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“A little bit of light dispels a lot of darkness.”

to the Temple Sinai family!

We are delighted to recognize these new and returning members who have joined our community between October 16, 2021 and November 15, 2022.

Jane Ades

Andrew & Deborah Adler

Michael & Carli Adler

Elizabeth Aloni

Jared & Grace Alster

Alex & Melanie Atrachji

Jonathan & Kimberly Bedrick

Justin Beere & Rebecca Levy

Edward & Liana Berman

Arlyne Choset

Jason & Danielle Diamond

Jonathan Drexler

Brett & Montanna Feldman

Benjamin & Alexandra Ferman

Max & Cori Fisher

Paul & Deborah Fleischer

Adam & Ashley Galperin

David & Jamie Garfinkel

Debra Gershman

Lee & Elyssa Goldberg

Scott & Shari Gordon

Keith & Nicole Gould

Robert & Samantha Greenberg

Brian & Danielle Gross

Lee Gross & Nicole Katz

Jonathan Hirt & Kimberly


James & Maya Ingram

Jordan Isenstadt & Lauren


Jay & Lizzy Kaplan

Cynthia & Ronald Katz

Justin Kelman & Remi Appel

Sam & Rachel Kessler

Douglas & Ruth Klein Adam & Bess Koblenz

Matthew & Stephanie Lalin

Jonathan & Ellen Landau

David & Erica Lehman

Adam & Erica Levy

David & Rita Levy

Russell & Jody Lichtenstein

Leonid Lyakhovich & Victoria Tanskaya

Meredith Magun

Gabriel Markiz & Randi Alberts-Markiz

Joanna Maryewska

Leigh & Erin Minsky

Bobby Morovati & Sanaz Ooriel

Richard & Eve Morrow

David & Shari Ozer

Jacob & Amanda Pargament

Jonathan & Suzanne Pearlmutter Marci Pekofsky

Steven & Caroline Raskin

Stephen & Lila Redlich

Wayne Romano & Randi Siegel

Jordan & Michelle Rosenbaum

Jacob Rosenfeld & Michelle Rusinek

Danielle Roth

Bryan & Erica Rothenstein

Ray & Jaclyn Saper

Lee & Susan Schulman

David & Christine Schwartz

Noam & Keren Shemel

Andrew & Bari Sherman

Michael & Rev Siegal

Jonathan & Laura Siegel

Justin & Aviva Sklar

Corey & Jenna Spar

Andrew & Jacalyn Stern

Michael & Katie Stern

Daniel & Risa Thalblum

Alan & Pauline Weinstein

Allen Weisberg

Brian & Donna Weiss

Adam & Dana Wilkins

Dean Woodhouse & Cara Zolot-Woodhouse

Danielle & Michael Zacharia

SCRIBE Dec 2022-Jan-Feb 2023 3
Temple Sinai will be LIT this Chanukah! Join us for these fun events and enjoy the GLOW of the holiday! It’s all happening on Friday, December 16! Chanukah Boutique 3:00-5:45pm in the temple lobby Great holiday shopping from a wide variety of amazing vendors! 4 SCRIBE Dec 2022-Jan-Feb 2023
RSVP to dhollander@mysinai.org first, a fun program & cool craft project 4:00pm: Drop-o for 3’s-2nd Graders 4:15pm: 2s and their grown-ups 4:45pm: All children and their grown-ups then, a special Sharing Shabbat Chanukah service end with a delicious Sharing Shabbat Chanukah dinner 5:15pm face painting • music • games • and more! Family Shabbat Chanukah Service 6:00pm in the sanctuary Family Shabbat Chanukah Dinner 7:00pm in the Simcha Room $36/family RSVP at mysinai.org/letitglow2022 SCRIBE Dec 2022-Jan-Feb 2023 5


WHITE’S study

In May of 1940 Great Britain held its collective breath as the Nazis came for Dunkirk. France and Belgium were terrorized by the Germans and all assumed England was also doomed. But not Winston Churchill, who rallied his country to believe, against all odds, that victory would be theirs. At the time, only a fraction of Americans believed we should enter the war. According to the US Holocaust Museum’s records, 93% of US citizens wanted no part of another war in Europe. But FDR knew better, and he began a determined effort to convince his countrymen that a free Europe was essential to our own freedom. A few years later, the founders of the State of Israel would possess that same powerful conviction, and galvanize the world to their cause, somehow defeating five nations who sought to deny the Jewish people their right to sovereignty.

I’ve been thinking about FDR, Churchill, Ben Gurion, Rabin, and Dayan these days, as we approach our Festival of Lights, darkened by war in Ukraine. I’m wondering about leaders like Zelensky, who possess the foresight, the courage, and the willingness to engage in the existential battle for freedom against all odds. Those who will risk everything to confront and defeat tyranny, and who are so disgusted by bigotry and bloodthirsty strongmen, that they will somehow find a way to vanquish them.

This is the meaning of the miracle of Chanukah. A small band of Jewish priests in Modiin were done with Assyrian persecution. Horrified and incensed by the desecration of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, by the raiding of Jewish assets, by the prohibition against Jews practicing Judaism

and more, they somehow found the courage to mount a risky rebellion all logic would condemn to failure. That’s why our sages call the defeat of the Assyrians a miracle. Because it should have failed; because all odds were against it. And it’s why the special prayer for Chanukah contains these words:

Al hanisim v’al hapurkan v’al hag’vurot v’al hatshu’ot v’al hamilkhamot she’asita l’avoteinu bayamim hahem bazman hazeh

And for the miracles and for the wonders and for the mighty deeds and for the salvations and for the victories that you wrought for our ancestors in their days and in this day.

