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READY, SET, GO! by Esmi Gonzalez, Professional Organizer

January is Get Organized Month (GO Month)! This month-long public awareness campaign by the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) promotes the advantages of getting organized and offers suggestions and solutions to help the public become more organized and productive at home and at work. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of GO Month this year, NAPO Professional Organizers across the country will host community events to help individuals, families and businesses bring time management, organization, storage solutions and productivity into their lives. The local NAPO Chapter of San Antonio (NAPO-SA) will donate their time and services to the Wounded Warriors Project. NAPO-SA will help local Wounded Warrior families in 2014. Some of these families are affected by TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) which occurs in IED blasts. Severe TBI often keeps these young men and women from being able to hold jobs and sometimes from completing simple tasks. Organization, repetition and routines are the best ways for these men and women to function independently. NAPO-SA will make a real difference for these families. What can you do to get and stay organize in the New Year? Getting started is the hardest part, where do you begin? Having the right attitude helps with motivation. First decide which areas in your home need organizing attention; your closet, home office, family room, maybe your garage. Set deadlines for each project, this keeps you on track and on schedule. Make organizing an appointment, set the date and time on your calendar. No other repair people in your home, no phone calls and no emails. Set small goals; breakdown the project. For example if you are working in your office, tackle the file cabinet first, don’t stray,

and stick with the cabinet only until it’s completed. Then if time allows move onto your desk and so on. Organizing means decluttering, it’s important to downsize and pare down. When going through your belongings ask yourself “do I really need this, have I used it in the last year?” If the answer is no then you know to donate, recycle or discard. Next place “like” items together. If you store items away in boxes or containers, always label. Labeling containers, drawers, jars in the pantry and cabinets helps save time when looking for a certain item. No more wasting time opening boxes to see what’s inside and finding what you need in the very last box! After each project, reward yourself, maybe with chocolate candy or a movie with your family. Accomplishing a project is motivation! Don’t expect everything to run smoothly or as planned. There will be setbacks and that’s OK, reschedule and get back on track, and don’t give up. Staying organized is a continuous task. Set certain days to do certain tasks and assign duties to each family member. Set monthly and quarterly to-do tasks. Once a month clean out the refrigerator and pantry for expired food. Straighten out the garage quarterly and take unwanted items to the recycle center or your favorite local charity. The key to getting organized is staying organized and being organized. If you feel you need a little help to get started, call a Professional Organizer. We help teach, coach, and implement organizing systems customized just for you. Find a Professional Organizer near you through Happy Organizing!

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Ten West Living Jan/Feb2014  
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