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EDITOR IN CHIEF: Phinnah Chichi Ikeji DESIGN & LAYOUT : Prarthana Hariharan IT CONSULTANT: Tony Ndu WEBSITE DESIGN: Harry Himanshu Patel PRE-TEEN ASSOCIATES: Kenny Ikeji, Bradley Chukwu, Kiara Asinobi, Gracie Ogor Chukwujekwu, Jessica Chukwu, Lizzie Ilechie, Okechi Chinda, Nicholas Ndu, Candice Attingre, Christine Jacobs Sophia Obi TEEN ASSOCIATES: Nina Ndu, Ayesha Sesay, Daniel Ikeji, Bradley Chukwu, Vicky Jacobs, Ogezi Chinda, Chimbu Chinda, Vanessa Jacobs, Nathan Ndu, Sean M, Carlton & Jason C, Chineye Nwandu, Youths@GH, ROC Teens@GH PRINTERS: Hi-Cymbal Studios (07429930975)

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ISSN 2054-2615 Ten2Teens Magazine is published by Ten2Teens Limited All rights reserved, Reproduction in whole or part without written permission is prohibited DISCLAIMER: Any material published in Ten2Teens Magazine reflects the personal view of the contributor and does not constitute an endorsement of such views by Ten2Teens Limited.

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Contents From Me to You:



5 Exclusive Interview Young Cartoonist, DUM DOODLES



Exclusive Interview First black Chelsea football Player

13 Creative and Unique fashion

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Secondary School & University


Black History Month 11/12/2013 1:39:28 AM

SCHOOL: Stand against bullying CAREER CHOICES: A look

into 4 different career choices


Everyday FASHION on our streets

3 Inspirational Corner



The Importance of a POSITIVE



Country of the Quarter : ANGOLA



8 GIRLS CORNER 18 GUYS CORNER 47 Ten2Teens Chill Out Zone

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reetings and a warm welcome to our very first issue of Ten2Teens Magazine! The No 1 Inspirational Teen Magazine. The mission of Ten2Teens Magazine (Ten2Teens Mag) is to help inspire a change in the generalised perception about youths by sharing more positive and great news about them. It has been an exciting journey getting to this point. At Ten2Teens Magazine, we are excited about this season for two reasons. Not only is it the debut launching of our first feature print/online magazine, it is also the start to the last quarter of the year 2013.

We have been online (website) for one year and are very excited to share what we know about youths in a product (magazine) for you all. Growing up in these recent times can be quite challenging. With recent and on-going negative news within some black communities, lower percentages of examination pass rates and controls such as stable families, being on a decrease, there is an urgent need for a platform that promotes the success of black role models for young people to aspire to. The need also extends to having more positive press and media about young people. We hear of great achievements and talents about youths but they hardly make headline news. What you will find in the pages of Ten2Teens Magazine is a collection of inspired articles about ordinary people who succeed and a showcase of diversified talents in form of writing, poetry, academic and vocational achievers, teen advice and many others. Ten2Teens Magazine is not here to talk at teens but to talk with teens.

You may ask what makes Ten2Teens Magazine unique; here are a few points we came up with. • Ten2Teens Mag is the only alternative positive and relatable magazine that is inspired by 10-19 year olds of African, Caribbean, African-American and mixed race backgrounds. • Younger readers (i.e. tweens aged 10-12) are not left out in this publication. • Ten2Teens Mag caters for male readers as well. We do not agree with the myth and misconceptions that teenage boys do not read magazines. • We celebrate our youths for who they are and not what they look like. • Ten2Teens Mag is not a ‘celebrity focused’ magazine. • We consistently promote, support, educate, encourage and enlighten our everyday youths to align themselves in building self-confidence/self-esteem, respect, being resourceful, self-achievement, positivity, being good to others, being proud of whom they are, assimilating with ease into mainstream society and going for their dreams. • Whilst Ten2Teens Magazine is geared to this niche, it is not restricted to them; the overall aim extends to showing everyone from all backgrounds and cultures a more balanced awareness and inspire all to achieve in diverse ways.

In this issue, we feature the first black Chelsea football club player, an artist making waves, teens who had excellent exam results. Find out who they are. We also feature girls /guys corners and fashion trends. Enjoy our Chill Out Zone with jokes, fun quiz, word search, riddles and poems. Please take some time to get to know the layout of our magazine. Also, feel free to leave comments about the articles or share your thoughts with us. We appreciate your support and are so happy to have you as a reader of Ten2Teens Magazine. Enjoy the read and stay blessed.


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Phinnah ChiChi Ikeji Founder and Chief Editor, Ten2Teens Magazine Follow me on twitter @phinnahchichi

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Contributors who helped make this happen

Uche Sandra Ginigeme USA Editor Ten2Teens

Dera Ginigeme Contributing Editor

Ifeanyi Chukwujekwu Feature Editor

Toyin Alase Creative Contributing Editor

Kate Iffy Copy Editor and Poet

Kosi Ginigeme Contributing Editor

Kanulia Nwandu Contributing Editor

Mike Kej Contributing Editor

Nonye Nwandu Contributing Editor

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“The tragedy in life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goals to reach.” “Worrying does not empty tomorrow of its troubles, it empties today of its strength.” Corrie Ten Boom “Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.”

THE QUOTE OF THE QUARTER (QOQ) ‘Your “I CAN” is more important than your “IQ” ‘- Robin Sharma. Believe that you can do it! It’s in you. Believe it! You can do it. Start this day knowing that you can. Use your “I CAN” and notice your IQ and ideas stretch beyond measures.

“Simply learn that life is a book. Every day is a new page Every month is a new chapter and Every Year is a new series”

We love this quote! It just reminds us that we cannot get stuck on one page, one chapter or one series of our lives. We have to move on. Last year is gone; Last month is gone, yesterday is gone and today is a new page in our lives. Enjoy your new page and make the most of it cos by tomorrow, today will be an old page and tomorrow will be your new one.


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Inspiring Teen Who Achieved His A Levels Grades Despite Going Through Cancer Source: Huffingtonpost

18-year old, Tom Woodward from Brighton was diagnosed at Easter with testicular cancer and underwent three cycles of chemotherapy in the middle of his A-Levels exams. Despite Tom’s circumstance, he refused to let his illness gets in the way. The Brighton College student gained A* in psychology and As in history and English to secure a place reading history at Bristol University. Keen rugby player Tom, from Lewes, said: “It

was pretty stressful but I didn’t have any choice and I just had to get on with it. I’m pretty relieved now. “I have been given the all-clear and I just have to have check-ups done every three months. It wasn’t too bad because I had the chemo round my exams.” Now is this an inspiring story. Ten2Teens Magazine wishes Tom the best for his future.


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Interview with DUM-DOODLES, a renowned Cartoonist who has worked with Celebrities – Bashy and Chris Brown “ I am still growing as an artist. I think in whatever field it is, the success is not just going to drop on your lap, you have to work on it and really find your niche in that gift. “

Kwam Korsa-Acquah ( aka Dum Doodles) Hi Dum-Doodles, how are you doing? I am doing fine, thank you. Thanks for getting in touch with us It is both an honour and pleasure to be having this chat with you. Many thanks for your time. It is much appreciated. We were very impressed with an inspirational message that you sent to us a few months ago. I shared it with our readers online, was very much received and promised them that I would be interviewing you sometime. Had you always known that you had this passion for art/ animation? At what point did it all make sense to start this brand? When I was in school, I was not interested in drawing as an art; I was just seeing myself drawing on everything. Whether it was on a wall or at school, on tables and my text books and it started to become a developed thing. I was practically drawing on everything; I think that is how it all started. What inspires you as you draw and what kind of atmosphere do you draw in? Do you draw in silence or with music?

You must have had some drawings in sight for him to see Yes at the time, it was MySpace that was the new social media site then. I think I was about 16 yrs old and everyone was on MySpace. It was the thing to follow celebrities and put them in your top ten and your friend list. I was already a Bashy’s music fan and I cannot even explain it but an idea just came in to send Bashy an email. We all know that celebrities get emails all the time and hardly check their inbox. I just went on that inspiration and emailed Bashy and got a response. The rest is history That is so good. What we like about what you did, We know it took courage, it took belief and I’m sure it did take a lot of preparation as well. You must have had some drawings prepared to show your skills. I think he had seen my facebook page in which I had my drawings dating back to my school days. When I started to draw digitally and drawing on the computer, I used Windows paint and would just click on the start panel and draw as many images as I could. He saw these and said ‘Let’s see what we can do…..)

Oh it has to be with music. {Laughs} I love to have music around as I tune in to draw.

It goes to show you did prepare for it in advance by updating your facebook page. If you had nothing, Bashy would not have had anything to verify the type of work you could do.

In a previous chat you had with a newspaper, you mentioned that you had approached Bashy and the result of this approach was that you made a video with him which drew about 50,000 views in 2 days. The approach which kind of was the start of your brand is where I want to focus on in this next question. What did it take for you to approach Bashy, Were there a lot of preparations involved?

