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Explore the Energy of Creation

Shamballa Bracelet and Skull Purpa Necklace Rubies, Black Diamonds and 18K gold

108 New Bond Street | London W1S 1EF | Tel. 020 3372 0108 |

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Once again we’re setting the pace For the first time in the competition’s seven-year history, a motoryacht from a British boat builder won the prestigious “Best Custom Yacht” at the 2013 Motor Boat of the Year Awards. The Sunseeker 28 Metre Yacht claimed the award in the Custom Yacht category for its pioneering approach to design and innovation. To see why the judges awarded the 28 Metre Yacht this highly regarded accolade, visit


2013 Motor Boat of the Year Awards 28 Metre Yacht C
















The world’s finest luxury motoryachts from 40 to 155 feet.

W W W . S U N S E E K E R L O N D O N . C O M

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+44 (0) 207 493 3441


+44 (0) 1202 666 060

SUNSEEKER SOUTHAMPTON +44 (0) 1489 854 892 W I T H



F R A N C E ,



£795,000 Tax Paid

Contact Broker: Richard Tilley Tel: +44 (0) 207 493 3441 Email:


+44 (0) 1803 293 939

M O N A C O ,

T U R K E Y ,

G R E E C E ,



£1,095,000 Ex Tax

Contact Broker: Harry Bristow-Holmes Tel: +44 7595 002 698 Email:






£1,100,000 Ex Tax

Contact Broker: James Wood Tel: +33 620 02 50 95 Email:














£650,000 Ex Tax

£275,000 Tax paid

£549,000 Ex Tax




Contact Broker: Gary Cleaverly Tel: +44 777 887 88 86 Email:

£138,000 Ex Tax

Contact Broker: Gary Cleaverly Tel: +44 777 887 88 86 Email:

Contact Broker: Frederic Hestin Tel: +33 608 69 06 64 Email:

£195,000 Tax Paid

Contact Broker: Spencer Brown Tel: +44 (0)1202 666060 Email:

Contact Broker: Jean-Marc Zubovic Tel: +33 614 34 81 29 Email:


£465,000 Tax Paid

Contact Broker: William Burns Tel: +44 777 623 34 59 Email:

W W W . S U N S E E K E R B R O K E R A G E . C O M

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- fo r ewo r d -


fourteen Contributors

From the editor Editor

Scott Manson 020 3617 4693 Art Director

Ross Trigg 020 3006 2122 Writer

Hannah Silver Business Development Director

Mark Edwards 020 3617 4688 Senior Account Manager

Tom Pettit Senior Account Manager

Maxime Mendelewitsch

If you’re looking for a snapshot of the best that the watch world has to offer, then Baselworld 2013 is it. The Tempus team recently attended the event and, after four days of meeting some of the world’s finest timepiece brands and getting hands-on with their latest products, we returned to put our thoughts to paper. You’ll find a cherrypicked selection of our favourites – from high complication to high-fashion watches – on page 59. Of course, when you’re dealing with an event the size of Baselworld, it’s a true embarrassment of riches. With that in mind, look out for another Baselworld special next issue, highlighting more of the hottest horology on the planet. Elsewhere this issue we discover a brand that’s turning weaponry into high-end jewellery – and helping the developing world in the process. We’re also celebrating the arrival of sunshine in London – it’s been a long time coming – with a guide to this year’s best performance motorbikes and, on page 101, showcase some of the most essential summer accessories. Our specialist writers have also road-tested some of the finest products around this month – explorer yachts, statement speakers and the beautiful Bentley Flying Spur, to name just a few. A world of luxury awaits you so – dare I say it – ‘wind down’ and enjoy the issue.

Charlotte Metcalf

Charlotte is an award-winning film-maker, journalist and author of Walking Away, a book about her time in Africa. On page 85, she charts the rise of Fonderie 47, which creates jewellery from weapons seized in Africa.

Mark Forsyth

Mark Forsyth is a motoring journalist and former editor of Performance Bikes. In his 25 years of biking he has ridden nearly every motorcycle produced. On page 110, he casts his eye over this summer’s hottest rides.

Managing Director

Jay Boisvert

Rhymer Rigby

Tempus is published monthly by Aston Greenlake publishing Ltd, 8th floor, 6 mitre passage, london se10 0er. TEL: 020 3617 4688

A business journalist and columnist for the Financial Times, Rhymer is well-placed to write a timely piece on the travails of the newly wealthy. Head to page 31 to learn how high net worth types deal with the thorny issue of socialising with less wealthy old friends.

Scott Manson Editor - 11 -

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24/04/2013 16:49

108 New Bond Street, London, W1S 1EF Tel: 020 3372 0108 -

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- c o n t en ts -

Inside issue fourteen

- 59 The Best of Baselworld We’ve

selected the most technical, beautiful and downright weird timepieces to come out of this year’s watch show - 70 Free Spirit Noudar founder Noor

Al Fardan tells us how a one-off design for Lady Gaga kick-started her awardwinning jewellery brand

- 14 Take Me There Head to Xi’an in

China for the incredible Terracotta Army, one of the world’s most unforgettable sights

- 77 The New Networking The cooler

- 17 Luxury Briefing Because, it turns

- 85 Bling With A Conscience The

side of corporate entertaining

fascinating metamorphosis of guns to high-end jewellery

- 27 Food and Drink Where to eat, drink

- 93 Southern Hospitality The hottest

Photography - Omer Knaz

out, the best things in life aren’t free, after all and be merry - 31 -

Rhymer Rigby on keeping down with the Joneses; Christian Jacobsen on a sommelier’s secrets

The Word

- 35 The Watch Snob The cold hard


- 101 Holiday Essentials The essential

accessories for a long, hot summer

- 110 Dream Machines A guide to the

world’s best motorbikes

truth about your favourite watches

- 117 The Ends of the Ocean We

- 36 Auction Watch Our pick of the best

take a look at the new wave of explorer superyachts

pieces going under the hammer

- 38 Trendwatching Frost of London

- 120 The Spur of the Moment The

director, Joseph Banin, reveals what’s hot right now - 40 Fashion and Accessories

spots in the South of France to eat, sleep and party

Cover: Badollet Crystalball Bamboo

Exclusive adornments

Bentley Flying Spur goes under the spotlight

- 122 Take it to the Bank Threadneedles

- 42 Object of Desire Arnold & Son’s

Hotel is a haven of tranquillity in the heart of the City

- 45 Time For Action Actor Gerard

for a big room

- 124 Speakers Corner Big sounds

fascinating Time Pyramid

Butler reveals all about his partnership with master watchmaker Roger Dubuis, as well as the latest on his new film - 52 Passion For Perfection We get

the lowdown on super-exclusive Swiss watch brand Badollet

- 131 Funky, Cool Medina A trip to the Special thanks: Charlotte Johnson @ThePressOffice Simon Berkovitch Omer Knaz

stunning Moroccan retreat that is the Mazagan beach and golf resort

- 138 Moments in Time Ursula Andress

and her Piaget Polo

- 13 -

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29/04/2013 11:42

- ta k e m e t h er e -

No visit to China is complete without a visit to Xi’an, home to the awesome visual feast that is the Terracotta Army. The figures, dating from around 210 BC, were buried alongside the country’s first emperor in order to protect him in the afterlife. Comprising over 8,000 soldiers, 700 horses, 130 chariots and even acrobats, strongmen and musicians – presumably to keep the emperor entertained – it’s one of the world’s most stunning historical sights. With BA starting direct flights from London to Chengdu, this is a great time to visit the city and surrounding areas. Jon Baines Tours offers a fabulous three week trip, taking in the Terracotta Army, Shanghai and more in October.

- 14 -

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- lu x u ry b r i efi n g -

B ecau s e t h e b est t h i n g s i n li fe a r en't fr ee

Less is more

- P i ag et

Piaget continues to push the boundaries with its graceful, slender watches, and the Emperador Coussin Automatic Minute Repeater is the slimmest yet, with an impressively thin 4.8mm calibre and 9.4mm case. Entirely crafted in-house, the new 1290P calibre, using 407 parts, took six engineers three years to design. It was worth the wait.

- 17 -

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24/04/2013 11:44

- lu x u ry b r i efi n g -

Surreptitious style

- Lau r en t Fer r i er

Laurent Ferrier, a former senior watchmaker for Patek Philippe, produces beautifully crafted watches, but his Galet Secret timepiece is particularly impressive. It features a tourbillon double spiral and a manual winding mechanical movement, but a truly neat touch is the push button. Touch it to open the phase shift which will reveal a customisable dial – chosen by the wearer – which takes an hour to unfold to its full 240° glory.

Hip homeware

- Pa r a d i s i

Paradisi’s furniture is crafted from carbon fibre and metals such as titanium and aluminium, resulting in pieces that are both high-end and incredibly slick. Designer Simon Furillo has used technology and materials typically employed by NASA and Formula One to create furniture that is stylish and masculine – perfect for every bachelor pad.

Fit for a king

- P u r li n g Lo n d o n

Arguably the greatest chess set we’ve ever seen, these Art Chess works from Purling comprise hand-carved Staunton pieces which have been individually painted by specially commissioned artists, including Olivia Pilling, Joanna Scislowicz and Richard Morrissey. A must, then, for art-lovers as well as budding Grandmasters.

- 18 -

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24/04/2013 11:44

Excess all areas

- Ly ka n H y p ers po rt

It’s a hotly-contested title, but at the moment, the LykanHypersport is officially the most expensive car in the world. At around £2.2 million, it’s a technologically spectacular 750 horsepower beast that can go from 0-60mph in 2.8 seconds, with a top speed of 267mph. It’s the extras that start to justify the price though – a 24-hour private concierge and one of seven custom-made Cyrus Klepcys watches can be yours, while the car itself has diamond-encrusted LED lights, gold stitching and an interactive 3D holographic display on the dashboard. Granted, a Veyron will beat it for speed, but this gets our vote for unashamed excess.

017-025_Luxury briefing_SB.indd 19

24/04/2013 11:45

- lu x u ry b r i efi n g -

Limited edition

- S u i ss e M eca n i ca

New brand alert! Suisse Mecanica is a bit of an unknown quantity at the moment as the brand is so new, and its pieces so limited, that very few watch aficionados have got their hands on them yet. First impressions of the SM8 collection are strong, though, with the brand claiming 100% Swiss manufacture from renowned watchmakers – such as Valérien Jaquet – resulting in strong, stylish pieces. Features include a dual rotating inner bezel, providing dual time, and a diving timer. Switzerland’s excellent Concepto workshop built the movement, which is reason enough to check it out.

- 20 -

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24/04/2013 11:45

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29/04/2013 10:58

- lu x u ry b r i efi n g -

Sole provider

Mobile makeover

- Qu i n t ess en t i a lly G i fts

- C o n t i n en ta l M o b i les

To travel in fine style, the frequent traveller needs the right kit. This rare, 1920s Louis Vuitton Malle Chausseres Grande Modele (large shoe trunk) is a fantastic choice, with three original removable trays and the capacity to hold 20 pairs of shoes.

Whip out your phone with confidence (and possible blind half the room) with a luxury mobile device, courtesy of Continental Mobiles. The brand creates luxurious phones using precious metals, such as gold and platinum, and rubies, sapphires and emeralds, all meticulously set by hand. Its latest piece – the iPhone 5, fully encrusted in diamonds – is the most opulent yet, and sure to make an unforgettable statement.

- 22 -

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24/04/2013 11:45

Swiss movement, English heart

Bespoke Unitas 6497 hand-wound movement (Calibre JJ02) from master watchmaker, Johannes Jahnke / Each piece, of only 250, personally assembled by Johannes in our Swiss atelier / Supremely engineered, 43mm, 316L stainless steel case with full diameter transparent case-back / Unique serial number engraved on case and movement / Premium Louisiana alligator deployment strap / 5 year movement guarantee

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25/04/2013 09:03 16:07 18/04/2013

Your private world

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- lu x u ry b r i efi n g -

Star performer

- I WC

While IWC consistently produces exciting timepieces, it’s the brand’s special editions that really rock our world. This latest piece, the result of IWC’s partnership with the Tribeca Film Festival, is a case in point.The Portuguese Automatic Edition has great mechanical features including a Pellaton winding system, seven-day power reserve and rhodium-plated hands, numerals and hour markers, making for an elegant and unique face.

- 25 -

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24/04/2013 11:45

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27/03/2013 13:40

- fo o d & d r i n k -

Trends and news from the best bars and kitchens Hibiscus Instagram has a lot to answer for. My social media timelines are filled daily with artfully filtered shots of food, all taken by my foodie friends. Tweeting my dinner is a habit I’ve actively resisted – it’s a little too Shoreditch hipster – but a visit to Hibiscus finally saw that resolve crumble. The reason is, quite simply, that the food at Hibiscus – chef Claude Bosi’s double Michelin-starred restaurant – comprises some of the most visually stunning dishes I’ve ever seen. From the cute and quirky opener of a reinterpreted kedgeree, served in an eggshell filled with smoked haddock, soft egg and a hint of curry oil, to a towering dessert of vanilla millefeuille with rhubarb and cardamom ice cream, the flash of my camera phone highlighted the hit after hit that came our way. We’d opted for the multi-course Taste of Spring menu where you place yourself in the hands of the kitchen and have no idea what’s coming your way. These included a beautifully light mussel and carrot broth seasoned with cumin and a chunk of tender monkfish, surrounded by

Reviewed by Scott Manson

an unusual pork pie-flavoured sauce. On the face of it, this shouldn’t work, but it’s success is testament to the skill and daring of a kitchen working at the height of its abilities. A nod must also go to a square of Goosnargh duck, served perfectly pink, with smoked eel, beetroot and horseradish.

This, then, was a dining experience so accomplished that it’s a wonder diners don’t stand up and clap every course. Instead, in our brave new digital world, the flash of my camera provides its own silent applause.