We do not have to contemplate what defeat in those wars would have wrought; what a Nazi victory would have meant for the world, what a defeat in Palestine would have meant for our Jewish people. We are free to enjoy the fruits of freedom and liberty courageous leaders secured for us. But, we should never take it for granted. And as Ukraine fights for its life, I hope the world doesn’t cave to Putin’s cruel pursuit of power. History confirms that freedom must be pursued and defended against all odds. So long as we are strong, so long as we are willing to make the necessary sacrifices, so long as we see liberty as a necessary human right and are willing to fight for it, the light freedom will continue to burn as brightly as the Chanukah menorah

Rabbi Michael A. White Churchill, Roosevelt, Zelensky, and Chanukah’s Miracle
Rabbi Michael A. White rabbiwhite@mysinai.org
december 12 • march 20 • april 17 • may 15 DID YOU HEAR? A Class about Jews, Gossip, Yentas, and Shandas with Rabbi Ilana Schachter Join Rabbi Schachter as we explore the Jewish fascination with scandal and our conflicted relationship with gossip. If you miss it, it would be a Shanda! Wednesdays at 7:00PM JANUARY 25 • MARCH 1 • MARCH 29 MAY 10 • JUNE 7 in-person at temple sinai From the comfort of your home, go on a Jewish journey that is sure to inspire! During each session, Rabbi White will discuss a different topic from a Jewish perspective. Pour your favorite cocktail, iced tea, coffee, or other drink of choice and join the conversation. THURSDAYS AT 5:30PM VIA ZOOM DECEMBER 1 • MARCH 9 • MAY 4 • JUNE 1 • with rabbi michael white mondays at 7:00pm in-person and via zoom SCRIBE Dec 2022-Jan-Feb 2023 7
The Torah’s stories, laws, and teachings, especially through the eyes of the sages of every generation, have the power to transform our lives, deepen our spiritual awareness, help heal our relationships and guide our pathway through life. Together, we will explore its messages through different lenses, including the mystics, the rationalists, the Zionists, the post-Holocaust theologians and more. No previous knowledge is necessary. Come and learn and share and grow.

my view from the bimah

The Jewish Quarters of Spain

My husband, Richard, and I recently returned home from a wonderful trip to Spain. It was our first trip abroad since COVID where we would have the opportunity to explore a new country and enjoy the food and culture. Whenever we plan a trip to someplace new, we do a lot of research to make sure we identify the top sites to visit and find the experiences we think would be valuable. Often, we look to see if we can visit an important synagogue or Jewish quarter ,as we have found these to be the most interesting and enriching part of our trip. We used this same approach in other countries, such as Italy and France, where we had the opportunity to visit noteworthy synagogues and communities.

On our trip to Spain, we identified three places to visit where Jews were known to have lived prior to their expulsion in 1492, following the Alhambra Decree. Jews were documented in Spain as early as 586 BCE after the destruction of the first Temple, where they arrived by foot or ship via Morocco. This was the Golden Age of tolerance for Jews in the Iberian Peninsula. Jews prospered culturally, and some notable figures held high posts in the Caliphate of Córdoba. Jewish philosophers, mathematicians, astronomers, poets, and rabbinical scholars composed rich cultural and scientific work. Jewish economic expansion was unparalleled. The considerable Jewish presence in Iberia continued until the Jews were forced to leave or to convert to Christianity in the Alhambra Decree of 1492.

We were surprised at the significant efforts by the Spanish government to not only preserve many sites but to memorialize them as museums and important places of interest for tourists. We were impressed by the depth of knowledge of our tour guides. They knew the history of Judaism and were familiar with many aspects of Judaism, such as tefillin, Torah, mezuzah, menorah, and religious rituals such as the mikvah.


Sadly, none of the sites we visited were still in use. Several were simply evidence of a community and lives erased from history. Examples included Hebrew writing on stones re-purposed to build newer structures, temples converted to churches and mosques, and an indentation in a doorway where a mezuzah once hung. We had the opportunity to see whre the mikvah had been excavated from a synagogue long destroyed below other buildings now standing in place. There was concrete evidence of Jewish communities in the city of Girona dating back to the late ninth century with a rich history of distinguished Jewish Kabalists and Talmudic scholars. In Toledo, a city known to have had numerous synagogues and a very large Jewish population, we toured a former synagogue, now a museum preserved with many Jewish artifacts and timelines of Jewish history.

I have selected a few photos to memorialize our experiences and to inspire you to seek out Jewish homes, synagogues, and notable sites on your journeys. Such opportunities are far too infrequent, yet create a lifelong memory and help broaden my Jewish identify. Now, more than ever, as antisemitism infiltrates our daily lives, we must look to our past to remember the endless challenges Jews have faced as a community and stand strong together. Jews have been scapegoated, killed, and expelled from their homes throughout history. One of the most striking images of our trip was a photograph of a cloak worn by Jews more than 500 years ago with a yellow and red emblem to identify them as Jews.

Wishing you a very peaceful and joyous holiday season.

Chag Sameach!

Lewit Milner


Amy Braunstein Amy Braunstein
8 SCRIBE Dec 2022-Jan-Feb 2023 great books...great insights...great fun
Our next meeting will be held on Monday, February 27 (location TBD) What book would you like to read? Email Leslie
and cast your vote! Book suggestions include: The Last Thing They Told Me
Lessons in Chemistry • Violetta • Swim Forever Three Sisters
The Girl in His Shadow • The Case of Murderous Dr. Cream

Metal sign found on all streets in Spain to signify a Jewish area. It is in the shape of the Iberian Peninsula and says Sepharad, which is the name Spanish Jews gave to the Iberian Peninsula

Temple in Toledo that became a Church and then a Mosque.

