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Tevet-SHEVAT-ADAR 5773 the BI-MONTHLY MAGAZINE of Temple Sinai


Leadership Issue

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In This Issue

The theme of this issue of Doorways is “leadership and volunteers who lead.” Read on and you will find out much about what makes us a great and vibrant congregation. It is our people, and in particular our many, many volunteer leaders.

from our president david j. hirsch . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 IN OUR TEMPLE FAMILY Life-cycle events . . . . . . . . . . 3

We have over 100 people who are involved in leadership in some way, from our Board of Trustees to our Center and Auxiliary leaders to the many of you who lead events or activities for the Centers.


Key to our success, now and in the future, is the commitment of our leaders to building relationships. We are a relationship-driven place.

Rabbi’s Reflections rabbi Gibson . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

We are also committed to cultivating our leadership to enhance who we are. As Rabbi Symons discussed in his November article in Doorways, we are offering a leadership symposium consisting of 10 sessions over a two-year period. Every one of Temple Sinai’s members is invited to attend our future sessions.

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A key part of the symposium is using the relationship building tools that are part of community organizing to deepen our relationships at Temple Sinai. Our last session focused on intentionally striving to form deep relationships.


We started by pondering Rabbi Akiva’s statement:

WOMEN OF TEMPLE SINAI . . . . . . . .8

SS Beloved is humanity for we were made in the image of God. And doubly beloved are we for God made it known to us that we were made in the Divine image.~ There is much to consider in this statement. It made me focus on the divine potential in all of us and of the benefits of being intentional about discovering and cultivating that potential, particularly in our relationships with others. We then switched to The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, a leading business-oriented self-help book by Stephen Covey. Covey’s 5th habit is “Seek First to Understand, then to be Understood.” As he explains: SS ‘Seek first to understand’ involves a very deep shift in paradigm. We typically seek first to be understood. Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply. They’re either speaking or preparing to speak. They’re filtering everything through their own paradigms, reading their autobiography into other people’s lives. When another person speaks, we’re usually ‘listening’ at one of four levels. We may be ignoring another person, not really listening at all. We may practice pretending. ‘Yeah. Uh-huh. Right.’ We may practice selective listening, hearing only certain parts of the conversation. We often do this when we’re listening to the constant chatter of a preschool child. Or we may even practice attentive listening, paying attention and focusing energy on the words that are being said. Buy very few of us ever practice the fifth level, the highest form of listening, empathic listening ... And watch what happens to you. The more deeply you understand other people, the more you will appreciate them, the more reverent you will feel about them. To touch the soul of another human being is to walk on holy ground.~

Brotherhood . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 NICOLE MEZARE WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP . . . . . . .10 Neshama Center for Jewish SpiritualitY . . . . . 11 Tikkun Olam Center for Jewish Social JUSTICE . . . .12 Temple CommunicationS . . . . . 13 Community REsources . . . . . . . 13 CONTRIBUTIONS Pulpit flowers . . . . . . . . . . . 14 FUNDS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14-17 SPONSORS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 SERVICE SCHEDULE JANUARY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 FEBRUARY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19

After considering the thoughts of Rabbi Akiva and Stephen Covey, we received advice as to how we could, all of us, be more intentional about it by engaging in empathic listening. Listening, appreciating, walking on the holy ground of touching our souls. It is fundamental. We are committed to it. And you can see it in the great examples of volunteer leadership described in the rest of this Doorways. L’shalom,

THE FRONT COVER Front row, left to right: David Hirsch, Philip Lehman, Rabbi Gibson Center row: Carolyn Schwarz, Frank Schwarz, Cathy Droz

David J. Hirsch 2

Back row: Rick Kalson, Joe Weinkle Monica Cellio

DOORWAYS is generously underwritten by Betsy and Marc Brown




Mazal Tov —


We extend a warm welcome to those who have joined our congregation since we last published in Doorways. May their association with our Temple family be a long and happy one. ƒƒ Rachel & Tom Akiva ƒƒ Lauren Baldel & Geoff Camp ƒƒ Richard & Natalie Berger ƒƒ Judy Bernstein ƒƒ Lois & Gerald Browdie ƒƒ Lydia Cyrkin ƒƒ Judith Dorian ƒƒ AnnMarie & Mark Fireman ƒƒ Nathan Goldblatt & Marcie Solomon ƒƒ Alayne & Jerry Harris ƒƒ Rebecca & David Harris ƒƒ Lisa & Joshua Lederer ƒƒ Karen & Lee Levitt ƒƒ Thomas MacIntyre ƒƒ Sharon Mirles ƒƒ Melissanne Myers ƒƒ Jason & Jessica Neiss ƒƒ Sydelle Pearl ƒƒ Terri & Jim Polacheck ƒƒ Seth Richards-Shubik & Claire Shubik-Richards ƒƒ Susan Simon ƒƒ Mimi & Stan Winikoff ƒƒ Jen & Steve Zumoff

Marriage of: ƒƒ Paula Abramovitz and Tal Weinman, daughter of BARBARA ABRAMOVITZ ƒƒ BOB GLUCKMAN and SUSAN JOHNSON ƒƒ HANNAH BLUM and WILL ENTREKIN, daughter of EVA TANSKY BLUM ƒƒ Lee Edward Weisberg and Talia Allen, son of CHERYL and DAVID WEISBERG, grandson of ROSALYN WEIN

Our sincere condolences to the families of: ƒƒ Gloria B. Wedner, mother of MICHAEL WEDNER ƒƒ Kathleen (Kitty) McKenny, mother of JANE LOUIK ƒƒ Leonard Rich, father of LARRY RICH ƒƒ Wilfred “Will” Miller, father of DARCY BERNSTEIN ƒƒ LEWIS KAYE ƒƒ Paul Helfer, father of ROBERT HELFER ƒƒ Edis Schwartz, mother of ANSEL SCHWARTZ ƒƒ Rose Harris, mother of DANIEL HARRIS ƒƒ Carl Klodell, brother of ARLENE SMITH ƒƒ MARJORIE KRASNE ƒƒ Lester Robert Smith, brother of MARION SPIRER ƒƒ S. MORTON GRANOVITZ, husband of BARBARA GRANOVITZ ƒƒ Anthony Paul MacIntyre, brother of THOMAS MacINTYRE ƒƒ STEPHEN H. GROSS, husband of SEEMA POLLACK, brother of GLEN GROSS ƒƒ FRANCES MEYERS, mother of CAROL ROSENTHAL, sister of SANDRA SCHANFARBER ƒƒ David Langa, father of JENNIFER CHOTTINER

Birth of: ƒƒ William Wynn Charapp, grandson of LINDA AND RON CHARAPP, great-grandson of ABE SAMBOL ƒƒ Virginia Helen and Jean Rose Davis, twin girls of AMANDA AND LENNY DAVIS ƒƒ Noah Joseph Delphia, son of REBECCA AND NICK DELPHIA ƒƒ Abigail McIntosh Juliar, granddaughter of KAREN GOLD AND MARC GARFINKEL ƒƒ Isaac Daniel Schmerling, grandson of Veronica and Jonathan Schmerling, great-grandson of Agnes Rocher

