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NATIONAL teenage magazine november 2011


FROM THE ED’s desk WHERE oh where did 2011 go? All of a sudden the second last S-press of the year has landed, exams and final assignments are in full swing and the summer holidays are looming. We can’t believe it’s all gone so fast! But it’s not over yet, and amidst all the manic madness that November brings, S-press is here to provide you with a very necessary distraction. This month we chat to 13-year-old Sydneysider Jordana Beatty, star of the new flick Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer; hear from Tonight Alive’s stunning frontwoman Jenna McDougall and The Getaway Plan’s Matt Wright; profile up-and-coming motor racing star Cameron Waters; and take a closer look at the issues surrounding endangered species in Australia. For those of you whose high school careers are winding to a close, there’s also our totally essential Change of Preferences feature to help you out with all the big decisions you’ll be facing. And if you’re still not satisfied, why not join us on Facebook, jump on our website or download our epic iPad edition? AMAZING! Grant Quarry

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Your say Tonight Alive’s Jenna McDougall Teen news My Band - The Take Over Social news Beyond school Artbeat Sport 5 mins. with These Kids Wear Crowns 5 mins with The Getaway Plan Pin-up - Andrew Garfield Pin-up - Lady Gaga Your November calendar Fashion and beauty Music goss TV, movie goss Music columnists Album & single reviews DVD reviews Game reviews Movie reviews Sex, health and fitness Our environment Hardcore news Issues - endangered animals MyOpenDay

Last month’s winners: Letter of the Month: Heidi Eldred, DVD review: Jaydn Nolan, Album review: Emma Harvey, Single review: Cindy Callum.

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YourSay KE E P IT C L E AN HEIDI ELDRED YR 10, BRAUER COLLege VIC MUSIC is created for entertainment and enjoyment and attracts people all around the world. It is described as ‘an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions, in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and colour’. However, this generation of music video clips on TV has evolved to a more sexual and inappropriate extent. Channel [V] is one of the most viewed channels in the country, where singers like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Rihanna have been flaunting their sexuality to teenagers. Parents and carers should be disgusted that children, in some cases as young as eight, watch young ladies exposing themselves on television for everyone to see. Lady Gaga is a fantastic artist ... however, her song Alejandro, not only contains repulsive and inappropriate language, but the video is utterly revolting, especially towards young teenagers. She purposely wears outfits that reveal all her physical features to attract fans. Each teenager has the right to [a childhood] that doesn’t involve adult themes and exposure to inappropriate content of a sexual nature. They could turn the TV off, or switch channels, but it doesn’t change the fact it’s there for everyone to observe.

gay marriage






WE live in a vibrant and diverse society, comprised of people from all over the world – we are a great mix of races, cultures, ages and other social groups. Australians are fortunate to live in a country where issues such as racism, gender inequality and homophobia are tackled with the upmost determination. To the best of our ability, we are accepting of all these minor differences. As such, it comes as a surprise that Julia Gillard, Australia’s first female prime minister, has yet to take a positive stance on gay marriage. It is the 21st century; people have evolved from such ignorant past times as witch-hunting and slavery. Why can we not take the most obvious next step forward and simply allow members of the LGBT community to wed? Numerous other countries such as Norway, Sweden, South Africa, as well as some US states, have legalised gay marriage. Julia Gillard must find it logical for Australia to become a prominent figure on the world stage and follow in these footsteps. Some people would argue marriage should remain a pure sanction between a man and a woman, as is tradition. Is it this ‘pure’ sanction that allows certain people to remarry countless times in want of money, or for a drunken couple to wed in Vegas on a whim, with no idea the next morning of what happened? In one extreme case, a woman by the name of Erika La Tour was legally allowed to marry the Eiffel Tower. If countries are allowing people to marry inanimate objects, why can’t Australia allow an average, tax-paying same-sex couple to be in the same union? It just seems like common sense.

my OPEN day 8 I november11

THERE has always been a long running debate between students regarding the enforcement of a uniform. During my years of education each school I have attended has had a compulsory uniform and I feel fortunate to have a uniform. A school uniform gives students a sense of community and it is harder to come by discrimination depending on what people are wearing. There has always been the idea that people who do not wear what is in fashion or what is ‘right’ will become the ones perceived as the scapegoats. This is true. If there was no uniform I believe bullying would become a major problem and there would be divisions formed, between girls in particular, and people would not be as accepting or as open-minded. Many people will argue that having a school uniform takes away the opportunity to be individual, but I disagree. Your personality shows who you are in the way you think, and the way you communicate with other people and express your ideas. Many schools provide opportunities to express yourself through art, music and drama programs, and even regular classes like English, where creative writing and debating are taught and encouraged. Casual clothes days at school are special, and they are highly anticipated and exciting for students, but we would not want to go through the stress every day of picking out a new outfit or having to go shopping more often than we already do. It would become extremely tiring and expensive. I am deeply thankful that my school has a uniform; I believe they are apt for everyone.

IS cosmetic plastic surgery really necessary? In very few cases I can understand why it may be used to help fix scarring in accidents, or physical birth defects, but otherwise it’s nothing but a futile waste of money. In my opinion cosmetic plastic surgery is little more than the means to satisfy the narcissistic and the hedonistic that aspire to be what they see in the media. I have recently been watching the ABC series Beauty and the Beast; The Ugly Face of Prejudice. This has really opened my eyes to how naïve and vain some of these people who rely on cosmetic plastic surgery to make themselves look ‘beautiful’ are. Hayley Williams, front woman of the band Paramore, recently stated in an interview: “Sexy is whatever you want it to be. Don’t let [Cosmopolitan] tell you. Don’t let Vogue tell you. Even your boyfriend or your best friends. The point is, it’s up to you. I’m gonna make up my own version as I go.” If only we could all think like this and not rely on how the media tells us to look, and instead embrace the natural features we have that make us individual and accentuate what we have.

WELL DONE ROSS SEAN MCGIVEN YR 10, TAS Details SUPPLIED I WOULD just like to say that former St Kilda AFL coach Ross Lyon has been fantastic for our club and I wish him all the best. Is it his fault that it took the club more than six months to decide they wanted him to continue, and then offered him a pretty average contract compared to what he’s worth? Rossy took us to two grand finals (well, three, with the draw),

Every day is Open Day

ho t topic s BALI BOY SET UP? and if it wasn’t for a bit of bad luck in the dying moments of 2009 and the first GF last year we could have two more cups to go with poor Mr Lonesome 1966 in the trophy cabinet. He got the best out of our players and I’m sure he will out of the Dockers too. They are a great club and it’s time they won a premiership. (I’d rather see that than another one for the Bombers, the Blues or the Magpies.) Go Sainters!

bring bali boy home SKYE GRAVE YR 9, BRAUER COLLEGE, VIC THE 14-year-old boy from Australia [arrested in Bali] is old enough to realise what’s wrong and what’s right and I think he should know that buying marijuana is not the right thing to do. Although I don’t agree with putting him in an adult jail, I think he should serve sometime in an Australian jail instead of an Indonesian one because they don’t have jails for children, like Australia does. He wouldn’t be treated as fairly because he would be treated as an adult, and he is only 14. Also, the rest of the people in the [Indonesian] jail would be older and stronger than him, so the older people might start fights with him. He could also get depression because he would have no one to talk to because they would all be adult men or people that don’t speak English. I think they should send him back to Australia to serve some time in a children’s jail because it’s his first time getting caught with marijuana and Australia would treat him better.

too much tech OLIVIA REED YR 9, BRAUER COLLEGE, VIC IN today’s society most people

rely too heavily on technology to go about their day-to-day life. Some people feel they almost couldn’t function without having their technology. Does no one see the effect this technology could be having on us? The other day in class we were trying to use the netbooks which weren’t working so, to finish our work, the teacher suggested we go to the library and get the information from books and not the internet. The class was horrified at the suggestion that we would have to actually look through books – like it was so old-fashioned! It is a really sad reflection of society when it is almost unthinkable to some people to find information from books rather than just looking up the answer on Google with just the click of a button. Some people today are more connected to their electronics than the people around them. This is a major concern as it can lead to isolation and depression. Some people are so addicted to their electronics that it consumes their life. We are communicating more but connecting less! Really, when you think about it we send more texts or chat on Facebook longer than we actually have a good face-to-face conversation with our family or friends. It is so sad to see that it is more important to some people to have a huge amount of Facebook friends than to actually have a lot of friends they see in real life. Technology is also having an undeniable affect on our manners. It is so rude when people are talking to you and texting someone at the same time. I must admit that this technology is great. It helps us to find so much information, so quickly and easily, and lets us communicate to each other at the click of a button. But, our society really needs to realise what an issue the growing trend of technology is having on so many different aspects of our life. It affects our society so much and in so many negative ways.

my OPEN day 



web comments MITCH MARSH

RUMPEL CRICKET He is so cute!


URBAN PLANNER Planners use geographic information system (GIS) technology to research, develop, implement and monitor the progress of their plans. GIS provides planners, surveyors and engineers with the tools they need to design and map their neighbourhoods and cities. Planners have the technical expertise, political savvy and fiscal understanding to transform a vision of tomorrow into a strategic action plan for today and they use GIS to facilitate the decision making process.




JAKE BURGESS Death in sport is never acceptable. It not only gives us a dramatic shock, but also makes us wonder how we could possibly allow such a thing to happen. I’m referring to the tragic death of IndyCar driver Dan Wheldon, who was involved in a horrific 15-car crash during the season ending race in Las Vegas. Wheldon was the 7th driver in 15 years to be killed in an IndyCar race. Imagine this: You are racing side-by-side at 300km/h with as many as 34 other cars, battling to be the first car to cross a finish line, on a track that is only wide enough to hold 10 of those cars. To me, this sounds like a tragedy waiting to happen. Many changes must be made to ensure that such severe tragedies never occur again.


NELSON MANDELA Good story Ashlee, tell Bryan I said hello.

From Universal Music we have Powderfinger’s Fingerprints & Footprint: The Ultimate Collection, Washington’s Insomnia, Justin Bieber’s Under the Mistletoe and Florence & The Machine’s Ceremonials. To be in the running, write us a letter and email it to yoursay@spress. The three best letters will win a CD pack each.


Unsure? Change your preferences november11 I 9

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JENNA McDougall is hot. She’s young, attractive and in possession of a very special set of vocal cords, but that’s not what really sets her apart. No, like her band, it’s more that she’s a doer — she’s driven and ambitious (not in a bad way) and more than willing to roll up her sleeves and do the hard work necessary to make it in an ever increasingly competitive and unforgiving music industry. The album title sums up Tonight Alive’s approach to life. “What Are You So Scared Of? is all about facing up to your fears,” she says. “I was faced with this terribly judgmental time where I really had to step it up. “I realised that I couldn’t complain about it, but that if you want to be on top you have to push yourself. “I guess that’s the message that Tonight Alive really carries, especially because our fans are really young and we’re young — it’s to push yourself and if you want something do it, go get it.” McDougall hates the idea that young people sit in their bedrooms and complain, or that they sit on the internet and write off bands. “And that’s happened to us a thousand times — being written off for being how-

ever successful, and it’s just like ‘We’re doing something about what we want’, and I guess that’s what that song and the album title’s about.” The album is excellent. Bursting with great licks and catchy pop-infused hooks it’s equal parts style and substance, a varied collection of well-written songs that reflect on teen life — the highs and lows, the pitfalls and pressures. Recorded in LA with world-renowned producer Mark Trombino (who has worked with Blink 182, Jimmy Eat World and many more), it’s destined to consolidate the band’s standing with fans here, but also to announce them in the States and Brazil, Japan, the UK — and beyond. Starlight is the first single and, when asked why it was chosen, McDougall says it was mainly because it was fun and energetic. “We put out Breaking And Entering first, on video — it was kind of a pre-release to the album. “We thought it was a nice aggressive way of saying ‘Hey listen, we’re putting out an album, this is what we’re about’. “And then we put Starlight out and that was a bit more low-key in comparison to Breaking And Entering. “It’s a song about being broke and still knowing how to have fun and not really caring for materialistic things, and that’s pretty much our band in a nutshell. “I think that’s a really good way to introduce ourselves back onto radio and TV.” One of the band’s strengths is McDougall’s very distinct vocals, and when asked if there is a sound or person she’s inspired by she barely takes a heartbeat before gushing, “Oh, Missy Higgins, for sure! “I know that you probably wouldn’t hear it, but she’s one of the singers that, when I started playing guitar and writing my own music, I was playing her music a lot. “I just adore her, and I look up to her for so many reasons — her songwriting, her style and just her as a person, she’s just so active and hard-working.” Speaking of hard-working, as with most bands, Tonight Alive have toured their butts off, rarely pausing to catch breath. It’s been simply full-on. Earlier this year the band toured in the States with Forever The Sickest Kids, playing 32 shows in 40 days. “It was definitely a challenge,” McDougall says, “but we just came out on the other side of it so much stronger. “We’re always determined and always ready to learn and I think we learnt things over there that you just can’t learn in Australia. “You can’t play six shows over here

and have a day off and play another six shows. There’s not enough places and not enough people here.” The band also played the massive Bamboozle festival in the US, alongside New Found Glory, Senses Fail, Lil’ Wayne and Bruno Mars. “It was massive for us,” she says. “We love Thrice and A Day To Remember and Senses Fail, there were just so many bands on that bill that we’ve looked up to — and just to be on that list... “I saw a T-shirt with the whole line-up, and our name ... just to be amongst all those others was just so cool for us.” Tonight Alive have played a lot in the last year, but has any performance stood out from the rest? “Probably the most recent,” McDougall says. “It was yesterday (Wed, Oct 5) and it was a standout for me because the room was packed. It was at the HiFi (in Melbourne) and it was an under 18s show with Simple Plan. “It was just the best feeling to have everyone there listening to us and being really engaged. It sort of makes me feel I’m doing my job right, you know, when everyone’s got their hands in the air and they’re singing along. “Just to see that in other people’s eyes — to have it in your heart and see it in others’ eyes — it’s kind of scary, sometimes to look at the scale of it.” Being the only girl in the band obviously could be a bit of a drag, but McDougall disagrees . “I guess I’ve become one of them in a way,” she says, laughing. “It doesn’t feel as isolated as everyone thinks. “It’s funny, though, because I went to an all girls’ school and you’d think that it’d be such a shock to the system, but it’s not! I mean, I love them, they’re my best friends and we just have the time of our lives together.” In terms of meeting someone special, playing in a constantly touring band makes it hard to establish and maintain any sort of relationship, but McDougall’s not in any great hurry. “It’s been very difficult in that regard,” she admits. “I’ve experienced that and it was super tough to be away from home so much. It’s a male-dominated industry and I guess it’s not easy, but I’ve got all the time in the world for that, I suppose.” Tonight Alive has a small rural tour of New South Wales in November and then it’s back to the States in late November/ December for the Fearless Friends tour. “There’s a really heavy line-up for that, so that should be fun. “It’s 35 shows in 38 days, so that one is going to be pretty serious (laughs).”

Tonight Alive’s debut album What Are You So Scared Of? is out now. Check for tour details and more. november11 I 11

Are affordable festivals a thing of the past?

te e n n e w s

Summer fest or summer fleece? SUMMER MARKS THE START OF MANY THINGS INCLUDING MUCH ANTICIPATED MUSIC FESTIVALS. BUT WITH COSTS RISING EACH YEAR, CAN YOU AFFORD TO GO? NICK BIRRELL INVESTIGATES. AH summer, the six-letter word that brightens up even the coldest wintry day and a time of year that, for many, leads to fun, friends, family and, importantly, freedom. And, for a number of school students, and recent school graduates, summer represents the opportunity to attend an event they’ve been longing to for years, a music festival. I, for one, headed straight off to Victoria’s Falls Festival shortly after finishing Year 12 and not because I was eager to see some of the acts (in fact I’d barely heard of most of them), but simply because I wanted to be part of the festival experience. So I gathered up the small funds I had remaining after ‘schoolies’ and headed down to Lorne for the two-day $125 event. One-hundred and twenty-five dollars you scream! Yes, no misprint there, I paid $125 to attend one of the nation’s finest music festivals yet six years on it will cost Fallsgoers more than triple that to attend. “A lot of thought goes into finding the right price for all customers to attend any music event,” News Ticketing Marketing Manager Hamish Anderson says. “Working closely with many promoters, I know that a lot of work goes into determining the price of a ticket taking into account many factors and stakeholders.”

Are you willing to pay $165 for Big Day Out tickets, or is too expensive?

12 I november11

News Ticketing, which comprises music ticket selling-outlets Foxtix and Moshtix, has the same power as most other ticket companies when it comes to pricing events — none. “Ticket prices are not something ticketing companies have control over so we do not play a role in setting the price of tickets,” Anderson explains. So who then is responsible for setting these exorbitant prices? Well, the promoter of course. And no matter what festival it is there appears to be price hikes occurring each year, be it a $60 increase for a threeday camping ticket to this year’s Splendour in the Grass festival compared to 2010 prices, or a $10 increase from this year for a ticket to next year’s Big Day Out (BDO) — the flagship Australian festival. The BDO is easily the most popular event that those under 18 can attend (it’s for ages

15+), and is attended by more than 300,000 revelers during its two-week run. But at $165, will many school students, recent graduates, university students or low-income earners for that matter be able to afford it? “Interestingly enough, 70.4 per cent of the respondents to our State of Festival Industry survey were aged 30 and below and when asked how much they would spend in a year on music festival tickets, 42.4 per cent said they would spend between $250-$499; 23.1 per cent said they would spend between $500-$749,” Anderson says. Be prepared then to fork out if you’re planning on attending a festival in the future, especially if you miss out on tickets and are forced to purchase them from another source — which, like this year’s AFL Grand Final, is another different and very concerning matter altogether.

“Probably yes ... I don’t get a big allowance!” Allan Xavier College, Year 11 “I know a lot of my friends do think it is.”

Caroline Carey Baptist Grammar School, Year 10

Ed Carey Baptist Grammar School, Year 10 “I reckon it is too expensive for what the line up is. My theory is, I only go if there are at least three bands I like, otherwise it isn’t worth it.”


Choices for your future.

CRICOS Provider No. 03020E | BR1011451

Real courses for learners that want jobs 160 pathways to popular unis – giving you two qualifications Easily accessible campus in the heart of South Bank with public transport on the doorstep Teachers direct from industry to you Study now, pay later with FEE-HELP and VET FEE-HELP.*

*FEE HELP and VET FEE-HELP are Australian Government initiatives. Applies to tuition fees only. Excludes incidental fees. Refer to for more information.

