ve Been Framed! 20:00 Britain’s Got Talent 21:00 Hellboy II: The Golden Army 23:20 The Grudge 01:15 Britain’s Got More Talent 02:05 Life’s Funniest Moments 02:30 Teleshopping

06:20 07:20 08:05 08:35 09:20 10:50 12:30 14:30 18:00 18:30 19:00

23:00 00:00 01:20


6 M ay th

Homes Under the Hammer Don’t Get Done, Get Dom Animal Frontline Animal Park The Prince of Egypt Tintin and the Golden Fleece Badminton Horse Trials World Championship Snooker Eggheads Flog It! World Championship Snooker The snooker season reaches its climax as a possible ten frames decide the 2013 World Championship. The Many Faces of Michael Crawford For Your Consideration Keeping Britain Alive: The NHS in a Day

06:00 Heartbeat 06:55 The Royal 08:00 Murder, She Wrote 09:00 Ideal World 10:00 Film File 10:05 George and Mildred 10:40 The Sign of Four 13:00 Heartbeat 14:00 The Royal 15:00 Pie in the Sky 16:05 Home to Roost 16:40 On the Buses 17:15 George and Mildred 17:50 Heartbeat Maggie goes to the police when her suspicions are aroused about the death of an elderly patient. 18:50 Murder, She Wrote 19:55 Agatha Christie’s Marple 22:00 afterlife 23:00 Law and Order: UK 00:00 Murder in Suburbia 01:00 Ruth Rendell Mysteries

06:00 Daybreak 08:30 Lorraine 09:25 Jeremy Kyle Show 10:30 Tipping Point 11:30 You’ve Been Framed! 11:55 ITV News 12:15 K-9 14:00 Rory Bremner’s Great British Views 15:00 Our Queen 17:00 The Chase 18:00 ITV News 18:30 You’ve Been Framed! 19:00 Emmerdale 19:30 Coronation Street 20:00 James Nesbitt’s Ireland 20:30 Coronation Street 21:00 Vicious 21:30 The Job Lot 22:00 ITV News at Ten 22:15 The Jonathan Ross Show 23:15 Monk 00:05 Jackpot247 03:00 UEFA Champions League Weekly

06:00 06:20 07:10 08:10 09:10 10:10 10:40 11:10 12:10 15:00

19:30 20:30 21:00 23:05 00:05 01:05

World of Sport The Professionals The Saint The Big Match Revisited Minder Police, Camera, Action! Police, Camera, Action! The Professionals Dunkirk Cricket Adam Gilchrist’s Kings XI Punjab have made a steady start but will have their work cut out against the high flying Royal Challengers Bangalore. Rugby Highlights Motorway Patrol Sweeney! Bundesliga Freddie Flintoff Versus the World The Professionals

06:15 07:10


The Hoobs The Land Before Time Frasier The Secret Millionaire Come Dine with Me What’s Cooking? Sarah Beeny’s Selling Houses Four Rooms Countdown 1001 Things You Should Know Deal or No Deal Come Dine with Me The Simpsons Hollyoaks Channel 4 News Superscrimpers: Waste Not, Want Not The Hoarder Next Door Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA Alan Carr: Chatty Man Random Acts

06:00 07:10 08:20 09:50 10:20 10:50 11:20 11:50 12:20 12:45 13:15 13:45 14:45 15:50 17:20

Home Shopping Top Gear Top Gear Storage Hunters Storage Hunters Storage Hunters Storage Hunters Storage Hunters Storage Hunters Storage Hunters Storage Hunters Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear Top Gear


Have I Got a Bit More News for You Top Gear Russell Howard’s Good News Never Mind the Buzzcocks Have I Got a Bit More News for You Argumental Al Murray’s Compete for the Meat

08:25 10:00 11:00 11:30 12:40 13:45 14:45 15:30 16:00 17:00 18:00 18:30 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 23:05

20:00 22:40 23:35 00:15 01:15 01:55

06:00 Children’s TV 08:30 Milkshake Monkey 08:35 Roary the Racing Car 08:45 Bananas in Pyjamas 09:00 Tickety Toc 09:15 The Wright Stuff 11:10 Trauma Doctors 12:10 5 News Lunchtime 12:15 Benidorm ER 13:15 Home and Away 13:45 Neighbours 14:20 The Poseidon Adventure 16:55 Inside Hollywood 17:00 5 News at 5 17:30 Neighbours 18:00 18:30 18:35 19:00 20:00 21:00 22:00 00:20

06:00 07:00 08:00 09:00 10:00 11:00 13:00 16:15 19:00

23:00 23:30 00:00 01:00

Home and Away 5 News at 6.30 Ultimate Police Interceptors Building the London Underground Motor Morphers Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild The Bone Collector CSI: Miami

Good Morning Sports Fans Good Morning Sports Fans Good Morning Sports Fans Golden Moments of European Football Soccer A.M. -The Best Bits Soccer Extra Bank Holiday Special Football League: Play-off (Semi Final) Football League: Play-off (Semi Final) Football Sunderland host Stoke City at the Stadium of Light in the Barclays Premier League. Netbusters SPL Round-Up Soccer A.M. -The Best Bits Ford Monday Night Football

19:00 19:10 20:30 21:00 22:00 22:30 23:00 23:45 00:30 01:30

11:00 12:45 14:35 16:45

Great TV Mistakes G-Force World’s Craziest Fools Unsafe Sex in the City Snog, Marry, Avoid? EastEnders Family Guy American Dad! Some Girls Snog, Marry, Avoid?

High Noon Anastasia Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Night at the Museum


Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian 21:00 Die Hard 4.0 23:30 Midnight Express 01:50 I Killed My Mother

06:00 Aerobics: Oz Style 06:30 Thrillseekers: Dirt 07:00 WWE Bottom Line 08:00 PGA Tour Golf 11:00 European Tour Golf 13:00 Super Rugby 13:30 YB40 Cricket Middlesex Panthers face the Welsh Dragons at Lord’s. 19:30


23:00 00:30 01:00 02:30

IRB Sevens World Series Rugby The IRB Sevens World Series continues with the Scotland Sevens from Glasgow. Championship Rugby Union The first leg of an RFU Championship play-off semi-final. Footballers’ Football Show Thrillseekers: Dirt Championship Rugby Union European Tour Golf

James Nesbitt’s Ireland Editor Recommends ITV 1 - 20:00 - 20:30

James explores ireland’s rich coastal culture. the rugged coast of northern ireland and the majestic Giant’s Causeway. every year, 600,000 tourists, locals, geologists and school children come through the Visitors Centre. James says: “it’s a unique landmark that’s particularly close to my heart. i grew up not far from here and used to make regular day trips with my family.” On the West Coast we meet Oyster farmer Diarmuid Kelly and local restaurateur Michael Moran, who is visiting Diarmuid’s farm. Michael is in training for the world oyster opening championships, which

are being held at the Galway oyster festival. His father and uncle were both world champion twice and as this year’s Irish entrant, Michael carries the hopes of the nation, and his family, on his shoulders. Michael says: “It’s the start of the season and I’m so excited. Oysters are my life. I eat, drink and sleep oysters.” The seas around the Irish coast have shaped both the cliffs and also the lives of the Irish people for thousands of years. Former pro-surfer John McCarthy spent twenty years chasing waves all over the world. But Ireland is now a top surf destination which enticed him to Lahinch, in County Clare where he runs his own surf school.


Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013


7 M ay

Tu e s d a y - T V

06:00 09:15 10:00

18:00 BBC News at Six 19:00 The One Show 19:30 EastEnders 20:00 Holby City 21:00 The Apprentice 22:00 BBC News at Ten 22:35 The Wright Way 23:05 Live at the Apollo 23:35 What Just Happened

Watchdog Paul Hollywood’s Bread 10:35 HARDtalk 11:00 BBC News 12:00 The Daily Politics 13:00 Britain’s First Photo Album 13:30 Super League Show 14:15 Mastermind 14:45 My Life in Books 15:15 Rewind the 60s 16:00 Life in the Undergrowth 17:00 The Great British Bake Off Masterclass 18:00 Eggheads 18:30 Flog It! 19:00 Nature’s Weirdest Events 20:00 Alex Polizzi - The Fixer Returns 21:00 Keeping Britain Alive: The NHS in a Day 22:00 The Apprentice: You’re Fired! 22:30 Newsnight 23:20 Toughest Place to be a Binman - The Return

06:00 Emmerdale 06:25 Coronation Street 07:25 Jeremy Kyle Show 08:10 You’ve Been Framed! 08:40 Judge Judy 09:05 The Only Way is Essex 10:35 Real Housewives of Atlanta 11:35 The Millionaire Matchmaker 12:30 Emmerdale 13:00 Coronation Street 14:00 Jeremy Kyle Show 16:10 Real Housewives of Atlanta 17:05 The Millionaire Matchmaker 18:00 Jeremy Kyle Show 19:00 You’ve Been Framed! 20:00 Peter Andre: My Life 21:00 The Vampire Diaries 22:00 666 Park Avenue 23:00 Celebrity Juice 23:45 Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records 00:15 The Vampire Diaries

06:00 Heartbeat 06:55 The Royal 08:00 Murder, She Wrote 09:00 Ideal World 10:00 Drama Trails 10:05 George and Mildred 10:40 Sherlock Holmes 13:00 Heartbeat 14:00 The Royal 15:00 Pie in the Sky 16:05 Home to Roost 16:40 On the Buses 17:15 George and Mildred 17:50 Heartbeat Mike and Jackie are ordered to provide a safe house for a dangerous police informer. 18:55 Murder, She Wrote 19:55 Midsomer Murders 22:00 Wire in the Blood 23:00 Law and Order: UK 00:00 Pie in the Sky 01:05 The Blackheath Poisonings 02:05 ITV3 Nightscreen 02:30 Teleshopping

11:00 11:30 12:15 13:00 13:45 14:15 15:00 15:45 16:30 17:15

Breakfast Fake Britain Homes Under the Hammer Animal Frontline Don’t Get Done, Get Dom Bargain Hunt BBC News at One Doctors Escape to the Country Perfection The Hairy Bikers’ Food Tour of Britain Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Pointless

09:05 10:05


06:00 08:30 09:25 10:30 11:25 11:30 12:30 13:30 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00

Daybreak Lorraine The Jeremy Kyle Show This Morning ITV News This Morning Loose Women ITV News Rory Bremner’s Great British Views Dickinson’s Real Deal Tipping Point The Chase

06:10 07:05 07:30

ITV News Emmerdale River Monsters Caroline Quentin’s National Parks Who Wants to be a Millionaire? ITV News at Ten and Weather The Zoo In Plain Sight Jackpot247 Loose Women

16:00 17:00 18:00 18:30 19:00 20:00 21:00

18:00 19:00 19:30 20:00 21:00 22:00 22:35 23:35 00:25 03:00

06:00 06:55

The Professionals The Big Match Revisited 07:55 The Sweeney 08:55 Minder 10:00 Motorsport UK 11:00 Cricket Double bill of IPL action as Rajasthan Royals host the Delhi Daredevils in the first match of the day, followed by Sachin Tendukar’s Mumbai Indians against the Kolkata Knight Riders. 20:00 21:00 22:30 01:00 01:40 02:40 02:50

World Rally Championship Highlights British Touring Car Championship Highlights Manhunter Richard Bacon’s Beer and Pizza Club Minder Film File ITV4 Nightscreen

08:25 10:00 11:00 11:30 12:45 13:45 14:45 15:30

22:00 23:05 23:10 00:15

The Hoobs According to Jim Everybody Loves Raymond Frasier The Secret Millionaire Come Dine with Me What’s Cooking? Sarah Beeny’s Selling Houses Four Rooms Countdown 1001 Things You Should Know Deal or No Deal Come Dine with Me The Simpsons Hollyoaks Channel 4 News Embarrassing Bodies Mary Queen of the High Street Shameless Random Acts Ben Earl: Trick Artist Pokerstars.Co.UK Ept Barcelona

06:00 07:10 08:10 08:35 09:00

Home Shopping Dragons’ Den Fifth Gear Fifth Gear Red Bull Cliff Diving Red Bull liff Diving Top Gear Top Gear Seaside Rescue Top Gear Top Gear

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06:00 Children’s TV 08:45 Bananas in Pyjamas 09:00 Tickety Toc 09:15 The Wright Stuff 11:10 Emergency Bikers 12:10 5 News Lunchtime 12:15 Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers 13:15 Home and Away 13:45 Neighbours 14:15 NCIS 15:15 The Mystery of Natalie Wood 17:00 5 News at 5 17:30 Neighbours 18:00 Home and Away 18:30 5 News at 6.30 19:00 Inside Hollywood 19:05 The Truth About Travellers 20:00 Big Body Squad 21:00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 22:00 Body of Proof 22:55 Dallas 23:55 CSI: NY 00:50 True Crimes: The First 72 Hours