Temple in Toledo that is now used as a museum.

Amy’s Travel Scrapbook
Plaque in a museum in Girona that showed the names and professions of Jews who lived in the town. Doorpost of an old Jewish home. The place where the mezuzah was once was attached is still visible. In front of the first temple in Toledo. Excavated Mikvah under an old building. Red and yellow patch that Jews had to wear to signify they were Jewish.
SCRIBE Dec 2022-Jan-Feb 2023 9

This Chanukah, Let the Ligh Shine Bright

When I was growing up, my parents collected Chanukiot. Each year at Chanukah we would light at least three, and my brother and I loved to pick out that year’s choices. This is a tradition I continue today with my own family. I appreciate traditional Chanukiot as well as contemporary designs, and The Jewish Museum, right here in New York City, has a world-class collection of both. Here are a few examples of the latter.

Maquette for a Hanukkah Lamp is David Weinrib’s sculptural model for what would become a larger finished work housed at a synagogue in Upstate New York. While Weinrib worked across various media, this was his first piece of Jewish ceremonial art. He chose to use all found materials for this upcycled Chanukiah

Richard Meier’s Architectonic Menorah is also a testament to Jewish strength and perseverance. Specifically, each candle holder alludes to an architectural style from a different time in history when Jews suffered persecution. The first night’s candle holder represents an Egyptian obelisk, while the final candle holder is reminiscent of a concentration camp watchtower. While this Chanukiah is undoubtedly somber, it is also triumphant, like the story of Chanukah itself.

If you have a favorite or unusual Chanukiah, please email me a photo – I would love to see it!



Masada, 1968

Silver, hand-worked and embossed Collection of The Jewish Museum


Moshe Zabari, a silversmith, studied at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. For Masada, Zabari used hammered sheets of silver to represent the actual shape of Masada, also evoking imagery of fire – or the light of Chanukah – through the undulating curves. The simplicity and reduction of form evident in this work, including in the separate holder for the shamash, show the influence of Bauhaus architecture, a primary focus during Zabari’s time at Bezalel. In creating this work, the artist was inspired by Masada as a symbol of Jewish sacrifice and survival.

Wishing you and your loved ones a light-filled holiday. Chanukah Sameach!

Adrianne Rubin arubin@mysinai.org Adrianne with Adult Engagment Committee Co-Chairs Barbara Klein and Lynn Fishkind Adult Engagement Committee enjoying a lovely 2022-23 Program Year Kick-Off lunch! Pictured clockwise from the lower left: Committee Co-Chairs Lynn Fishkind and Barbara Klein, Amy Braunstein, Leslie Wollin, Barbara Blatte, Barbara Wallach, Karen Lowenthal, Ronna Niederman, & Adrianne Rubin. Adrianne Rubin, Ph.D. arubin@mysinai.org David Weinrib for a Hanukkah Lamp, 1989 steel, wood, wax Collection of The Jewish Museum Moshe Zabari Richard Meier Architectonic Menorah, 1985
10 SCRIBE Dec 2022-Jan-Feb 2023
Tin-coated copper Collection of The Jewish Museum

A Jazzy Start to Our Year of Progams!

What better way to begin our program year and greet so many of our friends and neighbors than with a fabulous concert by Jazz Without Borders! Over 80 people were in attendance to socialize over wine and cheese, and to enjoy the great music! Our thanks to our devoted committee members and to all who helped publicize and bring this program to us. Special thanks to our own Adrianne Rubin – she is the guiding light of this whole endeavor!

Don’t miss our uncoming events! Learn more in this issue of the SCRIBE, and via email closer to the program date.

Jazz Without Borders: Eldad Zvulun (piano), Daniel Ori (bass), Nadar Shir-Zelniker (drums), and Nir Naaman (saxophone)

Yaacov Aram Color and MonochromeLine and Structure, 1962-87 synthetic polymer paint on metal

Mark Rothko Orange and Tan, 1954 pigmented hide glue and oil on canvas

Barbara Klein, Adult Engagement Committee Co-Chair Adrianne Rubin, Barbara Wallach, Barbara Klein and Barbara Blatte after the show Barbara Klein with the band
with Nancy Traeger Sunday, January 8 • 4:00pm • via ZOOM ISRAELI ART
Temple Sinai favorite, Nancy Traeger returns with a wonderful two-part program focusing on Israeli art. Nancy is a docent at the Nassau County Museum of Art. She has also served the Museum as Docent Co-Cordinator, Docent Trainer, and Presenter for the Outreach Program.