Culinary heights

Those looking for a reason to visit London’s Shard need look no longer, following this month’s opening of Oblix, a New York-style grill restaurant and lounge situated on the 32nd floor of the iconic building. The brainchild of Rainer Becker, founder of hip dining spots Zuma and Roka, it’s a beautifully designed buzzing space with an incomparable view. A must-check. - 27 -

027-028_Food and Drink_SB.indd 27

24/04/2013 11:49

- fo o d & d r i n k -

Changing times in the Languedoc

Time was when the Languedoc Roussillon region was responsible for oceans of gut-stripping plonk. There is still a wine lake there, but thanks to a rising breed of wine producer it is fast becoming one of the world’s most thrilling. New technology, a New World expertise and the truly first class ‘Old World’ natural ingredients – hardy grapes and a perfect climate – are making premium wines that benefit from realistic to modest price labels. Newman Street Tavern In a decade of restaurant reviewing, I have never visited the same place on two consecutive nights. Until, that is, I visited the Newman Street Tavern – an old school Fitzrovia pub that’s been transformed into a smart restaurant. I’m loathe to call it a gastropub, because it’s a term that’s grown to encompass identikit All Bar One-style operations that have swapped pie and chips for pork belly and mash, bought some mismatched furniture and hiked up the prices. This place is a very different beast. The menu is brilliant – there is literally nothing on there that I wouldn’t love to eat – and the split level space itself is similarly well-thought-out. Downstairs is a busy bar packed with the bright young things that staff the area’s many media agencies, while upstairs offers a quieter 50 seat restaurant space complete with crisp white napkins, gorgeous tableware and big windows flooding the room with light. It’s the sort of place where you feel instantly relaxed. The food, courtesy of head chef Peter Weeden (The Boundary, Paternoster Chop House, Coq d’Argent) is no slouch either. Seasonally driven and simply presented, it includes a delicious mixed grill of liver and hanger steak – the latter rich with the sort of flavour that only comes from extended ageing – and an unusual dish of suckling kid. Bought as

Reviewed by Scott Manson

a whole carcass and butchered on the premises, it’s a taste revelation. As the young goat has been almost entirely fed on milk, its meat is sweet, tender, succulent and served with a delightfully aromatic broth of sherry and onions. Desserts are a mix of the traditional (apple crumble) and the more unusual (cardamom kulfi), plus a selection of Neal’s Yard cheeses. You’ll definitely want a dessert. Not because the starter and main portions aren’t hearty but simply because this is a dining room that invites lingering. Indeed, the next evening saw me return with a group of friends after evangelising about the place to them and, once again, we didn’t clear out of there until closing. One of London’s best new openings – just don’t call it a gastropub.

by Peter Dean A terrific trio

Chemin du Moscou 2010

Gayda’s top wine is a jewel waiting to be discovered. Like most Languedoc wines it is a blend, mainly Syrah with Grenache and a splash of Cinsault. While still offering the warmth and depth of a Languedoc, it has a refined character that gives it the precision of a Northern Rhône. Little wonder it’s won major international prizes.

£116 a six-pack, Muntada 2001

The Languedoc’s first iconic wine from iconoclast producer Gauby is from mainly 100-year-old, pre-phylloxera Carignan vines and 80-year-old Grenach vines, plus a splash of Syrah. It still gets raves from Parker, but I think this is out of step with what has been happening in the Languedoc in the past ten years. Oddly pricey relative to what else is on offer.

£391 a six-pack, Roc des Anges 2010

Also from grapes grown on black schist soils, Marjorie Gallet is making splendid whites and reds, having learnt the trade at Gauby. These Vieille Vignes reds have huge power but also a sweet, richness that comes from the proximity to Maury, home to some of the world’s top sweet reds. Fruitpowered and figgy but not extracted.

£143 a six-pack, - 28 -

027-028_Food and Drink_SB.indd 28

24/04/2013 11:49

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Because, when you look closely you realise that this is a solid bronze watch and that it is going to age over time and evolve with you. Because there are only 300 in the entire world and yours will be hand-made with human strokes of genius and main-d’œuvre. Because the individual tarnishing on your watch will be a manifestation of the trials and tribulations you have both shared. Because the domed glass is a breakthrough from U-BOAT where, until now, it had been impossible to cut 46mm diameter sapphire. Because the top soigné Valjoux has been finished with blued screws. Because the 44-hour power-reserve is driven by a custom-built sterling silver U-BOAT autoweight. Because only now, you know. Twitter @uboatuk Instagram @uboatwatches

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108 New Bond Street, London, W1S 1EF Tel: 020 3372 0108

24/04/2013 10:59

- t h e wo r d -

Keeping down with the Joneses Rhymer Rigby Rhymer Rigby is a business journalist and a columnist for the Financial Times.

One of the more interesting and awkward problems people have with wealth is socialising with those who earn far less than them. This has become much more of an issue over the last 20 years as incomes have diverged, tax rates have fallen and a kind of super-middle class made up of people like bankers and lawyers has peeled away from those on middle and upper middle incomes such as teachers, academics, and even people in advertising and TV. The result of this is that, if you are a top earner, you’ll often find yourself out with people you shared history with, people who may have got better degrees than you, but who due largely to the vagaries of globalisation and deregulation, earn less than 20% of your salary. So, how do you keep down with the Joneses? 1. If you’re going to a restaurant, take their steer on venues. While you might have a perfectly good idea of what you think is affordable for people on their incomes, they’ll actually know where they feel comfortable. Besides, you might get a very good meal. In cities such as London, the correlation between food quality and price is by no means linear and is sometimes even inverse. 2. Be self-deprecating. If they’ve been on holiday in Wales and you’ve been to Sri Lanka, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have a perfectly

decent conversation about your holidays. However, if all you talk about is your £600 a night hotel, it’s likely to be more of a monologue. So, try to focus on the non-monetary aspects and even the amusing episodes that make you look a little foolish; as they say, the best jokes are the ones you tell about yourself. 3. Think before you invite. If you ask people earning £30,000 a year if they want to come skiing with you in Colorado you’re likely to get a lot of awkward excuses. And this is doubly true of invites where there is an emotional obligation to attend, such as stag dos, weddings and significant birthdays. If you really do want everyone along to these pricey events, you’re probably going to have to eat some of the cost yourself and pretend that, yes, a weekend in the South of France, can be had for £400, all in. 4. Be generous, but not too generous. The money may be nothing to you, but people don’t like a benefactor picking up the tab for everything. The best policy is to pay a bit more than your fair share, but not so much that everyone notices. 5. Entertain at home. Your house may be worth a fortune and you may outsource the catering and serve expensive wine but an invite to dinner is still an invite to dinner and costs those who come no more than a decent bottle of wine and a cab home. 6. Remember money isn’t everything. Recognise that jobs that are less well paid than yours may be far more interesting. You may have a £2m house in Clapham, but your friend who studies volcanology and has just returned from filming eruptions in the Congo probably has far cooler work stories than you do. It may help to think that you get paid mostly in cash, while he gets paid in a mixture of cash and great anecdotes about having to outrun burning lava. 7. Block off some “rich time.” It’s all very charming pretending that wealth doesn’t matter and that friendship cuts across the greatest of income differentials. But equally, it can be quite wearing pretending that Patek watches, private jets and members clubs don’t exist and always having to order from the lowest quartile of the wine list. So, while you keep it real with your old friends, ensure that you make some time for people who understand why might you want to defer that income until next tax year.

- 31 -

031-032_the word_SB.indd 31

24/04/2013 11:51

Domino collection

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28/02/2013 15:19

- t h e wo r d -

The secrets of the sommelier Christian Jacobsen Christian Jacobsen is the award-winning head sommelier for London’s MASH restaurant.

I am lucky to have my hobby as my profession – how many people can say that? I love wine and I am a sommelier. Better still, I work in a restaurant where customers appreciate and drink wines of high quality. I serve rare and expensive bottles on a regular basis – wines that I often wouldn’t be able to afford myself. It’s a strange business in many ways, given that I know more about the product, and maybe even appreciate it more, than the person who buys it. I guess that the Aston Martin dealer doesn’t drive an Aston Martin himself, either. You develop a form of extrasensory perception when you have been working with wine for many years. You recognise wine lovers or big spenders as soon as they enter the restaurant. They never look the same but they always have the same look in their eyes. And then you get to work, trying to push the right buttons, speak the right language, work the tactics and be clever and smart. It’s all about timing. I have already decided what my guest is going to have before he orders. I make him feel like he is making the decision. I know how to play the game and this is my battleground. A few brief questions about preferences and I know what he will like. It’ll be something that is, ideally, drinking well, offers great value and is exciting

in some way. This is my profession, after all, and the customer is better off leaving the decision to me. It’s an honest, rewarding job. Occasionally you have a ‘night of giants’ where all the big guns come out, with La Tâche, Lafite and Screaming Eagle being poured at various tables in the dining room. It’s funny, but it often coincides with a full moon. On nights like this you feel lifted, and the spirits are always high among the sommeliers. We gather after service over a beer and talk it all through. How was the ’89 d’Estournel? Is there a sample left of the Cros Parantoux? Do we have more magnums of the Montebello in the back? There is a lot to learn from nights like that but even more to learn from nights when the wines being poured are less exceptional. The best sommeliers can find great wine at any cost on every list. So, what are the secret gems? The drinks that sommeliers enjoy at home? There’s St. Rita Hills, which produces some of the best Pinot Noirs in the world. For great value, look to sherry, Madeira and the Loire Valley wines. I know that mature, salty cheese and vintage champagne is a superb match. I know that old Barolo tastes like heaven. I know that Argentinean Malbec is overrated, and I know that the ’86 Mouton Rothschild beats the ‘85. Indeed, perhaps one of the most rewarding aspects of being a sommelier is that you are constantly learning. A thirst, then, not just for wine, but for knowledge.

- 33 -

031-032_the word_SB.indd 33

24/04/2013 11:51

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27/03/2013 13:25


Got a question about timepieces? Put it to’s Watch Snob. Be warned: you may not like what he has to say… Power watch needed Dear Snob, I am based in the Middle East, where just about every British expat owns a Submariner. My job is client-facing, and I would like to buy my first proper watch. I am looking to spend around £4,000 and would like to make a sound investment in a piece I can wear for work, has a couple of time zones, looks good in a suit, is classy and a little bit different. Any thoughts? Given your location and vocation, waste no time procuring a proper timepiece. Fortunately, you can’t walk a city block in the Middle East without coming across a watch boutique. I’ve found a watch that will be the perfect antidote to the diamond-encrusted ingots that those across the table from you are wearing: the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Duo. If you’re unfamiliar with the Reverso, you have no business wearing a watch – period – but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you know this horological icon. The Duo variation replaces the plain caseback of the original with a second dial that displays another time zone. The hidden beauty of this aesthetically pleasing timepiece is that the same movement drives the time on both dials – no small feat. Not that your Rolex-wearing compatriots will care, but you can be quietly smug, knowing what ticks on your own wrist. The Reverso also outclasses most timepieces while remaining both understated and elegant – words rarely heard round your way these days.

Graduating with honours Dear Snob, I am completing nearly 15 years of training, entering the workplace and getting my first true timepiece. I have narrowed down my choices to a JLC Master Chronograph and the Breitling Transocean Chronograph. Any thoughts comparing the two would be appreciated. 15 years of training? You must be a very poor student or a brain surgeon. Either way, it’s about time you got a proper timepiece. The short answer to your question is: get the Jaeger Le-Coultre. It’s really not a fair contest: pit a JLC against just about any other chronograph and it will win every time. Breitling is impressive. However, the Transocean, for all its mechanical prowess and quite attractive aesthetics, suffers from a positively American body mass index and is almost 15 millimetres thick, while the Jaeger is a near-perfect 10mm thick. It’s really no contest. If Breitling wants to play with the big boys, it’s going to have to slim down a bit.

Watch upkeep Dear Snob, Recently, as part of a matrimonial gift, I got my first watch worthy of good care (Patek 5127G). I’ve only read idle speculations on how to keep an automatic watch in shape, but these were from the watch-forum trolling types or my less-enlightened acquaintances and not from actual watchmakers. Never trust the forum trolls. They rarely have your best interest in mind. The first question I ask you is: If this is your first fine timepiece, why would you be taking it off long enough to need to wind it again? If it lives on your wrist, and with a Patek it should, you will never need to do a thing to it other than advance the date a few times and correct the time twice a year. But let’s assume your work requires that you remove your watch for several days on end – maybe you’re an oil rig roughneck or commercial diver. A fine watch, like an automobile, is designed to run, not sit flat on a nightstand or in a safe for days on end. So invest in a decent watch winder – not one of those advertised in the back of those seedy men’s magazines – and store your Patek on it. Better still, wear your watch every day.

To read more from the Watch Snob, head to - 35 -

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- au ct i o n watc h -

Underthe hammer Regal timepieces and an incredible vintage automobile… Here’s the best auctioneers have on offer


Arguably one of the most historic entries in the Bonhams Goodwood Festival of Speed line-up is this 1934 Alfa Romeo 8C-2300 ‘Le Mans’ tourer. The car is has been with the current owner since 1969, and is in fabulous condition. It was re-bodied in its present Le Mans-style in the late 1970s and retains its original engine and chassis number.

Olympia International Art & Antiques Fair

London’s largest and most diverse collection of fine furniture, art and objects is back again with impressive pieces from 180 international exhibitors. This Royal Presentation clock was commissioned by Prince Albert from Asprey’s. A regal piece carved from black English marble, it’s grandly surmounted by a bronze Britannia and comes complete with an engraved plaque.

Estimated at £1.4m to £1.8m; the sale is on Friday 12 July

The clock is £45,000; the sale runs from 6 to 16 June


Christie’s Jewellery & Watches sale has many desirable lots, including classic Cartier and Breguet pieces, but this is surely one of the most beautiful. The elegant Chopard quartz wristwatch, crafted from 18ct white gold and diamonds, is a must for any serious collector.