Apply now for 2012 

13 72 48 november11 I 13


te e n n e w s Foreign tertiary students are being supported to remain in Australia and utilise their skills in the local workforce.

Youth Party will bring new life

Let them stay... The National Union of Students (NUS) has backed a call for foreign tertiary students to be allowed to remain in Australia and share their skills with local industries, despite ACTU concerns that home-grown workers could be disadvantaged. Andrew Liveris — the chairman and CEO of one of the world’s largest manufacturers, Dow Chemical Co — says Australia’s immigration system needs to be overhauled because the local workforce won’t be able to meet demand for skilled jobs. Liveris told the Federal Government’s jobs forum in Canberra last month that those who came to Australia to study, particularly for higher tertiary degrees, should be given the opportunity to stay. Meanwhile, NUS president Jesse Marshall said he was hopeful the Federal Government’s announcement last month for better pathways for overseas student visa holders would result in improved legislation for better progression to jobs after graduation. But ACTU president Ged Kearney said the idea of linking overseas students visas to filling high-skilled job vacancies in

Australia should be treated with caution. “We’ve said certainly there’s a need to support our university sector, but again offering indiscriminate workplace visas, I think, is going to have to be done with scrutiny and good planning to make sure that home-grown jobs are not disadvantaged,” Kearney told reporters in Canberra. Marshall said if people were looking to come to Australia to gain skills in Australian universities and wanted to continue their contribution to the nation it would help the education sector compete internationally against Britain, New Zealand, the US and Canada. “Nor do we think that’s necessarily going to mean that person is taking a job off an Australian citizen or someone that’s already in Australia,” Marshall told reporters. “This country was built on immigration and we’ve got people coming from all over the world to settle and live in Australia and work in a myriad of different jobs.” Liveris said that in the US, since the September 11 terrorist attacks, foreign students had been discouraged from staying.

my OPEN day 14 I november11

I recently logged onto Facebook and was greeted by a message that said “Do you have something you want to ask our Prime Minister? Any suggestions on how to improve Australian politics?” Under that message were thousands of comments ranging from “Women belong in the kitchen, not in the Lodge” and the far more productive suggestion that “The Australian Government needs to refocus the Carbon Tax. Present the case to the younger demographic — those of us who will actually be affected by it in 10-15 years.” This debate got me thinking. While Kevin Rudd is busy likening himself to Vegemite and Julia Gillard is busy deflecting the hate over At Home with Julia, the youth of our country are left to their own devices and are changing the attitude and accessibility of politics. This proves that what we need is a way to include the voice of the younger generations in the decision making process in Australia and a way to ensure that teenagers can maintain a keen interest in the workings of our country. What we need is a Youth Party aged between 15 and 21 to bring new life to Australia. blaire gillies, year 11

Tertiary profiles and more

s t u d e nt a c h i e v e m e nt

y d u J ’s a n a d r o J

THE LATEST AUSSIE TO CONQUER HOLLYWOOD IS 13-YEAR-OLD JORDANA BEATTY, STAR OF JUDY MOODY AND THE NOT BUMMER SUMMER. SHE TELLS KATHARINE RIVETT ABOUT ON-SET PRANKS, DOING YOGA WITH HEATHER GRAHAM AND GETTING VOMITED ON WHILE RIDING A ROLLERCOASTER... Judy Moody is ... A very fun, spirited, loving character who is always coming up with plans and activities to have fun with her friends and her family. A lot of things go wrong for her — but they always turn out good! I had to keep up with school while filming ... I’d film a scene, and then I’d have to run up and do some school, and then run back. And then do that some more, and then keep doing that all day, and it all added up! It was very [exhausting], but it was fun! We played pranks on each other ... Once I stuck band-aids all over this guys back and he didn’t know until he went home — and then I did it to him another day! And another day, we put eye shadow all over the cameraman’s eyepiece, and oh my gosh, he had this big circle around his eye, it was really funny!

To learn the American accent ... I had a dialect coach for two weeks, so she helped me, and then I didn’t need her anymore, because it just came naturally when I was around American people, which is good! And then when I was back with my parents, it just went back to normal, so it worked out well. Filming a rollercoaster scene was nervewracking ... I was quite scared! And knowing that [co-star Preston Bailey] was going to puke on me (see right) made it even more scarier! But luckily I got through it, and I didn’t really want to do it again — but it actually wasn’t as bad as I thought. When I’m not acting ... I’m a big reader, and I also do a lot of dancing, and in the summer I go surfing and play with my cousins and friends. I’m going to school at the moment, seeing all my friends, that’s really good, because I also like being at school. I also like to collect things ... I had a collection of hotel and restaurant mints — but I ate them all! Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer is in cinemas from October 27. We’ve got an awesome Judy Moody prize pack to give away (including a complete set of nine books from the Judy Moody series, a family DVD and an in-season pass to see the film). Just email to go into the draw to win.

Everyone got on so well ... They were all really nice, and especially Heather Graham, because she was always just telling jokes and being funny and she’s really into yoga, so we did yoga together a few times ... all the other children that I worked with were really nice and we all still keep in touch, which is great! november11 I 15

my band



it's The Take Over BALCATTA Senior High School Year 12 students Jack Prendergast (17), Nick Lizzi (17), Jake Martin (17) and Aaron Bacci (16) have done what their band name suggests to be crowned winners of Perth’s biggest annual rock contest for schools — the ‘My Big Gig’ competition. Appropriately named The Take Over, the young rockers wowed the crowd at St Mary’s Lady Wardle Performing Arts Centre as they took to the stage with 10 of the state’s best up-and-coming school acts. “We jumped out of our seats when we realised we’d won, but none of us can even remember them announcing ‘The Take Over’,” lead singer Prendergast reveals excitedly. While admitting that they became increasingly confident the deeper the competition progressed, the band thought their chance to feature in the placings had passed by after the judges announced third place to Plugs, from Carmel School and second place to Age, from Carey Baptist College. “We were kind of cocky at the start, thinking we’re going to win this, but when they started announcing the winners we kind of started doubting ourselves,” Prendergast says. “But in the end we were all just really happy for each other.” Forming in 2008, the band began as a three-piece with Prendergast on lead vocals, Lizzi on lead guitar and Bacci on drums before Martin joined the group on bass guitar a year later. “In late 2008 Nick came to me with the idea of forming a band and I thought ‘that sounds cool’, so we asked Aaron to be the drummer,” Prendergast explains. “And then we met Jake a year later, who came to our school from another school, and he hadn’t actually touched a bass guitar before in his life, but we quickly changed that.” And after jamming on the weekends at Bacci’s house, who laughingly says his parents weren’t “too fussed about us being there”, the group began playing at local gigs 16 I november11

Aaron Bacci

Jake Martin

around Perth with their first official gig coming at Lizzi’s brother’s housewarming. As part of taking out the My Big Gig competition the boys’ receive $5000 worth of equipment from leading musical manufacturer Roland, as well as winning recording time with the City of Gosnells and a spot on the bill at Gozzy Rock 2012 (WA’s longest running all ages battle of the bands) and next month’s Norfolk Lanes Youth Festival. “The Lanes festival is a Fremantle Youth Festival and Gozzy Rock is a festival as well as a music competition, and we’ve been invited as a special guest for that event, which is really exciting,” Bacci says. “Norfolk sold-out last year and Gozzy Rock was huge this year, so it’s going to be great.” Describing their music influences as All Time Low, Mayday Parade and We The Kings, the pop/punk foursome would love to one day appear at their favourite music festival, Soundwave, but as their Facebook page suggests, they are just happy “playing our music the way we want to and enjoying it”. Check out The Take Over on the Triple J Unearthed site and become a fan of them on Facebook.

Jack Prendergast


your news

random facts fact of the month

There are 53 Lego bricks manufactured for each person in the world.

Awesome student

tweet of the month

“And to think whenever we’re @ the airport ppl hide their kids from me when I ask to hold them. Lmaooo. Finally I got to hold a cuddly kid!” - American hip-hop star Nicki Minaj.

famous quote of the month

“We’re going to turn this team around 360 degrees.”

- NBA star Jason Kidd leaves us a little confused after being drafted to the Dallas Mavericks.

YouTube clip of the month

Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address – one of the greatest ever speeches.

NEXT time you’re wondering how to cure those nerves about giving an oral presentation, perhaps take a look at this clip - watch?v=N-iAEa7Iufg. This is 16-yearold schoolboy Rory Weal who received a standing ovation from thousands of activists after delivering a stirring speech at a British Labour Party conference in Liverpool. The teenager, who lives with his mother Elaine, a single mother and administrator at a cleaning company, has grown sick of the Government’s treatment of families and students, and took aim at welfare cuts and the abolition of the education maintenance allowance. While he’s only been a member of the party since their last general election, the Oakwood Park Grammar School student was congratulated by the many delegates following his speech and

Schoolboy Rory Weal was given a standing ovation after addressing the British Labour Party at a conference in Liverpool. left them with this fitting message. “It is up to us in the Labour Party to create a vision of what a better Britain looks like. Let’s get to work.” R6Z6KLc&feature=player_embedded

pic of the month


A win at home and a second MotoGP world title – Casey’s on fire!


Apple’s newest toy sold up to four million units in its first weekend on the market. WOW.


Kanye West, Kasabian, My Chemical Romance and The Jezabels just to name a few…


Losing track of an 11-year-old boy tops off a horror month for the airline.


Tens of millions of users left frustrated following last month’s three-day blackout.


WWE fans got their wrestling fix last month when one of the sport’s superstars, CM Punk, dropped into the country to attend the 2011 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in Sydney. The wrestler was nominated for the ‘Best Baddie’ award on the night but was beaten out by shock-jock Kyle Sandilands, much to his displeasure. “People in America don’t even know who Kyle Sandipants is,” Punk said.

The season’s come and gone but no one’s forgetting this year’s Grand Final entertainment (#worstinhistory).

not november11 I 17

your news

Size and co. on song FOR Emma Size, the best part of the Australian Girls Choir’s recent tour of America wasn’t performing at the worldfamous Time Square in New York nor even running amok at Disneyland. “We saw John Mayer on the plane ... we had a moment, our eyes connected!” laughs the Year 12 student from Immanuel College in South Australia. Size has been a member of the choir for an impressive 12 years and took on the role of Tour Leader during the trip, which covered New York City, Boston, Washington DC, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Singers from around Australia had just a few days to rehearse together before heading off overseas. During her time with the choir, Size has also travelled to France, Italy and Hong Kong, and even performed for the Pope. Members of the choir must be under 18, which means Size’s time as a member is almost up. “I think it’s definitely sad, but I’m just glad I’ve been a part of it!”

Wet but happy at Disneyland!

The choir in front of the Old Post Office Pavilion in Washington DC.

Emma singing Walk Like An Egyptian.

ACTIVISTS in the US state of Utah have protested the state’s ultraconservative politics by running through Salt Lake City in their underwear. According to Guinness World Records, the crowd of 2270 smashed the previous undie-run record of 550 people!

Hands on the prize YOU might complain about dragging yourself to school each day — but some kids would happily swap places with you. The right to education is part of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and it’s also the theme of the 2011 Australian Human Rights Commission photo competition. Winners are picked each month, and the overall winners at the end of the year will get a $500 Apple voucher. Gabby Ross, a Grade 12 student from Emmaus College in Queensland, is one of

the monthly winners of the Under 18s category for her image, A Teacher’s Hands. “I was so excited! My art teacher [who is in the photo] was excited too. I thought about education and how everyone thinks about books, obviously. But then I thought, ‘when we’re being educated, teachers use their hands a lot, to convey what they’re speaking about’,” she explains. Ross, who is also interested in sketching, painting and sculpture, has been rewarded with an iPod shuffle for her efforts.

A Teacher’s Hands.


From Roadshow, we have Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year and Red Dog. To be in the running to win this pack, send us a news story from your school to

18 I november11

Gabby Ross

Call 1300 304 614 (landline only) or 03 9614 3441 Application forms available at Police Stations E

Integrated pathway to Y P A S








T. 1 9 8 9


Toll Free: 1300 139 108 Fax: 1300 656 139 “The leading group employer of Apprentice Chefs, Hospitality Trainees and Apprentice Butchers.�

NOW RECRUITING throughout Victoria @littlechefrod

Smart Phone QR-Code

VI C november11 I 19

your news

DearBobby Can’t concentrate! Dear Bobby, Sometimes, just occasionally, when I’m in class listening to the teacher, I get distracted. I start thinking about what I’m going to eat for lunch, the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother – that is such a funny show, BT W, do you watch it? Will Robyn end up with Barney or Ted? Also my head is really itchy today, maybe I have lice? What was the question again? Oh look, something shiny! Absent Abbie. Dear AA, First, get that lice situation sussed. Second, Robyn should end up with Barney. Third, when your mind starts to wander, think about this: if you don’t concentrate in class, you won’t learn anything, you’ll get kicked out of school, you’ll never get a job and you’ll end up like the cat lady from The Simpsons, shrieking at inanimate objects and eternally regretting your lack of concentration skills.

Aussie space pioneers A TEAM of Victorian students have become the first Aussies to compete in a massive, international space science competition. King David School Year 12 students Josh Marlow and Kieran Hirsh were on the team that headed to France for the CanSat competition. The aim is to build a small satellite inside a can, mimicking the conditions scientists work under at NASA. “It was pretty cool, a little daunting, I guess! But it was pretty great to be

able to say we were the first Aussie team,” Marlow says. The satellite was created in Australia with the help of a team of King David students. In France it was launched from a blimp and had to demonstrate several different functions. The boys are thrilled with their performance, although they don’t know exactly where they placed. “It was a really friendly atmosphere ... After the competition was over we went down to the beach as a group, with the French team. It was very relaxed and I think that made it better; it was a lot more fun that way, and we weren’t concerned about winning and losing,” explains Hirsh.

Top: From left: Boaz Ash and Kieran Hirsh with a CanSat official. Above: At work in the control room.

Bronte a wheel star

Bendigo Young Inventor of the Year, Bronte McDonald. 20 I november11 

A BENDIGO teen’s new and improved wheels for humanpowered vehicles have seen her crowned Young Inventor of the Year at the Bendigo Inventor Awards. “I was up against quite a lot of very talented young people and I was very honoured to be recognised for my work and to get the opportunity to show people what I’ve made,” Bronte McDonald says. McDonald is a Year 12 student at Bendigo Senior Secondary College and has been racing since she was in Year 8. Her newly designed carbon-fibre wheels are a huge improvement on the older style wheels. “The wheels you

can buy for pedal vehicles, they’ve got quite a lot of flex in them, so they don’t go around corners very well, and they’re actually more likely to fatigue. The spokes can quite easily get broken,” she explains. “Carbon fibre is a very rigid material ... they’re more likely to go around the corners more directly, you can go into the corners a bit harder, and they’re also a little bit better with acceleration.” The wheels, which started out as a folio piece for her VCE Design and Technology class, have now won her $2000 and a mentoring package. “I’ve been very lucky, it’s very exciting!” she exclaims. VIC

e Marian Colleg r fo students stand change!

Marian kids helping to end poverty

MARIAN College students have taken a stand against global poverty — literally. To celebrate international Stand Up Against Poverty Day, the school’s Justice and Democracy Forum (JDF) organised for the entire junior school to stand in the school driveway to symbolise their commitment to helping end third-world poverty. “They came together, they united ... I find that it’s a positive way for the junior

school students to show that they care and take a stand against poverty,” explains JDF member and Year 11 student Jacqueline Di Vincenzo. “The girls seemed to get quite a lot out of it even though it was something quite simple,” agrees fellow JDF member Emajun Patten. A student speaker also gave a talk on the UN’s Millennium Development Goals,

which aim to eradicate poverty entirely by 2015. The JDF has a history of getting their fellow students together to take action on the big issues, and past events have included a successful cultural fusion night. “JDF has got a focus on global issues that we either care about or wish to know more about, and [we] also educate the community about what’s happening,” Patten explains.

Conference fun The Victorian Girls’ State Schools Conference was a resounding success.


MORE than 100 female students from across the state recently headed to the Victorian State Girls’ School’s Conference. “The conference was really great, a huge success! All the girls that attended had so much fun,” Alison O’Donoghue says. The event was organised by a committee of student representatives from every state girls’ school in Victoria. O’Donoghue and Abby Paterson represented Mentone Girls Secondary College, which also hosted the event. The theme of the conference was R.E.S.P.E.C.T (resilience, environment, self-esteem, peersupport, education, careers, time-out). There were guest speakers, a self-defence workshop, silent disco, and a panel discussion. “The silent disco was the highlight of everyone’s day ... the room [was] dark and there was some smoke and all these lights, it made the whole atmosphere just amazing,” O’Donoghue says. “I’d say the whole day was a highlight! I think the girls really enjoyed it, and I really enjoyed organising it. Seeing all the stuff we’d planned come to life, it was amazing!” adds Paterson.

Genna Radnan with children in Kenya.

Kenya help TWO weeks of volunteering at the end of a holiday in Kenya introduced Genna Radnan to the village of Karunga and the substandard conditions of the kindergarten there. “It was made out of cardboard and wood, cracked floors, desks falling apart, dusty, no windows, so it was cold and dark, and it was

located between two toilet blocks so it always smelt,” Radnan says. She was told a church owned the building and that little could be done, so she settled for tidying it as best she could and buying new education resources. But after the Sydney-sider finished high school in 2009, she headed back to Karunga on a gap year where she discovered the kinder wasn’t in fact owned by anyone. Radnan emailed home for donations, and got stuck in to transforming the place. “I was able to build a brand new classroom

which was double the size, attach a teacher’s office, new desks and chairs and tables, and put big windows in the new classroom which is now made of timber wood and iron sheet. I also got new chalkboards for them, I attached a water tank, moved their location, dug drop toilets for them, and I bought them some swings,” Radnan explains. Since coming home to start a nursing degree she has stayed involved with the kinder, but has also made plans for a women’s education centre in the village. “I wanted to drop out in Year 10, because I’m not academic and I hated trying my hardest and only getting satisfactory results ... and then when I went to Kenya and I met this family with the mother who had no education, that completely changed my aspect of life itself. I realised I was taking for granted how fortunate I was that in Australia it’s compulsory to be educated, ... so I’m just going to do what I can to help give other people that opportunity even though it won’t be as great as the ones I’ve had,” Radnan says. She is working towards becoming a formal charity and raising funds for the centre. Visit for more info.

