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ADAR II/NISAN/IYYAR 5779 APRIL/MAY 2019 Volume 75 • Number 5

From slavery into freedom... From darkness into light

2 SCRIBE Apr-May 2019

a message from the


Richard Evans

A community is like a ship; everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm - Henrik Ibsen Here it is. My final Scribe article. In the blink of an eye, two years passed so quickly and what a wonderful two years it has been. I can truly say, I have loved being President of Temple Sinai. I speak to other friends of mine across the country who currently serve, or who have served, as presidents of their congregations. They have nothing but complaints. They share stories of selfishness, back-biting, and whining from their members. They are sorry they ever took the position. I am happy to say that is not the case for me. Sure, there have been some complaints - and most have them have been valid. Whenever possible, I made sure the member was heard and I would right any wrong I could. Truly, I have to say that the Temple Sinai community is an exceptional place, filled with the most wonderful people who truly care about each other and our synagogue and want to make it the best it can be. As I step down from my role as president, I know that the temple is in a much better place than it was two years ago. This, however, is not my credit to take. My favorite line throughout my term was to quote Hillary Clinton and say it takes a village. It really does! We have an incredible team here at Temple Sinai. People who work so well together and who value each other’s opinions and skills - as a team, there is nothing that cannot be accomplished. Here is just one example: working together as a cohesive team enabled us to bring Bright Horizons to Temple Sinai. This partnership, which begins in September, will expand our Nursery School to offer extended hours for children from 6 weeks to 5 years old. It also allows us the opportunity to offer unprecedented health, vacation, and other benefits to our nursery school staff. Over the summer, our already beautiful education center will be renovated to accommodate the expanded age groups. We are excited to be the only synagogue on Long Island to offer such a program. It took a village of our lay leaders, clergy, and professional staff, working countless hours to accomplish this. I am super proud of our partnership with Bright Horizons, and I promise you that it will be beneficial to us for years to come.   I could go on and on about the accomplishments over the past two years that our village was able to achieve, but my space here is limited! For generations at Temple Sinai we continue to go from strength to strength. You all know you are in great hands as I pass the gavel of the temple presidency to Michelle Golden. In our 71-year history, no one has ever been more prepared (myself included) to be president than Michelle. She has already hit the ground running preparing for the transition, and I know that the next two years will be even better than the last two years. Our village will continue to prosper. L’Shalom

Richard A. Evans Temple President SCRIBE Apr-May 2019 3

Adult Education with Rabbi Michael White

JUDAISM’S BIG IDEAS Mondays at 7:00pm April 15 • May 13


Tuesdays at 9:30am April 9 • May 14

All are welcome, free of charge

This is your last opportunity to be part of the trip of a lifetime!

For the full itinerary and online registration, visit

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We honor this year’s Graduating Seniors Friday, May 31 at 6:45pm

Sarah Amselem

Hanna Markowitz

Nicole Buchheim

Samantha Rothstein

Lee Gerstman

Zachary Schloss

daughter of Carole & Armando Amselem

daughter of Lesley & Michael Buchheim

daughter of Jodi & Matt Markowitz

daughter of Randi & Robert Rothstein

son of Cheryl & Bradley Gerstman

son of Annmarie & Jeffrey Schloss

Madison Lazar

Brooke Schwartz

daughter of Susan & Jason Lazar

daughter of Heather & David Schwartz

Save-the-Date Health Care Providers Shabbat Friday, June 7 at 6:45pm Appreciation and gratitude are words we hear. At Temple Sinai, we live by those words. We appreciate all the people that have made Temple Sinai their chosen place of worship. We are proud to have many congregants who devoted their careers to providing health care. Please join us as we honor the health care providers in our congregation who have touched the lives of so many. If you would like to be included, or know someone who should be, please contact Jane in the temple office at Thank You We hope to see all of our health care providers at this celebratory Shabbat! With sincere gratitude, The Todah Rabah Committee Barbara Gleicher, Margie Berrent, Richard Blatt, Seth Golden, Bert Kraus, and Susan Moisoff

Todah Rabah

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Rabbi Alex Kress


Netflix and Lernen Zikh! (it’s Yiddish for learn!) I recently binge-watched an engulfing show on Netflix called Shtisel. It centers on a Haredi family in Jerusalem - the Shtisels - and invites the viewer into an insular world many have never seen. As you binge into the depths of the series, the Haredi insularity dissipates and you find yourself enrapt in an intimately human story. In one particularly memorable episode in the second season, the young protagonist, Akiva Shtisel, sees a young boy sitting alone from his studio window. He goes down and checks on him once, but after he returns to his easel, he can’t focus. He goes back down and asks the boy questions to try and find his parents. The boy doesn’t know his address or phone number, instead saying, “I’m hungry.” Akiva asks, “What do you like to eat?” The little boy, in a black velvet yarmulke and tzitzit hanging from his shirt, says, “Marshmallows.” Akiva says, “Those are sweets. You need something healthy…Do you like pizza?” Through charming moments like this, Shtisel hypnotizes its viewers to forget the external appearances of the characters and attach to their relatable human emotions. Yet the show is a drama, carrying the burdens of stereotype and prejudice on its shoulders, as well as the dichotomy of Haredi and modern life. Nevertheless, I found this intimate window into another flavor of Judaism inspiring me to bring small pieces of it into my life. One of the first things that will jump out at you is the fact that the characters bless everything! I found it especially striking that the characters mumbled a blessing before every, single glass of water: Baruch ata Adonai Eloheinu melekh ha’olam shehakol niyah bidvaro. Blessed are You, Adonai our God, Sovereign of the universe, at whose word all came to be. This is the blessing for miscellaneous items, like meat, eggs, dairy products, candy and water, and it made me realize how much I drink and eat with utter ingratitude. For many of us, offering an audible blessing before we eat may seem audacious and uncomfortable; we should try to do it anyway. Judaism provides us the framework to be grateful for the little things in our lives and we should use it. Another aspect of the show I found jarring yet beautiful was the prominent role deceased loved ones played in the lives of the living characters. The show centers on a family missing its matriarch and picks up as the year of mourning her concludes. Yet, her presence plays intimately in the shows arc, often appearing in conversation with characters at pivotal moments. Recently, at a crossroad moment myself, I desperately wanted to talk to my 6 SCRIBE Apr-May 2019

grandfather, who died in my first year of rabbinical school. Through tears, I had a spiritual experience as if I was receiving the very advice I needed most from him. Sometimes, we remember passively, but Shtisel reminds us that memory is active, innate, and with us always. The final piece of Shtisel I’m trying to bring into my life is the common Hebrew phrase: B’simcha. The phrase is a substitute for “you got it,” but literally translates to “with joy.” Even in moments of annoyance or inconvenience, characters respond to requests with, B’simcha. We could all benefit from this type of attitude. Instead of begrudgingly saying yes when our friends, loved ones, or coworkers ask us to help out, we do so with joy simply because we can. Personally, Shtisel helped me assess my own Judaism: where does my Judaism fit like a glove, where do I need to experiment, where do I need to try something again, where can I grow? As you escape into the foreign-yetfamiliar world of the Shtisels, I hope it helps you reflect on your Judaism and glean new meaning for your practice. B’simcha,

Please join us as we bid farewell to

Rabbi Alex Kress

Friday, April 12 at 6:45pm Rabbi Alex Kress

At the oneg following services, we will raise our glasses to toast Rabbi Kress and his family and wish them well on both their new journey to California, and the impending arrival of a baby boy.

