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Europe Europe is the second smallest country in the world, which is located on the Northern Hemisphere, and mostly in the Eastern Hemisphere. Also it is surrounded by the Arctic Ocean in the north, the Atlantic Ocean in the west and the Mediterranean Sea in the south.

Famous European Countries for Visiting Italy France United Kingdom (U.K) Netherland Russia Spain Ireland Germany

Austria Scotland Iceland Greece Turkey Croatia Norway Switzerland


Italy is a southern European country and its capital is Rome, which is known for its famous architectural symbol Colosseum. It is the largest amphitheater that was built in the Roman Empire.


France is a famous country to roam and its capital is Paris. Apart from this, it is a European country known for its global center for art, fashion, gastronomy, and culture. Paris is very famous for the prestigious architecture of the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe.

United Kingdom (U.K)

In Europe, U.K (United Kingdom) is a famous country known as Northern Ireland. And London is also its capital city where many places are famous for its beauty and cultures. Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol, Oxford are famous cities that are located in the U.K.


Netherland is a country that is located in northwestern Europe. There are twelve different provinces in the European part of the Netherlands. Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, which is also known as "Holland".


Russia is the largest country in the world which is located in the European region. It is also famous for enjoying a holiday with the family. Moscow is the capital of Russia and there are many famous places to roam.


Spain is a European country famous for its culture, famous places, and food. Madrid is the capital of Spain. There are many famous cities to see Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Granada, and more.


Ireland is an island in the North Atlantic. It is separated from Great Britain for the Northern Channel, the Irish Sea and St. George's Channel. It's a capital city is Dublin and there are many famous cities to roam around such as Lincaner, Cork, Kilkenny, Galway, Sligo, and Cashel.


Germany is a Western European country surrounded by forests, rivers, mountain ranges, and the northern coastal landscape. Berlin is its capital, where many places such as Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Menz, Bremen and many more.


Austria is a central European country known for mountain villages, Baroque architecture, Imperial history, and rug ed alpine terrain. Its capital city is Vienna and there are many famous cities such as Feldkirch, Bergen, Villach, Linz, Salzburg, and more to roam around.


Scotland is a northern European country, which is surrounded by mountains, glaciers, and lochs (lakes). Edinburgh is the capital of this country, famous for the prestigious Hilltop Palace, and Glasgow, which is famous for its vibrant historical scene.


Iceland is a Nordic island nation, which is known for its landscape with volcanoes, hot springs, and lava areas. Iceland's capital is Reykjavik and there are famous sights such as Vic, Akurey, Husavik, Copavogur, and more.


Greece is a country that is located in southeastern Europe. There are several islands in the Aegean and Ionian seas. And its capital is Athens, which is very famous for going around with the family.


Turkey is a country that is a combination of the Europe region in the east and Asia region in the west. It is popular for cities like Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir, Mardin, and Trabzon. Ankara is the capital city of Turkey along with being a famous city.


Croatia is a country in central and southeast Europe, which is located near the Adriatic Sea. This is the world's most famous place where you can spend a holiday with your family. Zagreb is its capital and there are also many famous cities to roam around here.


Norway is a northern European country with many mountains, glaciers and deep coastal plains. Its capital is Oslo, as well as Hammer, Kristiansand, Tromso, Bergen, and many other famous places.


Switzerland is a hilly central Europe country, where many lakes, villages and peaks of the Alps. Bern is the capital of Switzerland and there are many cities like Lucerne, Lausanne, Aroosa, Basel, and Geneva where you can enjoy a holiday with your family.

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Know More About Famous Visiting Countries in Europe Trip  

Europe is the second smallest country in the world, which is located in the northern hemisphere and mostly in the eastern hemisphere. Also,...

Know More About Famous Visiting Countries in Europe Trip  

Europe is the second smallest country in the world, which is located in the northern hemisphere and mostly in the eastern hemisphere. Also,...