Stitching a New Identity: Fashion in

presents a three-part series on Reproductive Rights co-sponsored by Adult Engagement and Friend of a Friend Part 2 (in-person): Thursday December 15 • 7:30pm Aviva Zadoff Co-Chair, NY Section’s Pro-Truth campaign Dr. Sharon Gerber Director of Complex Family Planning at Northwell Health Part 3 (via ZOOM): Thursday February 9 • 7:30pm Hope Coleman Pro-Choice Activist Register for the December 15 program at mysinai.org/ncjwreprorights with Keren Ben-Horin Dress Historian, Curator, Author, & Educator
Nation-Building Co-sponsored by Friend of a Friend This fascinataing presentation investigates the relationship between fashion, national identity, and diplomacy, using the state of Israel
day as
With vibrant illustrations, photographs, and
archival materials, Keren
key moments, designers, and
Wednesday, December 7 • 7:30pm via ZOOM
inception in the
political figures who shaped Israel’s foreign relations
— even more importantly — defined what it means to be Israeli.
Creating Safe and
to fight
in online spaces,
online gaming
will share resources to
for respectful
19 7:30pm • via ZOOM AUTHOR’S TALK: ALLA SHAPIRO, MD DOCTOR CALL ON CHERNOBYL RESPONDER, JEWISH REFUGEE, RADIATION EXPERT THURSDAY, JANUARY 26 7:30PM • VIA ZOOM We are thrilled to be hosting Dr. Alla Shapiro as part of the Sid Jacobson JCC’s Linda & Gerald Marsden’s Partners with the Community Program. LightConcertClassical Sunday, January 29 • 4:00pm at Temple Sinai Performer(s) to be annouced. Check your email for more details. EVERY OBJECT TELLS A STORY Virtual Tour of the Space is limited! Sign up at mysinai.org/ virtualmuseumtourjan2023 Wednesday, January 11 • 11:30am
Fighting Hate Online:
with Daniel Kelley, Director, Strategy and Operations, Center for Technology and Society Daniel Kelley leads the ADLs efforts
media sites. Daniel
help our community
continue to advocate
and inclusive


CONNECT, Temple Sinai’s Networking Group, just celebrated its second anniversary and is still going strong! The mission of CONNECT is to bring professionals together with the goal of referring good contacts and potential clients to one another. By helping one another improve our businesses, we are helping to improve the well-being of our Temple Sinai community.

Join us at our upcoming meetings - Wednesdays at 8:00am: December 7 & 21 • January 4 & 18 • February 1 & 15

In this issue of the SCRIBE, we would like to introduce you to Eddy Eskenazi, one of the most enthusiastic members of CONNECT!

in-person at Diane’s Bakery & Cafe:

My wife, Lisa, son Henry, and I recently joined Temple Sinai. Henry, now almost 5 months old, is in the infant program at TSECC, and I am a proud member of the Temple Sinai Connect Networking Group.

I was born in Switzerland with a Turkish-Jewish background. In 2018, I moved to New York City where I started a corporate catering business. Lisa grew up in Great Neck and owns a law firm specializing in commercial litigation and real estate. We met in January 2019 when we were living in the same apartment building and were married in May 2020 in one of the first Covid-19 ZOOM weddings! In August 2020, we made the move from New York City to Roslyn.

Last February, I launched TABLED, a family meal delivery service which provides high-quality convenient eating for busy parents and hungry kids. Our healthy, cost-effective family meals and lunches are delivered twice per week and arrive in containers ready to heat, then eat. TABLED gives parents time back in their busy day to relax, spend time with their family, and not worry about cooking.

These are some of our recent TABLED offerings. Mix and match, fully customize, and make mealtime your own! Visit our website at www.tabledny.com, and enjoy 50% off your first order with code Welcome50

The Eskenazi Family is proud to be part of the Temple Sinai community! If you would like to connect, email me at eddy.eskenazi@gmail.com

Eddy & Lisa at their ZOOM wedding


Monthly Meetings • Wednesdays at 7:30pm • in the TSR Library December 7 • January 4 • February 1


CONNECT, Temple Sinai’s Networking Group, has been going strong since it launched in November, 2020. The mission of CONNECT is to bring professionals together with the goal of referring good contacts and potential clients to one another. By helping one another improve our businesses, we are helping to improve the well-being of our Temple Sinai community.

Join us at our upcoming meetings - Wednesdays at 8:00am: December 7 & 21 • January 4 & 18 • February 1 & 15

SCoTCH and SACRED TEXT with Rabbi Michael
We know you’ll find both the fascinating discussion on Torah and the camaraderie to be most worthwhile. Tuesdays, December 13 & February 7 • 7:30pm Location TBA

Friend of a Friend/Chaverot

Calling all women of Temple Sinai!

Friend of a Friend has been busy, enjoying being back together in-person

• We decorated the Sukkah outdoors

• Our in-person Sukkot Service and Celebration was a huge hit, thanks to Rabbi Ilana, Cantor Elena and our special Ushpizin, Michelle Golden

• We enjoyed an amazing morning together for the walking tour and picnic at Old Westbury Gardens, Seward Johnson Exhibition.

If you haven’t joined us yet, this is the season for us to welcome you and for you to enjoy participating in all that’s going on.


Friday, December 2 at 10:30am

Don’t miss this amazing event with Sinai’s own Quilting Queen, Lainie Krasnoff. She’ll be displaying about two dozen stunning & creative quilts from the last 21 years & sharing some stories to go with them.



Thursday, December 8 from 7:30-9:30pm

Join us for this ultra-special evening of glamour with the make-up pros at Royal24Boutique. Please contact us at fof@mysinai.org for details and pricing for this event.



Thursdays, December 15 (part 2) & February 9 (part 3) at 7:30pm


Fridays at 9:30am

December 2

• January 6 • February 3

Be a part of the planning stages for our events and activities. We welcome newcomers to keep our ideas fresh! This is a great way to get involved - our meetings are short, efficient, and fun, so give it a try! December and January meetings are planned to be in-person; our February meeting will be on ZOOM.



Wednesday, December 7 at 7:30pm via ZOOM

An Adult Engagement event co-sponsored by FOF

Don’t miss this incredibly unique event. Israeli Curator & Fashion Historian Keren Ben-Horin will share her knowledge, fashion insight, and info on the interesting connection between fashion & diplomacy.

An Adult Engagement event co-sponsored by FOF

Three-part series with the National Council of Jewish Women on reproductive rights. All parts are independent of one another, so please join us regardless of whether you were able to attend the first part in November.