The Final Two Classes! Adult Education with Rabbi Alex Kress Is Judaism God-Optional? Tuesday, April 16 at 8:00pm

Reclaiming the Talmud Wednesday, April 17 at 10:00am

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Legacy Giving

Temple Sinai serves as a strong link in our people’s great chain of Jewish communal tradition. In every generation, synagogues such as ours have transmitted the sacred messages of Torah, and inspired families with the richness of Jewish celebration. Since 1948, young and old alike have entered the doors of our sanctuary to pray together, learn together, and share both happy and sad occasions with their Temple community. Temple Sinai has been at the center of thousands of family milestones. Our mission is to ensure a strong Jewish legacy for generations to come. We hope you will join us in this mission. Through legacy giving, you can make a meaningful impact in perpetuity. We encourage you to consider leaving a gift to Temple Sinai of Roslyn in your will. Planning a gift in this way also provides you with the flexibility to adjust your will if your life circumstances change. In as little as one sentence, you can complete your gift. It’s that easy. We suggest you consult with your attorney, financial planner and/or insurance agent as you make your decision. If you have any questions, please contact our Executive Director, Alison Stamm at 516.621.6800. A form is provided on the next page for your use.

8 SCRIBE Apr-May 2019

Legacy Giving Declaration of Intent In keeping with Jewish tradition, I/We wish to share my/our blessings with others. Therefore, I/we declare my/our intent to provide for the Temple Sinai community of tomorrow. Date of Birth

Name Address Home Phone

Cell Phone

Email Please check one: I/we have already made arrangements for a legacy gift, but until now have not shared this information with the Temple. I/we intend to leave a legacy and will formalize my/our gift within months (not greater than 12 months) I/we intend to leave $


% of my/our estate/inheritable assets.

My/our legacy gift will be/was completed through (please check one): Bequest/Will Life Insurance Retirement Plan/IRA Real Estate Charitable Trust Charitable Gift Annuity Other To inspire and encourage others, I/we permit my/our name(s) to be included in a Temple-wide list of Legacy Donors (please check one): Recognition Names(s) I/We prefer to remain anonymous Signature


Legal Name: Temple Sinai of Roslyn Address: 425 Roslyn Road, Roslyn Heights, NY 11577 Federal Tax ID: 11-1667614 SCRIBE Apr-May 2019 9

SUNDAY MITZVAH MAY 5, 2019 morning 9:00AM - 12:00PM

Join brotherhood for a pancake breakfast at 9:00am followed by opening ceremonies at 9:45am WE HAVE PROJECTS FOR PEOPLE OF ALL AGES!

CREATE Sinai Stitches - Join our knitters to make blankets, hats, and other clothing for people in need. Build Bookshelves - Teens are invited to help create bookshelves for homeless shelters. Plant Flowers and Vegetables - Beautify the memorial garden in our courtyard. Hebrew Jewelry Making - Join Miss Clara to create some one-of-a-kind bracelets. Clean-up the 9/11 Memorial Garden - Everyone 10 & up can help improve the garden located at Great Oaks and Woodbine in East Hills. Create Jewish New Year’s Cards - Send love and good wishes to the eldery through Dorot.

Coordinate Toiletry Kits - Everyone 6 years and up can help put together toiletry bags for people in homeless shelters. Mother’s Day Baskets - Create gifts for moms whose children are staying at the Ronald McDonald House. Housewarming Buckets - Put together useful items for those escaping homelessness. Backpacks for Students - Assemble school supplies for kids in need. Craft Packages - Create activity packs to be distributed by Sunrise on Wheels to children receiving cancer treatment at local hospitals.

NOURISH Make a Meal & Deliver It - Provide a meal for local families in need through Cooking for a Cause. One Sandwich at a Time - Make and package sandwiches for homeless shelters and food distribution centers. Cookie Decorating - Create cookie masterpieces for distribution by the River Fund.

CONNECT Bowl with Sinai in the City - Brighten the day of children from the New York City Department of Homeless Services at Bowlmor in Times Square from 2:00-4:00pm.

10 SCRIBE Apr-May 2019

DO GOOD THINGS TOGETHER Lend us your hand for mitzvah morning at Temple Sinai make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate

COLLECT Books for all ages in good condition - for Book Fairies Jeans - for the Hebrew Union College Dog Supplies including dog beds, QUIET toys, bowls, cages, crates, boxed biscuits, towels, sheets, blankets - for Unchained Non-perishable food & snack items and baby food (no glass jars) AND All Travel-sIzed Toiletries & Full-sized Personal Hygiene Items and Baby Items - for the Interfaith Nutrition Network Eyeglasses-prescription and readers - for One Sight Kosher Food - for the Hatzilu Rescue Bicycles - for Bicycles for Barbuda Mens & Womens Business Suits - for Beautiful Memories Gemach Full Size Toiletries & Cleaning Supplies - for the Long Island Coalition/Boutique

DONATE Buy goodies at Alex’s Lemonade Stand and Cookies for Kid’s Cancer Monetary donations are always appreciated - drop-off bins are located in the temple lobby

SAVE A LIFE Donate Blood - The New York Blood Center Mobile Unit will be at Temple Sinai from 8:30am-1:00pm. Recycle Life ... Give Blood! To schedule an appointment online visit: Eligibility Requirements: • Bring your donor card or ID with photo and signature • Minimum weight 100 pounds • Ages 16 (with parental permission) - 75 (those over 75 require a doctor’s note) • Eat well (low fat) and drink plenty of fluids • No tattoos within the past 12 months For information regarding medical eligibility, call 1-800-688-0900 Swab a Cheek - Give the gift of life to someone in need of a bone marrow transplant. Provide a sample of your DNA by swabbing your cheek.