Yes that was nearly 6 years ago and I am still growing as an artist. I think in whatever field it is, the success is not just going to drop on your lap, you have to work on it and really find your niche in that gift. For example they are so many cartoonists, but you have to look at what you see differently about it and make it unique in your own way.


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Thanks, this is a very inspirational message to our youths, no matter what niche they find themselves, to go for it and never give up. What does your family think about it? Had you always had their support? My family is from Ghana. If you were to tell any parent that you wanted to be a cartoonist, I’m sure it won’t go down so well. {both laugh} That is what I thought of and that’s why the question came up. One thing I must say that when they saw how serious I was about it and that it was something that I was still interested in especially after school, they were really respectful of my talents. Not many people will understand, they may not be able to see the vision, but you know it, so go for it. That’s nice. I appreciate that they supported you. Oh they said, “as long as you can buy us a car” {PI and DD laugh hysterically at this point as we can both relate to that term being used by our parents} A lot of people may not get that support, every family is different. Not everyone can motivate you to continue in that area of your talent. It really does come down to you. Most teens do not really want their parents pushing them into things they want for their kids. Not cool at all.

What advice would you give to teenagers about finding or spotting their craft and going for it no matter what comes their way. The first thing I would say is make a list. List the top 10 areas that you are interested in and top areas of your gifts and talents. Mark them from 1 to 10 and see why you are interested in them. Invest some time, even if it means the weekends, going over and learning from You Tube. Videos there are free and people do tutorials. Find out what is that interest you have. A lot of people doodle but they may not realise that they could be a cartoonist or animator. You would not know unless you actually study further into it. I do love the short courses as they free and I know when we are at school, we don’t want to pay for other courses. Do find an avenue to learn more about it. Thank you again Dum Doodles. You are an inspiration and we love your message that anything is possible. We wish you the best in all that you do; we are proud of you and well done.

“The first thing I would say is make a list. List the top 10 areas that you are interested in and top areas of your gifts and talents. Mark them from 1 to 10 and see why you are interested in them. Invest some time, even if it means the weekends, going over and learning from You Tube.”

Illustrations created by Dum-Doodles (,

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POEM - Black and Proud Queen

BLACK QUEEN by Adwoa Asiedu Say Hello to a black Queen who is proud to be who she is. I’ll tell you why I love being a black woman: A black woman is full of beauty A black woman is full of fire A black woman exudes boldness A black woman has inner strength She isn’t afraid to speak her mind But she is wiser than what your eyes see A black Woman is a fighter A black woman is a warrior A black woman is powerful A black woman is complete Yes it is who we are. We are all that. Embrace being a black Woman. You were made to be great,

Created by Dum-Doodles (

You were called to be influential, Destiny calls; Now is the time to manifest our presence Raise your hands up in the sky And declare: This is my time to shine Now Go.


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Everyday Fashion from


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GIRLS CORNER - Hair and Beauty

HAIR The Natural Hair

In recent times, there has been a steadily growing movement towards wearing natural hair. The choice to have our hair natural or straight is entirely personal. Courtesy of “care for your hair blog”

MISCONCEPTIONS about natural hair and what Del Sandeen says about them Misconception


Natural Hair isn’t versatile

If you think Afros are the only style for natural hair, you’re missing out on a ton of unique hairstyles that are beautiful and healthy for your hair and scalp. Some of the many natural hairstyles you can wear include: • Two-strand twists • Coils • Bantu knots • Locs • Braid • Afro puffs • Flat twists • Cornrows In addition, you can combine these styles to create your own one-of-a-kind hairdos. If your hair is short that may limit your versatility somewhat, but the longer your hair grows, the more styles you can experiment with and enjoy. Misconception


Natural Hair Doesn’t Grow

Black hair in its natural state has a tendency to shrink up, preventing you from seeing its real length, leading to the popular belief that it doesn’t grow long. While everyone has a predetermined hair length that’s due to genetics, with proper care, you can grow your hair as long as it is destined to be and you don’t need a relaxer or perm to do so! A relaxer straightens your curls so that you can see length more easily, but the chemicals in it do not promote hair growth. Hair grows an average of 1/2 inch per month, including black hair. Your hair is growing, but you may not be retaining the length due to chemical abuse, dryness, excessive heat styling and a general lack of proper care.



Natural Hair Is Strong

Natural hair looks strong, which is why so many people accidentally abuse it with rough treatment. In reality, black hair is fragile and needs to be treated with the gentlest of care in order for it to flourish. Wide tooth combs, natural ingredients and your own fingers are the best tools and products for natural hair. Misconception


Natural Hair Needs Grease

Many products you’ll find in the ethnic hair care section of your local stores are full of ingredients that aren’t the best for black hair. Ironic, but true. Petroleum and mineral oil make up a large percentage of black hair products and all they do is clog your scalp and attract dirt to your hair. You do not have to “grease” your scalp for it to be healthy. A better approach is to apply natural oils directly to your hair, paying special attention to the ends, which tend to be dry. 11

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Natural Hair Is Hard to Manage

Natural, textured hair can seem hard to manage if you attempt to treat it like straight hair. If you use the same tools and expect the same results that you would on straightened hair, you’re going to be disappointed. However, once you learn to treat natural hair in a way that doesn’t try to change it or alter it, it can be as manageable as any other type of hair. You’ll have to use different tools and different methods of styling. Your fingers, a wide tooth comb, natural boar bristle brushes and natural oils are all good ways to treat black hair. If you’re used to dealing with straightened hair, learning new routines and techniques that workwith your natural texture instead of against it will yield the best results.

Del Sandeen is Writer, Editor and Blogger. She cover all areas of black hair, including natural and chemically straightened styles, provide updates on celebrity styles, create image galleries of current hairstyles, manage a forum, send out weekly newsletters.

MAKE UP You are naturally beautiful! We mostly tend to use make up to enhance our natural beauty. For a teenager of colour, choosing the right make up that matches your skin tone is very essential. It is sometimes difficult to find the right colour because many of the make up products and instructions are geared for lighter skinned girls. You would have to try them out and see what goes with your skin tone. The best look for any teenager is a clean and natural look, so over doing your make up can make you look worse.

Foundation We agree with the saying that less is more. For teen girls that do not have skin flaws, foundations are not really necessary, however to cover any acne or other blemishes, we do use them. Teen Tips If you have to use foundation make sure that: Your skin is clean and dry before application You are in a well lit area You apply the foundation lightly. Lips A light coat of lip gloss will help black teens achieve a nice clean look. Most appropriate colours can range from brown, pinks to nudes.

Eyes Black teens should avoid light shades for their eyes. The colours tend to look chalky. Warmer shades in bold colours tend to compliment our diverse skin complexions. These could be applied when going out in the evenings or weekends.


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Abiye says her goals with Accessories by Abiye were to ‘’make accessories that are bold, sophisticated and feminine accessories that although were inspired Africa & African prints, could be worn with any basic outfit, to create an African-meetsWestern look.’’

Accessories by Abiye is a new fashion accessories brand launched in December 2012 by Nigerian born, Abiye-Yvonne Dede. The brand specialises in the use of the vibrant African print ankara&kente fabric to handmade jewellery & accessories including shoes, clutch bags. Abiye has always had a long-standing fascination with fashion and she describes accessorising as a key element of her personal style.

‘I love teaming up any look with statement accessories because I love the way accessories can transform any basic outfit.’ All items by the brand are handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail by Abiye in her home studio, tailored to suit the requirements of each customer. These accessories are suitable for events ranging from weddings to everyday/casual wear. When Abiye isn’t designing & creating these accessories, she is a full time PhD student of Cancer Immunology at Nottingham Trent University.

Interview with Abiye Your designs are unique and very creative. At what age did you realise that you had such a creative flair? Thank you. I’ve always had a long-standing fascination with fashion & accessories. At a young age, I watched my mom dress up and loved the way she mixed patterns and colours to create any outfit and I guess that ignited my passion at a tender age. It was only when I was much older that I started ‘getting my hands dirty’to create things. Who and what inspires you? Growing up, I was inspired by my mom – she has such a great sense of style. I love and draw inspiration from bold colours, textures & patterns! I love unique statement jewellery and accessories, so I’m inspired by fashion that inspires me What challenges do you come across in your industry? Before I launched Accessories by Abiye, I was apprehensive of the impression people would have of my designs and how people would receive ‘fresh talent’ into the industry. I started reading about a few famous fashion designers and I realised that each of them went through that phase and I needed to take a leap of faith and get my designs out there if I was going to find out what people thought of my designs.