Dream extreme Travel can feel extreme at the best of times, but perhaps extreme is what floats your boat. If it is, check out these extreme destinations. Ain’t no mountain high enough OK, so you may not actually climb Mt Everest, but you could

certainly attempt the trek to Everest base camp in Nepal, which will get you to about 5500 metres above sea level. You could also try climbing Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania (5895m) or any of South America’s impressive Andean peaks, some of which can be easily climbed and are over 6000m.

Ain’t no valley low enough Some of the lowest places on earth can be pretty otherworldly; Death Valley in California is an awe-inspiring example thanks to its sand dunes, and sits 86m below sea

level. The Dead Sea in the Middle East is another low spot, at 423m below sea level. This makes the sea extremely salty, which in turn makes anyone swimming there very buoyant.

22 I november11

Volunteer options Lakes you’ll like The highest lake you can easily get to in the world is Lake

find it, but Russia’s 1642m deep Lake Baikal is definitely the deepest.

Titicaca (4000m) on the border of Bolivia and Peru, which is also notable for its artificial islands made from woven reeds. Perhaps you’ve had enough of all the altitude, and would prefer to see the deepest lake in the world. It’s a shame you’ll have to go to Siberia to

People Power You might say you’re a people person, but are you enough of a people person to handle the mostly densely populated city in the world? The Phillippines’ Manila has more than 43,000 people to a square kilometre, so about 21 times as densely populated as Sydney! If the thought horrifies you, console yourself — you can always head to Mongolia or Greenland, which are at the oppposite end of the scale.

If you’ve been put off a gap year because it all seems like volunteering in far-flung villages, take heart, there are stacks of gap year options for big city enthusiasts. You could take the classic Aussie route of heading to London to pull pints in a pub, but if you also want to get some do-gooding in and volunteer or do more meaningful work during your gap year there are other options. You could teach English in one of Asia’s bustling metropolises like Tokyo or Bangkok, or perhaps volunteer through an agency for placements like a library project working on children’s literacy in Colombo, Sri Lanka. South America’s urban hot spots like Buenos Aires or Rio de Janeiro will also offer big city buzz and culture, and there are plenty of teaching jobs or projects working with kids. School assistant placements may be available in South Africa’s Cape Town or Johannesburg or some of the UK’s regional cities if you’re keen for an English-speaking country.

Change your Preference Make MIT your number one Preference via VTAC

For further details Visit or call us on 8600 6700 CRICOS 01545C (VIC), 02814A (NSW), 03245K (NSW)


your news The Australian team accept their best collaboration award.

r u o f 1 F Fab Sebastopol college year 9 students dylan sexton, thomas hocking, ryan noether and sam young form trident racing, the aussie team who finished fifth in the world at the recent f1 in schools world championships in malaysia. Sexton and young battled their jet lag and told s-press all about the epic experience.

First of all, explain how F1 in Schools works. Young: It’s a competition where we design and manufacture a miniature Formula One car, a car that has to comply to a certain amount of rules and dimensions, and then race it down a 20 metre track. As well, you have to present a verbal presentation and be able to set up a booth display. Mainly we’re judged on four categories — the actual car racing, the car engineering, the booth display, and our verbal presentation. You must have been excited to do so well! Y: Yes, we were very ecstatic with how we went! We also picked up the best team collaboration award, which is pretty prestigious. Sexton: It was a great feeling, to look at the results and find out that we’re fifth, got best team collaboration, and then later to find out that we came runners up for best engineered design, it was so great being there.

What were some of the highlights of your time in Malaysia? Y: I think the main highlight was getting to meet people from different cultures that we have to come across, people from all the way across Europe and Asia. It was great to just to meet them in real life, I think it was a great experience for all four of us. S: There were a lot of highlights over there. Meeting all the different people, and having friends that you know you’ll have for life. The knockout racing was great fun, everyone puts a bit of humour into what they do and we ended up wearing helicopter hats and having a drink while we were racing, it’s a bit of fun. And then we went over to Singapore and we got free tickets to watch the Grand Prix — we got to go into the pits and Lotus gave us a tour around their pit!

What was the most challenging part of the competition? Y: Probably raising the money. Especially being from such a small town like Ballarat ... we had to raise around $20,000. S: It’s a huge amount of work, but the rewards are just as high, so we love it.

24 I november11


Australian Guild of Music Education

my OPEN day

Incorporated A0010197v



The Australian Guild of Music Education System is comprehensive Music and Speech Education offered throughout Australia and overseas. The AGMED offers a flexible learning system, as the course is essentially a distance education course. DVD’s of these sessions are available for students too far away to attend the 3 days. At the Guild, you’ll also have access to some of the latest equipment and facilities.

fee help

A Guild qualification will open up career pathways in all facets of the music industry. FEE HELP & VET FEE HELP is available to eligible students RTO 3589, VET Courses offered: Certificates I, II, III, IV, Diploma of Music & Advanced Diploma of Music Higher Education Program: Bachelor of Music Degree

Melbourne Office: Phone/Fax: 03 9822 3111 Dean (Dr. E. Knoop) – Ph: 0412 327 665 Email: or


tafes change of preference


Being a teenager just became easier.

Explore / Discover / Share / Contribute Where every day is Open day november11 I 25

t a e b t r A The three secondary school entries, also including The Farmer’s Wife by Jessica GrahamRichards, Year 12 at Glossop High School.

Ag-Art The Riverland Field Day in Barmera, South Australia holds an unusual art competition each year called Ag-Art. Students create a costume, and according to the competition rules, “The creation and its accessories are to be made from material of an agricultural and /or horticultural nature as produced or found on a farm or block, however buttons, zips and such items may be used without penalty.”

Country Women’s Association by Sherrin Koch, Year 11 at Loxton High School.

26 I november11

Nathan Gregory

Lucy Williams

Be the Change Sarah James, a Year 12 student at Girton Grammar School in Bendigo organised the Be the Change exhibition, which brought together works by students and local artists that outline a vision of change. Works were auctioned to support charity, these are some of the pieces included in the exhibition which were created by Year 11 Girton Grammar School students.

Blossom Beauty by Olivia Sully, Year 11 at Glossop High School was the winning entry in the school category.

Victoria Hommelhoff november11 I 27

student column

Life in Year 12

senior years

fancy If you f as a el yours d would n a r write o be our t e nist lik colum il 2 1 r a Yea 2, em in 201 spress. @ news .au com

“To avoid situations in which you might make mistakes may be the biggest mistake of all.” -Peter McWilliams

Everyone makes mistakes. I have found in Grade 12 that, when you are too stressed to concentrate and there is too much running through your mind, it is extremely easy to slip up and make an error! But, after the mistake filled month that I have had, there is good news; you really do learn a lot from your errors. I had one particular day which I like to refer to as Fail Friday — the name is self-explanatory — and I probably learnt more from that one day than I have in most of the year. I know now that failure is nothing to be ashamed of, especially when you did everything you could to avoid it. The best lessons in life are learnt by experiencing, trying, and failing.

To bed to sleep WHEN it comes to managing stress and your overall wellbeing, sleep is just as important as exercise and a decent diet, but many people don’t get enough of it. Here are some tips to help you get a satisfying night’s shut eye.

1. Take A Bath

A hot bath a couple of hours before bedtime can help you drift off. After getting out, your body temperature will cool rapidly and make it easier for you to get to sleep without tossing and turning.

2. Sip A Warm Drink


It’s hard to sleep when you’re hungry — and it’s also pretty hard after finishing a large meal. Try a glass of warm milk or a hot chocolate. Dairy products contain tryptophan, which aids sleep, and the drink will satisfy any hunger pangs without making you uncomfortably full.


3. Dim The Lights

HAVING insurance means that you’ll be financially compensated in the case of loss, damage, illness or injury (or on a really, really bad day, all of the above). If you buy insurance you can recoup some or all of the costs when things go wrong. When you buy insurance you get an insurance policy, a legally binding contract between you and your insurance company. If you suffer a loss, you can file a claim and the company

Laura Walkley Moreton Bay College, QLD

will reimburse you according to how much your policy is worth. So if you have an insurance policy worth $500, that is the maximum amount you can claim for. There are many different kinds of insurance, but the types most relevant to young people are car insurance (to cover you if you get into an accident), and health insurance (to give you more control when you

get sick or injured — you can avoid waiting lists and choose your doctor). If you’re considering moving out of home, you’ll also need to think about contents insurance (to protect valuables like electronics, musical instruments, whitegoods, jewellery or collectables) and renters insurance (very basic insurance to protect you in the event of theft or fire).

Using bright lights signals to your brain that it’s daytime, so try to use dim lighting in the hour before you head to bed.

4. Stay Awake

That’s right — when you can’t sleep, there’s no point lying in bed willing yourself to nod off. Once you’ve been lying awake for 20 minutes, get out of bed and do something else. Read a book or watch TV until you feel those eyelids dropping, and then try getting back into bed. It’s important to train your body to recognise that bed is a place for sleep, not tossing and turning.

HOW TO CONCENTRATE AVOID distractions and ... wait, look, over there! Something shiny! 1. Have a dedicated study space that is quiet, well-lit and distraction free — that means turning off the phone and logging out of Facebook. 2. Write up a daily study schedule and stick to it. When your mind wanders, re-read it to remind

28 I november11

yourself what you need to be working on. 3. Study at the time of day that you feel most alert, whether that’s in the mornings, afternoons or evenings. 4. Have a list of study goals (for example,

eat chnotes how well you aim to do on a practice exam), and reward yourself as you accomplish them. 5. Change subjects every few hours so you’re less likely to get bored. 6. Take regular breaks to help yourself feel refreshed, and don’t just nap at your desk! Have a snack or get up and move around a bit.


Sports poll THIS month: Is MotoGP world champion Casey Stoner the best Australian sportsperson of 2011? SMS your vote (type YES or NO) to 0419 110 401 or log on to

LAST Issue (Oct): Will you be going to any Big Bash 20/20 matches?

Yes: 76%

No: 24%

Waters’ breathtaking bathurst blitz

Cameron Waters looks set to take out this year’s Formula Ford Championship. Inset: TV personality and motor sport enthusiast Grant Denyer, left, with co-driver Waters.

NICK BIRRELL MEET Cameron Waters, the 17-year-old Victorian schoolboy who may well be Australia’s most exciting motor racing prospect since Mark Webber, and who last month made history after becoming the youngest ever driver to compete in the famed Bathurst 1000 at Mount Panorama. “It (Bathurst 1000) was all that I expected it to be and more,” Waters says. “It’s hard to describe how amazing it is to race there and to be going the speeds we were. “And to be able to say that I’m the youngest ever driver to compete at Mount Panorama is quite incredible.” Waters was given the opportunity to race at Bathurst after legendary Australian racing identities Todd and Rick Kelly selected him to be part of reality TV show, Supercar Showdown, which pitted 10 of the nation’s best young drivers against each other with one lucky winner chosen to race alongside TV personality Grant Denyer in stage 10 of the V8 Supercars Championship series. “I thought I was in with a shot of winning it (Supercar Showdown) and I think everyone thought they could take it out because we all had our own hidden talents, I guess.” Although Denyer and Waters were unable to finish the marathon 1000km race, the St Joseph’s College Mildura Year 11 student says it was an unbelievable experience regardless, and one he won’t soon forget. “We were a bit disappointed not to finish the race but it was all part of my learning experience I guess. I put the car into the wall early on in my stint but we managed to fix it and I got back out there and did 44 laps.” 

A passionate motor sport fan from an early age, Waters first set foot on a track after his dad, who’s also a motor sport enthusiast and who nurtured his son’s interest in the sport, bought him a go-kart when he was just six. “Dad was involved in speedway, boat racing and go-karts, anything that had a motor in it really. “And I guess from the moment he got me a go-kart I always wanted to be on the track, and once I got into it a bit more seriously I just wanted to race all the time.” Though now one of the nation’s most gifted young drivers, Waters says he wasn’t always the racing prodigy he’s become today but, like everything, became more proficient with added experience. “I don’t think I was that quick straight away but obviously the more I did it the quicker I got

— it’s like anything I guess, the more you practice something the better you’ll get.” After progressing through karts and then to Formula V, Waters now plies his trade in the Formula Ford competition — the world’s premier junior development category in motor sport that has unearthed around 70 per cent of the present V8 Supercar field and also launched the career of Mark Webber. And though it is just his second season in the prestigious competition, Waters presently holds a near unassailable 78 point lead over his nearest rival in the Championship points standing and looks all but assured of taking out the title when the series wraps up in Tasmania on November 13. Not bad for a kid who was still on his Lplates as he made his way around Australia’s most iconic motor sport track. november11 I 29

Australia’s victorious Junior Fed Cup team from left, Belinda Woolcock, Brooke Rischbieth, Ashleigh Barty and team captain Ken Richardson.

pulled out which kind of opened up the draw for us and also placed us as the No.1 ranked seeds,” Rischbieth says. “That put a bit of pressure on us but we just went out there and tried to do what we do best, and luckily it proved enough for us to win.”

S-press 2011 Phantom draft 1. Jonathon Patton 2. Stephen Coniglio 3. Dom Tyson 4. Chad Wingard (right, closest) 5. Will Hoskin-Elliot 6. Liam Sumner 7. Billy Longer 8. Adam Tomlinson 9. Matthew Buntine 10. Hayden Crozier

30 I november11

brilliantly and in the end I didn’t have to play doubles as the final was best of three.” Although Rischbieth didn’t get to feature in the final, the Wilderness School Year 11 student still featured prominently throughout the event and was happy with her contribution to the team. “It was very exciting to be part of the competition and to contribute to the team and play alongside two really good players was great.”


THE nation’s next batch of AFL stars were put through their paces last month at the annual AFL Draft Combine, with this year’s event held for the first time at Melbourne’s Etihad Stadium. One-hundred-and-twenty players attended the four-days of testing which gave recruiters the chance to best decide on who to add to their club come draft day (November 24). Here’s how we think the top-10 picks will fall, with eight of the first 10 players chosen set to join Greater Western Sydney.

The talented trio was full of confidence heading into Mexico after taking out April’s qualifying event in India and Woolcock made the perfect start in the decider by defeating Carol Zhao 6-1 6-3, before Barty sealed the win with a decisive 6-2 6-3 victory over Francoise Abanda. “I was a bit of a nervous wreck on the sidelines to be honest,” 16-year-old Rischbieth says laughingly. “But the girls played

Slat tery Media

AUSTRALIA has captured its second Junior Fed Cup title in five years after a dominant display in the tournament played in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. The team of Victorian Belinda Woolcock, South Australian Brooke Rischbieth and Queensland’s Junior Wimbledon champion Ashleigh Barty headed into the competition finals as the No.1 seeds following the withdrawal of the United States, and lived up to their favourites tag by cruising to victory over No.2 seeds Canada in the final. “The USA team was supposed to be the No.1 seeds but they

Mexican glory for Fed Cup Juniors

Swimmer Kenrick Monk has placed his Olympic aspirations in jeopardy after lying to the nation.

Craig Alexander became only the fourth man to win the Ironman World Championships three times.



Two words that are all too common among athletes. NICK BIRRELL ‘THERE is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about,’ Irish poet Oscar Wilde once told us. For many athletes this saying rings true nowadays more than ever due to the vast media and sponsorship opportunities available to sport’s more high-profile athletes. Yet, for one Australian swimmer, I’m guessing he’s wishing his name was still fairly anonymous after recently throwing himself into the national spotlight, and for all the wrong reasons. In late September Brisbane-based swimmer and Olympic hopeful Kenrick Monk broke his elbow in two places after falling from his bike in what he originally described as a ‘deliberate’ hit-and-run incident. “I remember the guys in the car yelling ‘Oi’ and laughing. I turned and I got whacked on the side — that was it,” Monk told reporters in hospital. “I thought it was a scare tactic but it went too far. They were young and dumb, trying to impress their mates.” But just days after the alleged crime, Monk was forced to admit he had fabricated the story after a witness came forward and revealed to Queensland Police that the 23-year-old swimmer had actually incurred his injuries after falling from his skateboard on his way to training. “It just kept snowballing and snowballing and more and more and more came out and it just got too much for me,” Monk tearfully revealed as he admitted his deception. Luckily for Monk Queensland police are unlikely to charge him with making a false statement while Swimming Australia is yet to decide on his sanctions. I for one would like to see him still be given the chance to represent his country (if he’s good enough to qualify) at the sport’s pinnacle event. And while one would never condone Monk’s deceit, I am a firm believer that all people deserve a second chance — no matter the situation. The past decade especially has shown us that athletes are afforded far more leniency when they transgress when compared to individuals in other fields; with former AFL star Brendan Fevola the prime example. After incurring numerous sanctions while playing for Carlton, Fevola was eventually sacked by the club at the end of 2009 but was offered an AFL-lifeline by the Brisbane Lions the following year. And while the move to Brisbane was an ultimate disaster for both club and himself following the full-forwards battles with gambling and alcohol addictions, there remains a slim chance that he’ll be offered a third chance to play AFL if he’s picked up in next month’s pre-season draft. So, if a notorious ‘bad-boy’ of the AFL is even being considered to re-join the league, then surely Swimming Australia will allow Monk the chance to reach his Olympic dream.

what do you think? Email:

A few q’s with Craig Alexander, Australian triathlete legend. A 3.86km open water swim, 180.25km bike ride and 42.195km run in one of the world’s most arduous climates. That is the prospect facing competitors who lineup in the annual Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. For many it is too much of a challenge, but for one man the race has given him the opportunity to become one of the all-time greats of the sport. S-press caught up with 38-year-old Craig Alexander who last month became the first Aussie to win three World Ironman titles. Were you a talented triathlete when you were starting out? It was a different sport back when I started and probably wasn’t as competitive as it is now. I think I did my first race towards the end of 1994 and then by the next year I was racing in the open category and winning small amounts of money. I did my first international race in the Sydney World Cup in October of 1995 and finished 8th. You contested your first Ironman World Championship in 2007 and finished second. Tell us about that experience. At the time I was the reigning world champion for the half-ironman distance and while I was quietly confident and felt I’d prepared well I still knew I had a lot to learn about the distance... What’s the toughest part of the race? It’s a brutal race not only for the level of competition — you have the best in the world racing there — but also the conditions are the toughest ... as well. The bike ride can be tough if the winds get up but I think the run is generally the toughest because it’s obviously coming at the end of the race when you’re starting to really fatigue. You get off your bike at about 12.30pm so you’re running the marathon in the hottest part of the day. Was this year’s victory the most pleasing? I think it was because to win once is amazing but I think to continually perform at consistently high levels is always the hardest thing to do in anything, whether it be sport, business or whatever. Fellow Australian triathlete Chris McCormack and yourself have combined to take out the past five Ironman World Championships. What makes us so dominant in the event? It’s a good question. I think it’s because Australian athletes are forced to race overseas and I guess if you’re a football player it’s like playing an away game all the time — it just toughens you up mentally. And I think Australian athletes are known for their mental toughness and their unwillingness to quit and their work-ethic, so that obviously helps us. Finally, what advice do you have for students out there with aspirations of one day competing in Hawaii? Just go for it. Set yourself bigger goals each year but remember to have fun with it. If you have a passion for it and a love for it you’re going to do the training and do the work that’s required. november11 I 31

spor t

s e n i h s n r u Blackb s e n i d V g i B as EVEN though State of Origin football hasn’t been played for more than 10 years there remains a widely held view that Victoria is still the premier AFL state in the country, and will continue to be so in the years to come. And the same might be said about Victoria’s female players after the state’s young stars guided the ‘Big V’ to their second successive AFL Under 18 Youth Girls National Title. “We were confident leading into the championships but we had a lot more pressure on us this year after taking it out in 2010,” Victorian superstar Ellie Blackburn reveals. After claiming the inaugural championships last year the Vics were expected to be the dominant force again at the carnival played at the home of the Southport Sharks in Queensland, and lived up to the hype after progressing through the event undefeated. “To go through the championships undefeated was amazing,” Blackburn says. “It was a really tough and hard carnival, especially against Western Australia in the final. “We were expecting them to make the grand final and the match was pretty intense with WA leading at stages in the game. But we fought hard in the last quarter and eventually got over the line.” Victoria ran out 10 point winners in what was a repeat match-up of last year’s decider, november11 I 32

Victoria celebrates back-to-back wins in the AFL Under 18 Youth Girls National Championships. with Blackburn kicking the game’s final goal as well as earning herself ‘best on ground’ honours. The Hallam Senior Secondary College Year 11 student was making her second appearance in the Under 18 Championships and produced some incredible performances that saw her named Player of the Carnival, pick up the Golden Boot award as the championships’ leading goal kicker, as well as being selected in the All Australian team. “Making the All Australian team was a good achievement and being named Player of the Carnival was great as well,” the humble 16-year-old says. “But all in all I was just really happy for the team and I think we were even more excited than we were last year.”

