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Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013

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Isn’t it remarkable the” Diana Effect” still has on everyone. Her dresses have just been sold at auction, for the second time, see page 19. Her stunning dresses were initially sold, at the suggestion of Prince William, just after her divorce and now they have just been auctioned again. One lucky bidder bought a dress to cheer his wife up. Husbands, please take note, we may not all want a Diana

Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013 Frock but….. The Vivo Group are delighted to be able to announce that, this year alone, we have donated 973 Euros to the Swallows Cancer Research Fund. We could only have done it with the help of our guests, so thank you to all of you that came to our St. Patrick’s Day Carvery on Sunday, and those that came to the shows that were part of the fundraising. You all know who you are, we salute you! It is with a tinge of sadness that we wave “au revoir” to some of our


guests. It is that time of year again, when The Swallows fly back home. I have met so many of you, some of you are even allowed back into the venue! So I wish you all well and look forward to seeing you again nearer the end of the year. Please note that the gremlins have managed to get into our landline. If you require information about the Tenerife Weekly, please call the mobile number 627 686 830. See you all next week.

Lorna Eade

Continued from page 1 El Médano Feria del

By Pamela Heywood and Colin Kirby http://secret-tenerife. Domingo de Ramos (Palm Sunday) is the first day of Semana Santa (Holy Week), which continues until Domingo de Resurrección (Resurrection or Easter Sunday), in Spain and the Canary Islands. Processions included La burrita (presumably the little donkey Jesus rode into Jerusalem) and folks will have been out pruning to provide palm fronds for decoration and to distribute amongst worshipers. There are many events which take place throughout the week, mostly solemn and religious in nature and, if you’re Catholic, most likely you know all about those already. For the rest of us, the main events that may be of interest, from a cultural or artistic point of view, take place on Viernes Santo (Good Friday). Experience The Passion Of Easter In Adeje Power and emotion will unfold on a grand scale at noon on Good Friday morning as The Passion is performed in the centre of Adeje. The story of the crucifixion of Christ begins with the arrival of Roman soldiers and royalty and moves along the Calle Grande stopping to play out key scenes like the last supper and the trial. Over 300 people perform the greatest story ever told with full costumes, chariots, and horses and last year

22,000 people lined the street spellbound by the sheer raw energy of the reenactment. There’s music and dialogue broadcast over street speakers and a giant screen also relays the images to the crowd. This year the route is reversed, starting at the bottom at Plaza Cruz de Llano and ending up at Plaza de España with its spectacular backdrop of the Barranco del Invierno. The detail and dedication of the performers makes the passion one of the most spectacular pieces of street theatre there is to see and regardless of your religious views it will make a big impression. Some younger people may find the graphic realism harrowing, the climax of the crucifixion has many of the crowd in tears, but it underlines the true meaning of Easter. For processions of the type more traditionally known in Spain (particularly those in Seville and other parts of Andalucia), you only need to go north to the former capital

of Tenerife, La Laguna. A common feature in Spain is the almost general usage of the “nazareno” or penitential robe for some of the participants in the Processions. This garment consists in a tunic, a hood with conical tip (“capirote” ) used to conceal the face of the wearer, and sometimes a cloak. The exact colours and forms of these robes depend on the particular procession. The robes were widely used in the medieval period for penitents, who could demonstrate their penance while still masking their identity. (These robes intentionally served as the basis for the traditional uniform for members of the Ku Klux Klan in the United States, ironically a very anti-Catholic organization.) In La Laguna on Good Friday, you can see the Procesión Magna, which includes various of these brotherhoods, leaving from the Iglesia de la Concepción at 5 p.m. Then, later at 9 p.m. there’s the Procesión del Silencio (Silent Procession), with the penitent brotherhoods accompanying the deceased, again starting from the Iglesia de la Concepción to the church of Santo Domingo de Guzmán. For kids and others preferring more secular Easter celebrations, the Loro Parque in Puerto de la Cruz usually have an annual corral de los conejitos (bunny enclosure), probably with the odd Easter Egg thrown in. If none of the above appeals, please don’t try going to any of the island’s museums on Good Friday, as they will all be closed.

Saldo This Weekend

The main plaza in El Médano will be converted into a bargain basement area this weekend for the VII Feria del Saldo. The fair, on Saturday and Sunday, 23 and 24 March, between 11am and 8pm will be selling the goods of some 30 local businesses. Organizers, the Concejalía de Empleo y Desarrollo Local, say that there will be incredible

prices for products ranging from fashion, jewellery, children’s toys, and sport and IT equipment. Extra parking has been laid on, as have free entertainments for children, beach games, and music and dance. Once again, El Médano is going all out to make itself the place to be over this weekend for an event that will help everyone, business and cash-strapped public alike.

Saturn Taken Over By Media Markt

A statement issued by Media Markt has announced that two Saturn shops, one in the shopping centre of Las Arenas, Las Palmas in Gran Canaria, and Tres de Mayo in Santa Cruz will become part of the Media Markt chain as of the 26th of March.

Both facilities will strengthen the presence of leadership in Spain in the distribution of consumer electronics and entertainment appliances in the seven islands. With these openings, the Ger-

man company has five locations in the islands: three in Gran Canaria (Siete Palmas and Las Arenas, in the capital, and Las Terrazas in Telde) and two in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Continental malls and

Tres de Mayo). These changes, which just suited the brand’s establishments and its identifying features, are part of the Media Markt intent on continued growth within the Spanish market.


Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013


the president of the patients’ defence organisation, Carmen Flores, has written to the chief Canarian prosecutor, Vicente Garrido, asking for an investigation to be opened into the death of a three-month-old baby with a congenital heart problem in Tenerife, referring to the refusal to transfer the baby to Madrid for surgery. much of the work on the island ring road has now been halted, and the only work still being worked on is on a bridge below the village of Tejina. This part of the ring road, to link Adeje with Santiago del Teide, was supposed to open in the first quarter of this year. The nine sub contracted companies have been collecting their equipment from the area, and entrances to the sites are being closed off. This move could leave at least two hundred people out of work, and is due to brutal cutbacks in investment by central government on Canarian roads. Guardia Civil has ordered that the man accused of the triple murder of his parents in law and 4-year-old son, at Piedra Hincada last week, be sent to Tenerife II prison. The prisoner was released from hospital last Friday, after he attempted to commit suicide by slashing his wrists. the Guardia Civil has arrested ten members of the Canarian Police Force, including the two provincial police chiefs. The arrests, which took place last week, are the result of an operation named operación Ladrillo (operation Brick), the result of charges of illegal detention, workplace bullying and falsification of documents. Seventeen police officers and a security officer are to be called as witnesses, and phones have been seized. Canarian police say the operation is the result of political persecution against the region’s own autonomous police force.

A CouPLE of weeks ago when my article “tenerife’s most Haunted” was in the tenerife Weekly I suggested to my wife that it might make an interesting day out to investigate first hand, Little did we know that while we were exploring, an email was making it’s way through cyberspace from a genuine paranormal investigator, inviting me to do just that, but more on that later!

So, where to go? The ghost island would be a little tricky we decided, so we chose to visit the abandoned leper colony which I’d mistakenly thought was by Arico, it’s actually at Abades off the Arico turnoff of the TF1. The first thing we noticed as we drove in to the seaside resort of Abades is, though very nice, it’s uniformity and symmetrical design, led us to wrongly guess that maybe the town itself was built at the same time as the colony, Actually it’s a relatively new resort - and I apologise if I’ve offended any residents!! At the bottom of the hill we gazed at the truly impressive but unfinished concrete “Franco style “ church that dominates the colo-

ny (you can clearly see this from the TF1). It’s a daunting building with a Huge cross that forms almost the entire front wall of the church, had the architects felt the lepers had been afflicted because of their sins and built such a place of worship to repent? We picked our way up the rocks directly to the church and turned to look down the path behind us at the many dormitories either side of it. Although all pretty much identical, I immediately felt a little apprehensive about the dorm to the right of the church, I thought that maybe someone was sleeping rough, I felt like we weren’t alone and we were being watched so we moved quickly on and took some more shots further down the hill. What makes this, for me even stranger was, when I wrote the article, I had no idea that there was a possibility of a haunting, but once I read the email from Keith Freeland, a professional paranormal investigator, it turns out he and his wife Angie, a psychic medium had, during numerous investigations experienced activity - especially in the building I felt strange about; “ where Angie was able to help one spirit to physically move an object” - very strange indeed!

the government’s reforms to the electricity system have created another conflict between Madrid and the Canaries. The government’s project, to guarantee the electricity supply, increase competition in the sector and reduce its cost in the Canaries, allows for the reforms to go ahead without the need to consult the regional government. Central government is continuing to limit the creation of new hotels in the islands to five star, and refuses to allow new four star establishments, despite pressure from business associations and political groups regarding the need for growth. El Hierro has become the first smart island with free wifi access. The minister for energy, industry and tourism, José Manel Soria presided at the launch at the Mirador de la Peña in Valverde. He also visited the Mirador de Las Playas in El Pinar, where 26 free wifi points have been installed. In other news, the National Parks sub commission of the Canarian Municipalities Federation has requested an urgent meeting with Canarian vice president, José Miguel Pérez, to settle the alarming situation of the public subsidies for 2010 for the Canarian National Parks. the 7th of April will be the first Sunday when the shops, bars, restaurants and cafés in Santa Cruz will be open. This follows the insistence of the council and the Canarian government, that they should take advantage of the declaration of the city center as a zone of touristic interest over two years ago. the government is to invest two and a half million euros in the desalination and water purification plants in Arona and Adeje, a subsidy which was introduced following a National Court resolution. The Cabildo says it will spend the money on improvements.

Email marc:

We wandered around for about 40 minutes, the whole place is quite eerie, like a ghostly abandoned holiday camp and it’s such a shame that it’s never been developed (it’s sometimes used for military training and since 2002, has been owned by a wealthy Italian). One thing we noticed was, on many of the exterior dorm walls, spray painted in orange were symbols, initials, times, dates, abbreviations for what looked like countries and possible structural information. I’m no expert and there’s probably a completely logical explanation ( if you know what it is - please let me know) but while wandering through this ghost town with it’s strange ambience, it only added another layer to the

we weren’t really sure what we were looking for - we’ve since, again thanks to Keith, found out that there’s a walk into the ravine where you can investigate aqueducts, mines and buildings, but after parking and looking into the ravine (we noticed 2 suspicious people on the

mystery! We finally made it to the beautiful beach, back to the car and google mapped El Barranco de Barajoz - another place I’d featured in my article, the location of countless reports of phenomena and unexplained activity. Not far from the town of Guimar, the Barranco it seemed was a sign, a turn off into a gravel path and a huge very very deep landfill full of junk including cars, so far down they looked like matchbox toys. I’ll admit

far side burying something half way down the slope) we immediately felt very uneasy - in fact my wife couldn’t wait to get the Hell out of there. When I read the emails and consulted Keith’s Facebook page “Tenerife Paranormal Society” it was fascinating to read how they described feeling and how it mirrored exactly what we felt. I plan on looking deeper into this intriguing subject and I’m pleased to tell you I’ll be scheduling a paranormal investigation with Keith in the near future!

Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013

Karate Teacher Sentenced To 302 Years For Abuse A karate champion has been sentenced to 302 years in prison by a Spanish court raping dozens of pupils at his martial arts school in the country’s biggest ever paedophilia scandal.

Fernando Torres Banea held “orgies” involving minors at his school and chalet in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, telling his pupils that sex would make them better at karate, said judge Salvador Alba, reading out his ruling. He sentenced Torres to the extreme jail sentence for 35 counts of sexual abuse and 13 of corrupting minors in a paedophile ring that raped and abused 40 children, some of them younger than 13. Torres’s wife Maria Jose Gonzalez was sentenced to 148 years and another karate teacher, Ivonne Gonzalez, to 126 years, after both were convicted of taking part in the abuse. It is likely that the three will


only serve 20 years at most, the maximum penalty for the crimes under Spanish law. The judge called that “insufficient” in his ruling. Torres held “sex orgies in which young people not only had to have all kinds of sexual activities with him but were also made to do so with other pupils including minors, without regard for age, sex or the number of participants,” Alba said. The 15 years of “mega-abuse” organised by Torres “was an unprecedented case in the judicial history” of Spain, he added. One victim told the court how Torres had abused her In September 2012, when she was just nine years old and while her mother was dying. Psychologists ruled that Torres was not mentally ill but described him as a manipulative “pathological narcissist” who sought ruthlessly to “satisfy his need to be admired”. “These repeated and indiscriminate deeds and abuse are unprecedented and must be firmly sanctioned for attacking not only the sexual liberty of the minors, but also their trust and hope in a clean, honourable, hundred-year-old sport,” the judge said in his ruling. The court ordered the three convicts to pay from 10,000 to 50,000 euros damages to each of their victims.

Easter Holidaymakers Warned Over Personal Lions Rises In Theft And Pickpocketing Tribute To Mac

Tourists heading for an Easter break are being warned to look out for their valuables when visiting busy urban areas.

British Consulates in are reporting rising trends in the number of street crimes involving stolen passports, money and other valuables. A stolen bag leads to frustration, extra costs and lost holiday time as tourists deal with the consequences. The British Consulate in Barcelona, one of the most popular visitor cities in Europe, issued 1320 emergency travel documents (ETDs) in 2012 - some 75% of which were the result of stolen passports. This was an increase of 19% from 1072 during the previous year. During the first two months of this year, the number of ETDs issued was 120, a 20% rise on the 100 provided during the same period last year. An ETD – which enables a traveller to return to the UK if they have lost their passport - currently costs 115 euros (approx 100 pounds). Dave Thomas, Consular Director for Southern Europe, said: “Unfortunately we have seen increases in pickpocketing and distraction thefts. We urge holidaymakers to keep an eye on their belongings at all times. We want to reduce the numbers of British visitors who come to us for help over stolen passports and belongings, so they can get on with enjoying their Easter breaks instead of spending their precious holiday time in our consular offices”. The three main methods used by city criminals are: • Pickpocketing on public transport and in busy areas. • Distraction techniques (asking victims for help or directions, spilling

something on clothes and offering to help). • Unattended bag / handbag snatching in hotels, restaurants, cafés, airport and train stations. Anyone can be a victim of city crime. Julie Crossley, a family careers support advisor from Hemel Hempstead in Herts said: “We have been travelling for the last nine years and had never experienced any crime against us or anyone we know, so it didn’t even enter our heads that we would become victims ourselves at such a relatively quiet airport. My husband was looking after our bags as I visited the ladies, was distracted by someone asking where the exit was, and had no idea our travel wallet had been taken. And we would say we are seasoned travellers. Don’t be complacent”. A Palmer, a chartered tax adviser from Harpenden in Herts had a similar experience: “On the last day of our holiday in we were sitting outside a cafe near the train station with our four children and our luggage. A local man pulled up in his car and asked for directions, which made us look away from our bags. His accomplice took one of the handbags

which contained valuables including all our passports. When we realised, we felt so foolish for being duped and wished we had checked our hand luggage before we responded, rather than after. It seems so obvious looking back.” Albia Begum, a travel journalist from Lancashire visited Madrid: “I was playing a game with people at one of my favourite hostels in the heart of Madrid, and I left my bag under the table to go outside for five minutes. When I returned the game was over and my bag was missing. I had lost my passport, personal possessions and a huge amount of cash. I tried everything to look for my passport - searching every room in the hostel, leaving a poster, and asking if any security cameras were on but nobody could help. I had to apply for an emergency travel passport, pay for my visa again to go to Mauritania in Africa, and use more money to pay for my stay at the hostel. No matter where you are in the world, you or your personal possessions are not safe, even for a second....” British Consulates are working with local police, tour operators, airports, ports, car hire companies and main railway stations to help tackle city crime.

Michael John McCormack, known to everyone as “Mac” was a member of Tenerife Sur Lions Club for many years. The success of his building business and his increasing work load forced Mac from attending the regular monthly meetings but he continued with his family to support the club and the work it does in the community. It was no surprise that on Wednesday 13th. March members past and present of the club joined Tina, Aaron and Leon together with their many friends to say goodbye to this much loved and respected man. The church in Adeje was full to over flowing at a service to remember Mac’s life, con-

ducted by Pastor Bill Jeffries. Tina and her family requested that only family flowers came to the service and asked that anyone that wished to do so could give a donation to Tenerife Sur Lions charity fund. The generosity of Macs friends raised a very substantial amount, which will be used to fund the good causes that were dear to Mac’s heart as we remember a good Lion, sadly missed. The Club sends to Tina, Aaron, Leon and other family members our condolences and we know that the memories of the love and happiness that this family shared together will help them through this very sad time.


SunDAy 17 march, 2013, St. Patricks Day, saw the official beginning of Cristianos Community Church. There were some thirty five people gathered in the Video Lounge of the Hotel Sol Princesa Dacil, Los Cristianos for the inaugural service conducted by Pastor Adrian McBride. There was a great atmosphere of anticipation as Adrian recounted the story and struggles of Ireland’s patron saint, using the example of his life to set the focus of the new church, outlining it as a community of people supporting and caring for each other and the wider commu-

nity as a whole too. For most, he said, the thinking is that Church is a building, music, and a sermon, but it is much more than that. It is about having the real desire to follow the biblical pattern of what ‘Church’ is. It’s about being part of a body of people who both celebrate and live out their faith and that means being there with a caring hope for when life takes a wrong turn, when it gets lonely and when it hangs by a thread. Cristianos Community Church welcomes anyone who wishes to join them as it continues to meet every Sunday Morning in the Princesa Dacil Hotel at 11.00 am

tHE three churches within the group are looking forward to seeing residents, children and holidaymakers alike to celebrate the joy of Easter.

and from 27 March, every Wednesday evening at 5.00pm in the same location for Bible Study and Prayer. You can find out more at or by telephoning Pastor Adrian McBride on 608 409 016.

Services on Easter Sunday will be:10am in Costa de Silencio church, in Lower Coral Mar Square 11am in the Best Tenerife Hotel in Playa de Las Americas with excellent disabled access 6pm in the Living Room high above Burker King in the Veronicas area, Playa de las Americas. This venue is not suitable for disabled visitors. All the churches are within the pastoral care of Pastor Bill Jeffrey and Pastor Roz Jeffrey. Contact number 609 565 528

News from All Saints Church, Puerto de la Cruz

LIVInG in a Catholic country, we are probably all well aware of the importance of ‘Semana Santa’ and the feast of ‘Pascua’. But Holy Week and Easter are at the centre of the lives of all Christians. All Saints Anglican Church is marking the special days of this season. On Maundy Thursday Christians everywhere remember the Last Supper, the final & special meal Jesus spent with his disciples which gave us his instruction to break bread and drink wine to remember what he went on to do. To mark this occasion there will

be a celebration of Holy Communion at 7.00 pm before the church is stripped of all its ornaments to remind people of the desolation of Good Friday. Good Friday was the day that Jesus was tried and condemned to death by crucifixion. To mark this solemn time, people are invited to spend an hour at All Saints from 2.00 pm thinking about the cross and what it means. But Easter Day represents the most significant festival in the Christian year as people celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus – when the love of God overcame the

final enemy for all of us – death itself. At All Saints will celebrate with a service of Holy Communion at 9.30 am and at 11.00 am. Following the celebrations at Easter there is a return to the popular Car Boot Sales on Saturday April 6th. Doors open to the public at 11.30 am. Rev. Mike Smith, Vicar at All Saints said, ‘Holy Week and Easter are central to our lives as Christians. They are a wonderful mixture of the lows of desolation and the joys of new beginnings. We look forward to welcoming regulars and visitors alike to celebrate this glorious time of the year.’








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tHE Living Room is a centre situated in Las Americas on the infamous strip of bars called “Veronicas”. the team aim to show love, support and friendship to the community and use the centre as a way of doing that. many come to chill out, chat, use the internet, play pool, table tennis, find a job or accommodation information or hang out with friends. Some, however, come out of a real sense of need when their party lifestyle on the island gets to them and, over the last few years, The Living Room staff have come into contact with many from the homeless community. The team works to support these people with their issues and addictions in numerous ways, often referring people who are willing to rehab both on the island and in the UK and have seen many people turn their lives around. It is in relation to this side of the project that The Living Room is holding a fundraiser event which is being held at the Heritage Bar in Los Cristianos on Saturday

23rd March. From 3pm - 8pm you can expect a BBQ, a raffle with prizes donated by local businesses including tickets to the Decades Cabaret Show, 2 free places for the Freebird catamaran excursion, Siam Park tickets, and loads of drinks and meal vouchers, beauty salon gift vouchers etc. etc. There will be also be a Tombola. Entertainment throughout the afternoon has been organised by Derrick Lyons and he will be introducing the talents of Aidy Evans, Storm Duo, Stuart Beagley, Vicky Denton, Gee Whizz, Roxy Rosario, Avril Taylor, Dave Tracey & Stitch and last, but by no means least – The Tenerife Tigers. If you have something you would like to donate to the tombola, please do bring it down. Any donations will be gratefully received please call 922 752 364 between 11:00 and 2:30 Tues to Fri or email The event is also on facebook, you can check it out events/224478641023274

Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013


Gatwick - Tenerife Local Beauty Queen Marketing Campaign Takes On a New Role


he new five-day- a- week British Airways service between London Gatwick and Tenerife has already proved to be a success; all the seats on the inaugural flight on 29 March sold out, in both economy and business class. With this new route, British Airways becomes the only carrier offering business class seats on flights to and from Tenerife.

Tenerife’s Tourism Minister, Carlos Alonso, said that “the fact that the inaugural flight is already sold out weeks before departure is a very positive sign of how well the new route has been received, and a good indicator of future sales.” He added: “This new service will

satisfy the demands of the island’s tourism sector, particularly our 4 and 5 star hotels, as it will appeal to more high end and business British visitors.” In order to promote the new route in the UK and attract travellers, the Tenerife Tourism Corporation has signed an agreement with British Airways to carry out a joint marketing campaign, including print advertising, social media and PR. The inaugural flight will depart London Gatwick at 7.10am on 29th March, landing at Tenerife South Airport around four hours later. The new service will run five times a week on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The UK is the largest overseas outbound market for Tenerife, with nearly 1.6 million British tourists travelling to the island in 2012.

San Miguel Costa Celebrates The Carnival Season

For the first time San Miguel indulged in the mayhem that is carnival, by hosting their own. The Carnival celebration travelled along the main streets in the area as part of an initiative by the Department of tourism of the municipality of San Miguel de Abona, in collaboration with the local hotels. The objective was to promote traditional activities in the area and to let tourists know more about the area.

The Mayor of San Miguel de Abona, Valentín González, and the Councillor for tourism, Candelaria Flores, agreed by stating that “this year it was considered important to reach tourists through the celebration of our parties and the result has been excellent as many people participated along the entire route”.

Local beauty Queen, Adriana Reverón Moreno was born in Tenerife, she won Miss Tenerife in 2006, she then went on to represent Spain in the Miss Earth competition in 2008 and in 2010, she represented Spain in the Miss Universe competition. She is a recognised catwalk and photography model both in the Canary Islands and Spain, and has always been fashionista from top to bottom. But now, at the ripe old age of just 28, her life has taken a slightly different direction.

moda school”? Since I started in September, I have learned how to design collections and how to make different costumes. Together with other pupils from second year and alongside some wellrespected and famous Spanish designers I had the opportunity to present my first design in the “Wappisima 2013 catwalk”, I made a Flamenco costume, a typical Spanish costume, which I designed and made myself, all the inspiration came from me. That is really cool, you are only in your first year and you have already shown the public what you can do, and this is only the beginning, how was the experience? It was a unique experience, one I am looking forward to repeating very soon. It was something that really motivated me to keep on learning and improving. What inspired you to make this design? My inspiration for this costume was based on my personal favourites, gold is my favourite colour, so I used it as my main inspiration for the theme, I just wanted to make a costume that could mould a woman’s figure, but in a smart and discreet way, just showing enough to be sexy, but not over the top. I wanted a costume that could be worn both as evening wear, but was also appropriate for daytime. For those reasons I gave my design a light touch mixing white ruffles with gold spots, inserted within the black fabric.

Adriana kindly invited Tenerife Weekly to her home in Sevilla, to talk about her new role as a fashion designer, albeit a new one; she has only been studying Fashion design at the “Sevilla de Moda School” since last September. But her talents are already being noted. Adriana, you are now following a different path, what inspired you to do design, to study this career? My passion has always been the fashion world, I always dreamt about making my own costumes, choosing fabric and making something that could show the real me. Tell me a bit more about this new adventure, what do you do in “Sevilla de

How would describe your first design? My first design! A simple design that says everything about me! Tell me how is felt when you are on the other side, I mean, as a designer rather than a model? Truly, when you are a model you are showing off the designers work, you are selling the product, so you are not really showing yourself. In this case, now I am a designer I am opening my little secret box to everyone, showing who I am and what I can do. I cannot find the words to express the happiness, satisfaction it gives me and how grateful I felt when people applauded what I have done with my own hands, hours of work and dedication and with my passion, all for the fashion world! Adriana, thank you so much for your time, and for sharing your amazing experience with us. All of us at Tenerife Weekly wish you loads of luck and success in your career and we are hoping to see soon all your designs on the high street very we can buy them!!! Come back to Tenerife soon with more outfits!!!


Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013


eople are far too quick to judge youngsters and tag them with various labels that some don’t deserve. It is so nice to hear about “one of our own” doing so well. I previously wrote about Luke as he was just beginning to make a name for himself, so now we have an update – in his own words, about what is happening to this extremely talented young man. I recently won a competition via You Tube to be the support act for Cody Simpson. Cody Simpson is a 16 year old Australian singer who is on tour with Justin Beiber at the moment. I had to submit a video of myself singing one of Cody’s songs. I only found out about the competition one day before all the entries had to be in, so it was very last minute and I didn’t even have time to learn all the words properly. I was then shortlisted and my video appeared on You Tube for people to like and comment on. Cody Simpson, himself, then chose the winning video. All of my followers on Twitter and Subscribers on You Tube supported me. Without them I could not have won this. The concert was on 3rd March and I flew back with my parents to Manchester. When we arrived at the Opera House in Manchester, there were loads of fans waiting outside the stage door. I had to sign autographs and have my photo taken with them. Many had travelled from quite a distance including London and even Tenerife!! I had my own dressing room with my name on!! It was all very exciting. We had a sound check which was good fun then we watched Cody

Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013

Local Boy Luke Towler Goes From Strength To Strength

Simpson do his meet and greet where he met up with his fans. I opened the show. Couldn’t believe it when I walked out onto the stage and there were 3,000

screaming girls. It was like being a superstar. Some had made banners with flashing lights etc. and were holding them up. My Dad accompanied me on stage as we both play guitar. I sang songs that I knew would appeal to my audience. It was absolutely electrifying!! I had people from the music business in America who came especially to the show to watch me. After the show we got to meet Cody Simpson and his father. They are really nice people and we have since stayed in touch. When I left the building it was crazy. Outside the stage door there were hundreds of girls and


I was mobbed!!! They chased me down the road all screaming. Security then bundled me into a car and they all still chased me. It was like being a big superstar. Overnight I gained over 1,000 more followers on Twitter. I have had 120,000 views on You Tube so I am really pleased. After the show I was approached to play at Soccer Six, a big charity event held at Bolton Wanderers and Reading FC in May. I will be playing soccer alongside Olly Murs, The Eastenders cast, Louie Spence, District 3 and many more who have yet to be announced. I have also been asked to sing in the VIP lounges after the match. This is a real honour and there will be around 20,000 people attending. All in all, things are going really well. After Manchester I went down to London to the recording studios where I did some recordings with some really well known producers. I can’t believe all this is happening to me, but I believe living in Tenerife has helped me due to the fact that I have been able to perform over the years. I also have to say thanks to my Dad for his support with my music and singing, Estrellas and Adeje Music School, all of whom have helped me achieve my dream so far. Obviously my Mum too, for being there to help me!! It just goes to show what you can achieve if you really want to even though we only live on a tiny island!! I am sure that all of you join me is wishing Luke further success and await the next instalment in his career. Check out Luke on You Tube just type on Luke John Towler You can follow Luke on Twitter @ towlerluke

10 Readers Letters

Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013

tHIS letter was sent in response to marc Craig article “Island of Evil” in Issue 73.

Hi marc, I read your article “Island of Evil” with much interest and as you asked for views and opinions felt I should contact you. I am the Pastor of Calvary Assembly International Church, Valle San Lorenzo, and I can assure you, that the Devil, witchcraft, demons and evil spirits are very real and not just active on this Island, but worldwide. I have had many personal encounters with him and his kind. I wouldn’t say it is getting more frequent, but regular all the same. When people or nations choose to “throw” God out of their schools and homes, then what is left to fill the vacuum? We wonder why bad things happen usually to good people, we don’t want God around most of the time, but, when things go wrong we blame Him for not acting or being there. We lie, we cheat, we steal we blaspheme. We watch soaps that normally undermine family values, we watch movies full of lust, gore and evil doings, we play games, where we get points for killing people or raping. Do you think this is ok in God’s eyes? The one who

made the Earth, all of Creation, me and you? We all have the choice of “freewill” and we have to accept the consequences of our actions. If we choose to let the Devil in, then he will come, he doesn’t need to be asked twice. The Bible clearly states there is a Heaven, and a Hell. There is God, and there is the Devil. There is life, and there is Death. It’s for each of us to choose. Jesus is the only way; He is the Truth and the Life. (John 14:6.) There are not “many” roads to Heaven, that is a lie. Jesus is the only way. Easter is just around the corner. All of mankind have sinned, and are in need of a Saviour (Romans 3:23.) Jesus died on the cross to take away those sins, mine, and yours. On the cross He defeated Satan, He Defeated Death. He rose again, which means he is alive (by the way, there were over 500 people who saw the resurrected Jesus!). We have two choices then. Good, or Evil. If you turn away from one, then you give way to the other. Think about this before you delete this mail, or trash it in the newspaper, or rubbish bin. Just give it some thought. The Devil comes to only

kill, steal, and destroy. Take a look around Marc; look at this society we live in. Would you consider us to be Godly people? Are we upholding morals and Christian standards? The Devil is loose and will do as much harm as he can, and to whom he can, until Jesus comes again. Next time you sit down to watch a movie, consider who, you are inviting into your house. Marc may I thank you for your time, and for bringing attention to this very clear and real danger that is rife in society today. I hope my reply has been of some help to you. Please feel free to contact me should you have any further questions or concerns. Happy Easter. Pastor Baz Eatwell. Calvary Assembly International Church Valle San Lorenzo Hi Baz, Thank you for your email; it certainly gives me food for thought. Although I’m not a deeply religious person I certainly believe in the power of good and evil and do my best to be a good person in all aspects of my life, and I agree with you that it certainly cannot do any harm to bring attention to the possibility of real evil in the world. Thanks again for your interest.

Sincerely Marc. Hi Steve, nice to see a page dedicated to plants in Tenerife I’ve found it hard to find book on plants or wildlife in Tenerife so have to read your page first on Fridays. I would like to know what the name of the 3ft tall plants, maybe succulent, it has thin pointed narrow 3inch leaves with slight pink stripes and wonderful drooping cerise pink flower heads which last for ages they seem to grow in poor

soil and defy gravity with flowers on such tall thin stems then reseeding from them hopefully populating my garden. Thanx (sic) look forward to reply, looking forward to more of your interesting plant pages. mm

Thank you for appreciating my page and for writing in with your question! Without actually seeing the plant or having a photo it

is difficult to be sure but it sounds as if it might be one of the Bryophyllum/ Kalanchoe species (maybe daigremontianum or tubiflorum). They are succulent plants, grow in poor dry soil, can easily reach 3ft or more and carry drooping pinkishred flowers on stems above the rest of the plant. They also produce baby plants along the leaves which drop off and grow. Steve Andrews

European Courts “Mortgage Laws Too Harsh”

the European Court of Justice says Spain’s mortgage laws are too harsh for borrowers who are having trouble paying. A new ruling by Europe’s highest court could make it harder for Spanish banks to evict homeowners. The European decision backs Spanish judges who have halted evictions when homeowners contest abusive clauses in their contracts. “We’ve always said what’s needed is a change in the law. It can’t be right that justice being done depends on an overload of civic responsibility or judges’ activity or the European Court. We need a fair law that will stop violating

basic rights,” said Ada Colau, spokeswoman for the Platform of Mortgage Victims. The rise in forced evictions had provoked anger and several suicides have been linked to people losing their homes. Whilst activists have welcomed the ruling, some analysts say it will only apply to a small percentage of cases

and will do little to alleviate Spain’s chronic mortgage problem. Lenders have opposed any relaxation of the rules, fearing they would be denied access to funds. The government says the European court’s decision will be incorporated into Spanish law.

Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013


Mainland Spanish Fashion Designer RD News In 3 Richest In The World Brief The Valencian president, Alberto Fabra, has said that he hopes to be able to sign an agreement soon, which will make the alternating of the celebration of the Formula 1 between Valencia and Catalonia, effective. This will mean that in even years, the Formula 1 will be in Valencia, and in odd years, in Catalonia. Fabra confirmed a recent meeting with the Formula 1 magnate, Bernie Ecclestone, and contacts with the Catalonian president, Artur Mas, to set this idea in motion. This means that Valencia will not figure in this year’s race. The National Police have arrested eight people in Valencia and Madrid, who are presumed to have committed multiple fraud offences with a Nigerian cards scam. It is estimated they have gained over 1.8 million euros from victims in the UK, Germany, France, Slovakia, Rumania, Sweden and China. The Guardia Civil, together with Local Police, voluntary associations and residents of Moraira, found a 75-year-old British woman who disappeared in the area. She was said to have been in good health, although weak, and had taken refuge in the basement of an uninhabited house. Sniffer dogs and a helicopter were used in the search, which after 72 hours of work produced a positive result. She was found as she left the basement, attended to at the scene and given a medical examination. On Saturday evening, lifeboat crews declared a search ended, with no results, for a man and a woman, who had disappeared when their immigrant boat sank following an engine failure in the Straits earlier that day. Sources said that intensive searches had been made in the area, using two boats and a helicopter, three miles north of Tangier. Another eight immigrants had previously been rescued, when, as the emergency services arrived, the boat overturned. Seven of these were taken to Tarifa, and the eighth was taken to land by a Moroccan lifeboat. The Virgen de la Arrixaca hospital in Murcia has successfully operated on a 16-year-old youth with neuro vegetative dystonia with a new system of deep brain stimulation. This is the first such operation in Spain using this equipment. The patient, who is responding well, had an electrode implanted, to stimulate brain activity, powered by a rechargeable battery, linked by cables beneath the skin, which will last for twenty five years, instead of previous versions which only lasted for four to six years. This therapy especially helps Parkinson’s’ patients. The various departments of the Valencian regional government have saved 1,256 million euros with the use of 74 rationalisation and austerity measures last year. According to an official reports, this data demonstrates the full commitment of the administration to reducing the public deficit, and are a reflection of the politics of austerity and containing public sector business spending, without affecting public benefits. An inter-departmental commission was created in February last year for the purpose. Andalusia is producing enough wind powered electricity to supply 1.4 million homes. The 147 wind power parks generate more than 6.8 million megawatts an hour, according to the Andalusian Energy Agency. Three new parks are being constructed in the provinces of Granada and Malaga.

Fashion designers in Britain could learn a thing or two from the Spanish leader in fast fashion. Although little is actually known about Amancio Ortega, he has built an empire that has taken over the world. This is because the 76-year-old is the brains behind Inditex, the world’s largest clothing retailer trading as Zara, Bershka and Pull and Bear.

The story of the company began in 1963 when Ortega, son of a railway worker, started up a manufacturing company called Confecciones GOA in La Coruna, Galaicia. As the company grew, he opened a Zara shop in the city centre in 1975 to sell products from his factory. Ten years later created a new holding company called Industria de Diseño Textil, or Inditex. Ortega was recently named by Forbes as the third wealthiest person in the world, overtaking US investor Warren Buffet and Bernard Arnault, the Frenchman who built LVMH into a luxury powerhouse. Only telecoms boss Carlos Slim and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates are estimated to be wealthier than Ortega, whose net worth is now calculated to be $57bn (£37.8bn). Ortega has taken Inditex to high streets and shopping centres around the world. The company first arrived

in the UK in 1998 and last year Zara opened a new flagship store on Oxford Street that won admiration from across the retail industry. That admiration was reflected by Zara being named international retailer of the year at the Oracle Retail Week Awards, the industry’s Oscars. The judging panel included some of the biggest names in the industry; from Andy Clarke, the chief executive of Asda, to Terry Duddy, chief executive of Home Retail Group. The rise of Inditex, which only floated on the stock market in 2001, is all the more impressive because it has been achieved amid a global financial crisis and the economic chaos in Spain. Inditex shares have grown from 60 Euros in 2007 to almost 105 Euros. The company is now worth 65bn Euros (£56bn), making it the most valuable listed company in Spain. Even more remarkable is the fact that Inditex has succeeded by embracing its homeland. The company produces more than half of its products itself and every single item of clothing passes through Spain at some stage. Just outside La Coruna, a port city in northern Spain, Ortega has built a manufacturing base to compete with the sprawling factories of China. From this site, Inditex has set the benchmark for “fast fashion”. It can take trends from the catwalk to the shop floor in just two weeks.

Spain Begins Withdrawal From Afghanistan

General Staff said: “Bringing forward the date originally planned, the Spanish contingent in Afghanistan, Aspfor XXXII, has begun moving material to the base maintained by Spain in Herat, in order to be repatriated.”

Bankia has launched a new line of personal credit which is to be offered to 900,000 clients, just under 200,000 of whom are part of the Valencian community. Clients can borrow up to 30,000 Euros, at a fixed interest rate, for up to 5 years. In Murcia, the tourism and culture department, and the Tourism Institute, organised an information day last week for hotel owners about contracts with the tour operator Expedia, with the aim of obtaining more clients for the region’s hotels by offering their services through a leading online agency.

Despite the fact Inditex now has 6,000 stores across 86 countries and produces 840m garments a year, the close relationship between factory and shop has been maintained. Inditex focuses on manufacturing the most fashionable items and still produces the vast majority in store. It directly controls the supply of fabric, cutting, and the finishing of garments, although in between the sewing is done by suppliers based around La Coruna. In total, the company controls more than 100 companies involved in the design, manufacturing and distribution of clothing. Even Inditex’s suppliers outside north western Spain receive their fabric from the company. While the workforce is now more than 120,000 around the world, much of the power in Inditex lies with the internal team of 300 designers that develop the entire merchandise range. If a product fails to sell, they can simply get to work on a new idea. This system relies on a top-of-the-range logistics system. Those who have worked at Inditex say there are no middlemen in the company. There are no intermediate warehouses that hold stock, stores receive deliveries from Spain twice a week, and store managers are empowered to inform the designers what products are selling well. With profits up 22% for Inditex in 2012, the company shows no signs of slowing down.

Spanish defence officials have announced an end to its mission

and withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Spain’s Defence

Around 45 Spanish members of the military are ready to return to Spain following the recent closure of combat bases in Ludina and Moqur. According to reports

Spanish troops from other deactivated units, are also in Herat waiting to take a flight back to Spain. Spain’s presence will be limited only to western Herat province of Afghanistan with the withdrawal from Qala-i-Naw, originally planned for the next northern autumn. The final withdrawal will take place, scheduled for 2014. Spain has deployed around 1,400 troops under the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force mission in Afghanistan with the US-led invasion in 2001 to topple the Taliban regime. Around 100 Spanish military personnel have been killed since the mission in Afghanistan started, the majority of which were killed in air accidents.


Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013

Illegal Immigrant Bieber’s Believe Tour Reaches Spain In Coffin Ruse JuStIn Bieber’s family flew out to join him for the Spanish leg of the Canadian star’s ‘Believe’ world tour, to offer support the star in the wake of his recent struggles with the press.

A 20-yEAR-oLD illegal immigrant from Guinea has been caught trying to enter Spain in a makeshift coffin hidden underneath a car; however the ruse almost ended with the box becoming a real-life coffin.

Civil Guard officers caught the culprit as he tried to cross the Beni-Enzar border point from Morocco into the Spanish enclave city of Melilla. He had been hiding in a 30cm high box fitted as a false floor to the bottom of a Renault 18, which was being driven by a 23-year-old from the nearby city of Nador. Officers, who dubbed his hiding-hole as being an “authentic coffin,” said they became suspicious about the car and decided to search it. They found screws bound to a metal frame, covered in carpet, which was serving as the car’s floor. But they realized it was false and, after ripping it open, discovered the man hiding. Due to being caged in the

box for so long, and inhaling exhaust fumes, the man had to be lifted out by two officers. He was arrested and taken to the Temporary Centre for Immigrants (CETI). The car’s driver was arrested on suspicion of trafficking illegal immigrants and faces up to eight years in prison if

convicted. A similar situation happened last September when another 20-year-old from Guinea was caught trying to enter Melilla by pretending to be a car seat. The insides of the seat had been discarded, leaving only the frame which he slid into.

The ‘Boyfriend’ singer endured several weeks of bad press after a series of incidents which included a confrontation with paparazzi and an online rant about the media. To add to his woes, Bieber was booed by fans for arriving on stage two hours late for the first of four gigs at London’s O2 Arena. Justin has now been joined by mum Pattie Mallette, dad Jeremy and his little brother Jaxon in Madrid and the family put on a united front outside the ‘All Around The World’ singer’s hotel where they are believed to be staying. The 19 year-old pop star carried Jaxon out in front of the photographers with a big smile on his face, while making sure his brother wasn’t scared by all the flash photography. He later sent a tweet to his fans thanking them for their support. “MADRID!! Gracias! Thank u!! great show! now on to Barcelona! #BelieveTour,” , while his best friend and tour buddy Alfredo Flores posted: “The entire fan is here! Gonna be a good bus ride @pattiemallette @JeremyBieber @JustinBieber @JaxonBieber missing @JazmynBieber!” In an online message posted through his Instagram account Justin criticised the bad press he has been receiving and rubbished reports he is set to enter rehab, as well as making a

crack at actress Lindsay Lohan for her “tax statements”, for which he later apologised. Justin Bieber’s ‘Believe’ tour continues across Europe this month and he also features on’s brand new single ‘#ThatPower’ .

community administration

Hestria is a professional company that specialises in the administration The financial situation of the community has improved significantly since Hestria of communities of owners which are situated in the south of Tenerife. With 10 years experience in conducting the administration of communities we know that transparency is very important. We therefore offer the individual owners within the communities complete access to the information of their community on the internet through our website Here we publish any document that is important for the community, like the statutes, internal rules, insurance policy, etc. We also publish the community expenses on a monthly basis and each owner can see the state of their personal payments of the community fees.

took over the administration of our complex, with a strong reduction of debtors.

They also publish the community accounts on their website, so nobody has to wonder how the community money is spent. Robert Hobbs, President Tagoro Park Costa del Silencio

Hestria is a professional company. They always respond immediately to any questions or issues that arise and they look at all viable options, keeping in mind price and quality. I would highly recommend Hestria to others! Jim Halliday, President Villas del Duque Fañabe (Adeje)

For more info: Hestria Administración de Fincas, S.L. Avda. Rafael Puig Llivina, 19 Centro Comercial City Center, local 23 38660 Playa de las Américas Tel: 922 795 613 Fax: 922 789 820 E-mail:

Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013

Electric Cars – The Future For Spain?


Marathon Runner Dies

The drive to get more electric cars on the roads of Spain has gone up a gear. City hall in Malaga is the first in the province to introduce 20 municipal vehicles that are 100% electric. As well as the new cars, the Mayor of Fuengirola, Esperanza Ona, has opened the first rapid charging station for electric vehicles in Spain. The charging station will be open to the public at the end of March. The opening is part of the Zem2All (Zero Emissions Mobility to All) international project.

A 47-year-old marathon runner died of a heart attack while taking part in the annual Barcelona Marathon. The man collapsed on the course and medical personnel quickly transported him to a local hospital, however, he died shortly after arriving.

Other electric charging stations in Malaga city and Marbella are scheduled as part of the three year project. The stations are able to recharge 60% of the battery in just 15 minutes and costs 1.60 Euros per 100 kilometres. The local TV channel, FTV, who is supporting the project, will be using two electric vehicles which are expected to save 2,500 Euros per year on fuel. There will also be a

charging point at the television station’s headquarters, Electric cars, which have already been introduced in some parts of London and are widely available to buy in most developed countries, are believed by many to be the future of motoring. The environmentally friendly vehicle need no petrol and can cut down on harmful CO2 emissions.

The Zurich Barcelona Marathon is an annual marathon race over the classic distance of 42.195 km held in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain each year in March. The race started as the Catalunya Marathon back in 1978, but the name was changed to the current one in 2005. The winners of both the men’s and women’s races were from Ethiopia, with Gezahgne Abrera taking the men’s title, and Lemelen Berha winning the women’s race.

Abrera won in the fast time of 2 hours, 10 minutes, 17 seconds, whereas Berha finished in a time of 2:34:39. Kenyan Jackson Kipkoech Kotut won the 2010 race in a time of 2:07:30 hours. This was a course record and also the fastest marathon ever run in Spain. Over 10,000 participants took part in the event that year. The route starts and finishes at Plaça d’Espanya, at the foot of Montjuïc, in the Sants-Montjuïc district. It passes Camp Nou, back to Plaça d’Espanya, past Sagrada Família, near the beach in northeast, around the old city, back to the shore and back to Plaça d’Espanya. It has many straight parts separated by sharp street corners. The route feels flat, but looks hillier on a height profile diagram. It has some long slow inclines, notably around 25-27 km and 39-41 km.

Spanish Government Discourages Early Retirement lion euros a year. When these measures go into effect, we will save half of that amount every year,” Banez said. One out of two Spaniards retire before the current legal age of 65, and the current effective age of retirement is 63. In 2011 the then Socialist government reformed pensions to phase in a higher retirement age of 67, by 2027,

and to increase the number of years of contributions required to be eligible for a state pension. Brussels has recommended that Spain take additional measures to reinforce its social security system, such as introducing more quickly a stability factor that would be applied to make periodic adjustments for demographic

factors. Last year Spain’s social security system which pays out unemployment and retirement benefits had a deficit of 1% of gross domestic product. Deep in recession, Spain now has almost 6 million people out of work and the number of people taking early retirement has increased sharply.

Italian – Spanish Drug Ring Smashed

Spain will make it harder for people to take early retirement, in order to increase contributions to the social security system and make it more sustainable, the Labour

Minister Fatima Banez announced at a news conference.

The new measures will save the social security system 4.5 billion euros a year when they have taken full effect in 2027, the minister said. Companies will be penalised

for letting go older workers, and the government will also raise the minimum amount of contributions a worker must make in order to be eligible for early retirement. “Today early retirement and partial retirement cost the system more than 9 bil-

53 alleged members of a network which smuggled drugs into Spain and Italy from Morocco have been arrested. The drugs were brought into Europe in hidden compartments in the bottom of lorries carrying legal cargo via ports in Cadiz. A farmhouse in Barcelona was used to prepare the drugs for distribution. The operation, carried out by the combined efforts of Guardia Civil and the Ital-

ian authorities, led to 800 kilos of hashish and seven kilos of cocaine being seized, as well as heroin, marihuana and Ecstasy, 45,000 Euros in cash, 18 cars, two lorries, four trailers, a boat and 40 mobile phones. The arrests were carried out in Cadiz, Seville, Malaga, Jaen, Cordoba, Salamanca, Madrid and Barcelona, where an arsenal of weapons and ammunition was found, as well as in Italy.


Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013

Costa Crock On The Loose In Spain

tHE environmental section of the Guardia Civil, Seprona, has been searching for the alligator nicknamed the ‘Costa Croc’ since receiving “credible reports” that the animal was at large in the malaga area. the reptile is thought to be somewhere near the exclusive neighbourhood of La madeira and was spotted near man-made lakes in the popular tourist region mijas.

Experts have predicted, using the tracks left by the alligator, that it is aged between 12 and 18 years and could weigh up to 11 stone. The topic has caused much excitement on Twitter with many users tweeting about the runaway reptile. The Guardia Civil suspect that the animal was being kept as a pet but was freed by the owner. Since 2008 it has been illegal for exotic animals to be held as pets in Andalusia, Spain, where the

Spain Banks To Tax Savings?

By Janet Anscombe alligator is still on the loose. Although alligator attacks on people are rare, local officials are concerned that the animal will become violent if it feels under threat. Tourists and locals have been warned to stay away from the areas where the reptile is thought to be hiding. There have been reports however of many tourists deliberately trying to

find the alligator and ignoring official warnings to keep away from certain places. Although nicknamed the “Costa Croc” experts have claimed that it is much more likely that the reptile is an alligator as reports have described the animal with a “flat head” and a “wider upper jaw” which are features more typical of an alligator.

RumouRS started a few days ago, and there is now Government confirmation.

Spain has confirmed that it is going to impose a “moderate” tax, “not much higher than 0%”, on bank deposits to create a fund to compensate autonomous communities for regional tax losses resulting from the imposition of a

national 0% rate. An article in El Pais says that the tax has no connection with the situation in Cyprus and does not affect savers but, rather, taxes credit institutions for deposits held. The amount taxed, apparently, will be exactly that which has been lost by the introduction of the 0% rate. The confirmation has come from Spain’s ministro de Ha-

cienda y Administraciones Públicas, Cristóbal Montoro, himself. Seemingly, the new measure won’t apply in Asturias because they already have a regional tax on deposits in place, but Extremadura, Andalucia and the Canaries appear to be singled out because “they had the regional tax in force to be nullified when the national tax was introduced”.

Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013


Olympic Committee Check Out Madrid’s 2020 Bid


panish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has told International Olympic Committee inspectors that much of the infrastructure needed for Madrid’s 2020 Olympic bid is already built, emphasizing a low-cost approach at a time of financial austerity. Rajoy welcomed the IOC’s evaluation commission at the start of its four-day inspection of Madrid, which is competing against Tokyo and Istanbul. “Madrid has a great advantage: 80% of the sports facilities needed to hold an Olympic Games are already built,” Rajoy said. He added that Madrid was accustomed to hosting major events and that Spain already welcomes 58 million visitors each year as one of the world’s favourite tourist destinations. The bid committee said 28 of the 35 proposed venues are already built, and that its budget to finish preparations is a modest (euro) 1.5 billion ($1.9 billion US), plus an additional (euro) 150 million ($192 million) for security costs. Madrid is bidding for a third straight time after losing to London for the 2012 Olympics and Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Games, and the budget figures have been trimmed from the previous campaigns to reflect Spain’s reduced means. Five of the 14 IOC panel members reviewing Madrid’s venues, finances and security plans during the four-day tour have already visited during the previous bids. However, this time, inspectors will

find new additions to already existing venues, such as the inclusion of the city’s Las Ventas bullring — scene of sporting events such as tennis or fencing going back to the 1920s — the Retiro park and Real Madrid’s Valdebebas training facilities. Some venues, however, such as the 65,000 capacity La Peineta stadium for track and field events and the Aquatic (water sports) Center, are only part finished. Construction on the 18,000-capacity aquatic centre began in 2004 but was halted in 2005. The bid’s dossier states that work is due

to resume in June 2014 for completion in June 2016. La Peineta was built in 1994 and is scheduled to continue undergoing “renovation” until June 2015, although most observers say this date is likely to be exceeded. “Our plans are for La Peineta to be transformed into a modern sports venue in time, and then later to be handed over to Atletico Madrid football club as its new main stadium,” Alejandro Blanco, president of the Spanish Olympic Committee, told The Associated Press. Both La Peineta and the Aquatic Center are listed as existing facilities. Members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) evaluation team visited the Las Ventas bullring in Madrid on Monday. Madrid mayor Ana Botella hailed the first day of the four-day inspection of the city’s candidacy for the 2020 Olympic Games a success. Botella said the committee members were delighted to be met by Spanish captain Iker Casillas and presented with their own memento from the club. “The day has gone very well. There was nothing untoward and the questions we received were the ones we

expected,” she told a press conference. “In the Bernabeu the members were very happy to be presented with a shirt with their name on the back and meet players and directors, as they did in all of the four venues we visited.” Botella also reiterated her belief that the 1.5bn euros ($1.961bn, pound sterling1.297bn) left to invest in infrastructure was a perfectly manageable figure over the seven year period until the games would take place and that the games would be an economic boost to Madrid and Spain as a whole. President of the Spanish Olympic Committee, Alejandro Blanco, meanwhile insist-

ed the bid was different to the ones that failed in their attempts to host the 2012 and 2016 games. Blanco said in particular the use of two of the other venues visited by the commission on Monday - Retiro Park and Las Ventas bull ring which would host the beach volleyball and basketball respectively - was based on the success of famous public landmarks such as Horse Guards Parade at the London Olympics last year. However, Blanco said the key message of the bid remained that the games would be good for the younger Spanish generation. “The concept of the games is what is the most important,” he said.