06:00 07:00 08:00 09:00 11:30 13:30 14:00 16:30 17:00

18:00 19:00 23:00 23:15 23:30 00:30 01:00 02:30 03:00

Revista de la Liga Football Football Gold Football Gold Revista de la Liga Football Asia Football Football Asia Revista de la Liga

17:00 19:00 19:30 21:30 22:00 22:30 23:30 00:30

Medical Implant is the only TÜV-SÜD certified dental clinic in Spain Swiss Implant

922 749 742

Waterloo Road The Moonraker Blood Alley Winchester ‘73 Fool’s Gold Star Trek Into Darkness Interview Special 21:00 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen 23:50 The Limey 01:35 Age of Consent

09:00 11:00 11:30 12:00 13:00

Science and Technology Dentistry

We speak

11:00 12:40 14:20 16:50 18:40 20:50

Good Morning Sports Fans Good Morning Sports Fans Good Morning Sports Fans Ford Monday Night Football Football League: Play-off (Semi Final) SPL Round Up Ford Monday Night Football Netbusters Barclays Premier League Review

Dental Clinic Medical Implant Do you demand high quality in your dental health?

19:00 Don’t Tell the Bride 20:00 Joined for Life: Abby and Brittany 21:00 Barely Legal Drivers 22:00 Sweat the Small Stuff 22:30 EastEnders 23:00 Family Guy 23:45 American Dad! 00:30 Sweat the Small Stuff 01:00 Barely Legal Drivers

Av. Los Abrigos, 21 - Los Abrigos - Granadilla de Abona (5 minutes away from the South Airport) Mo - Fr: 9 - 19:00 Sa: 9:00 - 13:00

06:00 07:00 08:00

14:00 15:30 16:00

WWE Afterburn Soccer A.M. The Best Bits Players Championship Official Film European Tour Golf Racing News Sporting Greats PGA Tour Golf Players Championship Official Film Championship Rugby Union Sporting Greats Players Championship Official Film WWE SmackDown! Golfing World Three Steps Sporting Greats Football Gold NFL World Cup of Pool Super League Backchat

Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013


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Breakfast Fake Britain Animal Frontline State Opening of Parliament Bargain Hunt BBC News at One Doctors Escape to the Country Perfection The Hairy Bikers’ Food Tour of Britain Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Pointless

18:00 BBC News at Six 18:30 BBC London News 19:00 The One Show 20:00 Watchdog 21:00 The Apprentice 22:00 BBC News at Ten 22:25 BBC London News 22:35 A Question of Sport 23:05 Surrogates 00:30 Weatherview 00:35 BBC News

08:10 You’ve Been Framed! 08:40 Judge Judy 09:00 The Only Way is Essex 10:35 Real Housewives of Atlanta 11:35 The Millionaire Matchmaker 12:30 Emmerdale 13:00 Britain’s Got More Talent 14:00 Jeremy Kyle Show 16:10 Real Housewives of Atlanta 17:05 The Millionaire Matchmaker 18:00 Jeremy Kyle Show 19:00 You’ve Been Framed! 20:00 Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records 21:00 Benidorm 22:00 Harold and Kumar Get the Munchies 23:55 Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records 00:25 666 Park Avenue

07:45 Animal Frontline 08:15 Saints & Scroungers 09:00 The Great British Sewing Bee 10:00 Deadly 60 on a Mission 10:30 See Hear 11:00 Tiger Bay 12:45 Animal Park 13:30 The Weakest Link 14:15 Mastermind 14:45 My Life in Books 15:15 Rewind the 60s 16:00 Life in the Undergrowth 17:00 The Great British Bake Off Masterclass 18:00 Eggheads 18:30 Flog It! 19:00 Nature’s Weirdest Events 20:00 Coast 21:00 Bankers: Fixing the System 22:00 The Apprentice: You’re Fired! 22:30 Newsnight 23:20 A Culture Show Special

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17:50 18:50 19:55


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8 M ay th

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06:00 Heartbeat 06:55 The Royal 08:00 Murder, She Wrote 09:00 Ideal World 10:00 Film File 10:05 George and Mildred 10:40 Sherlock Holmes - The Last Vampyre 13:00 Heartbeat 14:00 The Royal 15:00 Pie in the Sky 16:05 Home to Roost 16:40 On the Buses 17:15 George and Mildred

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World of Sport The Professionals The Sweeney The Big Match Revisited Minder World’s Wildest Police Videos Police, Camera, Action! The Professionals Minder The Saint Cricket Police, Camera, Action! British Superbike Championship Highlights The Unrideables Soldier Motorway Patrol Police, Camera, Action! Freddie Flintoff Versus the World Minder

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Top Gear QI XL Dara O’Briain: School of Hard Sums Have I Got a Bit More News for You The Rob Brydon Show QI XL Russell Howard’s Good News Extra Would I Lie to You?

06:00 Children’s TV 08:45 Bananas in Pyjamas 09:00 Tickety Toc 09:15 The Wright Stuff 11:10 Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild 12:10 5 News Lunchtime 12:15 Frontline Police 13:15 Home and Away 13:45 Neighbours 14:15 NCIS 15:15 The Mystery of Natalie Wood 17:00 5 News at 5 17:30 Neighbours 18:00 18:30 19:00 20:00 21:00 21:55

Home and Away 5 News at 6.30 Frontline Police Emergency Bikers NCIS Law and Order: Special Victims Unit 22:55 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 23:50 The Aussie Millions Poker Championship 00:50 Super Casino

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The Apprentice Traffic Cops Old School Sweat the Small Stuff Family Guy American Dad! Barely Legal Drivers Russell Howard’s Good News Sweat the Small Stuff

11:00 12:55 14:50 17:10

History of Mr Polly Sea of Sand Oliver Twist The Violent Men


Home Alone An eight-year-old who is accidentally left at home when his family set off in a mad rush for a Christmas holiday. Red Cliff Another 48 Hrs

21:00 23:50

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WWE Vintage Collection Sports Unlimited Players Championship Official Film Netball Racing News Sporting Greats Bass Fishing Players Championship Official Film Brighton Marathon WWE Afterburn YB40 Cricket

22:00 Boots ‘n’ All 23:00 Total Rugby 23:30 FIFA Futbol Mundial 00:00 Sporting Heroes 01:00 Watersports World 02:00 Champions Tour Golf Players 03:00 Championship Official Film

Bankers: Fixing The System Editor Recommends BBC 2 - 21:00 - 22:00

in the five years since the crash that brought the world’s economy to its knees, bankers have lurched from one crisis to another. Scandal after scandal has raised questions about their pay, their values and their judgement, and after the industry received billions in tax-payer bail outs, the public is in no mood to forgive and forget.