Estimated at £5,000 to £7,000; the sale is on 22 May

- 36 -

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- t h e h ot li st -

Trendwatching Frost of London director Joseph Banin

V i rt ua l m ec h a n i ca l A brand that’s been popular lately is HD3, the brainchild of legendary watch designer Jorg Hysek. He has some very avid followers and we’ve had customers from Russia, Holland, Mexico and Nigeria in store to try out his latest creation, the Slyde. It has a virtual touchscreen interface, which resembles a mechanical watch, and is an innovative, futuristic addition to our retail offering. I really believe it shakes up the luxury watchmaking landscape.

B eau t i fu l b ea d s Borgioni is a jewellery company that’s really turning heads at the moment, and some of the brand’s new pieces are superb. This one particularly caught my eye – the skull on Sanskrit buffalo bone with protection prayer bracelet.

reveals what’s on his radar this month

Sta r qua li ty We were delighted to be asked to make the engagement ring for Millie Mackintosh, fiancé of music artist Professor Green. He’s a bit of a regular in our store and, should he ever give up music, he’d have a good career in jewellery design. He designed the ring himself, and it looks amazing.

Pow er u p We’re big fans of speed here at Frost, and we sponsor Nick Williams – one of our customers who runs a currency trading business called IFX – in the P1 powerboat series. He’s not let us drive the boat yet, though…

S eas o n a l a dj u st m en ts Selling high-end watches and jewellery is a very personal, hands-on business. At the level we operate, and the financial commitments that customers are making, it’s rare that they’ll just buy from our website. The terrible weather we’ve been having in London has definitely had an impact on footfall in Mayfair stores, ours included. Despite this, though, we’ve seen brisk trade on certain brands. Cvstos, for example, with models that cost between £9,400 and £49,000, has done very well – we’ve sold six of these fabulous Swiss watches in the last four weeks. The Challenge Jet Line Skull is one of my favourites.

- 38 -

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24/04/2013 11:42

Turbine Xl, A1050/1 Technology of the Double Rotor.

Made by movement

108 New Bond Street, London, W1S 1EF Tel: 020 3372 0108

wAgner_240x300.indd 1

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- fas h i o n & ac c ess o r i es -



Heavy Metal The latest in cutting edge luxury from Frost of London

01 Messika

02 Chrome Hearts

Rock the punk revival with panache with this lustrous white gold and diamond necklace from Parisian brand Messika. Spiky Shoker with 4.20ct diamonds.

With its gothic motifs and rock ’ n’ roll styling, these are the ideal optical accessory. Oversized women’s sunglasses with sterling silver décor.



- 40 -

040-041_Fashion and Accessories.indd 40

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03 Theo Fennell

04 JBH

05 Shamballa

These super-shiny little fellas will brighten up a mundane suit. Theo Fennell 18ct white & yellow gold ‘Frog on a Lilypad’ cufflinks.

A ring with bite from the avant-garde designer of choice to A-list celebrities, Jason of Beverley Hills. Shark mouth ring with 18ct black rhodium gold and black diamond.

Give a rebel yell with Shamballa’s pyramid bracelet in 18ct rhodium plated white gold.


040-041_Fashion and Accessories.indd 41

from £17,590


24/04/2013 11:57

- o bj ects o f d es i r e -

Arnold & Son Born in 1736, John Arnold had already established his reputation as a master watchmaker in his mid-twenties when he presented the smallest repeating watch ever made to King George III. He went on to make history - his ‘No. 36’ timepiece was the first to be called a chronometer and he held patents for escapements and balance springs – and the company continues to do so today. It has just unveiled the Time Pyramid wristwatch which has a revolutionary movement, set in a triangular architecture, where the skeletonised pyramid-shaped movement seems to float between two sapphire crystals. The unique new design still looks reassuringly traditional – like a 19th-century clock, in fact – thanks to the classic red gold case. It all adds up to a truly fascinating piece, and arguably this brand’s finest model to date. - 42 -

042-043_Objects of desire_SB.indd 42

24/04/2013 11:58

042-043_Objects of desire_SB.indd 43

24/04/2013 11:59

108 New Bond Street, London - 020 3372 0108 -

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- g o o d t i m es -

Words – Frank Grice

- 45 -

045-048_QA Good times_SB.indd 45

24/04/2013 12:04

- g o o d t i m es -

When Roger Dubuis was looking for a warrior to complement its Excalibur range of wristwatches, there was really only one person to fit the bill – Scottish actor Gerard Butler. The Hollywood heavyweight, whose latest film Olympus Has Fallen has again seen him perfect the role of an intrepid hero, has been a dedicated brand ambassador, as he reveals to Tempus. But, hang on – this is an actor who is equally at home in rom-com mode, so how does that work? You straddle the line between action and rom-com pretty successfully. In the past two years, you’ve gone from Machine Gun Preacher to Playing for Keeps and now Olympus Has Fallen? Is this an intentional mix?

I wish I was that calculating – honestly, I just take what I can get [laughs]. I guess I like to mix it up... isn’t that what acting’s all about? Hopefully there’s no fear that I’ll ever be typecast, certainly!

Olympus Has Fallen was another tough guy role, but what made this movie stand out for you?

Antoine Fuqua! He’s the man who gave us Training Day. He’s a genius. It wasn’t your typical bombs and blasts; he exercises a masterful choreography of suspense and big screen action.

You’re a man who likes to do his own stunts. Presumably nothing changed for that movie?

You’re certainly mixing it up with some big names along the way...

Well, there’s no doubt about that. I mean, Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett, Aaron Eckhart, Melissa Leo… the list goes on – and this is just for Olympus. It’s like, ‘Let me just pretend I’m meant to be sharing a scene with you; that I’m at the same standard; that we’re not on completely different levels’.

I think that’s half the problem with me these days – I think I can do everything. The reality is I’m getting on [laughs]. I would shoot a scene where I’m fighting a terrorist or whoever, I’d run and hurtle back and land on the ground and do this fancy kickbox move. And that’s fine if you do it once, but after 20 takes, you’re cut to shreds. At one point my arm went black and blue all the way round because I was doing this same kung fu move over and over. I’m no spring chicken anymore and that’s something I have to realise. But it’s hard because you want to be on that chopper or you want to be in that fight. You want to be doing the stuff that men do.

- 46 -

045-048_QA Good times_SB.indd 46

24/04/2013 12:05

time for action

045-048_QA Good times_SB.indd 47

24/04/2013 12:05

- g o o d t i m es -

Did your neardeath experience while shooting Chasing Mavericks in Hawaii [Butler was knocked off his surfboard and held under by two huge waves] change you as a person?

Man, that was scary. I’ve surfed a lot of different waves before but these were probably like 20 times more powerful than the normal ones. It’s like you’re in an avalanche and it’s holding you down and you’ve lost your board and you’re spinning out of control and no-one can help you. A lot of people who go through this don’t make it back up. And then I did get back up, but got sucked down again, and it all started again. That’s when you go, ‘Why did I do this? What was I thinking? Why did I have to do this stunt?’ That put the fear of God into me.

Do you ever wear cheaper replica watches on set?

Yes, or no watch at all. I wouldn’t want the damage I’ve done to myself over the years to be replicated on a timepiece, although I’m sure it would have survived better than I have!

Tell us about your relationship with Roger Dubuis. How has that developed over the years?

It has been great all the way through. I visited Roger Dubuis HQ in Geneva and the whole thing blew me away. I’m not sure there are many other things in the world that end up with such perfection yet take such precision, detail and care in their creation, as a wristwatch. When we put on an Excalibur watch we see something that is absolutely perfect, faultless and beautiful, and solid too. Yet looking around the factory at all the components you realise the incredible intricacy. It was a mind-blowing experience and makes me even more proud to be the brand ambassador.

And the Roger Dubuis family helps you do that? Definitely – I’ve always been so impressed by their passion and the excellence of what they do. And you’re right, it really is a family.

What makes Roger Dubuis stand out for you above all the other watch brands?

Personally it’s the attention to detail that impresses me – both in the way the watches are made and in how the brand is represented. You’re buying into quality and a lifestyle; you’re building a relationship with absolute experts in the field. That means a lot.

What’s your favourite wristwatch? I don’t think I can say. My mood changes, but certainly the Excalibur and La Monégasque collections have something unique about them for very different reasons. I think both are quite brave, and if you’re going to invest in something with real style and purpose, you must go for it and be ambitious. You want people to notice what you’re wearing, after all. Who wants to blend into the crowd?

- 48 -

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108 New Bond Street London, W1S 1EF Tel: 020 3372 0108

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108 New Bond Street, London, W1S 1EF Tel: 020 3372 0108 -

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- ba d o llet -

Words – Scott Manson



f s s i o n p e r f e






- 52 -

052-056_Badollet_SB.indd 52

24/04/2013 12:10

The best brand you’ve never heard of, Badollet has centuries of horological know-how to draw on for its stellar timepieces imited edition is a much-maligned term in the watch industry. For some brands, it seems, simply changing a dial colour and adding a new strap is enough to justify this status. High-end Swiss watchmaker Badollet, however, offers genuinely rare pieces. Indeed, with a production run of only 50 watches a year, it’s arguably the best brand you’ve never heard of. Scroll back to the 17th century, though, and Badollet was well-known as one of the era’s finest watchmakers. Launched by Jean Badollet in 1655 and continued in an unbroken family dynasty all the way to 1924, the brand became a byword for quality.

052-056_Badollet_SB.indd 53

His son, Jean II, published a celebrated treatise in 1689, that he called L’Excellence de L’Horlogerie. His five sons followed him into the trade. Then, around 1710, Jacques-Marc Badollet made a superb one-handed onion pocket watch signed Badollet à Paris, which now sits in the company’s museum. Jean-Jacques I, another descendant, was so good at his craft that he supplied ébauches (unfinished movements) and then finished watches to Abraham-Louis Breguet – one of the world’s greatest watchmakers. The company closed in 1924 following the economic stagnation after WWI. It seemed that a once-great brand would was destined

24/04/2013 12:10

- ba d o llet -

to be a footnote in watchmaking history. But, years later, a descendant of the Badollet family decided to relaunch the brand, with the help of a private investor, later installing an industry heavyweight – Philippe Dubois, Concord’s former CEO of Asia – at the helm. “When I met Badollet’s owner, few knew the brand,” says Dubois. “People gave us six months. Four and a half years later, and we are still here.” When Dubois joined, the company had already released several pieces to great acclaim. These included the Observatoire 1872 Minute Repeater, with a flying tourbillon movement supplied by BNB. It has a guilloché opaline skeleton dial and is cased in 18ct white gold with prominent lugs. The brand also released the Crystalball – a single-button chronograph that comes in a choice of dials, white enamel, silvered opaline, or stone (onyx, black or white mother of pearl, jade or lapis lazuli). Perhaps the most striking model in this range is the flagship piece – the Stellaire – whose

movement’s entire plate is in meteorite, and costs around £180,000. It begs the question, just how do you source a chunk of debris from outer space? “I found it in my garden,” laughs Dubois. “In truth, we bought a chunk of a famous meteor called the Cape York, which fell in Greenland over 10,000 years ago. We own 2kg, which makes around 30 movements. The challenge is, as meteors are a little magnetic, to incorporate it in the movement. Obviously magnetism and watches are a tricky mix!” Dubois reserves his real pride, though, for the brand’s most recent release – the Ivresse. The name is French for ‘intoxicated’ and it’s clear that the Badollet CEO is suitably excited about what is, in design terms, a clear departure from the rest of the range. It’s a truly magnificent watch, with distinctively curved case, and stark dial set in a rich blue. Daringly, it offers Badollet’s signature tourbillon – a complication that features on every one of the brand’s timepieces

“People gave us six months. Four and a half years later, and we are still here”

- 55 -

052-056_Badollet_SB.indd 54

24/04/2013 12:11

The superdesirable Ivresse is Badollet’s most recent limited edition timepiece

052-056_Badollet_SB.indd 55

24/04/2013 12:11

- ba d o llet -

The unique Ivresse was realised with the help of legendary watch designer Eric Giroud

“If they want their name on the dial, they can have it. Try asking Vacheron or Patek for that and see how far you get…” – set out of sight at the back. This is stealth wealth at its finest. This design was a result of a collaboration between Badollet and Eric Giroud – one of the world’s finest watch designers – who was given a slightly unorthodox brief “We spent a year with the designer before we even discussed watches. We’d just go for dinner and talk about art, cars, literature and so on. It could have become a never-ending story but, after a year, Eric presented us with a sketch. It was perfect.” Unusually, the watch’s genesis started with the case design and then the movement – fashioned by David Candaux, a former Jaeger LeCoultre grand complications specialist – was built to fit. “The shape of the watch meant this was a highly technical reverse engineering challenge,” says Dubois. Only 30 pieces have been built, retailing at around £140,000, making the Ivresse a true haute horology item.

“Our watches are for collectors who want something different, and for whom money is no object. Because of our limited production, we can also customise watches according to customers’ wishes. There are six calibres and dozens of detail options. If they want their name on the dial, they can have it. Try asking Vacheron or Patek for that and see how far you get…” British watch fans can track down Badollet at Frost of London’s Mayfair store. Dubois says he was impressed by both the store’s owners and its customers. “Frost has crazy customers … looking for something spectacular. I met Joseph (Frost co-director) and he was young and hungry, the way every good retailer should be. We are such a small brand that we need people who really understand what we’re doing. “That’s the secret of Badollet’s success,” he smiles. “Passion. Because without passion, it won’t happen.”

- 56 -

052-056_Badollet_SB.indd 56

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Rapport Watch Winders The Ultimate Winder for Prestige Automatic Watches

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20/03/2013 09:21

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16/01/2013 13:43

- bas elwo r ld -

Words – Hannah Silver

T e f e r

h s B l l

e t a w d

b o s o 2013

- 59 -

059-068_Baselworld_SB.indd 59

24/04/2013 12:14

- bas elwo r ld -

It’s the most thrilling time of year for watch lovers, as the massive Swiss watch expo that is Baselworld reveals the most extravagant, technical and downright weird timepieces for 2013. Picking through the watches on offer can be a horological minefield, so we’ve cherry-picked those most worthy of your attention. As the jewellery and fashion brands are creeping up on more established watchmakers in terms of technical achievement and sheer style, we’ve also paid close attention to what they’re doing this year. This is just a taste of what’s to come though, so expect more Baselworld goodness next issue.