“The idea that this is a games for the young and that is the message we will try to convey for the next four days.” Earlier the bid’s Chief Executive Victor Sanchez claimed the bid had been careful to stay clear of spending money on underused facilities and said the use of temporary venues would be used where the construction of a permanent one could not be. “We have steered clear of white elephants,” he said. “Projects that have no real use for citizens after the Games have finished. That is why we have given priority to existing infrastructures and then to other infrastructures that the city has a direct need for. Finally, where a future use cannot be guaranteed, we have opted for temporary solutions. Only three such temporary solutions will be used, while a mere four permanent facilities remain to be built. The result is lower costs, reduced environmental impact and less disruption to the everyday lives of the people of Madrid, all with government backing at central, regional and municipal level.” The committee’s inspection of the proposed venues included visits of the Olympic village and stadium.


EASY Puzzle


Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013

SuDoku tAnto Solve a SudokuTanto puzzle in the same way as you would solve a standard Sudoku puzzle. The numbers 1 to 9 must appear once in every row, column & box of 9. The difference in a Sudoku Tanto is that the shaded cells show the locations of all the even numbers (2, 4, 6 & 8)

Answers to the SuDoku tAnto on page 2.

Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013

Bill Roache in Victim Storm

Coronation Street actor Bill Roache has said he is “very sorry for any offence caused” after he insinuated victims of sexual abuse are being punished for their behaviour in “previous lives”. The actor who plays Coronation Street’s Ken Barlow made the comments during a television interview, during which he said famous men can be “caught in this trap” by young female fans who follow their movements. Speaking to New Zealand’s TVNZ, he said of the victims: “If you accept that you are pure love ... and therefore live that pure love, these things won’t happen to you.” He was then pressed by re-

porter Garth Bray, who asked: “To some people that sounds perhaps like you’re saying victims bring things on themselves. Is that what you’re saying?” The 80-year-old replied: “No, not quite, but then yes I am. Everything that happens to us is the result of what we have been in previous lives.” Roache’s co-star of 30 years, Michael Le Vell, has been suspended from the ITV soap after he was charged with 19 child sex offences. Le Vell, whose real name is Michael Turner, appeared in court last month, was bailed until his next appearance at Manchester Crown Court. During his interview with TVNZ, Roache insisted: “Everyone’s innocent until they’re proven guilty.” He described paedophilia as “ab-

Yoko Ono Joins F Anti-Gun Debate

Yoko Ono, wife of former Beatle John Lennon joined the American gun control laws debate by posting a personal photograph of the dead rock star’s blood-spattered glasses on Twitter. On what would have been the couple’s 44th wedding anniversary, the 79-year-old tweeted the image in several posts and called for an end to gun violence.

She said: “Over 1,057,000 people have been killed by guns in the USA since John Lennon was shot and killed on 8 Dec 1980. 31,537 people are killed by guns in the USA every year. We are turning this beautiful country into war zone. Together, let’s bring back America, the green land of peace. The death of a loved one is a hollowing experience. After 33 years our son Sean and I still miss him. Yoko Ono Lennon.” Ono and Lennon were married in Gibraltar on March 20, 1969, and honeymooned in Amsterdam where they famously campaigned for peace by spending an entire week in bed. Lennon was murdered outside their New York apartment in 1980. The 40-year-old was shot four times in the back by Mark Chapman who had asked for his autograph only hours before he laid in wait and killed him. The recent calls for tougher gun control laws in the States follows the December 14 mass shooting that killed 20 schoolchildren and six adults in Newtown, Connecticut - and the Aurora theatre massacre in Denver last summer which claimed 12 lives.

solutely horrendous” but added: “There’s a fringe here ... particularly pop stars who have these groupies, these girls, who are sexually active and sexually mature. They don’t ask for their birth certificate and they don’t know what age they may be. They’re certainly

not grooming them and exploiting them but they can be caught in this trap.” He added: “These people are instantly stigmatised. Some will be innocent and some will not, but until such time as (any offence) is proven, there should be ano-


nymity for both. If someone has done something wrong, the law should take its course. But whether they’re proven guilty or not, we should never be judgemental about anyone. We shouldn’t go round condemning. We should be forgiving about everything.”

Gascoigne: Bad Press Helped Me

ootball legend and former England star, Paul Gascoigne has said bad press coverage helped him with his battle with alcoholism. The popular ex-footballer has struggled with addiction for years, but said that critical media stories forced him to face up to his situation.

Speaking just weeks after completing a stay at a US rehabilitation clinic, the 45-year-old said: “Over the last 11 years, I’ve probably drank 14 months out of it. The press say I’m drinking all

the time. It’s not (true). I was three years sober, then I have a three-week binge and I’m in treatment again. I’ve just got to stop them binges ... well, just don’t pick up a drink. What the press wrote, not only did it probably help myself, but it probably helped

other alcoholics how close I was to passing away.” Gascoigne said his fellow former players had rallied around him after his plight was revealed in a series of stories: “When I’m drinking I forget about everyone,” he said. “I don’t realise the hurt

I’m doing to others but, you know, I’ve got to think about the hurt I was doing to myself. People come up (and say) ‘never touch a drink again’. I don’t know (if) I’m going to touch a drink again. I just know that I’m not drinking today.”

termine if we are facing some kind of environmental crime,” a spokesman said. Victor Casanova, of Chile’s Environmental and Cultural Heritage Crimes Unit, said police were investigating a variety of possibilities in an effort to understand how the animals died. “We are going to go out to Coronel Bay to determine the physical temperature parameters, electric conductivity, and above all the oxygen, which is an important issue to highlight,” he said.

In recent years a startling number of sea creatures have been washed up on South America’s Pacific coasts. In February the bodies of dozens of animals, including sea turtles, sea lions, dolphins, sharks and marine birds, were washed

up on a Peruvian coastline. Environmental experts have said that causes vary depending on the kind of animal and the location, but that some of the possible explanations include viruses, offshore oil exploration, or poisoned food sources.

Dead Prawns Washed Up In Chile

Chile authorities are confused after thousands of dead prawns were washed up on the coastline. The chief investigator said police were compiling as much evidence as possible to determine what killed the enormous number of crustaceans off Concepcion province.

“What we are doing today is compiling the most evidence possible to de-


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Dinosaur Named After 5-Year-old

DAISy morris was just five years old when she discovered a completely new species of flying dinosaur is to have it named after her. Daisy, who is now nine, found the fossil at Atherfield beach on the Isle of Wight in 2009 and took it to local dinosaur expert martin Simpson. Together with colleagues from the University of Southampton, he confirmed it was a new species of pterosaur, about the size of a crow, from about 115 million years ago and which will now be called Vectidraco daisymorrisae. Vertidraco means “dragon from the Isle of Wight” while the rest of the title refers to the young fossil-hunter. Mr Simpson said: “When Daisy and her family brought the fossilised remains to me in April 2009, I knew I was looking at something very special. And I was right. The fossil turned out to be a completely new genus and species of small pterosaur, a flying reptile from 115 million years ago in the Lower Cretaceous period, which because of the island’s eroding coastline, would without doubt have been washed away and destroyed if it had not been found by Daisy. It just shows that, continuing a long tradition in palaeontology, major discoveries can be made by amateurs, often by being in the right place at the right time.” The pterosaur fossil has now been donated to the Natural History Museum.

Michael Owen To Retire

FoRmER England striker michael owen has announced he is retiring from professional football at the end of the season at the ripe old age of 33.

Writing on his personal website, Owen said: “I now feel it is the right time to bring the curtain down on my career: “I have been very fortunate in that my career has taken me on a journey that like many young players starting out, I could only have dreamt of.” Shortly after his announcement

he tweeted: “I’m overwhelmed. So many nice messages. Having known it for a while I thought I would be ok. Reduced to tears watching.” Owen scored 40 times in 89 England appearances, including a memorable solo goal from the halfway line in a World Cup knockout match against Argentina in 1998. The tally placed him fourth on the country’s all-time scorers list behind Bobby Charlton, Gary Lineker and Jimmy Greaves. He made his first team debut at Liverpool at the age of 17 and later played at Real Madrid, Newcastle

United, Manchester United and Stoke City, which he joined last year. He won the prestigious Ballon d’Or award for European footballer of the year in 2001, but since joining Stoke at the start of the season and has scored one goal in seven appearances. Owen said none of his achievements “would have been possible without the tremendous support I have received from managers, coaches, fellow players, back room staff, the supporters and my own personal sponsors. “I would like to thank each and every one for the huge role they have played in helping me reach the top of my profession.” He went on to thank his family, including his father, Terry Owen, who was also a professional footballer saying: “From those freezing local parks to terrorising the best defenders in the World on the biggest stages of all. I couldn’t have done it without you.” Owen scored 179 goals in 306 appearances for Liverpool, his formative club, but his career lost momentum after he joined Real Madrid in 2004. Unable to make an impression in Spain, he returned to England with Newcastle the following year, but he became plagued by injuries that ultimately curtailed his England career. A three-year spell at Manchester United yielded his first Premier League winner’s medal, in 2011, but he was only ever used as a back-up player and left the club when his contract expired last year. Owen, married Louise Bonsall in 2005, they have four children.

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Pope Francis – The People’s Pope

The Pallium is fitted on Pope Francis Pope Francis vowed to embrace the world’s “weakest and poorest” and called on world leaders to shun “destruction” at his inaugural

mass in St Peter’s Square. He spoke of the need to serve one another with love and tenderness and not allow “hatred, envy and

pride to defile our lives”.

The new pontiff officially began his ministry as the 266th pope and leader of the world’s 1.2bn Roman Catholics when he earlier received

the ring and pallium symbolising his new papal powers at the Vatican. The pallium is a strip of lamb’s wool that represents the Pope’s role as a shepherd and the Fisherman’s Ring is named in honour of the first pope St Peter, a fisherman by trade. The grand ceremony was held in a sun-drenched St Peter’s Square attended by around 200,000 people, including royalty, political and religious leaders, and of course the world’s media. By far the largest delegation came from Argentina, led by President Cristina Kirchner, who had a private meeting with Pope Francis on Monday. Britain was represented by the Duke of Gloucester, Kenneth Clarke MP and Baroness Warsi. The Queen and Prime Minister David Cameron did not attend. Controversial Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe also made the journey to Rome in defiance of an EU travel ban, which does allow him to attend events within the Vatican state boundary. Francis was interrupted by applause several times during his homily, which included him stating that the Pope must “open his arms to protect all of God’s people and

Diana’s Dress Auction – Part 2

The Victor Edelstein, off-theshoulder midnight blue velvet dress in which Princess Diana danced with John Travolta has sold at auction for £240,000. The anonymous bidder bought it to cheer up his wife.

The Princess of Wales wowed both the British and US public when she was pictured being twirled around the dance floor by the Hollywood star during a dinner at the White House on the 1985 US

visit. Auctioneer Kerry Taylor said: “It was bought by a British gentleman who said he wanted to buy it as a surprise to cheer up his wife. I hope that the sale has really made someone’s day.” The dress was one of 10 of Diana’s dresses on sale as part of the Fit For A Princess collection at the vintage fashion auctioneers Kerry Taylor Auctions in London. The garments were originally sold, along with a number of others, by Diana herself following her divorce from the Prince of Wales to raise money for

charity at the suggestion of her eldest son, Prince William. Miss Taylor said: “Diana was the people’s princess, so the people should be able to see these dresses. This is our heritage, our history.” American Maureen Rorech Dunkel initially bought the dresses as a long-term investment, but after Diana’s death in 1997 she decided to exhibit them to raise money for good causes. The collection, described as “a little history of Diana’s life through her clothes”, reached a total of £862,800.


embrace with tender affection the whole of humanity, especially the poorest, the weakest, the least important,” Francis, the first Jesuit pope, said. “He must be inspired by lowly, concrete and faithful service. I would like to ask all those who have positions of responsibility in economic, political and social life ... Let us not allow omens of destruction and death to accompany the advance of this world. It means respecting each of God’s creatures and respecting the environment in which we live. It means protecting people, showing loving concern for each and every person, especially children, the elderly, those in need, who are often the last we think about.” Before the proceedings began, Francis toured a crammed St Peter’s Square, kissing babies and blessing a disabled man. As a sign of the informality that is already a mark of his papacy, Francis abandoned the bullet-proof popemobile used by his more formal predecessor Benedict, to tour the square. He wore a plain white papal cassock and black shoes in contrast to the luxurious red loafers that attracted attention under Benedict.

The other dresses that sold were:

• A black velvet and beaded Catherine Walker evening gown, in which Diana was photographed by Mario Testino for a Vanity Fair photo shoot at Kensington Palace a few months before her death, sold for £108,000. • A Catherine Walker dress, a burgundy crushed velvet evening gown worn for a state visit to Australia in 1985 sold for £108,000. • A Catherine Walker embroidered pink silk evening gown and bolero which was made for Diana and Prince Charles’s state visit to India in 1992 was sold for £66,000. • A Catherine Walker burgundy velvet gown with embroidered tailcoat worn during a state visit to Korea in 1992 sold for £50,400.

• A Bruce Oldfield black velvet evening gown, worn for an official portrait by Lord Snowdon in 1985, sold for £50,400 to a British museum. • A pink sequinned crepe dress by Catherine Walker, worn on a state visit to Brazil in 1991, sold for £78,000 to the same museum. • A sequinned seagreen Catherine Walker evening gown, worn for a state visit to Austria in 1989, sold for £90,000 to an Austrian bidder. • A white chiffon cocktail dress by Zandra Rhodes, worn to the Birthright benefit event at the London Palladium in 1987, was sold for £48,000. • A bottle green Victor Edelstein dress, which Diana wore for private entertaining was sold for £24,000.


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tHEy are brand new to tenerife; in fact, they are brand new to anywhere! you may not have heard of Bamboo towels before, but they are here and they are fabulous.

Take an opportunity to discover the benefits of having bamboo bath towels. Picture yourself getting out of the bath or shower and wrapping yourself in pure heaven, in possibly the softest bath towel ever. Bamboo towels allow you to dry yourself off quickly due to their premium absorbent properties while also giving you the luxurious feeling of the softest fabric you have ever felt against your body. Pure cotton can often feel a bit rough to the touch; not only will you find that the towels are exceptionally soft and absorbent, but you will also find that they are durable for everyday use. They are also perfect for people who want to maintain a hygienic environment, because they are naturally odour resistant due to the fibres fastdrying characteristics. So say goodbye to that disgusting mildew smell you get from other towels from time to

A GIAnt elephant seal, weighing at around half a tonne, blocked a busy street in a Brazilian city after deciding to go for an impromptu walk. the animal stopped traffic for over an hour in the beach city of Balneario Camboriu in the southern state of Santa Catarina. The 9.8ft seal waddled out of the Atlantic

time, and bathe in serenity. Bamboo fabric is created from the bamboo pulp and is 100% biodegradable. It is also anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic; bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and resists mould, mildew, fungi and dust mites. These properties remain intact, making it suitable for those with eczema, hyper-sensitive skin or hay fever caused by dust mite. Even better news is that bamboo fabric require less frequent washing, it needs no more than a 30ËšC wash

and dries in half the time of cotton. Tumble dry low and remove from dryer as soon as it stops to avoid unnecessary creasing. The only place that actually stocks these delicious items is Antiquities Tenerife in Las Chafiras. The have stock in three different colours, soft brown, grey and aubergine and at the moment they have an offer for one bath towel and a hand towel for just 15,00 Euros. Pop in and see them and feel the difference for yourself.

Ocean on Saturday afternoon and headed up the beach straight for the busy Avenida Atlantica. As the massive beast correctly used the pedestrian crossing, police officers and fire fighters splashed water to keep it wet during its unexpected adventure as shoppers and tourists took pictures and videos. Locals said the animal finally returned to the water after about an hour-and-a-half.

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USA’s Biggest Robbery Solved?

tHE FBI says it has solved a decades-old mystery of the largest robbery in uS history. However law enforcement officials have refused to name the suspects who stole $500m (£331m) worth of art from Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner museum, instead focusing on recovering the missing works.

Authorities announced a new publicity campaign aimed at generating tips to bring home the stolen goods, which includes paintings by Rembrandt, Manet, Degas and Vermeer. “The key goal here is to recover those paintings and bring them back,” US Attorney Carmen Ortiz said at the FBI’s Boston headquarters. Two men posing as police officers ransacked the

palatial building just after midnight on March 18, 1990, making off with 13 pieces of artwork in 81 minutes. Empty frames still hang on the walls of the museum, a reminder of what is missing. The stolen paintings include The Concert by Johannes Vermeer and three Rembrandts: A Lady and Gentleman in Black, Self-Portrait, and Storm on the Sea of Galilee, his only seascape. Ms Ortiz said the investigation has been “active and at times fast-moving” over the past few years. Police have chased leads around the globe, and recently made progress in identifying the likely thieves. The FBI’s Richard DesLauriers says they belonged to a crime organisation based in New England and the MidAtlantic States. He said police believe the stolen pieces were taken to Connecticut

and Pennsylvania in the years after the heist, and offered for sale in Philadelphia 10 years ago - at which point they disappeared. Ms DesLauriers said releasing the suspects’ identities could damage the on-going investigation. He would reveal whether the thieves are in prison on other charges or whether they are dead or alive. A federal prosecutor in Connecticut revealed last year that the FBI believed a suspected Connecticut mobster, 76-year-old Robert Gentile, had some involvement with the stolen art. He was not charged in connection with the robbery, but pleaded guilty in November to a weapons and prescrip-

“Forgotten” F1 Car To Be Auctioned

A 1954 mercedes-Benz W196 that was driven by five-time world champion Juan manuel Fangio and “forgotten about” in a warehouse for almost 30 years is expected to fetch around £5m at auction.

The Formula One Germanmade car contains many features which were innovative at the time, including a fuelinjected engine, lightweight chassis and improved brakes. Racing historian Doug Nye said: “The first time I saw this car I needed oxygen. Its landmark technology and it was driven by a landmark driver. What’s so special about it is that it has this wonderful, untouched patina, some people think it looks grotty - that’s not the point - the really rare cars today are the unrestored ones. Every car that’s restored

has lost a part of its history because it’s been obliterated by repainting or by rebuilding. Nothing’s been obliterated on this; it’s just a beautiful survivor.” The car, unveiled by auction house Bonhams at its New Bond Street sale room, will be sold in its current condition with all of its noticeable blemishes and dirt. Bonhams chairman Robert Brooks said: “This is my fifth decade in the business and it was the most exciting

discovery that I’ve made.” Mr Brooks would not comment on where the car was found, but said he hoped the highest bidder would take it back to Germany to enable it to be driven again.”It’s been stored in a warehouse and largely forgotten about for nearly 30 years,” he said. “Before it went into storage it had been recently run and run well.” The car will be sold by Bonhams at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July.

tion drugs case. Mr DesLauriers said authorities believe someone not in-

volved in the theft has seen the artwork without realising it is stolen. The museum is still

£2.5 million Wedding Singer

A WEALtHy South African businessman was forced to change plans for his daughter’s wedding, after he discovered that the £2.5million fee to book Adele was a little out of his price range.

Fruit juice ‘tycoon’ Vivian Imerman is happy to spend a fortune on his daughter Megan’s wedding at London’s Grosvenor Hotel, but his budget wouldn’t stretch to the 25 minute performance, which would have earned Adele a cool £100k per a minute. “Vivian is planning a lavish wedding for his daughter; he paid Amy Wine-

house thousands to perform at his eldest daughter Bianca’s wedding three years ago. He hoped to do the same again with Adele.” But he was surprised when he was told she’d cost £2.5m,” the wedding gossip added. “Despite his bulging bank balance even he


offering a $5m reward for information that leads directly to the recovery of the art. thought it was too expensive and is looking at other artists.” Any UK appearance from Adele could become a rarity, rumours are circulating that the singer is set to make a permanent move to America after fellow UK star Robbie Williams recommended raising children stateside. The ‘Someone Like You’ star has denied reports that she will leave London, but tabloid reports claim she is considering moving to America to raise her son outside of the UK capital. Adele can see the benefits of bringing up a child in the US,” says a source, who claims Adele has been in discussions with Robbie Williams and Ayda Field about LA life. “They can be outside, enjoying the weather and loving life out of the spotlight. Adele and her man Simon (Konecki) are looking at a pad in one of the exclusive gated communities of Beverly Hills.”


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Walk Across Grand Canyon

It’S official - tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn are an item! After weeks of media speculation, the two top athletes have confirmed they are dating.

The golfer, 37, made the announcement on his Facebook page, posting a message and a series of photographs of the couple. “This season has been great so far and I’m happy with my wins at Torrey and Doral. Something nice that’s happened off the course was meeting Lindsey Vonn,” he said. “Lindsey and I have been friends for some time, but over the last few months we have become very close and are now dating. We thank you for your support and for respecting our privacy. We want to continue our relationship, privately, as an ordinary couple and continue to compete as athletes.” On her own Facebook page, Vonn, 28, also acknowledged the relationship and made a similar plea for privacy. “I guess it wasn’t a well-kept secret but yes, I am dating Tiger Woods,” she said. “Our relationship evolved from a friendship into something more over

SELF-PRoCLAImED “king of the High Wire”, nik Wallenda, 34, has announced his latest daring stunt - a tightrope walk over a section of the Grand Canyon without a harness, higher than he has ever been before at 1,500ft (457m) above the Little Colorado River.

these past few months and it has made me very happy. “I don’t plan on addressing this further as I would like to keep that part of my life between us, my family and close friends.” World-champion skier Vonn became the first US woman to win a gold medal in the downhill event when

she took the top spot at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. She announced her divorce from one-time coach Thomas Vonn in January after four years of marriage. When she tore knee ligaments and a fractured a shin in a crash last month during the Alpine World Championships in Austria, Woods sent

his private jet to fly her home to Colorado. Woods, the youngest-ever golfer to win the PGA Masters tournament, divorced wife Elin Nordegren in 2010 after a cheating scandal revealed he had conducted several extramarital affairs. The pair shares custody of their two young children.

The tightrope crossing will take place on June 23 in a remote section of the Grand Canyon operated by the Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation. The daredevil said his latest attempt is to honour his

great-grandfather, Karl Wallenda, who died after falling from a tightrope in Puerto Rico in 1978. In June 2012 Wallenda became the first person in 116 years to walk across the Niagara Falls on a high wire.





Canarias S.L.

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 1pm and 4pm to 8pm Saturday 9am to 1pm Industrial Estate Las Chafiras, Motorway Exit South 24, North 64, Tel. / Fax. 922 735 335 Avd. Modesto Hernandez Gonzalez N°46, Opposite Coca Cola, Next to Koala Sur, 200m behind Biombo

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Goodbye Captain Norman Collier Peacock Dies Aged 87

tHE comedy actor famous for his portrayal of Captain Peacock in Are you Being Served? has died aged 92. Frank thornton died in his sleep in the early hours of Saturday, his agent David Daly said: “Frank was a much loved British actor who played mainly comedy roles and is perhaps best known for his role as Captain Peacock in Are you Being Served? and latterly as truly in Last of the Summer Wine,” he said. “Frank is survived by Beryl, his wife of 67 years, daughter Jane and their three grandchildren.”

Thornton was the last of the original main members of the cast of Are You Being Served? The successful sitcom ran from 1972 to 1985 and often attracted audiences of more than 20 million. He also went on to appear in its successor series, Grace & Favour. He specialised in comedy and over the years took roles in many popular TV shows

ComEDIAn norman Collier, best known for his faulty microphone routine, has died at the age of 87. He passed away at a care home in Hull after having Parkinson’s Disease for six years.

including Hancock’s Half-Hour, Sykes and Steptoe And Son, as well as movie spin-off Steptoe And Son Ride Again. Thornton also appeared in a number of racy British movies including No Sex Please, We’re British and Up The Chastity Belt. Daly said: “I have been Frank’s agent since 1986 and he has been the most wonderful client as well as being a great friend. He will be sorely missed.” In 2001, Thornton was among the cast for the Julian Fellowes-scripted period drama Gosford Park. His last credit was in the poorly received British film Run For Your Wife, alongside Richard Briers, who

died last month. Are You Being Served? cocreator Jeremy Lloyd said he was “very sad to hear this news. He was a great friend and consummate performer who was the glue who really held Are You Being Served? together,” he said. He will continue to give people enjoyment.”

Collier was a star of the club circuit in the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties, and the Hull-born comedian was also well known for his onstage chicken impressions. He was also a contemporary of Little and Large, with whom he often worked and the northern funny man got his big break on the Royal Variety Show in 1971. “It’s kept me in good health, making people laugh. And it’s kept them in good health too,” he said in 2009. Born on Christmas Day 1925, he served as a gunner in the Second World War. His showbiz career began in 1948 when he stepped up to do a show at Hull’s Perth Street West club at the last minute and spanned 60 years. Despite his success he never moved to the bright

New Hope For Liver Transplant Patients

nEW hope for Liver transplant patients as the world’s first machine which can keep a liver alive outside the body has been trialled. there are about 8,000 people are currently waiting for a liver transplant in the uk and every year 100 die before they get the operation.

The new portable device, created by Oxford University, is about the size of a shopping trolley and can keep a donor organ alive for more than 24 hours. It mimics the body, pumping red blood cells into the organ, monitoring the temperature and oxygen levels. It has already been used by King’s College Hospital in two successful operations. Ian Christie, 62, from Devon was the first person to benefit from the socalled miracle machine. He said: “I feel better than I’ve felt for 10 to 15 years, even allowing for the pain and wound that’s got to heal. I’m getting better and better day by day.” Currently, organs have to be kept in ice which can damage them and mean some operations fail. One benefit of the new technology is that livers could be

repaired before being put into a patient One of the machine’s inventors, Professor Constantin Coussios, from Oxford University, said: “It was astounding to see an initially cold grey liver flushing with colour once hooked up to our machine and performing as it would within the body. What was even more amazing was to see the same liver transplanted into a patient who is now walk-

ing around.” Some 20 more operations need to be carried out before the pilot trials are complete, but 35 patients have already given their consent to the procedure. It is unclear how much the machine will cost but inventors hope if it is successful not only could it be used across Europe but it could also be used on other organs.

lights of London, but stayed in the north where his family was based. He leaves a wife, Lucy, to whom he was married for 40 years, three children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Among those to have paid tribute to him were impressionist Jon Culshaw who tweeted: “Rest in peace Norman Collier.. Funny, funny, wonderfully funny man. People would be permanently

laughing whenever they were around him.” Danny Baker added: “Norman Collier has passed away. Expect lots of “broken up” tweets but that really was some act.”