Hope to see you soon at Friend of a Friend events. Visit us at mysinai.org/fof and email us at fof@mysinai.org

16 SCRIBE Dec 2022-Jan-Feb 2023


Friday, January 6 at 10:30am

Be part of our fun and popular Cooking for a Cause morning. FOF is, once again, teaming up with the Social Action Committee to provide nutritious dinners to local families in need - putting together the meals and making contactless deliveries.

Too many families are feeling hunger. On Friday, January 6, at 10:30am, we will nourish them with food and caring. This is a win-win for those of us giving and those who are receiving.

Cook with us in person in the temple Culinary Arts Studio (all ingredients will be supplied). Limited number of spots available.

- or -

You supply the ingredients and prepare in your own kitchen.

Whether you’ve done this before or it will be your first time, please join us for this special heartwarming project. Everyone who takes part can’t wait to sign up again!

RSVP: by December 30 to socialaction@mysinai.org and let us know if you’ll be joining us in person or cooking at home. Thank you in advance for making a difference.



Thursday, January 26 at 7:30pm via ZOOM

An Adult Engagement event co-sponsored by FOF

Dr. Alla Shapiro will be discussing her riveting book Doctor on Call about being a first responder during the Chernobyl crisis.

FOF BIG ZOOM BINGO Wednesday, February 13 ZOOM “doors open” at 7:15pm BINGO starts promptly at 7:30pm


Wednesday, January 18 at 7:00pm

Our first Kintsugi event is not to be missed! Join us to learn the important lessons of the Japanese Art of repairing broken pottery. Event pricing as well as details on registration to come. If you have questions or want more information email us at fof@mysinai.org


Thursday, February 2 at 4:00pm on ZOOM

FOF will host a free lecture with Northwell Cardiologist Dr. Diamond. Questions? Email us at fof@mysinai.org


A THREE-PART SERIES Thursdays, December 15 (part 2) & February 9 (part 3) at 7:30pm

Fun for the whole family and all of your friends, from the comfort of your own homes! Friend of a Friend will host a night of online Bingo via ZOOM, so join us to play all four games using your computer, smart phone, or tablet. After registration, you’ll receive an email with the link to download and print your BINGO cards. There will be prizes for the winners of each of the 6 rounds: Open to all, so feel free to spread the word! Event price as well as details on registration and prizes to come. Questions? Email Tammy Szerencsy at fof@mysinai.org

To join Friend of a Friend, or renew your membership, please send your check payable to Temple Sinai for $36 with “FOF” in the memo line: Temple Sinai, 425 Roslyn Road, Roslyn Heights, NY 11577.

FOF dues and donations allow us to contribute to Sinai’s youth and adult programs, the clergy’s discretionary funds, community social service organizations, and more. Your thoughtful donations are always appreciated; checks may be made out to Friend of a Friend, with “donation” in the memo line, and mailed to the temple office.

Thank you.

SCRIBE Dec 2022-Jan-Feb 2023 17

For more information, contact Social Action at socialaction@mysinai.org

The Social Action Committee wishes you a wonderful winter. As 2022 comes to a close and we welcome 2023, we hope you will join us as we practice tikkun olam, repairing the world. Your donations, caring, and generosity, give physical and emotional comfort to those in need. To donate to the Social Action Fund, visit the temple website at mysinai.org/donate.

IN DECEMBER, LET’S HELP FILL THE PANTRY AT THE INN! The INN needs our assistance more than ever as the need for food increases in the winter months. This holiday season, think of those in need. Your contribution matters! Please donate any or all of the following items (no glass, please): canned protein (chicken, tuna in water, sardines, salmon) • peanut butter • cereal • canned fruit • canned vegetables, and place them in our bins just inside the temple entrance for safe and easy drop-off. For your convenience, check our Social Action emails for an Amazon link where you can order items and have them delivered directly to the temple.

IN JANUARY, IT’S ABOUT PAJAMAS AND BOOKS! The Pajama Program helps thousands of children who don’t know what pajamas are because they go to sleep wearing the clothes they wore during the day. You can help change that by donating new pajamas (sizes newborn through XL) and books. Items can be dropped off in the collection bin in the temple lobby or you can use the Amazon link found in our Social Action emails.

IN JANUARY, LET’S HELP THE EJOY/PASTOR LEWIS FOOD DRIVE SPREAD COMMUNITY FRIENDSHIP! We are collecting food to help fill the EJOY Food Pantry. Many in our community have a hard time feeding their families. Please help us help them. Non-perishable food items are always needed, and they specifically asked for the following items: Peanut Butter • Jelly • Cereal • Pancake Mix • Syrup • Pasta • Olive Oil. Items can be dropped off in out temple bin or you can use the wish list link found in our Social Action emails.

IN NOVEMBER, LET’S COOK FOR OTHERS! Everyone’s favorite event! Social Action will team up with Friend of a Friend for the next edition of Cooking for a Cause on Friday, January 6 at 10:30am. You don’t want to miss it! While cooking and kibitzing in the Culinary Arts Studio, we each prepare a full meal, then DELIVER to someone who is homebound. The smiles and huge appreciation for these meals will stay with you long after the deliveries are completed. If you prefer, you are more than welcome to prepare in your home and we will give you the name/address of the recipient. RSVP by December 23 to socialaction@mysinai.org.

IN FEBRUARY, LET’S HELP COLLECT FOR THOSE IN NEED! The Sid Jacobson JCC’s Community Needs Bank, a partner of the Island Harvest Food Bank, helps ensure food security for all individuals and families living in Nassau County. Please help us help them! Please donate: canned protein (chicken, tuna in water, sardines, salmon) • peanut butter • cereal • canned fruit and vegetables Drop off items in our temple bins or use the Amazon link in our email for direct delivery to the temple.

