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Temporary Employment Reform

Temporary Employment Reform - Will Save America!!! Dear Americans, We need temporary employment reform !!! 3 GOOD REASONS WHY: Why should American support the temporary employment reform.ban? Current temporary employee's nationwide will be hired-on or let go, allowing them to either receive benefits at their current job or move on to a new job were benefits would be available, eliminating temps will allow millions of new and veteran American job seekers to obtain health insurance at a much faster rate because they would not have to wait 2 years to have the opportunity to hired-on. This in effect would jump start the economy by make "real" jobs "not" temp jobs readily available for American job seekers in effect lowering the unemployment rate. The result is a nationwide relief of uninsured Americans, estimated to bring the national uninsured from 50 million to 25 million in just a few years. Why should businesses support the temporary employment reform/ban? Businesses will be mandated to have less than 10% temps in there workforce, businesses that achieve 100% temp free workplaces will receive a tax deductable equal to the amount their business would have saved by using temps, based on statistics from current and previous year. Meaning businesses would not be effected in anyway financially by this reform/ban. * This new reform would allow businesses to get tax incentives for having 100% temp free workplaces* But If we ban temporary employment what will happen to temp agencies? Temp agencies will turn into employment agencies and provide the same prescreening services, if they do not generate enough revenue to continue operations then at that point the American people will decide whether its worth creating a tiny bailout for just temp to employment agencies. The fact of the matter is, it was the real trillion dollar bailout Obama signed that was for insurance companies that needed the money because they said they were paying to much for uninsured health care for Americans. The temporary employment reform act would create more insured Americans thus alleviating these insurance companies from incurring these uninsured health care expenses!

Reasons why this should have been done before: The Bailout %u2013 Trillions of American dollars given to random businesses including trillions for insurance companies! Temp Agencies - Forces Americans to work without insurance by allowing businesses to use scapegoats like temp agencies to "not" pay insurance for there employees. Government has protected them for years, since 1973... Obama Care %u2013 Forces Americans to pay for their own health insurance whilst businesses are like haha we'll keep using our "scapegoat" oops, we mean "staff agencies" and nobody not even Obama forces us to pay insurance for the American workforce! This is the trifecta diagram from hell that is currently destroying Americas economy and allowing businesses to have more power than Americans can ever imagen! This most be stopped and the only way we can fight this is to join together and force the government to initiate a "Temporary Employment Reform Act" or an entire "Temporary Employment Ban" possibly for two years!

Now Lets talk statistics: Approx. 5-10% of all Americans work for temporary employment agencies (About 20 million people) (Please note: If you go to Google maps and type in the search term %u201Ctemporary staffing agency%u201D and back out a little bit on the map you will see a over 1 million little red dots (e/a dot represents a temp staffing businesses), estimating each temp agency has at least 20 temp employees on assignments, one can estimate there probably is about 20 million temps in the U.S.) Approx. 9% percent of all Americans are unemployed (About 13.7 million people) Approx. 50 million people nationwide do not have health insurance.

We can fix this and get America back on track! Can you see the problem, I'll help you see... The problem is the government, they have loosened all business labor laws to where businesses can have more temporary employees than regular employees. This creates a problem, simply because businesses can literally hire an entire business workforce of temps and not be required to pay insurance for any of them! They're allowed to do this for up to (2) two years, before under current law the agencies have to require the temp employer to either hire the temp or request from the temp agency a new temp to replace that old one. Temporary staffing agencies represent the cancer of America, which creates a chain effect that leaves million of Americans uninsured every year. This has not always been a problem because businesses used to see temp employees as a benefit, because they can save revenue by not having to pay for insurance. But, how much revenue do businesses save nationwide a year through temp workers??? I googled it but got no answer?

By eliminating temp employees we can increase the amount of American with insurance. This is because businesses would have to hire “real employees” “not” “temps”, at first glance they may not like this concept but within the reform we can include a tax incentive for any business that is 100% temp employee free this incentive would be no more that the exact amount the business save by using temp agencies. In this way businesses are rewarded for treating American workers right. Now lets take a closer look... • Businesses save money by using temps in effect forcing millions of Americans to work without insurance benefits through temp agencies, these same businesses (insurance companies) got bailouts...Trillions of our American tax dollars! • Businesses managed to get our government to make us buy our own health insurance %u201CObama Care%u201D, businesses are seemly controlling us and deinfetly ruining our economy !!! Ask yourself ! Why is our government trying to make us pay for insurance (Obama Care) and not asking the companies ???? We are the American people! We the people - Government - Businesses (THE CORRECT ORDER) We the people of America have more power than businesses and the government when we unite! Lets remind government & businesses that the American people are the real power of America! To do this, please join me in the fight by helping spread the truth and the extreme need for temporary employment reform! Temporary Employment Reform would work in one of two ways: 1 %u2013 Regulate the number of temps that a business can have at one time. Lower the time frame from which a company has to decide to hire a temp to 1 year. Regulate companies so that out of a 100% workforce they can have only 10% in temps. Regulate job security, so a business cannot replace a temp with temp for the same position within a certain time frame (1 year) . Regulate businesses to report how many temps they have hired and how many they hired-on as a regular employee, this would be mandatory every year. or 2 %u2013 Temporary Ban on all Temporary Staffing Agencies Nationwide for 1-2 years, temp agencies would become private employment agencies and provide that same services. Employees that are temps during this transition will be either be hired or let go.

By fighting for Temporary Employment Reform we will: • Create million of real workforce jobs enough to bring us out of the unemployment crisis, lower insurance cost because more people with have it, and finally lower the number of uninsured Americans from 50 million to half 25 Million and by then our improved economy would assist to help alleviate the rest! SO WHAT CAN YOU DO ??? SPREAD THE WORD! If we as Americans pull together in a viral effort we can press for temporary employment reform! Help me, help America, help Americans by following me on WE HAVE TO SEND A MESSAGE THAT SAYS YOU CAN'T HAVE OBAMA CARE & TEMPORARY EMPLOYEMENT - AMERICANS WON'T ALLOW IT! We the people of America can choose to say %u201CNO we won't allow businesses an avenue to not pay employee's insurance by using temps and NO we won't need Obama Care either because %u201CTemporary Employement Reform%u201D would renew the health insurance crisis by making insurance more available to workers thus more people having insurance! Why temp services are bad: Most temps will work harder for there employer because they know their work could lead to a real job, temps are part of the hardest working class in America but are rewarded with no benefits and in most case no permanent position.... Employers are not required to provide paid time off (vacation, sick or personal days) to temporary employees. Meaning while regular employees take vacation the temp works... If the business sells, temps do not get any type of compensation even if they've worked there years and are layoff. Temps are not extended health insurance either and businesses use this as a way to make it easier to sever the employment relationship, in other words temp agencies make it easier for businesses to fire you. . Why are we making it easier for businesses to sever the employment relationship in a depression??? Lack of reference: Many employers of experienced job positions do not consider work done for a temporary agency as sufficient on a resume, meaning all your work cannot be used to further your career! Temps are often considered inferior as oppose to actual employees, although technically they work harder and are paid less! less

Temporary Employment Reform  
Temporary Employment Reform  

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