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Cover: Yangtian Li

Š Copyright Information: The images contained within this magazine are not public domain. They belong to their respective creators and therefore cannot be modified or reproduced without the authorization of their owners. Templum Magazine Staff: Editor in chief: Yasna SepĂşlveda Spanish corrector: Nisa Arce English corrector: Ignacio de la Calle


Dear readers, It has been a year since the first edition of Templum was released. We want to thank everyone for the continued support you give to the magazine, as we always say: without you this would not be possible. Throughout this year we have exhibited the work of great artists who, we hope, you have come to know a little better. The latest big breakthrough we had came thanks to Ediciones Babylon. Now Templum is more professional, but it is still a free magazine because we know that art is something that everyone should enjoy and it should be available to everyone. Thank you very much for being there, we will continue to improve for you.



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Traditional Art 58 Enys Guerrero 64 Ester Salguero 70 Justyna 74 Rossana Castellino 80 Samantha Storey 86 Stefania Russo


3D Art Jonathan Cuesta Julio Cezar Pires Luis Lara

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Gaetano Pezzillo Luz Tapia Mariam Mohammed

The Gallery Justyna Wrzeszcz Rana Amgad El-Amrossy

Rodrigo Cueto Phi Pham


Digital Art


yangtian li

-Country: China; -Studies: Major in Animation; -Tools: Photoshop.

“I do believe <<art comes from life>> so I guess I try to enjoy my life as much as possible because that’s where the inspiration is”

Dragonfly: the forth piece of the series “insect beauty”. She is a little moody dragonfly.


Queen Bee: this picture is inspired by a bunch of images of insects on the web, and even though I hated bugs, I thought they were super pretty yet scary.

Three Thousand Threads of Trouble: the inspiration comes from a Chinese phrase, which is originally from Buddhism - “三千烦恼丝”/”叁仟煩惱絲” - whose meaning “three thousand threads of trouble”, refers to hair. That is why monks cut off their hair, because they need to seperate themselves from the troubles they have in human society. I thought, where does trouble come from? It actually does not come from anywhere else other than our own mind. If we could cut it off, it could just be gone - but it’s ourselves who decide to keep them in, we make a nest for them because there’s something related to the trouble that we simply can’t give up. Just like her hair, it’s keeping all the trouble, they scream at her head all the time, but she just can’t give up her hair even though it troubled her so much that her hair had all turned white. No pain no gain I guess. Oh, and baby birds are so creepy that I thought they are perfect acting as “trouble” and babies themselves too.... what’s more troublesome than a baby?


tutorial page 132



Right or wrong: he was sent to hell as one of the angel warriors. He was injured, and so he tried to find a quiet place to recover before someone else attacks him. Somehow, he ended up in the hell’s nursery. Those monsters are going to be harmful when they grow up, but for now, it seems awkwardly peaceful. The vampire girl is feeding blood to the Pan and the Cerberus is licking a skull. They are all just young and harmless at the moment. But that’s just their food. They did not kill nor did they harm anyone. How is that wrong?

“The computer is merely a tool, so don’t get carried away with fancy brush sets and new features of Photoshop. They are there to help you work faster, providing you more options. Always go back to the foundations, that’s where the real important knowledge is that you need to learn” Seashell and pearl: a seashell picked a rock and tried to turn it into its pearl with all its heart and soul, but this process hurts. Suddenly, a wave brought a beautiful pearl in front of her. The seashell was dazzled. The pearl was so beautiful, the seashell thought. It was polished by other seashells. But because the pearl was beautiful, it could be easily gone. And maybe it’s only beautiful because the seashell has never touched it.


alfonso pardo

“I use my art to reach fantasy worlds that I love. I like to draw portraits too. I think that to achieve the essence of somebody’s face is one of the most difficult tasks there is, and I like to test myself” -Nickname: Pardoart; -Age: 37 years old; -Country: Spain; -Studies: Fine Arts; -Tools: Photoshop and Art Rage Studio Pro.


La Cima: was one of my first digital paintings. There are some things that I would change, but it is an illustration that has given me many satisfactions and I have a special liking for it. I got the inspiration from a magazine, when I saw a model hiking in the mountains, a scene came to mind: a girl with a sort of gigantic minotaur (something like “Belle and the Beast”). Making this illustration served me in my learning process of Photoshop, something new for me at the time, which allowed me to find resources that would make my life easier, even today I continue to use most of them.


John Carte of Mars: when I read the saga of John Carter of Mars, by Edgar Rice Burroughs, I decided to draw an illustration as a tribute to his legacy. The visual aspect of the drawing is a tribute too, this time dedicated to Drew Struzan, illustrator of great movie posters which have become part of my childhood. When I begin to illustrate something, whether a character or a scene, I like to be faithful to the description presented by the author.

Arya Stark: this piece is a personal tribute to one of the stories I specially admire, A Song of Ice and Fire, by George R. R. Martin. I decided to draw the main characters of the book, and here is Arya Stark. Right now I am finishing the illustration of Daenerys and Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m really excited about it.