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12 SCRIBE Apr-May 2019

Photo © Tobi Kahn

“The Counting of the Omer” Seven weeks separate Passover and Shavuot (the Feast of Weeks), which commemorates the giving and receiving of the Torah on Mount Sinai. This 49-day period, which begins on the second night of Passover, is marked by the ceremonial counting of the omer – historically, a measure of barley offered at the Temple in Jerusalem on the second day of Passover. Traditionally, at the end of these seven weeks – the start of Shavuot – the grain harvest began. Each evening during this interval the omer is counted and blessings are recited; each day’s number is named, along with its place within the week.

SAPHYR III Var. VII Omer Counter Acrylic on wood 36”x28”x8” 2013 329-13J

Over time, omer calendars, which help mark this period of time, have taken many forms. One contemporary example is painter/sculptor Tobi Kahn’s SAPHYR series, an example of which is in the collection of The Jewish Museum in New York. Another in the series, SAPHYR III, seen in this article, comprises 49 sculpted forms set in a grid. Each individual component fits in its designated spot in only one way. Interestingly, one can either remove one peg each day, or one can start with an empty grid and replace one peg each day. Kahn believes the counting of the omer is emblematic of an individual’s relationship to his or her community. “Each day is distinct, but the sequence of days and weeks is set in a larger framework. Beginning with one, we become an ordered multitude – accruing the attributes of a people in our journey from slavery to redemption.” As for the title of the work, Kahn explains: “The titles are abstract distillations of various languages, bearing the same allusive relationship to representation as my images. All my work is an invitation to viewers to collaborate on an imaginative journey.”

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Explore Yiddish Music and Culture Cantor Sergei Schwartz Thursday, April 11 at 7:30pm

In preparation for the Carnegie Hall concert trip on April 15 to From Shtetl to Stage: A Celebration of Yiddish Music and Culture, Cantor Sergei Schwartz will teach a class about the rich and varied history of Yiddish music and its place within Yiddish culture. All are welcome; you do not have to attend the Carnegie Hall performance to attend the class. Free for Congregants; $5 Non Congregants

Artist-Immigrants in Twentieth Century Paris and New York Nancy Traeger

Sunday, May 19 at 2:00pm Artists from all over the world flocked to Paris in the beginning of the

twentieth century looking for personal and artistic freedom. By the late 1930s, with the rise of Fascism and the threat of Nazism, many left Europe and came to America, and the center of the art world shifted from Paris to New York. This presentation will examine various artistic movements, highlighting artist-immigrants who contributed to the development of Modern and Post-War art. A docent at the Nassau County Museum of Art since 2004, Nancy Traeger has studied art at the University of Madrid, CW Post, and the Lincoln Center Institute. $5 Congregants; $10 Non Congregants RSVP to 14 SCRIBE Apr-May 2019

To Our Fantastic Committee


This day was made possible by all of the incredibly talented and dedicated people who gave of themselves to contribute to a great cause. Be proud of your contribution and what was accomplished by working together and know that your efforts are forever appreciated. With love,

Michelle and Robyn To the Devoted Temple Sinai Staff Thank you for helping to make this night possible! Alison Your commitment and devotion to helping Temple Sinai and the people who are a part of it succeed is unparalleled Arlene, Betty, Jane, Kathy, Adrianne, Linda, and Mike Our accomplished staff who always gives100% of themselves to support us in all our endeavors Juan, Aswin, and Hilary Our behind the scenes team that quietly and efficiently gets the job done and ensures our events run smoothly

Thank you to our incredible partners Concierge Photography • Creative Games • Hirshleifers • Out of the Box Creations • Unique Flower Creations • V&Z Caterers Our generous sponsors Heart Sponsor - Anonymous Diamond Sponsors - Marjorie & Howard Berrent • Amy & Richard Braunstein Brotherhood of Temple Sinai • Friend of a Friend/Chaverot • Marilyn & Howard Weisler Club Sponsors - Barbara & Lawrence Blatte • Ellen & Howard Brecher • Lori & Seth Cohan Robyn & Richard Corbin • Crawford Dog & Cat Hospital • Vicki & Richard Evans Jill & Stuart Goldberg • Esther Fortunoff Greene & Joshua Greene • Shari & Jeffrey Jacobson Robyn & Howard Jaslow • Pamela & Jeffrey Krugman • Amy & David Mandel Leslie Lewitt Milner & Lawrence Milner • Leslie & Owen Mester • Emily & Scott Nussbaum Sharon & Adam Russ • Jill & Stuart Wasser Game Table Sponsors - Jacqueline & Stephen Covey • Sheri & Steven Goodman Emily & Scott Nussbaum SCRIBE Apr-May 2019 15

nursery school notes from


Debbie Neuschatz Meet the Nursery School Staff! Besides being amazing teachers to our very youngest children, the nursery school staff is a group of very dedicated and very interesting people. Here are some unique facts about us!

Estee Arnold - 1 year Has a collection of over 400 turtles!

Lindsay Dayan - 2 years

Her grandfather invented the first Mickey Mouse silhouette hook for hangers!

16 SCRIBE Apr-May 2019

Melany Cohen - 1 year

Loves to sing to her class but is terrified to sing to adults!

Jill Feingold - 3 years

Was her school’s homecoming queen!

Caitlin Cupani - 2 years Her grandfather founded Estee Lauder!

Jeannine Finkelstein - 1 year

Was on the cover of Woman’s World magazine when she was a child!

Gayle Friedman - 39 years

Donna Glassman - 4 years

Audra Groveman - 17 years

Liz Khazzam - 10 years

Went to Woodstock in 1969!

Graduated High School in three years!

Cindy Levtow - 6 years Grew up with four dogs at the same time!

Has worked in over 7 completely different jobs!

Randi Gordon - 4 years Is the youngest in a family of five children!

Susan Lazar - 10 years

Played on an all-boys baseball team!

Was born on the same day as her mom & uncle (who aren’t twins). The odds were 1 in 48,627,125!

Evelyn Meyers - 33 years

Dorie Meyerson - 9 years

Has wanted to be a teacher since she was 5 years old!

Is now in love with the puppy she insisted she did not want!

SCRIBE Apr-May 2019 17

Debbie Neuschatz - 16 years

Planned a surprise party for Miss Cindy & then accidentally sent an email telling her!

Diane Rothstein - 11 years

Has taught Art at a sleepaway camp for the past 12 years!

Lisa Wasserman - 20 years Was a door-to-door Electolux Vacuum Cleaner salesperson!

18 SCRIBE Apr-May 2019

Clara Pomerantz - 17 years Crossed the Atlantic Ocean by ship!

Lori Sands - 3 years

Has seen “Hamilton� 5 times including once in Chicago & once when she won the lottery!

