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MARCH 2013

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UniLodge is a leading and trusted provider of student accommodation in Australia and New Zealand. Each semester we provide a home away from home for more than 8,500 students across Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland and Wellington.

Come and stay at UniLodge and you’ll find our accommodation is: s More than just a place to live. Students feel a sense of belonging through UniLodge’s supportive and friendly Community Spirit Program; s Safe and secure; s Tailored to your needs and is conducive to study; and s Conveniently located with easy access to your campus, public transport, shops and cafes.

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kool skools


Loud at Lunchtime Presents

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plus an industry Q&A session


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Now in our 17th Year! Kool Skools is not a competition or battle of the bands, it is the ultimate songwriting and recording project giving young people a chance to work in major studios with industry professionals. Projects are open to all secondary schools and council youth agencies, youth associations and clubs. Kool Skools promotes, develops and supports a diverse range of talent and all genres of contemporary music writing and performance. Working within a professional recording studio environment in Sydney or Melbourne, your school or youth agency will record an album of original music by your own bands and singers plus produce 500 commercial run CDs for your own distribution. There’s even an ‘ARIA style’ awards showcase at the end of the year to celebrate all the great music created.

For information about

Kool Skools call:

Melbourne (03) 9417 7707

new sin

gle out


Want Natasha and her band to play at your school, festival or community event? Book Now! School bookings call Paul Higgins on 0412 686 252 or the Kool Skools Office (03) 9417 7707 Email: MARCH13 I 3


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FROM THE ED’S DESK Hi there all you S-press readers, are you psyched for a brand new year full of S-press goodness? We certainly are! This month we have hit the ground running with our Dream Jobs special guide. All of you thinking about where you’d love to be in one, three or five years time make sure you take a look at some of the awesome job profiles we’ve included in this edition. We’ve spoken to pro-skater Corbin Harris, model Erin Jolley and many more people with awesome careers to find out what their lives are really like. I was also lucky enough to chat with San Cisco’s drummer Scarlett Stevens to find out what the band has been up to, and where they hope to be in years to come. Funny guy Josh Thomas also dropped by for a chat with Chelsea Attard about his very, very funny new show Please Like Me, we think you’ll agree when you check it out! While you guys may have been on holidays in recent times, many of you certainly haven’t been resting on your laurels. This month we spoke to heaps of amazing teens, including those who have started their own businesses, worked hard for charity, and won prestigious international sporting competitions. And that’s only the beginning, happy reading! GRANT QUARRY

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Letter OTM: Amelia Brooks, Album review: Katia Pellicciotta, Single review: KC Cram, DVD review: Pippa Nixon. MARCH13 I 5




TOO MUCH TECH AMELIA BROOKS YR 10 BRAUER COLLEGE, VIC ENGLISH neurosurgeon, Professor Susan Greenfield, fears that “technologies are infantilising the brain into the state of small children who are attracted by buzzing noises and bright lights, who have a small attention span and who live for the moment.” To avoid this, we must limit the use of technology, especially among young children and adolescents. The extensive use of technology from a young age will disrupt the brains development and make it increasingly difficult to learn. Dr John Sweller argues that “a child’s brain is like his or her body- it needs to be constantly exercised.” A parent would suffer in seeing their child’s physical state deteriorate, so why would they allow their child’s brain to regress or never reach its full potential? Phones and social media are a large part of today’s society, but are causing distressing issues, such as bullying and isolation which has led to suicide in far too many cases. Some may argue that technology is helping our children in all academic areas, however, in international testing Australian’s perform considerably worse than such Asian countries that continue to take a more traditional approach to learning. It is imperative that we limit the use of technology to allow the success of our children and our country.

SAORSE MCMILLEN YR 12, DETAILS WITHHELD THE recent announcement by Pope Benedict that he is stepping down for health reasons might have seemed a blow for some in the Catholic church, but I think it’s a selfless, logical decision by a gentleman who believes he is not up to the task of being the head of his church anymore, and knows his ‘flock’ would be better off with a pope who’s fully able to carry out his duties. Rather than follow the course of his predecessors of the past 600 years and consider the post as a ‘til death’ appointment, it is a good decision and allows the church to organise a new appointment soon and continued stability in the Vatican. Coupled with the recent handing over of the reins by Netherlands’ Queen Beatrix to her son Willem, it is clear that sense is prevailing these days in Europe and that smarter members of royalty and the clergy are looking beyond outdated customs and traditions to what is in the best interests of their country, family and church. I think it’s great, and look forward to hearing that Queen Elizabeth in England follows their lead and gives Prince Charles a turn at the controls. I won’t hold my breath…


To be a chance of winning one of two amazing three-pack DVD prizes, including Searching for Sugar Man, The Giants and About Face, write us a letter and email it to

BAILEE YR 9, CANNING VALE COLLEGE I HAVE been reading your news letters for a while now because my school has them at the front waiting area where I sit after school and I would like to thank you for helping because I have high functioning autism and sometimes have trouble understanding social skills and about bullies and other important things. So after reading these magazines I have learnt a lot. I have noticed now more people understand me and I understand more of why and what is happening THANK YOU!


JORDAN PARELLI YR 11, SCHOOL WITHHELD I AM a mad AFL fan and I am really concerned about the recent revelations about performance enhancing drugs and match fixing that have clogged up the newspapers, radio and television coverage. I hope that my club isn’t involved, but even if they’re not, it is really sad that the game has been infiltrated by dodgy people. I want my team to win the flag, but not with a ‘whatever it takes’ type attitude, as the motto says at Essendon. I want them to win it within the rules and without cheating – otherwise a flag has no value whatsoever, does it? Maybe Carlton fans could answer that. (snicker snicker) I suppose with so much money involved in sport these days, the temptation is too much for some to resist. I’ll be shattered if my club has elevated winning above all else.

Send us a message » M E RLIN ROC KS !

LIHINI YR 10, BAULKHAM HILLS HS MERLIN is an extraordinary show about a young wizard who is destined to protect Arthur during his path to create Albion and a land where magic is accepted. Merlin has become a huge part of my life with each gripping episode, amazing plots and hilarious moments between Merlin and his best friend Arthur Pendragon. We have seen the development of these characters from the very beginning as well as the friendship between Merlin and Arthur. Merlin is my favourite show and I hate to see it come to an end late this year. I am glad to have been a dedicated fan of Merlin and it will always live in our hearts! Long Live Merlin!

Australian Guild of M usic Education Incorporated A0010197v

The Australian Guild of Music Education System is comprehensive Music and Speech Education offered throughout Australia and overseas. The










learning system, as the course is essentially a distance education course. DVD’s of these sessions are available for students too far away to attend the 3 days. At the Guild, you’ll

also have access to some of the latest equipment and facilities. A










 up career pathways in all facets of the music industry.



NICOLE BURGAN, YR 11 PATTERSON RIVER SC I THINK that Facebook is a great way to socialize with people that you haven’t talked to in a while, however there are paedophiles and stalkers out there on the net. You can be safe from being attacked by them, by keeping your profile set to private. It allows for only your friends to see and no one else, blocking people you are not friends with will also make them not be able to get into contact with you by inbox. However, I think that over 15 years old should only use them because any younger are not very responsible in much things. Facebook has a variety of different things like games, videos, online chatting and also sharing pictures. A lot of bullying goes on online and can affect people and can lead into depression, suicide or other emotional problems. Facebook is good and bad, you just need to know how to use it properly.


CALLUM HUMPHRYS YR 9, BRAUER COLLEGE SHOULD the AFL limit the amount of interchanges a game? ... Personally I think that players will be unsure about this rule because it will just slow down the game ... players will tire out and force the players to work harder and train harder which is a great thing to do but it could eventually lead players to venture into drugs to enhance their game. Andrew Demetriou thinks taking a cautious approach towards this new rule will be less entertaining for spectators. AFL clubs should be allowed to rotate players as much as they think is necessary, it allows [them] to rest and receive messages from the coach to help the outcome of the game. Collingwood Football Club had the most rotations throughout the 2012 premiership season and were one of the dominant teams...I think that clubs should be allowed to rotate and change players as much as they think is necessary to benefit their game.

FEE HELP & VET FEE HELP is available to eligible students RTO 3589, VET Courses offered: Certificates
























Music Higher














O ffice:


Phone/Fax: 03 9822 3111 Dean (Dr. E. Knoop) – Ph: 0412 327 665 Email: or MARCH13 I 7

c o v e r s to r y

living the dream THEY’VE JUST TOURED THE STATES WITH THE VACCINES AND ARE IN THE MIDST OF A EUROPEAN TOUR WITH DARWIN DEEZ. HAVING RELEASED THEIR SELF-TITLED DEBUT ALBUM IN NOVEMBER, IT’S BEEN A HECTIC TIME FOR FREMANTLE INDIE POP FOURSOME, SAN CISCO. GRANT QUARRY CAUGHT UP WITH DRUMMER SCARLETT STEVENS FOR A CHAT ABOUT DREAM JOBS AND THE JOYS OF RECORDING. WHEN it comes to dream jobs, playing in a buzz band with your mates, touring here and overseas and making Triple J’s Hottest 100 top 10 before you reach the age of 20 has to be up there. Welcome to Scarlett Stevens’ life. The 19year-old drummer with WA music sensation San Cisco is now a 10 year music veteran, having played with underage attention grabbers The Flairz a few years ago before joining her current band for what is turning out to be a pretty mad, very fun ride. “I was just lucky, I guess,” she says when asked about how and why she picked up the sticks. “We were at a barbecue at one of Mum and Dad’s friend’s place, and I just had a go on the kit there and really enjoyed it. “I asked if I could have lessons and that’s pretty much how it happened. So, they were really open to it and I’ve been playing ever since.” While loving life at the moment – the band released its self-titled first album in November to positive critical reviews and is at present on tour in the States with UK band The Vaccines, before a multiple-gig run through Europe – Stevens is realistic enough to understand the chances are she might have to actually do a ‘real’ job one day. “I’ve done over a year-and-a-half of arts management at WAAPA (Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts) and have deferred for a year,” she says. “With the degree I could do a lot of things, like festival programming, I think that’d be amazing, or managing bands, maybe events,

I think I’d rather work for an arts organisation that I really liked.” But, for now Scarlett’s hanging on for what is proving to be a breathtaking ride. San Cisco have come a long way since quirky little track Awkward scored a sensational No.7 spot on the 2011 Hottest 100 and jettisoned the band onto the national stage. Not only has awareness exploded, but more importantly their sound has evolved from the earlier, more simple pop of songs like Golden Revolver and Rocket Ship, to far more mature, yet no less likeable, offerings like the darkly fabulous Wild Things and dreamy Beach. The band’s new album, complete with Jordi’s often dark, reflective lyrics, involves everything from indie pop and alt rock to surf style stuff, doo wop and even electro-disco – something Scarlett says is a reflection of the band member’s widely varied tastes. “We’re all at a stage in our lives where we’re quite excited by lots of different types of music,” she says. “We’re not just settled on one genre – maybe because we all listen to different stuff and kind of pull the sound that we want in different directions. “Josh (Biondillo, guitars/vocals) really likes psychedelic stuff and really out there pop, and Jordi (Davieson, guitar/lead vocals) is more into the lyrics in rap, and I listen to more rock type stuff and Nick (bass guitar) is into soul, so, like, you get songs like, I don’t know, Stella, that’s more rock and punky and other songs like Mission Fail which is more disco influenced.”


“Probably since the end of 2011, the stuff that we’ve been playing at home that hadn’t been released was more along the kind-of electronic lines, using synthesizers and creating lots of weird sounds using analog gear. “I guess that kind of sound was a long time coming for us. But we still enjoy those short, sharp, pop-punk kind of surf songs too, so ... it’s a weird mish-mash of sounds.” Being the only girl in a band certainly can take some getting used to, but Scarlett takes it all in her stride. “I’ve definitely had to grow a thicker skin and try to hold back from putting them in their place as much as I’d love to and just try not to enter into too many heated discussions with them. (laughs) “I’m really headstrong and argumentative but they’re also, like, my best friends, so that’s why I feel comfortable arguing with them, I guess.” An inspired San Cisco are enjoying their rapidly escalating fame, although Scarlett’s expectations are refreshingly humble. “I guess being able to headline your own shows in other countries and just to play to bigger audiences each time and have that constant progression is what you want as a band,” she says. “We’ve got a label over there now, so that’s one milestone, so just getting bigger as a band in popularity and then maybe recording over there. I think we want to focus on the States.” ä6DQ&LVFRÝVVHOIWLWOHGQHZDOEXPLVRXWQRZ MARCH13 I 9

your news

BINGE WHINGE FAIR CALL AS a teenager, the very mention of the words ‘binge drinking’ will no doubt make you shudder with the promise of a seemingly inevitable lecture. It seems ever since former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd cast a spotlight on the issue of teenagers’ drinking habits, there have been countless efforts to control alcohol consumption, including the alcopop tax, the controversial proposal to raise Australia’s drinking age, and various other initiatives which warn of the dangers of alcohol. But how effective have these efforts been? A new survey of 25,000 Australian Secondary School students indicates they’ve had little impact. The Australian Secondary Students’ Alcohol and Drug survey has found high school children are continuing to drink at risky levels, with one in five pupils saying they were “current drinkers” and had consumed alcohol in the past seven days. The survey, which is carried out every three years also found that the number of those drinking more than four drinks on one occasion remained relatively stable at 16 per cent, compared to 18 per cent three years ago. Cancer Council Victoria chief executive Todd Harper says the trend was worrying, also given that 45 per cent of those 16- to 17-year-old current drinkers said they intended to get drunk on most occasions when they consumed alcohol. “We know the drinking patterns of


adolescents in the final years of secondary school can be predictive of their drinking levels in the early years of adulthood, so the fact that 16- to 17 year olds are still binge drinking at around the same level as 2008 is concerning,” Harper says. James Brown, acting manager of psychology and counselling at the Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District Drug and Alcohol Service says social influences and a tendency for taking risks are the major reasons why teenagers continue to drink at these levels. “While the adolescent brain is developing, young people are less likely to think through the consequences of their behaviour. As a result, there is an increase in risk taking and experimentation which may impact upon their decision to binge drink and the decisions made whilst intoxicated,” he says. While the statistics are generally sobering, the survey has shown that younger teenagers are actually drinking less, as the number of 12 to 15-year-olds classified as current drinkers dropped from 17 per cent in 2008 to 11 per cent in most recent survey. Despite this, Harper says the government needs to address the availability of cheap alcohol and promoting it to young people, particularly during live television sport coverage. “Drinking in teenage years is linked to higher risks of alcohol dependence problems in young adulthood, and excessive consumption is, in turn, a cause of many chronic illnesses such as cancer,” he says.

