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April 2016

Celebrate Passover at Temple Sinai Multi Generational Women's Seder 8 Thursday, April 14, 6:00 pm, See page 7

Brotherhood's Sinai Steak House Seder 8 Wednesday, April 20, 6:00 pm, See page 7

Passover, Shabbat Services Friday, April 22, 5:00 pm* *Note the early start time.

Saturday, April 23 Torah Study/Brunch n’ Learn, 9:00 am 8 Passover Shabbat Service, 10:00 am

Passover Second Night Seder 8

Saturday, April 23, 5:30 pm, See page 6

Family Afikomen Scavenger Hunt 8

Sunday, April 24, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm, See page 10

Passover Yizkor Service

Friday, April 29, 11:00 am

Post Passover Break the (Carb) Fast 8

Friday, April 29, 7:30 pm, See page 6 Immediately following 6:30 pm Shabbat services

Your Passover Journey. Your Passover Home.

As Passover approaches, count on Temple Sinai's website as a go to resource for new Passover ideas, prayer refreshers, and ritual reminders to help create a meaningful Passover experience for you and your family. Have specific questions that need answering? Email

Passover Hints for 2016: • Review your Haggadah and make your Passover Seder a meaningful experience for everyone. • Practice the Four Questions with your children before Passover begins. Need a refresher? Check out the Temple Sinai Passover page for a recording of the Four Questions. • Know your guests. Have age appropriate learning and engagement activities for all ages. • Use any ritual items that your children have made (this year or 25 years ago!). • Prepare your wine glasses, plates and linens early. • Passover begins on Shabbat: Don't forget to add 'Shabbat' to Yom Tov prayers. • Be sure to light a Yahrzeit candle before the holiday candles. See more helpful passover tips on page 3.

Temple Sinai Board of Trustees & Staff To reach President Scott Zucker, email To reach staff via email, please use first initial last Ex: Spiritual Leadership Rabbis Ronald M. Segal Bradley G. Levenberg Elana E. Perry Philip N. Kranz, Emeritus Bunzl Family Cantorial Chair Beth Schafer Administrative & Programming Staff Executive Director Jack J. Feldman Facilities/Event Director Lillie Janko Director of Operations Shelly Dresdner Program Director Judy Thomas Communications Director Andrea Fineman Communications Associate Kathleen Trella-Newland Accountant Errol Atlan Member Services Manager Simone Bonnejonne

Religious School Director Caren Feingold Religious School Administrative Assistant Jenny Mopper

Accessibility Services

Assistant to Clergy Lori Jassen Front Desk Associate Abigail Baughman Facilities Manager Andre Parker Education Staff Director of Education Marisa Kaiser Your Journey. Your Home.

President Scott Zucker President-Elect Marcia Nuffer Immediate Past President Stephen M. Berman Vice President (Education) Larry Weiner Vice President (Membership) Kevin Levingston Vice President (Ritual) Elaine Brill Vice President (Community) Sari Earl Vice President (Development) Brad Marcus Secretary Milton Crane Treasurer David Mann Assistant Treasurer Ira Blecker Members Dan Balser Lainie Bardack Aaron Earl Teen Trustee Larry Faskowitz Lauren Gersten Lawrence Kass Jeff Kerker Jack Koransky David Kurzweil Janet Lefkowitz Tracy Lurey Adam Mayer Susan Pepper Penina Richards David Rubinger Robyn Tanenbaum Josh Tolchin Brotherhood Trustee Lori Zwecker Neshamot Trustee

Executive Assistant to Clergy Rachel DeLine

Director of Youth & Teen Engagement Molly Okun B’nei Mitzvah Coordinator Sharon Clark Librarian, PNK Learning Center Adelle Salmenson Interim Preschool Director Jamah Maman


Board of Trustees

Preschool Administrative Assistant Jennifer Adams

D’var Sinai

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8 Be sure to visit our website to register for upcoming events. Look for the  icon indicating that the service will be streamed live.

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Did you know Temple Sinai has a committee dedicated to making our Temple accessible to everyone, regardless of ability? HINEINI - which means “Here I am,” is Temple Sinai’s accessibility committee. Committee members ensure we are welcoming and accessible to all who wish to participate. Need assistance? Have questions? Temple Sinai has concierge services available to assist and connect individuals and families with disabilities with resources both at Sinai and in the community. Please contact our Hineini Concierges, Ina Enoch, at or Jan Jay, at

From My Perspective | Rabbi Brad Levenberg It is difficult, sometimes, to separate the political from the spiritual. We read at Passover of the difficult plight of our people – and the tyrannical rule of Pharaoh. And I don’t know about you, but my Facebook feed has been cluttered as we approach Passover (as it was in the weeks leading to Purim) with people positioning one or more of the candidates for President of the United States as a modern-day Pharaoh. While clever, I wonder about the appropriateness of linking the Passover story with our presidential election cycle. And I have often seen the following: “If _____ wins the election, I will leave this country…so that ‘Next year in Jerusalem’ will be true!” When we say, “Next year in Jerusalem,” at the Seder table, some of us have trouble assigning a straightforward spiritual meaning to the phrase. We are blessed to be able to literally interpret the phrase – after all, we can travel to Israel. But that line which climaxes the Seder should be assigned as much spiritual consideration as possible. A pilgrimage to the Holy Land can be what it means – with all the politics surrounding it – but when “Next year in Jerusalem” is symbolic of freedom over oppression, it should motivate us to work for peace and ensure peace for all peoples. Jerusalem should thus be seen as a symbol for all that is good in our world and our desire to see that goodness as soon

as one year from now. I know, I know…it is easy to criticize our politicians and link them to evil Pharaoh. Some take positions that appear political over practical and some take positions that we believe to be unjust or, perhaps, unrealistic. And while many Passover tables will feature lively debate about US politics, I pray that our Seders will not. Regardless of our politics, we wish each other well, for that is what family does. And in this climate of very heated debate, my hope is that we can separate the political from the spiritual. Yes, you can have an honest exchange over your Seder tables about what the 10 modern-day plagues would be and then chat about how to address them. And, yes, you can have a conversation about other groups of people who are marginalized in society as were we in Egypt and how people today need freedom from just as much as we did thousands of years ago. Freedom from objectification. Freedom from fear. Freedom from tyranny. Freedom from persecution. Freedom from… But let us not sacrifice a meaningful spiritual evening on the alter of advocating for a particular candidate over another. There will be plenty of time in the months ahead to politic for your favorite candidate. Maybe at our Seders this year we can advocate for the richness of our religious history. B’Shalom, Brad

Celebrate Passover at Temple Sinai continued Ritual Check list for Setting your Passover Table

Seder Plate: • Zro’ah (Shank bone) symbolizes the lamb that was sacrificed in ancient days • Beitzah (Roasted Egg) represents the Passover offering of ancient days as well as the wholeness and continuing cycle of life • Maror (Bitter herbs, horseradish or romaine lettuce) reminds us of the bitter lives of the Hebrew slaves • Charoset (the mixture of apples, nuts, sweet wine, cinnamon and sugar in the Ashkenazic fashion, or dates, nuts and sweet wine in the Sephardic tradition), reminds us of the bricks and mortar made by the Hebrew slaves • Karpas (Greens) symbolizes the springtime of the year when Passover takes place

Three Matzot:

Three Matzot; covered and usually on a separate plate. Your Afikomen will come from these pieces of matzah. Other Items: • Holiday Candles • Kipot • Cup of Elijah: Filled with wine • Miriam’s Cup: Filled with water • Afikomen: something to hide the afikomen in and prizes for children who find it • Pillows on chairs: for anyone who wants to fully relax • Plague Bag: items to symbolize the plagues. A fun addition for all ages. • Pitcher of water for hand washing • Salt water Helpful hint: If hosting a large group, put mini plates/ bowls around the seder table of saltwater, charoset, bitter herbs, parsely and matzah. | 404 . 252 . 3073

Haggadah: • Invest in one that works for your family. Make sure to have enough copies for everyone. Be sure to review your Haggadah a few days before the beginning of Passover


Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees Message | Brad Marcus, Vice President of Development As we approach Passover and look forward to preparing for the Seder, I'm reminded of my childhood and our family's pre-Passover ritual of cleaning out our chametz. This process reminds us of those who search daily for food to feed themselves. In our case, this mound of cookies, crackers, and all food containing leavening products continued with a true "spring cleaning." My mother would have us scour the entire house, that included searching the closets for all old clothes. These items were stacked into boxes and set in an outside storage room. The family tradition continued as my mom would invite an often-homeless man who lived further down on our unpaved Atlanta road to perform trivial chores. He would work around the outside of our home and afterwards, our family would invite him inside for a sandwich and a hot shower. Feeling a sense of accomplishment from our family effort, I would watch him leave in clean clothes, carrying bags of clothing and boxes of food.