In this new three-part series for BBC Two, in partnership with The Open University, asks two fundamentally important questions: can we ever trust

bankers again and what do we really want from our banks? In the first episode, Bankers: Fixing the System, bank bosses, regulators and politicians give frank first-hand accounts of how the balance of power has finally started to shift away from the masters of the universe. Ironically, this game-changing crisis erupted over the widespread rigging of an obscure rate-setting mechanism, Libor, rather than over the tumult of the financial crash. Some say it took this latest scandal to expose a profit-at-all-costs cynicism at the heart of our banking system; all agree things need to change.


Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013


9 M ay

Thursday - TV

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Planet’s Funniest Animals Jeremy Kyle Show You’ve Been Framed! Judge Judy The Only Way is Essex Real Housewives of Atlanta The Millionaire Matchmaker Emmerdale Coronation Street Judge Judy Jeremy Kyle Show Real Housewives of Atlanta The Millionaire Matchmaker Jeremy Kyle Show You’ve Been Framed! Funniest Ever You’ve Been Framed! Peter Andre: My Life Celebrity Juice The Chronicles of Riddick Peter Andre: My Life

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06:00 Heartbeat 06:55 The Royal 08:00 Murder, She Wrote 09:00 Ideal World 10:00 Drama Trails 10:05 George and Mildred 10:40 Sherlock Holmes 13:00 Heartbeat 14:00 The Royal 15:00 Pie in the Sky 16:05 Home to Roost 16:40 On the Buses 17:15 George and Mildred 17:50 18:50 19:55 21:00

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World of Sport The Professionals The Saint World’s Wildest Police Videos Minder The Big Match Revisited Cricket Double bill of Indian Premier League action with Kings XI Punjab playing Rajasthan Royals and Pune Warriors India against the Kolkata Knight Riders. River Monsters Extreme angler Jeremy Wade returns to Australia’s Fitzroy River on his toughest quest yet. Jaws 2 Child’s Play 3 Police, Camera, Action! Minder Film File

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19:00 The Apprentice 20:00 Barely Legal Drivers 21:00 Joined for Life: Abby and Brittany 22:00 Russell Howard’s Good News 22:30 EastEnders 23:00 Family Guy 23:45 American Dad! 00:30 Russell Howard’s Good News 01:00 Joined for Life: Abby and Brittany

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In the Mood for Love Cat Ballou The Anderson Tapes The Four Feathers Star Trek III: The Search for Spock True Lies 30 Days of Night Vinyan

Aerobics: Oz Style Thrillseekers: Dirt WWE Experience Champions Tour Golf Players Championship Official Film European Tour Weekly FIBA World Basketball Sporting Heroes Boots ‘n’ All Players Championship Official Film Boots ‘n’ All Sporting Heroes Champions Tour Golf NFL Players Championship Golf The Rugby Club Premier League Darts

Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013



Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013

House in Chio

Modern 3 bedroom house, with new kitchen, Lounge, Dining area, 2 bathrooms, integral garage with electric door. Full roof terrace, and balcony from lounge,...

922 850 087

Lanvertti 200cc


Fridge freezer

Beautiful Italian style chandelier in gold colored metal with 5 tulip glass shades cost 180 will sell for 50...

200 cc lanvertti ...

159,000 € 664 646 658

150 € 627 292 737

White fridge perfectly ...


50 € 922 707 786

Dining table with 4 chai


Extendable dining table in good condition sold with 4 chairs. measurements: closed: 90cm wide, 76cm tall. open: 114cm long. torviscas alto. price negotiabl...

20 € 690 375 706

170 €

Prodigy 5 seater Hot Tub

Stone basin

Woman's Slazenger golf

Jacuzzi for Sale

Patio Heater

Prodigy 5 seater Hot Tub. 6 seating positions, 19 jets, LED lighting. Only 18 months old, excellent condition. More pictures available upon request....

Real Stone basin for bathroom 510 x 315 x 14.5...

Set of women slazenger Golf clubs. Putter, 5,7,9 Iron, 3 wood, S and glove and bag included €50...

Great Offer - Garden Jacuzzi for Sale - 4 persons - transport to be organized and/or negotiate...

Patio heater as new cast 200 euros plus gas bottle sell for 95 including gas bottle...

REF: 2585

605 740 410

922 707 786

607 801 326

627 292 737

3,900 €

60 €

50 €

2,500 €

95 €

Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013


2 Bedroom Villa Los Silo


Pro Straighteners

Cross Trainer

Wicker terrace Furniture

This beautiful 2 bedroom villa is situated 2 minutes walk from the seafront in the district of Sibora, Los Silos (North West Tenerife). The villa has a spa...

White Ikea tall wardrobe with opaque glass door panels. Hardly used. Cost 85 euros, Will accept 45 euros. Buyer collect from Chio. Call or ...

Cosmo professional ceramic straighteners. Heat to 210degrees. Retail price 50€. Sale price 40€....

Cross trainer ,visual display 12 programs which include heart monitor. body fat level calculation. 1 year old. hardly used. full instruction in English. c...

Wicker terrace set; 6 chairs and 2 round tables 70 cm diameter. 4 months old, like new!...

677 398 614

922 850 087

650 256 556

922 729 145

693 717 587

120,000 €

45 €

40 €

200 €

150 €

Shop transfer

Olympus camera

Massage Business

Garmin Hand Held GPS

Citroën Berlingo XTR

Beautifully designed shop, 45 square metres, with front terrace of 35 Square metres in Udalla park, El Camison. Rent: 1,200 euros plus igic. ...

Olympus camera, model Infinity Zoom 70. Built-in flash, automatic focus. Works perfectly....

Here is a massage business for sale within a prominent 4* hotel in Las Americas, has been trading successfully for the last 4 years Rent is a very reaso...

Hand held GPS chart plotter in full working order...

2010 Citroën Berlingo XTR 1.6 HDI 92hp, Full service history. Alloys, air conditioning, electric folding mirrors, rear sensor parking etc. ITV August 2...

