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Give fr m the Heart A VIRTUAL “FUN”DRAISER



Dear Friends, Thank you so much for joining us virtually for Give from the Heart. This year, during a time of great uncertainty and challenges for all of us, we hope that you are in good spirits and good health. As COVID-19 continues to spread and the future still feels so unpredictable, our hope is that Temple Sinai has been an anchor for you in the face of this storm. Although we were forced to shut our doors, we never shut our hearts. We know you need us, especially in times like this, and we have adapted to the current situation with fervor, continuing to provide programming, learning, community service, fun, love, and support to our cherished congregation and community. But tonight, we need you, and it is in times like this that, we are reminded of how interconnected we are. While we are doing everything possible to sustain our temple and provide services to our community, COVID-19 has impacted us as well. Each year our fundraiser focuses on a piece of what makes Temple Sinai so special; this year we are asking you to support ALL of the pieces that make Temple Sinai the place Where Every Heart has a Home. Please give generously, but most importantly, Give from the Heart. With love and sincerest thanks for your support, Amy Braunstein, Robyn Corbin & Maribeth Kraus Fundraiser Co-Chairs

To our Give from the Heart Committee At its most basic, teamwork is a sense of unity. It’s an enthusiasm that a group of people shares for their common interests and responsibilities. You have all embraced the uncertainty of orchestrating a virtual fundraiser and we want you to know how crucial your flexibility, commitment, and support has been to us. Most invaluable was experiencing the collaboration of this group working as a true team to overcome obstacles, create new ideas, come up with solutions, and design tonight’s event. T H A N K Y O U With Love and Gratitude Amy, Robyn, and Maribeth

To our devoted Temple Sinai Staff Alison Never to be underestimated, always rising to the occasion, thank you for all you do! Kathy, Jane, Lulu, Adrianne, Betty, Mara, and Mike Always going above and beyond, thank you for passion and dedication for everything Temple Sinai! Izzy Your tremendous work ethic, talent, and enthusiasm for our fundraiser is truly appreciated. We could not have done this without you! Rabbi White, Rabbi Schachter, and Cantors Sergei and Elena Without fail, without question, no matter what, you are always here for us and ready to help. Thank you for always being our guiding light. Juan and Aswin Thank you for holding the fort down while we are not there! Love and Gratitude, Amy, Robyn, and Maribeth

Thank you to our very generous sponsors!

The Greatest Generation Sponsors

Amy & Richard Braunstein Irwin Cantor The Chai Society Michelle & Seth Golden Rabbi Michael White & Rebecca Katz-Whte Carol Wolowitz

Baby Boomer Sponsors

Anonymous Barbara & Lawrence Blatte and David Blatte & Stacee Massoni Brotherhood Friend of a Friend Virginia (Ginny) Jordan Amy & David Mandell

Generation X Sponsors

Anonymous Cantors Elena & Sergei Schwartz Jill & Stuart Goldberg Leslie Lewit Milner & Lawrence Milner Lisa & Philip Rabinovich Carol & Stanley Weinstock The Weisler Family The Wiener & Neale Families Lori & Richard Yaspan

Thank you to our very generous sponsors!

Millennials Sponsors Anonymous Margie & Howard Berrent Todd Glickman Robyn & Howard Jaslow Maribeth & Andrew Kraus Helen Lancberg & Jerry Altman Robin & Howard Schechter Debbie Sussman Jill & Stuart Wasser Barbara & Alan Weinschel Leslie & David Wollin

Generation Z Sponsors

Rachel & David Bloom Emily & David Brody Peter Fishkind Linda & Scott Frishman c/o Philip J. Hahn Foundation Sheryl & Steven Goodman Charlotte & Norman Hollander A heartfelt thank you to our generous donors: Barbara & Sanford Klein Marian & Irving Nemetsky Reva & Alan Rothenberg

