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Traditional Art

angela rizza

-Nickname: angelarizza; -Age: 22 years old; -Country: United States of America; -Studies: Fashion Institute of Technology; -Tools: traditional and digital tools.

“Don’t start working on your final piece until you know exactly what you’re doing”

Knave of Stripes: for a while, I was deeply interested in decorative armor, and this piece was done to see how many decorative elements I could squeeze together.


Eowyn vs. Nazgul: last summer, The Art Order hosted a contest where artists illustrated this moment from “The Lord of the Rings�. This piece was my submission.


A Poisonous Prince: here I replaced the typical green frog in the fairytale with a poison dart frog to make the outcome more interesting.


Smaug: inspired by the book “The Hobbit� by J.R.R. Tolkien. I strayed from his appearance in the animated short and went with a more traditionallooking dragon, with ornate avian wings.


White Witch: another Art Order challenge, for which all artists were given a description of this character and asked to interpret her through their style and imagination.


thanya castrillón

-Nickname: Heteferes; -Age: 30 years old; -Country: Spain; -Studies: Illustration, traditional and digital techniques; -Tools: traditional tools.

“One of the things I love the most about traditional art is that you can mix a lot of techniques, everything is allowed!!”

El lobo: the two sides of a coin: the Beauty and the Beast as one person. Light outside and darkness inside.


Snow: Do not lose your way. If you do, it will be your perdition. Wild beasts don’t have mercy. They are waiting for us in the forest, in the shadows … and if you walk where you shouldn’t - they will get you.

Juegos: You are mine always and forever.

Julien: Go away but don’t let go of my hand.


italia ruotolo

-Nickname: Italiar; -Country: Italy; -Studies: Fine Arts; -Tools: oil colors, canvas and traditional tools.

“If the artist is not technically good, inspiration alone cannot produce a positive outcome and the communication doesn’t happen!”

Midsummer night dream: this work simply illustrates Titania, the fairy queen, a character from Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream”.


Betwitched Words In A Secret Garden: The picture is centred on the concept of Double,and the confict generated by opposed forces.The woman symbolize the torn ego .Behind her a roses halo as native Eden is the space of her mind wich gives hospitality to two birds,evil and good. They are fighting or just talking, we don’t know .From time to time one of them has the upper hand.Their noise is cause of soul perturbation. The gold and emerald pin wich runs through the girl cheeks in the esoteric symbolism means Truth, and the truth itself shut out her tongue so painfully. The green solid emerald opposes to the red fluid blood in the eternal research for philosophers’ stone. The red lace constrains the breast as reason control, but the red rose carry on first plane as sometimes the heart tyrannically does. Some indifferent insects walk on the green background as symbol of Nature indifferent to human dramas at all .

Tempation: is an allusion to the temptation par excellence: Eve and the snake. It has a symbolism that I find particularly fascinating and which I have faced several times: what attracts me most is not the religious significance, but the psychoanalytic!

The perfect doll fake Chinese: this framework faces the concept of Art as a simulation of reality referring to the famous painting by Magritte: “Ceci Nes’t Pas Une Pipe”. The title is entirely played on the thread of the paradox: the doll itself is already a fake, a human simulacrum. The girl has a Chinese hairstyle, but she’s not Chinese. And we know that the Chinese are among the most skilled counterfeiters of products in the world ... but not as much as the Neapolitans, since I’m Neapolitan. This is a picture made of fun and irony, in the balance between truth and falsehood!


tutorial page 160

Olvídame: was created for the art collective “Hysterical Minds” which periodically launches a challenge to its members by offering unusual themes and compositional lines! In this case, the theme was “Essencias Retorcidas” (or “Twisted Essences”) and the technical requirement was to not create a central composition. So I was inspired by the composition “The Flagellation of Christ” by Piero della Francesca, adopting the spatial subdivision of the golden section. The use of point of view on the horizon is due to my need to not dramatize the painting through daring perspectives but by magnetism: for me, communication is delegated to the eyes, so all I want to convey is in the eyes of my subjects that must engage the eyes of the beholder!


The gaze of the girl begged “Forget about me!”, but she’s talking to herself. The thought that destroys her is in her mind and not outside, it’s like a cricket that never ceases to sing and that she must defeat to find peace!


Cría cuervos y te sacarán los ojos: is a piece about disillusion and betrayal. Not necessarily a love betrayal, because everything in life can betray us. It’s one of the most vicious and bitter paintings I’ve realized; in fact, the title implicitly urges to abandon the way of generosity and to cultivate a healthy selfishness.


“I need to breathe life into my paintings materially, to mix the colors with a palette knife and to feel the softness under the brush�


eduardo ramírez viera

-Nickname: RamArtwork -Country: Spain; -Studies: self-taught; -Tools: ink, markers and pen.

“For me, the most important thing is the final result, I don’t care about the tools you use”

Nigromancer: for this piece, I used ink and markers of diverse tones of grey. The image features a dark necromancer with a twisted morality in the use of the arcane arts. The major part of this illustration emerged naturally and the more I advanced, the more elements occupied the drawing. The weird living totems in the background were inspired by the amazing art of Mike Mignola.