My customers are bold, fashion-forward people who are not afraid to turn heads when they walk into a room. 13

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11/12/2013 1:39:38 AM

What type of customers do you have? Do you have more of a diversified range of customers? There isn’t a ‘typical’ Accessories by Abiye customer because my accessories don’t belong to any specific demographic. My customers are bold, fashion-forward people who are not afraid to turn heads when they walk into a room. These are the kind of people I envision wearing my accessories – they are the ones who truly bring my collections to life! We hear of designers who are liaising with high street stores. Is this one of your future plans or do you prefer to sell them directly by yourself? I’d love to do both! One of my dreams with Accessories by Abiye is to take African prints to the high street. I’d love the opportunity to be a concession in Topshop or Miss Selfridges and to own a boutique where I sell my items as well. The Afro-designs in accessories, fashion and music is fast becoming very trendy in these recent times. What are your thoughts on that and do you think that this trend will last for a while or is it just a phase? I agree. With people like Solange Knowles being spotted with natural hair & African print clothes, it’s only a matter of time African print clothes & accessories enter the high streets. It makes me so proud to see how far Africans have come and I hope this trend stays with us for a while. What are the perks you enjoy from designing your own products? Apart from being able to custom make pieces for myself (for special occasions such as weddings) I love the idea of exploring new designs and ideas and coming up with something different each time. It gives me such a thrill when designs go from my mind into something that can be worn. It’s even better when I can see people wearing it and the difference the accessories make to an outfit; it’s just an indescribable feeling – a great sense of accomplishment.

I would love for my accessories to make their way into the high street and to own a few boutiques around the world. What do you do to keep your products and designs unique and different from other competitors? I’m always working on & experimenting with new designs. I identify a trend I love and find ways to incorporate African print into this design. What are your dreams for ‘Accessories by Abiye’ for the future? If enough awareness is made about AA & we create the kind of interest that we are hoping to, I expect that Accessories by Abiye will be a major contributor to the world of fashion and play a role in complementing the already existing fashion scene. I would love for my accessories to make their way into the high street and to own a few boutiques around the world. What advice do you have for other young boys and girls who have a creative flair like you do and want to start their fashion line? Believe in yourself. There will be times when you doubt whether you are good enough to start a fashion line - these feelings are inevitable. The most important thing you need to do is to believe in yourself, surround yourself with people who believe in, motivate & inspire you and take that leap of faith, you never know. Where and how can people view and buy your products? All items are available to purchase on our website:


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GIRLS CORNER - Female Role Models

ENGINEERING : Yewande Akinola

Yewande Akinola, an engineer, left all in awe after winning the Young Woman Engineer of the Year 2012 Awards, which is no little achievement. This award recognizes the very best of the female engineers, under age thirty, who work in the UK by the Institute of Engineering and technology (IET.) This is a true mark of youths with passion. Yewande said, “Winning this has encouraged me to work even harder to put all the effort I can into spreading the message about how successful women in engineering are and can be.

ADVERTISING : Karen Blackett Karen Blackett, who is currently Chief Executive at Mediacom, has made her mark in the advertising field, and is an entrepreneur to reckon with. MediaCom, the largest media agency in the UK has dealt with some of the biggest names such as BT, Cable & Wireless as well as Tag Heuer, and manages ÂŁ610bn as advertising revenue in a year.

COMMUNITY AND SUPPORT : MP Diane Abbot Diane Abbot is both a politician and a member of the British Labour Party. She is the Parliamentary (MP) for Hackney North and Stoke Newington. She was the first black woman to be elected, to the House of Commons and a former shadow Public Health Minister. These are among the many positions that Diane Julie Abbot has had since she started her political career in 1982.


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The eldest child in “Britain’s Brainiest Family,” Anne-Marie has always been interested in business, maths and technology. Her peculiar set of achievements include holding the current world record as the youngest girl to pass A-level computing at the age of 11 and being one of the youngest students to be awarded a Masters’ degree in Mathematics and Computer Science by the University of Oxford, aged just 20. Anne Marie currently runs not-for-profit arm foundation called Avisami which focuses on providing help, support and advice for students at all levels and young professionals. Since 2010 the Avisami Foundation has helped a number of GCSE and A-Level candidates study for upcoming exams, taught revision and study techniques, provided tutoring services and advice regarding career paths and further education.

YOUNG ACHIEVERS: JEWELLERS -ENTERPRENUERNatasha Faith and Semhal Zemikael. Co-founders Natasha Faith and Semhal Zemikael ‘s’ jewelleries has been worn by the world’s most powerful women including Oprah Winfrey, First Lady Michelle Obama and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Faith and Zemikael met while studying at Sir George Monoux College in East London, and were both inspired to launch their company, La Diosa after traveling the world, learning to make jewellery in Mexico. The award-winning company now operates from an official showroom in London’s jewellery quarter, Hatton Garden.

For more on black female role models in the UK, visit 16

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GUYS CORNER - Male Role Model

The Importance of a Positive Male Role Model Too often you hear stories of young men who have had to grow up without a father. In today’s society, it seems more common to hear of a child being raised by their mother alone than with both parents. Truth is most kids just do not have enough positive male role models around them to look up to. This leads to the question, how can you be a good man if you have never had one around to model yourself after? If you have grown up in a fatherless household chances are you have more respect for your mother, having to take on two roles. However, learning to respect women is something that your mother can try to teach, but is better learned by example. Think of a man that you see often, someone you respect such as a teacher or coach. Try to spend time with an uncle cousin or other family member that you can trust. It is always an option for reaching out with questions you may not want to ask your mother. An important thing to remember is turning to drugs or violence is never the answer. You may find a group of friends that you think are there for you, people that you enjoy spending time with, but if they are heading for trouble, chances are you will be right there with them. Staying clear of the negativity that surrounds a lifestyle of violence will not only allow you to stay out of trouble, but may also help you earn the respect and adoration of other young men around you. Some say that there is no one around that they can look up to, no one that they respect to that degree. Luckily, this is never the case. While there may not be someone that is close to you, there are always books available. Pick a historical figure and study them. There are many positive male role models throughout history that set excellent examples for today’s youth.

What you have to keep in mind is that when you feel lost, feel like you are alone, there will always be someone there to talk to.

Looking to a good place of worship is always an option. Boys need to hear that they are doing good, that they are on the right track and are doing the right thing. While your mom may encourage you daily, hearing it from a man is different. The church is there for guidance and support. Not only that, but most have programs and camps that could provide long lasting friendships. Never feel embarrassed about talking to your pastor, asking for help is nothing to be ashamed of. What you have to keep in mind is that when you feel lost, feel like you are alone, there will always be someone there to talk to. Never keep your thoughts and emotions bottled in, all that will do is cause anxiety and depression. Talk to your councillor at school, they may be able to give you ideas of programs in your area. Surround yourself with only positive people, and you will see that by doing so, your mentality and the way that you look at the world will change.


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GUYS FOOTWEAR Trainers from Foot Asylum

ear day W Every

Casual Wear from ASOS 19

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GUYS CORNER - Facial Hair

Facial Hair

Congratulations on your newly acquired symbol of manhood and maturity, facial hair. This is what differentiates you from kids so you have to play the part too. Facial hair can to some extent make you look good or bad depending on how you keep it. It is mandatory that you keep it neat and clean. Don’t be fooled by thinking that keeping it long and rugged will give you a sexy and mature look. This will only give you a negative, don’t-care look that nobody wants to be associated with. It is advisable to keep it short, for this, it’s time you got yourself shaving cream, a razor and a bottle of aftershave. Shave as often as possible depending on the growth spurt. Do it daily if needs be but ensure that you look presentable. Aftershave is important as it reduces skin irritation that causes bumps after shaving. It is best if you shave immediately after you step out of the shower. This ensures that the shaving process is smooth as the hair is still wet and also reduces skin irritation while shaving. While shaving, always use a mirror to avoid ‘ouch’ moments. Chances of you cutting yourself or missing some spots are less likely when you use a mirror. A good sized mirror is best in this situation.

Lack of proper facial hair grooming will make you look unkempt. People will always tend to not take you seriously and you might miss great opportunities in the process. A long and bushy beard tends to exaggerate your age as you will definitely look older than you really are. A long bushy beard is also gross especially when eating soup or spaghetti as they tend to get caught and probably produce a smell later on if not washed. Also note that as much as girls will be attracted to your new manly feature, a bushy and unkempt one will put them off!

Newly acquired symbol of manhood and maturity, facial hair. This is what differentiates you from kids so you have to play the part too. Facial hair can to some extent make you look good or bad depending on how you keep it. It is mandatory that you keep it neat and clean.


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GUYS CORNER - Haircut Styles

Haircut Styles In Variety


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GUYS CORNER - Male Role Models


Son of a Ghanaian diplomat, David Adjaye is a British national born in the year 1966 in the Tanzanian City of Dar es Salaam. He moved to Britain at the age of 9. He is currently well known and equally respected the world over in the architectural field. Adjaye earned his BA from South Bank University, London in 1990 and M.Arch from Royal College of Art in 1993.

BUSINESS : Piers Linney Piers Linney is a role model who is unstoppable! His vision of being an entrepreneur had very humble beginnings. He was only 13 when he first set up a business. He did paper rounds, and amazingly sold the business at a profit later on. He is professionally a Lawyer and an accountant. He studied Law and Accounting at Manchester University.

