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Go Wild in Rio

Denise Welch and Tim Healy's annual winter ball was held at Events City near the Trafford Centre, with a Rio Carnival theme. Jayne McDonald, Joe McElderry and Latino Heat provided the entertainment, for over 700 people, including forty celebrity guests. The evening raised a huge total of ÂŁ39,000, split between the Gem Appeal charity and Teenage Cancer Trust, with several people pledging to continue to fund raise throughout the year.

This year's Gem Appeal summer ball is at The Riverside, Whitworth on 8th June and is themed on GEMS of Stage and Screen. Dress can be in theme or evening attire. Tickets are ÂŁ50 each and discounts are available for volume bookings. For more information please contact Garry Whitworth on 07972 381887.

Pictures courtesy of David Howles


Winner, Craig Philip Szlatoszlavek

me and us

Organised to celebrate the 2012 International Year of Co-operatives, the ‘You, Me and Us’ photography competition attracted more than 100 entries from across the globe, from people keen to show what Rochdale means to them.

In February, an exhibition of the top 18 photographs was officially opened by the Mayor of Rochdale, Councillor James Gartside and the Mayoress of Rochdale, Councillor Jane Gartside, who also presented prizes to the winners.

A panel of expert judges awarded first place to ‘Olympic Torch Day’ by Craig Philip Szlatoszlavek, which showed a scene from The Esplanade in Rochdale on a very special day last June.

Second Place, Kerry Parkes

Third Place, Stephen Elphick

It was Drake Street that provided the inspiration for Kerry Parkes, who came second in the competition, with a picture vividly portraying the Metrolink works taking place.

Third place went to Stephen Elphick for his picture of the Rushbearing 2012 in Littleborough Village, which perfectly captured the spirit of the event.

These photographs will go on a tour around the Borough of Rochdale for the next 12 months.


MeSSage FROM THE eDitoR Dear Readers,

Welcome to the spring 2013 edition of Rochdale Style, which includes some exciting celebrity interviews and plenty of ‘good news’ stories, along with all our usual features.

Our magazine continues to celebrate and promote the positives of Rochdale and things are definitely changing around the town at the moment. Spring may well be in the air, but snowfalls have brought the country to a standstill since the start of 2013. The testing of the tram is well underway and was spotted by the Style team at Rochdale Station on a bleak February day.

Testing out the tram

There are definite signs that these changes will bring benefits to the town and despite the difficulties getting around Rochdale just now, we must remain positive about our town’s future.

At Style, we continue to promote the fantastic restaurants in Rochdale and local independent shops, together with places to visit like The Co-operative museum and the award winning Touchstones museum and visitors centre.

We urge Style readers to continue to use our local independent shops and services, who need your support now more than ever.

Rochdale under a blanket of snow. Image: Peter Clegg

In this issue, we have featured pictures of Rochdale town centre taken back in the 1960's and 1970's, when people could only shop on the high street. We hope they bring back some pleasant memories of a time before online shopping! Those days when visiting Rochdale town centre to get your new outfit or as I remember spending your weekly pocket money was something to really look forward to.

Could we ever revive Rochdale town centre to be as busy? Is the answer really to build yet another shopping centre? We would be interested in your views so please get in touch with your ideas of what you think is best for Rochdale. We will publish your thoughts in the summer magazine - email I hope you enjoy this edition.

Colin Meredith, Editor

The Rochdale countryside. Image: Peter Clegg 4

The Baum Pub on Toad lane and Chantilly on Cheetham Street have both won national awards recently for their excellence, giving Rochdale national recognition and Style would like to congratulate them both.


JULIAN CLARY You are invited to a wedding. Please bring your own confetti. In his hilarious new show, "Position Vacant, Apply Within", which is touring the UK this spring, comedian Julian Clary is looking for love, and he's determined not to depart empty-handed. He promises to leave no straight unturned. As he scours the land in search of love, Julian announces that, "Because I'm still considered quite a catch and because your town is noted for its heterosexuals on the cusp, there's bound to be stiff competition. Therefore, I will be hosting ruthless elimination games. We can be sure of one thing: by the end of the evening we’ll all be celebrating my new partnership." Can't wait! What distinguishes Julian's act is the sheer warmth that he generates onstage; he is a marvellous mixture of the funny and the frank. In person, he exudes that same compelling mixture of glamour and humour, which captivates audiences in the theatre. Julian's standing has only been enhanced by his victory in Celebrity Big Brother last year, when his natural acerbic wit won over millions of viewers. He reflects on the experience now. "There was a phenomenal opportunity for comedy with that bizarre collection of people – thank God we were able to have a laugh!”

COMPETITION! Style has teamed up with the Middleton Arena to offer readers the chance to see Julian Clary live on stage. A pair of tickets for Weds 29th May are up for grabs in our competition. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy this fabulous evening of hilarious entertainment from two of the best seats in the house. To be in with a chance of winning just enter our competition on page 75. Details about Julian's nationwide tour are available on


YouTube. It's a serious song about gay marriage and persecution around the world. Everything is political. I dared myself to do it, and I'm very glad I did it. People told me they find it very moving. It's given them something different to think about on the way home." The very favorable audience reaction leads Julian to think that “Position Vacant, Apply Within" is, "The best show I've done for many years. I seem to have found a new place with it. It's what I've always wanted to do." Julian clearly revels in audience participation. He observes that, "Although it requires a lot of plate-spinning, it wakes everyone up. Everyone knows it's dangerous and improvised and anything can happen.” Julian has a wonderful rapport with his fans, many of whom have been following him for the last 30 years. The comedian, who was also made memorable appearances on shows such as Who Do You Think You Are?, Have I Got News For You and QI, muses that, "My fans and I have evolved together. The comedian, who has also developed a second career as a bestselling novelist, is an effortless showman. He explains his love of performing. "It is an addictive thing. Getting a laugh is very good for my soul and for my ego. I genuinely look forward to it after nine months at home writing a book. I could never just write books. I need to go out and feel the love.”

"The show is like an open audition. We get a lot of people up on stage – up to eight. No man is safe, even though they don't all have to be men. Like Sticky Moments, there is a series of elimination rounds. I have a cattle pen with a white picket fence and a prod so I can herd them into it. The eventual winner has a gay marriage with me, conducted by a ‘bishop’."

Julian goes on to articulate the thrill he feels whenever he steps on stage. "Is it possible to put the feeling into words? I love the fact that it's my material and my world. I often think how difficult an actor's life must be – you sit around waiting for someone to invite you to say someone else's words. But stand-up is your own universe.”

“They really have to earn the right to marry me. The winner is hoiked backstage to spend time with me at the end of the show."

The comic outlines why he was drawn to the idea behind "Position Vacant, Apply Within", which is coming to the Middleton Arena on 29th May. "When I first dreamt up the idea for the show, my partner had gone to LA and I didn't think he was coming back. Initially he went for six months, but he ended up staying 18 months. So I thought, 'I'll show you!' He's back now, of course, but the idea of looking for love remains.”

He says that the conceit of competing to marry him "Never fails. It is ever such a good comic device. I needn't have worried about controlling eight people on stage; only twice in 50 shows have I had to get people off the stage – and they were both on drugs. People totally get it – it's greeted with absolute howls of laughter. It's pretty riotous and anarchic. It may be a load of old nonsense, but it's great fun. Also, having a wedding ceremony with confetti makes it quite touching." Given the recent headlines about gay marriage, the show is also very topical. "That has given it an extra boost," Julian confirms. "We also finish with a song, ‘Cool To Be Queer' which you can see now on

"It's rather sweet that the people who saw me when they were students are now coming to my shows with their grown-up children. There is a real history there. People know what they're buying the ticket for: glamour, nonsense and vulgarity." Julian has built his career on the brilliant use of camp comedy and he considers why we Brits love it so much. "Camp comedy is a way of trivialising life – and I'm all for that. It has also always worked really well for me. Does Shirley Bassey ever get fed up with singing Diamonds Are Forever? Of course not. It's who she is. She's not suddenly going to become a folk singer with a beard and a finger in her ear. Could he ever have imagined doing any other job? "I'm quite good at solving people’s problems," he replies, "so in another life I might have been a counsellor. I'm always doing that in my spare time anyway." "I'm very grateful that I'm allowed to do all these things. Lord knows, I wouldn’t have lasted five minutes if I'd had to grow up and do something sensible."


NUtteRS and DaLeMeDia Keep it Local

Rochdale-based Dalemedia Ltd ( have built a brand-new website for local celebrity chef andrew Nutter. the new Nutters Restaurant website ( was launched in February with lots of great stories, latest news, tweets, downloadable menus and mouth-watering images for all those customers keen to enjoy andrew's truly exceptional cooking.

Dale Media Director Mark Birkett and

andrew Nutter are both keen supporters of the 'Shop Local' initiative, which focuses

attention on Rochdale's need to support and develop local businesses. andrew Nutter

always 'shops local' for the best ingredients

to serve his customers and that's why he

chose Dalemedia to create his new website.

In the same way, Dalemedia has a ‘Shop Local, Employ Local’ policy too. Mark Birkett commented, "We all know how tough these economic times are and Rochdalians know it better than most. That's why as an ex-RMBC Councillor, local businessman and resident, I'm keen to help any new business ventures get started up in our town. That's why, for the whole of 2013, we will be offering a full 25%

discount on all our published prices to anyone setting up a new business within the Rochdale Metropolitan Borough area. Whatever your business, a stunning website is a must. Additionally, the very first Rochdale entrepreneur to apply via our website will get their own ten-page website, domain name and web hosting from us absolutely FREE of charge; no catch, no small print."

For full details please visit the DaleMedia website -


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The Physiotherapy Clinic, on Bury Rd, currently has a fantastic special offer of just £10 per class if a course of six Pilates sessions is paid for in advance (initial one-hour assessment also required - £40). Instructors are chartered physiotherapists, so will modify the session to suit individual problems and with a max of six participants per class you really feel like your getting expert attention. There are lunchtime and evening classes to choose from and you can progress through beginner, intermediate and advanced classes.

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AUSPERITY LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT FOR LESS We’re all feeling the pinch these days. Our wages probably haven’t risen for a long time, but taxes, food, heating, clothes, driving, kids, rent, mortgages and going out certainly have. Life costs more – but, according to personal finance expert Lucy Tobin, that doesn’t mean it has to be rubbish. Treats can stay on the agenda. There’s no need for a holiday-less year if you trim your costs elsewhere and you might even enjoy doing it. That’s ‘ausperity’ – living a prosperous life on an austerity budget. Lucy Tobin’s new book ‘Ausperity’ contains so many money-saving ideas and tips that added together they’ll knock thousands off the cost of living. Save it carefully and spend it wisely – so you can squeeze more value out of your hard-earned cash and live the high life on a low budget. Here are some of Lucy’s top tips for ausperity living…

SPENDING IT – saving when you spend… IN THE SUPERMARKET… ‘Every time I’m in a supermarket, I mentally cut out ten per cent of my trolley and imagine chucking it in the bin. Not because of some anti-Tesco psychosis, but because that’s how much the average British shopper ends up throwing away every single week. For most families, all that waste tots up to chucking more than £50 a month down the drain.’

ON HOTELS… ‘To be absolutely certain that you’re getting the very best deal around, it’s worth contacting the hotel direct. Even if the price isn’t cheaper they will often consider throwing in extras such as free breakfasts or airport transfers that could lower the overall cost of your break.’ ON NIGHTS OUT... ‘Pre-book cabs at home before you go out so you can search for the best prices and don't pay over the odds outside a club.’ ON HOSTING DINNER… ‘If you’re hosting a big meal, don’t feel that you have to buy the most expensive brands – let decanting become your best friend. Those fake After Eights


you can buy from Aldi? Lay them out prettily on a platter and no one will ever know.’

ON HOMEWARE… ‘The best way to buy furniture is to turn the calendar upside down - buy your garden furniture in winter and your fireplaces in the summer.

MILKING IT – making money go further… WHEN EATING OUT... ‘If there’s a pricey restaurant you’re particularly keen on visiting, it’s worth attempting some last-minute, light bartering. On quiet midweek evenings, for example, especially if the weather’s rubbish, it’s worth phoning to see if the manager will allow you to order off a lunchtime deal for dinner.’ WHEN TRAVELLING… ‘Follow your favourite airlines on social media. You’ll be the first to hear about great offers. And look out for sales on business-class flights, when they can be the same price as economy.’

apply a thick layer of olive oil, put on rubber gloves and place in hot water – the heat of the water will help the oil penetrate and condition your hands.’ IN THE CAR… ‘Motoring experts say that driving at 55mph offers the best fuel economy. And they suggest that in summer, you embrace the idea of your car as your personal sauna, because air conditioning guzzles gas, and opening your windows when driving at high speeds means extra drag which brings down fuel efficiency. When you do need something to cool down, it's usually thought to be more fuel efficient to drive with windows open when travelling at lower speeds, but closing them and switching to air con when driving faster.’ FINANCIAL STUFF – Saving on the big stuff… MORTGAGES… ‘Remortgaging might not be as easy as downgrading your Sainsbury’s loo roll to Aldi’s version, but with mortgage payments taking

bill by switching. Cheap providers have stormed into the market and, even though you’ll still have to pay the standard monthly line rental, you can still find phone deals for less than £10 a month.’ UTILITIES… ‘Don’t necessary stick to the big players. The energy you receive – and how it gets into your home – will be exactly the same, whoever you opt for; the only difference is price and customer service. Smaller, newer companies are trying to boost their share of the market and so may have better deals.’ INSURANCE… ‘Make sure you’re insuring only what you need. With buildings cover, don’t mistake ‘sum insured’ for the amount that you’d put your home on the market for. It should reflect how much to would cost to rebuild it if the whole place collapsed/burnt down/flooded/was blitzed by aliens from outer space/etc. Unless you’re Bob the Builder, you won’t find it easy to work out this amount but luckily there’s a handy tool on the Association of British Insurers’ website – – which will help you find out.’

WHEN CLEANING… ‘Vinegar will clean all counter tops, clear drains and even the microwave - just put half a cup of vinegar and half a cup of water in a microwave-safe bowl and bring it to a rolling boil inside the microwave.’ AT HOME… ‘Make your home look expensive without great expense by buying lamp tables from a local junk shop and refreshing them with paint or varnish. New handles can also make all the difference. Also, use pictures of landscapes to draw you outside the perimeter of your room. Photographs and posters, prints, paintings all help. Try larger ones than you think you need, or groups to create views and trick the eye.’ WITH SKINCARE… ‘For a deep, nourishing hand treatment with ingredients from your kitchen, exfoliate your hands with olive oil and salt then

the biggest chunk out of earnings for millions of Britons, they are one of the most important components of any financial spring clean.’ BANKING… ‘You can find the longest balance transfer deal currently available via a banking comparison site such as’

Lucy Tobin began saving money as a university student and has never looked back. She is personal finance editor of the London Evening Standard and a regular guest on TV shows including BBC Breakfast, Sky News, BBC News 24 & Five Live.

TELECOMS… ‘If you’ve had the same BT phone line and deal in your home since Maureen Lipman played Beattie Bellman in its adverts, I’ll bet that you’ll be able to save money on your phone

COMPETITION! We have two copies of Ausperity to giveaway. Just enter the competition on page 75 to be in with a chance of winning.



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i’m not as young as i once was and apparently arriving at work with a black eye and cauliflower ears may raise eyebrows, so rugby and boxing were both questionable. it was decided then, i would take up kayaking… i had a distant memory of an afternoon at Hollingworth Lake with my classmates. it was cold, no it was colder than cold… it was blummin’ freezing. But there was something about being out on the water.

Yes, I romanticised about getting out on the water on a brisk Sunday morning, feeling the sun on my face and pouring my morning coffee from a flask, bobbin in a boat made for one…! But getting down to brass bones, kayaking is an ideal sport/hobby if, like me, you’re looking to build strength and improve cardio, but minimise joint fatigue. And at the same time, there is scope for a little adventure.

Getting into kayaking was far easier than I first thought. My first call was to Rochdale’s own beauty spot, Hollingworth Lake. Before I knew it, I was signed up to a weekend course to get my ‘One Star’; basically the kayaking driving test to teach you the essentials to kayak both safely and competently.


Hollingworth Lake Activity Centre staff were genuinely fantastic, from the reception staff that answered my every query, to Jackie - our instructor, lake tour guide, not to mention helpin-hand, should any of our class get into any trouble. The entire learning experience was not only a breeze, but an enjoyable one. And by the end of the two days, you would hardly have recognised the wobbly, tentative collection of strangers, who hadn’t known a kayak from a canoe the morning prior. I didn’t end up in the water until ten minutes before we finished on the last day, and that was by choice. Although one of us did get a bit over confident and ended up upside down, but all that did was raise morale.

Everyone passed the course, and once you complete your One Star, you can join the BCU (British Canoe Union). It’s not expensive and you get a license to paddle on 5000km of Britain's navigations and canals, civil liability Insurance (up to £10 million), plus magazine subscription and discounts on just about everything you will need for your new hobby. After a lot of research, I went out and bought a kayak and most of the kit the following week, but there are lots of great second hand deals to be had

online and if you go to somewhere like the lake, you can hire whatever you need very reasonably.

So yes, the weekend was a good laugh, I now have a new hobby and met some great people. But I must stress, there is a serious side to the sport and I would advise you to go on a course before putting yourself in unnecessary danger. There are a lot of simple do's and don'ts, but providing you take the time to learn them from a qualified instructor, there is a lot of fun, relaxation and a stronger, fitter you to be had.