Egg Poachers Hunted A GIAnt decorated Easter egg has been stolen while on display in Glasgow city centre. organisers of a charity egg hunt are appealing for the 2ft-high fibreglass egg to be returned. Action for Children placed 101 giant eggs, many of which feature designs from leading artists, around Glasgow’s streets a n d s h o p s as part of its Big Egg Hunt. Strathclyde Police are searching for an egg called A Thousand Forests, which is painted with red and yellow trees by graphic designer Matthew Dent. It was taken from Buchanan Street and is reported to be worth up to £10,000. Andrew Harris, Director of Fundraising at Action for

Children, said: “The hunt is a really fun way for families, locals and tourists alike to enjoy the age-old Easter egg hunt tradition - on a huge scale and as a giant exhibition of modern art - whilst raising vital funds for some of the most vulnerable children across Scotland and the UK. We appeal to whoever poached our egg to return it to us soon.” T h e e g g s , some of which feature popular characters such as Humpty Dumpty and Peter Rabbit, are touring the country as the charity aims to raise urgent funds by putting them up for auction. They were displayed in London in February and were then taken to Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool. They will be back in London for the Easter weekend.


Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013

Mumpreneur’s Could Save The UK Economy

Companies run by mothers are contributing around £7bn a year to the economy but there are calls for the Chancellor to introduce measures to make it easier to start a business from home. It has been five years since the depths of the financial crash and no end seems to be in sight for the coalition Government.

The British economy started 2013 with zero momentum, but could helping mums open businesses help get Britain growing again? According to StartUp Britain, 60% of small businesses are started from home, and a growing number of those are being started by women who have left the workforce to have, or look after, their children. Julia Hunter is a former City bond trader, and mum. Starting a family prompted her to start a business. “I was looking to start my own business rather than work for somebody else purely because of the family side of

things. It is important to me to just be around.” Mum-run companies are contributing a significant amount to the economy already. According to Mumpreneur UK, there are 300,000 mum-run companies in the UK today, and they are adding about £7.4bn a year to the economy. Yet the average start up cash they require is only £500. That’s a low-risk, high-reward ratio that the Chancellor would admire. Ms Hunter says British business needs more support from the Chancellor. She believes cutting VAT would be one way to encourage enterprise in the upcoming Budget. Becky Jones from StartUp Britain says big banks and established companies should be encouraged more to support smaller start-ups: “Giving them support at the early stage can be a complete game changer for the life of a small business.” After all, these are the firms that will hire, produce, sell and export - at each stage contributing to the tax that the Government so desperately needs to slowly pay off debt.

Gary Dobson Abandons Appeal In Lawrence Murder

One of the two men convicted for the racist murder of black teenager Stephen Lawrence has dropped his appeal against the sentence. Gary Dobson was handed a life term for his part in the 1993 killing at the Old Bailey in January last year. The second man, David Norris, is continuing his attempt to have the conviction overturned.

Gary Dobson

25 Comic Tweet Earns £14,000 Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013

David Norris

MP Fiona Mactaggart owes more than £14,000 to Comic Relief after pledging to donate £1 for every retweet of an appeal.

The Labour MP for Slough posted on Twitter soon after 8pm on Friday that she would put up the cash for every person who backed her pledge on the social networking site by 9pm. Within around 35 minutes her post had been retweeted more than 14,000 times and she called a halt with the total at £14,268. She tweeted: “Ok stop now I owe comic relief £14,268. Phew! Cheque soon if you don’t believe me check with comic relief.” As the tally grew she was asked, “can you afford this?” She responded: “I think but I am twitter naive thank you all for being so generous for me.” She batted away comments from critics that she might claim the money back on expenses or was engaging in self-promotion by saying she was “glad to remind Twitter folk to give”.

Kate’s Nose Tops Plastic Request List

The Duchess of Cambridge’s popularity has crossed the pond to the US, but one part of her might be more beloved than the rest.

According to The New York Daily News, there has been a sharp increase in the number of women asking their plastic surgeons to give them Kate Middleton’s nose. Manhattan’s Dr Stephen Greenberg said he started getting the requests a few months ago. “It has become so popular that we have made a file of a dozen Kate Middleton pictures to show patients when they come in for their con-

The 59-year-old worked as a primary school teacher and university lecturer before entering parliament in 1997 and serving as a Home Office minister in Tony Blair’s government.

Ms Mactaggart is the daughter of Sir Ian Auld Mactaggart, the late baronet who was a Glasgow property developer and Tory grandee. He left his daughter a fifth of his £6.5m estate.

sultation,” Dr Greenberg said. He added that he currently has about 20 women scheduled to get the royal treatment in the next month, at about $7,000 (£4,641) a pop. Lenox Hill Hospital’s Dr Thomas Romo told the Daily News the Duchess’ nose has a certain allure for more mature women in her age bracket. “Women, especially over the age of 28, want the nose of a woman who is regal, refined and strong,” he says. “They certainly don’t want the scooped out, over-affected, upturned, pinched nose of a pop star.” It is not unusual for women to want the hair or facial features of

a celebrity. Jennifer Aniston not only inspired the much-coveted “Rachel” hairstyle, but also has topped the list of most-desired noses, Dr Romo says. One woman who has already gone under the knife to get Kate’s sniffer is New York University premedical student Jessica Blaier. She underwent her operation a year ago and says she loves the result. “The goal was to have my new nose look natural,” she says. “So when people don’t notice it, that’s a good thing. But I know that my nose was modelled by Kate Middleton, and that’s what is most important.”

A spokeswoman for the Judicial Office said: “Gary Dobson has abandoned his renewed application to appeal his conviction for the murder of Stephen Lawrence. David Norris’s renewed application seeking permission to appeal his conviction will be heard on a date to be fixed.” Last summer, applications for permission to appeal by both men were rejected by a single judge who considered the papers from the case. But Dobson and Norris, who are both in their thirties, still had the right to renew their applications before a panel of judges sitting at the Court of Appeal. The trial judge, Mr Justice Treacy, described the

murder as a “terrible and evil crime”. He urged police not to “close the file” on catching the rest of the killers after the Old Bailey heard that a gang of five or six white youths set upon A-level student Stephen in Eltham, south-east London, in 1993. He said the murder was committed “for no other reason than racial hatred”. Mr Justice Treacy told the pair: “A totally innocent 18-year-old youth on the threshold of a promising life was brutally cut down in the street in front of eyewitnesses by a racist, thuggish gang.” The breakthrough in the investigation came when a cold case team of forensic scientists was called in.


Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013

Black Death Skeletons Discovered in London

ARCHAEoLoGIStS say the remains of 12 skeletons found beneath a building site in London could provide evidence of a Black Death burial ground. the grisly find was made by

teams working on Crossrail - a £15bn project to improve transport links in the capital, including at Farringdon where the bones were found. Historical records show a hastily-

built cemetery opened in the area in 1348 as the plague spread across the country. Up to 50,000 people are thought to have been buried there in less than three years. Jay Carver, lead Crossrail archaeologist, said: “This is a highly signifi-

cant discovery and at the moment we are left with many questions that we hope to answer. We will be undertaking scientific tests on the skeletons over the coming months to establish their cause of death, whether they were plague victims from the 14th century or later London residents, how old they were and perhaps evidence of who they were. However at this early stage, the depth of burials, the pottery found with the skeletons and the way they have been set out, all point towards this being part of the 14th century emergency burial ground.” The skeletons were found during excavations below a road in Charterhouse Square. They were found in two rows and laid out in a similar formation to skeletons uncovered at a Black Death burial site in Smithfield in the 1980s. Experts at the Museum of London Archaeology will use DNA testing and carbon dating to determine both a cause of death and a burial date. Charterhouse Square had previously been identified as a possible

site for the lost burial ground, it is one of few locations in Farringdon to remain undeveloped over the past 700 years. Around 1.5 million Britons died in the Black Death - more than a third of the population - while about 25 million perished across Europe. It is thought to have originated in Asia in 1346 and peaked in Europe between 1348 and 1350. The plague returned with various degrees of impact several times up until the 18th century - including deadly outbreaks in London in 1603 and between 1665 and 1666. John Stow, the 16th century historian, said more than 150,000 victims of the Black Death were buried in London, including 50,000 at a site in Farringdon known as ‘No Man’s Land’. Archaeologists working on Crossrail have already uncovered more than 300 skeletons near Liverpool Street station. It is thought they were buried near the site of the Bedlam Hospital in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.




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SoLDIER killed protecting comrades in Afghanistan is to be awarded the Victoria Cross - the uk’s top bravery medal. Lance Corporal James Ashworth’s courage was hailed as “beyond words” by friends who served with him until his death last June.

The 23-year-old died in a grenade attack during a fierce battle with the Taliban in Helmand’s Nahre Saraj district. He was on foot patrol and battling his way through compounds against enemy fighters when he was fatally wounded. It is expected that the rare VC award to the soldier from Kettering, Northamptonshire, will be officially announced later this month. At the time of his death, his family said: “We are devastated by the loss of our son, brother, uncle and boyfriend. He meant the world to everyone and has left an irreplaceable hole in our hearts.” His father Duane was also a Grenadier Guard, while his younger brother Coran is also a soldier. He also left behind his mother Kerryann, sisters Lauren and Paige, brother Karl and fouryear-old niece Darcy, and girlfriend, Emily. His company commander, Captain Mike Dobbin, praised the soldier’s actions: “Lance Corporal Ashworth was killed while fighting his way through compounds, leading his fire team from the front, whilst trying to protect his men and he showed extraordinary courage to close on a determined enemy. His professionalism under pressure

Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013

Dead Soldier Awarded The Victoria Cross

Veterans Finally Rewarded


and ability to remain calm in what was a chaotic situation is testament to his character.” Guardsman Jordan Loftus also paid tribute to his friend’s bravery: “Selfless, brave, courageous ... words like these don’t come close to what Ash demonstrated that day. He will be missed by all as a commander, but most of all a good mate.” L/Cpl Ashworth’s Commanding Officer in the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards, Lieutenant Colonel James Bowder said: “Lance Corporal Ashworth was an outstanding soldier whose loss has moved us all. A real self-starter, he excelled in everything that he undertook. Fit, strong and brilliant at his job, he set the bar very high. Indeed, such was his calmness under pressure, his charisma, and his selflessness that he made an exemplary junior leader.” The VC has only been awarded 10 times to British soldiers since World War Two and once for bravery in Afghanistan. The previous recipient of the VC in Afghanistan was 29-year-old Corporal Bryan Budd of 3rd Battalion the Parachute Regiment, who died when he single-handedly stormed a Taliban position in Sangin in 2006. The last living recipient was L/ Cpl Johnson Beharry of 1st Battalion the Prince of Wales’s Royal Regiment, who twice saved the lives of colleagues under enemy fire in Iraq in 2004. The medal is the British military’s highest bravery award and was first bestowed on troops during the Crimean War in 1854-55.

VEtERAnS of two Second World War battles that cost thousands of troops their lives have been awarded the new Arctic Star medal and Bomber Command clasp. the first of an estimated 250,000 presentations were made by Prime minister David Cameron at a ceremony in Downing Street. The Arctic Star is awarded to those who served in the Arctic Circle, delivering supplies to the Soviet Union, through the ports of Murmansk and Arkhangelsk. The awards were announced last year after a long campaign to recognise the extraordinary bravery of those who fought in the war. The leading figure behind the campaign, Commander Eddie Grenfell, was the first to receive his medal in Portsmouth; he was too ill to travel to London. He said he felt wonderful to be finally receiving the medal: “If I were to mention the names of all the good people who have helped me and my deputy Lt Cdr Dick Dykes to

win our 16-year long battle against bureaucratic injustice, our visitors would have to extend their stay in our beautiful city, Portsmouth. I am, however, not so churlish to ignore the part played by our Prime Minister David Cameron in achieving today’s success. He has, as I hear, always supported our claim for the award of the British Arctic Star but was hampered by bureaucracy, just as I was. It is just sad that so many of my comrades are no longer with us to receive their medals today.”

The convoys, which sailed under the name Operation Dervish, cost 3,000 seamen their lives. Winston Churchill once described their passage through the Arctic at the mercy of German forces as the “worst journey in the world”. Only about 400 veterans are thought to be still alive. Veterans of Bomber Command will also be recognised for their part in World War Two. It has long been felt their bravery had been ignored compared to their compatriots in Fighter Command. While Spitfires and Hur-

ricanes provided invaluable protection at home, Bomber Command attacked enemy sites abroad, flying dangerous sorties against munitions factories, ships and airbases. Commanded by Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur “Bomber” Harris, they flew missions over Germany, France and Italy. One of the most famous being 617 Squadron’s “Dambusters” raid in May 1943, during which bombs were dropped on the Mohne, Eder and Sorpe dams on the Ruhr in Germany. Over 12,000 aircraft, includ-

ing the famous Lancaster, were shot down during the war, with more than 50,000 airmen killed. The Arctic Star and Bomber Command clasp were announced in December after a review by former diplomat Sir John Holmes. The government moved quickly to design and manufacture the awards but critics say the recognition was due decades ago. As well as veterans, the families of those who have died are able to apply to receive the awards on their behalf.


Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013

My St. Patrick’s Day!

By marc Craig LASt Sunday was that very special day of the year again when young and old, Irish and just Irish for the day, grabs something green, puts on a silly hat (mine? Emerald green cowboy hat with glittery clover leaf to cover sheriff star) and decides to drink Guinness (not the too young of course)!

My day began at 9am as I rushed to Vivo praying that we could fix a sound issue we’d had the night before - but the luck of the Irish was with us (either that or it was “ghosts in the machine”, something i had brought back from my investigations), as the problem had miraculously vanished overnight!!

So with everything shipshape and my laptop fully loaded with Irish dittys we were ready!! The Vivo Carvery opened its doors at 12pm, it looked busy all day, and great news as 3 Euros from every roast was being kindly donated to Cancer Research! As the back terrace quickly filled with a sea of green-garbed revellers I prepared for my multiple roles of singer, dancer, compere and tech support, with 6+ hours of live entertainment, it was going to be a long, but fun afternoon!! The show kicked off at 2pm with the superb “Tenerife Tigers” cheerleaders, a great start to the days fun! The Tigers were up again with the lovely- and mad as ever- Mad Mel Faulkner as they gave Mel dance support for the first of 2, or was it 3? renditions of Gangnam Style!!

lueber ry Open Tuesday to Saturday 10am - 6pm

922 73 75 69 HAIR & BEAUTY SALON

Next up was the one and only Estrella group whose diversity and enormous wealth of talent was evident by their tech requirement list alone- props, 1 mic, 2 mics, live guitar, head mic- each number was different but they were awesome and I wish I could list everyone, but I would like to thank Jack Roberts who bravely and professionally took over as compere for their spot, and I have to mention Luke Towler, who not only opened the show with his guitar, singing his own beautiful song “Walk for Life”, written for the Cancer charity, he later, in an impromptu moment got back up with me and performed several acoustic tracks- including one he had written that morning!! I happen to know that big things are already starting to happen for Luke and deservedly so- remember the name, he’s gonna be a star and I’m officially a fan!

Est 1995

ob s

Next up was an old friend, Stevie C of the award winning band “Kick” brought his keyboard, but thankfully left his mankini at home! Unfortunately there were a few technical issues between the P.A and Steve’s keys, but being truly professional he never faltered- just switched to backing tracks and never missed a beat, getting the audience out of their seats singing and dancing in no time!! Next up was myself and the Decades dancers. Bambi and Johnny were as slick, graceful and polished as always but it was way past 6pm - almost 10 hours since I’d left the house for Vivo and slightly frazzled by this time I may have missed a couple of

moves (sorry guys)!! It was left to me to wrap things up taking the live entertainment to way past 8pm, a mammoth afternoon of live performances, the audience seemed to have a great time, the Swallows were there in force to enjoy themselves, as they always do and Carol organised a very last minute raffle which raised a few hundred more for the charity!! So a great day was had by all, the staff at Vivo Carvery, bar and everyone behind the scenes, worked like Trojans as always with smiles on their faces - now the only thing left to say is .... Next year how do I top this year’s Cowboy/Leprechaun look?

Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013

Photos Courtesy of Elinor Jayne Photography



Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013

Australia’s Ocean’s Eleven Sting

AuStRALIA’S largest casino has been scammed out of $32m AuS (£22m) in an ocean’s Elevenstyle heist. According to reports a foreigner staying at the Crown Casino used the venue’s own surveillance cameras in the sting. Information taken from the cameras was apparently signalled to the high roller as he played cards, a method used by George Clooney’s character in the film. In the 2001 movie Brad Pitt and Clooney recruited someone familiar with security to rob a series of Las Vegas casinos. Crown confirmed that a member of staff in the VIP gambling area had been

sacked and the guest involved banned after the scam was uncovered several weeks ago. Victoria state police said they had been informed of the incident. Deakin University’s Linda Hancock, who has written a book about Crown, said surveillance cameras were positioned throughout the casino but even more intensified in the premium areas. “There’s someone in monitoring rooms looking at them in real time,” she said, “So they must have picked up that there was a winning streak here that looked suspicious and zoomed in on it and then been able to look at what was going on in real time in the room.” Reports said Crown believed it could recover a significant portion of the money.

Hollywood Style Jail Break

BEnJAmIn Hudon-Barbeau, 36, and 33-year-old Danny Provencal climbed up a rope into a hijacked helicopter as they staged a Hollywood-style prison breakout at Quebec’s Saint Jerome jail northwest of montreal in Canada. But were recaptured just hours later.

The inmates were arrested along with two others around 30 miles away, with Provencal eventually surrendering peacefully after barricading himself inside a building. Quebec Provincial Police Sergeant Benoit Richard said wardens told officers that the pair had grabbed a rope that was dropped from the helicopter to make their getaway. He said the helicopter used in the escape last Sunday afternoon was traced to Mont Tremblant, around 53 miles away from the jail, but only the pilot was still at the scene. He added that the pilot - who he described as “an important witness” - was taken to a local hospital and treated for shock. Montreal radio station 98.5 FM said it received a call on Sunday from a man claiming to be Hudon-Barbeau, who said he was “ready to die” as he tried to evade capture. “The way they’re treating me in there, it’s unreal,” the man told the radio station. “They won’t let me be. They put me back in prison for nothing.” Police say Hudon-Barbeau was arrested in November on two firearm-related charges and associating with people who have a criminal record. The arrest


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came as part of an investigation of a double murder in Quebec. Yves Galarneau, the correctional services manager AT the jail, said he had

never seen anything like the dramatic escape in more than three decades on the job. “As far as I know, it’s a first in Quebec,” he said. “It’s exceptional.”

Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013



By Marc Craig

Alan Partridge is....Alpha Papa!

tHE long mooted movie version of everyone’s favourite norwich-based radio DJ and failed tV host has finally got a teaser trailer - and perhaps a name - Alpha Papa!!

Comedian Steve Coogan created Alan back in 1992 for several Radio 4 comedy series and made his TV debut 2 years later on “The Day Today”, the BBC 2 spoof

news series. The character then got his own chat show “Knowing me, knowing you” (1994), in which the hapless host interviews a series of fictional celebs with disastrous and hilarious results. The series “I’m Alan Partridge”(1997), in which Alan’s TV series gets cancelled and his marriage fails resulting in him living in a Travel Lodge is one of my favourite com-

edies and a huge influence on Ricky Gervais and his “The Office” series. In 2002, series 2 of “I’m Alan Partridge” aired, and then the character disappeared, only making a few appearances at awards ceremonies, comic relief and on Coogan’s live tours. However in 2010, interest in the character began increasing due to the web/TV series “MidMorning Matters” and after 2 Sky Atlantic TV specials last year, the stage is finally set for his movie debut! The teaser trailer is classic Alan, with him discussing the plot and name of the upcoming action movie with his producer/director/ writer? The plot revolves around a siege at a radio station with Partridge placed in a “Die Hard” situation and trying to save the day!! Other suggested names? Hectic Danger Day, The Norfolk Fracture, Chap of Steel and Colossal Velocity!!! The Trailer ends up with them deciding on “Alpha Papa” as its Alan’s initials in radio alphabet and also “it’s like, Top Daddy”!! I can’t wait for this!! Roll on August 7th!!


Love him or hate him, it might be hard to avoid him this year. Rylan, real name Ross Richard Clark, who came in 5th place in last year’s Xfactor and won Celebrity Big Brother, has been addressing rumours that he’s been chosen to replace either Olly Murs or Caroline Flack in this upcoming seasons Xtra Factor. He said: ‘’Well I’ve heard these rumours ... I think Olly and Caroline do an amazing job, and as far as I know they are both staying. But of course I’d love to. I’ve heard it’s all change on ‘X Factor’ this year, so we’ll see what happens.’’ Big changes are afoot for the parent show with Tulisa

out and rumours of Sharon Osbourne’s return, but that’s all they are at the moment, rumours. Rylan also added that he had lots of presenting jobs lined up; ‘‘I’ve got a lot of presenting (coming up), which I’m really looking forward to, but then music, I still want to do music

too. I’m more of a performer than a vocalist but so is Britney and she ain’t done too bad!’’ I’ve actually warmed up to the cheeky Essex boy and think he will probably make a very entertaining presenter - not only that, anything that keeps him away from a recording studio has got to be good news!!!

Beautiful Savages Creatures

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“Who” does “Bond”

It seems that the people over at Doctor Who HQ haven’t failed to notice that they aren’t the only British icon that’s celebrating its 50th this year!! the opening episode of the new series, “the Bells of St. John”, which airs on march 30th, pays tribute to Ian Fleming’s superspy. Stephen moffat, the series show runner says; “We thought let’s do it as a proper London thriller, as close as you can get – given that Doctor Who is mad – to James Bond, the Doctor can never be Bond or Bourne – but if he tried it might look a bit like this!!”

The episode set in modern day London sees Matt Smith’s Doctor battling wi-fi monsters with new companion Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman), with a star turn as the main villain for Celia Imrie. No details have been released concerning the an-

niversary special this November, but Moffat, who is writing the story, teased that the 8 upcoming episodes

that precede will reveal the Doctors greatest secret!! Can’t wait, wish I had a Tardis!!

something good if you can.” Other highlights included “Dr Who meets Call the Midwife” in which Matt Smith as The Doctor arrives at an imminent birth to warn the mother she’s about to give birth to twins she will name John and Edward who must be kept separate so they can never join to become the

entity known as “Jedward”! Also there was the return of James Corden’s Smithy (from Gavin and Stacy) and of course a new episode of The Office with the one and only David Brent (Ricky Gervais)!!! This year’s comic relief raised a record smashing £75 million for charity.

Jessie gets a number 1 - on her head!!

Last Friday was once again Comic Relief night and in true comic relief tradition, it featured many celebrities looking silly and making fools of themselves all in the name of a good cause. not included in this was the fantastic Jessie J, who had all her hair shaved off on live tV for more than £500,000 in donations, and quite frankly, looked awesome!!

It’s not a look everyone can pull off ( yes Ms. Spears I mean you) but Jessie wore it - or rather took it off - with style; “I wanted to do something that wasn’t just for today and wasn’t just for five minutes, it’s going to last a few months. It will remind me and hopefully others that every day you should do


Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013

The Hoff Campaigns To Save The Wall

DAVID Hasselhoff has joined a campaign to stop one of the few remaining sections of the Berlin Wall from being demolished. the former Baywatch and knight Rider star said a de-

veloper’s plan to move part of the wall to make way for a new housing block was “like tearing down an Indian burial ground” because of its great historical importance.

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Speaking in a music club next to the former barrier that divided East and West Germany, the Hoff said as soon as he first heard about the campaign to save the wall, he decided to join. “My children came over here and walked the wall. They know people will share the stories and they realise the severity of it.” He added that the wall “keeps the memories of all the families, the thousands and thousands of families that were torn apart alive”. Cheered on by thousands

of young Berliners, 60-yearold Hasselhoff performed his former hit song Looking For Freedom from the back of a van, The song he first performed on top of the wall just before it came down in 1989. Recalling the occasion, Hasselhoff said: “I was honoured in 1989 to sing on the wall. It was a big surprise to me when they called and asked if I could sing on New Year’s Eve and I said ‘Only if I can sing on the wall’, knowing they would say no.

“And they said ‘We need to get (then West German Chancellor) Helmut Kohl and (then East German leader Erich) Honecker to say yes’. Both chancellors had to say yes. They called back two days later and they said yes!“ Berliners have rallied against the developer’s plan. They say it is part of a wider trend of steamrolling Berlin’s tumultuous history to make way for gleaming developments in the now unified German capital.

Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013


Sharples in Session By John Sharples

Miss Moss Battle Of The Sexes

What’s all the fuss about that skinny minx Kate Moss. She has recently been chosen as the new face of Givenchy.

Here are a few men and women things that will make you think.

1. GOOGLE must be a woman because it knows everything. 2. A husband is someone who, after taking the rubbish out, gives the impression he just cleaned the whole house. 3. When a woman says WHAT? It’s not because she didn’t hear you. She’s giving you a chance to change what you said. 4. One day your prince will come. Mine just took a wrong turn, got lost and is too stubborn to ask for directions :) 5. Women are funny creatures. They hate it when

I just can’t see why any man would be even slightly interested in a woman who looks like she’s been on a hunger strike. Next year she will be 40 years old and I have to say that she certainly doesn’t look it, but she isn’t attractive in any way. There are far more beautiful women on the planet. In fact, there are far more beautiful women at 37 Arkwright Street in Grimsby. I know that luck plays a big part in being famous, but she must be a very lucky girl!

To Be Frank

It seems odd that, only a week after my little rant about the old style comedy shows, the final cast member of ‘Are you being served’ has died. I used to love the show and it still makes me howl with laughter. His surly part in the show as Captain Peacock was the character that held all the comic ones together.

I also enjoyed watching him in the follow up series, ‘Grace and Favour’ where all the top cast members went to a retirement home. It was once said the ‘The living will be entertained by the dead”. This is certainly true to a great extent in my house where I enjoy classic movies rather than modern ones these days. Oh well, they must be having a right old laugh in that great department store in the sky! Sadly, we don’t always appreciate the talent that we have until it is gone.

Frosty Faced Traffic Warden

A German Traffic warden dropped a booby when he left a parking ticket on a snow sculpture of a full sized Volkswagen Beetle. Someone had had made the snow car overnight in Aachen in an area where parking was not allowed. The car was complete with headlights, windscreen and even the famous VW badge on the front. One local onlooker said that the car was incredibly realistic looking. He said

that it looked like you could get into it and drive away once you’d swept the snow off. The warden only realised that the car wasn’t real when they eventually tried to scrape the snow off the number plate and found there wasn’t one, just snow. Local Police weren’t impressed by the prank however. A frosty faced spokesman said: “We can take a joke as well as the next person and it was a very convincing prank. But whether it was made of metal or snow it was still obstructing a road that should have been clear.”

you ask their age but will kill you if you forget their birthday 6. Women work on their looks but not their minds, because they know that men are stupid, not blind 7. For all those men who think a woman’s place is in the kitchen, remember that’s where the knives are kept. 8. Marriage is like going to a restaurant and ordering your choice from the menu only to look at the next table and wish you’d ordered that instead. 9. Married men should forget their mistakes. There is no need for two people, to remember the same thing. 10. Women only need three and a half inches to achieve maximum pleasure; it’s called a credit card.