COMMUNITY AND SUPPORT : Tunde Banjoko OBE Tunde Banjoko OBE, founder of LEAP, an organisation that prepares and supports young ones into employment. Tunde Banjoko OBE started his organisation from simple beginnings in a room, with 3 desks and no computers. The initiative at the time was to help local people in the area to find employment but this initiative grew and its aim became more for the benefit of the public in London and elsewhere in the United Kingdom. To date, LEAP has provided services to almost 20,000 people and placed 5000 people into employment and continues to work hard to help young ones. 23

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YOUNG ACHIEVERS : A GENUIS IN THE WORLD OF ARTS Kelvin Okafor Kelvin Okafor is causing waves in the Arts World. He amazes us all with life-like lead-pencil and charcoal drawings of famous people. Kelvin mostly works on celebrity drawings. “The reason why I chose to work with celebrities is because the audience can relate to them. People are able to identify celebrities, that way they are able to see how accurate I draw and how precisely I draw�. For a young guy at 27yrs, he has also proved his skill at still life. We will be featuring our exclusive interview with Kelvin in the next issue.

YOUNG ACHIEVERS : ENTERPRENUER Jamal Edwards In the UK world of music black youths are gaining a foothold in the industry. Much of this trend can be attributed to the accomplishments of black entrepreneur Jamal Edwards (founder of SB.TV) He serves as role model for all youths especially young British blacks because of his rise from humble beginnings and the way he gives back to community. His passion has been in music and he will also be remembered in the future as one of the influential youths who helped revive the UK music scene.

For more on black male role models in the UK, visit 24

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Interview with PAUL CANOVILLE (First Black Player for Chelsea Football Club)

“ My dream was just to be a professional football player. I started as a reserve and after 3 months I was drafted. I was very excited and wanted to show my fellow teammates and my friends what I could do. I did not realise at the time what impact it had.” About Paul Canoville: On 12 April 1982, Paul Canoville became the first black player ever to play in a Chelsea shirt. Paul’s obvious ability on the field, quick feet and pace along the wing, should have instantly made him a fan’s favourite. However he was to suffer probably the worst racial abuse suffered by any player in his era because it came from his own fans. Paul’s football career was cut short by a horrific injury at the age of 24 (whilst playing for Reading), but he will always be remembered for coming on as a substitute for Chelsea against Sheffield Wednesday in the quarter finals of the Milk Cup when his team were 3-0 down. His entrance changed the game and he scored twice, with his first goal coming only 11 seconds after the restart. (Source: PC Biography).


Hi Paul, it is a great pleasure to chat with you. For clarification to our readers, you are the first ever black player to play for the Chelsea Football club. You kind of paved the way for other black players in Chelsea such as Didier Drogba, Romelu Lukaka, Salomon Kalou, Ramires, Ashley Cole, Michael Essien, Obi Mikel, Samuel Eto to mention a few. What did it mean to you back then? Did you realise that you were marking a place in the history of the Chelsea football club? To be honest, my dream was just to be a professional football player. I started as a reserve and after 3 months I was drafted. I was very excited and wanted to show my fellow teammates and my friends what I could do. I did not realise at the time what impact it had. Who was/were your role models back then and what was it about your role model that inspired you to go all to the way in your football career? I must say, internationally it was the Brazilian player, Pele, but back home it was the 3 first black players playing for West Brom at the time, Laurie Cunningham, Brendon Batson and Cyrille Regis. I always thought that if they could do it, so could I. It took a while to get used to it because I had been drafted at a later age of 21yrs and had built up a lot of doubt by then.

Internationally it was the Brazilian player, Pele, but back home it was the 3 first black players playing for West Brom at the time, Laurie Cunningham, Brendon Batson and Cyrille Regis.

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Laurie Cunningham, Brendon Batson and Cyrille Regis, the first 3 black players for West Brom

“ I tell many kids that I mentor now that it is not worth the hassle of fighting, getting angry and in the process losing what they have dreamed of for so long. Calm down and live for another day is what I tell them.” The football career of footballers in general is usually not as long as the career of regular jobs. What advice would you give our teens in terms of the importance of their education? What challenges did you experience in your career and how were you able to overcome them? The first match we had after I was drafted was against Crystal Palace and I was excited. By half time, we were still nil-nil, when in the 85th minute, I was called up to start warming up. I started hearing racist comments, but just assumed they were coming from the Crystal Palace fans to discourage my play. I looked up and it was actually Chelsea fans that were making the remarks. I was in total shock so much that when I was called to the field, I did not hear the call and once I was on the field and the ball came to me, I could not do anything with it. The management called me after the match and encouraged not to give up. The one thing my manager reassured me with was he said ‘Those ignorant people were the ones paying your wages’. I took it on board and just concentrated on my game and chose to ignore it. Did that experience improve over time after that? No it didn’t, it lasted for about 2 and a half years or so. I must say that when I came back after injuries to watch a game years later. I was surprised to watch how many black players were playing and a fan tapped me on the shoulders and said ‘This is because of you’, I think that’s when it really sunk in. My mum and people in her generation did go through all of that, but stayed strong, so I had to as well. I had to calm down and just walk away. My whole aim was to play football and score goals. Just play, score and go home. I tell many kids that I mentor now that it is not worth the hassle of fighting, getting angry and in the process losing what they have dreamed of for so long. Calm down and live for another day is what I tell them. That’s very nice. In a way, you took the brunt of the racial abuses and with your resilience, paved the way for the other players. Although we are aware that it does still occur, it is definitely not as bad as it was back then. Thanks for hanging on then.

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Education is very important. The key is having A and B, so that if A does not work, you have B to fall back on. This is what every kid should be taught in primary and secondary schools. You currently run a foundation, Motivation for Change (M4C) with a colleague. Please tell us more about it and what is your dream for this foundation? We are dealing with ex-offenders, troublesome behaviour kids from schools and from probations, gang members who want to come out from the gangs. We talk to them, encouraging and motivating them. We also talk to parents who are not aware of what their kids doing, encouraging them to have open conversations with their kids. To conclude this interview, what advice do you have for this generation of teenagers? Oh yes, Just study hard. You can achieve your dreams. Set your goals to achieve. You guys have so much advanced information out there compared to my days. Don’t be too frightened to ask for help. We are here to help or direct you to who can best help. That’s my advice. Paul, we appreciate you and are very proud of your accomplishments. We wish you the best in your Foundation. Thanks for helping paving the way for the other players and setting a good example by standing strong in time of adversities, learning from your past mistakes and helping to make a better future for our kids. Thank you.

In Paul’s Book :

“ Black and Blue: How Racism, Drugs and Cancer Almost Destroyed Me.” 26

11/12/2013 1:39:48 AM


Black History Month

Black History month is an annual remembrance in the United Kingdom, United States and Canada of important people and events in the history of the African Diasporas. It is celebrated in the US and Canada in the month of February, and in the United Kingdom in the month of October. As we mark the celebrations this October, Here at T2T, we believe this is a time to focus on what makes us as a people, what is our history? Why do we care about our history? How do we learn about our history? What difference does our history make to us now? Most times when we hear the word, History we immediately think of world wars and slave trades. Our History covers much more and is a very important aspect in understanding our backgrounds. It has more to do with the way life is for us today and also understanding why our parents sometimes seem to come from a different planet. You may have heard from your history teachers at some point saying, …remember yesterday and make it a better


For this month, we take the time to reflect on the lessons that past great black leaders left for us as they paved the way for we are as a people today. • They have displayed great valour and strength. • They have demonstrated that anything is possible as long as you try. • The colour of your skin does not define how successful you will become in life. • All you have to do is believe that you can and you may.

Another way we as black and mixed heritage youths can celebrate this month is to learn more about the contributions of great black leaders throughout history. Ranging from politicians, lawmakers, poets, singers, sports figures, scientists or educators, the lives of notable blacks can be inspirational. It is proven that learning about their history through biographies can be far more interesting than learning from a history book.

Some Black Firsts in the UK according to

• Wangari Maathai - first African woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize • Charlie Williams - first black British comedian to experience mainstream success • Bishop Wilfred Wood - the first black bishop • Robert Adams the first black actor to play a leading dramatic role on British Television. • Ottobah Cugoano the first African to demand total abolition of slavery • Sir Trevor McDonald OBE, the first black news’ reader in the UK • Clive Sullivan Rugby’s first black captain • Alice Coachman - first African American gold medallist • Vaughan Gething -first black President of the National Union of Students Wales. • Diane Abbott - The first black woman to be elected to the House of Commons. • Bill Morris - first black leader of a British trade union • Robert Adams- First actor to play a leading dramatic role on British Television • Sislin Fay Allen- Britain’s first black policewoman

For more information and facts about black history month in the UK and listings of events taking place this month, visit


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Marcus Garvey once said that “A People without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without a roots.” Each quarter, we will be choosing a country from Africa or the Caribbean Islands to focus on and get a bit of their history- what languages they speak, what food they eat and just general things about their culture. We are more sustained than damaged by these stories. One funny thing to add here is that learning about these countries and their cultures may somehow make us understand why we sometimes think our mums and dads come from a totally different planet. Ha-ha! Sorry Mum and Dad.