NOTE: UPPERCASE – Temple Sinai Member; Lower Case – family of a Temple Sinai member

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is going on here at Sinai — with the rabbis, the Board, the Centers and groups. It is a terrific way to stay in the loop with current events and issues. “Posting” to a blog is usually done when the authors have something to discuss or a message they wish to convey. As an interested blog reader, you can go to the blog page of the Sinai website (http:// communication/blog/) and

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RSS would allow you to avoid manually going to our website to read the latest post. It would come straight to you. All you have to do is set it up once and it will push the new content onto your browser when it becomes available. Our website consultants at Fireman Creative prepared a RSS Feed Tutorial with step-bystep instructions for you to easily subscribe to the Sinai blog feed. Go to page 10 for the full set of instructions... 3


SS Leaders begin as volunteers who help out in times of need. Sometimes the need is extraordinary... Most often, the need is more down to earth.~


n November 4-5 this past fall, Temple Sinai made a little history. A wonderful group of our board leaders made a quick, 24-hour jaunt to Cincinnati to explore the campus of the Hebrew Union CollegeJewish Institute of Religion (hereafter HUC-JIR). This delightful place is home to the Reform movement’s rabbinic studies program and graduate school, as well as the American Jewish Archives. Yasher Koach to these wonderful people: President Dave Hirsch and PresidentElect Richard Kalson, Vice-President Philip Lehman, Board members Monica Cellio, Cathy Droz, Frank and Carolyn Schwarz and Joe Weinkle. They took time from their busy schedules, gave up a day of work and traveled to the place of excitement, where our future leaders and rabbis study to master our tradition. I mention these students and future leaders not only because I am a proud graduate and ordainee of that campus (my picture is on the wall of classes in the main teaching building – oy, do I look young…). This trip was the first of its kind for Sinai leadership to the College-Institute, one I hope to replicate in years to come. It takes HUC-JIR out of the realm of nice words said by a rabbi and into the real world.

Leaders begin as volunteers who help out in times of need. Sometimes the need is extraordinary, as in the aftermath of a Hurricane like Sandy. Most often, the need is more down to earth — preparing challot for Shabbat and cookies for oneg; helping us put together a large mailing; helping to envision the direction of our one of our Centers, or making a minyan so someone dear can say Kaddish; visiting those who are ill or home bound; helping to make sure we are keeping true to our ethical vision as a congregation by serving on our Board of Trustees; working through our beloved auxiliaries, Women of Temple Sinai, the Brotherhood, or our youth group, PARTY (Pittsburgh Area Reform Temple Youth). These countless acts of giving, volunteering and leadership are what transform us from a religious organization to a sacred community, a kehilla kedosha. I am not sure that our world needs many more religious organizations, but I am absolutely certain that we need as many sacred communities as we can sustain. You might ask how you can take part in these efforts? Someone said to me recently that there is no credit in synagogue volunteer work.

Well, maybe... While our group was visiting HUC-JIR we took a brief tour of the American Jewish Archives, the largest collection in the world of our people’s documents from this continent. On file there is every set of synagogue Board minutes that have ever been sent to HUC-JIR, with names that otherwise might have been lost to history. Every name on every document from every committee! They were all builders, as are we. To build a sacred community requires the help of hands, heads and hearts. We are so lucky at Temple Sinai to have so many of you who offer so much. And for those of you who have not yet jumped into the volunteer pool, what are you waiting for? The water’s just fine. L’Shalom,

Rabbi James A. Gibson

Our little band did not know what to expect, much less if this excursion would be worthwhile. From the moment we arrived on campus we were treated with exquisite warmth and hospitality. We were shown an amazing exhibit featuring the long and warm relationship between Pope John Paul II and the Jewish community. We were treated to dinner and a wonderful teaching by rabbinics professor Richard Sarason. The next day we learned along side the rabbinic students on the development of the Mourners’ Kaddish. We then enjoyed a compelling meeting with Rabbi Jan Katzew, Reform educator extraordinaire, who shared how he and others are revolutionizing rabbinic training by taking future rabbis out of the classroom and putting them in supervised settings providing human services all over the Cincinnati area.

Can you find the rabbi?

4 Temple Sinai DoorWays

from sara stock mayo

put this on your calendar and join us for

Cantor Benjie Ellen Schiller

“There is nothing

march 15, 2013

in the world so much like prayer as music is.” — William P. Merrill

On March 15, we will be welcoming a familiar face to our bimah at Temple Sinai, Cantor Benjie Ellen Schiller. Cantor Schiller, a longtime friend of Rabbi Gibson, has sung with us on two past occasions and our Intergenerational Choir is already hard at work preparing music to perform with her this spring. Cantor Schiller’s visit marks a highlight in our 25th Anniversary Celebration with and for Rabbi Gibson and we are delighted to have the opportunity to sing her beautiful melodies with her gorgeous soprano voice and her effervescent spirit. Cantor Benjie Ellen Schiller is Professor of Cantorial Arts at the Hebrew Union CollegeJewish Institute of Religion, School of Sacred Music, in New York. Her work involves training cantorial students to bridge the gap between performance and spiritual leadership. She was invested as a cantor and received her master’s degree from the institution where she teaches. Cantor Schiller serves as cantor with her husband, Rabbi Lester Bronstein, at Bet Am Shalom Synagogue of White Plains, New York. They sing together in Beged Kefet, a philanthropic Jewish music ensemble. Beged Kefet’s three recordings feature Cantor Schiller’s arrangements and compositions. Cantor Schiller is also a nationally known composer. She received her bachelor’s degree in composition from Boston University. Her works include “Life-Song Cycle,” a series of pieces for Jewish life passage ceremonies; “Halleluhu,” a multi-rhythmic setting of Psalm 150; “V’ye’etayu,” “Grace,” “U’kratem D’ror- Proclaim Liberty” and various commissioned works for synagogues, choirs, and interfaith liturgical


groups. A World Fulfilled, a solo recording of her compositions, was released in 2002. As a classical soprano soloist, Cantor Schiller has appeared with the John Oliver Chorale, the Boston Zamir Chorale, the Rottenberg Chorale and Sine Nomine of New York. She has served as cantor in several congregations, and tours the United States as a “cantor in residence,” sharing new musical approaches to prayer and celebration. Cantor Schiller is a faculty member of the Institute for Jewish Spirituality Cantorial Program; and has served as a national fellow of the Synagogue 3000 project, and as a member of the C.C.A.R. editorial committee for the new prayerbook of the Reform movement, Mishkan Tefillah. She is a featured cantor in Yamim Noraim, a 1995 CD recording of High Holy Day music, published by Transcontinental Music, and in A Taste of Eternity with the Western Wind musical ensemble. Here at Temple Sinai, we pride ourselves on our musical programs from our Mostly Musical Shabbatot with our band to our Intergenerational and Youth Choirs, from our formal music to our down to earth camp melodies with Rabbi Gibson and his guitar. March 15th will be no ordinary Shabbat! If you have never heard Cantor Schiller, I strongly urge you to attend — to celebrate Rabbi Gibson’s 25th year, to hear our wonderful, oneof-a-kind choir, and to be part of this special evening of song. We look forward to sharing this special event with you.