“Yes, to look cool.”



10 I MARCH13




“Yes, about 65-70 per cent of them.”





“Probably almost everyone, they do it to get wasted and have fun.”



your news

RANDOMbits FACT OF THE MONTH Thanks to the collaboration between major brands Pepsi and Lays, there is a new potato chip flavour on the supermarket shelves in China, called ‘cola chicken’.



TWEETs OF THE MONTH “Monopoly now has a cat token. They should be careful. Next they will have two cats, then three, then a house full of cats on Old Kent Road.” – Wil Anderson. FAMOUS QUOTE OF THE MONTH “I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to earn back trust and apologise to people for the rest of my life.” – Lance Armstrong YOUTUBE CLIP OF THE MONTH Gotye and Kimbra winning Record of the Year at the Grammy’s is so awesome


SIXTEEN-year-old Lauren Marbe just might be a modern day Albert Einstein, but without the weird hair. In fact, with an IQ of 161, Marbe has proved herself smarter than the legendary scientist, as well as professor Stephen Hawking, and Bill Gates – they all have IQs of 160. The UK teenager stunned her teachers and parents with her score when she sat the Mensa brain test she entered with fellow classmates for fun. In spite of her super-brain, Marbe is no stereotypical geek. She says she enjoys fake tanning, getting manicures and watching trash TV. Marbe’s favourite show is TOWIE, a reality TV show set in her home town, but she says she’s is glad she can show the world that not everyone in Essex is ditzy and blonde, like the show suggests. Marbe has now been enrolled in prestigious society Mensa, which means she is in the top one per cent of the world’s smartest people. With the world her oyster, Marbe is torn between using her academic ability to gain entry to an architecture course at Cambridge University, and her other dream, becoming a professional singer and dancer in London’s West End.


Thrift Shop is a chart-topper but Same Love is a song with a poignant message.


We’re being inundated with fantastic films thanks to a busy awards season.


Steph Gilmore getting inducted into the Australian Surfing Hall of Fame. Go girl!

TAME IMPALA ALREADY destined to smash it live here as part of the Groovin The Moo 2013 tour, Tame Impala have sent fans into delirium with the announcement that they will be traversing the continent for a run of their own headlining tour dates.Their charttopping sophomore effort Lonerism has delighted fans and critics, tickets are already on sale and will sell out super fast. Tame Impala play Festival Hall, Melbourne (Licensed and Unlicensed All Ages areas) Friday, 26th April (tix: www.ticketmaster. 136 100), Hordern Pavilion, Sydney (All Ages) Thursday, 2nd May (Tix: www. 132 849), Convention Centre, Brisbane (All Ages) Wednesday, 8th May (tix: 132 849), Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide (All Ages) Thursday, 9th May (tix: 08 8225 8888), Belvoir Amphitheatre, Perth (18+) Saturday, 18th May (tix: 136 100).

12 I MARCH13


A cloud of controversy surrounds the AFL and it’s investigation of whether players have been taking performance enhancing drugs.


European suppliers passing off horse meat for beef ... so ethically wrong.


Summer, it’s been fun and we’re very sad to see you go.




IN THE WORLD         


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Untitled-8 1



13/02/13 11:30 AM MARCH13 I 13

your news

Year 12 student, Dean Faapito is committed to helping others through community service.

FAAPITO HAILED FOR HELPING THE HOMELESS WHEN 17-year-old Dean Faapito learned that there were more than 300 homeless people living in his community, he decided that he needed to help out. The Year 12 student from Sydney’s Campbelltown Performing Arts High School decided to hold an event to feed the homeless and hit the phones to gather sponsors and equipment. “When I drive down the street, I don’t really see homeless people,” Faapito says. “So that’s something that I wanted to make awareness of.” With the help of a local youth mentoring program, he got businesses, schools and local clubs involved in the hugely successful event.

But this isn’t even the start of Faapito’s long list of community contributions. On Saturday mornings, Faapito volunteers as a lawn mower for the elderly and disabled; and as part of his school SRC, he fundraises for Daffodil Day, the 40 hour famine and the 24 hour fight against cancer. This is what led Faapito to be nominated and then named the recipient of the Rotary Club of Campbelltown’s Youth Excellence Awards for community service. Faapito says that his inspiration to help others stems from first-hand cancer experience with his father, who passed away from the disease in 2008.

HARM FACES STARDOM AS LOOKBOOK WINNER MANY students returned to school from their summer break with interesting stories to tell their friends. However not many were able to say that they spent time modelling in a photo shoot with a professional photographer. But that’s exactly what 16year-old Jessica Harm did, after winning the Facebook competition to be named the face of the High School Senior Look Book. The Look Book competition is run by local photographer, Lou O’Brien and is open to students from across the Sunshine Coast, and Harm says it proves popular with her peers. “It’s pretty exciting and it’s pretty popular too. I know people who were in it last year,” the Year 12 student says excitedly. As well as the photo shoot, Harm will feature in all the promotional material including a video that is made each year. Social media played a huge part in Harm’s win. She asked her school community of Caloundra High School, friends and family to vote for her through the Facebook page, although they were limited to one vote every 24 hours. Harm says her supporters

were thrilled for her when they found out she’d won. “They were all really supportive and really excited as well because they were the ones who helped me win it,” she says. “So I was really thankful for them.”

Year 12 student, Jessica Harm is the face of the High School Senior Look Book.

TEENS CREATE OWN SHOEBIZ WHEN 13-year-old Meg Richards emerged from her bedroom to tell her mum she’d just started her own business, Mrs Richards nearly choked on her sandwich. Together with business manager and school friend Tara Naidu, Richards, now 14, launched Graffiti Soles, her very own shoe design company from her personal computer. Graffiti Soles offers customers the ability to have custom designed, one-of-a-kind graphics drawn onto their runners. Essentially, people mail their shoes to Richards along with a list of their favourite things, and the aspiring artist sets to work ‘graffiting’ their shoes. “I get them to send me their shoes, with a list of like their name, what characters they’d

like on them, and what kind of colour theme, and so I just work off that,” Richards says. The idea for the business came to Richards as she was sitting at home doing what she loves most, drawing. “I think it was on a weekend, when I had just graffitied some of my shoes to take on Year 8 camp and I thought well, I love graffiting shoes so much why don’t I get it out there?”. With Richards madly designing on weekends and school holidays, and Naidu looking after publicity, the young entrepreneurs have set their sights on the stars. “I’d like (Graffiti Soles) to be a big design trade, and maybe have One Direction wearing my shoes,” Richards says. The next step, she explains, is to design some shoes for Ellen

14 I MARCH13

Inspired by graffiti art in Melbourne, Meg Richards is turning her passion into profit. Degeneres in hopes of getting a spot on her show and building Graffiti Soles’ profile among A-list celebrities. Beyond that, Richards will stay focussed on school so that

she can support her business after graduating. “Hopefully once I finish school (I want to) have a job to raise money, and with my savings, use them to grow Graffiti Soles”.



Now available

1300 065 020

Maritme engineering - design cruise liners, ports, remote operated vehicles, oil platforms and super yachts; or help harness our natural resources for alternative energy. Maritime business & international logistics - keep the whole world moving as a decision maker and problem solver in the $200 billion-a-year logistics industry. Aquaculture, fisheries, conservation - conserve our natural marine wonders, pioneer new ways to cultivate aquatic animals and plants, or ensure the sustainability of the world’s fishing industries. Coastal & international seafaring - work along Australia’s coastline or travel the world as an officer in the merchant navy or as part of the massive cruise ship industry.


your news

BREAKFAST CLUB STARTS THE DAY THE RIGHT WAY WHEN Year 10 students Madison Wilson, Rachel Flint, and Teegan Guthrie at Tasmania’s Wynyard High School found out more than 25 per cent of their classmates were skipping their Weetbix and toast of a morning, they were shocked. So much so the girls took action to start up a breakfast club at their school two mornings a week. “We all come in the morning at 8:00am and we cook and make the beverages,” Guthrie explains. The students approached local businesses for donations and eventually the local Woolworths got on board. “They were really keen to help us out and that really kickstarted our program,” Wilson says. The girls’ efforts were recongnised with a NAB Schools First award of $5000 which means the breakfast club can keep thriving for years to come. “I’m lucky to come from a family where [breakfast] can be provided to me,” Guthrie says. “But families out there unfortunately can’t. So when we can do something special like this, it just makes me feel great.”

Teegan, Rachel and Madison with Woolworths manager Dale Blyth.


James Robinson, captain of Team Bike Ride Australia.

HAVING A DEVIL OF A TIME RIDING FOR A TASSIE ICON STUDENTS in Tasmania are pedalling hard to save the state’s furry icon, the Tassie devil. Team Bike Ride Tasmania is made up of nine junior cyclists who’ve chosen to use their talents to raise money for the Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal. “Pretty much what we are doing is raising money for the Tasmanian devils as they [suffer from] facial tumours. In some areas more than 90 per cent of devils have been killed by the deadly tumours,” the team’s captain, James Robinson says. Instead of seeking sponsorship for themselves, the young cy-

clists have made it their mission to encourage people to donate to the appeal instead. “[The devils] are suffering,” 15year-old Robinson says. It has been happening for a long time and a cure really hasn’t been found yet so I think it’s really important that we are trying our best to help out.” In an effort to fundraise, the cyclists made an appearance at the Tasmanian Christmas Carnival in December which generated awareness and donations were collected. There is also a plan for a charity bike ride around the island in the works.

16 I MARCH13

AS part of his school honours program, 13-year-old James Cooper decided to build a computer that he could use to teach senior citizens in the community about computing. While working on the project, he realised that to buy all the parts was proving to be an expensive feat and he needed an income to support it. So Cooper began looking for a job. To his disappointment, he learned that he was actually below the minimum age of employment. “So that opportunity wasn’t open to me and so I had to think, what could I do myself that would be able to have an income?” he tells S-press. From there, Cooper drew on a skill he already knew he had – transferring family videos from VHS to DVD. Since September last year, the Year 8 entrepreneur from NSW’s Illawarra Grammar School (TIGS) has has a steady flow of customers using his business. “I’ve been able to work on one job every week almost,” he says. Cooper acknowledges his parents and school have been very supportive in building the business up in such a short time.

“Whenever I needed ideas for what to do I could ask mum or dad,” Cooper says. “... and the school is really supportive, they offered up a lot of opportunities for me. For example, I was allowed to hand out my business cards that I have to anyone who is interested.” Interestingly, Cooper’s younger brother is also benefiting from the new business in the family. “I use his computer ... [so he] ended up negotiating prices on what it would cost me to borrow his computer off him to use for the business,” Cooper explains. “It’s $1 per client!”

Year 8 student, James Cooper has started his own business in the niche market of VHS to DVD transfers.

Are you a born actor… dancer…singer? The McDonald College offers the rare opportunity for young people to receive a fine academic education while engaging with a unique and inspiring performing arts program.