But for now, feast your eyes on these beauties…

- 60 -

059-068_Baselworld_SB.indd 60

24/04/2013 12:14

Fa s h i o n

B u r b er ry

Cha n el

It was only right that Burberry would draw on the very qualities that have made it a success story – such as the emphasis on classic, stylish British craftsmanship – for its first watch collection. There’s all the gloss you’d expect from the luxury brand, including the moody styling and celebrity advertising campaign, but don’t let this distract from the simple elegance of The Britain timepieces themselves. This automatic has a distinctive rounded octagonal case and Swiss-made self-winding mechanical three-hand movement, making it as well-built as it is wearable.

The J12 is arguably one of the most successful high-end ‘fashion watches’, so fans will be pleased to hear that the latest release – the J12 Chromatic Rétrograde Mystérieuse – has raised the bar considerably. It features a tourbillon, digital minute display and 10-day power reserve, so all the technical features are there. It looks the business, too, thanks to a semiskeletonised case and gold bezel with titanium ceramic inserts.

059-068_Baselworld_SB.indd 61

H er m è s Hermès marks the 35th anniversary of the iconic Arceau model with the Arceau Petite Lune. A delicate face displays two complications: a pointertype date indication marks off the days of the lunar cycles and a horological complication shows the moon phases, while a mechanical self-winding movement works with a module to power it. Elegant as always, a mother of pearl dial and alligator strap that uses Hermès’ famous saddle-stitching technique make this a piece to treasure.

24/04/2013 12:15

- bas elwo r ld -

B r eva Independent watch brand Breva introduced its first timepiece, the weather-predicting GĂŠnie 01, at Basel this year. Incredibly, it's the world's first timepiece (other than some digital watches) that has the time, altimeter and barometer, as well as power reserve indications provided by the fully mechanical movement, most of which is viewable through the open dial and back. Budding meteorologists will be further entertained by the scale on the caseback which provides correlations between altitude and air pressure.

- 62 -

059-068_Baselworld_SB.indd 62

24/04/2013 12:15



Hautlen ce

A lfex

The Avant-Garde Retrograde is, as you'd expect from the company that launched its first ever round case four years ago, innovatively designed. An imposing case and a sapphire transparent dial that reveals the in-house mechanical hand-wound movement – complete with jumping hours and retrograde minutes – gives it an ultra-modern, almost weightless appearance.

The Alfex Translucent 8x watch looks like nothing else on the market. In a technical feat, it combines strong steel with transparent, lightweight acrylic to make an interesting aesthetic statement. The bangle watch distorts the traditional look of a timepiece, positioning the dial off-centre and using repetition to create a pattern that forms the very structure of the bracelet.

059-068_Baselworld_SB.indd 63

24/04/2013 12:15

- bas elwo r ld -

j e w e l l e r y wat c h e s

B u lga r i

Ch o pa r d

Ha r ry Wi n sto n

Originally released in 1975, the Bulgari Roma set out to change conservative watchmaking and chose ancient Rome and its architectural heritage as its inspiration. Today, the newest release is resolutely classic and remains loyal to its heritage, but a 2013 update has given the strictly limited-edition piece a proprietary self-winding movement, elegantly curved 18ct pink gold case and smart alligator strap.

Of the several new releases from Chopard at Basel this year, the L.U.C. Engine One H is our pick of the bunch. Incredibly technical, it continues Chopard’s tradition of combining automobile-style design with fine watchmaking. Impressive finishes added to its tourbillon movement include linear engine-like grooves, while the horizontal layout of the watch itself reflects the design of racing car cockpits. More traditional elements remain, however, with all the steps in creating the watch, including movement development, gold casting and hand-crafted finishes – still performed in-house.

Harry Winston reinvents the wheel – or in this case, the tourbillion – with its latest release, the Histoire de Tourbillion 4. The watchmakers’ thinking was that a modern wristwatch, held in many positions during the day, needs more than one rotating cage to successfully counter the effects of gravity. To that end, its latest release sees a single oscillator contained within three concentric cages which all rotate at different speeds and at different angles to each other. This, then, is one of the most complex tourbillons out there, and only 20 of these magnificent watches will be produced.

- 64 -

059-068_Baselworld_SB.indd 64

24/04/2013 12:15



Inspired by the Original Swiss Army Knife, Victorinox travel, business and everyday gear reflects a relentless commitment to quality and functionality. Lightweight / 100% pure Bayer polycarbonate / Break-resistant shell


03/01/2013 16:49 21/12/2012 16:10:18

- bas elwo r ld -

- 66 -

059-068_Baselworld_SB.indd 66

24/04/2013 12:16

i t ' s c o m p l i c at e d

H u b lot Hublot’s success continues apace with this, the gloriously-named Big Bang Caviar with Diamonds, available in red gold or steel. It’s based on the design of the One Million $ Black Caviar and inspired by the much-loved, bestselling black ceramic Big Bang Black Caviar, taking the most technical and impressive details from both. Sharply angular, this version is fitted with the show-stopping HUB1112 self-winding mechanical movement, has a power reserve of 42 hours and is studded with 36 diamonds, lending it a more subtle feel than its predecessors.

059-068_Baselworld_SB.indd 67

24/04/2013 12:16

- bas elwo r ld -

B r em o nt

Ch r isto ph e Cla r et

Like many of Bremont’s watches, the ALT1-B2 has some military pedigree, as the design is very similar to the watches Bremont gave to the elite B2 ‘Stealth Bomber’ aircrew last year. After being approached by the B2 Squadron to make the timepiece, Bremont took the most advanced elements from its chronographs – including a modified BE-54E movement and case with Roto-Click internal bezel – and created a slick watch with unrivalled clarity.

The Kantharos is packed with high-tech features, making for a tremendously desirable piece from one of the world’s greatest watchmakers. Constant force escapement ensures total precision, while an automatic-winding chronograph cathedral gong that chimes with each change of function is a quirky touch. The gongs – a favoured feature of Christophe Claret – are visible at 10 o’clock, while a special patented system ensures that they don’t vibrate against each other, thus eliminating unwanted buzzing.

- 68 -

059-068_Baselworld_SB.indd 68

24/04/2013 12:16

Tourbillon Quantième PerpÊtuel The Calibre AM39.002, designed and made entirely in the Antoine Martin workshops, featuring a fl ying tourbillon and an integrated perpetual calendar mechanism with a power reserve of 6 days. Retrograde date display and regulator indication. Anti-reflective sapphire crystals, water-resistant to 50m. Case rose gold 18K 750, silver dial, brown alligator strap. Contact: Antoine Martin SA, Industriestrasse 23, 6055 Alpnach, Switzerland

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26/02/2013 13:55

Inspired by Qatari heritage and Lady Gaga, jewellery brand Noudar is an inspired union of tradition and the avant-garde

070-074_Noudar_SB.indd 70

24/04/2013 12:20

- n o u da r -

Words – Hannah Silver


Noudar is a brand born for the A-list. Launched by jewellery designer Noor Al Fardan, who cut her teeth designing for the likes of Lady Gaga and working with the most creative minds in the industry at major jewellery houses, it officially launched at the Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition in February 2012. For Al Fardan, it was a natural progression. “I come from a family of jewellers that have a long history in the jewellery industry,“ she explains. “I’ve always been involved in the family business so I knew this was my path.“ A gemology degree, internship at Chopard and working for her father gave Al Fardan the perfect pedigree in precious jewels. The family business, the Al Fardan Group, is a large player in the luxury industry, with divisions that include Ferrari, Hakkasan, Kempinski and Rolls-Royce. Little wonder that, surrounded by this rarified beauty, Noor embraced jewellery making with a passion. Her Qatari heritage played an important role too. Says Al Fardan: “Every piece in the collection has a personal link. The ‘Henna’ collection consists of double rings connected together with fine henna style patterns and


- 71 -

070-074_Noudar_SB.indd 71

24/04/2013 12:21

- n o u da r -

comes in black and brown diamonds – the same colour as henna.” Pieces are inspired by Islamic culture, channelling its rich history of beautiful art and stunning architecture. Take the Al-Andalus earrings, based on a motif prevalent in Islamic architecture, and famously showcased on the Córdoba Mosque in Andalusia, Spain. The bright stones, emeralds, tsavorites and yellow diamonds, reflect the colourful nature of the famous structure. The influence of family is also obvious: “When I was younger, my sisters and I would only like covering two fingers in henna, so that’s how the idea for the double rings began.” Traditional methods are given an edge: the delicate fingerless gloves piece is a modern take on the traditional ‘kaf,’ where rings are connected to chains. It’s the Lady Gaga piece, though, which was the defining moment of Al Fardan’s career. “The jewellery I designed for her was a unique piece to mark the release of her Born This Way album,” she says. “It’s not what made me decide to become a designer, but seeing her show in New York – where she danced on stage in her underwear and didn’t give a damn about what anyone else thought – definitely gave me courage to stop stalling the launch of Noudar.” Al Fardan’s brand is full of colourful, unusual pieces – she loves working with diamonds of all colours, as well as beautifully vivid sapphires, rubies and emeralds. “Originally, I produced it all in Italy,” she says, “but the aim of Noudar was always to be a wholly Qatari brand and I’ve now set up a

jewellery manufacturing workshop in Doha and shifted production there. Noudar is now the first Qatari fine jewellery brand.“ It’s sold in Al Fardan jewellery stores in Qatar, with the only point of sale in Europe being Frost of London. Today, her current jewellery lines incorporate more quirky features, including lace rings crafted from white gold and set with diamonds, and snake earrings dotted with brown diamonds, sapphires or rubies, both complementing her core collection. “They’re the basis of what I’m trying to do – emphasise a woman’s elegance and femininity,” she says. “The lace ring is popular because it fits so beautifully on a woman’s finger, and the only thing more feminine than lace is diamond lace.” Her favourite pieces of jewellery are the earrings she created for her engagement ceremony. Two years in the making, they

“Lady Gaga, dancing on stage in her underwear and not giving a damn about what anyone thought, def initely gave me the courage to stop stalling the launch of Noudar”

- 72 -

070-074_Noudar_SB.indd 72

24/04/2013 12:21


250 years of excellence 000_Ad.indd 1

22/04/2013 10:36

- n o u da r -

are stunning 40ct, pear-shaped Colombian emeralds surrounded by large yellow diamonds. Al Fardan dismisses the notion of ever ‘dumbing down’ her designs to increase sales: “I wouldn’t want to be asked to design, say, a simple tennis bracelet that’s just a row of diamonds. There are definitely enough in the market.” Her recent launch at London Fashion Week suggests she’s in no danger of treading a traditional path, with Noudar collaborating with fashion brand Felder Felder for its catwalk show, sending models out with one earring and asymmetrical hair. Indeed, the ability to challenge the status quo is what she loves about the jewellery industry. “Designs are getting more creative as brands explore new materials and manufacturing methods. I’d really like to see more statement fine jewellery, which is what I like creating. There’s so much of it in costume jewellery, but brands are worried about creating something as dramatic with fine jewels.” Interestingly, it was the financial crisis that let her explore this avenue further: “Every brand started making smaller pieces with fewer stones in plain designs, yet kept the prices high. When the crisis hit, people started looking for conversation pieces – if they were going to spend so much money on a piece of jewellery they wanted it to be noticed. At the time I was making quite outrageous pieces for myself, and people would ask me for something similar.” Overturning tradition one avant-garde piece at a time may be a bold attitude, but it’s one that has seen Noudar flourish and become a serious force to reckon with.

In brief If you could edit a part of your past, what would you change and why? I don’t believe in regrets, I believe in making mistakes and learning from them - that’s what every aspect of life, including business, is about.

What other jewellery brands do you wear, apart from your own? I love Chopard, I always have something by them on me at all times. I’m also obsessed with Harry Winston, Tiffany, Chaumet and Fabergé’s stunning egg jewellery.

What do you do when you are not working?

My husband travels so often for work and I usually go with him, since I can take my work with me everywhere. When I have a few hours to myself I enjoy exploring historic sites of the cities I visit. I always return so inspired it helps with my work.

- 74 -

070-074_Noudar_SB.indd 74

24/04/2013 12:21

of executives, according to Harvard Medical, could make more money, in less time by living a healthier lifestyle

Does pursuing a healthier lifestyle require too much time and effort? Would it be easier if you had a health and fitness personal assistant? The Lifestyle Concierge is the first of its kind. Your personal assistant to a healthier and richer lifestyle, saving you time, money and effort. We take care of your every need nutritionally, physically anywhere, anytime, making healthy living easy.

Email: Visit:

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27/03/2013 10:17

FoS 2013 300x240 TEMPUS MAGAZINE_220 18/04/2013 11:30 Page 1

11 – 14 JULY

For the latest event news follow us on Admission strictly by advance ticket only • For tickets or hospitality please call: +44 (0)1243 755055 or visit 000_Ad.indd 1

19/04/2013 09:37

- wo r k a n d p lay -

Words – Hannah Silver


new networking

- 77 -

077-082_Networking_SB.indd 77

24/04/2013 12:24

077-082_Networking_SB.indd 78

24/04/2013 12:24

- wo r k a n d p lay -

It used to be so easy. That chewy problem of entertaining clients was usually solved in one of two ways: either take them up town, order a few bottles of something expensive – often carried through a club with sparklers blazing – or go down the more traditional route and book tickets for one of the summer’s big sporting events.