The teen’s inclusion in the All Australian team earns her a spot in the prestigious women’s AFL High Performance Academy where she will receive the best coaching available as well as get the chance to play in an AFL curtain-raiser on the MCG in June next year. “Of all of the things that come with the High Performance Academy the chance to play on the MCG is the most exciting.” While she’s now heavily focused on her AFL commitments, Blackburn is also a very talented cricketer and has even featured in Victoria’s junior state squad. She’s putting cricket on the back-burner for the time being, however, as she has already commenced training with the senior Victorian women’s AFL team. VIC

High Noonan as teen caller fills in for legend

MORNINGTON Secondary College student Travis Noonan enjoyed an unforgettable day at the Murtoa Cup last month and it’s all thanks to the common cold. The aspiring race caller and son of Stawell horse trainer David had been customarily calling each of the day’s races into a voice recorder before being asked to fill in for legendary country caller Rick McIntosh. “Rick had a cold the week before the Cup but thought he’d be able to get through the program,” Noonan reveals. “But after losing his

voice in the sixth race (Murtoa Cup) he wasn’t able to carry on.” Luckily for stewards Noonan was situated just below them as McIntosh struggled through the Cup and after realising he’d be unable to call race 7 and 8 the decision was made to give the 14-year-old a chance. “During the Cup I was on the first tier of the stewards’ tower and they overheard my call of it. “So they asked me to call race 7 and I was a bit reluctant at first but eventually agreed to give it a go.” The talented teen was given just 10 minutes to learn the names of the

10-horse field that lined up in race 7, but executed the call with ease and even got the placings right in a thrilling photo finish. “I thought I did pretty well and I was happy to have a crack at who I’d thought had won instead of leaving it up to the judge. “And the stewards were really happy and gave me the chance to call the last race.” And it appears McIntosh was quite impressed with the Year 9 schoolboy as well. “Not that he could really say anything but he whispered to me that it was pretty good,” Noonan laughs.

Football Federation Victoria

Future race caller Travis Noonan called the final two races at last month’s Murtoa Cup.

FOOTBALL MELBOURNE Girls’ College Year 11 student Brianna Davey (far left) has knocked off present Australian No.1 goalkeeper Melissa Barbieri to be named Melbourne Victory’s first-choice keeper for the 2011-12 W-League season. A former representative in the Australian Under 14, 16 and 17 teams, Davey has long been touted as a future star of the game and is set to show her wares against the best footballers in the country. Her choice as Melbourne’s No.1 keeper is a massive show of faith by the Victory and Davey will be hopeful of repaying their faith on the pitch in the many years ahead. The 16-year-old has already represented the Victory on three occasions and was recently part of the Young Matildas (Australian Under 20 team) outfit who competed in the AFC U19 Women’s Championship in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Unfortunately, the Young Matildas won just one of their five games in Vietnam, which subsequently failed to qualify them for next year’s FIFA Under 20 Women’s World Cup.

VI C november11 I 33


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These Kids kids coming


Canada’s foremost purveyors of electro dance pop These Kids Wear Crowns are winging their way to our shores for a So, where are you guys at the moment? We’re on our way travelling from Toronto to Moncton — on the east coast of Canada. When did you guys hook up as a band? We started the band back in 2005 with just me and Matt (Vink) and Alan (Poettcker) playing together with another two dudes and we played together for about four years until 2009 when These Kids Wear Crowns came together. You’re from Chilliwack in Canada, is there a big electro dance pop scene there, or are you guys, like, total trailblazers? (laughs) Well, we kind of have two clubs and that’s what everybody does in Chilliwack — they go to the clubs. So, I wouldn’t say that we’re pioneers by any means, or that we are part of any sort of trend. It’s not like there are tons of musicians coming from Chilliwack. Who have you been inspired by to develop These Kids’ sound? Everyone has come from different groups and tastes — some of us are pop-punk, some of us are rap, some are metal, some are pop. We all get together and come up with our own sound. I guess our inspiration is a little bit from everywhere and it all comes together and the result is what you hear on the album. You’ve just spent your summer touring across Canada. What’s been the highlight of the past few months? Finding out about the Simple Plan tour (in

whirlwind (mostly all ages) tour. GRANT QUARRY caught up with lead singer Alex Johnson for a quick chat about the band’s unbridled excitement at the prospect of playing in front of their Down Under Neon Army. February in Canada) was pretty big, actually this tour coming up and having the opportunity to come back and play down in Australia. It was a big highlight just finding that out. Like, we travel back and forth across Canada, and we love it, but it’s a big country, and it’s nice to visit different places we haven’t been so much. You released your single Jumpstart in March this year and it peaked at No.17 on the charts here. That’s pretty amazing — how did you react when you were told it had sold so well down here and that you had a Down Under Neon Army? (laughs) It was awesome. We didn’t know what to expect from the release in Australia. It was something that just happened, we’re so glad that the single was released and were just blown away by the reception. Obviously, Australia likes to party because that’s what we call our music — ‘party-core’.

We like to have fun and it’s very cool to have a super warm reception so far away. It makes us feel like when we come there, that we’re going to have a good time. I’ve read that Alex (singer co-writer) and Alan (bassist, co-writer) basically want to get people off their butts and dancing. Is that the real driver of the band, rather than moving fans with deep lyrics and philosophical musings? Yeah, well, you know, you could sit down and read our lyrics — we really do put a lot of time into it, and ultimately we’re not just throwing stuff down on paper. Of course, yeah, we’re trying to push the catchiness the most. In terms of the album, I don’t think you’ll find too many cheesy lines here and there. We did a good job to make it not only fun to sing but also something you can relate to. What can your Aussie fans expect from a These Kids gig? Chaos. And something about to broken at every moment of the show. No, we like to have fun, we love to interact with the audience, we usually say it’s a marathon, not a sprint, because we like to keep people going the whole show, instead of just a few pockets of wild entertainment. We like to get pretty crazy the whole show and we expect everyone else to get the same way. • These Kids Wear Crowns are touring — check pages 40/41 for dates etc. in your state, or go to november11 I 35

5 m i n u te s w i t h

the Getaway Pl Plan. an. Matt

bourne g 2009. Mel January n a roll and bein to k c a b o d e , in r e ic m s w r u u n m alian Cast yo way Pla r, The Geta g in Austr rockers the next big thin unced it was ove o w s n e a n n d a y ir te e e u th th to ack with RRY xplicably then, ine e. Well, they’re b ber 4. GRANT QUA ht n m ig o r ve g W o t, t N u Mat kap t on ad singer e quiem, ou album Re or a chat with le soon and how th f o sat down much success to ays meant to be. o about to ormation was alw ef band’s r

Your EP Hold Conversation went gangbusters back in ‘06, you supported Taking Back Sunday’s Oz tour, the album came out in Feb ‘08 and fans, critics, went berserk. You must have been living the dream? We were. It was so overwhelming — it was almost the reason for our initial demise in the end. It was just too much too fast for us and we were too young. We were, like, 19 when this stuff was happening. On 25 February 2009, on Myspace you (as a band) announced you were splitting. Take us back to Big Day Out in 2009. How did it all collapse? Well, it wasn’t as though we played a tour and had a blow out. Big Day Out was incredible, it was one of the most incredible tours we’ve ever done. But... this was just a problem that had been growing for a long time and we just got together and said ‘are we going to break up or are we going to make this a hiatus?’ And we all said that we needed to make it official and real, otherwise it wouldn’t have felt like we were doing it. At the time we all felt that we were never going to do it again. We really did believe that. You guys reunited for REVIVAL - This Is Not The End Of Your Story and not long after announced you were working on a new album. You spent four months in Toronto recording Requiem. Why Toronto? It’s all about the producer that we’re using, 36 I november11

David Bottril. We had a list of producers and he was No.1 on our list. We sent emails to maybe 20 producers and he was the first one Wright, to respond — which was mind-blowing Matt from for us, because he has worked with so many incredible acts (Muse, Placebo, Tool etc). Was Toronto a fun place to hang out? Yeah, we loved it. We were really lucky in the end and managed to score some really nice accommodation. We had two apartments between us in a really lovely suburb called ‘the Danforth’. We partied a lot. We spent a lot of our time having fun, that’s for sure. We spent a lot of time in our apartments being sloths, as you do when you’re recording an album. It was fun, we got to meet some pretty interesting local people there. Four years on from your last album, Other Voices, Other Rooms, you guys have no doubt changed and grown, what about The Getaway Plan’s sound? We haven’t consciously made an effort to change our sound at all. We haven’t made an effort to sound like anything, but four years definitely changes people. Fans etc can expect it to be different, but I don’t want to give away too much... Without trying to sound predictable, it’s different but it’s still us. Right now we’re the best we’ve ever been as musicians and that shows on the album. The Reckoning is a great opener, and a

fitting choice for first single off the album but the clip!? OMG! Have you copped a bad reaction from any quarters yet? We kind of consciously made the effort to push it a little bit this time around. Unfortunately we’re having a bit of trouble getting it cleared for television at the moment so we may have to think of a censored version, but, who knows, maybe we’ll just stick it to the man and tell them ‘no’. Was there a real keenness on Requiem for there to be a bigger sound, you know, tighter production, organs, children’s choir, orchestrations etc? I think it’s always kind of been an unspoken thing between us that we will always try and make things as epic as physically possible. Again, we didn’t make a conscious effort to create the most grand, insane, crazy record ever, but it’s just the way that it came out. They were the ideas that were running around our heads, and we always do our best to try and translate them. What are your plans after December? We’ve got Big Day Out in January and then we’ll be looking to do another tour of our own around April. So can fans look forward to The Getaway Plan sticking about for a while, or should we not get too comfortable? Nah, they can definitely get comfortable, we’re here to stay.

Lady Gaga

VIC november11 I 39

november mon










Melbourne Festival: Andreas Exner & Rose Nolan, The Solo Projects

Until Sat Nov 12, VCA, Southbank.


These Kids wear Crowns

(U18 afternoon / 18+ Evening) THE HI-FI, Melbourne


15 14


7.30pm, Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne Park, $101–$129

7.30pm, Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne Park, $101–$129

Kings Of Leon, Band of Horses (AA)

Kings Of Leon, Band of Horses (AA)


23 Star Voyager: Exploring Space on Screen

28 november11 I 40 

Boy & Bear (18+)

From Star Trek and Avatar. Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Fed Square. Until Jan 29.

8pm, The Bended Elbow, Geelong, $39.80 (+ bf)



Jebediah, Stonefield, Split Seconds (18+)

8pm, Billboard The Venue, Melbourne, $37.75 (+ bf)

24 Cold Chisel, You Am I (AA)

7pm, Rod Laver Arena, Melb Pk, $99.90





04 Australian Modern Masterpieces


St Arnaud Country Music Festival: Allan Webste (AA)

Art Gallery of Ballarat, 40 Lydiard Street North. Until Sun Nov 27, Adult $12, Conc $8 and Child Free.

10am, St Arnaud Sporting Club, $20



Power to the People

Art from the late ‘60s. Until Sun Nov 20, ACCA - Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, free

hot ticket


Kings Of Leon, Band of Horses (AA)


18 Face The Music 2011

Presentations, discussions, networking and practical workshops. Until Nov 19, The Arts Centre, Melb.

25 Breakout U18 Music Festival

LMFAO, The Bloody Beetroots, Afrojack, Ferry Corsten Sidney Myer Music Bowl


A Day on the Green: Cold Chisel, You Am I, Stonefield (AA)

7.30pm, Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne Park, $101–$129

20 Kubik Melbourne

4pm, Rochford Wines, Coldstream, $120 (+ bf)–$375 (dinner & show)

- Live music touring art installation, Birrarung Marr Until Nov 26.



Fri 25 Nov

Breakout U18 Music Festival LMFAO, The Bloody Beetroots, Afrojack, Ferry Corsten. Sidney Myer Music Bowl One of the most exciting under age initiatives to arrive in many years, the inaugural Breakout Under 18s Music Festival is unlike anything ever available to underagers in Australia. The dance and urban focused festival hits Melbourne’s Sidney Myer Music Bowl on Fri 25 Nov and young party-goers best prepare to have their minds blown. So far the Melbourne lineup includes LMFAO, The Bloody Beetroots, Afrojack, Ferry Corsten, The Potbelleez, 360, Marvin Priest, Diafrix, Xzibit and DJ IZM (from Bliss N Eso), with many more to be announced. The event is scheduled to start straight after school hours and run until 10pm. Tickets to this fully supervised, alcohol free event are available from november11 I 41


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f a s h i o n t h e r m o m e te r We love Evan Rachel Wood’s take on the tomboy look — especially the shoes.

Rockin’ it!

Emma Watson never puts a foot wrong!


Two thumbs up for the printed silk number Keira Knightley sported at the Venice Film Festival!

fashion thermometer


head scratcher

We’d usually applaud Nicki Minaj’s crazy risk taking ... but this might just be the stupidest thing ever to grace a red carpet.


Rip off those horrendous sleeves and Ashley Olsen might just be on to a winner.

The red carpet is no place for granny’s nightie and ugly shoes, Sophia Bush. But your hair is pretty.

CATASTROPHIC! november11 I 43

Moments in style:

fashion news

how to...

....trim your fringe 1.

Singer/actress Barbra Streisand Find a well lit spot and arm yourself

with a comb, mirror, and proper haircutting scissors.

2. Tie up any hair that doesn’t belong in 3.

wanted to stand out at the 1969 Oscars. Designer pal Arnold Scassi

your fringe.

made her a bell-bottomed trouser

Only trim dry hair. Wet hair is longer and

suit in sequined black tulle — and

will get shorter as it dries!

4. Start trimming from the centre of your forehead, using your eyebrows to judge

the length.

5. Cut with the scissors on an angle,

trimming away teeny triangles of hair, rather than chopping straight across. This will help disguise and correct any crookedness.


Barb r Stre a isan d

Trim less, not more! A too-long fringe can be shortened later, but go too short and you’ll have to deal with an awkward growing out stage!

accidentally created a wardrobe malfunction when the suit went transparent under the lights as Streisand took to the stage to collect the Best Actress statuette for Funny Girl.

HAIRLESS HAIR... Glee costume designer Lou Eyrich is rocking an intriguing new ‘do — she’s given up on hair care entirely and had a low-

Lou Eyrich 44 I november11

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music ADELE’s broken heart was the driving force behind her mega successful album 21. Now she’s ready to be friends with the ex-boyfriend who inspired it! “We’re becoming friends again. It’s alright, I know what I’m doing. Enough time has gone by ... He changed my life, I can’t deny that. The album helped me get over splitting up with my boyfriend. It helped me forgive and I hope that he has forgiven himself.”

MILEY Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are definitely back together — the pair have been spotted with matching skull tattoos while holidaying in Malibu! But Cyrus was unimpressed with the cameras following their every move, tweeting: “no idea we were getting photographed. that really sucks cause that’s a day that was for me and Liam NOT the world. #papssuck”.

JOE Jonas is the latest star to ditch his clean-cut Disney image. The video for his new single Just In Love features the singer rolling around in bed and playing in a bathtub with an underwear model! “I’m not naked and she’s not naked — but I think it’s a little bit, well, I’ll just say it’s a little bit older than anything I’ve done before,” he says.

46 I november11

RUMOURS are swirling about Beyonce’s pregnancy — a lot of people think the singer isn’t expecting at all! After an Australian interview on Channel 7 current affairs show Sunday Night, viewers went wild with suggestions that her tummy was just padding. The singer’s publicist has now released a statement slamming the rumours as “stupid, ridiculous and false”. We agree. Why the Queen of Pop would need to fake a pregnancy is beyond us!

CODY Simpson says school bullies inspired him to aim for the stars. “I was teased a little bit for choosing a career path that not many kids do ... I just learned very early to not care what other people think. The music teacher at my old school used to let me into the music room when everyone else was running off to do other things, as it was just something that I loved.”

news DRAKE says Rihanna broke his heart! The pair had a short-lived fling and the rapper admits he “thought it was more ... at the time it hurt, but she didn’t mean to. I’ll never put that on her. I was hurt because I slowly started to realise what it was. I guess I thought it was more. That was the first girl with fame that paid me any mind.” Aww — we think they’d make a cute couple!

GOTYE is hot stuff! His album Making Mirrors was released after the cut off date for ARIA nominations, but the hit single Somebody That I Used To Know still got seven nominations all on its own! “It’s pretty crazy. The song has flung open a lot of doors for me internationally. It has allowed me to release my album Making Mirrors in every territory in the world,” he says.