James Statham

Hollingworth Lake activity Centre - 01706 370499. OPEN DAY - SUNDAY 28 APRIL, 10AM-4PM, ENTRANCE £2.00. / BCU 1 Star Kayak & Canoe weekend course - £95.00 - 2013 dates: 6-7 April, 4-5 May, 1-2 June, 6-7 July, 3-4 Aug, 21-22 Sept, 12-13 Oct, 2-3 Nov.

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Tales of Terror

Horrifying Hauntings

forThcoming walks all walks only £5 per person all walks start from e Baum on Toad lane rochdale greater manchesters camra pub of the year 2012 march 21st may 2nd & 16th

april 4th & 18th all at 7.30……

following summer walks at 9.00pm 6th & 20th June 4th & 18th July 1st & 15th august en back to 7.30 for 5th & 19th september

3rd & 17th october

halloween special ursday 31st october family walk @ 7.00pm

adults walk @ 8.30pm

7th & 21st november

5th & 19th December

you can now book and pay online at no booking charge…. why not arrange a private walk for you and your friends... dine at the award winning Baum pub before or aer your walk. We will arrange everything for you...

Join us through the narrow alleyways and hidden courtyards as we delve into rochdale's murderous past ! we take you on a journey back in time, into the shadowy recesses of forgotten parts of rochdale, disturbing the sleep of the long departed, as the dead stir once more into ghostly life. Join your guide for a walk around the haunted streets of rochdale.


ghost walk suitable for adults & children. all children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.


as featured on

walks start 7.30 pm the first and third ursday each month. e Baum pub 33-37 Toad lane rochdale ol12 0nu no neeD To Book JusT Turn up.

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Pam Warhurst, a businesswoman and former council leader, in todmorden, decided to do something positive in her community. Her bright idea involved planting seeds and putting public spaces to more productive use. Before long, edible things were cropping up all over town and residents were urged to help themselves to the free locally-grown food. the idea has now taken root in many towns across the UK and beyond.

NoW it’S RoCHDaLe’S tURN…

incredible edible Rochdale (ieR) will transform unused and disused spaces in Rochdale town centre into beautiful food growing hotspots, packed with herbs, fruit and vegetables. ieR are hoping that local communities, shops, schools and colleges will then adopt a plot and become urban farmers.

Many of the beds will have free produce for local residents to help themselves to. A spokesperson for IER commented: “We want to juxtapose small pockets of living land against the industrial heritage of Rochdale Town Centre. In the spirit of the birthplace of the Co-operative movement, we want residents to work together to produce food, learn new skills, create novel points of interest and increase the amount of green space within the town centre”.

Just over £8000 needs to be raised to get the scheme up and running, £5000 of which has already been pledged. Community groups, businesses and local residents are being urged to help raise the remainder.

JUSt a FeW oF tHe BeNeFitS… * Local food, grown by local people, learning new skills, eaten in local restaurants and cafes.

Once up and running, Incredible Edible would assign selected plots to interested groups, buy tools, seeds and materials for raised beds and provide expert food growing workshops.

* increase footfall in the town centre and interest in the natural environment.

Possible sites include near Touchstones Museum, the memorial gardens and police station.

It is hoped that the project will also serve as a high profile catalyst, from which other communities across the borough can start their own food growing schemes on underused or unattractive local land.

* People, young and old, from all types of cultural and ethnic backgrounds will be learning new skills and working together.

* Under used and under maintained spots will be utilised and turned into beautiful points of interest. * increase biodiversity and promote the beauty that is local produce.

IER would welcome sponsorship of plots, from local businesses and organisations. For more details please visit


MiltonJones COMEDIAN

Celebrated 'Sultan of the surreal' (Guardian) and multi-award winning Mock the Week and Radio 4 star, Milton Jones, is back out ‘On the Road’ with his brand new tour, along with lots of brand new jokes every bit as sharp and dazzling as his shirts. Milton is travelling the length and breadth of

the country, displaying his brand new material.

Half man, half deck-chair, as well as

hairdresser’s nightmare, Jones has earned his 18

place amongst Britain’s gag-smith elite. If you

had commissioned for BBC Radio 4, then you

Comedy Roadshow (BBC One), Live at the

box once more… all this plus some pictures he

liked the stuff he’s done on Michael McIntyre's

Apollo (BBC One) or the nine radio series he has

will love his new hits, as he cranks up his joke drew!

Q. Is Milton your real name? A. I’m afraid so. As a child I heard all the jokes about being ‘keen’, sterilising fluid and always having bits of food in my hair. Actually, that last one might not be to do with my name. One of my ambitions is to one day overhear someone make fun of Milton Keynes by calling it ‘Milton Jones’.

Did you make people laugh at school? Maybe behind my back, but I was always quite a quiet kid and kept myself to myself. Fortunately I discovered acting.

So you wanted to be an actor? Yes, but no-one else wanted me to - well I didn’t have much work at the time. But the thing about stand-up is that if you have the bottle you can get up and do it if you want. So I gave it a try. My first few attempts weren’t great but I was arrogant enough to keep going. When it began to work I noticed that unlike acting, you didn’t have to rehearse or share the laughs with anyone else. But also unlike acting if it went wrong there was no-one else to blame.

How did you end up doing one-liners? I’ve always had a short concentration span. I think I appeal to other people who have short concentration spans (not that they will have read this far). I think if a one-liner succeeds you put a tiny but entertaining cartoon in peoples’ heads.

What’s it like being on Mock The Week? It’s a bit like doing a comedy exam in public. The hardest part is to get a word in when other people are talking. But next series I will be distracting people with my lucky klaxon.

Where do you get your shirts? Retro shops usually. If people don’t remember my name at least they remember the shirt. Actually, people have started turning up to my shows wearing that type of shirt now. They shouldn’t do it, they don’t understand what they’re messing with!

You’ve also done nine series for Radio 4 – which do you prefer radio or television? Radio is great because it’s reading some words out while someone presses ‘record’. TV requires lots of meetings, equipment and hundreds of people – most of whom I have no idea what they do. But television is ultimately more powerful, and reaches a bigger range of people. I love Radio 4 though, it’s a bit like listening to the voice of your parents after you’ve left home. Oh yes, my Mum would often read us the shipping forecast until we fell asleep.

You’ve been around a while now – how has the comedy scene changed during your career? Stand-up is much bigger now, but also less risky and inventive than it used to be. When I started there was an act called the Iceman who brought a giant block of ice on stage and melted it with a blowtorch while shouting weak puns about ice. Okay, he’d be unlikely to sell out the O2 Arena but the circuit has lost some of its tin-pot charm. Also, all the reality competitions mean audiences often see things in terms of ‘who won?’ rather than just enjoying the variety of a show.

You have three children now don’t you? Yes they are the light of my life. I forget their names. They are also my severest critics of course – if I wear the wrong thing, if a joke doesn’t work or if I consistently refuse to let them out of the fridge. My wife is an illustrator so its always been hard for us to get them to take exams seriously as they weren’t much use to us. Anyway our children will probably all rebel and become accountants.

Tell us about the new tour… On the Road will contain jokes, music, and pictures. It will also have descriptions of the tour so far – gigs in Glasgow, Narnia and fourteenth century France. Don’t come if you don’t like jokes though.

What has been the best or worst heckle you’ve ever had? Once when I was on stage someone shouted ‘What is this?’; it was a philosophical heckle really. I didn’t know what to reply. It was too big a question for me to answer. In a way I’d like to have ended the show then and there. But we all carried on like idiots.

Do you have any hobbies? I like running. It’s sort of the physical opposite of what I do for a living (standing still and talking). And obviously I’ve had a lot practice trying to escape from angry audiences. I still play the odd bit of football too.

We hear you have an old VW camper van? True. It’s called Mother Teresa because it’s blue and white and old. Over the years we’ve often crammed all the kids and their stuff in and headed off to the country to solve mysteries, like they did in Scooby Doo.

What else have you been up to this year? I spent three weeks in New Zealand in the spring. It was excellent as it is a lovely place and it’s still 1995 over there, which meant I could do all my old jokes. I’ve also been doing a few panel games and trying to think of TV ideas. My diary this summer seems to be full of festivals. These days any town that can get hold of a marquee and microphone seems to have a comedy tent.

Any plans for the future? After ‘On the Road’ I would like to do more TV acting, have my own TV show and maybe be in a film. Then I would like to own a castle, a small city and so on until, eventually, I have an empire that stretches from West London to the outskirts of China. But to be honest, it’s more likely to be the same round of radio, TV panel games and odd visits to arts centres. Milton is heading to the gracie Fields theatre, Rochdale on 20th March 2013 (tickets: 01706 716689). For more information visit or follow Milton on twitter @themiltonjones.


tRoPHY in toWN

the Rugby League World Cup recently visited Rochdale during its tour of england, Wales and France.

SPeCiaL gUeStS: Michael Ratu (left) one of the original Fijian pioneers, Mark Wynn and ged Corcoran from Rugby League ireland with the Rugby League World Cup. Both Hornets and the town have a long association with the local Fijian community, which is the largest outside London.

the impressive silver-plated trophy was a popular attraction in the Wheatsheaf Shopping Centre, with hundreds taking the chance to have their picture taken with the famous cup.

Rochdale hosts the Group A match between Fiji and Ireland at Spotland Stadium on 28 October this year. And Fiji will be Rochdale’s

adopted nation for the duration of the tournament. Whilst many had come to see the sports ultimate prize, there were also some looks of amazement from shoppers as they spotted the celebrated trophy on show!

Mark Wynn, Chairman of Rochdale Hornets, said it got a great reception: “It was an honour to see this famous trophy come to Rochdale

and we were literally swamped with people wanting their photos taken with it.”

The famous trophy will return to the borough again this summer. Upwards of half a million people are expected to watch the 28 matches live over a six-week period in the autumn, with a further 20 million viewers from 120 countries tuning in around the world.

Tickets starting at £10 (£5 concessions) are available to purchase for all games at or phone 0844 847 2013.




Family Run Business Established 1935. WET ROOM SPECIALISTS


Seeley’s Bathrooms Ltd 16 St Marys Gate Rochdale OL16 1DZ

01706 643116 20

i GIFT Vouchers Available i i A Small Deposit Secures Any item i i Great Offers instore i i Very Competitive Prices i i One stop shop for newborn to childen aged 6 years i Opening House Mon-Tues 10.00am-4.00pm Wed-Fri 10.00am - 5.00pm / Sat 10.00 - 4.30pm 64 Drake Street


% cher 10 FFvou Othis Tel: 01706 526556

Just For

h it w

CJ’s Baby Boutique

Micro Loop, Weave and Bonded hair extensions Nails and Beauty Cut and Colouring hairdressing services GHD Stockists Spray Tanning 225 Watt Sunbed Prom and wedding packages available

657 Edenfield Road / Norden / Rochdale / OL11 5XE

taLeNt ON SHOW Telephone: 01706 868 669

t's & c's apply. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer.

l Art Gallery and Gift Shop l Large Selection of Cards l Original Paintings l Handmade Jewellery l Glassware l Local Crafts l Gift Vouchers Available l REGULAR EXHIBITIONS l Now Holding Art Workshops l l

Weds Eve 6 - 8.30 FIRST SESSION FREE Models always required for our adult Portrait workshops. PAT KING EXHIBITION OPENS 22ND NOV

Telephone 01706 354076 Number Ten Art Gallery,

10 Baillie Street, Rochdale OL16 1JG

Number ten gallery on Baillie Street are hosting an open art & photography exhibition. The exhibition showcases work from artists, both professional and amateur, for an eight week period. Anyone can enter - they must bring their exhibits between the 20th - 27th March 2013. Entry forms and full terms & conditions are available at the gallery.

All pieces will be available for sale. More details on 01706 354076.


Yorkshire Street 1960’s

M EMORY LANE rolling back the years Yorkshire Street

Many of these pictures have been posted on the Facebook page ‘Rochdale Past, Present and Future’, created by proud Rochdalian, Neil Myers, with a hope to inspire nostalgia and commitment to this great town.

Champness Hall 1960’s

Yelloway Coach Depot

Why not join the page and post any pictures you may have of Rochdale at

Electric House, Smith Street

Rochdale Market 1960’s

The Holme 1960’s


Blackwater Street 1950’s

The Esplanade

Lord Street

Yorkshire Street 1968

Flying Horse Hotel 1960’s Yorkshire Street 1940’s

Yorkshire Street 1950’s

Corner of Cheetham Street & Yorkshire Street 1950’s

Rialto Cinema 1960’s

ABC Cinema 1963

Rochdale Market 1960’s



Debbie O'Brien, Town Centre Manager, commented: "Keep your eyes peeled for the great, quirky events which pop up regularly, from live acoustic music in the cafe through to creative workshops delivered by our tenants.

We really are quite special as a destination, and operating as a not for profit company, this initiative is all about delivering something different to the local people. So if you haven’t managed to visit our special oasis, please come and see us on Yorkshire Street, above 25Ten Boutique, you wont be disappointed."

Business friends Amy McHugh and Hannah Gooch, both from Norden, have teamed up in an effort to boost business in the town centre. Both ambitious young ladies sell affordable quality children's clothing and first teamed up to host clothes parties and wine evenings. When their business started to take off they needed their own premises and The Emporium proved to be the ideal prominent location, in the heart of Rochdale.


Wicked wardrobe is the latest addition to The Emporium, next to The Feel Good Cafe and above 25Ten Boutique, on the corner of Yorkshire Street and Cheetham Street, Rochdale. FeeL gooD CaFe 87 - 89 Yorkshire Street Rochdale OL16 1DW 01706 630985 oPeN Mon - Fri 10 - 5.30 Sat 9 - 5



NoW aVaiLaBLe NeW RooFiNg SYSteMBea UtiFUL gaRDeN RooM. a tURN YoUR CoNSeRVatoRY iN to Cool in summer. Warm in winter. 55 YEARS EXPERIENCE AND STILL GOING STRONG

Then we add a solid roof.

4 Giving you the extra living space you have always wanted.

Free Survey Call 01706 713446 or 07977 863476


Our service backs up a fantastic


Get’s the job done!







range of products, made to the



We will then construct an insulated lightweight aluminium structure.



First of all we remove the roof.




lie r a p p ro

highest standard from one of Europe’s largest uPVC windows, doors and conservatory manufacturers, all fully guaranteed and energy certified. We issue a 10 year guarantee, energy performance certificate and maintenance guide with every order, so you can be sure you’ve got a genuine product.”



Telephone - 01706 713446 or 07977863476 Email -

Unit 28 | Caldershaw Business Centre | Ings Lane | Rochdale | OL12 7LF

A Bride’s Guide


Over the next few pages you will find many local independent retailers and venues, which all provide a high quality Style-approved service… eDitoR’S tiPS:

When planning to get married we wanted to shop local and support local businesses as much as possible. We used the following shops and services – all of whom we can highly recommended…

Venue: Moss Lodge Hotel – Perfect intimate setting, delicious food and the Wedding Coordinator Pauline made sure the wedding day ran smoothly, from beginning to end.

Ceremony: Rochdale Registrar Services

Dress: Brides of Rochdale - provided a stunning wedding gown by Romantica. Wide range of gowns and great alteration service.

Bridal underwear: Chantilly - bridal underwear and garter. Fantastic customer service and alteration service.

Flowers: Funky Floral - bride and bridesmaids bouquets, buttonholes, table flowers and ceremony room flowers.

transport: olympic travel - mini buses for the hen and stag do’s. groom & groomsmen suits: Denis Hope - groom, best man and ushers suits.

Beauty: Just for looks - 01706 868669 bridal hair, wedding day makeup and beauty treatments.

gifts: Sandifords - great selection of gifts for the bestman and bridesmaids.

alterations/dry cleaning: impeccable dry cleaners - 01706 356320

Thank you to all the fantastic Rochdale businesses who helped make our day extra special. Colin Meredith - Editor

WeDDiNg RiNg eVeNt

Butterworth Brothers, 14 Drake Street, Rochdale,

will be holding their annual wedding ring event on

Sunday 17th March 2013, 10am - 3pm - 10%

discount off all orders placed on the day.


NUTTERS RESTAURANT caters for between 40 and 140 guests.

ROCHDALE CRICKET CLUB caters for between 70 and 220 guests.

THE ROYAL TOBY HOTEL has a choice of three rooms to hold wedding ceremony.

MOSS LODGE HOTEL Country house atmosphere, family owned and run.

MERCURE NORTON GRANGE HOTEL AND SPA four star hotel, 3 wedding rooms to choose from. This popular, relaxed day spotlights their very

flexible range of styles and patterns that can be fine-

tuned to give the look you require. Diamond setting

is available for most patterns and they specialise in

shaped rings to flow around the outline of the

engagement ring.

THE CRIMBLE RESTAURANT set in its own landscaped grounds with a choice of two restaurants. THE BROADFIELD PARK HOTEL set in its own stunning gardens and can cater for up to 200 guests.

ROCHDALE RUFC full catering facilities, balcony with spectacular views and dedicated function organiser.

VILLAGE HOTEL unique setting, 128 bedrooms.

BIRCH HOTEL two function rooms and large well kept gardens.

BELLAVISTA RESTAURANT Italian restaurant, bar and function rooms.

MIDDLETON MASONIC CLUB fully licensed and in-house catering.


Kings Road, Rochdale. OL16 5HW Tel: 01706 350555

Your Toastmaster on your Wedding Day

Mem of ber Nor the G ther Toa uild ofn stm aste rs An intimate and luxurious country house atmosphere, offering you the option of exclusive use of the venue and surrounded by our own delightful gardens, specially landscaped to provide an elegant backdrop for an unforgettable day.

We offer a bespoke wedding service, tailored to meet the individual requirements of your ,once-in-alifetime event - for up to 52 guests.