The latter option stems, of course, from the upper class British tradition of ‘the season’ – a social calendar that takes in events such as Royal Ascot, Henley Royal Regatta and Wimbledon. Little wonder, then, that these gatherings prove perennially popular with both corporate and blue blooded types. However, many forward-thinking companies are now employing a little more imagination to really impress clients or reward teams. The line between work and pleasure has become increasingly blurred, with a wealth of new camps set up – the cultural and the cool as well as the classic – ushering in alternative ways of networking. Apartment 58 in London is one such space – a stylish club designed to bring those from the creative industries together by providing great members-only facilities, including a creative lounge, meeting rooms, art exhibitions and lectures from ‘thought leaders’. Similarly, a new work/networking hub called The Exchange, complete with cool rooftop café, has just opened next to London’s iconic Shard building, and has already been the catalyst for a flurry of new ventures, including the city’s fledgling Feast festival. Others, like London’s Oyster Club and Superstar Club offer black tie dinners and themed parties to enable networking in a relaxed, but exclusive, environment. New hotels in the capital, too, have helped to bring a wow factor to corporate entertaining. The ME hotel, designed by Foster + Partners,

is hyped as a beautiful place for work, play and everything in between, while the Conran-designed South Place Hotel and recently-opened Bulgari Hotel and Café Royal show meticulous attention to detail. For others, it’s the cultural route that appeals. Ted Walker, head of marketing at corporate hospitality group Keith Prowse, notes: “There’s a high demand for our cultural events including landmark concerts, festivals and the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, and we can only see this getting more prevalent in the future.”Attending hot ticket events makes guests feel more valued – and also provides their hosts with a relaxed atmosphere in which to mingle with them. Art events, too, are now a big draw for businesses. Once strictly for the cognoscenti, VIP receptions at art fairs are fast becoming the must-do event and there are new ones popping up all the time. There’s already a buzz around Art13 London, which has been hailed as the most exciting art fair to launch in the city in a decade. It will see 129 of the world’s leading galleries from 30 countries exhibiting thousands of artworks, while Art Basel - showing at Basel, Miami and Hong Kong - is a much-loved highlight of the social calendar and sure to impress art-lovers. Those looking to stimulate clients with something truly cerebral should consider entertaining them at a TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference. Taking

place worldwide, the events gather together the world’s leading thinkers for intensive and inspirational talks, from the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Clinton, that promise to inspire. At the very least, the high cost of attending should send out a signal to clients that you value their business. Elsewhere, cool hunters looking to bolster their hip credentials with business partners have signed up for VIP festival packages in their droves. Forget watching The Rolling Stones in the rain in Hyde Park and instead look to events such as Coachella, which recently hosted a concert on a cruise around the Bahamas and Jamaica, featuring Pulp and Hot Chip. Similarly, The Rock Boat has been setting sail with various bands for a while now, with its latest trip starting in Miami and ending at Great Stirrup Cay, a private island, for a two-day beach party. Events like this may be stretching the budget just a tad for some, but they do highlight the effort that’s now expected. As Emyr Thomas, founder and director of concierge service Bon Vivant, says: “Corporate entertainment is now about arranging something bespoke for each individual client and getting a ‘wow’ factor – clients want to show they have their finger on the pulse.” This demand for cutting edge entertainment means that – for the canniest at least – the days of splashing out on sparkler-filled drinks are numbered. We’ll drink to that.

- 79 -

077-082_Networking_SB.indd 79

24/04/2013 12:24

That’s entertainment Where to keep key clients happy

Old school W i m b led o n Still impressive for out-of-towners and Londoners alike, Wimbledon tickets remain hen’s teeth rarities. Splash out on the Centre Court suites, The Players’ Table – complete with your own VIP booth – or dine at The Gatsby Club, and then get driven by buggy to your court after a leisurely lunch.

24 June - 7 July;

Th e G o o dwo o d Festiva l o f Speed This year sees the 20th anniversary of this fabulously glamorous celebration of some of the world’s best cars. Its special hospitality packages will ensure clients are kept entertained throughout the greatest motoring ‘garden party’ in the world, which is now an undisputed highlight of the season.

11 - 14 July; H en ley roya l R egatta

First held in 1839, the best-known regatta in the world has everything you need for a classically British day out. Guests will especially enjoy Temple Island – their own private island found seconds from the start line – or private suites opening out onto the riverbed.

3 July - 7 July;

077-082_Networking_SB.indd 80

24/04/2013 12:25

- wo r k a n d p lay -

Push the boat out Fr i eze

B ea r G rylls Su rviva l aca d emy

Co r n b u ry

There’s a plethora of new art fairs and literary festivals around. Masterpiece, Port Eliot and Althorp are good for culture vultures, but the one quickly gaining classic status is Frieze. Set in New York and London, Frieze showcases the world’s leading contemporary galleries and offers VIP packages.

One for adrenaline junkies, this promises hardcore experiences in extreme locations. In recognition of the growing demand for unique corporate entertaining, the TV survivalist’s team offers special team-building courses, highlighting the link between business and survival skills such as risk management, teamwork and the importance of communication. More importantly it’s great fun – provided you don’t mind being pushed out of your comfort zone.

If the thought of attending a music festival brings to mind cider-crazed hippies and terrible food, then Cornbury – which describes itself as an ‘eclectic and eccentric music carnival’ – could be a smart choice for corporate entertaining. According to Lady Celestria Noel of Debrett’s, it’s favoured by the ‘Chipping Norton set’, making it the ideal festival for those of a more genteel persuasion.

Frieze London is 17 - 20 October;

5 - 7 July;

Courses take place throughout the year;

- 81 -

077-082_Networking_SB.indd 81

24/04/2013 12:25

- wo r k a n d p lay -

New school A rt Basel, M ia m i B each

Ca n n es Fi lm Festiva l

Coach ella

With over 250 of the world’s leading galleries participating, it’s little wonder that this event has been dubbed the ‘Olympics of art’. Its location on Miami’s South Beach ups the cool factor further ensuring that, for three days at least, this Art Deco wonderland becomes the hippest place on the planet.

For the ultimate A-list experience, pop over to the South of France for the weekend and choose one of the many VIP packages available for the Cannes Film Festival. If luxury hotels, parties with the stars and access-all-areas parties don’t cut it with clients, then nothing will.

Coachella has to be the coolest festival in the world. Buried deep in the Californian desert, it has a wide variety of bands to please everyone and seriously impressive VIP packages that will entice even the most reluctant festival virgin.

December 5 - 8;

April 2014;

15 - 26 May;

- 82 -

077-082_Networking_SB.indd 82

24/04/2013 12:25

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29/04/2013 10:31

Innovation. Motivation. The new Cross Personal takes total body training to new levels of performance and style. The flowing, elliptical movement, sleek aesthetics and VISIOWEB multimedia 15.6" touch-screen offer a premium interactive experience to all users of all abilities.

Designed by Antonio Citterio

Take the first step and discover our complete range of cardiovascular, strength and movement products on line. Visit or call free on 0800 316 2496 to speak to one of our consultants.

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25/03/2013 16:48

- Fo n d er i e 47 -

Words – Charlotte Metcalf

B l i n gC o n s c i e n c e with a

- 85 -

085-090_Bling conscience_SB.indd 85

24/04/2013 14:31

- Fo n d er i e 47 -

Forget dog tags. Givenchy’s weapon-sourced pieces make a statement in more ways than one

hush fills the room. Ahead of me sits a display box containing an objet d’art in the shape of a big egg. It denotes embryonic fragility and the potential of rene wal but is wrapped in overlapping scale – layers of dark, diamond-studded steel, transform the egg into a more sinister object altogether, something

armoured, tougher and grenade-like. I am in New Bond Street’s Halcyon Gallery where, for 24 hours only, Fonderie 47’s new Phoenix Collection by James de Givenchy is on show. All 10 pieces in this tiny, but eagerly awaited, collection are made from steel, diamonds, platinum and 18ct rose gold. What makes the collection unique, though, is that the steel comes from AK-47 assault rifles. Each piece is engraved on the reverse with the serial number of the gun that was melted down and wrought to be reborn as an exquisite, desirable piece of haute couture jewellery.

- 86 -

085-090_Bling conscience_SB.indd 86

24/04/2013 14:31

“Givenchy applies his talent to the aim of ending global conflict by transforming lethal weapons into jewellery” James de Givenchy, nephew of the great couturier, Hubert de Givenchy, is already wellknown for his innovative, bold designs. His recent collaboration with Sotheby’s Diamonds showcased his ability to surprise and delight by mounting precious stones in unorthodox settings – such as rubber, wood and melteddown musket metal. Social entrepreneur Peter Thum has now persuaded Givenchy to apply his talent to the humanitarian aim of ending violence and conflict round the world by transforming assault rifles into jewellery, thus wiping out thousands of lethal weapons,

085-090_Bling conscience_SB.indd 87

and using some of the money raised to fund charitable programmes. Thum became well-known as a humanitarian in 2005 when he sold Ethos Water to Starbucks for $8m. Ethos Water grew out of Thum’s observation that South Africans did not have adequate access to clean water when he worked for McKinsey and was overseeing the merger of two wineries. “I met so many people who didn’t have water and it seemed so basic to try and do something about it,” Thum explains. He duly set out to work with South African communities to solve the problem, leaving

McKinsey for Ethos as his commitment to making a difference grew. It was while visiting an Ethos project in Kenya in 2008 that Thum became aware of how many people were carrying guns. ‘When we talk about development we don’t calculate carefully enough the impact of conflict. I couldn’t stop thinking about how to get people engaged with the problem,’ he says. The result was Fonderie 47, co-founded by Thum in 2009. Thum began buying up confiscated AK-47s from the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2010 and now, in

24/04/2013 14:32

- Fo n d er i e 47 -

Fonderie 47

Inversion Principle is Fonderie 47’s first foray into the world of high-end watches, and it’s an impressive curtain-raiser. With a dial dominated by a central three-minute flying tourbillon, a jumping hour function, retrograde seconds, a six-day power reserve and clad in a white or red gold case, this is a truly formidable timepiece. Available in a limited edition of 20 (10 in each metal) for around £300,000.

“An extravagant necklace wipes out 800 guns, and Fonderie 47 has already destroyed over 25,000 assault rifles” collaboration with voluntary organisations, the sale of each Fonderie 47 piece funds the destruction of assault rifles in Africa. An extravagant necklace wipes out 800 guns, a simpler cuff 120, and Fonderie 47 has already destroyed over 25,000 assault rifles. “There are literally mountains of guns in Africa – you don’t believe it till you see them,” says Peter. “Soldiers will give up their weapons for money or farm implements but a stockpile of guns is a pile of potential cash and they get stolen fast and put back in action again so we’re in a race to buy them up and remove them.”

Adorning oneself with a gorgeous piece of gold-enhanced, diamond-studded steel is not an obvious way to bring about world peace, but it’s one of those improbable ideas that grabs the imagination. By making conspicuous consumption a worthy cause, Thum and Givenchy hope people will wear their Phoenix Collection as a badge of honour. Though discreet about its more famous clientele, Thum’s wife, Cara Buono, famous for her role as Dr. Faye Miller in Mad Men, has been snapped wearing Phoenix Collection earrings, and Fonderie 47 already counts some

of the world’s most influential people among its clients – including royalty and international business leaders. “There’s so little we can do to make a difference,” explains Thum, “So when an opportunity like this comes along, I’m confident people will welcome it.” Naturally, the gold used is sustainable and the diamonds conflict-free, in order that every piece can be bought with an entirely clear conscience. The pieces are also stunning and instantly identifiable. The dark steel is a striking, dramatic backdrop for diamonds and

- 88 -

085-090_Bling conscience_SB.indd 88

24/04/2013 14:32

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25/03/2013 11:09

- Fo n d er i e 47 -


How an AK-47 becomes a cuff by James de Givenchy in Fonderie 47 steel, with diamonds and 18ct rose gold

gold and the pieces have an earthy – sometimes tribal – feel that counterpoints the exquisite craftsmanship and design. All the pieces resonate with a thrilling tension between vulnerability and aggression: tiny eggs hanging from bracelets are evocative of bullets and Givenchy shows me the Phoenix Necklace, saying: “The obvious way was to have the eggs hanging down, but I’ve got them pointing upwards towards the neck, keeping that sense of potential menace.” £155,000 not only buys a beautiful bespoke designer piece but destroys 800 assault rifles in the process. So, why not acquire some beautiful jewellery and show that you care about Africa and world peace? The concept is about as flawless as a perfect diamond.

– AK-47, serial #56603536, is manufactured in a Chinese factory. – Fonderie 47 acquires the gun in North Kivu Province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. – The gun is taken to a blacksmith, cut up and melted down. – The pieces are transported back to the US – They are taken to a foundry, smelted down into an ingot and then rolled into sheets.

– The sheets are taken to James de Givenchy’s workshop in New York – The first layer of the cuff is made of 18ct rose gold and engraved with the Fonderie 47 mark and serial number of the gun. – The steel sheets are reheated and re-formed into the pieces, then shaped over the gold base to create a second layer. – Each diamond is set upside down in an 18ct rose gold bezel and lasered from the back of the steel. – The steel finish is created with a blackening technique. – The steel and diamond layer is then affixed with screws to the gold base to complete the design. – The cuff costs £28,000 and funds the destruction of 120 assault rifles in a conflict or post-conflict zone in Africa.

- 90 -

085-090_Bling conscience_SB.indd 90

24/04/2013 14:32

The Carbon Age

Introducing the multi-award winning Debut Carbon from Pro-Ject Audio Systems. The Debut record player is an icon of the entry-level audiophile market, and this latest incarnation elevates the model to a new level of audio quality.

Debut Carbon Brand new one-piece 8.6� Carbon Fibre tonearm - New motor isolation set-up Upgraded 12� platter with higher mass - New mains supply method - Cable junction box Ortofon 2m Red Pre-Fitted - Available in 7 high-gloss colours Pro-Ject Audio Systems is distributed in the UK by Henley Designs Ltd. Telephone : 01235 511 166 Email : Web :

Debut Carbon-AstonGreenlake.indd 1 000_Ad.indd 1

25/04/2013 29/04/2013 15:30 11:19


Inspired by nature

An exceptional destination in Provence 35 minutes away from Cannes, 45 minutes from Nice Côte d’Azur international airport


TEmpus-terre-blanche.indd 1 000_Ad.indd 1

15/02/2013 16:53:34 25/02/2013 17:38

- fr en c h r i v i er a -

Words – Hannah Silver

Still glamorous after all these years, the French Riviera is synonymous with stunning beaches, superyachts and a slow, sexy pace of life. With the Cannes Film Festival, Monaco Yacht Show and Grand Prix looming, there’s never been a better time to book your place in the sun. We’ve picked the best places to eat, stay and party – drawing on cool new openings as well as the classics – to ensure the ultimate luxurious Gallic getaway

Southern h o s p i t a l i t y

- 93 -

093-098_Summer Riviera_SB.indd 93

24/04/2013 14:44


Le Louis XV - Alain Ducasse Since its opening in the Hotel de Paris more than 25 years ago, this venerable institution has focused on offering a culinary fantasy – so much so, in fact, that the hands on the clocks are stopped at 12 to firmly separate patrons from anything so vulgar as reality. With Alain Ducasse at the helm, the food is exquisite, and a wine cellar filled with 400,000 bottles proves the perfect complement to his matchless menu.