North Shore University Hospital | Northwell Health is looking for GENTLY


(No older than December) to fill their waiting rooms and lobby. Please look through your home and donate what you can. ALL ADDRESS LABELS WILL BE REMOVED.

ALL YEAR LONG, GIVE TZEDAKAH! Your contribution to the Social Action Fund allows us to help more people in more ways. To donate, please visit mysinai.org/donate.

The Social Action Committee is Temple Sinai Proud, as our dedication and commitment to tikkun olam, repairing the world, grows and deepens with each year. If you would like to get more involved, please reach out to us at socialaction@mysinai.org.

18 SCRIBE Dec 2022-Jan-Feb 2023
15% OFF your purchase - use code TEMPLE23. Offer expires on February 28, 2023. Restrictions apply SCRIBE Dec 2022-Jan-Feb 2023 19 …At long last, New York City chic and sophistication comes to Long Island… Call the event specialists, Mary Venier-Zwirn & Vincent D’Elia to view our beautifully decorated space for your next special occasion 516.484.4300


Irving Braverman

26 West 61st Street New York, NY 10023

Howard and Blanche Ernst (deceased)

Douglas Ernst (son) 43 Sweet Hollow Road Huntington, NY 11743

Carole Gordon (deceased) Neil S. Gordon (son) 14 Hummingbird Drive Roslyn, NY 11576


The Cemetery Committee of Temple Sinai needs your help in locating former congregants or their next of kin with whom we have lost contact. The temple needs to determine whether these individuals expect to use the cemetery plots that have been reserved for them in the future.

Please reach out to Committee Member Larry Krasnoff (516.484.2276 or larkarch@yahoo.com) or Temple Member Services Manager, Betty Brandel (516.621.6800 or bbrandel@mysinai.org) with any current contact information you may have for the following families. Last known addresses are provided below:

Rene Greenbaum (deceased)

Linda Green (daughter) 5942 4th Avenue N St. Petersburg, FL 33710

Edwin Hershberg 20 Eden Way Roslyn Harbor, NY 11576

Irving and Rhoda Paul 20 Holly Lane Roslyn Heights, NY 11577

Samuel and Helen Rosenblum (deceased)

Jeffrey Rosenblum (son) 2893 Crosley Drive W West Palm Beach, FL 33406

Miriam Weil 3750 Inverrary Drive Lauderhill, FL 33319

Temple Sinai has recently acquired a limited number of graves in our sections at New Montefiore Cemetery in the areas that were previously sold out. These have been graciously donated back to the temple by families who have relocated and find they can no longer use them. Rather than wait until it becomes a matter of some urgency, we want to give our congregants an opportunity to explore their options. We have groupings of up to four graves that can become family plots.

If you are interested, please contact Betty Brandel in the temple office. Any questions you have are welcome.

20 SCRIBE Dec 2022-Jan-Feb 2023
SCRIBE Dec 2022-Jan-Feb 2023 21
The Temple Sinai of Roslyn Family invites the entire community to join us for Led by Cantors
3 YearstOld o 2nd Grade HUG A TREE SHABBAT FRIDAY, JANUARY 20, 2023 4:30pm 5:30pm Group 1: 3s - Pre-K • Group 2: K - 2nd Grade Fun, animated, and enriching program for children (drop-o ) Students will participate in a fun craft! Celebrate Shabbat with music, singing, laughing, and dancing! Parents, grandparents, and siblings are all welcome! Family dinner to follow the service All Are Welcome! FREE! RSVP to dhollander@mysinai.org all attendees 12 and over must show proof of vaccination
Sergei and Elena Schwartz

Temple Sinai Religious School

Our children, our future

B’Mitzvah - A Family Bar/Bat Mitzvah Journey

I am thrilled to announce the re-launch of our B’Mitzvah learning initiative for our fifth and sixth grade Religious School students and their parents. Originally slated to begin right before the pandemic stopped everything in its tracks, the B’Mitzvah program marks the official start of B’nei Mitzvah preparation.

The program kicks-off with separate orientations for fifth graders and sixth graders. Orientations began in November and continue in December. Led by Temple Sinai clergy, students and their parents learn about the program, their parsha (Torah portion), and choosing a mitzvah project that will continue until their B’nei Mitzvah.

This year, our sixth graders will be working on a very special project - they will be creating a wimple! Under the direction of Pam Alcala, Family Educator and Religious School Artist-in Residence, the students will make their own wimple - the long, linen sash used as a binding for the Torah.

In pre-Shoah (pre-Holocaust) Eastern Europe, fabric from the clothing that swaddled an infant at his b’rit milah was made into a wimple that would eventually be used to the wrap the Torah at the child’s consecration and at his Bar Mitzvah. It was also included in the fabric used to make the wedding chuppah

Almost extinguished during the Shoah, the tradition of the wimple has been revived in contemporary Jewish culture. Now, Jewish parents and grandparents make wimples for both boys and girls. Sometimes, the wimple is still made from a swaddling cloth, but today it is more common for the baby to be swaddled in the wimple itself.

Meet Our ShinShin!

Derived from the Hebrew acronym for shnat sherut or “year of service,” each year, hundreds of Israeli high school graduates are granted special permission to postpone their time in the military to be ShinShinim (Gap Year Israeli emissaries) in Israel and abroad.

A primary focus of the ShinShinim program is to make Israel more accessible to the global Jewish world through educational activities centered around Jewish and Israeli culture, holidays, and Hebrew instruction.