This combination of Jewish ritual and human kindness seems evident in some aspect of each Jewish holiday. Judaism has been described as a faith of "Pots and Pans." It speaks to doing and acting in everyday life, carrying out actions and practices that sustain us all. My mother's practices demonstrated both a traditional ritual and our larger spiritual belief in carrying for our community. Temple Sinai is a part of my community, a home where I can nourish both my spiritual and communal needs. Passover ties these messages celebrating freedom, family, community, gratitude and Jewish unity. May this Passover unite personal messages for you and bring you and your family fulfillment. Chag Sameach, Brad Marcus

Your Journey. Your Home.

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Temple Sinai Annual Meeting 8

Sunday, May 15, 5:00 pm Join us! The meeting will begin at 5:00 pm, with dinner immediately following. Please RSVP online. Proposed Slate of Officers & Members of the Board of Trustees 2016 - 2017 The below slate will be voted on at the meeting. Officer Nominees Nominating Committee Marcia Nuffer - President Stephen M. Berman, Chair Cary Rodin - President Elect Jan Epstein, Co-Chair Shirley Leaderman Bernes Ira Blecker - Assistant Treasurer Stacey Geer - VP Communications/Secretary Milt Crane Jeff Diamond Jeff Kerker - VP Ritual Howard Feinsand Kevin Levingston - VP Membership David Mann - Treasurer Andy Much Adam Mayer - VP Development Alan Rolnick Lynn Redd - VP Community Arnie Rubenstein Asher Royal - VP Education Josh Tolchin Stephanie Wyatt Daren Becker, Ex-Officio

Board of Trustees Nominees Chuck Berk Owen Dwoskin Allan Nelkin Mark Rosenthal Maurice Shemper Johanna Skid LaWana Streger

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Adult Education

Lilith SALON 8 Thursday, April 28, 7:00 pm

Sinai Movie Night with Rabbi Perry

Wanted: Women interested in relevant, intellectual pursuits with a feminist bent. We are establishing a Lilith SALON at Temple Sinai. Our first meeting will be Thursday, April 28. Come for stimulating conversation among women who love grappling with important issues, both Jewish and in the world at large. RSVP to Lynn Ritvo at or 678-239-4999 by April 21st.

After fleeing Europe for Uruguay during WWII, Jacob Kaplan built a quiet life. Now 76, he begins to question his worth. When he learns of a mysterious German prowling the shores of a nearby beach, he becomes convinced that he's found a Nazi in hiding and plans to expose him. A combination of emotional depth and deadpan comedy, "Mr. Kaplan" is a vivacious meditation on family, aging, and the drive for significance. (English subtitles).

Passover Second Night Seder 8 Saturday, April 23, 5:30 pm

Come enjoy Temple Sinai’s popular Passover Second Night Seder. We’ll read the full Haggadah with Rabbi Segal and enjoy a 4-course seder meal (Kosher style). Families, singles and couples are welcome to attend this intergenerational, congregation-wide event. Cost: $25 for adults (age 13+), $15 for children age 5-12 and free for children 4 and under. Non-temple members may also attend for an additional $5. RSVP online. All reservations must be made and paid by April 19. Optional: Bring your own seder plate and favorite wine to make it feel more like home. If you are able to help set up our Second Night Passover tables, please join us on Thursday, April 21, 10:00 am - 12:30 pm and let Judy Thomas know that you will be attending, jthomas@templesinaiatlanta. org. | 404 . 252 . 3073

Post Passover Break-the-(Carb) Fast 8 Friday, April 29 Immediately following Shabbat services


Say goodbye to the Bread of Affliction and hello to carbs! In keeping with Israel and Reform Judaism’s 7 day Passover observance, we invite you to join us for an evening of carb delight. Enjoy a pasta bar (including a gluten free pasta), Italian garlic rolls, salad and an ice cream sundae dessert bar. Cost: $15 for adults, $8 for children 4-12 years old, free for children 3 years and under. RSVP online by Wednesday, April 27.

April 3, 6:30 pm, Mr. Kaplan

Chyatte Lecture: “Writing an Ethical Will” 8 Wednesday, April 6, 7:00 pm

Storytelling has been part of the Jewish experience since biblical times. Contained in those stories have been the lessons of generations before us and many times inspirations for the future ahead. Join Temple Sinai President Scott Zucker for this year’s Chyatte lecture on the topic of “Writing an Ethical Will”. This program will discuss the ability of every person to create a way, when the time comes, to make sure that their own stories are told, their lessons shared, their values described and their final messages of love conveyed. Participants will learn about the history of ethical wills, methods for creating them and how they are shared with the ones we love. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to start writing your own ethical will. Sponsored by the Sam Chyatte Memorial Endowment Fund. RSVP online.

Adult Education Mini-Series with Rabbi Perry: When Kids Ask Big Questions Sunday, April 10, 10:00 am “Talking to Your Kids About God” Sunday, April 17, 10:00 am “Talking to Your Kids About Death”

Do you ever feel at a loss for words when your children ask about some of life’s greatest mysteries? Join other parents on April 10th and 17th to learn about some thoughtful and age-appropriate Jewish responses to commonly-asked questions from curious kids.

92nd Street Y April 10, 4:00 pm

Sinai Movie Night with Rabbi Segal

In a wide-ranging interview with Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer conducted by Harvard Law professor and Bloomberg View columnist Noah Feldman, we look at the issues and challenges confronting the court at a time when legislation and the law are subject to unusually heightened political passions.

Save the date for the May Adult Education Film Series with Rabbi Segal featuring the film Rosenwald, the remarkable story of a Jewish partnership with African American communities.

Sunday, May 22, 6:30 pm, Rosenwald

Brotherhood Upcoming Events

Sisterhood/Neshamot Upcoming Events

Brotherhood’s Sinai Steak House Seder 8

Multi Generational Women's Seder 8

You will NOT want to miss this. Gather with the Sinai guys for a night of great steak, great scotch (and wine), and great community. On Wednesday evening, April 20th, Brotherhood will host what will quickly become a must-do Sinai men’s annual tradition. Eat, drink and learn a little bit about Passover. You MUST RSVP online by Friday, April 15. Walk-ins, unfortunately, cannot be accommodated. Cost is $20 for Brotherhood members and $40 for Brotherhood non-members.

Good with Power Tools? Help Brotherhood Build a New Sukkah for Sinai – Brotherhood has been working on designs for a new, larger Sukkah for the courtyard. Brotherhood will buy all the materials, but we need help from the Sinai community to build the Sukkah later this Spring. If you have construction skills and want to help… please contact Josh Tolchin at

Brotherhood’s next Semi-Annual Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament - Save the Date Thursday, May 12, 6:00 pm Hudson Grille, Sandy Springs

Softball Season is Coming… Are you a Player?