Call 1300 525 259 to book a tour or meeting. The McDonald Colleges17 George Street, North Strathfield NSW

…a perfect school for your creative child

13/009 MARCH13 I 17

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AT A GLANCE, THE FRESH YOUNG FACES OF THREE-PIECE BAND STEREOKING MIGHT LEAD YOU INTO THINKING THEY ARE JUST STARTING OUT, BUT IT TURNS OUT THESE GUYS ARE ROCKERS FROM WAY BACK. S-PRESS CAUGHT UP WITH BAND MEMBER HARRY LEGGATT TO FIND OUT WHAT THE TALENTED TRIO HAS BEEN DOING DURING THEIR LAST FIVE YEARS PLAYING HIGH-ENERGY FIST-PUMPING ROCK. NOW in Year 9 at Wesley College in Melbourne, Stereoking members Harry Leggatt (lead guitar and vocals) Campbell Mowat (bass and back-up vocals) and Sam Hunt (drums), met at school in Year 4. With a shared passion for music, it wasn’t long before the guys got together to form a band, originally an AC/DC cover band called High Voltage. Leggatt says as time went by the band started to outgrow the AC/DC covers they were playing, so it was time for a change, starting with their name. “We sort of got sick of our old name...I was sort of thinking of a name like ‘Silverchair’ or ‘Radiohead’, so I just somehow came up with the two (words, ‘stereo’ and ‘king’) and somehow it worked.” With the new name came new original songs and eventually two EPs, which the trio scored the opportunity to record thanks to their popularity as a live act. “We won a ‘Battle of the Bands’ a couple of years ago in Glen Eira, and that got us a recording opportunity. So we’ve had two times in the studio which has allowed us to record

two EPs ... on each EP is about four or five songs,” Leggatt says. According to the vocalist, the band’s original music has evolved out of the work of some of their major influences, which include The Smashing Pumpkins, Silverchair and Nirvana. While these ‘90s rock bands were in their prime well before Leggatt could lift a guitar or Hunt was able to reach the bass drum pedal, Leggatt says with musical parents and siblings this was the music they grew up around. While all three members of Stereoking have a hand in writing the music, Leggatt writes most songs which are generally about life as a teenager and all of its ups and downs. And it appears the music is hitting the right note with their fans. As well as winning the Glen Eira battle of the bands, Stereoking’s most recent triumph came when they won the Stonnington Battle of the Bands securing them a spot on the stage at St Kilda Festival. While the gigs continue to get bigger and better for the trio, Leggatt says his favourite venues to play are still the small parties at friends’ houses. “I guess we’ve played lots of gigs but the best are the small parties because the energy is there and, it’s just really fun to play to.” As 2013 continues Leggatt says the band has plans to continue onward and upward. “We just hope to write lots more as a band, sort of just get deeper and deeper into creativity on music. “So we’re just looking forward to creating new music and hopefully getting bigger gigs and you know, get out there really.”

18 I MARCH13

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Each year the NSW Training Awards celebrate and reward outstanding achievements industry and community. Final year apprentices, trainees and students as well as teachers, training providers and employers are encouraged to enter. For eligibility details and entry forms visit the NSW Training Awards website: or phone 1800 306 999 Major Partners

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Hayley Rechter Still from Vox Eclipsis colour video transferred to DVD Hillcrest Christian College – Ayr Hill Campus

Bianca Elencevski Cooking for the collective unconscious fibre-tipped pen, watercolour MacLeod College

Top Arts showcases the best artwork completed by Victoria’s Year 12 class of the previous year. Here are a few pieces that made the cut last year. Check out Top Arts 2013 when the exhibition begins on March 21.


The Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (AMOS) runs an art competition every year for students from all over Australia. The secondary school section is open to students in Year 7 - 10. Last year’s winner received a cash prize of $50 and a selection of science books for the school library.

2012 AMOS Art Competition Winner Grace Chen Yr 9 Pymble Ladies’ College.

Sophie Goodman Untitled Graphite Melbourne Girls Grammar School

20 I MARCH13

The Whitlam Institute What Matters? Competition is your chance to tell us:                 


Write a 400-600 word opinion piece on what matters to you and why. Entries must be typed on A4 paper. Strictly one entry per student. All entries must be accompanied by a signed entry form. Entry forms are available from your teacher or can be downloaded at


Judging criteria and further information is available at, where you can also view the 2012 winning entries.


Prizes are awarded in 4 categories: Years 5/6, 7/8, 9/10 and 11/12. ➜ $350 for each category winner and $200 for each category runner-up. Winners and runners-up will receive their prize at an awards ceremony, following their participation in a Young Writers Forum run by The Writing Workshop, on 29 July 2013 at the University of Western Sydney’s Parramatta campus. Winning entries will be published in print and online. ➜ An overall competition winner, announced at the awards ceremony, will receive an iPad donated by Officeworks. ➜ The Years 5/6 and7/8 category winners will each receive a full-day creative writing workshop donated by The Writing Workshop, conducted by awardwinning author Bernard Cohen. ➜ The Year 9/10 category winner will be invited to spend a day at the Inspire Foundation, meeting the Crew and receiving professional training. They will also be offered the opportunity to be paid $200 to produce a feature article for the website ( ➜ The Year 11/12 category winner will receive a book voucher to the value of $100. All entrants will receive a certificate of participation.

What Matters 2013 It’s Time To Write


on Facebook at, and also make sure you check out the awesome TV program that was made by TVS about last year’s competition at

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Sports poll THIS MONTH: Have you lost any faith in Australian sport in general in the past few months? SMS your vote (type YES or NO) to 0419 110 401 or log on to

NOVEMBER ISSUE: Has the recruitment of Alessandro Del Piero to Sydney FC increased your interest in the A-League?

Yes: 79%

No: 21%

Max Brooks, middle, is a young lifesaver from Newport in Sydney who’s proving to be a massive talent.

NEWPORT SENSATION BROOKS MAKING EVERY POST A WINNER CHELSEA ATTARD TIPPED to be the next big thing in ironman, 17-year-old surf life-saver Max Brooks’ incredible focus is a force to be reckoned with. With this, his competitors at the most recent Coolangatta Gold will agree, after Brooks took out gold in the under 19 male’s category. Finishing ahead of fellow New South Welshman Lachlan O’Grady, Brooks recalls the gruelling race. “I was continually pushing myself, I didn’t stop because I didn’t know how far anyone was behind me and... I didn’t want to look back, so it was a long grind.” Even in light of his predicted success, Brooks is keeping his head down. “I’ve never really had to deal with any of that kind of labelling so it is weird for me, but I kind of just try to ignore it and just put my foot on the line and race as best as I can. If the results come on the day then I’m as happy as can be.” Having grown up in the seaside suburb of Newport in Sydney, Brooks has been building on his natural talent since his parents en-

rolled him at the local nippers club. “I kinda liked nippers but I really enjoyed the racing side of it,” Brooks recalls. With such a competitive spirit Brooks couldn’t wait to pit himself against his mates, and began competing in surf life-saving events as early as he could, starting with the under 9s age category. Now a member of the Newport Surf LifeSaving Club, Brooks is still enjoying racing with his best friends, but nowadays the stakes are a little higher, and Brooks says he knows what it takes to succeed. “There’s no substitute for hard work, I think ... and having a good group of friends around you that help push you in every session and help encourage you to turn up to training and try your hardest — that’s been my key.” With this in mind, Brooks is preparing for his next challenge, competing at the Australian Surf Life-Saving Championships (the Aussies) in April. “(My training regime) is pretty heavy. It’s twice a day throughout the week and some-

22 I MARCH13

times three (times) if we run afterwards. Then just Saturday mornings and we have Saturday afternoon and Sunday off.” Having won gold at the Aussies last year Brooks is a serious contender again this time around, although racing in the under 19s could prove challenging. “Racing the older guys is pretty tough, they are a whole year older, bigger and stronger,” he says. “But I’ll just sort of stick my nose in where I can get in their way and race my best ... at the moment I’m feeling good, I’m pretty fit ... I’ve been training as hard as I can.” Besides the Aussies, the St Luke’s Grammar student has another challenge to face, this time in the classroom, specifically the HSC. With plans to attend university in 2014 there’s going to be no time for Brooks to rest on his laurels this year. “After Aussies I’m going to have to really try and focus on school,” he says. As for his future in surf life-saving, Brooks has his sights set on the Kelloggs NutriGrain Ironman series in 2014.

spor t



Mariah Williams is a contender for this year’s Junior World Cup team.

REMEMBER this face? S-press featured Canberra teenager Nick Kyrgios in 2012, shortly after he had been awarded an AIS Pro Tour Program tennis scholarship. Now, a year later it seems the AIS’ investment has paid off. Kyrgios has joined the likes of tennis stars Bernard Tomic and Luke Saville as Australia’s latest junior grand slam champion. In an all-Australian final in January, Kyrgios overcame his good friend and doubles partner Thanasi Kokkinakis 7-6 (7-4) 6-3. Kyrgios said he performed below expectations at the tournament last year which prompted him to join the Australian Institute of Sport program resulting in a five kilo loss. “I always had that ball-striking there but I knew I had to work hard and shed a bit of weight and obviously it’s been paying off.” Kyrgios told The Canberra Times he will spend this year moving into the senior ranks playing futures tournaments as well as the junior grand slams.

Canberra teen Nick Kyrgios won this year’s Junior Australian Open tennis tournament.



HOCKEY superstar Mariah Williams, 17, doesn’t do things by halves. Even when setting goals for herself the Year 12 student from Hunter Sports High School in NSW goes large. “My ultimate goal would be representing Australia in three Olympic (Games’) ... and (to) be ‘best player of the tournament,’ several consecutive years in a row.” While these ambitions might be lofty for some, those who have seen Williams play will tell you that anything is possible. Having grown up in a hockey-mad family, with parents and sisters who have all played, Williams first picked up a hockey stick at the age of four. Now 13 years later Williams has experienced many highlights on the field, one stand out being guiding her team back from the brink of defeat playing for NSW in the under 21s final against ACT. “We were losing 1-0 and just before halftime I got the ball on halfway, beat three players, got into the circle and then dove and slapped the ball, and it went in top left. (After) we scored it got the team up and going and then we went on and won the final.” More recently, competing at the Australian Youth Olympic Festival this year, Williams and her teammates triumphed over teams from Great Britain, the US and China to bring home the gold. Williams now has her sights set on making it into the Junior World Cup team and competing against the world’s best in July. She says a win at this prestigious event would be a huge achievement. “I would (be) over the moon ... Just the feeling of bringing home the gold for my family and friends to see would just be a lifetime memory.” After graduating from Year 12 Williams is hoping to move to Perth, study personal training and of course, play hockey. MARCH13 I 23


Conca, left, is looking to make his mark as an inside mid in 2013.

Sydney could go back-to-back in the AFL this year.

WHO’LL REIGN SUPREME IN 2013? The NRL and AFL footy seasons are here, so let’s take a look at who we think will finish where, who will win the flag, which coach will be turfed and more. AFL ladder prediction 2013 TOP EIGHT SYDNEY HAWTHORN WEST COAST CARLTON COLLINGWOOD FREMANTLE ADELAIDE RICHMOND

ALSO-RANS Geelong North Melbourne Essendon St Kilda Brisbane Gold Coast Western Bulldogs Greater W. Sydney Port Adelaide Melbourne

Premiers: Sydney - hard to look past last year’s flag-winners, they’re a mostly young group, Goodes has one more A-grade season in him, and significantly, the addition of key forward Kurt Tippett will add to an already formidable forward line. First coach sacked: James Hird - heads will roll, and on the footy side of things it will start from the top. Brownlow medallist: Josh Kennedy - had a huge 2012 and will only improve this year. Big improver: Carlton. With Malthouse, the Blues are primed. Big slider: Geelong. Their aging list can’t go on forever. NRL ladder prediction 2013 TOP EIGHT MELBOURNE STORM CANTERBURY BULLDOGS NTH QLD COWBOYS SOUTH SYD. RABBITOHS NEWCASTLE KNIGHTS CANBERRA RAIDERS CRONULLA SHARKS MANLY SEA EAGLES

ALSO-RANS Sydney Roosters Wests Tigers Brisbane Broncos Gold Coast Titans NZ Warriors Parramatta Eels St George Illawarra Penrith Panthers

Premiers: It looks to be the Storm’s year again in 2013. With a star-stacked list, minimal turnover of players and talisman coach Craig Bellamy signed again it’s hard to look past them. First coach sacked: Ricky Stuart. Continued dismal Eels form and player discontent will see him jettisoned in record time. Dally M winner: Ben Barba. Set to make his Origin debut the Darwin-born indigenous fullback will again dominate this year. Big mover: Newcastle Knights. Under coach Bennett, they will be good this year and could surprise many with a tilt at the flag. Big slider: St George Illawarra. A steady decline last season will continue at pace with coach Steve Price looking for the exit door well before he’s due to shoot through at season’s end.


24 I MARCH13

A FEW QUESTIONS WITH TIGERS AFL STAR, REECE CONCA ON THE EVE OF ANOTHER MASSIVE AFL SEASON TIGER TRAGIC GRANT QUARRY SAT DOWN WITH FORMER PERTH BOY AND NOW RICHMOND FAN FAVOURITE, REECE CONCA FOR A CHAT ABOUT LIFE AT PUNT ROAD - ON AND OFF THE FIELD. How old were you when you discovered that you might have a bit of passion for AFL? I played soccer up until I was about 13. I went to high school and opted then to play AFL at school and soccer outside of school. My love for footy just grew from there, really. At about 14 or 15 we had some state trials for WA schoolboys, the under 15s, and I went down with a few mates to have a crack and ended up making the side! And then from there I sort of realised I had a bit of talent at the sport and ended up dropping off the soccer... I have a really strong passion for education as well. I was really committed to school and I think that really helped my footy as well in the end. Have you been studying here in Melbourne? I started a psych and commerce double degree, but I’ve ended up studying just psychology for now at Swinburne (University of Technology). It’s one unit a semester. It just helps to keep my brain ticking over. I really enjoy sitting in lectures and tutorials, taking notes... The Tiges finished 12th last season, three games outside the eight. What are your expectations this year? Obviously last year we were pretty disappointed with where we finished. We’re still developing and there were some encouraging signs. This year we expect to play a big part in proceedings, we want to make finals, we want to have a red hot crack and really upset some sides and play some consistent footy. Any advice for young players with AFL dreams? Just really enjoying what you’re doing, is a big part of it. Just make sure you apply commitment and discipline to what you’re doing, and make sure you ignore any distractions and outside influences that might negatively impact on you and your progression in the game. Also make an effort to keep things in perspective and don’t overthink or overdo things. I believe focussing on my education has really helped my football. I really enjoyed my school time, was really committed to it, as I was to footy. A lot of the strategies I’ve used in my education, I’ve applied to my football as well. What have you most enjoyed about your time in the AFL? I’ve really enjoyed the chance to become more independent and to take on responsibility for myself. We’ve got a really young, vibrant playing group and I’ve just really enjoyed being around the club, being around the team, even the staff and the coaches. We’re a really tight-knit club, we’re all on the same page, striving for that same goal, to win a premiership, and we’re really enjoying ourselves on the way, which is good.