Sandy Ratner - 38 years

Her husband shook hands with Princess Margaret in England!

Dinah Schaffer - 1 year

Speaks four languages in addition to English!

Family d

Friday, April 12

Macaroons & Matzah Balls Shabbat

Friday, May 17

Blue & White Shabbat

4:30pm - Fun, animated and enriching program (drop-off)

Group 1: 2s - Pre-K

Group 2: K - 3rd Grade

5:30pm - Celebrate Shabbat with drums, guitar, piano, singing,

laughing and dancing! Parents, grandparents, siblings - all are welcome! Family dinner to follow the service. FREE! RSVP to Debra at 516.621.8016 by the Wednesday prior to the event.

parenting workshops

LIMOR WEINSTEIN, MA, MHC, FAED, is the founder of LW Wellness Network. As an eating disorder specialist, parent coach, and mother of three girls, Limor helps her clients feel empowered by providing them with the skills and tools they need to become more confident parents.

This workshop is intended for parents of nursery school-age children and is free of charge.

workshop number four

Sleep Fundamentals and Habits

Tuesday, May 14 at 9:30am

There are so many ideologies on the best sleep practices for children - how do you boil that information down into the right remedy for your family? Get advice from sleep specialists on what works for the families they help, from good routines to sleep disorders to comfort. SCRIBE Apr-May 2019 19

our children, our future


Cantor-Educator Elena Schwartz

Logan Grotas and Lemmy Mashkevich are working hard towards making Mitzvah Day one to remember. They decided to work together and collect toiletries for people who are less fortunate or homeless. Everyone feels better and more confident when they’ve had the time to be able to take care of themselves and by creating toiletry kits for others, Logan and Lemmy are helping to make this happen. You too can help out by bringing in any unopened toiletries by April 30. Then on Mitzvah Day, Sunday May 5, you are invited to help assemble the toiletry kits to be distributed. Toiletries being collected include shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash, and combs.

20 SCRIBE Apr-May 2019

Chloe Siegel held a bake sale on Monday, February 4h for her Mitzvah Project. She brought in nut-free treats including frosted cookies, brownies, cupcakes, munchkins and lollipops and sold them each for $1 to the students. Chloe raised over $240 for Birthday Wishes, a non-profit organization in Long Island which brings birthday parties to children in local homeless shelters. Chloe has been baking birthday cakes for these children in her spare time for the past several years, but for her Mitzvah Project, she wanted to bring girls her age special gifts. It is fitting because Chloe’s actual Bat Mitzvah falls on her birthday. So, she took the money she raised, added some of her own money, and shopped for makeup palettes, perfumes, lip glosses, brush sets and even fuzzy blankets for the girls. Chloe said, “As I become an adult in the Jewish religion, I recognize the importance of helping others and giving back. It makes me feel good, and I hope to do more in the years to come.”

Ashton Klar is a Religious School student who worked with the organization Feed My Starving Children. This is a non-profit organization committed to God’s starving children, hungry in body and spirit. Funds for ingredients are donated, volunteers pack the meals, and then are donated to Feed My Starving Children partners worldwide. Ashton and his family worked together with 700 other people, including 100 from the Klar Leadership Academy from the College of Business and Innovation at the University of Toledo, packing 200,000 meals over the course of two days.

SCRIBE Apr-May 2019 21

Interactive Hebrew Games with Morah Evelyn Morah Evelyn is a fifth-grade teacher in the Religious School. She meets with the students once a month to play games related to what they are learning in class. Grades K-2 will have the opportunity to play Color Teddy Bear Bingo to teach them color words in Hebrew. Students will play Simon Says, learn how to count and play number games in Hebrew. They will also play with Hebrew letter blocks. Grades 3-6 will be playing Hebrew Twister learning Hebrew color words. They will be playing Racing Around the Aleph-Bet, where they will race to get all the letters and be the first team to be able to put the letters in the correct order. Students will also play Jewish Jeopardy to reinforce their Hebrew and knowledge of Jewish history and holidays.

Kid’s Create Family Program Monday, April 8 5:30pm 22 SCRIBE Apr-May 2019


Parents: Gail & Aaron Siegel Grandparents: Marian & Marvin Gruber, Cheryl & Joel Siegel School: Roslyn Middle School - 7th Grade Years in Our Religious School: 5 Favorite Holiday: My favorite holiday is Hanukkah because you get to spend time with your family and give and receive presents! Describe Yourself: I enjoy playing tennis, hanging out with friends and attending summer camp in Pennsylvania. My favorite subjects in school are math and art. Why is Becoming a Bat Mitzvah Important? I am excited to become a Bat Mitzvah because it means taking on more responsibilities both at home and in my religious studies. It is also important to me that my religion gets passed down to future generations. I can’t wait to celebrate with my friends and family.


Parents: Randi & David Meyer Siblings: Max - 16 Grandparents: Sherrie Meyer, Ada & Murray Berger School: Roslyn Middle School - 7th Grade Years in Our Religious School: 5 Favorite Holiday: My favorite holiday is Passover because it’s with our entire family and the food is really good. Describe Yourself: I love playing hockey. I’ve been playing ice hockey for 6 years. I also play lacrosse and soccer, I like hanging out with my friends and playing Xbox. Why is Becoming a Bar Mitzvah Important? I am most looking forward to becoming a man in the Jewish religion.


Parents: Maddi & Matthew Dessner Siblings: Max - 12 Grandparents: Ruth & Howard Cohen, Ed Dessner & Gene Fischer School: Roslyn Middle School - 7th Grade Years in Our Religious School: 7 Favorite Holiday: I really enjoy Passover. One of the reasons I enjoy Passover is because I have the opportunity to see most of my family all in one spot and spend time together. Although I love my whole family, getting a chance to connect and play with my cousins is really fun. Describe Yourself: Well, I can be quite silly sometimes and I like to make the people closest to me laugh. But I also like to help others. such as baking with my mom or helping my dad put things together. I also enjoy playing tennis and practicing gymnastaics. My favorite subject in school is Spanish because I love the challenge of learning a new language. Why is Becoming a Bat Mitzvah Important? Becoming a Bat Mitzvah is a big event in my life because I realize that I see myself differently. I’m now becoming a young adult and taking on more responsibilities at home and in others areas of my life like religious studies.