Alan L Calow

I will conduct the formalities of your Wedding Reception in a friendly yet dignified manner so that the Host & Hostess and the Bride & Bridegroom can relax and enjoy this Special Day

With 14 beautifully appointed guest bedrooms, including our superior four poster room; relax and enjoy a genuinely warm welcome with service that is both personal and unpretentious from this family run hotel. email

Tel 01706 345446


Flowers Weddings Funeral Corporate Home 01706 521252 / 07966415933 2 Roefield, Rooley Moor Road, Rochdale. OL12 7BG

l Comprehensive hire ranges l All the latest jacket styles

l Extensive range of modern and contemporary waistcoats l A vast colour selection of cravats and ties l Suits to buy or hire

At Denis Hope we realise just how important your wedding day is. With over 50 years experience, you will receive individual attention and professional advice ensuring you the best in quality and service.

83-85 Drake Street Rochdale OL16 1SD 01706 649264

shop online 28

Style Wedding Planner 12-18 months to go book as soon as possible. _ Visit reception venues and Remember that Saturday dates are always the most popular. _ Work out a budget. _ Decide on approximate number of guests. _ Fix a date and time with the registrar.

_ Book your honeymoon! _Start wedding dress shopping. Also buy your wedding lingerie as need to wear it at dress soon as possible as you will fittings.

10 months to go , best man and ushers. _ Choose your bridesmaids . videographer if you want one d an r he ap gr oto ph r you ok _ Bo ing shoes and accessories. _ Go shopping for your wedd e or wedding theme. _ Decide on a colour schem d discuss ideas for flower _ Speak to local florists an ttonholes. arrangements, bouquets, bu h ffet choice and drink order wit _ Confirm your menu or bu the venue or caterer. h your bridesmaids! _ Go on a shopping trip wit

8 months to go

_ If you are marrying in a church, meet with the minister to discuss readings and music. If you are having a civil ceremony, ask about the readings and music you are allowed. _ Order your invitations, envelopes and RSVP cards if you are having them.

_ Book transport to your wedding venue, for yourself, and the bridal party.

_ Book at DJ, band or other entertainment for your reception.

_ Order your wedding cake.

_ Order or make your wedding favours if you want to have them. 6 months to go

_ Order outfits for the groom, best man and ushers.

_ Pick your wedding rings.

_ Confirm your order of service with the minister or registrar.

_ Book accommodation for your wedding night.

3 months to go _ Discuss hen and stag night ideas with your attendants. Or, if you are brave enough, let them plan it all! _ Choose a hairdresser and book a consultation to discuss styles for your wedding. _ Choose a make up artist and try out different looks. Alternatively, book in for a consultation and a make up lesson so that you can do it yourself. _ Choose gifts for

your bridemaids, best man and parents. _ Compile a gift list. _ Send out invitations.


Style Wedding Planner


2 months to go to check you _ Try on your whole wedding outfit something haven’t forgotten anything. Remember ed, old, something new, something borrow something blue! wish to have, _ Book any beauty treatments you teeth such as facials, manicures, fake tan, whitening etc! g photographs _ Give a list of ‘must take’ weddin to your photographer. 1 month to go

_ Inform you

rw final numbers edding venue and/or caterer of guests for th of breakfast and e ceremony, w the reception. edding _ Assign resp onsi (handing out bilities to your wedding pa button holes, g rt reeting and se y guests) ating _ Work out a seating plan . _ Decide on your first dan ce an your DJ or ba nd know about d make sure you let any special req _ Wear in you uests. r wedding shoe s. _ Go on your hen and stag p arties!

1 week to go all your wedding _ Make final checks with suppliers. r a list of contact names _ Give the best man/ushe ). and numbers (DJ, florist etc to the best man for safe _ Give the wedding rings keeping! _ Pack for your honeymoon and get your currency. _ Relax! A relaxed bride is a beautiful bride.

Leave the cleaning of your wedding dress to the experts at Impeccable. Preserved in a box for easy storage.

Unit 11 Cutgate Precinct Edenfield Road Rochdale OL11 5AQ

01706 356320


The Ratcliffe offers unrivalled facilities with over 100 free car parking spaces. We have suites available for all occasions. For the memorable day of your life. From champagne on arrival to our excellent choice of menus and buffets.


Contact Steven on 01706 646851

Sandy Lane Rochdale OL11 5DR (next to Rochdale Football Club) 30

YOUR PERFECT DAY.... Make those memories special at Rochdale Town Hall images

No matter how small or large your wedding party Rochdale Town Hall is able to cater for all your needs with a personal and individual approach planning your perfect wedding reception


Hire charges with choice of rooms available e Cake Stand & Knife e Changing facilities for bride & groom e Seating of guests e Wedding announcements e Fully inclusive price including sherry reception, wine & sparkling toast drinks if required.


The Flower and the Glory

Floral Design


Full bespoke wedding service All items individually designed Contemporary and traditional styles for every theme Free consultation

Open Mon – Sat W Local delivery W Credit cards and tel orders accepted

70 Church Street, Littleborough OL15 8AU T: 01706 371860 W W: W E:


it'S aLL aBoUt tHe


Photo: Marjorie Thompson, John Thompson, ‘Patsy’ and Bob Garrett of the Fashion Association of Britain.

the Stars Underlines Best Shop awards 2012 were recently held at the Cumberland Hotel in London, to honour the retail stars of lingerie shops from all over the United Kingdom, ireland and the Channel islands.

A panel of 22 brand leaders nominated those stores which they consider to have something very special to offer in the market place and in 2012 there were over 450 nominations, which were then shortlisted to 60 finalists in eight categories.

le k ab .u ail av at .co ow line ine y n on nl till y o an bu illy Ch to ant

Lingerie, Swimwear & Nightwear Specialists

The awards are organised by the lingerie trade Underlines Magazine and sponsored by INVISTA (owner of the Lycra Fibre brand).

ch w.


Marjorie commented, ‘It is such an honour to win this award and to be recognised as one of the best independent lingerie retailers in the United Kingdom by the industry’s market leaders. The Personal Touch Award is all about



superior personal service and providing quality products and I would like to thank my wonderful customers who have supported Chantilly over the past 28 years'.


The most hotly contested of those categories is the Personal Touch Award with 16 nominees. Marjorie Thompson, owner of Chantilly,


Cheetham St, Rochdale, was absolutely thrilled and delighted to win this prestigious national award, especially in the face of such stiff competition.

‘WINNER in the Best Lingerie Shop Awards for 2012' Chantilly is celebrating 28 years of excellent customer service

e Lise Charmel e Chantelle e Aubade e Lejaby e Fantasie e Freya e Fauve e Empriente e Gottex e Wacoal e Sea Folly e Simone Pérèle e Marie Jo e Prima Donna e La Perla Perfume e Ted Baker e Nicole Oliver e Save The Queen Sun

FREE PROFESSIONAL FITTING SERVICE 4 Cheetham St, Rochdale, TEL: 01706 649012 32

The Riverside a warm welcome awaits you...

Weddings Parties Conferences Funerals

N ow tak in g w ed d in g b oo k in gs f o r 2 0 1 4 t h e p erfect ven u e t o m a k e it you r p erf ect d a y TH E RIVERSI DE, Market St reet, Whit worth, OL12 8DP TEL : 01706 854130 Em ai l: riversi de-wh itw or th@zen. w ww.w hitw ort



“Because none of you come to my church, i thought i’d bring it to you!”

Denise in Hare Hill Park, next to Mephisto's gravestone and Hare Hill House, which inspired part of the Star Keeper’s story.

Talented author, Denise Greenwood, has put Littleborough on the literary map, with the Pennine town and its people providing inspiration for her debut novel ‘Temptation’ and her much-anticipated second novel ‘Star Keeper’. ‘temptation’ is available worldwide, in 4 US eBookstores and several europe stores, as well as amazon, WH Smith, Kobo, Sony, apple and google, and ‘Star Keeper’ is set to follow suit this month.

Despite the evocative title - and even a character named Christian - Denise assures that her debut was not her answer to the raunchy '50 Shades of Grey' series. Instead, it tells the story of a vicar struggling with his demons in today's society.

Inspiration came from local scenery and locations, which formed the basis of the vicar's hometown, Littlecross, as well as Denise's Catholic upbringing and childhood memories.

She was born in Blackpool and settled in Littleborough 20 years ago with husband, Jerry. The couple have a son, 14-year-old Rees.

Denise commented, “Littleborough has changed a lot in the past 20 years and was a very quaint place back then. But I fell in love 34

with the scenery and landscape and many of the people I've known and places I've been to have inspired parts of the story.”

Denise added, “Star Keeper is the second book in the e-series, but I wrote it so that a reader could enjoy the story as a stand alone and then they may be tempted (forgive the pun) to read Temptation. A few of the characters from Temptation moved forward into Star Keeper, but the storyline has evolved into a much darker psychological drama, although still with humour.”

“When I first started writing I had no experience or knowledge of how to put a novel together, let alone how to get it published, but my experience shows that you can enjoy success no matter what your background.”

Denise is now over halfway through the third in the series, ‘Crushed’. To find out more please visit

Ruth Meredith

So begins a naive young Reverend driven to the brink of insanity as he stands on a stage before the drunken, baying audience of Cherries café bar on a Saturday night. He is about to exorcise his personal demons. His nemesis, a teenage boy, hides in the audience eager to use everything he sees and hears for the one passion in his life. temptation is a touching story of loss, discovery and misunderstandings. Darkly humorous events change the lives of all the colourful characters at Cherries café bar and the mudslinging congregation of St Jude’s. temptation may come in many forms but it is up to the tempted to decide whether it is a risk worth taking.

StaR KeePeR

Be careful what you wish for!

a colourful cast of characters seek and gain what they crave the most, but with unexpected and dramatic results – an ambitious businessman and a young woman whose career was short lived, a teenager with artistic aspirations and a Reverend, who fell unexpectedly into stand-up comedy and fame. a group of misfit geeks are joined by a grotesque newcomer: Mephisto, who touches all their lives with his twisted games and finally Caprice, who holds the darkest secret.

Star Keeper is a story of intrigue, mystery and overcoming events that scar the soul. is scandal the only thing to fear?

F U R N I T U R E • S O FA S • B E D S • C A R P E T S

Visit Rochdale’s Premier Furniture Store for Friendly Independent Advice on all your Furnishing needs.


You Are Bound To Find Something - At The Right Price Too.

Free Local Delivery & Car Park

Family Furnishers since 1919

Lovicks -Rochdale

Henderson Jones

TEL: 01706 645 344

TEL: 0161 723 2363

163 - 167 Yorkshire Street Rochdale OL12 ODR

63 - 67 Blackburn Street Radcliffe M26 1WG


Mon - Fri 8.30am - 5pm / Sat 9am - 5pm

w w w. l o v i c k s . c o . u k





Curtain design service by Sharon Willis NOW AVAILABLE

T: 01706 644 877

Ensor Mill, Queensway, Rochdale OL11 2NU (Just Off The A627M) FREE CAR PARKING



You are obviously a clever person. The mere fact that you have stopped to read this page is mere testament to that. Therefore, you don’t need a weather man to tell you when it’s raining outside and you certainly don’t need a humble motoring hack to tell you that the economy has been through a little turbulence over the last couple of years. So as the FTSE has slipped more than Bambi on ice, people have been looking


three wheeler under heavy cornering and

Some may see the GTi variants VW Golf

an engine so zesty it puts a lime to shame.

for a sure fire investment, guaranteed to

or Peugeot 205 as the ultimate hot hatches,

secure their hard earned wedge. Some

but those who like to press the loud pedal

For maximum future potential aim for a Phase 1 or 2 without the sunroof and look

people may see stocks and shares as the

with gusto know that the 150bhp Clio

out for rust around the rear arches.

sure fire long-term winner, but I have a

Williams is by far and away the most fun.

Rougher cars start around the £1k mark,

much better and much more enjoyable plan of how to invest your hard earned; to

The Clio Williams really is the automotive equivalent of an eager puppy. It

help keep you in Steradent in your

will wag its tail, make excited barking

autumn years and seeing as this is a

noises and not cease to be fun and cute for

motoring feature you may already have

its entire lifetime. Steering is tight and

deduced where this is going!

precise, the chassis so stiff it will become a


whilst £5k will get you a minter.

MG ZT-T The memory of MG Rover fades more and more each day; it’s hard to remember that before the marquee sailed off to the east, they had one last big hoo-rah. By shoe horning a 4.6-litre V8 Mustang engine under the bonnet of the Rover 75, they created what can only be described as lunacy! Whilst the modest 260bhp might not sound like a great deal from a lump that size, the rorty engine note and lairy rear-wheeldrive add to an experience which is truly bizarre, when combined with the conservative interior. It’s a bit like power sliding in Chatsworth House. It may not be a good looking car and not

Basically, it is a Lotus Elise in a party

favourite part of the whole idea though, is

frock, but that is in no way detrimental. Just

that if you invest your cash in a company

the quickest or best handling, but I

like the Lotus, it corners as if it was on rails

that subsequently discovers itself

guarantee in future years it will be a

and can put a smile on your face even just

‘temporarily financially embarrassed’, or

collector’s item, as people marvel that such a popping down to the shops for a pint of car ever saw the light of day. Budget around

milk. The cabin is cramped and the ride on

‘skint’ as this translates to, you will be left with nothing but a fancy piece of paper and

£7,500 for one the 883 cars made (although

normal roads is harsh, but on a sunny

a sense of disappointment. If you buy the

some may sport a Rover 75 badge).

Sunday with the top down, very little gets

car of your dreams and wake up one

you this close to motoring nirvana. VAUXHALL VX 220 Before the griffin-badged marque got its

Unfortunately, the VX220 has been discovered and prices are rising. But for

grove back with its ‘VXR’ Range, back when £10k, you can get a really nice low mileage it made the dour Vectra and soulless Astra,

example, which should be depreciation

there was only one thing worth visiting a


Vauxhall dealership for and that was to see the VX 220.

These are just my picks, but there are

morning to find it is worthless due to some strange twist in market forces, you might be a few quid down on paper but you will still be left with something you can touch, enjoy and use. Mark D’Apice Motoring Expert

plenty more opportunities out there. My


INTRODUCING to you some of our NEWEST and most COVETED labels for 2013!

Womenswear & Menswear

LYDIA ROSE-BRIGHT The Only Way Is Essex girl has created a gorgeous collection showcasing her fashion credentials. This collection is perfect for vintage lovers and girlie girls.

FINDERS KEEPERS is cool, fresh and fashionable! The Aussie label has fast become a favourite on the fashion scene and is loved by many a celeb!

MISS FRANCESCA COUTURE Shine bright like a diamond this forthcoming Prom season in Miss Francesca Couture’s new Summer 13 collection

Introducing KEEPSAKE With a flirtatious and feminine flavour, this Aussie label is a fashionistas must-have…

25 Ten Boutique Ltd 87 to 89 Yorkshire Street Rochdale Lancashire OL16 1DW Tel: 01706 646746


You ng Fash ion R e tail e r of th e Ye ar – Fi nal i st 2 0 10 , 2 0 11 & 2 0 12

Kid's Stuff, based at Duke Street Mill, off Whitworth Road, has everything you could need for your baby or child, from prams to furniture. One-stop shop for newborn babies to children aged three and a haIf.


k Mamas and Papas k Britax k Chicco k Silver Cross


k cots k moses baskets k musical cot mobiles k nursery wallpaper k rocking horses k pushchairs k dolls prams k highchairs k bedding & matching furniture k Baby Joggers k Walkers k childrens learning equipment and toys. Following new legislation regarding car seats, Kid's Stuff offers a car seat advisory and fitting service for children from birth to 12 years old.



Vouchers Available



in stock

A SMALL DEPOSIT secures any item

LARGE RANGE OF TOYS now in stock

KIDSSTUFF Duke Street Mill, Rochdale, OL12 0LW. (FREE PARKING) Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 10am-5pm Tel: 01706 645267


NSPCC FASHION SHOW Weds 20th March 7.30 St Vincents Parish Hall


D ENIS HOPE 83-85 Drake Street Rochdale OL16 1SD 01706 649264

shop online




COOL COUTURE… satin, fine organza and feathers.


blue, orange, yellow and green are all

making a big impact this spring and summer.

Throw on a BOMBER jacket… be it metallic, feminine or sporty and simple.


is the colour palette of the season. Standout in black & white striped

pieces, with strong vertical lines or checkerboard prints and grids.




Floral, geometric or exotic prints… take your pick.

25Ten Boutique (Cheetham Street, Rochdale) have some fantastic elegant pieces.


blossoms and patterns. Discover fire dragon, lotus flower, peony and hibiscus motifs in prints which hail from the other side of the world.


Make them stop and stare with green & blue hues. Pair pale and pinkish lips with statement eyeliner.


This season marks the return of dresses… with trainers! Dress down and ditch the heels for your favourite flat-footed companions. Your feet will love you for it! If you feel the need for extra height, why not cheat the look with hidden wedge trainers.


minimalism… synonymous with summer. Borrow oversized white shirts off the boys.

LADYLIKE HANDBAGS… Pretty, feminine and oh-so stylish.


dresses can be found at Best Dressed (Church Street, Littleborough). They stock an exclusive range of Angel Forever prom dresses and guarantee that no identical dresses will be sold to ladies attending the same prom night.



