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9th March - 15th March 2012

Issue 22

Rajoy Asked To Respect Opposition To Canary Islands Oil Exploration

The President of the Canary Islands, Paulino Rivero, has asked Spanish president, Mariano Rajoy to respect the “public position” over oil exploration in the Canary Islands and the opposition’s view which was expressed, “loud and clear” in the Canary Islands parliament. In a post published on his blog, the president asked if Rajoy would defend oil extraction along the coasts of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote with the risks it would bring, or reject the plans, as expressed by the institutions and groups of both islands. “Do you support this initiative even knowing that, without generating jobs for the islanders, it would jeopardise the biodiversity of the islands and our tourism sector, which is 30% of our GDP?”, asks Rivero. According to Rivero “no money” could pay for the potential harm that these surveys may pose to the economy and biodiversity of the Canaries. Rajoy was also reminded that 60% of the population of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, and all political forces in Parliament except the PP, are against the plans. In his opinion, the PP has been “alone and with Repsol” while the regional government, CC, and NC-PIL PSOE, have been “with the Canaries.”

Oil field (in red) lying to the east of the archipelago

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Editorial Welcome back, readers. The search is back on for Yeremi Vargas, the young boy who vanished from near his home in Gran Canaria 5 years ago. Thankfully, the case has been reopened, due to new evidence. Although it’s been quite a while since his disappearance, his mother is still holding out for a happy ending to her nightmare. Let’s hope that she gets her wish. If you know anything that could be helpful to the case, then please check out the contact details on page 5 of this issue. Fuel prices are back in the news (facing page.) I remember (not too long ago) when a litre of 98 octane was 80-odd cents. Obviously, governments hike their prices when the price of a barrel of crude goes up, but they seem to be a little more reluctant to stop the profiteering at the pump when the crude oil price drops again. Do you remember when the pump price was set by the government? All the pump prices were the same, no matter where you were on the island. Proprietors of the forecourts had to entice you in with extras, like a free windscreen clean. Deregulation of the pump prices was supposed to create choice for the consumer; with price wars

to lower the cost of filling up. It seems to be that most garages don’t want to fight that war. The leader of the Canarian parliament, Paulino Rivero, has decided not to give up his fight against the oil exploration plans around the archipelago (front page.) I don’t want to be a scare-monger, but I certainly don’t like the idea of drilling near our beautiful coastlines. Yes, there are rigorous safety regulations involved in the industry, but it only takes one big slipup to leave the Canaries without a beach tourist income. On a lighter note, El Hierro has ceased erupting again (page 4.) Let’s hope that’s the end of that! Finally, the sunshine is back! You tourists out there are probably wondering what I’m wittering on about – it’s always warm here. Well, speaking as a person who lives up in the hills, I beg to differ. In comparison to the temperatures that Europe has been struggling through this winter – yes, we’re spoilt, but ask a resident what they think of this winter and you may be surprised how many people are in agreement with me. Rant over.

Colin Taylor.








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Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012

Fuel protest Planned

Canarian transport services will be disrupted on 30th March as a result of a widespread protest being waged by the sector. The protestors’ main focus will be the increasing price of fuel and the lack of control against “the illegals”.

The Asociación de Transportistas de Canarias (Astracan) has said today that the principal problems that affect the Canarian transport sector are now driving a significant number of transport businesses in these islands to ruin. Among the problems

that most harm the legal sector, Astracan says, are the incessant rise in fuel prices, now over the psychological barrier of 1 Euro per litre, an increase of 30% in the last two years. The association also denounced the increase in illegal transporters,

Public meeting and “illegal letting” lobbying association announcement There is to be a public meeting on 15 March with regard to the illegal letting situation. Turismo will not be attending, but this will be a meeting of interested parties in order to discuss ways forward. A formal lobbying “asociación” has also now

been registered, with its own articles dedicated to fighting the enforcement of this legislation. Further details on time and place of meeting to follow, as well as a report on the meeting after it has taken place, together with further information about the

asociación and the steps it will be taking. The public meeting on will take place at 10am at CDTCA, the Centro de Desarrollo Turístico Costa Adeje (Costa Adeje Touristic Development Centre). This is based in Calle Las Jarcias, in the El Galeón area of Adeje.

Continued from page 1 “I wonder if Rajoy is willing to give back to the Canarian Parliament, to the councils? Or if, by contrast, is he willing to step forward and address the institutions of the islands,” he asks. Rivero said that the debate has brought the oil business into the CanaryState relations, and in that sense, believes that the canaries deserve to know the position of the

Spanish president. “They say there is no risk, but recent experiences confirm that the ‘zero risk’ does not exist. Rajoy says he does not understand the rejection of the Canaries, but what is not understood is that those same voices do understand the opposition of the Balearic Islands and Valencia, “ he explains. Rivero has not gone into

open confrontation with the Spanish state, as the gates are still “open to dialogue”, but considers the former PP government’s decisions in this matter to be against the interests of the archipelago. He added, “In this case, as in all State/ Canary Island agendas, we expect collaboration where possible. We do not intend to capitulate on this matter.”

which is pulling prices down and making it harder for legal businesses to make a living. Astracan denounced the lack of effective inspections by the authorities to eradicate what the legal businesses see as pure fraud. Astracan also denounced the elimination of subsidies over the last few years, despite the sector being a strategic one in the Canarian economy. One thing seems clear, and that is that as times get tougher and tougher, those who operate under the radar are going to find legal competitors gunning for them on an increasing basis.



Government Approves A Decree To Minimize The Impact Of Evictions

“painful” and that the affected families do not have to see how long the process takes before their arrest and eviction from his home. Guindos stressed that financial institutions “are aware of this problem and want help.” The Minister explained that the government is estimating the number of families who could benefit by the decree, but noted that the situation is “fairly widespread” and that, beyond the specific amounts, the intention is “a painful situation can be relieved by the efforts of all.” To qualify under the decree, the first criterion is that the affected property is the person’s first home and also take into account the unemployed members of the family unit. The minister insisted that the decree adopted by the Council of Ministers seeks solutions for “a percentage of the Spanish population who are extremely vulnerable.”

Economics Minister, Luis de Guindos, has announced that the Government has approved a royal decree into law; minimising the “very negative” social impact of evictions of families in the most vulnerable situations. The law will determine a code of conduct which will have to be followed by the financial institutions. The decree includes a code of conduct that will be of benefit “to the most vulnerable families”, he declared to the media after a meeting of the European People’s Party (EPP) held in Palma. “There shall be a transitional period to facilitate and ease the burdens of these families, then you can accept the possibility of payment in kind to pay off debt and also, these families can stay in their homes,” explained the minister . The objective is to alleviate the situations the Minister of Economy and Competitiveness has described as

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Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012 local news

Three Canary Beaches Receive El Hierro´s “European Top 10” Awards Volcanic Top 10 Beach Activity “Over”, Destinations in Europe Says Scientists 1. Oludeniz, Turkey 2. Icmeler, Turkey 3. Puerto Alcúdia, Spain 4. Bournemouth, United Kingdom 5. Benidorm, Spain 6. Albufeira, Portugal Online travel guide website, Trip Advisor, has given 3 Canary Island beach resorts their Top 10 European Beach Award, as part of their “Travellers’ Choice 2012”. Playa Del Inglés, Gran Canaria; Correlejo, Fuerteventura and Puerto Del Carmen, Lanzarote re-

ceived 8th, 9th and 10th places, respectively in the category. Nationally, Spain had strong representation in the list with 5 of the 10 winning beaches. Puerto Alcúdia (Mallorca) was in third place, Benidorm (Alicante) in fifth place, and the three above mentioned Canary Island beaches.

Winning beaches are determined based on the scores awarded by TripAdvisor users to each destination in the ‘Sun and Beach’ category. Unlike other industry awards, ‘Travellers’ Choice’ results are based on millions of reviews and opinions from around the world.

7. Antalya, Turkey 8. Playa del Inglés, Spain 9. Corralejo, Spain 10. Puerto Del Carmen, Spain

The submarine volcanic eruption off the coast of El Hierro seems to have petered out, the scientific committee of Pevolca have claimed. The volcanic activity started on 10th October 2010 in the area of Mar de Las Calmas, to the south of the island. The Director General of Security and Emergency of the Canary Islands,

Juan Manuel Santana, announced the statement in a press release, on Monday 5th March, after holding a meeting with Pevolca, whose members were unanimous on the end of the eruption process in this area. However, Juan Manuel Santana has stated that they will continue the scientific surveillance on the island.

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Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012 LOCAL NEWS


Huge Response As Yeremi Vargas

Case Reopens

Yeremi, who was 7-years-old at the time of his disappearance, vanished from near his home, in Gran Canaria, five years ago. New data on a car and children’s clothing has reactivated the search for him. Guardia Civil sources have confirmed that this new data contributes to keeping the case alive. The Guardia Civil have asked once again for help from the public in finding Yeremi.

Yeremi’s parents have always believed their son was kidnapped, have said that after all the searching of the local area was carried out without finding anything, their hypothesis has got stronger. “Someone took him and he is still alive”, they say. On Monday, 5th March, the Guardia Civil held a press conference where they showed a seven minute long video with previously unseen images of the missing child. They confirmed the

investigation is being reactivated after information regarding three cars, a white Opel Corsa B type, another C type Corsa and a black Renault Clio, were seen in the area at the time of Yeremi’s disappearance. The Opel was said to be driven by a man wearing a cap and witnesses say later there were two people inside, and not just the driver as before. If you have any information you can call this free number – 900 300 062


Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012 local news

COLOUR UP OUR LIVES Jyoti Prakash Udhwani

The very famous Indian festival-simply known as Holi, worldwide is back again, and so are all the fun loving Indians worldwide, to celebrate it with pomp and gaiety.

Holi also known as the festival of colours is a religious spring festival which falls in the month of March during the onset of the spring season. Holi is being celebrated in India for ages, but the

popularity of this festival seems to be rising with every passing year, and so is the level of enthusiasm in the people, as this is one day when one can be carefree, be your natural self and go totally wild.

Legend has it that differences among Friends and Family are drowned in the coloured waters of Holi, and everyone enjoys just being a play animal, and face the New Year and season with clean hearts and no grudges. To further enhance the festive spirit among People, we have a social sanction to get a kick with the traditional BHANG. Then there is total wildness as People dance the rhythm of the DHOLAK and sing out as loud as possible. This is one festival wherein the children take an active part as well, they have their own way of enjoying this festival, as they throw water filled balloons at passers by... and if anybody shrugs or stares.... they have a ready answer, BURA NA MANO HOLI HAI, and evoke a smile on the irritated face, they also bring out their water missiles, fondly known as PICHKARIS, in

the local Hindi language, to drench you to your heart´s content. In the midst of all this joy and verve, to enhance the celebrations, mouthwatering Holi delicacies are also savoured, such as, GHIYAR, MALPUAS, and GHUJIYAS, all pushed in with a glassful of THANDAI. After a chaotic and loud day celebrations, the evenings are celebrated in a more subtle manner, by visiting Friends and Relatives. They exchange sweets , gifts and lots of best wishes, and hug each other to feel the warmth of the festival in each and

every Person, after all the main reason behind this or any other Indian festival is to increase love amidst each other and eradicate any negativity. Holi celebrations begin with the burning of HOLIKA, on the eve of Holi and culminates with the fun filled activities and Family gatherings, till late night. So, this year let us all colour up our lives, so as to eradicate all the negativity and indifferences, and rise above the on-going recession to have a prosperous and bountiful year ahead,


Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012 useful information



In my last article I set out the preparatory work you can carry out before beginning your property search in ernest. We will now move on to the next stage where you are about to make the trip to Spain to begin your search for the ideal property. You would have prepared your criteria which would include: 1. Your budget, remembering to allow approximately 10% extra to cover the purchase costs. 2. The type of property you are looking for – apartment or villa, town or country location, new or resale.

3. Number of bedrooms and bathrooms. 4. Whether you want a community situation or individual. 5. Whether parking is an important factor and whether you need a garage or storeroom. 6. Type of views – sea or mountains. 7. Proximity to beach, supermarket, doctors/hospital, airport 8. Whether the property is to be touristic or residential. Touristic can be used for holiday lets whereas residential cannot. With this information you can approach the estate agents and make plans for your arrival in Spain. Your first

plans should be to find an independent lawyer to represent you. This will not cost you anything at this stage but will ensure that you have lined up a lawyer to look at the contract before you sign any paperwork that the estate agent may present to you. Generally lawyers will charge in the region of 1% plus IGIC for dealing with a purchase, and you should check whether he will also attend to postcompletion matters for you, such as setting up direct debits for the utilities. It is always best that you find an independent lawyer rather than one recommended by the estate agent or the Developer. Ask the locals here

if they would recommend anyone, or you can obtain a list from the British Consulate. As soon as you arrive here a further priority is to organise your NIE (Foreigner’s Identification Number) from the National Police, especially if your time here is limited. It is not possible to sign the transfer deed of the property at the notary without this. Your lawyer or the Estate Agent may organise this for you which will take approximately one week to obtain. You should also decide on the property ownership structure. Unless you are buying an expensive property, company

ownership is not economical. The normal way is to buy in either sole or joint names. Buying in joint names can have advantages when you start to consider a Spanish Will and the implication of death duties here. Unlike in the UK, property owned jointly does not pass automatically on death to the survivor, but that person’s share will pass in accordance with their Will. Also do not be misled into thinking that if only one party can come to Spain to sign the transfer deed at the notary that it has to be bought in just one name; there are various ways of getting around this problem. If you are con-

sidering buying through a company, it is essential that you take financial advice in the UK as the tax laws there may have undesired consequences if you go down this route. If you are buying through a Spanish company, you will need to instruct your lawyer well in advance to incorporate the company. Armed with all this information, you are ready to approach the estate agents, which will be covered in the next article. You can contact Michael Rhodes on; Tel: 0034 922 796 744 Web: Email:


Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012 local news

Barranco Del Infierno To Reopen

In order to proceed with the reopening of the protected natural landscape of Barranco Del Infierno, the Tenerife Cabildo, at the request of the Town Hall of Adeje, has commissioned the development of a legal referendum regarding safety in the use and enjoyment of natural spaces.

The drafting of the document, which will be completed by the end of this month, will be borne by José María Nasarre, Professor of law at the University of Zaragoza, director of the Master of law in mountain sport and Advisor of the Spanish Federation of mountaineering. Nasarre participated in a long-distance meeting,

earlier this week, with political and technical representatives of the first island institution, the Council of Adeje and tourism of Tenerife. Councilman Julio Delgado Díaz recalled that “until a few years ago, the baranco was the second most visited protected area of Tenerife (behind Teide) and today there is a great demand for visits”. The insular environment counsellor, Ana Lupe Mora, insisted on the urgent need to open access to the trail. “Our intention is for the access to be open before summer,” she said. The management of the ravine is to be conducted through a specialized company and is committed to continue limiting the entrance to no more than 200 people per day.

Two hours free parking for shoppers in Los Cristianos The new President of the Comercial Abierta de Los Cristianos, Ángel Bello, is trying entice shoppers to return to the tourist area of Los Cristianos; not just holidaymakers. After being in the post for one month he says that at night the majority of the restaurants in the area are full of tourists, while shoppers have gone to other places in the municipality of Arona or adjacent areas. For this reason Sr. Bello has reached an agreement with the car park Valley Menéndez so that those who consumed in restaurants or bars or make

purchases in Los Cristianos in establishments associated with the Zona Comercial Abierta, will receive two hours free parking after presenting their purchase receipt, stamped by the trader. Bello said that they agreed with the parking company to allow 4,000 vehicles per month to use the scheme; for the pur-

pose of recovering the life of the tourism environment which has suffered significant losses from the economic crisis. The Board of Directors of the Association, which has about 140 members, recently met with the Mayor, José Alberto González Reverón, to show him projects for the commercial district revitalisation.

Ángel Bello

Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012 LOCAL NEWS


Domestic Air Fares Callao Salvaje Policlinico celebrates first anniversary Almost Double

Following the closure of Spanair, in January this year, the cost of travelling between the Canary Islands and the mainland has almost doubled. The main problem centres on the connections with Barcelona airport, where Spanair based its operations. Vueling and Rya-

nair were the only two companies that connected Gran Canaria and Tenerife to Barcelona in February. The first one with a daily flight and Ryanair only four days a week. However, there are days when the supply is insufficient. Buying a ticket for the flight between Barcelona Gran Canaria for last Mon-

day (5th March) at Vueling was not possible and for the following Tuesday involved a cost of 186 Euros. ‘Before the closure of Spanair it was easy to find tickets for under 100 Euros said a travel agent employee. Another option is to go through Madrid, which lowers the current final price but requires too many stops that can

A hundred people gathered last week in the Polyclinic Callao Salvaje, of Group International Beauty Life, in Adeje, to celebrate the first anniversary of its inauguration. The polyclinic opened its doors under the direction of Dr. Taddei and a medical team of European professionals.

It currently specialises in internal medicine, general medicine, general surgery, aesthetic medicine, laser surgery, cardiology, gynaecology and obstetrics, paediatrics, psychology and Neurology, nursing, podiatry, dietetics and nutrition, orthopaedics and traumatology, physiotherapy, rehabilitation massages,

acupuncture, physical medicine and rehabilitative and dermatology. They also use advanced technology in the treatment of various ailments and diseases, in-house laboratory, interpreters and free transport for people with reduced mobility, elderly and tourists in the area south of the island.

lead to overnight stays at Barajas airport. The president of the National Confederation of Travel Agents and Tour Operators, Rafael Gallego, said that rates have not changed, although ‘it is currently more difficult to get promotional rates.’ Following the closure of Spanair other companies announced their intention to take over the supply of available slots. To date,

only Iberia has increased its flight frequency, with daily flights from Madrid to Gran Canaria and Tenerife North. In the second half of the month it increased capacity by 4,000 more seats to cater for the extra demand for the carnival period. ‘Our commitment from the week following the closure of Spanair was to increase our offer by 20%,’ Iberia sources said on Wednesday (7th March).

Air Europa’s contribution to help the situation has been to allocate a greater number of times their Airbus 330 and Boeing 737 fleet travel to and from the islands when the planes are available. British Airways stopped flying to Barcelona in November from the Islands and, ‘at the moment, there are no plans to reconsider that route’ said the sources mentioned.


Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012 local interest

The Municipality of La Orotava (Part 1) An Insightful Guide By Carlos Hernández

Dear readers, Continuing with our journey and leaving busy Puerto de La Cruz behind, we find the beautiful municipality of La Orotava; Historical, Charming, traditional and the biggest in Tenerife. La Orotava is a town and municipality in the north of Tenerife that is very popular with tourists and local people, who delight in wandering its streets and seeing some of the finest examples of Canarian architecture on the island. La Orotava is most famous for the Casa de los Balcones (House of the Balconies) but this is only one of many historic buildings in a town where the past and the present combine so well. La Orotava is situated some 5 km from the popular coastal resort of Puerto de la Cruz. It is also about 33 km from Tenerife’s capital city, Santa Cruz. The magnificent La Orotava Valley surrounds the town, whilst mountains and forests act as a backdrop, and Mt Teide looks down over its roofs, streets and gardens. Many of the historic buildings in La Orotava have ornate balconies and other interesting features in their architecture. La Orotava’s churches, convents, mansions and museums provide plenty to see and ponder on for visitors to the town. La Orotava photos

Masonic gardens in La Orotava

View of the square in La Orotava Churches and other places of interest of La Orotava

Church in La Orotava

House of Balconies

The Iglesia de La Concepción (Church of the Conception) is the most famous of the churches that can be seen in La Orotava. It was built between 1768 and 1788, and the building is widely considered to be the best example of baroque architecture to be found in all of the Canary Islands. The Church of San Agustín, which dates back to the 17th century, is another church of interest to visitors to La Orotava. La Orotava has many narrow cobblestoned streets and walls covered in creepers. There is nowhere else quite like it and it is easy to feel the presence of the past as you wander around it. The mansion known as the Liceo Taoro was also

built in the 17thcentury, and it is open to the general public. The Liceo Taoro is very close to the masonic gardens which are built around the Mausoleum of the Marqués (Marquis) de la Quinta Roja, Diego de Ponte y Castillo. These very ornamental gardens have seven different levels and they look out over the rest of the La Orotava Valley and onward down to the sea. The Hermitage of El Calvario, with its images of the patron saints of La Orotava is worth visiting, as are the Torrehermosa House, and the Lercaro House, which is now often called the Casa del Turista (Tourist House). Every June at the time of Corpus Christi, an amazing tapestry of coloured volcanic sand is very painstakingly created across the Plaza del Ayuntamiento (Square of the City Hall). It is worth coming to La Orotava at this time just to marvel at this incredible work of artistry and religious devotion by the local people. There is a very ornamental fountain on the road from Puerto de la Cruz into La Orotava. It incorporates a statue of the Guanche Princesa Dacil as the focal point. Around the streets and on walls by the bus station there are several murals depicting the Guanches and their culture. It is another example of how the past intrudes into the present in La Orotava, and it adds to the magic and charm of the place. La Orotava also has a large range of shops, bars and restaurants and a bus station that connects it with its neighbour, Puerto de la Cruz, as well as providing services that travel to the Los Rodeos Airport in the north, the university city of La Laguna, and Santa Cruz. Other buses go to Icod de los Vinos and many other destinations in the north of the island. La Orotava should be on the list of places you really need to see if you are visiting the island of Tenerife. It is a place that will stay in your memories. There is nowhere else quite like La Orotava La Orotava is unique and definitely worth a visit or several. There is so much to see there and so many unexpected treasures hidden away in its atmospheric cobbled streets and historic buildings. La Orotava is a town in the volcanic hills above Puerto de la Cruz in the north of Tenerife and its location has in many ways been a safeguard against the modernisation that has happened to resorts on the coast. Stepping into La Orotava is like stepping back in time when you see the Canarian architecture from an era past and the cobblestone streets and alleys where ivy hangs over walls.

To be continued next week, Carlos..

11 More fallout from Rajoy’s Foreign Minister 5.8% deficit plans complains Spain is the only country Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012

business news

Mariano Rajoy has said today that he has not formed any pact in Brussels on the deficit target. He said that this year’s deficit target of 5.8% instead of 4.4% of G.D.P., is ‘logical, reasonable and sensible’ and he claimed that ‘there is no reason to form a pact on it’. ‘I do what seems logical and reasonable to me’, said Rajoy. The Minister for the Economy, Luis de Guindos, thinks the new target will need a cut of 35 billion Euros this year. He affirmed that the labour reform would have avoided a million unemployed had it been introduced at the start of the crisis. He was speaking at an event today organised by Bankia and ‘El País’. The OECD has meanwhile supported the Government, and says they are an example of ‘awareness, political will and competence’. The markets have not been so impressed. The IBEX 35 was down 1.33% at lunch, although other European indexes were also trading lower. Brussels today has re-

minded Spain that the country avoided any rescue in 2010 because it met the deficit requirements. It has warned that it could take ‘corrective’ measures. The European Commission has said that the shortfall in the Spanish deficit target announced by Mariano Rajoy, taking it from 4.4% to 5.8% of GDP is ‘serious’. The Government has ruled out privatisations in the public sector, but they will reduce the wages of the civil servants as a way of cutting the public deficit. The Minister for Hacienda and Public Administration, Cristóbal Montoro, also ruled out any further tax increases in the near future, speaking today in Málaga at a working breakfast of the Forum Europa-Tribuna Andalucía. Montoro said that privatisations are to not to make money, but do increase the competition in strategic sectors, such as seen in the 90’s with Iberia, Telefónica or Endesa. Perhaps the Government should take some advice from the Mayor of Torrelodones in Madrid. Elena Biurrun is

the Mayor of a municipality which is governed by the residents and where 2011 ended with a budget surplus of 5.4 million Euros, beating the 600,000 Euros surplus in 2010. Data shows the Ayuntamiento took in 28.8 million Euros and spent only 23.4 million. The group ‘Vecinos de Torrelodones’ is just six years old, and ended 24 years of PP Government in the town. The Mayor is a lawyer by profession who used to work for Yellow Pages, and none of her councillors are professional politicians. The Town Hall has reduced wages, cut photocopying and meals, and thrown away the municipal tow truck to save money. Compare that to the Mayor of Moià in Cataluña, Dionís Guiteras, who has said he will pay a fine out of his own pocket for not paying municipal debt. The previous administration in the town failed to pay a 450,000 Euros debt it owed to a construction company. The Generalitat regional government has promised resources to the municipality.

Business Briefs

Consumer confidence in Spain has fallen to the level it was at the start of 2009. The index shows a ten point fall since January with 42.9% of those asked saying that they only just got to the end of the month. 51% of Spaniards think that Spain is in a worse place than six months ago. The numbers are the ICC index from the Centre for Sociological Investigation CIS. More than half the pilots who were working for Spanair have found another job in other national or foreign companies, according to the data offered by the pilots’ union SEPLA. The airline went bankrupt and stopped operating at the end of January. 50 pilots have been taken on by Qatar Airways and a similar number by Vueling, while 150 have been pre-selected for Hong Kong Airlines. Spring Airlines, the very first Chinese low cost airline, has offered wages to the Spanair pilots of 12,000 Euros a month and reports say some 30 people have taken up that offer. Nearly 500,000 housewives have searched for work since the crisis began, 200,000 of them last year. 22.8% of women have taken part time work so they can look after the children and the home. The number comes from an ADECCO report on the working woman. Fashion chain Mango has been obliged to reduce its prices by 20% to increase sales. The Spanish fashion company which has stores in 107 countries has decided to sell the new price as a positive and differentiating attraction for the brand. Cortefiel is to move into China with more than 800 new stores. The Madrid store is embarking on a joint venture with the Scarvic company to export Pedro del Hierro and Springfield stores. Dinosol has sold its chain of ‘Supersol’ supermarkets to the Lithuanian group, Maxima. The company has refinanced its business on the Canaries, with the injection of 20 million Euros. Maxima will now take control of the employees, stores and the logistics. Ex Minister for the Economy, Elena Salgado, has signed up as an advisor to the Chilean subsidiary of Endesa. However she needs permission from the Government, as the law stops ex Ministers of signing for private companies for two hours after leaving office. José María Aznar is an external assessor for the board of the electric company. A company in the Junta de Andalucía, Invercaria, asked for reports ‘with false data’ so it could hand out grants. The judge who is investigating the ERE redundancy irregularities in Andalucía has received a recording with the alleged irregularities, according to several media in the region.

with ‘pedestrian airports’

The Spanish Foreign Minister, José Manuel García Margallo, has launched a stinging attack on the uncontrolled spending of the Spanish regions in the past, describing their ‘absurd costs’ as being responsible for much of Spain’s deficit. He highlighted the ‘pedestrian airports’, a reference no doubt to the 150 million Euros airport in Castellón which was opened last March and is yet to see its first flight. He said Spain was the only country to have inaugurated ‘pedestrian airports’. He said that the Valencia region had as many as 60 people in Brussels, and said that nearly all the re-

gions had ‘absurd costs’, power of controlling the and noted some AVE high economics and the general speed trains had only horizon of the public haci18 passengers on board. enda’. He lamented the fact there Speaking on Cadena Cope radio on Monday he said, is an ‘incomplete law of fi‘The larger part of the black nancing’ and said that the hole belongs to the autono- previous Socialist governmous communities and it ment had failed in its reis the responsibility of the sponsibility ‘to control the regions, but also of Cen- autonomous regions’. tral Government, to respond to the obligations being imposed by Brussels, and it is in agreement with the Spanish Foreign Minister, Constitution José Manuel García Margallo to have the


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Monkees To Miss Jones’ Funeral

A wreath left beside Davy Jones’ Hollywood star The three surviving members of the Monkees will miss the funeral of Davy Jones at the behest of their former bandmate’s family. Micky Dolenz said his presence and that of Peter Tork and Mike Nesmith would run counter to the Jones family’s wishes for a ‘low-key burial’. Helen Kensick, a spokesman for Jones, said his family wanted a private memorial in Florida, where he died of a heart attack on Febru-

ary 29 aged 66. ‘My understanding is they want to avoid a media circus and the family wants to keep it very, very lowkey and very, very private,’ Dolenz told Billboard magazine. ‘And you can imagine as soon as one or two or any of us were to show up, it would very quickly be degraded into something that I don’t think his immediate family would want to deal with. So I’m kind of respecting their wishes, whatever their wishes may be.’