B’R ACHA CENTER for Jewish connections

B’RACHA CENTER for Jewish connections

Challah makers — Aviv Diamant, Debbey Diamant and Sara Stock Mayo

Challah maker Paula Rulin

B’racha Center making challahs for Café Sinai

Challah makers — Paula Rulin and Alicia Harris

Challah makers — Tom Petro, Jennifer Bett, Louise Malakoff, Hanita Kossowsky and Paula Rulin Challah makers — Carol Congedo and Paula Rulin

To join the crew and be a Challah maker, contact Sara Stock Mayo at

The next baking date is Thursday, January 17th

6 Temple Sinai DoorWays


SS Leadership, he says, should be shared with others. If those who follow your lead think of themselves as partners in a shared responsibility, you have forged the key to the success of a community or an organization. To be effective, he notes, leadership needs to be limited in power, lest those with the most power abuse it.~ ~~ Hal M. Lewis Spertus President and CEO, Professor of Contemporary Jewish Studies

I believe Jewish continuity depends on our ability to train visionary leaders who are grounded in Jewish values and inspire their communities. Leadership stems from behaviors not titles. A leader must have a strong character that lends itself to compassion, humility and justice while being determined and dependable. When I think of Jewish leaders of the Torah who inspire me, who drive me, who I base my life work on I think of Moses. Moses’ had an unswerving commitment to empowering the leadership of others for the long-term good of the people. He was a leader who shared power and engaged those he led as partners in a shared responsibility. Even when Moses had his challenges — such as being denied entrance to the Promised Land, he knew he had a responsibility to find a successor to finish the mission of leading the people into Israel. He unconditionally embraced Joshua to take step in for him, knowing that no leader’s job is complete until a succession plan is formulated. There are so many lessons I have taken away from and have actively applied to my work with training and mentoring Teens and young adults I must credit to the leadership examples I have learned from Moses’. I teach my young budding leaders 3 important lessons that are simple and reasonable but challenging to live by. Power and leadership should be shared with others – those who follow your lead should feel like partners in a shared responsibility, building and creating a team that is accountable to their mission and to their team is invaluable gift and the responsibility leaders have to cultivate leadership in others who come after them is most important. I asked a couple of my students to share their experience of being a part of the youth group leadership and how it has impacted their life.


This is what they had to say: SS My experiences holding a leadership position in PARTY helped to ease my transition from high school to college. Just being in youth group has influenced my decision to be a part of Greek life. I found out during Rush Week, that the guys were just like my old friends from PARTY. The fraternity as an organization is also very similar, as leadership positions are elected and you must prove your worth to your peers. As PARTY (Temple Sinai High School Youth Group) President I learned the value of commitment to leadership and working as a team towards a common goal, this experience made it easy for me to embrace my fraternity’s mission and goal. I was lucky to have held leadership positions in PARTY because it made me very comfortable having a leadership role in the fraternity. I’ve grown from being the Judaic Chair my first semester, to Brotherhood Chair my next semester, and currently the Recruitment Chair-elect for this upcoming Spring semester. I also sit on the Inter-Fraternal Council as the Philanthropy Chair. I am lucky to have had the opportunity to lead PARTY when I did, and I encourage anyone to give it a try. Everyone gets something different from their experiences in youth group, but the training for future leadership positions was, for me, invaluable.~ ~~ From Matt Mahan, Past PARTY President and currently a sophomore at Temple University

SS When I first joined PARTY board as a sophomore I had no idea the impact it would have on the rest of my life; I thought being on board would just be an extra side project to keep me busy, boy was I wrong. Moving up the ranks on board I get to see firsthand how leadership, productivity, and the shared power with other people translate directly into phenomenal results. On any given event -lets say a bake sale- there are an abundance of things which need to be sorted out, from where to hold the bake sale to who is going to bring what to are people actually going to go. I translate what I’ve learned from PARTY board in every facet of my leadership life beyond the Temple, and the result allows me to go farther then I ever could without such help.~ ~~ From David Zaremsky, currently PARTY Programming VP, Past Religious and Cultural VP, and a Junior at the Science and Technology High School. As the examples from the life of Moses suggest, leadership training and development require a substantial personal commitment on the part of the incumbent leader and can only be accomplished over an extended period of time. I truly feel like I have the best job in the world. Having an opportunity to nurture and grow the future Jewish leaders is an honor and responsibility that I take seriously and with great pride. To every student, young and old, I have had the honor of mentoring and training over the past 9 years in Jewish Communal Services thank you for teaching and for continuing to inspire me!



Centennial Celebration for WRJ SAVE THE DATES — February 8-9, 2013!

Please join with us in the celebration of 100 years of active involvement of women in Reform Judaism with special Shabbat and Havdalah services on February 8-9. Friday evening Shabbat service will begin at 8pm. The Havdalah service on Saturday will begin at 4:30pm and include wine and cheese and live entertainment. 5505 FORBES AVENUE ❦ PITTSBURGH, PA 15217 ❦ 412.421.6787

What’s Up with WoTS On behalf of Women of Temple Sinai, I wish you a joyous, peaceful year in 2013. It’s 2013 and that means that the women’s arm of the Reform Movement is 100 years old. What a milestone! Founded as the National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods, 156 women came together in 1913 to bring women’s voices into the public square, the boardroom, and the sanctuaries of our congregations. 1913 – a time when American women didn’t have the right to vote, and the US Constitution created income tax. Recent inventions were moving assembly lines, stainless steel, and zippers. The first crossword puzzle was published and a 1st class stamp cost 2 cents! Into this milieu, the women of the Reform Movement came together creating scholarships for Hebrew Union College rabbinic students, creating our youth group movement (NFTY,), advocating for women, and joining with Jews around the world in establishing Progressive Jewish communities. 2013 – a time when the Reform Movement will celebrate and honor the accomplishments of Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ). We will educate, inspire and energize Reform Jews to commemorate our history and to begin establishing our goals and successes of the future. Our celebration begins this month with a Leadership Conference at HUC in Cincinnati –birthplace of Reform Judaism in the USA. Women of Temple Sinai will be represented! In March, we embark on an all-women trip to Israel and Berlin - still time for you to sign up! WRJ will publish a new book of prayers and meditations, Covenant of the Generations, and we’ll create a Centennial CD with original and popular Jewish music of our day! This is just a taste of events, projects and programs! How can YOU, as Temple Sinai members, participate in this year of celebratory, educational and awe-inspiring events?

Here are just three suggestions:

Centennial Shabbat. Friday evening services and a special Saturday evening Havdalah event will be highlights for our entire congregation.