Large range of cruise wear, mother of the bride wear and Summer casual wear. Large range of Jewellery & Handbags at the right price. STOCKISTS OF: DIVA / Joules / Aftershock / Closet / Forever Unique / Dynasty / Micheala Louisa and lots more. Mon - Sat 9.30am - 5pm Now in 7th successful year



55 Church Street, Littleborough

TELEPHONE: 01706 371 062






The Hairdressing Room

Hayley Staniland has just celebrated her first year running her own hair salon in Littleborough. Hayley opened the Hairdressing Room last March and has seen her business and popularity grow throughout the year. She would like to thank her great team who have worked alongside her and her loyal customers who have supported her throughout her first year.

the Hairdressing Room 124 Church Street Littleborough

01706 377233





PUT ON YOUR DANCING SHOES With the continued success of programmes like Strictly Come Dancing, dance seems to have captured everyone’s imagination and received a huge popularity boost. Alan commented, “We have had a fabulous time working on the cruise ships, with many TV stars such as Brian Conley, Roy Walker, Bonnie Langford and Lionel Blair. It has been an unforgettable experience and we wanted to bring our knowledge and expertise to everyone back home.”

Based in Rochdale, their dance school, appropriately called Dance For Fun, embodies their philosophy that all dance should be fun and enjoyable. Styles include: Argentine Tango, Salsa, Merengue, Waltz, Quickstep, Foxtrot, Tango, Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Pasodoble, Jive, Rock and Roll and Sequence Dancing.

a Rochdale couple and former open British Latin Champions, alan and ginny Newman, are encouraging the people of Rochdale to get their hips moving. During a long, competitive career in which they were five times British Champions, international Champions and World Championship finalists, alan and ginny turned professional and began teaching Ballroom and Latin Dance in the Rochdale area.

They then worked as dance instructors on cruise ships, using their travel experiences to study all the popular dance styles of the countries they visited. Places like Buenos Aires in Argentina and the Caribbean Islands provided a wealth of knowledge for dances such as Salsa, Merengue and, of course, the hypnotic Argentine Tango. As well as teaching passengers on the ships, Alan and Ginny also choreographed routines for the entertainment team in the shows, performed on stage and hosted dancing events and formal balls.

The dancing pair have a fun and easy teaching style and believe that dance classes provide endless benefits. Ginny commented: “It is a great way to get fit and be healthier. It is also great for the mind and whilst dancing, all your troubles and worries are forgotten.”

Alan and Ginny also create specially choreographed wedding dance routines for bride & grooms’ who want to make that extra bit of effort to impress and entertain their wedding guests. Ginny commented, “Your dance can be quite simple, with a few highlights to show off your skills, or if you are feeling more ambitious you can be dancing with gusto to one of your favourite pieces. You don’t have to be Patrick Swayze & Baby. You just need a bit of enthusiasm and with our encouragement you will have fun both learning and performing.”

The couple also enjoy supporting local charities and have done many dance workshops to help raise money for some great causes.

Follow @danceforfun1 on twitter.

WiN a private dance lesson with ginny and alan - just enter the competition on page 75.


Making dance fun and enjoyable for everyone Ballroom and Latin Wedding Dances

Sequence dance for beginners Private tuition

Contact Alan & Ginny 01706 351110 or 07860 561 983 43

the prom


So where did the term ‘prom queen’ originate? Can we categorically blame the noughties?! it wasn’t until the 2000’s that the prom queen hit the scene. From innocent school discos of the 70’s, to the glam school event of the year, the prom - or promenade as it was formally known - has risen and become the major event in the school calendar… and every prom needs a prom queen!

LUSCIOUS LASHES Enhance your eyes with lash extensions; make a statement with killer lashes that are bound to knock your prom date over. There are several options available depending on the look you wish to achieve. If you are after the natural, but enhanced false lash, then you should try the Blink Lash - a semi permanent individual false lash with a permanence that lasts up to two weeks. If you want a fuller fanned lash, with definition and volume, then try the Party Lash, designed to last for that special occasion (1-2 days). For a glam look why not try Strip Lashes; your therapist can apply two pairs of Strip Lashes, one overlapping the other, with a slick of mascara to bond them for the ultimate glamorous look.

PERFECT NAILS Hands are more noticeable than you think, so don’t let badly manicured or bitten nails take the limelight. With so many options and treatments available there is something for everyone; whether you want natural or super glam there is a nail treatment to suit you. Why not try Gelish pro polish for a sleek manicured look? Gelish gives nails super shine for over two weeks, with a range of colours to match any prom queen’s dress. If acrylic nails are your preference, then there are a range of colours and glitters to choose from. Why not add Swarovski crystals to your nails for true sparkle on the night.

EMMA FITTON Business, Salon Manager

BRONZED GODDESS No prom queen would be complete without a golden tan. Why not treat yourself to a professionally applied tan, after all, I’m not sure the orange hands would compliment your look. Spray tans are the quick and easy option for that golden look and with tans that can develop in just 30 minutes you don’t have to spend hours feeling sticky (and walking like you have lost your horse!). For the true professional tan application try the St Tropez full body tan, where you will be exfoliated from top to toe and all dry areas moisturized. The tan is then manually applied and buffed; once developed you are left looking like a bronzed goddess.

the Retreat, Nails and things. To find out more or to book your appointment please Call 01706 868 898. 44

Glamorous Prom Packages

H Full Set of Acrylic Nails H H Spray Tan H H Blink Lashes H





All this for only


*selected therapists only

22-24 St Marys Gate Rochdale OL16 1DZ

Opening hours: Monday CLOSED Tuesday 9-5pm Wednesday 9-7pm Thursday 9-7pm Friday 9-6pm Saturday 9-4pm Sunday CLOSED

Contact the salon for more details! GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE



ARTS REVIEW Paula Statham

ECHOES OF THE EDWARDIAN ERA Following the success of the 2010, ‘Victorian Stories’, this exhibition displays various articles, costume and ephemera of the time, alongside the Edwardian paintings from the museum and local studies collections. The collection shows a wide range of painting styles, some in a traditional style, popular from the previous century and some exploring new ideas and techniques. The exhibition also commemorates local suffragettes in their ‘Votes for Women’ advertising campaign, and comments on social issues of the era. Many local philanthropists from the time donated artwork to the town’s newly built and expanding gallery. Portraits - in traditional grandeur style - of important figures in Rochdale’s history, dominate the one wall of the room.

ATIC STUDIOS: COMPULSIVE (SHOWING UNTIL 13TH APRIL) Ian Clegg, (Photographer and Photography lecturer) and Angela Tait (Fine artist and Sculptor) have worked together to combine 2D and 3D work in the forms of photography and ceramics. The show expresses clear reflections of Rochdale; immediately evident by the use of the iconic Seven Sisters tower blocks, used in a series of ceramics on reclaimed wood. Angela Tait and Ian Clegg frequently make use of disposed artefacts to produce something of aesthetic quality. The ceramic shoes and dark, shadowy photography of footwear, of different styles and sizes, are thought provoking pieces, encouraging the viewer to contemplate walking in a different pair of shoes, and arrive at a personal interpretation.

FIONA CURRAN: WAITING FOR THE PERFECT VIEW In this exhibition Fiona Curran questions the vague concept of ‘The Perfect View’. The pieces are installation based, with vibrant colours, plants, rocks, nature, and man-made objects, and exciting use of the real and imagined landscapes. The use of the wide range of resources used in the exhibition is a materialistic and symbolic representation of what ‘the view’ is made up of. Presented in a way which doesn’t naturally adhere to traditional gallery culture or trends, Fiona props, stacks and leans materials on top of one another. She also uses rolled up rugs as plinths for white, fabricated palm tree islands. Thought provoking ideas behind the exhibition, presented in a very kitsch style, notably with the use of fluorescents, which are infrequently found in the gallery.

MATTHEW HOULDING: MORE PLACES TO GET AWAY FROM IT ALL In a series of 10 plinth based structures, Matthew Houlding refers to and celebrates the work of pioneering architects and designers such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Gerrit Rietveld, and their revolutionary contributions to styles and trends in modern architecture. The intricate detail of each piece - the levels, rooms, holes, and partitions reflect the theme and name of the exhibition; displaying places to get away and hide from it all. The retro-style world he creates invites the viewer to ponder upon their memory, of a time when what may be now considered ‘retro’ - was then a 46

modern, ground-breaking style. The layers of colours, patterns and images within each piece, draw the audience into the structure, intriguing them and asking them to contemplate the design and detail of each assemble. It is refreshing to see design being upheld within the same status as art and Matthew Houlding’s work rises to the challenge of design in an art world, receiving ample positive feedback via the gallery comment sheet and regularly inspiring the public.

R THE RATCLIFFE BARS & FUNCTION SUITES NEWLY REFURBISHED FUNCTION SUITES AVAILABLE CATERING FOR 50 - 450 We know that getting your event right is very important. We're on hand to help with all aspects of planning and organisation to make your function run as comfortable and successful as possible.

l CONFERENCES l WEDDINGS l PARTIES l FUNERALS Contact Steven on 01706 646851 Sandy Lane Rochdale OL11 5DR (next to Rochdale Football Club)


Insurance Services


• Travel • Home • Motor • Commercial • Plus all types of business

TAILORED INSURANCE CATERING FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority

Mondays at Norden

5.15 – 6.00pm Tiny Boppers ages 3-6 6.15 – 7.15pm Junior Disco / Street 7.30 – 8.30pm Teenagers Bokwa Fitness

thursdays at Norden

6.15 – 7.15pm Junior Disco / Street 7.30 – 8.30pm Bokwa Fitness 8.45 – 9.45pm Strictly Come Dancing Beginners

Saturdays at Norden

10.30 – 11.15am Tiny Boppers ages 3-6 11.30 – 12.15pm Junior Strictly Come Dancing Beginners 12.30 – 1.30pm Junior Disco / Street

Wednesdays at Sudden 7.30 – 8.30pm Bokwa Fitness

569 Oldham Road • Rochdale • OL16 4SU Tel: (01706) 650363 • Fax (01706) 647278 email:


FARROWDALE HOUSE PREPARATORY SCHOOL Farrowdale House Preparatory School is a high achieving co-educational school with traditional values for children aged 2½ -11 years. It offers an excellent level of educational provision within a caring, family orientated environment. The success of the school and its pupils continues to be achieved each year as a result of Farrowdale House’s founding principle that nurtured children reach their full potential. In order to ensure that every child is afforded the opportunity to achieve their very best, Farrowdale children are taught in small classes to their own individual abilities by highly qualified and experienced staff. In addition, the school is

able to provide individual programmes for those who are particularly gifted and talented. At Farrowdale House we aim to meet the needs of all our children and pride ourselves in caring for the individual child through a broad and balanced curriculum, within a relaxed friendly environment in which all pupils are able to develop their individual talents. We also aim to ensure that our pupils have a sense of identity, confidence and well developed social skills. In addition to the usual classroom facilities, the school also has an ICT suite which is networked to classroom computers and interactive whiteboards with wi-fi access throughout the school. We also have a multi-purpose hall which has an original sprung maple polished floor making it ideal for PE and sports lessons. In addition, the

hall’s domed acoustic ceiling makes it perfect for elocution, music and drama productions. Our choir also use the hall to rehearse which has served them well as they have been invited, year after year, to sing in Manchester Cathedral at Easter and Christmas, for charity. The school consistently achieves well above average SATs results and outstanding 100% pass rates for Grammar School entrance examinations each year giving a wide choice of schools for your child at 11 years old. However, whilst a strong emphasis is placed on academic achievement, Farrowdale is not academically selective and children of all abilities are welcomed and well catered for. This current academic year the year 6



Farrowdale House Independent Preparatory


Open 7.30am to 6.00pm

Established 1983

Outstanding SAT’s Results

Extensive extra curricular activities

100% Pass Rate for Grammar Schools Scholarships Awarded Programmes for Gifted and Talented


Co-educational places available for 2-11 year old children

tel: 01706 844 533 email: | children were awarded 3 academic scholarships through to the age of 18 and 1 sports scholarship through to the age of 18. Farrowdale House School is not affiliated with any other educational institution and is wholly independent of any secondary educational provider. We are therefore able to offer our parents independent advice when the time comes for them to choose an appropriate secondary school for their child. In consideration of working parents a


homemade two course lunch is available daily. The school has an early bird service from 7.30am, an after school club until 6.00pm and a holiday club. Extra curricular clubs are run for the children on a daily basis covering a wide range of hobbies and sports.

pupils travelling daily from Chadderton, Middleton, Ashton-U-Lyne, Mossley, Saddleworth, Marsden, Rochdale, Walsden, Rossendale Valley, Littleborough and Whitworth. The school is now the oldest established completely independent preparatory school in your area.

Since opening in the early 1980s, Farrowdale House has continued to attract pupils from a wide catchment area that covers Greater Manchester and theYorkshire Lancashire Borders with

Parents interested in a place for their child at Farrowdale House are invited to visit the school at any time and discuss their child’s future. Admissions are accepted throughout the academic year.



events guide MIDDLETON


JULIAN CLARY On his National Tour Middleton Arena Wednesday 29 May

,)6% -53)#  #/.#%243 s !243 s (%2)4!'% !442!#4)/.3 s #/5.4293)$%  0!2+3





Countryside & Parks




Heritage Attractions


Live Music, Concerts and Dances


Markets & Fairs






Walks & Tours


Workshops & Talks




%NQUIRIES"OOKINGS To find out more about any event, or to book tickets, please contact the organiser direct on the number provided with the event listing.

!-IXED-EDIA%XHIBITIONBY7ARDLE !RT'ROUP Organised by Littleborough Coach House 6ENUE Littleborough Coach House, Lodge Street, Littleborough 4IMEMonday-Saturday 11am-4pm; Sunday 1pm-4pm %NQUIRIES01706 378481


!N%XHIBITIONBY#OLIN*ACK Organised by Littleborough Coach House 6ENUE Littleborough Coach House, Lodge Street, Littleborough 4IMEMonday-Saturday 11am-4pm; Sunday 1pm-4pm %NQUIRIES01706 378481


!N%XHIBITIONBY3TUDIO4HREE Organised by Littleborough Coach House Paintings in mixed media. 6ENUELittleborough Coach House, Lodge Street, Littleborough 4IMEMonday-Saturday 11am-4pm; Sunday 1pm-4pm %NQUIRIES01706 378481

How to get there


Organised by Rochdale Countryside Service Have a go on the tombolla and support Rochdale Hedgehog Rescue at the Visitor Centre. Hedgehogs and owls will be here on the day; find out about them and their life stories. 6ENUEHollingworth Lake Visitor Centre, Littleborough 4IME11am-4pm Drop in %NQUIRIES01706 373421or refer to www.


/RGANISEDBY2OCHDALE/DEON #INEMAS For full details of our current films and times, or to make a credit card booking please call 0871 22 44 007 , or visit our website at Calls charged at national rate. Senior Screen (over 50’s) – event every Wednesday morning. Baby Odeon (parent and baby screening) every Wednesday morning. 6ENUERochdale Multiplex Cinema, Sandbrook Park, Rochdale. 4IMEvarious "OOKINGSENQUIRIESTHROUGH0871 22 44 007 or web site


GMPTE Enquiries 0161 228 7811 or visit a GMPTE Travelshop



If you would like your event listed free in a future issue of Preview then email us on or post details to Rochdale VIC (address above). Photos and editorial, max 75 words, also welcome. Link4Life cannot guarantee to include all requests and may edit submissions at their discretion. $EADLINE Tues 30 April 2013

2EGULAREVENTS For a list of regular weekly groups and sessions visit or contact Rochdale VIC to obtain a printed copy.

'ARDENING#RAFT3TALL7ORKSHOP Organised by Rochdale Countryside Service Drop in and join Rangers and Friends for this fun, creative afternoon making miniature gardens and fabulous grass seed heads. No booking required. 6ENUEHollingworth Lake Visitor Centre, Littleborough 4IME1pm-3pm 0RICEÂŁ1 per person %NQUIRIES01706 373421or refer to www.


,ARGEPRINT Preview can be made available in large print on request.

Preview Online Email to be added to our Preview E: Bulletin list and receive all the latest information.

$ISCLAIMER Information has been supplied by events organisers and may change without prior notice. You are advised to confirm details.

'O7ILD"URSTING)NTO,%!& Organised by Rochdale Countryside Service Look for signs of spring with the Rangers and sow some wildflower seeds for later in the year. Booking essential; limited places. 6ENUEHollingworth Lake Visitor Centre, Littleborough 4IME2pm-4pm 0RICEÂŁ1 per person "OOKINGSENQUIRIES01706 373421or refer to



+EYTOSYMBOLS Where the information has been provided, we have given symbols alongside the listings to help you decide if the event or activity meets your needs. Family Friendly

Facilities for the disabled

Free Admission

Discounts for Passport to Leisure Members

Accessible by public transport




Organised by Rochdale Countryside Service Help the Ranger Service and Friends of Healey Dell with their annual spring clean of the Nature Reserve. Free BBQ for all helpers. 6ENUEHealey Dell (ex Ranger Office) 4IME10am-1pm %NQUIRIES01706 373421or refer to www.