Norman’s Final Cluck So sad that Norman Collier has died this week. He clucked like a chicken and pretended that his microphone didn’t work.

I can’t remember him doing anything else; however, the man carved a niche for himself in the British Psyche. I wish I could be loved as much as him for clucking and saying “Testing, one two”. He must have been a genius. He was on TV more that the test card at one time in his career!

Kick Them When They’re Down

At a time when bars and businesses are struggling their way through the current economic crisis, the local council in Puerto de la Cruz has decided to slap them all in the face.

Some office bod in a position of authority has decided that any bar which has furniture on the street must no longer have a brand name on it. That means that companies like Carling, Dorada or Coca Cola will

probably no longer let them have the stuff for free. The tables, chairs and brollies will now have to be grey, cream or beige in colour. An official from the town hall have been trolling around town with a camera taking pictures of each bar and what they are using in the streets. Whilst I can see some sense in the idea, as it will make the streets a little more attractive, their timing is atrocious. They have also decided

to charge businesses for having an A Board on the pavement. They are only shoving the knife in deeper and giving it another twist to businesses in a town that needs help not hindrance. Meanwhile, the big free car park by the sea is full of gypsies trying to get a euro out of those of us who park their cars there. Why don’t they charge 50 cents to park there and make money in a more sensible and acceptable way?


Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013

Lost Cotswold Artefact Chinese Vase Sells Found In Cupboard For £950,000


Roman stone relief of a Cotswold deity which had been missing for more than 100 years has turned up in a castle cupboard, on the estate of Sudeley Castle. the artefact, dated 150-350AD, was first found in 1875 during an archaeological dig on the site of what was once a Roman villa in Stancombe Wood. Emma Dent, who was the castle’s owner at the time, wrote about the find in her diary with drawings of the relic. Historians came across the diary during the 1960’s but found no trace of where the Roman altar God had gone, or even if it still existed. It eventually turned up in a basement cupboard during a routine clear of the archives at the Gloucestershire castle, famous for being the place where Katherine Parr, Henry VIII’s last wife, is buried. Historians have identified the engraved figure, who wears a conical cap, tunic and cloak and holds a bow and arrow, as Cotswold deity Apollo the Hound Prince (Apollo Cu-

A CHInESE vase valued at £10,000 to £15,000 sold at auction, for almost £1m. the rare 18th-century ornament, made for a Chinese emperor, was brought to Britain by the seller’s family more than a century ago.

nomaglos) - not Mars, as they had initially thought from the drawings. Experts believe there are only seven other known depictions, four from the Cotswolds and three from London. They say the discovery is a significant find for Roman religious history and reveals more about the worship of local gods. The Rev Dr Martin Henig, an archaeologist and historian who recorded the relief as ‘lost’ in his book on Roman sculpture, said: “The authentication of the subject as Apollo Cunomaglos with his bow and arrows is of major significance in furthering our understanding of Roman religion in western Britain. Whilst archae-

ologists had until recently thought that the 19th century drawings of the relief depicted the god Mars, the rediscovery of the stone at Sudeley has revealed his true identity.” Lady Ashcombe, current resident and owner of Sudeley Castle, said: “Until now we had thought Henry VIII’s last surviving wife was our most famous resident. It was a surprise to us all to discover the ‘lost’ Cotswold deity relief had been quietly sitting in a cupboard in Sudeley’s archives all this time, patiently waiting to be found.” The artefact is now on display for the first time in a Roman-themed exhibition at the castle.

Question one: In which month is the Queen’s official birthday? Question two: In medical terms what do the initials HRT stand for? Question three: What is the capital of Finland?

Question Four: Who wrote James and the Giant Peach? Question Five: What is the largest desert in the world? Question Six: What is the medical term for an insatiable desire to steal? Question Seven: On a dartboard what number is directly opposite 13?

Question Eight: What London prison stood on the site of what is now

the Old Bailey?

Question nine: What is the longest bone in the human body? Question ten: What is the name of the Japanese ritual suicide of


Question Eleven: Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? Question twelve: What is vodka made from?

Although it is only 20cm (8in) high, an anonymous telephone buyer in Hong Kong paid around 100 times its estimated value at Tennants auction house in North Yorkshire. Associate director Nigel Smith said the blue and white bottle vase, made for the Qianlong Emperor in around 1730, was put up for sale by an academic who lives in Oxford. He said: “It really is a museum-quality piece and these things very rarely come on the market. It’s come down through the family - one of their relatives was a diplomat in China in the 1880s and was given it as a gift.” He said the unnamed owner had contacted them after learning that a similar item

had sold for £2.6m last November. Mr Smith said he was shocked at the £950,000 the tiny vase made at the Spring Fine Art Sale. “Despite the low valuation, we expected it to fetch in excess of half a million, but we were very pleased with the result,” he said. “I haven’t spoken to the vendor but I expect he’s rather happy, too.” The seller’s grandmother, Lady Ethel Margaret Stronge, left the vase to his mother, Mrs Rose Ethel Richardson

of Tynan Abbey, County Armagh, Northern Ireland, who in turn gave it to her son. Lady Ethel Margaret was married to Sir Francis Stronge who joined the diplomatic service in London in 1879 and went to Peking in the same year. He went on to serve in the Supreme Court in Shanghai in 1885 before working in Central America from 1897 to 1907. The vase had been kept in a house in North Yorkshire for 45 years and the owner had no idea it was valuable.

Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013


gardening and Nature By Steve Andrews - aka Green Bard

Flowers You Can Eat

We all love to see pretty flowers growing in our gardens and in pots on our terraces but have you ever thought about which colourful blooms you can eat? That’s right, there is actually a large variety of garden flowers that are perfectly edible and can be used to brighten up a salad or act as a garnish. Rose petals have a delicate taste and come in as many different colours as there are different types of roses. Rose bushes grow well in Tenerife even in the south of the island as long as they get enough water and are shaded from the scorching rays of the sun. Rose petals can be eaten fresh or used in teas, jams or jelly, and dried they are a traditional ingredient of pot-pourri. Marigold petals are edible too and are a very healthy flower to eat as well. The flowers can be added to rice and fish dishes and petals and leaves can be used in salads. The petals can also be baked in buns and biscuits. Because of the colour it can add to food the Marigold was once known as the “Poor man’s saffron”. Marigolds can be grown easily enough in Tenerife but make sure you have the Pot Marigold (Calendula officinalis) and not the French or African Marigold (Tagetes species). The Nasturtium (Tropaeolum majus) is a commonly seen garden flower, especially in the north of Tenerife where it is often found growing wild along roadsides and on waste ground forming huge patches of its rounded leaves and colourful flowers of red, orange or yellow. This is a wonderful edible plant with a peppery taste that

Yellow Rose

Aloe Vera


ering spikes that reach 2-3ft in height. Aloe Vera sap has many healthgiving properties and is used in herbal medicine and in lots of commercially available cosmetic products too. The gel from the plant is used to treat skin conditions and heal burns. Aloe Vera should not be taken internally though by pregnant women. Moving on from a succulent plant to a cactus, the yellow or reddish-orange flowers of the Prickly Pear are edible just like the fruit and green pads once the spines have been carefully removed. There are two main types of Prickly Pear cactus seen on Tenerife. The first of these is Opuntia dillenii, which has longer spines on its pads and smoother purple-red juicy fruit. This is the Prickly Pear most commonly seen in the south of the island. O. ficus-barbarica has shorter spines but far more of them, grows more often in the north of Tenerife, and has green prickly fruits that go yellow or reddish as they ripen. Great care is needed for obvious reasons with these cacti but the flower petals can easily be pulled out of the flowers and are mild-tasting and juicy. So there you have a wide selection of flowers you can eat and make use of in the kitchen to amaze your friends and family. Don’t just grow flowers to look at but grow them to eat as well!

Rose Petal Vinegar

Fill a glass bottle with rose petals (the choice of which colour will be that of the vinegar made) and top up with white vinegar. Seal with a cork or bottle top and shake it daily. Ready to use after about 2 months.

Edible Flower Ice-Cubes

Put washed petals or edible flowers if they are small enough into the compartments of an ice-cube tray, top up with water and freeze.

Pickled Nasturtium Seed

Collect about 50g of green Nasturtium seeds. Wash them and place in a container with 25g of salt and 300ml of water. Leave to soak for 24 hours then strain and rinse in clean water. Place the seeds in a sealable glass jar along with a muslin bag of mixed pickling spice, top up with malt vinegar and seal. Leave for 3-4 weeks before eating.


Yellow Pansies reminds me of watercress. Nasturtium flowers and leaves make a great addition to salads or can be eaten in sandwiches. The large green seeds can be pickled and make a substitute for capers. The Nasturtium has lots of Vitamin C in it so is very good for your health and for preventing colds and flu. It is also rumoured to be an aphrodisiac. This flower can perk you up in more ways than one! Pansies are edible too and they are easy enough to grow in borders or even in hanging baskets, and so too are Petunias that also come in a very wide range of colours and have edible flowers. They have a mild taste but make a very colourful garnish or addition to a salad. Both these flowers are commonly seen in gardens in the UK but also grow well here in the Canary Islands. The Snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus) is yet another popular garden

plant grown in British gardens and here on Tenerife that has edible flowers that come in a very wide range of colours. The large and brightly-coloured flowers of the Hibiscus (Hibiscus rosasinensis) are edible too. This shrub is grown all over the island for its ornamental qualities and can be white, pink, red or yellow. The flowers can be eaten raw in salad or can be used to make an herbal tea, Drinks made using Hibiscus flowers are popular in many parts of the world, including Egypt, Mexico and Brazil, and are served hot and cold. Aloe Vera flowers are sweet and juicy and are best picked before they open. This succulent plant is very easy to grow in Tenerife and will tolerate very high temperatures and dry conditions. It forms large rosettes of spiky grey-green leaves and carries its yellow tubular flowers in spring on flow-


Prickly Pear

Also known as the Bard of Ely, the Green Bard has a Green Beard, as can be seen in the photo. He is an expert on nature and loves to write about wildlife and conservation. He has a very wide knowledge of edible plants, foraging and herbs.

He was quoted as a “Weed expert” in The Ecologist. The Green Bard, though originally from Cardiff in Wales, is currently based in Tenerife where he has successfully reared many Monarch butterflies on plants grown on his apartment balcony. In May, 2012, at the English Library in Puerto de la Cruz he gave a talk on the Flora and Fauna of Tenerife to a full house and has been invited back to be a guest speaker again.

Keep up to date with him at:


Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013

Aquarius 20 January to 18 February

Save important files and data because a powerful focus on your communication zone suggests there could be disruptions to your computer or other gadgets. It might also help to have a backup system. You could be extra busy connecting with others, sharing ideas, and generally getting your message out there. You might want to market your goods and services or think about starting an online marketing business. You could achieve a lot if you begin now while you’re raring to go.

Biscuit Giant For Sale

Pisces 19 February to 20 March

You could have more expenses than usual and perhaps an unexpected bill to pay. The money may come in quickly, but it could go out just as quickly. It might be difficult to maintain a sense of security at this time. You might have to roll with the punches and think on your feet. If you do find yourself in a crisis situation, it’s equally possible that a brilliant solution will not only save the day but also make things a lot better in general.

Aries 21 March to 19 April

You’ll feel much more alive and ready for action this week when the focus on your sign gets even stronger. It might seem like you’ve been forced to wait for too long. Now you’re eager to trample on the opposition, smash through obstacles, and show the world you mean business. It’s also time to take action on all those dreams you’ve been nurturing over recent weeks. But do take care on Friday. Don’t be too impulsive, especially when driving or doing anything that needs care.

taurus 20 April to 20 May

The focus shifts to your spiritual zone this week. Although you feel those thought wheels spinning in your head, it’s like they’re in neutral. You won’t be going anywhere. Don’t worry. It’s time to reflect on what you want and be selective. There’s no point in chasing dreams that aren’t going to make you happy. You might want to mull over where your life is going, too, and if you’re pleased with its general direction. With insight, you can make some smart decisions.

Gemini 21 May to 21 June

You’ve been busy with your career and now it’s playtime as the focus swings to your social zone and enjoying life. Actually, you could have some work to do, but it will be enjoyable for smart, conversational Gemini. It’s time to start networking for business and pleasure. You might want to move in new circles, and you could be assertive and determined about finding the right people to associate with. Try to think before you speak, though, especially on Friday!

Cancer 22 June to 22 July

You’re all ablaze with energy, especially when it comes to your career and future goals. You may have been planning and dreaming up your next move over recent weeks and now you’re eager to take action. Career issues could be subject to disruption, however. Just when you think you know where you’re going there could be a sudden change of plan or direction. Unexpected events could throw a curveball your way. You need to be alert and ready to move if the moment requires it.

Leo 23 July to 22 August

The desire to get away could reach new heights. You might be frantically thinking of ways you can drop everything and go on an adventure. This could involve travel to places you’ve never been where there’s an element of the unknown and perhaps some danger as well. You might have a strong desire to study a subject that you’re really passionate about. Perhaps you can’t wait to get started, but don’t spoil things by being too impulsive. You could jeopardize what you’ve already built up.

Virgo 23 August to 22 September

Joint financial affairs could reach a critical phase. If you and your partner have been mulling over what to do next, it’s time to make a few decisions and act. However, you don’t want to go out there with all guns blazing in a situation that may require careful handling. You might be tempted to take the quickest and easiest way out of a difficult situation, but it would be better to first talk with someone who can give you professional advice.

Libra 23 September to 23 October

Your love life may have recently exploded into action after being quiet. This week your approach could become even more impulsive, or events might take you by surprise. You could fall in love at the drop of a hat! It’s one of those weeks when romance could be unpredictable, with both highs and lows possible. Try not to do or say anything you might regret on Friday. The urge to drop a bombshell or make a spontaneous decision could get you into trouble.

Scorpio 24 October to 21 November

Life at work might have been hectic lately, but this week could be extremely busy, not to mention the possibility of disruptions to your daily routine. You might be more competitive, too. If you’re self-employed, you may find that old contracts end and new ones start up. You may be eager to take things to the next level wherever you work. Take care of your health and try not to exhaust yourself when working out. Pace yourself if you’re trying to develop your ideal body.

Sagittarius 22 November to 21 December

Love, sweet love might not be quite so sweet. You could be more impulsive about choosing a potential dates, and just as impulsive about ending a liaison that doesn’t feel right. You could even be quite assertive and competitive, especially when it comes to the pick of the bunch. In general, you’re very adventurous and possibly looking for some kind of extreme sport to keep you occupied. Be extra careful on Friday, especially if you’re attempting anything risky.

tHE company behind some of Britain’s bestknown brands of biscuits, including Dodgers and Wagon Wheels, is to be put up for sale for about £300m. Apollo management and CIBC, owners of Burton’s Biscuits since 2009, are putting the company up for auction.

Burton’s is Britain’s second-largest biscuits manufacturer by sales, behind UB, which is also owned by two private equity groups, Blackstone and PAI Partners. The company also produces Cadbury Biscuits, Lyon’s and Maryland cookies. A sale would entail a change of ownership for another portfolio of prominent UK food brands following the sale of the snacks division of United Biscuits (UB), which in-

cluded Hula Hoops and KP Skips among its products. Based in St Albans, Hertfordshire, Burton’s traces its roots back to the mid1800s when it was founded by George Burton. It employs more than 2,200 people around the UK in three manufacturing facilities in Llantarnam, Edinburgh and Blackpool, a chocolate refinery in Moreton and a distribution centre in Liverpool. Credit Suisse, the investment bank, has been appointed to oversee a review of strategic options, the likeliest outcome of which is a sale. Burton’s is one of a sizeable number of mid-sized British companies which has been through several iterations of

private equity ownership. In 2009, Apollo and CIBC, the Canadian bank, seized control of the company after Duke Street Capital, its previous owner, was forced to surrender control to the biscuit-maker’s lenders. Another private equity group, HM Capital, had bought the company in 2000 from Associated British Foods, owner of the Primark retail chain. UB, which now consists solely of a biscuits business, owns the McVitie’s brand, which includes products such as Jaffa Cakes and Penguin. It is not expected to be put up for sale for some time, and is unlikely to be a contender to buy Burton’s for competition reasons.

Children from 6 months to 5 years For more information: Call: 693 730 444

Capricorn 22 December to 19 January

It’s all happening at home and in the family arena. The focus shifts to family matters and to issues linked with property. It’s possible that there might be some in-fighting between relatives or in-laws. Your place might not be particularly peaceful over the days ahead. It’s also possible that you might decide to do some renovating and completely change the décor. If you’re doing any projects yourself at the end of the week, be careful around electricity and water. Don’t take any risks!

Situated in Las Chafiras Email:

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pugh´s pantry


By Barry Pugh

Cadbury’s Crème Eggs - How do you eat yours? Well here’s something to keep the kids entertained for a while this Easter. Why not make your own Cadburys Crème Eggs? It’s pretty easy and you can always use the plastic egg supports from the kids Easter egg packaging as a chocolate mould. Here’s how to make them:



170g golden syrup 58g butter, room temperature 375g icing sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla 1/4 teaspoon salt Yellow food colouring 1 bag milk chocolate chips

Cream together the golden syrup, butter and vanilla. Sift in the icing sugar and beat until incorporated. Now to get fancy and separate the filling into whites and yolks! Take out about a third of the filling and stir in some yellow food colouring. Put the two bowls in the fridge, as they’re easier to work with once they’re set up a little.

Make little yolk balls out of the yellow mixture. Place them on some baking paper (seriously, not foil like I did. It was a mess). Put them back in the fridge or even the freezer to firm up. When the yolks are set up, you can

start embedding them in the whites. Scoop an amount of white filling out and flatten it into a circle. Place the yolk ball inside, and wrap the white around it. Know what to do next? Stick it in the fridge. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler or in short bursts in the microwave. Fill the moulds with the chocolate and swirl to coat the sides or you can fill the moulds entirely, let the outsides set, and pour out the excess. Once the moulds are set, plop a filling ball into half of each mould. Using more melted chocolate, join the two halves of the egg together. Allow them to set and remove each one from their moulds. The freezer

What to do with your cream eggs? I’ve seen loads of different recipes for the wonderful Crème Egg this year, ranging from ‘Cadbury Crème Egg Eggs Benedict’ to ‘Cadbury Crème Burlegg’ – a slight variation to the traditional Crème Brule, Simply outrageous! CADBURY’S CREME EGG BROWNIES!

Pour the cooled chocolate mixture over the eggy mousse, and then gently fold together. Hold a sieve over the bowl of eggy chocolate mixture and sift the cocoa and flour mixture, shaking the sieve from side to side, to cover the top evenly. Gently fold in to the mixture. Pour into the baking tin and cook for 15 minutes then take out of the oven and gently press the Cadburys crème egg halves into the mix, spacing them apart evenly. Put back in the oven for another 5-10 minutes. Leave to cool before removing from tin and cutting into squares.

Cadbury Crème Egg chocolate pancakes Ingredients: 185g unsalted butter 185g best dark chocolate 85g plain flour 40g cocoa powder 3 large eggs 275g golden caster sugar 6 Cadbury’s Crème eggs cut in half. Method: Preheat the oven to 160C and grease a 20 cm square baking tin. Melt the butter and dark chocolate together either in the microwave or in a bowl over boiling water. Break 3 large eggs into a large bowl and tip in 275g golden caster sugar. With an electric mixer on maximum speed, whisk the eggs and sugar until they look thick and creamy, like a milk shake. This can take 3-8 minutes. You will know it’s ready when the mixture becomes really pale and about double its original volume.

Ingredients: 3 Cadbury Crème eggs 225ml milk, plus an extra 10ml (2tsp) 75g plain flour 1 egg, beaten 1tbsp (15ml) sunflower oil

Method: Carefully cut the crème eggs in half down the seam and pull apart. Using a teaspoon, scoop out the ‘goo’ and place in a small saucepan (or place the ‘goo’ in a microwaveable bowl and microwave on high power for 10-20 secs depending on microwave rating). Break the milk chocolate shells into pieces, then place in a small bowl with 125ml of the milk. Place the bowl over a pan of simmering water and stir until the chocolate and milk has melted together. Allow to cool slightly. To make the pancakes, place the flour in a bowl, with the egg and remaining milk and chocolate milk, whisk together to form a batter. Dip a piece of rolled up kitchen paper into the oil and rub over an 18cm pancake or crepe pan, then heat over a moderate heat. Pour 2-3 tbsp. of the chocolate batter into the pan, tilting it so that the batter covers the base thinly and evenly. Cook for about 1 min, or until the pancake is set and coloured underneath. Loosen the edges with a palette knife then either turn the pancake over or toss. Cook the second side for about 30 secs, or until just set. Slide the pancake onto a plate, cover with baking parchment or foil and keep warm. Use the oil to cook the remaining batter in the same way, to make another 7 pancakes. Add each one to the warm plate, layering with baking parchment. Place the pan with the ‘goo’ over a moderate heat with the 10ml of milk, until melted. Try not to stir the mixture, just gently shake the pan. To serve, fold the pancakes into triangles and drizzle the ‘goo’ sauce over the top.

does wonders for this step. If you don’t have moulds you can always put the filling balls on a skewer and keep dipping them in the chocolate to create its outside layers - this takes a bit of time and can be a bit messy! Enjoy!

Here’s a few of them for your enjoyment!

Cadbury Crème Devilled Eggs

Ingredients: 4 Cadbury Crème Eggs, chilled for 1 hour 1/2 cup vanilla buttercream, coloured yellow with food colouring Red sprinkles, to garnish Method: Using your very sharp knife, gently slice the egg in half lengthwise, following the seam that keeps the two egg halves together. The egg should separate into two separate halves fairly easily; each will have a dollop of fondant inside. Leave the fondant inside of the egg halves. Using a pastry bag fitted with a star tip, pipe yellow buttercream in a spiral so that it covers the entire exposed inside of each egg half (directly on top of the fondant). You’ll use about 1-2 teaspoons’ worth of frosting per egg. Garnish with red sprinkles to mimic the look of paprika. Repeat with the remaining egg halves.


Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013


What’s a commonym you ask?

A commonyms is group of words that have a common trait in the three words/items listed. For example: the words; A car - A tree - An elephant......... They all have trunks. These will make you think!

1. Radio - Brain - tidal _____________________________________________________ 2. Shag - Red - magic ______________________________________________________ 3. Snow - Corn - Dandruff _________________________________________________ 4. tennis - Small Claims - Supreme _________________________________________ 5. Surprise - Search - Slumber _____________________________________________ 6. year - Address - Scrap __________________________________________________ 7. trains - teapots - Referees ______________________________________________ 8. Statues - turkeys - Initials _________________________________________________________________ 9. A Rooster - A Barber Shop - A Beehive ______________________________________________________ 10. Pick-up - Fire - 4x4 _______________________________________________________________________ 11. Jump - Swim - three Piece ________________________________________________________________ 12. mcDonalds - St. Louis - A Foot _____________________________________________________________ 13. mud - Pot - Coconut ______________________________________________________________________ 14. Rock - table - Epsom _____________________________________________________________________ 15. new - Full - Cresent ______________________________________________________________________

Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013


CalderS ConFeSSionS By Calder Jon

Calder spent twelve years working as PA and Co-presenter with Jeremy Kyle on various radio stations, he is now a Freelance Radio Presenter where he answers listeners´dilemmas each Sunday night on the airwaves. We are also very grateful to have him here, answering your questions and queries as part of the Tenerife Weekly team.

Best Friend is a Lesbian

My best friend recently came out as a lesbian which I’m fine with and want to support her. But she asked me the other day to go to a gay club with her, just so she felt a bit more comfortable for the first time, and I really don’t want to go. How can I tell her the thought of going to one of these clubs makes me feel sick without offending her? Gabriella

There’s no need to spell out exactly how you feel, in fact, if you do, I think you will risk losing a good friend. The point is, were all different and were all entitled to our likes and dislikes. Obviously coming out is a huge step for anyone and you need to respect that but

In Association With

Eyelashes for Cars The Perfect Gift

obsession at College I’ve developed a bit of an obsession with a boy at my college. I can’t stop thinking about him and write him letters every night that I never give to him. I have hundreds of letters at home. He doesn’t even know I exist and it drives me crazy. What can I do to get him to notice me? Jules

in turn, your friend should also respect your wishes. Just decline the invite and explain that its not your scene whilst assuring this girl that you want your friendship to stay the same. There are countless gay and lesbian groups on the internet where like minded people can talk about their experiences and enter into the gay community one

step at a time. Why not suggest that she does that rather than trying to drag you along to a club where you’ll feel like a fish out of water? A true friend should completely understand and provided you manage to get your point across without causing offence, there’s no reason why your friendship shouldn’t continue to grow.

As you’ve discovered, obsessions can be an absolute nightmare! The thing is in this case, you’ve not even given the poor guy a chance to say whether he likes you or not! For all you know, he could have spotted you too at some point and may well quite like idea of going out with you! I know its easy to say and hard to do but unless you can summon up the courage to approach him and let him know you’re interested, you may as well give up altogether! Forget any hair brained schemes and just bite the bullet and say hello one day! It shouldn’t be too difficult but the longer you leave things like this, the harder it will get. You’ve got two choices, either you try the direct approach and see what happens or you carry on secretly writing letters and living in a fantasy world. Good luck sweetheart.

Hate my Job

My job is really getting me down. I’ve worked in the same supermarket for 8 years now and they haven’t ever mentioned a promotion. I work in customer service, and my managers have been promoted several times so there is a space for me to move into. Should I just give up on them and leave? Helen

Have you tried speaking to your managers and telling them how you feel? They are

the ones with the answers Helen, not me! If you’ve just kept your head down and not shown any signs of ambition these last eight years then its not really surprising that you’re still stuck on the customer services desk! Speak to your boss and explain that you feel its time you moved up a level, hopefully, he or she will then be able to give you an idea of your chances. If after this chat you

find that there are no real opportunities on the horizon, it may be worth taking a look around and seeing what else is out there on the work front. The point is, you’ve got to state your case rather than just sitting and festering in a same old job hoping that things will improve. Take the bull by the horns and ask the question, at least then, you’ll be able to weigh up the possibilities rather than hoping things will change of their own accord!

