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“ I will teach my people, not on a secondary level!” Attila József

E money- the working of the Holy Crown THE HOLY CROWN FOR HUMANITY God, the Creator dividing his unity, created the material world. In it, he created the most wonderful pearl, planet Earth and its wildlife. The Holy Crown, God’s governor on Earth, is the origin of every possession, as it is placed in the Constitution of the Holy Crown. The Earth, the minerals, the plants and animals were let to people to be taken care of by God, with an exception that we will save it in its original quality for the future generations while we can use all its sources. However, we did not stick to the original plan and now we have caused a catastrophic situation which is threatening not only the Earth but also the cosmic system. Due to the declining human awareness towards our planet, our values have become distorted and as a consequence to this, not only did it put a barrier to normal human life, but is also threatening the whole natural world with extinction. According to the above mentioned, the Holy Crown will bring the change by using the latest technological improvements and creating a new currency, the Holycrown (Stk). This intervention will take place by restoring the value, which will be carried out by the Holly Crown Bank and its representative, the Governing Authority of the Apostil Hungarian Kingdom. I. The bases of its working: The Governing Authority of the Apostil Hungarian

Kingdom created the Holy Crown Head Development Bank Innovation and Capital Firm Holy Crown Bank) and released the Holycrown as a new currency. II. The Holycrown is an electronic account money, currency and Stk filler III. The Holypaper is its operator as an electronic purse IV. The Holypaper is filled in by the releaser by 1000Stk starter capital per person. The exchange currency for the Stk is 1Stk= 1EUR=GPB=1USD=200HUF The steps of reinforcing: 1. Creating the Holy Crown Bank and filling capital into the base. 2. The introduction will take place by inviting procurement and by offering it into the

trade flow to the service sector. 3. The usage of the system will be made possible for users by letting them the latest telecommunication devices and safe software installations. 4. The database working in the background will make it possible to close out abuse by shutting down and the data will be left to be analyzed economically.


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A server park for the operation of mobile communication A server park for the database A server park for the analysis of the data Mobile phones with Android operation systems and NFC A database software Mobile communication software for the operation of money handling Internet access Mobile service Video communicational service

Rules regarding the operation: 1. Only Stk currency given out by the Holy Crown Bank is allowed to be used as paying

method which is at all times controlled and checked before payment is issued. 2. Amounts that are of unknown origin are deleted from the system. 3. In case of paying for forbidden services or products, the payment will not happen. 4. Changing currency is only possible with the opportunities given by the Holy Crown Bank and these opportunities may be collated by filling in the petition form. 5. The price of the usage of the system (telephone bills, internet, money and data flow and video communication) will be paid by the center to the service providers in flat rates per piece per person. 6. Entry into the system is only possible by registration on the webpage of the Apostil Hungarian Kingdom. (The registration includes a photo which appears on the screen of the seller at payment, therefore it can be seen if the buyer is using his or her “purse”.) 7. The registered person can download the needed program onto a telephone after the registration. 8. There is a PIN given to ensure safety at the first log in. 9. After the first log in, the center transfers 1000Stk onto the account for the first month of maintenance which can be used for financing personal needs. 1000Stk will be transferred to all accounts every month (which amount is equal to 200000HUF). 10. Companies can also use the electronic purse to operate their money flow and to ask for help from the Holly Crown Bank which can be given on individual conditions after registration. 11. Utility service providers can ask for the balancing of their debts piled up in years from service users, after registration, which will be paid in Stk after collating. 12. All claims -after the registration of the claimer and the checking of the claim’s truthfulness- will be paid by the Holy Crown Bank immediately. Often asked questions:  What happens if the machine is stolen or lost? Answer: The case must be reported to the center and a new machine must be asked for.

 What happens if someone sells the machine? Answer: Both the seller and the buyer will be caught red handed at the first usage of the machine and they will be deprived of their rights and their earnings. Furthermore, it is considered as crime, therefore they will face prosecution.  Will a person get the 1000Stk if he or she has a salary but it is less? Answer: They will get a supplement.  How long will people get the Stk if they are unemployed for a longer period of time? Answer: As long as we cannot provide a job, but they will have to learn and go to school to study further.  How can people pay the tax from the Stk? Answer: There is no tax in the Apostil Hungarian Kingdom, but if there is a need for paying taxes for the present illegitimate governmental taxation system, we will not forbid it. However it is advisable to ask for the opinion of the taxation system that if the earnings are in Stk then is it necessary to pay the tax in Stk also.  Where can people invest their Stk? Answer: Into their own enterprises and family businesses and developments.  Is borrowing and lending allowed inside the system? Answer: The Holy Hungarian Crown will finance every meaningful and useful development for the individual, and it has to account for the spending.  How much will the interest be for the lending and how much can it be? Answer: We have demolished the institute of the interest in every aspect wholly.  How will the loan be paid back after investments such as building or buying estates or establishing enterprises? Answer: It will be compensated according to the value of the possessions.

E money- the working of the Holy Crown  

God, the Creator dividing his unity, created the material world. In it, he created the most wonderful pearl, planet Earth and its wildlife....