â&#x20AC;&#x153;There are a lot of tutorials and resources on the Internet, but being honest, the best way to improve and develop your skills is to practice hour after hour, day after day. Try to be curious and keep up to date with the technological advances that the digital world offers, they can help you in the process of growing as an artistâ&#x20AC;?


â&#x20AC;&#x153;Some of my favorite artists are Norman Rockwell, who apart from being technically brutal, I love the message reflected in his works, sweetness, tenderness and good vibes; Alphonse Mucha is a genius, the way he developed his style in his era, his compositions in which drawings and paintings are mixed, and of course the overwhelming beauty of his Art Nouveau; and Adam Hughes because he knew how to modernize a lot of resources and graphic elements from Rockwell and Mucha, adapting them to the comic world and our times, the beauty of his drawing style, the treatment of color and the use of ink are simply amazingâ&#x20AC;?


Labyrinth: especially marks an important part of my childhood. Movies like The never-ending story, The Lord of the Rings, The Dragonlance, etc ... have kept me motivated throughout the years to draw. They enriched and satisfied my childhood fantasy and imagination, something that I try never to forget.


eva morales

-Nickname: EvaMH; -Age: 34 years old; -Country: Spain; -Studies: Fine Arts; -Tools: Photoshop.

“I have been drawing since I can remember, my older sister is a painter and my middle sister is a musician, so art and crafts were a very common way of entertainment at my house. When I was 10 I told my parents ‘I know what I want to do when I grow up, I want to create cartoons!’, they ignored me at first, but in the end... I succeeded”

Autumn Girl: was a personal project for the cover of my website, This illustration was inspired by a photograph which caught my attention because of the combination of colours.


Submarinista: a personal project for my portfolio. I used a childish style, something more casually focused on the child illustration world.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;If you are getting into the world of digital illustration you need to practice a lot, which is in general true for all kinds of illustration. Observe everything around you and try not to take what you do as a job but as a mean to express yourselfâ&#x20AC;? 24

â&#x20AC;&#x153;For me to be an artist is to be able to live from my passion, with the great advantage that my passion is not just a job but a way of living. You are constantly aware of your surroundings, watching everything around you, always vigilant and in search of inspiration every minute. To be an artists is to express yourself with what you do and share that part of you with the rest of the worldâ&#x20AC;? Monster Room: as in my other work, this one has a childish style too, a fun illustration that could represent any kind of story about children and their adventures.


Tributo a Hokusai: the concept behind this work is the idea of duality, opposite but at the same time complementary elements. I used some elements of the great japanese artist, painter and engraver Katsushika Hokusai as a tribute to his work that I admire so much. This is the reason behind the title of the illustration.


â&#x20AC;&#x153;My main inspiration comes from the Renaissance, Impressionism and japanese artâ&#x20AC;?


fred rubim

-Country: Brazil; -Studies: Industrial Design; -Tools: Photoshop and Wacom tablet.


“Looking at other artist´s works is also a great source of inspiration and makes you want to push yourself to get better”

Dwarf vs. Goblins: I am a big fan of fantasy, especially Tolkien´s books and Lord of the Rings movies. So I decided to paint a battle scene inspired by that universe.


Pet Walk: a concept for a personal project.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;My artistic development was, and still is, quite intuitive. Since childhood I have always drawn from observation and experimentation. Then I graduated in Industrial Design in Brazil, when I could experiment with different analogue painting techniques. When I finally discovered Photoshop and the Wacom tablet, a whole new world was opened to meâ&#x20AC;? Snow Giant: this one was all done on an iPad with the Procreate app.


Viking vs. Dragon: I started this one without a clear idea of what I wanted. The first study was just a Viking warrior. I added the dragon later. As an experiment, this time I tried to polish the painting a bit more, not showing too much brush strokes as I am used to in my other works.


â&#x20AC;&#x153;I think digital is faster to learn, and more practical, because mistakes can be fixed very quickly, and this is very important, especially when you´re doing commercial work. The ability to instantly change colors, fix brightness and contrast, is also a plus in digital artâ&#x20AC;?

tutorial page 138


joo young choi

-Nickname: RyO; -Country: South Korea; -Studies: Self-taught; -Tools: Photoshop.

“I imagine my characters living somewhere, with a life of their own, enjoying everyday life. I think, what would they be doing now?, and start drawing. Sometimes I even put myself in their place and imagine what they are experiencing”

Jungle: I really like Uncharted! especially the Jungle Stage’s, with abundant sunshine, which always makes me feel good. Of course, the game is awesome.



Moonlight: I started this one with graffiti, but the result was too good. Looking at this couple fills my mind with sorrow..... and they are beautiful ! Such hearts, ...

Jun at Pond: my contact with Tekken began in 1998, Kazuya and Jun ..... very crazy times ! I love them ! I drew many Kazjun and this is just one of them, reflected in the water.


Wizardâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s house: wow! the work process of this one was really difficult. I can not even remember. It has been modified a couple of times, I even drew up a house plan, which was a great help for solving some problems. Honestly.... I started without any ideas in mind, the process was a trial and error. As a result, there was a lot of studying involved. As a whole, a great experience!

Smithy: I like the realistic graphics of the game. But then I draw it with a cute style.


Jail: I got the idea for this one from “Game of Thrones” when Tyrion was locked in jail!


â&#x20AC;&#x153;Remember that even a very small part can be important and have disastrous consequences if not done properly. There is always room to challenge yourselfâ&#x20AC;? 39

Messed up


-Nickname: Vargasni; -Age: 22 years old; -Country: Cuba but living in Spain; -Studies: Fine Arts; -Tools: Photoshop.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;In the beginning my conception of illustration was really poor, I had the technical knowledge but I only painted realism, portraits, landscapes, etc..., my work was almost mechanical, I painted only to improve. Now with every character and every creature I create I enjoy it like a childâ&#x20AC;? Methrir and Xorg: this came out of a challenge between friends. It took me twice as long to finish this illustration than what it took them, mainly because of my lack of spare time, but I loved the end result.


Part of me: this was the result of a lot of studies, sketches and notes piled up through time. In this case I wanted to focus the attention on the action of the characters and forget about who they were. Rebirth


â&#x20AC;&#x153;Being an artists is to have the capacity and to feel the necessity of sharing your vision, even if the viewer does not fully understand the image, or the message arrives distortedâ&#x20AC;? 43

Sailor Mars: fan art of Sailor Moon. This was a request for an exhibition in Argentina.


Tetsuo: another fan art piece of one of the most amazing movies I have ever seen, and manga that I am ever reading, it is always on my desk.


Stephen Wood

â&#x20AC;&#x153;A a lot of my inspiration comes from real life. People I have met or would like to meet. I also pull a lot of inspiration from history. I love fantasy and making things up but some of the most amazing things I have seen actually exist in the real world from cultures on the other side of the globeâ&#x20AC;?

-Age: 26 years old; -Country: United States of America; -Studies: Art and Design; -Tools: Corel Painter 12 , Photoshop and Wacom intous tablet.

Rogue: a Rogue descends a staircase in the city of spires.


Mage: a pin up of a young mage.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;A lot of developing skills is practicing and studying your craft. I spend a lot of time researching the things I illustrate, how they might work in the real world, how to convert the real world aspects into my own vision and styleâ&#x20AC;? 48

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Digital art is much cheaper in the long run because you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have to keep replenishing your supplies (like brushes, paints, canvas) it is all just on the computerâ&#x20AC;? Halfing hunter: a female halfing patrols her home for any signs of danger.


Adventuress: a young adventuress stand victorious after a hard fought battle with monsters.


March of the Undead: a Lich Queen leads her army out of the underdark city.


vĂ­ctor garcĂ­a



-Age: 27 years old; -Country: Spain; -Studies: Illustration; -Tools: Photoshop



Daenerys: fan art illustration inspired in the saga A song of Ice and Fire (A clash of Kings).




â&#x20AC;&#x153;I love to open a new layer, stain it with colours and big brush strokes and then start drawing over these stains, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fun!!â&#x20AC;?


-Age: 30 years old; -Country: Venezuela; -Studies: Graphic Designer;

Traditional Art

-Tools she uses: crayons,colored pencils and watercolors.

enys guerrero Red Riding Hood: my own version from the fairytale.


A Forsaken Garden: inspired by the movie The secret Garden.


Little Puppet Kimi: comission for the artist TongSong.


The Ring Master Minerva: ilustration for a Cirque des Spectrums, personal project.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Try to practice with all the techniques you can until you find the one you like the most and it fits with your styleâ&#x20AC;?


I swear By These Tears: ilustration for a Cirque des Spectrums, personal project.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Traditional art gives you a universe of chances to work with, from the most expensive ones up to the coffee you have in the morningâ&#x20AC;?


ester salguero

-Nickname: IstarArt; -Age: 27 years old; -Country: Spain; -Studies: Fine Arts; -Tools he uses: watercolors and colored pencil.

“Nowadays I am still eager to learn because I think that in the art world you never stop learning, that is why I think it’s fascinating. There are always new techniques, styles or methods waiting to be learned” Verano: this illustration was done as an entry for a Facebook contest. The theme of the contest was to draw a girl with shorts, but then for some reason I associated this image with Summer. Very soon I will start drawing girls to represent the other seasons.


Kvothe: is the main character of The Name of the Wind, by Patrick Rothfuss. I set myself the task of making this piece with two reasons in mind, to continue painting with watercolours (a technique I really love) and to keep drawing illustrations based on the books I read.