5 mins with




I understand Please Like Me is largely about growing up quickly, what does being grown up mean to you? One of the key things [in] the the relationship between me and the mum character. You know when people ... turn like 20, 22, the relationships between a mother and son, you’re sort of like becoming friends ... and realising that you’re both a bit s#*t and it’s OK. That’s what I sort of mean by growing up. I don’t know what growing up is, honestly, I don’t know what that means ... I just had to write something on the press release.

What do you think separates Please Like Me from other comedy/dramas on TV at the moment? I really don’t think it’s like anything else. I’ve tried really hard to just make it original which is really scary because when I watch it I don’t know if it’s good, because I don’t really have anything to compare it to. And you can never tell because like, originality is supposed to be a good thing, but you can lick the tail off a cat ... and that’s original, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

The show tackles issues surrounding sexuality and you are quite open about being gay, do you see yourself as a role model for young people who might be struggling with their own sexuality? I get this a lot. I get emails from like 15year-old kids and they say like, ‘oh thanks for coming out, how brave of you’. They say it’s so brave of you to come out, it really helps kids, [gives them] someone to look up to. That’s not why I came out. I came out because I needed people to know I was gay so that boys knew that I was available for kissing ... I’m not trying to be a hero, you know what I mean? I’m not trying to change the world, I’m not trying to make an ‘it gets better’ video, I’m just trying to convince people to kiss me, and they need to know I’m gay for that to happen.

How closely is the show based on your life? There [are] bits in the show that were really obviously based on me, like my name is Josh and, my best-friend in the show is like my actual best friend in my real life and his name is Tom ... and I’ve had to live with my mum and look after her before. Some stuff that’s happened is true but some of it is complete fiction. It’s a bit like Curb Your Enthusiasm or Seinfeld ... it’s really based on a small premise of their life and everything else was just invented.

When did you decide you wanted to become a comedian? I think probably when I was 17 ... It’s the only thing I know how to do, it’s the only skill I have, I’m not good at anything else. I can’t play computer games, I’m not very good at

maths, I’m not very good at, like, talking to strangers, I’d be horrible at customer service, yeah ... no skills. I’m good at slow barbequing meat so if my stand-up career and this show’s a real disaster, the only back-up that I have is slow barbequing meat. I’ve heard you say in one of your routines that your parents didn’t see comedy as a real-job and your dad suggested you join the army reserves, is that true? Yeah ... they were so nervous about me doing stand-up you know, [they] didn’t think you could make a career out of it. One day my dad said to me, and this was not even in the beginning, I’d been on television a few times... I was earning a living, and he said, ‘maybe you should get a part-time job, maybe you could join the army reserve’... He is more scared of me dying on stage, than he is [of me] literally dying in the army. I just said to him ‘what do you mean join the army? Have you ever met me? I don’t think I’d be very good at the army, I don’t think I’m what Australia needs, in the frontline’! How do your parents feel about your career now? Well now they’re quite happy with it because I can buy food ... It’s going to be an interesting couple of weeks with this show coming out for them, and everyone thinking that what’s happening with the parents is what’s actually happening in my real-life, which isn’t really true, so we’ll just see how they feel about it in a month, they might feel differently. ä3OHDVH/LNH0H kicks off with a double episode on February 28 at 9:30pm on ABC2. MARCH13 I 25


NOMOPHOBIA? No-mo-pho-bia…? Sounding it out might help with the pronunciation but as to what it stands for… well the mystery remains. Nomophobia is the fear of being without your mobile phone, something many of you can probably relate to. Nomophobia is also a growing ‘epidemic’ when it comes to bad behaviours behind the wheel. According to AAMI’s Young Driver Index Report HALF of all young drivers admit to checking their phones for messages when driving and 43% admit to making calls while driving.

26 I MARCH13



Sending or reading the ave you are travelling at 100 rage text takes around five seconds. If km/h you will drive the entire length of a football field before lifti ng your eyes. Texting drivers are 23

times more likely to be involved in a crash. Research suggests tha t texting behind the wh eel imp skills as much as driving under the influence! The airs driving drivers using a mobile reaction time for phone is the same as driving at the maximum open licence legal limit of alcohol consumptio n (BAC 0.05).

as much of This uptake of bad driving behaviours is C-R-A-Z-Y but can’t come alone Australia In gy. technolo in drowning we’re around… a surprise. Just look year than there were reportedly 7 million more mobile phones in use late last there were people! the Imagine this… you just got your Ps (winning) and you’re cruising down for your Reach do? you do what off… goes phone your and 100km/h at highway that you’d phone, duh. Wrong!! Seriously, what is so important, so life changing not likely risk taking your eyes OFF the road so as to answer your phone. It’s end of the it’s going to be Jennifer Lawrence or Robert Patterson on the other you didn’t line. Plus just putting it out there, but is it a big deal IF… wait for it… answer your phone!? Voicemail was invented for a reason. Y is One of the biggest issues when it comes to mobile phones and Gen talking on overconfidence. Research suggests younger drivers feel capable of a mobile the phone or texting while driving ‘safely’. Thing is, when you’re using associated (even a hands-free one) while driving it reduces your brain activity with driving by 39% – almost half. What the...! can’t use a It’s starting to make sense now why Queensland learners and P1’s unless hands-free phone or even have passengers using speakerphone. Plus result of using you’re James Bond, odds are if you’re involved in an accident as a and walk away your mobile you probably won’t be in any state to dust off your tux best case unharmed. Legally and physically you could also be in big trouble… points. demerit three lose and fine $330 a cop scenario you At the end of the day when it comes to mobile phones there are three distraction that WILL affect you:

levels of

1. physically – for example manually typing a text or email 2. visually – for example reading a text or scrolling through playlists on 3. cognitively - thinking what to text, listening or conversing with someone the phone. eyes are Not only do all three levels apply to someone who is texting but their breaking also off the road for up to FOUR times longer than someone who isn’t time. that in happen can lot A the law. Put simply using a mobile phone while driving can: ä impair your ability to maintain the correct lane position ä impair your ability to maintain the correct speed ted events ä result in longer reaction times to detect and respond to unexpec you) of front in crossing cyclists and (including PEDs ä result in you missing traffic signals ä result in shortened following distances to vehicles in front ä result in higher levels of stress and frustration road ahead. ä encourage you to look straight ahead rather than scanning the n then So if you suffer from nomophobia and your mobile is a source of distractio or pull over why not turn it off, put it on silent, let calls go through to voicemail emails. The safely and park to make and receive calls or read and send texts or wheel and off consequences are never worth the risk so keep your hands on the your phone. MARCH13 I 27












1 3 6

1. Lush Eyes Right mascara $19.95; 2. Ardell selfadhesive lashes $9.95; 3. The Body Shop Baked To Last eye colour $29.95; 4. The Body Shop brow & lash gel $20.95; 5. The Body Shop metallic eye definer $18.95; 6. The Body Shop shimmer cubes $40.95; 7. Australis Paparazzi Perfect HD eye shadow $15.95 STOCKISTS: LUSH: WWW.LUSH.COM.AU; ARDELL: WWW.ARDELLLASHES.COM; THE BODY SHOP: 1800 065 232; AUSTRALIS: WWW.AUSTRALISCOSMETICS.COM.AU 28 I MARCH13











Moo & the

Big Raps With Steve Duck SUMMER JAMS WHAT kept your tape deck in effect over the summer period? Since the last issue of S-press way back in 2012, we’ve had massive releases from rappers right across the map, with highlights including Roc Marciano’s Reloaded, Pac Div’s GMB, Styles Of Beyond’s Reseda Beach, Apollo Brown and Guilty Simpson’s Dice Game and many more. Alongside the official releases, we kept clocking up the downloads with releases from Pusha-T, Fabolous, Ace Hood, Future and pretty much every other rapper with nothing else to do over the holidays. With the summer sizzle now in our rear-view, let’s see what’s making noise in 2013. CLIPSE ALBUM ON THE WAY WHILE all eyes are seemingly focused on Pusha-T’s upcoming solo My Name Is My Name, the solo sibling used a recent interview to remind the fans The Clipse are still connected. Speaking to MTV News, Pusha announced the group’s fifth album will be titled As God As My Witness, but was tight-lipped about elaborating any further. After serving the streets with three consecutive classics, anticipation is certain to be sky-high for new material from the brothers Thornton. Kanye West

KANYE DRESS WHEN an artist reaches Kanye-levels of stardom, bizarre rumours begin to bubble up all over the place. I can remember a rumour back in 2007 that Kanye paid £2000 (A$3000) to have a fish curry flown from Wales to his New York loft. Another rumour has hit the net this week, with sources speculating Kanye is strong-arming Getty Images to

With Russ

remove incriminating pictures from their vast database. The pictures from a Hurricane Sandy Benefit held in New York on December 12 show Kanye stomping the stage in a Givenchy leather skirt. The pictures had been online for weeks with no concern, until ageing Brand Nubian rapper Lord Jamar labeled Kanye the ‘pioneer of this queer s*#t’. The rumour is yet to be confirmed, but is just another chapter in the increasingly weird world of Kanye Kardashian.

YO! Welcome back to another year of beatheavy madness. For those new to my rants, get set for a year full of dance music eclecticism as we traverse the dance music universe for the hottest sounds, as well as step back in time occasionally to find a reference point for what’s going down on dancefloors right now.



RAP BEEF STOOPS TO NEW LOW IT’S been a long, long time since Jay-Z and Nas traded diss tracks huh? Since the twin towers of New York rap reconciled, we’ve seen 50 Cent, The Game, Fat Joe and more use diss records as a promotional tool, trivialising what was once a unique and genuinely enjoyable part of hip-hop. The beleagured rap beef concept hit a new low recently with bizarro rap music ‘mogul’ Lil B and boom-bap aficionado Joey Bada$$ trading tweets and rap bars in what is possibly the weakest beef I’ve ever witnessed. Why Brooklyn’s throwback-rap specialist decided to waste his time duelling with a rapper responsible for such memorable bars as “I have a cat, and i love my cat, my cat spit dumb rap” is beyond me, but the whole ordeal has had rap fans across the map hoping this beef blows over quickly. ALBUM OF THE MONTH PUSHA-T - WRATH OF CAIN GEDDIT? Cain? Yup, Pusha’s still the king of the coke raps. While it’s not quite the best album to drop since our last issue in November (Big Boi’s Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumours could well claim that title), Pusha’s latest release has been the hottest of the past month, with guest spots from the big names we expect (Rick Ross, French Montana) and beats by Kanye, The Neptunes and more. A thematically dense, dope-peddlin’ piece of modern hip-hop, check for the free download now.

30 I MARCH13

SUMMERTIME BREAKS BACK in the summer of 2002-2003, Australia was at the forefront of the world breaks scene.‘Nubreaks’ artists such as Nubreed and Phil K, and young gun breaksters led by Nick Thayer, were producing genre-bending breakbeat tunes that didn’t follow the rules. From funky breaks to electro-breaks, psy-breaks to progressive breaks, we were right at the cutting edge of the breaks world — DJ Kid Kenobi even claimed the crown of Australia’s No.1 DJ in the ITM annual from 2003-2005. While Adam Freeland, the Plump DJs and Stanton Warriors flew the flag in Europe, breaks was more popular here than anywhere. I caught up with one of Australia’s leading young breaks producer-DJs, Diistortiion, to find out where breaks sits in the present landscape of Australian dance music. Does the term ‘breaks’ still exist, or was it swallowed by the bass monster? Breaks itself does fall under the “Bass” category in a lot of ways but its such a broad genre that it also falls into a lot of other categories as well, like funk, mid tempo, hip-hop etc. Who in 2013 excites you in the world of breaks music — locally and internationally? Locally, Beatsmack, Sangers & Ra, Black n Blunt. Internationally, Hedflux, Beatman & Ludmilla, Colombo, Under this, Davip, Kid Panel, Karl Sav & Beta, Pyramid, Fisso & Spark, Seven Lions, Wizard — to name a few. Name five breaks tunes that club-kids reading this should google right now? Breaks itself has so many different sounds so I’ll choose five tracks of the different styles of breakbeat... Hedflux – Revolve (Psy Breaks) Matrix & Futurebound – Magnetic Eyes (Pyramid Remix) (140 future/jungle breaks) Seven Lions – Tyven (Dubstep breaks) Kid Panel – R u ready (Electro Breaks)

okie beats

Wake the dead With Sarah Petchell

Macumber Sporty O – Handz Sky Up (Stickbuds remix) (Funky/party/ mid tempo breaks) In the early-mid noughties Australia was one of the breaks epicentres of the world. Where holds this distinction now? Perth still has the best breaks scene in Oz with its annual event Breakfest still a sell out every year. Brisbane follows closely with their annual event the heavily breaks influenced Blah Blah. Overseas Spain, Russia and eastern Europe all have very strong scenes. Check out more about Diistortiion at www. and www.soundcloud. com/diistortiion Deeper Thinking Every issue I’ll share some wicked deep mixes, ideal for background study sound. äKWWSZZZLQWKHPL[FRPDXQHZVLQWO /LVWHQB7ZRKRXUB'-BPL[BIURPB0DVVLYHB$WWDFN: Dub heavy, lots of vocals and a range of tempos. äKWWSVVRXQGFORXGFRPHOLWHPXVLFPDQDJHPHQWPDUNIDULQDPXVKURRPMD]]PL[: Another downtempo mix, this time from San Fran deep house legend Mark Farina. The Mushroom Jazz series is definitely worth discovering. KWWSVVRXQGFORXGFRPGMVKDGRZDOOEDVVHV covered-the: The backstory: DJ Shadow gets booked for a superclub in Miami. Plays the usual gritty, underground downtempo beats and breaks he’s been playing for 20 years. The club kicks him off the decks for being too edgy. This is the set in question. PROPS! ä&DUO&R[ÝV*OREDOV\QGLFDWHGUDGLRVKRZ Techno lives here. ä*HWRQ6RXQG&ORXGDQGVHDUFKIRUHRS Travel Dreams. Such a beautifully crafted classicalslash-minimal-techno piece. ä-XUDVVLFDUHUHIRUPLQJZRRRRR

