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Welcome to Temptation Magazine. Here at Temptation, we find the latest fashions. Fashion is a very important part of life. One of the first things people are judged on is what they’re wearing. Our magazine includes features, interviews, reviews, and pictures of all types of fashion. Our main goal is for people to find great clothing and accessories for a less price. We aim to speak to teenagers and young adults. Our writers will cover all different stories and interview diverse people.

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Under Spinning Lights Interview

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Nicole Richie Interview

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Spring Styles of 2010 Spring 2010 is upon us and it’s to be filled with throwbacks and brand new styles. From the newest trend of boyfriend blazers to the infamous hot pants, the varieties of styles will last any girl all spring to summer. Starting the short season, hot pants have become the top choice. From the runway to everyday stores at the mall; hot pants can be found anywhere. Urban Outfitters as well as Forever 21 carry them. Following this trend is boy shorts which are also located at these

two stores. High waist bottoms have been the latest trend all throughout fall, winter and now spring/summer 2010. High waist skirts, paired with knee high socks are sure to make a bold statement for any girl. Accessorizing is the key, and the typical everyday outfit is being paired with high fashion accessories; such as knee highs, denim shorts and a Chanel bag, as shown below. Thigh highs are another style that have been predominant through winter and expect to be through spring as well. In the photograph shown below, excluding the Chanel bag, all items including the long sleeved lace top, jean shorts and thigh highs can be found at American Apparel.

Along with all of these new spring styles, accessories are the things that really make the outfit stand out. Headscarves, as seen in one of the photos below, are a simple yet bold way to make an outfit pop. Belts, which have gone from pants to support to pure fashion accessory, are continuing their reign of popularity through the spring season. From interlocking a skirt and tank to breaking up a plain colored dress, belts can change the whole image of an outfit just as the pictures display below. Spring 2010 is sure to be a hit with brand new styles as well as others from the past that are too incredible to fade away.

As spring comes around, there is one thing that is on the mind of many high school seniors. Prom is something that students look forward to through out all of high school. Every year new lines of beautiful prom presses are introduced. There are many different styles of dresses. This year, prom dresses that are in style are cut out backs, cut out sides, and one sleeved. Having a cut out back, side, or sleeve allows the dress to stand out and be less conservative. If you don’t like the idea of a cut out back, criss-cross backs are also in style. Flowers and diamonds along parts of the dress such as the neck line add a great touch. Many of the new styles for prom include different patterns and prints. This includes cheetah and zebra print. Some prefer these new patterns, while some just enjoy one bold color. Many people tend to wear vibrant colors. This year some colors that are in are purple, yellow, and pink. Many people choose dresses that are strapless because it is a great style. While some people choose to wear a long gown, recently many people show interest in short dresses. How to do your hair on the night of prom is also something to consider. This year hairstyles for prom that are in style are buns, braids, and loose curls. For boys, many traditional styles for tuxes are a black or silk tux. Matching ties with the dress of the girl is also a great traditional style.

Under Spinning Lights is a great power pop band from Long Island, New York. Consisting of Eric Pagan on lead vocals and his brother Jay Pagan on back up vocals and guitar, this band creates an irresistible sound. With Max Iantorno playing guitar, and Dom Fazzari playing bass the songs can’t get any better. The drummer, Kenny Gallart never misses a beat! Under Spinning Light’s new EP, “Saturday Night,” is now available on ITunes. It includes some of the band’s best songs such as “Saturday Night,” and “Lights Out.” Kenny Gallart is the drummer of Under Spinning Lights and absolutely loves creating music for people to enjoy. He is only twenty years old and excels at what he does. Here he takes some time out to explain some of his thoughts on fashion!

(cover of EP: “Saturday Night”)

Q-What’s you favorite song to play live? A-My favorite song to play live would probably be "lights out" because the crowd really gets into it and during one part of the song the crowd sings back to us and goes nuts! Q-What genre of music do you play? A-I play like a power-pop kind of style! Q-Who influences your style? A-I love fashion and clothes so i really watch what my favorite musicians or actors wear. I LOVE LOVE LOVE adam lamberts style and also watch what bands that i love to listen to wear. Q-What do you normally wear? A-my everyday look consists of skinny jeans (usually girls jeans size 9) t-shirts, hoodies, and a pair of awesome shoes, and ALWAYS a hat or beanie, i love hats!

Q-What do you notice is the general style of your fans? A-The general style of the fans that have met over the last few years i would consider modern indie i guess??? is that the right term for it? but ive noticed that every fan is different and i think thats awesome! Q-Does your music influence the way you dress? Oh of course! Q-How do you explain the connection between music and fashion? A-Oh wow! uhmmm well to me the connection is that, music and fashion are both an art form. You use both of these things to express yourself, and the perfect combination would be to put music and fashion together. A perfect example of this would be Lady GaGa. Everyone may think shes a freak, but she gets it! Thats a true artist. Q-What are a few of your favorite bands? what are their styles? A-A few of my current favorite bands would be All Time Low, The Cab, We The Kings, and of course Paramore. Their styles always vary, but what i love is that we all have the same styles. And i am so lucky to have met and become friends with most of the members in these bands and find out over the years that they are just regular people and they way they dress is them being themselves. Q-where do you see your band going in the future? A-I would like to see my band getting signed and going on tour and just making everyone happy!

What do they Wear? Animal Print Ke$ha

If you liked the old forever 21 your going to love the new forever 21. The new one is Roosevelt field more is more like the Manhattan flagship forever 21. The store is now located closer to the center of the mall which means it’s that much busier. Aside from teens actual 21 year olds and middle age women now men can shop there too; they have added a men’ s section. In addition, there is a small children’s section. The store is more organized, with differently decorated spaces for each style and label. For example, if you want a more sophisticated look, girls can shop in the “Twelve by Twelve” section. Men can take the escalator downstairs and shop for button downs and t-shirts. On their way, they will pass a vast shoe section, along with hats, scarves, pocketbooks, and a variety of jewelry accessories. The shopping experience is still similar to the older store. The music is still loud and obnoxious. Leave your jacket in the car; the crowds make it even warmer inside and who wants to be overheated while waiting in a long line to try on trendy, inexpensive clothes or waiting to pay for them? A newer, bigger store has not seemed to affect the prices of the clothes, which are the same, consistent, mediocre quality. On the plus side, it is much easier to find those find mediocre items that will be in style just for the season. Overall, the new Forever 21, now called XXI, is bigger, brighter, newer, yet very much the same.

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