SCRIBE Apr-May 2019 23


Parents: Maddi & Matthew Dessner Siblings: Abigail - 12 Grandparents: Ruth & Howard Cohen, Ed Dessner & Gene Fischer School: Roslyn Middle School - 7th Grade Years in Our Religious School: 7 Favorite Holiday: My favorite Jewish Holiday is Passover because I love to search for the Afikoman. I also really enjoy seeing my family, especially my cousins, when we all get together during this time. Describe Yourself: I love books and I am a huge Star Wars fan who also enjoys competing in sports such as basketball. I also enjoy making cool films with myself and my friends. My favorite subject in school is Social Studies because I love to learn about history and how previous events led us to today. History in some ways can provide the roadmap to the future. Why is Becoming a Bar Mitzvah Important? Becoming a Bar Mitzvah to me is a chance to prove your worthiness. I’m looking forward to having more responsibilities as well as understand how as a young adult I can contribute to my temple and make an impact on society.


Parents: Keri & Jordan Sadler Siblings: Corey - 10, Mia - 6 Grandparents: Caren & Teddy Franklin, Francey & Edward Sadler, the late Vivian Sadler School: Roslyn Middle School - 7th Grade Years in Our Religious School: 5 Favorite Holiday: My favorite holiday is Yom Kippur because it is the time that you wash away all of your sins and remember the people you love who have passed. Describe Yourself: I love to dance, listen to music and bake. My favorite school subject is math because I find it to be the easiest. Why is Becoming a Bat Mitzvah Important? Becoming a Bat Mitzvah means that I will become a mature young lady that will make a difference in the world. I am excited to show my siblings how important it is to become a Bar/Bat Mitzvah and I’m excited to have a more important place in the world.


Parents: Meryl & BJ Sara Siblings: Mia - 15 Grandparents: Lissie & Alan Kaplan, Gail & Barry Group School: Roslyn Middle School - 7th Grade Years in Our Religious School: 6 Favorite Holiday: My favorite holiday is Passover. I love getting together with my whole family. It is always so much fun to look for the Afikomen with my cousins. Describe Yourself: I love hanging out with my firends. I love going to Trails End Camp in the summers. I also enjoy being with my family and my dog, Barney. Why is Becoming a Bat Mitzvah Important? Becoming a Bat Mitzvah means taking on more responsibilities and carrying on the Jewish traditions that were passed down to me.

24 SCRIBE Apr-May 2019


Parents: Jillian & Tyson Lomazow Siblings: Grace - 10 Grandparents: Carla & Allan Maurer, Lois Lomazow, Steven Lomazow School: Roslyn Middle School - 7th Grade Years in Our Religious School: 5 Favorite Holiday: My favorite Jewish Holiday is Passover because I enjoy helping my grandmother make the seder plate, especially the charoset. I also like to sing all the Passover songs with my little cousins. Describe Yourself: I love hanging out with my friends and listening to music. My favorite subject is social studies because I like learning about my country’s history and I spend time with my dad studying it. I also spend time boxing and playing tennis. Why is Becoming a Bat Mitzvah Important? Becoming a Bat Mitzvah is important to me because I have worked and studied very hard and I feel very accomplished. I am also looking forward to visiting Israel with my family now that I am a Bat Mitzvah.


Parents: Arina & Ron Goldfine Grandparents: Arisa & Dimitrei Gladshtein, Dora Silber School: Roslyn Middle School - 7th Grade Years in Our Religious School: 1 Favorite Holiday: My favorite holiday is Chanukah because it is a happy holiday of lights. I love receiving many gifts. Describe Yourself: I enjoy hanging out with my friends, playing basketball, tennis, and listening to music. I am a big fan of the New York Yankees, New York Rangers, and the New York Knicks and I love going to see the games. My main sport is fencing. I’m one of the top-rated kids in the country. I have been fencing for seven years. I also play piano. Why is Becoming a Bar Mitzvah Important? I am excited to become a Bar Mitzvah as I have been working hard all year learning Hebrew and religion. I’m ready to take on new challenges and responsibilities.


Parents: Jennifer & Boris Arbitman Siblings: Leah - 15, Rebecca - 10 Grandparents: Nancy & Martin Morse, Raisa & Mikhail Arbitman School: Roslyn Middle School - 7th Grade Years in Our Religious School: 6 Favorite Holiday: My favorite Jewish holiday is Chanukah because I like to light the menorah and spend time with my family. I also like eating latkes and gelt. Describe Yourself: I love sign language, painting, drawing, and reading (especially Harry Potter), My favorite subject is science because it is interesting. I play the flute. I also love to swim and go to the beach. I love to go to Rocking Horse Ranch with my family. Why is Becoming a Bat Mitzvah Important? Becoming a Bat Mitzvah is an important milestone in my life because it marks my coming of age in the Jewish religion. Responsibilities come with becoming a Bat Mitzvah and I am ready to fulfill them.

SCRIBE Apr-May 2019 25



Lulu Belferder During the February break this year, Rabbi Kress and I took thirteen SORTY teens on the February Tikkun Olam trip to Texas. They attended the NFTY Convention and participated in various community service projects, all while exploring and learning about the culture of Texas. I did not know what to expect when we departed from LaGuardia. At first, I felt a bit nervous because it was the first time that I was traveling without my parents and I had only one close friend. As the trip progressed, I started to spend more time with the other teens and developed stronger bonds. One of the many highlights from the trip was listening to the speakers at the NFTY convention; and the biggest take away that I learned was that the little things you do in life can make a huge impact on someone else’s life. I also learned a great deal from working at the Houston Food Bank. I now have a great appreciation for the fresh food that my parents provide me. Throwing out large quantities of spoiled produce also made me realize how difficult it is for some people to afford fresh and healthy foods. I really enjoyed playing hide and seek and talking in the lobby late at night with the other teens. Overall, I really enjoyed the trip and the experience of traveling with Temple Sinai. -Carly and Brooke Our first two days in Texas were the best because we got to experience the Texas culture and bond with other teens from around the country. We started off our journey at LaGuardia Airport. With a small group of thirteen teens, it was very easy to become a close-knit group, and by the time our plane departed, most of us had already made new friends. Once we settled into our hotel, we had a traditional Texas BBQ dinner with some great Southern hospitality! By the end of the night, we were all pretty tired from our long day of traveling, and went to bed excited for the trip ahead. Day two was probably one of the best days on the trip. We began our day at the JFK Memorial, where we spoke about the symbolism behind the simplicity of the monument. We walked around Dallas and then took a tour van to Fort Worth. We experienced all the great things that “us” New Yorkers hear about in