Chameleon rider: inspired by the fairytale “The Beauty and the Beast”. In this case, a young female warrior and her giant chameleon. The weird creatures are hybrids (amphibious and other animals) and they complete the whole scene.

“Don’t let people discourage you, as you can always learn from your mistakes”

Smell of death: the violence of the demon woman, the horrible centipede in her flank and the skulls tangled in the branches make it clears: this is a dangerous place and the smell of death is in the air..

Enchanted pond: a beautiful naked girl looking at a pond, maybe in some secret and enchanted place. Her pet is a Griffin puppy bothering the calm of the carps. I loved creating the little details. In this illustration, I wanted to transmit a sense of beauty, serenity and harmony.


vimal chandran

-Nickname: V-IMAgine-L; -Age: 28 years old; -Country: India; -Studies: self-taught; -Tools: watercolors, arches paper, graphite pencil and ink.

“Watercolors give me the complete freedom to express myself with imperfect strokes and a natural carelessness”

I Know Why the Caged Bird sings: was inspired by and titled after the famous poem by Maya Angelou ( This visual version of the poem references the metaphors related to the singing bird. It was also inspired by one of Jarek Kubicki’s photomanipulation works.


In the End: I usually get inspired by the poetry of Bukowski. This painting is influenced by his work, portraying emotions through vibrant colors and a variety of shapes: “In this room the hours of love still make shadows.� (for Jane, by Charles Bukowski)


Steve: is a painted tribute to Steve Jobs.


January: every year, January will be full of hope. This painting depicts the hope for a new spring.


Water: a realistic attempt at drawing one of the photos by Memo89 (


jairo valverde

-Nickname: Jairolago; -Age: 24 years old; -Country: Spain; -Studies: Fine Arts; -Tools: pen, charcoal and eraser.

“never refuse an advice, success will come with time�

On the path of fury: depicts a moment before danger. The eye of the storm is getting closer by the second. The warrior, only with her sword, dagger and shield is nearing a fortress that seems to be quiet and existing in the uncertainty of the unknown.


Naamah: the dark sin, she is Sin personified. Naamah is a biblical character. She appeared in the dreams and fantasies of men to tempt them into lust. Just another way of religion to separate a man from his animal condition.

The last Valkyrie: belongs to the same collection mentioned above. Here, I drew a Valkyrie entering our world, searching for survival. The swords are her only companions and defense, while in front of her is a world that will not forgive any mistake‌

The abyss of fantasy: belongs to my collection “On the Path to the Fury�. The theme is the same: the tranquility before danger. The Valkyrie walks up the stairs of a castle, which also seems very calm - just the leaves being gently touched by the breeze and the melody of the forest accompany the scene.


The trophy: after the battle, the tired warrior exhibits the trophy of her victory: the head of the beast.

-Nickname: danscurtu -Country: Romania; -Studies: self-taught; -Tools: canvas and oil colors.

“My only goal in art is create something beautiful�

dan scurtu

River Scene 4: my fourth painting on this theme. 35x45 cm oil on canvas.

River Scene 2: my second painting from the “River Scenes� series. 40x50 cm oil on canvas.


“I made my studies in my room by reading, observing and trying to understand the secrets of the old masters with the paintbrush in my hand and the huge database of paintings I have from photos�


“A traditional painting is unique, it has its own unique value beside its aesthetic value�


Landscape with pinetrees: this painting represents one of those places from my mind where I would like to go and hide from the real world. It is inspired by our local park in Craiova, called “Romanescu Park”, and unlike most of my works, this one has very few elements in common with the old Flemish paintings. “Hudson River School” is the second biggest historical landscape painting movement I fell in love with and this painting reminds me a little of its painters.


The Gallery

-Name: Casey Shaffer -Nickname: Thecapturedspy; -Age: 20 years old; -Country: United States of America; -Studies: BA in Media Arts & Animation; -Tools: Photoshop -Name: Ajish Pai -Nickname: ajishrocks -Age: 22 years old; -Contry: India; -Studies: self-taught; -Tools: Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai.

Krishna: this picture comes from my own imagination. It shows Lord Krishna dancing and killing the multi-headed evil snake which poisoned the water in the river and killed many villagers and animals. The scene is taken from Hindu Mythology. The style used is my own but I got inspired from Kerala traditional mural painting. . -Name: Azimah -Nickname: azimah19 -Country: Malaysia; -Studies: illustration and post-production. -Tools: Photoshop.

Dealing with pickup lines: it’s a Kuroshitsuji fan-art. Her name is Meirin and she’s a clumsy household maid. But not a lot of people know she’s actually a deadly sniper. Full credits of the original Kuroshitsuji series and characters belong to Yana Toboso.

The other side: as for the story behind it, the subject is one of my characters Enid. She and her fiancé Skye were both scientists for the royal family, but during a coup d’état, Enid was killed. Skye tries to bring her soul back, but when he meets her at the crossroads, she tells him not to delve into such dark arts and says goodbye to him. I wanted to capture the bittersweet moment in her expression and in her hands. I also chose to convey the barrier between life and death as a frosted pane of glass.