ROBERT Pattinson is apparently about to start work on his first album. He once admitted to a brief stint as a teen rapper, telling Top of the Pops, “I’ve got a whole collection of tapes of me rapping from when I was 13! I wanted to be a rapper so there are hundreds and hundreds of tapes”. But according to a source, the record will be “guitar-based and drums, very organicsounding, nothing pop.” Intriguing...

THE latest Florence and the Machine track, Only If For A Night, was inspired after Florence Welch saw her dead grandmother in a dream! “She told me, ‘Concentrate on your perfect career’ ... Can you imagine? It’s like, ‘You’ve left your laundry out and it’s going to rain’. ‘OK Grandma, thanks!’ I thought it would be something, y’know, more cryptic!”

JESSE J hates the smell of eyelash glue — so she found an alternative. Actual glue. Ick! “I use [glue] to put on my [false] eyelashes. Everyone looks at me like I’m crazy. It smells a bit fishy but it stays put and it’s so sticky that you can reuse them.” But the singer also says she plans to tone down her over-the-top style. “Sometimes I look at myself and think, ‘Woah there Jess!’” november11 I 47

THE death of gay teen Jamey Rodemeyer, who committed suicide after being bullied, has inspired Star Trek star Zachary Quinto to announce he is gay. “It became clear to me in an instant that living a gay life without publicly acknowledging it is simply not enough to make any significant contribution to the immense work that lies ahead on the road to complete equality,” Quinto said. “I can only hope to serve as the same catalyst for even one other person in this world.”

PLAYING a crusading journalist in The Help gave Emma Stone the opportunity to learn about the struggle for race equality in 1960s America. “I have been educated on the most well known stories of the era, but not the day to day life of the ordinary woman experiencing this. Getting to live in the south and play Skeeter was really so enriching for my life, not only as an actor but [for] me,” she explains. TAYLOR Lautner knows that he wouldn’t be where he is today if it weren’t for the sacrifices his parents made by moving to LA when he was just seven. “Looking back, we risked everything. If me and my family had known how competitive this business was, I don’t think we ever would have given it a shot. We came out here green, not knowing anything.”

COBIE Smulders’ role in the mega superhero flick The Avengers is a massive change from How I Met Your Mother. Smulders says, “I walked on the set and it was freakin’ huge. It was the size of a soundstage, then you walked up these steps and you were just surrounded by this amazing gorgeous set, which my character is in charge of running. I was like, ‘Holy smokes, this is crazy and this is big!”

show KRISTEN Stewart has given a profanity laden interview about her new film, Snow White. “It’s hard to play an action hero who is also the most compassionate person on earth ... how the f**k do you do an action movie like that? Basically, I’m fighting evil, I’m fighting the most evil motherf**kers, and it’s fine that they’re being killed. It’s anguish. It’s literally f**king anguish. She takes absolutely no pleasure in ever hurting anything.” Pass the swear jar!

48 I november11

IT was supposed to be Aussie actress Rachel Taylor’s big Hollywood break, but the new Charlie’s Angles television reboot has been swiftly canned. One critic said he didn’t believe the leggy crime fighting trio “could change a flat tire, much less take down a notorious human trafficker.” Ouch! Still, she’s having better luck as one of the stars of hit Aussie flick Red Dog, so we’re sure this won’t be the last we see of her!

HAILEE Steinfeld may be only 14, but she’s already a fashion force to be reckoned with, and pretty psyched to be the new face of her favourite label, Miu Miu. “Having the campaign come along was really huge for me. It’s been an honour. It has been so much fun. I have had such a blast getting to know everyone that works with the brand ... Fashion has become a big part of my life.”

JIM Parsons, who plays the weird and wonderful Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory, has fame, money and a stack of prestigious awards to his name — but he’s considering retirement! “I do think about retiring ... not because I don’t want to act anymore but sometimes it just sounds like a good idea to go somewhere (else). I’m tired of listening to me ... Maybe I could go, like, farm grapes. I don’t know!”


ORLANDO Bloom has revealed that his acting career might never have gotten off the ground because of a nasty accident. After breaking several vertebrae in a fall as a 21-year-old, the actor was paralysed for four days and underwent 18 months of rehab. Now he says the scary experience made him stronger. “I’m grateful for it ... it hasn’t prevented me from doing anything. But it’s a constant reminder.”

Modern Family star Sarah Hyland took Glee’s Lea Michele to task for her over-the-top red carpet posing at the Emmys. Hyland imitated Michele, saying, “It’s like a slow-motion picture kinda thing. She puts her hands on her hips like this ... she sticks out her collarbone to make her look skinnier and she goes [pouts lips].” Hyland later apologised, but Michele is unforgiving.”I gotta be honest. It hurt my feelings a little bit,” she says. november11 I 49


g Bi Raps With Stev e Duck SNOOP LINKS WITH NBC US television network NBC, home to such iconic comedy series as Seinfeld, Friends, Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock is looking for it’s next timeless hit. Instead of risking it with an untried comedian or ageing celebrity on the comeback, they’ve decided to sign Snoop Dogg and hope that a rapper with little to no acting or comedic experience will keep the lights on at 30 Rockefeller Centre. To date, Snoop’s TV experience is limited to reality show Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood and his MTV sketch comedy show Doggy Fizzle Televizzle. Seriously, that’s what it was called. Despite this lack of experience or success, NBC are confident their new unnamed sitcom will be a hit with viewers. The show will be a “multi-camera family comedy” with Snoop playing the father of the family. Adding further confusion to all of this is the writer of the series; Ted Chung, who was responsible for the jokes in 1980’s comedy series M*A*S*H, will head up the writing staff. So that’s jokes from the ‘80s, a family sitcom and a lead actor who can’t really act. Sounds like a winner!

TUPAC SEX TAPE! IS the ability to generate headlines from beyond the grave an accurate measure of celebrity? If it is, Tupac is right up there with John F Kennedy and Michael Jackson as one of the popular deceased human beings of the modern era. While MJ’s wrongful death lawsuit grabs headlines, Tupac has gained ground recently with a new posthumous release. Although this time it’s not another album, but rather a sex tape. It’s amazing really; when Tupac was gunned down in 1996, celebrity sex tapes were unheard of. It’s like the dude could predict what would keep him relevant 15 years later. Yes, Tupac was a prophet. Who knows what else he has in his vault for future releases. Tupac’s sex tape is yet to be officially released, as bidding between porn companies continues. Bidding reached a high of US$150,000 before the CEO of NOHO, an anti-hangover drink, trumped all bidders with a one million dollar offer. Yeah, I’m confused too. 50 I november11

PHONTE’S SOLO HITS HOME IT wasn’t until I first heard Phonte’s latest album Charity Starts At Home that I realised a look back through Phonte’s now extensive discography reveals not only a consistency unrivalled by so many of his hip-hop contemporaries, but a dazzling growth both as an artist and as a person. From his beginnings as the stronger of two rappers in Little Brother to his expansion with The Foreign Exchange and side-croonings as Percy Miracles, Phonte has ventured all over the hip-hop sphere yet rarely puts a foot wrong. While developing as an artist in front of us, an interesting parallel can be drawn with Phonte’s maturity as a man, culminating in Charity Starts At Home, an album that I find myself relating to more closely than most rap albums these days. This one is a great album you might just like a little more than you expected.

ALBUM OF THE MONTH: TREM FOR THE TERM OF HIS NATURAL LIFE THIS is one of those months that makes me wish I had more than a little paragraph to dedicate to the album of the month. Trem’s latest long-player For The Term Of His Natural Life is the latest in a long string of must-have releases from the Lyrical Commission collective. Similar to Roc Marciano’s landmark 2010 release Marcberg, this is the kind of album that immediately entrenches you in the artist’s world and leaves you hanging on every word. Check the video for the brilliant Animal Kingdom on YouTube now if you haven’t already, and be sure to cop this one ASAP.









Mookie & the beats

With Russ Macumber

Adam Freeland OLD SCHOOL NU I STUMBLED across a couple of wicked nubreaks sets from 2000-2001 last week which really got me all nostalgic about the once bustling breaks scene we had in Australia. Last month I slagged off the now (in my opinion) irrelevant results for the ITM Top 50 DJs, but when the awards started in 2002 they were very much an accurate reflection of the electronic music scene of Australia of the time. And at the very top of the tree for the first three years of the poll was Australia’s breakbeat king Kid Kenobi. Nu breaks around the turn of the century blew up across the globe, but it was still mainly seen as a fringe genre played in side rooms. In Australia breaks was all main room, big stage baby. The sets I had the pleasure of hearing again, Coastal Breaks and On Tour, were compilation CDs mixed live (thank you very much) by the doyen of nu-school breaks himself, Mr Adam Freeland. The (then) bleached Brighton babe was the darling of the underground with his deep yet funky take on the breakbeat sound which owed as much to the driving nature of techno as its broken beat heritage. Percussive, vocal, hook laden and dairy free, Freeland championed the likes of Layo & Bushwhacka!, Ils, Leuroj, Bassbin Twins and more. I would love to share links for the mixes but being studio releases you’ll have to search them out for yourself, either via Amazon or perhaps at JB Hi-Fi. While you’re searching online, if anyone happens to find a copy anywhere of Freeland’s famed 2000 Breezeblock set, please hit me up at because I’ve been searching for this set for months! 52 I november11

Nu school old QUITE ironic that rewind 10 years to the nubreaks era and the production values of the time were amazingly forward-thinking and frankly sound that way even today — while so much of today’s new music is revisionist remixing of music from long gone eras. Classic disco, house and techno tunes are edited, remixed and played with such regularity these days that you wonder where all the original producers have gone. A common thread searching through the tracklisting of mixsets from around 2000 was that the sets were overwhelmingly comprised of original tracks, whereas today it’s not often an original tune will be played in a big DJ’s set — he/she will much more likely play their own edit or a hard-to-get edit from an associate, so as to stand out from the crowd. Understandable in this age where all music is so easily accessible, but jeez there’s some great tunes out there that should be played as the original artist intended it. One of my all-time fave sets is Fatboy Slim’s live set at Brighton Beach — completely made up of authentic, untouched bombs. Deeper Thinking Heading into submission times for your final assessments, wrap your ears around these deep mixsets: • Classic downtempo mix from the Melbourne veteran DJ Hans DC. House, hip-hop, funk, spaced out electronica and more. With part 2 makes for hours and hours of deep background fodder, perfect studying muzak.

• These Mischio Dischi Disco mixes are soooo hit and miss. Frankly more miss. But this one mixed by Italian Lumino Disco is GOLD! Thick groove throughout, slowed down tempo, melodic and just plain electro-funky! Props!

•F  uture Music Festival first lineup announcement is in! Fatboy Slim and Paul Van Dyk will be representing for the old school, with Swedish House Mafia reppin’ for the, erm, middle school, and Tinie Tempah bringin’ it for the nu-school. • Melbourne’s MC Drapht and indie-beatspopster Gotye were big winners when ARIA’s award nominations were announced in early October.

Flops! •A  RIA’s decision to announce its nominations on the same day of the Independent Music Awards (AIR) was a transparent and frankly cowardly attach for column inches and airtime that reeked of threat quashing. Very poor form by the clear bigger brother. I’m Out! Mookie

Wa ke t he dea d

h ara S h Wit

che Pet


on October 25. What the deal also includes is the release of the band’s third album, which they will enter the studio to record in early 2012. They will once again be joined in the studio by producer Machine (Lamb Of God, Suicide Silence, Cobra Starship). SYDNEY’S Dogfight Records have announced that they will be releasing the highly anticipated second album from Baltimore hardcore outfit, Trapped Under Ice. Dogfight ORANGE County metalcore act The Ghost Inside have unofficially announced they’re in the process of recording their third album, the follow-up to 2010’s Returners. As mentioned, nothing is official yet, however the band have confirmed that they are in Ocala, Florida tracking with producer Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember, Burden Of A Day) at The Wade Studio. The album, at this stage, is expected to be released in early 2012 through existing label Mediaskare Records. This will definitely be one of my most anticipated records of 2012. IT is so very cool to see Australian punk and hardcore talent making huge waves overseas. We’ve all seen footage of Parkway Drive playing to massive crowds at festivals over the European summer, but now the next Aussie band to make a massive footprint on the international hardcore/punk scene is The Amity Affliction. Last week it was announced that the Brisbane six-piece have signed an international deal with Roadrunner Records for the international digital release of Youngbloods 

and is set for release on November 4 through UNFD/Shock. To coincide with the release, the band will hit the road this November and December with Break Even and Gatherer for the Requiem Tour. Tickets are on sale now, and check out the UNFD site for all dates and venue information. (Check out our interview with singer Matt Wright on p.36.) AND finally, the cat is out of the bag! We now know who is going to be hitting stages across the country this February and March as a part of the 2012 Soundwave Festival. Are you ready? The line up is a cracker with A Day To Remember, Lostprophets, Angels & Airwaves,

have secured a licencing deal with New York’s Reaper Records for Big Kiss Goodnight which is in stores across Australia now. Trapped Under Ice The Album was recorded with New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert (who also recorded H20’s Nothing To Prove and Terror’s Keepers Of The Faith) and if the two tracks that are floating around the interwebs are anything to go by, then this album is set to be as vicious as 2009’s Secrets Of The World. Stay tuned, as an Australian tour in support of the new record is set for early 2012. IT has been almost four years since Melbourne’s The Getaway Plan released their breakout album, Other Voices, Other Rooms. Now, the four-piece are preparing to release the follow up (after a period of hiatus). Titled Requiem, this is the result of time apart and then four months spent in Toronto working with producer David Bottril (Muse, Tool, Silverchair)

Cobra Starship, The Used, You Me At Six, Unwritten Law, Dashboard Confessional, Thursday, Forever The Sickest Kids, Raised Fist, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Underoath, Saves The Day, Circa Survive, Jack’s Mannequin, Enter Shikari, Four Year Strong, Hatebreed, Madina Lake, Letlive AND SO MANY OTHERS. Tickets are on sale now, so hit up the Soundwave website for all the dates, venues and ticketing information. november11 I 53

Music re views NEIGHBORHOOD


BLINK’s back! The pop punk and irresistible hooks and choruses remain, though in not quite the same abundance, and while the band’s lyrics often have reflected on not wanting to grow up, their sound inevitably has. Opener Ghost On the Dancefloor while somber, is a superb launch into the LP, with it’s banging bass, catchy chorus and soothing synth. The heavier Snake Charmer is countered by the anthemic Up All Night and Natives feels as familiar as an old pair of Converse. After Midnight’s, I think, an instant Blink classic. Thankfully much of the juvenile humour and profanity is left in the past, deaths of close friends; near-death experiences of band-members; friendships torn apart and reformed will do that to a band. This is better than expected. Much better. SEAN RICHARDSON HHHH







In the Grace of Your Love has not fallen short of expectations. It is one of the best surprises a fan could experience, it reintroduces the band and revitalises them with an expanded sound. The comeback of this group has been highly anticipated and the album has been a success, filled with unique substance that represents The Rapture. The band says its sound is ‘dance punk’ but its more the perfect combination of indie rock, punk and electronica and its wonderful use of experimentation with vocals, melodies and use of instruments boasts a stunningly funky vibe. This album will take you on a relaxing yet captivating journey. EMMA HARVEY YR 10, ST LEONARD’S COLLEGE  HHHH

UP-and-coming Melbourne band and Triple J’s Unearthed favourites, Without Wolves display talent and promise on their debut EP. Their catchy energetic beats will have you tapping your foot uncontrollably, while your head will be nodding along to the wild and impossibly catchy guitar riffs. The distinct vocals are a combination of angst-ridden whiny teen and passionate rocker, which actually works well with the music and adds to the indie pop-rock flavour of the band. Say No! To Disco is a strong track, as if it were specifically written for you to jump around frantically in a mosh pit. The Undertow is a perfect ending to a great album, keeping you hooked until the closing synths. MICHAEL NGUYEN-HUYNH, YR 10, MELBOURNE HS  HHHH

LONDON-bred Elliot ‘Example’ Gleave’s third album has established him as a chart-topper. Dubbed his darkest and most mature piece of work so far, unfortunately Example lacks creativity and is held back not by verbal dexterity, but by thematic imagination. Too many tracks hover on the tales of a boy and a girl. This album is euphoric sounding but lyrically bittersweet and Example’s often monotone voice gives the whole album a feel of slight depression. His musical maturity seeps into stories of meaningful relationships and occurrences and he becomes a more interesting artist as he delves into his dark side. An engaging mixture of electro house, hip-hop and dubstep. EMMA HARVEY YR 10, ST LEONARD’S COLLEGE  HHH

From Warner Music we have Justice’s Audio, Video, Disco, Mutemath’s Odd Soul, Kimbra’s Vows and Jason Derulo’s Future History. To go into the running to win this pack, email a new release album review to


From Sony BMG we have Tonight Alive’s album What Are You So Scared Of?, Georgia Fair’s All Through Winter, Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger and Tim Freedman’s Australian Idle. To be in the running, email a snappy 50-word new release single review to




I, LIKE many, thought these guys were dead and buried. I was wrong. This is an amazing return to form. Catchy, fast and listenable again and again — 3,000,000 hits on Youtube so far tells a story. GAVIN BRIGHT YR 1O, TAS,   HHHH

BRUNO keeps going from strength to strength. From the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn soundtrack, this gently flowing track perfectly suits our man’s vocals and cool style. Another Hawaiian winner. PENNY JACOB  HHHH

I love, love, love this beautiful track — and the clip, it’s so powerful and moving, OMG! A deceptively simple song with powerful lyrics and what a soothing voice — where has Ed been all my life? Totally check this special track out. CINDY CALLUM, YR 10, NSW  HHHH



54 I november11




MAYBE dance fans will embrace this new club track from Rihanna (who I normally love!), but it’s too techno for me. It’s just so forgettable, there’s nothing special about it. Some might like it — but I hate it. JACKSON MARQUEZ, YR 9, WA  H

Brighton Rock (MA15+)

IN this lively British drama/thriller we find ourselves in 1960’s Brighton, a little holiday town where things are much darker than they appear. Following the murder of his mob boss, young upstart Pinkie Brown (Sam Riley) attempts to seize back control of territory from a rival gang, led by the suave Colleoni (Andy Serkis). When a timid and impressionable waitress, Rose (Andrea Riseborough), becomes a key witness of a hit by Pinkie on one of Colleoni’s men, he must do all it takes to prevent her from giving evidence; even if that means romancing her. Though thrilling and dramatic, the film doesn’t escape without its fair share of criticism. Viewers will often find fault with the plotting, which doesn’t make a good enough effort to explain certain situations and character’s motives. Many will also feel a drag in the story, and may 8 Mile even find relief at the film’s climax point. (M) Riley’s acting is noticeably wooden, and his attempt at emotionless gangster often comes off as robotic. Be warned, this also contains more swearing than a BBQ on Australia Day. MICHAEL NGUYEN-HUYNH, YR 10, MELBOURNE HS HHH


