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Temponik Skive A/S

Prototypes & Innovative Production

The rubber pattern is the base for the plaster mould used in TempoCast

Temponik Skive A/S – Prototypes & Innovative Production Temponik has over 25 years of experience in producing prototypes for highly complex castings in aluminium, magnesium and zinc. In recent years, Temponik has expanded its production facilities significantly and has invested in advanced machinery to meet the market’s increasing demands for functional prototypes and customized production runs. Temponik was established in 1988 as a subsidiary of a larger Danish foundry. The foundry wanted to offer customers a fast and economical alternative to the traditional pressure die casting, especially when casting prototypes and smaller production runs. A production process named TempoCast, was brought in from America and the company Temponik was established. Soon we began to produce functional prototypes offering very short lead times and attractive prices. In the beginning the production was focused on aluminum and zinc components. But as Temponik is driven by innovation and a desire to be at the forefront of casting technology we soon introduced the first magnesium castings. In 2009, Temponik was acquired by Tommy and Morten Nors, who own and operate Idé-Pro Skive A/S. Temponik, changed name to Temponik Skive A/S and operates as a sister company to Idé-Pro Skive A/S and Idé-Pro Engineering & Software A/S.


Cooperation – the way we work! Every day we have the pleasure of working with creative people. We are open to new ideas on how a challenge can be solved; even if it means that we have to change our processes.” Mogens Albæk: General Manager of Temponik Skive.

With our experience and expertise the company responds to the needs of our customers. We rarely decline a project even when its complexities push us to the limit. We collaborate closely with our clients to ensure the best outcome.


Component produced in Aluminium using the TempoCast process.


Select a method matching your needs Prototyping & innovative production in aluminium, magnesium or zinc We use different methods for casting your product - depending on your requirements. Our manufacturing setup combines high quality craftsmanship with high-tech machinery. If we can’t produce your prototype with one of our current methods included here, we would like to collaborate on developing our methods so your component meets your specifications.




No initial tooling costs Few casting design limitations Undercuts possible Thin wall thicknesses Aluminum, magnesium and zinc Perfect for early prototypes

Tolerances and surface roughness Very few porosities High complexity Thin wall thicknesses Aluminum, magnesium and zinc Fast tool changes Prototypes and small production runs

Delivery time

Delivery time

from 5 working days

from 3 weeks

Give us a call for advice on selecting the best method for casting. We are always ready to help you on tel.: +45 9752 7911.

Die casting We die cast functional prototypes and components in aluminium, magnesium and zinc using tools especially designed for small scale or prototype production. Specifications are similar to mass produced products. Ask us for details.

Wall thicknesses down to 1 mm Fast adjustment of production tools Aluminium, magnesium and zinc Production runs from 50 parts

Delivery time

from 5 weeks


Design Consultancy As a customer at Temponik you get access to our vast knowledge of product development and prototypes. 25 years of experience means that we have the knowhow to solve tasks which initially may seem too difficult or expensive to pursue. Challenge us, we would be happy to offer proposals to find the best solution. Our consultants specialize in product development. They use advanced CAD/CAM techniques to visualize your ideas and turn them into reality.

Analysis and Calculations We have extensive experience in making assessments and calculations prior to tool production. This ensures that complex parts will turn out as required so that our customers avoid unexpected costs for tooling changes or entirely new tools. We can offer the following analysis: Filling analysis FEM calculations and analysis Complex cast and shrink analysis Please contact us for more information.


Finishing We can offer the following finishing processes for castings: Heat treatment CNC machining Impregnating Surface treatment Painting We can also offer measurement reports upon request. Contact us for more information about the different options.


We find the working relationship with Temponik very positive due to their fast response in all parts of the process and a genuine interest in continuous improvements.� Scania AB Sweeden


We are happy collaborating with Temponik. They are highly skilled and even though the parts often have a challenging and a complex design the end product meet our specifications�. ReformTech AB Sweeden

Temponik’s competencies within the production of prototypes are quite unique. Traditional die casting foundries can also offer prototyping, but the methods Temponik are using are much better and cheaper. Today we are very pleased with our cooperation with Temponik.”

We are impressed with the exceptionally short delivery time at Temponik.” Oerlikon Schlafhorst GmbH Germany

Kongsberg Automotive Norway

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Temponik Skive A/S Raevevej 3 DK-7800 Skive Denmark

Tel: +45 9752 7911 sales@temponik.dk