Brotherhood Brunch with Israeli Consulate General In February, Brotherhood hosted a brunch for the Sinai community featuring Israeli Ambassador Judith Vernai Shorer. Sinai's 80 members in attendance had a unique opportunity to hear first hand, Israel’s position on many of today’s important topics.

Join us for our multi-generational Women's Seder! This will be an uplifting event for women that will empower and bring us closer together as a community. Led by Rabbi Perry and Beth Schafer, the seder will include food (of course), learning and song. $18/person for Sisterhood members and their daughters (ages 10-24); $25/person for non-members (which may be applied to Sisterhood membership). Register online by April 4. Do bring your own seder plates and matzoh covers to make this a true family community event!

Closing Event: Mixology at True Foods Kitchen 8 May 1, 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Come mix, sip, and mingle with other Sinai women at Sisterhood's fun mixology event at True Foods Kitchen. Learn how to whip up some unique cocktails as you munch on tasty treats and socialize with old friends and new. Uber discount provided to attendees for a safe ride home. Participants will also receive discounted registration for this year's spectacular Women’s Retreat at Reynold’s Plantation. All are welcome and encouraged to attend, but don't delay signing up because space is limited! See you there! RSVP online.

Women's Retreat, Save the Date 8

Sunday, November 6 - Monday, November 7 Ritz-Carlton Lodge, Reynolds Plantation, Lake Oconee We are delighted to invite you to Nourish Yourself in 2016! Please make plans to join us for our Temple Sinai Women’s Retreat. Last year, 85 women of Sinai - of all ages - enjoyed making new connections with other dynamic women in our community. We relished some precious time away, and enjoyed opportunities to learn a little more about ourselves and each other. Could there be better way to unwind from a busy Jewish Holiday season? Please contact Janet Lefkowitz or Lori Zwecker with any questions. | 404 . 252 . 3073

Temple Sinai has two teams that play in the Atlanta Men’s Synagogue Softball League. Our ‘A’ League team is very competitive and is always looking for strong players to help bring home the championship. Our ‘C’ League team is also very good, just much more low-key. They could use a few new players as well. Practices will start in April and games are on Sundays in June through August. If interested, contact Josh Tolchin at

Thursday, April 14, 6:00 pm

Sisterhood/Neshamot & Brotherhood

Wednesday, April 20, 6:00 pm


Adult Programs

Thank you to all the individuals and organizations that made Casino Royale and our Burn the Mortgage Campaign a Success! Presenting Sponsor

Event Co-Chairs

Lainie Bardack and Adam Sikora

Auction/Raffle Chair Tami Schwartz

VP of Development

In-Kind Sponsors Bold Catering

Staff Liaisons

Ferfer Photography The Flower Buds Monte Carlo Productions POP’S! Wine & Spirits PostNet Robot Booth The Wine Shop

Watch for the May D’var Sinai for a full listing of sponsors, donors and photos from the event!

Tai Chi Chih - New Class to Begin in April

Your Journey. Your Home.

Wednesdays, 10:00 am - 11:00 am


Sponsored by Roman DeVille, the new fund will enrich Temple Sinai by providing resources for the learning and dialogue in the study of the Holocaust. Annual uses of the funds include, but are not be limited to: sponsoring presentations by speakers; programs such as Yom HaShoah remembrance; obtaining Learning Center materials and audiovisual items; and other creative means to support increased knowledge regarding the Shoah within the congregation.

Classic Tents & Events

Brad Marcus

Shelly Dresdner Rachel Simon

New Deville Holocaust Education Endowment Fund

Offering flexibility, balance and inner peace, Sheryl Adair will be teaching a 4-part class in beginning/ intermediate Tai Chi Chih at Temple Sinai. The fee is $40 for the 4-part class and is payable directly to Sheryl Adair. If you have NEVER taken a Tai Chi Chih class from Sheryl, then the first class is complementary. For questions or to register, please contact Judy Thomas at

Mah Jongg

Tuesdays, 10:00 am Wednesdays, 6:30 pm Join us for a game of Mah Jongg. Temple Sinai "Mah Jongg Queen," Harriett Simmons, has offered to teach Mah Jongg for those who have never played before or need a refresher. Please contact Judy Thomas at if you are interested.

Up, Up and Away - Retirees are Airport Bound! 8 Thursday, April 7, 10:30 am

Join us as we visit the Atlanta airport and tour the underbelly of one of the world’s most utilized airports. We’ll leave Temple Sinai at 10:30 am and have brunch before heading to our guided tour of the history of the Atlanta airport and the Airport Art Museum. The cost is $5 for transportation, plus brunch. We will return to Sinai around 4 pm. Please RSVP to Judy Thomas at

ROMEO Club Members Dine Together Monthly 8 Tuesday, April 12, 1:00 pm Il Giallo 5920 Roswell Rd, Suite B-118, Sandy Springs, GA 30328

If you are retired, almost retired, or dream about retirement, then the ROMEO Club is perfect for you. About 15-20 really good guys meet monthly to discuss a variety of topics, eat and meet other Sinai members. If you have already attended, then you know it is fun. If you haven’t, try it! For details or to make a reservation please contact Charlie Stark at

Juliet Club Heads to Seasons 52 8

Wednesday, April 13, 1:00 pm Seasons 52 90 Perimeter Center West, Perimeter Mall Sinai’s Juliet women don’t take a back seat to our Romeo Club as they are out and about and enjoying their own good fun. Join us for interesting conversation, excellent food and a chance to meet new people. Please RSVP to Judy Thomas at

ATID - 20s and 30s Group 8 Sunday, April 3, 1:00 pm Top Golf, Alpharetta

Adult Programs

Join other 20 and 30 somethings for a fun afternoon at Top Golf in Alpharetta. FREE. Enjoy playing golf and eating lunch while hanging out with your Temple Sinai friends. RSVP to Lori Jassen

Golf Club – Get Ready to Tee Off!

Tuesday, April 5, 10:30 am City Club of Marietta *Note new location All levels are welcome and people will be divided by handicap in either under 20 and over 20. There is a practice range available. Price is $32 including green fees, cart, and tax (for players over 60 years of age) and $48 (players under age 60). Golf clubs are available to rent for $40 and includes 2 sleeves of balls. Golf attire includes collared shirts. Lunch can be arranged after the 9th hole. Carpooling is available from Temple Sinai. Reservations must be made by noon on March 28 by contacting Michael Gamburg at or online.

Sinai Business Alliance 8

“Incorporating Millennials in Your Workplace” Andrea Hershatter, Ph.D., Emory Dean Tuesday, April 12, 7:00 pm

Gallery Tour

Thursday, April 21 12:00 pm Lunch - South City Kitchen Restaurant 2:00 pm Gallery Tour - Museum of Design Atlanta We will be viewing the show Make-Believe America. This is about the U.S. self-representation in cultural fairs during the Cold War and the important role played by designers and architects in conceiving, assembling, and implementing the exhibitions exported by the U.S. to other countries like India, Afghanistan, the U.S.S.R., Belgium, Canada, and Japan. Tickets are $10.00 or $8.00 for seniors. For those who wish to carpool, we will meet at 11:30 am at Regions Bank located on Roswell Road and Abernathy in Sandy Springs. Please RSVP by Friday, April 15th to Andy Steinman at

Sinai T’micha

Wednesday, April 13, 6:30 pm A monthly support group held at Temple Sinai for parents of: children with learning differences; children who need behavioral support; children with special needs; children for whom you are not sure if these categories fit! Contact Stacey Geer for more information, skgeer@

Sunday Morning Running Group Sunday Mornings, 9:45 am

We meet in the main lobby at 9:45 Sunday mornings when there is Religious School. All levels welcome. Please contact Michael Warshauer for more information at

Temple Sinai's Exploring Israel Family Trip December 22, 2016 - January 3, 2017

Join Rabbi Levenberg for a fun family trip to Israel! Trip highlights include: • Tour old synagogues • See the picturesque alleys and art galleries of Tzfat • Jeep tour of the Golan Heights • Archeological excavation in Beit Guvrin • Tour Yad Vashem • Light the Chanukah candles in Jerusalem Full itinerary and more information available at: | 404 . 252 . 3073

Dr. Hershatter has led Emory’s top-ranked undergraduate business program for the last two decades and is responsible for all aspects of its growth and development. She regularly consults on the Millennial generation and is a frequent presenter on the topics of entrepreneurship, generational propensities, and management education. It is truly an honor to welcome Dr. Hershatter to Temple Sinai to discuss millennials in the workplace. The cost is $8 in advance, $12 at the door. RSVP online.

