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Dear readers,

We want to offer you the first issue of Templum as our contribution to the popular dissemination of digital art. Nowadays we know how hard is the world of art, there are a lot of amazing artists who are unnoticed and we, as Templum, want to try to change this reality. This magazine pretends to show you different kind of digital artists. Here you will find realistic illustrations, comic illustrations, videogame illustrations, etc., we want to share with you pictures that will carry you to another reality, the reality of colors and imagination. We are new in this big and diverse world, maybe we will make some mistakes but we will learn and grow up from them. I wish you for you to join in our path. Thank you so much to all the artists, without them the first issue of Templum wouldn’t be possible. Now we invite you to enjoy the creations of these great artists, thank you so much for reading.




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Ulyana Regener


Marta Nael

Viktor Fetsch - Interview 42

- Steps from “Dark Knight� 44

Maribel Monedero

Jorge Monreal

Paul Scott Canavan



Ulyana Regener

Ulyana was born in Vladivostok, 1984. After immigrating to New Zealand and graduating from school, she studied opera singing in Auckland. Already at a young age her passion for art and drawing showed up, she gained her first experiences with traditional media. In 2005 she discovered digital art at www.ratemydrawings. com, an online drawing art community. In 2006 she immigrated to Germany and graduated from university. Since then she turned her art hobby to a full time occupation. In the mean time she is improving her skills in both traditional and digital media by selfstudy and attending live classes and planning on becoming an illustrator in the future.

Lady Ladybug: the inspiration for this picture came to me from the nature. Very often I like to look out of my window and observe the fields, the small forests in the distance and some animals that come out from time to time. One starts wondering of all the little insects that fly around and live in the grass, and in not time the subject to paint the picture is right there too.


The Searcher: I painted this picture a long time ago and redid it just few months ago. For this picture I really did not have an inspiration, it began from improvisation sketch, as I went along painting it I made up a story for it (so I was making a story while painting the picture).


Freedom: this picture is painted to send a message to the viewer “No matter what kind of situation one is in, there is a way out, just spread those wings and live the life to the fullest!�



God of War: this is a tribute to games like Halo and similars.


When he was a child he used to draw everywhere then he stopped for several reasons. Years later he was interested in drawing comics (an indie comic was the result) In late 2006 he bought his first pc and Photoshop and tried to paint with horrible results. The more he was involved in the painting process the more a discovered the basis: copy human figure, values, colors, contrasts, etc. Actually he does art for ccg games, book covers and concepts.


The hunt: this image came in my mind looking at snow on mountain.


Out with dog: a night elf girl, like a draw from Drizzt’s Salvatore.


Dragon hunter: classic female portrait, not the usual sweet girl, but a strong one.

Marta Nael

Marta Nael was born in 1988. From a very young age, she showed aptitudes regarding drawing and painting. It soon became apparent to her what she wanted to become as a grown-up and that’s why she never stopped drawing since then. Marta has a love for all artistic disciplines but after completing her Fine Arts degree she discovered her passion: matte painting and concept art. Digital art has enabled Marta to develop an art style that could be described as “a game of light and color” or “Digital Impressionism” and also to embark herself in a variety of projects from musical album covers to background illustrations and beautiful fantasy women amongst many others.

Female Pan: Pan Queen showing all her majesty and jewels. Her beauty is known all over the different territories by human being and fantasy creatures at once.


The good Colossus: he’s supposed to be a sweet giant colossus who just needs love (just like everyone does). But people are afraid of him. His body is divided in two: green nature with waterfalls and trees, and the darker side with the volcano. He’s staring at the castle with curiosity but also with sorrow, since people will always run away from him and will attempt to kill him for being what it is.

Phoenix: it tries to convey the very moment that the Phoenix is on fire, reflecting the resignation of the female personification of myth.


Viktor Fetsch

Dark knight: a brave knight fighting with a dangerous criature.


Viktor Fetsch is 25 years old. He’s studied Graphic Design for 2 years and he dropped out to start practicing his drawing skills. He never went to art school and he is completely self-taught. He get inspiration from artists he like, for example Wes Burt, Jason Chan, Aleksi Briclot, but also from art communities he participate in. He also likes to play videogames (if he find time), which was the reason to start the illustration career when he was a kid. At this moment he’s currently working mostly on fantasy covers, character designs and he’s always looking for new challenges and experiences.


Female warriors: this piece was a commission I did for a private Client. I think it’s one of my favorite pieces I did so far.


Snowmancer: the Snowmancer Illustration started out as a Character of the Week activity on I didn’t finish it in time for the deadline so I took more time and wanted to make a Portfolio Piece out of it.



Tyrant Dragon: I had this picture of a dragon fighting a wizard for a long time in my mind. And right now i am trying to make a portfolio to get work with Wizards of the Coast so I thought it would be a good fit for them. And since i want to be a fantasy Illustrator and this was the first Dragon I ever painted I thought it was about time I did so.


