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The Silk Road

was the ultimate connector between east and west, from China to Europe and back; it represents a merging and sharing of style, art, customs and beliefs. Over the centuries, for those with open minds and eyes, it was filled with novelty and discovery. For this collection, in our imagination we traveled this famed route exploring shapes and colors that might remain in your mind’s eye after days, months or years of crossing exotic lands. It’s not about the destination; It’s about the journey…

Temple St.Clair Fall 2018

18K Ten Thousand Buddha Bracelet

18K Oasis Bella Bracelet Facing page: 18K Oasis Moon Necklace, 18K Arabesque Amulet

18K Arabesque Amulet Facing page: 18K Lattice Amulet, 18K Arabesque Amulet

18K Oasis Earrings, 18K Oasis Pendant Facing page: 18K Classic Arabesque Ring, 18K Oasis Moon Ring

18K Dynasty Drop Earrings

18K Oasis Moon Ring

18K Lattice Amulet Earrings, 18K Lattice Bella Bracelet Facing page: 18K Lattice Amulet on Arno Chain

18K Lattice Lariat Necklace, 18K Arabesque Hoop Earrings Facing page: 18K Lattice Bella Bracelet, 18K Lattice Bracelet

18K Perse Lattice Earrings

18K Lattice Earrings, 18K Arabesque Mummy Ring

18K Seta Fringe Earrings in Spinel Facing page: 18K Seta Moon Necklace in Spinel

18K Seta Moon Fringe Earrings Facing Page: 18K Dynasty Drop Earrings in Blue Moonstone & Tanzanite, 18K Dynasty Bellina Bracelet

18K Dynasty Diamond Drop Earrings Facing page: 18K Dynasty Necklace

18K Dynasty Double Moon Earrings, 18K Seta Bella Bracelet Facing page: 18K Dynasty Fringe Necklace

18K Double Halo Earrings Facing page: 18K Trio Necklace & Ring

18K Perse Moon Earrings, 18K Foglia Earrings

18K Lotus Necklace

18K Small Seta Fringe Earrings in Spinel, 18K Small Seta Fringe Earrings in Blue Moonstone

18K Seta Bracelet

18K Cielo Earrings, 18K Cielo Pendant

18K Stupa Ring

18K Limited Edition Seta Moon Drop Earrings

TEMPLE ST CLAIR found her passion for creative expression in gold and precious gemstones over 30 years ago. St Clair founded her company in Florence, Italy, beginning her partnership with the world’s finest goldsmiths - the centuries-old Florentine jewelers’ guild. With an artist’s eye and explorer’s heart, St. Clair fashions rare colored gems with distinctive gold work to illustrate universal narratives of the earth and cosmos.

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The Silk Road  
The Silk Road