26 SCRIBE Apr-May 2019

Texas: the cowboys, cattle, and LOTS of yummy BBQ, and then we explored the next few hours. We ended the day at the NFTY National Convention. We listened to some amazing speakers who discussed the difference that making small changes mean and the youth playing a role as activists. A common theme throughout all of the speeches was that our generation are not only the change makers of tomorrow, but that of today. The night concluded with a fun Dan Nichols concert, filled with classic Jewish song and dance. These two days truly shaped the trip and gave us a platform to bond. - Alex and Emily The Third and fourth days of the Texas trip were two of the best days on the trip. We got up bright and early on the third day and traveled from Dallas to Houston. The four-hour bus ride seemed a lot shorter because the group was already so close. On the way to Houston we had lunch at Buc-ee’s, which was an ultimate cultural experience. This lunch place was as big as a supermarket and represented the motto that “everything is bigger in Texas.” The fourth day in Houston was filled with butterflies and boxes. We went to the butterfly museum in the heart of Houston, where we saw the most beautiful butterflies and some of us even ate crickets and water bugs. Don’t worry they were in a vending machine and weren’t alive! Later on, we headed to the food bank; this was the boxes part of the day. Some of us went to the kitchen and others went to sort food and boxes. This was our first community service project of the trip and it was a great experience. We ended the night with a sushi dinner and it was awesome to have all fifteen people on the trip sitting together. These two days right in the middle of the trip really signified the coming together of the group. - Zach During the last couple of days of the trip, we volunteered at the food pantry and explored the space museum. We visited the Houston Space Center and took a tour where we learned about NASA’s current projects and what happens during mission control. We tasted astronaut ice cream, which was out of this world. Then we sorted produce to be distributed to people who are supported by the pantry. On Thursday, we sorted through more produce and took a lunch break where we enjoyed Houston’s finest cuisine: burgers! Afterwards, we organized school supplies for teachers to pick up for their students. Overall this was an awesome trip that I am proud to have been a part of. - Sarah The Tikkun Olam trip was very rewarding for all of our teens. They were inspired by many great speakers and put that energy and motivation towards serving the Texas community. From museums to boardwalks to food banks and bus rides, the bonds created will last for many years to come. Can’t wait for 2020 CUBA!

Lauren “Lulu” Belferder Director of Youth Engagement

SCRIBE Apr-May 2019 27

The women of Friend of a Friend were incredibly busy in February and March. We enjoyed the over-the-top success of (not one, but two!) Sinai’s Big Challah Bakes, a fun and inspiring Wine, Women & Wisdom event, and the sold-out tour of Mei Toba Mikvah in Dix Hills. We can’t wait to share photos from our April 3 Intergenerational Women’s Seder. Your participation is what makes all these activities so great!

Here’s what’s coming up! Wednesday, May 8 - LADIES’ GAME NIGHT Doors Open 7:00 pm; Games begin 7:30 pm Got game? Mark your calendars for a night out together of fun, wine, refreshments and prizes. Bring your canasta, mah jongg or other game group of friends to the Friend of a Friend Ladies’ Game Night. Introduce your game group to your Temple Sinai friends. Non-members welcome. Need a group? Email us at and we’ll try our best to match you up ahead of time. (Pre-arranged games only, no walk-ins; thank you for understanding.) Get ready to shuffle the deck and roll the dice! Look for flyers coming soon with more details. Wed, May 22 - WINE, WOMEN & WISDOM - 7:00 pm Join us for a lively and insightful discussion, led by Cantor-Educator Elena Schwartz. Don’t miss this relaxing evening where the women of Temple Sinai will sip wine and together explore how the Torah’s teachings relate to our modern lives. Location will be sent to you shortly after your registration. No charge. Limited space; RSVP to Friday, June 7 - FRIEND OF A FRIEND SPRING BRUNCH - 10:00 am Come celebrate this amazing year with Friend of a Friend. Spend the morning with food, photos, and friends - what a great combination! For FOF Members. (You may join FOF now at No charge. Friday, June 14 - SHABBAT BBQ DINNER co-sponsored by FOF and Brotherhood - Time TBA The women and men of Temple Sinai will share a fabulous BBQ as the sun sets. Join your friends in welcoming summer! No charge. Hope to see you soon at Friend of a Friend events!

Jacqueline Covey President, Friend of a Friend/Chaverot

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a member who wears many hats


Todah Rabah

Larry Krasnoff is an invaluable member of Temple Sinai. Among his many contributions he has served on the Board of Trustees, he is a Past President of Brotherhood and Past President of the Chai Society. Larry has served as our Temple Sinai historian since 2008. He is also the architect/mentor for our SORTY Canstruction project. Larry and his wife Lainie have been active Temple Sinai members since 1981. Their daughters Stacey and Cheryl became B’not Mitzvah, Confirmands and graduated from Hebrew High School at Temple Sinai. We have Larry to thank for our beautiful book, History of Temple Sinai, which archives the history of Temple Sinai in words and photos. The information and photos in this book were predominately taken from the archive collection at the temple. The archive itself was in large part written and compiled by Dr. Herbert Hyman. Larry tirelessly worked on this book for hundreds of hours over the course of several years. It was truly an exhaustive labor of love. Larry has served as the architect/mentor for Temple Sinai’s entry in the Canstruction contest on Long Island since 2011. Competitors design and build giant self-supporting structures made entirely of canned food. All food is then donated to the Interfaith Nutrition Network, Island Harvest and Long Island Cares, Inc., The Harry Chapin Food Bank.

Larry has held many offices in our Brotherhood including Past President. He now serves on the national board of Men of Reform Judaism. He is the valued Brotherhood pitcher in the annual SORTY softball challenge where he is known affectionately as Larry “Spitball” Krasnoff.

When I asked Larry what Temple Sinai means to him, he replied, “Temple Sinai has always been a place of comfort to my family; a place of solace in difficult times, a place to share happiness on joyous occasions and always a place to socialize with friends and neighbors. We see our Temple as a place for us to support the tenets of Reform Judaism and to reaffirm our Judaism to ourselves and our children.” We thank Larry Krasnoff with much appreciation for all he does to help us remember our history, support our teens, strengthen our Brotherhood and our temple. With sincere gratitude, Margie Berrent Todah Rabah Committee

30 SCRIBE Apr-May 2019

Thursday, April 11th at 12:30pm Wednesday, May 8th at 12:30pm Tuesday, June 11th at 12:30pm For more information: Contact Michelle Golden 516-650-6690 ecile S

FROM THE CARING COMMITTEE On May 15, the Temple Sinai Caring Committee will host its next Lunch and Learn at 12:00pm in the Library. We will explore Judaic texts and engage in a very interesting discussion. We are looking forward to greeting, eating, and learning with you. The Caring Committee is always available to assist members and their families during times of need, illness, and loss. When we receive notification from clergy and staff, we try to provide whatever assistance we are able. We are especially delighted to learn about and acknowledge simchas. Our appreciation goes to all whose efforts make Temple Sinai a warm and caring community. If you would like to learn more and perhaps join this committee, please contact the temple office at 516.621.6800 or send an email to We hope to hear from you! L’Shalom, Burnette Groveman and Cecile Saretsky

