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TEVET/SHEVAT/ADAR 5780 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2020 Volume 76 • Number 3

Rejoice in the fruit of the tree and the vine

Sunday, January 26


Classical music doesn’t get better than this - The New York Times

LIGHT CLASSICAL CONCERT Internationally-acclaimed Pianist and Conductor

BENJAMIN HOCHMAN Celebrating Beethoven’s 250th Birthday Don’t miss the opportunity to hear a brilliant artist perform in a more intimate setting. A reception featuring a delicious Viennese sweets table will follow. Free for congregants; $20 Non-Congregants

With deep appreciation we recognize the following members for their exceptional generosity over the last five years. The transformational gifts provided by these families help Temple Sinai approach its full potential as the epicenter for progressive Judaism on Long Island.

Stanley Barshay Jill & Richard Barry Jill & Jay Bernstein Cindy and Robert Brahms Irwin A. Cantor Shirley & Milton Cooper Susan & Leonard Feinstein

Helene Fortunoff David Halpern Maxine & Lenard Leeds Ruthe Meyers z”l Laurel & David Nachman Linda & Mitchell Singer Carol & Stanley Weinstock

It is a true mitzvah to heed the call of tzedakah. Supporting Temple Sinai allows the tradition and mission of our people to grow and flourish through the generations. Your significant gifts sustain our exceptional programs and support the enhancement of our facility. They enrich the Jewish experience of our members and the community-at-large, all while ensuring Temple Sinai’s legacy for years to come. We thank you for recognizing the importance of our mission and advancing the culture of philanthropy at Temple Sinai. Todah Rabah, Rabbi Michael A. White To explore ways in which your family can make a significant impact at Temple Sinai, please contact Alison Stamm, Executive Director at 516.621.6800.

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Rabbi White is on sabbatical and will return to temple on Saturday, March 7. If you need assistance in the interim, Cantors Schwartz and Rabbi Schachter are available.



Rabbi Michael A. White rabbiwhite@mysinai.org


The Playground Elephant That Doubles as a Bomb Shelter A friend approached me at an unveiling recently to tell me he had been to Israel, “just before the latest bombs from Gaza.” That’s how it is now. When people tell me of their recent trips to Israel, they often qualify the timing according to the latest conflict. Gaza is a tinderbox, ISIS is in the Sinai, Iran has a contiguous reign of terror through Syria and its proxies in Lebanon, with 150,000 Hezbollah missiles locked and loaded. My friend was attending a medical meeting in Israel, and his group visited Sderot, the small city just over the Gaza border in the Negev Desert. He looked stunned as he told me that every home has a bomb shelter and when the sirens go off, residents have 15 seconds to take cover. I asked if he had visited the community playground, where there is a piece of equipment that looked like a giant elephant. He hadn’t. I remarked that it’s also an entrance to a bomb shelter for the toddlers. When people ask me why I am so involved in AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, I will share the story of the elephant in the playground. I have many, many others. Israel is a miracle, a thriving democracy bringing technological and medical advances to the world that have saved countless lives. It’s a miracle because of the existential threats on every border, because Israel’s enemies are always poised to attack, and in spite of these dark clouds, Israel thrives. AIPAC’s singular mission is to ensure a strong bipartisan US-Israel relationship so its security needs will be met, no matter the challenges. Every year, I encourage you to join me at AIPAC’s Policy Conference in Washington DC. This year, it will be held from March 1-3, 2020, and it is the largest gathering of American Jews, with 18,000 in attendance. We hear from leaders of both the US and Israeli governments, thought leaders, community organizers, military and technology leaders, and more. We also lobby our government to ensure that the United States maintains its bipartisan commitment to Israel’s security. Temple Sinai always sends a large delegation, and I’d love you to join us.

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I was very anxious during the 2014 Gaza War, called Operation Protective Edge. Islamic Jihad and Hamas fired over 4,500 rockets into Israel, and many of my friends had kids in the IDF. Prime Minister Netanyahu asked for an immediate emergency military aid package of $233 million to replenish its life-saving defensive shield called Iron Dome. President Obama and Congress approved it immediately. I shudder to think of how many lives might have been lost had our government hesitated, and I know that AIPAC’s leadership was crucial. That’s why I hope you’ll join me at the AIPAC Policy Conference. I cannot describe the feeling you’ll get, surrounded by fellow American Jews, learning about Israel and her current blessings and challenges; it is both amazing and inspiring. And I know you join me, always, in praying for peace for our beloved Israel and all her inhabitants. B’Shalom,

Rabbi Michael A. White

Be sure and enter the code PC20TS when you register from January 1-15 for a substantial discount.


The Bible is a wellspring of fiery, passionate, ethical mandates, seedy family trauma, complicated ethical behavior, and soaring poetry. Together it is the most influential book in human history and can transform our lives. We will grapple with some of its most challenging passages, and its most eloquent. We will examine them through the prism of Jewish history and thought and ask how they inform our lives today. No previous knowledge is necessary. Come ready to be challenged and to grow as Jews and human beings. Mondays at 7:00pm March 16 • April 20 May 18


Tuesdays at 9:30am March 17 • April 21 May 19

All are welcome - free of charge SCRIBE Jan-Feb 2020 5

Rabbi Ilana Schachter rabbischachter@mysinai.org

A Message from Your Rabbis: We need your voice (and your vote) in Israel Before the establishment of the State of Israel, when a Jewish homeland was still a dream, Theodore Herzl established the first ever “Zionist Congress” in 1897 as a legislative body for the World Zionist Organization. Today, Herzl’s Congress still exists, with 500 delegates around the world and convenings in Jerusalem every five years. This October, the 38th World Zionist Congress is scheduled to meet, and we want your voice to be heard. Currently, the United States has 145 delegates in the WZC, the largest single delegation outside Israel. Thanks to a robust turnout in the 2015 elections, 56 of the 145 delegates (39 percent) represent the Reform Movement and, as a result, have been able to ensure that more than $4 million a year ($20 million over five years) is being directed to the Israeli Reform Movement. By comparison, the Israeli government annually provides nearly 4 billion NIS ($1.1 billion) to Orthodox and Haredi institutions in Israel. To read more about these elections, visit https://arza.org/who-we-are/world-zionist-congress-elections. When imagining a Jewish homeland, Theodore Herzl famously wrote, “Im Tirzu, Ein Zo Aggadah,” If you will it, it is no dream. Today, the dream of a Jewish homeland that aligns with our Reform Jewish values, that celebrates Jewish pluralism, racial diversity and gender equality, and that strives for a peaceful resolution of a seemingly never-ending conflict, is still waiting to be realized, but we have to will it into being. These elections are the only democratic opportunity for us as American Jews to influence Israeli society as we continue our efforts toward equality, pluralism, justice, and peace. Every vote counts in this election, and voting is easy to do online, at your home or at Temple Sinai. Staff and volunteers are happy to help you navigate the process. Voting takes place online starting January 21, 2020, and runs through March 11. In the 38th World Zionist Congress, let your voice be heard.

Rabbi Michael A. White

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Rabbi Ilana Schachter

The Jewish Class of


Exploring the reasons behind Jewish worship, rituals, and practices

Adult Education with Rabbi Ilana Schachter Join Rabbi Schachter as we learn more about the prayers that comprise our liturgy, the rituals of our holidays, and more. Come with your questions and curiosity! All are welcome; free of charge.