145 -Name: Geneviève Létourneau -Nickname: Rapounzelle; -Age: 24 years old; -Country: Canada; -Studies: 2D traditional animation; -Tools: Photoshop, Sketchbook Pro, watercolors, acrylics, pencils and ink. Dragon: painted on wood. -Name: Dahlia Khodur -Nickname: japanmeonly -Age: 22 years old; -Country: Lebanon; -Studies: graphic design; -Tools: Photoshop. Spring’s Gaia: this piece basically started from the concept of spring allergies. So I painted a woman buried under all that pollen and at the same time embracing her beauty. Her red nose and sleepy eyes added the right touch I wanted for her situation. -Name: Joshua Cairós -Nickname: 1oshuart -Age: 19 -Contry: Spain; -Studies: self-taught; -Tools: Photoshop.


La vera amicizia: in this illustration, I wanted to represent people’s falsehood and how we realize who our real friends are in troublesome circumstances. That’s why you can see characters taking off their masks and showing their real identity and, at the same time, we can see real friends trying to help the main character. -Name: Marcos Prieto -Nickname: Dkmarcos; -Age: 41 years old; -Country: Spain; -Studies: self-taught; -Tools: DAZ 3D and Gimp.

Ireth: is a portrait of one of my novel’s characters. -Name: Nicolás Junco Pousada -Nickname: Nicuspocus; -Age: 23 years old; -Country: Spain; -Studies: Industrial design and multimedia engineering and a 3D concept art and animation master degree; -Tools: 3ds Max, VUE xStream, Mental Ray, Poser and Photoshop.

Medieval: was my final project in college. I made a 3D reconstruction of a medieval castle. -Name: Rita Muñoz -Nickname: Milkyneko; -Age: 29 years old; -Country: Spain; -Studies: illustration; -Tools: Photoshop.

Field of dreams: was just an experiment with textures and digital coloring.

149 -Name: Vincent Laik -Age: 33 years old; -Country: France; -Studies: self-taught; -Tools: Photoshop.


HAZE: an attempt to mix a Venice-like city with antique architectural designs, futuristic buildings and a ship ... plus, of course, a pretty lady in the foreground.


Digital art tutorial “el hogar del fuego”

Francisco Garcés

1 I started the illustration with an old drawing I created a couple of years ago. It’s not necessary to do many details, as this will only be a guide from where to start the volume and to define the concept.


We fill the background with different grey tones, as to create a slight foggy aspect. Now we give form to the dragon by painting some spots, while trying to recreate the desired volume and texture. Then, we paint the places which the light will affect from above (the sky) with grey tones. The same spots you painted now can be used to give a dark fantasy touch to your dragon. 152


Create the background landscape. Don’t worry about details; we will come back to that later. Paint some irregular strokes with different soft colors and try to differentiate them from the dragon in the forefront.


Now select the “Soft Light” blending option for the first layer of colors. In this layer, I will define the base from where I’m going to start working on the different lights. For this first phase of the process, I always use soft light because it lets you use colors without altering the scheme or the volume of the work.



Try to intensify the colors (shadows and lights) on both sides. Paint the reflection of the fire on the dragon’s body. Now you will have two points of light: one from above (the sky) and one from below (the fire) - they will contribute for the volume of the image to turn out more majestic and will give more strength to the drawing. The bright orange part on the dragon’s head highlights the creature so the viewer can see it without any effort. The red color of the fire (below) give the image a dark and tenebrous touch.


At this point, the colors take the main role. Try to define the main areas of the drawing. The center being the brighter area of the image, the left and right zone being in the background - so we won’t need too many details there.

Finally, we can add some atmosphere to the image - as I did! I added some slight fog in the head area just for the differentiation of the foreground. For a finishing touch, I’m adding some sort of dust from ashes because I think it will unify the whole composition. 154



photomanipulation tutorial “Ancient Echoes� julia popova


I used stock images.



Blending: I usually use big eraser for blending images. Afterwards, I do several color corrections to give everything a more harmonious look.



Painting: the plants, grass and moss are painted with 1-5px brushes. I often use selective color correction for green and yellow tones and one or two yellow gradients over all layers at 5% opacity with blending mode set to “Screen�.



Traditional art tutorial “The perfect doll fake Chinese”

Italia ruotolo

The tutorial was made by mounting photos taken in sequence during the progression of the painting: “The perfect doll fake chinese”.


The support used is composed by a wooden board prepared with gilder chalk, animal glue and vinegar.


I have not drawn the subject in pencil, but directly with the brush because, before starting, I didn’t have a specific project. The framework has been developed while I was painting.

I used my usual materials: oil paint, turpentine and poppy oil. The technique I used is superposition of layers of color 162


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Templum magazine nº2 (3/3)  

2nd. issue of Templum digital magazine where you will find digital art, traditional art, 3D art and photomanipulation. PART 3

Templum magazine nº2 (3/3)  

2nd. issue of Templum digital magazine where you will find digital art, traditional art, 3D art and photomanipulation. PART 3

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