Jane & John Shalam Bette Unger Marcia Weisser

A heartfelt thank you to our generous donors: Rabbi Ilana Schachter & Audra & Malcolm Needle John Feuerstein Marian & Irving Nemetsky Robin Gossett Reva & Alan Rothenberg Ann & Andrew Karmin Mike Sirowitz Barbara & Sanford Klein Jane & John Shalam Alicia Velez-Kraus & Scott Kraus Bette Unger Carolyn & Andrew Lituchy Marcia Weisser Susan Moisoff Rhonda & Joel Wolf

We are indebted to our wonderful Silent Auction Donors Margie Berrent Donna Liebowitz Esther Fortunoff-Greene Jerry Mintz Michelle Golden Lucy Neiderbach Diane Hirsch Cecile Saretsky Norm Hollander Alan Weinschel Lainie Krasnoff Robin Weiss Bert Kraus Rhonda Wolf Paula Kraus David Wollin Jeff Krugman Tracy Zimmerman

A special thank you to our expert mixologists, who shared their mocktail and cocktail recipes Richard Braunstein Daniel Golden Classic Rye Manhattan Pomegranate Fauxhito Scott Nussbaum Maple Bourbon Old Fashioned

Thank you ! Thank you! Thank you! Amy Braunstein

Robyn Corbin and the entire

Maribeth Kraus

Auction Committee! Your passion, creativity, and tireless energy are what made

Temple Sinai’s Give

from the Heart Fundraiser

a wonderful success! We applaud your efforts and wish to express sincere appreciation for all you have done to make this very first virtual fundraiser a proud Sinai moment. You have brought us together by creating an evening where our temple family can laugh, bid, and donate, all to provide necessary funding for critical services and programs. An evening such as this requires a great deal of your time, energy, and creativity, which you voluntarily share. We realize that love for our community helps fuel your efforts, and for that, we are truly grateful.

Thank you for a wonderful night! The Executive Committee of Temple Sinai

If you keep the commandments of the Eternal your God and walk in God’s ways, the Eternal will establish you as God’s consecrated people, as promised at Sinai. Deuteronomy 28:9

At our Sinai: We bring the mitzvot to life, for every generation. Learning, praying, fighting for justice, caring for each other, striving to walk in God’s ways, fulfilling the promises we made at that first Sinai. In gratitude for this wonderful Jewish community of ours, Rabbi Michael A. White Rebecca Katz-White David and Talia

The Braunstein Family is so happy to support Temple Sinai’s Give from the Heart Fundraiser to support Temple Sinai and all of the fantastic programs that are offered every week by our amazing clergy and staff! Thank you to the committee for all of your dedication and hard work!

The Golden Family proudly supports Give from the Heart! CHEERS! Amy, Robyn, Maribeth, Committee Members, Clergy, & Staff Your hard work and dedication made our first virtual fundraiser a fabulous success! To all who Gave from the Heart, THANK YOU!

The Chai Society of Temple Sinai Lisa & Charlie Berman

Lucy & David Neiderbach

Margie & Howard Berrent

Danny Reich

Joyce & Steven Bloom

Debbie Sussman

Adrienne Chernick

Jane & Donald Scal

Arlene & Murray Glickman

Howard Weisler

Lainie & Larry Krasnoff

Robin & Chuck Weiss

Pam & Jeff Krugman

Rhonda & Joel Wolf

Lynn & Michael Wolf

My heart belongs to Temple Sinai Irwin A. Cantor

The esteemed Maya Angelou famously wrote, I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. For this purpose I respectfully disagree with the woman named one of the Top 100 Best Writers of the 20th Century. At Temple Sinai, it is what people do and it is what people say that makes me feel here is where my heart has a home. I am ever thankful for every person and every piece. With my love and appreciation, Ginny

To our beloved Temple Sinai, Straight from the


To our Dear Temple Sinai, You GIVE us so much and you’re always in our HEARTS. Cheers for all you do! Love, the Women of Friend of a Friend

With love and devotion to Temple Sinai Barbara & Lawrence Blatte David C. Blatte & Stacee Massoni

The only safe ship in a storm is leadership. – Faye Wattleton

Thank you,

Michelle Golden for your incredible dedication to Temple Sinai. We appreciate all you do and all you are.