1. Sign up for 10 Minutes of Torah from the URJ ( Each Thursday will be WRJ Centennial Day, offering an interesting and thought-provoking article. 2. Become one of 10,000 men and women who are connected to our Centennial by donating to the 100 for 100 Campaign. Contact WoTS about your 100 for 100 pin or any other gift to our Centennial Campaign.

3. Mark your calendar for the weekend of February 8-9th for Women of Temple Sinai’s (and YOUR) special participation in WRJ’s global

I am personally sustained and encouraged by the work of WoTS and WRJ. There is no doubt that this passion has formed and transformed both Temple Sinai and the Reform Movement over the past century. In this, our centennial year, we continue our commitment to leave a legacy that ensures that our second century will be as powerful and transformative as the last century.

The Rosh Chodesh Group has been meeting for 12 years in members’ homes with a mix of “founding” and newer members. We open each meeting with an introductory poem, blessings for candle-lighting and wine, a summary of the month’s holidays and historic events that occurred during the month, and a bio of an interesting woman who died during the month. Then we get to know each other through introductions and move on to a presentation or discussion. Every year or two we select a theme for the year. This year, building on last year’s theme, we are reading and discussing more short stories written by Jewish women in America, Latin America and Israel. Details are made available on the Temple web calendar and through emails to the Rosh Chodesh group membership list. For more information, please contact Aya Betensky, or Ruth Reidbord,

~~ Lynn Magid Lazar

Shevat JANUARY 14, 7:30 PM For the month of Shevat we’ll meet on Monday, January 14, 2013, at 7:30 PM to discuss the short story by Ruth Almog — “Invisible Mending” — about a young girl growing up in pre-state Palestine, faced at once with her father’s death, her own dawning sexuality, and the economic, socio-political and religious tensions of the period. Adar FEBRUARY 11, 7:30 PM For the month of Adar we’ll meet on Monday, February 11, 2013, at 7:30 PM to discuss the short story by Dara Horn — “Readers Digest” — an unexpected view of life before birth.

Rosh Chodesh for 2012-2013 ALWAYS AT 7:30 pm ALWAYS ON A MONDAY

8 Temple Sinai DoorWays

WINTER HYBERNATION? Guess again! A lull occurs in the WOTS Gift Shop after the High Holidays and Chanukah and before Passover. Its shelves bear less weight, and our coffers are fuller. But the beat goes on as we search for reasonably-priced Passover items and sell gifts for personal use and celebrations. We offer a variety of services — Did you know that you can purchase a WoTS Gift Shop Gift Certificate for any amount? It functions the same as a cash gift card and is good for one year.

TEMPLE SINAI brotherhood

5505 FORBES AVENUE ❦ PITTSBURGH, PA 15217 ❦ 412.421.6787

What’s on the Brotherood Menu



Everyone is invited to stop by for coffee and bagels and some good conversation with other Sinai members, parents and staff — and get to know about Sinai Brotherhood! Whether you’re dropping off children for Religious School or on your morning run, you’ll always find someone to talk to and something to talk about!

For the winter, Brotherhood is planning a joint cooking program with WoTS called “CHOPPED CULINARY COMPETITION,” a winter wine tasting and a winter outdoor BBQ.

This winter, Temple Sinai Brotherhood will be holding a Brotherhood Café on the first Sunday of each month — January 6, February 3, March 3, April 7 and May 5.

Remember, you can view featured merchandise on our website blog — Gift Shop Insider — at category/gift-shop-insider/

And mist importantly, the Shop now accepts credit cards. Several new wonderful volunteers have joined our volunteer roster—Jodi Chase, Alayne Harris, and Suzi Neft. Look for them the next time you visit the Gift Shop. There’s no hibernating going on in this neck of the woods! ~~ Diane Rudov, WoTS Gift Shop Coordinator


Men’s Discussion Group Brotherhood also hosts a Men’s Discussion Group that meets on the third Sunday of each month from 9:3011:00 am at the Panera Bread on Blvd. of the Allies in Oakland. These dates are : January 20, February 17, March 17, April 21 and May 19. This discussion, which is open to all men of Temple Sinai, consists of informal conversation led by David Hirsch about the weekly Torah portion, as well as topics related to contemporary social or political concerns. You can receive a summary of the Torah portion and related questions as well as newspaper and magazine articles a few days before each discussion by contacting David Hirsch at dhirsch@


To help in the planning of any of these programs, just send me an email: ~~ Paul Fireman P.S. Don’t forget to Like Us when you’re on Facebook!

We offer Gift Registries for those having simchas. Potential honorees receive an invitation to choose items at the Gift Shop before their event. An engaged couple can can select or choose a just-right menorah or tzedakah box. A teen can inform gift-givers she covets a particular jewelry box. And there is always jewelry... The Gift Shop can make special orders on merchandise for you. The women enjoy going on scavenger hunts to locate your sought-out treasures. Don’t hesitate—we like challenges.

We want you to be part of making Sinai the best place it can be. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved. Join us!

ƒƒ Join the elite Brotherhood Techno-Squad and help out with Friday night services. It is fun and training is easy. This is a very hip, very cool, very smart bunch of guys who like that sort of thing. ƒƒ If you (own and) are good with power and hand tools, you can join the carpenter crew and help with various tasks to build the sukkah (and other projects for Temple)! ƒƒ Knowing your way around the kitchen is also highly regarded in Brotherhood. We love cooking and baking and feeding our families and friends. We have a terrific bunch of CRAZY COOKERS — always happy to welcome you! Send an email to and confess your interest! 9


Women in Leadership

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What a great Fall it was, with wonderful leadership initiatives! Our Leadership Retreat had nearly 100 people, the Symposiums following were well attended, the new Centers/Auxiliary Meetings have received a good response, and more people are getting involved with leading programs. In turn, leaders have met to discuss project strategies and goals, as new program ideas are surfacing. Many people have shown tremendous enthusiasm with the programs they are leading. In this Doorways, I have chosen to highlight women, who, like myself, are working women, mothers, and caregivers — balancing very full lifestyles. I have had the pleasure to work with these women in the past few months, and greatly admire their efforts with everything else they do in their lives. These women have sent me testimonials of why they choose to get involved at Temple Sinai. Here are their inspiring stories: SS We’ve found that participating in Temple groups and activities in which we have an interest — the Saturday morning minyan, choir, band, Tikkun Olam, men’s shelter, and study — has given us a wonderful sense of belonging to a community. We’ve also experienced the support this community has given us when we needed it, and that motivates us to support others in turn.~ SS We volunteer at Temple Sinai because our family feels a strong sense of community at temple. We have gained so much from Temple Sinai in just the few short years we have been members, that we want to give back as much as we can and encourage others to get involved as well. When we moved to Pittsburgh we left our immediate family behind in California so Temple Sinai has became a wonderful source of comfort and support for us and essentially, our extended family! Many of our friends from temple are fast becoming like second family to us! And, Temple Sinai is truly help-