Swedish House Mafia FLOPS! ä,I,KHDUDQRWKHUCall Me Maybe remix I think I’m going to tear out my ear drums ä6ZHGLVK+RXVH0DĆD7KHSHUIHFWH[DPSOHRI a sum being far lesser than the individual parts. I’m Out! Mookie

Bane WELCOME to another huge year of punk and hardcore goodness, and so far 2013 is shaping up to be one of the best years I’ve seen! To start off with, we have the announcement of the return of Break The Ice Fest for all you Melbourne kids. If you were at the festival last year and are expecting more of the same, hold on to your hats because this year it is bigger and definitely better. The first announcement (with another to come) sees international heavyweights like Bane and Cold World, joining forces with Rotting out and locals like Hopeless, Relentless, Iron Mind, Phantoms, Survival, The Weight, Outright, Endless Heights, Thorns and Civil War. The festival hits Lilydale Showgrounds on Saturday, April 27 and Sunday 28. Tickets are on sale now for both weekend and individual day passes, but get on it quick as I understand that three-quarters of the ticket allocation is already gone. Fall Out Boy

FALL Out Boy have announced an end to their hiatus. OK, so it was the worst kept secret ever, but an official announcement was made a few weeks ago with the simultaneous launch of their new single My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up). This track is the first single to be taken from their new album Save Rock And Roll, which will be released in Australia on May 3. And thanks to our release dates, it means we get the record about four days before the rest of the world. It’s a nice anniversary for the band as well, with the international release date of May 6 being the 10th anniversary of the release of FOB’s debut full-length back in 2003, Take This To Your Grave.

HARDCORE heavyweights Terror have announced that they have signed to Victory Records for the release of their sixth album, Live By The Code in April. This is the US and Canadian release date, but as no Australian release has yet been announced it would stand to reason that the Australian release date would be around the same time. Vocalist Scott Vogel said of the signing, “When I was in high school, I would go to Home Of The Hits Records in Buffalo, NY and every week I would check for new Victory releases. Growing up, Victory Records always had the best hardcore bands, period.”

Terror DETAILS are starting to emerge regarding the release of Paramore’s forthcoming, self-titled album with the first track from the record released a few weeks ago, and the video last week. The track is called Now and is available for download through iTunes now. You can expect the album to drop on Friday, April 5, or you can catch them at Soundwave. Perhaps then there will be more of a taste for fans of what they can expect from the record. This is the band’s first release following the departure of Josh and Zac Farro back in December 2010.

Paramore MARCH13 I 31

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32 I MARCH13


Invest in a good red lipstick. It’s a classic item and it will last for ages.


Make sure your lips are moisturised. There’s nothing worse than lipstick applied over chapped lips!


Apply colour to your lips. Pay particular attention to your upper lip to ensure that you follow the natural line of your lip to avoid smears.


Apply your foundation after you’ve coloured your lips. That way, you can cover any mistakes you’ve made when applying the lipstick!


Be careful about adding any gloss to your lips! It can smudge the colour and you may end up with it all over your teeth and face.


Carry a mirror with you so that you can regularly check that it still looks fresh and you can reapply when needed! Recruiting a friend to let you know if anything goes wrong can be a great help too!

    The latest issue of S-press is now live on iOS and Android MARCH13 I 33

MUSIC NEWS While the cat is away, it seems Chris Brown will play. While Rihanna spent a weekend away in London, Chris was spotted hanging out with ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran. The pair allegedly partied together before spending the night in a mansion Chris had rented out, and, Karruche was spotted wearing the bad-boy rapper’s gold necklace.

What girl doesn’t wish for a kiss from a 1D boy on her birthday? Well for one lucky fan, her wish came true when Harry Styles crashed her 18th birthday party in Manchester as a surprise organised by her dad. Birthday girl Olivia McKee tweeted ‘Harry Styles came to my 18th!’ followed by ‘Oh my God he kissed me,’ ‘I love Harry. Best night of my life.’

Blink 182 fans with tickets to 2013’s Soundwave Festival were disappointed to learn drummer Travis Barker failed to board his flight down-under with Mark and Tom. Since being involved in a plane crash which killed four people in 2008, Travis was unable to overcome his fear of flying despite trying for weeks for his Aussie fans. While some have been critical of the musician, the overwhelming majority of fans have been showing support for his decision via social media. Brooks Wackerman (Bad Religion, Tenacious D) will replace Travis on the tour. 34 I MARCH13

She may be only 18 years old, but singer-songwriter Natasha Duarte has won numerous music awards, had her songs played on the radio in the US and been compared to the likes of Delta Goodrem, Kasey Chambers and Missy Higgins. Natasha is now travelling to schools as part of her ‘Loud at Lunchtime’ tour, presented by Kool Skools, hoping to inspire students to think about a career in the music industry. Her new single (Just Stop) Telling Me Not To can be viewed online via her YouTube channel

 MARCH13 I 35


Chris Hemsworth and his family were spotted in Sydney recently out for a spot of shopping and sunbathing. Chris, Elsa and India spent a day in Avalon, where Chris shopped for a new surfboard and treated his daughter to a new sunhat. With family time now a priority, Chris was also spotted in Costa Rica recently with Elsa, brother Liam and Miley Cyrus.

Robert Pattinson has been chilling out down-under filming The Rover alongside Guy Pearce. While Pattinson may have enjoyed the Australian nightlife to begin with, the Twilight star says lately he now prefers watching episodes of Faulty Towers online in his room — so don’t be holding your breath for a chance sighting. Filming is set to wrap-up in March.

Kim Kardashian has quashed rumours that she will be leaving Keeping Up with the Kardashians in spite of her growing baby bump. The mother-to-be has admitted she’s not sure where life will take her, but has confirmed plans to see through season 10 of her reality TV show, which she says her family is extremely proud of.

Khloe Kardashian has been sacked from her job as a host on the American X-factor because of her lack of experience, experts say. Ironically, this is exactly why the reality TV star was hired. “... I was asked to not do any hosting lessons because they wanted me to be just myself,” Khloe told Huffington Post Live. But L.A. hosting expert Marki Costello says “... at the end of the day, when she doesn’t know what she is doing, are you helping your show or hurting it?” 36 I MARCH13


KAYE KAYE’S debut album shows the mellow side of hip-hop. Unlike the mainstream rap we hear on the radio, Kaye’s debut, which features two CDs, promotes the laidback beats similar to those of Bone Thugs n Harmony. His words strike straight to the heart and show all aspects of life, whether it be about hardships or celebrities. On the other hand, Kaye does have to develop as an artist as the album does not have a wide range of tunes. Practically every song starts with a slow start and does not show Kaye’s capability as an upbeat hip-hop artist just yet. That said, his songs are good enough to establish him as an artist to watch. FIONA HASHIM, YR 10, MLC, VIC ★★★


SAN CISCO RELEASED in November last year, this is the first chance we’ve had to include the Freo foursome’s new LP — and it is an utter delight! Catchy as hell, and bursting with a variety of tracks — and dreamboat Jordi’s unique vocals - there is nothing on this that’s not worthy of inclusion. The moody, beautifully melodic, dreamy Beach kicks things off, before the tempotripping Fred Astaire picks things up and whisks us away to pure pop heaven. The band’s songwriting chops have improved dramatically, and Wild Things is yet more proof of this. An outrageously awesome debut, these guys are bound to just get better and better. Woohoo! MADDIE CARR, YR 12, QLD ★★★★

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FALL OUT BOY THEY’RE back! While not a world away from what we’re used to from the four-piece, this is a bit more tricked-up and with more than a subtle infusion of technology. It’s big chorus gives Patrick Stump scope to let rip, and all up it’s a solid return. JACOB SPADER, YR 10, VIC ★★★


HUNGRY KIDS OF HUNGARY BRISBANE’s sparkling fourpiece have a new album, and this is totally indicative of its wonderfully uplifting nature. It’s sooo positive, it infuses my soul with a magical, warm feeling of well-being. Think I’m overstating it? Have a listen to this track! MIA FRANJOTELLI, YR 11, SA ★★★★


FRIGHTENED RABBIT THE unapologetic Frightened Rabbit have poured spooky and prophetic songs into their latest album, State Hospital. [Some] tracks don’t fit with another album they were producing but it’s a truly individual collection. The music reflects all the best parts of the band’s Scottish heritage, with layered woody tones and yawning vocals that speak like a Shakespearean play. Perfectly suited to a lonely listening session or a nostalgic night, the tunes are wistful, the lyrics intriguing, if a bit obscure and open to interpretation. It makes for an unusual listen but after adjusting to the thick accents it will pleasantly surprise you. KATIA PELLICCIOTTA, YEAR 10, SIENA COLLEGE ★★★★

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BULLET FOR MY VALLENTINE AS a major Bullet fan, I don’t mind admitting I hated 2010 album Fever. Hated it. They almost lost me. Almost. This is a simply brilliant return to form for the boys from Bridgend. Catchy opener Breaking Point really gets things off on the right foot, and it’s all good from there. Truth Hurts is quintessential Bullet (pre-Fever!) while Dirty Little Secret is probably the best track on this. Like most albums there’s a bit of filler on this, but for the most it’s killer songs, catchy riffs and the welcome return of a well screamed-up Matt Tuck. Bury Tomorrow and While She Sleeps have my heart now, but there’s still a bit of love for my Welsh boys! MAGDA NAARDLOC, NSW ★★★★★

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE AS we wait for JT’s third solo album, Mirrors offers a taste of what we can expect — and it’s exciting. Whether it be the subtle strings and soaring chorus, the spinetingling harmonies or trademark Timbaland beats and slick production, the epic quality of this jam is a great reflection of JT— da man! KC CRAM, YR 12, TAS ★★★★★


RITA ORA RITA’S pulsating dancefloor filler has a beat as phat as they come and a real eutro-techno feel that David Guetta would be proud of. The chorus soars and perfectly showcases Ora’s amazing vocal range. It’s clear that 2012 was Rita’s year — will 2013 be more of the same? I think so! MELANIE ROWE, YR 10, WA ★★★★ MARCH13 I 37


DREDD (MA 15+) A STYLISHLY directed reboot of the 2000AD comics character, this time by Pete Travis, Dredd is set in a violent future where police officers are judge, jury and executioner. Karl Urban stars as Judge Dredd, a growling, grumpy cop who has to assess psychic rookie Anderson (Olivia Thirlby), to see if she’s suitable Judge material. But, on Anderson's training day, the pair find themselves trapped in a massive 200 storey tower block filled with psycho drug dealers. Gang leader Ma-Ma (Lena Headey) is the dealers’ puppet master, and super nasty, and he wants the pair dead. Dredd and Anderson have to work together if they have any shot of making it out alive. Urban is superb as Dredd, sort of a mixture of Dirty Harry and Batman. Headey 8 MILE makes an excellent villain, and Thirlby shines opposite Urban. (M) A bit too much like the even better, similarly scripted The Raid, this is a stylish, exciting action thriller that's commendably faithful to the source material. CONNOR BLACK ★★★★

SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED (M) WOW, this is a super impressive feature debut from director Colin Trevorrow. Written by Derek Connolly, Safety Not Guaranteed centres on Darius (Aubrey Plaza), a less-than-cheerful magazine intern who jumps at the chance to join egotistical journalist Jeff (Jake Johnson) and fellow intern, Arnau (Karan Soni), on a mission to interview a man who's placed a classified ad looking for a companion for time travel. Scruffy supermarket worker Kenneth (Mark Duplass) turns out to be their man, but as Darius begins to train as his partner, pretending to be a legitimate time travel believer, she starts to wonder whether he's delusional or whether he's actually onto something. Parks & Recreation regular Plaza delivers a wonderful performance, while Duplass is equally impressive and Connolly's clever script keeps you guessing ‘til the end. With many laugh-out-loud funny moments a witty script and nice pacing, Safety Not Guaranteed is a ton of fun. PIPPA NIXON, YR 12, VIC ★★★★★