Above: Retirees enjoy a visit to the Booth Museum.


Youth & Education Programs

Inaugural Teen Interns Cohort

We are so proud of our inaugural cohort of teen interns for the 2015-2016 school year! This stellar group of teens were chosen to participate as teen interns at Temple Sinai. This prestigious group works with different staff mentors to gain new skills, create programs, learn the "behind the scenes" of how our synagogue works and of course be mentored by our great staff! This program was created to provide leadership opportunities for teens outside of our youth group leadership structure. This was an initiative born from our education strategic planning process to expand the opportunities we provide our teens both educationally and socially. Our first cohort consists of the following internships: Education Interns with Marisa Kaiser, Director of Education Audrey Cunninghis Becca Langfelder Youth Interns with Molly Okun, Director of Youth & Teen Engagement Hailey Kessler Nettie Leepson Music Intern with Rabbi Brad Levenberg Hannah Feldman Music Intern with Bunzl Family Cantorial Chair Beth Schafer Halley Cooper Business Intern with Jack Feldman, Executive Director Benjamin Lang Not pictured: Becca Langfelder

Please join us for

Family Shabbat Service

Friday, April 29, 6:30 - 7:30 pm

Join us following for the break Passover dinner!

Family Afikoman Scavenger Hunt 8

Sunday, April 24, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm East Cobb Park, 3322 Roswell Rd, Marietta, GA 30068 Join us for a family fun Passover adventure! Scavenger hunt, food, obstacle courses, team building, games and more! Program is geared for all kids and their parents in Kindergarten through 6th grade, but there will be fun for the entire family. RSVP online.

Youth and Teen Programs

Your Journey. Your Home.

Save The Dates:

Temple Sinai has designed a NEW monthly Shabbat Service specifically created for families with children ages 6-11. Engaging music and an interactive service will combine to ensure a Shabbat experience for both children and parents to enjoy together. For the next Family Shabbat, May 20, Save the date


Complimentary babysitting will be available for children 5 and under during the service.

April 2 – SCRUFY (9th-12th Grade) April 10 – CLUB 34 (3rd-4th Grade) April 10 – JR. SCRUFY (7th-8th Grade) April 15-17 – NFTY-SAR Spring Kallah (9th-12th Grade) April 16 – CLUB 56 (5th-6th Grade) April 17 – SCRAPPY (K-2nd Grade) April 18 – Baccalaureate Service for graduating high school seniors April 20 – SCRUFY Elections (9th - 12th grade)

Early Childhood Engagement at Temple Sinai

Temple Sinai Preschool is now enrolling for both the 2016/2017 school year and Summer Camp! More information can be found online and by contacting Jamah Maman at or 404.255.6200.

Early Childhood Education & Temple Sinai Preschool

Enrolling now for summer camp!

Temple Sinai preschool collected $527 in Tzedakah the first half of the school year. PTO is proud to announce that it was donated to Ian's Friends Foundation (IFF). IFF continues to lead a relentless fight against pediatric brain tumors and is committed to supporting innovative research in search of a cure. Preschool students were proud to present the founder of IFF, Cheryl Yagoda, with a check.

Daddy & Me 8

Shine the Torah Ornaments & Lunch Saturday, April 2, 11:00 am Temple Sinai Dads, bring your little ones to perform a mitzvah at Temple Sinai. We have the opportunity to shine the ornaments that dress the Torah. This is great for little hands and an amazing experience for everyone involved. RSVP online. Saturday, May 7, 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm Hosted by the Youth & Family Committee Bring your family for an evening of fun and games! BBQ and dessert will be served. Join us in the Temple Sinai back parking lot and playground. We will have Zorb Balls, a Gaga Pit, an Obstacle Course and more. The cost is $36 per family or $12 per adult, and $8 per child. Geared toward families with children K-6 but open to all ages! RSVP online. Fun for the whole family! | 404 . 252 . 3073

Annual Family fun Fest 8


Our B’nei Mitzvah students joined together with Jewish Artist, Gary Rosenthal, for a Hiddur Mitzvah Program on Feb. 8. The students fulfilled the mitzvah of beautifying the world by creating a Yad to be used during their B'nei Mitzvah ceremony. Small pieces of colorful glass were designed into a mosaic pattern which were taken to Gary’s studio to be fused in his Kiln. The glass art is then attached onto a beautiful metal base. Additional Mezuzzot were created and will be donated to local Jewish facilities.


Let’s talk and see how I can work for you in Atlanta and beyond MADELINE SATER

Senior Real Estate Specialist Accredited Buyer’s Representative Accredited Relocation Specialist 404-983-1059 cell 404-233-4142 office

Wo/Men's Infertility Support Havurah presents: Third Party Reproduction


Monday, April 21, 7:00 pm

The decision to use donor eggs, sperm, embryos or even a surrogate to help make your baby is not easy and can leave you full of questions. How do I choose? Will the donor have any rights to my baby? What if the surrogate changes their mind? How will I ever afford this?

CALEB 117 Peachwood Avenue • Atlanta, Georgia 30318

Your Journey. Your Home.



Join Wish on April 21st from 7-9 pm along with steering committee members Lynn Goldman and Kerri Golding to help answer these questions and learn about the legal, emotional and financial aspects of this very special journey. Lynn will share her professional expertise as an attorney who specializes in reproductive law, and Kerri and her gestational carrier will be present to share about their experience as Intended Parent and surrogate.

CALEB michael B E C O M E S A B A R M I T Z VA H S AT U R DAY, O C TO B E R 6

10:30 AM



For those interested, an optional support group facilitated by a licensed clinician will immediately follow the main meeting. *WISH is a co-ed, multi-denominational support group for men and women in the Atlanta area. We meet at Temple Sinai, located in Sandy Springs.

totally original invitations and event graphics

April 201 6 | Adar II 5776/Nisan 5776 Sunday









Preschool closed 5:45 pm - Kabbalat Panim/Oneg 6:30 pm - Shabbat Service







1 pm - Atid (Away)

7 am - Traditional Service

10 am - Mah Jongg

10 am - Tai Chi Chih

10:30 - Temple Sinai Golf Club (Away)

6:30 pm - Mah Jongg

7 am - Traditional Service

5:45 pm - Kabbalat Panim/Oneg

10:30 am Retirees tour Atlanta Airport 7 pm - Mussar Class

6:30 pm - Rock Shabbat Service, featuring Chai Fidelity

6:30 pm Sinai Movie Night

10 am - Baby and Me

7 pm - Chyatte Lecture

9 am - Torah Study 10 am - SCRUFY (Away) 10 am - Shabbat Service 11 am - Daddy and Me


9 am - Torah Study 10 am - Shabbat Service 10:30 am - B’nei Mitzvah Ceremony

Family Promise April 3 - April 10

10 8 am - Electronics







Recycling 9:30 - Confirmation, MAP, Religious School, Torah Tots 9:45 - Sunday Morning Running Group 10 am - Miniseries w/ Rabbi Perry 12:15 pm Hebrew Chavurah, Social Action Sunday 12:30 - Club 34 (Away) 4 pm - Jr. SCRUFY (Away); 92nd Street Y