Tuesdays at 8:00pm January 21 • February 25 March 24 • May 5

Wednesdays at 10:00am January 22 • February 26 March 25 • May 6

PRAY. EAT. LOVE. Saturday Mornings - 9:00-11:30am

led by Rabbi Ilana Schachter and special guests

Shabbat is a time for reflection, gratitude, and enrichment. All are welcome on Saturday mornings as we blend ancient practice and modern interpretation and immerse ourselves in meaningful opportunities for reflection, worship, and engaging learning. No previous knowledge of Hebrew, liturgy, or text required – join us as we learn from our tradition and from one another! SCRIBE Jan-Feb 2020 7

Our Growing List of Members

(as of December 1, 2019)

Anonymous Ellen & Howard Brecher Michelle & Dr. Seth Golden Esther Fortunoff Greene & Joshua Greene Dr. Janet Serle & Ira Malin

Veronica Nasary Randy & Hank Ratner Jodi & Robert Rosenthal Jana & Louis Sheinker Dr. Barbara & Alan Weinschel Lori & Richard Yaspan

To learn more about becoming a member of The Lev Society, please contact Alison Stamm at 516.621.6800 or astamm@mysinai.org

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from the


red minivan

Michelle Golden mgolden@mysinai.org

One of my favorite things to do when I am in the synagogue is to take a peek into the sanctuary. Typically, the lights are low, our Ner Tamid glows softly, and, if it’s a beautiful day, sunlight streams through the stained glass windows. Sometimes, children are singing on the bimah, students are preparing for their B’nei Mitzvah, or recently, a big table and chairs were set up in the back for a meeting of the Education Committee. Can you think of a more appropriate place to discuss and plan for our children and the future? Our sanctuary is special to each of us for our own personal reasons. I imagine if you ask your friends, they have heartfelt experiences, emotional moments, and special memories that have taken place there, or they have immense feelings when in this sacred space. Our sanctuary is a place we all share, young and young-at-heart, and yet it is not accessible or comfortable for all who enter its doors. This summer, with the help of a very generous donation and the devoted members of our construction and décor committees, we will be embarking on a journey of inclusivity; a renovation of this sacred space, making it comfortable and welcoming for all who enter. • We will be improving lighting and sound, and adding visual tefillah, all to improve our worship experience. • There will be a ramp so everyone can ascend the bimah with grace and dignity to speak, lead, or receive a blessing before the ark. • The bimah itself will be reconfigured, providing opportunities for our rabbis and cantors to be closer to us as we worship, sing, and pray. • The current seating will be replaced with beautiful, padded, movable chairs, allowing us to reconfigure the space so that we may experience intimate services, create spaces for wheelchairs closer to the bimah, and in general, provide a more inclusive environment. • Although you will not see the change, I am sure you will welcome an updated heating and air conditioning system. By minimizing temperature fluctuations we can focus on peace and serenity. We are blessed and fortunate to have this opportunity and assistance. I know you all join me in appreciation of this generous gift. Our sanctuary is already a beautiful space. The goal is to enhance what we love and to create opportunities for every member to feel welcomed, to feel comfortable, and to feel at home.

Michelle Golden SCRIBE Jan-Feb 2020 9



im r u P l e 0 i 2 20 ret Sp a b Ca


Saturday, March 7 7:00pm 10 SCRIBE Jan-Feb 2020

PURIM carnival

Sunday, March 8 10:00am - 12:00pm Open to the community! All are welcome! Details to follow!

January Collection In partnership with TANS (Tikkun Alliance of North Shore), we are collecting dry, non-perishable food items for the local shelter, Broken But Not Destroyed. Items include: oatmeal, pasta, cake mix, canned tuna fish, and boxed cereal.

February Drive in Honor of Purim Each month, Temple Sinai is blessed to have opportunities to help the local and broader community through direct service programs, as well as through collections for those in need. This year, the holiday of Purim begins the evening of March 9, and we look forward to celebrating with you here at the synagogue. However, in addition to reading from Megillat Esther (the Scroll of Esther) and having a festive celebration, Purim is a time when we are especially obligated to think of others, especially those in need, and offer gifts both to those within our community and those outside of it. In the beginning of Megillat Esther, we read that the Jewish people living in Shushan were a “dispersed people,” interpreted by many as a community isolated from one another. By the end of the story, the Jewish people, encouraged by Esther, are able to come together and overcome the threat to their very existence. Purim, therefore, is not only a celebration of the Jewish people’s ability to survive, but also a time when we can turn to one another and build relationships. By offering gifts to others, strangers and neighbors alike, we are able to remind one another that we are not alone. In this spirit, Temple Sinai is working with an incredible organization called DOROT, whose mission it is to reduce the plague of social isolation amongst seniors. This February, we encourage you to help us create birthday packages for seniors by donating items from the list below. These packages will be distributed by volunteers in the weeks surrounding Purim. For more information on this opportunity or to get more involved in social action at Temple Sinai, please reach out to one of our social action committee chairs or Rabbi Schachter at RabbiSchachter@mysinai.org. Ideas for birthday gift contents (not gender-specific) Mugs Tea/Hot chocolate (a few teabags/ hot chocolate packets inside a mug) Chocolate Bath products Crosswords/Puzzle books and pens Weekly planners Picture frames Gloves

*Edible products must be kosher

Notepads/Journal Tote bags Socks Cute kitchen utensil Snow globe for winter birthdays Sudoku books Non-slip socks Glasses holder Journal

Playing cards and an automatic card shuffler to go with it! Fidget spinners Stress balls Lip balm and lotion Post-It notes Wooden block calendar Umbrella Blanket/Throw

On Saturday, February 29, please help us sort and pack these DOROT birthday packages for seniors.

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the musings of a balabusta* by tracy zimmerman

Here we are at the start of the calendar year when, in the American tradition, we make resolutions and lists of things we are looking forward to accomplishing. This year, my list is short. My Jewish resolutions on the secular calendar are to not only cook and prepare for Shabbat each week, but to enjoy it and gain a better understanding of what Shabbat truly means to my family. I am so looking forward to exploring Shabbat in 30-minutes-or-less and sharing my ways with all of you. So, please come and join me as we learn how to make this a reality in your home. Some weeks I am able to start my preparations on Wednesday, while other weeks, I have 30 minutes-or-less on Shabbat. Those are the times when I really get my Shabbat game on! I can make a dinner with a chicken, at least two sides, and a parve dessert. I keep a running list of my successful Shabbat dinners in the Notes section of my phone as a reference. Remember, I am also cooking for kids so we all can enjoy the same meal. When I cook for Shabbat it is my time to get into my thoughts. Sometimes I am in the mood for Israeli music that is really upbeat. Most times I cook in silence alone. In my kitchen I am always facing the picture I have of my Mom. That is the picture I stare at when I am kneading my challah, it is also the picture that I use to fuel and drive me into creating Shabbat in my home. My Mom could have made a Shabbat dinner in 5-minutes-or-less, but you will come to my class to hear about that! Her memory is the fire and the reason why I am a balabusta-in training. Truthfully, it really isn’t easy for me to make Shabbat. It is a work-in-progress. It’s a plan and a project and it needs to be well-executed. It is hard work, but very satisfying for my soul. I put so much into it, and I am hoping to reap its rewards for years to come.