Dolenz, Tork and Nesmith could gather for one of two public memorials planned in New York and London, while a third service could take place in Los Angeles as well. ‘He obviously had fans and family and associates on both [US] coasts and two continents. It’s pretty early days, you know, to be making too many plans,’ Dolenz continued. ‘I’m still in shock.’ Dolenz, 66, said the death of Jones had felt like ‘losing a brother’. ‘I was flattered and honoured to be considered one of his friends and a cohort in Monkee business,’ he said. Jones and Dolenz had recorded the last Monkees album of the 1970s as a duo when they released Changes in 1971. The entire group reunited in 1997 to promote their Justus album, while Jones, Dolenz and Tork toured briefly last year to commemorate 45 years since

the Monkees began. Dolenz added that it was unlikely the Monkees, a huge hit in the 1960s through their television show and whose most popular singles included I’m a Believer and Daydream Believer, were unlikely to perform together again. ‘We’ve had a sort of unspoken, I guess, agreement over the years that if it’s just two of us getting together we never called it the Monkees,’ he said. ‘And you have to remember that the four of us do not and did not and have never owned the rights to the Monkees; we cannot use the name the Monkees without permission from whoever happens to have the rights at any given time. A lot of people don’t realise that. I can see us getting together to do a memorial concert, of course, but right now I can’t imagine anything else happening without the Manchester Cowboy.’

Greece worries send markets

to three month low

The spectre of Greece continues to haunt world markets, which have slumped to their lowest levels in about three months. The FTSE-100 Index dropped almost 2% or more than 109 points to 5766, while the German Dax fell 3.4% and France’s Cac 40 dipped 3.6%. Investors had until Thursday (8th March) to indicate they would swap their government bonds for new ones in Greece’s rescue plan, and markets are fearful there will be a shortage. Greece’s main bondholder group said a disorderly default would cause more than 1trillion Euros of damage to the Eurozone and could leave Italy and Spain relying on outside help to stop contagion.

Markets were also unnerved by resource-hungry China’s cut in its GDP forecast to 7.5 from eight per cent in an effort to rebalance its economy. Meanwhile, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was one per cent lower as the recent good run for global stock markets came to an abrupt halt. Will Hedden, sales trader of IG Index said: ‘An avalanche of pent-up selling pressure has sent the Footsie lower ahead of the Greek bond swap. The prospect of failure looms large in everyone’s minds. News that Brazil’s GDP growth has slowed has added to the earlier Chinese growth downgrade which has sparked falls in indices, commodities and some currencies.”

Breivik officially charged with terror attacks

Anders Behring Breivik, who confessed to attacks which left 77 people dead and 242 injured in Norway, has been charged with committing terror acts. Defence lawyers went to his prison near the capital, Oslo, to present their client with the charges. Prosecutors have indicated they consider Breivik mentally ill and will seek to have him committed to psychiatric care rather than jailed. Breivik is expected to

go on trial on 16 April. He has been charged under a paragraph in Norway’s anti-terror law that refers to violent acts intended to disrupt key government functions or spread fears in the population. “The defendant has committed highly serious crimes of a dimension we have no previous experience with in our society in modern times,” prosecutor Svein Holden told reporters in Oslo. Speaking outside Breivik’s

prison, police spokesman Tore Jo Nielsen said the killer had reacted calmly as the charges were read out. “The whole reading-of-thecharges process was very calm and it took place in a small room where we were sitting with the accused and I can now confirm that the charges have been read to him...” he said. “He was totally calm.” If convicted, Breivik faces a maximum penalty of 21 years in prison. The prosecution said last week it was prepared to accept Breivik was criminally insane and therefore not responsible for his acts, and as such it might not call for a prison sentence. However, it reserved the right to alter that view if new elements emerged about his mental health by the end of the trial. “The way the case appears at the time the charges are being brought, there is no basis to request a regular prison penalty,” state prosecutor Tor-Aksel Busch wrote in instructions to prosecutors handling the case. “But it must be clear in the charge sheet that the pros-

ecution reserves the right, during the trial, to request a prison punishment or containment lasting 21 years, based on the complete evidence shown to the court.” A first analysis by courtappointed psychiatrists last year found that he was insane, on the basis of 13 interviews with the prisoner. Their report said Breivik lived in his “own delusional universe where all his thoughts and acts are guided by his delusions”. However, four psychiatrists who subsequently assessed Breivik disagreed with several of their court-appointed colleagues’ conclusions. In findings revealed in January, they argued that Breivik was neither psychotic nor schizophrenic and said they did not think he needed drugs. A second court-ordered psychiatric evaluation of Breivik is currently under way. Breivik’s lead lawyer, Geir Lippestad, said the potential for conflicting psychiatric findings complicated the defence. “We will have to prepare two lines [of defence] - both for sanity and insanity,” he told broadcast-

er TV2. The attacks on 22nd July last year were the worst act of violence Norway has seen since World War II, and have had a profound impact there. Breivik disguised himself as a police officer to plant a car bomb that exploded close to government offices in Oslo, killing eight people and wounding 209. Still in uniform, he then drove to the island of Utoeya, where a summer youth camp of Norway’s governing Labour Party was being held. In a shooting spree that lasted more than an hour, he killed 67 people - mostly teenagers - and wounded 33, while a further two people died falling or drowning. Thirty-four of the dead were aged between 14 and 17, 22 between 18 and 20, six between 21 and 25, and seven older than 25, said prosecutor Inga Bejer Engh. Earlier casualty reports had spoken of 151 people wounded. According to prosecutors, nearly 900 people were affected by the twin attacks - 325 in Oslo and 564 on the island of Utoeya.

Only those killed or seriously injured, a total of 119 people, will be named at the trial. Tove Selbekk, a member of a support group, welcomed the indictment but said many survivors and families of victims were dreading the start of the trial. “We’re very clear on the fact that it will be tough... to hear him explain himself and to hear about all those who passed away and how they passed away,’’ he said. “But this is something we need to go through.’’ Trond Henry Blattmann, who lost a son in the massacre, told AFP News agency: “The penalty handed to this man will never be enough in our eyes. The most important thing for us is, we hope, that he will never again set foot in Norwegian society.” Breivik has said his attacks were atrocious but necessary for his campaign to defend Europe against a Muslim invasion. Investigators have found no evidence to support his claims that he belongs to a secret “resistance” movement.

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“Super Tuesday” See “I finally got the baby I Romney Triumph wanted”, after 16 attempts the next round of states, and focused on the positives - including a show of support from a wide range of states. ‘This was a big night tonight,’ Mr Santorum said. ‘We have won in the West, the Midwest and the South, and we’re ready to win across this country.’ Before Super Tuesday, needing 1,144 delegates to win the Republican nomination in August, Mr Romney had 203 delegates, Rick Santorum had 92, Newt Gingrich stood with 33 and Ron Paul held 25. Afterwards, with the 419 delegates from the ten states having declared, Mr Romney stood on 407 overall, Rick Santorum - 169, Newt Gingrich 102, and Ron Paul - 41. Meanwhile, Mr Obama’s approval ratings have risen as the US economy, a source of attack by Republicans, shows signs of recovery.

Arrest After Body of

Ex-EastEnders Actress Found A 35-year-old man has been arrested after a headless torso feared to be EastEnders actress Gemma McCluskie was dragged from a canal in east London, sources have said. The limbless body was discovered near to the Broadway Market stretch of Regent’s Canal in Hackney at 2.40pm on Tuesday, 6th March. “Police were initially contacted by a member of the public who had noticed something suspicious floating in the water,” the Met Police said in a statement. “The torso was recovered by divers from the Met’s Marine Support Unit and additional searches are due to be carried out in the water.” The male suspect remains in custody at an east London police station, police said. Relatives and co-stars of

Mother Maria Pridmore who suffered 14 miscarriages, a stillbirth and the death of her baby son spoke of her joy after giving birth to a girl. Maria Pridmore said the arrival of daughter Mia Shannon was ‘a dream come true’. The 32-year-old said:,‘After the two I lost and all the miscarriages, I

never thought I would be gifted with one. She is so precious to us.’ The cancer nurse lost 16 babies over a 13-year period and gave up on the idea of a family after the stillbirth of daughter Shannon and death of son Kia at the age of two weeks in 2009. She was scared to tell partner John Foran when she conceived again and

the pregnancy suffered the twin complications of pre-eclampsia and strep B – a deadly combination which causes blood clots in the placenta. Ms Pridmore, from Moulton Seas End, Lincolnshire, made 92 trips to the hospital for check-ups before Mia was delivered by Caesarean section on January 16, weighing 2.15kg (4lb 12oz).  Garden nursery worker Mr Foran, 35, said the couple were now planning a second child.  He added: ‘I really don’t know how to put into words what I felt. It doesn’t compensate for what has happened in the past but it makes it a bit easier.’



l a i c e p s S N O I S A IFT C G T C C FE O


29-year-old Miss McCluskie were said by sources to be “fearing the worst”, as Scotland Yard carried out forensic tests on the remains. Miss McCluskie starred in the soap as Kerry Skinner on more than 30 occasions in 2001. Her character arrived in Walford as a friend of Zoe Slater and the great niece of the late Ethel Skinner. She briefly dated Robbie Jackson and got him to propose to her. Miss McCluskie disappeared from Bethnal Green, east London, last week. Friends had been carrying out searches in the area and handing out leaflets. Co-stars Brooke

Kinsella and Natalie Cassidy both appealed for help finding her on Twitter. Kinsella, who has become a prominent antiknife crime campaigner since her brother Ben was murdered in 2008, had tweeted: “Gemma McCluskie has been MISSING from Bethnal Green since Thursday please get in touch if you have seen her.” Officers believe they know the identity of the victim but are awaiting further forensic tests before formal identification can take place. They have launched a murder investigation and are appealing for witnesses.



White House hopeful Mitt Romney has taken a big step towards standing against incumbent president, Barack Obama, after a string of tight victories over nearest Republican challenger Rick Santorum on Super Tuesday.  Mr Romney crowned a successful, albeit nail-biting, night with a cliffhanger of a win in the crucial state of Ohio, following victories in five other states - Alaska, Idaho, Vermont, Virginia and his home state of Massachusetts. Mr Santorum won three contests, in Tennessee, Oklahoma and North Da-

kota, while Newt Gingrich took only his home state of Georgia. The only other remaining candidate, Ron Paul, looks out of the running after failing to win any of the ten Super Tuesday caucuses after missing out on Alaska to Mr Romney. ‘We’re on our way,’ Mr Romney said, addressing his supporters in Boston. ‘It’s such an honour to have the citizens of the state I served as governor supporting me and helping me through.’ He added, ‘I’m going to get this nomination.’ Mr Santorum, who was stationed in Steubenville, Ohio, was left to lament his crucial 1% loss in the voting there, as Mr Romney garnered 38% to Mr Santorum’s 37 per cent.  But the senator from Pennsylvania vowed to fight on to







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Irish men charged in US court following hacking probe

Two Irish men have been charged in their absence with computer hacking offences at a federal court in New York. Gardaí have said their investigation into a global computer hacking operation involving Irish individuals and Irish websites is on-going. Darren Martyn, 25, from Co Galway was charged with two counts of computer hacking conspiracy. Each count carries a maximum prison sentence of ten years. Donncha O Cearrbhail, 19, of Birr in Co Offaly was charged with one count of computer hack-

ing conspiracy. He was also charged with one count of intentionally disclosing an unlawfully intercepted wire communication which carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison. Mr. O Cearrbhail was arrested in Dublin on 6th March for questioning in relation to the global investigation, but was released without charge this the following day. A file on the matter has been sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions. The investigation into global computer hacking was instigated by the FBI and the case is being prose-

cuted by the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York. As part of the investigation a total of five people were charged - the two Irish men, two others from the UK and an American man. A second American, 28-year-old Hector Xavier Monsegur from New York, has pleaded guilty to 12 counts of computer hacking offences. The FBI investigation centres on a series of cyber attacks that include the hacking of the Fine Gael website, and those of Sony Pictures and Fox Broadcasting.

500-year-old missing

book returned after 100 years

A book printed almost 500 years ago, which has been missing from Archbishop Marsh’s Library in Dublin for more than a century, has made its way back home. The book is part of a five-volume set of the works of the Greek philosopher and physician Galen. It was returned to the library on Friday by a Dublin barrister who had found it in a junk shop.

According to Dr Jason McElligott from Marsh’s Library, the book was printed in Basle in Switzerland in 1538. The particular translation was done by a Theodore Gulston and the pages are marked with Gulston’s revisions for a future edition. The five volumes had been in the library’s collection since 1701, until about 100 years ago when one of the volumes was seen to be missing.

On Friday (2nd March), a barrister, known only as PG, returned the book to the library. He had purchased it along with an antique mirror at a junk shop for 90 Euros. He became suspicious and brought the book to Marsh’s Library, where the librarians recognised it as their own. Staff at the library say the book is in “remarkably good condition” and they are “delighted to have an old friend back”.

Paterson AIB try to find confirms 2,500 redundancies

‘no border

Allied Irish Banks is preparing to cut as many as 2,500 employees, 500 more than the figure signalled by the lender in April, according to reports today. Bloomberg said the increase in people leaving was in part linked to plans to eliminate overlap in staff working in EBS, which was merged with AIB in July. Sources told the agency that the staff reductions may be detailed as early as this week. State-controlled AIB announced redundancy plans last April but has been unable to accept voluntary

redundancies from staff due to the absence of an agreement on the terms with the department. An AIB spokeswoman declined to comment on the reports. AIB chief executive David Duffy said in an internal email to staff last month that the bank was close to reaching an agreement on the package and was working to finalise terms with the Department of Finance. The Government has injected 20.8 billion Euros into AIB and its subsidiary, EBS, taking a stake of more than 99.8 per cent in the bank. Irish Bank Resolution Corporation, the nationalised lender that was formerly Anglo Irish Bank, set a cap of 175,000 Euros on payments made to staff under a redundancy package last year.

of the people of Northern Ireland. He asked Mr Paterson to confirm that he had “no intention whatsoever” of organising any kind of border poll in Northern Ireland given the “levels of satisfaction” with the current constitutional settlement. Mr Paterson replied, “I think I can reassure him, I have the right to call a poll as Secretary of State when I feel like it, I

have an obligation to call a poll when there’s a clear indication there would be a vote for a united Ireland. At 17.4% and the fact that I’ve hardly had a single phone call, email or letter on this issue I really have no intention of calling a poll at the moment and we should concentrate on the economy and building a shared future, that’s the real priority of people in Northern Ireland.”


Northern Ireland Secretary O w e n Paterson said he has “no intention” of calling a border poll “at the moment” as he underlined the Government’s belief and commitment in a United Kingdom. Mr Paterson told MPs in the Commons the Government would “always back the democratic wishes” of the people of Northern Ireland, adding that “what we can achieve together will always be much more than we can ever do apart”. Mr Paterson said with 2.8% of the UK population, Northern Ireland “benefits enormously” from being part of the UK. He added that an opinion poll conducted by Queen’s University showed 82.6% wanted to remain in the UK and “only” 17.4% wanted a united Ireland. His comments came as DUP parliamentary group leader Nigel Dodds said the UK itself had been “strengthened and enriched” by the contribution

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P L E A S E R E ET U N E YO U R R A D I O F R O M 8 9 . 2 TO 1 0 6 . 6


922 78 68 62

16 Revamp to Spanish Imam detained Healthcare system for preaching Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012 national news

Government aims to end postcode lottery in the regions The Spanish National Health Service is to undergo a complete overhaul to standardise services and policies. Health minister, Ana Mato, unveiled an agreement drawn up with the 17 autonomous regions. Currently each region offers different services, tests and vaccines - and

each has its own health card and vaccination schedule. The minister and the regional health councillors are working on a common portfolio of health services. This is designed to stop people travelling to other regions to get treatment they cannot receive in their home region. The agreement includes

launching one national health card for all residents to avoid paperwork and confusion when treating those living in other regions. This is especially important for people who travel to other parts of Spain and require medical assistance. The new health card will come into force at the end of this year, Mato revealed.

Police Target Drivers Behaving Badly

Guardia Civil have launched a campaign to catch drivers ‘misbehaving’ behind the wheel. Unmarked cars are being used in the crackdown - as well as regular patrol vehicles. Officers will be concentrating on drivers who are using mobile phones, reading maps, smoking or using GPS systems.

Distracted drivers are responsible for 38% of the road accidents and collisions with pedestrians, according to the DGT traffic department. According to the authorities, using a mobile phone while driving quadruples the risk of accident and nearly 40% of traffic or warning signs are missed by drivers

who are talking on the telephone. A total of 54,309 drivers have been monitored in the last three years in similar campaigns and 732 of these were fined. The DGT said that some people had even been caught sending text messages or reading the newspaper while they were driving.

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dental clinic

san isidro

æ´ØÃĤÁį:ĉŒPÕÃæµ Ã´ÀØŎį=ğPÃ挃 ğŒPIJįGÃıÁį,ŒğʼníĽĥį7PıÌæıĥ ØÙį+PÑíğį!æĤĽğPæqŒĥįqqŒĉıŒƒ /ĉŒçį+íçįÂįğÄ~įêPàÂêĉàį:PIJ~įêPàįÂįĻĉà

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violence against “errant” wives

Abdeslam Laarouss (left)

An imam in the Catalan city of Terrassa has been arrested for calling upon his followers to “discipline errant women” in their community who do not follow their husband’s orders or strict Islamic law. In his sermons, the imam, Abdeslam Laaroussi, a Moroccan, would allegedly offer examples on how to beat women and isolate them, and discourage men from having sexual rela-

tions with them. According to police, Laaroussi told his followers that it was best to punch women or use a stick on different parts of their bodies “without breaking their bones or making them bleed”. The Catalan police force, subpoenaed the man to give a statement, after complaints were filed that he was trying to encourage gender violence. While he refused to give a statement, he was charged after investigators found

that his speeches and sermons contained elements that promote violence and discrimination. “He provided concrete examples of the manner in which wives should be beaten, how to isolate them inside the family home and how to deny them sexual relations,” said the police, saying they had received testimony to the effect from numerous witnesses. A police statement confirmed his arrest for “disseminating discriminatory messages and violating the principle of equality and of women’s right to physical and moral integrity”. Terrassa, with a population of about 200,000, is home to a large Muslim community. Laaroussi’s Friday sermons are usually attended by some 1,500 people.

Spain sending nuclear waste to Sweden

Spain is to send highly active nuclear waste to Sweden. It comes from the Almaraz power station in Cáceres and the consignment has been insured for 300m Euros. The Nuclear Safety Council, CSN, has authorised the transport of the material to the Studsvik Nuclear ex-

perimentation centre in Nykoping in the SE of Sweden. When Spain’s own nuclear cemetery opens in Villar de Cañas in Cuenca, the transportation of nuclear material will become common in Spain, but for now the secret and occasional consignments are the responsibility of the Guardia

Civil. The transport is organised by ETSA, a part of the public company ENUSA, and the steel container used can survive a nine metre drop and an 800 degree fire for half an hour. Spain is taking part in a program of investigation in Sweden on how to deal with nuclear residue.

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17 injured in Spanish deficit Granada Coach Crash

Passengers on board a coach which veered off the road and crashed in the Granada area had a lucky escape today with all bar three already dis-

charged from hospital. Emergency services say there were no fatalities, although 17 people – 15 men and two women suffered injuries.

Three remain in the traumatology unit of Guadix district hospital, but their wounds are not said to be serious. The coach swerved off the A-4005 in the direction of Diezma after leaving the sliproad off the A-92 just before 06.00hrs this morning. Once the injured parties had been taken to casualty, the remaining passengers resumed their journey in another coach.

A Spanish boy with cerebral palsy may learn to smile for the first time through pioneering treatment in the UK, which is unavailable in Spain. Pablo Fernández Ruíz, 15, from Frigiliana, is unable to move his limbs or sit up without assistance, but his mother, Yolanda Ruíz González, is hoping to improve Pablo’s quality of life using Scotson therapy at a clinic in Sussex – which is expected to cost more than 10,000 Euros over the next three years. Yolanda discovered the technique, which uses breathing and massage to help develop brain function, after her sister saw a TV programme about a fiveyear-old boy in Cádiz, also with cerebral palsy. “It was amazing,” she said, after visiting the boy and his family. “He was very much affected by his condition beforehand but after the treatment he was so much better.” Yolanda knew she had to give Pablo the same opportunity, but sadly did not have the money to pay for the treatment in the UK, so she approached Frigiliana Town Hall, who helped her to fundraise. A staggering 6,000 Euros was raised on San Sebastian Day in January, where Yolan-

da held a raffle and manned a special bar, securing funding for at least a few of the nine trips she expects to have to make to the UK. “Words cannot express how touched I am by the support of the people in Frigiliana,” said Yolanda. “People have been stopping me in the street to give me money I know they don’t even have, because they are unemployed. I am a weaker woman than many people think, and extremely shy – but fighting for my son and seeing all the support from others is giving me strength.” “I never expected to see so much love for my son,” she added.

Kevin Wright from the town hall’s foreigners’ department will accompany the pair and act as an interpreter for Yolanda and Pablo during their trip. “I am honoured to be involved,” said Wright, who has been given the week off by the town hall to help out. “I have known Yolanda for a while, and when I found out they were going to the UK to help Pablo I thought, ‘how is she going to learn about the technique when she doesn’t speak a word of English?’ So I offered to go with her.” The team leave Spain on 11th March for the first week-long trip to Sussex.

Smile hope for Pablo

Pablo with his mother, Yolanda

slippage is “serious” and “grave”

Spain risks being fined under new EU rules for a “grave” breach of budget limits, the European Commission warned on Monday (5th March), despite José Manuel Barroso stating that he was confident the country would fulfil its commitments. Addressing reporters during a visit to Vienna, Mr. Barroso said the Commission had not yet seen Spain’s 2012 budget and needed more information about the “slippage” Madrid had in 2011 so he could not comment in detail. But he added: “I have no doubts that the government will honour its commitments with respect to the stability and growth pact.”

Spain’s new 2012 budget target is easier than originally agreed under the Eurozone’s austerity drive, putting a question mark over the credibility of the European Union’s new fiscal pact. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy insisted he was acting within EU guidelines because the plan was still to hit the European Union public deficit goal of 3% of gross domestic product (GDP) in 2013. Spain’s new 2012 target of 5.8% of GDP was more realistic than the original 4.4% goal but still demanding, he said last week. The gambit will force the EU to decide whether to punish Spain for missing the initial target. Earlier, Monetary Affairs

Commissioner Olli Rehn’s spokesman said that the 2011 slippage amounted to a “serious, grave” budgetary deviation. Amadeu Altafaj said Madrid warned Brussels on 30th December of a slide of two percentage points compared with output on its deficit target for 2011, then another half a percentage point last week. “We need to shed full light on what went on Spain in 2011,” he added Mr Altafaj said Mr Rehn had asked Spain for “clarity” during talks among Eurozone finance ministers on Thursday, and is still waiting. “It’s clear we need these hard figures, validated, in order to do a full assessment,” he said.


Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012 review

Vivo Treasure Island, Playa de las Americas,Tenerife At the end of last year, I went to Vivo Treasure Island in Las Américas to see Bitter and Twisted in the new dinner show Decades, which is an hilarious cover of the songs of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. It was an excellent evening, but my concern was that having seen it once, for we residents there would have to be a long gap before we visited again, otherwise it would be too much of the same.  In December when I was there, we were assured the show would change regularly and, true to their promise, that was the reason for our visit on Saturday night (3rg March.)  We were going to a first night, not just any old first night but a Hollywood Premier ……….. where Decades goes to Hollywood! The evening starts early, we were asked to be there for around 7.00pm. We did, however think even at that time, which is normally quiet, we could be late.  What the hell were all the cars doing backed up along Avda. Santiago Puig?  I had forgotten that it was Opening Parade of Los Cristianos Carnaval and dancers, clowns and bands were winding their way along the seafront. We finally arrived at Vivos and were met by the handsomest of PRs, (well I thought he was gorgeous – OH thought he was pleasant but that’s as far as it went!).  His name is Barry Sparkle and from the moment we walked up the stairs to the terrace he made us feel special.  Not just us, he made everyone feel special.  I think all the PRs in the southern resorts should take lessons from Barry on how to offer great service without annoying the tourists.

had just told him off for wearing the same outfit he wore last time we had a photo taken together – wearing the same thing twice is my prerogative – ask Lorna from Flyfotography. We were given a spoon with our table number on it and after drinks and chocolates on the terrace (these are all part of the package) were shown to our tables. Our waiter for the night was Alex and our drinks waitress was Sam.  She did a great job ensuring our glasses were topped up all evening

was the choreographer. So, after covering Sound of Music, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Rocky Horror, 101 Dalmatians, Cabaret and a whole host of others it was time for a comfort break and a cigarette for those who felt the need and for my companion to recover after having his illusions shattered when he saw, in real life, the Wicked Queen from Snow White. I thought he would cry she has always been, along with Marilyn Monroe and Julie Christie, one of his all-time idols!! I had a word with Chris, the owner of Vivo, who said he was still improving the venue, which is already superb.  He is in the process of putting an additional stage on the rear terrace.  The bar/restaurant is huge and already offers a wide range of activities t o keep everyone from little kids t o oldies l i k e a n d myself Alex ensured amused the service of the meal w a s it is a great smooth.  The food was excellent, a place to go. similar meal to the Decades show Part two apart from the main course, which commenced was Pork, you can see from my plate with Blues how much was left – even I couldn´t B r o t h e r s , manage the toothpick. Bollywood, After the meal, the show began – a Tribute to Liza I lurve musicals.  I can´t remember Minnelli, King and I, Moulin how many were covered but they Rouge, Annie  …  the music just were numerous.  It is one of those went on shows that you enjoy singing along and on with to every song.  Frightening to realise everyone in just how many you remember word the audience perfect (particularly the old ones).  joining in.  The Decades dancers did a great job.  The show They are all very professional, but is riotously for me Bambi held the stage each funny, John time she came on.   It was only at the and Barry end of the show we found out she (Bitter and Tw i s t e d ) superb, the costumes outrageous.  I believe they are made by John and if that is correct he is not only good with the old sewing needle but what an imagination –I particularly loved the strippers outfit in Gypsy – brilliant. Like the saying goes: ”Time passes quickly when you are enjoying Once on the terrace we were yourself”, the show came to an offered our Bucks Fizz and photos uproarious end and sadly, it was time were taken with Bitter and Twisted.  to leave. Now note John contorted face.  I To sum up: – Decades Goes

to Hollywood is an extremely professional production. Unlike many venues in Tenerife, Vivo Dinner Shows are performed in a theatre atmosphere on a proper stage with changing backdrops and excellent sound and lighting.  There are now two shows, which will run each week: Hollywood at weekends and starting Monday the original Decades show.  Personally, I think they are excellent value for money and can´t wait for my family to come and see them next time they are on the island.

