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Positive self talk! By: Gaia Jusola-Sanders

Hola mi amigos and mi amigas! I’m here to try and help you with having positive self talk. Self talk doesn’t mean talking to yourself out loud it pretty much means making yourself feel better or worse depending on how you talk to yourself. But I’m here to help you talk positively about yourself. Here are my tips on dealing with self talk in general. First off let’s replace all the bed thoughts about ourselves with good thoughts. For example if someone thinks “I’m so dumb I’ll never get out of high school.” they could replace that thought with “Dude that thing I did on that videogame last night was so cool! Especially when the boat exploded!” or if it’s a girl who doesn’t like videogames and is thinking “I’m so dumb I’ll never get out of high school.” They could think “This new dress is going to look so cute on me!” or better yet something both male and female could think “Well it’s just one grade I’m sure I can bring it up.” To be honest I don’t think you should use positive self talk all the time just use it whenever you think something bad about yourself. Like if someone’s looking in the mirror and they think “Man I’m so ugly.” They can easily, easily replace that thought with “I’m beautiful in my own way.” Now say none of this works for you and you still think you’re ugly. Then mix things up try a new style if it makes you feel better keep the style if you feel out of place throw the style away.

Now what about if you’re having trouble at home and that’s what’s making you think negatively about yourself? Well then you should just remind yourself “It’s not my fault.” Or “I can overcome problem. With hard work.” Ok what about if you’re having financial trouble? If that’s the case then remember this “It won’t last forever.” Even hobos make money from time to time. Really this are just examples of how you can think positively. If the ways I suggested don’t help you then think of a new better way. Use your mind and think of your own ways to think positively. You are the only person who can run your life.

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