(pronounced ba-la-BUST-ah) is the Yiddish term for “homemaker,” generally denoting a woman who is exceptionally skilled at maintaining her home. 12 SCRIBE Jan-Feb 2020

So far, I am getting some payback. How you ask? Well, when one of my boys sees me on a Wednesday preparing for Shabbat and smells my soup, that is the start. Then, on Friday, they see the challahs and help me braid. Next thing I know, my older ones are supposed to be headed out the door when they ask, “Can I have some soup with a matzah ball?” “Can we have challah before we leave?” My answer is always yes, because this will be what continues to bring them back home to me. The traditions and the smells and tastes will be memories that I will hope that they will take with them to college and beyond. I am extremely thoughtful about the ways I bring Judiaism into their lives. I weave it into everything we do and so when Shabbat comes, it a joyful time to be with family and friends. I love having everyone over, because (hopefully) it is the one night out of the week when there is no rush to get the dinner to the table, no rush to clear the table; to be able to sit and have a glass a wine and truly enjoy what is in front of me. I am always available to anyone who is interested in how to make Shabbat, so please join me where we can share and discuss all the ways to make it “easy” in your home. Shabbat Shalom,


a Sinai Sadna with Tracy Zimmerman

Thursday, February 27 7:00pm Learn time-saving hacks on some of your favorite Learn time-saving hacks for some for your favorite traditional traditional Jewish comfort foods with Temple Sinai’s own Tracy Zimmerman. For more details contact Adrianne Rubin at arubin@mysinai.org SCRIBE Jan-Feb 2020 13

14 SCRIBE Jan-Feb 2020

Author’s Talk

Tuesday, February 11 7:30pm



Lessons from Elie Wiesel’s Classroom

In this profoundly hopeful, thought-provoking, and inspiring book, Burger takes us into Elie Wiesel’s classroom, where the art of listening and storytelling conspire to keep memory alive. in partnership with

All are welcome; free of charge


TEMPLE SINAI is privileged to welcome esteemed DOROT Professor of Modern Jewish History & Holocaust Studies at Emory University

Dr. Deborah Lipstadt on Tuesday, April 28, 2020 at 7:30pm In her latest book, Antisemitism: Here and Now, Deborah E. Lipstadt examines the recent rise in antisemitism in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe. The book takes the form of a series of letters between Lipstadt and two fictional characters - a Jewish student and a non-Jewish colleague. It is a penetrating and provacative analysis of the hate that will not die, focusing on its current virulent incarnation on both the political right and left. We are thrilled to announce that Antisemitism: Here and Now is our Big Read selection; the Big Read will take place on Thursday, March 12 at 7:30pm. “One of the most powerful and riveting courtoom dramas ever made.” - The New York Observer


Based on the acclaimed book “Denial: Holocaust History on Trial” by Deborah E. Lipstadt

Tuesday, March 31

Free for Congregants; $10 Non-Congregants 16 SCRIBE Jan-Feb 2020


DENIAL recounts Dr. Lipstadt’s (Academy Award® winner Rachel Weisz) legal battle for historical truth against David Irving (Timothy Spall), who accused her of libel when she declared him a Holocaust denier. In the English legal system, in cases of libel, the burden of proof is on the defendant, therefore it was up to Lipstadt and her legal team, led by Richard Rampton (Tom Wilkinson), to prove the essential truth that the Holocaust occurred.


Adrianne Rubin arubin@mysinai.org In mid-November, we were fortunate enough to have renowned Judaica artist, Mordechai Rosenstein, hold a five-day artist’s residency here at Temple Sinai. During his time here, Mordechai attended events with the full range of Temple Sinai’s population, from our Nursery School children to our Saturday morning Minyan group; the women of Friend of a Friend, the gentlemen of Brotherhood, and our amazing Board of Trustees. Mordechai set up his makeshift “studio” near the Tree of Life in the lobby. All who entered the building while he was painting were welcome to add a brushstroke to a work of art that he created especially for Temple Sinai, with the phrase Ma Tovu – “How wondrous!” – as stated on the entrance to our building. Once Mordechai completes the work back home in Philadelphia, we will get to display it as a cherished addition to our art collection and a permanent memento of the very special days we shared with him and his equally charming colleague, Barry Magen. Here are just a few highlights from their days with us:

Director of Adult Engagement

SCRIBE Jan-Feb 2020 17

wine,women&wisdom at

On Wednesday, November 6, thirty-six women from Friend of a Friend gathered for our first Rosh Chodesh of the year to perform the mitzvah of studying the Torah at Esther Fortunoff’s Fine Jewlery showroom. Not only did we eat, drink, and schmooze, we listened and learned about the fascinating history of the Fortunoff legacy. Their journey began in 1922 in Brooklyn with Max & Clara, and developed into many prosperous stores, with their flagship store on Fifth Avenue. The Fortunoff Family was a very prominent family in both the retail and charitable worlds. Esther Fortunoff Greene is a third generation Fortunoff and continues to carry on this legacy.

Esther and Cantor Elena tied their presentations together with Cantor Elena describing the holy garments and jewels that were prescribed to be worn by the holy priests in ancient times. They were the Kohanim, and their vestments, a total of eight types, were made, as the the Torah states, “for dignity and for beauty.” The breastplate, a special part of the vestment ensemble, included 12 gemstones. The 12 stones were each inscribed with the name of one of the twelve tribes of Israel. This is mentioned in The Book of Exodus. Esther displayed examples of the different gemstones such as ruby, sapphire, topaz, emerald, onyx, and jasper, to name a few. This presentation made the Torah come alive.

Why was the Torah so emphatic and detailed about what the high priests should wear? What is the meaning of aesthetics in Judaism? Cantor Elena emphasized that in Judaism, we don’t worship images or idols, but beauty is representative of dignity and honor. The purpose of beauty on the breastplate should appeal to Jews on a deeper and spiritual level. Cantor Elena mentioned the famous Torah commentator, Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, who spoke about the beauty of holiness and how ancient Israelites chose the inner, spiritual world instead of the worship of pagans. In essence, beauty inspires love, and “from love flows the service of the heart.” This unforgettable evening was one of love of temple, sharing the beauty of Esther Fortunoff’s showroom and her varied collection of jewels, their symbolism, and the spiritual connectedness we all felt studying the Torah with our wonderful Cantor Elena. Thank you, Esther, for your gracious hospitality and presentation, as well as for opening up your showroom for the women of Friend of a Friend. Charlotte Hollander Co-Chairperson, Wine, Women, & Wisdom

18 SCRIBE Jan-Feb 2020

The women of Friend of a Friend/Chaverot (FOF) have been so busy! We enjoyed a fascinating tour of Crown Heights and a night-out at Fortunoff’s for a special Wine, Women, & Wisdom discussion. If you haven’t joined in any of our events yet, this is the season for us to welcome you and for you to be a part of all that is going on! Here’s what’s coming up!

Friend of a Friend Monthly Meetings

Fridays, January 10 and February 7 at 9:30am in the Library Be a part of the planning for our events and activities. We welcome newcomers to keep our ideas fresh and appealing to all women of Temple Sinai. This is a great way to get involved - our meetings are short and start with a joke! Give it a try!