This latest film from American director Zach Snyder follows the story of Baby Doll (Emily Browning), who is committed to a mental institution by her cruel stepfather after the deaths of her mother and sister. Facing a lobotomy, Baby Doll retreats into a fantasy reality in order to escape her situation. This is a film that is both metaphorical and allegorical, dealing with mental health and its treatment, sexualisation of society, in particular women, and the search for integrity and identity. Despite excellent acting all round, particularly from Abbie Cornish and Jenna Malone, the film is too art-house for the mainstream, yet too mainstream for the art-house. Snyder’s attempts at combining overpowering CGI with confrontational themes and mainstream action is too much for the senses, and does not hit its ambitious mark. It is however, fun escapist fantasy, if one doesn’t look too deeply, and has a great soundtrack, though this again is not to everyone’s taste. TOM Banger, Year 12, Eltham HS, VIC HHHHH

DVD s w e i rev 8 Mile (M)

IF you only get one shot, one opportunity; would you capture it — or just let it slip? From Academy Award-winning producer/ director Curtis Hanson, 8 Mile explores a week in 1995 of the life of Jimmy “Rabbit” Smith Jr (Eminem), his close friends and mother Stephanie Smith (Kim Basinger) on the rough streets of Detroit’s ‘8 Mile’. To his friends Rabbit is a genius when it comes to rhymes, but to everybody else he is seen as a ‘choke’ artist, only because his problems make him conscious about his rapping. Stuck in dead-end jobs Rabbit knows his ticket out of Detroit is through his lyrics. To succeed he has to put his aggression into words and face up to the Free World, a rival gang. The gang mugged Rabbit for beating up Wink (Eugene Byrd) a friend of theirs who was having a secret sexual relationship with Rabbit’s so called girlfriend Alex (Brittany Murphy); an aspiring model. Each actor plays his or her role diligently and the music really sets the atmosphere and draws an emotional reaction. 8 Mile is genuinely an inspirational movie. Jaydn Nolan YR 9 Brauer College ,Vic HHHHH

From Madman we have awardwinning war doco Armadillo, US frontier drama Meek’s Cutoff and hilarious UK comedy The Trip. To be in the running to win this pack, email a (preferably new release) DVD review to

Being Human Series 1 (M) Adapted from the original British version, the US adventure begins when Aidan, a vampire (Sam Witwer) and Josh, a werewolf (Sam Huntington) ‘transform’ and unwillingly let the darker side of them take over. The unlikely pair of friends possess a deep hatred for what they are and attempt to reject their nature as supernatural predators. They decide to buy a house as a place of safety for themselves and others, and unwittingly move in with an isolated ghost, Annie (Lenora Crichlow) who cannot ‘move on’ from the life she was leading before her tragic death. Each character struggles with what they are. Though there are no new storylines and this lacks a little in originality, there is something about the characters that makes them appealing. Can they rise above and choose high ground or will they be trapped in their violent natures, miserable forever? These adventures look beyond what it is like to live with the creature that dwells within and delves into emotion and human nature and explores how humans act and think through the journeys of the characters searching for a normal life. EMMA HARVEY YR 10, ST LEONARD’S COLLEGE HHH

win november11 I 55


s e m a G reviews GEARS OF WAR 3 Xbox 360 – Microsoft Game Studios

THE third instalment in the hugely popular series brings the saga of barrel-chested future soldier Marcus Fenix to a close, and does not disappoint. Fenix and his buddies in the Coalition of Ordered Governments military begin the third episode on the run; having battled the Locust and the Lambent across the planet Sera for the past two games in spectacular style, they’ve been abandoned by their government and become stranded like the rest of the colonists on Sera. But a mysterious message from Marcus’s supposedly dead father calls them back to the fight. Gears 3 is a textbook exercise in how to end a classic video game series with style and finesse. The gameplay is still the old basic third person ‘get cover, then shoot things’ mould but it’s fast, exciting, and if it ain’t broke, why fix it? It provides a solid platform on which to build dozens of memorable setpiece battles and that’s precisely what this series does well — you’ll take on vast monsters, cause huge explosions, do untold property damage and all in the company of your buddies, fully realised characters played by talented voice actors that lend them real emotional weight and well-crafted humour. Gears 3 looks beautiful and is festooned with nice touches — if you hunker down to roadie run through a trash-choked alleyway, tin cans ping away from your size 12s. It’s solid, looks great, and best of all, it’s served by a wonderful and detailed story. Plus the multiplayer (especially the fun ‘horde mode’ where you have to hold out against waves of aliens) will keep you coming back for more. Destined to go down as a classic.  BAZ McALISTER

56 I november11

DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION Xbox 360 – Square Enix

ONLY gamers of a decade’s standing will know the Deus Ex name, but Human Revolution is actually the long-awaited prequel to two games which came out in 2000 and 2003. They were groundbreaking role-playing games set in a Blade Runner world where cybernetic enhancements are the norm. Human Revolution dials the clock back to 2027 to explain how this came about. You’re plunged into this shadowy world of mega-corporate secrecy as Adam Jensen, ex-cop and security chief for cyberware research corp Sarif Industries. When the company’s lab is attacked Jensen is badly wounded but his life is saved by ‘augmentations’ — and six months later, fresh out of hospital with shiny robot shades for eyes and big blades in his arms, he’s on the trail of those responsible for killing his ex-girlfriend and robbing his boss. But in this world of duplicity, nothing’s as it seems. Gameplay evokes that of the Splinter Cell series fused with RPG elements —you spend ‘Praxis points’, gained through experience, to upgrade your robotic parts making you faster, stronger or stealthier. It’s one of those wonderful games that doesn’t railroad you — there is no clear path and objectives can be achieved by stealth, computer hacking, or just walking in with a big gun blazing. Whatever your play style, this game has an option to please you, there’s plenty to do, the story is compelling and the side-quests fun. Roll on future instalments — it’s nice to have Deus Ex back.  BAZ McALISTER


OCT 27

DRIVE [MA15+] DRIVE is easily the coolest film of the year. Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, it's based on the novel by James Sallis and stars Ryan Gosling as 'Driver', a Hollywood stunt man who makes money on the side as an ‘ask no questions’, efficient getaway driver, along with his mentor Shannon (Bryan Cranston). Driver's solitary existence is shaken when he befriends new neighbour Irene (Carey Mulligan as Irene) and her young son (Kaden Leos) after they move into his building. When Irene's ex-con hubby Standard (Oscar Isaac) is released from prison, Driver agrees to help him with the debt he owes a local gangster by agreeing to drive during a robbery. However, when the heist goes wrong, Driver finds his life threatened by gang boss Nino (Ron Perlman) and dodgy businessman Bernie (Albert Brooks). Gosling delivers a supercool performance, while Mulligan, Isaac and Perlman are superb. The script has real edge to it and is full of unexpected twists. Stylishly directed and brilliantly written, this is a heartpounding thriller with a sensational soundtrack to boot. GREG MICHAEL HHHH

3D SHARK NIGHT [CTC] 3D SHARK Night centres around Sara (Sara Paxton), a uni student who brings six of her college friends (including Dustin Milligan) home for a vacation weekend at her lakeside house in Louisiana. The holiday fun, though, quickly comes to an end when one of her friends is attacked by a shark and another friend is knocked into the water and taken as they’re racing their injured mate to hospital. With no mobile reception (of course), the remaining teens use flare guns to try to attract the attention of the local Sheriff (Donal Logue) on the opposite shore, but Sara’s ex-boyfriend Dennis (Chris Carmack) and his redneck buddy Red (Joshua Leonard) show up instead, and they have a dodgy agenda of their own. Meanwhile, the obviously mostly doomed teens suddenly discover that there’s more than one breed of shark in the saltwater lake. Paxton and Milligan are solid, while Carmack and Leonard are suitably creepy. The shark attack scenes are well done and make good use of the 3D effects. The main problem with the film though is a ridiculous plot twist that’s laugh-out-loud stupid. Directed by David R. Ellis (who did the awesome Snakes On A Plane), this is an enjoyably trashy rip-off of cult films Jaws and Piranha. RAY LADD HHH


NOV 10


NOW showing

3D TT: CLOSER TO THE EDGE [M] Documentaries simply don't come much better than this. The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy (or TT as it’s known) is the most prestigious motorcycle road race on the planet. Each year a small band of brave competitors risk life and limb for no prize money, but the prestige of winning this ultimate test of rider and machine. The doco includes the highs and lows of the race, the casualties and the stars, but focuses mainly on Guy Martin, a young bushy side-burned, scruffy haired cult figure, adored for his maverick, unorthodox approach to the race, and respected for his skill and bravery. He's a very likeable, if weird, dude with a mad passion for bikes and winning the TT. Strap yourself in, for the event is mind-blowing — with racing at stupidly high speeds along ordinary public roads with everything from hairpin turns to blind-spots, overhanging trees, signposts jutting-out and rock walls and houses just centimetres from where the riders scream by. This is a magnificent achievement by doco maker, Richard De Aragues and will keep you riveted from start to finish. GRANT QUARRY HHHHH 

The title alone might be enough to set some people’s teeth on edge, but this film is surprisingly inoffensive. Judy Moody (Aussie actress Jordana Beatty) is a scruffy, excitable third-grader whose plans to have the Best Summer Ever are derailed when her best mates jet off to exotic locals and her parents head to California. She and her little brother Stink (the ridiculously adorable Parris Mosteller) are left in the care of their zany Aunt Opal (Heather Graham). Shenanigans ensue. It’s super-dooper-double-rareamazing fun! The under-10s will be captivated by the bright green projectile vomit and the hunt for the mysterious Big Foot. Beatty fully commits to the high-energy role; she must have gone home exhausted each night. And Aunt Opal rocks, although you do have to question Mr and Mrs Moody’s judgment in leaving someone so irresponsible in charge of their kids for two months. Seriously — at one point she almost gets them crushed by a giant elephant head. KATHARINE RIVETT HHH


OCT 27 november11 I 57

health & lifest yle

y l l a S . Dr Dear


What exac tly do STIs actually look like? I’m just concerne d that I don’t know if I could tell if I’ve got one?

This is a really big quest ion, as there are several STIs and several ways they look. It’s important to note that most STIs can be silent (have no ‘look’ at all) and can still be passe d on. For example, the majo rity of people who contract Chlamydia — the most common bacte rial STI — are completely unaware they have it. If you are sexually active it’s best to have a check up with your doctor, or a sexual healt h nurse, year ly and they will test you appropriately. Most ly just a urine sample is requi red. A list of some of the symp toms of STIs include: painf ul to urinate (see below), pain in your lower abdomen, pain in the testis if you are a male, abnormal bleeding or disch arge from the penis, vagin a or anus. Some STIs produce lumps, bumps and break s in the skin (like ulcers). If you have any of these symp toms see a doctor or nurse . Your best prote ction against getting an STI is a condom or a ‘dam’, so always use them .


This may sound a bit weird, but it hurts when I urinate. A girl at school told me I should drink cranberr y juice. Is that good advice? Hurting when you urinate is a common problem in urinary tract infections (UTIs) and also sexually transmissible infections (STIs). I would advise that you get this checked out by your doctor. If you are sexually active, make sure you let the doctor know (it is all confidential) so they can test you appropriately e.g. for Chlamydia . They will ask you to provide a urine sample, so make sure you haven’t just passed urine before you see them. The doctor will then treat you with the appropriate antibiotic s for the condition . Drinking cranberry juice is useful for some people. The idea is that the cranberry juice makes your urine more acidic and therefore harder for some bugs to grow in. It is not 100 per cent successful, but by all means use it with the antibiotic. Both UTIs and STIs have complicat ions if not treated, so see your doctor as soon as you can.

Submit your sexual health and relationship questions to : Don’t be shy!!

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The Sydney Roosters captain and ex-Home And Away beauty are serious. Try to think of the most serious situation you can imagine (a tyrannosaurus rex lunging at you with a syringe, for example) and times that by 1000. Because these two have a house together and a puppy AND they’re engaged. That’s pretty serious.


They were reportedly paid $140,000 to show off the ring and talk about their engagement to New Idea. Do you realise you could buy more than 110,000 Paddle Pops with that kind of cash?! So not worth it — the whole thing is kind of a snore-fest. Anyway, you can expect more boring wedding coverage and sappy baby stories in the not-too-distant future.

Alcohol & teenagers Alcohol is widely used by young people. Around 90 per cent of Australian teenagers over the age of 14 years have tried alcohol at least once. ‘Binge drinking’, drink driving and unsafe sex can all result from the misuse of alcohol. Alcohol is tolerated as a socially acceptable drug, yet it is responsible for most drug-related deaths in the teenage population. The safest level of drinking for teenagers is no drinking, especially for young people under 15 years of age. Schoolies week Finishing high school (‘Schoolies week’) is often linked to episodes of very high levels of ‘single-session’ drinking and/or deliberately drinking to intoxication. More than 70 per cent of male school leavers and 60 per cent of females report getting drunk on most or all days or nights of their Schoolies week. Impaired brain development Drinking alcohol can affect how the brain develops in young adults under the age

Jodi Gordon and Braith Anasta

of 25. Young people under 15 years of age are particularly at risk. Teenage brains are still developing and the areas of the brain that are undergoing the most dramatic changes during the teenage years are the frontal lobe and hippocampus. These areas are associated with motivation, impulse control and addiction. Things to remember • Around 90 per cent of Australian teenagers over the age of 14 years have tried alcohol at least once. • Alcohol is responsible for most drug-related deaths in the teenage population.

ty and e i r a v d o Fo diet a healthy Vegetarian Eating Vegetarians are people who don’t eat meat or seafood and may not eat eggs or dairy foods. Well-planned vegetarian diets have many health benefits and can provide all the essential vitamins and minerals necessary for a long and healthy life. Types of vegetarians There are three main types of vegetarianism. These are: • Lacto-ovo vegetarians - people who avoid meat and seafood, but include dairy foods (such as milk and eggs) and plant foods. • Lacto-vegetarians - people who avoid meat, seafood and eggs but include dairy foods and plant foods. • Vegans - people who consume only plant foods.

Footwear for healthy feet


Wearing shoes that fit properly and support your feet is vital to avoid sore feet and to prevent or alleviate many common foot problems. Arch supports help distribute weight and remove pressure from the heel and forefoot. High-heeled shoes (or ‘high heels’) place stress on the body and feet and can cause calluses, bunions, claw toes and corns. The right footwear is also an important part of playing sport. Things to remember • See a podiatrist if foot problems persist. • Wearing shoes that fit properly and support your feet is important for pain-free, healthy feet. • Select shoes that suit your activity.

Meeting nutritional needs If you choose to be vegetarian or vegan, you need to plan your diet to make sure it includes all the essential nutrients. The wider the variety of foods you eat, the easier it will be to meet your nutritional requirements. Some essential dietary requirements, which could be missing from a vegetarian diet if it isn’t carefully planned, include: • Protein • Minerals (including iron, calcium and zinc) • Vitamin B12 • Vitamin D.

Things to remember • Vegetarians don’t eat meat for a range of health, environmental, ethical, religious or economic reasons. • A well-planned vegetarian diet can meet nutritional needs over all the stages of life. • More restrictive vegetarian diets, such as vegan and raw food diets, are more likely to lead to nutritional deficiencies.

STI column Molluscum contagiosum Cause Molluscum contagiosum (or MC) is a common skin infection caused by the molluscum contagiosum virus. Symptoms Molluscum contagiosum shows up as small, round, pearly lumps, often around the genital area. Lumps usually show up 2-3 months after infection, but can occur as early as one week or up to six months after sexual activity. How is it transmitted? Molluscum contagiosum is spread by skin-to-skin contact, mainly through sexual activity. It may also be possible for MC to be transmitted on clothing or towels. Once infected, it can be spread around the body through shaving and scratching. How do I know if I have it? It can be difficult to tell if a lump on the skin of your own genitals is a wart or molluscum contagiosum, so it is a good idea to get any lumps checked. A clinician can look at the lumps and if he/she is unsure, they can send a sample to a laboratory for testing.

Treatment/management In most cases, the lumps will go away by themselves. The infection can last up to two years, although each lump generally disappears after two or three months. If you are worried or uncomfortable, or have another medical condition, your doctor may treat the lumps with cream or by freezing them. Molluscum contagiosum is generally harmless and will disappear on its own in healthy people. In a few people however, such as those with HIV/AIDS, it can spread all over the body and last for a long time. Prevention Using condoms and dams (a thin latex square held over the vaginal or anal area during oral sex) provides some protection against molluscum contagiosum, but they only protect the area of skin they cover. Practising safe sex reduces the risk of contracting HIV and other sexually transmissible infections (STIs). • For more information about molluscum contagiosum contact the Sexual Health Helpline on 9227 6178 or 1800 198 205 (for country callers).

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Question: How long after you dump someone can you start going out with somebody else? I’ve been going out with my boyfriend for a while, but I like someone else more and I know he (the other guy) likes me too. I’m pretty sure we could get together straight away if I dumped my boyfriend tomorrow.

He says:

ether nds on wh it all depe man being or ss e u g I , u ll h We nt are a dece nd it deor not you a heart of stone? A oing out g h it n e w e a robot you’ve b o months how long pends on t guy. If it’s over tw uple of rs co with the fi give him at least a cially to onth, espe m a you need ly b ra fe re p l. o — o weeks me sch o to the sa if you all g

She says:

Do you want to du he’s done som mp him because ething nasty to yo or is he a nice guy but you’re u sick of him? If he’s not nice to you then definitely dum p hi go out with som m tomorrow, and eo wise, put yourse ne better. Otherlf in your boyfrie shoes and give nd’s him a bit of tim e before you shov e your new rom ance in his face.

teen advice “I’m exhausted” is a pretty common cry, but true fatigue is when you always find yourself feeling tired, both mentally and bodily. It could be caused by not enough sleep or disrupted sleep, poor food choices, other lifestyle choices, or not getting enough exercise. Getting your ZZZs The obvious solution to feeling tired is to sleep. Your first stop in fighting fatigue should be to make sure that you are getting eight to ten good hours of sleep a night. As a teen your body is working overtime while you grow, so sleep is extra important right now. Make sure you’re getting deep sleep.