In addition, the majority of this population is Christian, though there are a tiny percentage of Muslims, and the Angolan people still hold many traditional beliefs stemming from various myths and legends from their bushman ancestors. One of these myths concerns the water goddess known as Kianda, who many leave offerings to. Kianda comes from their word for mermaid ‘ianda’, and it is their belief that a mermaid lives in every river, lake and pond in Angola. They also respect the tortoise, alligator and lion, considering them to be friends and allies. Hiding a tortoise shell underneath your front door is one Angolan trick for warding off enemies and as one kimbundu saying goes; “the lion is as strong as friendship”.

Angola is a country in south West Africa. Until the 15th century

it was inhabited by numerous tribes of Bushmen and ruled over by the Bantu people of Kongo. However, when the Portuguese discovered the country in 1482 they established trade; exchanging firearms and religion for slaves, ivory and minerals. Eventually these Portuguese sailors and their families settled there and founded the colony of Angola in 1575. To this day, Portuguese culture has a big impact on the Angolan way of life. The official language of Angola is Portuguese. However, there are also three main native languages known as umbundu, kimbundu and kikongo. Most people in Angola are fluent in some, or all of these. The word ‘Angola’ comes from kimbundu

‘N’gola’, which means ‘king’.

Angola is home to around 19.6 million people, which is about as many people as you can find in New York City alone.

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A traditional meal in Angola is usually made up of seafood such as squid, fish or prawns, or meat including chicken, lamb or goat. With this they will have rice, or a porridgelike substance called funge along with vegetables such as spinach, sweet potato and okra. By itself, funge does not have much of a taste and so to give it flavour, a mixture of chillies, garlic and onion are usually added, which are also prevalent flavours in a lot of Angolan food. In some areas of the country they also enjoy roasted caterpillars, grasshoppers and frogs. Similar to the UK, teenagers in Angola receive free education up to the age of eighteen. However, they are responsible for purchasing all their school equipment including books which most cannot afford. Instead, many leave school to find work. Nevertheless, a lot of Angolan teenagers have become involved in youth and drama work; aiming to educate their peers about the dangers of HIV/ AIDS to help keep one another safe. It is very uncommon for a teenager in Angola to have a lie in! 28

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Young Achievers GCSEs - Miss NINA NDU

Nina Ndu excelled in her GCSE results. Nina’s results included 7A*, 5As. Big congratulations to Nina for her achievements. Nina is a very inspiring young lady who works hard, plays the piano, and is part of her church’s youth club. She is a very outstanding role model to her peers and achieved the highest grades in her school making her head teacher, her parents, her family and friends very proud of her.

Pick a revising strategy that is good for you. It’s important to have something to stick to throughout.

What was your first reaction when you go your results? I was mostly surprised at how I had exceeded my expectations but also proud at how the hard work and effort had paid off. What subjects will you be taking for your AS and A levels? I am taking Maths, Further Maths, Business Studies and Music What advice do you have students who will take GSCEs in the future? Those who are taking GCSEs should definitely start revising everything very early on. When the exam period starts approaching, it feels like time is flying by so it is useful to have read over notes already. Also, pick a revising strategy that is good for you. It’s important to have something to stick to throughout. Thanks Nina , we wish you the very best.


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Young Achievers GCSEs - Miss TEMI OKUWOGA

Temi excelled in her GCSEs achieving 11 A*s and in all humility is very happy and thankful for it. She has made her parents, family and friends very proud. Her parents Dr Yinka and Mrs Moji also share Ten2Teens Magazine’s desire to use this message of Temi’s achievement to inspire others. Thanks for your support and well done to Temi

I was mostly shocked and also very relieved, as it was not what I was expecting!

What was your first reaction when you go your results? I was mostly shocked and also very relieved, as it was not what I was expecting! What subjects will you be taking for your AS and A levels? I hope to do Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Spanish for both years. What advice do you have students who will take GSCEs in the future? Well, I’m no expert, but I would just say to work hard, but not worry too much because it helps to be calm. Good luck! Thanks Temi, we wish you the very best


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Andrew Ejemai -

Tionee Innis

At 12 yrs old, Andrew achieved an A* in Maths. He says solving maths is like playing a game. Well done Andrew.

achieved 3 straight As in all subjects taken. Tionee won a ÂŁ3,000 scholarship to study law at university and was among the thousands of college and sixth form pupils who celebrated their A-level results after securing straight A grades in law, sociology and psychology.

GOOD GRADES: Tionee Innis (Photo: Jermaine Haughton)Source: voice online


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Jefferson Tawaba -

Dominic Lawson

achieved A A B and is off to the University of Surrey

secured an A* in Sociology and two B’s in English Literature and Politics.

Samuel Opiyo and James Jugghoo

Source: Croydon News (the local guardian)

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London Schools and the Black Child 2013 (LSBC) is an initiative run by Diane Abbott MP. Each year, Diane holds an award ceremony to celebrate high achievements amongst black children in London and a conference to discuss education of black children. Earlier in October, the award ceremony was held in the House of Commons.

Ten2Teens Magazine is honoured to share with you the winners by category and their grades.

Imani Jeffers: Winner of the GCSE Girls Category Grade: 12 A*s School: Palmers Green High School Imani is from Enfield and achieved 12A*s in English literature, English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Drama. I GCSE’s in Spanish, Spoken Spanish, French, Spoken French

Joshua Kilonda: Winner of the GCSE Boys Category Grades: 10 A*’s and 2A’s School: Beal High School Joshua achieved 10 A*s in English Literature, English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, Spanish, Geography, Religious Studies and 2 A’s in Music and Economics.

Shenece Liburd: Winner of the A Level Girls Category Grades: 3A*s School: Camden School for Girls 6th Form Shenece attended Camden School for Girls where she achieved 3A*s in Government & Politics, English Lit, Fine Art.


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11/12/2013 1:39:53 AM

David Peprah: Winner of the A Level Boys Category Grade: 3A*s School: Sir George Monoux College David is from East London and attended Sir George Monoux College where he achieved 3A*s in Biology, Chemistry and Maths. He has just begun a degree in Medicine at University College London.

Jennifer Ofodile: Winner of the HE Girls Category Grade: First class BA (Hons) Business, Mathematics and Statistics School: London School of Economics Since completing her degree at the London School of Economics Jennifer has taken up a post at Deutsche Bank as a Financial Analyst.

Joshua Oware: Winner of the HE Boys Category Grade: First class Geography BA (Hons). Academic Scholar School: Jesus College, Oxford University Joshua finished top of his year. He is currently studying for his MPhil, Modern Society and Global Transformations (Sociology) at Cambridge University

A massive congratulations to all the winners and the nominees at this event. Ten2Teens Magazine is very proud of you all.

For more information about LSBC, please visit


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Ifeanyi Odogwu Ifeanyi was Called `to the Bar’ by the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple as a Lord Diplock Scholar in 2011 and began his pupillage in October 2012, at one of the largest barristers’ chambers in England, Garden Court Chambers. He holds a First Class honours degree in LLB Law from Kingston University, and a Criminal Justice Minor from the University of North Carolina Charlotte and is the recipient to multiple awards in recognition of his early success, including Diane Abbot MP’s LSBC award for Outstanding Achievement in 2011. Ifeanyi specialises in crime, human rights, employment, Nigerian and sports law and as a Registered Lawyer at the Football Association, he is authorised to represent football players and clubs.

Femi Fadugba Femi Fadugba is currently employed by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and his work with energy start-ups and the UN in Africa earned him the recognition of the Kairos Society where he is a global fellow in Energy and works alongside a network of top students and global leaders to solve the world’s greatest challenges through entrepreneurship. Femi holds a Master’s in Public Administration from the University of Pennsylvania’s Fels Institute as well as an Engineering Master’s from Oxford University Fluent in French, winner of 2011 Rare Rising Stars in London and a former St Catherine’s College Oxford JCR President, Femi was in the top three graduating from his class in Materials Science. He is currently studying at the University of Pennsylvania on a two-year Thouron scholarship worth $80,000 per year.

Chinedu Echeruo As an entrepreneur, Echeruo has founded both Hop Stop and Tripology, after time working as an analyst for J.P. Morgan Chase. Echeruo also made his mark in the hedge fund world, working for AM Investment Partners for a time. He grew up in Eastern Nigeria and was a student at Kings College in Lagos. He later came to the States to attend Syracuse University and Harvard Business School before founding his businesses. HopStop is based in New York and provides door-to-door subway and public transit directions in 140 metropolitan areas in iOS, Android, and web formats. In 2011, it was named one of the top 100 fastest-growing software companies. Since the release of iOS 6 in September 2012, in which Apple replaced support for Google Maps with their own mapping, HopStop has been named as one of the top transit apps for Apple products by multiple publishers including Business Insider, Fast Company and Wired. HopStop was acquired by Apple Inc in July 2013 and Chinedu Echeruo is already at work on another small business with a focus on working with companies in his homeland. 35

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Chibundu Onuzo At just 21 years old, Chibundu Onuzo was voted UK’s no 1 best black student for 2012. This award was given to her by Rare Rising stars. She is the first woman to top this list. Born in 1991, youngest of 4 children, she grew up in Lagos and remembers as a child sometimes wishing her dad was richer. She later attended St Swithuns, a school in Winchester. She then studied at Kings College, London where at 19years of age, she got her first book deal with Faber & Faber. She signed a 2 novel deal with the famous publishers and was also profiled by CNN when Nigeria marked her 50th anniversary. ‘The Spider King’s daughter’ book is a modern-day Romeo and Juliet set against the backdrop of a changing Lagos. Many people she knew turned their nose up at the idea of her writing a book at such a young age. Chibundu already has a lot to be proud of – her literary accolades include being shortlisted for this year’s Commonwealth Book Prize, being shortlisted for the 2012 Dylan Thomas Prize and long listed for the Desmond Elliot prize in the same year. So her advice to aspiring writers? “Don’t let anyone tell you that your youth means that your perspective of the world is not valid.” Chibundu’s story goes to show us that we do not have to come from the wealthiest families or only be born in certain to countries to pursue our dreams. “Every great accomplishment begins as a dream in someone’s heart.”