7 am - Traditional Service

10 am - Mah Jongg

10 am - Tai Chi Chih

1 pm - Romeo Club (Away)

1 pm - Juliet Club (Away)

7 am - Traditional Service

5:45 pm - Kabbalat Panim/Oneg

1:30 pm Book Talk

4:45 pm - Hebrew School

4:45 pm - Hebrew School

6:30 pm - Shabbat Service; Tot Shabbat

6 pm - Atidaynu Program

6:30 pm - Mah Jongg, Sinai T'micha, Teen Wednesday Night Program

9 am - Torah Study 10 am - Shabbat Service 10:30 am - B’nei Mitzvah Ceremony 5 pm - Havdalah Bar Mitzvah Ceremony 6 pm - Club 56 (Away)






9 am - Blood Drive 9:30 am - Parent Learning Connection 3rd Grade; PreK; Religious School 9:45 am - Sunday Morning Running Group 10 am - Miniseries w/ Rabbi Perry 12:15 pm - Hebrew Chavurah 12:30 pm - SCRAPPY (Away)

7 am - Traditional Service

10 am - Mah Jongg

10 am - Tai Chi Chih

7 am - Traditional Service

Office Closed at noon

4:45 pm - Hebrew School

12 pm - Gallery Tour (Away)

Preschool Closed

5:30 pm - SCRUFY Teen Lounge: Elections

7 pm - Wish Meeting






10 am - Family Afikomen Search

7 am - Traditional Service

10 am - Mah Jongg; Melton course

10 am Tai Chi Chih

7 am - Traditional Service

10 am - Baby and Me

7 pm - Sinai Business Alliance

6 pm - MultiGenerational Women's Sedar 7 pm - Mussar Class

NFTY Spring Kalah

10 am - Baby and Me

4:45 pm - Hebrew School

6:30 pm Baccalaureate Program


Erev Passover 5:00 pm - Shabbat Service

23 9 am - Torah Study/Brunch n Learn 10 am - Passover Shabbat Service 5:30 pm - Passover 2nd Night Seder

6 pm - Men's Seder 6:30 pm - Mah Jongg

4:45 pm - Hebrew School

4:45 pm - Hebrew School 6:30 pm - Mah Jongg

Preschool Closed April 25 - April 29

7 pm - Lilith Salon; Mussar Class


Office Closed

30 9 am - Torah Study

11 am - Passover/ Yizkor Service

10 am - Shabbat Service

5:45 pm - Kabbalat Panim/Oneg

10:30 am - B'not Mitzvah Ceremony

6:30 pm - Shabbat Service; Family Shabbat Service 7:30 pm Congregational End of Passover Dinner

Our Sinai Family

The listings below are March Sinai Family Updates. Get “real-time” updates on our Sinai Family every Thursday evening in the weekly “From Shabbat to Shabbat” e-blast.

Mazel Tov to...

Chuck Berk, Claire D'agostino, and Rabbi Philip Kranz, who were appointed to the Georgia Commission on the Holocaust by Governor Deal.

Mazel Tov to all of our staff and members who are also board members of national Reform organizations. • Rabbi Ron Segal - VP Central Conference of American Rabbis, CCAR Samantha & Benjamin Ellis on the birth of their • Rabbi Brad Levenberg - National Board Member, Redaughter Lillian Lee Ellis. Mazel Tov to Susan & Earl form Zionists of America, ARZA Wasserman, grandparents, as well. • Peter Savitz - National Board Member Reform Zionists of America, ARZA Riedy & Steve Gimpelson on the birth of their grandson, • Joy Greenberg - Board Member, Member Board of Benjamin Gimpelson. Mazel Tov to Jaime & Brett Governors, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Ackerman, aunt and uncle, as well. Religion, HUC-JIR • Steve Berman - National Board Member, Union for Shirley Leaderman Bernes & Gary Bernes on the birth of Reform Judaism, URJ their granddaughter, Drew Hyla Genee. • Debbie Pinsky - National Board Member, Union for Reform Judaism, URJ • Jan Epstein - Honorary Life Board Member, Union for Reform Judaism, URJ Welcome New Members • Arthur Heyman - Honorary Life Board Member, Union for Reform Judaism, URJ Sloane Barras; Talia & Jake • Marisa Kaiser - VP, Association of Reform Jewish EducaErin Haber & Ethan Bagen tors, ARJE Jessica LaGala; Abbigail • Jack Feldman - Board Member, National Association for Pamela & Steve Reynolds Temple Administration, NATA Alison & Eric Weiner; Benjamin, Max & Blake

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Condolences to… Our Sinai Family

Carl Capelouto on the death of his mother, Rachel Capelouto. Condolences to Ned Franco, brother, as well. Debora Feldman on the death of her husband, Judge Joel Feldman. Wendie Fisher on the death of her mother, Saralyne Feinberg. Amy Gately on the death of her father, Adolf Ageloff. Joel Greenberg on the death of his wife, Marjorie Greenberg. Condolences to Mark Greenberg and Karen St. Amand, children, and Bob Weinstein, brother, as well. Gregory Jay on the death of his father, Ferman Jay. Sydney Katz on the death of her Step-father, Charles Feder. Stephen Phillips on the death of his father, Theodore C. Phillips. Joshua Rosenberg on the death of his mother, Lois Rosenberg













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Contributions | February 2016

Beth Schafer Discretionary Fund in honor of Beth Schafer Candy & Stephen Berman Leadership Development Fund in honor of Candy Berman Cultural Arts Special Fund in honor of Hannah Frankel's 90th Birthday Cultural Arts Special Fund in memory of Sandi Stine's beloved Dad, Howard Goldstein Early Childhood Fund in honor of Brit Mila of Benjamin Gimpelson Ellyse & Warren Zindler Technology Fund in honor of the Steinberg's 60th Anniversary Praying for Refuah Sh'laymah for Irwin Siegel Martin Reish Joan Brown Family Promise in memory of Bruce Stein Gary Metzel Spirituality Endowment in memory of Ethel Arth

Your Journey. Your Home.

General Endowment in memory of Saul Siegel


Goldie V. Morris Music Enrichment Endowment in memory of Charles Reiner Margie Greenberg Rachel Capelouto Hineni - Accessibility and Inclusivity Fund in memory of Elizabeth K. Moffit Esther Jay Kesher Special Fund in honor of Danni Glazer Gail Bates's Milestone Birthday the important birthdays of both Dennis and Gail Bates

in memory of Harriet Engel Margie Greenberg Sarah Robinson Steve Doochin Loventhal Scholarship Endowment in honor of Gail Bates' Special Birthday Michael Alembik Memorial Endowment in memory of Bernice Bloom Michael Alembik Operating Enhancement Special Fund in memory of Al Goodman Ben Pinsky Bobette Matison Newman Claire Roodee Dr. Bruce Stein Henry Bornfreund Jean Kurtzman Joseph Kurtzman William Kurtzman Lillian Cohen Margie Greenberg Marilyn Myerson praying for Refuah Sh'laymah for Arlene Tauber Philanthropic/Social Action Special Fund in memory of Marjorie Greenberg PNK Learning Center Special Fund in honor of Adele Epstein's Birthday Myra Fineman's 90th Birthday Rabbi Kranz in memory of Bernard Ekstein Frances Reznick Lefkowitz Jerry Blonder Lala Greene Mollie Troop Morris Freedman Nathan Hamby Pre-School Fund in memory of Harold Gordon Rabbi Kranz 36th Anniversary Fund in honor of Barbara Snow's Birthday in memory of Harry N. Blum