But the night was not quite over, as we left Decades go to Hollywood, we wandered onto the terrace where Marc Craig is the resident singer and we enjoyed a final hour listening to his great voice while he performed a whole range of music from our youth up to the present day. As this was a premier, in the style of all Hollywood premiers I would like to thank everyone for making this a wonderful evening. As we finally made our way home, Barry Sparkle escorted us to our car – not much you may say but it is the little things that make Vivo and their staff special and create a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  So perhaps for his skill in putting everything together, the final credits go to Mark the manager, he obviously knows how to get the best from all who work for him. Well done all at Vivo, or as the Italians would say Viva Vivo!! You can follow “Red Queen Musings” on her blogsite or on Twitter @matilda1000


Tenerife Weekly Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012 tv guide


Scott & Bailey -

Acclaimed writer and co-creator Sally Wainwright has written the second series after once again joining forces with Consultancy Producer Diane Taylor, a retired Detective from Greater Manchester Police. Their unique partnership allows viewers and authentic look at the realities and responsibilities of working within a murder squad like Syndicate 9, a Major Incident Team within the Manchester Met Police. Blending the gritty fast pace murder investigations with the warmth and chaos

of their individual private lives, D.C. Rachel Bailey (Suranne Jones) and D.C. Janet Scott (Lesley Sharp) have a robust and engaging friendship which enables them to draw upon each other’s strengths and investigate the untimely and unnatural end to someone’s life. Rachel Bailey is intuitive, bright, bold, and funny. She’s passionate about her job. Her one big flaw is her impulsiveness, which occasionally leads her boss, Detective Chief Inspector Gill Murray (Amelia Bullmore), to view her as a liability. Rachel persistently burns the candle at both

ITV1, Monday 12th March 9:00pm

ends, but her moments of intuitive brilliance make her a terrific copper and give her the potential to make a great D.C.I. one day. If only she can keep her chaotic personal life from impacting on her job. Janet Scott is subtle, deep, reliable, a diplomat and a thinker. She has two teenage daughters and is in a marriage that over the years has become little more than a convenient arrangement for both her and husband Adrian (Tony Pitts). Janet’s a very private person, but when her marriage hits the rocks and Adrian walks out, her affair with Andy Roper (Nicholas

Gleaves) becomes more public than she would ever have wanted. Detective Chief Inspector Gill Murray leads a team of over thirty detectives, including Rachel, Janet and D.S. Andy Roper. A divorced single parent, Gill is a hugely capable woman, whose speedy thought processes require everyone around her to raise their game to keep up with her. Charismatic, funny, clever, fair-minded, occasionally scary, a paradigm of professionalism, Gill is an inspiring detective and leader, always at the centre of the office scene.


Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012 tv guide

f ri d a y


t h

m a rc h

8:30������������� Harry Hill’s TV Burp

7:50���������������������������� The Darling Buds of May

9:00����������������������� American Idol


10:00������The Mummy: Tomb of

10:00������������������������� Marchlands

the Dragon Emperor


06:00������������������������������������������Film File 06:10���������������������The Professionals 07:00������������������������������������������� Batman 07:50���������������������������World’s Wildest Police Videos 08:40���������������������������������The Fall Guy 09:35��������������������������� Quantum Leap 10:35���������������������The Professionals 11:35�����������Police, Camera, Action! 12:10����UEFA Champions League: Barcelona v Bayer Leverkusen 2:50������������������������������������The Fall Guy 3:55��������������������������������������������� Batman 4:55������������������������The Professionals 6:00�������������������������UEFA Europa League Highlights 7:00���������������������������Lionel Messi: World’s Greatest Player A look at the career of the tiny Argentinian striker who at the age of just 24 has already established himself as the greatest player currently active, and some would argue the most complete footballer ever. 8:00������Glory Glory Man United 9:00�����������������Universal Soldier: Regeneration 11:00�����������������Bride of Chucky

06:10������������������������������������The Hoobs

08:55��������������������������Deal or No Deal

06:00����������������������������Children´s TV

06:35��������������������� Freshly Squeezed

09:55�������Sainsbury’s and Channel

09:00������������������������� Hana’s Helpline

07:00����������������������������������������� Athletics

4 Present... 2012

09:15��������������������The Wright Stuff

12:15��������������������������Channel 4 News Summary

10:00����������������� River Cottage Bites

11:10������������������������LIVE with Gabby

10:15�������������������Location, Location, Location

12:10������������������ 5 News Lunchtime

12:50����������������������Carry on Teacher

11:25��������Sainsbury’s and Channel 4 Present... 2012

1:15������������������������� Home and Away

2:30������������������������������������������� Athletics

11:30��������������������������Carry on Spying

9:00������������������������������ Benidorm Mick is unimpressed when his nice-but-dim brother Pete and his crotchety dad Stan arrive in Benidorm for Pete’s stag party.

4:00����������������������������� Deal or No Deal

1:15�����������������������������Deal or No Deal

5:00�������������������� Come Dine with Me

2:15��������������������Come Dine with Me

5:30����������������������������������������Coach Trip

2:50��������������������������������� Four in a Bed

10:00�����������������ITV News at Ten and Weather

6:00�����������������������The Simpsons

3:55����������Sainsbury’s and Channel

6:00����������������� Home and Away

6:30������������������������������� Hollyoaks

4 Present... 2012

10:35��������������� Lethal Weapon 3 Further action-packed adventures with the two mismatched Los Angeles cops. Murtaugh is only days away from retirement when he and Riggs, along with officer Lorna Cole, are assigned to track down a crooked ex-cop who is supplying gangs with huge consignments of guns.

6:30����������������������������������5 News

7:00�������������������� Channel 4 News


7:00���������������������������Nazi Titanic

7:35��������������Come Dine with Me

6:30�������������������������� Crufts 2012

8:00�������������������� Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers

8:30����������������������������������New Girl

9:00�������������������� Relocation: Phil

9:00����������������������The Mentalist

9:00������������������������The Bank Job

Down Under


10:00��� The Secret Policeman’s Ball 2012

10:05�������������������Country House Rescue

11:00����������������� Law and Order: Criminal Intent

12:00��������������������� Withnail and I

11:10�������������� Romeo and Juliet

11:55��������������Inside Hollywood

06:00�������������������������������������� Breakfast

06:00������������������������������� Little Robots


06:00��������������������Coronation Street

06:00������������������������������������������Film File

09:15���������������������Postcode Lottery

06:10����������������������������������������������� Zigby




10:00������������������������������Homes Under the Hammer

06:20����������������������������Garth and Bev

09:25����������The Jeremy Kyle Show

07:15������������������������������Loose Women

10:30�������������������������������This Morning

08:10�����������������������������������Judge Judy

07:05����������������������������������������Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

11:00��������������������������������Cowboy Trap

06:35������������������������������������ Octonauts 06:45������������������������ Pinky Dinky Doo

11:25���������������������������������������� ITV News

09:25�������������� The Real Housewives of Orange County

11:45������������������������ Cash in the Attic


11:30��������������������������������This Morning

1:00�������������������������BBC News at One

07:30���������������������������� The League of Super Evil

12:30���������������������������� Loose Women

1:30����������������������� BBC London News

07:40������������������������������������������ Eliot Kid


07:55����������������������������������� Newsround

2:00������������������Dickinson’s Real Deal


08:00���������������Bear Behaving Badly

3:00�����������������������������������������BBC News

08:25����������������������Shaun the Sheep

3:05����������������I Want My Own Room

08:30��������������������������������� Alphablocks

3:35������������������������������Lockie Leonard



08:45������������������������������������ Poetry Pie

4:15���������������������������������������Deadly Art

08:50��������������������������������Lulu Zipadoo

4:30����������������������������������������Blue Peter

09:05����������������������Tinga Tinga Tales

4:58���������������������������������������������The Owl

09:20��������Driver Dan’s Story Train


09:30�������������������������Guess with Jess


09:40�����������������������Harry and Toto’s World of Opposites

12:15��������������������������������Bargain Hunt

6:00������������������� BBC News at Six 6:30����������������BBC London News 7:00����������������������� The One Show 8:00����������������������������EastEnders Ian and Lucy are horrified when Lorraine shows her true colours during a vicious showdown with Mandy. As Heather and Andrew celebrate moving in together, Shirley feels increasingly pushed out and challenges Andrew to a quiz to prove who knows Heather best. 8:30������������������������������ Room 101 Frank Skinner invites politician Lord John Prescott, comedian Micky Flanagan and actress Rebecca Front to the show in which they have their pet hates and peeves consigned to Room 101. 9:00�����������������������������New Tricks The team reinvestigate the death of celebrated graffiti artist Danny “Flak” Tyler when graffiti claiming “I Killed Flak” starts appearing around London.

09:45���������������������������Small Potatoes 09:50����������������������������������������������� Louie 09:55���������������������������������� Same Smile 10:10�������������������������������Chuggington: Badge Quest 10:15���������������������������������64 Zoo Lane 10:30����������������������Mama Mirabelle’s Home Movies 10:40��������������������������������������Waybuloo 11:00����������������� In the Night Garden 11:30������������������������ BBC World News 12:00�����������������������The Daily Politics 1:00��������������������������������������������������Coast 1:15������������������������������������On the Beat 3:00������������ Escape to the Country 3:45����������������������������������������������� Flog It! 4:30���������������������������������������Perfection 5:15���������������������Antiques Road Trip 6:00������������������������������ Eggheads 6:30������������������ My Life in Books 7:00���������������� The Culture Show 8:00��������������������������Mastermind

10:00����������������BBC News at Ten

8:30���������������� Gardeners’ World

10:25��������������BBC London News

9:00�����������������Melvyn Bragg on Class and Culture

10:35������������������������ The Graham Norton Show


11:20��������The National Lottery Friday Night Draws

10:30�������������������������� Newsnight

11:30����������������The Peacemaker


11:00��������������The Review Show

1:30�������������ITV News and Weather 3:00����The Alan Titchmarsh Show 4:00���������������������Midsomer Murders

10:30�����������������������������������Judge Judy 11:00������������������������������������Judge Judy 11:30������������������������������������Judge Judy 12:00��������������������Coronation Street 12:30�����������������������������������Emmerdale

5:00��������������������������������������� The Chase


6:00������������������� London Tonight

3:40����������������� The Real Housewives of Orange County

6:30������ ITV News and Weather 7:00���������������������������� Emmerdale Debbie and Andy find out whether the baby is a match for Sarah. Rachel is confused by Ashley’s attitude towards Sandy. With no help from Moira, Holly starts to buckle under the pressure. 7:30��������������� Coronation Street Peter is shocked to realise he is the prime suspect. Anne points the finger at Carla. Will Rita tell Dennis how she feels before she loses him? 8:00�����������������Safari Vet School In this episode, the students have to capture a zebra. All seems to be going well until the animal’s heartbeat leaps dramatically - can they get things back on course? 8:30�������������� Coronation Street Peter panics under interrogation. There is bad news for Carla as new evidence comes to light. Audrey regrets her accusation when the truth is revealed.

1:30������������� The Jeremy Kyle Show

4:40��������������������������������Loose Women 5:40��������������������������������������Judge Judy 6:05����������������������������Judge Judy 6:30����������������������������Judge Judy 7:00�������������������� Love in the Wild 8:00����������You’ve Been Framed!

12:20������������������������Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard

08:10������������������������ The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes 09:15�����������������George and Mildred 09:50���������������Upstairs, Downstairs 10:55������������������������Inspector Morse 1:00����������������������������������������Heartbeat 2:05��������������������� Murder, She Wrote 3:05������������������������������������������Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman 4:05��������������� Daily Cooks Challenge 5:05��������������������George and Mildred 5:40����������������������������������������Heartbeat 6:45��������������Murder, She Wrote

Jessica goes on a cruise with her friend Pamela, who has just been released from a sanatorium where she was recovering from the suicide of her husband Johnny.

3:25��������� Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals


12:15����������������� Police Interceptors 1:45������������������������������������Neighbours 2:15���������������������������������������������������NCIS 3:15�������������Dangerous Attraction 5:00�����������������������������������5 News at 5 5:30������������������������������������Neighbours

Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012

s at u r d ay


tv guide

t h


m a rc h

06:00�������������������������������������� Breakfast

06:00������������������������������Children´s TV

06:00����������������������������Signed Stories

06:00������������������������������ The Hot Desk

06:00������������������� Carry on Laughing

06:10��������������������������Tommy Cooper

10:00����������������������Saturday Kitchen

06:20���������������������������� Garth and Bev

06:10��������������������������������� Engie Benjy

06:10��������������������Coronation Street

06:35��������������������������� Quantum Leap

11:35����������������������������������Rachel Allen: Home Cooking




06:25�������������������������The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

06:45�������������������������Pinky Dinky Doo

06:30���������������������������Fluffy Gardens

07:30�����������Goodnight Sweetheart

11:10����������������������������������Take Me Out

08:45���������������Upstairs, Downstairs

08:30�����������������������UEFA Champions League Weekly

12:10��������������������� BBC London News

07:00����������������� Richard Hammond’s Blast Lab

06:40���������������������������Fluffy Gardens 06:45����������������������������������������The Hive

07:30������������������Dennis and Gnasher

06:55����������������������������������������The Hive

12:20���������������������������������Take Me Out The Gossip

09:55���������������Upstairs, Downstairs

12:15�����������������������������Football Focus


1:00���������������������������������������� Swimming Hazel Irvine presents highlights of the week’s action from the London Aquatics Centre at the Olympic Park.

07:40������������������������The New Scooby Doo Show

07:05��������������������������������Soli and Mo’s Nature Show

1:10����������������������������Love in the Wild

12:05�������������������������� Lost for Words


2:05���������������������������������American Idol



08:35���������������������������������Prank Patrol Down Under

4:00���������������������������������American Idol

2:45������������������������� A Touch of Frost


4:50��������������Batteries Not Included A group of New York tenement dwellers face eviction from their homes, and it seems as though nothing short of a miracle can help them.

5:00��������������Life with Judy Garland Me and My Shadows

12:00��������������������������������������BBC News

2:00����������Six Nations Rugby Union John Inverdale presents live coverage from the Millennium Stadium as Wales and Italy kick off the penultimate weekend of this year’s Six Nations. 4:30����������Six Nations Rugby Union Gabby Logan introduces live coverage from the Aviva Stadium as Ireland host Scotland. The Scots will be looking for a repeat of two years ago when a last-gasp penalty gave them a dramatic victory in Dublin.

09:00����������������Ultimate Sports Day 09:30��������� Helen’s Polar Challenge for Sport Relief 10:00��������������������������������������������My Life 10:30����������������������������������������� Trapped 11:00����������������������������������Hacker Time 11:25���������������������������������������������Ooglies 11:40�������������������������MOTD Kickabout

07:30���������������������������������������������� X-Men 07:50��������������� Fleabag Monkeyface 08:05�����������Almost Naked Animals 08:20�����������Almost Naked Animals 08:30����������������������Hannah Montana 09:00������������������������������Fort Boyard Ultimate Challenge 09:25���������������������������������������ITV News

12:00�����������������������The Sky at Night

09:30�����������������������The Jeremy Kyle Show US

12:40��������������������������������� In Search of the Castaways

10:25�����������������������The Jeremy Kyle Show US

2:15������������������������������� The War Bride

6:55�������������������������������BBC News

11:20��������������������������������This Morning

4:00�������������Escape to the Country

7:05�����������������BBC London News

12:30������������������Murder, She Wrote

4:30���������������������������������������Final Score

7:10����������������������Let’s Dance for Sport Relief This episode features comedian Rowland Rivron, ex-Olympian Fatima Whitbread alongside comedy dancing trio The Cuban Brothers, comediennes Watson and Oliver, The Gadget Show’s Suzi Perry and Ortis Deley, and comedian Patrick Monahan.

1:30�������������ITV News and Weather

5:30������������������������������������������������Flog It!

1:40�������������������������������������� Innerspace

8:30���������The National Lottery: In It to Win It 9:20���������������������������������Casualty The ED reaps the fallout from the shooting of Jacob Broker when Stevie’s girlfriend Jade is brought in, injured as the result of a Farmead Crew attempt to ensure Stevie’s silence. 10:10�����������������������������BBC News 10:30�������������� Match of the Day Gary Lineker presents highlights from the Premier League, with analysis from Alan Hansen and Mark Lawrenson. Swansea’s impressive home record was put to the test by Roberto Mancini’s Manchester City, as they continued their bid for the title. 11:40����������������������� The Football League Show

6:30����������������������������Dad’s Army An enemy aircraft crash-lands in the local reservoir, severely testing the efficiency of Captain Mainwaring’s communication system. 7:00��������������� The Story of Light Entertainment This episode shows why the oldfashioned wireless has survived and flourished in the face of competition from TV. It looks at what radio entertainers have given to TV over the decades and at the talent from TV that has invigorated radio. 8:00�������� The Story of Musicals The final episode brings the story up to the 90s and beyond. It shows the rise of the jukebox musical as Bjorn Ulvaeus and Judy Craymer tell the story of the creation of Mamma Mia! 9:00���������������������� I’m a Pop Star! 10:00����������������������������������TOTP 2 11:00������������� The Sarah Millican Television Programme 11:30����������The Stepford Wives

08:20���������������Emmerdale Omnibus

3:55������������������������������ Evan Almighty God appears before a sceptical congressman to tell him that his destiny is to be the modern-day Noah and build an ark capable of withstanding a mighty flood. 5:35����������������������������London Tonight 5:45�������������ITV News and Weather

7:00������������������������������ Richie Rich Family comedy based on the popular American cartoon strip. Richie Rich is the wealthiest boy in the world, with everything he could ever want - except companionship.

11:20�������������������������������� Follow a Star 1:25������������������������������������ Thunderball 4:05���������������������������������Kelly’s Heroes World War II adventure about an American soldier who captures a German officer and discovers that his prisoner knows the whereabouts of $16million in Nazi gold. 7:00�������������������������The Sweeney Regan becomes romantically involved with a crime journalist, but when she is implicated in lawbreaking, her innocence comes into question. 8:00������������������������������������Minder Everybody on the manor is affected when Arthur’s brotherin-law Brian becomes depressed.

9:45��������������������� Celebrity Juice 10:30��������������������������������Daylight

11:00��������������������Those Who Kill

11:40������������The Black Windmill

06:05�������������������������������������������Sali Mali

08:55����������������������������������� Time Team

06:00�����������������������������Children´s TV

06:10������������������������������������The Hoobs

08:45���������������������������������Rupert Bear

11:55���������������The Big Bang Theory

10:00���������������������������������Crufts 2012 Clare Balding hosts daily highlights of the world’s biggest dog event at the NEC in Birmingham. There is extensive coverage of all the events in the main arena, including the agility and flyball competitions that are so popular with dog lovers, and the judging of the Group finalists.

12:50����������������������������� The Simpsons

12:35������������������������Carry on Doctor

1:55������������������������� Channel 4 Racing

2:30�������������������������������������������Athletics Iaaf World Indoor Championships. A look back at the best of the morning’s action is followed by an afternoon packed with Finals from Istanbul.

11:20�����������������������������Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers

9:00��������������������������Take Me Out The Gossip

06:35������������������������Mobil 1 The Grid 07:00����������������������������������������� Athletics 08:00����������������������The Morning Line 09:00���������������������������������������� Athletics 10:30������������������������������������������New Girl

7:00���������� You’ve Been Framed!

4:05����������������������������Channel 4 News

7:30��������������Harry Hill’s TV Burp


8:00������������������������� Take Me Out

4:30�������������������� Come Dine with Me

9:00�����������������������The Jonathan Ross Show Jonathan welcomes Kiefer Sutherland and Mamma Mia actress Amanda Seyfried. There is also music from rock legend Paul Weller.

5:00�������������������� Come Dine with Me

10:15���������������The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

8:00���������������������������� Doc Martin Martin fails to get along with Danny, an old flame of Louisa’s who has returned to the village to visit his ageing mother.

09:00������������������������� The Secret War of Harry Frigg

9:00���������������������������������������Lewis Feature-length drama following on from the Inspector Morse series.

6:00����������������������All Star Family Fortunes In this edition, Dancing on Ice judge Robin Cousins goes up against Wild at Heart actress Dawn Steele.

10:00�������� ITV News & Weather

6:55�������� Rosemary and Thyme Rosemary and Laura enter the cutthroat world of TV garden makeovers when they help a presenter with her new series.

07:25�������� The Big Match Revisited

11:00���������������������������Charlie’s Angels

5:35�������������������� Come Dine with Me 6:00�������������Come Dine with Me 6:35�������������Come Dine with Me 7:05������������� Come Date with Me 8:00���� Big Fat Gypsy Weddings 9:00������������������������The Bank Job 10:30��������������������������������� Orphan

6:30�������������������������� Crufts 2012 9:00������������� Location, Location, Location 10:05�������������Indecent Proposal Happily married couple Diana and David Murphy find themselves at risk of financial destitution when the recession hits them.

9:00������������������������������� Assassins

09:00�������������������������� Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom 09:15������������������� The Mr. Men Show 09:30������������� Roary the Racing Car 09:40��������������Mist: Sheepdog Tales 10:00�������������Animal Rescue Squad 10:20������������������Police Interceptors

12:25������������������������������������������ Madron 2:15��������������������������������������Blood Alley 4:30������������������������The Green Berets 7:15������������������5 News Weekend 7:20����������������������������������������� NCIS 8:15����������������������������������������� NCIS 9:15�������������������CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 10:10����������������������������������CSI: NY 11:10������������������ Law and Order: Special Victims Unit


Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012 tv guide

s u n d ay


06:00�������������������������������������� Breakfast

06:00������������������������������� Little Robots


06:00������������������������������ The Hot Desk

07:45���������������������� Match of the Day Gary Lineker presents highlights from the Premier League.

06:10��������������������������������������Lunar Jim

06:10�������������������������������Fireman Sam

06:10��������������������������������������Gossip Girl

06:20����������������������������Garth and Bev

06:20���������������������������� Babar and the Adventures of Badou

06:55���������������Emmerdale Omnibus

09:00��������The Andrew Marr Show

06:45������������������������ Pinky Dinky Doo

06:35��������������������Special Agent Oso


10:00��������������������The Big Questions 11:00����������������������������Sunday Politics 12:05����������� Match of the Day Live Mark Chapman presents live coverage from The Riverside as Middlesbrough take on Leeds United in the Championship. 2:30����������Six Nations Rugby Union John Inverdale presents live coverage from the Stade de France as France take on England. New look England, skippered by Chris Robshaw, are looking for revenge following last year’s World Cup quarter-final defeat at the hands of Les Bleus. 5:10�����������������������������Songs of Praise 5:45������������������������������������������Land Girls When Iris has a near-fatal miss on Vernon’s farm, Connie throws down the gauntlet: it’s land girls versus farmers! 6:35�������������������������������BBC News 6:50����������������BBC London News 7:00���������������������������� Countryfile Matt Baker and Julia Bradbury Explore North Kent. It may be known as the Garden of England, but Julia discovers there is more to this place than its apples and pears. 8:00������������Antiques Roadshow Fiona Bruce and the experts visit the Weald and Downland Museum in Sussex. 9:00���������� Upstairs, Downstairs Harry’s desire to impress Beryl leads him and Johnny into the world of boxing and, as their big fight draws ever closer, the boys are determined to reign victorious.

06:35������������������������������������ Octonauts 07:00�����������������Richard Hammond’s Blast Lab

06:45��������������������Special Agent Oso

07:30�����������������Dennis and Gnasher

07:05������� Olly the Little White Van

07:40������������������������The New Scooby Doo Show

07:10������������������������������������Tati’s Hotel

08:05����������������������������� Paradise Cafe

07:30����������Matt Hatter Chronicles

08:30���������������������������������������Wingin’ It 09:00�����������������������Friday Download 10:00����������������������Shaun the Sheep 10:05�������������������������������������������� Flog It! 11:05���������� Escape to the Country 12:05��������������EastEnders Omnibus 2:00������������������ The Mosquito Coast 3:50�������������������������������������First Knight

7:00������������������������� World’s Most Dangerous Roads Adventurer Ben Fogle and comedian Hugh Dennis drive a historic route from the Peruvian Andes to the depths of the Amazon, along roads built to conquer and exploit the natural wealth of Peru’s rainforest. 8:00��������������������������������Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May set out to discover if you can go motor racing for less than it costs to play golf. 9:00������������������������Orbit: Earth’s

10:15��������������BBC London News 10:25���������������������������� Room 101 Extra Storage Frank Skinner invites politician Lord John Prescott, comedian Micky Flanagan and actress Rebecca Front to the show.

10:00���������� Match of the Day 2 Colin Murray presents the best of the action from the day’s three crucial Premier League clashes which have huge significance at both ends of the table.

11:05������������Would I Lie to You?

11:10��������������������������Six Nations Rugby Highlights

11:35����������������������The Celebrity Apprentice USA

07:25������������������������������������������������ Monk 07:50��������������� Fleabag Monkeyface

11:55��������������� A Boy Called Dad

12:00�����������������Winners and Losers 1:00������������������������������Holiday Airport 2:00����������������������Holiday Showdown 3:00���������������������Harry Hill’s TV Burp 3:30������������������������������������������The Cube 4:30�����������All Star Family Fortunes 5:15�����������������������The Scorpion King Action fantasy adventure. In a time before the pyramids, an evil king threatens to take over the world with the help of a powerful sorceress.

m a rc h

06:00������������������������ The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes 06:55������������������������ The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes 08:05����������March of the Penguins 09:40�������������������������������������Heartbeat 10:45�������������������������������������Heartbeat 11:45������������Life with Judy Garland Me and My Shadows 1:40������������������������������������������������ Emma 3:50�������������������������Carry on Cowboy 5:50�������������������������������������������������Poirot

06:00�������������������������� Greatest World Cup Matches

3:20��������������������� The Rawhide Years

06:15��������������������������World’s Wildest Police Videos 06:55������������������������������ The Sweeney 07:45��������������������������������������������� Minder 08:45���������������Border Security USA 09:45��������������������������World’s Wildest Police Videos 10:35������������������������������ The Sweeney 11:35��������������������������������������������� Minder 12:40��������������������������������� Thunderball

1:45������� Columbo Goes to College

7:10�����������������������Kangaroo Jack Comedy adventure. Two childhood friends get caught up with the mob in New York and find themselves forced to travel to Australia to deliver 50,000 dollars of dirty money.