093-098_Summer Riviera_SB.indd 94

24/04/2013 14:44

- fr en c h r i v i er a -

Clubs and bars

La Palme d'Or Located in the iconic Hotel Martinez, the two Michelin-starred La Palme d'Or has long been regarded as one of the best restaurants in Cannes. It’s been run by Christian Sinicropi since 2007 and specialises in inventive cuisine using local, seasonal products. Be prepared, though, to fight your way through a wave of paparazzi on entering during awards season.

Les Caves du Roy

B â oli

In a heavily secured entrance in the Hotel Byblos in St Tropez lies Les Caves du Roy, a club packed to the rafters with the rich and the beautiful. This is major player territory where, when you hear the Star Wars theme tune ring out, you’ll come to recognise it as a signal that another £30,000 Methuselah of champagne has been ordered.

One of the best-known clubs in Cannes, Bâoli comprises an open-air restaurant and cocktail bar surrounded by palm trees which, come midnight, transforms into a seriously hedonistic affair. Frequented by celebrities, superstar DJs and VIPs, getting on the guest list of this place is a must.

Black Legend


Black Legend is a restaurant serving an eclectic culinary selection, a great cocktail bar and a well-loved live music club. Monaco locals and international visitors alike flock there for its African-American music and lively dancefloor.

Locals love this place for its simple food, think burgers, steak tartare and cured meats – and extensive wine and cocktail list. The outdoor terrace gets packed during the summer months, thanks to a resident DJ who cranks up the atmosphere late into the night.

LE Red Monaco Monaco's Le Red restaurant is a buzzing, modern bistro which is great for people watching. Enjoy top-notch Italian food, including the famous truffle pizza, in one of the liveliest dining spots in town.

- 95 -

093-098_Summer Riviera_SB.indd 95

24/04/2013 14:45

It’s not about having time. It’s about making time.

We can offer you the ultimate luxury of more time to spend any way you choose. Travel at times that suit you, to and from the most convenient airports, in control of every element of your journey. Chapman Freeborn has been providing attentive yet discreet private air charter solutions for four decades. Our multilingual charter experts are available 24/7/365 worldwide, offering the full range of aircraft that can be carefully matched to your requirements. You can expect more from the world’s leading aircraft charter broker.

For advice or a quote for your next trip, call us on +44 (0)1293 572888, email us at or visit us at

Find out more

7517 Chapman1 Freeborn Tempus.indd 1 000_Ad.indd

21/02/2013 17:19 09:25 25/02/2013

- fr en c h r i v i er a -

Villas Chateau St. Tropez Complete privacy in the heart of St Tropez comes courtesy of Chateau St. Tropez, a beautifully designed house that boasts a large 18m pool, well-tended gardens, staff, and a private concierge who can arrange anything you desire. With room for up to 200 guests, this place was made for entertaining.


Villa O Villa O in St Jean Cap Ferrat is a great example of contemporary architecture. Glass walls, a glass lift and a central atrium give the light-filled villa an exceptional feeling of space. It has seven guest suits, a library and superb roof terrace with panoramic views over the bay and harbour.


- 97 -

093-098_Summer Riviera_SB.indd 97

24/04/2013 14:45

- fr en c h r i v i er a -


Cap Estel Cap Estel has a fabulously unique location: it can be found on a tiny peninsula jutting out into the Mediterranean Sea, just 10 minutes away from Monaco. Set in its own gated estate and with a private beach, it’s very discreet, while a gourmet restaurant and the Spa by Sothys help to make your stay the last word in luxury.

Terre Blanche

Fairmont Monaco

The Terre Blanche is the ultimate retreat. Set in beautiful grounds in Provence, the 5-star luxury hotel has everything you require for a relaxing break. The spa is worth the visit alone – set in a beautiful two-storey building, with a focus on natural materials, there are treatment rooms aplenty, while larger suites offer private hammams and terraces. An 18-hole golf course completes this idyllic resort.

The Fairmont is perfectly placed for upcoming events such as the Monaco Yacht Show and the Grand Prix. A grand hotel in every sense, it offers a shopping arcade, in-house casino, spa and stunning rooftop pool.

- 98 -

093-098_Summer Riviera_SB.indd 98

24/04/2013 14:45


Villa Le Scale Capri


The Firefly Collection is a hand-picked portfolio of the finest luxury villas and ski chalets worldwide.


From ultra-hip beach villas and dreamy private islands to jaw-dropping super yachts and chocolate-box-perfect alpine chalets, all offer exceptional service and all have the elusive wow-factor.

Villa Pearl St. Tropez

The Firefly Collection combines the privacy of having your own luxury villa or ski chalet together with the bespoke personal service you would expect from the finest hotels.


It’s like having your own private luxury hotel - where you are the only guests.

Villa St Tropez St Tropez

Villas and Ski Chalets

to die for


Villa Scorpio Corsica


Bayview Villefranche sur Mer 000_Ad.indd 1 Tempus May 13.indd 1

29/04/2013 10:32 26/4/13 09:20:09

A REFLECTION OF YOUR STYLE INTRODUCING THE STERLING COLLECTION Luxury Leather Goods and Accessories Hand Crafted in the United Kingdom

000_Ad.indd 1 Tempus Dec12 240x300.indd 1 Ettinger Sterling

Tel: +44 (0)20 8877 1616

20/11/2012 11:23 19/11/12 4:26 PM

i m ag e i s e v e r y t h i n g

From luggage to leisure, 2013’s holiday must-haves are all about standing out from the crowd Photography - Omer Knaz

- 101 -

101-108_Holiday essentials_SB.indd 101

24/04/2013 14:49

101-108_Holiday essentials_SB.indd 102

24/04/2013 14:50

101-108_Holiday essentials_SB.indd 103

Previous page: Spectra™ global carry-on travel case by Victorinox; Sunglasses by D&G

Navy blue double breasted jacket by Pal Zileri; Slim-fit white shirt by Emmett; X2 black digital camera by Leica; 4N watch in rose gold by Arnold & Son

- h o li day ess en t i a ls -

- 103 -

24/04/2013 14:50

Above: AH-D340 headphones by Denon; Vegetable-tanned Italian leather card wallet & iPad Mini case by Troubadour; Constellation mobile phone in orange alligator by Vertu Below: Metallic leather sandals by Burberry; leather sandals by D&G

101-108_Holiday essentials_SB.indd 104

24/04/2013 14:52

- h o li day ess en t i a ls -

Metallic leather bomber jacket by Burberry

- 105 -

101-108_Holiday essentials_SB.indd 105

24/04/2013 14:52

101-108_Holiday essentials_SB.indd 106

24/04/2013 14:52

- h o li day ess en t i a ls -

Linen striped shorts by D&G; Vintage 24ct gold plated sunglasses by Hilton; Admiral’s Cup Seafender Tides 48 watch by Corum

- 107 -

101-108_Holiday essentials_SB.indd 107

24/04/2013 14:52

- h o li day ess en t i a ls -

Carry on at your convenience

Hannah Silver selects some of the season’s most luxurious luggage



ettinger / Luggage just got smarter. The Ticon range from Tumi is a set of smart travelling bags that come with a unique ID lock which prevents e-pickpocketing. It’s comprised of metal threads that are woven into specially constructed pockets, creating a shield to stop the theft of your personal information. With backpacks, carry-on bags, briefcases and totes all available in classic black, brown and tan leather, it’s an easy way to keep stylish and safe this summer. / Already a favourite for its luxury safes, the news that Döttling has branched out into security luggage is sure to go down well with holidaymakers who want to take their best timepieces on a trip. The Guardian provides protection for up to six watches, jewellery or cash, and has a multi-walled, high-security cylinder built into the leather. The carbide component is almost as hard as a diamond and will destroy tools such as drills or saws that attempt to attack it, while the exterior can be personalised for a truly bespoke look. / Ettinger’s beautifully crafted accessories will remain a must-have classic long after summer draws to a close, although the brand’s bags, made from sturdy cotton drill and waxy hide, are especially well-suited to hotter days. The Cotswold weekend bag is a classic English piece, roomy enough for a country jaunt, while the overnight bag is appropriately named after the Hurlingham in London. Just like the club, it’s a stylish space where town meets country.

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A super lightweight body, made to withstand heavyweight hits. Introducing revolutionary Tegra-LiteTM collection.



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- m oto r b i k es -





Words - Mark Forsyth






Motorbikes are undoubtedly the most invigorating and exhilarating way to travel. But the choice – and the jargon – can be baffling. With hundreds of new models for 2013, we select four of the best that represent the main sectors of biking: supersports, adventure, cruiser and naked. The UK has, historically, been obsessed with sports bikes, but over the past few years that obsession with race replicas has dwindled. Maybe it’s punitive speeding penalties? The Aprilia will break the national speed limit in first gear, after all. Or maybe it’s a more discerning, older buyer who asks more of their chosen bike than just outright speed? Either way, if market forces create a wider and more versatile choice, that’s got to be a good thing. Here, then, is the pick of the current crop…




A pr i lia RSV4 Facto ry A PRC Built from a clean sheet to win World Superbike races, the gorgeous RSV4 is positively dripping in latestthinking technology. Two World Championships are the proof that those designs worked. From the narrow angle, quad-cam, 999cc V4 engine to the infinitely adjustable chassis, the RSV4 is a true race track refugee, and for 2013 it gets a sophisticated Bosch traction control system with ABS, launch control and anti-wheelie systems. You need to be sharp and physically fit to get the best out of the 190bhp, 190mph RSV4 on-track. Acceleration, braking and cornering forces are extreme – how does 0-100 in four seconds sound? But, show it a flowing A-road and its far-reaching capabilities will really flatter your riding skills.


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Ultimate Independent Aston Martin Specialist Ultimate Independent Aston Martin Specialist 01608663514 | | 01608663514 | |

You can entrust your pride and joy with none better. Bamford Rose rivals franchised dealer You can entrust your pride and joy with none better. Bamford Rose rivals franchised dealer customer care and technical standards for Aston Martin road car repair and service. customer care and technical standards for Aston Martin road car repair and service. From Warwickshire with love, Bamford Rose creates fire breathing dragons wrapped in Savile row couture. FromBespoke Warwickshire love, Bamford Roseexterior creates upgrades fire breathing dragons in Savile row couture. power,with dynamics, interior and that any secretwrapped agent would be proud of. Bespoke power, dynamics, interior and exterior upgrades that any secret agent would be proud of. Racing engine and gearbox supplier to the 2012 Aston Martin Racing Global Challenge championship Racing engine and gearbox supplierRose to the 2012customers Aston Martin Global Challenge championship winning GT4 Racing car. Bamford racing haveRacing the competitive edge to Vanquish all. winning GT4 Racing car. Bamford Rose racing customers have the competitive edge to Vanquish all. The ultimate independent Aston Martin Specialist is; Bamford Rose. The ultimate independent Aston Martin Specialist is; Bamford Rose.

Join us on the forum for enthusiastic chat about the Aston Martin Marque and follow Join us on theRose forum enthusiastic about the is Aston Martin Marque and active, follow the Bamford technical forum area for where a wealthchat of knowledge shared by an informed, the Bamford Rose technical forum area where a wealth of knowledge is shared by an informed, active, community. community. Bamford Rose LLP has not been authorised by Aston Martin and is an independent service provider. Bamford Rose LLP has not been authorised by Aston Martin and is an independent service provider. 000_Ad.indd 1

our activities within our activities within and friendly online and friendly online

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- m oto r b i k es -

KTM 11 9 0 A dventu r e If you’re over six feet tall, you might think you want a BMW GS, but there are alternatives – namely the Austrian-built KTM 1190 Adventure R. As a company, KTM has always been a bit bonkers and the 1190 makes no exception. Historically it’s always excelled at building off road competition machines and with the 1190, it shows. With an astonishing 150bhp on tap, this lithe V-twin is capable of making very, very rapid progress, whatever the road surface. The 1190 bristles with top quality components, but it’s that engine that really makes this bike truly stunning to ride. Snappy, responsive, explosively quick at any point in its rev range and all with a great, bassy, offbeat soundtrack.


M oto G uzzi Ca li fo r n ia 140 0 Custo m If g-forces and 200mph top speeds are not your infusion of Darjeeling, an easier way of life might be the new Moto Guzzi California Custom. Let’s face it – Harley-Davidsons aren’t for everyone, and this elegant Italian twist on cruiser-style offers an attractive alternative to Milwaukee iron. It’s not a new concept for Guzzi: the California was originally spawned in the 1970s. The 1400 is a 21st-century take on the same laid-back theme. The 1400 combines a gut-churning amount of soulful, low-rev thrust with pleasingly nimble handling for a machine of this category. It makes for a very relaxing and rewarding ride. Traction control, three engine maps and ABS make this a very easy bike to live with, and you’ll certainly never tire of looking at it.


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- m oto r b i k es -

Zero S ZF11.4 Plug-in electric cars, on the whole are impractical, expensive and, frankly, pretty poor. But as a propulsion method for two-wheelers, the lithium ion power pack makes more sense. With less drag and less mass, the range and performance for battery powered bikes are much more efficient. Like the idea of an electric motorbike with a 95mph top speed, a 90-mile range and an hour top up-time? Us too. But those figures only tell part of the story. The Zero S ZF11.4 is stupidly fast. With maximum torque available from the moment you wind open the twist grip, this really is a bike that needs Velcro handlebar grips and gloves. Yes, the Zero S is fast enough to be fun; massive fun, in fact.