Rabbi Levenberg Discretionary Fund in honor of Blair Holland Rubinger's Naming Brad Levenberg in memory of Goldie Shayewitz Stan Bornfreund Rabbi Perry Discretionary Fund in memory of Barbara and Ted Abrams Bernice and Julian Abrams Daisy and Julius Klitzner Rabbi Segal Discretionary Fund in appreciation of Rabbi Ron officiating the wedding of Michael Birnbrey and Jennifer Blass Rabbi Ron Segal Jonah becoming a Bar Mitzvah Sharon Price's 84th Birthday in memory of Bernard Gordon Charles Haffner Esther Jay Harry Rehm Jack Fine Janet Sinder Lee Neuhaus Zoe Gelder Religious School Special Fund in appreciation of Sharon Clark Elise Halpern Rabbi Perry Rabbi Levenberg Robert S. Janko Children's Enrichment in memory of Hilde Gรถtz Sandybeck & Alan Lease Visual Arts Endowment in memory of Charles Spector Second Helpings Special Fund in memory of Alan Slyn Solomon Zitter Stanley & Shirley Cohen Bldg & Grounds Endowment in honor of Shirley Cohen's Birthday Youth/Teen Program & Scholarship Fund in honor of Isaac Jaye

Imagine Sinai Update from Rabbi Brad Levenberg Imagine Sinai Spotlight: 20s/30s! Among the more exciting elements of Imagine Sinai is the strategy to engage those in their 20s/30s with Temple Sinai. The vision is inspired and inspiring: in 2025, at the end of the 10 year Imagine Sinai strategic plan, Temple Sinai attracts and engages a vibrant community of adults in their 20s/30s. A grand idea, for sure, but the question is: how do we get there? Our first step was to engage the right team to lead the initiative. We are grateful to Jeff and Alexis Rosengarten for taking the reins and steering this strategy. Together with Rabbi Brad, Alexis and Jeff assembled a core team of statekholders – for their first meeting earlier this year. Jeff and Alexis held their first meeting, a round-table conversation to hear from those in the demographic how Sinai could evolve and adapt to their present and ever-changing needs. The conversation was insightful to say the least. Those present began offering their opinions and the opinions of their friends in what turned out to be a two-hour plus session. The meeting ended with a promise from Jeff and Alexis to hold another session (recently held in March) to follow up on some of the points made by the group. “It really was amazing. I was able to listen and answer questions and offer my own questions to an incredibly open group of people. I’ve read several studies over the last few years about how to engage this demographic but this conversation is the first time I feel I can begin to understand what assumptions drive the conversation from the 20/30-somethings themselves. And we are in a great place to begin responding,” explained Rabbi Brad. The group will now research other models of engagement, both in the Jewish and synagogue world as well as in secular and professional organizations to gather ideas and suggestions about how to transform Sinai. “We are grateful for the honesty and openness," explained Rabbi Brad. "And it is great to have an engaged cohort to help us dream big about who we can become; to help us Imagine Sinai.” Ackerman Social Hall Dedication | 404 . 252 . 3073

In order to help relieve the mortgage Sinai has carried since our 2004 capital campaign, Charlie Ackerman magnanimously presented a significant financial gift to the synagogue. In recognition and honor of Charlie’s generosity, the Board of Trustees voted at its December meeting to formally name our Social Hall the “Charles S. Ackerman Social Hall.” On February 14, the family gathered to dedicate the social hall and celebrate this momentous and historic occasion.


Your Journey. Your Home.

B’nei Mitzvah

March B’nei Mitzvah Ceremonies


Mathew Birnbaum, son of Lynne and Larry Birnbaum For Matthew’s community service project he wanted to help the many people in our area who face challenges with daily living, so he volunteered at the Community Assistance Center located in Sandy Springs. The CAC provides food staples and other necessities to people who qualify with special needs. Matthew spent his Monday afternoon and evening hours working in the Food Pantry at the Center. Volunteers staff the food pantry daily to take in donations, stock the shelves and distribute the food to clients. CAC clients receive a large bag of nonperishable groceries once a month and fresh foods from "Second Helpings" once a week. Matthew has been involved in other projects to raise money, food and awareness for families in need of assistance. He has participated in the previous two Hunger Walks in 2014 and 2015 with other members of Temple Sinai and raised money for this worthy cause.

Jordan Crim, son of Jennifer Pollock Crim and David Crim When Jordan was asked what he wanted to do for his TAG, he chose to devote his time to the Jewish home because his grandfather, Marty Pollock or “Pop-Pop,” has served as President at The Jewish Home and his mother served on the Auxiliary Board as Treasurer. He realizes how important The Jewish Home is to his family, and so it has become very important to him. He spent many hours over the years volunteering at the Home and so, naturally for his TAG assignment, Jordan chose to spend time with residents of the Jewish Home for BINGO Nights and helped those who needed physical help playing the game. He immediately became friends with many residents. The biggest reward for Jordan was the smiles on the faces of all the residents he helped. He realized that individuals he met at the home are special, and his heart warmed in their presence. Jordan plans on continuing to volunteer there for BINGO and other occasions, and hopes to one day to lead BINGO night at The Jewish Home.

Mitchell Cohen, Son of Lisa and Jay Cohen Mitchell has enjoyed a variety of volunteer opportunities over the last year. He supported a friend by participating in a walk to raise funds and awareness for Crohn's Disease and Colitis. Through the Epstein School he had the chance to work at the Atlanta Food Bank. In Sandy Springs at the Morgan Falls baseball park, he assisted with Buddy Baseball games to help children with disabilities play the sport that he loves. Most recently Mitchell has begun volunteering with FurKids where he has been able to care for and play with dogs who are waiting to be fostered or adopted. He definitely enjoyed sharing this experience and the preparation for their B'nei Mitzvah with his friend Simon Gersten. The boys also helped select supplies for the shelter which were used in their Kiddush luncheon centerpieces.

Simon Gersten, son of Lauren and Mitchell Gersten Simon loves animals and enjoyed volunteering with FurKids as his T.A.G. project. Having two rescue dogs of his own, Simon knows how important it is to give extra love and attention to these animals while they wait to be adopted. His time was spent at the shelter feeding, walking and playing with the dogs. The best news each week was learning when one of the dogs found his/her forever home! Additionally, Simon's Kiddish centerpieces were made out of dog supplies which were later donated to FurKids. And, it was extra special to volunteer with his friend Mitchell Cohen (who he shares his Bar Mitzvah with on March 26).

March B’nei Mitzvah Ceremonies, Continued

Ashley noticed one of her fellow students struggling with a torn-up binder. She realized this was not the first time she had seen the boy struggling with the tattered binder and lost papers. Ashley went out and purchased a binder which she gave to her classmate stating that she "had an extra one he could use if he wanted". He accepted the binder, and an idea was born. Ashley and Ridgeview’s administration worked out a plan for Ashley to purchase certain materials for students in need of supplies and the School Counselors would disseminate the supplies to the students, as needed.

Melanie Zeewy, daughter of Cathy and Gady Zeewy For her T.A.G project, Melanie felt a need to help women afflicted with domestic violence. She worked with the Partnership for Domestic Violence organization to help raise money for 30 women in the Fulton County shelter so that each women could buy needed items. Melanie also organized a clothing drive with Hope House to gather clothes for shelters in Atlanta. Since Melanie was too young to volunteer at a shelter, she spent time educating herself about domestic violence by attending a community outreach program and a teen summit. Melanie has a soft spot in her heart for women and children that have to run away to seek safety from abusive relationships, often with little or no possessions. She was shocked by the following facts: every 9 seconds in the US, a woman is assaulted or beaten; approximately 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner; and 1 in 3 women have been or will be victims of physical violence by an intimate partner within their lifetime. Melanie plans to continue to provide support to these women and children. | 404 . 252 . 3073

Ashley Moyer, daughter of Lauren and Mark Moyer It is Ashley's sensitivity, coupled with her love of people of diverse backgrounds, that provide her with the ability to embrace people in her life, specifically, young children with disabilities. Ashley has gravitated towards helping others requiring special needs. She decided to get involved with a Therapeutic Riding Center that is for individuals with a broad range of physical, emotional, cognitive, and social disabilities. The tasks involve anything from prepping the horses, helping children on the horses, to cleaning stalls.