Our ShinShinit this year is Inbar Madover from Gat Rimon, Israel. Inbar spends time with three or four classes a week, where she answers questions and plays games with our students to help them learn more about Israel. In one class, she played a quick game of charades where all the words or phrases had to do with the holiday of Yom Kippur. By the end of the game, we knew that in Israel, some Jews go to temple, they do not listen to music or watch tv, will not drive a car, and some do fast on Yom Kippur, similar to what we do here in the USA.

Chag Chanukah Sameach! Cantor-Educator Elena Schwartz This wimple, on display at the Museum at Eldridge Street on the Lower East Side in Manhattan, was lovingly made by the mother of a boy named David, right after his bris in 1803! Cantor-Educator Elena Schwartz cantorelenaschwartz@mysinai.org
SCRIBE Dec 2022-Jan-Feb 2023 23


1 5th Grade B’Mitzvah Orientation - 7:00-8:00pm

4 Shabbat Hallelu 6:45pm

4 Jewish Museum Trip Grades 4-7 & Families 12:00-1:30pm

5 Torah Explorers Grade K-2 Milestone Practice

5-7 FOF Chanukah Boutique Grades K-4 4:00-6:00pm

12 Torah Explorers Grade K-2 Milestone Practice

12 FOF Chanukah Boutique Grades 5-6 4:00-6:00pm

13 Grades 4-5 - T’fillah

14 FOF Latke Parties 4:00-6:00pm

16 Family Shabbat Chanukah Service & Dinner 6:00pm

19 FOF Latke Parties 4:00-6:00pm

19 Torah Explorers Grade K-2 Milestone Practice

20 FOF Latke Parties 4:00-6:00pm


31 CLASSES – Winter Recess



CLASSES – Winter Recess


4 Grades 4-5 - T’fillah

5 5th Grade B’Mitzvah Family Program 6:00-7:00pm

7 Shabbat Hallelu 6:45pm

9 Torah Explorers Grade K-2 Milestone Practice

9 Grades 3-6 - T’fillah

10 Grades 4-5 - T’fillah

11 Grades 4-5 - T’fillah

13 Family Shabbat Service 6:00pm



17 Hineni – 4:30-6:00pm

17 Grades 4-5 - T’fillah

18 Grades 4-5 - T’fillah

19 6th Grade B’Mitzvah Family Program - 6:00-7:00pm

20 Sharing Shabbat 4:30pm

20 K-2 Milestone Service 5:30-6:30pm

22 Jewish New York Grades 4-7 & Families - TBD

23 Grades 2-3 - T’fillah

24 Grades 4-5 - T’fillah

25 Grades 4-5 - T’fillah

29 6th Grade B’Mitzvah Family Program 4:30-5:30pm

30 Grades 4-5 - T’fillah

30 Grade 5 Milestone Practice

31 Grade 4 - T’fillah

31 Grade 5 Milestone Practice



1 Grade 4 - T’fillah

1 Grade 5 Milestone Practice

3 Shabbat Shira Hallelu 6:45pm

5 Machane Sinai 10:00-11:30am

7 Grade 4 - T’fillah

7 Grade 5 Milestone Practice

8 Grade 4 - T’fillah

8 Grade 5 Milestone Practice

10 Family Shabbat Service 6:00pm

13 Grades 4-5 - T’fillah

13 Grade 5 Milestone Practice


CLASSES - Staff Professional Development

14 Hineni – 4:30-6:00pm


26 CLASSES – February Break

27 Grades K-3 - T’fillah

27 Grade 5 Milestone Practice

28 Grade 4 - T’fillah

28 Grade 5 Milestone Practice

Let’s hear it for our amazing teachers and faculty! In early November, we had our second professional development meeting of the year and it was great! We are so grateful to have such an amazing group of educators

24 SCRIBE Dec 2022-Jan-Feb 2023

During Sukkot, we celebrated with a lot of exciting events and programs, including a special Sharing Sukkot event for our families, a Hineni Mitzvah Education Sukkot program, and Maariv services with our amazing Religious School students!

We had so much fun at TORAHFEST, Temple Sinai’s Simchat Torah celebration! We had a pumpkin patch, inflatables, a petting zoo, face painting, crafts, food, music and MORE! We ended the afternoon with a joyous outdoor Simchat Torah service and Religious School consecration.

And the journey to becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah begins!!

Our Mitzvah Makers had the unique opportunity to make their very own, personalized YAD! Our students will use these Yads as they practice their Torah portion, read from the Torah at their Bar/Bat Mitzvah, and whenever they read from the Torah!

Mazel tov to our B’nei Mitzvah

Eliza Bronstein

December 1 Lily Weinstein December 17

Parents: Stacey & Howard Bronstein Siblings: Olivia-9 Grandparents: Camille & Robert Soskis Lenore & Robert Bronstein School: Roslyn Middle School - 7th grade Parsha: Vayetze

Lyla Siskind

January 7

Parents: Rochelle & Jon Siskind Siblings: Cydney-18, Jessica-15 Grandparents: Diane Harris Suzy & Richard Siskind Myra & Gilbert Sherr School: Roslyn Middle School - 8th grade Parsha: Vayechi

Max Gilbert

February 4

Parents: Drs. Alison & Andrew Gilbert Siblings: Jake-10 Grandparents: Judi & George Moed Bill & the late Miriam Gilbert School: Roslyn Middle School - 7th grade Parsha: Beshalach

Parents: Pauline & Alan Weinstein Siblings: Davis-8 Grandparents: Gila Cohen

Gail & Ray Weinstein School: Roslyn Middle School - 8th grade Parsha: Miketz

Reese Grotas

January 28

Parents: Jana & Aaron Grotas Siblings: Logan-17 Grandparents: Tina & Howard Miller Melanie & Jay Grotas School: Roslyn Middle School - 7th grade Parsha: Beshalach

Leah Blumberg February 11

Parents: Rita & Matt Blumberg Siblings: Lexi-7 Grandparents: Sandy & Ronnie Lai Judy & the late Peter Blumberg School: Roslyn Middle School - 7th grade Parsha: Yitro

HI, Teens,


the sorty board

Our names are Sophie and Russell Plotnitzky and we are the Recruitment and Public Relations Vice Presidents on the SORTY Board at Temple Sinai. We have been a part of Temple Sinai since we were young and have both become B’nei Mitzvah here as well. Over the years, we have participated in volunteer events run by teens that help people who are in need. Each time it has been a wonderful learning experience in so many ways. We wanted to make a difference in our community and through Temple Sinai, and we found a way to do both.

