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a professional community with boundless opportunities




Mission : TEMPO Milwaukee brings together influential women from diverse fields and backgrounds to create a network and shared experience that serves members in achieving their professional goals and furthers positions of leadership for women in our community. Vision : TEMPO Milwaukee maximizes the success and leadership potential of established and aspiring professional women leaders raising the level of opportunity for women. Guiding Principles & Values : TEMPO Milwaukee and its members positively impact the vitality of Southeastern Wisconsin by accelerating the contribution of women to the success of businesses and key initiatives. This is demonstrated through TEMPO's ongoing commitment to:

ADVOCATE on behalf of key issues and initiatives critical to the advancement of women, the success of individual businesses and organizations, and the health and vitality of the region. ELEVATE the individual contributions of TEMPO members by sharing best practices, establishing strong networks of help and ongoing leadership development.

ACCELERATE the success of the region through its leadership, membership, knowledge and experience that span industries and the globe, and strong commitments to each other and the community-at-large.

“Women are the largest economic force in the world”*  Women are the majority of the workforce.*  Women-owned firms are growing at twice the rate of all U.S. businesses.**  Women control more than 17 million U.S. businesses, owning 30% of all U.S. Firms.*  Women control 72% of U.S. consumer spending.*  The worldwide growth in women’s income over the next five years will total more than the economic expansion of India and China combined.** *

The Women-Led Economy ™ Changes Everything, U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce, 2010

** Women Want More, Michael Silverstein, Boston Consulting Group 414-905-0117

“By serving on TEMPO committees and now on the Board, I have gained invaluable insights on management styles, practices and tactics that I call upon daily.�

Jennifer Bartolotta Director of Strategic Partnerships, The Bartolotta Restaurants

“Professionally, I’ve been able to expose the importance of our courts to the Milwaukee Community. Personally, I’ve developed a diverse network of interesting and influential friends.”

Hon. Kitty K. Brennan Wisconsin Court of Appeals Judge, District 1

“Diversity and inclusion are critical to building and leveraging the strengths of every associate at my company. TEMPO plays a vital role in advocating for women in leadership roles.�

Louise Perrin Senior VP, State Farm Insurance Companies

“TEMPO’s strong network helps leverage the roles of executive women and advances positions of leadership for women in our community.”

Cristy Garcia-Thomas President, United Performing Arts Fund

“Diverse skills and knowledge available through the TEMPO network have been an invaluable resource for our business.�

Vinita Paul VP, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, Heartland Advisors, Inc.

“Professional and personal relationships become meaningful and valuable for me and my business – in extremely short order.”

Alicia Dupies Director of Project Development, Mortenson Construction

History TEMPO Milwaukee, founded in 1975, is a professional association dedicated to furthering the influence of women in Southeastern Wisconsin. By focusing on the advancement of women leaders, TEMPO creates a professional community with boundless opportunities. Through educational forums and strategic programming initiatives, TEMPO has evolved as an active voice within the business community. Mentoring and networking opportunities allow members to enhance their professional and personal growth, and become more effective in the businesses they lead.

Membership* TEMPO Milwaukee is a diverse association comprised of women professionals from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds. Nearly 300 members hold key positions of responsibility and influence within industries and organizations throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and beyond. * Membership is by invitation only.

Member Statistics  57% have Master’s Degrees, professional degrees or PhDs.  43% are CEOs, presidents or partners within their organizations.  70% have profit and loss responsibilities within their organizations.  72% hold key positions on nonprofit and for-profit boards.

a professional community with boundless opportunities

The Benefits of TEMPO Milwaukee Membership

 Network in a professionally diverse atmosphere with Milwaukee’s leading women executives.  Attend relevant programming with high-impact speakers.  Enhance your professional development through programming, volunteerism and board service.  Promote your business through sponsorship opportunities.  Support young women and our future leaders through the TEMPO Scholarship Fund.  Participate in peer-to-peer mentoring and mentoring circle opportunities.  Serve as an expert source for the media through the Experts Directory.  Increase your social circle and develop friendships.  Stay informed through the newsletter and other communications.

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