3:40���������������������Midsomer Murders


5:40����������������������������London Tonight

10:00������������������Lock, Stock and

5:55�������������ITV News and Weather

Two Smoking Barrels

8:00������������������������������������� Poirot When Belgian film star Marie Marvelle receives threatening letters demanding her famous diamond, the Western Star, she decides to visit her old friend Hercule Poirot in London to seek his help. 9:00����������������������������Foyle’s War Feature-length drama about an enigmatic detective working on the South Coast during World War II. 11:00�������������������������������� Cracker Fitz is convinced that the legend of Albie Kinsella looks set to become a tragic reality.

06:25������������������������������������The Hoobs

08:55���������������������������� Grand Designs

06:00�����������������������������Children´s TV

07:20��������������The Paralympic Show

10:00����������������� River Cottage Bites

08:30���������������������Angelina Ballerina


10:10����������������������������������Crufts 2012

08:45���������������������������������Rupert Bear

08:10�������������������������� The Crush with KFC Krushems

3:15��������������������Come Dine with Me

09:00�������������������������� Ben and Holly’s

08:05�������������������������������Horrid Henry 08:20�������������������������������Horrid Henry 08:30���������������������������� Big Time Rush 09:00������������������������My Phone Genie 09:25���������������������������������������ITV News 09:30������������������������������Ade in Britain 10:30������May the Best House Win 11:30����������������Dickinson’s Real Deal

6:00����������������������I’m a Pop Star! In the final part of the series it’s all about the solo artists as we delve into the psyche of the men and women who go it alone.

Extraordinary Journey Right now you’re hurtling around the sun at 64,000 miles an hour. In the next year you’ll travel 584 million miles, to end up back where you started.

10:00�����������������������������BBC News

07:00������� Olly the Little White Van

09:35��������������������Coronation Street

t h

12:30����������ITV News and Weather 12:40������������������Murder, She Wrote

6:10���������� You’ve Been Framed! 6:40�������������Harry Hill’s TV Burp 7:15���������������������� Dancing on Ice This week is props week, and the five remaining contestants are pushed to their limits as they try to successfully incorporate props into their routines. 8:30������������������������Wild at Heart In the last of the series, Danny is preparing to return to the UK when a request for assistance comes from the National Park.

10:55����������������������������� The Simpsons 11:30��������Sainsbury’s and Channel 4 Present... 2012

6:30������������������� Channel 4 News

9:00����������River Cottage Spring Fresh produce is bursting into season across the country’s fields, allotments and gardens, and as spring reaches its peak, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall cooks and tastes his way through the abundant crops on offer.


10:05��������River Cottage Spring

7:05������������ Home of the Future

11:10����������������Heston’s Mission Impossible In this edition, his mission impossible is to work with British Airways to revolutionise airline food.

4:00�������������������������������� The Simpsons

10:20����������������������� Whitechapel With the body count rising, Miles and Chandler clash over the direction of the investigation. 11:15����������������Rugby Highlights Martin Bayfield presents highlights of the semi-finals as Bath take on Leicester and Northampton meet Scarlets, the only Welsh team left in the competition.

6:30�������������������������� Crufts 2012 The final day of Crufts 2012 climaxes with the dog lovers’ favourite competition, Best in Show.

09:55��������������The Big Bang Theory

10:05������������������������������ITV News and Weather

9:00��������������The Black Windmill Tense thriller in which a secret agent attempts to track down a gang who have kidnapped his son. 11:15���������������������� Death Wish 5: The Face of Death

Little Kingdom 09:10������������������� The Mr. Men Show


11:35����������������������������������������� Athletics

8:00����������������� Rugby Highlights Martin Bayfield presents highlights of the semi-finals as Bath take on Leicester and Northampton meet Scarlets, the only Welsh team left in the competition.

5:25������������������������������� Grand Designs

08:45�Everybody Loves Raymond

9:30��������������������� Dancing on Ice

5:10������������������������������������������Rio Bravo

4:30����������������������������� Deal or No Deal 5:30�������������������� Come Dine with Me

8:00�������������� Time Team Special 9:00������������������������������ Homeland 10:00������� The Final Destination 11:40�������������������������������������� Wolf

09:25������������� Roary the Racing Car 09:40��������������Mist: Sheepdog Tales 10:00������������������������ Grey’s Anatomy 10:55���������������������������������������Stansted: The Inside Story 11:55������������������������Cowboy Builders 12:55���������������������������������Sabrina, the Teenage Witch 2:45������������� Cheaper by the Dozen 4:35���������������������Are We There Yet? 6:20���������������������� Men in Black II 8:00��������������������Big Body Squad 8:55����������������������������������� 5 News 9:00���������������������������� Layer Cake 11:10������� The Boys From Brazil

Six Nations Rugby - Wales v Italy

BBC1 - 2:30 - 5:10 pm John Inverdale presents live coverage from the Millennium Stadium as Wales and Italy kick off the penultimate weekend of this year’s Six Nations. Warren Gatland’s side cruised to a comfortable victory against the Italians when the two sides met in Cardiff two years ago, thanks to tries from James

Hook and Shane Williams. The visitors will start as underdogs again as they look to avoid finishing the competition with the wooden spoon. Jeremy Guscott and Shane Williams are in the studio to offer their views on the game. Jonathan Davies joins Alastair Eykyn in the commentary box.

Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012

m o n d ay


tv guide

t h

m a rc h

06:00�������������������������������������� Breakfast

06:00��������������������������������Little Robots


06:00��������������������Coronation Street


09:15����������Crime and Punishment

06:10�������������������������������������� Lunar Jim


06:25��������������������Coronation Street

07:00����������������������������������������Dr. Quinn,

10:00������������������������������Homes Under the Hammer

06:20�����������Raa Raa the Noisy Lion

09:25����������The Jeremy Kyle Show


Medicine Woman

11:00��������������������������������Cowboy Trap


10:30�������������������������������This Morning

07:15������������������������������Loose Women

07:55�������������������The Adventures of

06:45�������������������������������������������� Dipdap

11:25����������������������������������������ITV News

08:10�����������������������������������Judge Judy

Sherlock Holmes

06:50�������������������������Pinky Dinky Doo

11:30��������������������������������This Morning

09:05������������������������������ On the Buses


12:30���������������������������� Loose Women

09:25�������������� The Real Housewives of Orange County

07:30�����������������������������The League of

1:30�������������ITV News and Weather

10:30�����������������������������������Judge Judy

10:50������������������������Inspector Morse

11:45������������������������ Cash in the Attic 12:15��������������������������������Bargain Hunt 1:00�������������������������BBC News at One 1:30����������������������� BBC London News 1:45���������������������������������������������Doctors 2:15�����������������������������������������������Missing 3:00�����������������������������������������BBC News 3:05����������������I Want My Own Room 3:35������������������������������Lockie Leonard 3:55�����������������������������������������������Ooglies 4:15���������������������������������������Deadly Art 4:30������������ Helen’s Polar Challenge for Sport Relief 5:00��������������������������������������Newsround 5:15�������������������������������������������Pointless 6:00������������������� BBC News at Six 6:30����������������BBC London News 7:00����������������������� The One Show 7:30�������� Bang Goes the Theory 8:00����������������������������EastEnders Shirley’s joy at being granted permission to visit Phil rapidly transforms into heartbreak when he drops a bombshell about his plea hearing. 8:30������������������������������Panorama Murdoch’s Tv Pirates. As Rupert Murdoch faces accusations of law-breaking and corruption at his British tabloid newspapers, Panorama reveals fresh hacking allegations at the heart of News Corporation’s pay-TV empire.

Super Evil

2:00������������������Dickinson’s Real Deal 3:00�����������������The Alan Titchmarsh Show

12:30��������������������Coronation Street

4:00���������������������Midsomer Murders

1:30��������������The Jeremy Kyle Show

5:00��������������������������������������� The Chase

2:35��������������The Jeremy Kyle Show


6:00�������������������London Tonight


6:30��������������������������������ITV News & Weather

3:40����������������� The Real Housewives of Orange County

07:45�������������������������������������������Eliot Kid 07:55������������������������������������Newsround 08:00��������������� Bear Behaving Badly 08:25�����������������������Shaun the Sheep

08:45�������������������������������������Poetry Pie 08:50��������������������������������Lulu Zipadoo 09:05���������������������� Tinga Tinga Tales 09:20��������Driver Dan’s Story Train 09:30������������������������� Guess with Jess 09:40��������Andy’s Wild Adventures 09:55�����������������������������������Same Smile 10:10������������������������������� Chuggington: Badge Quest 10:15����������������������������������64 Zoo Lane Home Movies 10:40��������������������������������������Waybuloo 11:00������������������In the Night Garden 11:30�������������������������BBC World News 1:00���������������������������My Life in Books 1:30��������������������� Living Dangerously 2:15������������������������ The Weakest Link 3:45������������������������������������������������Flog It! 4:30�����������������������������Christmas Rush

10:00����������������BBC News at Ten 10:25��������������BBC London News

8:30����������������������Home Cooking Made Easy

5:15��������������������� Antiques Road Trip 6:00�������������������������������Eggheads 6:30������������������������ Britain’s First Photo Album 7:00��������������������������������� Top Gear

10:35��������� A Question of Sport

9:00��������������������������������The Tube 10:00�������������Watson and Oliver

11:35������������������������ The Graham


Norton Show

11:20��������������������������� This World

vast country to ask how a fifth of humanity can live under a Communist system of government with a capitalist economy when according to all the laws of history he knows it should fall apart. He tracks down the people who can really explain what China stands for: from newly minted billionaires in China’s megacities, to the survivors of the madness of Chairman Mao, to aggressive young nationalists hacking into our computers, to the brave defenders of China’s rural poor.

He looks at how China has been held together for more than 2,000 years firstly by imperial rule and now by an imperious Communist Party. He investigates the cult of Mao by asking whether this nostalgia is a form of mass delusion or if it really was Mao who built modern China. And finally he answers the questions that should concern all of us: will this turn out to be the Chinese century? Should we be scared? Or will the Red Dragon crash and burn?

3:05������������������������������������������Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman 4:05��������������� Daily Cooks Challenge 5:10��������������������George and Mildred 5:45����������������������������������������Heartbeat

07:30������������������������������������������� Batman 07:55���������������������������World’s Wildest Police Videos 08:50���������������������������������The Fall Guy 09:50��������������������������� Quantum Leap 10:50���������������������The Professionals 11:55����������������������������������������The Saint 12:55��������������������������World’s Wildest Police Videos 1:50������������������������������ Quantum Leap 2:50������������������������������������The Fall Guy 3:50��������������������������������������������� Batman 4:20��������������������������������������������� Batman

9:00���������������Nutty Professor II: The Klumps

8:00��������Rosemary and Thyme

8:00����������������������� Whisker Wars

9:00����������������The Seasons with

8:30����������������������� Whisker Wars

11:10������������������� Celebrity Juice

Alan Titchmarsh

9:00������������������������������� Assassins

11:55����������The Vampire Diaries

10:00��������������� A Touch of Frost

11:40�������������� Born to Raise Hell

06:10������������������������������Children´s TV

08:55��������������������������Deal or No Deal

06:00�����������������������������Children´s TV

07:55��Everybody Loves Raymond

09:55��� How Clean is Your House?

08:30������������� Roary the Racing Car


10:25������������������Location, Location, Location

08:45���������������� Bananas in Pyjamas

11:00����������������������������������Crufts 2012

09:15��������������������� The Wright Stuff

6:30����������������������������Judge Judy 7:00�������������������������������� The Cube

09:00������������ Undercover Boss USA 09:55� Phil Spencer: Secret Agent 11:00�������� You Deserve This House

1:40�������������������� River Cottage Bites

12:00�������������������������Channel 4 News

1:55��Location, Location,Location

12:05�����������������������������������Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard

3:00��������������������������������������� Coach Trip

2:25��������������������Come Dine with Me

12:40��������������������River Cottage Veg

3:35��������������������������������� Four in a Bed

1:00����������������������������������������������� Bataan

4:05��������� Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals


4:40����������������������A Place in the Sun: Home or Away

5:30����������������������������������Four in a Bed

Channel 4 - 8:00 - 9:00 pm

2:00��������������������� Murder, She Wrote

07:05������������������������������������������� Batman

8:00������������������������������Gossip Girl

6:05����������������������������Judge Judy

10:35������������������������ The Agenda

China: Triumph And Turmoil


06:10���������������������The Professionals

4:55������������������������The Professionals

10:00�����������������ITV News at Ten and Weather

11:35������������������� Piers Morgan’s Life Stories

09:40���������������Upstairs, Downstairs

06:00����������������������Greatest England World Cup Matches

6:55��������������Murder, She Wrote Jessica visits a beautiful Mediterranean island for the sixtieth birthday party of her friend Diego Santana, a famous painter.

4:00����������������������������� Deal or No Deal

11:05�����������������Mayday Mayday In this episode, a man slips on rocks and wakes up in the sea with a serious head wound, so the RNLI crew must rush him to safety and stabilise him before he is taken away by air ambulance.

8:00���������� University Challenge

11:05�����������������������Late Kick Off

7:30��������������� Coronation Street Carla is stunned by Michelle’s confession. Eileen struggles to share Paul’s delight as he and Lesley reminisce.

9:00������������������ Scott and Bailey In the first of a two-part story, DCI Gill Murray, DC Janet Scott, DC Rachel Bailey and the team are called in when a badly burned body turns up in remote woodland, and is followed a few days later by another.

3:00�������������Escape to the Country

4:40��������������������������������Loose Women 5:40��������������������������������������Judge Judy

8:30�������������� Coronation Street Peter makes the ultimate sacrifice to protect a loved one. Audrey puts her heart on the line. Carla is caught in the act.

12:00�����������������������The Daily Politics


7:00���������������������������� Emmerdale The mounting pressure becomes too much for Holly. Paddy’s surprise proposal doesn’t quite go to plan. Sandy stubbornly refuses Ruby’s help.

8:00������������������������������ The Dales In the third episode estate agent Brian Carlisle hosts an Open Day as he tries to sell Catrigg Force waterfall in Ribblesdale.

10:30���������������������� Mama Mirabelle’s

9:00������������������������������������Empire Jeremy Paxman continues his personal account of Britain’s Empire by tracing the growth of a peculiarly British type of hero adventurer, gentleman, amateur, sportsman and decent chap and a peculiarly British type of obsession - sport, the empire at play.

Niall Ferguson’s most recent series for Channel 4, The Ascent of Money and Civilization, both pointed to the impact of China’s rise on the global balance of power. Its astonishing growth means that within as little as five years it could become the largest economy in the world, heralding a seismic shift of financial and political power from West to East. What will this mean to us? In this new series Niall Ferguson travels through this

12:00��������������������Coronation Street


5:00�������������������� Come Dine with Me

6:00�����������������������The Simpsons 6:30������������������������������� Hollyoaks 7:00�������������������� Channel 4 News 8:00���������������������������������������China 9:00����������Embarrassing Bodies 10:00����� My Phone Sex Secrets 11:05���������������������������� Homeland

5:45�������������� Relocation, Relocation 6:50�������������Come Dine with Me 7:55��������������������������Phil Spencer: Secret Agent 9:00���������������������� Grand Designs 10:00�������������������� Grand Designs Australia 11:10������������������ The Daily Show Global Edition 11:40�����������������������Phil Spencer: Secret Agent

6:00����������������� Rugby Highlights 7:00����������������������������� Glory Glory Man United

09:00���������������������������Hana’s Helpline 11:10������������������������� LIVE with Gabby 12:10��������������������5 News Lunchtime 12:15���������������������Emergency Bikers 1:15���������������������������Home and Away 1:45�������������������������������������Neighbours 2:15�������������������������������� The Mentalist 3:15�����������The Accidental Witness 5:00������������������������������������5 News at 5 5:30�������������������������������������Neighbours 6:00������������������ Home and Away 6:30����������������������������������� 5 News 7:00����������������������� Stansted: The Inside Story 8:00�������������������� Ultimate Police Interceptors 9:00�������������������������������� Revolver 11:25���������������������Gridiron Gang


Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012 tv guide

t u e s d ay


t h

m a rc h

06:00�������������������������������������� Breakfast

06:00������������������������������� Little Robots


06:00��������������������Coronation Street


06:00������������������������������������������Film File

09:15����������Crime and Punishment

06:10��������������������������������������Lunar Jim


06:25��������������������Coronation Street

06:10���������������������The Professionals

10:00������������������������������Homes Under the Hammer

06:20���������� Raa Raa the Noisy Lion

09:25����������The Jeremy Kyle Show


07:00����������������������������������������Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

11:00��������������������������������Cowboy Trap

06:35������������������������������������ Octonauts

10:30�������������������������������This Morning

07:15������������������������������Loose Women

07:50��������������������������������������������� Minder


11:25����������������������������������������ITV News

08:10�����������������������������������Judge Judy

08:00������������������The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

06:50������������������������ Pinky Dinky Doo

11:30��������������������������������This Morning

09:25�������������� The Real Housewives


12:30���������������������������� Loose Women

of Orange County

07:30����� The League of Super Evil

1:30�������������ITV News and Weather

10:30�����������������������������������Judge Judy

07:45������������������������������������������ Eliot Kid

2:00������������������Dickinson’s Real Deal

12:00��������������������Coronation Street

07:55����������������������������������� Newsround

3:00�����������������The Alan Titchmarsh Show

12:30��������������������Coronation Street

4:00���������������������Midsomer Murders

1:30��������������The Jeremy Kyle Show

11:45������������������������ Cash in the Attic 12:15��������������������������������Bargain Hunt 1:00�������������������������BBC News at One 1:45���������������������������������������������Doctors 2:15�����������������������������������������������Missing 3:00�����������������������������������������BBC News 3:05����������������I Want My Own Room 3:35������������������������������Lockie Leonard 4:00�������������������������������������Sport Relief Does Glee Club 4:30�������������������������������������������Pixelface 5:00��������������������������������������Newsround 5:15�������������������������������������������Pointless 6:00������������������� BBC News at Six 6:30����������������BBC London News 7:00����������������������� The One Show 7:30�����������������������������EastEnders The day of Tanya’s scan result dawns, and both Tanya and Max begin to unravel emotionally as they contemplate the possibility of bad news. 8:00������������������������������Holby City Working with Greg and Rafi drives Sahira to breaking point. Meanwhile, Malick is offered an amazing opportunity by Hanssen, but will it cloud his medical judgement? 9:00���������������������������MasterChef After eight weeks of tough competition, it is the start of final week on MasterChef. If the finalists think the competition so far has been tough the pressure intensifies tenfold tonight as judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace send each of them to test their skills at three of the finest three Michelin star restaurants in Europe.

08:00���������������Bear Behaving Badly 08:15������������������������������������������������ Léon 08:25����������������������Shaun the Sheep 08:30��������������������������������� Alphablocks 08:35�������������������������������������������Abadas 08:45������������������������������������ Poetry Pie 08:50��������������������������������Lulu Zipadoo 09:05����������������������Tinga Tinga Tales 09:20��������Driver Dan’s Story Train 09:30�������������������������Guess with Jess 09:40����������������������������������Andy’s Wild Adventures 09:55���������������������������������� Same Smile 10:10�������������������������������Chuggington: Badge Quest 10:15���������������������������������64 Zoo Lane 10:30����������������������Mama Mirabelle’s Home Movies

6:00�������������������London Tonight 6:30���������� ITV News & Weather

4:40��������������������������������Loose Women

7:00���������������������������� Emmerdale Sandy is mortified when Rachel sees he has had an accident. Unable to cope, Holly scores some heroin. Jimmy is thrown when Nicola suggests he have a vasectomy.

5:40��������������������������������������Judge Judy

7:30���������� Countrywise Kitchen They start off today in Galloway in South West Scotland where salmon, red deer and the region’s famous cattle provide some of the very best meat and fish in the world.

2:15������������������������The Weakest Link 3:00������������ Escape to the Country

9:00���������������The Biggest Loser

3:45����������������������������������������������� Flog It!

This is the moment the contestants have all been waiting for - the grand final. Prepare to be amazed as we find out just how they have all been getting on since leaving the house.

11:00����������������� In the Night Garden 11:30������������������������ BBC World News 12:00�����������������������The Daily Politics 1:00���������������������������My Life in Books 1:30���������������������Living Dangerously

4:30���������������������������� Christmas Rush 5:15���������������������Antiques Road Trip 6:00������������������������������ Eggheads

10:00����������������BBC News at Ten 10:25��������������BBC London News

7:00����������������������� Rugged Wales

10:35��������������������������� Letting Go Having a child leave home is difficult enough for any parent, but when your teenage daughter has Down’s syndrome it is even harder.

8:00��������������������������Hairy Bikers’ Bakeation 9:00���������������������������������� Horizon 10:00������������������������� Never Mind the Buzzcocks 10:30�������������������������� Newsnight 11:20��������������������������������Rubicon

2:35��������������The Jeremy Kyle Show 3:40����������������� The Real Housewives of Orange County

8:00����������������� Homes from Hell This episode looks at the British victims of Dubai’s property crash. While the property boom was in full swing, they paid out thousands for brand new, stateof-the-art homes, but now the recession has left them with nothing.


6:30������������������������Britain’s First Photo Album

11:20�������������Who Do You Think You Are? USA

5:00��������������������������������������� The Chase


10:00�����������������ITV News at Ten and Weather

10:50������������������������Inspector Morse 1:00����������������������������������������Heartbeat 2:05��������������������� Murder, She Wrote 3:05������������������������������������������Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman 4:05��������������� Daily Cooks Challenge 5:10��������������������George and Mildred 5:40����������������������������������������Heartbeat

09:50��������������������������� Quantum Leap 10:50���������������������The Professionals 11:50��������������������������������������������� Minder 12:55��������������������������World’s Wildest Police Videos 1:50������������������������������ Quantum Leap 2:50������������������������������������The Fall Guy 3:55��������������������������������������������� Batman 4:25��������������������������������������������� Batman 5:00������������������������The Professionals

6:55��������������Murder, She Wrote

6:00��������������������� Quantum Leap 7:00������������Border Security USA

8:30������������� Harry Hill’s TV Burp 9:00������������The Vampire Diaries


10:00������Perez Hilton Superfan

10:00�������� Trial and Retribution

9:00�����������������Universal Soldier: Regeneration Sci-fi action adventure. A genetically engineered warrior is brought back from retirement to combat terrorists who threaten to unleash the nuclear power of Chernobyl.

11:00���������� Winners and Losers


11:00�����������������Bride of Chucky

06:00������������������������������Children´s TV

08:55��������������������������Deal or No Deal

06:00�����������������������������Children´s TV

07:30������������������������According to Jim

09:55��� How Clean is Your House?

09:15��������������������� The Wright Stuff

07:55���������������Festival Morning Line

10:25������������������Location, Location, Location

11:10������������������������� LIVE with Gabby

11:00������������������ River Cottage Bites

12:15���������������������Emergency Bikers

6:30������������������������������� The Cube 7:30�����������You’ve Been Framed! 8:00�������������������� Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records

08:55�Everybody Loves Raymond 09:25���������������������������������������������Frasier 09:55� Phil Spencer: Secret Agent 11:00�������� You Deserve This House 12:00�������������������������Channel 4 News 12:05������������������������Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard 12:30��������������� Cheltenham Festival 4:15����������������������������� Deal or No Deal 5:00�������������������� Come Dine with Me 5:30����������������������������������Four in a Bed

10:35���������������������������� Benidorm Mick is unimpressed when his nice-but-dim brother Pete and his crotchety dad Stan arrive in Benidorm for Pete’s stag party.

6:00�����������������������The Simpsons

11:35�����������������Ladette to Lady It is the start of a new term at Hereford Hall and the teachers and staff are preparing for the arrival of the new students.

9:00���� Big Fat Gypsy Weddings

accompanied with the same aids but in their normal environments and with the risk of old habits creeping in. Tonight one of them will be crowned The Biggest Loser champion 2012. The challenges in this years’ series have been dramatic and gruelling, pushing the contestants to their limits both mentally and physically as they’ve battled it out each week to stay in the competition. They’ve pulled double decker busses down an air-field, con-

09:45���������������Upstairs, Downstairs

08:50���������������������������������The Fall Guy

8:00���������������������������������Wycliffe Plenty of suspects surface when a fishing boat explodes, killing the owner. His son stands to inherit, a developer wants to build a marina on his stretch of quayside, and his partner is having an affair with his wife.

6:05����������������������������Judge Judy

6:30������������������������������� Hollyoaks 7:00�������������������� Channel 4 News 8:00��� Supersize v Superskinny

11:15��������������������The Four Feathers 1:30�����������������������������������Phil Spencer: Secret Agent 2:30��������������������Come Dine with Me 3:00��������������������������������������� Coach Trip 3:35��������������������������������� Four in a Bed 4:05��������� Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals 4:40����������������������A Place in the Sun: Home or Away 5:45�������������� Relocation, Relocation 6:50�������������Come Dine with Me 7:55��������������������������Phil Spencer: Secret Agent 9:00��������� The Restoration Man


12:10��������������������5 News Lunchtime 1:15���������������������������Home and Away 1:45�������������������������������������Neighbours 2:15�����������������������������������������������CSI: NY 3:15���������������������������������������Angels Fall 5:00������������������������������������5 News at 5 5:30�������������������������������������Neighbours 6:00������������������ Home and Away 6:30����������������������������������� 5 News 7:00�����������������������Eddie Stobart: Trucks and Trailers 8:00��������������������������������Revealed 9:00������������������CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

10:00��������������������������� Shameless

10:05����������������� One Born Every Minute USA

10:00����������������������������������CSI: NY

11:05���������������������� Random Acts

11:05�������������������The Good Wife

11:10���� Desperate Housewives

12:00����������������������������� The Big C

11:55����������������CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

The Biggest Loser - The Final ITV1 - 9:00 - 10:00 pm Tonight sees the culmination of 24 weeks dedicated to changing their shape, confidence and quality of life. It’s been 16 weeks since the finalists left the house in Leicestershire where they spent eight weeks away from family and friends in a bid to change their lives for the better with the help of three trainers and a nutritionist. The remaining three months spent in their hometowns, still

09:10�����������������George and Mildred

07:00������������������������������������������� Batman

quered the scenic yet treacherous Brecon Beacons in Wales and a visit to Birmingham University: School of Exercise Science, for a true insight to the state of their health. Nevertheless, there have been prominent highlights in the third series too: a makeover from celebrity stylists Nicky Hambleton-Jones and Nicky Clarke, a surprise trip to Florida and unforgettable personal victories, which will be etched in their memories forever.