922 789 060

635 232 327

REF: 2707

638 191 155

REF: 2693

16,000 €

25 €

5,500 €

150 €

11,000 €

Computer desk

Mitsubishi Jeep

Baby bedroom furniture

You & Me Doll + Backpack

For Investor-2 Apartment

Excellent condition, grey computer desk 110cm x 50cm x 80cm height buyer collects from adeje area contact norman ...

Classic mitsubishi pajero 7 seat automatic new tyres brakes uk registered right hand drive must sell too many cars open to offers...

- COT, white. The bed base can be placed at two different heights. Size : 60x120cm mattress and mattress pad are included. - WARDROBE, white. Size 75x1...

Me to you Doll + Soft Back Pack. Perfect for little mums on the go. Good cond. Golf del sur...

Two luxurious and newly refurbished apartments for 2 to 4 persons, adjacent on the ground level in the desirable and quiet complex Recidencia Garajonay I, ...

922 712 732

922 766 225

661 732 376

649 677 290

693 717 587

50 €

1,000 €

160 €


270,000 €

BMW 735

Lateral Thigh Trainer

Yamaha MG82CX 8ch

Town house in El Roque

Black retro scooter

Classic 735i years itv good engine needs a little care 5speed manual all papers inorder...

Lateral Thigh Trainer for Sale, perfect working order, Must sell Costa Del Silencio area. Buyer to collect Tel Christine ...

Selling Yamaha MG82CX 8ch mixer with compressor and digital effects. perfect condition - 1 year old - incl. hardcase and AC adapter Main features: ...

Beautiful Spacious 3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Town house situated in El Roque. 138sqm Duplex only 185,000 Euros. ...

Almost new 50 cc AGM retro scooter (only 23 kilometers), color black, black seat and lots of chrome. new price was € 1499,-. not in use anymore. ...

922 766 225

618 625 704

634 335 755

922 701 424

693 717 587

1,100 €


30 €

Unicorn hobby sounds...

697 584 383

649 677 290

125 €


185,000 €

750 €

Dining Room Suite

Wine-Beer-Drinks Fridge

Top loader washing machi


Dining Room Suite consisting of Oval extending table, 1.30 to 1.70, 4 matching chairs, & tall display/storage unit. 200 euros the lot. Buyer to arrange t...

A large refrigerator for any drink items. Thermostatically controlled from as low as 8 through to 20 degrees. Holds a lot of bottles/cans as can be seen fr...

Top loading washing machine, only 2 years old, excellent condition, all working with user manual. Can deliver 145 Euros ono...


922 850 087

922 852 373

635 911 337

Unicorn hobby horse

Beautiful hand made cot less than a Year old excellent condition ...

109 €

175 €

100 €

145 €


Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013

Fitness Classes


Graphic Design

Xtreme Fitness Gym and Martial Arts Academy is the largest gym in the south of Tenerife. Very well equipped with a variety of members.

We have been providing services and IT products in Tenerife since 2007. We register, host and develop custom built web solutions.

We offer discounted web design and hosting to fit your needs, with a fast turnaround. Send us an email today to get a quote for your exact requirements.

922 736 191

922 176 592

922 866 779

classified adverts - call - 627 686 830 CALLING ALL WINGATE SCHOOL PARENTS Are you sick and tired of the morning rush to get your children to school on time? Well, why not relieve your stress and give the English bus a try. We will transport your kids safely and reliably, getting them there bang on time, with no hassle for you and no more sat for 2 hours on the school bus. Our driver is English, CRB checked, carefully vetted and fully insured, for your personal peace of mind. We pick up in Las Chafiras, Golf del Sur, Amarilla Golf and Los Abrigos, so covering a wide area. With only a few seats remaining on our 16 seater bus you have to hurry to reserve yours, at only 20 Euros per child per week. A very reasonable price to pay and you will receive safe transportation for your child to and from school with a reliable service! No more stressful mornings trying to get out to the car on time! So, give us a try. Nothing to lose and lots to gain! We look forward to welcoming you on board soon.

Tel Or Text: (0034) 634 364 426

Authorised Telecommunications Installer Nº 7902 For all your satellite TV requirements call ELECTROSAT TV S.L, we specialise in: • Community integral Maintenance Contracts for same day assistance • Repairing/Upgrading all satellite TV installations • QPSK-COFDM Digital to Digital Modulators • Italian TIVU sat, French TNT, Multilanguages • Swedish SVT Connova • After-sales 2 year Guarantee • Community Computer Network • Community WIFI & ADSL Network

Spanish, English, Dutch and German spoken

Opening times:

Monday-Friday 9:00h-13:00h & 14:00h-18:00h

C/. Encarnación Nº 1 - 38626 Valle San Lorenzo - Tenerife

Tel/Fax: 922 722 227 Mobile: 670 277 772

w w w. e l e c tro s at . c om

WELDER Tony Rippon Contact Tony on: 609 69 19 37

Fully Legal Based in Tenerife for 25 years

Security Grills, Bar Fittings, Ornamental Gates


€ 21,900 - 2004 Mercedes Benz SLK 200

€ 4,795 Hyundai i10 - 2008

Finance Available Guarantee and Document Transfer Included We buy Cars for CASH

€ 3,995 Seat Ibiza - 2005

€ 4,900 Seat Cordoba - 2008


All Fabrication Work Undertaken

€ 11,995 - 2005 Mercedes Benz B170

€ 1,995 Citroen Saxo - 2003

TEL: 922 738 410

€ 3,795 Citroen C3 - 2004

€ 2,995 Opel Corsa - 2004

Behind Iceland Las Chafiras

Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013


classified adverts - call - 627 686 830 • WASHING MACHINE Repairs

An established Auto repair Company is looking for a fully qualified Car mechanic with supervisory experience, must be self motivated, with good communication skills, English speaking with some knowledge of Spanish preferred but not essential. This is a challenging position with good rewards Please apply in the first instance.

WASHING MACHINE REPAIR All Makes & Models We have reconditioned washing machines for sale (quoting Auto Repair)

• air conditioning & electrical


• Fitness



11am – 12pm Spinning 2pm – 3pm Step Tuesday: 12pm – 1pm Stretch & Tone (+34) 664 576 779 All classes are just 7pm – 8pm 4 Euros or enjoy 6 Legs, Bums & Tums classes for 20 Euros 8pm – 9:30pm Yoga Wednesday: 11am – 12pm Reveron Apartments, Legs, Bums & Tums Avenida Amsterdam, 6pm – 7pm Step Los Cristianos 38650 Thursday: 10:30 – 11:30 am Beach Body €2 FREE Personal Training Friday: 11am – 12pm Aerobics Session with this advert

Yoga Vibe Tenerife

Call now on 635 911 337



Call Johnny on: 634 321 583 • Technology

Complete mind & body workout Classes throughout the South

678 71 21 51

Yoga Vibe Tenerife

• Accommodation

• removal and delivery • Services MELIZA LOS CRISTIANOS AVAILABLE 24 HR A DAY FOR YOU Venezuelan, Pretty, Hot, Nice Body, Big Breasts, French, Natural, Toys, All Positions. I am opposite the entrance of the Hotel Aguamar in Los Cristianos. I can come to your home or hotel.