Author’s Talk and Luncheon: Sarah Rose, Author of “D-Day Girls” Adult Engagement Event co-sponsored by Friend of a Friend Tuesday, January 7 at 11:30am

D-Day Girls is the dramatic, untold story of the extraordinary women recruited by Britain’s elite spy agency to help pave the way for Allied victory. $20 includes lunch catered by Bagel Boss. For more information or to RSVP, contact Adrianne Rubin at 516.621.6800 x114.

Cooking for a Cause

Friday, January 10 at 10:30am COOKING for a us to do a mitzvah! We’re teaming up with the Social Action Committee to cAUSE Join prepare and deliver a dinner of vegetable lasagna, salad, garlic bread, and cookies to local families in need. No charge. Only a few cooking spots left. RSVP to fof@mysinai.org.

Make a Glass Matzah Tray

Thursday, January 23 Wine & Greetings at 7:00pm; Program starts promptly at 7:30pm Our guest artist Aura Shahaf Woelfle will instruct and inspire us as we create gorgeous fused glass matzah trays. The trays will then be professionally kiln-fired and returned to Temple Sinai in time for Passover. Includes all supplies, wine and light refreshments. Space is limited. $70 for Friend of a Friend Members/$75 for Non-FOF Members, Send your check made out to Friend of a Friend with “matzah tray” in the memo line by January 10.

Wednesday, January 29 at 7:00pm Join us for a relaxing night of wine, light food, and lively discussion about the Torah and women in our heritage. No charge. Space is limited; RSVPs are required: winewomenwisdom@mysinai.org

Turn the page for more Friend of a Friend/Chaverot upcoming events! SCRIBE Jan-Feb 2020 19

Sinai’s 3rd Great Big Challah Bake

Wednesday, February 12 Coffee & Greetings at 10:30am; Program starts promptly at 11:00am Back by popular demand! Learn how to prepare, knead, and braid delicious challah with Temple Sinai’s own Tracy Zimmerman. Don’t miss this day filled with warmth and tradition. All ingredients and supplies will be provided.

$36 for FOF members, $45 for non-FOF members. Space is limited. Send your check to the Temple office, made out to Friend of a Friend with “challah” in the memo line, by January 31.

Plant Nite®

Wednesday, March 4 Wine & Schmoozing at 7:00pm; Program starts promptly at 7:30pm Plant Nite® invites you to create a gorgeous terrarium! Our entertaining plant professional will lead us step-by-step through this plant-based activity just in time for spring. Come flex your green thumb while making a table-top garden! No experience necessary; all supplies, wine and light refreshments included. $54 for Friend of a Friend members, $60 for Non-FOF Members. Send your check made out to Friend of a Friend with “plant nite” in the memo line by February 21.

Hope to see you soon at Friend of a Friend events! Is your FOF membership up to date? To renew or join us, please send your check payable to Temple Sinai for $36 with “FOF” in the memo line: Temple Sinai, 425 Roslyn Road, Roslyn Heights, NY 11577. Visit us at mysinai.org/fof, email us at fof@mysinai.org and follow us on Instagram @mysinai_fof

Wednesday, January 8 at 12:30pm Thursday, February 6 at 12:30pm Wednesday, March 11 at 7:00pm

20 SCRIBE Jan-Feb 2020

Caring Committee

of Temple Sinai

The Caring Committee of Temple Sinai continues to enjoy contacting our wonderful congregants celebrating simchas. We make phone calls, send notes, and when notified by the clergy or staff, we connect with members in times of need, illness, and during times of sadness. It has been very heartwarming to learn that our activities are truly appreciated by the members of Temple Sinai and their families. We take pleasure in hosting our series of three Lunch and Learn events. The second of this series will take place on Wednesday, March 25, 2020 at 12:00pm in the Temple Library. The third of the series is scheduled for 12:00pm on Wednesday, May 6. Rabbi Schachter will introduce us to a Judaic text and provide us with an opportunity to participate in a lively discussion, followed by a lovely lunch. We encourage others to join this committee and serve the Temple Sinai membership. If you would like to join us but need additional information, please call the Temple office 516.621.6800 or send us an email at templeoffice@mysinai.org. We look forward to meeting you! L’Shalom, Burnette Groveman and Cecile Saretsky, Co-Chairs



check your inbox because it will engage, educate, entertain, excite, and energize you Jewishly ...

in just 5 minutes! SCRIBE Jan-Feb 2020 21

TODAH RABAH FROM TEMPLE SINAI A Visit to Greenwood Cemetery Why would anyone pack the family and a picnic lunch and travel to a cemetery for a day’s outing? Well, that’s exactly what many New Yorkers did when the Greenwood Cemetery was opened in rural Brooklyn in 1838. So, that’s what about two dozen congregants from Temple Sinai did on August 11, 2019, for a guided trolley-tour sponsored by the Brotherhood of Temple Sinai. This 478-acre tract, the site of the Revolutionary War Battle of Long Island in 1776, is a National Historic Landmark known for its architecture, historic significance, resting place of many notable New Yorkers, vistas, and idyllic surroundings. Created when churchyards in New York City were overcrowded and thought by some to be the source of diseases plaguing New Yorkers, it was an enjoyable respite and trip to the countryside. It was so popular that it inspired a competition for the design of Central Park in Manhattan.

The group from Temple Sinai met at the historic Gothic Revival cemetery entrance gate at 25th Street and Fifth Avenue on a clear and sunny morning and embarked on a two-hour guided trolley tour led by an experienced docent. The tour stopped at several locations of historic significance, breathtaking vistas and the burial sites of notable New Yorkers. They were also treated to anecdotes of some of the famous individuals and families interred, and to a sing-along at the gravesite of Leonard Bernstein

The list of famous interred New Yorkers includes: Henry Ward Beecher – famous abolitionist Leonard Bernstein – pianist, composer, and conductor Dewitt Clinton – governor of New York To learn more Charles Ebbets – Brooklyn Dodgers owner and builder of Ebbets Field about Brotherhood, Horace Greeley – founder of the New York Tribune Townsend Harris – US Consul General to Japan contact us at Elias Howe – inventor of the sewing machine brotherhood@ Samuel Morse – inventor of the telegraph Duncan Phfyfe - cabinetmaker mysinai.org Henry Rutgers – philanthropist and namesake of Rutgers University Henry Steinway – founder of Steinway Pianos Louis Comfort Tiffany - artist William “Boss” Tweed – notorious political leader and Roslyn’s own John Mackay, the owner of the Comstock Lode in Nevada and builder of the “Harbor Hills” estate on Harbor Hill Road in East Hills. After the tour, many of the participants enjoyed a lunch at one of several local Brooklyn restaurants, completing a satisfying and inspiring day. 22 SCRIBE Jan-Feb 2020

SAVE-THE-DATE Join us for a book presentation and discussion with Brad Kolodny, Author and Photographer Seeking Sanctuary: 125 Years of Synagogues on Long Island All are welcome!