Abusive Brother

I need some help with my 16-year-old brother. He is constantly verbally and physically abusing me and my 9-year-old brother. He is even abusive to our mum when she refuses to give him money. He doesn’t have a job and is going nowhere. I want to help him, but I’m starting to hate him. Louise

By the sounds of things, your brother has turned into a bit of bully! If left unchecked, things will gradually get worse and worse until he becomes too much to handle. In an ideal world, this lad would want to make the most of his life and would have some respect for his family, perhaps he needs a push in the right direction. You all need to sit down as a family and confront these issues rather than accepting them as part of day to day life. Talk to your mum and suggest that you have a family conference to try to make

the situation better for all concerned. In the long run, your brother needs to get off his backside and get a job but the immediate problem is his lack of respect. Try to make him see that what he’s doing is affecting everyone and explain that you want to help. At the end of the day, that’s what fami-

lies are for. Don’t try to run before you can walk though, take things one step at a time. Ultimately, if he doesn’t wake up to the fact that he is hurting you all, your mum may need to put her foot down and give him a choice – stay and play nicely or find somewhere else to live!


Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013

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Friday - TV 06:00Breakfast 09:15 Heir Hunters 10:00 Homes Under the Hammer 11:00 Caught Red Handed 11:30Real Rescues 12:15 Bargain Hunt 13:00 BBC News at One 13:45Doctors 14:15 WPC 56 15:00 Beat the Pack 15:45 Countryside 999 16:30 Flog It! 17:15Pointless 18:00 BBC News at Six 18:30 BBC London News 19:00 The One Show 19:30Rip Off Britain 20:00 EastEnders Tanya wakes up the morning after her date hungover and undressed, but what really happened the night before? Tanya tells Sharon she knows about her and Phil’s kiss, but will she tell Jack and ruin their upcoming nuptials or will she stay quiet for her friend? 20:30 MasterChef In the second quarter-final, the best amateurs from the previous two heats go head to head to cook their best two courses not only for John and Gregg, but for three MasterChef champions. 21:00 New Tricks Ministry of Defence spooks try to silence the UCOS team when they reinvestigate the death of British soldier Eric Trimble. 22:00 BBC News at Ten 22:25 BBC London News 22:35 The Graham Norton Show 23:20 The Matt Lucas Awards 23:50Scream 01:35Weatherview


Homes Under the Hammer 07:00Real Rescues 07:45 Caught Red Handed 08:15 Heir Hunters 09:00 Holiday Hit Squad 10:00 Question Time 11:00 BBC News 11:30 BBC World News 12:00 The Daily Politics 13:00Animal Park 13:30Coast 13:40 The Weakest Link 14:25Mastermind 14:55 How We Won the War 15:25Raymond Blanc’s Kitchen Secrets 15:55Raymond Blanc’s Kitchen Secrets 16:25 The Trials of Life 17:15Antiques Roadshow 18:00 18:30

Eggheads Country Show Cook Off 19:00 Great Continental Railway Journeys Steered by his 1913 railway guide, on the second part of this train journey through Germany, Michael Portillo continues through the Industrial Ruhr Valley. 19:30Great British Menu 20:00Mastermind 20:30Gardeners’ World 21:00 Ancient Egypt: Life and Death in the Valley of the Kings Egyptologist Dr Joann Fletcher discovers what life was really like for ordinary Egyptians 3,500 years ago, during the height of the incredible civilisation of ancient Egypt. 22:00QI 22:30Newsnight 23:05 The Review Show 23:50 Beyond the Fire 01:05 The Lady Vanishes 02:35 Question Time

06:00Daybreak 08:30Lorraine 09:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 10:30 This Morning 11:25ITV News 11:30 This Morning 12:30Loose Women 13:30ITV News and Weather 14:00Dickinson’s Real Deal 15:00Alan Titchmarsh Show 16:00Ade in Britain 17:00 The Chase 18:00 ITV News London 18:30ITV News 19:00 Emmerdale With Charity fearing she has lost him for good, Jai makes a big decision. Alicia jeopardises her career to save David’s relationship. At Sandy’s party, Sean is gutted to see Belle and Thomas kissing. 19:30 World Cup 2014 Qualifier San Marino v England. Adrian Chiles introduces live coverage of England’s World Cup qualifier away to San Marino from the Serravalle Stadium. One of the smallest nations in the world, San Marino have never won a competitive international and were beaten 5-0 by England at Wembley last October. 22:10ITV News at Ten 22:45 World Cup 2014 Qualifier Matt Smith is joined by Gareth Southgate and Andy Townsend for extended highlights of England’s first competitive game of the year. 23:50River Monsters

07:30Everybody Loves Raymond 08:25Frasier 10:00Grand Designs Australia 11:00 Phil Spencer: Secret Agent 12:05 Come Dine with Me 12:35 What’s Cooking? 13:45A Place in the Sun: Home or Away 14:45Countdown 15:30 The Common Denominator 16:00Deal or No Deal 17:00 Come Dine with Me 18:00 The Simpsons 18:30Hollyoaks 19:00 Channel 4 News 20:00 Come Dine with Me 21:00 8 Out of 10 Cats 21:30 The Last Leg 22:00Alan Carr: Chatty Man 23:10 Jimmy Carr: Being Funny 00:10Random Acts 00:15 Midnight Express

06:00 European Tour Golf Day two of the Maybank Malaysian Open from the Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club. 10:00 Cricket Day one of the third test between New Zealand and England from Eden Park. 11:00Ringside 12:00 The Rugby Club 13:00 Cricket Day one of the third test between New Zealand and England from Eden Park. 13:55 Cricket Day three of the second test between the West Indies and Zimbabwe from Windsor Park. 21:00

Cricket Day two of the third test between New Zealand and England from Eden Park.


06:00 Children’s TV 08:35Roary the Racing Car 08:50 Bananas in Pyjamas 09:00 Tickety Toc 09:15 The Wright Stuff 11:10Trisha 12:00Looney Tunes 12:15Dangerous Drivers’ School 13:15 Home and Away 13:45Neighbours 14:15 Person of Interest 15:15NYC: Tornado Terror 17:00 5 News at 5 17:30Neighbours 18:00 18:30 19:00

Home and Away 5 News World’s Scariest Near Misses 20:00Ice Road Truckers 21:00 The Mentalist 22:00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 22:55 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 23:55Inside Hollywood 00:00Super Casino


Cricket Day one of the fourth test between India and Australia from Feroz Shah Kotla. 11:30 Premier League Darts 2013 15:00Ringside 16:00Cricket 17:00Cricket 18:00 NBA Action 18:30Cricket 19:30 Football Scotland host Wales at Hampden Park in this 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifier. 22:15 The Fantasy Football Club 23:15Golden Moments of European Football 00:15International Football 01:15International Football 02:15 The Fantasy Football Club

March 06:00Emmerdale 06:55 Planet’s Funniest Animals 07:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show US 08:10 You’ve Been Framed! 08:40 Judge Judy 09:35 Winners and Losers 10:35Real Housewives of Atlanta 11:35 The Millionaire Matchmaker 12:30Emmerdale 13:00Emmerdale 13:30 Judge Judy 14:00 Jeremy Kyle Show 16:10Real Housewives of Atlanta 17:05 The Millionaire Matchmaker 18:00 Jeremy Kyle Show US 19:00 You’ve Been Framed! 19:30 You’ve Been Framed! 20:00 You’ve Been Framed! 21:00 Knocked Up 23:40Gremlins 01:50Animal Practice

06:00 On the Buses 06:25Heartbeat 07:20 Wild at Heart 08:20 The Upper Hand 08:55 The Father Dowling Mysteries 09:55 Murder, She Wrote 10:55Inspector Morse 13:00Heartbeat 14:00 Wild at Heart 15:05Agatha Christie’s Poirot 16:15 Only When I Laugh 16:50 Faith in the Future 17:20 The Upper Hand 17:55 Heartbeat A romantic novelist seeking literary inspiration causes mayhem when she sets her sights on Mike. 18:55 Murder, She Wrote 20:00Agatha Christie’s Marple 22:00Scott and Bailey 23:00Law and Order: UK 00:00Cracker

Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013

treasure island tv guide

S a t u r d ay - T V 06:00Breakfast 10:00Saturday Kitchen Live 11:30Nigel Slater’s Simple Cooking 12:00 BBC News 12:10 BBC London News 12:15 Football Focus 13:00 F1: Grand Prix Qualifying 14:15Richard Hammond’s Secret Service 14:55 Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Furious Five 15:15National Treasure 17:15 Kung Fu Panda 18:40 BBC News 18:50 BBC London News 19:00Pointless 19:45 The National Lottery: Who Dares Wins 20:40 Casualty Robyn has to try and save her friend’s life when a day at the fairground goes badly wrong. Fletch and Aoife treat a drugged-up Easter Bunny. 21:30 Mrs. Brown’s Boys Baby fever hits the Brown household as a pregnant Maria prepares for motherhood, and Agnes is keen to give her new daughter-inlaw her unique brand of advice about raising children. 22:00 BBC News 22:15 The Proposal Romantic comedy about a highpowered career woman who forces her put-upon PA to marry her when she is threatened with deportation to Canada. 00:00 The Football League Show 00:35Venom 01:55Weatherview 02:00 BBC News

06:00Preview 07:30Great British Menu 10:00A History of Britain by Simon Schama 11:00 Meet the Ancestors 11:30 Map Man 12:00 Country Show Cook Off 12:30 Country Show Cook Off 13:00 Country Show Cook Off 13:30 Country Show Cook Off 14:00 Country Show Cook Off 14:30Mastermind 15:00University Challenge 15:30 Hairy Bikers’ Best of British 16:20Restoration Home 17:20 The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy 19:00

Flog It! Brighton. Members of the public are invited to try to make money out of their antiques by taking a risk at auction. 20:00 Dad’s Army Mainwaring is overjoyed when he is offered the use of a Rolls-Royce, but gets an unpleasant shock when it returns from its trip to be camouflaged. 20:30 Natural World David Attenborough chooses his ten favourite animals that he would most like to save from extinction. 21:30 Project Nim Documentary about Nim Chimpsky, the chimpanzee who in the 1970s became the focus of a landmark experiment which aimed to show that an ape could learn to communicate with language. 23:05Zodiac

23 March rd

Beauty and the Geek 06:45All Star Family Fortunes 07:20 Coronation Street Omnibus 08:50Emmerdale Omnibus 11:40 Britain’s Got More Talent 12:45Richie Rich 14:35 You’ve Been Framed! 15:05Animal Practice 15:35Animal Practice 16:05Animal Practice 16:30 You’ve Been Framed! 17:00 You’ve Been Framed! 17:30 You’ve Been Framed!

06:00 The Treacle People 06:10 The Hoobs 06:35 The Hoobs 07:00 Freesports on 4 07:30 Mobil 1 The Grid 07:55 The Morning Line 08:55Everybody Loves Raymond 09:55Frasier 10:55 The Big Bang Theory 11:50 The Simpsons 12:45Deal or No Deal 13:45 Channel 4 Racing 16:05 Come Dine with Me 16:35 Come Dine with Me 17:05 Come Dine with Me 17:35 Come Dine with Me

Children’s TV Toby’s Travelling Circus 09:25Roary the Racing Car 09:40 Jelly Jamm 10:00 Power Rangers: Samurai 10:35 Batman: The Brave and the Bold 11:00Inside Hollywood 11:05Robson’s Extreme Fishing Challenge 12:05 Whale Adventure with Nigel Marven 13:05 CSI: Miami 14:00 CSI: Miami 14:55 The Green Berets

18:10 Come Dine with Me 18:35 Channel 4 News 19:00Sarah Beeny’s Selling Houses 20:00Grand Designs 21:00 The Time Traveler’s Wife 23:05 Big Fat Quiz of the 90s 00:40Notorious

17:45 Beach Red 19:35 5 News Weekend 19:40NCIS 20:30NCIS 21:25Law and Order: Special Victims Unit 22:25Law and Order: Criminal Intent 23:20 CSI: NY 00:15Super Casino

18:00 You’ve Been Framed! 18:30 The Hot Desk 18:45 King Kong 22:20 Celebrity Juice 23:05 Couples Retreat 01:25 Olly: Life on Murs 02:20 All Star Family Fortunes

18:00 ITV News London 18:15ITV News and Weather 18:30 You’ve Been Framed! 19:00 Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway The world’s biggest boy band One Direction are the latest victims of a hilarious prank as the Geordie duo go undercover once again. 20:20 The Cube 21:20 The Jonathan Ross Show Jonathan’s guests include film-maker and the mastermind behind the opening ceremony of the Olympics Danny Boyle. 22:20ITV News and Weather 22:35 You, Me and Dupree 00:35Jackpot247

06:00 FIFA Futbol Mundial 06:30Super Rugby Union 08:30Super Rugby Union Queensland Reds do battle with the Bulls at Suncorp Stadium in this Super Rugby clash. 10:30 Super Rugby Union Western Force continue their Super Rugby campaign against the Cheetahs at nib Stadium. 12:30Super Rugby Extra-Time 13:00Cricket 13:55 Cricket Day four of the second test between the West Indies and Zimbabwe from Windsor Park.

06:00European Tour Golf 07:30Cricket 08:30 Champions League Weekly 09:00 The Fantasy Football Club 10:00Soccer A.M. 12:00 Champions League Weekly 12:30 Football 15:00Rugby Union 17:30Rugby League

06:00Drama Trails 06:10 Murder, She Wrote 06:55 The Royal 07:55 The Royal 09:00 The Return of Sherlock Holmes 10:05 Pie in the Sky 11:10Inspector Morse 13:35A Touch of Frost 15:40 The Young Ones 17:50Agatha Christie’s Poirot




BBC 1 - 22:15 - 00:00

Her executive assistant and aspirant editor Andrew Paxton has been working with her for three years without any recognition. When Margaret has problems with the immigration due to an expired visa and is threatened with deportation, she blackmails Andrew to agree to marry her. In return,


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 06:25 The Hive 06:35 The Hive 06:45Dino Dan 07:00Dino Dan 07:10Canimals 07:20Canimals 07:25Bookaboo 07:40 Matt Hatter Chronicles 08:05Ultimate Spider-Man 08:30Victorious 09:00Jessie 09:25ITV News 09:30 The Jeremy Kyle Show US 10:20 My Tasty Travels with Lynda Bellingham 11:20Dinner Date 12:20ITV News and Weather 12:25 You’ve Been Framed! 12:55Any Which Way You Can 15:00 The Chase 16:00 Midsomer Murders


The Proposal In New York, Margaret Tate is a successful self-made chief-editor of the Ruick & Hunt Publishing and loathed by her coworkers. Margaret lost her parents when she was sixteen and is tough with the employees of the office.


he would be promoted to editor and she would publish his book. Meanwhile, the skeptical clerk of the immigration department Mr. Gilbertson schedules an interview with Margaret and Andrew after the weekend. The couple travels to Sitka, Alaska, to celebrate the ninetieth birthday of Andrew’s grandmother and Margaret is welcomed by his warming family. Over the weekend, she grows closer to Andrew’s family who ask her to marry Andrew in their barn, a family tradition in the Paxton family. And the tension increases when Mr. Gilbertson appears out of the blue in Sitka promising to charge Andrew for fraud.

Cricket Day three of the third test between New Zealand and England from Eden Park.

06:00 09:15

Football League Sheffield United take on Brentford at Bramall Lane in this npower League One clash. 21:30 Cricket Day two of the fourth test between India and Australia from Feroz Shah Kotla. 22:30Rugby Super League 00:00Premiership Rugby Union

Lewis A rape case appears to be solved when the chief suspect is murdered. But nothing is what it seems , and soon Lewis and Hathaway find the upper echelons of Oxford society closing ranks. 21:00 Foyle’s War 23:00A Touch of Frost 01:05Ruth Rendell Mysteries 01:55 On the Buses

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Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013

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24 M a r c h

Sunday - TV

06:00Breakfast 09:00 The Andrew Marr Show 10:00 The Big Questions 11:00Sunday Politics 12:20 Passover: Why is This Night Different? 12:50Countryfile 13:45 Bargain Hunt 14:30 F1: Grand Prix Suzi Perry introduces highlights from the Malaysian Grand Prix, the second race of the 2013 Formula 1 season. 16:30Escape to the Country 17:30Songs of Praise 18:05

Deadly 60 on a Mission 18:35 BBC News 18:50 BBC London News 19:00 Countryfile Countryfile visits the glorious Golden Valley, on the borders of Herefordshire and Wales. Matt Baker is with the hill farmers trying to make a living from sheep. 20:00 Antiques Roadshow Fiona Bruce and the team assemble in Chatham’s historic dockyard for the second time to uncover stories behind family treasures. 21:00 Our Girl On the evening of her 18th birthday, Molly Dawes finds herself drunk and is sick in the doorway of an army recruitment office. 22:30 BBC News 22:45 BBC London News 22:55 Late Kick Off Jacqui Oatley presents the football magazine focusing on clubs in the region. 23:25 The Great Raid 01:30Weatherview

06:00Preview 07:20 My Favourite Wife 08:45Gardeners’ World 09:15A to Z of TV Gardening 10:00Saturday Kitchen Best Bites 11:30 Paul Hollywood’s Bread 12:00Athletics 14:05EastEnders Omnibus 16:00Rowing 17:00Secrets of Our Living Planet 18:00 Flog It! 19:00Dragons’ Den 20:00 Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May star in a compilation of their finest moments from series 19, featuring amazing challenges, spectacular stunts and a small amount of bickering. 21:00 Toughest Place to be a... Firefighter. Series in which British workers are challenged to do their job under some of the toughest conditions in the world. 22:00 Mock the Week Looks Back At... Entertainment 22:30 It’s Kevin Kevin Eldon is back with more fantastical sketches and characters. This time Charles Darwin forms his theory of evolution. 23:00Adventureland Comedy drama. A high school graduate spends the summer working at the local amusement park to save up money for college. 00:40A Culture Show Special 01:40 Holby City



Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 06:25 The Hive 06:35 The Hive 06:45Dino Dan 07:00Dino Dan 07:10Canimals 07:20Canimals 07:25Bookaboo 07:40 Matt Hatter Chronicles 08:05 Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil 08:15 Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil 08:30Almost Naked Animals 08:45Almost Naked Animals 09:00 The Aquabats! Super Show! 09:25ITV News 09:30 The Jeremy Kyle Show US 10:25 Carry on Follow That Camel 12:15 Carry on Camping 13:55ITV News and Weather 14:05Doc Martin 15:05 Food Glorious Food 16:05Agatha Christie’s Marple 18:05

You’ve Been Framed! 18:35ITV News London 18:45ITV News and Weather 19:00 Coronation Street Jason is shocked when Gloria tells him where the fire started. 20:00 Foyle’s War New three-part series set in the Cold War era. As Foyle returns from a stay in the USA, MI5 agents persuade him to go to their London HQ immediately. 22:00Perspectives 23:00ITV News and Weather 23:15Rugby Highlights 00:15 The Store

Tel. 922 714 500 Whale Watching Puerto Colon 2 Hours 22 Euros

06:15 The Hoobs 06:40 The Hoobs 07:10 Will and Grace 07:35Everybody Loves Raymond 08:00Everybody Loves Raymond 08:30Frasier 09:00Frasier 09:30Sunday Brunch 12:10 The Big Bang Theory 12:40 The Big Bang Theory 13:10 The Simpsons 13:40 The Simpsons 14:10Undercover Boss USA 15:10 Clash of the Titans 17:30 Time Team 18:30 Channel 4 News 19:00Deal or No Deal 20:00 The Secret Millions 21:00Red 23:15 Kill List 00:55 First Time Farmers 01:50I’m Not Scared 05:25Countdown

07:00Cricket 08:00Football 09:30 The Sunday Supplement 11:00Goals on Sunday 12:00Cricket 13:00 The Sunday Supplement 14:30Goals on Sunday 15:30 Football Tranmere Rovers face Stevenage at Prenton Park. 18:00 Rugby League Hull KR face Castleford Tigers at MS3 Craven Park in the Super League. 20:30 Football Tranmere Rovers face Stevenage at Prenton Park in this npower League One clash. 21:00 Cricket Day four of the third test between New Zealand and England from Eden Park.

06:00 Children’s TV 08:30Angelina Ballerina 08:45Rupert Bear 09:00 Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom 09:15 Toby’s Travelling Circus 09:30Roary the Racing Car 09:45 Jelly Jamm 10:00 Power Rangers: Samurai 10:35 Batman: The Brave and the Bold 11:00Inside Hollywood 11:10 Monkey Life 11:40 Cowboy Builders 12:40 World’s Scariest Near Misses 13:40Legally Blonde 15:30Getting Even with Dad 17:35 5 News Weekend 17:40 The Goonies 19:55 Miss Congeniality 22:00 Person of Interest 22:55 The Exorcism of Emily Rose 01:15Super Casino

06:00Cricket 11:30NBA Action 12:00European Tour Golf 14:00 Cricket Day five of the second test between the West Indies and Zimbabwe from Windsor Park. 21:30

Cricket Day three of the fourth test between India and Australia from Feroz Shah Kotla. 22:30Super Rugby 23:00 NBA Houston Rockets host San Antonio Spurs at the Toyota Center in this NBA clash. The Spurs claimed the spoils when the teams last met, running out 122-116 winners. 01:30Cricket 02:30 Football League 03:00Super League

06:00 The Biggest Loser 06:50Emmerdale Omnibus 09:30 Coronation Street Omnibus 11:05 Top Dog Model 12:05Super Tiny Animals 13:05 Britain’s Got More Talent 14:05Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway 15:20 You’ve Been Framed! 15:50 The Borrowers 17:45 Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium 19:40 Back to the Future 22:00 The Only Way is Essex 22:50 Big Rich Texas 23:50 Celebrity Juice 00:35 666 Park Avenue 01:25 The Only Way is Essex 02:00Love in the Wild 02:45Teleshopping

06:00 On the Buses 06:25 Murder, She Wrote 07:20 The Young Ones 09:35Heartbeat 11:40Lewis 13:50 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 14:50Are You Being Served? 16:55 Cornwall with Caroline Quentin 17:20 Cornwall with Caroline Quentin 17:45Wycliffe 18:55 Agatha Christie’s Poirot The finicky Belgian detective tackles another case. Poirot is given the task of vetting suitors for an Australian magnate’s daughter. 20:00Dave 22:10Wycliffe 23:25Ruth Rendell Mysteries 01:25 The Likely Lads

Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013

treasure island tv guide

M o n d ay - T V 06:00Breakfast 09:15 Heir Hunters 10:00 Homes Under the Hammer 11:00 You’ve Been Scammed 11:30Real Rescues 12:15 Bargain Hunt 13:00 BBC News at One 13:30 BBC London News 13:45Doctors 14:15Escape to the Country 15:00 Beat the Pack 15:45 Countryside 999 16:30 Flog It! 17:15Pointless 18:00 18:30 19:00 19:30

BBC News at Six BBC London News The One Show Bang Goes the Theory 20:00 EastEnders Bianca is torn over what to do about Liam, but he leaves her with only one real option. Abi is worried about Jay; it has been a year since Heather’s death and she can tell it is affecting him. 20:30 Panorama The Great Savings Wipe Out. Panorama investigates a series of financial scandals which have put at risk the life savings of tens of thousands of people. 21:00 Motorway Cops Extreme Measures. The cops are forced to take some drastic action when two young men fail to stop for them. 22:00 BBC News at Ten 22:25 BBC London News 22:35 The Lock Up 23:15 BBC News: The Editors 23:45 The Graham Norton Show 00:30Weatherview 00:35 BBC News

25 March th

06:00Preview 06:10 Homes Under the Hammer 07:10Real Rescues 07:55 Caught Red Handed 08:25 Heir Hunters 09:10Great British Menu 09:40Countryfile 10:35Click 11:00 BBC News 11:30 BBC World News 12:00 The Daily Politics 13:00Animal Park 13:30 The Weakest Link 14:15Coast 14:25Mastermind 14:55 How We Won the War 15:25Raymond Blanc’s Kitchen Secrets 15:55Raymond Blanc’s Kitchen Secrets 16:25 The Trials of Life 17:15Antiques Roadshow 18:00 18:30

Eggheads Country Show Cook Off 19:00 Great British Menu Finals Starter. It is finals week and 24 of the nation’s finest chefs have been whittled down to just eight. 20:00University Challenge 20:30 Paul Hollywood’s Bread Paul takes viewers on a globetrotting journey into the diverse and colourful world of flat breads. 21:00 Boris Johnson: The Irresistible Rise Boris Johnson is the biggest star in British politics. Nobody connects to the public like Boris, some even see him as a future Prime Minister. 22:00Never Mind the Buzzcocks 22:30Newsnight 23:20 Toughest Place to be a... 00:20 The Mary Berry Story

06:00Daybreak 08:30Lorraine 09:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 10:30 This Morning 11:25ITV News 11:30 This Morning 12:30Loose Women 13:30ITV News and Weather 14:00Dickinson’s Real Deal 15:00Alan Titchmarsh Show 16:00Ade in Britain 17:00 The Chase 18:00 ITV News London 18:30ITV News and Weather 19:00 Emmerdale Jai is determined to get revenge on Declan. Chas is furious to find that Cameron blackmailed Charity. Belle is chuffed to be making progress with Thomas. 19:30 Coronation Street Kirsty steels herself for her court performance. Guiltridden Karl takes Stella to see Sunita. Sylvia is coerced into going to the One O’Clock Club. 20:00 James Nesbitt’s Ireland 20:30 Coronation Street Julie suspects that Kirsty may have fooled everyone. The heat is on as Jason points the police in Karl’s direction. 21:00 Broadchurch DI Alec Hardy and DS Ellie Miller are investigating the murder of 11-yearold Danny Latimer. 22:00ITV News at Ten and Weather 22:35 The Unforgettable.. 23:35Monk 00:25Jackpot247 03:00UEFA Champions League Weekly

07:30Everybody Loves Raymond 08:30Frasier 10:00Undercover Boss USA 11:00 Phil Spencer: Secret Agent 12:05 Come Dine with Me 12:35 What’s Cooking? 13:45Superscrimpers’ Challenge 14:45Countdown 15:30 The Common Denominator 16:00Deal or No Deal 17:00 Come Dine with Me 18:00 The Simpsons 18:30Hollyoaks 19:00 Channel 4 News 19:55Easter Eggs Live 20:00Dispatches 20:30Superscrimpers: Waste Not, Want Not 21:00Embarrassing Bodies 22:00Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares USA 23:05Random Acts 23:10Alan Carr: Chatty Man

06:00Super League Fulltime 07:00Cricket 08:00Football 09:00Rugby Super League 10:30Football 12:00Cricket 13:00NBA 15:00 Cricket Day four of the third test between New Zealand and England from Eden Park. 16:00 Tavistock Cup Golf Day one of the 2013 Tavistock Cup from Isleworth Golf and Country Club in Florida. Team Lake Nona won this tournament for the fourth successive year last time out. 21:00

The Irresistible Rise of Boris Johnson

BBC 2 - 21:00 - 22:00 Boris Johnson is one of the most popular and immediately recognisable politicians in Britain. The London mayor has surfed the Olympic wave to become a potential future Prime Minister. Yet few people know what he is really like. This candid TV portrait by Michael Cockerell reveals the real Boris Johnson.