THIS gripping documentary about an astonishing musical find is also one of the best films of the past year. Directed by Swede Malik Bendjelloul, Searching For Sugar Man first introduces us to Cape Town record shop owner Stephen Segerman, who explains that he was nicknamed “Sugar Man” because of his obsession with early 1970s American singer-songwriter Rodriguez, who was an important voice amongst antiApartheid whites. When Segerman meets similarly obsessed music journalist Craig Bartholomew-Strydom, the pair team up to try and find out what happened to Rodriguez. It would be unfair to give away what happens, but it is incredible, to say the least. Told through their own words accompanied by reconstructions and the occasional animated pieces, exploring the extent of Rodriguez’s political impact in South Africa, Searching for Sugar Man is an expertly made, hugely entertaining and genuinely uplifting documentary that will have you rushing to check out Rodriguez on YouTube. GREG MICHAEL ★★★

THE final instalment picks up where Part 1 left off, with Bella (Kristen Stewart) enjoying her transformed life as Mrs Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), chowing down on mountain lions in between looking after their rapidly growing daughter Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy). Meanwhile, werewolf Jacob (Taylor Lautner), having ‘imprinted’ his soul onto Renesmee, tries to stop the Cullens from leaving town by revealing himself to Bella's father (Billy Burke) and bringing him back into her life. However, when Alice (Ashley Greene) has one of her visions, the Cullens realise the Volturi are coming for Renesmee, so they pull together an army to prepare for the deciding battle. Bella’s much more fun in this, while Pattinson also seems a lot more relaxed and Lautner does a great job of not making the whole imprinting business seem creepy. The film's biggest problem is its bewildering array of characters; new and familiar. Directed by Bill Condon, while cheesy and frequently ridiculous, at least this is fun. CONNOR BLACK ★★★

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XBOX 360 – EA The concept: The Need For Speed franchise goes open-world in the massive city of Fairhaven, with everything from winding mountain passes to industrial docklands. Races have a start and end; you can get to the finish any way you like. In between races you get to roam the city streets, earning ‘speed points’ by blasting past speed cameras and smashing through billboards. What’s to love: The simple but beautiful structure of the game sees you working your way up a list of 15 ‘most wanted’ drivers by gaining enough fame to go up against them in street races, sometimes with the cops hot on your tail. The freeroam aspects are fun and a nice break from the intensity of pedal-to-the-metal races. Also, for the first time in the franchise, all the cars you can drive are available from the start of the game — if you know where to find them, parked among the vast, winding streets of the city. And if you’re into multiplayer gaming, the Autolog feature has been pumped-up and sets you constant challenges to best your friends’ times and speeds. What’s not to like: If you appreciate compelling characters and a good storyline, even one as basic as the coast-to-coast crime caper in NFS: The Run — don’t come looking for it here. The racing is everything; beyond that, there’s little engagement. For fans of: If you’re a devotee of the Need For Speed franchise, this is the pinnacle. BAZ MCALISTER

XBOX 360 – UBISOFT The concept: Rocksmith is the logical extension of ‘guitar’ games (and now, they’ve earned the right to really call themselves that). Instead of a plastic axe with colourful buttons, you hook up a real guitar to your console. Instead of aping songs, you learn how to really play them. It’s less a game, more a very patient guitar tutor. What’s to love: The most wonderful thing is that it tailors itself to your ability very quickly. If you start getting better, it ups the difficulty. And, for those tricky parts of a song that it’s taking you some time to nail, the Riff Repeater feature allows you to practice until you’re perfect. Rocksmith knows to treat you with kid gloves if you’re an absolute beginner, and challenge you if you’re already a guitarist. But above all, it’s less of a game, more a novel way to learn a skill set. What’s not to like: If you just have no innate musical ability (I’m willing to admit I don’t) it can be frustrating. That’s not to say it’s a poor game. It can just be crushing to face the fact that your dreams of being a rock god are never going to come true because your fingers are just too chubby and sore. Moral: the younger you are when you play Rocksmith, the better. For fans of: Rock Band and Guitar Hero, obviously – except, when you argue with your parents and storm out of the house with your guitar, it still works! BAZ MCALISTER


Each year the NSW Training Awards celebrate and reward outstanding achievements industry and community. Final year apprentices, trainees and students as well as teachers, training providers and employers are encouraged to enter. For eligibility details and entry forms visit the NSW Training Awards website: or phone 1800 306 999 Major Partners

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BROKEN CITY [MA 15+] POLITICAL thriller Broken City stars Mark Wahlberg as disgraced cop-turned-private eye Billy. Life’s not been swell for Billy for a while, and he takes an assignment for dodgy New York mayor Nicholas Hostetler (Russell Crowe), who suspects his wife, Cathleen (Catherine Zeta-Jones) is up to no good. Needing money, Billy inadvertently enters a much bigger scandal than he expected. An intricate web of lies, violence, and, of course, corruption follow... Billy has an old revenge-killing rap hanging over his head, and his own relationship with his actress girlfriend is under threat. As he begins to obsess over her trustworthiness, Billy finds himself in a situation mirroring the mayor’s. The situation boils over with her film debut, which includes an explicit lovemaking scene with her co-star. Billy responds with his knuckles. Crowe is typically excellent here, his trademark scowls and cheeky smiles abound, while Wahlberg trots out his well worn macho swagger. Sadly, director Allen Hughes’ film just feels contrived and hard to believe. KATE MAXFIELD ★★

A Good Day To Die Hard is the fifth film in the Die Hard franchise and sees New York City cop John McClane (Bruce Willis) this time heading to Russia to help out his recently arrested son Jack (Jai Courtney), who is secretly working for the CIA and is trying to get political criminal Komarov (Sebastian Koch) out of the country. Unfortunately, McClane screws up a planned extraction by the CIA, so he and Jack have to keep Komarov out of the reach of shady underworld forces. While Willis shows that he can still cut it in an action flick, this is just so poorly conceived. The big appeal of McClane was his vulnerable troublemaker resourceful cop caught in the wrong place at the wrong time type persona, but now he’s little more than a trigger-happy megacop. Also, sadly, just as with Taken 2, the film has been watered down to gain a 12A rating in the States. This is a watchable thriller, with several decent action sequences but put McClane out to pasture ASAP. Please!!! GREG MICHAEL ★★



MAMA (M) IF you like a good old-fashioned ghost story, bristling with suspense, you might like this. Things aren’t good at all for young Victoria (Megan Charpentier) and her little sister Lily (Isabelle Nelisse). Their dad (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) has killed the girls’ mother and crashed their car in a snowy mountain forest. The three walk to a remote cabin where he plans to kill them as well, but before he can pull the trigger, he is consumed by a shadowy figure. Five years later the girls are discovered living feral in the cabin and their uncle Jeffrey (Coster-Waldau again) insists on raising them in a new, family-friendly home. His rocker girlfriend Annabel (Jessica Chastain) has cold feet at the prospect of minding her boyfriend’s two young nieces, but reluctantly agrees. Soon, she is home alone with the girls with a nagging suspicion that someone else is lurking. Debuting director Andres Muschietti isn’t above using clichés, but he proves that old tricks often work best. Chastain is fabulous, while Charpentier proves she’s a bright young talent with a huge future. A CGI tainted ending spoils things a bit, but on the whole this is cool. WAYNE O’REILLY ★★★★ 40 I MARCH13

SIDE EFFECTS (MA15+) SIDE Effects is a taut, artistic and unsettling psychological thriller set amidst the world of mental health. As people have become more dependant on anti-depressants, abhorrent pharmaceutical companies scramble to make their millions, regardless of the destructive and addictive side effects of many of their products. Emily (Rooney Mara) is reunited with her husband Martin (Channing Tatum) following his release from prison. Unable to cope, Emily slips into depression, and seeks the help of psychiatrist Dr Jonathan Banks (Jude Law), who prescribes her a concoction of medication, including the newly sanctioned anti-depressant Ablixa. However, when the experimental drug results in some unexpected side effects, Emily’s life soon starts to unravel in a series of shocking events. There’s a lot of social commentary bubbling under the surface here, particularly regarding people’s need for quick fixes and their ignorance at the damage they can cause. Mara, in particular, is superb in this engrossing, expertly-woven Steven Soderbergh-directed thriller. ANDREW PIPER ★★★★



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  MARCH13 I 41

Q health & lifest yle


I want to start dating my best friend’s ex. I know, I know it sounds bad, but she broke up with him and it was over a year ago. Is this acceptable and how should I go about telling my bestie?

: He saysur dude

yo ke up with en If she bro ng ago th lo t a th s a be ’t n and it w ld ou ame. It w y either n he’s fair g e d to d ur frien fair for yo be happy, chance to e the th u of yo broke off e sh when ’s a It . h it especially w ip to begin ur relationsh chat to yo to have a a e d n a l e good id fe u ut how yo s you the friend abo d she give e ss o cr fingers all clear.

She says:

You know how the saying goes , ‘buds before st uds’. You need to get the OK fro m your friend before you mak e a move, that is, if you value her friendship. I would start by telling her how much he mea ns to you, but explain that yo ur friendship is also really im portant and hopefully if yo u two are clos e, and she’s tota lly over him sh e’ll be fine with it. Good luck!





To avoid dehydration and other heat-related issues, most people recommend drinking lots of water. However, some foods can be just as good for hydrating you quickly and have the added bonus of providing you with an adequate source of fuel, essential for exercise in the warmer months.

It is important to adequately prepare for exercise, especially in hot weather. To make sure you don’t become fatigued or dehydrated the following tips are important to remember:

Before exercising, try eating some of these foods: ä Watermelon – Watermelon is said to be around 93 per cent water. ä Strawberries – 91 per cent water, strawberries are packed with healthy vitamins and minerals. ä Leafy greens – Dark leafy vegetables such as spinach, romaine lettuce and kale can help satisfy your fluid needs as well as provide fibre, iron, antioxidants and plenty of other good stuff. ä Some recipes can also be useful for reducing your risk of dehydration. Recipes such as chicken noodle soup or wonton soup are extremely easy to cook and more than 50% of their content is water.

UniLodge   ! $    % #

42 I MARCH13

ä Drink before, during and after exercise. Make sure you drink before you feel thirsty. If you’re craving a drink, chances are you’re already 3% dehydrated. ä Eat the right foods before you go out for exercise. Salty, fatty foods are not going to be good to eat before a workout because they weigh you down and make you thirstier. ä Avoid the hottest parts of the day. Try exercising when it is cooler – before 10am and after 5pm. ä Wear appropriate clothing that keeps the sun off your body, but at the same time keeps you cool and minimises the loss of fluids through sweat. If it isn’t practical to wear clothing that covers your body, sunscreen is an alternative option that needs to be re-applied every two hours.


health & lifest yle

We all have our good days and bad days, but if you feel like lately you’re having one bad day after another you could have depression, which is much more than just a bad mood. What’s the difference between depression and sadness? Sadness is a mood you might experience from time to time, depending on what is going on in your life. Depression however, is more than just a low mood, it’s a mental illness that effects one in five people at some time in their lives. Depression usually lasts for a sustained period of time and effects most parts of your life. Health professionals usually recommend that if you or someone you know are experiencing symptoms of depression for a period of more than two weeks, it might be worth seeking help from a counsellor or psychologist. Symptoms of depression: Symptoms someone suffering from depression might experience include: ä Moodiness which is out of character ä Becoming easily upset or frustrated ä Withdrawing from social groups, preferring to spend time alone ä Difficulty sleeping ä Increased dependency on mood-altering substances like alcohol or drugs ä A loss of interest in activities they usually enjoy ä A desire to stay home from school or work

MASTURBATION Masturbation means touching and rubbing your penis or clitoris and breasts for sexual pleasure. It’s a normal and healthy way for people to explore their own bodies. It’s also a form of safer sex that allows people to determine what feels good for them, where and how they like to be touched and how to have an orgasm. How often a person masturbates isn’t a problem, unless it’s linked to an obsessive compulsive disorder where the same activity must be repeated over and over. Masturbation can also happen between two people

Types of depression: lists the five main types of depression as being: ä Major depression – also called clinical depression, this is a depressed mood that lasts for two weeks or more ä Psychotic depression – a depressed mood which includes symptoms of psychosis such as seeing or hearing things that are not there, or feeling paranoid ä Dysthymia – a less severe depressed mood that lasts for years ä Mixed depression and anxiety – a combination of symptoms of depression and anxiety ä Bipolar disorder - (formerly known as manic depressive illness) involves periods of feeling low (depressed) and high (manic). How to overcome depression If you think you may be suffering from depression there is a variety of help available. Websites such as:;; or can provide useful information about the illness. Counsellors, psychologists and even your local GP will be able to give you advice and prescribe medicine if necessary. In general, getting enough sleep, exercising regularly, taking time to relax and keeping your friends and family close, are all good ways to keep your mind healthy and happy.

(mutual masturbation). This can be a nice starter for people who don’t feel ready for sex. Masturbation has been wrongly blamed for a range of health problems, including: blindness; mental health issues; sexual perversion and reduced sexual function. Sexual health benefits Some of the sexual health benefits of masturbation include: it’s risk-free of sexually transmissible infection or unplanned pregnancy; it releases sexual tension and lets people explore their sexuality by themselves — being familiar with your own sexual responses helps you

communicate your wants and needs to your partner. General health benefits Some of the general health benefits of masturbation include that it can help relax your muscles, it can help you fall asleep, it promotes the release of the brain’s opioid-like neurotransmitters (endorphins) which cause feelings of physical and mental wellbeing, it reduces stress and enhances self-esteem. Where to get help If you need advice or just someone to talk to, contact your doctor or call the Kids helpline 1800 55 1800, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


DR. SALLY I have been experiencing an embarrassing vaginal odour and itch for quite some time. What causes this and what can I do?