SUNDAY, APRIL 5 at 10:00am CONGRATULATIONS! to our SORTY Canstruction Team and their advisors/mentors, Larry Krasnoff, Pam Alcala, and Lulu Belferder We are proud of you and your winning entry - the Empire State Building! After the exhibition, the cans were donated to organizations that help Long Island residents who are food insecure. SCRIBE Jan-Feb 2020 23


Meet Our New Nursery School Director


in partnership with

I am honored to serve as the Director of Early Childhood Education at Temple Sinai Nursery School in Partnership with Bright Horizons. After spending 14 years teaching Pre-K, I am excited to expand my role into administration. Together with a team of dedicated and creative teachers, I am committed to providing families with a loving and uniquely responsive experience. At Temple Sinai Nursery School, we know that play is a child’s most important work, and we empower the children to do and be their best by taking advantage of teachable moments. The love of learning and Judaism is infused in everything we do. I live in Port Washington with my husband and two children, Remi(2) and Danny(10). The unwavering support they provide me is a source of abundant pride that fuels my daily efforts to lead Temple Sinai Nursery School in Partnership with Bright Horizons in the best possible ways! I look forward to working with Bright Horizons, our clergy, faculty, and parents, to achieve magical things together!

Q&A with our new Director! Years at Temple Sinai Nursery School: Three Where did you grow up? Muttontown, NY Favorite children’s movie? The Little Mermaid Favorite picture book? Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Favorite subject in school? Math If you weren’t a Nursery School teacher, what would you do for a living? International Corporate Lawyer

24 SCRIBE Jan-Feb 2020

Favorite thing about teaching Nursery School? Watching children develop throughout the years and learn from experiences. Everything is a teachable moment. Favorite color? Pink Favorite food? Chicken Francese Favorite sport? I like to play softball. I love to watch my 10-year old son play basketball, football, and baseball.

Favorite Jewish holiday? Chanukah is my favorite because my children also learn the gift of giving and there are many nights where families can be together, which is not usual for busy families. Favorite season? I love each season for its own reason. This is what I love about New York. There is something so magical about the transition from one season to another Favorite ice cream flavor? Cookies and Cream, obviously!

The Temple Sinai of Roslyn Family invites the entire community to join us for

Led by Cantors Sergei and Elena Schwartz

Toddl ers t o 3rd Gr ade


Group 1: Toddlers - Pre-K • Group 2: K - 3rd Grade Fun, animated, and enriching program for children (drop-off) Students will participate in a fun craft!


Celebrate Shabbat with drums, guitar, piano, singing, laughing, and dancing! Parents, grandparents, and siblings are all welcome! Family dinner to follow the service

All Are Welcome! FREE!

RSVP to dhollander@mysinai.org

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our children, our future


Cantor-Educator Elena Schwartz cantorelenaschwartz@mysinai.org

Light a Candle with your Shayne Yiddishe Kinder In 2008, together with Cantor Sergei Schwartz, I had the privilege of leading a group from Temple Beth Sholom in New City and Temple Beth El in Monroe, to Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. Among the many unforgettable experiences, one stands out as one of the most powerfully moving moments in my life. Standing with us on the cold April day in the middle of the Auschwitz Extermination Camp, was an eighty-year- old Auschwitz survivor, our fellow congregant, Elimir Freed. As he finished telling us about the destruction of his own family and his miraculous survival, he began to stare into the faces of the adults and the high school students who travelled with us. Tears began to roll down his cheeks and he repeated the words: “Shayne Yiddishe kinder, Shayne Yiddishe kinder,” “what beautiful Jewish children.” Elimir’s words have remained indelibly etched in my mind ever since that cold spring day in Auschwitz. There is a hardly a day that I don’t look at our children here at Sinai and think to myself, “Shayne Yiddishe kinder!” That experience is just one of the reasons I am a member of the Zachor* committee at Temple Sinai. We have launched Light a Candle: Our Congregation Remembers, a project designed to involve each member-family in keeping alive the memory of a victim of the Holocaust. Following instructions provided once you agree to participate, you will search for and identify a Holocaust victim (who, perhaps, bore your family name or was from the country or, even the town of your family’s origin), and in memory of whom you may light a yahrzeit candle during each year - on the anniversary of the death (if that information is known) and on Yom Kippur and one or more of the three holidays when the Yizkor service is held. As the letter from our committee states, we ask that you help us bear witness by engaging your children, 10-yearsold and up in an experience they will never forget. Our Shayne Yiddishe kinder must never forget those of a previous generation who, not so long ago, were the future of the Jewish people. I urge all our parents and children to join with us in this extraordinary Temple-wide memorial project. If you would like to participate in the Light a Candle project, you can visit our website, or sign-up on the form on the table just outside the sanctuary. Once signed-up, we will provide you with Cantor-Educator Elena Schwartz instructions for choosing your Holocaust victim. *Hebrew for remember 26 SCRIBE Jan-Feb 2020

Dear Temple Sinai Families, I am excited to introduce two of our wonderful 7th grade Mitzvah Makers, Maxwell Cohen and Tyler Osit, who through their mitzvah projects, are working towards making the world a better place: Tikkun Olam! Max has decided to collect stress relief toys that help students, like himself, who have Asperger’s or other anxiety issues that affect them. These toys can help a student focus, absorb more information, self-regulate, and provide a calming influence. These toys help Max and others get through situations that may not affect other children. They create a way for them to use their hands as a means of releasing tension through physical manipulation of specifically designed objects. This project is very important to Max as it is personal, and he wants to use this opportunity to help other children like himself. Tyler will be collecting stuffed animals, from friends and family who live locally, and from the guests who will be attending his Bar Mitzvah, who have been asked to bring one that day. He will then donate all that he has collected to a very a special organization called Hugs Across America. This fabulous organization distributes the stuffed animals to children in crisis across America. We can be extremely proud of the wonderful mitzvah projects our Mitzvah Makers are doing. They are taking the initiative to make changes happen as part of their Bar Mitzvahs and their journey into Jewish adulthood. Shalom, Audra Groveman Mitzvah Makers Coordinator Max


Our third Hineni session, Feeding the Hungry, was a huge success. We had close to 80 children attend and assemble food baskets for local families-in-need for the Thanksgiving holiday. We are taught in the Torah, that if you offer your compassion to the hungry and help to take away their hunger, you shine light in the darkness. The Torah also commands that if you give food to the poor, give as if you are giving to God. The children fulfilled these mitzvot with all they had to give, and I do not mean just the food! They learned how important it is to help others who are less fortunate than themselves. They learned that compassion for others is commanded in the Torah and that we are all responsible to care for those who cannot care for themselves. They came together to make a difference first-hand. We hope this is a lesson they will keep with them forever and that they will always fulfill! Shalom, Audra Groveman Hineni Coordinator

some of the foods donated by our incerdible Hineni students

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5th and 6th Grade


S ABBAT Friday, January 24, 2020

5:30-6:30pm Festive Shabbat Dinner


Milestone Service Oneg immediately following

Kvell as your children lead the Temple Sinai Community in prayer and song for this very special Shabbat service All are welcome! RSVP by January 23 to the Religious School office at 516.621.8016 or dhollander@mysinai.org. Be sure and let us know how many people will be attending and if you will be joining us for dinner.

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In the November/December issue of the SCRIBE, the Bar Mitzvah profile for Noah Janowitz contained an incorrect piece of information. We are happy to reprint Noah’s corrected facts here and regret the error. Mazel tov on your Bar Mitzvah, Noah. Temple Sinai is proud of you!