Being leaders in our community and giving back is a privilege, and we want to share this with others. We encourage our peers to join us in changing the world for the better. Through the programs, we learn how to become leaders by reading Jewish texts, discussing traditions, and listening to guests who want to share their stories. We also have opportunities to volunteer together, experience fun social events, and travel. This year the Sulam Teen Travel Programs include trips to D.C., NYC, and Israel. Check out the details below.

If this interests you, please join your friends in the Temple Sinai teen programs. It is a lot of fun and the ability to help make our community and the world a better place is incredible!

For more information, visit mysinai.org/youthteenengagement SCRIBE Dec 2022-Jan-Feb 2023 27
Sophie and Russell

Cathy & Jonathan Miller on the birth of their granddaughter Jade Poppy Miller

Karen Greenbaum on the birth of her grandson Mason Drew Greenbaum

Linda & Scott Frishman on the birth of their granddaughter Sofia Poppy Frishman

Joyce & Steve Bloom on the birth of their grandson Julius Brooks Bloom Karin & Richard Tanenbaum on the birth of their granddaughter Poppy James Tanenbaum

Barbara & Lonnie Maron on the birth of their grandson Dylan Jordan Deutch Gail & Illan Silberman on the engagement of their daughter Allison to Max Kovar

Nancy & Michael Schreiber on the engagement of their daughter Carly to Eli Lekht

Lisa & Steven Birbach on the birth of their grandson Brody Jake Resnick Marcia Weisser on the marriage of her grandson William Yarinsky to Madeleine O’Brian Abbie & Richard Laskey on the birth of their grandson Corper Temi Laskey

Joel I. Laskey on the birth of his great-grandson Corper Temi Laskey

Allison & Alan Luckman on the birth of their grandson David Matan Sklarin Merrell Forrest on the birth of her grandson Ronald Jacob Forrest

Sharon & Steven Ball on the marriage of their daughter Danielle to Jason Diamond

Paula & Robert Appel on the marriage of their daughter Remi to Justin Kelman

Ronit Kahana-Kalman & Doron Kalman on the marriage of their daughter Maya to James Ingram Alice & Stuart Cohen on the birth of their granddaughter Dylan Elle Berson

Jamie Reich Freedman & Dr. Howard Freedman on the birth of their grandson Jordan Levi Petlakh Nancy & Michael Schreiber on the marriage of their daughter Alexandra to Benjamin Ferman Jill & Ira Perlman on the engagement of their son Brandon to Kyla Hirsch Gwen Simon on the marriage of her son Andrew to Mariel Chase

Paula & Bert Kraus upon their granddaughter Tessa Sidney becoming a Bat Mitzvah Maribeth & Andy Kraus upon their grandniece Tessa Sidney becoming a Bat Mitzvah Lori & Kenny Kombert upon the engagement of her daughter Jennifer Karson to Jonathan Bloch Suzanne & Glenn Pargament on the marriage of their son Jacob to Amanda Litman Rebecca Katz-White & Rabbi Michael White on the marriage of their daughter Talia to Dan Glick Joan & Lawrence Waldman upon their granddaughter Arielle Lauren Waldman becoming a Bat Mitzvah

mazel tov
Advertise your business while supporting Temple Sinai. For information contact
28 SCRIBE Dec 2022-Jan-Feb 2023
Kathy Diamond

Jeff Leitner on the loss of his father Dennis Neil Leitner

Lois Rubenstein on the loss of her husband Stuart Rubenstein

Rabbi Michael White on the loss of his nephew Matthew Frankel

Julia Krispeal on the loss of her husband Solomon Krispeal

Jackie Covey on the loss of her father Herbert Benjamin Natter

Laura Burak on the loss of her father Louis Wuhl

Sheldon Nadler on the loss of his mother Asna Nadler

Stuart Cohen on the loss of his mother Flora Cohen

Joyce Bloom on the loss of her sister Ellen Lowe

Samantha Tenem on the loss of her mother Zena Ackerman

Jaime Kornblau on the loss of her mother Carol Morganstern

Rachel Poplock on the loss of her mother Carol Morganstern

Cantor Sergei Schwartz on the loss of his uncle Vladimir Finvarb

Matthew Langer on the loss of his grandmother Marian Langer

Joel Lamm on the loss of his mother Marion Lamm

with deepest sympathy

We record with sorrow the death of these temple members

Solomon Krispeal Ann Levy

Stuart Rubenstein

With deepest sympathy to their families; May their memories be for a blessing.

SCRIBE Dec 2022-Jan-Feb 2023 29
you are interested in buying or selling a home, please
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Eva Garfinkel Drabkin Associate Real Estate Broker 516.626.7600 ext.27 c.516.978.1050 evadrabkin@danielgale.com
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30 SCRIBE Dec 2022-Jan-Feb 2023
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Classical Concert

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