Temple Sinai Where we love is home home that our feet may leave but not our hearts! Wishing to be together again very soon! Lori & Richard Yaspan

We are blessed to be part of the amazing Temple Sinai family. You are all in our hearts. Cantor Sergei Schwartz and Cantor-Educator Elena Schwartz Our very best wishes to our Temple Sinai family. Jill and Stu Goldberg

The Rabinovich Family is proud to be a part of the Temple Sinai family and support Give from the Heart. Thank you to Amy, Maribeth, Robyn, the Committee and Staff for all of your hard work and dedication to making this event a success!

With love, The Neale and Wiener families



Our hearts belong to Temple Sinai! Barbara & Alan Weinschel

Todah Rabah to the clergy, staff, and volunteers who make Temple Sinai the heart of community! Todd Glickman

Maribeth and Andy Kraus are pleased to Give from the Heart to Temple Sinai In support of all its wonderful programs that mean so much to us and the community.

Thank you for all the great virtual programs! Helen Lancberg and Jerry Altman

Thank you for being there, Temple Sinai! Here’s to better times ahead. Love, Robin & Howard Schechter

Temple Sinai is always with us and has a special place in our hearts. Wishing our Temple Sinai family the very best for 2021!

The Jaslows will ALWAYS support Temple Sinai. CONGRATULATIONS to all involved!

The Wasser Family

Our hearts have a home at Temple Sinai! Margie and Howard Berrent

Thank you, Temple Sinai, for always being the heart of our community. Leslie and David Wollin

Thank You


HIRSHLEIFERS for generously donating our incredible raffle prize the stunning Chanel Chain Handle Calfskin Medium Flap Bag

THANK YOU! to our fabulous MC’s this evening,

Howard Berrent Richard Braunstein Aaron Grotas & Adam Mesh Thank you for sharing your hearts and your talents for a good cause! THANK YOU TO



Thank you to our friends at

HALCYON LIQUORS for helping us make our virtual “cocktail hour” even more delightful and for making our congregants feel special!


V&Z CATERERS Thank you for the delectable foods that allowed our attendees to eat deliciously at home - during the virtual

Give from the Heart Fundraiser!

Give from the Heart Fundraiser Committee Co-Chairs Amy Braunstein Robyn Corbin Maribeth Kraus Jacqueline Covey Karen Ferenzo Jessica Garmise Michelle Golden Diane Hirsch

Charlotte Hollander Virginia (Ginny) Jordan Donna Liebowitz Liz Wiener Neale

Lisa Rabinovich Tammy Szerencsy Toni Weiner Leslie Wollin Lori Yaspan

Temple Sinai Rabbi Michael White

President Michelle Golden

Cantor Sergei Schwartz

Executive Vice President Amy Braunstein

Cantor-Educator Elena Schwartz Rabbi Ilana Schachter

Vice Presidents Robyn Corbin Andrew Kraus Philip Rabinovich

Cantor Emeritus Andrew Edison

Treasurer Michael Shaffet

Executive Director Alison Stamm

Secretary Seth Golden

Friend of a Friend Co-Presidents Jacqueline Covey Tammy Szerencsy Brotherhood President Richard Blatt Interim Legal Counsel David M. Schwartz

Board of Trustees Richard Blatt Lawrence Cohen Jacqueline Covey Esther Fortunoff-Greene Allen Geller Jana Grotas Steven Halpern

Virginia (Ginny) Jordan Bert Kraus Donna Liebowitz Cara Londin Amy Mandell Susan Moisoff Liz Wiener Neale Scott Nussbaum

Jonathan Rothschild Jeffrey Sklar Gil Vilkas Adam Weinschel Jara Weinstock Leslie Wollin Tracy Zimmerman

Honorary Trustees Charles Berman Howard Berrent Irwin A. Cantor Jonathan Cheris Richard Evans

Dr. Steven Goodman Barbara M. Kessler Richard C. Laskey Martin Marlowe Daniel S. Reich

David M. Schwartz Sandra Tankoos Carol B. Weinstock Howard J. Weisler Toni Wiener

Profile for Temple Sinai of Roslyn

Give from the Heart Fundraiser Journal  

Give from the Heart Fundraiser Journal