Parents: Stephanie & Sammy Janowitz Siblings: Lily - 9 Grandparents: Rosalyn & Ivan Meisner, Bernard & Sherry Janowitz, Helene & Mark Cohen School: Roslyn Middle School - 8th Grade Years in Our Religious School: 6 Favorite Holiday: I love Passover. I love all the traditions that surround the seder and I still get a kick out of searching for the Afikoman. Describe Yourself: I love playing sports, especially hockey, lacrosse, and basketball. I am also a diehard Jets fan - which has been less than rewarding. Beyond sports, I like math, coding, and science. Why is Becoming a Bar Mitzvah Important? Becoming a Bar Mitzvah means that I am committing myself to being a Jewish man. I am most looking forward to increased independence and maturity.


Parents: Haley & Brian Wolin Siblings: Brett - 16 Grandparents: Leslie & Barnett Schulman, Theda Spitz (great-grandmother) School: Roslyn Middle School - 7th Grade Years in Our Religious School: 6 Favorite Holiday: My favorite Jewish holiday is Rosh Hashanah, because it is the Jewish New Year and signifies a new beginning. I enjoy going to the synagogue to hear the sound of the shofar. I love celebrating the New Year with my family. My mother makes delicious soup and brisket. It is a happy and joyous time. Describe Yourself: I love music. I play the acoustic and electric guitar and I sing in a band at School of Rock in Roslyn. My favorite subject in school is math, because it challenges me. I have spent my summers at Camp Lokanda and have so many great memories there. I also enjoy swimming, softball, and cooking. My favorite vacation is Aruba. I look forward to going there every year. I also love to just hang out with my friends and to spend time with my family, my dog Jake, and my little cousin, Emmie Liv. Why is Becoming a Bat Mitzvah Important? I am proud to become a Bat Mitzvah. It means I am entering adulthood and becoming independent and responsible for myself. I hope to continue the Jewish traditions. I have worked hard to prepare for this day and I am excited to celebrate this important milestone with family and friends.

Volunteer Ushers Needed

To volunteer, please contact the Temple Office at 516.621.6800 or templeoffice@mysinai.org

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Parents: Irene & Vlad Frenk Siblings: Artem - 15 Grandparents: Natalya Vasilieva & Ernest Shteynberg, Olga & Ernst Frenk School: Summit School - 8th Grade Years in Our Religious School: 4 Favorite Holiday: My favorite Jewish holiday is Chanukah, because I like latkes and gelt. I also like this holiday because I have good memories of things I have done with my family. Describe Yourself: I like to spend time with my friends, play video games, read, and spend time with my family. I don’t really like sports but I really like Star Wars. Why is Becoming a Bar Mitzvah Important? I am looking forward to having more responsibilities, because with responsibility comes more freedom in choices.


Parents: Randi & Todd Kaplan Siblings: Bailey - 19, Jamie - 16 Grandparents: Sheila Rose, Mimi & Arthur Kaplan School: Roslyn Middle School - 8th Grade Years in Our Religious School: 2 Favorite Holiday: My favorite Jewish holiday is Rosh Hashanah. I enjoy getting to see family members and helping my mom prepare the dishes. I also love reflecting on the past year and planning for the year ahead. I like trying to live up to my resolutions. Describe Yourself: I love classical music. It’s an adventure of mixed melodies and harmonies that are expected at every turn. I also love to bake because it is a wonderful way of sharing. Violin is another of my passions. I love starting a new piece or playing one for review. My favorite subject in school is science. I am also interested in psychology because the human mind is very interesting. Why is Becoming a Bar Mitzvah Important? Becoming a Bar Mitzvah means leaving your childhood behind and starting a new path as a more mature person. I look forward to being a better person and helping others. I also hope to contribute to reducing global warming by being more caring to the environment and being a vegetarian.


Parents: Tracy & Anthony Sparacia Siblings: Sawyer - 10, Donovan - 5 Grandparents: Sharon & Kenneth Schreiber, Jean & Angelo Sparacia School: Willets Road School - 7th Grade Years in Our Religious School: 5 Favorite Holiday: My favorite holiday is Passover. I enjoy sitting around the table with my family while participating in the seder. My favorite part is singing Dayenu and being silly while singing all the Passover songs. I love matzah as well, and get to eat it for seven days during the holiday. Describe Yourself: I play a variety of sports including soccer, basketball, and softball, but soccer is my number one sport. I play travel soccer for the Albertson Fury and have been playing since I was three years old. When I’m not playing sports, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I am a Yankees fan and a fan of University of North Carolina basketball and I love watching their games with my dad and brothers. I spend my summers at Pierce Camp and have since I was a baby. Why is Becoming a Bat Mitzvah Important? Becoming a Bat Mitzvah means that I am about to become a woman in the Jewish religion. I have worked hard for the past five years learning about my religion and the importance of being part of the Jewish community. I plan on becoming a more responsible participant during the Jewish holidays. I plan on remaining active in the Jewish community, as well as maintaining my Jewish education both now and in the future.

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Parents: Randi Spier Eckfeldt, Bruce Eckfeldt Siblings: Aidan - 14, Riley - 10 Grandparents: Toby & Nathaniel Spier, Susan Eckfeldt, John Eckfeldt School: Roslyn Middle School - 7th Grade Years in Our Religious School: 5 Favorite Holiday: My favorite holiday is Yom Kippur. Fasting makes me realize how lucky I am to eat every day. I love food. I look forward to breaking the fast. Describe Yourself: Skiing, snowboarding, and skateboarding are my favorite sports. It is always fun discovering a new skate park or terrain park. Why is Becoming a Bar Mitzvah Important? Becoming a Bar Mitzvah means thinking less about myself and more about others.


Parents: Natalie & David Mashaal Siblings: Nikki - 22, Lexi - 20, Zach -11 Grandparents: Marcelle & Len Kosson, Edna & Ezra Mashaal School: Roslyn Middle School - 7th Grade Years in Our Religious School: 5 Favorite Holiday: Chanukah, because I am often away with my whole family and we spend quality time together. Describe Yourself: I love sports - all sports - but my favorite is basketball. Math is my favorite subject. I like to play video games and read. Why is Becoming a Bar Mitzvah Important? I am looking forward to being considered a man. I take being Jewish seriously and I am excited about the responsibility that comes with becoming a Bar Mitzvah.


Parents: Stephanie & Jeffrey Cohen Siblings: Abbey - 10 Grandparents: Jerelyn & Walter Margulies, Gale & Richard Cohen School: Roslyn Middle School - 7th Grade Years in Our Religious School: 3 Favorite Holiday: My favorite holiday is Chanukah, because I get to open presents and be with my family. I also like that I get to see the joy in everyone’s faces when they love their presents. Describe Yourself: I love every single subject in school except social studies. I used to play the guitar and I love playing soccer. I like to sing, read, cook, paint, draw, and play with my dog. I also love pasta and love to spend time with my mom. Why is Becoming a Bar Mitzvah Important? What I am looking forward to is being able to become a responsible person and make the right choices. I also can’t wait for my party!