• Car Maintenance & Sales • Restaurants


For every customer that spends money in a month. You will be put into the free draw for our monthly meal for 2 competition.

CARS - RENT TO BUY Long Term Rental From Just € 230 per month Insurance and maintenance Included No Finance Necessary TEL: 922 738 410

• church services

Venezuelan, Pretty, Hot, Nice Body, Large Natural Breasts, I Can Offer All Services. I am opposite the entrance of the Hotel Aguamar in Los Cristianos. I Speak Some English.

Call: (+34) 610 359 991


I am Available 24 Hrs a day

I am a spicy Mexican, I love doing everything all positions, Erotic Massages, Anal, Testicular, French natural to the end.

C a ll: (+3 4 ) 660 938 631 !Different! Sexy Ginger Hot Nature, Classy!!

I am in the apartments opposite the entrance of the Hotel Aguamar in Los Cristianos.

Private Intimate massage in Air by hot Days in country garden--(if like)--many specialities. Hotels Visit (serious), or visit me in my super relax countryhouse, Sweety. See you soon.

Find me on - Personal Services Ginger Normann

Español, Aleman, Frances, Italiano, English

Call: 678 452 717

(No SMS)


Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013

Tiger Woods Haye Faces Charr in June Cleared daVid Haye is looking forward to putting on a performance when he faces Manuel Charr in Manchester on June 29.

GolF’S governing bodies have confirmed that Masters officials were right not to disqualify tiger Woods at augusta. tournament officials were alerted to the fact that Woods may have taken an incorrect drop on the 15th hole of his second round by a television viewer, but cleared the world no 1 of any wrongdoing and crucially failed to even inform him that there had been concerns.

Woods therefore signed for a 71 before saying in a post-round interview that he had gone “two yards further back” from where he hit his original shot after seeing it clatter into the pin and bounce back into the water. Under rule 26-1a, he was obliged to drop “as nearly as possible” to where his original ball had been played. That would normally mean a two-shot penalty for playing from the wrong place and disqualification for signing an incorrect scorecard, but under rule 33-7 the rules committee waived that sanction and penalised Woods two shots before his third round on Saturday. In an 1,867-word statement on the issue, the R&A and USGA stated that: “Given the unusual combination of facts - as well as the fact that nothing in the existing Rules or Decisions (on the Rules of Golf) specifically addressed such circumstances of simultaneous competitor error and Committee error - the Committee reasonably exercised its discretion under Rule 33-7 to waive the penalty of disqualification under

Rule 6-6d, while still penalising Woods two strokes under Rules 26-1a and 20-7c for playing from a wrong place. “In deciding to waive the disqualification penalty, the Committee recognised that had it talked to Woods - before he returned his score card - about his drop on the 15th hole and about the Committee’s ruling, the Committee likely would have corrected that ruling and concluded that Woods had dropped in and played from a wrong place. “In that case, he would have returned a correct score of eight for the 15th hole and the issue of disqualification would not have arisen.” Despite concluding that the committee were right not to disqualify Woods, the R&A and USGA also stressed that the incident should not lessen the obligation on players to understand the rules and sign for a correct score. The statement added: “The Woods ruling was based on exceptional facts, as required by Rule 33-7, and should not be viewed as a general precedent for relaxing or ignoring a competitor’s essential obligation under the Rules to return a correct score card. “Further, although a Committee should do its best to alert competitors to potential Rules issues that may come to its attention, it has no general obligation to do so; and the fact that a Committee may be aware of such a potential issue before the competitor returns his score card should not, in and of itself, be a basis for waiving a penalty of disqualification under Rule 6-6d. “Only a rare set of facts, akin to the exceptional facts at the 2013 Masters Tournament as summarised in the

previous paragraphs, would justify a Committee’s use of its discretion to waive a penalty of disqualification for returning an incorrect score card. “In recent years, the R&A and the USGA have been assessing the Rules that relate to scorecards and disqualification. As part of this ongoing assessment, and in keeping with this regular practice, the Rules of Golf Committees of The R&A and the USGA will review the exceptional situation that occurred at the 2013 Masters Tournament, assess the potential implications for other types of situations, and determine whether any adjustment to the Rules and/or the Decisions is appropriate.” The statement also clarifies that rule 33-7/4.5 was not a factor as had been originally thought in some quarters. It added: “The decision... was not and could not have been based on Decision 337/4.5, a 2011 Decision that permits waiver of disqualification where ‘the competitor could not reasonably have known or discovered the facts resulting in his breach of the Rules’. “That extremely narrow exception, which relates generally to use of high-definition or slow-motion video to identify facts not reasonably visible to the naked eye, was not applicable here and had no bearing on the Committee’s decision.” The so-called ‘Harrington rule’ was brought in after Ireland’s Padraig Harrington was disqualified from an event in Abu Dhabi in January 2011. He had already signed his scorecard when a television viewer raised the issue of his ball moving as he marked it on a green.

Haye will fight for the first time in almost a year when he takes on Charr, having stopped Dereck Chisora in five rounds last summer. But Haye is expecting a sterner test this time around. “He’s a genuine heavyweight, he’s a guy with a lot of heart and he’ll fight until he’s dead,” he told Sky Sports. “He’s a serious guy and people are excited about that. “He’s going to be in my face. He’s not a slick boxer or try and be clever, he’s going to get in my face and try and hurt me so I need to be prepared for that. “Manchester Arena’s going to be buzzing and my two successful world title defences were there. It’s going to be a great night.” Haye is taking a more traditional route to get to the Klitschko brothers, who hold all the heavyweight titles between them, hoping to make it impossible for them to not fight him. “I have to get to number one and they can only duck me for so long,” he added. “They verbally agreed that if I beat Dereck Chisora they’ll fight me next. “We haven’t heard any contact whatsoever from team Klitschko since then so you’ve got to assume they’re not interested and going down another route. “It’s one of those things. I’ve just got to train hard and make sure my fights are exciting. “It’s a great opportunity. He’s a big strong guy, but

Dereck Chisora was a durable guy who had not been on the floor once, and I knocked him out in five rounds. “I want to do a similar thing. If you put on spectacular performances the world looks up and takes note and that’s what I’m looking to do.” Promoter Eddie Hearn is delighted to be a part of Haye’s journey as he bids to regain a portion of the heavyweight title. “He’s the most entertain-

ing heavyweight on the planet bar none, boxing needs him back, and he is back and it’s great news,” he said. “He’s a great fighter, a huge personality and I for one am delighted that he’s back and I’m pleased to be part of this journey. “The Fury fight is a massive domestic fight and the Klitschko fight lingers around, but this is a tough fight to come straight back to and I know Charr fancies his chances.”