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T: +44 (0) 1274 749 999 All Vehicles are UK Cars T: +44 (0) 1274 749 999 All Vehicles are UK Cars


2013 LAND ROVER DEFENDER XS90 2.2 TDCI MANUAL | CHELSEA WIDE TRACK | £43,875.00 2013 LAND ROVER DEFENDER XS90 2.2 TDCI MANUAL | CHELSEA WIDE TRACK | £43,875.00 Factory Specification: Dual Range Six Speed Manual Transmission, All Wheel Drive, Anti-Lock Braking System, Audio System with Single Slot CD & Radio MP3/AUX & Bluetooth, Cold Climate Pack,

Diesel Particulate Filter, Driver & Front Passenger Sun Visors, Electronic Traction Control, Electric Front Windows, Front Centre Console Storage Compartment, Heated Front Seats, Heated Rear Screen Factory Specification: Dual RangeWheel Six Speed Manual Adjustable Transmission, All Wheel Drive, Anti-Lock Audio System with Single Slot CD & Radio MP3/AUX & Bluetooth, Cold Climate Pack, Glass, Heated Screen, Locking Nuts, Manual Exterior Mirrors, Manual DippingBraking InteriorSystem, Rear View Mirror, Perimetric & Volumetric Sensing Alarm with Immobilisation, Power Assisted Diesel Particulate Driver & Front Passenger Visors, Electronic Front Centre Console Storage Compartment, Front Seats,Duty Heated Rear Screen Steering, Rear Filter, Door Stowage Net, Rear FoldingSun Step, Rear Wash Wipe,Traction RemoteControl, Central Electric Locking,Front Rear Windows, Wash Wipe, Rubber Floor Trim, Side Runners, Sliding SideHeated Window, Standard Suspension, Glass, Heated Screen, Locking Wheel Nuts, Manual Adjustable Two Exterior Mirrors,&Manual Dipping Interior Rear View Mirror, Perimetric Cupholders Windscreen Wash/Wipe System (Intermittent Function).& Volumetric Sensing Alarm with Immobilisation, Power Assisted Steering, Rear Door Stowage Net, Rear Folding Step, Rear Wash Wipe, Remote Central Locking, Rear Wash Wipe, Rubber Floor Trim, Side Runners, Sliding Side Window, Standard Duty Suspension, TwoinCupholders Windscreen Wash/Wipe System Function). KAHN Conversion Consists of: 1948 Defend 8x16” Alloy Wheels Satin Black & Fitted with 235x85x16” Tyres, Front &(Intermittent Rear Wide Wings with Integrated Vents in Satin Black with Silver Bolt Apertures, Front & Rear Wing Vent Mesh Inserts, Front Grille with Embossed KAHN Branding & Mesh, Side Vents with Mesh, Bonnet Vents with Mesh, Hard Wearing Mud Flaps, Xenon Crosshair Headlamps, Interior Entry KAHN Consists 1948 Defend 8x16” Alloy Wheels SatinBrake BlackCalipers Fitted with 235x85x16” Front RearBlack, WideFront Wings with Integrated with Silver Bolt Apertures, Front LEDConversion Lights for Rear Cabin, of: Undercar KAHN Logo Projection Floorin Light, Finished in Liquid Tyres, Red, Roof in &Satin Sports GTB RacingVents Seatsin+Satin Rear Black Folding Seats in Black Leather with & Rear Wing Vent KAHN Mesh Single Inserts,Spoke FrontLeather Grille with Embossed Branding & Mesh, Side Vents with Mesh,Facia Bonnet Vents with Mesh, Hard Wearing MudAluminium, Flaps, Xenon Headlamps, Entry Harris Tweed, Steering Wheel,KAHN Churchill Time Clock Facia in Red, Rev Counter in Red, Vented Foot Pedals in Machined KahnCrosshair Fire Extinguisher, HardInterior Wearing LED Lights for Rear Cabin, Undercar KAHN Logo Projection Floor Light, Brake Calipers in LiquidSpare Red, Roof Satin & Black, Front Sports GTB Racing Seats + Rear Folding Seats in Black Leather with Front & Rear Cabin Floor Mats, ChelseaFinished Truck Company WheelinCover Exterior Enamel Wing Badges. Harris Tweed, KAHN Single Spoke Leather Steering Wheel, Churchill Time Clock Facia in Red, Rev Counter Facia in Red, Vented Foot Pedals in Machined Aluminium, Kahn Fire Extinguisher, Hard Wearing Images shown with optional extras: 1983 RS Defend 8x18”&Alloy Satin Mats, Black, Twin Crosshair Exhaust System inc. Exhaust Privacy Tinted Glass, Wing Dashboard & Instrument Binnacle in Alcantara, Centre Glove Box in Front RearWheels CabininFloor Chelsea Truck Company Spare WheelShields, Cover & Exterior Enamel Badges. Quilted & Perforated Leather & Interior Facia Trim in Piano Black Wood. prices1983 exclude Road Fund Licence a First at Crosshair the currentExhaust rate. Government Charge. UK Shields, vehicles.Privacy LHD vehicles at an extra & cost (Stock arriving monthly). Images shown with optionalAll extras: RS Defend 8x18” Alloyand Wheels in Registration Satin Black,Fee Twin System inc. Exhaust Tintedavailable Glass, Dashboard Instrument Binnacle in Alcantara, Centre Glove Box in Quilted & Perforated Leather & Interior Facia Trim in Piano Black Wood. A. KAHN DESIGN, 240 CANAL ROAD, BRADFORD, BD1 4SX, UK (OPEN 7 DAYS) | T: +44 (0) 1274 749 999 | E: KAHN@KAHNDESIGN.COM All prices exclude Road Fund Licence and a First Registration Fee at the current rate. Government Charge. UK vehicles. LHD vehicles available at an extra cost (Stock arriving monthly). VEHICLE SALES - WWW.KAHNAUTOMOBILES.COM | PARTS & ACCESSORIES - WWW.KAHNDESIGN.COM A. KAHN DESIGN, 240 CANAL ROAD, BRADFORD, BD1 4SX, UK (OPEN 7 DAYS) | T: +44 (0) 1274 749 999 | E: KAHN@KAHNDESIGN.COM VEHICLE SALES - WWW.KAHNAUTOMOBILES.COM | PARTS & ACCESSORIES - WWW.KAHNDESIGN.COM

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Independent Superyacht Advice and Support

Charter - Purchase - Construction - Consultancy

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- s u p eryac h ts -

Words – Ellie Brade

The rise of the robust explorer vessel goes to show that superyachting isn’t just about chilled vintage champagne and hot supermodels Superyacht owners are becoming more and more adventurous, and an increasingly popular vessel of choice is the explorer yacht. Designed to go anywhere and operate long-range, they are the ultimate way to travel the world in style and comfort. Perfect for the owner who wants to venture of the beaten track, explorer yachts make even the most remote destinations accessible. Usually boasting a slightly more sturdy look than the average superyacht, they are designed to weather rougher seas or ice-ridden waters. The yachts combine longer ranges, voluminous

interiors, added storage, and extra stabilisation to ensure guests are able to enjoy longer trips in comfort, and without needing to return frequently to port for provisions. One of the most popular explorer yachts on the market is 45m Big Fish. Designed as a ‘luxury expedition vessel’ she is equally at home in Monaco or Antarctica and perfectly marries luxury and informal cruising. Distinctive in her striking lines, and featuring a unique stone deck instead of the traditional teak, she is boldly unique and houses a multitude of toys and tenders to enjoy on the water.

To the ends of the


Luxury expedition vessel Big Fish in a very big pond

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- s u p eryac h ts -

Clockwise from above: explorer yachts like Tango 5, Lone Ranger and Explorer appeal to the adventurous multi-millionaire

New to the fleet, 35m Tango 5, built by Horizon Yachts, was delivered to her new owners in April. The first in the EP115 explorer series from the shipyard, she has been designed for extended cruising, and features include a stern cockpit for fishing and diving, as well as a roomy interior. She also has a customised dive compressor and modified bow to store a 19ft dive tender, and 14ft rescue boat. Designers are rushing to meet this growing trend, and Italian naval architects Hydro Tec has just released a new 57m Explorer concept, which has been designed to optimise space onboard and maximise comfort. Designed by Sergio Cutolo, who has extensive experience in explorer yachts, she will incorporate features usually only seen on much bigger yachts, such as a helipad.

Clever storage of tenders frees up space, allowing options for a beach club or sauna aft. And for those wanting to visit the colder climates, the design has been engineered so every part of the yacht is accessible without having to go outside. If the idea of buying an explorer yacht appeals, 77.7m luxury ocean expedition yacht Lone Ranger is up for auction at the Antibes Yachts Show and could be yours for a cool â‚Ź10m. Sleeping 10 guests in five cabins, she is hugely spacious and features a light and bright interior, with enough swimming pools, toys and tenders on board to keep even the most energetic explorer busy. So, if the idea of exploring the furthest corners of the world in fine style and comfort is what floats your boat, then an explorer yacht might just be for you.

Ellie Brade is the editor of Superyacht Intelligence at The Superyacht Group

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- M oto r i n g -

Words – Kyle Fortune

In the rarefied world of the luxury saloon, the Bentley Flying Spur is about as fine a driving environment as you could wish for. This new car, revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in March, builds on the tremendous success (and proven formula) of its predecessor in being the only saloon car to carry four in sumptuous comfort up to 200mph – and beyond, as Bentley’s top speed figures usually err on the side of conservatism. Gone are the Continental GT-aping looks of the previous car – the new Flying Spur is an altogether more distinctive looker, distinguished from its coupe relatives with a significantly revised exterior, which mixes sensuous curves with pin-sharp body creases to add length and strength to the big saloon’s lines. The rear tapers, adding to the lower, more lithe stance, while the front is wider with a more assertive grille and pronounced line tapering over the bonnet to the A-pillar.

The spur of the m o m en t High speed. Great looks. Bespoke luxury. Bentley’s latest offers the lot


from £140,000 (estimated)


0-62mph (0-100km/h) 4.6 seconds

Top speed

200mph (322km)


6.0-litre twin-turbo W12 petrol

New rear lights with LED bulbs echo the shape of the oval tailpipes which are integrated into the lower portion of the rear bumper. Elsewhere, the Flying Spur’s exterior detailing, shut lines and deep lustre to the paint finish are all testament to Bentley’s usual exacting attention to detail. That’s also true inside, where the Flying Spur remains an absolute paragon of Bentley’s commitment to beautiful, expert craftsmanship, with the firm’s Crewe production facility employing some of the world’s finest workers in leather, wood and turned metal. The engineering team know their stuff, too. The Flying Spur features the same 625hp twin-turbocharged 6.0-litre W12 engine as the Continental GT Speed, giving the four-wheel drive saloon the ability to reach 62mph in 4.6 seconds and on to that 200mph maximum. Cost has yet to be revealed, but expect a starting price of £140,000, with Bentley offering an extensive standard options list, or almost any individual personalisation you can dream up.


8-speed automatic, four-wheel drive


steel body with aluminium and composite panels

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NE077A Nene Tempus Ad v1:Layout 1



Page 1

Tradition, tailored for your lifestyle. Since 1988, Nene Overland have been crafting outstanding, powerful and stunning iconic defenders to suit every adventure, taste and lifestyle. For sheer excellence with the most precise road holding and ride without compromise, take yourself on a journey of adrenalin with our bespoke range of sport wagon and soft tops. Work with our team to create your own unique Icon loaded with style, speed and performance. From tuned TDci or TD5 to thumping 3.0 TDV6 or 3.2 TDci diesel power to 320bhp, automatic or manual shift. Go beyond with 4.2-5.0 litre V8 including tuned supercharged, 6 speed manual or sequential shift. Our range of Icons are available new or pre-loved, ready for you to stamp out your personalised Defender Icon. The Icon range of wagon, soft top or double cab with left or right hand drive complete the stunning driving experience with presence and individuality! We are the only Land Rover specialists with in-house, dedicated engineers, interior trimmers and coach builders with 120 new and used Defenders available. We deliver service and excellence worldwide.

000_Ad.indd 1 T: 01733 380687

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- h ot el -

Words – Scott Manson

Take it to the bank The smart money’s on a weekend stay at 5-star Threadneedles The City, London’s financial heartland, suffers from a severe split personality. Monday to Friday it’s a bustling, thrusting monument to money – full of eager beaver traders working hard, playing harder and then hustling back off to the shires on the last train. Come the weekend, though, it is beautifully, blissfully quiet. Indeed, despite the relatively recent arrival of the excellent shopping mall One New Change (check out its Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver restaurants), the area is one of London’s most peaceful quarters. What this means is that weekend guests staying at the grand Threadneedles hotel can enjoy a tranquil evening or early morning stroll through some of the capital’s most iconic spaces – from the Bank of England to St Paul’s Cathedral to the Monument and, just over the river, the Tate Modern. In fairness, though, you may find it hard to drag yourself away from this beautiful boutique bolthole. A former bank, it boasts a lobby with genuine wow factor, complete with an original, intricate stained glass dome that floods the public area with light. Further investigation reveals a buzzing bar (complete with original

banking counter) and a great restaurant, Bonds, offering a fresh take on modern British cuisine. Its menu changes regularly but, on the night we visited, we enjoyed wobblingly fresh Scottish scallops wrapped in pancetta, a beautiful beetroot, goat’s cheese and rocket salad and a rack of Welsh lamb. The latter came with a cute, little braised lamb pithivier pie, providing a brilliant burst of meaty goodness. Elsewhere, the bedrooms thankfully eschewed the monochrome dullness that’s often the hallmark of big City hotels, adding welcome pops of colour with fresh flowers and tasteful modern art. The bounce-on-the-bed test saw it pass with flying colours and the bathroom boasted a small TV – perfect for a long soak after a tough day. The only quibble was the lack of a view from the windows, although I’m told the top suite offers a panoramic vista and a small balcony. Whether you’ve had a bigger and longerthan-expected night out after work, and are in need of somewhere to rest your weary head, or simply want a sights-friendly location, Threadneedles is a banker.