Zuriel Elise Oduwole, a child of Nigerian-American heritage, at age 10 has shown an amazing media and communication talent, especially in the area of in-depth personality interviewing. She is referred to some as the “the next Larry King” and made history by being the youngest person to be interviewed by Forbes. Her amazing talent has resulted in her interviewing business leaders, current and past world leaders and heads of states, These have included the current Presidents of Tanzania, Mauritius, and of Malawi – as one of Africa’s only 2 female leaders. Others are Presidents Jerry John Rawlings and John Kufuor of Ghana. Competing with seasoned correspondents from CNN, Reuters, Super Sports, CNBC, the UK Guardian, South African and local media houses, she received an ovation for her sets of provoking and creatively intelligent questions to tennis superstars Venus & Serena Williams, during their world press conference in Nigeria. Zuriel has also had a one-on-one interview with Africa’s most successful businessman Mr. Aliko Dangote. She is recently involved in a program encouraging and inspiring young Africans girls to “Dream Up, Speak Up and Stand Up” for Africa’s renaissance and said in a recent interview. “Apart from my future aspiration to becoming an engineer, athlete and the President of United States of America, it is also my desire to be an exemplary figure and project the positives in Africa. I also want to show that Africa has great things to offer the world other than corruption. I believe in the African project not only because I am a Nigerian but also because I have a lot to offer in my generation,” 36

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Top Tips to Survive in Secondary School by Phinnah Ikeji

Life in primary school is very different from secondary schools. One of the reasons is that in secondary, school, you have bigger responsibilities.

One of the major challenges for any fresh student is surviving in secondary school. It takes courage for a student to adjust to a life and environment which he or she is not used to. A fresh graduate from primary school cannot adapt easily to a more serious life which is characterized with secondary school. Life in primary school is very different from secondary schools. One of the reasons is that in secondary, as a student, you have bigger responsibilities. For most of the time, students are forced to studying and coping with new people. When you look at it, secondary school is a survival stage where a student must get his or her priorities in order. The following are some helpful tips and easy steps to follow to help any student survive secondary school life. •

Be real and focus on your studies. You need to concentrate on your studies and do all the best you can in all subjects. A secondary school student should put more effort in class. Studying should be your first priority in secondary school. Organize your time well. You need to have time for all the daily things you do. If it is your first day in school, concentrate on making friends, this will make you feel easy in class with fellow students and teachers. This will also help you in participating constructively in class, building your confidence in and outside class. Also, do your tasks in advance and avoid waiting for the last minute rush. Rushing up your work might ruin your day.

You should aim at getting on with everyone. Building friendship with teachers and classmates will help you a lot. These are the people to help you adapt during your secondary education.

A student who likes to interact with teachers will benefit academically and socially. Many students choose subjects according to what their parents want. This is not a bright idea. When you interact with teachers, they will help you in choosing subjects that are relevant to your strengths and interests. The worst thing is to start doing a subject and hate it half way. This will most likely, make you miserable and end up failing your exams. Interacting with teachers will also build your confidence; this can help you to being free with your teachers anytime you have a burning issue.

Get help - at some point during your secondary years, you might need help. Even though, there are several areas where help can be beneficial, in most cases, you need to ask for help. Depending on the type of problem you might be having, you can get assistance from trusted friends, teachers and parents. It will be encouraging if you seek help immediately. Problems can get worse when ignored or delayed.

In summary, be kind to others because what you dish out is what you get back in return; socialize with fellow students and your teachers. Above all, concentrate on your studies and you will pass your exams with flying colours.


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Preparing for University Life: Be in the Know by Phinnah Ikeji Finances should be the next consideration. How much will it cost to study the program? What is the source of your finance? Is it a tuition fee loan? Are you paying your own fees? Visiting the specific university and getting information on the various modes of study they offer will be very helpful, especially if your finances are strained, or if you want to study part time and work too. Do not assume that the school offers accommodation. Do your homework. If there is no accommodation for you, where will you stay?


whatever you do, preparation is very important. For university life, it is crucial. The question is: at what point should your preparation begin? Well, there is no specific point. The best thing to do is to start preparing as early as possible. Early here is also relative. There are various aspects that pertain to preparation for university. In the first place do you need to go to university? The most probable answer is yes for some and no for others. Studying is the major business that goes on in a university. What are you going to study? This can be a very challenging decision to make, while on the other, it could be very easy. Do you have adequate information on your major? Before you excitedly enrol for a major, take your time and do some research on it. If possible, meet people in the specific field you are interested in. Your major should be something you are interested in or passionate about. After knowing what you will be studying, you need to know what university offers that specific program. Is it a university you would like to go to?



After the preliminaries, when are you scheduled to report to the university? Begin the necessary paperwork as soon as you can. This will prevent inconveniences on the reporting day. There are skills that you need to equip yourself with before you find yourself stranded. Learn how to cook. This will be very helpful if you will cook for yourself. Budgeting: you will now be managing your own finance, and you need to do it smartly. If not, you may run out of cash at the middle of the semester. If you are attending events, get tickets beforehand, and look out for any discounts meant for students, in different places, whether at the mall, or even during traveling. If the students studying the same major you are enrolling for exist on social media, follow them. They will give you very important information too. Remember you are in school to study. When do the lectures begin? Be in the know. Attend the induction events. They will help you in adjusting to the school. Get to know the various lecture halls, and if possible look out for manuals available on the program you are enrolled for. The library and the Internet should become your best friends when it comes to academic information. Get to know what websites contain reliable information related to your major. Socializing is the aspect of university life you should never miss. Make friends. Attend events, and join clubs and societies. Create a network. It will not only be helpful, but also help live a well-balanced life in university and after too.




Pen & Pencils

Iron & Ironing board




Notebook / Pads

Washing up liquid

Dinner set/Cutleries

Tooth brush


Laptop / Printer

Bin Bags

Can Opener

Toothbrush Holder

Mattress Protector

Stapler & Hole Punch

Laundry detergent

Saucepan set


Fitted Sheets


Washing up bowls



Duvet Cover

Calculator / L

Kitchen Bin

Tea Towels

All-Purpose cleaner

Pillow Covers

Memory Stick

Kitchen & Toilet rolls

Food Storage

*Essentials not to forget as you go to University

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SCHOOL - Dare to stay above the influence

Dare to Stay Above the Influence By Uche Ginigeme

Being a youth in today’s society can be extremely difficult. Adults are always saying that kids have no worries and nothing to stress about.But, what many adults don’t know is that for a lot of kids, the struggle to fit in can be more than enough stress for one young person to handle. The pressure to engage in bullying, sexual activities, drugs and alcohol is very real for young people today. Everyone wants to feel accepted, young people included. Sometimes this desire to feel like ‘part of the group’ can make it easier for kids to be influenced into doing and saying things that they may not otherwise do or say. As advice to young people on how to resist negative peer pressure I would say:


Think before you act / Consider the consequences

In every situation, before you act or make any decisions, always think about the consequences first.By participating in this activity, could you go to jail? Is there a possibility that you or someone else could get hurt? Is this out of your character? Would you be letting yourself down?


Don’t forget your morals

As you go through life, you develop your beliefs about what is wrong and what is right. When put in pressured situations, don’t allow someone to pressure you into sacrificing your morals and what you’ve spent your whole life developing.

It is important that as a society we recognize the value of our youth. We need to lift them up, empower and enlighten them. Adolescents around the world need to know that they do not need to submit to negative behaviors just to feel like they belong. They have to know that they must dare take a stand and take control of their lives, even at the risk of momentary isolation from their peers.

“To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily. To not dare is to lose oneself.” ~Soren Kierkegaard


Trust your gut

Your gut is always speaking to you, especially in moments of danger or risk. If your gut is telling you not to do something, then it is probably for your own good and well-being.


Don’t be afraid to say no

When asked to be a part of something that you are uncomfortable with, don’t be afraid to say no. Though your refusal may not be received well, yourfuture and safety are more important than someone else’s acceptance of you.