These can be symptoms of a condition called Bacterial Vaginosis (BV). This is not an STI but is often associated with having sex. Along with an odour is a vaginal discharge — often just a white liquid — and often this causes an itch when touching the skin outside the vagina (the vulva). It can be treated with antibiotics. It tends to get worse with over-washing of the vagina, particularly when using soap. There can be other reasons for an odour and itch such as thrush, or some of the STIs like Chlamydia. Firstly, stop using soap and just wash with water, then go along to your local doctor or sexual health clinic for a check. If you are having penetrative sex then use a condom as this reduces BV and protects you against other STIs.











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 c ancer?

There are many reasons that you can get a lump on your testicles – they need to be checked by a doctor

 t o

 b e

 identiďŹ ed.

 L umps

 c an

  be normal parts of your anatomy. They can be due to other things too – bruises or scar tissue caused by


 k nock

 t o

 t he


 L umps

 i n

  the vessels going to the testis are probably the most common and are like a varicose vein in the testis. There can be lumps on the skin of the testis, called the scrotum, which can be normal anatomical

 v ariants

 o r


 L umps

  in the testis can be cancer, but are much more likely to be something else. If you have a lump then you need to have it checked by your doctor. The quicker it is sorted out. no matter what it is, the easier it will be to treat and the better you will feel from knowing what it is.

UniLodge  !  " MARCH13 I 43

i n siindsei dt h e et hnee w n es w s


things you need to know

A METEOR travelling at 18 kilometres per second exploded in the skies above Russia’s Ural Mountains creating a shockwave injuring 1200 people. The giant piece of space rock streaked over the city of Chelyabinsk in central Russia, producing a force said to be equal to roughly 33 times the energy of the atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima. It exploded a few dozen kilometres above Earth, but its pieces were widely believed to have scattered over large swathes of the industrial region.


1 2

THE Australian sports scene has been rocked by revelations made by an Australian Crime Commission (ACC) report on organised crime and drugs in sport. The ACC released the findings of a 12-month investigation that found banned drugs were being widely used in Australian professional sport, some with links to organised crime which may have led to a case of match-fixing.

4 POPE Benedict XVI announced his resignation due to old age in a move that shocked the world. After just eight years as pope, the 85-year-old is the first pontiff in 700 years to step down because he can no longer fulfil his duties. “I have come to the certainty that my strengths, due to an advanced age, are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the Petrine ministry,” he said.


44 I MARCH13

CONTROVERSIAL Dutch politician Geert Wilders visited Australia on a speaking tour calling for an end to mass migration from Islamic countries. Anti-racism protesters in Melbourne clashed with police as they formed blockades and grappled with ticket holders, attempting to stop them from entering the venue to hear Wilders speak. Following the Melbourne leg of his tour, Wilders was forced to cancel the Perth date of his speaking tour after he was unable to find a venue willing to host him. The right-wing MP wants a ban on Islamic immigration and says the religion is incompatible with freedom.

DURING an address to the National Press Club, Prime Minister Julia Gillard said a federal election will take place on September 14, 2013. This early announcement marks the longest election campaign in our nation’s history. “The benefit of fixing the date now is not just the end of speculation about election timing. It gives shape and order to [the] year,” she said. She added the long lead up will enable the election not to be one of hectic campaigning, but an opportunity for cool and reasoned deliberation by voters.

inside the news

PRESSURE ON FOR BETTER GUN CONTROL “This is our first task as a society, keeping our children safe. This is how we will be judged. And their voices should compel us to change.”



“That a person with these problems could live in a home where he had access to among the most powerful firearms available to non-military personnel is unacceptable.”



THE US is caught up in a heated gun control debate following a recent spate of shootings which have received global media attention. On December 14 last year, a gunman opened fire on Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut, killing 20 students and six adults. The massacre hit headlines around the world, and sent America into mourning. Since then other notable incidents have included a 14-year-old being shot in the neck by a fellow student in Atlanta, and the death of 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton, who was


“This [gun ownership] is my right and regardless of what the government does, the bad guys are still gunna get the weapons and the good guys are gunna be defenceless.”

shot in the back while talking with friends in a park. The gunman apparently wasn’t even aiming at her. These tragedies are only a few of the many that bolster arguments for more vigilant gun control in the US. As President Obama said recently, “In the month since 20 precious children and six brave adults were violently taken from us at Sandy Hook Elementary, more than 900 of our fellow Americans have reportedly died at the end of a gun”. In his speech, delivered early this year, Obama pointed to the need for a stronger and

more universal background check system and revealed that 40 per cent of all gun purchases in the United States are conducted without a background check. The President also urged that congress should restore a ban on military-style assault weapons, and set a 10 round limit for magazines. However, many gun owners and enthusiasts in America disagree, and are continuing to rally against gun control using the 2nd amendment of the US constitution, the right of people to keep and bear arms, as a line of reasoning.

ä What are some of the arguments for and against gun control? ä Why do you think gun control was easier to enforce in Australia than it is in the USA? ä Why might attitudes to gun control vary greatly in different areas of the USA? MARCH13 I 45

2`SO[ 8]Pa H

ERE it is — our epic 2013 Dream Jobs Guide! But just what exactly is a ‘dream job’? A dream job can mean many different things to different people. For you it might be a job that gets your adrenaline pumping, or a job that fills your pockets with cash, and your Ferrari with fuel. It may be a job that takes you to exotic locations, puts you in contact with celebrities, or a job that isn’t much like a job at all, but more like a fun way to pass the time. Or perhaps your dream is to have a job that gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from helping people. Whatever you’re into, your

dream job is whatever makes you happy! In our Dream Jobs Guide you’ll find pages jammed with advice, tips and wisdom from those who have been there, done it and succeeded in their chosen field. Not only can they provide you with practical advice on what to study, how to break into your chosen industry and what to expect once you land a job, their stories are sure to inspire you to achieve many awesome and exciting feats of your own! So don’t delay — dare to dream and get stuck into the S-press Dream Jobs Guide now! Good Luck!

2]\¸b4]`USb6SOR b][g]^S\ROgQ][ b]¿\RabOQYa]T ]bVS`X]P^`]¿ZSa bS`bWO`g^`]¿ZSaO\R SdS\Q]c`aS^`]¿ZSa

3`W\;]RSZ >OUS"&

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ZO330075 MARCH13 I 47

2`SO[8]Pa !

;]RSZ IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO KEEP A HEALTHY MIND AND BODY IN THE MODELLING INDUSTRY, SAYS GIANT MANAGEMENT’S ERIN JOLLEY. How did you get you get into the industry? When I was 15 my mum made me enter a modelling competition at Chadstone Shopping Centre, which I became a finalist in. I thought it was fun and exciting so soon after I handed some photos in to a modelling agency and got signed! What has been the highlight of your career so far? Probably when I found myself gawking at Miranda Kerr’s figure when I worked the David Jones runway show when it was held in Melbourne a few years ago ... she actually doesn’t have a single flaw to her! How do you keep your mind and body healthy for your job? It’s very important to keep a healthy mind in this industry – if you do that your body will follow! My mother is a personal trainer, so I was brought up knowing a fair bit about nutrition and fitness. I also study nutritional medicine part-time so that is a definite help. I exercise

;]`S QO`SS`a ]\ZW\S

for at least an hour, five to seven days a week and have a very clean diet of fruit, veggies, grains and protein. I avoid eating anything too processed and don’t often eat bread or biscuits/cakes as it gives me a really bad stomach ache, so I guess that helps! I do think it’s important to allow yourselves a treat once in a while though ... my weakness is dark chocolate and frozen yoghurt! What is a typical day on a shoot like for you? Lots of fun usually! Wake up, have breaky, drive to the location, straight into hair and makeup, get styled, work with the photographer to get the shots required and then drive home to relax! If I finish early, I like to take a walk afterwards to freshen up because [it’s] usually a fairly long day that starts early in the morning. What attracted you to this line of work? Probably watching Elle Macpherson as I grew up – she was always an inspiration for me from a young age! I’ve also always been into fashion, so I guess it just goes hand in hand. What do you like best about your job? Being able to work with some of the most amazing and talented people in the business!

$VWURQRPHUäSarah Maddison

I am very thankful to be able to wake up some mornings and my office for the day to be an amazing house or beautiful beach when some people are slaving away at a desk. But the best part is probably that it’s different every day and you’re always meeting new people and seeing different things ... not everyone can say they love their job, but I certainly do!! What do you like least? Anyone that knows me would be able to answer this in a heartbeat – the early mornings! But sometimes you can get lucky and have a later call time. And I suppose [I don’t like] getting stuck in traffic trying to drive to a job or a casting, it always seems to happen to me! What advice do you have for somebody who wants to become a model? If you think you have what it takes, by all means give it a go! Everybody should strive for their dreams, no matter what they are. You have to be thick-skinned though, so be prepared for rejection and don’t take things personally because if you don’t book a job you really wanted, it’s nothing against you as a person, it’s just that you may not have the right look they were after.

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Does the thought of a career as an astronomer leave you starry-eyed? Sarah Maddison, an associate professor of astrophysics who fills her days studying planet formation and teaching at Swinburne University, has turned her love of maths and science into an awesome career.

48 I MARCH13

2`SO[8]Pa !

0SQO`STcZeVOb g]ceWaVT]`


NCE you discover what your dream career path is, you’re likely to go charging down it like a racehorse on Cup Day. But, before you do, make sure you take the blinkers off and have a good look at the career you’ve set your heart on. Our Dream Jobs interviews will help give you the pros AND cons associated with some awesome jobs out there, but here are a few other things to consider: Everyone’s a dreamer: If you are sitting in music class dreaming about becoming a rockstar, chances are, so is the person sitting next to you, and the person next to them. Dream jobs often come with a lot of competition – that is, after all, why they are called ‘dream’ jobs. Don’t let this put you off, just be aware so that you can work out how you are going to get ahead of the pack. Don’t let anyone squash your dreams:

Sometimes it can be hard telling your friends and family that you plan on being the next Prime Minister of Australia. Hopefully they’ll be really supportive but, in some cases, the people around you may see your dream as only that, and try to talk you into a more ‘serious’ career choice. Only you know what will really make you happy. While it’s always good to have a back-up plan, make sure you don’t let anyone talk you out of following your dreams, because you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve with the right amount of motivation and self-belief. Be prepared to do the hard yards: Dream jobs can sometimes be nightmares to start with. Don’t be frightened by this, but just be prepared to put in a little hard work, or maybe some back-breaking labour, to make your dream happen. This might mean slaving away in a coffee shop while waiting for your ‘big break’, being given all the painstakingly boring and time-consuming jobs as an intern, or having to kiss some serious butt before you are taken seriously in your career. Don’t give

up! Trust us, when you’ve finally made it and you look back on this time you’ll be glad you did it, and glad to never have to do it again! No job is perfect, make sure you read the fine print: Even the best jobs have their downsides. Some jobs might be awesome fun, but don’t pay very well, where others reward you with loads of cash, but very little time in which to spend it. Sometimes what you think you want turns out to be the very thing you don’t want. For example, you might finally land that job that promises constant travel to faraway places and then realise you are going to have to leave your friends, family or beloved pet at home, and the hotel room on the other side of the world suddenly starts looking less appealing. When researching your dream job, make sure you seek out and really think about the bad bits, find people who work in the industry and instead of asking them what they love about their job ask them what they sometimes hate about it.

Dorothea Mackellar Poetry Awards 2013



Visit the website for very easy to follow information on school registration and student entry. Supported by

Call 1300 304 614 (landline only) or 03 9614 3441 Y P A S







PO Box 113, GUNNEDAH NSW 2380 Telephone: 02 6742 1200 Fax: 02 6742 1435 Email:


Application forms available at Police Stations T U R I

T. 1 9 8 9


2`SO[8]Pa !