#O OPERATIVE&ILM3HOWS4OWARD 4OMORROW AND#O OPERATIVE $AY0AGEANT7EMBLEY3TADIUM  Organised by Rochdale Pioneers Museum Watch a selection of Co-operative films whilst enjoying a cup of tea or coffee. Drop in – no need to book. 6ENUERochdale Pioneers Museum, 31 Toad Lane, Rochdale, OL12 ONU 4IMEPM PM 0RICEFREE - donations welcomed. %NQUIRIES01706 524920 or email: museum@ or www.rochdalepioneersmuseum. coop/events


#O OPERATIVE&ILM3HOWS4HE 2IGHT-IXTURE AND"EHINDTHE #OUNTER Organised by Rochdale Pioneers Museum Watch a selection of Co-operative films whilst enjoying a cup of tea or coffee. Drop in – no need to book. To-days films are ‘The Right Mixture’ 1955 demonstrating the common mistakes made in cake baking and ‘Behind the Counter’ 1941a training film for branch managers of Co-op stores. 6ENUE Rochdale Pioneers Museum, 31 Toad Lane, Rochdale, OL12 ONU 4IME1.45pm-2.30pm 0RICE FREE - donations welcomed. %NQUIRIES 01706 524920 or email: museum@ or www.rochdalepioneersmuseum. coop/events



The beauty of flowers has inspired centuries of art and design. This exhibition celebrates the significance of flowers and how floral motifs feature in our museum and art gallery collections. Learn how local botanical societies collected and stored specimens, explore the wonderful language of flowers, be amazed by the varied museum objects on display and look out for a special knitted installation at the front of the Touchstones Rochdale building which will expand to Broadfield Park in the spring. This exhibition includes hands-on activities to inspire our younger visitors.

Fiona Curran’s paintings and assemblages of found and made objects present real and imagined landscapes where the boundaries between the natural and the artificial are blurred. Fiona Curran: swim to the other side of the pool (detail)



A series of inspirational adult craft workshops at Touchstones linked to the Bloom exhibition Spaces are limited and booking is essential - ring 01706 924928. ÂŁ5 non refundable deposit is required at the time of booking.

Matthew Houlding’s sculptures draw us into a fantastic, retrofuturistic world, where bespoke and meticulously built environments celebrate Modernist architecture and the pursuit of utopian ideals.




The Esplanade, Rochdale, OL16 1AQ | 01706 924492

OPEN: Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm. Free entry.

&OLDING&LOWERSWITH 6INCENT*AMES Learn to bring paper to life in this floral themed origami workshop. 3AT-ARsAM PM




Penny Leaver Green makes sewn pictures from fabric and thread, often incorporating found objects. This exhibition features two new bodies of work exploring both invasive plant species and the (now illegal) collection of birds’ eggs; each presenting us with the unintended consequences of a Victorian obsession with collection and display.


-ARCHTO-ARCH Explore the sea in historic and contemporary artworks from the permanent collection.

Create beautiful flowers to make into accessories using the traditional art of felting. 3AT!PRsAM PM

&LORAL4EXTILE"ROOCHES WITH!LISON#OOPER Using simple sewing techniques create unique textile brooches with vintage style fabrics. 3AT-AYsAM PM


/NSHOWUNTIL!PRIL Photographer Ian Clegg and sculptor Angela Tait are artists who have been collaborating on creative projects since 2010. Their practice addresses their individual obsessions and collections which are explored through the combined mediums of ceramics, sculpture and experimental photography.


-ARCHTO*UNE  Contemporary porcelain exploring form and colour, including new acquisition Ocean.

%VENTSFOR#HILDREN&AMILIES !LLCHILDRENMUSTBEACCOMPANIEDBYANADULTMAXCHILDREN PERADULT Booking can only be made in the two weeks prior to the event on 01706 924492 or in person at Touchstones Rochdale. Activities are FREE.



Taking inspiration from our Sea exhibition this is a crafty workshop making pirate hats and other fun stuff! 4HUR!PRsPM PM

Inspired by our Sea exhibition, create your own small-scale boat, captain of your ship and seascape scenery. 4HUR-AYsPM PM

Watch out for the Summer Fun Programme - full details can be found on our website


Young people working with the Association of Dance & Performing Arts exhibit photographs created using experimental analogue techniques shot in Rochdale borough.

We welcome applications for Gallery One exhibitions from anyone who lives or works in the borough of Rochdale – just ring 01706 924492.

For more information visit

Big Games The

is back for 2013

Thousands of people turned out last year to take part in the Big Games to celebrate London 2012. By popular demand they are back in 2013 with more fun and adventure for all ages. So save the dates – and see you there! Sunday 28 April Hollingworth Lake Big Water Festival At Hollingworth Lake Water Activity Centre, Sailing Club and Rowing Club

Saturday 13 July Middleton Big Games At Middleton Arena

Saturday 29 June Rochdale Big Games At Touchstones Rochdale and Broadfield Park

Sunday 14 July Heywood Big Games At Queen’s Park, Heywood

In association with the Friends of Broadfield Park

In association with the Friends of Queen’s Park

Sunday 30 June Littleborough Big Games At Littleborough Sports Centre

save s ate the d

Sunday 7 July-Saturday 13 July Big Dance Week At Heywood Civic Centre

free event s

Local h t i W & Clubs s p Grou




Organised by Ellenroad Steam Museum Experience the awesome power of the world's largest working mill engine in full steam and on public display. Free parking and light refreshments available from the Engine House cafĂŠ. Most steaming days feature other attractions and often a display by the Ellenroad Amateur Radio Club. 6ENUEEllenroad Steam Museum, Elizabethan Way, Newhey, Rochdale 4IMEAdmission from 11am; with steaming from 12noon-4pm 0RICEÂŁ4 Adult, ÂŁ3 Concessions, ÂŁ10 Family (2 Adults, 2 Children) %NQUIRIES07789 802632

Organised by Rochdale Pioneers Museum Learn about Fairtrade by taking part in our Trail and Hoopla game. ‘Take a step for Fairtrade’ and get involved in our giant foot collage, decorate a Fairtrade cookie and have your face painted. Grown-ups can watch films about Fairtrade and enjoy a nice cup of Fairtrade tea or coffee. Suitable for the whole family. Drop-in - no need to book. 6ENUERochdale Pioneers Museum, 31 Toad Lane, Rochdale, OL12 ONU 4IME11am-4pm 0RICEEntry and most activities FREE. Face painting ÂŁ1 and cookie decorating 50p %NQUIRIES01706 524920 or email: museum@ or www.rochdalepioneersmuseum. coop/events

Organised by East Lancashire Railway The East Lancashire Railway’s tribute to the stalwart DMU. The timetable runs a number of these historic vehicles. Come along for a great atmosphere. 6ENUEEast Lancashire Railway, Bury & all stations. 0RICEPlease telephone for details "OOKINGSENQUIRIES0161 764 7790 (10am-4pm) or book on-line on





Organised by East Lancashire Railway This diesel powered extravaganza is a must for enthusiasts. The timetable will be made up exclusively of diesel locomotives from the East Lancashire Railway home fleet as well as a selection of special guest engines. 6ENUEEast Lancashire Railway, Bury & all stations. 0RICEPlease telephone for details "OOKINGSENQUIRIES0161 764 7790 (10am-4pm) or book on-line on





Organised by Greater Manchester Fire Service Museum Please refer to museum for further information. 6ENUEMaclure Road, Rochdale 4IME10am-4pm 0RICEFree %NQUIRIES01706 901227



#LASSIC-OTOR"IKE2ALLY Organised by East Lancashire Railway Trade wheels for rails – drivers, plus one passenger with registered bikes can travel for free on one of our heritage steam or diesel trains. A great excuse to show off your motorcycle, and have a trip on the train. Refreshments will be made available in the Castlecroft CafĂŠ just outside the Bury Transport Museum. Bikes entered into the exhibition must be registered before 1980. 6ENUEEast Lancashire Railway, Bury & all stations. 0RICEPlease telephone for details "OOKINGSENQUIRIES0161 764 7790 (10am-4pm) or book on-line on

Sweet Soul Blues Brothers

Live American Wrestling

The Sweet Soul Blues Brothers perform the memorable music from the legendary Blues Brothers with the Rhythm and Blues and Soul Revue. The ultimate tribute to the Kings of Cool. Time: Doors 7pm, Show 7.30pm Tickets: Adults £17, Concessions £16, Groups buy 10 get 1 free

Superstars Showdown - World Cup Tag Team Final Time: Doors 7pm, Starts 7.30pm Tickets: £12 Adults, £10 Children, £38 Family Ticket (any 4 people)

Friday 29 March


Saturday 13 April

Corporation Street, M24 1AG

Saturday 23 March

The Stones


The Stones continue to impress enthusiastic crowds with their authentic “feel” for the Rolling Stones music. Time: Doors 7pm, Show 7.30pm Tickets: Adults £17, Concessions £16, Groups buy 10 get 1 free

Saturday 20 April

Chetham’s School of Music THE BIG BAND

Monday 1 - Wednesday 3 April Presented by Shone Productions

The Wizard of Oz

Featuring international jazz soloist Steve Waterman, The Big Band makes a welcome return to Middleton Arena. Formed in 1990, Chetham’s Big Band enjoys success on the national jazz scene and has won many awards performing alongside a who’s who of eminent jazz musicians. An evening not to be missed. Time: 7.30pm Venue: Middleton Arena Tickets: £14 Full, £12.50 Over 60, £5 Student, £1 Child SUPPORTED BY LINK4LIFE

A spectacular all new production of The Wizard of Oz comes to the Middleton Arena during Easter 2013 with a host of stars including Laura Handley from Hollyoaks as the Wicked Witch of the West. Packed with dazzling dance routines, songs and plenty of laughter! This fabulous show is suitable for all ages. Time: 6pm. Matinees 2pm – 2 & 3 April only Tickets: Adults £14.50, Children/Concessions £12, Family ticket £48 Book online:

Wednesday 29 May 2013

Julian Clary Position Vacant: Apply Within Master of camp and ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ winner, Julian Clary is scouring the land in search of love. He’s promised to leave no straight unturned. Time: Doors 7.30pm Show Starts 8pm Ticket price: £20 24 Hour Ticketline: 0871 230 0010 Book online: “Hilarious ... vintage Clary.” 7HATS/NSTAGE


0844 855 4020


%ASTER"ONNETS Organised by East Lancashire Railway Ladies, it’s time to get creative and make your own Easter Bonnet to travel on the East Lancashire Railway for free if accompanied by a full paying passenger. Dress to impress and take a trip on a beautifully restored steam or diesel train! 6ENUEEast Lancashire Railway, Bury & all stations. 0RICEPlease telephone for details "OOKINGSENQUIRIES0161 764 7790 (10am-4pm) or book on-line on


$ElANT2ADIOS&UN$AY Organised by Rochdale Pioneers Museum In the 1930s, radio manufacturers refused to supply radio sets to co-operatives ‌ so they made their own and called them ‘defiant’. Find out more at our fun day! You can make your own radio out of recycled cardboard, design a poster to advertise your radio and record your own radio broadcast. Suitable for all the family. Drop in – no need to book. 6ENUERochdale Pioneers Museum, 31 Toad Lane, Rochdale, OL12 ONU 4IME11am-4pm 0RICEFREE, donations welcomed. %NQUIRIES01706 524920 or email: museum@ or www.rochdalepioneersmuseum. coop/events



Organised by East Lancashire Railway You are all invited to give Thomas and his friends the welcome they deserve for their first visit to the East Lancashire Railway in 2013. All of the many events and activities are covered by your one time admission cost. 6ENUEEast Lancashire Railway, Bury & all stations. 0RICEPlease telephone for details "OOKINGSENQUIRIES0161 764 7790 (10am-4pm) or book on-line on



*AZZONA3UNDAY7HITE%AGLES*AZZ "AND Organised by Rochdale Jazz Club At this regular event, future performers include: The Yorkshire Stompers on 17 March; River City Jazz Band on 24 March; Chicago Teddybears Society Jazz Band on 7 April; Tame Valley Stompers on 21 April; Mart Rodger Manchester Jazz on 5 May & Harlem Hot Stompers on 19 May. There is a full programme running throughout the year. Free parking is available. 6ENUEMayfield Sports Centre, Castleton, Rochdale OL11 3BY 4IME8pm 0RICEUsual admission ÂŁ6; occasionally more. %NQUIRIES0161 740 3714 Tony or 01706 527103 7ED-AR

4OAD,ANE#ONCERTS(ELEN"YWATER ON#LARINET2.#- 2USSELL,OMAS ON0IANOFORMER#HETHAMS3CHOOL OF-USIC Organised by St Mary-in-the-Baum Church supported by The Co-operative Membership Team -USICATLUNCHTIMEEVERY7EDNESDAY Future concerts include Slava Sidorenko on piano ( RNCM Gold medalist) on March 13; 600th Special Concert Party on 20 March and Anne Butterworth and Alyson Brailsford soprano on 27 March 2013. Please note concerts may be subject to change. 6ENUESt Mary-in-the-Baum Church, St Mary’s Gate, Toad Lane, Rochdale OL16 1DZ 0RICEÂŁ3 on the door 4IMERefreshments served from 11.30am. Live concert from 12.30pm-1.30pm stmary.html


2OCHDALE4OWN(ALL/RGAN2ECITALS Organised by Oldham, Rochdale & Tameside Organists’ Association 6ENUERochdale Town Hall 4IME12noon prompt 0RICEÂŁ8 Adult, ÂŁ6.50 Concessions & Members – entrance by programme available on the door %NQUIRIES01706 924775


Organised by Touchstones Rochdale and Rochdale Pioneers Museum We will be celebrating Museums at Night with some nocturnal activities around Rochdale town centre. See the website nearer the time for details. 6ENUERochdale Pioneers Museum, 31 Toad Lane, Rochdale, OL12 ONU /Touchstones Rochdale %NQUIRIES01706 924928 or whatson and 01706 524920 or email: museum@ or www.rochdalepioneersmuseum. coop/events 3AT-AYTO-ON-AY


Organised by East Lancashire Railway We’ll meet again at the East Lancashire Railway’s award winning 1940’s weekend. Enjoy the glory and glamour of a bygone era with period singing and dancing, re-enactments, vehicle displays and much more; this event is not to be missed. 6ENUEEast Lancashire Railway, Bury & all stations. 0RICEPlease telephone for details "OOKINGSENQUIRIES0161 764 7790 (10am-4pm) or book on-line on



#HETHAMS3CHOOLOF-USIC"IG"AND Organised by Rochdale Music Society 6ENUEMiddleton Arena, Corporation Street Featuring a guest star jazz soloist, the Big Band makes a welcome return to Middleton Arena. Formed in 1990, Chetham’s Big Band enjoys success on the national jazz scene and has won many awards performing alongside a who’s who of eminent jazz musicians - an evening not to be missed. 4IME7.30pm 0RICEÂŁ14 Adult, ÂŁ12.50 Concessions (over 60 years), Students ÂŁ5, Child ÂŁ1 "OOKINGSENQUIRIESMiddleton Arena 0844 855 4020

Markets & Fairs 3UN-AR


Organised by Littleborough Events and Associations Forum Please refer to for further details. Further dates include: 14 Apr 2013 & 12 May 2013 with further dates throughout the year on the second Sunday of each month. Produce available includes delicious meats, vegetables, chutneys, cakes and cheeses and local crafts. 6ENUEConservative Club, Peel Street, Littleborough 4IME10am-3pm


3UNDAY-ARKET#AR"OOT3ALE Organised by Middleton Town Centre Management Runs over three levels in the multi-storey car park of Middleton Shopping Centre on the 3rd Sunday of the month. Just turn up – pay on the day. Free parking available on-site and off-site. Further dates include 21 Apr 2013 & 19 May 2013. 6ENUEMiddleton Shopping Centre, Limetrees Road, Middleton 4IME6am–1pm 0RICECars ÂŁ12, Vans ÂŁ20 payable on the door %NQUIRIES0161 653 4990 No pre-booking facility, simply turn up on the day.

Nightlife 3AT-AR


Organised by Littleborough Coach House Geoff Profit will be running another of his very popular quiz nights in the Harvey Room, with licensed bar. Lift access to the first floor. 6ENUELittleborough Coach House, Lodge Street, Littleborough 0RICEÂŁ5 per person inclusive of pie and peas supper. 4IME7.30pm until late %NQUIRIES01706 378481


'OIT%ASTER(OLIDAY*UNIOR!CTIVITIES Organised by Link4Life Contact your local centre for what’s on during the School holidays. 6ENUESports Centres and Pools Boroughwide %NQUIRIES01706 924928 or Go4it


/VERTHE%DGE3PONSORED"IKE2IDE Organised by Rochdale Countryside Service A very popular charity event, starting from Hollingworth Lake. Organised by the Trans Pennine Cycle Club in conjunction with the British heart Foundation. Booking essential. 6ENUEHollingworth Lake Visitor Centre, Littleborough 4IME9am %NQUIRIES01706 373421 or refer to www.

7ALKS4OURS Rochdale Ghost Walks Mar to May 2013 Organised by Colin Meredith & Russell Richardson Rochdale Ghost Walks will run on the first and third Thursday each month – Dates include: 7/3; 21/3; 4/4; 18/4; 2/5; 16/5 with regular dates throughout the year. Private parties for 15 or more catered for anytime to suit. Ghostly tales and murderous deeds from Rochdale’s past will chill you to the core on these evening walks around Rochdale town centre. After the walk you can warm yourself in the cosy surroundings of the Baum, one of Rochdale’s finest ‘Real Ale’ pubs. Ghost walks suitable for adults and children. All children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. 6ENUE Meet at the Baum, 33-37 Toad Lane, Rochdale OL12 ONU 4IME 7.30pm-9pm (approximately 90 minutes) 0RICE ÂŁ5pp (all classes) "OOKINGS%NQUIRIES 07774152620 or 07939215458 or email: rochdaleghostwalks@ No need to book; just turn up. Group bookings are necessary.