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Lulu Belferder Lulu Belferder lbelferder@mysinai.org lbelferder@mysinai.org I can’t believe how fast this year is going by…we have already accomplished so much! I wanted to share someschool thoughts our teens about recentadded experience theyanxiety had volunteering at theespecially Hope Lodge in The yearfrom is underway and that abrings stress and for all children teens. New York American Cancer Hope program a freeeach home-away-fromTeen stressCity. is anThe important health issueSociety that more andLodge more teens are provides experiencing year. The early home for cancer patients and their caregivers from all over the world who are seeking treatment New teen years are marked by rapid changes — physical, cognitive, and emotional. Young people alsoatface York City hospitals. More than just a roof over their heads, it’s a nurturing community that helps patients changing relationships with peers, new demands at school, family tensions, and safety issues in their access the careThe theyways need. Each Hope community offers acan supportive environment wherelong-term guests communities. in which teensLodge cope with these stressors have significant short-and can share a meal, join in the evening’s activities, or unwind in their own private room. consequences on their physical and emotional health. It is often hard for teens to ask for help, and put

words to the stress or anxiety they are feeling. Below are some strategies to help teens get through these On Saturday, November 16, 2019, twenty-four Temple Sinai teens set out to experiences. bring smiles to the faces of the guests currently residing at the Hope Lodge. The teens didfor an coping incrediblewith job setting Strategies stress:up a beautiful brunch, making coffee, and creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. As people returned home from treatments, were waking up to start their day, they joined for • Talkmorning about problems withorothers. some conversation with new, young, • Take deep breaths, accompanied by good thinking or saying aloud, “I can handle this.” friendly faces. Teens talked for more than • Perform progressive muscle relaxation, which involves repeatedly tensinganand relaxing large muscles hour with people they just met, helped serve food and provide a yummy of the body. evenmanageable walk outsidechunks. in the cold to help one man get in his • Set small goals and break tasksmeal into and smaller, • Exercise and eat regular meals.prescribed morning exercise. • Get proper sleep. Temple • Practice consistent, positive discipline.Sinai’s Sulam Teen Programs is proud to provide these opportunities all of our teens. If you would like to learn more, please contact Lulu Belferder, • Visualize andforpractice feared situations. Director of Youth Engagement at LBelferder@mysinai.org or 516.621.6800 ext. 116. • Focus on what you can control (your reactions, your actions) and let go of what you cannot (other people’s opinions and expectations). • Work through worst-case scenarios until they seem amusing or absurd. • Lower unrealistic expectations. • Schedule breaks and enjoyable activities. • Accept yourself as you are; identify your unique strengths and build on them. • Give up on the idea of perfection, both in yourself and in others. Give yourself permission and cultivate the ability to learn from mistakes

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a thank you to


Did you know that a WCBS 880 Radio meteorologist is a member of our congregation? What is also interesting is that this congregant makes his home in Boston and commutes to Temple Sinai. This person is ... Todd Glickman! You will probably recognize Todd because he has been a welcoming presence during the High Holy Days since 1969. When Todd was a young student at Temple Sinai, he began working in the coatroom during weddings, B’nei Mitzvah, and other events. After his Bar Mitzvah, then-Executive Director, Ed Kohen asked Todd if he would like to check tickets during the High Holy Days and he’s been doing it ever since! During Yom Kippur in the mid-1980’s, Rabbi Petuchowski asked Todd, “What time do the Memorial Services begin?” From that point on, Todd began keeping accurate timesheets for each of the High Holy Day services. Todd studied meteorology at MIT. While he was an undergraduate, he worked Todd, behind the mic at WCBS 880. at the MIT radio station. When he graduated, he worked for a company in Boston that provided weather reports for many radio stations all over the country. In 1979, when he was just 23, Todd was asked to do the weather for WCBS 880 because of his Long Island accent. A Boston accent would not do on a New York radio station! He has been a part-time weatherman for over 40 years. Todd received an Executive MBA from Suffolk University. He works full-time as Senior Director of Corporate Relations at MIT. Through his job he gets to travel the world, especially Asia. He has been to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Bangkok, the Philippines, and Singapore. In 2018, he logged over 250,00 air miles!

Todd’s hobby is working as an instructor at the Seashore Trolley Museum. He teaches volunteers to drive trolley cars, subways cars, and antique buses. He is a self-professed “train geek.”

Helping Ali Stamm perfect her “radio voice”

Todd’s family joined Temple Sinai in 1967. Todd became a Bar Mitzvah, and then went on to Confirmation and graduation from Hebrew High School. His parents, Dr. Franklin z”l and Leatrice Glickman, moved to Florida in 1996. It was then that Todd took over the family’s membership at Temple Sinai. When I asked Todd what our temple meant to him, he replied “Temple Sinai is my link to the past, present, and future -- and my lifelong connection to the Jewish faith and community.”

We all look forward to seeing Todd at our High Holy Day services next year and for many years to come. I can honestly say that it wouldn’t be the High Holy Days at Temple Sinai without Todd Glickman! With sincere appreciation, Margie Berrent, Todah Rabah Committee SCRIBE Jan-Feb 2020 33

Save the Date Friday, June 5, 2020 Visual Artists Recognition Shabbat

Appreciation and gratitude are words we hear. At Temple Sinai, we live by those words. The Todah Rabah Committee was formed to recognize noteworthy contributions of our congregants.

We appreciate all the people who have made Temple Sinai their chosen place of worship. We are proud to have many congregants who enrich our lives. At our previous Todah Rabah Shabbats we have recognized our members of 25 years or more, multi-generation families, educators, and health care providers; now we look forward to honoring those congregants in the visual arts. Please join us on Friday, June 5, as we recognize congregants in the visual arts including all mediums of painting, illustration, sculpting, photography, architecture, ceramics, and design. We will have a display of our congregants’ art to complement this special Shabbat. If you would like to be included, or know someone who should be, please contact Jane in the Temple office at jhallberg@mysinai.org. We hope to see all of our visual artists at this celebratory Shabbat! With sincere gratitude, The Todah Rabah Committee Barbara Gleicher, Margie Berrent, Richard Blatt, Seth Golden, Bert Kraus, and Susan Moisoff

…At long last, New York City chic and sophistication comes to Long Island… Call the event specialists, Mary Venier-Zwirn & Vincent D’Elia to view our beautifully decorated space for your next special occasion

516.484.4300 34 SCRIBE Jan-Feb 2020

mazel tov Wendy & Rory Rosegarten on the marriage of their daughter Danielle to Jason Udoff Stuart Bayer on the birth of his grandson Jamie Allen Bayer Robyn & Warren Schreiber on the marriage of their son Zachary to Jessica Sales Helen Lancberg on the engagement of her granddaughter Sara Salzbank to Moshe Weiss Edith Rae & Paul Brown on their grandson Ethan Samuel Brown becoming a Bar Mitzvah Regina & Dr. Steven Katz on the marriage of their daughter Heather to Lance Hochhauser Leslie & David Wollin on the birth of their grandson Cooper Myles Wollin

Our temple family shares both simchas and sorrows. Please let us know if you would like to receive members’ life cycle information via email by contacting the temple office at templeoffice@mysinai.org

Tina Nelkin on the loss of her aunt Ruth Koolish

with deepest sympathy

Amnon Parizat on the loss of his wife Anne Parizat Trudy Ruchman on the loss of her husband Norman Ruchman Wendy Rosegarten on the loss of her sister Laurie Mika Dr. Kenneth Einberg on the loss of his father Paul Einberg Lori Cohan on the loss of her father Fred Small Susan Doneson on the loss of her grandmother Lillian Adams Sherri Marx-Eisenstadt on the loss of her mother Phyllis Kaufman Steven Flick on the loss of his father Jerry Flick Donna Levine on the loss of her father Kurt Rosenberg

We record with sorrow the death of Temple Members

Anne Parizat Norman Ruchman With deepest sympathy to their families, May their memories be for a blessing.