ing our interfaith family create a warm Jewish household for our kids. With the help of our entire network at Temple, our kids are forming very strong Jewish identities which we could not acheive alone and with our close family so far away! We love Temple Sinai and are happy to volunteer as much as we can in support of this warm community!~ SS The primary reason I volunteer is that I feel it is important to give back to the community. I think volunteering sets an important example to my daughter and others, and I know how hard people work to put on programs, etc, and if I can give my time to help make something a success, I’m in!~ SS I volunteer because Temple Sinai is my family!~ We all seem to come from the same point of view regarding our interest in building community. I chose a career as a Jewish Community professional because I found it to be something that gives back to many people. I wanted to be sure to contribute in developing our community, in the hope of having an even stronger base for our children, years to come. Recently, I attended the Program Directors of Reform Judaism Conference in Denver, where I saw how prominent our Temple and community are across the country in comparison to other cities. What a supportive, enriched community we are part of! When my husband and I moved to Pittsburgh, we were greatly embraced by the community as if we were “one of the family.” In turn, we reach out to connect those that are new and who are also looking to feel “at home.” It is important for us to give others the opportunities we received. Kol Tuv, Nicole Mezare Program Director

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NESHAMA CENTER for Jewish spirituality

NESHAMA CENTER for Jewish spirituality

Signs of Aya... There are signs of Aya Betensky’s work all over Temple Sinai, although none of them bears her name.

As a member of Temple Sinai since 1993, Aya Betensky has left her artistic imprint in a variety of places: in the IG Choir, on our website, on our bimah, in programming and in the Neshama Center’s display case directly outside the sanctuary doors. The Betensky-Kraut life at Temple Sinai began in 1993 when husband Bob Kraut accepted a teaching position at Carnegie Mellon University, bringing the family of four from New Jersey to Pittsburgh. Aya, with a background in teaching Greek and Latin language and literature at Cornell University, had also worked in scholarly book publishing, going from editing to book marketing. Also wanting to connect to Jewish Pittsburgh, Bob and Aya went “shul shopping” to see their choices for the blend of Torah study, music and tikkun olam they found meaningful. Bob’s CMU colleague Jane Siegel suggested that they attend a Friday evening Shabbat service at her religious home, Temple Sinai. Taking Jane’s suggestion, they found themselves welcomed and at home. At this point began Aya’s influence on the cultural life of our temple. A woman of letters, Aya co-chaired the Adult Education Committee with Jan Beerman and revived the Coffee in the Library book review series. The Rosh Chodesh women’s study group, founded by Ruth Reidbord, found an active participant in Aya who is now co-chair and has served as a discussion leader for several sessions over the life of this group. Marvin Adelson, at that time president of the congregation, decided that Temple Sinai needed to have a website and asked Aya to take on the task. As she had done before in her life, Aya agreed and then took a class at CMU to learn how to go about doing it. Her career


in electronic publishing took shape at that point and she continued as a volunteer for over fifiteen years to maintain the website she created. Deeply committed to both music and scholarly research, Aya immediately found a true home in the Saturday morning minyan with its intimacy, participation, more Hebrew, and the chance to delve into Torah text in the study session preceding the service. Its small, committed community, aided by the rabbi’s “goofy question,” enabled both Aya and Bob to easily make friends in their new temple. Often she reads and sometimes chants Torah and delivers a thoughtful, thought-provoking dvar Torah as well. The comfort of the small, cohesive group of the Saturday morning minyan has encouraged her in these endeavors. The Intergenerational Choir has been the second of Aya’s most important activities at Temple Sinai since arriving in Pittsburgh; she is a stronghold in the soprano section and the one to whom we often turn for a translation of the Hebrew lyrics. Long a singer and active member of several choirs, she misses rehearsals only if she’s ill or on the other side of the world. Those attending the High Holy Day services in the sanctuary have also seen Aya on the bimah there. Her expertise in Hebrew enables her to read flawlessly from Torah and manage simultaneous translations as well. She has also composed iyunim, or personal interpretations of a prayer, a new facet to the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services begun by Rabbi Gibson a few years back. While Aya has had a hand in the work of every center, it is the Neshama Center for Jewish Spirituality to which she devotes most of her time. Along with her involvement in the Saturday morning minyan and the Intergenerational Choir, both functions of the Neshama Center, Aya has come, partly by accident, to be the designer and curator of the display case in the lobby outside the Leebov Sanctuary.

Each center has the responsibility for providing materials and arranging the showcase to feature some aspect of the Center’s mission and values. Originally Tracy Tuchin took on this responsibility, but once she discovered that Aya created exquisite collages with an unerring eye for color and composition, Tracy asked Aya to become the curator of the showcase display. From that point on, Aya applied her systematic approach to yet another venture in her artistic life. When you view the Neshama Center display case, you will see a very carefully planned and executed visual representation of a Jewish holiday. Aya uses photographs and personal items from her family archives as well as those of other congregants. All is done with Aya’s eye for color and balance. Because fabric is a familiar media to Aya, the backdrop will always complement the items. During the summer, the focus is Shabbat. Always included is some explanatory text as well as a banner in both Hebrew and English. The most complex topics, Aya notes, are Yom Hashoah and Yom Hazikaron, during which she enlists the aid of survivors Walter Boninger and Fritz Ottenheimer. While she and Bob are in San Francisco from January through May, Tracy Tuchin will again take responsibility for the showcase display. But true to Aya’s organized nature, all the materials for Tracy’s use are boxed, labeled and ready to use. In the years of Aya’s life at Temple Sinai, she has left her mark on many aspects of our cultural life. Her new ideas of the use of volunteers, our website presence, the Rosh Chodesh group focus and the Saturday morning minyan will most certainly continue. Temple Sinai is grateful that Bob and Aya’s “shul shopping” resulted in their joining us. ~~ by Mimi Botkin


TIKKUN OL AM CENTER for Jewish social justice

TIKKUN OL AM CENTER for Jewish social justice

JOIN OUR JUST CONGREGATIONS INITIATIVE Do you want to work with others to bring about social and economic justice in the Pittsburgh area? If you answered “yes” then become part of Temple Sinai’s Just Congregation Initiative.

Some History Two years ago, the Just Congregation Initiative of Temple Sinai’s Tikkun Olam Center humbly asked the question “What keeps you up at night?” We listened for six months to congregants’ concerns about our local community. People spoke passionately about the quality of life for us and others here in Pittsburgh. We uncovered a sizeable number and variety of issues and problems. We then gathered in April of 2011, where the concerns raised where presented to the entire congregation. Everyone who attended voted for the issue that was most important to them. Two issues were chosen for Temple members to work on directly—the Environment and Elder Care. We decided that the third and fourth most popular issues—Public Transportation and Public Education—would be addressed in coordination with the PA Interfaith Impact Network (PIIN) task forces. Many stayed to join one of the four task forces that were formed that morning. In the ensuing months, a great deal was accomplished, but there is even more to do. So Florence Chapman and Jonathan Mayo, co-chairs of the Temple’s Just Congregation Initiative, organized an Issues Assembly Renewal. The goal of this meeting was to inform the congregation of our progress and to offer congregants opportunities to discuss the issues so that we can plan to continue improving the world around us.