AYObS` WHEN A SKATE PARK OPENED UP NEAR CORBIN HARRIS’ HOUSE, THE THEN 14YEAR-OLD JUMPED ON HIS SKATEBOARD AND INSTANTLY FELL HEAD-OVER-HEELS. WHILE HE NO DOUBT HAD PLENTY OF GOOD STACKS AS WELL, HARRIS SAYS HE FELL IN LOVE WITH THE EXTREME SPORT WHICH AT THAT POINT WAS THE ‘COOLEST THING HE’D EVER SEEN’. HARRIS HAS BEEN A PROSKATER FOR THE LAST FIVE YEARS AND IS LOVING HIS CAREER, WHICH HAS LED HIM DOWN OTHER AVENUES – SUCH AS HOSTING HIS OWN TV SHOWS, CORBIN PRESENTS AND CORBIN HARRIS POP GUN, AND BIG NAME EVENTS INCLUDING THE REDBULL X-GAMES AND THE US SURFING OPEN. Corbin, your job sounds amazing! When did you decide you wanted to be a pro-skater? I’ve kind of been heavily into a lot of sports growing up since I was about three or fouryears-old. I surfed because my dad was heavily into surfing and then when I was 14, a skate park opened up down the street and I basically fell in love with skateboarding. I basically dropped everything that I was doing, footy, surfing, and I was [constantly] on the skateboard from that day. When you first told friends and family about your plans were they supportive or did they

;]`S QO`SS`a ]\ZW\S

think it was a bit of a pipe dream? No, they were definitely supportive, I’m sure there have been moments there over the last 16 years that they thought it was, like, a pipe dream, [laughs] because there was maybe times where I was, like, I didn’t think it could happen due to money. My mum always calls it a university degree, there was like six or seven years there where I was putting money into it, [having to] travel and only getting small budgets to travel with off sponsors. Eventually, you get to a point where you’re really doing well and making money out of it, which [for me] has been the last few years, which has been really good. How did you come to sign a pro contract? Basically you get sponsored at an amateur level, and then you’ve got other guys around you who you’re skating with and you go on trips all of the time. And it builds over the years, if they [sponsors] think you’re worthy of turning pro, then you kind of work through the ranks and get that, and you go through, like, doing interviews for magazines, filming video parts, in the streets and at skate-parks to get to that level. What is the best thing about being a proskater? I get to have fun every day of my life, I’m

$FWRUäSweeney Young

hanging out with my friends every single day, and I get to travel the world. You can’t ask for much more than that. What’s the hardest part of the lifestyle? Injuries. I’ve broken my ankles a bunch of times, you’re always rolling them and breaking them, [because] every day you have to fall over to do what you want to do. There are plenty of kids that dream of being a pro-skater, but don’t quite get there. In your opinion, what is it that makes the difference between ‘making it’ and falling short? I think it’s probably the ones that are just dedicated the most [that make it] I’d say. Those who want to put more effort into it, spending more time on their skateboard, I’d pretty much say that’s it. Obviously you need to have some sort of skill to be able to do it in the first place but, practice makes perfect with anything you do, whether it be golf or tennis or surfing or skateboarding. What advice would you have for S-press readers dreaming of becoming a pro-skater? Just do whatever’s fun and what you love to do, that’s the main thing. Anything you’re doing that you love you always put more effort into and try harder, and end up better at it in the end.

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If actors look like they’re always having fun and living a glamorous life, it may well be a sign that they’re very good at what they do. For the most part, forging a career in the industry is a hard slog. Melbourne-based actor Sweeney Young offers some tips on getting your ‘big break’.

50 I MARCH13




        Find out your next steps at      


Generous scholarships from Australia’s national university Begin your university studies in 2014 with a complete higher education experience. > Academic guidance > On-campus residential experience > Financial support The Tuckwell Scholarship is the only one of its kind that helps you to fulfil your wider ambitions, over and above your undergraduate studies. Applications close 2 April 2013 for study in 2014 CRICOS# 00120C | 121212UG MARCH13 I 51

2`SO[8]Pa !


those who generally appreciate it and to know that I am improving their skills to make them more confident when they are going through such a terrible time.

How did you get your start in the cosmetic the industry? Originally I was a hairdresser but became allergic to hair colour so I had to give it away. My favourite part of hairdressing was styling and designing hair up styles so I thought if I entered the makeup industry, I could possibly combine the two. I researched many different places to study and ended up doing a Diploma of Specialist Makeup at Victoria University which took me a year (full time) and since then, I haven’t looked back.

What is a typical day on a shoot like for you? While the photographers set up and check their lighting etc, I am with the models doing their hair, makeup and sometimes nails to bring my designs to life. Once that is done, I’m then out on the set doing constant touch ups ... whilst the models are in front of the camera to ensure perfection is met. Some shoots have multiple ‘looks’ so when that happens, I’m always having to keep changing the styles to match. Photo shoots can last a few hours, others can last over 10 hours so you need to be prepared to stand on your feet for a long time.

What has been the highlight of your career? To be 100 per cent honest ... the highlight of my career is being a volunteer for the ‘Look Good, Feel Better’ program. It means I donate my time and go to hospitals to show women going through cancer treatment how to do their makeup, wear wigs and basic skin care. It truly is a wonderful feeling to be helping

;]`S QO`SS`a ]\ZW\S

What do you like best about your job? Working with so many different people! When I’m not working on shoots, I work for myself doing hair and makeup for weddings, formals, engagements ‌ any occasion you can think of. When my clients leave saying how wonderful

0LGZLIHäMalinda Morieson

and pretty they feel, that is the best feeling! What advice do you have for S-press readers who want to be a makeup artist? Work and study hard! It sounds clichĂŠ but every person who does a makeup course (whether accredited or not) thinks they are ‘a makeup artist’. Just because you have finished a course, doesn’t mean you are an expert. I have been out of my university course for years and yet I am still constantly learning.

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Working as a midwife you’ll get to be with people during one of the most exciting and life changing moments they’ll ever experience. Malinda Morieson who works for independent midwife group ‘Midwives Naturally’ tells S-press life as a midwife keeps her on her toes!

1][SRWO\ DO YOU LIKE MAKING YOUR FRIENDS LAUGH? DO PEOPLE ALWAYS TELL YOU YOU’RE FUNNY? MICHAEL CONNELL, A COMEDIAN WHO PERFORMS IN SCHOOLS ALL OVER THE COUNTRY, TELLS S-PRESS HOW HE TURNED HIS LOVE OF BEING FUNNY INTO A CAREER. How did you get started in your career? In high school I did a lot of drama and I joined the debating team, but I didn’t really get started in comedy until I entered a comedy competition when I was 16. I’d heard that a comedy club in the city was holding a competition for new comedians, and so I signed up and gave it a go. My first time on stage I was pretty bad, but I got enough laughs that they said I could come back and try again. From then on I just kept trying. What qualities do you need to have to be good at the job? I’ve gone to university to study business and public relations. To be a successful comedian you need to be able to manage your business and market yourself to potential clients. 52 I MARCH13

Skills in event management will help you put on your own comedy shows, which is why I [also] did a TAFE diploma in events a few years ago... What’s the most challenging part of your job? I perform all over Australia as well as occasionally flying overseas, and all the travelling can get a bit exhausting. What’s the best part about working in comedy? Making a group of strangers laugh is the most amazing feeling. It’s like sky diving, you’re scared at first but once you get that first laugh you realise you’re going to be OK and you feel incredible. What advice would you give S-press readers considering a career as a comedian? If you want to become a comedian, get out and start looking for opportunities to perform. Join the debating team, sign up for the drama group, enter talent quests, have a go at comedy competitions and open mic nights.

Be prepared for your dream job At Bendigo TAFE our focus is on turning your dreams into a rewarding career. With passionate teachers and a strong support network, we can help you achieve your career goal and secure your dream job!

Be a chef

Be a bricklayer

Be a graphic designer

Be a carer

Be an automotive mechanic

Be a beauty therapist

Be a nurse

Be a building designer

Be the best you can be |1300 554 248|| MARCH13 I 53

2`SO[8]Pa !

1]\bWYWBSO[;S[PS` ONCE A HUMBLE PASTRY CHEF IN WOLLONGONG, DAN SARTOR TRADED IN HIS ROLLING PIN FOR A ONE-WAY TICKET TO EUROPE. HE NOW FINDS HIMSELF HOPPING BETWEEN QUAINT FRENCH CHATEAUS AND SIZZLING GREEK ISLANDS WORKING AS AN ON-SITE TEAM MEMBER WITH CONTIKI. How did you score a job travelling the world with Contiki? After completing my HSC I did an apprenticeship to become a pastry chef. After five years of baking I decided that I needed some new experiences and booked a one-way ticket to Europe. I did a 29-day Contiki Tour which I can still say has been one of the best months of my life. Our tour manager informed me that there was an opportunity for young people like myself to be recruited into the Contiki Team and very quickly after that I went through an interview process, a training trip and next thing I knew I was living in Paris as an on-site team member. What would a typical day at work involve? Where do I start? There is something new

;]`S QO`SS`a ]\ZW\S

every day. Depending on where I am placed for a season my job role can change dramatically, I have been a cook, a cleaner, a barman, an entertainer. It’s very difficult to get bored! What do you love most about your job? The people ... and the bond that you establish with the others working in your team! What is the hardest thing about being a Contiki On Site Team Member? For many of us Europe is a long way from home. Spending such a long period away is hard, you miss your family and friends and start to lose track of what’s been happening back home. What kind of skills or qualifications do you need to be good at your job? (My experience as a pastry chef) has had obvious benefits for positions that require work in a kitchen. All the on-site team members have different experience and training but really the most important thing you need is a good attitude, an open mind, to be hard working and enthusiastic!

7UDYHO$JHQWäLoanna Quilty

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Being a travel agent has some pretty cool perks and a career in the field can take you places you’ve never dreamed of. Loanna Quilty who manages a travel agency in Melbourne knows how to make the most of the opportunities the field has to offer.


done to my assistant which includes checking all the online orders, sending them off and restocking the store. Then I usually drive to my design studio in Brunswick where I check the designs that I’m working on and discuss them with my pattern maker.

How did you get you get into the industry? My family has a background in clothing retail ... I was lucky enough to already have a few contacts in the fashion industry due to my family’s involvement but it still required me to work a whole lot of different jobs in order to save the money required to set up the store.

What do you like best about your job? There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing something you’ve created from the ground up being bought and adored by customers all over the world.

What has been the highlight of your career? The highlight was definitely when the very first dress that I designed and stocked for ALYSSMN sold out in 3 minutes online and was featured in various different publications ...It’s moments like those that make all the hard work worthwhile. What is a typical day at work like for you? Every day is different but essentially it’s opening up the store, assigning what has to be 54 I MARCH13

What do you like least? The long hours! My job can be very stressful and I often find it hard to switch off and relax as my mind is always working on the next project. What advice do you have for somebody wanting to start their own business? I’m always one to tell people to follow their dreams as long as they’re prepared to put in the hard yards! Running a business is not for the faint hearted and sacrifices must be made in order to make those dreams a reality.


HOROSCOPES with Psychic Sophie


DEC 22 – JAN 20

March calls for hard thinking and deep, deep introspection. Ask yourself the tough questions. Why do people shriek when you approach them? Why does everything you touch turn to bat urine?


JAN 21 – FEB 19



True or false? There are roughly 10,000 species of butterflies.


Which male Aussie star of recent film Les Miserables recently got his own star on Hollywood Boulevard?


Upcoming Hollywood film Broken City stars Russell Crowe and which Hollywood leading man?


What’s the name of Rihanna’s most recent album?


The girls who make up Little Mix are: a. Perry, Jesse, Leanne and Jade b. Jade, Jess, Leigh and Kerry c. Perrie, Jesy, Leigh-Anne and Jade d. Muriel, Sharon, Bertha and Trixie


In which country was Mila Kunis born? (Hint: it starts with a U…)


True or false? The sentence: “The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.” uses every letter of the alphabet.


What’s the name of Reece Mastin’s album: a. Beautiful Nightmare b. Beautiful Creature c. Welcome to my Nightmare d. Fish and Tips


Which awesome WA band had a hit with Awkward and in November released their self-titled debut album?

10. Home of American NFL team the Washington Redskins: a. Fed-Ex Fields b. Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium c. Redskins Arena d. Fenway Park

We’re not going to lie to you – March will be a month of protracted gloom, doom and general wretchedness. Expect to fail at a minimum of 99 per cent of things you attempt. March 19-21 will be rock bottom.


FEB 20 – MAR 20 Don’t despair when an arch nemesis leaves your bacon out in the rain. Though you’ll be briefly embroiled in scandal, disgrace and dishonour from March 17-19 – it’ll all be long forgotten come the final week of March.


MAR 21 – AP 20 Your snap judgments are nothing to write home about, but they are a mild improvement on your long-held views and beliefs. Consider reversing most of your opinions.

March is pregnant with possibilities for switchedon Taureans. But eligibility for its benefits is restricted to those who prepared tomato and lettuce sandwiches and buried them under the school toilet block by February 10.


MAY 22 – JUN 21 You are wedged between a rock and a rodent and it’s all a bit strange. We’ve never come across such an unusual dilemma. Needless to say, we anticipate some peculiar outcomes.


JUN 22 – JUL 23 The person who invented the adage ‘good things come to those who wait’ – was 102 and had never won the lottery despite buying a ticket every week since the age of five. Patience is rarely rewarded. Make your own luck.



AUG 24 – SEP 23 The coming weeks will see you finding hidden treasures in some astonishing places. Check the dog bowl. Check the fish tank. Check the inner alcoves of the ironing board cover.


SEP 24 – OCT 23 You will lock horns with an old rival in early March and a prolonged battle will ensue. You’ll be lucky to have your horns dislodged by the second Friday of April.


OCT 24 – NOV 22 March 17 will find you entirely invincible and absolutely indestructible. The third Saturday of the month will be the perfect day to attempt unfathomable feats. Have a crack at walking on water.


JUL 24 – AUG 23

NOV 22 – DEC 21

We’ve traded in your destiny for a date with Kyle Sandilands and half a packet of sultanas. We hope Kyle will take us somewhere nice but we will be bringing the sultanas just in case he doesn’t.

Luck is a mistreated chook wandering forlorn in far-off parts. You must nourish Luck with the milk of human kindness, if you wish for her to peck at your feet. (Um… yes, Luck is a chook who enjoys dairy products.)

1. False there are 24,000 species, 2. Hugh Jackman, 3. Mark Wahlberg, 4. Unapologetic, 5. C, 6. Ukraine, 7. True, 8. A, 9. San Cisco, 10. A.



APR 21 – MAY 21 MARCH13 I 55







S-Press (March 2013)