10:55���������������������������� CSI: Miami

“The supermarket is under new ownership, and has come on leap and bounds since the takeover of the very friendly and welcoming Carol and Omar. They now stock about 4 times more than what was originially in the store. Carol and Omar took over the supermarket in August last year. To my surprise a wide range of british product, found brands from Tecos, Iceland, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, even found some bits from Marks and Spencers. But Carol and Omar are continually working to improve on what’s available and on offer to their customers.  Throughout the course of this month, we’ll see a selection of British magazines, greeting cards arriving in the store etc. The very big plus for me is that parking is fantastic around this supermarket, unlike anywhere else you go in the south.  Very important for busy people looking to quickly do a bit of shopping.”

Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012

w e d n e s d ay 06:00�������������������������������������� Breakfast 09:15����������Crime and Punishment 10:00������������������������������Homes Under the Hammer 11:00��������������������������������Cowboy Trap 11:45������������������������ Cash in the Attic 12:15��������������������������������Bargain Hunt 1:00�������������������������BBC News at One 1:45���������������������������������������������Doctors 2:15�����������������������������������������������Missing 3:00�����������������������������������������BBC News 3:05����������������I Want My Own Room 3:35������������������������������Lockie Leonard 4:00�������������������������������������Sport Relief Does Glee Club 4:30�����������������������������������������������My Life 5:00��������������������������������������Newsround 5:15�������������������������������������������Pointless 6:00������������������� BBC News at Six 7:00����������������������� The One Show 7:30��������������������Food Inspectors Fast food is a massive problem for the food inspectors, and in this episode, takeaways in Southend come under the scrutiny of veteran food inspector Steve Ramm. 8:00��������������������� Waterloo Road Zack, convinced that Jez is not his dad, undertakes a DNA test to confirm his suspicions. Josh’s increasingly erratic behaviour forces Tom to seek professional help. 9:00���������������������������MasterChef The MasterChef finals are reaching boiling point as the three exceptional finalists face their penultimate and most terrifying challenge - The Chef’s Table. 10:00����������������BBC News at Ten 10:25��������������BBC London News 10:35��������The National Lottery Wednesday Night Draws 10:45���������������������Kevin Bridges: What’s the Story? 11:15�������������������� Film 2012 with Claudia Winkleman 11:55����������������������� The Children British horror movie. A chilling malevolence afflicts a snowy New Year’s house party in the country for two families with young children, unleashing emotional and physical violence that takes a terrifying toll.

06:00��������������������������������Little Robots 06:10���������������������������������������Lunar Jim 06:20�����������Raa Raa the Noisy Lion 06:35�������������������������������������Octonauts 06:45���������������������������������������������Dipdap 06:50�������������������������Pinky Dinky Doo 07:00���������������������������������������������������Roar 07:30�����������������������������The League of Super Evil 07:45�������������������������������������������Eliot Kid 07:55������������������������������������Newsround 08:00��������������� Bear Behaving Badly 08:25�����������������������Shaun the Sheep 08:30����������������������������������Alphablocks 08:35��������������������������������������������Abadas 08:45�������������������������������������Poetry Pie 08:50��������������������������������Lulu Zipadoo 09:05���������������������� Tinga Tinga Tales 09:20��������������������������������� Driver Dan’s Story Train 09:30��������������������������Guess with Jess 09:40���������������������������������� Andy’s Wild Adventures 09:55�����������������������������������Same Smile 10:10������������������������������� Chuggington: Badge Quest 10:15����������������������������������64 Zoo Lane 10:30�����������������������Mama Mirabelle’s Home Movies 10:40�������������������������������������� Waybuloo 11:00������������������In the Night Garden 11:30������������������������The Daily Politics 1:00������������������������������������������� See Hear 1:30����������������������Living Dangerously 2:15�������������������������The Weakest Link 3:00�������������Escape to the Country 3:45������������������������������������������������Flog It! 4:30�����������������������������Christmas Rush 5:15��������������������� Antiques Road Trip 6:00�������������������������������Eggheads 6:30������������������������ Britain’s First Photo Album 7:00��������Escape to the Country 7:30����������������Watson and Oliver 8:00������������������ The Fisherman’s Apprentice with Monty Halls 9:00�����������Rights Gone Wrong? 10:00��������������������� Roger and Val Have Just Got In 10:30���������������������������Newsnight 11:20����������������������������� Storyville


tv guide

t h


m a rc h




06:00������������������������������������������Film File


06:25�������������������������������������Nanny 911

07:00����������������������������������������Dr. Quinn,

06:10���������������������The Professionals

09:25����������The Jeremy Kyle Show

07:15������������������������������Loose Women

Medicine Woman

07:00������������������������������������������� Batman

10:30�������������������������������This Morning

08:10�����������������������������������Judge Judy

08:00������������������The Adventures of

07:25������������������������������������������� Batman

11:25����������������������������������������ITV News

08:35�����������������������������������Judge Judy

Sherlock Holmes

07:50��������������������������������������������� Minder

11:30��������������������������������This Morning EastEnders’ Heather Trott aka actress Cheryl Fergison talks about leaving Walford, Movie Star Menus features Mystic Pizza from the 1980s, Carole Malone has more consumer issues.

09:00�����������������������������������Judge Judy

09:10�����������������George and Mildred

08:50���������������������������������The Fall Guy

09:25�������������� The Real Housewives of Orange County

09:45���������������Upstairs, Downstairs

09:55��������������������������� Quantum Leap 10:55���������������������The Professionals

10:30�����������������������������������Judge Judy

10:50������������������������Inspector Morse 1:00����������������������������������������Heartbeat

11:55����������������������������������������The Saint

2:05��������������������� Murder, She Wrote

1:00�����������������������������World’s Wildest

12:30���������������������������� Loose Women


1:30�������������ITV News and Weather

12:30�������������������������������������Nanny 911

2:00������������������Dickinson’s Real Deal

1:30��������������The Jeremy Kyle Show

3:00����The Alan Titchmarsh Show British baking institution Mary Berry joins Alan today, and there is music from Katie Melua.

2:35��������������The Jeremy Kyle Show

4:00���������������������Midsomer Murders There are two contrasting weddings taking place in Midsomer - Cully’s to Simon, and local baronet Ned Fitzroy’s to Beth Porteous. 5:00��������������������������������������� The Chase 6:00�������������������London Tonight 6:30����������������������� ITV News and

11:00������������������������������������Judge Judy 11:30������������������������������������Judge Judy

3:40����������������� The Real Housewives of Orange County 4:40��������������������������������Loose Women 5:40��������������������������������������Judge Judy

3:05������������������������������������������Dr. Quinn,

Police Videos

Medicine Woman

1:50����������������������������������������������� Minder

4:10��������������� Daily Cooks Challenge

2:50������������������������������������The Fall Guy

5:10��������������������George and Mildred

3:50��������������������������������������������� Batman


4:20��������������������������������������������� Batman 4:55������������������������The Professionals

6:50��������������Murder, She Wrote 8:00������������� The Adventures of

6:00��������������������� Quantum Leap

8:15����Take Me Out - The Gossip

Sherlock Holmes A governess seeks Holmes’s advice on a lucrative job offer that requires her to cut her beautiful chestnut hair, wear a particular blue gown and sit by a window.

9:00������������������� Love in the Wild

9:00������������� Midsomer Murders

11:55������������� Amazing Journey:

10:00������������������Rumour Has It...

11:00�������������� Wire in the Blood

The Story of The Who

06:10������������������������������Children´s TV

08:55��������������������������Deal or No Deal

06:00�����������������������������Children´s TV

07:55���������������Festival Morning Line

09:55��������������������������������How Clean is

09:15��������������������� The Wright Stuff

08:55�Everybody Loves Raymond

Your House?

11:10������������������������� LIVE with Gabby


10:30��������������������������Help! My House is Falling Down

12:10��������������������5 News Lunchtime

11:35������������������ River Cottage Bites

1:15���������������������������Home and Away

6:05����������������������������Judge Judy 6:30���� All Star Family Fortunes 7:15���������������������������Take Me Out

7:00����������������������� Wildlife Patrol 7:30�������Police, Camera, Action! 8:00�����������Border Security USA 9:00�������������Cops with Cameras 10:00�������������� Born to Raise Hell

Weather 7:00���������������������������� Emmerdale Ashley’s frustrations with an ailing Sandy intensify. Holly struggles to resist the temptation of the hidden heroin. 7:30������������������ UEFA Champions League Adrian Chiles presents live coverage of a crucial night for Chelsea and their young coach Andre Villas-Boas as they face Napoli in the Champions League at Stamford Bridge.

09:55� Phil Spencer: Secret Agent 11:00�������� You Deserve This House 12:00�������������������������Channel 4 News 12:05������������������������Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard 12:30��������������� Cheltenham Festival

10:00�����������������ITV News at Ten and Weather

4:15����������������������������� Deal or No Deal

10:35��������������� UEFA Champions League Matt Smith reviews all the week’s Champions League action in the company of Gareth Southgate and Andy Townsend.

5:30����������������������������������Four in a Bed

11:35����������Kidnap and Ransom Last in the series of the gripping drama. Under pressure from the British Foreign Secretary to return his daughter safely, Dominic takes a big risk to get both Flo and Shaun back.

8:00������������������ Superscrimpers: Waste Not, Want Not

5:00�������������������� Come Dine with Me

6:00�����������������������The Simpsons 6:30������������������������������� Hollyoaks

11:50������������Thunder Over Arizona 01:20��������������������������������Phil Spencer: Secret Agent 02:25�����������������Come Dine with Me 03:00������������������������������������ Coach Trip 03:35������������������������������ Four in a Bed 04:05������ Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals 04:40�������������������A Place in the Sun: Home or Away 05:45����������� Relocation, Relocation

7:00�������������������� Channel 4 News 06:50�����������Come Dine with Me

12:15���������������������Emergency Bikers 1:45�������������������������������������Neighbours 2:15�����������������������������������������������CSI: NY 3:15�����������������������Love’s Everlasting Courage 5:00������������������������������������5 News at 5 5:30�������������������������������������Neighbours 6:00������������������ Home and Away 6:30����������������������������������� 5 News 7:00������������������ Cowboy Builders 8:00��������������������Big Body Squad 9:00���������������������������������������� NCIS

9:00����� One Born Every Minute

07:55�����������������������Phil Spencer: Secret Agent

10:00������������������� 10 O’Clock Live

09:00�������Undercover Boss USA

10:55����Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields

10:00������ The Secret Millionaire

10:55������������������ Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

11:55���������������������� Random Acts

11:00���������������� Educating Essex

11:55�������������������������� Pokerstars

10:00������������������ Law and Order: Criminal Intent

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Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012 tv guide

t h u rs d a y


t h

m a rc h

06:00�������������������������������������� Breakfast

06:00������������������������������� Little Robots




09:15����������Crime and Punishment

06:10��������������������������������������Lunar Jim


06:25�������������������������������������Nanny 911

10:00������������������������������Homes Under the Hammer

06:20���������� Raa Raa the Noisy Lion

09:25����������The Jeremy Kyle Show

07:15������������������������������Loose Women

07:00����������������������������������������Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

11:00��������������������������������Cowboy Trap

06:35������������������������������������ Octonauts

10:30�������������������������������This Morning

08:10�����������������������������������Judge Judy


11:25����������������������������������������ITV News

06:50������������������������ Pinky Dinky Doo

11:30��������������������������������This Morning

09:25�������������� The Real Housewives of Orange County


12:30���������������������������� Loose Women


07:30���������������������������� The League of Super Evil

1:30�������������ITV News and Weather


07:45������������������������������������������ Eliot Kid

3:00�����������������������������������������BBC News

07:55����������������������������������� Newsround

3:00����The Alan Titchmarsh Show

3:05����������������I Want My Own Room

08:00���������������Bear Behaving Badly

3:35������������������������������Lockie Leonard

08:25����������������������Shaun the Sheep

4:00�������������������������������������Sport Relief Does Glee Club 4:30������������������������������������������Leonardo

11:45������������������������ Cash in the Attic 12:15��������������������������������Bargain Hunt 1:00�������������������������BBC News at One

5:00��������������������������������������Newsround 5:15�������������������������������������������Pointless

12:00�����������������������������������Emmerdale 12:30�������������������������������������Nanny 911

08:30��������������������������������� Alphablocks

6:00�������������������London Tonight


6:30������ ITV News and Weather

3:40����������������� The Real Housewives of Orange County

08:45������������������������������������ Poetry Pie

7:00���������������������������� Emmerdale Scattering John’s ashes proves a step too far for Holly. Sandy visits a retirement home to appease Ashley. In a rage, Pollard sacks Victoria and Amy.

08:50��������������������������������Lulu Zipadoo 09:05����������������������Tinga Tinga Tales Story Train

6:30����������������BBC London News

09:30�������������������������Guess with Jess

7:00����������������������� The One Show

09:40����������������������������������Andy’s Wild

7:30�����������������������������EastEnders An anxious Cora and Lauren await news about Tanya at the hospitalwill it be a good day for the Branning family?

Adventures 09:55���������������������������������� Same Smile 10:10�������������������������������Chuggington: Badge Quest 10:15���������������������������������64 Zoo Lane 10:30����������������������Mama Mirabelle’s Home Movies 10:40��������������������������������������Waybuloo 11:00����������������� In the Night Garden 11:30������������������������ BBC World News 12:00�����������������������The Daily Politics

9:00���������������������������MasterChef It is the MasterChef final. After a formidable eight-week competition, the search for the country’s best amateur cook reaches its climax.

1:00���������������������������My Life in Books

10:00����������������BBC News at Ten

4:30���������������������������� Christmas Rush

10:25��������������BBC London News

5:15���������������������Antiques Road Trip

11:35����������������������������This Week A political review of the week presented by Andrew Neil, with Michael Portillo, Alan Johnson and guests.

11:30������������������������������������Judge Judy

1:30��������������The Jeremy Kyle Show

6:00������������������� BBC News at Six

10:35��������������������Question Time David Dimbleby chairs a debate on the big stories of the week from St Andrews, with a panel including former Liberal Democrats leader Charles Kennedy, and the leader of the Scottish Conservatives, Ruth Davidson.

4:00���������������������Midsomer Murders

11:00������������������������������������Judge Judy

5:00��������������������������������������� The Chase

09:20���������������������������������Driver Dan’s

8:00������������������������������Watchdog As water companies issue drought warnings, what are they doing to stop leaks? Plus, the dangers of putting your property in self-storage units, and the best-selling computer game that could cost you dearly.

2:00������������������Dickinson’s Real Deal

10:30�����������������������������������Judge Judy

1:30���������������������Living Dangerously 2:15������������������������The Weakest Link 3:00������������ Escape to the Country 3:45����������������������������������������������� Flog It!

6:00������������������������������ Eggheads 6:30������������������������Britain’s First Photo Album

7:30����������������������������������� Tonight Our Kids’ Rotten Teeth. There has been some remarkable progress in dental health recently - yet a third of children in the UK have tooth decay by the time they start primary school. 8:00��������������������������� Emmerdale An unlikely hero comes to Holly’s rescue. Pollard finally starts to get his act together. Laurel is adamant - they cannot put Sandy in a home. 8:30�������������� Coronation Street Carla receives some devastating news. Can Audrey and Lewis keep their relationship under wraps? Kylie refuses to back down after Brian lays down the law. 9:00��������������������������������Love Life Joe returns from a year abroad and is shocked to find that the girl he loves is pregnant. Lucy has told no-one who the father is, but Joe discovers it is her married boss Dominic. 10:00�����������������ITV News at Ten and Weather

10:30�������������������������� Newsnight

10:35������For Better, For Worse For some this will be their 15th year together but which marriages have survived and which have floundered? We catch up with Liverpudlians Russell and Linda following Russell’s failed vasectomy reversal.

11:20����������������������������� The Tube

11:35����������������The Late Debate

7:00�������Hairy Bikers’ Bakeation 8:00���������������������� Natural World 9:00��������������������������� White Heat 10:00�������������The Sarah Millican Television Programme

2:35��������������The Jeremy Kyle Show

4:40��������������������������������Loose Women 5:40��������������������������������������Judge Judy 6:05����������������������������Judge Judy 6:30����������������������������Judge Judy 7:00����� All Star Family Fortunes 8:00����������������������� American Idol 10:00������������������� Celebrity Juice 10:45������������������ Totally Bonkers Guinness World Records

08:00������������������The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes 09:05�����������������George and Mildred 09:40���������������Upstairs, Downstairs 10:50������������������������Inspector Morse 12:55�������������������������������������Heartbeat 2:00��������������������� Murder, She Wrote 3:05������������������������������������������Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman 4:05��������������� Daily Cooks Challenge 5:10��������������������George and Mildred 5:45����������������������������������������Heartbeat 6:50��������������Murder, She Wrote When Jessica attends an award ceremony for mystery writers she becomes caught up in a reallife whodunnit after the abrasive host of the gala is found dead. 7:55�������������������������������������� Poirot 9:00���������������������������������Wycliffe 10:00������������������� Those Who Kill

06:00���������������������The Professionals 06:55������������������������������������������ Batman 07:25������������������������������������������� Batman 08:00���������������������������������������The Saint 09:00���������������������������������The Fall Guy 09:55��������������������������� Quantum Leap 10:55���������������������The Professionals 12:00���������������������������������������The Saint 1:00������������������������������������� Police Stop! 2:00�����������������������������World’s Wildest Police Videos 2:55������������������������������������The Fall Guy 4:00��������������������������������������������� Batman 4:30��������������������������������������������� Batman 5:00�������������Police, Camera, Action! 5:30�������������������������UEFA Europa League Live Matt Smith is joined by Gordon Strachen and Peter Reid for a double bill of live secondleg Round of 16 action. With the quarter-finals in sight this is crunch time and with the holders Porto already out of the competition it leaves it open for the big two Manchester teams. 10:35�����������������������������������Casino Violent crime drama about a pair of mobsters seeking their fortune in the Las Vegas of the 70s.

11:15�������������������Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

11:55��������������������������������Twilight Mystery drama in which an ageing detective finds himself delving into a friend’s dark past.

06:10������������������������������Children´s TV

08:55��������������������������Deal or No Deal

06:00�����������������������������Children´s TV

07:55���������������Festival Morning Line

09:55��� How Clean is Your House?

07:35����������������Thomas and Friends

08:55�Everybody Loves Raymond

10:30��������������������������Help! My House is Falling Down

07:45�����������������������Noddy in Toyland

09:25���������������������������������������������Frasier 09:55� Phil Spencer: Secret Agent

11:35�������������������������������������� The Drum

08:15��������������������������������������Peppa Pig

11:00�������� You Deserve This House

1:30�����������������������������������Phil Spencer: Secret Agent

08:25��������������������������������������Peppa Pig

2:30��������������������Come Dine with Me

08:45���������������� Bananas in Pyjamas

12:00�������������������������Channel 4 News 12:05������������������������Baking Mad with Eric Lanlard

3:05��������������������������������������� Coach Trip

12:30��������������� Cheltenham Festival

3:35��������������������������������� Four in a Bed

4:15����������������������������� Deal or No Deal

4:05��������� Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals

5:00�������������������� Come Dine with Me

4:40����������������������A Place in the Sun: Home or Away

5:30����������������������������������Four in a Bed

5:45�������������� Relocation, Relocation

6:00�����������������������The Simpsons 6:30������������������������������� Hollyoaks 7:00�������������������� Channel 4 News 7:55��������������������������� 8:00������������� Location, Location, Location

6:50��������������������Celebrity Come Dine with Me 7:55��������������������������Phil Spencer: Secret Agent

08:00���������Fifi and the Flowertots

08:35������������� Roary the Racing Car 09:00���������������������������Hana’s Helpline 09:15��������������������� The Wright Stuff 11:10������������������������� LIVE with Gabby 12:10��������������������5 News Lunchtime 12:15���������������������Emergency Bikers 1:15���������������������������Home and Away 1:45�������������������������������������Neighbours 2:15�����������������������������������������������CSI: NY 3:10���������������������� Prayers for Bobby 5:00������������������������������������5 News at 5

9:00���������������������The Good Wife

9:00�������������Mary’s Bottom Line

10:00����������������������������� The Big C

5:30����������UEFA Europa League

10:00�������Our Man in... Tenerife

10:35�����������������������Saving Grace


11:05��������Embarrassing Bodies

11:35�������������������Shameless USA

10:25��������������������The Foreigner

Love Life ITV1 - 9:00 - 10:00 pm Funny, passionate, warm and knotty, this is the tale of how good people come to terms with the trials of love. Written by Bill Gallagher and directed by Dominic Leclerc the new three-part romantic comedy drama stars Rob James-Collier, Andrea Lowe, Alexander Armstrong, Sophie Thompson, Sorcha Cusack and Kieran O’Brien.

A year ago Joe (Rob James-Collier) decided to travel the world just one last time, but his girlfriend Lucy (Andrea Lowe) had other ideas. She felt it was time they finally settled down, but Joe wasn’t ready. Although he’d hoped they could do the trip together, Joe eventually left alone. Now he’s back. Joe’s brother, Dez (Kieran O’Brien), collects him from the airport

and gives Joe a place to stay while he finds his feet. On a night out with Dez and the lads, Joe bumps into Lucy (Andrea Lowe), and they exchange awkward conversation. Awkward because Lucy is quite clearly pregnant and wearing a wedding ring. Doing the maths, Joe knows the baby can’t be his. And Lucy’s married. Joe is numb with shock.

Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012

Take a little Crossword

time out

TIME OUT 2. Island off the SE coast of China (6) 3. Irritably impatient (5) 4. Austrian composer (6) 5. In good health (4) 8. Eating disturbance (7) 9. Resides (5) 11. Expelled (7) 13. Fellow (3) 14. Used for resting (3) 15. Ivory (5) 18. Walked lamely (6) 20. Thing that opens (6) 21. Inward feeling (5) 23. Trim (4) 25. Periods of history (4)

Across 6. Recover (7) 7. Adored (5) 8. Beneath (5) 10. Subject to tax (7) 12. Having life (6) 14. Liquid container (6) 16. Exploit (3) 17. Misplace (6) 19. Does not (6) 22. Any longer (3,4) 24. Relaxed (5) 26. Uncovered (5) 27. Distinctive (7) Down 1. Female horse (4)

This week’s clever quote

“He is a self-made man and worships his creator.” - John Bright

MATHS CHALLENGE Try to fill in the missing numbers.


Fill in the black squares so that each row, each column and each 3-by-3 block contain all of the digits 1 through 9.

Use the numbers 1 through 9 to complete the equations.

An easy one

Each number is only used once. Each row is a math equation. Work from left to right. Each column is a math equation. Work from top to bottom

Word search

Can you find the hidden Toys? They may be horizontal or vertical.

The dotted lines indicate areas which also contain a non-repeating set of digits. These squares can be added together to produce the sums shown in the clues. A little tougher


Barbie Battleship Care Bears G.I. Joe Game Boy Hot Wheels Lego Nerf Balls Play-Doh Playstation Silly Putty Slinky Spirograph Super Soaker Tinkertoys Tonka Trucks Transformers Twister Yo-Yo

Spot the 5 differences

Solutions to our puzzles can be found on page 39

The brain train

Give the grey cells a work-out with our quick quiz. Question One: How many consonants are there in the English alphabet? Question Two: At the start of a game of chess, who moves first? Question Three: What is a nautical mile per hour usually called? Question Four: What creatures body does the Sphinx have? Question Five: How many legs does every true insect have? Question Six: What kind of nut grows on an oak tree?


Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012 showbiz

Pregnant Stacey Apologises For Smoking

Stacey Solomon has admitted she is ‘ashamed’ that she has continued to smoke while pregnant, revealing during a tearful interview that she is desperate to quit. The 2011 Celebrity Mum of the Year was photographed smoking four cigarettes in two hours at the weekend, causing her to be axed from this year’s competition and sparking widespread outrage. At the time Stacey – who is seven months

DOI Subtitles


Dancing on Ice received a huge backlash from viewers this week for displaying ridiculous subtitles during the live shows.

The ITV1 hit has been condemned by the National Deaf Children’s Society for a long list of “bizarre and confusing” subtitles throughout its broadcast. Incorrect captions during the show included the lines: “Across the ice and the Samaritans and speedo you,” and: “The choreography for this routeneit’s quite a blasphemy.” Host Phillip Schofield is later seen to be apparently saying: “They will be toasted to their limits.” Campaign officer Ian Noon said: “Shoddy subtitling shows that broadcasters are not making access for deaf viewers a priority.” “Deaf young people all too frequently find that the subtitles for their favourite shows are riddled with mistakes and hugely out of sync with speech. There’s no excuse for poor subtitles like this - even on live programmes. But ITV is not the only channel guilty of bizarre and confusing subtitles. “Through basic planning such as involving the subtitler in rehearsals and sharing scripts and plans in advance, broadcasters could dramatically improve live television for deaf viewers.” ITV has since defended its hard-of-hearing content, stating that live programming often produces mistakes. “Dancing on Ice is a live programme and therefore has live subtitling which is a challenge for any broadcaster,” the channel said in a statement.

pregnant with her second child – appeared to be defending her smoking, telling The People: ‘I know it doesn’t look good but I only have a few cigs a day.’ She had said she ‘desperately’ wanted to stop but that her doctor had advised it would be ‘more stressful’ to try and give up altogether than to continue smoking. Tuesday, the former X Factor contestant and I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here winner broke down during an appearance on This Morning, confessing that her smoking was something she was ‘really ashamed and really embarrassed’ about. Presenter Holly Willoughby introduced the segment by revealing that while smoking can lead to birth defects, 1 in 5 expectant mums continue to smoke during

pregnancy, before co-host Phillip Schofield turned to Stacey and the recent headlines. She told the pair: ‘What can I say... it’s something that I’m really ashamed and really embarrassed about. I was in the studio at work, I was there all day, just writing and having meetings, just a normal day at work I suppose...’ ‘I would say I was on 5 or 10 a day [before I was pregnant], but as soon as I found out I was pregnant obviously I thought “that’s it, I don’t want to do it, full stop’” but it’s not as easy as not doing it. So I cut completely down and from there on I’ve been trying to just stop.’ Stacey explained she had originally tried to quit through willpower alone, but had turned to electric cigarettes to try and give up and is now considering hypnotherapy. When asked by Holly why the dangers of smoking during pregnancy weren’t enough to prompt her to quit, Stacey replied: ‘I have no answer to that. Of course it’s enough and at the end of the day nothing that I can

say can make it right that I have continued... ‘All I can say is that from the day that I found out that I was pregnant I’ve tried my hardest and I’m continuing to try... it’s not just because of Sunday’s pictures, it is my child and I care more about my children than anyone.’ When Phillip and Holly both stated they believed that Stacey was still a good mum, Stacey’s eyes welled up with tears. Stacey ended by saying: ‘I don’t want people to think that it’s ok or that I think it’s ok, because it’s not and it’s something that I’m working on.’

