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Page 59

Shabbat Songs – Y'did Nefesh

Y'did nefesh, av harachaman, m'shoch avd'cha el r'tzonecha. Yarutz avd'cha k'mo ayal, yishtachaveh el mul hadarecha.

,‫ אָב הָ&חֲמָן‬,‫פֶשׁ‬-‫יד נ‬12‫י‬ .3-‫צוֹנ‬6 ‫ אֶל‬3ְ‫מְשׁוֹ< עַבְדּ‬ ,‫ כְּמוֹ אַיָּל‬3ְ‫רוּץ עַבְדּ‬B‫י‬ .3CDֲ‫ה אֶל מוּל ה‬-‫שְׁתַּחֲו‬G‫י‬

Heart's delight, Source of mercy, draw Your servant into Your arms: I leap like a deer to stand in awe before You.

10 [128]

Profile for Temple Sinai of Roslyn

Temple Sinai Shabbat 3-20-2020  

Temple Sinai Shabbat 3-20-2020