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Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013


All Change For Formula 1 Calendar

By declaring their intention host a race in 2015, Thailand has become the latest country looking for a place on the F1 calendar in the near future.

Even before Thailand’s introduction, F1 is already poised to feature at least one, if not two, debut races. Despite failing to complete construction work in time for this year, which was cut to 19 races as a result, Grand Prix of America is set for a mid-year inclusion in 2014. Next season could also include F1’s first Russian race - World Champion Sebastian Vettel inspected it recently, although this may be delayed until 2015 due to preparations for the Winter Olympics. A contract has been signed between Bernie Ecclestone and Vladimir Putin, so it is only a matter of time. Negotiations for a race in Mexico City were also held two months ago with Bernie subsequently talking up a return to the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez circuit which hosted the last Mexico GP in 1992. “I’m all for the race in Mexico,” enthused F1’s main man. Argentina is yet another contender looking to return to F1, along with Turkey and Portugal. F1 would love to race in Africa, but a race in Cape Town is still just a pipedream. F1 has more than enough pro-

spective new races on the horizon to keep its appetite for new markets sated, but the question is events in the calendar will lose their place to accommodate the new entries. F1 reached saturation point in 2012 with a 20-race schedule. If Russia, New Jersey and Thailand are all brought in then F1 is looking at a 22-race season unless some of this year’s events are dropped over the next two years. Despite their misgivings last season, the teams could probably be persuaded to commit to 21 races, but 22 seem unlikely. Monaco is a protected species. As is Monza. Silverstone should be but has taken out the extra insurance of a long-term deal. Singapore is the jewel in F1’s crown. India and China are too lucrative to turn back on. America will not be lost again and Austin has a contract until 2021. Abu Dhabi’s seven-year deal started in 2009 while Hungary extended for another five years in 2011. Malaysia’s contract runs until 2015 but wants it extended, and Korea GP will remain an annual event until at least 2016, when Barcelona’s current deal will also expire - although it may rotate with Valencia. And like it or lump it, Bahrain is here to stay, with Ecclestone ready to commit for another five years. The new French government is lukewarm to the possibility of F1’s return, but there are reports of France and Belgium alternating for

2015, stripping the calendar of the legendary Spa circuit. Canada was dropped from the calendar in 2009 and is reputed to pay ‘only’ $15m for hosting rights. Its deal expires next year and calls for improvements to the Gilles Villeneuve Circuit have caused alarm at the cost of renovation. Canada’s value to the F1 brand may suffer a sharp regression if the sport takes a foothold in American market. Australia cannot be categorised as ‘vulnerable’ but the cost of staging the race is a topic of discontent in Melbourne and a few alarm bells rung last week when Bahrain was mentioned as a potential 2014 curtain-raiser. Only fourteen months ago, Ecclestone described Australia as “probably the least viable of all the races we have”. Brazil’s deal expires in 2015 and Bernie’s summary of a letter from city mayor Fernando Haddad promising upgrades of the Interlagos circuit was as much a warning as a reassurance: “If Sao Paulo do what they say they’re going to do then we don’t need to move.” The only certainty is that, having made a few tweaks here and there to the calendar in the decades leading up to the then-ground-breaking advance into Malaysia, F1 will once again be relocating across the globe in the next few years, and that some tough decisions will have to be made.

Del Bosque Announces Retirement

Spanish coach Vicente del Bosque has confirmed on that his successful reign as leader of his country’s national side will conclude at the end of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Former Real Madrid coach, Del Bosque is one of the most successful coaches in history, leading Spain to their first ever World Cup in 2010 and then masterminding the defence of the European Championship in 2012, making Spain the first country to ever win a European Championship (2008), then win the World Cup and then defend its European crown. His 70 games in charge after replacing Luis Aragones, have brought about 58 victories, while Spain’s passing

game is admired all over the world. However, all good things must come to an end and the 62-year-old announced that he will step down after the next World Cup in Brazil: “My last responsibility as Spain coach will be the World Cup in Brazil,” he confirmed, although he confessed that could not be the end of his role in football. “Maybe afterwards I will continue with a link to the Spanish Federation, carrying out a role as a representative,” he said. Del Bosque was asked about the 4-0 and 4-1 defeats suffered by FC Barcelona and Real Madrid in their Champions League semifinals against Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, but denied they meant an end to Spanish hegemony and a rise of German power. “They added their tradi-

tional power to possession football and that it what we saw in Bayern and Borussia,” said Del Bosque, who admitted that the Germany would be “a good candidate to win the next World Cup”. Del Bosque also discussed Brazil, who will be the 2014 hosts, as well as the hosts of the 2013 Confederations Cup, which Spain will play as European Champions. He said it was hard to draw conclusions about Brazil’s potential given that they had only played friendly matches over the last year rather than qualification games. Del Bosque, who will name the Spain squad for the Confederations Cup May 27, said he had long admired the Brazilian style of football, adding that as hosts they would be the favourites for the World Cup crown.


Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013

the SportS SCene By Colin Kirby

Coach With The golden Touch He was a little embarrassed at his early on pitch celebrating during the 2-0 home win over Fuenlabrada but for Cd tenerife coach alvaro Cervera it may be a dress rehearsal for Sunday at SS Reyes. a win will send Cd tenerife into the home and away play off as champions of their group and Cervera has earned his right to party with the squad he has marshaled so well.