Olly’s Heart Skips a Beat for Cheryl Brave Olly Murs has put his heart on his sleeve by asking Cheryl Cole for her number in front of millions of Twitter users – and so far she is yet to reply. Always one game for a laugh and prepared to admit defeat, the singer then swallowed his pride and reached out to Cole on her Twitter page, concluding it was ‘worth a shot’. It had started as innocent banter after

the cheeky 27-year-old’s fans hassled him all week to tweet the Geordie star and eventually he caved in sending her a quick ‘hello’ via the social networking site. Cheryl, 28, later responded, typing: ‘Sod it ill tweet you back lol… Hope your good babe xx’ But Olly took that as his green light and jumped straight in for the kill, asking the former X Factor judge for her number and no doubt a cheeky date.

Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson ‘dating Diversity star Jordan Banjo’ Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson is clearly settling well into her new showbiz lifestyle as she has bagged herself a famous boyfriend already in the form of Diversity dancer Jordan Banjo. The X Factor winner, who scooped victory with her band in December, is now rumoured to be dating Britain’s Got Talent dancer Jordan from dance troupe Diversity. Though they haven’t been dating for long, pals have said they’re having a ‘great time’ together and are working their relationship around each other’s work commitments. It seems the 20-year-old Essex singer, who recently dyed her blonde locks bright red, has gone back on her word though as she previously pledged she would stay single to concentrate on her singing, saying: ‘We’re in it for the music.’

Jesy isn’t the first of the four ladies to be romantically linked to someone famous since they won the ITV talent show. Bubbly blonde Perrie, 18, was linked to One Direction star Zayn Malik after the

pair met backstage during the X Factor live shows. But she later laughed off the rumours, saying: ‘There are no boys for us. We’re going to be like nuns.

Obviously not!

Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012 out on the town

Follow That Dream

Seventeen years ago I met a tall slim young man and his bonny wife, John and Julie Kelly, another wannabee Elvis, the difference being this one kinda looked like the real deal and was serious. The timing was good, Liberty Mounten had just vacated the throne and gone to England for concert, theatre and TV dates, so the crown was up for grabs, the “King” is gone, long live the “King”. I was then living in Palm Mar and invited John and his family round for a barbecue, it was soon evident his mind was made up. To uproot a wife and three young children, set out for pastures anew and then conquer is no mean feat, but for once the old chauvinist that is me can actually agree with the old adage, behind every successful man because this would not have been possible without Julie. Johnnys´ show is good, very good, the voice is right, the costumes dazzle, he promised me one a few years back but I don´t think he can part with them, and for me best of all it is varied, he actually asks for requests he is that sure of his subject, still, without Julie it woulda been tougher, not content with being the little lady at home she also took a cabaret show on the road, the very entertaining shirelles and is currently hosting their very own cabaret showbar, “The Bay View” in Torviscas. I was down there, one Sunday afternoon, a few months ago, when a benefit was being held for the much loved Mitch Mitchell, you could not move for the crème de la crème of Tenerife´s cabaret circuit,


Dominic James was on stage, “good voice”, I said. “Too pretty”, said Paul Stone a.k.a. Billy Idol, “No-one ever says that bout me”, came back Ged Bolton, a.k.a Rod Stewart, but at the end of the day John and Julie bundled up the till receipts and gave them and all the cash, not minus expenses, to Cy Benson for Mitch, This couple have big hearts as well as big talents and they work. You can find Julie compering at the Bay View most nights and on Sunday afternoons for there 12hour bonanza and Johnny is still in there performing his beloved Elvis, see the shrine at the back of the bar, pop in and see these guys, you won´t be disappointed, 2 cabarets every night with stunning views over the Atlantic. For further information check in Tenerife Weeklys´ and Coast Fms´Good Gig Guide.

See ya next time

The Descendants Showing daily at 17:10 115 min - Comedy| Drama


George Clooney as Matt King Shailene Woodley as Alexandra “Alex” King Judy Greer as Julie Speer Beau Bridges as Cousin Hugh

SYNOPSIS: Matt King (George Clooney) is a Honolulu-based lawyer and the sole trustee of a family trust that controls 25,000 acres of pristine land on the island of Kaua’i. The trust will expire in seven years because of the rule against perpetuities, so the King family has decided to sell the land to Kaua’i native Don Holitzer for development. Just before family members are ready to formally endorse the deal, which Matt favours, a boating accident near Waikīkī renders Matt’s wife, Elizabeth, comatose. Matt and Elizabeth have two daughters, 10-year-old Scottie (Amara Miller) and 17-year-old Alex (Shailene Woodley). Matt is not very close to his daughters and refers to himself as the “back-up parent.” With Elizabeth in a coma at Queen’s Hospital, he is forced to confront Scottie’s inappropriate behaviour with other children and Alex’s destructive behaviours.

THE GOOD GIG GUIDE Market Tavern Paloma Beach Los Cris Compere Stan Frasier

Flicks Silencio Amarillo Bay Cabaret Howie B

Shambles Cc Mirador Los Cris Compere Rick Gotthard Cabaret Alexander McRae

Grandee O’Donnells With Gordon King later in Shenanigans

Bay View Compere Julie Kelly Cabaret Charlie Hodge at 10 Johnny Kelly at 11

Market Tavern Paloma Beach Los Cris Compere Stan Frasier

Flicks Silencio Amarillo Bay Fun Night With Dave Tracey

Shambles Cc Mirador Los Cris Compere Paul Mac Cabaret Dion

Beverly Hills Los Cris Gordon Kings´ Rat Pack Tribute

Bay View Compere Julie Kelly Cabaret Johnny Kelly at 10 Robbie Williams

Flicks Silencio Amarillo Bay Dave Traceys’ Karaoke Night

Shambles Cc Mirador Los Cris Compere Rick Gothard Cabaret Bobby Pearson

Flicks Silencio Amarillo Bay Film Night Plus Quiz

Shambles Cc Mirador Los Cris Compere Paul Mac Cabaret Michael J Grant

Beverley Hills, Inferno Los Cris Compere Gordon King Act Kylie Mnogue

Bay View Compere Julie Kelly Cabaret Dion at 10 Cy Benson At 11

Market Tavern Paloma Beach Los Cris Compere Stan Fraser

Flicks Silencio Amarillo Bay Fun Night With Dave Tracey

Shambles Cc Mirador Los Cris Compere Paul Mac Cabaret Freak Boutique

Beverley Hills, Piazza Los Cris Gordon King & Derek Shannon later in Shenanigans

Bay View Compere Julie Kelly Cabaret Ged Bolton At 10 Johnny Kelly

Bulls Head Parque de la Paz, LA Live Band Vagabonds

Market Tavern Paloma Beach Los Cris Compere Adrian Jay

Flicks Silencio Amarillo Bay Dave Tracey + Cabaret

Shambles Cc Mirador Los Cris Compere Paul Mac With Elaine Alexander

Beverley Hills, Piazza Los Cris Gordon King with Blues Bros

Bay View Compere Julie Kelly Cabaret Johnny Kelly at 10 Cy Benson

Bulls Head Parque de la Paz, LA Live Band Vagabonds

Market Tavern Paloma Beach Los Cris Compere Adrian Jay

Flicks Silencio Amarillo Bay Sunday Roast Special.

Shambles Cc Mirador Los Cris Compere Rick Gotthard Cabaret Shiel Campbell

Pheasant Plucker With Dave Michaels Plus Top Cabaret

Bay View Cy Benson, Frankie Rocket Ronnie, Dave Varley 2pm till 2am Plus Guests

Mon 12/3

Coconut Joe Parque de la Paz, LA Compere Scott Bateman Act Becky

Tue 13/3

Coconut Joe Parque de la Paz, LA Compere Frank Farrow Cabaret Luke Carey

Bulls Head Parque de la Paz, LA Live Band Vagabonds

Wed 14/3

Coconut Joe Parque de la Paz, LA Compere John Ashford Cabaret Ged Bolton

Bulls Head Parque de la Paz, LA Live Band Vagabonds

Thu 15/3

Coconut Joe Parque de la Paz, LA Compere Scott Bateman Cabaret Helena

Bulls Head Parque de la Paz, LA Live Band Vagabonds

Fri 16/3

Coconut Joe Parque de la Paz, LA Compere Scott Bateman Cabaret Michaela

Bulls Head Parque de la Paz, LA Live Band Vagabonds

Sat 17/3

Coconut Joe Parque de la Paz, LA Compere Claudio Cabaret Jasmin

Sun 18/3

Coconut Joe Parque de la Paz, LA Compere Scott Bateman Cabaret John Ashford

Bulls Head Parque de la Paz, LA Live Band Vagabonds

All Football Shown

Good Pub Grub

Market Tavern Paloma Beach Los Cris Compere Adrian Jay Cabaret Billy Porter Market Tavern Paloma Beach Los Cris Compere Sparky Marky

All Football Shown

All Welcome

Further Information On Good Gig Guide Call Gordon King 0n 693 732 536

Bay View Compere Julie Kelly Cabaret Johnny Kelly at 10 Michael Geaham



Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012 advertisment

Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012 COMMUNITY MATTERS

Community matters


Written by Ken Cumming Pastor of Callao Salvaje Community Church

North Tenerife Christian Fellowship A church for many nations

Last Sunday, while on a short break, we attended the English-speaking morning service at North Tenerife Christian Fellowship. The church, which is situated in Puerto de la Cruz just behind the post office, is used by many different nationalities for worship. Church services are held throughout the week by Swedish and Norwegian, Finnish, Spanish, German and English congregations, each in their own language. Sunday at 11.30am is the English service and it was conducted by the new pastor Ken Holderman and attended mostly by ex-pats with the addition of a few holiday-makers. We wish Ken and his wife Becky every blessing as they enter this new area of church service. If you are in the north why not drop in for a visit?

If the big question interests you why not come along this week to start to find out the answers. Every Sunday at 7.30pm (FREE) Why not attend on Sunday night, the Alpha course is being held in Silencio Church.?

Broad shouldered Christianity

Do you remember the childhood saying, “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me”? It would seem that the BBC agrees with that statement as long as it only concerns Christians. In this day of political, religious and cultural correctness it would now seem that only Christians can be singled out to be ridiculed with impunity.

BBC director-general Mark Thompson, speaking in an interview for an Oxford University research program on free speech, has admitted that Christianity is treated with less sensitivity on air than other religions.

According to the Daily Mail, in his interview with Timothy Garton Ash for Oxford’s “The Free Speech Debate,” Thompson said that television programmes do not have to be as sensitive with satire, jokes, or comments about Christianity

because the religion is “an established part of our cultural-built landscape” and “pretty broad shouldered.” Thompson went on to differentiate that other religions closely “identify with ethnic minorities,” and thus warrant special regard when being dealt with on broadcast television. “The point is that for a Muslim, a depiction, particularly a comic or demeaning depiction, of the Prophet Mohammed might have the emotional force of a piece of grotesque child pornography,” he said. Thompson noted that insulting or disrespecting other religions could carry more emotional baggage and thus a backlash that is more volatile and violent. He told Ash, “Without question, ‘I complain in the strongest possible terms,’ is different from, ‘I complain in the strongest possible terms and I am loading my AK47 as I write.” Speaking with less exaggeration, Thompson said that he and the network “think quite carefully about whether something done, in quotes, in the name of freedom of expression, might to the Jew, or the Sikh, or the Hindu, or the Muslim who receives it, feel threatening, isolating and so forth.” The BBC director-general added that he believes “those are meaningful considerations” What do you think?

Some of the Local Church Sunday Morning Services Las Americas Anglican Church Pueblo Canario 10.15am Los Cristianos South Tenerife Christian Fellowship Apolo Centre 11:00am Los Cristianos International Church Princesa Dácil Hotel 11:00am Costa del Silencio Silencio Church Coral Mar Square 11:00am Callao Salvaje Community Church Sueño Azul 11:00am Valle San Lorenzo Calvary Assembly Eng / Spanish 11:00am Some of the Local Church Sunday Evening Services Los Cristianos South Tenerife Christian Fellowship Apolo Centre 6:00pm Valle San Lorenzo Calvary Deutsch Bi Lingual Eng/Ger 6:00pm Las Americas The Living Room Veronica’s 6:00pm Costa del Silencio Alpha Course Coral Mar 7:30pm Some Other Church activities Many of the local churches also hold mid week services and Bible studies So phone the numbers below or check out the information on their websites. Songs of Praise Every Tuesday evening in the Scandinavian Church at Puerto Colon(first Floor Overlooking the marina). 7:30pm Tuesday Little Angels Mums & Tots Silencio Church 10:30am Tuesday Play Zone Mums & Tots STCF 11:00am Wednesday Stay n Play Mums & Tots Callao Salvaje 11:00am Friday Stay n Play Mums & Tots Callao Salvaje 11:00am The Living Room (Christian drop-in centre) Veronicas Las Americas 922 75 23 64 (above Burger King) Tue – Fri 4-7:00pm Saturday Market Free Literature stall at the Las Américas market. SHE Europe (Confidential HELPLINE for women in crisis) 690 964 145 Also if visiting the North of the Island Puerto del la Cruz           Anglican Church                                          North Tenerife Christian Fellowship, next to Post Office 11.30am             More details on all the above can be found on the following websites: covering most of the churches 922 78 40 17 / 609 565 528 922 74 20 45 / 679 660 277 922 78 48 77 / 654 932 541 922 79 00 07 / 660 183 760 922 73 16 91 / 628 107 316 922 35 10 11 / 677 349 088

Learn basic Spanish for free

Another series of six free beginner classes of Spanish will be starting next week. Each Monday evening from 12th March at 5pm for one hour in Callao Salvaje Community Church, Sueño Azul and each Friday evening from 16th March at 5pm for one hour in “The Living Room”, Las Americas (above Burger King). The Living Room course is more suitable for those under 30 (due to the fact that the majority of visitors to the Living Room are in that age bracket), but the course in Callao Salvaje is open to all adults. No registration required – just turn up at either venue and you’ll be very welcome. NOTE: The Callao Salvaje course is in the Community Church, not the large Catholic Church on the main road. See the church website for directions:

SPANISH CORNER Welcome to our next issue of the Spanish corner. I hope you found last week’s words useful. Let’s continue with our progress. Spanish



Flores de Primavera

Floor-ess de Preem-a-bearah

Flowers of Spring

























See you next week!



Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012 health, beauty & fashion

Your Hair & Beauty advice column by Jade & staff IT’S ALL ABOUT THE EYES

Bikini-Ready Beauty Secrets

hance or hinder the look of your eyes. If you are unsure of the best shape for you, visit a salon for either a consultation or a brow wax, tweeze or threading to get the best shape that suits your face. The correct shape can lift and boost eyes and give you a new look.

gentle body scrub every day in the shower. To boost its effectiveness, rub it on using circular motions, spending a few extra seconds on rough spots like knees, elbows, and feet. An oil-based version will give you extra hydration. Get Your Glow Going If your entire body is ghostly pale, warm it up with a gradual self-tanner like Jergens Natural Glow Revitalizing Daily Moisturizer. Your skin should peak in five to seven days; afterward, apply the lotion every other day to maintain your glow.

With summer coming up fast, you might be preparing to jump into the bikini season. These tricks will leave you smooth, bronzed, and gleaming all over to show of that bod. Take Your Time with Hair Removal A smooth set of legs and underarms and a flawless bikini line are essential for warm weather. But be sure to execute your hair removal the day before you slip into your swimwear to give your skin some downtime. Get Your Best Shave Start every shaving session with a hot shower or bath to soften your hair so it’s easier to remove. For the silkiest results, exfoliate with a gentle body scrub, then lube up with a moisturizing cream and use a fresh, sharp, three- or four-blade razor to whisk away the hair. Cut down on irritation by re-lathering an area if you are going over it a second time. Wax for Long-Lasting Results If you have the patience and the pain threshold, consider waxing your legs, which will keep you bare for up to a few weeks. Work on small sections at a time with precoated strips.

Soften Your Skin The number-one way to make dry, dull, pasty skin look radiant and smooth is to exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate (got that?). Use a

Fake It with Bronzer If you want a tanned look right now, your best bet is a tinted body bronzer that sticks around until your next shower. Don’t Forget Your Face A combination of bronzer and self-tanner will give your complexion a mid-summer glow (even in the dead of winter). Start with a lotion that’s formulated for your skin tone (light, medium or dark), then dust a matte bronzer anywhere the sun hits your face (forehead, cheeks and chin). Tackle Your Feet Don’t forget about your feet when you’re prepping for a bikini moment. Here’s an easy way to get them in flip-flop shape fast: Submerge your feet in a large bowl of equal parts warm milk and water. The lactic acid naturally eats away at dead skin. Rather use a premade version? Dissolve a few scoops of Archipelago Botanicals Milk Foot Soak in warm water. After five minutes, buff away any calluses and rough spots with a pumice stone. Beat Body Acne Don’t let eruptions on your back, shoulders, chest, or butt force you to eliminate slinky tops and skimpy bikinis from your vacay wardrobe. To ward off new spots while dealing with existing ones, start this daily blemish-busting regimen: First, cleanse the offending areas with a body wash that contains salicylic acid like Murad Acne Body Wash. Let the cleanser sit on your skin for a few minutes before rinsing it off so you can reap all the anti-acne benefits. Post-shower, spot-treat your zits with the same drying potion that you use on your face.

How many times have you looked at yourself in the mirror and wished that you had a new look, that you could look younger or would just like to add a little sparkle, well it all starts with the eyes. Eyes say a lot about a person so here´s a few beauty treatments that you can do to totally transform your face. Food for thought Food has always been the most natural product that we obtain benefits from, whether it is in our 5 a day for well being, Honey or other natural extracts that is in shampoos and conditioners for our hair, and it is also wonderful for our skin. I love to use natural sources as a beauty regime every now and then, and today I would like to share a little tip that I like to use around my eyes, it is very effective and costs next to nothing. EGGS! Mix a little egg white in a bowl and brush or dab around the eyes, leave on for half an hour or until it has dried, it will lift the eyes, and applied 2 to 3 times a week will reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Cucumber or cold tea bags, rested on the eye lids will reduce puffiness and will put a little sparkle back in tired ey es. Take shape Take a long look at your eye brows; are they doing justice to your appearance? There is no right or wrong way to the shape of a brow as we all have unique features but the shape can hugely en-

Tinting The same as with the shape, the shade of the eyebrows can be just as enhancing, and can transform the appearance of your face, and again, there is no right or wrong shade but it should be in accordance with your skin tone and hair colouring. Tinting your own brows is never a good idea and should only be carried out by a beauty therapist, who should be able to advise you on the best tone for your face. A good tint will leave your brows looking even and can really alter the appearance of your eyes. Lash extensions Although there are many lash enhancing mascaras, the most natural, trendy and stylish enhancer for the eyes is lash extensions. There are many different types of extensions with many different names but in the end there are just 2 types, firstly there are some that come in blocks of lashes and then there are the individual lashes that are attached singularly to your own. My absolute preference is the single lashes, as when a group or block fall out, it is very noticeable, but with the single lashes known as the Hollywood’s it goes un-noticed when a few fall out, and can be easily in- filled to keep up the appearance. Lash extensions give your eyes a wider appearance and can give you a more youthful look.

For beauty and hair advice, email us at:

Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012 health, beauty & fashion


COLDS AND “FLU by Meg Glaister - Qualified Medical Herbalist When using herbs as medicine you will need to know the correct way to prepare them. There are two basic methods of preparing the herbs, infusions and decoctions. Infusions are used to prepare the leaves and flowers and decoctions are used to prepare roots and bark. To make an infusion, put 25 grams of the dried herb into a jug and add 500 ml of hot water. Cover the jug and leave to soak for 15 minutes, strain and drink 60ml 3 times a day. It can be sweetened with honey. To make a decoction put 25 grams of the dried root or bark in a pan with 500ml of water. Bring to the boil and simmer for 15 minutes. Strain and use as for infusions. Children and animals can take herbal infusions or decoctions at half the adult dose. There are many herbs that rid the body of infections. My personal favourite at the first sign of a cold is garlic. It must be taken raw to obtain the full medicinal

Get the look: Peplum dresses

benefits. I find the easiest way to do this is to chop a clove into small pieces and put straight into your mouth then wash down with a glass of water. There is no need to chew the garlic. Take one large clove of garlic in this way as often as you like and a minimum of 3 to 4 times a day for 3 to 5 days. If you don’t like garlic a decoction of Echinacea (equinacea) is also very good for any infection. For a sore throat make an infusion of sage (Salvia) to gargle with. This can be taken as often as required along with the garlic or Echinacea. Hot water with lemon juice and honey can be drunk at frequent intervals to soothe the throat and increase your vitamin C.

Take a look at our gallery of how celebrities are wearing these fitand-flare frocks and see our pick of celebrities rocking the look.

If you have any health topics you wish me to discuss on this page or would like information on other ailments please feel free to contact Meg Glaister DBTh MIRCH on 649 529 703.

Emma Stone

and a half hike to a Subway to get myself a takeout meal. Now, some might argue that said food negates the benefits of walking. I’m not so sure. It is getting you up and about, which is a plus. It also acts as a nice incentive to get up and go. The delicious noms can act as a sort of reward for your endeavor. Speaking from personal experience, making that three mile round trip trek for a meatball sub was totally worth it. More than that, if you are health conscious, they do have more nutrition oriented options available. There are other perks as well As time goes on, you may find that you enjoy the nice weather and no longer need the proverbial carrot dangling in front of you. If you want to make it even easier, you can bring an iPod or other music player. This will help keep your mind off the fact that you’re exercising. It can also give you a chance to relax and collect your thoughts, clear your head a little. The relaxation could help you if you feel stressed out. You could even utilize audiobooks to take that time and get caught up on your reading. If, on the off chance, you do feel yourself getting tired, it can also provide a second wind. I’m serious; montage music has proven to be really effective in this regard. If you feel like you’re spent, throw on a song like The Final Countdown or Live to Win and watch as you find that you’re able to tap into energy you didn’t even know you had. I would suggest getting some decent headphones for this because, depending on where you’re walking, the ambient noise may drown out the sound.

great ladylike look for Ashley. Alesha Dixon

Jennifer Aniston

The star shows off her fab figure in this Tom Ford black and white dress with leather trim.

Walking: The Exercise Plan for the Lazy Man Physical fitness has been on the decline in recent years. People are content to just kick back and watch television or play a video game. It has led to an increase in obesity and has become something of a health risk. Now, the obvious solution would be to go to the gym. Some may feel embarrassed or intimidated. There is also the possibility that they can’t afford a gym membership or don’t have a schedule that permits a regular workout session. However, there are ways that even the laziest among us can get back into shape. Walk it off One of the easiest ways to do this is by walking. The idea of not having a car may not sound appealing to many, but in some ways it’s a boon. Having to walk to places is a great way to get exercise. It gets you out of the house and it gets you moving. More than that, it’s incredibly easy. A mile may seem like a daunting distance, but if you zone out and just let your legs do the work on auto-pilot, you’ll find that you’ve passed that distance in no time. Dangle a quasi-metaphorical carrot in front of your face Now, maybe I lucked out in that I have quite a few eateries within walking distance. If I get hungry and find that there isn’t any food in the house, I can just make the mile hike to a nearby Chili’s or the mile


Emma has been working it on the red carpet recently and with this dress she shows how to work two trends in one. Here she is wearing a fuchsia and scarlet Giambattista Valli peplum and colour block dress. We love love love this look on her!

Britain’s Got Talent judge Alesha has fun with this Atec pattern peplum dress. And if we had lovely legs like hers we’d be doing exactly the same. Solange Knowles

Beyoncé’s younger sister Solange loves to take risks with fashion and this printed Vera Wang peplum dress is a great look on her, from the cinched-in waist to the cobalt colour. Jessica Ennis

Blake Lively

Blake is a huge fan of the peplum dress and has worn a whole host of variations from a host of designers. This monochrome, sleek and structured number is from Jason Wu for Target.

Athlete Jessica Ennis leaves her tracksuit at home as she steps out in this monochrome outfit. Sam Faiers

Ashley Greene

This chic navy dress from Givenchy is a

And not to be left out, TOWIE star Sam teams her pink dress with black tights and leather biker jacket for a tougher edge.


Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012 WILDE’S WORLD / WHO RATTLED YOUR CAGE?

WILDE’S WORLD Another issue and another look into the weird and more unusual news stories of the week.

Welcome to this weeks journey around the world, and a look at some of the more zany antics of people who have made the news over the past seven days for their plain stupidity or just crazy antics..... Being a father myself and getting up five mornings a week the first story definitely made me smile. The following news items are definitely strange, but true.

Fast Learner

While British parents often have trouble getting their kids to do their studies once they are at out of school, the Chinese ethic is far different and not even the obvious hazard of clinging to a moving vehicle while facing backwards can thwart his ambition. Keen to secure top marks, he didn’t let the fact he was perched on the back of his father’s scooter put him off finishing his homework. Chinese parents are renowned for putting pressure on their children to get a top education and well-paid jobs. With a population of 1 1/2 billion it pays to have that little something extra so you stand out from the crowd. And it looks like this little chap is determined to set the wheels in motion to go all the way to the top and not even a hectic journey perched on the back of a motor scooter is going to slow him down. The only lesson this Chinese youngster needs is one in road safety.

Strange love

A Leeds woman who is attracted to inanimate objects says she has found true love - with the Statue of Liberty. Amanda Whittaker, 27, says she has fallen head over heels for the New York monument, reports The Sun. Ms Whittaker, who had a love affair with a drum kit while still at school, said: “She is my long-distance lover and I am blown away by how stunning she is.” The shop assistant has a condition called objectum sexuality, in which people fall in love with things rather than humans. She first fell for “Libby”, as she calls the statue, when a pal in New York posted her a picture online. Since then she has visited the 151ft statue in person four times, caressing it and leaning out of a window to kiss its hair.

She has even thought about marrying it - but decided against it “because so many others love her too”. Instead she has settled for a shrine to Libby in her home featuring a 6ft replica, hundreds of smaller models and ornaments and huge US flags. She said: “Other people might be shocked to think I can have romantic feelings for an object, but I am not the same as them.”