Noche de brujas: the night of Halloween is the night of witches. The only day of the year where they are allowed to fly free without been persecuted. Furthermore, this subject is very interesting for illustrators since the subject contains a wealth of themes and inspiration.


Retratos de Mozart, Reina y Cleo: these are the three beautiful cats of Lola. Animal portraits are very special because they show how much their owners love their furry pets. I personally love cats, so I very much enjoyed doing these three portraits.


â&#x20AC;&#x153;My favourite technique is watercolours, so that is why I want to keep working with them until I reach a level I really feel satisfied with. My goal at the moment is to keep improving, and I hope that one day I could see one of my illustrations published in a book together with a beautiful storyâ&#x20AC;? 69

Me, myself and I: the inspiration for this piece came to me during my classes. I did a small sketch so that I would not forget about it and finished it at home. This one should be me, I am more or less similar to this portrait, although I do not think I am that pretty in real life. I wanted to create something that would define me as a person and as an artist. That is why I have used not only watercolours but also some unconventional media such as tea and coffee.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;I can not remember when I first started because I feel like Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve always been drawing, ever since I can rememberâ&#x20AC;?

-Nickname: Allantiee; -Age: 23 years old; -Country: Poland; -Studies: Self-taught; -Tools he uses: Coloured pencils, pencils, watercolours, ballpoint pens.




Fly me to the moon: this artwork was a big experiment to me. Because my main media is not watercolours, I was really afraid that I would not be able to complete this project. But to my surprise, I found out some solutions to apply colour in a very easy way. I painted it very fast – in just two hours, which is very unusual for me. Normally I complete an artwork in days, not in hours. When I think about this piece I can compare it to Mucha’s posters, which I really adore.

“In my opinion traditional art nowadays has become underestimated and unpopular, which I find very sad because there are many traditional artists that really deserve much more attention and appreciation”

Walking through your dream: this is a small A5 piece. I just wanted to portray my newest original character who is going to probably be the main character of a short-story comic. I have just started working on it. It also provided a very good practice with a textured paper that I have never used before.

Burn: my favourite archangel, Michael. It took me years to portray him exactly how I see him in my imagination. I think this one is the closest thing to this image that I have of him. I have created these pictures using my beloved coloured pencils and spent about four days drawing them.


Rossana castellino!

-Age: 26 years old; -Country: Italy; -Studies: Illustration; -Tools he uses: colored pencils and pastels.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Traditional art is a powerful way to give a soul to your imagination. I love to experiment with different materials and techniques, because each media gives a different emotion to the final work. However my favorite media are graphite and colored pencilsâ&#x20AC;?

Apparition: I tried to create the appearance of a ghost, yet as beautiful as frightening.




Purgatorium: I was inspired by the beautiful Lady Amaranth that I wanted to represent as a fallen angel.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;It is a wonderful job, but also very difficult, so my suggestion is to do it always with passion and devotion. You always have to draw and sketch, keep up with news and especially you have to love what you doâ&#x20AC;? Rosaspina: soul trapped between the earthly and the heavenly world.


All Allows Even: illustration inspired to Halloween. Witch in the act of evoking a spirit.


The Embrace: Waiting for the return of someoneâ&#x20AC;Ś


samantha storey

-Nickname: illogan; -Age: 23 years old; -Country: Canada; -Studies: Self-taught; -Tools: pencil, pencil crayon and charcoal.

“I have so much love for a plain old pencil drawing. I always prefer looking at sketches, studies and thumbnail drawings done with pencil, as well as finished pieces done with a variety of graphite pencils. I adore how it looks when it is softly shaded, when it is still roughly sitting on top of the grains of paper”

Real Vampire: my personal favourite drawing, one of the few I have hanging at my house. Done with various pencils, about 12” X 14”, from a magazine picture that was very bright and boring, and I made it as dark and eery as possible, and tried to give her eyes a ‘glow.’


Spring to Summer: the last eye I drew, about 3 years ago, was going for more precision and finer detail.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;I absolutely think traditional art is better than digital art, it is digital artâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s precursor, and if an artist can not draw on paper, they can not draw in photoshop either. I prefer the effects you can get with traditional tools and appreciate the fact that there is no undo button and would therefore argue it is more challengingâ&#x20AC;? A wish: was an experiment with white ink as well as making a soft lace effect.



Chewing gum: one of my absolute favourites, did it when I was 19 and one of the last realistic portraits I did before I stopped drawing for a couple of years.


Who knows the sound: I won a few awards and contests with this one. I love the softness of the piece but also the luminosity in her eyes. This one honestly felt like a fluke from when I was 17, every day I would look at it and I just do not know how to do a piece with this quality again. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m very proud of this one.



-Age: 28 years old; -Country: Italy; -Studies: Self-taught; -Tools: watercolors, colored pencils, Ecoline and glitters.