Maribel Monedero

Maribel Monedero is a Spanish illustrator known as PrincessElemmiriel. She has a Law degree and at this moment is taking various languages courses. Maribel loves Japanese culture and videogames (specially Final Fantasy and Kingdom hearts), but the thing she loves the most is create beautiful characters, that’s a kind of way to express her self since she was a child. Through the years she was creating her own style and learning by herself, she’s completely self-taught through lack of time. About her illustrations, she always mixes traditional and digital art; she feels more comfortable doing first the sketches and then work then with a digital program as Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop. Maribel loves to play with all the resources those programs can give.

Perfect Smoke: this illustration represents a delicate lady with long hair wrapped between the beautiful smoke waves from her pipe. I especially love her kimono because in some way invites you to relaxation. This work is a mix between the japanese culture and art Nouveau.


Time and Space: was done as a prize for a Deviant art contest. The character is the wonderful Said (from Darkmusli). The winner asks me to draw his character and I did it!


Shi no Bara: this illustration is a mix between the traditional and modern kimonos. The color is the final result from a lot of hours experimenting with effects and textures. The outcome is very visual and dynamic.


Jorge Monreal


Jorge was born in Castellon, and is an Spanish illustrator known as “cocoaspen�. At this moment is working as an art teacher and he make some collaboration with an editorial. Throughout his career he specialized in color, trying to personalize everything he does whether traditional or digital works.

Piscis: a different way to personify this sign.


Cars: was just an exchange of ideas with the illustrator Garih, I thought it was a good idea to interpret one of his ideas in exchange he interpreted one of mine.


Hamelin’s flutist: when people asked the flutist to take away the rats… he never thought it were end like this…


Paul Scott Canavan

He is 25 and studied Animation at Duncan of Jordanstone in Dundee. He’s currently working as lead artist at a game studio in Scotland. A traditionally trained artist. He’s incredibly passionate about designing rich, beautiful games. He believe that strong design is incredibly important in this medium, and dedicate himself to creating worlds full of emotion and color.

Rule the Apocalypse: as a musician myself some of my favorite commissions take the form of album covers; I love getting to work with a band and conceptualize their ideas into something meaningful. In this case a German metal band commissioned me to paint them an apocalyptic city scene, which is pretty, much a dream brief. I chose to depict the action-taking place in the Shinjuku ward of Tokyo as a nod to the Godzilla movies, and painted the shot as a matte so as to keep the detail as high as possible. Composition is key in album artwork as the image needs to read well, and I kept the overall tone and palette bold to make the image jump out.



Raiders: another nod to one of my favorite games, this painting was inspired by Relic’s strategy classic Homeworld. I painted this shot in around 3 hours, vaguely referencing the superb ship design from the series.


Red Light: this was a collaborative concept design for a massively multiplayer game I worked on a few years ago. My team was tasked with redesigning environments and characters for various regions of a futuristic, Blade Runner-esque city. In this shot I worked with designer Roland Brown who roughed out the base street scene, then I worked into it to achieve the desired mood and feel. It was an interesting process and I learned a lot from it.


Templar: games provide me with a great deal of inspiration; they’re the reason I got into the industry in the first place. One studio, which has consistently blown me away with their bold character designs and detailed worlds, is Blizzard, creators of the Diablo, Warcraft and Starcraft series. For this painting I was inspired by a cut scene in Starcraft 2; the lighting and mood was so beautiful I had to try and recreate it. I spent around 8 hours on this piece, which is about the maximum I’ll spend on any painting, as I like to get across a lot of emotion in my brush work.



interview with Viktor Fetsch 1. What does Art mean to you? Not realy sure how to answer that question. It might sounds cheesy if i just say it means everything to me but that would describe it best. Live would suck without art...any kind of art.

2. Who is your biggest inspiration for Fantasy Art? How did you first come across their work? My biggest inspirations were Videogames i think, i loved all the fantasy worlds and magic i saw in all the cool games i played as a kid. Artists that inspired me to draw and paint were guys like Wes Burt, Jason Chan, Marko Djurdjevic, Aleksi Briclot and loooads more.

3. What music listen do you listen to while you create your art pieces? I listen to alot of different stuff, like game and movie soundtracks, but i also love hiphop music from the time when i was a teenager. I think you will always find some Eminem tracks in my playlist.

4. What currently helps you to improve? I don’t realy know, i havent felt like improving alot recently. But right now i try to improve my drawing skills with pencil, i think this will help me overall. Other than that just try to work on my weakpoints all the time, getting crits from fellow artists and so on.


5. What do you feel are your strengths and weaknesses as an illustrator? I am not sure what my strenghts are but people tend to say they like my textures and colors so i guess i am doing alright there. I have alot of weaknesses like drawing, composition, interesting perspective, cool lighting...and many more. Still alot of things i have to learn, but i am excited!

6. What do you like most about digital illustration? There are many things i like about it so i am not sure if i am able to think off all of them right now, but i love that its fast, you dont have to set anything up to start, just open a file and get to painting.

7. And finally. What tips can you offer to better oneself in his or her art? There is not much i can say, just be realy dedicated to it. Study the basics, talk with other motivated artists. Get involved in communities like crimson daggers is out there which helps alot of starting artist and helped me staying motivated in my basement studying . All i can say is that if you put time and effort in it you will improve.


steps from “Dark Knight”



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