SCOTCH AND SACRED TEXT If you have yet to join Rabbi White and Brotherhood for Scotch & Sacred Text, our next session is definitely the time! Please join us on April 29 when we will be trying out some of the finest single malt Scotch ... with a little bit of Sacred Text served on the side! We urge you to see what we are all about - try us, we think you’ll like us! Please RSVP to Steve Halpern President, Richard Blatt Vice-President, Stu Goldberg Treasurer SCRIBE Apr-May 2019 31

mazel tov Susan & Bruce Jacobson on the birth of their grandson Zachary Jacob Genet Abbie & Richard Laskey on the birth of their granddaughter Sylvia Jamie Laskey Joel Laskey on the birth of his great-granddaughter Sylvia Jamie Laskey Rhonda & Dr. Joel Wolf on the birth of their grandson Julian Berman Pam & Todd Menowitz on the engagement of their daughter Alexandra & Mitchell Partman Donna & Dan Levine on the engagement of their son Zachary & Nicole Kronfeld Barbara & Lonnie Maron on the engagement of their daughter/stepdaughter Morgan Unger & Jesse Deutch Jamie Reich Freedman & Dr. Howard Freedman on the engagement of their daughter Randi & Igor Petlakh Bea Friedman on the birth of her great granddaughter Airalys Friedman Janice & Dr. Greg Diamond on the engagement of their son Zachary & Jenna Zuckerman Robin & Howard Schechter on the birth of their grandson Jackson Cole Tran Todd Breen on the birth of his granddaughter Nora Gray Schacter Lisa & Steven Birbach on the marriage of their daughter Alyssa & Justin Resnick Charlotte & Norman Hollander on the birth of their granddaughter Shayna Lola Hollander

with deepest sympathy David Mandell on the loss of his father Gerald Mandell Sydell Saltiel on the loss of her sister Randa Baum Kenneth Fabricant on the loss of his father Stanley Fabricant Joseph Fallek on the loss of his wife Barbara Fallek Debbie Sussman on the loss of her sister-in-law Ellen Sussman Meyers Mitchell Edelman on the loss of his father Jerome Edelman Rosanne Saltzman on the loss of her mother Marie Passaretti Dr. Richard Koty on the loss of his father Charles Koty Dr. Jeffrey Rabinowitz on the loss of his mother Mildred Mallin Rabinowitz

We record with sorrow the death of Temple Member

Barbara Fallek With deepest sympathy to her family. May her memory be for a blessing.

Our temple family shares both simchas and sorrows. Please let us know if you would like to receive members’ life cycle information via email by contacting the Temple office at

HONOR YOUR LOVED ONES WITH PLAQUES, LEAVES, AND BRICKS Leaves on the Tree of Life are for those special family simchas: births, marriages, B’nei Mitzvah, Anniversaries, etc. The cost of each leaf is $1000. Walkway Bricks for our Nursery School Playground are also available for special family simchas for our youngest congregants. Births, nursery school graduation, birthdays, and more. The cost of each brick is $350. Memorial Plaques honor the memories of our loved ones who have passed away. They are in the hallway leading to the sanctuary. Cost of each plaque is $700, which includes a second version to be put up for your loved one’s yahrzeit. Please contact Betty Brandel in the Temple office at 516.621.6800 for more information or to place an order.

Donations to Clergy Discretionary and Other Funds A donation to any of the clergy discretionary funds requires a separate check. For each of these donations, please make your check payable to Temple Sinai of Roslyn with the specific discretionary fund written in the check memo line: Rabbi Michael White’s Discretionary Fund Rabbi Alex Kress’ Discretionary Fund Cantor Sergei Schwartz’s Discretionary Fund Cantor-Educator Elena Schwartz’s Discretionary Fund Donations to any other funds can be combined in one check made payable to Temple Sinai of Roslyn. Please remember that if you use a company or similar type check, your name should appear on the check so we can properly credit your account.

Are you making a donation? Paying your Temple bill? You can do so online at Click on either donate or payments in the upper right hand corner, and follow the instructions.

Temple Sinai Emergency Communication System Be informed regarding weather-related building closures, security updates, and more

Temple Sinai has automatically added you to Remind - a one-way texting servic. Remind keeps phone numbers anonymous, and won’t flood your phone with everyone else’s responses. We love it and think you will, too, but if you don’t, you can easily cancel at any time by emailing us at SCRIBE Apr-May 2019 33

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Why Go Anywhere Else? You know us… You trust us… We’re here where you are! Call the event specialists Mary Venier-Zwirn & Vincent D’Elia to view our newly decorated space for your next special occasion

516.484.4300 Let us turn your event into THE EVENT!

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Moving? Contact the temple office at 516.621.6078 or to update your information.

Wednesday, May 1 8:30-10:00pm

SCRIBE Apr-May 2019 37

Dates and times are current as of March 25, 2019 and are subject to change. Online calendars will be updated on a regular basis. If you have any questions, please call the phone members listed below:

Religious School 516.621.8016

Nursery School 516.621.8709

Main Office 516.621.6800

April 2019 Sun













7:30pm Board Meeting

7:30pm Community Choir 7:45pm Brotherhood Monthly Meeting

1:00pm Prayer Book Hebrew 6:30pm Friend of a Friend Integenerational Women’s Seder

6:45pm Holocaust Class

9:30am FOF Meeting 6:45pm SORYT Shabbat 6:45pm Shabbat Hallelu/ Birthday Blessings

9:00am Morning Minyan/ Shabbat AM








2:00pm Beyond WWII Exhibit at the Hofstra Art Museum with Adrianne Rubin

5:00pm Torah Explorers Kids Create Family Program

9:30am Adult Ed with Rabbi White 7:30pm Community Choir

9:30am Nursery School Passover Seders 1:00pm Prayer Book Hebrew 6:30pm Chazak Passover Seder

12:30pm Sinai Stitches 4:30pm Holocaust Class 7:30pm Explore Yiddish Music and Culture Lecture with Cantor Sergei Schwartz

4:30pm Sharing Shabbat 6:45pm Shabbat Service/ Farewell to Rabbi Kress

9:00am Morning Minyan/ Shabbat AM 10:30am Shabbat Service Bat Mitzvah Chloe Siegel









No Religious School

No Religious School

7:00pm Adult Ed with Rabbi White 8:00pm From Shtetl to Stage: A Celebration of Yiddish Music and Culture at Carnegie Hall

8:00pm “Is Judaism GodOptional? with Rabbi Kress

10:00am “Reclaiming the Talmud” with Rabbi Kress 1:00pm Prayer Book Hebrew




No Religious School

Office Closes at 1:00pm 6:45pm Shabbat Service/Birthday & Anniversary Blessings in the Simcha Room