Until now, Johnson has always refused to be interviewed for a TV profile. Now, in a series of interviews with the man himself and those who know him best, Cockerell charts Boris Johnson’s irresistible rise.


The documentary shows sides of Boris never seen before - from home-movie footage of him as a child, to his take-no-prisoners technique on the tennis court. And it tracks his relationship with David Cameron – from their school days together at Eton, to their time in the notorious Bullingdon club at Oxford, to their often edgy dealings behind the scenes today. The film deals frankly with controversial subjects like Boris Johnson’s tangled love life, and explores how he manages to get away with things that would have sunk most other politicians. As David Cameron put it when Johnson was stuck on a zip wire: “Boris defies all forms of gravity.”

Cricket Day five of the third test between New Zealand and England from Eden Park.

06:00 08:30

Children’s TV Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures 08:35Roary the Racing Car 08:50 Bananas in Pyjamas 09:00 Tickety Toc 09:15 The Wright Stuff 11:10Trisha 12:00Looney Tunes 12:05 5 News Lunchtime 12:15Dangerous Drivers’ School 13:15 Home and Away 13:45Neighbours 14:15NCIS 15:15 The Cradle Will Fall 17:00 5 News at 5 17:30Neighbours 18:00 Home and Away 18:30 5 News 19:00 The Gadget Show 20:00 World’s Fastest Train 21:00Robson’s Extreme Fishing Challenge 22:00Road House 00:20 Bomb Patrol 01:15Super Casino


Cricket Day four of the fourth test between India and Australia from Feroz Shah Kotla. 11:30Super League Fulltime 12:30 Football League 13:00Premiership Rugby Union 14:00 Tennis-ATP Masters 1000 Day three of the Sony Open from the Tennis Center at Crandon Park in Miami, Florida. 15:00 Tennis-ATP Masters 1000 Day four of the Sony Open from the Tennis Center at Crandon Park in Miami, Florida. 01:25Elite League Speedway Preview 01:55Soccer A.M. - The Best Bits


The Jeremy Kyle Show US 08:10 You’ve Been Framed! 08:40 Judge Judy 09:35 Winners and Losers 10:35Real Housewives of Atlanta 11:35 The Millionaire Matchmaker 12:30Emmerdale 13:00 Coronation Street 14:00 The Jeremy Kyle Show 16:10Real Housewives of Atlanta 17:05 The Millionaire Matchmaker 18:00 The Jeremy Kyle Show US 19:00 You’ve Been Framed! 20:00Animal Practice 20:25 Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records 21:00 You’ve Been Framed! 22:00Plebs 23:00 The Big Reunion 00:05Unbreakable

06:00 On the Buses 06:25Heartbeat 07:15 Wild at Heart 08:15 The Upper Hand 08:50 The Father Dowling Mysteries 09:50 Murder, She Wrote 10:50Inspector Morse 13:00Heartbeat 14:00 Wild at Heart 15:05Agatha Christie’s Poirot 16:15 Only When I Laugh 16:45 Faith in the Future 17:15 The Upper Hand 17:50 Heartbeat 18:55 Murder, She Wrote 19:55Agatha Christie’s Poirot 21:00 Billy Connolly: Journey to the Edge of the World 22:00afterlife 23:00Law and Order: UK 00:05Cracker 01:10 The Father Dowling Mysteries

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Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013

treasure island tv guide

26 March

Tu e s d a y - T V

06:00Breakfast 09:15 Heir Hunters 10:00 Homes Under the Hammer 11:00 You’ve Been Scammed 11:30Real Rescues 12:15 Bargain Hunt 13:00 BBC News at One 13:30 BBC London News 13:45Doctors 14:15Escape to the Country 15:00 Beat the Pack 15:45 Countryside 999 16:30 Flog It! 17:15Pointless 18:00 18:30 19:00 19:30

BBC News at Six BBC London News The One Show EastEnders Liam finds himself in an uncomfortable position when the gang want him to prove himself to them, but will he go through with it? Bianca heads back to the estate to try and find Liam. 20:00 Holby City It is a bittersweet day for Tara both personally and professionally, as she is forced to face her demons head on. Chrissie and Sacha struggle to find their way out of a rut in their marriage. 21:00 The Syndicate After his final course of IVF on the NHS is unsuccessful, lovable Tom is now able to afford the best private fertility care for him and his partner Natalie. 22:00 BBC News at Ten 22:25 BBC London News 22:35 The Matt Lucas Awards 23:05Cuckoo 23:35 Who Do You Think You Are? USA 00:15 Cold Creek Manor 02:05Weatherview


Homes Under the Hammer 07:05Real Rescues 07:50 You’ve Been Scammed 08:20 Heir Hunters 09:05Great British Menu 09:35 Kangaroo Dundee 10:35HARDtalk 11:00 BBC News 12:00 The Daily Politics 13:00Animal Park 13:30Super League Show 14:15Coast 14:25Mastermind 14:55 How We Won the War 15:25Raymond Blanc’s Kitchen Secrets 15:55Raymond Blanc’s Kitchen Secrets 16:25 The Trials of Life 17:15Antiques Roadshow 18:00 18:30

Eggheads Country Show Cook Off 19:00Great British Menu 20:00 The Great British Bake Off Easter Masterclass Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood as they showcase some of their favourite Easter recipes as they demonstrate how to make the ultimate hot cross buns. 21:00 Keeping Britain Alive: The NHS in a Day Documentary series capturing one day in the NHS, filmed by 100 camera crews across the UK, revealing the extraordinary breadth of demands placed on the country’s biggest institution. 22:00 Heading Out 22:30Newsnight 23:20Horizon 00:20 The Railway: Keeping Britain on Track


06:00Daybreak 08:30Lorraine 09:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 10:30 This Morning 11:25ITV News 11:30 This Morning 12:30Loose Women 13:30ITV News and Weather 14:00Dickinson’s Real Deal 15:00Alan Titchmarsh Show 16:00Ade in Britain 17:00 The Chase 18:00 ITV News London 18:30ITV News and Weather 19:00 Emmerdale Sam is gobsmacked when Rachel asks him to move in with her. Katie is determined to find out what is going on between Declan and Jai. 19:30 World Cup 2014 Qualifier Adrian Chiles introduces live coverage of the World Cup qualifier between Montenegro and England at the City Stadium in Podgorica. It is a crucial night for Roy Hodgson and his team. 22:10ITV News at Ten and Weather 22:50 World Cup 2014: Qualifier Highlights England follow up last week’s trip to San Marino with a vital visit to southeastern Europe to face Montenegro. 23:50 Piers Morgan’s Life Stories James Corden, the writer and star of Gavin and Stacey, talks to Piers Morgan about his meteoric rise to fame as one of Britain’s brightest young talents. 00:45Jackpot247

07:05According to Jim 07:30Everybody Loves Raymond 08:30Frasier 10:00Undercover Boss USA 11:00 Phil Spencer: Secret Agent 12:05 Come Dine with Me 12:35 What’s Cooking? 13:45Superscrimpers’ Challenge 14:45Countdown 15:30 The Common Denominator 16:00Deal or No Deal 17:00 Come Dine with Me 18:00 The Simpsons 18:30Hollyoaks 19:00 Channel 4 News 19:55Easter Eggs Live 20:00 Bedtime Live 21:00 16 Kids and Counting 22:00Shameless 23:05Gogglebox 23:55Random Acts 00:00Pokerstars.Co.UK Ept Barcelona 01:00 KOTV Boxing Weekly

06:00 Children’s TV 08:35Roary the Racing Car 08:50 Bananas in Pyjamas 09:00 Tickety Toc 09:15 The Wright Stuff 11:10Trisha 12:00Looney Tunes 12:05 5 News Lunchtime 12:15Dangerous Drivers’ School 13:15 Home and Away 13:45Neighbours 14:15NCIS 15:10Looney Tunes 15:20Desolation Canyon 17:00 5 News at 5 17:30Neighbours 18:00 Home and Away 18:30 5 News 19:00 Cowboy Builders 20:00 Whale Adventure with Nigel Marven 21:00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 22:00 CSI: NY 22:55Dallas 23:55 CSI: Miami 00:50Super Casino

06:00Soccer A.M. -The Best Bits 07:00Cricket 08:00Netbusters 08:30Soccer A.M. The Best Bits 09:30Cricket 10:30Netbusters 11:00Soccer A.M. The Best Bits 12:00Cricket 13:00Netbusters 13:30Soccer A.M. The Best Bits 14:30 Tavistock Cup Golf

06:00Cricket 11:30Elite League Speedway Preview 12:00 PGA Tour Golf 13:00Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf 14:30Elite League Speedway Preview 15:00Cricket 16:00Soccer A.M. -The Best Bits 17:00Netbusters 17:30Cricket

19:30 Football 22:00Cricket 23:00Cricket 00:00International Football 01:00International Football 02:00International Football 03:00 Football’s Greatest Managers

18:30 19:30

Cricket Football The Republic of Ireland host Austria at the Aviva Stadium in this 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifier. 22:00 Football Gold 22:15 Football Gold 22:30 World Series of Poker Europe 23:30NFL 00:30 British Basketball League

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06:00Emmerdale 06:25 Coronation Street 07:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show US 08:10 You’ve Been Framed! 08:40 Judge Judy 09:35 Winners and Losers 10:35Real Housewives of Atlanta 11:35 The Millionaire Matchmaker 12:30Emmerdale 13:00 Coronation Street 14:00 The Jeremy Kyle Show 16:10Real Housewives of Atlanta 17:05 The Millionaire Matchmaker 18:00 Jeremy Kyle Show 19:00 You’ve Been Framed! 20:00Love in the Wild 21:00 The Vampire Diaries 22:00 666 Park Avenue 23:00 Celebrity Juice 23:45Plebs 00:15Plebs

06:00 On the Buses 06:25Heartbeat 07:15 Wild at Heart 08:15 The Upper Hand 08:50 The Father Dowling Mysteries 09:50 Murder, She Wrote 10:50Inspector Morse 13:00Heartbeat 14:00 Wild at Heart 15:05Agatha Christie’s Poirot 16:15 Only When I Laugh 16:45 Faith in the Future 17:15 The Upper Hand 17:50

Heartbeat Greengrass rewrites local history in a bid to turn Aidensfield into a tourist mecca. 18:55 Murder, She Wrote 20:00 Midsomer Murders 22:00Unforgiven 23:00Law and Order: UK 00:05Cracker 01:10 The Father Dowling Mysteries

Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013

treasure island tv guide

We d n e s d ay - T V 06:00Breakfast 09:15 Heir Hunters 10:00 Homes Under the Hammer 11:00 You’ve Been Scammed 11:30Real Rescues 12:15 Bargain Hunt 13:00 BBC News at One 13:30 BBC London News 13:45Doctors 14:15Escape to the Country 15:00 Beat the Pack 15:45 Countryside 999 16:30 Flog It! 17:15Pointless 18:00 18:30 19:00 20:00

BBC News at Six BBC London News The One Show MasterChef MasterChef quarterfinals. First, they must cook an exceptional dish completely from scratch in just one hour in the invention test. 21:00 Pompeii: The Mystery of the People Frozen in Time One-off drama documentary, presented by Dr Margaret Mountford. The city of Pompeii uniquely captures the public’s imagination; in 79AD a legendary volcanic disaster left its citizens preserved in ashes to this very day. 22:00 BBC News at Ten 22:25 BBC London News 22:35A Question of Sport 23:05 Are You Having a Laugh? Ann Widdecombe looks at British comedy favourites to see why Christianity is such ripe material for comedy. 00:10 White Mischief 01:50Weatherview

07:00Real Rescues 07:45 You’ve Been Scammed 08:15 Heir Hunters 09:00Great British Menu 09:30 Food and Drink 10:00Great British Railway Journeys 10:30See Hear 11:00 BBC News 12:00 Bringing Up Baby 13:40 The Weakest Link 14:25Mastermind 14:55 How We Won the War 15:25Raymond Blanc’s Kitchen Secrets 15:55Raymond Blanc’s Kitchen Secrets 16:25 The Trials of Life 17:15Antiques Roadshow 18:00 18:30

Eggheads Country Show Cook Off 19:00Great British Menu 20:00 A Very British Wedding This film follows mixed-race couple Anj and Alan who are tying the knot in a white wedding. 21:00 Terry Pratchett: Facing Extinction Best-selling author Sir Terry Pratchett, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2007, has one last adventure he wants to go on. 22:00 A Culture Show Special Danny Boyle: Man of Wonder. Oscar winning director Danny Boyle talks to Mark Kermode about his new film Trance, London 2012’s afterglow and the highs and lows of an extraordinary filmmaking career. 22:30Newsnight 23:20 Keeping Britain Alive: The NHS in a Day 00:20See Hear

06:00Daybreak 08:30Lorraine 09:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 10:30 This Morning 11:25ITV News 11:30 This Morning 12:30Loose Women 13:30ITV News and Weather 14:00Dickinson’s Real Deal 15:00Alan Titchmarsh Show 16:00Ade in Britain 17:00 The Chase 18:00 ITV News London 18:30ITV News and Weather 19:00 Emmerdale Rachel is feeling the pressure as Jai gets more demanding. Alicia is on a mission to save her career. Robbie and Debbie enjoy getting under Cameron’s skin. 19:30 Coronation Street Tyrone braces himself to tell the truth behind Kirsty’s lies. Karl seizes his chance to divert suspicions. Kirk looks out for a down in the dumps Chesney. 20:00 Food Glorious Food 21:00 Lightfields In 1944, the family prepare to leave Lightfields for good. In 1975 and 2012, the truth is finally told. 22:00ITV News at Ten and Weather 22:35 Barry Mcguigan: Sports Life Stories Eight-part series in which sporting legends speak candidly about their careers, giving a fascinating insight into the mindset required to reach the very top of their game. 23:35Safari Vet School 00:05Jackpot247

27 M a r c h th

07:30Everybody Loves Raymond 08:30Frasier 10:00Undercover Boss USA 11:00 Phil Spencer: Secret Agent 12:05 Come Dine with Me 12:35 What’s Cooking? 13:45Superscrimpers’ Challenge 14:45Countdown 15:30 The Common Denominator 16:00Deal or No Deal 17:00 Come Dine with Me 18:00 The Simpsons 18:30Hollyoaks 19:00 Channel 4 News 19:55Easter Eggs Live 20:00 Phil Spencer: Secret Agent 21:00 One Born Every Minute 22:00 The Mimic 22:35Anna and Katy 23:05 8 Out of 10 Cats 23:55Random Acts 00:00 The Last Leg

06:00 Children’s TV 09:00 Tickety Toc 09:15 The Wright Stuff 11:10Trisha 12:00Looney Tunes 12:05 5 News Lunchtime 12:15Dangerous Drivers’ School 13:15 Home and Away 13:45Neighbours 14:15NCIS 15:15 Mystery Woman: Snapshot 17:00 5 News at 5 17:30Neighbours

07:25 Jeremy Kyle Show 08:10 You’ve Been Framed! 08:40 Judge Judy 09:35 Winners and Losers 10:35Real Housewives of Atlanta 11:35 The Millionaire Matchmaker 12:30Emmerdale 13:00 Holiday Showdown 14:00 Jeremy Kyle Show 16:10Real Housewives of Atlanta 17:05 The Millionaire Matchmaker

18:00 Home and Away 18:30 5 News 19:00Robson’s Extreme Fishing Challenge 20:00Rolf’s Animal Clinic 21:00NCIS 22:00Law and Order: Special Victims Unit 22:55 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 23:55 The Aussie Millions Poker Championship

18:00 Jeremy Kyle Show 19:00 You’ve Been Framed! 19:30 You’ve Been Framed! 20:00 Fool Britannia 21:00Benidorm 22:00 The Only Way is Essex 22:50 Big Rich Texas 23:50Utterly Outrageous Reality TV Moments 2012 00:50 666 Park Avenue

06:00Good Morning Sports Fans 09:00 Football’s Greatest Managers 09:30International Football 12:30 Football’s Greatest Managers 13:00 Football Asia 13:30Super League Backchat 14:00International Football 17:00 FIFA Futbol Mundial 17:30 Hyundai A League

06:00Aerobics: Oz Style 06:30 Thrillseekers: Ice 07:00 WWE Vintage Collection 08:00 Tavistock Cup Golf 11:00Tennis-ATP Masters 1000 12:00 Bass Fishing 13:00 British Basketball League 15:00 Tavistock Cup Golf 18:00 Tennis-ATP Masters 1000 Day five of the Sony Open from the Tennis Center at Crandon Park in Miami, Florida. 19:00Tennis-ATP Masters 1000 21:00 FIBA World Basketball 21:30 Boots ‘n’ All 22:30 Total Rugby 23:00Elite League Speedway 01:00Tennis-ATP Masters 1000

07:15 Wild at Heart 08:15 The Upper Hand 08:50 The Father Dowling Mysteries 09:50 Murder, She Wrote 10:50Inspector Morse 13:05Heartbeat 14:00 Wild at Heart 15:05Agatha Christie’s Poirot 16:15 Only When I Laugh 16:45 On the Buses 17:15George and Mildred 17:50Heartbeat 18:55 Murder, She Wrote Author Jessica Fletcher is invited by astronomer Dr Leonard Palmer to witness the reappearance of a comet not seen for over a century. 19:55 The Return of Sherlock Holmes 21:00 The Zoo 22:00Unforgiven 23:00Law and Order: UK 00:05Cracker

18:00 Boots ‘n’ All 19:00 FIFA Futbol Mundial 19:30Elite League Speedway 21:30Sporting Heroes 22:30NFL 23:30 Transworld Sport 00:30Sporting Heroes 01:30 FIFA Futbol Mundial 02:00 Hyundai A League 02:30Elite League Speedway

Lightfields ITV 1 - 21:00 - 22:00 Final Episode. 1944 – With the harvest in the Felwoods decide that the time has come for them to move on. Lightfields holds too many memories of Lucy; memories they believe they need to forget. Dwight is close to breaking point and looks to unburden himself of the truth about what happened that night with Lucy but it seems his confession may have come too late. Meanwhile Harry and Eve come to the realisation that they need to put the events of the summer in their past in order to make the most of the time they have left together before Harry has to leave to fight in the war. 1975 – Recent spooky events have forced Vivien to make a decision and she tells Clare that the time has come for


them to go home. But while Clare is at the beach saying her goodbyes to Nick it becomes clear that Vivien hasn’t been totally honest with her daughter. Clare realises something is up but when she gets back to the house and finds her mother gone. With the help of Tom she races against time to find Vivien, who alone and vulnerable, is on the verge, after all these years, of remembering what she did that fateful night. 2012 – When Luke goes missing at the farm they believe that Pip was right and that Lucy has taken him. But Lucy is not the only danger to Luke; Paul is unravelling and looks ready to resort to drastic measures to see his son. While they frantically search for Luke a B&B guest arrives at Ligthfields. The guest turns out to be someone from Pip’s past. Finally, after all these years, it is time for the truth about what happened that night to be told.

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Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013

treasure island tv guide

28 March

Thursday - TV

06:00Breakfast 09:15 Heir Hunters 10:00 Homes Under the Hammer 11:00 You’ve Been Scammed 11:30Real Rescues 12:15 Bargain Hunt 13:00 BBC News at One 13:30 BBC London News 13:45Doctors 14:15Escape to the Country 15:00 Beat the Pack 15:45 Countryside 999 16:30 Flog It! 17:15Pointless 18:00 18:30 19:00 19:30

BBC News at Six BBC London News The One Show EastEnders An exhausted Bianca makes a lifechanging decision when Liam continues to hang around with the gang, but will she live to regret her actions? 20:00 MasterChef . It is the second heat, as the next set of hopefuls pick up their knives and show off their culinary skills. Firstly, they must overcome the notorious Invention Test. 21:00 Prisoners’ Wives Francesca’s attempts to take the moral high ground with her drug-dealing son backfire as she struggles to keep her own criminal activity under wraps. 22:00 BBC News at Ten 22:25 BBC London News 22:35 Beyonce Following in the footsteps of Alan Yentob’s 2008 profile of Jay-Z, imagine... presents the much-heralded Beyonce: Life is But a Dream. 00:05Fame


Homes Under the Hammer 07:05Real Rescues 07:50 You’ve Been Scammed 08:20 Heir Hunters 09:05Great British Menu 10:05Great British Railway Journeys 10:35HARDtalk 11:00 BBC News 12:00 Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House 13:30 The Weakest Link Special 14:30Mastermind 15:00 How We Won the War 15:30 Hairy Bikers’ Best of British 16:15 The Blue Planet 17:15Antiques Roadshow 18:00 18:30

Eggheads Country Show Cook Off 19:00Great British Menu 20:00 James May’s Man Lab In the opening episode James enlists the help of a memory champion as he prepares to commentate live on one of the toughest sporting events of them all - the Grand National. 21:00 Horizon The Truth About Taste. Series exploring topical scientific issues. Taste is our most indulgent sense but it is only in recent years that we have started to understand why we really love the foods we do. 22:00 How TV Ruined Your Life 22:30Newsnight 23:20Ancient Egypt: Life and Death in the Valley of the Kings 00:20A Culture Show Special

06:00Daybreak 08:30Lorraine 09:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show 10:30 This Morning 11:25ITV News 11:30 This Morning 12:30Loose Women 13:30ITV News and Weather 14:00Dickinson’s Real Deal 15:00Alan Titchmarsh Show 16:00Ade in Britain 17:00 The Chase 18:00 ITV News London 18:30ITV News and Weather 19:00 Emmerdale At the pub quiz, a cocky Robbie provokes Cameron’s wrath. Jai takes a harder line with Rachel. David is a reluctant babysitter when Alicia goes on a date. 19:30 Tonight Breadline Britain. Has the nature of poverty changed, and what is the scale of deprivation in modern Britain? 20:00 Emmerdale Cameron teaches Robbie a lesson he will never forget. Gemma snaps after a huge falling-out with Belle. Jai is on tenterhooks, hoping his plan will work. 20:30 The Martin Lewis Money Show 21:00 Kids with Tourette’s: In Their Own Words Tourette’s Syndrome affects one in a hundred children, most of them boys. 22:00ITV News at Ten and Weather 22:35 The Jonathan Ross Show 23:40River Monsters 00:05Jackpot247 03:00 Tonight


06:10 The Hoobs 07:05According to Jim 07:30Everybody Loves Raymond 08:30Frasier 10:00Undercover Boss USA 11:00 Phil Spencer: Secret Agent 12:05 Come Dine with Me 12:35 What’s Cooking? 13:45Superscrimpers’ Challenge 14:45Countdown 15:30 The Common Denominator 16:00Deal or No Deal 17:00 Come Dine with Me 18:00 The Simpsons 18:30Hollyoaks 19:00 Channel 4 News 19:55Easter Eggs Live 20:00Secret Eaters 21:00 40 Year Old Virgins 22:00Gogglebox 22:50Random Acts 22:55Embarrassing Bodies 23:55Extreme A and E

06:00Good Morning Sports Fans 07:00Good Morning Sports Fans 08:00Good Morning Sports Fans 09:00 Boots ‘n’ All 10:00Sporting Heroes 11:00European Tour Golf 13:00 Champions Tour Golf 14:00 Total Rugby 14:30 FIFA Futbol Mundial 15:00 Hyundai A League 15:30European Tour Golf 17:30 Barclays Premier League World 18:00 Ringside 19:00 The Rugby Club 20:00Rugby League 22:00 The Footballer’s Football Show 23:30Ringside 00:30 Barclays Premier League World 01:00 The Footballer’s Football Show 02:30Ringside

06:00 Children’s TV 08:35Roary the Racing Car 08:50 Bananas in Pyjamas 09:00 Tickety Toc 09:15 The Wright Stuff 11:10Trisha 12:00Looney Tunes 12:15Rory and Will: Champions of the World 13:15 Home and Away 13:45Neighbours 14:15 The Mentalist 15:15Looney Tunes 15:20 McBride: Semper Fi 17:00 5 News at 5 17:30Neighbours 18:00 Home and Away 18:30 5 News 19:00 Whale Adventure with Nigel Marven 20:00 Cowboy Builders 21:00 Killers Behind Bars 22:00 The Yorkshire Ripper: Crimes That Shook the World 23:00 Banged Up Abroad 00:00Super Casino

06:00Emmerdale 06:25 Coronation Street 06:55 Planet’s Funniest Animals 07:25 The Jeremy Kyle Show US 08:10 You’ve Been Framed! 08:40 Judge Judy 09:35 Winners and Losers 10:35Real Housewives of Atlanta 11:35 The Millionaire Matchmaker 12:30Emmerdale 13:00 Coronation Street 13:30 Judge Judy 14:00 Jeremy Kyle Show 16:10Real Housewives of Atlanta 17:05 The Millionaire Matchmaker 18:00 Jeremy Kyle Show 19:00 You’ve Been Framed! 21:00 The Big Reunion 22:30 Celebrity Juice 23:20Plebs 23:50Plebs 00:20 The Big Reunion

06:00Aerobics: Oz Style 06:30 Thrillseekers: Ice 07:00 WWE Experience 08:00 Weber Cup Ten Pin Bowling 09:00Elite League Speedway 11:00Tennis-ATP Masters 1000 12:00NFL 13:00 Total Rugby 13:30 FIBA World Basketball 14:00Elite League Speedway 16:00 Total Rugby 16:30 FIFA Futbol Mundial 17:00NFL 18:00 Thrillseekers: Ice 18:30Super League Superstars 19:00 Premier League Darts 22:30 World Wrestling Entertainment Late Night Raw 00:30 WWE NXT 01:30Rugby Super League

06:25Heartbeat 07:15 Wild at Heart 08:15George and Mildred 08:50 The Father Dowling Mysteries 09:50 Murder, She Wrote 10:50Inspector Morse 13:05Heartbeat 14:00 Wild at Heart 15:05Agatha Christie’s Poirot 16:15 Only When I Laugh 16:50 On the Buses 17:20George and Mildred 17:50Heartbeat 18:55 Murder, She Wrote Crime-writer and sleuth Jessica Fletcher persuades her old friend Seth to attend his estranged brother Richard’s polo match. 20:00A Touch of Frost 22:00Unforgiven 23:00Law and Order: UK 00:05Dave

Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013



Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013





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Citroen c3

Glass partition

Ford Street Ka

Mercedes Benz ML350

Strengthened glass, white framed + door 4.10 metres long. 2.2 metres wide (with door, 2.48 metres high all stripped down to transport....