#OACH4RIPn"OWNESS7INDERMERE 3AWLEYVIAFERRY #UMBRIA Organised by Rochdale Field Naturalists' Society 6ENUE Depart from the cul de sac, Manchester Road, Rochdale 4IME9am 0RICEMembers ÂŁ13, Non-members ÂŁ15 %NQUIRIES01706 644394 3UN-AR

#OMMUNITY,ITTER0ICK Organised by Rochdale Countryside Service If you feel like helping the Ranger Service keep the countryside looking beautiful, join them on a community litter pick around the Lake. All equipment provided. Graded: Easy 6ENUE Hollingworth Lake Visitor Centre, Littleborough 4IMEPM PM %NQUIRIES01706 373421 or refer to


#AR4RIPn3TYAL7OODS #HESHIRE .4 Organised by Rochdale Field Naturalists' Society 6ENUE Depart from the cul de sac, Manchester Road, Rochdale 4IME10am 0RICEFree, but contribution to petrol appreciated. %NQUIRIES01706 853791 3AT-AR

'O7ILD,ETHAL,ITTER#HALLENGE Organised by Rochdale Countryside Service A family event, come and have fun on this lethal litter challenge. Follow the animal trail and discover how litter can harm our native wildlife. Then help rangers pick up some litter and solve the problem of what you should do with it! Booking essential; limited places. 6ENUEHollingworth Lake Visitor Centre, Littleborough 4IME2pm-4pm 0RICEÂŁ1 per person %NQUIRIES01706 373421 or refer to



#OACH4RIPn,EVENS 3OUTH#UMBRIA Organised by Rochdale Field Naturalists' Society 6ENUE Depart from the cul-de-sac, Manchester Road, Rochdale 4IME9am 0RICEMembers ÂŁ13, Non-members ÂŁ15 %NQUIRIES01706 644394 3AT!PR

'O7ILD"UGSAND"EASTIESAND "EASTLY#REATIONS Organised by Rochdale Countryside Service Spring is in the air and the woods are coming back to life. Join Rangers on this walk through the woods looking for bugs and beasties, and then have a go at making your own. Booking essential; limited places. 6ENUEHollingworth Lake Visitor Centre, Littleborough 4IME2pm-4pm 0RICEÂŁ1 per person "OOKINGSENQUIRIES01706 373421 or refer to


#AR4RIPn"ARROW"RIDGE(ORWICH .ORTH"OLTON Organised by Rochdale Field Naturalists' Society 6ENUE Depart from the cul-de-sac, Manchester Road, Rochdale 4IME10am 0RICEFree, but contribution to petrol appreciated. %NQUIRIES01706 853791 3AT-AY

#OACH4RIPn!USTWICKAND/XENBER 7OODS 9ORKSHIRE$ALES Organised by Rochdale Field Naturalists' Society 6ENUEDepart from the cul-de-sac, Manchester Road, Rochdale 4IME9am 0RICEMembers ÂŁ13, Non-members ÂŁ15 %NQUIRIES01706 644394 3AT-AY

'O7ILD&ORAGING&UN Organised by Rochdale Countryside Service Join Rangers on this walk looking for nuts and berries and enjoy a tasty treat!! Booking essential; limited places. 6ENUEHollingworth Lake Visitor Centre, Littleborough 4IME2pm-4pm 0RICEÂŁ1 per person "OOKINGSENQUIRIES01706 373421 or refer to


7ILD!BOUT"ATS Organised by Rochdale Countryside Service Join Rangers and Friends of Hollingworth Lake on this short bat walk looking and listening for bats using bat detectors. Please bring a torch. Duration: 1-2 hours. Booking essential; limited places. 6ENUEHollingworth Lake Visitor Centre, Littleborough 4IME8.30pm 0RICEÂŁ1 per person "OOKINGENQUIRIES01706 373421 or refer to


#AR4RIPn7YCOLLER#OUNTRY0ARK ,ANCASHIRE Organised by Rochdale Field Naturalists' Society 6ENUE Depart from the cul-de-sac, Manchester Road, Rochdale 4IME10am 0RICEFree, but contribution to petrol appreciated. %NQUIRIES01706 853791


4OUCHSTONES#REATIVE7RITING'ROUP Organised by Touchstones Rochdale Now independently constituted, the Touchstones Creative Writing Group meets monthly to encourage and promote creative writing. Encouraging the positive health and wellbeing benefits which can be gained through expressing yourself with creative writing, the group welcomes new members, both would-be and existing writers, to join in. Sessions led by Norman Warwick, Just Poets. Please phone for details. 6ENUETouchstones Rochdale, The Esplanade 4IMEWorkshops 2pm-3.30pm %NQUIRIES01706 924492


&RIENDSOF2OCHDALE!RT'ALLERY For many years the Friends have been helping the Art Gallery to conserve and acquire paintings for the collection. Talks by invited speakers about historic and contemporary art and craft are held most months with the occasional trip to visit other art collections. Talks cost ÂŁ2 per person for members; ÂŁ3 for non-members, which includes refreshments, payable on the door – no booking required. Annual membership ÂŁ8 is available. No booking required. All welcome. 6ENUETalks held at Touchstones Rochdale, The Esplanade 4IME12.15pm-12.45pm Tea & Biscuits are served; 12.45pm–1.45pm Guest Speaker %NQUIRIES01706 924492 or Jean Orton 01706 643106



Organised by Touchstones Rochdale No booking required. Join our monthly knitting circle in CafĂŠ Life. Bring along your own knitting projects, share ideas and be inspired. Younger knitters are welcome in the school holidays. Free session – just buy a brew! 6ENUETouchstones Rochdale, The Esplanade 4IME2pm-3.30pm %NQUIRIES01706 924492


-IDDLETON&LORAL!RTS#LUB&LORAL $EMONSTRATION Organised by Middleton Floral Arts Demonstrations by Veronica Southern 6ENUESt Aiden’s Church, Sudden, Rochdale 4IME7.30pm 0RICEÂŁ4 per ticket %NQUIRIES01706 923124


4HE'EOLOGYAND&LORAOF3ALTHILLAND #ROSSHILL1UARRIES Organised by Rochdale Field Naturalists' Society A lecture presented by Phil Dykes. 6ENUECutgate Baptist Church, Edenfield Road, Rochdale 4IME7.30pm 0RICEMembers ÂŁ2, Non-members ÂŁ3 "OOKINGSENQUIRIES01706 630707




Organised by Rochdale Pioneers Museum For nearly five decades, Women’s Outlook was the voice of the Co-operative Women’s Guild. In this lecture, Natalie Bradbury will explore some of the key issues addressed in Outlook, from suffrage and peace to maternity benefits, pensions and nursery education. Please book in advance. 6ENUERochdale Pioneers Museum, 31 Toad Lane, Rochdale, OL12 ONU 4IME6pm-7.30pm 0RICEFREE, donations welcomed. "OOKINGSENQUIRIES01706 524920 or email: or www.

Organised by Rochdale Pioneers Museum This talk is by practising architect Stephen McCusker. Please book in advance. 6ENUERochdale Pioneers Museum, 31 Toad Lane, Rochdale, OL12 ONU 4IME6.30pm-8pm 0RICEFREE, donations welcomed. "OOKINGSENQUIRIES01706 524920 or email: or www.


Organised by Littleborough Historical & Archaeological Society New members welcome. 6ENUELittleborough Coach House, Lodge Street, Harvey Room 4IME8pm, refreshments 7.45pm 0RICEÂŁ2 members, ÂŁ2.50 non-members %NQUIRIES01706 377685


%VENING,ECTUREn#O OPERATIONAND 0EACE9EARS/N Organised by Rochdale Pioneers Museum During this lecture Mervyn Wilson will examine how the co—operative movement in London tackled the challenge of its commitment to peace in the face of the rise of fascism in Europe. He will also show the films ‘Peace Parade’ 1937 and ‘Advance Democracy’ 1938. Please book in advance. 6ENUERochdale Pioneers Museum, 31 Toad Lane, Rochdale, OL12 ONU 4IME6.30pm-8pm 0RICEFREE, donations welcomed. "OOKINGSENQUIRIES01706 524920 or email: or www.

,ANCASHIRE$IALECT%VENING Organised by Edwin Waugh Lancashire Dialect Society Poems, pathos, rhymes and laughter; further dates include 10 April 2013. 6ENUEJarvis Street Methodist Chapel, Jarvis Street, (off Whitworth Road) Rochdale 4IME7.30pm prompt 0RICEDonations welcome. %NQUIRIES01706 343163


!TALKBY2AE3TREETn*OHN"RIGHTS ,EGACY Organised by Littleborough Historical & Archaeological Society New members welcome. 6ENUELittleborough Coach House, Lodge Street, Harvey Room 4IME8pm, refreshments 7.45pm 0RICEÂŁ2 members, ÂŁ2.50 non-members %NQUIRIES01706 377685


NSPCC Coffee Morning Organised by Heywood Civic Centre 6ENUEHeywood Civic Centre, Church Street 4IMEFrom 10am %NQUIRIES0300 303 8399 Monday to Friday (9am – 4.30pm)


!TALKBY$AVID.EWTON 4RACING 3USANS-OTHERnA&AMILY(ISTORY 3TORY Organised by Littleborough Historical & Archaeological Society New members welcome. 6ENUELittleborough Coach House, Lodge Street, Harvey Room 4IME8pm, refreshments 7.45pm 0RICEÂŁ2 members, ÂŁ2.50 non-members %NQUIRIES01706 377685


&ROM0AGETO3TAGE@!KANEIROON THE)PADTO#REATE$RAMA Organised by Falinge Park High School & Performing Arts College Limited to 30 places; suitable for 9 & 10year olds. Led by S De Courcey, find out how we use the electronic folk-tale on the Ipad as a starting point for a great piece of drama. Booking is essential. 6ENUEFalinge Park High School & Performing Arts College, Falinge Road, Shawclough, Rochdale OL12 6LD – Drama Studio 4IME11.15am-12.30pm "OOKINGENQUIRIES01706 631246





-USICAL2ECYCLING Organised by Falinge Park High School & Performing Arts College Limited to 30 places; suitable for 9 & 10 year olds. Led by E Williams and S Murtagh, see how recycling items can make all the difference in a special info-session and then make musical instruments using recycled materials. Sounds fun! Booking is essential. 6ENUEFalinge Park High School & Performing Arts College, Falinge Road, Shawclough, Rochdale OL12 6LD – Music Rooms 4IME2pm-3.15pm "OOKINGENQUIRIES01706 631246


!MAZING%GYPTIAN!RT Organised by Falinge Park High School & Performing Arts College Limited to 30 places; suitable for 9 & 10year olds. Led by S Murtagh and Art staff, travel into the past to discover how the Ancient Egyptians used art in their everyday lives and make Egyptian headdresses and neckwear. Booking is essential. 6ENUEFalinge Park High School & Performing Arts College, Falinge Road, Shawclough, Rochdale OL12 6LD – Library 4IME11.15am-12.30pm "OOKINGENQUIRIES01706 631246


0IONEER0ICTURES Organised by Rochdale Pioneers Museum Pose as a Pioneer and have your photograph taken wearing Victorian costume. We’ll email your photograph to you and share it on our facebook or twitter sites if you like!! Learn about how to date old photographs and test your knowledge in our photo quiz. There will also be photo jigsaws to solve. Drop in – no need to book. Suitable for the whole family. 6ENUERochdale Pioneers Museum, 31 Toad Lane, Rochdale, OL12 ONU 4IME11am-4pm 0RICEFREE, donations welcomed. %NQUIRIES01706 524920 or email: museum@ or www.rochdalepioneersmuseum. coop/events


avid style readers may remember last year’s feature on mike and Jane wilson; two of the many thousands of Brits who have decided to up sticks and discover what france has to offer.

mike and Jane have settled into the french way of life and opened their magnificent eighteenth century townhouse doors to people wanting to explore their creative side, with various courses available. pam grice was one such rochdale style reader who took note of our feature and decided to give it a go herself. pam told style magazine all about her memorable french experience… Reading through a Style magazine in 2012, i came across an article about creative courses, run by a British couple in a small French town called Castillon-la-Bataille. they offer a choice of courses throughout the year including photography, crime writing, romantic fiction and painting. Mike and Jane Wilson live in a 300 year old townhouse, very near to the Dordogne where I was contemplating a holiday later in the year and, as I was keen to do something interesting, I enquired about the painting course, which was to be given by a lady named Lynn Bushell. Lynn is another ex-Brit who lives in Normandy, but who travels down to Castillon during May and September to tutor the guests. I flew into Bergerac and was greeted at the airport by Mike for the 40 minute drive to their home. Castillon-la-Bataille is a small historic

market town, surrounded by vineyards and a short distance from the medieval hillside town of St Emillion. From the house, it is just short walk to the Dordogne River, which is an excellent spot to sit and paint as I found out during my stay. Other guests arrived later, mainly from the South of England. Two ladies and a gentleman were making their second and third visits to Castillon for the painting course. Jane and Mike are a very entertaining couple; they are both actors so have lots of tales to tell over the excellent meals. It was lovely to have a late afternoon swim in the pool before dinner. Jane is a fantastic cook who checks on her guests’ likes and dislikes, while Mike makes sure your wine glass is always topped up with some wonderful local wines. Three meals a day, generally eaten outside by the pool, are included

in the price of the holiday, as are four or five days of tuition from Lynn. When I arrived home, I had with me some paintings that I had pleasantly surprised myself with and some very happy memories of my relaxing holiday, in a beautiful setting, with wonderful hosts. to find out more please visit

2013 courses wriTing – is There a Book in you? with Jane wenham Jones 27th april – 3rd may 2013 28th sept – 4th oct 2013 commercial women’s ficTion with Veronica henry 15th – 22nd June 2013 painTing with lynn Bushell 1st-7th June 2013 phoTography with howie Taylor 24th – 30th august 2013 58

BKC Trophies Ltd

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ROCHDALE A TOWN CENTRE BEING TRANSFORMED An update from Rochdale Development Agency

Huge progress is being made on the £250m transformation of Rochdale town centre. Construction of Number One Riverside, Rochdale’s iconic new library, customer service centre and council office is complete and around 2000 Council staff and partners will be based here. The new library opens its doors to the public in March.

Metrolink services to Rochdale train station opened to passengers for the first time in February. Construction of the Metrolink extension route into the heart of the town centre is well underway and trams are due to arrive at the town centre in 2014. Work is well advanced on the striking new Transport Interchange on Smith Street, to replace the outdated bus station. Once complete in late 2013, work can commence to demolish the existing bus station and multi storey car park. Proposals to re-open sections of the River Roch in Rochdale town centre are being investigated. Re-opening parts of the river presents an exciting opportunity to reveal this hidden asset and create an attractive river 60

environment in the heart of the town centre. Rochdale’s magnificent Town Hall is a Grade 1 Listed Building is currently used as a working town hall and offices. Many of the office functions will be transferred to Number One Riverside and work is underway to assess the future role of the Town Hall and identify potential new uses. As part of improvements along Drake Street, Wet Rake Gardens will be enhanced with new lighting, benches, railings and the installation of a traditional red telephone box. Small property improvement works are also proposed, along with new trees in planters, litter bins, and information boards.

Artist impression of the River Roch re-opened There are a lot of positive things happening in the town centre. To keep up to date with all the latest information and developments visit or on Twitter @RochdaleCentre.

“where tomorrow’s stars can be found today”

HAVE YOU GOT TALENT? Why not join our Theatre School, Television and Modelling Agency in Rochdale

Catch our pupil Max Atkins in the new TV advert for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Former pupils include Shannon Flynn (Emily James in BBC's Waterloo Road) & Katie McGlynn (Scout in BBC's Waterloo Road)



We are holding our next round of auditions for 4-18 yr olds for the Theatre School and Agency, along with 0-4 year olds for our Model Agency.