Benjamin Ringers, son of Suzanne and Neil Ringers Homeless at Heart is a unique organization founded in 2014 by Charles Plyler at age 11. Charles came up with the idea to help the homeless as he was walking home from an Atlanta Hawks game and saw a homeless woman with her 2 children. He was moved to action and now wants the homeless in Atlanta to experience the joy of opening a Valentine's box. Ben, along with his friend Kate Rosen, have chosen to be ambassadors for the Homeless at Heart Organization for their Mitzvahs. Ben and Kate will be collecting and decorating shoeboxes which they will then fill with donations they collected from our community. They will stuff these special boxes with toiletries, gloves, socks, snacks, candy, and a special hand written note. Ben will personally be handing his Valentine's boxes to the homeless Valentine's Day.

B’nei Mitzvah

Madeline Lampert, daughter of Stephanie and Warren Lampert As a part of her T.A.G. project for her Bat Mitzvah, Maddie is participating in the MJCCA’s SOAR program which is a program designed to assist adults with special needs in playing individual or team sports. Maddie coached a basketball team in practices and helped keep the scoreboard in games, while developing relationships with the players. She will also be participating in and playing kickball with SOAR. Along with the SOAR program, Maddie and her friend, Elizabeth Grant, have plans to hold a fundraiser at a local skating rink to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade, two causes close to each of the girls’ hearts. Maddie is honored to be sharing her Bat Mitzvah in memory of a girl named Leika Gendler whoperished in the Holocaust at age seven. Through Remember Us: The Holocaust Bnai Mitzvah Project , Leika will also become a Bat Mitzvah.


Social Action

Let All Who Are Hungry Come and Eat The first Passover Seder falls on Friday night, April 22. For weeks, the store shelves have been stocked with matzo and macaroons and, of course, those iconic half-moon jelly candies. Seder hosts are collecting recipes and delegating some of the cooking duties. The common theme in all of this is food. On Passover we think a lot about what we can eat, what we cannot eat and how to make it through a week without leavened products. Hopefully we also talk about the reason—the Jews’ hasty retreat from Egypt and the lack of time for the bread dough they had prepared to rise. These historic, Biblical connections are essential. What if we expanded our Passover perspective to include those in need, remembering that the Haggadah asks that we “Let all who are hungry come and eat?” While you may not know a hungry person to invite to your Seder, you can perform this mitzvah in many ways. Take a few minutes to share information at the Seder table, such as the fact that 20 percent of all Georgians are food insecure (unsure where their next meal will come from.) Ask guests to bring canned goods that you donate. Or consider becoming a Second Helpings Atlanta volunteer. Join our “army” of drivers who spend about 90 minutes once a month rescuing nutritious food and delivering it to those in need. Learn more at or by contacting Volunteer Coordinator Laura Labovitz at Happy Passover from Second Helpings Atlanta!

April Social Action Sunday

Your Journey. Your Home.

Sunday, April 10, 12:15 pm - 2:00 pm Electronic Recycling, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm, Parking Lot


April Social Action Sunday takes on an environmental twist. In honor of Earth Day, our April Social Action Sunday will be all about “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” as we prepare projects that will help our environment. We’ll also host our annual Electronic Recycling Drive. Join Shomrei Adamah & Brotherhood in collecting electronic equipment for Keep North Fulton Beautiful. Accepted items: laptop & desktop computers (which will be cleared and donated to Family Promise), inkjet or laser printers, scanners, fax machines, power cables, network cables, cell phones, batteries, computer speakers, mice, keyboards, stereos, vcr's, and dvd players. Items that require a processing fee: monitors & televisions ($10), projection TVs ($25)

Did you know?

One in every 30 children are homeless? In 2015 Family Promise North Fulton Dekalb provided housing and support for 17 families, which included 29 children. In 2015 Temple Sinai provided 35 days of temporary housing and hospitality to these families. Temple Sinai and our volunteers helped to save 21 children from homelessness this year alone. You can help! Family Promise Host Week April 3 - 10 Temple Sinai is hosting homeless families here at our synagogue. Family Promise is a wonderful program where an entire family can stay together while they get their feet back on the ground. Help is needed for people to stay overnight (simple and fun job) as well as to help with move-in/out and to launder the linens and towels. We could also use help in preparing dinners for the families (usually 12-15 people). Contact co-chairs to sign up at April Monthly Collections – Kosher Food! During the month of April we will be collecting non-perishable Kosher food, both Kosher for Passover as well as regular Kosher food to benefit Jewish Family & Career Services. When you come to the temple, please bringing kosher foods and placing them in the bins in the lobby and in the preschool. The Tzedekah Box collection will also go to JF&CS.

Atlanta Born ~ Atlanta Owned ~ Atlanta Managed

Funeral and Cemetery Pre-planning It’s easy: Over the phone, online, in person It’s safe: Pre-payments are 100% escrowed in an account you own It’s responsible: Simplifies arrangements, removes burden from family, and fixes most funeral costs WE HONOR ANY PRE-PAID FUNERAL FROM ANY OTHER FUNERAL HOME

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Licensed Funeral Directors

Edward Dressler

Learning Center News Mary Baron

Yehuda Amichai was recognized as one of Israel’s foremost poets. He emigrated from Germany to Israel in 1936 at the age of 11 and the experiences of his life are reflected in his writing. His poems, which were originally written in Hebrew but have been very well translated into English, speak of family, war, love, Israeli politics and religion. The library has many of Amichai’s works from Songs of Israel and Myself written in 1973 to his final book Open Closed Open Poems written in 2006 as well as *The Poetry of Yehuda Amichai which is an anthology of his work published in 2015. In The Art of Blessing the Day: Poems with a Jewish Theme, poet Marge Piercy celebrates the Jewish experience with both spirituality and humor. She divides her poetry into chapters like “Family”,

Upcoming Programs in the PNK Learning Center

“Marriage” and “Prayer” and delves into topics like mother daughter relationships, repairing the world and the beauty of small everyday moments. The Great Poems of the Bible: A Reader’s Companion with New Translations. Many of Judaism’s most important teachings and mysteries are addressed in the poetry of the Bible. Questions about where one’s soul is located, is there an afterlife, how does one come to know God and what people in biblical times believed about God are reflected in verses drawn from Psalms and the prophets. Harvard scholar James Kugel examines these issues in this collection of eighteen poems from the Bible and offers accessible explanations of the meaning of the language in each.

Philip N. Kranz Learning Center

This April marks the twentieth anniversary of National Poetry Month, which was created by the Academy of American Poets in 1996 in order to encourage support for poets and poetry. Whether you are a poetry lover, or haven’t read a poem since you were required to in high school, you might want to celebrate this event by taking a look at the poetry collection in the Rabbi Philip N. Kranz Learning Center.

Bob Dylan: Prophet, Mystic, Poet. Seth Rogovoy, an award winning critic and expert on Jewish music unearths the Jewish connections in Bob Dylan’s songs. Rogovoy traces Dylan’s roots from his childhood in a Jewish home in Minnesota, his frequent trips to Israel and his involvement with Chabad to the biblical references in his lyrics.

Pictured below are congregants who participated in the "Blind date with a book" program.

