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d’var sinai October 2015

Friday, October 23 Shabbat Services, 6:30 pm Set the tone for the weekend by hearing Dr. Wolfson at services, “Envisioning the Relational Synagogue of the 21st Century.” Schmooze after Services, 7:30 pm Evening continues for 20-somethings over dinner.

Saturday, October 24 Torah Study, 10:00 am A Torah Study for all ages, "Lech Lecha Hearing the Call of The Seven Questions You're Asked in Heaven." Book Talk & Dinner, 6:00 pm A Book Talk for adults 65 and Over, "The Best Boy in the United States of America.” Havdallah & Conversation, 7:30 pm Drinks, Dessert & Conversation for 40s-60s, “The Power of Connections.”

Sunday, October 25 Parents Connect, 10:00 am A discussion for parents with kids of all ages, “Keeping Judaism Relevant in our Families through the Years.”

Join us for a unique opportunity to learn and connect at this year’s Scholar in Residence Weekend. Dr. Ron Wolfson is an author and professor whose work focuses on the power of making connections to strengthen your Jewish he shares his insights with our community.

October D'var 2015  

Temple Sinai - October Newsletter

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