7:30pm Brotherhood Scotch & Sacred Text with Rabbi White

4:30pm Holocaust Class 7:30pm Community Choir

9:00am Passover Minyan/ Shabbat AM 6:30pm Second Night Seder




6:45pm Yizkor Service in the Simcha Room

Office Closed 6:45pm Shabbat Service in the Simcha Room

9:00am Morning Minyan/ Shabbat AM 10:30am Shabbat Service Bar Mitzvah Jack Meyer

No Nursery School 1:00pm Prayer Book Hebrew

No Religious School

Join the Facebook group Temple Sinai of Roslyn, NY Follow us on Instagram @mysinairoslyn Follow us on Twitter Temple Sinai Roslyn @MySinaiRoslyn 38 SCRIBE Apr-May 2019

Dates and times are current as of March 25, 2019 and are subject to change. Online calendars will be updated on a regular basis. If you have any questions, please call the phone members listed below:

Religious School 516.621.8016

Nursery School 516.621.8709

Main Office 516.621.6800

May 2019 Sun











1:00pm Prayer Book Hebrew 8:30pm Annual Meeting

Yom Hashoah - Holocaust Remembrance Day 8:00pm Community Choir at Yom Hashoah Service at Temple Beth Sholom

9:30am FOF Meeting 6:45pm Shabbat /Yom Hashoah Holocaust Service

9:00am Morning Minyan/ Shabbat AM 10:30am Shabbat Service B’nei Mitzvah Abigail & Max Dessner








9:00am Mitzvah Morning

7:30pm Board Meeting

7:30pm Community Choir 7:45pm Brotherhood Monthly Meeting

12:30pm Sinai Stitches 7:00pm FOF/Chaverot Game Night

10:30am Bat Mitzvah Service Bat Mitzvah Ellie Sadler

8:45am Nursery School Mother’s Day Tea 6:45pm Shabbat Hallelu/ Birthday Blessings/3rd & 4th Grade Milestone Service

9:00am Morning Minyan/ Shabbat AM 10:00am Chazak Shabbat 10:30am Shabbat Service Bat Mitzvah Casey Sara







7:00pm Sinai Supper Club Cooking Class

10:30am Bat Mitzvah Service Bat Mitzvah Isabelle Lomazow

4:30pm Sharing Shabbat 6:45pm Shabbat LaNeshama/Birthday & Anniversary Blessings

9:00am Morning Minyan/ Shabbat AM 10:30am Shabbat Service Bar Mitzvah Ian Goldfine




Office Closes at 1:00pm 6:45pm Shabbat Service

9:00am Morning Minyan/ Shabbat AM 10:30am Shabbat Service Bat Mitzvah Shaina Arbitman


Mother’s Day

7:00pm Adult Ed with Rabbi White

9:30am Adult Ed with Rabbi White 9:30am Parenting Workshop - Sleep Fundamentals & Habits 7:30pm Community Choir





7:30pm Community Choir

7:00pm Wime, Women & Wisdom (offsite) No Nursery School






Memorial Day Office Closed

7:30pm Community Choir

6:30pm SORTY Board Elections

7:30pm Sinai’s Got Talent

6:45pm Shabbat Service/ Senior Ceremony

2:00pm Art Lecture Immigrants in Twentieth Century Paris & New York with Nancy Traeger


Thursday, May 30 7:30pm

Don’t Miss!


featuring some of the very talented members of the Temple Sinai community including several Purim Shpielers and our amazing teens!


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Temple Sinai of Roslyn

425 Roslyn Road Roslyn Heights, NY 11577 516.621.6800 Affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism




9:00am 4:30pm 6:45pm 9:00am 10:30am




9:00am 6:45pm 6:45pm 9:00am 10:30am


6:45pm 9:00am 10:30am






9:00am 10:00am 10:30am




4:30pm 6:45pm


9:00am 10:30am


6:45pm 9:00am 10:30am



SORTY Shabbat Shabbat Hallelu/Brithday Blessings Shabbat AM/Morning Minyan Sharing Shabbat Shabbat Service Shabbat AM/Morning Minyan Shabbat Service/Bat Mitzvah Chloe Siegel Shabbat LaNeshama/Birthday & Anniversary Blessings in the Simcha Room Shabbat AM/Morning Minyan Yizkor Service in the Simcha Room Shabbat Service in the Simcha Room Shabbat AM/Morning Minyan Shabbat Service/Bar Mitzvah Jack Meyer Shabbat Yom Hashoah Service/ Shabbat AM/Morning Minyan Shabbat Service/B’nei Mitzvah Abigail & Max Dessner Bat Mitzvah Service/Bat Mitzvah Ellie Sadler Shabbat Hallelu/Birthday Blessings/ 3rd & 4th Grade Milestone Shabbat AM/Morning Minyan Chazak Shabbat Shabbat Service/Bat Mitzvah Casey Sara Bat Mitzvah Service/Bat Mitzvah Isabelle Lomazow Sharing Shabbat Shabbat LaNeshama/Birthday & Anniversary Blessings Shabbat AM/Morning Minyan Shabbat Service/Bar Mitzvah Ian Goldfine Shabbat Service Shabbat AM/Morning Minyan Shabbat Service/Bat Mitzvah Shaina Arbitman Shabbat Service/Senior Ceremony

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ADAR II/NISAN/IYYAR 5779 APRIL/MAY 2019 Volume 75 • No. 5

Main Office: 516.621.6800 Nursery School: 516.621.8708 Religious School: 516.621.8016 Rabbi Michael White Rabbi Alexander Kress Cantor Sergei Schwartz Cantor-Educator Elena Schwartz Cantor Emeritus Cantor Andrew H. Edison

Executive Director Alison Stamm

Nursery School Director Debbie Neuschatz

Director of Youth Engagement Lauren “Lulu” Belferder

Office Manager Jane Hallberg

President Richard Evans

Outreach & Engagement Manager Adrianne Rubin, PhD

Executive Vice President Michelle Golden

Vice Presidents Amy Braunstein Robyn Corbin Andrew Kraus

Marketing & Communications Manager Kathy Diamond

Member Services Manager Betty Brandel

Treasurer Michael Shaffet

Secretary Larry Cohen Brotherhood President Steve Halpern Friend of a Friend/Chaverot President Jacqueline Covey

Controller Arlene Zucker

Assistant to Rabbis White & Kress Linda Neiman

V&Z Caterers

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Profile for Temple Sinai of Roslyn

April/May 2019 Scribe  

April/May 2019 Scribe