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HONOR YOUR LOVED ONES WITH PLAQUES AND LEAVES Leaves on the Tree of Life are for those special family simchas: births, marriages, B’nei Mitzvah, anniversaries, etc. The cost of each leaf is $1000. Memorial Plaques honor the memories of our loved ones who have passed away. They are in the hallway leading to the sanctuary. Cost of each plaque is $700, which includes a second version to be put up for your loved one’s yahrzeit. Please contact Betty Brandel in the Temple office at 516.621.6800 for more information or to place an order.

Donations to Clergy Discretionary and Other Funds A donation to any of the clergy discretionary funds requires a separate check. For each of these donations, please make your check payable to Temple Sinai of Roslyn with the specific discretionary fund written in the check memo line: Rabbi Michael White’s Discretionary Fund Cantor Sergei Schwartz’s Discretionary Fund Cantor-Educator Elena Schwartz’s Discretionary Fund Rabbi Ilana Schachter’s Discretionary Fund Donations to any other funds can be combined in one check made payable to Temple Sinai of Roslyn. Please remember that if you use a company or similar type check, your name should appear on the check so we can properly credit your account.

Are you making a donation? Paying your Temple bill? You can do so online at mysinai.org Click on either donate or payments in the upper right hand corner, and follow the instructions.

Temple Sinai Emergency Communication System Be informed regarding weather-related building closures, security updates, and more

Temple Sinai has automatically added you to Remind - a one-way texting service. Remind keeps phone numbers anonymous, and won’t flood your phone with everyone else’s responses. We love it and think you will, too, but if you don’t, you can easily cancel at any time by emailing us at templeoffice@mysinai.org 36 SCRIBE Jan-Feb 2020

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Advertise your business while supporting Temple Sinai. For information contact Kathy Diamond at kdiamond@mysinai.org

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7:30pm Community Choir


7:30pm Community Choir 8:00pm Adult Ed with Rabbi Schachter


7:00pm Wine, Women, and Wisdom (offsite)


10:00am Adult Ed with Rabbi Schachter




7:00pm FOF Make a Fused Glass Matzah Tray




9:00am Pray. Eat. Love. Morning Minyan




6:45pm Shabbat Service


6:45pm Shabbat Hallelu/5th & 6th Grade Milestone Service


9:00am Morning Minyan with Cantor Elena Schwartz 10:30am Shabbat Service Bat Mitzvah Makenzie Sparacia


9:00am Eat. Pray. Love. Morning Minyan



9:00am Morning Minyan 9:30am FOF Monthly with Richard Laskey Meeting and Cooking for 10:30am Shabbat Service a Cause B’nei Mitzvah 4:30pm Sharing Shabbat Anton Frenk 5:30pm Chazak Shabbat Jim Kaplan 6:45pm Shabbat LaNeshama


6:45pm Shabbat Service/ Birthday Blessings


7:30pm Cuba Lecture with 6:45pm Shabbat Service/ Birthday & Anniversary Cantors Sergei and Elena Blessings


10:30am Bat Mitzvah Service Bat Mitzvah Madison Wolin




Religious School 516.621.8016

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If you have any questions, please call the phone numbers listed below:

Dates and times are current as of December 12, 2019 and are subject to change. Online calendars will be updated on a regular basis; please visit our website for all other program and event information.

4:00pm Light Classical Concert with Benjamin Hochman





7:30pm Community Choir


12:30pm Sinai Stitches 7:45pm Brotherhood Monthly Meeting





11:30am Author’s Talk: Sarah Rose D-Day Girls 7:30pm Community Choir








7:30pm Board Meeting






January 2020

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26 10:00am Adult Education with Rabbi Schachter


10:30am Bar Mitzvah Service 6:45pm Shabbat Service/ SORTY Shabbat Bar Mitzvah Matthew Mashaal 7:00pm Sinai Supper Club


4:30pm Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Class 7:30pm Community Choir 8:00pm Adult Education with Rabbi Schachter




6:45pm Shabbat Service Birthday & Anniversary Blessings


6:45pm Shabbat Service






9:00am Morning Minyan with Cantor Elena Schwartz 10:00am Chazak Tu B’Shvat Program 10:30am Shabbat Service Bar Mitzvah Jacob Eckfeldt


9:00am Pray. Eat. Love. Morning Minyan


9:00am Morning Minyan with Cantor Elena Schwartz 10:30am Shabbat Service Bar Mitzvah Maxwell Cohen


9:00am Eat. Pray. Love. Morning Minyan



9:00am Eat. Pray. Love. Morning Minyan



9:30am FOF Monthly Meeting 6:45pm Shabbat Hallelu/ Birthday Blessings



12:30pm Sinai Stitches 7:30pm Sinai Circle Girls’ Night Out






10:30am FOF Great Big Challah Bake



7:30pm Author’s Talk: Ariel Burger Witness 7:30pm Community Choir




7:30pm Community Choir 7:45pm Brotherhood Monthly Meeting



Religious School 516.621.8016

Nursery School 516.621.8708

Main Office 516.621.6800

If you have any questions, please call the phone numbers listed below:

Dates and times are current as of December 12, 2019 and are subject to change. Online calendars will be updated on a regular basis; please visit our website for all other program and event information.



7:30pm Board Meeting







February 2020

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Shabbat Service/Birthday Blessings Pray. Eat. Love. Morning Minyan Bat Mitzvah Service/Bat Mitzvah Madison Wolin Shabbat LaNeshama Pray. Eat. Love. Morning Minyan Shabbat Service/B’nei Mitzvah Anton Frenk and Jim Kaplan Shabbat Service/Birthday & Anniversary Blessings Pray. Eat. Love. Morning Minyan Shabbat Hallelu/5th & 6th Grade Milestone Shabbat Service Pray. Eat. Love. Morning Minyan Shabbat Service/Bat Mitzvah Makenzie Sparacia Shabbat Service Pray. Eat. Love. Morning Minyan Shabbat Hallelu/Birthday Blessings Pray. Eat. Love. Morning Minyan Shabbat Service/Bar Mitzvah Jacob Eckfeldt Shabbat Service Pray. Eat. Love. Morning Minyan Shabbat Service/Birthday & Anniversary Blessings Pray. Eat. Love. Morning Minyan Bar Mitzvah Service/Bar Mitzvah Matthew Mashaal Shabbat Service/SORTY Shabbat Service Pray. Eat. Love. Morning Minyan Shabbat Service/Bar Mitzvah Maxwell Cohen

Adult Mission Trip to led by Cantors Sergei & Elena Schwartz

Friday, February 14 Sunday, February 23


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