Turn your phone, computer, and any other distractions off so that you aren’t in a state of alertness for the night. If you have a loud family or neighbours, think about getting some ear plugs so noises don’t disrupt your sleep. Caffeine cut-off Caffeine can affect your ability to get to sleep or sleep deeply, so try to cut out any energy drinks, caffeinated soft drinks, coffee or tea from your daily routine. These will just make you feel energised for a short time and then come crashing down again to feel even worse than when you started. Getting on the move Exercising will give you

60 I november11

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an endorphin rush, which will stop you from feeling fatigued. It will also help you get a better night’s sleep. Even if it’s just a brisk 10 minute walk, you’ll feel less sluggish afterwards. Enjoy life Doing something you really enjoy or having a good belly laugh can make you feel better sometimes. Make sure you have time for your activities you enjoy, and are giving your body the best fighting chance with good food, lots of water and plenty of sleep and exercise. Sometimes fatigue might be related to boredom, so starting a new project can be the thing you need to get you over a fatigue hump.

For more on dealing with life as a teen, check out


o u r e n v i r o n m e nt

Carbon tax support coz ‘we’re not fools’ DESPITE a prominent advertising scare campaign about carbon tax, mining and construction workers support a carbon tax because “they aren’t fools” and recognise it won’t hurt the industry, a union boss has told a federal inquiry. The scare campaign being waged by the mining industry had failed to have an impact as the workers could see companies continuing to post huge profits, Tony Maher from the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU), said. “Since the announcement of the bill members have reported to me increased installation of methane drainage and gas power turbines in the gassy mines,” Maher, the national president of the CFMEU’s mining and energy division, said. “(A) major company said they’ve been factoring in a carbon price for years and that’s, of course, at odds with the scare campaign. “We think the scare campaign isn’t getting

A REPORT on Bush Heritage’s 20th anniversary has found the non-profit group has successfully conserved approximately 4700 plants and 830 animal species, including 73 threatened animals and 92 endangered plants. It has done so by purchasing tracts of Australian bush, and the group now owns almost a million hectares over 34 reserves, funded by public donors. Its vision is to protect over one per cent of Australia by 2025 which is more than seven million hectares of land, water and wildlife.

Bush Heritage stars

Rena spill devastating

NEW Zealand’s endangered native sea bird populations could be severely depleted by the oil spill off the country’s north coast. Maritime New Zealand said hundreds of dead, oil-soaked birds have been found since the 236-metre container ship Rena hit the Astrolabe Reef in the Bay of Plenty and leaked over 300 tonnes of oil. The NZ dotterel and the fairy tern are already threatened and it’s possible the spill could affect local populations, World Wildlife Fund marine advocate Bob Zuur said.

traction for obvious reasons — people aren’t fools. “The people that it does confuse are the ones who don’t work in the industry and only have the mass media for a source of information.” Speaking to the federal parliamentary inquiry on Clean Energy Bills in Sydney, Maher said the union members he speaks to back the tax. “We think they’re plainly wrong as the industry is booming and when you compare what they say in their annual reports to shareholders with what they say in the scare campaign, both cannot be true,” he said. “What our members tell me at meetings is that they can afford some cost increase but they want the pensioners in the community and people that work at the council on low incomes to be fully compensated... “I actually get very proud of members when they tell me that and that’s the only reaction I’ve ever had.” Other large companies at the inquiry who agreed with Maher include Westpac and natural gas and electricity company AGL, whose head of economic policy said they support the certainty a carbon price would bring.

think green jobs

IF you’re interested in the environment, then as you go through school think about what type of job might fit with that interest. Just think, green jobs are only going to rise as the field becomes more important, so you could be perfectly placed to get in early! Sometimes people forget all the different jobs to do with keeping the world environmentally friendly. Don’t think that it’s just people chaining themselves to logging bulldozers, lots of environment campaigns need lawyers, co-ordinators, media specialists, fundraisers, and many other people. If you’re a science or geography person there are stacks of jobs in all sorts of enviro areas. You could help prevent land degradation, look at flood or fire modelling, invent new ways of doing things, or more. Sustainable design is another growing industry in all areas of design! There’s always a need for community education, and consider hands-on jobs like organic farming. Lots of professions have a green niche you can aim for, check out articles/2010/11/get-a-green-job/ for some job sites to search for more ideas and professions. november11 I 61

in the news

Thailand floods


A ‘once in 200 years event’ has hit Thailand.

TROPICAL storms have caused extreme floods in South-East Asia, inundating hundreds of thousands of homes in the region. Vietnam’s government says the death toll from the worst flooding in a decade has climbed to 55 people, while more than 170,000 homes have been inundated. More than 300 people are dead in Thailand due to the flooding, which comes after a season of monsoonal rain. Three months of heavy rains have deluged about one third of Thailand’s provinces, chiefly in central and northern areas, with floods that are several metres deep in places. The floods have been classified as a ‘once in 200 years event’ by the United Nations, although officials have said that the worst may be yet to come. There are fears that Thailand’s economic growth and industry will be affected because of six major industrial estates being flooded. It’s estimated that it could inflict about $A5.93 billion in damage, or double that if floods swamp Bangkok. More than one million sandbags were put

in place around the northern edge of the capital city, Bangkok, which is home to more than 10 million people. In neighbouring Cambodia the floods have destroyed food crops, which is likely to leave 80,000 families in Prey Veng province short of food over the next year. Australia’s Federal Government has said it will contribute up to $5.15 million of aid for eight million people in need in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and the Philippines. “Australia stands ready with the international community to provide further support to our friends and neighbours if needed,” Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd said.


5 Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit. Israel has released 1027 Palestinian prisoners in return for the release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. Almost 80 per cent of Israelis support the lopsided deal securing Shalit’s release by Hamas militants who held him in Gaza for more than five years after being captured in a cross-border raid. Among the Palestinians freed were those responsible for some of deadliest attacks against Israelis in recent memory. 62 I november11


KENYAN troops have invaded southern Somalia as Kenyan officials said the country has the right to defend itself against al-Shabab militants based in Somalia. Armed militants kidnapped two Spanish aid workers with the group Doctors Without Borders from the Kenyan Dadaab refugee camp, where almost 500,000 Somalis live. Dadaab, the world’s largest refugee camp, has swelled by tens of thousands in recent months because of Somalia’s famine.

Two Spanish aid workers have been kidnapped.

Gillard’s goals JUST as Julia Gillard is close to ticking off one of her key goals as Prime Minister, another goal has taken a beating. The Federal Government’s carbon tax bills have passed through the lower house successfully with the support of the Greens and independents. They are due to be voted on in the Senate in late November, where they are expected to be supported and pass into law.

But in the same week of parliament, a stalemate with the opposition over a bill to put offshore processing beyond legal doubt left Gillard with no option but to process asylum seekers onshore. The government says Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is to blame for new boat arrivals since the change, thanks to his leading the coalition charge against the government’s Malaysia offshore processing plan.

The Federal Government is taking steps to prevent recreational gamblers becoming problem gamblers.

things you need to know

Govt pokie gamble South Australian senator Nick Xenophon urged MPs to consider the facts rather than the claims of Clubs Australia in the debate over poker-machine gambling reforms. The government’s plan to adopt a mandatory pre-commitment system for high-intensity poker machines has attracted

strong opposition from registered clubs and the AFL. The independent senator said the reforms were designed to help prevent recreational gamblers from becoming problem gamblers. Under the government’s plan, high-intensity pokie machines, or those that


take large bets, will be reprogrammed to cap losses at $120 an hour rather than $1200. People who want to play the high-intensity machines will have to use a mandatory precommitment card and set a monetary limit but the lower betting machines won’t need a card.

At the University of Canberra we aim to ignite your enthusiasm for study by making sure your student experience is exciting, successful, transformational, and of course, fun.

You can also broaden your experience by taking advantage of our study abroad or international exchange programs. Apply now!

We have lounges and lawns, coffee shops and cafes, clubs and societies, bands and BBQs. We offer state of the art facilities to provide hands-on practice as part of your professional preparation for your professional career.



FOR MORE INFORMATION 1800 UNI CAN (1800 864 226)

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Thinking of bu Buying your first car is exciting, but you have to do some work to find out what is best for you. What should you look for when buying a car? A good price and reliability would be at the top of your list, but safety is most important. More young people in safe cars means fewer young people being killed or seriously injured. You may think that you need a lot of money to buy a safe car, but safe cars don’t have to cost too much. You can buy a safe car within your price range that can protect you in crash, by checking out The First Car List.

Five star safety ratings The First Car List is based on the Used Car Safety Ratings which rank a car using a five star rating system according to its ability to protect a driver in a crash. These ratings, developed by the Monash University Accident Research Centre, are based on the analysis of actual records of more than three million crashes on Australian roads. While the First Car List shows the safest and most affordable used cars, there are also many affordable new cars on the market . To check out the safety ratings of new cars visit the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) website at 64 I november11

Five hundred young lives could be saved Australian research estimates that more than 500 young people could have been saved from death or serious injuries, each year, if they had been driving the safest car of the same age as the one in which they crashed. This is more than a 60 per cent reduction of deaths and serious injuries for young people.


uying a car? The First Car List is for you To help first car buyers VicRoads has prepared The First Car List especially for young people who are thinking about buying their first car. The list includes affordable cars from as little as $2,000 and up to around $14,000. There are small, medium and large sized used cars that have either four or five star safety ratings. Here is a sample of what you will find on the list.





Crashworthiness (number of stars)

LIkely to harm another road user (number of stars)

Price from



Astra TR


























To view a copy of The First Car List, visit the VicRoads website at

e it s b e w s d a o R ic V e h Visit t The VicRoads website has important information for you about choosing a car, including safety features, warranties and transfers. It also explains your responsibilities and what you are required to do, if you are buying, selling or transferring a vehicle.

Visit VI C november11 I 65

in the news

“What you are seeing all around the world, starting from Wall Street, people are showing their frustrations.”

“We demand an end to global tax injustice and our democracy representing corporations instead of the people.”

UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon

Protesters at the Occupy London event.

Occupy Wall Street “The big man they don’t care. They screw everyone. Eventually we’ll mortgage our children away.” Danny Lim, a 67-year-old immigrant from Malaysia, who said he moved to Australia 48 years ago in search of opportunities, but no longer trusts the government 66 I november11

OCCUPY Wall Street might sound like a fancy modern apartment building, but it’s actually a protest that started in New York and has now spread around the world, including to Australia. The Occupy Wall Street protests started on September 17 in Manhattan’s Wall Street, the famous home of the New York Stock Exchange. Those involved are protesting against how unfair they think the current economic distribution is due to corporate greed. Tens of thousands of protesters in more than 900 cities have created similar protests, each with their own catalyst and list of things they are angry about. The uniting complaint is social inequal-

think about it

ity, which for many people has been heightened by the global financial crisis. In some countries protesters want better access to housing or education, but in general there is an anti-capitalism aspect to the protests. In the US protesters have used the slogan ‘We are the 99 per cent’, referring to the feeling (not the fact) that there is a wealthy one per cent of the population and the other 99 per cent are struggling. There isn’t a clear demand being made by the movement, instead it seems to have tapped into an emotional response from participants frustrated with the state of the world. The Guardian newspaper described it as a ‘global howl of protest’ and one Australian participant said they were protesting because “I want to send a message to the world’s political and economical elite. I want them to know I don’t have the answers, but I know what and who the problem is.” The protests are continuing, with people living at protest sites indefinitely.

Is there a problem with inequality and wealth distribution? Is it as bad in Australia as it is elsewhere? What could be done about the problem?

, o l l He e y b d o o g As new Australian species are discovered, some of our old friends face extinction. NICK BIRRELL investigates.

IS Australia really the ‘lucky country’? Well, with a rich history, abundance of natural resources, fantastic climate, enviable lifestyle and multicultural spread shared by few other countries, it appears so. But what makes it even more satisfying to call Australia home is the fact that we’re able to share this wondrous landscape with some of the most amazingly diverse wildlife in the world. Australia is home to between 600,000 and 700,000 species, many of which are found nowhere else in the world. In fact, about 83 per cent of mammals and 45 per cent of birds are only found in Australia. And while our wildlife remains plentiful, changes to the landscape and native habitat as a result of human activity have put many of these unique species at risk. Over the last 200 years many species of plants and animals have become extinct, and there are an increasing number of species that are now considered endangered. In the following pages we’ll educate you about six of our most endangered animals, speak with Foundation for Australia’s Most Endangered Species Inc. (FAME) Executive Director, Cheryl Hill, about the present state of Australian wildlife, introduce you to some recently new animal discoveries in Australia, and also hear from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) about how to best protect your pets throughout the Australian summer. november11 I 67


Tasmanian Devil Once the largest carnivorous marsupial in the world following the extinction of the thylacine in 1936, The Tasmanian Devil, as its name suggests, is now only found in the wild in the Apple Isle. Placed on the endangered species list in 2009, the species suffered huge population declines following the spread of Devil Facial Tumour Disease in 1996, which wiped out between 20 and 50 per cent of the population.

THE Foundation for Australia’s Most Endangered Species Inc. (FAME) was established in 1993 and since then has worked tirelessly to protect the many endangered species that inhabit Australia. FAME Executive director, CHERYL HILL, sat down with S-press to discuss her Foundation’s work and what can be done to best protect our endangered species.

Bridled Nail-Tail Wallaby This small wallaby is found in three isolated areas of Queensland and is light tan in colour with a distinct white line forming a ‘bridle’ from the back of the neck to behind the forelimbs. The wallaby also carries the markings of white stripes along the sides of the face and a black stripe down the length of the back, and it is estimated that only 500 of the species remain today.

Gilbert’s Potoroo It is suggested that there are only 60 to 70 of these animals still in existence which makes the Gilbert’s Potoroo Australia’s most endangered mammal. The small marsupial is found only in one small area of dense scrub on a rugged, windswept WA headland thrusting out into the Southern Ocean. Its numbers are so low that a chance event like a bushfire or drought could push the species into extinction.

First and foremost, can you tell us a little bit about FAME? FAME is the only organisation that focuses exclusively on endangered Australian wildlife. Our mission is to prevent any future extinction of Australian species. We seek out and offer support to projects that offer our most endangered plants and animals a chance of long term survival. What are some of the major projects FAME has undertaken over the past few years? FAME helped Gilbert’s Potoroo (Australia’s most endangered mammal) in Western Australia. When we got involved there was only one colony of around 30 animals left. Now there are two colonies, a captive breeding program, and the last report indicated that numbers have more than doubled. We also helped the Queensland government prepare for a second colony of the endangered Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat. When we got involved there were around 130 animals in one colony. Now there are two colonies and numbers are increasing. FAME has helped many of Australia’s endangered plants, birds and animals since we started work in 1993: and every species we have worked with is still in existence. Australia has been hit by major natural disasters in the past few years (Black Saturday bushfires, Queensland floods, Cyclone Yasi etc). What impact did these have on Australia’s wildlife and do you think enough emphasis was placed on the fact that animals, as well as humans, were greatly affected? Generally the plight of wildlife at times of disaster takes second place, and any news stories come after those about people. This is completely understandable, but it’s encouraging to know that as soon as the worst is over people do start turning their thoughts to how they can help animals. We helped Wildlife Queensland with habitat restoration for the endangered Mahogany Glider and other wildlife after Cyclone Yasi ripped through their rainforest home, and it was wonderful how the local community pulled together. FAME obviously places a heavy focus on endangered Australian animals and how they can be better protected. Do you think the issue of endangered animals is treated seriously enough throughout the Australian community? It is very clear that many Australians know more about overseas wildlife than they do about their own. This is not a surprise when you remember that many species went extinct in the first 100 or so years of colonisation. Many more — some reports say at least 1000 species in each and every Australian state — exist in small numbers in very isolated locations. Most of us will never see these species, and like the Christmas Island Pipistrelle (a micro-bat that became extinct just last year) they may pass into history unknown to all but a few of us. Do we care? Not if we don’t know. Should we care? Absolutely. Our own existence may in the end depend on how well we take care of our natural world: systems operate better with maximum biodiversity (all species in place, contributing to the way natural systems function). Finally, what can we do to support FAME and Australian wildlife? We invite all Australians to think about the beauty and wonder of this country and the amazing creatures with which we share it. Through FAME you can see and learn about Australia’s most endangered species, and by helping our projects you can contribute to their future. To learn more about the work of FAME visit

68 I november11

Lumholtz Tree-Kangaroo Found in rain forests of the Atherton Tableland Region of Queensland, the Lumholtz Tree-Kangaroo is the smallest of all treekangaroos, with males weighing an average of 7.2 kg and females 5.9 kg. It is one of only two tree-kangaroos found in Australia (the other being the Bennett’s Tree-Kangaroo) and both are listed as endangered due to the loss of habitat mainly as a result of logging.

Tiger Quoll The largest marsupial carnivore surviving on Australian mainland, Tiger Quolls are more than 50 per cent larger than other quolls and, unlike other quoll species, have white spots that extend along their tail. The species is listed as endangered in both Queensland and South Australia, vulnerable in the Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales and rare in Tasmania due to habitat loss and introduced predators.

ALTHOUGH the list of

Australian Sea Lion A species of sea lion that breeds only on the south and west coasts of Australia, and considered to be one of the most endangered seals in the world. It is estimated that only 12,000 remain in the wild today, with twothirds of this population found within South Australian waters. The Australian Sea Lions main breeding colonies lie on Kangaroo Island and Dangerous Reef in South Australia.

Scientific Name: Varanus bushi Common Name: Pilbara Goanna Discovered: 2007

endangered Australian species appears to be forever growing,

The relatively new goanna species, Varanus bushi, is named after Mr Brian Bush, a naturalist and educator who has contributed enormously to knowledge of the reptiles of Western Australia and the Pilbara region in particular. The Pilbara goanna can climb trees and retreats to rock piles and hollow trees in mulga and eucalypt woodland, and is most similar to the Stripe-tailed Goanna and the Pygmy Mulga Goanna of all monitor lizards.

there are many new species being discovered throughout the world, including here in Australia. Here’s a look at four new discoveries that have come in the last five years.

Scientific Name: Tursiops Australis Common Name: Burrunan Dolphin Discovered: 2011

Scientific Name: Crikey Steveirwini

Common Name:

Steve Irwin Tree Snail Discovered: 2009

This extremely rare species, which inhabits the near summits of high mountains (above 1000m) in the wet tropics of North Queensland, was named in honour of the late Steve Irwin and his famous catch cry. The mountainous areas where the snail was discovered will be one of the first regions to feel the effects of climate change, and the tree snail may be a suitable species for monitoring this change.