Ford street ka convertible heated seats. alloy wheels. a.c ...

Mercedes Benz ML350, A/C - Sat nav, AMG Alloy, Black leather interior, Gold Color...

Citroen c3 blue 86.000kms ...

A new 50 cc AGM retro scooter (only 23 kilometers), color black, black seat and lots of chrome. new price was € 1499,-. not in use anymore. Low price bec...


660 390 537

660 390 537

660 390 537

693 717 587

250 €

5,200 €

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Black retro scooter

3,500 €

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Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013


Bird Cage

2 Bed Poolside Apartment


sports bike

Island Village Phase 3

Bird Cage suitable for small birds such as Zebra Finch, Canaries etc. Two doors for feeding etc, 3 perches, removable bottom tray and grill for easy clean...

A recently refurbished 2 bedroomed 1 bathroom apartment is in the highly desirable complex of Port Royale in Los Cristianos. This lovely property is on gro...

Beautiful hand made cot less than a Year old excellent condition ...

top of the range Italian Bottecchia Jumper, tele forks etc. as new...

Two bed villa with large garden for sale, 67 m2, ensuite large bathroom with jacuzzi and 2nd bedroom, large lounge and american kitchen, huge rental potent...

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Bread Maker

Samsung 42

Prescription Sunglasses

Wicker terrace Furniture

2 Bedroom Villa Los Silo

multi function bread maker that has made around 4 loaves of bread, selling due to not needing any more as making bread by hand, fully functional with setti...

Samsung 42" flat screen TV for sale, complete with remote, complete with stand and possibility to mount on to a wall as well. Fully functioning HD TV as ...

7000 PLUS, Reading sunglasses, 4 styles, 5 strenths, ideal for the market. only 500 euros for the lot. Tel. ...

Wicker terrace chairs 6 pcs and tables 2 pcs....

This beautiful 2 bedroom villa is situated 2 minutes walk from the seafront in the district of Sibora, Los Silos (North West Tenerife). The villa has a spa...

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622 660 934

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Ford Fiesta

Ford fiesta blue ...

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Electric Toothbrush

BMW x5 3-0diesel

IKEA'LACK' coffee table

Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush, the most recommended brand by dentists worldwide. Re-chargeable, 2 years' guarantee. Unused, unwanted gift....

BMW x5 3.0 diesel automatic sat nav 6 cd . sportpaket. electric memory seats. black metalic paint with black leather interior ...

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Collection ducks....

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Collection of Pottery Du



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5,1 surround sound syste

2 seater sofa

Womans Mountain bike

Hair Straightener &Curle

Dining table + 6 chairs

here is a AIRIS 5.1 surround system. it features a AIRIS sub woofer, which also has the volume, balance and tone controls built into it with this there ar...

2 seater sofa measuring 140cm wide x 85cm tall x 90cm. in good condition. torviscas alto....

Woman mountain bike, very little use almost new condition...

NEW Rowenta Straightening & Curling Irons, Heated Hairbrush, 8 Attachments. With Ceramic Protection. Eight Different Styling Attachments Straightening a...

Beautiful, colonial/classic style dining table, for 4 or, extending, for 6 people with 6 chairs. Cost 1250.00 euros. As new!!!!!!!!! ...

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aquarium live fish

Glass Jug + 5 Wine Glass

Silky summer shirts

Full set of golf clubs and bag Tour series midsize left handed good condition. Parque De La Riena area....

home bred live fish for sale aqurium or pond fish...

Ikea Large Glass Jug and 5 Wine Glasses. 'Vanlig' 1 Litre Glass Jug - 18.5cm Tall. 5 x 'Pokal' Wine Glasses - 16cm Tall. In Perfect Condition...

Moving sale....2 summer silky long blue one pink with application size 36/38 new condition....

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Ceiling Fan

Full set of Golf Clubs

Ceiling Fan - 2 speed Collection only - Costa del Silencio...

REF: 2497

45 €

150 €

65 €



10 €


Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013

Peugeot Partner 1-6 Dies

Prodigy 5 seater Hot Tub

Italian leather boots

2 cotton summer shirts

2 coffee tables

2007 Peugeot partner 1.6hdi blue a.c double sliding doors alloy wheels ect....

Prodigy 5 seater Hot Tub. 6 seating positions, 19 jets, LED lighting. Only 18 months old, excellent condition. More pictures available upon request....

Black Italian leather boots, hardly worn. Size 38. Boot trees included...

moving sale...2 white with and blue ladies shirts...spandex type one fits all ....

2 coffee tables. 1 measures: 100cm long x 50cm wide x 40cm tall, and the other: 50cm x 50cm x 40cm. both in good condition. they can be sold together for 4...

660 390 537

REF: 2585

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(By Roy’s Pizza Up Stairs)

San Eugenio Alto, Las Americas Tel: 659 192 169 or 619 172 896

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Spanish, English, Dutch and German spoken


Opening times:


Monday-Friday 9:00h-13:00h & 14:00h-18:00h


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Tel/Fax: 922 722 227 Mobile: 670 277 772


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Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013

Tenerife Weekly Ferdinand Defends

Pool Superleague for the Hunters, hit back in the 3rd with a great clearance, and Hunters Shaun secured the equaliser in the 4th. The first double to the Titans, but the second went to the Hunters after Helen left a very difficult Black, and Titans Andy fouled by clipping the Yellow before potted the black. All to play for after the refreshment break, but it seems that the Hunters Collapsed after being fed as Titans took the final 4 frames. Well done lads, it was closer than the results reflect......... the trap Door 6 V 4 Bar 180 B When the Planet Krypton exploded, five pods were released, one became a caped superhero, the other four formed a pool team at The Trap Door, Bar180B had their own plan, little Lexi Luthore. Dave lost to Pops (Graeme), but

tasca B 5 - 5 Summerland Elite A great night with Summerland’s again! A draw was a fair result; however it could really have gone either way! Tasca got off to a good start being 3 -1 up but then as usual, losing both doubles! Caren and Shaun both did foul breaks but when eventually they got going, Shaun had a fantastic clear up of 6 balls! Luckily for Tasca, Rab and Bill both won to help us get a draw! Thanks to Summerland’s for being a great laugh, and also some interesting refereeing from a member of Tasca B.......... Barracuda Hunters 3 V 7 Bar 180 titans A great night with Captain Mark taking the first frame for Bar 180 Titans, Andy taking a second, Klaus

Position 1 Hoops 2 Bar Tasca A 3 Trap Door 4 Legends A 5 Clouseaus Diamonds 6 Target Bar 7 Bar 180 Titans 8 Barracuda Bandits 9 Treasure Island 10 Summerland Elite 11 Legends C 12 Britannia Inn 13 Target Rangers 14 Oasis 15 Clouseaus Emeralds 16 Bar 180 B 17 Nauta B 18 Barracuda Hunters 19 Nauta A

P 27 27 28 26 26 27 25 26 25 26 26 27 24 26 27 28 27 28 28

W 23 23 20 15 15 12 12 13 12 11 12 10 8 7 4 4 3 2 1

D 2 1 6 4 3 10 6 2 4 5 2 7 8 6 6 3 5 4 6

L 2 3 2 7 8 5 7 11 9 10 12 10 8 13 17 21 19 22 21

F 189 194 187 145 155 146 145 136 140 140 124 132 116 118 88 89 101 85 90

A +/- PTS 81 108 71 76 118 70 93 94 66 115 30 49 105 50 48 124 22 46 105 40 42 124 12 41 110 30 40 120 20 38 136 -12 38 138 -6 37 124 -8 32 142 -24 27 182 -94 18 191 -102 15 169 -68 14 195 -110 10 190-100 9

Position 1 Vivo 2 Bar 180 A 3 Bar 180 C 4 Penalty Sharks 5 Dos Hermanos 6 Leones B 7 Fosters 8 Lowrys 9 Legendary Jokers 10 Sloop Bar 11 Frosties 12 Summerlands Allstars 13 Leones 14 Bar Tasca A 15 Lupain 16 Atlantis Crew 17 Welkom Wanderers 18 Grandee O’Donnell’s 19 Chipeque 20 Red Pride

P 28 29 29 26 28 27 29 29 27 28 28 28 28 27 28 19 29 27 29 29

W 24 20 21 16 15 12 12 12 11 10 10 8 8 8 9 8 5 5 2 1

D 3 7 3 4 5 10 8 6 7 6 4 9 7 7 4 3 10 4 7 4

L F 1 203 2 191 5 179 6 165 8 156 5 153 9 156 11 141 9 136 12 140 14 135 11 137 13 137 12 129 15 123 8 82 14 113 18 96 20 93 24 93

A +/- PTS 77 126 75 99 92 67 111 68 66 95 70 52 124 32 50 117 36 46 134 22 44 149 -8 42 134 2 40 138 2 36 145 -10 34 143 -6 33 143 -6 31 141 -12 31 157 -34 31 108 -26 27 175 -62 25 174 -78 19 197 -104 13 197 -104 7



Bar 180 Titans



Barracuda Bandits



Nauta B

Nauta A


Legends A



Legends C

Trap Door


Bar 180 B

Treasure Island


Bar Tasca A



Dos Hermanos


Summerland Allstars Sloop



Welkom Wanderers




Legendary Jokers



Leones B


Bar 180 C

Red Pride



Jamie Marcus and Micky, took it from Shaun Thomas and Branch, 3-1, Nikki, (Lexi Luthores mum) and Thomas stole it from Dave and Marcus, pulling one back, but Jamie and Micky took it back from Pops and Shaun, Marcus was subjected to a Kryptonite stare ray off Lexi, but managed somehow to beat Lexis mum? Jamie took the game from branch, 6-2, 180b never gave up taking the last two, another 6-4 for the teams, fantastic night, and best wishes from The Trap Door, to Graeme, Nikki and tiny Lexi! (I´ll have one of whatever you´re on Dave........ED) Fosters 7 V 3 Welkom Wanderers A long trek for the boys from Silencio to the Port, boss Bradley, surprisingly lost first end, and after the singles all square, doubles shared also, so 3-3. But with Capt Paul in top form, and Bradley, Dai and Warwick (winning 2 games for the first time!!) Fosters took the honours 7-3. But some tight games, and some great pool. Dos Hermanos 4 V 6 Sloop Bar It was a bad night for Dos Hermanos due to absent players who were on holiday. However, it was still a close game even with Nobby from Sloop seven balling poor old Bob (really, he is old). Dos Hermanos were 5 - 1 down after the doubles and tried their hardest to make a comeback with the last group of singles but it was not to be, hence the final result. Even so, a great night was had by all and well done Sloop Bar. Ledgendary Jokers 5 V 5 Leones Thanks to the Jokers for a good night at Legends, Jokers took the first three frames with Mikey just edging it against Dave, Alex and Jon beat Simon and Jeff, then the start of a little come back with Graham beating Matt and keeping his 100 % winning match games. Tricky and Dan saw off Phil and Steve in the first doubles, Jeff and Dave beat Matt and Alex due to the black going in early, as did Phil beating Tricky, and also Steve beating Jon the same way. For the first time Leones took the lead with Graham beating Dan, but then Mikey took the last game over Simon to level 5-5 Leones B 5 V 5 Bar 180C A great contest in the “park” fought in tremendous spirit with never much in the game - a see saw encounter which saw the home team lead 4-3 only for the visitors to win the next two, 5-4 to the title chasing Bar180C, bring on 9 year old Zac for the home team, to play in form Cloughie in the final frame. A match both could have won but with Zac on the black fouling giving Cloughie a straight forward clearance. It looked all over for the youngster but Cloughie returned the favour going in off and young Zac held his nerve to clinch a point. A mention for the food - steak pie mushy peas and gravy, amazing thanks to all Britannia Inn 9 V 1 Barracuda Bandits A terrible night for the Bandits against their near neighbours, almost a whitewash, if it hadn’t been for their little RAY of sunshine saving their blushes. Britannia were full value for their victory. This was full revenge for the result of the last game against the Bandits and was fully deserved. It was a very enjoyable night.

Qatar Trip

RIo Ferdinand has defended his trip to Qatar despite a back problem which requires delicate fitness management ruling him out of England duty.

The defender had previously withdrawn from his country’s squad for the World Cup qualifying doubleheader against San Marino and Montenegro after a surprise recall. Ferdinand has confirmed he has made the trip to Doha, where he will cover England as a television pundit

and is set to arrive at the Aspire sports Academy. The Manchester United star on Thursday morning tweeted: “Gonna check into Aspire, state of the art facilities. Nice!” Ferdinand later wrote: “1) Flown out for some preplanned downtime...with a bit of punditry thrown in for a game I would have watched anyway. “2) No different from what I done on the last 10day international break...thank you guys. “Haters are gonna hate... also assume everything...although it must be the gospel

truth based on assumptions!” England boss Roy Hodgson had performed a U-turn in selecting the former West Ham United and Leeds United player for the qualifiers. Hodgson had previously decided against the 34-yearold and he was not involved in Euro 2012 amid speculation over the racism row with John Terry, Ashley Cole and his brother - Anton. Hodgson then named Ferdinand in his squad for San Marino and Montenegro only to see him withdraw due to his detailed pre-planned training and medical programme.

household where my father was much more interested in whether or not you had won at football than whether you had passed your exams. In my case that was just as well. “I still turn out to play sixa-side some Thursday evenings although at my age I seem to spend more time injured than playing. “I supported my local team Brentford as a kid

where my elder brother was a junior, watched York City while at university and followed Manchester United whenever I could. “I got involved in how the game was run when I was first involved in buying sports rights. I learnt a lot in the years when I was on the board of Manchester United and have seen the other side of the professional game at Brentford.”

Dyke to succeed Bernstein

tHE Football Association board has unanimously approved the nomination of Greg Dyke to succeed David Bernstein as FA chairman.

Dyke, 65, will replace Bernstein, who has been in the position for two-and-ahalf years on Saturday July 13, subject to approval by the FA Council. Dyke has worked as Director General of the BBC and Managing Director of London Weekend Television, but he has also had a long background in football. He was a director of Manchester United in the late 1990s and has been non-executive chairman of Brentford since 2006. Dyke, who will relinquish his role with the Bees at the end of the season, said: “Football has always been a big part of my life whether playing 11-a-side on Sunday mornings or six-a-side on Thursday evenings. “I was brought up in a

Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013


Bairstow Replaces Pietersen

The Wild Bull Coast FM Sunday Darts League had a full fixture list last Sunday with some juicy fixtures in both divisions

In the first division LA Central took on the young guns and won leaving Ricky La Central saying “good day with friends”. At Suters Bar Tenerife Potters played host to Target A, Bubbles Target A: “Great

game and closer than the score looks, great bunch of lads and hospitality and cheap drinks as well as CDT winning all in all a good day” Chipeque Nomads made the short journey to Legends and despite Chipeque Nomads Richard checking out on a 105 and Chris and Chelsea Rob hitting 180 each it was only enough to share the points...Target B had a home game to Los Halcones

Division One Results LA Central


Young Guns

Tenerife Potters


Target A

Legends A


Chipeque Nomads

Target B


Los Halcones

Division Two Results Our Place B


Beesnees Hunnies

Belgian Beer Bar


Legends B

Candil de la Abuela



Summerlands Shooters


Cosy Cabrons

Chipeque Coast FM


Palms Bar

Summerlands Poolside


Nifty Nauta

Division One 1 Target A 2 Rood 3 LA Central 4 Tenerife Potters 5 Chipeque Nomads 6 Target B 7 Legends A 8 Young Guns 9 Los Halcones 10 Beesnees

P W D L S D T SD PTS 11 9 0 2 31 15 9 55 27 9 6 2 1 23 12 12 47 20 11 5 2 4 23 11 12 46 17 11 4 3 4 24 16 14 54 15 11 3 5 3 21 11 11 43 14 10 4 2 4 20 8 9 37 14 10 2 6 2 22 11 8 41 12 10 3 3 4 18 6 10 34 12 10 2 2 6 8 9 10 27 8 9 0 1 8 10 3 5 18 1

Division Two P W D L S D T SD PTS 1 Chipeque Coast FM 13 10 2 1 34 16 20 70 32 2 Cosy Cabrons 13 9 4 0 39 20 16 75 31 3 Apolo 13 7 4 2 28 16 13 57 25 4 Belgian Beer Bar 13 7 2 4 32 15 17 64 23 5 Our Place B 13 6 4 3 34 16 10 60 22 6 Palms Bar 13 6 4 3 27 16 13 56 22 7 Beesnees’ Hunnies 13 5 3 5 24 13 15 52 18 8 Legends B 13 4 3 6 24 12 13 49 15 9 El Candil de la Abuela 13 4 2 7 22 10 13 45 14 10 Nifty Nauta 13 2 1 10 21 7 9 37 7 11 Summerlands Shooters 13 2 1 10 17 10 8 35 7 12 Summerlands Poolside 13 0 2 11 10 5 9 24 2

showing great form as they romped the victory with Targets Boss man Rob saying “Los Halcones are so nice, we had a great day, best of luck to them for the future”. In the second Division Raf BBB: told us “we were in great shape against Legends B, the four of us all played very well. In the Legends team it was Dawn who earned the 2 games. She was the only player in their team who won a singles game, she also won with Gary the 901 doubles game, they both were throwing one triple 20 after the other....Nifty Nauta enjoyed another victory at Summerland’s Poolside Bar Debbie Nauta: “Fun afternoon had by all of us”..... This Sunday is the next round in the winners’ round of the Handicap Competitions. Here are the matches with each teams Handicap Score. Nifty Nauta 531 Our Place B 606 La Central 741 Legends B 561 Target A 771 – Rood 756 Summerlands Poolside 501 Chipeque Coast FM 666 Los Halcones 651 Beesnees Hunnies 576 El Candil de la Abuela 546 Target B 696 Apolo 636 – Beesnees 636 Tenerife Potters 726 Cosy Cabrons 651 The Wild bull coast FM Darts League wishes to send a speedy recovery to Alan from “Legends A” Graham at Legends needs players to join for the rest of the season so if you enjoy Darts and a Great atmosphere contact legends direct or Raf via the website Good luck to all teams playing this Sunday See Ya There.

England captain Alastair Cook has confirmed Jonny Bairstow will replace the injured Kevin Pietersen in the final Test against New Zealand at Eden Park.

It was announced on Wednesday that Pietersen would fly home for further tests on a knee injury, which is set to sideline him for up to eight weeks. And although Cook is disappointed to see Pietersen leave the tour, he is confident Bairstow can rise to the occasion. “Obviously, it’s a blow when you lose one of your senior batters and a guy who’s performed consistently well for

us over a number of years,” he said. “He’s a great player, and will be missed but it gives an opportunity to Jonny Bairstow coming in. “He’s probably been a little unlucky not to be selected earlier, through circumstance this winter, so he has a great opportunity to try to end this winter well.” Although Bairstow has been part of England’s touring squads to India and New Zealand, he has had little playing time. His last appearance came in England’s series-clinching Twenty20 victory over the Kiwis in Wellington in February.

“In an ideal situation, you’d like a little bit more match practice behind you,” Cook said. “But you can’t choose sometimes, and I know he’s just very excited about being given the opportunity - and he won’t be looking at that as a negative. He can go out there very fresh, and raring to go. “He’s desperately keen to be involved. He’s been on all the winter tours. “He only got one knock in the Tests in India. Coming back after playing really well against South Africa at Lord’s, to then miss out because of the balance of the team was probably a tough call to make.”

plete their opening rounds before thunderstorms once again forced an early abandonment at the tournament in the afternoon. Home player S. Murthy and France’s Victor Dubuisson were two shots off the pace

at five-under after signing for rounds of 67, while Charl Schwartzel - second favourite behind Donald at the start of the week - was one of seven men at four-under with the South African having played 11 holes on Thursday.


Aphibarnrat Leads After Day One

Thailand’s Kiradech Aphibarnrat leads after a weather-affected first day of the Maybank Malaysian Open, as pre-favourite tournament Luke Donald toiled to a twoover 74.

In-form Aphibarnrat, who finished fourth at last week’s Avantha Masters, carded a total of eight birdies as he made his way to the top of the leaderboard with a sevenunder-par 65. That left him a stroke clear of Italy’s Edoardo Molinari, Dane Anders Hansen and France’s Gregory Bourdy, while Scotland’s Scott Jamieson had also reached sixunder having played only ten holes of his first round. Indeed, half of the 156man had field failed to com-


Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013

the SportS SCene By Colin Kirby

Spring Revival Sees CD Marino Blossom

BuILDInG on their first away win last week CD marino defied the form book to walk all over Salamanca for a memorable 2-0 home triumph. Captain Airam inspired his troops with a gutsy performance that ended up with his head stitched and bandaged after a no holds barred tackle.


It wasn’t just about spirit and hard work, there was

Dorta & Iker

plenty of skill on offer as Marino dispatched a team on the edge of the promotion play offs. Balduino led the line well against a strong defence including the imposing Jose Angel. In Sandro and Chema Marino had plenty of creative ideas down the flanks with Sandro in particular a big threat as he wriggled past his markers. Marino’s persistence paid off after 29 minutes, Airam

fed the ball through to Balduino to the right of the keeper and his well weighted lob went over his head and into the net. The action switched to the other end and home goalie Alberto did well to get a hand to a Piojo cross that flashed across the goal mouth. Salamanca weren’t a dirty side, just big and clumsy, Airam got a bash on the head but returned with his new look and the same old determination. Five minutes before the break Sandro won the ball and laid it off to Iker whose long shot picked out the top corner of the goal to double the lead. Airam could have sent Marino in with a third goal, he chested the ball down and unleashed a crisp shot that just failed to beat the alert keeper. The second half didn’t quite live up to the first but Salamanca were demoralized and struggled to put together any telling moves. Alberto had one full length dive to keep him busy but Marino looked more likely to score, Chema shot wide before being subbed by Raul Barcos before Sandro pounced on a defensive error by Pol but

couldn’t find an opening on goal and Balduino, who had been carried off for treatment earlier in the game, departed to grateful applause. It was a momentous victory bringing Marino within seven points of quitting last place and 12 away from escaping the relegation zone. Both targets are tall orders over the remaining nine games but with another home clash on Sunday, this time Real Aviles at 11am, they could chip away some more points and set up a grand finish.


Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013


As Easy As One CB Canarias Raid Two Three As CD Real Madrid’s Tenerife Blast Back Home Court

Loro Back to the drawing board advised some critics after two straight defeats but CD Tenerife coach Alvaro Cervera drew a masterpiece at Real Aviles as his players eased to a 0-3 win.Young Canaraian defender Alberto has made a big impact at the heart of the defence but putting him in midfield seemed a gamble, just 22 minutes into the game the player showed how versatile he is by delivering a perfect ball to Loro in front of goal, the forward easily rounded his marker Jeffrey and buried the ball in the net.

bag of skills. It was five minutes into the second half and the ball came to Ayoze out wide, he looked up and whipped in his cross just in front of the goal, Aridane accepted the gift and headed it into the net. That’s speed and precision taken care of, once he gets his first senior goal Ayoze is going to be quite some player. Aragoneses had been having a fairly quiet time in the Tenerife goal apart from one full stretch save but the arrival of Miguel from the bench offered Aviles some hope. Returning to the heart of the Tenerife defence Tarantino took his chance to grab some glory, a block on a Miguel shot was pretty straight forward but another ball in had plenty of potential until the defender cleared it with an expertly timed sweep of his boot. Just to show it was no fluke he did the same again a minute later, calmness itself. Ayoze thought he had popped the offside trap but with the goal gaping in front of him the whistle pulled him back. There was another bump on his learning curve when a crunching dig in the back floored him, he got up but went off a few minutes later with Guillem replacing him. There was just time for a bit of icing on the cake, sub Chechu planted his corner beyond the far post and Alberto was waiting with a strong strike that crashed into the net for a well deserved third goal. Job done, onto Getafe B this Sunday with that five point lead at the top shining brightly again.

Reputations don’t mean a lot to CB Canarias, they are more than holding their own in Spain’s elite ACB league but a stunning 83-96 win at leaders Real Madrid has really put them on the basketball map.

Money, tradition and a near 8,000 crowd were all against the La Laguna side but they silenced the big boys including their Tenerife born former NBA player Sergio Rodriguez. Levi Rost was back to his best form leading the scoring with 18 points, Saul Blanco chipped in

with 13 points – all in the vital final two quarters, but Richi Guillen was the star man with 16 powerful and hard earned points in an uplifting, tireless showing. If CB Canarias have a weak spot it’s a tendency to fade late on in big games but they kept getting better as this match went on. Losing 45-39 at the half way point they piled on the pressure taking the final quarters 17-25 and 21-31. There were injuries along the way for Ricardo Uriz and Blagota Sekulic but hopefully they will be fit for this Sunday’s home game with Joventut Badalona at 11.45.

Ready For An Uphill Struggle

Aridane It was just the start of the best team performance of the season laced with individual triumphs from every position on the field. It wasn’t as if they had a perfect stage, the pudding of a pitch with goalmouths like the bottom of a budgies cage can’t have been any help. Aridane was back from suspension and holding centre stage up front, that meant Ayoze Perez, making his first start, had to play out on the left rather than in front of goal where he has plundered so many B team goals. The youngster relished the task and after scaring a few defenders with his pace in the first half he showed another example from his

When everyone else is heading for the coast over 200 runners will be heading for the hills of Santiago del Teide from Los Gigantes marina. It’s all for the Vertical Trail, a 10 km uphill run on Saturday 27 April, registration is now open so get signed up.


It all starts from Los Gigantes at 5pm with 1.8 kms of road running followed by 8.2 kms along the tight rough terrain of the ancient Camino Real ending at an altitude of 930 metres above sea level. I have done the walk

downwards, it’s a testing route that twists and turns and crosses a barranco, very nice - when you’re not in a hurry. There will be trophies for the first three in the mens and womens categories and also voucher prizes of 60, 40, and 20 euros to be spent with local traders. Places are limited; yes there really are that many people willing to punish their bodies. To book a place contact before 22 April, it’s free for anyone registered on the pardon for Santiago del Teide but others will need to pay a 10 euro entry fee. Register at


Tenerife Weekly - 22nd March - 28th March 2013

Tenerife Weekly Issue 74  

Tenerife Weekly Issue 74