Saturday 20th April 2013

St Andrews Church Smith Street Rochdale OL16 1HE (next to bus station)

10.00am until 1.00pm

(Audition scripts provided on the day)


their adaptation of OLIVER TWIST Saturday 18th May at 2.30pm & 7.00pm The Riverside Whitworth. TICKETS from Colin on 07774152620

TEL 01706 710810 FOR MORE INFO or

Jo in us for our P roduction of Ol iver M a y 2 0 1 3

Dine in Style e. d i u g d o o f d o o g The


The Green Door is Littleborough's newest restaurant owned by chef Graham Sherwin. The former New Inn has been transformed into a light and inviting restaurant offering a traditional English menu. The restaurant also has special offers for midweek diners that include free wine when ordering from the a la carte menu. The restaurant can also cater for private parties up to 50. They also offer a wide selection of wines to compliment every dish at prices to suit every pocket. Closed Mondays the restaurant is open for lunch and dinner Tues - Sat and all day Sunday 12 - 7pm. 122 New road Littleborough OL15 8NL 01706 838016

VEENAS The Veenas Restaurant Club is a beautiful, authentic Indian Restaurant. The restaurant itself is impeccably laid out, with an elegant East meets West style, where attention to detail and exceptional service is second nature. The Indian food at The Veenas Restaurant is unique in both flavour and quality. They offer sophisticated dishes, laden with bursts of flavour. Indian dishes are authentic recipes made from fresh produce, the finest vegetables and the tastiest meats. Whatever your preference for Indian food; hot or mild, vindaloo or korma - The Veenas Restaurant has something for everyone. 41 York Street Heywood OL10 4NN 01706 366 822

ANNABELLAS Nicky and Andy have certainly put Annabellas firmly back on the map when it comes to fine dining in Whitworth and you are always guaranteed a warm welcome. They have transformed the menu and offer fine dining in a relaxing and attentive atmosphere. Gift Certificates available for any amount, to be used at any time There are always regular event evenings and they offer a mid week special Mon - Thurs with 3 courses for £10.95 Restaurant open Tues - Sun from 5pm 142 Market Street, Whitworth, Rochdale OL12 8SZ 01706 550303 62

THE CEDAR TREE AT THE SHEAF Rachel & Andrew have moved! from The Cedar Tree on Huddersfield Road and you can now find them at "The Cedar Tree at The Sheaf", Haugh Fold, Newhey where they have transformed "The Wheatsheaf pub" into a stylish, modern Tapa's restaurant and bar offering fresh, seasonal, authentic Spanish dishes. Special offers include 3 for 2 Tapa's on Wed, Thurs, Fri between 5-7pm, Wed - Fri any 5 tapas inc a bottle of wine or Sangria £37.95, Sunday special kids eat free from separate children's menu, served 1-8 pm. Check out the website for further details and discover what entertainment nights are coming up in the near future. The restaurant is closed Monday & Tuesday. Haugh Fold, Newhey, Rochdale, OL16 3RF Book on 01706 842626

THE GALLOWS Peter and Judith McCormick invite you and your family to their family friendly pub. Situated within easy reach of Hollingworth Lake, the Gallows is open all day every day, serving excellent value for money snacks and main meals. You will not find a warmer welcome anywhere else in Rochdale, this is a real family friendly pub.The pub offers real ales, with guest beers, plus a selection of fine wines. Now showing all Sky Sports. Food served Monday to Saturday midday - 7pm Sunday midday - 6pm (inc Sunday Roast) The Gallows Kiln Lane Milnrow OL16 3JW 01706 642898

MOSS LODGE HOTEL Rochdale’s premier 5 star luxury guest accommodation, wedding, conference & events venue. The Moss Lodge restaurant is now open for dinner to non-residents. Using only the finest of locally sourced and freshly cooked ingredients to create a monthly table d’hôte menu as well as regular Chef’s specials, all reasonably priced at just £30 for 3 courses followed with coffee. Prior booking is essential. For reservations & all enquiries please Kings Road, Rochdale. OL16 5HW Tel: 01706 350555 e.mail:

THE HEALEY HOTEL A traditional local public house featured in The Good Beer Guide. Proud of its quality home cooked food served 7 days a week. Why not try them for a home cooked Sunday roast. Large beer garden & two boules piste. The Healey is the ideal place to start and finish a walk through Healy Dell Nature reserve which is just on its doorstep. Steeped in History The Healey Hotel like its sister pub The Baum has a real welcoming feel. Food served Mon -Sat 11.30am - 9pm, Sun 12pm - 6pm. The Healey Hotel 172 Shawclough Road Healey Rochdale OL12 6LW Book on 01706 645 453

THE WATERSIDE BAR RESTAURANT The restaurant is nestled in the heart of the Pennines; a fantastic venue with beautiful views of the surrounding Littleborough countryside, newly refurbished Rochdale canal and a small walk from the scenic Hollingworth Lake, yet the ambience is relaxed and continental. The restaurant portrays an intimate and relaxed lounge feel, with a comfortable sofa seating area for drinks on arrival or just to socialise with friends and family. Using only the finest ingredients and produce, Lisa & Kristan have combined traditional cooking with a passion for Mediterranean and Continental cuisine, creating exciting and extensive varied menus, from Lunchtime to A'la Carte. Now with their new outdoor al fresco dining area, it is the perfect place to enjoy dining when the sun shines. Open Tues - Sunday Book on 01706 376 250 No1 Inghams Lane Littleborough OL15 0AY

ROSE N BOWL RESTAURANT The Rose 'N' Bowl is Rossendales longest established Carvery Restaurant & Bar based in Stacksteads with panoramic views to rear complete with heated decking area and private bowling green. It has been owned by Lords Caterers Whitworth (est 1934) for over 20yrs. Family friendly eatery from pub food to full famous carvery all from fresh local produce. You can opt for the 3 Course Carvery with unlimited vegetables at £14.95 or a main course for only £9.15 Wed Eve 2 dine on 3 course Carvery with a bottle of wine £29.90 served 7-9pm Thurs Diamond Diners (over 60's) 2 course Lunch 12.00 - 1.30 pm £6.50 Early Eve Specials 5.30 - 6.45pm only £7.60 Food available Tue - Fri 12.00 - 2pm & 5.30 - 9.30 pm Sat & Sun 12.00 - 8.30pm Sun Breakfast 10 am - 12.00 The Rose & Bowl Newchurch Rd Stacksteads OL12 0UG 01706 879555




La Mancha is Rochdale's only specialist tapas restaurant serving authentic Spanish cuisine in atmospheric surroundings. Situated in the very heart of Rochdale, the restaurant is easily accessible with lots of local parking. La Mancha was established over 10 years ago and has stood the test of time thanks to the quality and authenticity of its menu. Along with their lunchtime specials, they also have an extensive specials board with dishes from all the regions of Spain. We have a great party atmosphere so why not celebrate your special occasions with us without breaking the bank! Now take-away service available (collection

The Peacock Room @ The Crimble has now placed itself amongst the regions fine dining culinary elite. With 2 AA Rosette's and 2 Michelin Knives and Forks it has become the Deckers Group’s premier fine-dining restaurant. The Peacock Room uses the finest ingredients featuring the best cuts of meat prepared in our own butchery department to create a variety of sumptuous dishes. Our extended wine list will provide you the opportunity to combine our dishes with a variety of wines from around the world. Here at The Peacock Room we are passionate about the quality of ingredients we use. We work closely with local suppliers to ensure the dishes we serve are to our

only not available Friday or Saturday evenings or busy periods) We are closed mondays - food served tuesday to thursday 12 -2.30 and 6-9.30 - friday and saturday 12-10.30 and sunday 5-9 Now occasionally by popular demand live music nights Still taking bookings for Christmas & New Year, a small deposit is required.

consistently high standard. The constantly evolving menu encapsulates modern English cuisine with a contemporary twist. Watch out for our regular special offers and themed evenings, details of which can be found on our bookings can be made online or over the phone on 01706 368591.

La Mancha 5 The Butts, Ave Rochdale OL16 1ES. or for all bookings Tel: 01706 713400

Purveyors of Fine Wines, Ales & Food. Situated next to the CO-OP museum in a conservation area, The Baum has a welcoming oldie world ambience, with wooden floors and old enamel adverts. The quality bar menu, served all day 7 days a week, consists of light lunches, traditional dishes and tapas (served in the evenings & weekends). The Baum offers an excellent selection of World beers on draught & bottles plus 8 ever changing guest cask ales & cider. Awarded Best Bar None ‘Best Pub’, ‘Best Overall’ & ‘Long Serving Business’ as voted by the public & Rochdale Town Centre Business Awards. Plus featured in ‘The Good Beer Guide’ for the last six years, winning both Camra’s Rochdale, Oldham & Bury ‘Pub of the Year’ and National pub of the year 2012. Rochdale Ghost Walks start from outside The Baum every first and third Thursday of month. ÂŁ5 pp.

33-37 Toad Lane, Rochdale.

01706 352 186

The Peacock Room – Crimble Lane – Bamford – OL11 4AD

The Cedar Treeat the Sheaf TA PA S R E S TA U R A N T A N D L O U N G E B A R


Kids Menu ˜  ˜ 

We have some fantastic events coming up for you at the Cedar Tree. A ful fulll night night bread, of fantastic food, fun and first class entertainment. The menu includes bre ad, olives olives ve and nibbles on arrival and a selection of Mediterranean tapas and dessert.

Children under 10 can choose any 3 tapas dishes for


Friday 22nd - Motown. Be escorted back to the 60s and enjoy the CH 70(14)'66#$.'5170&1(16190T.#55+%2#46;*+656*#6611-6*' 70(14)'66#$.'5170&1(16190T.#55+%2#46;*+656*#6611-6*' MAR


Fri 3rd - 80’s Night. Go back in time to the classic sounds of the L LN5X(41/6*''91/#06+%5617.674'.7$X#&0'55#0&/#0; N5X(41/6*''91/#06+%5617.674'.7$X#&0'55#0&/#0; / /14'T*+5(#$7.175&719+..*#8';17&#0%+0)#..0+)*66151/'1( 14'T*+5(#$7.175&719+..*#8';17&#0%+0)#..0+)*66151/'1( your favourite tracks. Sat 18th - Neil Diamond. A night not to be missed. Quoted as one of 66*'$'56'+.+#/10&#%65#4170&T#8'#&561%-9+..*#8';17 *'$'56'+.+#/10&#%65#4170&T#8'#&561%-9+..*#8';17 & &#0%+0)61#..6*'%.#55+%5X+0%.7&+0)9''6#41.+0'X 14'8'4+0.7' #0%+0)61#..6*'%.#55+%5X+0%.7&+0)9' 9 '6#41.+0'X 1

4'8'4+0.7'  '#05#0&18'106*'1%-5T '#05#0&18'106*'1%-5T Sat 8th - Soul Provider. (;17.+-'6*'.7'5416*'45X*' (;17.+-'6*'.7'54  16*'45X*' 1//+6/'065#0&JN517.6*'0;17...18'6*+56'02+'%'$#0&6*#6 1//+6/'065#0&JN517.6*'0;17...18'6*+ * 56'02+'%'$#0&6*#6 will keep you entertained all night ! Sat 22nd - Diva Night with Elizabeth Phillips. Be entertained by the 52+0'6+0).+0)81+%'1( .+<#$'6*5+0)+0)#0#44#0)'/'061(%.#55+% 52+0'6+0).+0)81+%'1( .+<#$'6*5+0)+0)#0#44#0)'/'061(%.#55+% 6#.+#012'4#510)5(41/6*'/75+%#.5#0&+8#%.#55+%5 6#.+#012'4#510)5(41/6*'/75+%#.5#0&+8#%.#55+%5


from from 5pm Every Every W Wed ed & Thurs Thurs Full Full Tapas Tapas Menu also Available Available Prime su Prime succelent ccelent ste steaks aks , fish cchicken hicken & fi sh cooked cooked tto o order from the gr iddle. griddle.

3 01 r2 fo


Sat 20th - Diva Night with Elizabeth Phillips. Be entertained by the 552+0'6+0).+0)81+%'1( .+<#$'6*5+0)+0)#0#44#0)'/'061(%.#55+% 2+0'6+0).+0)81+%'1( .+<#$'6*5+0)+0)#0#44#0 # )'/'061(%.#55+% 6#.+#012'4#510)5(41/6*'/75+%#.5#0&+8#%.#55+%5 6#.+#012'4#510)5(41/6*'/75+%#.5#0&+8#%.#55+%5 Sat 27th - Rat Pack Night. 0,1;#0'8'0+0)1(+0#64#X#//; 0,1;#0'8'0+0)1(+  0#64#X#//;  #8+5n'#0#46+09+6*6*'910&'4(7.81+%'1(1*00;#%-T #8+5n'#0#46+09+6*6*'910&'4(7.81+%'1(1*00;#%-T




world by storm

2 Courses Courses Only Only ÂŁ14.50*

*cannot *c annot be used in conjunction conjunction with any other offer offfer of

Classical Spanish Guitarist

Indie Lounge Singer

#56 4+&#;1(6*'106* #56 4+&#;1(6*'106*

Laura-Jayne Hunter. F F0& 4+&#;1(6*'106* 0& 4+&#;1(6*'106*

Full Tapas Menu A Available vailable

Full Tapas Menu Available Available

GOT SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE? Book a private function large or small, whatever the occasion. We can accommodate up to 100 people, from ÂŁ10pp


Opening Times Mon-Tues Closed O Wed-Sat 5pm - onwards O Sunday 1pm - 8pm (last orders)



10 %


a brand new restaurant with traditional, locally sourced food and a large selection of wines.

SPECIAL DINING DEALS Every Tues , Wed and Thursday

5.30 UNTIL 7.00 TWO COURSE EARLYBIRD MENU includes a glass of wine £13.95

the green Door,

122 New Road, Littleborough, oL15 8NL.

teL: 01706 838016

FALLEN ANGELS Fallen Angels Continental Ristorante has captured the style of 14th century Italy by using genuine relics and sculptures for its interior, combining the finest authentic Mediterranean cuisine with the excitement and ambiance of the Renaissance. Many of the dishes are made or have been adapted from traditional family recipes. The continental staff are extremely knowledgeable and will gladly advise guests as to which dish best suits their tastes. They will also advise on the type of wine which best compliments a meal, choosing from a selection of finest continental bottles. Whether you are looking for a pizza, a pasta or perhaps something a little more adventurous, the Fallen Angels is an unforgettable experience. Watch out for our weekly specials and also our special reduced choice menus, which offer superb value for money. .

Menu details can be found online at bookings can be made online or over the phone on 01706 861861. Fallen Angels @ the Royal Toby Hotel

Manchester Road – Castleton – Rochdale – OL11 3HF



Situated within the Coach House in Littleborough you will find Demetris Cafe & Taverna. It is a cafe during the day, but on Friday and Saturday evenings, you can also experience fantastic Greek Nights. The night’s include Greek Mezze, 15 courses, plate smashing, free ouzo and a live bouzouki band. The venue is also available for private Greek nights and can seat up to 36 people. If you want the total Greek experience then book your table now. Evening bookings only. Now open Sundays. Littleborough Coach House Lodge Street Littleborough 01706 378481 / 07889 868 954



UP AND COMING EVENTS NOW TAKING RESERVATIONS FOR FRIDAY 26TH APRIL Live Entertainment Night Dave Radstock (Neil Diamond, Elton John, Elvis, Tom Jones) 5 Course Meal £28 per person FRIDAY 14TH JUNE Live Entertainment Night Kayley Hughes (vocal pianist) 5 Course Meal £28 per person



HALF TERM SPECIAL (28TH MARCH TO 16TH APRIL) KIDS MAKE YOUR OWN PIZZAS Free Child with every full paying adult excluding Saturdays - Booking Required MID WEEK SPECIALS 3 COURSE £10.95 KIDS EAT FREE ON SUNDAYS off children's menu - 1 child per adult

STRUGGLING TO BUY A GIFT FOR THOSE WHO HAVE EVERYTHING? You can purchase a gift voucher from us for any amount to be used at any time!

NOT BEEN TO THE RESTAURANT BEFORE? Please see our reviews on TRIP ADVISOR or join us on Facebook :- Annabellas Whitworth

View our web page to view

our new menu and see our special offers and up and coming events

142 Market Street Whitworth Rochdale OL12 8SZ


01706 550303

When well known Rochdale Artist, Geoff Butterworth, went to dine at his local restaurant in Whitworth, little did he know it would be a recipe for a successful business partnership. Enjoying some of the Italian cuisine at Annabellas on Market Street, Geoff got in conversation with owners Nicky and Andy about their paintings on display in the restaurant. Geoff explained that he had recently painted some monochrome pictures of Italy that actually look like black & white photographs. Upon seeing the impressive paintings at Geoff's studio in Whitworth, Nicky and Andy offered the wall space at Annabellas as an extension to his gallery where he can display and sell the paintings in his collection.

Best steaks ! in town Direct from our own butchery Not to be missed...

2 DINE with WINE

£19.99 FOR




Choose 2 main courses from a specially prepared menu and a bottle of house red or white from only £19.99!* *SEE OUR WEBSITE FOR FULL DETAILS


Available at lunchtime, all evening Monday - Wednesday and until 7.00pm Thursday and Friday. For weekend availability, please see our website.


Crimble Lane • Bamford Rochdale • OL11 4AD • Tel: 01706 368591

Manchester Road • Castleton Rochdale • OL11 3HF • Tel: 01706 861861

For further details please visit Exceptional value to satisfy you and your pocket. Special restaurants: not just for special occasions.

Our winners in the spot the difference competition in the Autumn mag were Jack Mearns 748 Edenfield Road Norden Rochdale OL12 7RB (6) Melissa Butterworth 1 Links View Bamford Rochdale OL11 4DD (7)



with Salt and Vinegar Sauce

SeRVeS 4

200g puff pastry 1 egg yolk 1 tablespoon olive oil 4 shallots – chopped fine 1 clove garlic – chopped 200g young spinach leaves – washed Pinch ground nutmeg FoR tHe SaUCe 200ml white wine 250ml white wine vinegar 2 tablespoons whipping cream 200g chilled salted butter – diced Flesh 1 beef tomato – diced 1 tablespoon chopped chives 2 bunches of asparagus – peeled and trimmed


1) Roll out the puff pastry ¾cm thick and cut into rectangles. Brush with the egg yolk and mark into diamonds.

6) Blanch the asparagus in some boiling salted water for 2-3 minutes until a la dente.

7) When ready to serve, cut each rectangle in half length ways, place the 2) Bake in a hot oven 180°c for 10 spinach in the base of half of the puff minutes until risen and golden brown. pastry pieces, arrange the asparagus on 3) Heat the olive oil and sauté the shallots top, pour over the sauce and finally and garlic together until softened. Add position the reserved lid. the spinach and wilt. Season to taste with salt, pepper and nutmeg.

4) Place the white wine and vinegar in a pan – bring to the boil and reduce by half. Add the cream and reduce again, finally add the diced butter bit by bit until its emulsified.

5) Add the diced tomato and chives and season. Do not boil the sauce otherwise it will separate.