“And finally “Always read the label A nationwide discount clothing chain is under fire for producing ‘sexist’ washing instructions on a label. On a pair of beige chinos sold by Madhouse, the printed label states the standard washing instructions, which are then followed by ‘Or give it to your woman: It’s her job.’ The trousers which sparked the fury were purchased in London at Madhouse’s flagship Oxford Street store last month. As the news spread, many people took to Twitter to discuss the controversial label. One user wrote ‘How dare #Madhouse this is 2012 not 1950s.’ But one male user wrote ‘Personally, I think the “Give it to your woman label” in the Madhouse trousers is funny, and my girlfriend would laugh

Ten passengers travelling on a Wilts and Dorset bus service were ordered off the bus after a woman spilled some coffee on-board. The driver ordered all the passengers from the vehicle to stand in the rain to wait for another bus when the woman spilled a third of her drink on the floor. The driver is said to have declared the small spillage ‘dangerous’ and it had to be mopped up by specialist cleaners from his depot. One furious passenger said, ‘He shut the doors, pulled the bus to the kerb and ordered everybody off and phoned to somebody at the depot to come and clean it. ‘The ridiculous thing was the amount spilled was far less water than you would get when people are getting on and off in the rain. ‘It could have been cleaned up with a couple of tissues.’ A Wilts and Dorset spokesman said: ‘We will carry out an internal inquiry regarding the incident. ‘

about it too #relax’ Other users on the social network were more cynical, deciding it was a publicity stunt on the brand’s part, aimed to gain free advertising. Last month it was reported that Madhouse had gone into administration, putting 700 jobs at risk, although recent reports suggested it has been saved by an ‘unknown buyer.’ Many clothing retailers have come under fire recently for controversial clothing gaffes. Last year, Topman was forced to apologise and clear its shelves of hundreds of ‘sexist’ T-shirts. T-shirts that carried the slogan ‘Nice New Girlfriend: What Breed Is She?’ – prompting complaints that women were being likened to cattle and dogs.

Thats all for this week catch up on wilde at the weekend every sat 12 till 3 on coast fm.

By Dave Michaels

Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves An old saying, perhaps, in need of modernisation, maybe now it should be “earn the pennies, and the pounds will come. When purse strings are drawing tighter the sensible people are dropping prices and finding more business or income as a result. Of course this is normally followed by having to do more work to make your money up, but this is where the residents of Tenerife excel. Most Ex pats have left behind the country that gives you money for nothing and joined a community of people not afraid to earn a living. I have found over my years here that the people who earn the greatest respect from their peers, are the people who do what would be considered to be the most menial jobs back in the UK. And now those are the people cashing in. By doing the jobs everyone hates or isn’t prepared to do themselves. Think about it, how long does the washing up sit there before, after a groan, someone (normally not you) goes to do it. My father used to tell me as a child, the hard-

Off the bus

est part of any job that you don’t want to do is thinking about it. And it is so true. The next time there is a break in your favourite program, shoot through to the kitchen. The chances are that the job will be done before the end of the advertisement break. The same goes with garden clearance, everyone likes the idea of a beautiful garden, but doing the naff bit first…. Exactly! I have just done the same thing myself; having acquired some furniture from FB’s floggit. com I decided to paint it. Loved doing the 1st coat, it changes colours, it’s a new beginning…… but the second coat gives you nothing you haven’t already got. Like most people, I like things that show results!! So where are these people who do the stuff we don’t want to do? Generally speaking, you won’t see them because they are working. They are prepared to do the things we aren’t.

They are cleaning bars at 7am, washing windows, playing guitars quietly at the back of restaurants, without lime light or applause. To some, they are the little people, to others; they are the cogs that keep things rolling. To me, they are people to aspire to. Do we honestly believe they want to clean toilets (or mop up other peoples over indulgence) any more than we do? And yet they do it! They feed their families, cloth their children and provide a roof for themselves. Over the past difficult years, many people have left the island, from all walks of life, to go back to the rain and the hand outs. They have gone back to the very reasons they left behind, because they weren’t prepared to do the things these people do. Today I write in support of these people, they haven’t been off to battle on foreign shores, they haven’t defended a beach head, they have simple met the greatest challenge head on….. LIFE!! You have my respect and admiration! Maybe the next time we panic that we only get to do half a show, that we have to finish early, or that our tips have gone down a lot since the Christmas season, we could spare a thought for the people who don’t worry about these things that we consider so important. Instead they have to consider on a daily basis, the things we would rather not think about at all.

Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012 CALDERS CONFESSIONS


‘Abandoned for a computer game’ ‘Confused’

Calders Confessions Calder spent twelve years working as PA and Co-presenter with Jeremy Kyle on various radio stations and has now joined the team at Coast FM where he answers listeners´dilemmas each Sunday night on the airwaves. We are also very grateful to have him here, answering your questions and queries as part of the Tenerife Weekly team. If you have an issue you can`t overcome or just need general help and confidential advice, why not email Calder: calder@

My boyfriend is great; he’s kind and thoughtful, sometimes! He rarely shows this side of himself and he is obsessed with computer games and I mean he plays morning to night. I try and talk to him and he just tells me I’m nagging. I don’t want to pester him but I need his attention too. Please help. Charlotte

Computer games have got a lot to answer for haven’t they? I’ve never got into them myself but I have spoken to plenty of people who’ve become addicted. What you describe is more common than you think Charlotte. Ultimately, this is about you and what kind of life you want for yourself. Your boyfriend needs to sit up and listen to your concerns rather than wearing his thumbs out on a plastic controller! Tell him that unless things change and he devotes a little more of his time to you that you’re going to walk away. Hopefully that will be the jolt he needs to start taking you and your needs a little more seriously. Ultimately of course, if he simply cant or wont change, you will need to think about where you go from here. You are the one in control Charlotte, your life can be as good or as bad as you want it to be.

‘His ex won’t leave me alone’

I have been with my partner for four years and his ex wife keeps telling his kids that I’m a witch and spreading rumours about me across town. I’m not sure why she hates me so much because they had been broken up for nearly two years before we got together. It’s really getting me down but she just won’t stop! Clare Some people are able to end a relationship without bitterness whereas others aren’t, its as simple as that Clare. This woman is obviously so bitter and

twisted that she thinks nothing of poisoning her own children’s minds. Unless she actually does some physical harm or damage to you, there’s very little that can be done. People like this tend to show themselves up and in the end, the vicious rumours and gossip do die down. The best thing you can do is just carry on ignoring her and reassure yourself that you’re none of the things she says you are. As for your partners children, they can probably see beyond the lies they are being fed right now. Keep your chin up and ignore this as much as you can sweetheart.

I have been openly gay for quite a few years now and have had relationships with girls, and have been very happy. But recently I’ve started having sexual feelings towards a man, who is also my cousin. I don’t want to upset anyone and I’m not sure what this all means? Sherrie

Were so obsessed with labels these days, why cant you just accept that you are who and what you are Sherrie? Maybe you do like both sexes but so what? So long as you’re not hurting anybody I just don’t see the harm. One of the worst things we can do to ourselves as human beings is to deny our feelings and lock them away. It gives rise to all sorts of problems, not least regret which in itself can destroy you. Stop thinking in terms of gay and straight and just get out there and go for what you want. Nobody is going to judge you are they? In fact, the only critic you truly need to worry about is you yourself! Stop holding back and just live your life, that’s the only way to be happy.


Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012 PSYCHE / HOROSCOPES

MIND, BODY AND with SPIRIT Liana Mẽ Aly Ah

• International Intuitive • Life Enhancement Coach • Spiritual Mentor

SPIRITUAL GUIDES Spiritual Guides come in many formats. Higher beings take the form of Angels, Animals and the Human Form. They are also with us on the planet as human beings and animals to guide and support us on our journey. Throughout our lives, we have constant, and transient guides, both from the higher realms and on earth. These guides are with us through different phases of our lives, giving us the benefit of their knowledge and experience. We all have a guide and an angel from the moment of conception. These guides stay with us all our lives . They are our guardians, keeping us safe but allowing us to fall so we can grow. Throughout our lives, other guides join us at different stages to help us through different times of our lives and, to be with us, as we develop different aspects of ourselves. Some may be with you, only a short time to help you through a particular learning period. Guides also match your own interests, so if you are in the Medical profession then you are most likely to have a Healer guide to help you work and heal others. If you are practising Law then you will have a guide with you who understands Right and wrong, and can help you in your judgements. Those creative people, like Musicians and Artists will have Musicians and Artists as guides also. We also pick up contacts in our earthly life, who, are here to guide us. We may have a life long special bond, with someone who walks at our side, or we meet some people who just turn up and are there for specific times in our life….these too are guides. They may be two or four legged! Animals are on earth to teach us something whether it be physical or spiritual. Some may be of the view that Guides only come in Celestial or human form, but they would be wrong. Each of us has Totem guides or Power animals that give us the characteristics of that particular animal to walk through life. Running a Meditation class this week, we connected to our power animals and it was wonderful to see each individual’s personal journey and con-

nection. The purpose of each totem animal is to bring an understanding of what needs to be developed , or trained , and they each, have their own particular gift to share with us. Other human forms taken may well show them as Nuns, Buddha’s, Priests, Native American Indians, Wise Old Men and Women. We also have our Soul Family who may have been with us in our earthly live and have passed over. They may choose to stay with us and be part of our guidance team. So if you feel your parents or Grandparents close by , then it is because they have chosen to be around you to help guide you. All of these army of beings are here for your success story, they all want you to have the Optimum experience here, learning and experiencing everything you set out to achieve. All my life, I have been aware of my guides, my voices in my ear. Several years ago when I started to paint, I knew an artist guide had joined me, as I had no formal training. Just a voice in my ear saying a little here and more there and use this colour and no too much ! I have been painting in pastel , spirit guide faces for years now, if you would like one done of your guide contact me. I am an Ascension Life Coach and work with people, to heal from past pain and old baggage, and old programming, causing negative experiences in their life Journey. If you need help, contact me on 672 994 666 for a private session. Spirtual self development workshops coming soon. New meditation classes starting soon in golf del sur and las americas contact me to register / for more details. Meditation class every wednesday evening in callao salvaje 7-9 contact me for more info or to register. Contact me on 672 994 666 or lovieart@ More info on Until next week,


QUESTIONS & ANSWERS I am Spiritual agony aunt, and will answer any concerns or questions anyone may have about their difficulties in life or curiosity into the spiritual field. Or if anyone wants to give me topics to discuss here, please contact me,

Weekly Horoscopes

Aries - Mar 21 - Apr 19

You could experience one of those lightening moments on Monday when one of your ideas really takes flight. Don’t worry about this idea not catching on. True, there is a retrograde Mercury period to negotiate: even so, it seems your light-bulb moment will catch other people’s imagination too. It could yet prove to be a money-spinner. It helps that you’re now seen in rather different light within a team and yes, something you’ve been saying for weeks could now be agreed. Tempting as it may be to think that politics and gossip-mongering could yet spoil things, the fact is that others need you. Of course that doesn’t give you the excuse to bully! - but given that it’s in your interest for a new way of working to succeed, you could yet shine. It’s just possible that there’s a latent talent you’ve only just discovered and which could take you to new places.

Taurus - Apr 20 - May 20

Venus joins Jupiter in your sign. The good news is that this changes the vibration around you and yes, you could attract a lucky break. The not-so-good news is that expectations may be unrealistic and you could be prone to flights of fancy (especially on Monday). And yet: you’re probably right to acknowledge that something big is happening in your world. All the effort you’ve put in over the last eighteen months or so may be about to pay off. What’s important is that you continue to focus on work-play balance - and that you don’t allow someone born under one of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn) to push you into an arrangement before you’re ready. On Thursday especially, take great care before you agree to anything and check the small print of anything you have to sign as you may need to use a loop-hole later.

Gemini - May 21 - June 20

Anticipate that a bee will land in your bonnet early this week and won’t leave until closer to your birthday. And you’re right - you may be ‘on to something’. Venus’ arrival in a very special area of your solar chart suggests you might be in the mood to do something ‘on the quiet’ - a little clandestine - but which you sense will work out well. And you may not be wrong. This week’s focus is on incubating and bringing together the right team to help you. With Venus, Jupiter and Pluto all in Earth signs, putting together a business plan and determining the practicalities probably won’t be a problem. Note too how you’re drawn to different textures and materials - and how much emphasis you’re putting on quality. When you finally unveil this project it will surely show just how inspired you’ve been and how in tune you are with a style that’s absolutely of this time.

Cancer - June 21 - July 22

Two things; Firstly that Mercury and Uranus align in your career sector - so expect the unexpected and consider just how good you are at crisis management. Know too that as Mercury is set to be retrograde from 12th, whatever is achieved this week will need to be gone over and over before it’s as good as you want it to be. Secondly Venus moves into Taurus - joining Jupiter in that sign. Your social world is likely to expand hugely - bringing you into contact with travellers (and perhaps invited to travel yourself). Given that yours is one of the nesting signs of the zodiac these developments could unsettle you. On Friday especially you might wish to retire from the fray! But maybe all you’ll really need then is space to recharge your batteries. Recall that your is one of the Water signs - spending time with those born under similar conditions (Scorpio and Pisces) might help hugely.

Leo - July 23 - Aug 22

It would no doubt help for you to think about what it is that you love about what you do and to focus on that. You might then be surprised (midweek) when someone shows you a way to do more of the same. There’s an unexpected quality about this - so it might be as well to assume that ‘everyone is watching’ and looking for an opportunity to help. And yes, you could attract ‘luck’. In fact, it might be hard to explain to others (on Thursday) just why you seem to have been singled out for special attention. What’s likely is that you’ll have changed the vibration around you and be attracting good fortune as a result. True, there may well be drama (nothing you can’t handle) stemming from someone’s perception of neglect.

Virgo - Aug 23 - Sept 22 It might help to think of yourself as a dancer having to master quicksteps before the Full Moon (in your sign). And yes, there may be moments when the soles of your feet feel as though they’re burning. Ideas suggested at the start of the week (and most likely by someone born under one of the Fire signs - Aries, Leo or Sagittarius) could add to the pressure and at some point you may well need to raise the white flag or put down a boundary. Fact is though that you may well have rediscovered a rich stream of imagination yourself. Maybe you don’t need this other input? Harnessing creativity (yours and theirs) might reduce your workload though. Once Mercury turns retrograde next week, developing this partnership could be top priority.

Libra - Sept 23 - Oct 22

Your relationship with technology - or a partner’s mobile communications needs could have your undivided attention as the week begins. Another possibility is a partnership opportunity that quite takes your breath away. In the run up to Thursday’s Full Moon you do, of course, need to ensure you don’t bite off more than you can chew. Though on Tuesday you could be dazzled, coerced or even seduced, the reality of what’s proposed could hit home hard (on Thursday with the Full Moon) - and perhaps even leave you feeling ‘wiped out’ (fused!). Re-balancing those scales requires diligence and, perhaps, some investment on Friday. Is it possible that the cosmos is setting you a test in the fine art of delegation? This needn’t be a loss of power but actual empowerment as things still need to be done ‘your’ way.

Scorpio - Oct 23 - Nov 21 Venus begins an annual journey through your opposite sign and the world could start to look very different. True, a spanner could be thrown in the works on Monday. An incident, a crisis or coincidence could stop you in your tracks. Rather more interesting may be the reaction of others. You may well be enthralled midweek when it seems that at long last something you’ve been saying for months finally gets through! At one level this might even be cause for celebration. Yet you probably also know that now the message is understood, the work has to be done. You might not be happy with the initial speed. You might also wonder if a certain person has the qualities (assets?) needed. It might be as well to wait until after Thursday’s Full Moon before you have a frank exchange of views.

Sagittarius - Nov 22 - Dec21

It seems you have much to think about - basically choices from afar. There’s also the high probability of being with those from other cultures (and speaking other languages) and, perhaps, dealing with other currencies. The point about all this is that the cosmos seems to be setting you a test in embracing unexpected opportunities. In the run up the Thursday’s Full Moon, you may need to make a major career decision - one that impacts on where and how you’re going to live. Whatever your decision someone is sure to be disappointed. It’s just possible too that this decision will bring (temporarily) a little financial drama. Key to all this is being clear about you love doing. Investing in yourself (via retraining) is a further possibility. Here you may be surprised by what’s on offer - and has been for a few months.

Capricorn - Dec 22 - Jan 19 Note that Mercury is now moving across the base of your solar chart. As you might expect from the trickster planet (and especially as it will be retrograde between next Monday 12th and early April), you might feel to be constantly on the move. See this as a test in crisis management! But know too that showing ability to be flexible and to manage emergencies will bring you to the attention of those looking for these skills. By Thursday’s Full Moon you might even be ‘head hunted’. If there’s a downside it’s that days could feel exceptionally long. Don’t neglect looking after yourself (good diet). On the very considerable upside your love life could experience a ‘pirouette’ period - exciting and whirlwind. This might not be your usual style but could lead to pleasant moments of self-discovery.

Aquarius - Jan 19 - Feb18 Now that Venus has arrived at the base of your solar chart the need to improve your immediate environment grows. Yet you might not find it so easy to make decisions. In the lead up to Thursday’s Full Moon choice could leave you bewildered. (You might do better next week - when you could also chance upon a bargain). For now continuing anxiety as to how well someone younger is coping with a new situation might prompt you to agree to attend a meeting with them. It’s during this (most likely on Friday) that you might discover they have more resources than you’d thought but that accessing these will take them a few more weeks. Take care to check the small print on documents signed this week - there may be loopholes not to your advantage.

Pisces - Feb 19 - Mar20

There are four planetary ‘key changes’ this week and each could affect you in eventful ways. The first concerns finance and an emergency (though not necessarily a bad crisis) at the start of the week. That may be followed by a stroke of ‘luck’ midweek. And then there’s Thursday’s Full Moon which could coincide with an announcement by a relative that leaves you bewildered and a little shocked. It’s likely to take a few days to come to terms with this. During this period you could also receive news from a large company or organisation that’s not what you’d bargained for. It might take a few weeks to straighten this out - during which time you may need to retrieve papers you thought you’d never need again. Throughout all this, a Sagittarian may have many opinions to express - requiring that you know exactly where you sense of humour is too.

Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012 PETS’ PAGE


Welcome to Tenerife Weekly’s Pets’ Page

Pets’ Corner This Week With Waggytails

Welcome to the cute and fuzzy section of the Tenerife Weekly where we talk about all things animal! Remember that you can send your photos and funny stories to me! The pet section also offers information from Karen at the Accion del Sol Refuge and the staff at El Madroñal Veterinary Surgery.

My name is Steph and some of you may have heard me on Coast FM each Thursday when I try to find good homes for fantastic pets. Each week this page will be filled with both useful and entertaining information to keep you up to date with the world of pets here in the Canaries.

Holly has been found!

Acción del Sol’s weekly news

It has been a very good therapy for Oroval’s children to come to visit the refuge, the children were very happy ,calm and relaxed around the dogs and puppies. Animals are very therapeutic for people of all ages and especially children with special needs, a great day was had by all. It was good to see the children’s happy smiling faces.

The Little Dogs’ Home Chris, Babs and Brod would like to say a big, heartfelt thank you to Patricia who has supported them on the market stalls for the last two years. She came to The Little Dogs’ Home on Monday with five hundred books for them and was very impressed with the place. She couldn’t believe how clean and happy the dogs are. Chris and Babs raise money for the refuge with books and buddas so if anybody else would like to come and say hello to the four legged residents they are open Monday to Wednesday from 12pm until 4pm, and if you have any books that you could donate please give them a ring on 672 917 193. They have two new residents this week in the form of mother and daughter Shih Tzus. They were in a terrible state and had to be shaved down to the skin. Both are in otherwise good health, the mother however has a hearing problem and is possibly blind in one eye. They will make fantastic pets to anybody who would like them and homing together is preferable if possible. Please call on the number above for more information.

Arona’s Protection Civil also paid a visit to the refuge to help teach school children the importance of animal care and welfare and also helping to explain how some of the dogs end up on the streets here in Tenerife. El Fraile school children visited the refuge this week so its been a very busy week for children’s education at Acción Del Sol. Acción Del Sol firmly believe education plays a mayor role in future animal welfare supported `primarily by the sterilisation or castration of dogs to prevent unwanted litters of puppies. Arona has renewed there Collaboration after there first successful year with Acción Del Sol . Every dog taken from the streets by Protection Civil receives 5 star care and full medical treatment, injections, micro chip, passport and most important every dog is sterilised or castrated and free of the very painful heartworm which is rife here in Tenerife and definitely not a flea in sight . This all ensures the dogs have a full clean bill of health and are all ready to find new loving homes. A date for the diary is Easter Sunday the 8th of April which is there next fun raising event which will include fun runs with your dog, an obstacle course, Easter egg hunt and lots more fun and games. Acción Del Sol is open Monday - Friday 3-6pm or call 922 778 630 for more information. The refuge is situated at Poligono De Industrial Estate, Granadilla, Exit 51 on the TF1, directly next to ITER the  Parque Eolica where the windmills are.

Paws for Thought:

Guiness needs a home. Aged at around 8 months, he is not going to grow any larger than his current small size. He is incredibly playful and very cute! If you can offer him a home please get in touch with me at

Last week I appealed for poor Holly who had gone missing on her Sunday walk with her new owners. Well this week it gives me great pleasure to announce that she has been reunited with them safe and sound! Acting on our suggestion to put up posters advertising her disappearance, the owners spoke with a Spanish man in a local bar who had picked Holly up on the day she went missing. His wife, being a Vet, had scanned her for a chip but as she did not have one yet they kept hold of her assuming someone would come forward. Several days after she went missing he was sat in his local bar in Aldea Blanca and noticed the couple putting up a poster with Holly on. After questioning the situation it was revealed that she was safely in his care at his house and they went straight round to collect her. This just goes to show how useful posters are and yet how few people put them up (from experience of people contacting me regarding lost pets). If you lose your pet don’t waste any time. Search the area and print off as many posters as you can. Use Facebook and any other social network site that you are able to and get the word out. Be sure to use

other languages as well, especially Spanish. Obviously it is important to make sure your pet is chipped and if possible have a medal on (Holly’s had sadly come off). Getting as much publicity as possible DOES work and this is testament to that. Thanks to the quick thinking of a local man and the posters put up by Holly’s owners she is now back in her home and forgetting all about that confusing week.

Useful Numbers Dog & Cat Grooming 628 859 973/938 023 000 24 Hour Vets: Fanabe - 617 483 707 El Medano - 607 346 183 Playa San Juan – 922 832 344 Can you help one of the featured animals? Have you an article of interest? Does your pet deserve a feature? Drop me an email at

If you find an abandoned dog : Arona - 010 Everywhere else – 112

Can you help one of the featured animals?


Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012 advertisement

Show and get 10% discount at

39 Making the Most of a Small Garden Space Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012


small garden space. The principles of good garden design still apply, but you’ll need to tweak them slightly.


Emergency services (all) 112 National Police 091 Local police 092 Ambulance061 Fire Brigade 080 Guardia Civil 062

Pharmacy information and locator (24 hours) 922 282 424 Citizen information 010 Lost property 092 Postal services 902 197 197 International operator 11825 Local operator 11818 Tourist information 922 605 590

Tour operators (in alphabetical order) Cosmos 922 793 802

Thomas Cook 922 757 409


922 798 607


922 777 720


Buses TITSA (Tenerife’s public bus company) 922 531 300

Gardening in a small space has its limits, but it need not be limiting. In a small garden, the gardener can pay attention to detail. You can keep on top of maintenance, while still having time to sit and enjoy your small garden. In fact, many small space gardens are designed around entertaining and sitting areas, rather than the need to nurture plants. Whatever your reasons for having a small garden, there is no reason it cannot be a well-designed show stopper. Virtually any plant or garden style can be worked into a

Useful Numbers The “Bono-Bus” discount card can be purchased from all TITSA stations and terminals and reduces the cost of transport by up to 30%

National ferry services

Radio taxis 922 641 112 922 747 511 Note: taxi cabs display a “SP” (servicio público) plate on the rear of the car.

Tourist offices (in alphabetical order) Costa Adeje

TFS - Tenerife Sur Airport (Reina Sofía) For flights from Spanish mainland and nearly all scheduled international flights Flight information 902 404 704 (line open 24 hours) Airport information 922 759 000 Tourist information 922 392 037 TFN - Tenerife North Airport (Los Rodeos) For all domestic flights and some international and mainland services Flight information 902 404 704 (lines open 24 hours) General information 922 635 800

Armas 902 456 500 Fred Olsen 922 628 252

922 750 633

El Médano

922 176 002

La Laguna

922 631 194

La Orotava

922 323 041

Las Galletas

922 730 133

Los Cristianos 922 757 137

Los Llanos de Aridane 922 401 899

Playa de las Américas 922 796 668

Playa de las Vistas 922 787 011

Puerto de la Cruz 922 386 000

Santa Cruz de Tenerife 922 289 394

Santiago del Teide 922 860 348

Tenerife Sur Tourist Office (Main Tourist Office) 902 003 121

Multi-lingual police central office

902 102 112 Call this number and ask for an English operator to make an official report or complaint. Local police 922 757 006 Red Cross Emergencies and ambulances 922 281 800

Hospitals and Medical centres (answering machine)

094 Hospital Las Américas, Playa de Las Américas 922 750 022 Playa de las Américas Centro Médicos Del Sur 922 791 000 Candelaria Hospital 922 602 000

Irish Consulate 922 745 671

British Consulate

Address: Plaza Wayler, 8, 1o, 38003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife 922 286 863 Opening hours: Mon-Fri, 8:30am - 1:30pm British Consul: Matthew Vickers British Vice-Consul Helen Keating

pose. There is no room for wasted space or underperforming plants. Plants should offer at least two seasons of interest.

you’ll find a place for it. Colour should also be limited, to give your small garden cohesion. Less is more. Cooler colours will make the garden appear larger. You can compensate for the limited colour palette with a variety of textures. The textural contrast will help blend the plant material and allow the garden to flow. Every plant or feature will need to serve a pur-

Small Garden Bonuses 1. Design can be easier when you can take in the whole picture at once. 2. It takes fewer plants to make a dramatic effect. 3. Gardeners get to know every space and plant in a small garden. Any plant that is out of place or not thriving can be spotted and corrected quickly. 4. Small gardens lend themselves to being enclosed. You may not want to install a stone wall, but an evergreen or flowering hedge will give the illusion of a secret garden. A simple low boxwood edge transforms a small garden into a formal garden. Hardscaping and fencing enclose and define a space for entertaining or children’s play. A small space garden lends itself to personal expression. Smaller gardens are extensions of your home and speak volumes about the sensibilities and tastes of the gardener. And if those tastes and sensibilities should change, it’s much easier to rework a small garden.

Solutions to this week’s puzzles Brain Train

1. 21 2. White 3. Knot 4. Lion 5. 6 6. Acorn

Gardening in small spaces is generally overlooked in garden design manuals. Garden design is often presented as a list of principles or rules, and there is value in the key elements of garden design, but they are too often illustrated on a grand scale. Most of us do not have acres of land on which to carefully calculate the width versus length of our perennial borders. Many of us don’t have the time or the inclination to undertake the maintenance these acres of gardens would need.