Library Guild's Spring Book Review Sunday, May 1, 3:30 pm Rabbi Philip N. Kranz Learning Center

Happy Birthday to the following children who have become Birthday Book Program honorees Isaac Stifel Adi Schilling

Thank you to the following members for renewing their membership to the Library Guild Margie Stern, Toni & Joel Adler, Renee & Howard Karchmer, Renee Weinstein, Berylann Strada

Book Talks

Rabbi Philip Kranz PNK Learning Center Join Rabbi Kranz in a lively discussion of books each month. Save the date for upcoming talks. Thursday, April 14, 1:30 pm “Synagogue Architecture” | 404 . 252 . 3073

Enjoy a Book Review by Rabbi Kranz “A Guest for the Night” by S.Y. Agnon. A dessert reception will accompany this event.

Thursday, May 12, 1:30 pm “Unusual suggestions for summer reading”

For more information about the Learning Center programs, please call Librarian Adelle Salmenson, 404.252.3073 ext. 320.


Proposed 2015 Amendments to the Bylaws of Temple Sinai Your Board of Trustees has passed a motion recommending amendments to the congregation’s bylaws. In accordance with the Bylaws, these amendments are being presented to the congregation in advance of the annual meeting for consideration by the members. Below is a short summary of the amendments and the reason the board has recommended each change. Board of Education. The following proposed changes are reflected in Article X. The Board of Education will change its name to the Education Advisory Board. The main change recommended is that the role of the Board of Education (now EAB) moving forward will be to serve as an advisory board to the future and vision of the Education program in partnership with the Director of Education. (Note - the current Imagine Sinai (IS) Education Committee should morph into the EAB as the Center for Learning & Engagement is launched). Other changes to the bylaws include: • Remove any fiscal responsibility from the Board of Education (hasn’t been doing this for years now anyways). •

Change the composition of the EAB to not only include the chairs from the education committees, but give the option of additional members recommended by the VP Education and Director of Education.

Meeting times do not need to be so rigid. Should state at least “quarterly as needed”.

Standing committees do not have to meet a certain number of times, rather “regularly as needed”

No need for a vote or quorum set up.

No EAB representative on the Board of Trustees. The representative will be the VP Education.

Secretary. Because of the importance of communications in Temple Sinai, The Board of Trustees recommends that the position of Secretary become Vice President- Communications/Secretary. This new position will oversee the Communications Committee in addition to current Secretary responsibilities. This proposed change is reflected in Article IV.


Your Journey. Your Home.

Section 1. Composition. Officers of the congregation shall consist of a President, a PresidentElect, a Vice President – Community, a Vice President – Development, a Vice President – Education, a Vice President – Membership, a Vice President – Ritual, a Vice President – Communications/Secretary, a Treasurer and an Assistant Treasurer. …

Section 5. Vice President – Communications/Secretary. In addition to such other duties as may be designated from time to time, the Vice President – Communications/Secretary shall keep minutes of the meetings of the congregation and the Board of Trustees; shall be responsible for the sending out of notices of all meetings of the congregation and of the Board of Trustees; shall have custody of the Seal of the congregation, its By-Laws and its non-financial documents; shall certify to the Board of Trustees a complete and accurate list of members; and shall generally perform such duties as are usually incident to his or her office. …


All references in the By-laws to “Secretary” shall be amended to “Vice President – Communications/Secretary”

ARTICLE X - BOARD OF EDUCATION ADVISORY BOARD Section 1. Name. There shall be a Temple Sinai Board of Education Advisory Board (the “BOEEAB”). Section 2. Responsibilities, Powers and Duties. The BOEEAB, under the supervision of the Board of Trustees, shall be charged with: (1) establishing and maintaining policies with regard to the educational programs and services of Temple Sinai; (2) working with the Director of Education to coordinate learning programs across all member demographics; (3) making reports to the Board of Trustees on an as-needed basis; (4) reviewing the annual education budget; and (4) participating in the strategic planning process for educational programming at Temple Sinai. The Board of Trustees shall adopt guidelines (the “BOEEAB Guidelines”), consistent with these Bylaws, which shall govern the composition, operation and policies of the Board of Education.EAB. The Board of Trustees may amend or modify the BOEEAB Guidelines at any time, subject to the limitations set forth in Section 3 below. Section 3. Board of Education Advisory Board Committee Structure. The BOEEAB shall be composed of a minimum of three (3) operating standing committees (the “BOEEAB Standing Committees”) as defined in the BOEEAB Guidelines. Each Committee shall have such areas of responsibility as the Vice President – Education so determines, subject to the specific provisions set forth below and as set forth in the BOEEAB Guidelines. The number, names, composition, duties and responsibilities of each of the BOEEAB Standing Committees may be changed by the Board of Trustees only by amending the BOEEAB Guidelines. Section 4. BOEEAB Composition. The BOEEAB shall be chaired by the Vice President – Education and shall be composed of (i) the Chairs and Vice Chairs of each of the BOEEAB Standing Committees, each of whom shall be appointed as provided in the BOEEAB Guidelines; and (ii) one (1) representative from the Temple Sinai Teen Board selected by the Temple Sinai Teen Board annually.; and (iii) such additional persons as shall be selected by the Vice President – Education with the advice of the Director of Education. In addition the following individuals shall serve as non-votingadvisory members of the BOEEAB: (i) the immediate past Vice President – Education; (ii) a member of the clergy, (iii) the Director of Education; (iv) the Preschool Director; (v) the Director of the Religious School; (v) the Director of Youth and Teen Programming, and (vi) such other individuals as the BOEEAB Guidelines may indicate.

Section 6. Composition of the BOEEAB Standing Committees. Each BOEEAB Standing Committee shall have a Chair and at least one Vice Chair. The BOEEAB Guidelines shall establish the composition of each of the BOEEAB Standing Committees. Each BOEEAB Standing Committee shall have not fewer than three (3) members who are Regular Members in addition to the Chair and Vice Chair. The senior professional staff person associated with each BOEEAB Standing Committee shall be a nonvoting member of such committee. Section 7. Meetings of the BOEEAB Standing Committees; Operation of the BOEEAB Standing Committees. Each of the BOEEAB Standing Committees shall meet regularly but not less than six (6) times each yearas needed at such time and place set by the Chair of such Committee. The duties, obligations and rules of operation and procedure of each BOEEAB Standing Committee shall be established by the BOEEAB Guidelines and by each Committee if not inconsistent with the BOEEAB Guidelines. | 404 . 252 . 3073

Section 5. Meetings of the BOEEAB. The BOEEAB shall meet regularly at least six (6) times per year andquarterly at such time and place set by the Vice President – Education; provided, however, that the Vice President - Education has discretion to cancel no more than two (2) such meetings so long as they are not consecutively scheduled meetings.


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Temple Sinai April Worship Schedule Friday, April 1 6:30 pm Shabbat Service  Saturday, Apil 2 10:00 am Shabbat Service  Friday, April 8 6:30 pm Rock Shabbat Service  Featuring Chai Fidelity

Saturday, April 16 10:00 am Shabbat Service  10:30 am B'nei Mitzvah of Will Kukler, son of Kim and Robby Kukler and Logan Rosenbluth, son of Jill Rosenbluth and Larry Rosenbluth  5:30 pm Havdalah Bar Mitzvah of Shane Bernstein, son of Lauralee and Steve Bernstein. 

Friday, April 22 Saturday, April 9 5:00 pm Shabbat Service  10:00 am Shabbat Service  10:30 am B'nei Mitvah ceremony of Joshua and Saturday, April 23 Benjamin Abrams, sons of Brantley and 10:00 am Shabbat Service  Jon Abrams  Friday, April 29 Friday, April 15 11:30 am Passover Yizkor Service  6:30 pm Tot Shabbat Service  6:30 pm Passover Shabbat Service  6:30 pm Shabbat Service  Saturday, April 30 10:00 am Shabbat Service  10:30 am B’not Mitzvah of Talia Lipton, daughter of Can’t make it to synagogue? Ephrat and Jason Lipton, and Sydney Look for the  icon indicating that the service will be streamed live. Silverstein, daughter of Amy and Steven Visit to watch! Silverstein 

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