CELEBRITY Rochdale Chef Andrew Nutter


A refreshing new approach to estate agency

T:010706 372 500

LANDLORDS Are you looking to let a property for the first time, or an existing landlord unhappy with the service from your current agent? Contact us today and take advantage of the following, and save a considerable amount on fees! l We do NOT charge “finders fees” or other unessential set up charges. You will only ever be charged an 8% PCM management fee.

l All tenants are FULLY vetted via an intensive application procedure (more details on request) l We will inspect your property every SIX weeks and always report back to you

l Every property has a bespoke photographic inventory signed and agreed by the tenant(s)

l Good communication, honesty and customer service are our key values

VENDORS Looking to sell your property or currently on the market with another agent but looking for a fresh start? l Our selling fees start from only £399 (inclusive) and we guarantee to beat your existing agency commission by 50%! (written proof will be required) l Fantastic advertising exposure from the countries leading search portals

l Regular communication and feedback plus emailed statistical reports for every property each month

l Our promise to do our very best for our customers, YOU are our priority at all times

l Good communication, honesty and customer service are our key values

CALL TODAY for your FREE and no obligation VALUATION 01706372500 or contact us via email or contact us via

– search warburton estates or via Twitter



CALL TODAY FOR YOUR FREE AND NO OBLIGATION SALES OR RENTAL VALUATION ON 01706 372500 OR EMAIL YOUR REQUEST TO On Friday the 2nd November 2012 Warburton Estates were proud and delighted to be nominated and entered into the final three for the start up business of the year at the 2012 Rochdale business awards. We attended a spectacular event at the great hall in Rochdales historic town hall and enjoyed a wonderful evening. We were finalists in the “Best start up business” category and are so proud to announce that we WON and couldn't be happier! We have forged some amazing relationships with vendors and landlords since we started trading in September 2011 and this award is certainly the icing on the cake and we cant thank all our friends and family enough for their support and good luck messages either by phone or from visible social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you would like to speak to us with any property related questions please feel free to do so on 01706372500 or email WARBURTON ESTATES – A NEW APPROACH TO ESTATE AGENCY - CONSISTENCY - SERVICE - COMMUNICATION HONESTY - VALUE FOR MONEY/SERVICE - A NAME NOT A REF NUMBER Warburton Estates 1a Winton Street, Littleborough, Rochdale, Lancs OL15 8AR 01706372500 email


Blithe Spirit still fascinates as a stage play, despite being written in 1941. The audience at St Ann’s Players Production where gripped by Lynda Kent’s production. As always, the production boasted a strong cast, with some regular faces treading the boards. Charles Condomine is a novelist who finds himself haunted by his ghostly first wife, Elvira, and emotionally dominated by his second wife, Ruth. Marriage, in fact, is seen largely as a series of ratty exchanges in which couples gnaw away at past infidelities; even a makeweight couple, the Bradmans, who pop in periodically to provide ballast to the plot, scratch away at each other's failures. Dave Stopford added great dimension to the role of Charles and Sue Howarth did not disappoint as his wife Ruth, a figure of lethal cold-heartedness. They were ably supported by Neil Bamford & Annette Nodwell as the Bradmans. Charles, who is looking for material for his new book, decides to invite a local medium, Madame Arcati, to conduct a séance at his home. It is then that Elvira returns from the grave and proceeds to make life very difficult for Charles, and so the mayhem unfolds. Judith Mansfield gave a spirited

performance as Elvira as she weaves her mysticism. Joanne Frost gave an outstanding performance as Madam Arcati, getting full value from this fantastic role. Elizabeth Gratton made her debut in this production for St Ann’s Players as Edith the maid and gave the role some real energy, to be applauded and encouraged. The backstage staff should not go without mention, as they complemented this excellent production with a living room detailed for the period. St Ann’s Players next production is Inspector Drake and the Perfekt Crime, a comedy by David Tristram, and tickets can be booked on 01706 710033.n

Colin Meredith

Customer Service Photog raphy Advertising Design Confidence & Vocal Coaching ials Social Media c r e m m o C Promotional Film Web & TV Campaign Planning ls Presentation Skil Graphic Design Sales Training Event Management Copywriting & PR Publications

The Meredith Bunch Professional Creative Skills at your Service

We are a team of professional creatives who do a whole bunch of things! We're a one-stop shop for your business; streamlining your creative and production needs, whilst always exceeding expectations. Create a lasting first impression.. 72 TEL: 07774 152620




Photos: James Statham

Set in 1612, this show is fairly new to the circuit and is set in Pendle, at the time of the witch trials. The large chorus sounded fantastic, so a massive well done to the Musical Director John Stevens, who also put a great orchestra together. The principals were well cast from the young Emily Fitton, as Jenet Device, who acted and sang her heart out, to the more experienced cast members. Mike Conroy, as Josiah, was wonderful as the local tavern keeper. Fantastic delivery of lines and great comic timing added a bit of fun into what, in the main, is a tragic tale. Roger Dugdale, as Potts, played well as the one with a conscience, who drinks to forget his part in the unfair trial. His clear diction even when drunk allowed the whole story to unfold. Keara Johnson, as Alizon Device, had lovely vocals on her solo and played well opposite Chris Law as Edward. Their singing also complimented and harmonised well on some of the bigger numbers. Alison Curran, as Lady Sarah, looked and sounded wonderful in her part as the posh love interest of Capt James Roberts. James Cockerill played the dashing Captain, caught between Catherine in Pendle and Lady Sarah in London. James had lovely vocals on solo numbers and duets with both of his beau’s and acted well throughout. Sarah Thewlis was fabulous as Catherine Howard - the feisty, passionate, kind hearted friend of Alizon, who stands up to be counted against the injustice being thrown the villager’s way. The characterisation, added to the excellent vocals gave a beautifully well-rounded performance. Steve Maxfield played Roger Nowell; the magistrate sent by the King to try and sentence the witches in the most unjust way. His acting as the nasty ‘Witchfinder’ was very believable and I loved his solo “In Your Nightmares”. Director, Howard G Raw, kept the tale tight and yet allowed the emotions and injustice to shine through. The cast did a great job on a little known show, which has some absolutely stunning songs, to provide a great evening’s entertainment. n

The Society has just launched a 200 Club, to help raise funds for future productions and keep musical theatre alive in Rochdale. To find out more please turn to page 79.




Do you have scratched or torn family photographs that you would love to bring back to life? Or recent photos that you would like retouching? Just email for a quote.


10% OFF with this advert

GIFT VOUCHERS from just £30

78 Drake Street, Rochdale, OL16 1PQ (above Sandiford's) Email: 74

call or text - 0777 643 4526


WIN a pair of tickets to see

comedian Julian Clary at the Middleton Arena. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy this fabulous evening of hilarious entertainment from two of the best seats in the house.

WIN one of two copies of Ausperity

by Lucy Tobin, packed with money-saving ideas. Please see pages 10-11 for more details.

WIN a private dance lesson with

award winning dance duo, Ginny and Alan, at Dance For Fun, Rochdale. For more details please turn to page 43 or visit

WIN a photoshoot voucher courtesy of Ruth Meredith Photography. Beautiful and contemporary photography for families, babies, children and teens.

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR CHRISTMAS WINNERS… * Witchfinder tickets – Mrs P Cavanagh, Rochdale * Coop books – Mr G Holyroyd, Lytham & Jean Phillips, Norden

WIN a traditional cream tea for two at the newly re-opened Healey Dell Heritage Centre.

WIN a box of six delicious

cupcakes, courtesy of Brown’s Handcrafted Cakes, 14 St Mary’s Gate, Rochdale. Brown’s Cakes offer a wide range of mouthwatering cupcakes and celebration cakes.

* Nutters afternoon tea – Mrs P Harrison, Norden * Football book - Mr V Wilura, Rochdale

* Paintballing – Liam Hartley, Littleborough * Photoshoot – A Hoyle, Norden

WHAT DO YOU LIKE BEST ABOUT ROCHDALE? (Answers will not affect your chance of winning)


Please tick all prizes you would like to be entered for (if more than one please put prizes in order of preference). Winners will be selected at random..

Julian Clary tickets Afternoon Tea Photoshoot

n n n

Dance lesson Ausperity book Cupcakes


Name: Address:

n n


Please post your answer to: Rochdale Style competitions, 13 Norden Lodge Apartments, Clay Lane, Rochdale, OL11 5AS. Alternatively, you can email the above information to Closing date – 30th April 2013.

ADVERTISE IN ROCHDALE Rochdale Style Magazine is fantastic value for money and will improve your business potential from as little as

ÂŁ35 per month (NO VAT). We are Rochdaleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s one and only independent lifestyle magazine, distributed across Rochdale and surrounding areas. With an estimated readership of 60,000 in print and online, can you afford to miss out? A stylish way to promote your business.

TO BOOK CALL 01706 710 810 or 07774 152 620 Every issue of Rochdale Style has a three month life span, so it's not a case of today's news being tomorrow's trash. Email: 76


Rochdale News & Events

OUR SUMMER GALA DAY this year will be taking place at The Yesteryear Festival on 30th June, including military and vintage vehicle displays and a funfair.

A huge THANK YOU to everybody who supported our Christmas Fair, we raised over £10,000!


SUNDAY 24TH MARCH - SPRING FAIR A fantastic day out for all the family at Springhill Hospice, 10am - 3pm, with over 40 stalls and attractions - free entry for all. The Hospice will also be launching their new mascot at the Spring Fair.

SUNDAY 14TH APRIL – HOSPICE TO HOSPICE WALK A leisurely 7.25 mile walk circular route between Springhill Hospice and Dr Kershaw’s Hospice in Royton. £5 pp, plus £10 sponsorship, starting from Springhill Hospice at 10.30am. Why not get all your family and friends involved in this fantastic event - all ages welcome, including prams! Refreshments provided. For more details call 01706 649920 and ask for Kath in the fundraising office or email FRIDAY 26TH APRIL - WOMAN OF ROCHDALE An annual ladies luncheon to celebrate the achievements of the new Woman of Rochdale in the beautiful Great Hall, Rochdale Town Hall, 11.30am for a 12.30pm luncheon. Tickets £37pp including a four-course meal. FRIDAY 3RD MAY – AN AFTERNOON TEA WITH THE MAYOR OF ROCHDALE A lovely afternoon tea with the Mayor James Gartside before he retires from his mayoral year - includes musical entertainment. 2.00pm - 4.30pm, tickets £10 pp. SUNDAY 12TH MAY - WELLY WALK A sponsored walk setting off from Springhill Hospice - dogs allowed - entry £10pp including a medal for completing this 6 mile walk. A good way to freshen up after the FA Cup final the day before! FRIDAY 17TH MAY - SPRINGHILL HOSPICE ANNUAL GOLF DAY £200 for a team of four at Rochdale Golf Club including dinner and entertainment. Book early to avoid disappointment! SUNDAY 30TH JUNE - SPRINGHILL HOSPICE SUMMER GALA DAY On land at Collop Gate Farm, Heywood, 10am-3p.m. With craft tents, military exhibits, and a fair - a lovely way to round off the 1940's Day in Heywood.

All events will be held at Springhill Hospice, Broad Lane, Rochdale, OL16 4PZ unless otherwise stated. For further details about any of the above, please contact the fundraising department on 01706 649920 or by e-mail


COMMUNITY NEWS Man of Rochdale 2012


Photo: (left to right) Man of Rochdale 2012 Norman Wellens with toastmaster Alan Calow and Man of Rochdale 2011 Steve Butterworth.

Middleton Rotarion Norman Wellens was voted Man of Rochdale 2012 at the Man of Rochdale luncheon held at Rochdale Town Hall. Norman Wellens has worked tirelessly for the people of the borough through his services and support to the bereaved. He founded and runs the Middleton & Heywood Bereavement Support Group. Norman is a committed member and twice president of the Rotary Club of Middleton. He was also a committed Scout and maintains links here to this day. In his time he has been a Cub, a Scout, A Cub Leader, a Scout Leader and a Queen’s Scout. He has also served the community as a Governor of Parkfield Primary School and Stage Manager for Middleton Amateur Operatic and Drama Society. Norman is one of Santa’s key helpers and helps Father Christmas visit children in Middleton every year, working to a very busy schedule, so busy in fact that he has needed to enlist the help of Middleton Rotary Club. Over the busy Christmas period Middleton Rotary Club raises around £5000 for local causes.


Paul Sheerin, who previously owned Heroes Fine Foods in Norden, is back in town selling delicious food at The Norden Arms Deli. Style has tried and tested the delicious pate from Ruthin in North Wales… and not forgetting the great selection of wines and beers! Hic.


The Retreat Beauty Salon, Rochdale, recently ran a Facebook competition ‘The Super-Someone Spa Day Challenge’, encouraging people to nominate a friend or loved one for a spa day worth over £200, including champagne and flowers. Emma Fitton, Salon Manager, commented: “We received so many heartfelt stories of ‘super someone's’ that go over and above to help others, despite often struggling and battling their own problems through illness or otherwise, that we just couldn't single one out... instead we decided to offer the spa day to two lucky winners!” The winners of the Super Someone Spa Day Challenge were Donna Bushell and her mother Jeanette, nominated by Lisa Christie, who both enjoyed a full day of relaxation and exclusive use of the facilities, including several luxury spa treatments.

2013 will mark the 9th annual fundraiser for the NSPCC, held at Nutters Restaurant on Ascot Ladies Day. The annual fundraiser has raised over £40k so far and always proves very popular, supported by Andrew Nutter and sponsored by Fisherfield Nurseries. Tickets for this year’s event on Thursday 20th June can be obtained from organiser Lisa Kay on 01706 376775. 78

Photo: Lisa Christie (left) who nominated her friend Donna Bushell (right).

GOOD SAMARITANS The Feel Good Café, on Yorkshire Street, Rochdale, recently played host to a Feel Good Friday Fundraiser on behalf of The Samaritans. Rebecca & Andrea Hilton, of Craft Cottage, and Louise Crewe, of Valley Acupuncture, sold cakes to customers at the cafe who gave a donation. The delicious cakes were made by Andrea Hilton and Kathleen Ridgway, together with a donation from Brown’s Cakes on St Mary’s Gate.



Rochdale Amateur Operatic Society (RAOS) have recently launched a Save Our Society campaign and 200 club. RAOS has been performing musical theatre since 1899, On Valentine’s Day, the Heywood Local Committee for Cancer

but spiraling costs of producing their shows means the society

Research held their annual Soup and Sweet Lunch at Bamford Chapel.

is on the brink of being financially unviable; so award winning

‘Soups and sweets’ were prepared by members of the committee and

musical theatre at the famous Gracie Fields Theatre may

volunteers, while tables were decorated with red roses, red serviettes

become a thing of the past.

and red heart balloons in keeping with the theme. To increase the ambience, Mr Geoff Ogden (resident organist at Bamford Chapel) entertained at the piano with romantic melodies and a total of £340.45 was raised. During February, members of the committee also collected donations

As well as entertaining Rochdale theatre-goers for more than a century, the society has nurtured some fantastic professional talent. Members continue to appear on TV and perform on the professional stage. The Society is launching a 200 Club (ie. 200 members

during performances of ‘Calendar Girls’, at The Curtain Theatre,

max). Membership costs just £5 per month and you will

Milkstone Road. The generous theatregoers raised over £1,000 for

receive very special benefits: monthly cash prize draws;

cancer research. The next fundraising event is Gardener’s Question Time at The All In

members’ only events with exclusive performances; a free programme for all shows; preferential booking; programme

One Garden Centre, Middleton 6.00pm for 6.30pm. Admission £5.00

listing and more. Members will also be supporting the local

which includes light refreshments. For more information please contact

community as 10% of 200 Club proceeds will be donated to

Lesley Sutton, Hon Sec on 01706 638005.

Rochdale based good causes. Please contact Kath or call 01706 653185.


The Freemasons of Rochdale continued their annual Christmas tradition by paying a surprise visit to Springhill Hospice to deliver a number of festive gifts for Day Care patients. After the presentation a small team of Freemasons then hand delivered the goody bags to the various homes of the patients throughout Rochdale and its surrounding areas.

Photo: Kenneth Davies, MBE, and Bernard Percy from the Rochdale Freemasons presenting gifts to some of the Hospice Day Care staff.



This Easter will see Healey Dell Visitors Centre re-open

to the public, after local residents Janice Percy and Philip Barrett saved it from closure. The pair, who also cofounded the Rochdale voluntary organisation ADPA, will open the newly renamed Healey Dell Heritage Centre on Good Friday… and everyone is welcome! The stone built detached building now features a fixed nature/industrial heritage exhibition, a vintage themed tea room where visitors can enjoy traditional cream teas and refreshments, meeting room facilities and dedicated gallery space for use by local artists and photographers. Additionally, ADPA's enterprise based projects will be developed and delivered from their new base. ADPA provides local disadvantaged children and young people with free access to a range of inspiring programmes. Janice commented: "We are delighted to inject some positivity into Rochdale and we would love to hear from

Singing 'All I Want For Christmas Is You', 16-year-old Rachel Brierley was crowned winner of The Xmas Factor competition at the Wheatsheaf Shopping centre. Her prizes included £100 to spend in the Wheatsheaf, a photoshoot and a limousine ride to Gracieland, Lisa Stansfield's recording studio, to record a CD. Amongst the four judges, and also making a special guest star appearance singing, was X Factor contestant Carolynne Poole. The other nine finalists were: Eve Crabtree, Lucy Morris, Jordan Houlker, George Harry Jones, Chloe Glinski, Amelia Woodhouse, Abbey Smith, Remu Begum and Melissa Hurn. 80

like-minded business owners and residents who might assist us in our efforts.”


Apologies for the mistake in the last edition of

Style. Moss Lodge Hotel actually raised a staggering £1100 from their recent fundraiser in aid of Macmillan nurses - and not £300 as we published.


Designs v Advice v Installation v Carpets v Karndean v Vinyls


The Canal Wharf, Canal Street, Littleborough, OL15 0HA. Tel 01706 372 242 2/3 Regent Street, Shaw, Oldham OL2 8AT. Tel 01706 291 902


The spring edition of Rochdale Style is out now! You can also read it online by clicking the link below. This issue includes interviews with...


The spring edition of Rochdale Style is out now! You can also read it online by clicking the link below. This issue includes interviews with...