Issues Assembly Renewal On the morning of November 18, about 50 enthusiastic people attended the Just Congregation’s Issues Assembly Renewal. Cantorial Soloist Sara Stock Mayo led the gathering in inspirational songs about justice. Then we got 10-minute updates about the progress of each of our four Task Forces—Quality Jewish Elder Care, Public Transportation, Public Education and Clean Rivers. Following the Assembly, those in attendance met over coffee/tea and a nosh in smaller groups each centered around one of the Tasks Forces. The purpose of these caucuses was to hear from everyone interested in the issue and to determine how to proceed.

Community representatives participated in three of the caucuses: Sharyn Rubin, Director of Resident & Community Services at Jewish Association on Aging, joined the Quality Jewish Elder Care Task Force; Mike Davis, Lead Organizer of PIIN, joined the Public Transportation Task Force; and Beth Dutton, Municipal Support Coordinator with 3 Rivers Wet Weather, joined the Clean Rivers Task Force. The sessions were scheduled to last about a half hour. But everyone became so engaged that after an hour we reluctantly ended the caucuses.

Join One or More of Our Task Forces Regardless of your past participation in our Just Congregation Initiative, you are invited to join one or more of our Task Forces. Louise Mayo ( is the chair of the Quality Jewish Elder Care Task Force. This Task Force is focusing on the Charles Morris Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Many Temple Sinai members are taking a more active role in the Center and have begun to see improvements implemented. The Task Force will continue to work for a culture in which the needs of the residents are central and the Charles Morris Center becomes the best facility in the region. Tom Morton ( chairs Temple Sinai’s representation on the PIIN Transit Taskforce. Strong transit service in Pittsburgh is of critical importance and yet has faced perennial funding crises. The Task Force is working to obtain dedicated sustainable financing for public transportation.

Zelda Curtiss (zcurtiss@comcast. net) is the chair of the Clean Rivers Task Force. This Task Force focuses on an issue that impacts us all – water. It oversaw the installation at Temple Sinai of a rain garden by our 6th graders and three rain barrels. The Task Force will be helping our congregants, friends and communities to work together in implementing green infrastructure and putting less water into the sewer system. Mimi Botkin (mimi.botkin@gmail. com) and Judy Caplan ( jcaplan284@ co-chair Temple Sinai’s

representation on the PIIN Education Taskforce. Commitment to education is a hallmark of Temple Sinai. The Task Force is addressing ways in which congregants with a passion for education can turn that passion into meaningful action.

If any of these issues interest you, please contact the Task Force chair or Florence Chapman ( for information on how to join our Temple members in their efforts. 12 Temple Sinai DoorWays


CONTACTING YOUR TEMPLE Judy Rulin Mahan, Member Relations Coordinator 412.421.9715, x 110

TEMPLE STAFF can be reached at 412.421.9715 Rabbi James Gibson, Senior Rabbi 412.421.8492 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Rabbi Ronald Symons, Director of Lifelong Learning x 117 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sara Stock Mayo, Cantorial Soloist/Chaplain x 112 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Bill Padnos, Executive Director x 111 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jackie Braslawsce, Director of Informal Jewish Education x 130 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Marilee Glick, Education Director x 123 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Debbie Haber, Midrash Center Administrator x 116 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Alicia Harris, Rabbi Gibson’s Executive Assistant x 115 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Susan Horne, Congregational Secretary x 113 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Nicole Mezare, Program Director x 120 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lynn Naman, Accounting Manager x 124 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Linda Raden, Marketing and Communications Manager x 121 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

NESHAMA Center for Jewish Spirituality

 Barbara Shuman ...

MIDRASH Center for Jewish learning

 Nancy Wolper ...

B’racha Center for Jewish connections

 Jennifer Bett ...

TIKKUN OLAM Center for Jewish social justice

 Harry Back ...

Women of Temple sinai

 Carol Woolford ...  Gift Shop ... 412.421.6787

Temple sinai BROTHERHOOD  Paul Fireman ... 412.521.5917 ...

TO RSVP for a program or event...

 To make reservations for a program, please contact the Temple Office ... ... 412.421.9715


Community Resources AGEWELL PITTSBURGH 412.422.0400

AgeWell Pittsburgh helps older adults to live independently in their own homes, connecting them to services that will allow them to remain safely at home. Hebrew Free Loan Association 412.422.8868

Provides 0% interest loans for education, adoptions, health care, vehicles, businesses, and emergencies. Jewish Assistance Fund 412.521.3237

Provides immediate financial assistance to those in need of food, clothing, shelter, medical care and utilities. Squirrel Hill Food Pantry 412.421.2708

Serves individuals and families in zip code 15217 who qualify for food assistance and those outside zip code 15217 who require kosher food. Squirrel Hill Health Center* 412.422.7442

Brings primary and preventive health care to everyone in the community, regardless of insurance status, income, cultural background, language, disability or age. Jewish Family & Children’s Service Career Development Center* 412.422.5627

Provides job search assistance for unemployed and under-employed individuals. Critical Need Outreach* 412.422.7200

Helps individuals and families who don’t know where to turn by directing them to resources, either within JF&CS or other agencies or government programs. Senior Care Coordination* 412.420.4000

Provides needs assessment and services to frail seniors by JF&CS’s geriatric care managers. SOS Pittsburgh* 412.422.7200

Connects individuals and families in a crisis situation with resources in the community. * Services provided on a sliding fee scale, based on ability to pay.


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PAUL HELFER Denise and John Schiller EDIS SCHWARTZ Susan Horne Lynn Naman CARL KLODELL Susan Horne FRANCES MEYERS Adora and Steve Holstein LESTER ROBERT SMITH Esther and Harvey Nathanson In Honor Of —

Speedy Recovery of ESTHER LANDIS Goldie and Fritz Ottenheimer Healing to JAN AND ED KORENMAN Susan, Barry, Shannon and Hersh Merenstein Marriage of JUSTIN HARVEY Susan Horne


SAYA FELDMAN Selma Ryave LOUIS ZEIDEN Selma Ryave Janice and Stuart Smith CARL KLODELL Hanita and Ram Kossovsky Selma Ryave MARJORIE KRASNE Selma Ryave FRANCES MEYERS Rosalyn Escovitz Gail and Irwin Wedner Rita Bergman and Harvey Fox Hanita and Ram Kossowsky STEPHEN GROSS Arlene and Steve Sablowsky Gail and Irwin Wedner ANN SCHWARTZ Rosalyn Escovitz In Honor Of —

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ABIGAIL MCINTOSH JULIAR Debbie Haber ISAAC DANIEL SCHMERLING Louise Mayo JoAnne Schwendinger and Gary Nelson