“My big wish is to one day participate in at least one art exhibition. I am always shy about my art, and I feel ashamed to have never tried and hide, so I know that I have lost a lot of new experiences as an artist. So from now on, I want to be a fighter, a brave person who does not care about other people´s opinions when it comes to my work” Slenderman: fanart of Slenderman.


Du Riechst so gut: a personal artwork... There are so many interpretations about it... She is helping the dove, she is killing the dove, she is crying for the death of the dove, she wants to eat the dove, she is sad for the dove, .. peace, hate ... Happiness for the death, sadness for the pain; cry of death, enjoy the pain... What do you think now? What is your interpretation? I have mine, and it is whatever you say.


â&#x20AC;&#x153;I think that the most important emotion is to touch your real work, your pencils, your colours... I feel that that is the only important moment in life, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll admit!

Midnight, a deadly seducer: a date with a vampire...


“Don’t listen to the people who don’t support your passion. I think this is the first lesson to any artist”


DĂ­a de los muertos: 2012 Halloween Artwork. The model is my friend Erika.


Rara Avis. The Art of Daniel Alarcón. Adéntrate de la mano de Daniel Alarcón en un mundo de extraña belleza repleto de claroscuros y sombras. Un autor de trazo exquisito que te inquietará con su delicado y siniestro arte. Rara Avis. The Art of Daniel Alarcón. Enter into a world of strange beauty full of chiaroscuro and shadows along with Daniel Alarcón. He is an author with exquisite strokes who will worry you with his delicate and sinister art.


Eros. The sexiest art of Rafater. Dios del amor y del erotismo, reina en las pรกginas de este sugerente libro de ilustraciones. Disfruta del lado mรกs sexy de Rafater, un autor que con su arte no te dejarรก indiferente... de ninguna de las maneras.

Eros. The sexiest art of Rafater. God of love and eroticism, rules the pages of this suggestive artbook. Enjoy the sexiest side of Rafater, an author who will warm you up with his art... in any way.



3D Art

Jonathan cuesta

-Nickname: Jonatrank; -Age: 32 years old; -Country: Spain; -Studies: Self-taught; -Tools: 3D Studio Max, Photoshop and AfterFX.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;I started with 3D at a very early age. I remember going to the library in my home town and reading the few books available about 3D. With time I got the demo of 3D Studio 3 and from that moment on I got stuck in the world of 3Dâ&#x20AC;? Spinning dice: this scene is a revamp from an old version I made years ago and never really liked. I changed completely the illumination, the cam focus, composition and materials, and I only left two dice lying on the plane. Also I gave some movement to the scene by putting a dice spinning on itself. That, the other dice, and the reflection on the surface where the dice lay helps to create a more dynamical composition.



Spiderweb: a rose with a lot of water drops inspired me to create this image. I did not try to model the rose because I tried it once before and never completed it. But, searching on the internet for some images of water drops to see how the blur created by macro photography works, I found a spiderweb with water drops. It really caught my attention, so I set my mind on modeling it myself.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;About the process of creating 3D, I like everything, from the moment the idea sparks and grows, up until the time when the work is finished. Although, I would highlight out of the whole process the lighting and final processing of the image. I am very tough on myself when it comes to lighting and finishing touchesâ&#x20AC;?

Kokeshi dolls: I did not know the name of these kinds of dolls until one day I saw a publication and I got interested on their origin. I was so curious that I started creating my own dolls. I searched for some reference images in order to make the dresses and copy the wood materials as faithfully as I could.


Mรกs pinzas: this scene is one of the most surrealistic scenes that I have done and the one which I am proudest of because it was published in the S Artbook (Spanish Compilation). The story behind this work is not so special. One day I saw in the ground an old wooden clothes peg and I thought about modeling it in 3D. When it was ready I needed to give focus to the peg, so after trying some options, I chose to distribute the pegs in the scene as you can see. A casual object that usually goes unnoticed and seemingly useless, turns into having dynamism, fluidity and even a life of its own.


â&#x20AC;&#x153;Programs such as ZBrush has given a new concept to 3D modeling. These kinds of programs are not essential but complementaryâ&#x20AC;? 99

julio cezar pires


-Age: 27 years old; -Country: Brazil; -Studies: Self- taught; -Tools: Blender.

Motocicleta Chopper: this is a project that I did inspired by the design solidesign.



â&#x20AC;&#x153;The 3D world fascinates me for not having limits, whatever you imagine can become real through this form of art, so magnificent, with such characters, worlds, prototypes... Everything becomes possibleâ&#x20AC;? Hijauan House



Japanese scene: seeking photo realism took two days between modeling and rendering. I am happy with the end result.



-Nickname: GranDosicua; -Age: 28 years old; -Country: Spain; -Studies: self-taught; -Tools: 3D Studio Max, V-Ray and Photoshop.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;After all these years I still find incredible that a cube can be transformed into almost anything imaginableâ&#x20AC;?

luis lara

Gladiadores Americanos: a 1968 Pontiac Firebird against a Plymouth Hemi â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Cuda from 71, they were done for an American automobil contest. Not many people like the green muscle cars, I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know why...