Scientific Name: Crinia Fimbriata Common Name: Kimberley Froglet Discovered: 2009 The Crinia fimbriata, better known as the Kimberley Froglet, is found on the Mitchell Plateau in the north-west region of the Kimberley Mountains in Western Australia. As part of National Science Week 2010, the froglet was listed as one of Australia’s Top 10 New Species discoveries of the previous year; however the very rugged region where the froglet was discovered is impacted by tourism, industry, feral weeds, cattle and by invading cane toad populations.

Researchers in Australia discovered on September 15, 2011 that dolphin colonies living around Melbourne are a species unlike any other in the world. The dolphins that frolic in Port Phillip Bay and the Gippsland Lakes were originally thought to be one of the two recognised bottlenose species. But Monash University PhD researcher Kate Charlton-Robb found they were different by comparing skulls, DNA and physical traits with specimens dating back to the early 1900s. She has named them Tursiops australis, although they will commonly be known as the Burrunan dolphin. november11 I 69



The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is Australia’s leading animal welfare charity working to prevent cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection. Each year the RSPCA in its Shelters and Here’s some advice from the RSPCA on how to best protect your pets throughout the upcoming Australian summer.

Adoption Centres cares for more

• Provide pets with a cool, shaded area with good ventilation at all times. Adequate ventilation and air flow are important to help prevent heat stress.

abandoned animal’s right across

• Bring animals indoors on hot, humid days if the indoor environment is cooler for the animal — use child-safe fans, open windows, air-conditioning and keep them in shaded areas where possible. • Small animals including rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, birds, rats and mice etc are highly susceptible to heat stress (which can be fatal). These animals are often confined in cages and hutches and are unable to move away to cooler places. Owners need to move these animals into a cool, shaded and well-ventilated area in hot weather. They also require clean, fresh drinking water at all times. On very hot days you may need to bring them in to a cool place indoors, for example the laundry. 70 I november11

than 150,000 stray, injured and


• Do not leave your dog in a vehicle — even when the windows are down dogs can still overheat and die. One study found that even on mild days the temperature inside the vehicle rises rapidly to dangerous levels. When the ambient temperature is 22°C the temperature inside a car can rise to over 47°C in 60 minutes. The high temperatures in the car combined with inadequate ventilation/air flow mean that the dog cannot thermo-regulate leaving them vulnerable to over-heating which can be fatal. Animals in these conditions suffer horribly — please don’t risk it. • Provide adequate clean fresh water and extra water sources in case of spillage.

• Do not exercise animals in hot, humid conditions. On hot days try to walk your dog very early in the morning or very late in the afternoon and avoid the hottest part of the day. • Do not drive with your dog on the tray of a ute if they are going to be exposed to extreme weather conditions (eg. hot weather). Ute trays can get very hot in the sun and dogs can become over heated and may also burn their footpads so please take precautions to protect your pet. • Owners need to be aware of sunburn especially in pets with white, non-pigmented skin and a white-coloured coat. For more information about protecting your pets visit the RSPCA Australia knowledgebase at

OPEN Yaara Bou Melhem


Did you always want to be a journalist? Yes … Along with being a doctor, lawyer and architect! Let’s just say I put forward a long list of very different degrees when applying for university and only one of them was journalism. What attracted you to the job? I have always had a passion for story-telling, current affairs and travelling so it fits nicely with journalism. How did you get your start in the industry? I started off by writing the weather for SBS World News Australia on the weekends! It was a great university job and helped me wrap my head around how newsrooms work. After about four or five years in various roles at SBS, I decided to take a camera with me while holidaying in Jordan and filmed my first story for SBS’s international current affairs program Dateline, while I was there. What skills and qualities does someone need to be a journalist? Curiosity and an understanding of people, the rest is technical. What do you find most enjoyable or rewarding about your work? While I like doing issues-based pieces, telling personal stories is really rewarding. What I love about it is that someone is allowing you into their world and telling you about their life. That’s a real privilege. You’ve won two Walkley awards (Young Australian Television Journalist of the Year in 2009 and Young Australian Television 

Journalist of the Year/ overall Young Journalist of the Year Award in 2011). Can you tell me a bit about the stories you won them for? The first award was for the first short documentary I filmed for Dateline. It was about Jordanian women being imprisoned by their government to prevent them from being honour killed by their families. Some of these women had been in prison for 20 years and I was documenting a human rights organisation bid to slowly rehabilitate and release them. I was the first, and I think only, person to speak to these women and document this for an international audience. This year I won the award for a story I filmed in Syria on political prisoners and prisoners of conscience. It demonstrated the repression and desire for reform that is sweeping across the Middle East. Can you tell me about some of your memorable experiences of working overseas? What are some of the difficulties and dangers of working somewhere like the Middle East? Actually, some of my best assignments have

been right here in Australia. I worked as a video journalist for SBS’s indigenous program, Living Black. I travelled to some of the remotest and most beautiful parts of the country and really loved the experience. The Middle East is a really vibrant and amazing region. Right now though, it’s in a period of flux and so it can be unclear how to stay out of trouble and still do your job in a meaningful way. That’s the challenge for journalists. What advice could you give S-press readers who might want to follow in your footsteps? Journalism is tough but, like anything, if you stick at it long enough you’ll get where you want to be.

Course: A double degree in Journalism and Law at UTS. Length: Five years. Starting salary: $40,000 november11 I 71


change of preference JUST when you thought exams, school and the whole shebang was finally over, along comes change of preferences to drag it out even further. Yes, that’s right; more tiresome details to wrap your head around! Because that’s just what you need right now, right? It’s a pain, agreed, but it is important to understand the nitty-gritty of preference changes. There are all kinds of reasons that you might want to change or shuffle your course choices around, and it’s worth getting it right. So, read on for everything you need to know, and good luck!

IT’s easy to get caught up in the craziness of Year 12; the pressure to get the marks and make it into a top course can be intense. But with a limited number of places on offer, not everyone will get their first preference. If your final marks don’t quite cut it, just remember — you always have other options.

A GAP YEAR After 13 years of non-stop schooling, you’ve definitely earned it. Empty your savings, head off to see the world, and reassess your options next year.

FEW career paths run in a conventional, easy-tofollow straight line; school, uni, job, promotion, world domination, etc. Most people will find that their path meanders just a bit. There are zigzags, non-signposted detours and occasionally the path loops around and you end up heading backwards instead of forwards. There’s no need to feel like you must have everything sorted right this very minute. At you can read through tons of job profiles, written by

real people, who didn’t necessarily get the marks they wanted when they finished school, or who dropped out of their ‘dream’ course after a semester and transferred to something totally different, or who spent a few years working in the job they’d wanted since they were a kid, only to realise it wasn’t for them after all. So, if you need a little inspiration or reassurance this change of preference season, you know where to go: www.myOPENday.

72 I november11

GET A JOB Real-world experience is as valuable as any degree, and counts towards Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), which could allow you to enrol at university or TAFE as a mature age student further down the track. PAY UP Full-fee places often have lower entrance scores than Commonwealth Supported Places; if you can pay upfront you may be able to get a place even with slightly lower marks. It may also be possible to transfer to a HECS place later on.

TRANSFER Accept a place in a course further down your preferences list and see if you can transfer after a semester or two. You might even be able to gain credit for the units you complete in the first course. THE STAT The Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) is a national test that assesses skills important for tertiary study, like critical thinking, and some tertiary institutions will use it to supplement your mark. There are different versions of the STAT, so check which one you should take for the course you want to get into. GO ONLINE Courses with Open Universities Australia are open entry, so there are no prerequisites. You can gain a full qualification, or do the first year and apply to study on-campus for your second year.


Change of preference CHECKLIST

Don’t freak out! Missing out on your first preference is disappointing, but it’s not the end of the world (we promise!). There are always other ways to get where you want to go.

Make sure your preferences are in the right order! Put the course you most want to do at the top of your list, then work your way down.

Do the research. Check the clearly in-scores from last year, read newspaper tertiary liftouts, scan the websites of individual universities and TAFEs, chat to your careers counsellor about your options and get advice from past Year 12 students.

If you’re not sure exactly what job you want, try looking at courses that correspond with your interests and hobbies.

Be informed. When you change your preferences, check if any new courses you are adding to the list have additional requirements, like folios, auditions or pre-requisite subjects.

Some institutions run change of preference days — these are great if you are considering adding a course to your list that you didn’t get to research during open day season. Check the various institute websites for dates and locations.

Check your dates: you must lodge your preferences before the cut off date! Some courses will have different dates; check if your application needs to be in early.



VICTORIA VICTORIAN students need to log into the MyInfo portal on the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) website with their ID and PIN to apply for tertiary courses and change their preferences. Through MyInfo you can also apply for scholarships, change your address or PIN and view messages from VTAC. You must list at least one course to complete your application, although you can list up to 12 — it doesn’t hurt to have a few backup options! All courses should be listed in the order you want to do them, so your first choice course needs to be listed at number one. Once you’ve lodged your preferences, you will be emailed an ‘Acknowledgement of Application’. Make sure to keep a record of this. And be sure to pay the application processing fee on time (it’s $25 for timely applications and increases if you apply late). Only paid applications get forwarded to tertiary institutions. VTAC:


• AUG 1 - OCT 28

Change of preference period

• SEP 30 - NOV 11

• DEC 16, 7am

VCE results and ATAR released online

Late applications accepted ($86 fee applies)

• DEC 19

• NOV 11 (from 7pm) - DEC 9

• JAN 16, 2012

Very late applications accepted ($111 fee applies)

• NOV 25

Early offers released

• NOV 28 - DEC 21

VCE results and ATAR mailed out Round one offers

• FEB 3

Round two offers

• FEB 2010

Supplementary offers

Change of preference period november11 I 73

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e t a e r C

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74 I november11 


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VIC november11 I 75



76 I november11

a i v i r T e m i t 7 18

14 1. Damien Oliver, 2. b. Sydney, 3. True, 4. The Killers, 5. Holly Holliday, 6. 100m Hurdles, 7. Snoop Dogg, 8. True, 9. c. Seven, 10. Ross Lyon, 11. Russia, 12. Canus Majoris, 13. False, it’s Michael Jackson’s Thriller, 14. Pisa, 15. c. Greenland, 16. Tomorrow, When the War Began, 17. Friends, 18. 50, 19. New Zealand, 20. Serena Williams.

1. Recently released Aussie flick, The Cup, tells the story of which champion Aussie jockey who won the Melbourne Cup in 2002? 2. Australian singers Angus and Julia Stone were born in which city? a. Melbourne b. Sydney c. Adelaide d. Perth 3. True or False? English cricketer Kevin Pietersen was actually born in South Africa. 4. Brandon Flowers is the lead singer of which US band that formed in Las Vegas? 5. American actress Gwyneth Paltrow picked up an Emmy for her portrayal of which character on comedy-drama Glee? 6. In which track event is Australian athlete Sally Pearson world champion? 7. Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr is better known as what stage name? Hint: he collaborated with Katy Perry to record California Gurls. 8. True or False? It is illegal to chew gum in the streets of Singapore. 9. How many colours are there in a rainbow? a. Five b. Six c. Seven d. Eight 10. Who replaced Mark Harvey as Fremantle’s AFL coach after he was sacked in mid-September? 11. Which country will host the 2014 Winter Olympics? 12. What is the name of the largest known star? 13. True or False? Pink Floyd’s album, The Dark Side of the Moon, is the world’s best selling album. 14. In which city would you find the Leaning Tower of Pisa? 15. Which is the biggest island in the world? a. New Guinea b. Sumatra c. Greenland d. Madagascar 16. What is the name of Australian author John Marsden’s highest selling book? Hint: adapted into a feature film starring Lincoln Lewis. 17. Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, Joey, Chandler and Ross are characters from which long running American sitcom? 18. How many stars are there on the American flag? 19. Anzac Day is a national day of remembrance in Australia and which other country? 20. Who did Sam Stosur beat to win this year’s US Open?


Sudoku Right, you’ve got the idea now, haven’t you? The objective of this puzzle game is to fill a 9×9 grid with digits so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3×3 sub-grids that compose the grid contains all of the digits from 1 to 9. This month we thought you’d be up for some more challenging puzzles. As ever, if it all looks a bit difficult, sneak a peek at a few numbers in the answers at the bottom. Good luck!



Su do ku so lut io ns



puzzle page


jok es WHAT does a blonde do when it gets cold? Sits in front of a candle. WHAT does she do when it gets really cold? Lights it... PATIENT: Doctor, people tell me I’m a wheelbarrow. Psychiatrist: Don’t let people push you around. A MAN takes his Rottweiler to the vet. “My dog is cross-eyed, is there anything you can do for him?” “Well,” said the vet, “let’s have a look at him”. So he picks the dog up and examines his eyes, then he checks his teeth. Finally, he says, “I’m going to have to put him down.” “What? Because he’s cross-eyed?” “No, because he’s really heavy.” TWO fat blokes in a pub, one says to the other “Your round.” The other one says “So are you, you fat bast**d!” SO I was getting into my car, and this bloke says to me “Can you give me a lift?” I said, “Sure. You look great ... the world’s your oyster . Go for it.”



1 The world’s second largest desert, after Antarctica, is the _. 7 Australian actor Hugh _ recently made a guest appearance on WWE’s Raw SuperShow. 8 Singing sensation Lady_ was recently crowned the Most Powerful Celebrity, overtaking Oprah Winfrey. 9 Modern Family actor, _ Rodriguez is home schooled with his sister. 10 Youngest ever male to become the world No.1 ranked tennis player, Lleyton_. 11 Retired racehorse _ Diva is the only horse to have won three consecutive Melbourne Cups. 14 Host of this year’s Emmy Awards, Glee’s Jane _. 15 Actor Owen _ returned as the voice of Lightning McQueen in Cars 2, the sequel to 2006 animation, Cars. 20 Hawthorn superstar Lance _ took out this year’s AFL Coleman Medal. 21 A _ has enough power to shoot ash as high as 50km into the atmosphere. 23 US rockers _! At The Disco headlined the recent Soundwave Revolution tour. 26 Rome’s _ is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. 28 When red and blue are mixed together they make the colour _. 29 Death Cab For Cutie released their new album in May this year, named Codes And_. 30 Australia’s longest river, the _, forms the border of Victoria and New South Wales.

2 1993 film Cool _ is based on the true story of the first Jamaican bobsled team. 3 The letters of television network SBS stand for _ Broadcasting Service. 4 The video clip of Katy Perry’s single, Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F), features YouTube sensation Rebecca _. 5 Sex And The City actress Sarah Jessica _ is rumoured to be attending this year’s Melbourne Spring Racing carnival. 6 The _ Hour Famine raises awareness for world hunger. 12 _ Kutcher has replaced Charlie Sheen in US sitcom Two And A Half Men. 13 US band Paramore’s lead singer, Hayley_. 16 The only national flag that is not rectangular or square belongs to Southeast Asian country, _. 17 The original idea for the time machine in the film _ To The Future was intended to be a refrigerator. 18 Dancing With The Stars co-host Daniel _ is rumoured to be dating Wild Boys costar Zoe Ventura. 19 Hit single by US pop rockers Hot Chelle Rae, Tonight _. 22 Marcia, Jan and _ were the three TV daughters of Mike and Carol Brady. 24 The flag of France is made up of the colours red, white and _. 25 Australian Formula One driver, Mark_. 27 Japan is known as the Land of the Rising _.

78 I november11

NEWS JUST IN... Police arrested two kids yesterday, one was drinking battery acid, and the other was eating fireworks. They charged one and let the other one off. Two cows are talking in a field. Mirabelle says to Cheryl: “How about that mad cow disease?” Cheryl replies “I wouldn’t know — I’m a helicopter.” Two more cows are in another field. Daisy says to Dolly: “I was artificially inseminated this morning.” “I don’t believe you,” says Dolly. “It’s true, straight up — no bull!”

crossword solution

to p i c

heading goes here Horoscopes with Psychic Sophie

Capricorn (Dec 22 – Jan 20) October was bad. An endless string of broken hearts, false starts and public farts. A deeply distressing month for Capricorns all over the world. Chin up: things will be better in November.

Aquarius (Jan 21 – Feb 19) Don’t be cute. It’s awful. Really awful. Trust us: you’re so much better when you act naturally. Cutesy is just blurgh. And it makes your company exhausting. Just be normal and stop striking poses.

Pisces (Feb 20 – Mar 20) Sometimes you gotta give someone a taste of their own medicine. When Alejandro kept calling out Gaga’s name, she made a recording: ‘Alejandro, Alejandro, Ale-Alejandro, Ale-Alejandro’. And got it played on high-rotation radio in 150 countries.

Aries (March 21 – April 20) When did you get to be such a sentimental bag of schmaltzy smush? It’s just disgusting. It’s wrong to get all teary during tissue, toilet paper and nappy advertisements. Just wrong. Get a grip.

Taurus (April 21 – May 21) It’s Be Kind to Capricorns Month! They’ve had a rough trot (see left!) so if you find a Capricorn hiding behind a rock — whimpering and licking their wounds — put your arm around them and sing Firework.

Gemini (May 22 – June 21) Do you ever wonder what it’d be like to make yoghurt from walrus milk? Not many people do. But it’s worth thinking about, just for a second. OK, done. Now you can go back to thinking about squirrelmilk yoghurt.

Cancer (June 22 – July 23) Do you know how hard it is to come up with advice and predictions for you every month? You’re an outstanding young citizen and your future is nothing more than an endless string of astronomical achievements.

Leo (July 24 – Aug 23) November will be a month of yearning. You’ll take long walks alone in the wilderness — sometimes crouching to scoop dirt up in your hands and letting it run through your fingers as you gaze wistfully into the distance.

Virgo (Aug 24 – Sep 23) Adults talk a lot of nonsense, but sometimes they do give decent advice. The best advice is usually based on bitter experience. When you see that ‘bitter experience’ look in their eyes — they’re giving you the good stuff.

Libra (Sep 24 – Oct 23) Be good this month or you will vomit in public. And it will be bad. It will be like the time George Bush Senior spewed at a banquet hosted by the Japanese Prime Minister. (Look up, George H.W. vomiting incident on Wikipedia.)

Scorpio (Oct 24 – Nov 22) Courtesy is not your strong point. But courteous people (those who are polite and considerate) often get what they want. People who throw tins of tunain-brine at other people usually don’t get what they want.

Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 21) We told you to get wise last month, but did you listen? No. You went and got stupid. Even more stupid than before. But actually we kind of respect that. You are a moron, but you are your own moron. november11 I 79

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