Small Garden Design Challenges The entire garden can be viewed as a whole. Some small garden spaces will be able to accommodate a hidden turn around a path or even be divided into garden rooms, but for the most part, small gardens can be taken in whole, in one look. This means that, more than ever, your garden will be viewed as a composition. Limited space means you are going to have to make choices. You won’t be able to grow every plant you love. You will need to curb your inclination to buy a plant on impulse and assume


Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012 FOOD

Welcome to Karoline’s Kitchen

In the UK Beetroot is known as a seasonal vegetable due to the time of year it is most prominently grown, but in The Canaries if you get yourself to the local fruit and vegetable markets, you should be able to purchase fresh beetroot all year round. Beetroot is such a flexible vegetable but one that is often

Beetroot and Sardine Paté

Barmy for Beetroot

forgotten about. It can be used in salads, smoothies, sandwiches, cakes, served hot or cold, au natural or with vinegar. There are not that many vegetables that are as versatile as the humble beetroot. As well as being a delicious vegetable, Beetroot also has some great benefits; Hangover cure – Betacyanin, the pigment that gives beetroot its colour, is an antioxidant so it could be a factor in beating your hangover! Viagra – A not so well known fact is that

Beetroot can be used as an aphrodisiac, it also contains high amounts of boron, which is directly related to the production of human sex hormones. Garlic Breath - Apparently eating beetroot with garlic may lessen the effects of “garlic breath”. Cheers – Beetroot can be made into a wine that tastes similar to port. We will start off with a Beetroot and Sardine Paté, ideal for a starter or light snack for a healthy treat which also includes your daily intake of Omega 3.

Have a great week cooking and if you have any recipes that you wish to share or any tips or family cheats then get in touch; Until next time,

Karoline Shovlar

Chocolate and Beetroot Cake

1 medium beetroot, cooked and peeled 1 tin sardines 1 tablespoon mayonnaise Salt and freshly ground black pepper Drain the oil from the sardines and place them in a food processor with the beetroot and mayonnaise. Blend together until a thick paste is produced. Season to taste with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Serve with crackers or toast.

250g freshly cooked beetroot, grated 300g brown sugar 125g melted butter 3 large eggs 225g flour, sifted 1 teaspoon baking powder, sifted 50g cocoa powder, sifted 75g melted dark chocolate Preheat the oven to 160C. Make the cake mixture. Put the butter, sugar and eggs in a mixer and beat together well. Mix in the melted chocolate and fold in the dry ingredients. Fold in the beetroot at the end. Bake the cake. Grease a 9 inch cake tin and pour in the cake mixture. Place the baking tin in the oven and bake

for 45 minutes. Check if it is ready with a skewer, if the skewer comes out clean it is ready. Ice the cake. Melt a block of chocolate and use this to ice the cake.

grate some onto a salad or whizz some up in a food processor with some crème fraiche and salt and pepper to make a beetroot dip. Whether it’s grated, sliced or whole, why not include beetroot in your weekly diet?

If you don’t fancy cooking your own beetroot and want to eliminate bright red fingers for a few days then local supermarkets always have pickled beetroot in stock. In Spanish supermarkets look out for “remolacha.” Using pickled beetroot couldn’t be easier; pop some slices into a cheese sandwich,

Two quick recepies to try Courtesy of Mark from Casa Tres

Broccoli & blue cheese quiche

Here is a hot or cold light snack or as a half portion a fantastic starter with a light mustard dressing . The ideal way of starting a meal or having a light bite. Ingredients: This recipe is for a 28cm round dish: 8 good portions : Puff pastry 25g butter flour for dusting 1 Fresh blanched Broccoli 100g diced onion 250g blue cheese Pinch of fresh thyme teaspoon fresh chives 250ml fresh double cream 250ml milk 12 medium eggs salt & Pepper Instructions: Lightly butter the baking dish , Dust with flour.

Line the dish with grease proof paper and bake in oven 375 for 8 minutes. Reduce the temperature of the oven to 350° Remove the paper. Mix eggs, milk & cream in a large bowl with salt, pepper & herbs. Grate blue cheese into the mix, Cut the broccoli into florets and add to the bowl. cook in the oven for 40 / 45 minutes or until a knife inserted into the middle comes out clean.

Salmon & King Prawn Carbonara

The ideal alternative for a regular evening meal with guests... Serves: 4 Ingredients: 300g Pasta 50 ml Oil 5g Salt 25g Butter 50g Onion 70g Mushrooms 150g Salmon 24 King Prawns

25ml Pernod 400ml Double cream 15g Chives Salt Pepper Parmesan cheese Instructions: To cook your pasta put it in a large pot with plenty of boiling salted water. Give the pasta room to cook. When just cooked refresh under cold running water . Drain and keep refrigerated until required. Melt butter in a large pan and fry diced onions & sliced mush-

rooms. (here is the fun part) add the pernod and flambé this sweetens the dish as un-burnt alcohol can be bitter. Add cream and reduce. Add the halved prawns and thin slivers of salmon Then the pasta. Finish with salt & pepper and fresh chopped chives. Serve with shavings of fresh parmesan cheese. Chicken, bacon or vegetables can be substituted to adapt to tastes.

Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012 TECHNOPHILE


Halo 4 leaked How to use Twitter on your iPad onto internet In a week filled with Microsoft leaks; gaming fans have been offered their first tantalising insight into Halo 4 as new in-game screens hit the web. The first in-game Halo 4 screenshots have leaked online with the upcoming Xbox 360 title making an early appearance alongside a selection of other Microsoft bound releases. Hitting the web over the weekend, the

first leaked Halo 4 gameplay screens have offered the first tantalising insight into release which will build of the phenomenally successful Bungie produced futuristic first-person shooter. First unveiled at the world’s leading gaming conference E3 last year, the newly leaked images mark the first look at ingame content from the Master Chief reviving gaming release. Landing just hours on from leaked Forza Horizon, Fable Heroes and Fable: The Journey details, Halo 4 is set to launch later this year with newly appointed developer 343 describing the title as “the dawn of a new trilogy” and one that will take the franchise “back to what made Halo 3 amazing.”

Top 5 iPhone aps of the week

Here’s our run-down of some great new apps released on Apple iPhone over the past week, including a social drawing game, voice-activated assistant and new apps featuring The Simpsons and Lego. Draw Something What is it?: Word game Who made it?: OMGPOP How much is it?: Free/69p Draw Something enables people to challenge each other to turn-based social drawing and guessing games via Facebook and Twitter, essentially a digital Pictionary. No drawing skills are required and 50 colours are available for making masterpieces. The latest update to the app brings performance improvements and a new opening video. The Simpsons: Tapped Out What is it?: City building game Who made it?: Electronic Arts How much is it?: Free with in-app purchase options. This new city building game allows players to create their very own version of Springfield on iPhone, including all their favourite The Simpsons characters. They can then take part in various adventures, such as growing Tomacco on Cletus’s Farm or partying with Duffman at Duff Brewery.

Camera Awesome What is it?: Camera app Who made it?: SmugMug How much is it?: Free Camera Awesome helps users to take sharper and better exposed pictures, and then make them “come alive” with professional effects designed by renowned photographer Kevin Kubota. All images can be shared instantly on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SmugMug, Picasa, Photobucket and Flickr. Lego Friends Dress Up Game What is it?: Dress up game Who made it?: The Lego Group How much is it?: Free Meet Lego friends Olivia, Andrea, Stephanie, Emma and Mia in this 3D dress up game. You can customise the mini-dolls with more than 200 different items of clothing, shoes and hair styles, and also play games such as matching the outfit of friends within a time limit. Snappy dressers required. Evi What is it?: Voice assistant Who made it?: Evi How much is it?: 69p Apple’s Siri voice control assistant now has a rival in the form of Evi. This voice activated artificial intelligence aid can help with a number of different tasks, such as web browsing and requests for local information. Evi is a learning engine, meaning it will get better as you use the service. Just don’t ask what it thinks of Siri!

The American company behind social games like FarmVille and CityVille is setting up its own gaming service. It means people will be able to play on a platform outside Facebook, Google+ and Myspace. Zynga makes its money through advertising and from the sale of virtual items such as tools paid for with real cash. Most of the company’s games have to be played through Facebook, which takes a 30% cut from each sale. Zynga, whose titles have more than 200 million active monthly users, makes

95% of its money through Facebook. It publishes four of the top five games played on the social networking site. Keza MacDonald, UK games editor at, says moving away from Facebook could have significant effects down the line. She said: “If Facebook games like Zynga launch their own platforms rather than hosting games exclusively on Facebook itself, it undermines Facebook’s credibility as a gaming platform which could shift the emphasis on social gaming. “The money in social gaming could shift further towards mo-

Today social networking sites like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter have become an integral part of our lives. Today, we can hardly think of the web without Twitter or other social networking sites. Social networks enable you to market and promote your articles, blog posts and videos, to attract more traffic to your websites. Due to its immense popularity, the use of Twitter is not limited only to the desktop PC or a laptop. You can even use it on the move on your iPad.

you can easily explore various features of this app. However, there are a lot more things that you can do with this Twitter app. You control the device and get things done in a matter of a few moments. Here is a list of operations you can carry out: see your messages; check your timeline, mentions and can even view your profile – all these things are visible in a single list displayed to the left hand side of the screen.

The Twitter iPad App

The official application developed by Twitter is easily compatible with portable devices and is suitable for your iPad too. It has a special bonding with iPad 2. Just by swiping and turning the gadget in different directions,

Zynga to split from Facebook

bile platforms.” The San Francisco-based firm says its re-designed website, which will be launched later this month, will make it easier to play games more quickly with access to live chatting and message board features. Five of Zynga’s top games will be on the new, including CastleVille, CityVille and Words with Friends. Founded in April 2007 under the name Presidio Media the company was renamed Zynga in Feb 2008 after founder Mark Pincus’ dog Zinga

Apart from this, you can browse through the tweets, find friends of similar interest and follow them. You can tweet the way you normally tweet and re-tweet. You can send direct messages to your friends through private settings. Make real-time searches, know the latest trends and yes, like the conventional Twitter feature, follow other people too. It is easy to know the updates while using Twitter on the iPad. If there is any new post, you should notice the blue dot near the navigation of the app. The blue dot is an indication for new updates and tweets. How to Email, Copy Links and Retweet

These operations are easy to carry out. To send mail, to copy links, to retweet and carry out more operations, you will see icons to the top right corner of your screen. The presence of various icons makes it easy to carry out your work.


Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012 CLASSIFIED

• Delivery Services

• Situations Vacant

Call 692 141 285 • Car Rentals

• Legal Services

• Cleaning Services

• Household Services

Regency Resorts is one of Europe’s largest and most successful companies. They are looking for experienced Sales executives for their clients. You must speak English and have a positive attitude and be willing to work hard. Top commissions, high spiffs and quick payouts.

Send your CV to or fax it to 922 712162

Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012 • Air Con


• Electrical


FREE ADS €40. Childs car seat up to 9 months €20 HESBA, pram push chair, four wheeled sprung, detachable body, adjustable handle, collapses flat, with hood and apron, €45. Silencio tel 629570945

• Autos

• Property OFFICES FOR RENT 60m”2 air con AMPLE PARKING LAS CHAFIRAS TEL 669 787 468 Universal Exports S.L. has been instructed, by the owners, to offer for sale a unique 12 bedroomed rural hotel in Tenerife, situated just 15 minutes from the south airport: This delightfully appointed hotel comprises: 7 double bedrooms and 5 suites, all en-suite, as well as managers’ accommodation the property also includes: kitchens, restaurant, storerooms, bodega, swimming pool, etc. Ideally located for any number of specialised themes; gourmet, spa, holistic, golf, art etc., this recently refurbished premises comes with all necessary licences and permissions. To date the property has been marketed for €1.700.000 but due to other investment commitments the price has been drastically reduced, and priced to sell, at €1.200.000. Qualified interested parties should, in the first instance, contact: David Penny on 922 720711 or from the U.K. 08445 984 114.

A completely refurbished smart studio on the 2nd floor of this busy complex situated right on the sea front in los cristianos. There are sea and garden views and also a community car park as well as a reception. This must be seen at this very attractive priced to sell figure! .Only 75000 euros! TEL: 922 796 744 or 667 513 689


Short and long term rentals FROM JUST 230€ Tel: 922 738 410 Mob: 639 835 137

• Car Maintenance

• Furniture

Solid pinebunk beds with mattresses can deliver if required [small charge] 65euro. Sofa bed, spring action blue & beige 2mts wide/90 cmts high. Turns into a double bed. 70 euro Tel.647035563 Torviscas

• Technology BOUT A S K AS Y O U A PAY T E R N E T G O I ND W I F I AN OTS HOTSP Find Red Tomato: Pebble Beach Village, Amarilla Golf. Hours: Mon - Fri 10am -1pm


Youths 18 Speed Mountain Bike. 26” wheels. 55 Euros. Unisex Folding Bicycle. 3 speed. 45 Euros. Tel: 600 700 521.

Satellite & CCTV Installation Private and Community. Also Repair Shop for Computer & Electronics.

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Wall beach unit D38-L112-H 122 80€ Panasonic telephone answering and fax machine , excellent condition 40€ White Roman blind L175 W150 30€ Black curtain pole with brckets and stoppers max 350 25€ Black curtain pole with brackets and stoppers max 220 20€ 6ft xmas tree with lights and balls 50€ TV bracket for wall 25€ 2 telefonica routers 20€ Morphy richards slow cooker hardly used excellent condition 30€ Cloths size 10/12 and beach bags,towels,belts bikinis,jackets belts trousers etc total 135 items 50€ cloths size 16 17 items 10€ Silver picture frame 9x7 3€ 13 candle holders in black iron beautiful 25€ 2 x Garden trees in pots very heavy 50.00€ Brown glaze plant pot large 8€ 92 beautiful handbag hooks ( ladies do not have to put there handbags on the floor they will attach to any surface all different designs) all for 250€ normally sell for 15€ each Stainless steel step ladders 25€ sewing machine excellent condition in box 100€ Heated rollers from boots uk good condition 30€ Contact Julie 692045460


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Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012 MOTORING / DIY

How to fit a two-way lighting circuit using junction boxes to the same terminal as the earth wire from the feed cable. The following picture is exactly the same as the picture above with the addition of another cable which provides the feed for

The junction box should be wired as shown below.

Fig 2 the next junction box. The cable going to the next junction box is connected as follows (fig 2). The red wire going to the next junction box is connected to the same terminal as the red wire from the feed cable, the black wire going to the next junction box is connected to the same Fig 1 terminal as the black wire from the feed cable and the earth wire going to the next Explanation of above picture. (fig 1)  junction box is connected to the same terThe feed cable comes from a previous juncminal as the earth wire from the feed cable. tion box or from the consumer unit, the The first two way switch is quite easy to red, black and earth wires are connected to wire up. separate terminals. The earth wire must be Fig 3 covered with green/yellow sleeving. The cable going to the first light switch is connected as follows (fig 1). The red wire going to the switch is connected to the same terminal as the red wire from the feed cable, the black wire is unused, and the earth wire is connected to the same terminal as the earth wire from the feed cable. The cable coming from the ceiling rose is connected as follows (fig 1). The red wire coming from the ceiling rose is unused, the black wire coming from the ceiling rose is   The feed cable going to the first switch connected to the same terminal as the black is connected as follows (fig 3). The red wire wire from the feed cable and the earth wire is connected to the (L1) terminal, the black coming from the ceiling rose is connected


MOTORWORLD The sign indicates that this vehicle is not legally permitted to travel faster than the speed limit shown. This applies to certain drivers in certain circumstances and vehicles needing authorization to be used. You would normally see these signs on the rear of Lorries and vans for example. Luminous vertical and horizontal yellow signs normally seen on the rear of lorries indicate that the vehicle is longer than 12 meters. Circular signs with a letter in the centre signify the country

wire is unused and should be connected in a plastic terminal block and the earth wire is connected to the earth terminal. The cable going out to the second light switch is connected as follows(fig 3). The red wire is connected to the (L1) terminal, the black wire (marked with red tape or red sleeving) is connected to the (L2) terminal and the earth wire is connected to the earth terminal. If you are using a plastic switch the earth wires will need to be connected to the terminal in the terminal box (as shown above) because there are no earth terminals on plastic switches. Fig 4

The second two way light switch is also quite easy to wire up. The cable coming from the first light switch is connected as follows (fig 4). The red wire is connected to the (L1) terminal, the black wire (marked with red tape or red sleeving) is connected to the (L2) terminal and the earth wire is connected to the earth terminal. The cable going to the ceiling rose or junction box is connected as follows (fig 4). The red wire is connected to the common (C) terminal, the black wire is unused and should be connected in a plastic terminal block and the earth wire is connected to the earth terminal. A metal light switch must be earthed as seen below.

Fig 5 If you are using metal light switches (fig 5) make sure you connect the earth wire to the earth terminal on the switch. When using a ceiling rose on a circuit that utilises junction boxes, again the wiring is quite easy, the difficult part is working at height and above your head.

Fig 6 The cable going to the ceiling rose from the second light switch is connected as follows (fig 6). The red wire is connected to the same terminal block that contains the brown wire going to the lampholder, the black wire is unused (this can be taped back or cut off) and the earth wire is connected to the earth terminal. The cable going back to the junction box is connected as follows (fig 6). The red wire is unused (this can be taped back or cut off), the black wire is connected to the same terminal block that contains the blue wire going to the lampholder and the earth wire is connected to the earth terminal.

Do you know your transport & road signs ? of origin of the vehicle. If the car does not originate from Spain it is obligatory to display this sign unless the car has European number plates. The sign should normally be displayed on the rear of the car. An S.P. sign indicates that the vehicle is a public service vehicle most commonly seen on taxis and buses. These sign means that they have the necessary licences to transport passengers and/or goods. This signs are displayed on both the front and the rear of the vehicle. An orange square sign with numbers displayed indicates that the vehicle is carrying or can car-

ry hazards substances such as gas, petrol, etc. Again this should be displayed on the front and the rear of a vehicle. A green L sign means that the person driving is a new driver; this sign should be displayed in the rear of the vehicle and should be displayed for 12 months from the date of passing their test. A blue or red L sign means a learner driver. In Spain these are only displayed on registered driving school vehicles and only shown whilst a learner is driving. A square red and white diagonally

stripped sign indicates that the vehicle is carrying a load that is longer that the vehicle. This should be displayed at the furthest point of the load perpendicularly. If the load is wider there should be two signs one at either side of the load. This sign is a Vado, they are usually displayed by garage entrances and they mean that parking or stopping is not permitted and in most cases they will also be accompanied by as sign indicating that if you park your car will be towed. If you block a vado the owner is entitled to call the police and have your car removed. An individual or house owner with an entrance onto a public highway can also apply to their local Town Hall for a Vado , it is not restricted to business owners.

Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012 advertisment



Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012

Fight Night sport

On Friday, 2nd March, Xtreme Fitness in Las Chafiras celebrated their first Fight Night. One of many more to come. The night was dedicated to boxing; and what a night! The evening began with an exhibition, which was followed by three amateur fights, two semi-pro and one pro fight. Juan José Pedraza(amateur) weighing 81 kilos and representing Gimnasio Povedano won with a K.O. against his opponent Ivan from Gimnasio Josha. Miguel, also amateur, weighing 69 kilos in the Welterweight class and representing Gimnasio Povedano also had a clear win with a K.O. against William from the

Reybull team. The pro fight of the night was between the Canarian boxer Adasat, also from Povedano and the Brazilian Tulio Palhares from Gimnasio Valencia. Both weighing 81 kilos and fighting in the Light Heavyweight category. There were to be six rounds of three minutes each, but Adasat is one powerful boxer. He took Tulio into his territory, cornering him and with just two punches and one final jab

under the chin he had Tulio on the floor and another K.O. in an amazing time of only 33 seconds into the first round. You can see this on Youtube: Adasat vs Tulio Palhares. The boxing was accompanied with special effects such as lights, smoke, good music and all hosted by the M.C “Sonic”. The evening was very well organised, with everybody given a seat to enjoy the event, and the V.I.P. zone was a total hit and extremely elegant. There was a good bar service on hand and even food on offer. Well done to everyone at Xtreme Fitness and thanks for a great way to spend a Friday evening and can’t wait till the next Fight Night, which will be Cage Fighting on the 13th April.

The Valencia Government has said it will pick up the tab for the costs of Formula One in the city. El País reports it has taken some time to discover what cannon was being paid to Bernie Ecclestone in Valencia, but the Councillor for Hacienda, José Manuel Vela, has let it slip in a parliamentary intervention, 20.7m Euros. This amount was agreed in its day by then President of Valencia, Francisco Camps, but now the Valencia Govern-

ment want to renegotiate. has been taken over the Generalitat. The accounts of the com- by pany, Valmor Sports, which The opposition Socialists was responsible for the en- have called for the contract tire organisation, declared with Bernie Ecclestone to in 2009 7.7m Euros in in- be rescinded, and for explacome, 6.8m Euros of which nations to why the regional government is paying the came from ticket sales. MP Eva Martínez has debt. There are reports that wondered how that can be so, as in the 2009 in- Ecclestone wants only one come was 33m Euros. race a year in Spain and Valmor was forecast to so the Valencia European face debt repayments of Grand Prix could alternate 800,000 Euros this year and with the Catalan Grand Prix 6.4m Euros in 2013 and suc- in Barcelona. cessive years. An announcement on that Now the company is expected in weeks.


Tee off with Los Palos

Los Palos Centro de Golf, Guaza, is just a few minutes drive from the tourist areas of Las Américas and Los Cristianos. As one of Tenerife’s shining examples of golfing excellence, it’s a must to visit. You don’t need to be a professional or have a handicap to enjoy this par 27, 9-hole course: if you’ve never swung a golf club before, or you’re a seasoned businessman with an entourage, you’ll enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and beautiful surroundings.

Valencia Government takes on F1 debts

The course is set in an idyllic location with stunning views of the majestic mountains of Tenerife. Wildlife abounds here, where you’ll come across all types of furry creatures running through the rough! Although every hole is a par 3, don’t be fooled into thinking that this is just a “walk in the park.” You’ll find plenty of challenges around the course: water hazards (teaming with koi carp) and fairways that require an accurate swing to find the green. Hone your skills at the putting and

chipping greens, where you can take all the time in the world to get that perfect swing, without the worry of being hurried. Your skills can also be finely tuned by the incumbent pros employed by the course to give you pointers and tips in both English and Spanish. The competitive prices vary for holidaymakers, children and residents. The rates also cater for golfers with or without their own clubs. The onsite golf shop will cater to all your needs, and the other course facilities, such as a children’s play area will keep the whole family happy. The golf course has been beautifully

sculptured by Integral Golf Design, which is owned by golf legend, José María Olazabal. The whole area lays on a slight incline, so it’s perfect for all fitness levels. The sunshine in Tenerife can be quite strong, even in winter, so it’s advisable to wear a hat. The dress code is relaxed, but it is advisable to look presentable. There’s no elitism here – everyone makes you feel very welcome. If you’re a golf fanatic or just trying your fist swing; you come back again and again. So, if you want to squeeze in a quick round or settle in for a day’s relaxation, you’ll be glad you came.

Tenerife Weekly - 9th March - 15th March 2012





Hi everyone, lets start by congratulating our 3 lions for their brave effort on Wednesday, as I hoped the Captaincy went to Scott Parker and what a super job he did, although I was quiet surprised to hear what Stuart Pearce had to say after the game.

He insists he will he happy to take control of England for the European Championships this summer but added that he doesn’t not want to be considered as Fabio Capello’s long-term replacement, Arjen Robben scored the winner for Holland in injury time after goals from Gary Cahill and Ashley Young had looked like earning England an unlikely draw after they conceded two goals in two second-half minutes from Robben and Klaas Jan Huntelaar.

And while Pearce was satisfied that he and the squad would take many valuable lessons from last night’s encounter at Wembley, he insists he is prepared to step aside from his role whenever the FA have decided on Capello’s successor. “The full-time manager of England is somebody else at this moment in time. It certainly isn’t me,” said Pearce when asked if his long term plans were with the senior squad. “I feel I would be confident in taking the squad to the Euros because of the experience I have got as an international player and manager. “That wouldn’t be daunting to me. I don’t think after that period I have the experience for this job. “I really enjoyed this week. I would enjoy the summer if that opportunity was there. Well said Stuart but I think you may be underestimating yourself. Reflecting on the performance against Holland, it’s disappointing for England but the exer-

cise was to learn from it and they were up against an outstanding side that had probably their full team out for the start of the game. Let’s face it, the Robbens and the Van Persies of this world are outstanding footballers and the exercise of it will stand our young players in good stead, also Holland did field a starting line-up which included nine players who took part in the World Cup final in South Africa. So onto the problems at Chelsea, with the expected departure of AVB on Monday, so let’s have a look how it went wrong for AVB at Chelsea, some of the key moments that brought about the end to the 8th manager at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea had two players sent off in a 1-0 defeat at QPR in October, and despite winning 2-1 at Wolves early in the New Year, rumours of disharmony in the Chelsea camp were rife. A 3-3 draw with Manchester United in February, followed by defeat at Napoli in the Champions League, piled pressure on the 34-year-old. The Blues’ 1-0 defeat at West Brom proved to be the final straw for the Chel-

sea hierarchy, and after only nine months in charge at Stamford Bridge, VillasBoas’s reign was over. I also think the Handling of some of the keys players such as Frank Lampard did not help his cause. Frank Lampard is not a player whose ego walks into a room before him, but everyone has a limit. Having been Chelsea’s best, most consistent player for the last 10 seasons, Lampard was understandably miffed to be left on the bench as players like Raul Meireles were picked ahead of him. Lampard’s exclusion for big games often felt like Villas-Boas was trying to make a point, rather than win three points. But time waits for no man at Stamford Bridge

and with owners like Roman Abramovich, who gathered his trusted advisors around him at Chelsea’s Cobham training complex on Sunday, Abramovich answers to no-one at Stamford Bridge, certainly not the growing number of managers he has hired and fired during his time as Chelsea owner. If he has been taking advice, however, the growing body of evidence suggests some

of it has been bad. And yet it might be the greatest service the secretive, silent Abramovich’s inner circle could do Chelsea if they plucked up the courage to point out the mistakes the Russian has made, the list of errors that mean he is now further away from his dream of winning the Champions League than at any point in his time in the club. Abramovich made a mistake in allowing “The Special One” Jose Mourinho

to slip from his and Chelsea’s grasp in 2007. The pair’s relationship had fractured but common sense decreed that his departure was never going to be good news for anyone at Stamford Bridge. He for having the audacity to fail to win a trophy in the 12 months following his historic feat of winning the Premier

League and FA Cup double. And now, having personally overseen the appointment of Villas-Boas, Abramovich has effectively admitted to another error by sacking him in such short order, with Saturday’s loss at West Bromwich Albion the final straw in a sequence of only three wins in 12 league games. Abramovich’s wealth and lavish investment in Chelsea’s squad has always acted as an effective shield against criticism, but discontent with performances this season suggests a tipping point is being reached. What Abramovich did get right was, after sacking Villas-Boas, turning his fire on Chelsea’s players who have done little to assist their young former manager in his time of struggle, indeed at times seeming almost willing to add to his troubles. Time will tell if Abramovich’s harsh words have any effect on the powerful characters inside the Chelsea dressing room as the real fear emerges that they may not even qualify for next season’s Champions League.

Till next week have a great read.


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Tenerife Weekly Issue 22