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SCHOOL - Dealing with a bad grade

Dealing with a bad grade, even though I worked hard for my exams By: Phinnah Ikeji

It is a well known fact that temporary depression can sometimes set in when a student fails their exams. An overwhelming Feeling of anger and self-hatred can sometimes be felt. After failing an exam, a student needs to:


Accept it

It will be hard not to feel depressed if you cannot bring yourself to accept that you got bad grades. It helps to move on and it also makes it easier to understand where you went wrong when you have already come to terms with it. Denial will only keep you distracted from your studies and chances are you will not be able to do your best in the remaining subjects.


Maintain a positive attitude and don’t lose your confidence

The secret is not giving up. Think of it as a onetime thing and keep your head held high. You’re not a permanent failure because you failed an exam and only you can make yourself believe that. If you think of yourself as a failure in all aspects of life you give your teachers, parents and friends the authority to see or treat you like one.


Approach your teacher

When you study real hard but still fail, it could be because you did not understand the material and in this case only your teacher can help. Swallow your pride and ask for help. If he/she is a good teacher, he/she will either go over the lecture again with you or give you tips to help perk up your study routines.

Final Magazine - single pages.indd 45


Do not lie

It is normal to want to hide a bad grade from your parents and friends but it is not going to help or change your situation. Actually, lying is bound to make things worse. When you approach your parent/guardian and explain to them why you failed they will understand. You should not be afraid because it is obvious that nobody would want to fail themselves on purpose, it is not your fault. Make sure to let them know that you intend to improve your grades at whatever cost with cheating as an exception, of course.


Get a hobby

After an exam, take a break even if you failed. Do not overwork your brain but instead do something you like to do and try to relax. It will help to have a relaxed mind when you get back to studying for future exams. If you still feel angry or disappointed, try doing something that requires a lot of energy because that will help let out the frustration. Remember it’s not the end of the world: your expectations may not have been met but failing is not the end of your educational career, and you will still have other chances to prove yourself. Looking forward to getting up every morning and giving it your all is the next step from here. 40

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ARTICLE : Be Smart

Be Smart. Set Goals and Objectives By: Ifeanyi Chukwujekwu Why set goals you might ask. You’ve certainly got enough on your plate with homework, sports and other activities you may engage in. Fact is, almost every aspect of your life is some kind of goal. Take for example a game of soccer of which, the main characteristic is synonymous with our topic. To win the game, your ball has to cross your opponent’s goalline more times than theirs crosses yours. How you go about achieving that can be known as your objectives namely: defence, attack, dribbling, passing and striking. Or you would really love to get yourself those new trainers by Christmas. That’s your goal. The objectives would be saving for it, maybe doing chores for monetary reward etc. Getting the picture? Now let’s look at some simple rules to setting goals. The most popular model is the acronym



Goals need to be Specific

What is it you intend to achieve? What are the benefits? Who is involved? Is there a location? It is not enough for example to say you want to go to university. Which university do you wish to attend and what do you intend to study? Why do you want to study there (high employability ratio of graduates, learning environment, high earning profession etc.)? What is involved in getting admitted?


Goals need to be Measurable?

You need to be able at any point, to determine progress toward achieving your goal. Take the above example for instance; getting excellent grades at O levels and A levels is definitely a criteria for getting admitted. How many A*s do you intend to obtain? If you get good grades at O levels, you are well on your way.


Goals need to be Attainable/Achievable

Okay maybe we all want to totally eradicate world poverty and hunger, but it isn’t happening. Let me bring this closer home. You know all those X factor auditions were the contestants declare they are going to be the biggest Pop star and sell millions of records? Well that is a goal alright, but soon as they open their mouths you start to wonder where they got that idea. Fact is, if you haven’t got the chops it isn’t happening. Be true to yourself and recognise your potential.

Goal setting is an action plan of realising your potential. Individuals are at varying levels of potential, so set and work the plan that maximises your potential and don’t be a copycat.


Goals need to be relevant?

What impact would achieving your goal make in your life? The answer to that question is what makes it worthwhile. If at the end of the day a goal does not impact you positively, then working towards achieving it is a waste of your time.


Goals need to be Time-bound

Whether short or long term, goals need to be set within a time frame of achieving them. Each goal needs a target date/ time. Using our earlier example of a soccer game, you only have 90 minutes in which to score a maximum number of goals. I hope this piece has inspired you to get out there and start setting and achieving goals (if you haven’t already). The truth is you have been doing so without even thinking about it. So how about applying these principles and actually recording your goals and objectives. You won’t go wrong. On a final note, make sure to commit your goals to God, for He has the final say. Good luck.


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SCHOOL - Stand against bullying

How can I stop the bullying? There is no prĂŠcised definition for the term ‘bullying’ due its diversification and the fact that it occurs in all sorts of life, be it in social places, homes, workplaces, schools and even in the internet. However, bullying can be defined as doing or saying things that have negative effects to another person with no moral reason. Bullying can therefore be physical, verbal, psychological and social. The most dangerous of all is bullying among children (including preteens and teens) since they are not mature enough to cope with bullying challenges. In children bullying affects growth, development and learning in schools among others. A bully can be any person, one or more than one person who uses excessive force to hurt or intimidate others. In school bullies can be your age mates, people older than you and in rare cases people younger than you but bigger in size. In some situations bullies can be your family members or even members of the opposite gender. Bullies are clever people but you can be cleverer and overcome their pressure in schools. First of all, it is important for those bullied in schools to note that it is not their fault to be victims of bullying. In fact those bullied in schools are the polite ones and well mannered making the bullies to think that they are weak. On the contrary, it is the bullies who are weak and they try to hide their weaknesses by exerting pressure on others. Bullies are normally jealous, have low esteem, have low reasoning, like popularity, and want to appear strong though they are easily frightened. It is therefore important to understand the behaviour of bullies in school in order to determine why you are bullied and how to handle them. In most cases, there is something that you have they are jealous of and feel bad since they cannot achieve it.

Those bullied in schools are the polite ones and well mannered making the bullies to think that they are weak. On the contrary, it is the bullies who are weak and they try to hide their weaknesses by exerting pressure on others.

Being bullied in school is harmful not only to the health of the victim but also to the academic performance of the student. Victims of bullying have low esteem and are always stressed and cannot achieve their academic goals to the fullest. Sometimes the situation may get out of hand and the victims get out of school. However, victims of bullying can get away with bullies by just being cleverer and having high self esteem. First of all, it is not advisable to give in to the demands of the bullies hoping they will leave you alone. This will only make them stronger and make them to push you harder with more demands. It is important to face the bully and let him or her know that what he/ she are doing is wrong since some are not aware of their actions. Always stay in a group of other students if you feel unsafe and be good to the bully to confuse him/her even after being harsh to you. It is also important to keep a record of all nasty things that a bully has done to you and tell someone you trust and who may be able to help such as teachers and parents. This way a bully can be contained before hurting you more thereby making your life in school comfortable. Parents and teachers can also help the bully change his/her behaviour and become a good student too.


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CAREER CHOICES - 4 different choices

A look into 4 different Career choices It is never too early to think about what kind of career you want. Not many of us know what we want to do when we grow up, but we do know we want to do something which is better than nothing. One thing that we love about careers is that there is a wide choice of options out there. The routes to these careers vary from career to career.

We will be looking at various careers. In each one we review the following: • A Typical day • Description • Entry Requirements • Facts • Personal Qualities

ARCHITECT Description: An architect designs buildings, plans and supervises the construction of buildings, including the restoration of old ones. In addition to the planning and designing these buildings, architects must make sure that the buildings are functional, economical, safe and suits the needs of its occupants.


• Architects work side by side with Engineers, Urban planners and Interior designers. • They spend most of their times in the offices consulting with their clients and developing drawings. Occasionally they would have to visit the sites and monitor the progress of their plans. • Most firms pay tuition fees for the training of the employees.

Personal Qualities: • • • •

An interest in design of buildings Ability to practice independently of supervision Strong communication and negotiating skills Ability to work under pressure

A Typical Day: • • • • •

Preparing drawings and present ideas for the clients to review Discusses objectives, requirements, safety, planning laws & budgets of a project May have to travel to sites Meeting with the planning departments May have to work at nights and weekends to meet deadlines

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS : An architect must complete:

• 5 GCSEs A-C including Maths, English and Physics or Chemistry and 3 A- levels • A 5 yr full time undergraduate BA or BSC degree of Architecture programs and • A 2yr paid professional experience in an Architect practice. For more information, Architects Registration Board

FILM DIRECTOR Description: A Film Director is responsible for the creative aspects of film productions. They use their skills in directing the way the film is made.


To be a successful film director you must have good communication and planning skills.

Personal Qualities: • • • •

Creative and Reliable Individual Ability to lead Good time management Ability to make quick decisions

A Typical Day: • • • •

Selecting scripts Hiring the cast Liaising with the film producers Supervising the film editing process



• Gaining experiences in the film or TV industry. • Film making and media production courses are offered in some colleges and Universities. Source: and

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FINANCIAL ACCOUNTANT Description: Financial accountants work in the area of accountancy that is concerned

with the preparation of financial statements for key decision makers such as shareholders, banks, government agencies and company owners. They control the financial management systems of a business and their role in a company is to extract and interpret information from financial records, advise on strategic direction, advise managers on daily financial decisions of a company, advise the board of directors, control the working capital of a business, ensuring that information with regard to debtors, creditors and stocks is maintained.