Rigo Baltasar is the latest player to shine after being plucked from the shadows; he followed up a steady debut with a composed performance of well drilled passes, strong defence, and powerful attacking support that saw him seal the

win with a header. It wasn’t a gradual blossoming; Rigo put in a great shot after 6 minutes but was denied by Basilio in goal. If we thought it was going to be easy we hadn’t counted on a dull negative Fuenlabrada side that sat back and tried to contain Tenerife. Raul Llorente was trying to ignite things down the

aridane on the prowl

left, he laid the ball off to Aridane but his header was blocked and Chechu couldn’t mop up the pieces. Tenerife tried to push forward more as a team, Bruno and Moyano made a couple of well timed interventions when Fuenlabrada had a rush of blood, and crossed the half way line. It was going to be a war of attrition, it’s a game

Cd tenerife congratulate aridane

plan that holds no fears for Cervera, and picking off the opposition in the second half suits him. Chechu opened the second half with a couple of sniffs at goal but the visitors weren’t ready to fold yet. Rigo fancied his chances from long range, his blast lifted our hopes but Basilio was alert and got both hands to the sizzling ball. With just over 20 minutes to break the stale mate it was time for the boss to flex his tactical muscles, on came midfield playmaker Cristo Martin for defender Bruno and the reaction was instant. The sub found Loro and his ball was dribbled inside the box by Aridane before banging in his 21st goal of the season. The whole stadium roared and the sun burst through the grey drizzle – and it was going to get even better. Two minutes later Loro swung in a corner and Rigo was the man on the spot to head in the killer blow. It was party time on the terraces; the noise level rose and despite the score board relaying rival Leganes own 2-0 win it was a huge leap towards nailing the top spot. Loro was unlucky not to add a third, he swung a foot as the ball came towards him but couldn’t connect, even late sub Carlos tried to get in on the action but the ball outran him as he prepared for a dig at goal. Suso and Bruno will miss this Sunday’s game through suspension but Cervera will shuffle the pack knowing Tenerife have plenty of aces.

Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013


CD Marino Spirit Survives Relegation Aaron Darias

Building for next season starts now for relegated CD Marino, a hard earned 0-0 draw at Zamora showed their pride is still intact. Escape is still a possibility for Zamora and they were keen to pick the bones of their visitors but the Las Americas side stood firm.

Matias replaced Alberto in goal but he had a quiet first half as Zamora struggled to make an impact. Garcia was the main home threat but the best he could muster was

a shot that deflected wide. Marino made changes in the second half and had three clear chances with Sanchez denying Rafa Hernandez, Balduino and Sandro before the final whistle. This Sunday Real Madrid C come to Las Americas for an 11 am kick off. In a week of bad headlines for football, Marino defender Aaron Darias showed there is still decency in the game by appearing in the pre game warm up wearing the shirt of Zamora player Agustin, currently fighting testicular cancer. A much appreciated show of solidarity and compassion from the Marino player.

Victory On The Road For CB Canarias

New Venue, Same Target For Debbie

Well on course for their highest ever finish CB Canarias came back from Manresa with a 86-93 win. That moves the La Laguna basketball team up to 11th place in Spain’s ACB League and increases their chances of getting into the end of season championship play offs.

There’s no weak links in the yellows, all departments played their part in defence and attack. Nico Richotti continued his inspired form with 21 points and Blagota Sekulic added 14 points, he now has the most hauls of 10 points or more this season. Greek player Fotios Lampropoulos was again a tower of strength as Canarias stamped their authority on the game in the middle quarters with scores of 18-27 and 22-26. This Sunday at noon another 4,000 plus crowd is expected at the Pabellon Deportes in La Laguna for a noon start against Fuenlabrada.

Wiggins Could Win Sir Dave Brailsford believes Team Sky leader Sir Bradley Wiggins has all the tools in place to claim a second Grand Tour victory at this month’s Giro d’Italia.

Good luck to Debbie Gilbey the only Brit competing in the AEFF Canarian Body Building Championships this Saturday 4 May in the Bikini class.

There’s been a late move for the event from Arafo to

the Aguamarina Hotel in Golf del Sur from 5pm. At least it reduces the traveling a little for Los Cristianos based Debbie but there’s plenty more to think about including bulking up after being told she needs to put on another 2 kg to compete.

Wiggins goes into the race, which starts in Naples on Saturday and ends in Brescia on May 26, as one of the favourites for overall victory and with ambitions to add to the Tour de France title he won last summer. While that historic victory came on the back of wins in build-up races such as ParisNice and the Criterium du Dauphine, Wiggins’s prepara-

tions for the Giro have been a lot more low-key. Specific climbing training has taken prominence over spring stage-race triumphs, while emphasis has also been put on surrounding Wiggins with a team of climbers suited to the Giro’s route. Brailsford insists the team’s meticulous planning will give Wiggins a strong chance of victory. “I think we’ve had a good run into it,” he said on the Team Sky podcast. “We’ve got a strong squad here and I think everything is looking good. The preparation has gone well, the final touches were put in place and we are all set to go.


Tenerife Weekly - 3rd May - 9th May 2013


1. Cobbler’s concern 5. Watering place 8. Manner of walking 12. Identical sibling 13. Beach color 14. Paddy product 15. Prince Charles’s sister 16. Involved 18. ____ Ryan of “You’ve Got Mail” 19. Felt dizzy 20. Airplane feature 22. Atlas chart 25. Wall-climbing vine 26. Actor ____ De Niro

Av Rafael Puig 7, Playa De Las Americas Arona ( In Front Of Hotel Tenerife Sol)

28. Test for flavor 31. Christmas visitor 32. Communion tables 34. Deep 35. Pod vegetable 36. Baby carriages 41. Pester 42. Perjure oneself 43. Out-of-date 46. Icicle’s spot 47. Color changer 48. Polite address 49. Stride 50. School official 51. Rescue me! 52. Cherished animals


1. Postage mark 2. Proprietor 3. Jargon 4. Compass dir. 5. Rock band ____ Dan 6. Discussion group 7. Moose’s horn 8. Crossword diagram 9. Feel pain 10. Cold cubes 11. Danson or Koppel 17. Spray cans 19. About-face 21. Mideast bread 22. Chess pieces 23. Picasso’s field

vivo.7936 24. “Harper Valley ____” 27. Cry loudly 28. Spigot 29. Beer’s kin 30. Train stop (abbr.) 33. Tension 34. Defeated ones 37. Math proportion 38. Make joyful 39. Metal bolt 40. Leaks slowly 41. Trumpet, e.g. 43. Bizarre 44. Farewell! 45. Caribbean ____ 46. Psychic ability (abbr.)

Answers to the QUICK CROSSWORD are on page 2

Tenerife Weekly Issue 79  

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Tenerife Weekly Issue 79  

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