New Grandson to JACKIE AND LARRY VINE Jan and Stuart Smith

STEPHEN GROSS Ellen and Bob Garvin and Family

60th Anniversary to RUTHIE AND HARRY DAVIDSON Selma Ryave

80th Birthday of GLORIA BODEK Ruth and Harry Davidson Selma Mellinger


Engagement of SHANNON MERENSTEIN TO COLE WILLIAMS Carol and Tom Congedo

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Niece of MR. AND MRS. RALPH SILVERMAN Ellie and Bruce Feldman RANDI SUSAN SILVERMAN Roni and Howard Semins KITTY McKENNY Joanne and Sherwood Chetlin CARL KLODELL Esther and Harvey Nathanson Joanne and Jerry Lebovitz Father of MARK WEINGARDEN Esther and Harvey Nathanson MARJORIE KRASNE Ruth Edelstein Dorothy Segall Frieda Safyan Phyllis and Stanley Frank and Family Esther and Harvey Nathanson LESTER ROBERT SMITH Joanne and Jerry Lebovitz FRANCES MEYERS Ruthie and Harry Davidson Todd Berkey Cynthia Danel Vivian and Alan Lawsky Jane and Michael Louik Shareholders and Board of Directors of University Square No. 2, Inc. W.W.W. The Lasus Family IRA MORGAN Mayda and Barry Roth Birth of: LEXIE KATZEN Laurie Moser Esther and David Schwartz Joanne and Sherwood Chetlin Hallie and Joshua Donner Carole and David Maretsky Carol and Tom Congedo

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SANDRA CHERNEW Mary Landrom and David M. Cutler


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LEONARD RICH Jan and Ed Korenman


FRANCES MEYERS Jan and Ed Korenman

LEE (ARIEL) WEISBERG TO TALIA ALLEN Ruth and Harry Davidson Friendship to ARLEEN AND MARVIN ADELSON Carole and Harvey Wolsh


MARJORIE KRASNE Estelle and Melvin Mann

JAA Award to DALE LAZAR Ruth and Harry Davidson

FRANCES MEYERS Estelle and Melvin Mann

In Appreciation to JUDY RUBINSTEIN Gabby, Barbara and Robert Rubinstein

MORTON GRANOVITZ Estelle and Melvin Mann

New Home to MARCIA AND JIM KAPLAN Gloria and Al Bodek


FRANCES MEYERS Arleen and Marvin Adelson In Honor Of —

Birth of LEXIE KATZEN Arleen and Marvin Adelson New Home of MARCIA AND JIM KAPLAN Arleen and Marvin Adelson Bat Mitzvah of (ANNIE), granddaughter of MIMI AND STAN WINIKOFF Arleen and Marvin Adelson



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Birth of LEXIE KATZEN Rita and David Pollock


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FRANCES MEYERS Arlene and Steve Sablowsky Laurie Moser

CHARLES GROBSTEIN Lynn and Dale Lazar In Honor Of —

43rd Wedding Anniversary of SHEILA AND BOB CHAMOVITZ Marcia and Jim Kaplan


Bar Mitzvah of DILLON HVIZDASH Lynn and Dale Lazar

JAA Award Volunteer of the Year to DALE LAZAR Hanita and Ram Kossowsky

In Memory Of —

Bat Mitzvah of SARAH BETT Lynn and Dale Lazar

In Honor Of —

EDGAR ROTH Mayda and Barry Roth In Honor Of —

Birth of LEXIE KATZEN Mayda and Barry Roth


EDIS SCHWARTZ Carolyn and Frank Schwarz PAUL HELFER Carolyn and Frank Schwarz FRANCES MEYERS Carolyn and Frank Schwarz In Honor Of —

35th Anniversary at PNC to CAROLYN SCHWARZ Frank Schwarz Passing Bar Exam to REBEKAH SIEGEL Carolyn and Frank Schwarz Earning PhD to ELAINE MORMER Carolyn and Frank Schwarz


TIMMY SILVERMAN Susan and John Parran


PAUL HELFER Phyllis and Joseph Weinkle EDIS SCHWARTZ Phyllis and Joseph Weinkle FRANCES MEYERS Phyllis and Joseph Weinkle Elinor Goodman


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Special Birthday of GLORIA BODEK Lea Davidson Elinor and Sanford Zaremberg Birth of ISAAC DANIEL SCHMERLING Jean Kablack and Harton Wolf


GLORIA WEDNER Heather and Richard Rattner and Family KENNETH ELAIS Heather and Richard Rattner and Family PAUL HELFER Hanita and Ram Kossowsky 19th Year of Written Book to MICHAEL LOWENSTEIN Patricia and Stanley Levine

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NESHAMA CENTER FUND Speedy Recovery of JORDAN POLLNER Aya Betensky and Robert Kraut Appointed Distinguished Service Professor of Industrial Engineering to LARRY SHUMAN Lynn and Dale Lazar


GLORIA WEDNER Sandy and Leonard Browdie FRANCES MEYERS Harold Marcus Judy and Alan Papernick CARL KLODELL Harold Marcus MORRIS CAPLAN Carol and Tom Congedo


CHARLES GROBSTEIN Kimberly and Jay Zytnick GLORIA WEDNER Kimberly and Jay Zytnick LEONARD RICH Kimberly and Jay Zytnick CARL KLODELL Esther and David Schwartz In Honor Of —

Bar Mitzvah of ELI SHAW Miriam and Stanley Winikoff Bat Mitzvah of: ALISON PIRL Stanley and Miriam Winikoff LEAH FIREMAN Miriam and Stanley Winikoff


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EDIS SCHWARTZ Lynn and Dale Lazar

ELLEN GOLDSTEIN Marcia and Jim Kaplan

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PAUL HELFER Lynn and Dale Lazar

SEYMOUR SMIDT Aya Betensky and Robert Kraut

EDITH FIREMEN Harriet and Harvey Davidson


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Speedy Recovery to ARLENE SABLOWSKY Susan and Peter Tanzer Thanks for Making the Holidays so Very Special to RABBI GIBSON Lynn and Dale Lazar New Home to MARCIA AND JIM KAPLAN Steph, Michael, Hannah, Aaron and Rachel Harris In Appreciation

Donald Jubelirer Louise and Martin Silverman Hilary Spatz Abe Sambol Ruth K. Fischer D’Alessandro Funeral Home Barbara and Richard Helfer Hanita and Ram Kossowsky Dawn Adams and Carolyn Kapner Darcy and Alan Bernstein and Michele and Evelyn Miller Barbara Abramovitz Eva Blum Monica Cellio Cathy Droz David Hirsch Rick Kalson Philip Lehman Carolyn and Frank Schwarz


LEONARD RICH Judy, Chuck and Matt Mahan Marvin C. Rulin In Honor Of —

High Holidays were so wonderful to RABBI SYMONS Lynn and Dale Lazar Birth of LEXIE KATZEN Deb Dunton and Jon Minden In Appreciation


Beulah United Presbyterian Church Betty and Larry Rich Denise Helfer Barbara Granovitz Sonia Glick