Dodge Viper: Dodge Viper RT/10 from 1992 with a personalized colour scheme. The idea was to make something different, something that would catch the attention. The end result was not bad at all.

Seat 124: Seat 124D 2000 from 1975 personalized. What can I say about it, it was the dream car of our parents. People who did not own one wanted one, and those who said no were lying!


Duesenberg SJ 2: in a study.

Plymouth Barracuda 1,2: the Plymouth Hemi â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Cuda was one of the most popular muscle cars on the USA roads, admired both at home and abroad. Even bigger is this supercharged, with a protruding hood compressor and exhaust pipes worthy of a truck... American power!


Nissan Skyline 1,2: another one of my favourite cars, the Nissan Skyline GT-R from 99. There are people who say that the Japanese do not make good cars... until they see this one.


tutorial page 140

â&#x20AC;&#x153;In the process of 3D creation it is very common (almost necessary) to use sketches, plans or pictures as modeling references. It allows one to see what the end result needs to resemble, and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s easier to work with ideas over a drawing instead of doing them directly in 3Dâ&#x20AC;? 111


gaetano pezzillo

-Nickname: Corvinerium; -Age: 26 years old; -Country: Italy; -Studies: Self-taught; -Tools: Photoshop.

“In my teenage years I was part of several online communities and we all used to have these beautiful signature banners, mostly done with photomanipulation. At the time I only loved looking at this type of art but then, almost four years ago, something changed and I decided to give it a try. I was stunned by the impact and strength of the creative process involved in photomanipulation: it allowed me to express myself in a new and wonderful way. And now here I am, it is a precious part of my life” Purgatorium: this work does not have a real story behind it. I simply liked all the resources, but then I was inspired to create a strong scene: the pose of the model looked painful so I amplified that aspect by adding the brambles. I choose not to add blood to keep a “black & white” feel. The horns gave the contrast I wanted, because they added a devilish look to the model. This way you look at the image and probably think “Wait, she’s a demon caught in brambles in the middle of nowhere?”. As I said, no real story but a strong image.


Untouched: one of my latest works. It is obviously very seasonal with all the berries and the snowy landscape. I have always associated winter with secrets and mysteries, so I imagined a scene with a statue (the angel was just an aesthetic choice) in a sort of secret snowy park. I added the frame to emphasize the idea of something that you peek, like a tiny round window on a secret hideout.

Danse Macabre: this work, as you may easily imagine, was inspired by the homonymous musical piece by Camille Saint-SaĂŤns. I wanted to express the same dark mood of this music in a different way: in the music there is actually a dance, in my work the dance is over, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all frozen in silence. The cello player is totally motionless, the land is dreary and still. Even the only living creature, a lonely raven, is not flying. The cold tones and the empty eyes of the musician amplify the sense of void and absence after the sinister dance is over.


“A great source of inspiration are fairy tales, I absolutely love all classic stories as well as Disney movies, and if you see my gallery you know how much they inspire me”

Thanatophobia: it’s a Greek word which means “fear of death”. The skeleton hand is reaching out to the person, like death ineluctably will do with us. We know it is inevitable, but most of us are afraid of it. I wanted to depict our crazy efforts to run away from death, so I needed a strong and strange image and I thought it would be interesting to choose a non-conventional perspective. The woman almost seems to defy gravity, but if you look at the clouds you will see that she is not. It is an illusion, just like the illusion of avoiding death.


luz tapia

Truth or sweet lie: a lot of people prefer to listen to a <<sweet>> lie rather than confronting the painful reality. I think that everyone faces a similar situation sooner or later in life but, what is the best thing to do? This image was created to represent those moments.


-Age: 20 years old; -Country: Argentina; -Studies: Self-taught; -Tools: Adobe photoshop CS5.


Nature House: I have always felt a special love for nature and those quiet and remote places. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s why I made this image, thinking of the place I would love to live, with green spaces and a peaceful atmosphere.

The long awaited rest: I got the inspiration for this image looking through some stocks. I wanted to create a story of a young woman with an uncertain and remote destiny, but even if it takes too long, she knows that one day destiny will catch up, obviously she will always count with some help and company.


â&#x20AC;&#x153;I was originally a traditional artist but I remember looking at some photomanipulations on DeviantArt that motivated me to give it a try! The more pieces I did the more I loved it and now I can definitively say that it is one of my favourite mediums to work withâ&#x20AC;?

The storyteller forest: I have always loved the idea of a magical forest where the forest itself was the one telling the stories to those willing to hear them.


A little of hope: sometimes we feel down, we think everything goes wrong and that things will never get better. This is the moment where we need something to give us some hope, something to cheer us up and not to give up.