Facts: Financial Accountants have a choice to specialise in various areas. For example, a financial accountant may choose to specialise in internal auditing, management, public accounting or government accounting.

Personal Qualities: • • • •

Inquiring and analytical mind Discretion with confidential information Ability to work logically, consistently and accurately Willingness to work very hard and sometimes long hours

A Typical Day: • • • •

Preparing financial statements, business plans and budget reports Completing Tax and VAT returns Identifying and solving/rectifying problems and errors. Finding and preventing frauds in business


• For the UK, associations include Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). Although ACCA is a worldwide recognised accounting body, various countries have their own accounting bodies. • In the US, associations include Certified Public Accountants (CPA) • In Africa, examples of accounting associations for countries such as Nigeria and Kenya includeInstitute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) and Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya. (ICPAK) • In Jamaica, associations include the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Jamaica (ICAJ) For more information on entry requirements, you will need to contact the associations that you are interested in. Source: and

BROADCAST JOURNALIST Description: A broadcast journalist investigates and informs the public about news

and events happening internationally, nationally and locally. They can also be known as newsreaders, newscaster, anchorman or anchorwoman. They present news either on TV, radio or the internet.

Facts: The reports broadcasted shapes people’s perception of the issue and influence the viewers in one way or the other. Therefore reporting on facts in an accurate way is very paramount in this role.

Personal Qualities:

• Excellent communication and people’s skill • Good listening and questioning skills • Good writing and research skills

A Typical Day:

• Pitching ideas to editors and commissioners • Selecting materials present and editing news materials • Researching and collecting evidence and information to support an intended story.

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS : There are usually 3 entry routes into broadcast journalism.

• A degree or postgraduate course in broadcast journalism • Entry into a training scheme with a TV or radio broadcast. • Start as a newspaper journalist and then move into radio or television. Source: and


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ARTICLE : Health

ACNE (Spots) This is a common condition in teenagers and young adults. Boys are more commonly affected than girls. Acne spots are usually found on the face, but also could be on the neck, chest and back. Unlike what some people think, acne is not caused by poor hygiene or by stress. It develops when there is a blockage of the skin pores. Our skin has oil- making glands underneath that keep our skin supple and smooth. The oil travels to the outer skin through tiny hair pores that we can see on our skin. During teenage years, as our body changes in puberty, the hormones also cause the oil glands to produce more oil. Acne spots form when some of the hair pores are blocked by thickened skin and dead/ old skin cells.

STAGES OF ACNE Mild acne: The blocked pores are seen as tiny spots called whiteheads or blackheads. The black of the blackheads is due to a skin pigment, and not due to dirt. Hence blackheads are more common in dark- skinned people.

Mild to Moderate Acne: Once the pores are blocked, the skin oil can become trapped under the skin and this can be seen as small spots called pimples or papules.

Moderate to severe Acne: The trapped oil can encourage skin bacteria to multiply. The bacteria within the trapped oil caused the area to become inflamed and red. The spots get larger and filled with pus (dead bacteria). Sometimes a small pitted scar may be left on the skin.

Treatment options for Acne: • • • • •

No treatment: If acne is mild, it may resolve on its own, with time. Topical treatments (gels, lotions and creams) Antibiotic tablets The combined contraceptive pill Isotretinoin tablets

What may make acne worse:

During teenage years, as our body changes in puberty, the hormones also cause the oil glands to produce more oil. Acne spots form when some of the hair pores are blocked by thickened skin and dead/ old skin cells.


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• • • • • •

Greasy or thick make-up Tight head bands Picking or squeezing the spots Diets high in sugar and milk products Excessive sweating Some medicines like the mini contraceptive pill, steroid creams

Acne is not a life threatening condition but a lot of young people may find it very distressing as it may affect their appearance. There are a lot of treatment options for acne. The right one for you may depend of a number of things, including the stage of your acne. So ensure you visit your doctor to discuss which one is appropriate for you.

By Dr Eb(Reference: Adapted from patient information leaflet

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POEM : Choose Wisely

CHOOSE WISELY by Adwoa Asiedu It’s not about how many you have. It’s about who will be there, To hold your hand, to encourage you, to cheer you on. It’s not about how cool, It’s not about how sweet, It’s not about how kind one may seem. Look deeper. Seek for individuals who have integrity. A person with integrity is classy. A person with integrity is always genuine. A person with integrity is always honest. You are a somebody, therefore set the standard high. You are not a follower, therefore surround yourself with leaders. You become like those you spend most times with, So be deliberate today and choose wisely.


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If 1=5 2=25 3=125 4=625 5=???? . . . Think,Before Scrolling Down ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Answer Is 1 See the First Line.. Moral : Life Is Very Simple ,Don’t Complicate It :) 49

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POEM : Don’t be afraid to say NO

DON’T BE AFRAID TO SAY NO by Uche Ginigeme

When I said ‘no’, I felt empowered. I claimed my innocence and refused to let him take it from me. I rejected his constant requests to take me further than I wanted to go. I refused to be taken advantage of. When I said ‘no’, I took control of my mind. I refused to let a liquid substance make decisions for me. I objected to letting smoke fog up my brain. I became the regulator of what nourishes by body. When I said ‘no’, I saved her life. As they surrounded her like a pack of wolves, I stood up and said ‘no’! I said ‘no’ to the relentless teasing. I said ‘no’ to the constant bullying. I said ‘no’ the inhumane behavior. I screamed ‘no’ to remaining silent!


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ANSWER THE RIDDLES What has 18 legs and catches flies? Answer : A baseball team

How can you touch the floor without standing on your feet or hands? Answer: Fall out of bed

What invention allows people to walk through walls? Answer: Doors

Millionaire Before going to Europe on Business, a man drove his Rolls-Royce to a bank in his city and went in to ask for an immediate loan of £5000. The loan officer, taken aback, requested collateral and so the man said, “Well here are the keys to my RollRoyce.” The loan officer promptly had the car driven to the bank’s underground parking for safe parking and gave him the £5000. Two weeks later, the man walked through the bank’s doors, and asked to settle up his loan and get his car back. “That will £5000 in principal, and £15.40 in interest,” the loan officer said. The man wrote out a cheque and started to walk away. “Wait, Sir,” the loan officer said, “While you were gone, I found out that you are a millionaire. Why in the world would you borrow £5000?” The man smiled, “where else could I park my Rolls-Royce in this city for two weeks and pay only £15.40?”


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POEM : Words

WORDS by Kate Iffy Chukwu I was afraid of words then you made me afraid Your words stabbed into my chest like a double - edged sword wounding my inner soul and splitting my flesh Your words gushed liked a river following its slope with no feelings towards what it destroyed. Your words made me feel like a tree bent low from the heat of the sun but I said nothing. I knew there was power in silence healing in silence yet I was broken... in silence I was afraid of words then you made me afraid but when you left with your charm, arrogance, My money, you left with your words.

I began to read words that inspired me write words that inspired me from my heart torn apart by your words this became my life, my strength. Now I know there is power in words healing in words and life in words Words now make me feel like a tree renewed from the rays of the sun a tree that stands tall after a heavy storm Words kind of remind me of a little bird who learns to flap its wings it doesn’t matter where or how high but someday that little bird will fly. KIC@ October 2012 54

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ADVERTISING SPECIFICATIONS TEN2TEENS ADVERTISING SPECIFICATIONS • The magazine is printed by a 4-colour process (CMYK) Advertisements will be accepted for publication in full colour or black and white. • Magazine size: A4 297mm high x 210mm wide • Bleed size: 303mm high x 216mm wide Type of area ‘adverts’

Height (mm)

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Full Page (Bleed)

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1/2 Horizontal

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1/4 Horizontal

1/4 Vetical

Please ensure that all Whole Page A4 bleed adverts have 3mm ‘bleed’ on all sides

Artwork Requirements

All artwork should be supplied as High-Resolution PDF files, Minimum 300 ppi in CMYK format, with all fonts embedded. RGB Format is NOT acceptable. Pages should contain accurate crop marks that are true to Ten2Teens Magazine’s trimmed size 297mm high x 210mm wide. All PDFs must be single pages and NOT spreads. PDF files should be supplied by email only.

Please send your print ready files to: For advertising opportunities on our website, visit 55

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Quarterly : £2.00 (p&p : £1.00)

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Payment Methods available

YOUR PRIVACY AND DATA PROTECTION Ten2Teens Magazine complies with the Data Protection policies.

Subscription form is also available on our website to download 56

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Illustrations created by Dum-Doodles


ISSN 2054-2615

WEBSITE : @ten2teens

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Ten2Teens Magazine is a quarterly teen magazine aimed at 10-19 year- olds. Its mission is to inspire a change in perception and this is done...