High Holiday with your Incredible Voice and Presence to SARA STOCK MAYO Lynn and Dale Lazar In Appreciation

Seema Pollack-Gross


ANDY Karen, Nathan and Noah Levin EDIS SCHWARTZ Karen, Nathan and Noah Levin KYLE STEINER Karen, Nathan and Noah Levin RANDI SILVERMAN Karen, Nathan and Noah Levin In Honor Of —

Speedy Recovery of: GERTRUDE LEWIS Karen, Nathan and Noah Levin MIKE WEINER Karen, Nathan and Noah Levin MARCELLA GERSZTEN Karen, Nathan and Noah Levin

KYLE STEINER Janice and Marvin Dash

LEAH FIREMAN Karen, Nathan and Noah Levin

RANDI SILVERMAN Janice and Marvin Dash

Special Anniversary to RUTHIE AND HARRY DAVIDSON Karen, Nathan and Noah Levin

In Memory Of —

FRANCES MEYERS Karyn Frank In Honor Of —

Speedy Recovery of WILLIAM COOPER Karyn Frank

Birth of LEXIE KATZEN Karen, Nathan and Noah Levin Engagement of SHANNON MERENSTEIN AND COLE WILLIAMS Karen, Nathan and Noah Levin



Bat Mitzvah of:

In Memory Of —


2012 Giant Eagle Foundation’s Community Volunteer Honoree to DALE LAZAR Karen, Nathan and Noah Levin

2012 Giant Eagle Foundation’s Community Violunteer Honoree to PHILIP LEHMAN Karen, Nathan and Noah Levin 2012 Giant Eagle Foundation’s Community Volunteer Honoree to GAIL CHILDS Karen, Nathan and Noah Levin

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KATHERINE MCKENNY Ellen and Bob Katzen LEONARD RICH Ellen and Bob Katzen DOLLY FRANZOS Joyce and Ernie Pearl In Honor Of —

Birth of LEXIE KATZEN Esther and David Schwartz


HARRY LEVIN Ellen J. Lewis PAUL HELFER Karen, Nathan and Noah Levin SIDNEY WEINGARDEN Karen, Nathan and Noah Levin ROSEANNE’S MOTHER Karen, Nathan and Noah Levin



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JANUARY Service Schedule

FEBRUARY Service Schedule

Thursday, January 3

Friday, FEBRUARY 1

Evening Minyan Service at 7:30 PM Friday, January 4

Mostly Musical Shabbat Service at 7 PM Saturday, January 5

Shabbat Morning Service at 9:45 AM Temple David Friday, January 11

Shabbat Evening Service at 8:00 PM Saturday, January 12

Informal Shabbat Service at 9:15 AM Thursday, January 17

Evening Minyan Service at 7:30 PM Friday, January 18

Tot Shabbat at 5:30 PM Shabbat Evening Service at 7:00 PM Shabbat BaBayit at 8:00 PM Saturday, January 19

Informal Shabbat Service at 9:15 AM Friday, January 25

Erev Tu BiShvat Shabbat Shirah Service 8:00 PM Saturday, January 26

Informal Shabbat Service for Families at 9:15 AM

Mostly Musical Shabbat Service at 7 PM Saturday, FEBRUARY 2

Informal Shabbat Service at 9:15 AM Thursday, FEBRUARY 7

Evening Minyan Service at 7:30 PM Friday, FEBRUARY 8

Shabbat Evening Service Celebrating WRJ 8:00 PM Saturday, FEBRUARY 9

Informal Shabbat Service at 9:15 AM Friday, FEBRUARY 15

Tot Shabbat at 5:30 PM Shabbat Evening Service at 7:00 PM Shabbat BaBayit 8:00 PM Saturday, FEBRUARY 16

Informal Shabbat Service at 9:15 AM Thursday, FEBRUARY 21

Evening Minyan Service at 7:30 PM Friday, FEBRUARY 22

Shabbat Evening Service at 8:00 PM Saturday, FEBRUARY 23

Informal Shabbat Service for Families at 9:15 am Purim Shpiel (Megillah) at 7 PM SUNday, FEBRUARY 24





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U •G


.G E •M

Rabbi James Gibson continues to be a loving and devoted teacher and friend to our Temple Sinai family as well as the community at large. He encourages us by his example to achieve a higher standard, and he has, over the past twenty-five years, been our spiritual leader and guide. We are proud to honor him with many wonderful events coming in the spring of 2013. Your participation during this celebration would mean so much to him and his family.


5505 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15217



Rabbi Gibson's 25th Anniversary Celebration FRiDAy, MARcH 15, 2013

SATuRDAy, MAy 4, 2013

SHABBAT EVENING SERVICES featuring Benjie Ellen Schiller, Professor of Cantorial Arts at the School of Sacred Music, HUC-JIR/New York, and the Temple Sinai Intergenerational Choir

SHABBAT MORNING SERVICE with guest sermon by Rabbi David Saperstein, Director and Counsel, Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism

FRiDAy, MAy 3, 2013 MEGA MOSTLY MUSICAL SHABBAT featuring Rabbi Gibson, Cantorial Soloist Sara Stock Mayo and our own Temple Sinai Band

“LUNCH AND LEARN” led by Rabbi Saperstein 25TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION CONCERT starring world-renowned singer/songwriter Craig Taubman

If you would like to contribute as a volunteer and/or sponsor for the anniversary celebration, please contact Phyllis Weinkle, 25th Anniversary Committee, at 412.216.0463 or Go to for up-to-the-minute information about events and happenings at Temple Sinai.

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11/7/12 3:20 PM

JANUARY 2013 Thomas Friedman Mayor Ed Koch George McGovern Rupert Murdoch Paul Volcker Amos Oz Daniel Libeskind James E. Young Deborah Dash Moore Fania Oz-Salzberger Bruce Feiler Omid Safi Karen King Reza Aslan Anna Quindlen Jodi Kantor Thomas Friedman Mayor Ed Koch George McGovern Rupert Murdoch Paul Volcker Amos Oz Daniel Libeskind James E. Young Deborah Dash Moore Fania Oz-Salzberger Bruce Feiler Omid Safi Karen King Reza Aslan Anna Quindlen Jodi Kantor Thomas


from New York’s 92nd Street Y


Friedman Mayor Ed Koch George McGovern Rupert Murdoch Paul Volcker Amos Oz Daniel Libeskind James E. Young Deborah Dash Moore Fania Oz-Salzberge

Wednesday, January 16, 2013 — 8 PM

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 — 8 PM

God is One: Moses, Jesus, Muhammad


Bruce Feiler, Omid Safi and Karen King with Reza Aslan, moderator 8:00 PM | 7:15 PM for open discussion

7:15 PM Open DIscussion: “Our Food, Our Environment and Ourselves” with Rabbi Ron Symons and Jackie Braslawsce, in celebration of Jewish Arbor Day (Tu b’Sh’vat), with drinks and tapas tastings for all

Doorways January-February 2013  
Doorways January-February 2013  

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