“I want to be someone who can inspire others and show them a bit of myself through my pieces. I am really working hard to make my work more unique and give it that special something to the viewer’s eyes”


mariam mohammed

-Country: Bahrain; -Studies: Self-taught; -Tools: Photoshop+Wacom Intuos 4.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;My goal is to show the world the art inside me, my feelings, and my beliefs. Actually, I love it when the world sees my artâ&#x20AC;?

Beauty Witch: an artwork of a beautiful witch. This piece required a huge effort like no other piece I have worked on before, from fixing the light and colours to manipulating and mixing pictures. The colours are attractive and I love them.


Dance Miserable: my most inspired work. I went for sad romance with the calm light colours of winter.


Paradise: fish bring happiness and give new ideas.


Forest Fairy: another imaginary artwork, the forest fairy. The red and green fit together perfectly. I relied mostly on my drawing skills for this piece.


Nostalgic: a passionate, imaginary artwork, nostalgia to the loved one encapsulated in a perfume bottle, ravens for bad memories, and the hot colours representing longing and nostalgia.



The Gallery

Justyna Wrzeszcz -Age: 24 años;

-Country: Poland; -Estudios: Photography; -Tools: Photoshop CS.

Rodrigo Cueto -Contry: Mexico;

-Studies: Self-taught; -Tools: Photoshop CS2. What did you said bird: my inspiration to create this photomanipulation was a song by Sigur Rós - Varú? . I wanted to show how delicate creatures deers can be. By nature, strong, and also so dignified and fragile Emilie: this is a portrait of the singer, songwriter, violinist and performance artist, Emilie Autumn, created to celebrate her first concert in Mexico. I got to meet her there and gave her as a gift a printed canvas of this painting as a token of love and appreciation.


Rana Amgad El-Amrossy -Age: 17 years old; -Country: Egypt; -Studies: self-taught; Best in me: IÂ concentrated in lighting and colours for this piece, so I have used vivid red colours except for the hairâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s blue colour that made a beautiful atmosphere.

-Tools: Adobe Photoshop Cs5 and genius pen tablet

Phi Pham

-Age: 18 years old; -Country: Vietnam; -Studies: self-taught; -Tools: Paint Tool SAI and Wacom Bamboo. 130 Frozen glory: the idea of having a ruined oriental city with skyscrapers inspired me to create this artwork..


Digital art tutorial of: “Three Thousand Threads of Trouble” yangtian li

1 I started this painting from a sketch I did on paper. As you can see, it was quite different from the final image. I tend to change ideas a lot during my painting process and just let my instincts guide me. At first, on her head there were a few different kinds of birds, and they were all adult birds. I intended to make them look fancy, almost like ornaments on her head. But the idea is the same, they are very noisy and they use her hair as a nest.


Then I set this line work layer to multiply, picked my colours and added them underneath my line work layer. I definitely wanted to have less saturated colours, a “pale” palette. I wanted to have a contrast between the “noisy” concept and the pale colour palette.


3 I then painted on a layer above the line work, and as I went along I cleaned up the line work. You can see that the face has changed quite drastically, as I just kept experimenting with it.


This process continued and I only painted on that one single layer. I like keeping my layers simple, even more, putting everything on one layer allows me to use filters like “liquify” easily. If I really need to adjust one area, I use the lasso tool to select that area and duplicate it to a new layer. Till now, the only brush I have been using is still the good old airbrush – I used to hate it as I found the look “cheesy” and a lot of tutorials I read said it was a terrible brush to use. But now I really love it, it blends everything very easily, if you need brush strokes you can just use a hard edge brush to add the sharp bits later. Using this soft brush allows you to establish your forms quickly and easily.


I then changed a lot of things again, like the canvas size, and the direction her body was facing. I actually don’t know why (ha ha), but as I said before, for my personal works I just let my intuition lead me and that’s what makes it fun!



Here I worked on the details. I like to start with the eyes, because they are the souls of the character and I really enjoy painting them. If I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get the eyes right I would not be able to continue painting other things. For adding such details, I use this other standard brush for almost everything.

I generally set it on a lower opacity, usually between 30%~80%. This brush allows me to create very sharp details. And because I used the soft airbrush before, the mixture of the two brushes will create a nice contrast between soft and hard edges.


I kept painting more details, and I changed the colour of the birds â&#x20AC;&#x201C; I actually used the lasso tool to extract the birds out onto their own separated layer. I didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t like the dark colours on the birds, they were too distracting, and I wanted to keep the colour palette relatively pale. The darkest part of this painting should be her eyes so that the viewer can focus over there.


8 I really hated the mouth, so I completely erased it and repainted it. I guess some people would think it must be troublesome that I had to erase it as I kept everything on one layer, and that it would have been much easier if I had kept the mouth on its own separate layer. But it is not THAT much work actually, I just think of it as an extra exercise. At this stage, I really did not like the birds anymore, they were just too distracting for me.


I gave the birds a break, and I worked on the hair during this stage. I used another one of the standard brushes and a hair brush that I stole from another artist ;) I don’t normally create my own brushes, unless for a specific purpose. The brush set I got is “Blur’s good brush” (click here to download) and algenpfleger’s brush set from DeviantArt, you can all download them for free. Thanks for sharing your brushes!