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COME FIND UTOPIA AT KJ WEST ONE K J W E S T   O N E   |   2 6   N E W   C AV E N D I S H   S T R E E T   |   L O N D O N   |   U K   |   W 1 G   8 T Y   T:   0 2 0   7 4 8 6   8 2 6 2   |   I N F O @ K J W E S T O N E . C O . U K   |   W W W. K J W E S T O N E . C O . U K

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Speakers corner Statement speakers to transform your listening room as well as your music collection

Meridian Audio DSP8000 £35,000 When it comes to deluxe loudspeakers, there are two schools of thought – those who seek to conceal them within walls or behind paintings and those who want them to make an imposing design statement as much as they offer classy audio capabilities. There is no mistaking which category of customer these flagship Meridian monsters appeal to, and you can have each one finished in a choice of 270 colours. Unlike most rivals, each DSP8000 speaker contains built-in amplifiers – five to be precise – which means that it’s designed to be connected directly to a musical source, ideally a Meridian one. More unusual still, these feature their own digital sound processors and so employ ethernet cables, more commonly associated with computers, rather than conventional speaker cabling. Meridian, one of the world’s great audio companies, prides itself on the creative use of digital technology as opposed to the more traditional analogue set-up and then making this arrangement sound truly immense. So if anyone insists that a digital system sounds inherently inferior to an analogue one, tell them to listen to these bad boys in action before making up their mind.

124-126_Technology_SB.indd 124

24/04/2013 16:52

- T EC H N O LO GY -

Words – Alex Pell

MartinLogan CLX Art £24,998

No matter how outlandish a loudspeaker may appear to be, the vast majority feature dynamic speaker drivers that physically shift air in and out of a cabinet. A select few models – such as these MartinLogans – employ electrostatic panels, which conjure up a sound eerily accurate to the original recording. The trade-off is typically a slight loss of low-end grunt, but that is definitely not the case with these fearsome beasts.

Vivid Audio Giya G1 £43,500

Vivid Audio aims its wares at those who hanker to own audio kit that resembles sculpture as well as deliver astonishing sound quality – and succeeds on both counts. The Giya G1 looks like a Salvador Dali interpretation of a giant snail but there is nothing slovenly about the way it reproduces music – there’s an almost unbelievable amount of coherence and sheer musicality. These will not suit serious party animals, but for refinement and style, they are the business.

Living Voice Vox Olympian £225,000

The transient nature of technology means craftsmanship has largely ebbed away as people update kit on a regular basis. Living Voice is for those who wish to invest in timeless horn speakers that evoke the era of the gentleman explorer. Each pair of Vox Olympians is made to order and entirely bespoke. Prospective owners will need deep pockets, a large room to house them in and plenty of patience as they will take around six months to build.

- 125 -

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- T EC H N O LO GY -

Big sound for a big room





Hannah Silver selects five more sets of super-speakers 05

01 surrounTec

Manufacturer surrounTec uses traditional methods to build its speakers, piece by piece, from its base in the Swabian vineyards. The results are impressive: the Meisterstück is equipped with an ultra-exclusive 50mm BD50 diamond tweeter that provides crystal clear sound quality. It takes three months to coat cabinets in sleek, deep-black piano lacquer, and the interior isn’t neglected either – internal wiring is gold and condensations and coils are pure silver. The company only manufactures three speaker pairs per year, so quality is assured.; £185,000

05 Coherent Systems 03 Dynaudio

02 Focal

Focal has a range of speakers that look slick, are impressively technologically advanced and, with the Utopia range starting at £7,686, could almost be considered a bargain. Our pick, the Grande Utopia EM, guarantees perfect sound, thanks to an electromagnet that helps it achieve its 94db sensitivity.; £121,999

With every aspect of production taking place at Dynaudio’s Skanderborg headquarters in Denmark, quality is guaranteed – the company’s products can be found everywhere from the Bugatti Veyron to the BBC. Its 40kg Confidence C2 II speakers, for example, keep a slim shape thanks to adapting reflection-minimising DDC technology.; £10,700

04 AudioNec

French brand AudioNec produces consistently exciting pieces. Its Response V2 speakers are the best yet, with one of the most important features – a digital processor that filters and allows for acoustic correction – making sound consistent in even the largest of rooms.; £23,000

The original TAD Model-1 speakers were loved by critics and owners alike, so the TAD Reference One had a lot to live up to. The team behind the revolutionary speakers have built on what made the Model-1 so successful – the unique driver in every TAD speaker that goes from 250Hz to a huge 100 kHz – a concentric solution that sends upper and midfrequencies from the same source. In short, the sound is flawless.; £65,995

- 126 -

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- t r av el -

Words – Kevin Ebbutt

Funky, cool

medina Morocco’s Mazagan is the perfect place to address that work-life balance… and revolutionise your golf

- 131 -

131-136_Travel_SB.indd 131

24/04/2013 16:55

Balance – between work and play; family and friends; relaxation and exertion; indulgence and abstemiousness. That’s what life is all about, isn’t it? The hard part can be finding it. Late on a Friday night, as we pulled into Mazagan beach and golf resort in Morocco, with its dazzlingly labyrinthine lights stretching into the night, I quelled my pre-match performance anxiety about playing golf with a bunch of seasoned – and no doubt talented – fellow guests by wondering which way the balance scales would tip over the weekend.

131-136_Travel_SB.indd 132

Mazagan, about an hour’s drive south of Casablanca airport (the resort will organise a free pick up and drop off for you) was opened in October 2009 following a multimillion dollar investment project started by the king of Morocco, Mohammed VI, who is keen to see the area developed into a leading tourist destination. The resort covers 250 hectares of the Atlantic coast and was created by Kerzner International – run by Sol Kerzner, the South African hotel billionaire who brought the world Sun City.

24/04/2013 16:56

- t r av el -

- 133 -

131-136_Travel_SB.indd 133

29/04/2013 09:26

- t r av el -

A balancing act

Set over four floors, Mazagan’s hotel boasts 500 spacious rooms and suites with stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. With its ochre walls, green-tiled roofs, intricate patterns, airy passageways and state-of-the-art nightclub, it’s a proper funky, cool medina. There’s no need for air conditioning in Morocco in mid-March so, gently lulled by the chorus of frogs outside my window, I drifted off to sleep vowing there would be no croaking – sorry, choking – on the golf course tomorrow. An inspirational vista of the large, rolling waves of the Atlantic and the golf course I was set to take on revealed itself on drawing back the curtains the next morning. Replete from a fine array of international breakfast buffet goodies, our group strolled over to the first tee. And, after an illuminating pre-round lesson from Mazagan’s resident golf professionals (see opposite), we were ready to roll. At 7,484 yards, Mazagan is Morocco’s longest course. It does have several tees, however, enabling golfers of all abilities to take it on. Designed by none other than Gary Player, its dunes and valleys have all been created with sand from the region and are meant to offer, in his words, “heroic shots”. I had selected an all-black clothing ensemble as my attire for the day, in a cap-doff of respect to the all-time-great Player – and also in the vain hope of somehow channelling some of

the golfing legend’s major-winning skills as I attempted said heroic shots. Hmmm. As we teed off on the first, drops of rain started to fall – the Brits’ seemingly unique ability to bring the weather with them for any sporting activity had struck again. By the seventh hole we were struggling to see out the front of our buggy’s window. Nobody had thought to bring any waterproofs – this part of the world has a year-round temperate climate – and the heavy weather, along with the length of the course and the speed and quality of the Augusta-like greens – the finest I’ve ever played on, and only a couple of notches below the home of Masters on the Stimpmeter – were beginning to grind us down. “This is not what we signed up for,” somebody piped up. And as if by Moroccan magic, out came the sun on the eighth – and there it stayed for the rest of the weekend. With the vagaries of the links weather behind us, we hardened our golfing resolve. A few trips to the beautiful – but unplayable – vegetation later, this resolve was being tested, but a couple of sumptuous boom, boom drives along the coast and some snakey holed putts on the magic green carpets brought the solace and memorable moments all golfers seek. So, no disgrace or choking, but a course defiantly unconquered. Mazagan deserves a

Want to use a trip to Mazagan to seriously improve your golf? Then the club’s resident professionals have an innovative teaching method that could revolutionise your game. Rather then blinding you with modish, technical swing advice that is mindtwistingly difficult to put into practice, they take a more holistic and individual approach and simply concentrate on your balance. With a few simple demonstration ‘tricks’, where they get you to hold a club while you’re pushed or pulled (to the amusement of any onlookers), the pros can quickly see where and how you are out of balance in your swing. Then, depending on the individual, of course, they can point out how to make a couple of adjustments to your stance or grip so you then – in theory, at least – swing in balance. As someone who has studied how to use energy work to help your golf – even travelling to Thailand to train with a golf shaman who’s worked with Tiger Woods – these boys were speaking my language. You’ll be amazed at the effects on your shots but, be warned, spend plenty of time on the range honing your newly balanced swing before hitting the course. Immediately combining any newfound wisdom with bad old habits can have disastrous effects on your card. Fore!

“At 7,484 yards, Mazagan is Morocco’s longest course. It does have several tees, however, enabling golfers of all abilities to take it on”

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P r o p e r t y C o n s u lta n t s

We believe that honesty and integrity are vital in running our business.

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We are an independent agent with twelve years of hands on experience in property sales and lettings. Our highly motivated and reliable team will be on hand to deal with all your necessary requirements. Customer satisfaction is our drive. We pride ourselves on the professional “no nonsense� manner in which we deal with both clients and applicants.

Whether renting, looking for a first purchase to invest, or that dream home, our dedicated team will be happy to assist you with all your property needs.

Royal Estates Ltd 32 Uxbridge Street Notting Hill London, W8 7TA

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How to do it

Mazagan package Golf Unlimited from MAD 2,650 (around £207) a night per room This offer includes: accommodation in a double partial ocean view room for two adults and two children (upgrade to half-board at MAD 310 per person), daily breakfast for two, unlimited golf, one complimentary green fee at Royal Golf El Jadida per room per stay, happy hours at Atrium & Club House, free access to sports and wellbeing services, tennis, fitness, biking, hammam, free access to three kids clubs (Baby, Kidz and Rush), free access to casino and nightclub and free airport transfers. Tel: +212 5 23 388 000 Email: reservations@

Return flights Gatwick to Casablanca courtesy of Air Arabia.

place in every golfer’s ‘must-play’ list. It quietly beat me up in a way that was reminiscent of my pilgrimage to play Ashkernish, the long, Tom Morris-designed links course in the Outer Hebrides, but its scale, challenges and greens linger long in the mind. Post-round happy hour drinks and a quick game of darts in Mazagan’s English-slanted 19th hole followed by a feast of exceptional Moroccan fare in Morjana, one of the resort’s many restaurants, set us up for our evening. A trip to the casino’s gambling tables (open 23 hours a day) rapidly depleted the ‘balance’ of my wallet. Forget stick or twist, red or black – step away from the tables. Double or quits? No, I’ll leave the smoky high-roller rooms and inner sanctums for the truly cash rich – or when I’m on a winning streak. Successful gamblers are free to spark up a celebratory Cohiba as smoking is permitted throughout Mazagan – except in the restaurants. Any nicotine niffs are not intrusive in the airy bars and corridors of the resort, but the casino definitely smells, in the words of one of our party, “like Europe a decade ago”. After a few consolatory cocktails while listening to the lounge band, it was on to some clubbing action. The post-midnight lure of lasers, throbbing beats and the sight of the club filling with beautifully-turned-out locals and guests tempted us for a couple more beverages.

Opting the next morning for a pre-breakfast quad bike blast along seven kilometres of private beach and through the dunes helped to clear the cobwebs. Horse riding was an option, too, but opening the throttle gave the day an invigorating va-va-voom. We sped off along the coast to Royal Golf El Jadida for another round, but the tiredness of the facilities and busyness of the course soon made us yearn for another taste of the expanses of the majestic Mazagan. And, after a short jaunt around the interesting – if unspectacular – UNESCO World Heritage sites in El Jadida, it was time to return. As well as offering plenty of gentlemen’s delights, Mazagan is also ideal for families with its three kids clubs, a teenager’s heaven playroom filled with the latest computer games and a range of activities on offer from beach volleyball, archery, tennis and camel riding to swimming in the beautiful outdoor pool in the hotel’s central quad. There’s also a spa with 19 treatment rooms, a hammam and lots of pampering options. One ‘Hero’ treatment (rather than golfing shot), hammam sweat and vigorous threelayers-of-skin-removing body scrub later and, as I lie back cosseted by towels and gaze sleepily into the horizon in the Sunset room, it’s easy to believe that I’ve finally found some of that elusive balance.

“As well as offering plenty of gentlemen’s delights, Mazagan is also ideal for families”

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www.Montres-Monaco.Com by arie


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Dressed to thrill

Ursula Andress knows how to accessorise. A white bikini and a knife worn at the hip in Dr. No in 1962 ensured her place in cinema history and led to film roles alongside the likes of Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and Laurence Olivier. She was still making waves in 1979 when she was pictured at the Piaget Polo World Cup in Palm Beach, casually sporting the Piaget Polo. It was the beginning of an era for Piaget’s most famous piece, marking a time when casual style was becoming luxurious and unisex watches started to appear. Andress was the first to wear the Polo that day in Palm Beach, making her influence on the horological world just as marked as that on film.

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Snake collection, gold and diamonds -

108 New Bond Street, London W1S 1EF Tel : 020 3372 0108

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Cristiano Ronaldo

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Multi Time Zone GPS Timepiece, Black PVD Stainless Steel, Interchangeable Cage N e w Yo r k C i t y

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Profile for Tempus Magazine

Tempus 14  

Tempus magazine is the ultra luxury lifestyle and watch magazine from Frost of London and Aston Greenlake publishing ltd.

Tempus 14  

Tempus magazine is the ultra luxury lifestyle and watch magazine from Frost of London and Aston Greenlake publishing ltd.