10 I finally decided that I was going to use baby birds on her hair, this way it kept the palette quite consistent and I thought that baby birds would be seen as more “noisy”. I was shocked by the creepy look the baby birds had when I googled the images, and I thought that they should be a very good representation of “trouble”.



I then kept working on the details, with the previous several brushes I have mentioned. For me there are not many magic tricks, it’s all just time and patience. I also added a bit of texture for my background. I painted it with several textured brushes, then layered a photo on top of it with property set to “overlay” with a very low opacity like 7%~14%.

Finally, there’s the finishing touches. I created another layer on top of everything and set it to “overlay”, rendered the lighting with the soft airbrush to create a blooming light effect. It also allowed me to adjust some colours with this layer. I also added a curve adjustment layer on top of everything to tweak the final colours slightly. All finished! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the painting and its process!




Digital art tutorial of: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Viking vs. dragonâ&#x20AC;? fred rubim


I started with a thumbnail sketch in grayscale, just to set the overall values and composition.


Once I was happy with the sketch, I started to define the shapes and add some details. 138


Then I tried some colour tones and refined some shapes. I added more saturated colors and polished the shapes a bit. I also felt the need of some soft edged background. So I added something like a temple entrance, surrounded by a mist. After some final adjustment in brightness, saturation and contrast, I considered it done!


3D art tutorial of: “nissan skyline”

luis lara

In this making of, we will discuss some basic steps in the process of making a 3D scene. This is not a tutorial in the sense that I will not describe exactly what steps to take or which tools to use, but rather I will try to give an overview of the process of modeling and rendering three-dimensional objects. In this particular case, I’ve chosen a car. The software I used is 3D Studio Max, V-Ray and Photoshop, but the process is similar if you use any other software. The first step is to get some good plans (or blueprints) that will serve as a reference while modeling. The blueprints are fitted so that they line up with the sights, forming a “box” inside of which we will be modeling the car. I would also recommend having a library of photos or drawings of specific areas, like headlights, wheels, logos, etc, which will be great for details.

In this scene I have used the modeling technique with few polygons (lowpoly modeling), which tries to get a rough model using a low-resolution grid which is then softened, turning it into a high-resolution grid. We will start with a basic object (a box, a plane, a sphere...) and give it shape by performing operations on the faces, vertices and edges of the grid.


This mesh of a few polygons will be smoothed, that is, switches are applied which will subdivide each face into many more, interpolating the positions of vertices and edges so that the end result will be a smoother and softer surface.

As we progress, the number of polygons in the grid increases, but always within a reasonable margin that allows being able to modify things.


As we add details, the polygons that constitute the different parts of the body are separated from the main grid and become independent objects that will be modeled separately.

Here you can see how a low-resolution grid looks once itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s softened. The process is the same all the time, you just need time and patience to get a good result.


Once the body is done you need to model the other components in a similar way until the car is completed. To finish the modeling, we created a simple scenario that will serve as a background for the Skyline. A couple of walls and a floor will be enough. After many hours of work, we look upon the final model with pride, but it is not done yet, thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s still a lot of work to be done ahead of us!

Once the modeling is done, we begin preparing the scene for rendering. This is the time in which the lights, materials and cameras are set. The renderer I used here is V-Ray, very powerful and capable of generating photorealistic results if we find the proper configuration. The final rendering process will take time and use a lot of computer power, so we will choose at first a standard configuration, similar to the final result in terms of colour scheme or global illumination, but with lower quality, enabling faster render tests without us having to die of boredom. Reaching the final configuration requires many tests, but once you gain experience, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s easy to get good results in a short time. Here I start preparing the lighting, with a basic material we configure the intensity and position of the lights.


The next step are the materials. You should go and set them up one by one, assign them to the different parts, map them, ... starting with basic materials and refine them until you get to the desired result.


As we applied the materials, we tweaked both lights to try and keep everything harmonised. It is complicated to set the lighting completely right without having to configure also the materials, and vice versa. We need to make small adjustments at a time, knowing that each test is closer to the final result.

The last thing left is to place a camera to take a spectacular â&#x20AC;&#x153;pictureâ&#x20AC;?, and once done, adjust the resolution and rendering parameters to a good quality in order to erase noise, stains, etc, and let the computer do its work. Finally, we make corrections of brightness and colour in Photoshop, to try and achieve that magical last touch.



If you want to give us some feedback, ideas, requests, suggestions or even better, if you want to be featured in this magazine, please contact us!!! Our e-mail is:


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Templum magazine Nº6  

6th. issue of Templum digital magazine where you will find digital art, traditional art, 3D art and photomanipulation.

Templum magazine Nº6  

6th. issue of Templum digital magazine where you will find digital art, traditional art, 3D art and photomanipulation.