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Volume 37, No. 8 — May 2011 • Nisan / Iyar 5771

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From the Rabbi’s Study FRIDAY NIGHT WHAT?..


ost of us have probably heard of Saturday Night Live, but what is Friday Night Live (FNL)? For several months now, we’ve been advertising that we are bringing the joyous music of FNL to services on Friday, June 3. We’ve advertised for musicians and offered copies of a FNL CD. So, for the FNL uninitiated, I thought it was time to tell you something about this service. FNL is a “regular” Erev Shabbat service but with special melodies, composed by Craig Taubman, for many of our familiar prayers (such as L’cha Dodi, Bar’chu, the Sh’ma, Mi Chamochah, and Shalom Rav). Craig Taubman has been composing and performing Jewish music for over 30 years. He began his career leading services at Camp Ramah (Ojai, CA) when he was a 15 year old camper there and he has performed continually throughout his adult career -- including three performances at the White House. Taubman combines soulful music with his passion for Jewish history and culture, and is dedicated to making Jewish prayer joyous, meaningful, and accessible to all

ages and backgrounds. Today, his music is used by synagogues, camps, youth groups, and Jewish schools across the country. Taubman also has a music company which nurtures other contemporary Jewish musicians and composers and makes their music available to us. (see: The FNL service is a project of Sinai Temple, a Conservative synagogue in Westwood, CA. Rabbi David Wolpe, Sinai Temple’s spiritual leader, wanted a monthly musical service that would evoke the beauty, inspiration, and joy he experienced during prayer services at summer camps as a child. The service was initially designed to attract young adults (20-to-30 somethings) to Sinai Temple for a monthly prayer and community building experience. However, word soon got out about this wonderful service and congregations across America (and across denominations and age brackets) began to incorporate Taubman’s FNL melodies into their services. In writing about the FNL service, Rabbi Wolpe quotes Rabbi Pinchas of Koretz who spoke of the power of communal singing: “When one is singing and cannot lift his voice, and another who can

lift his voice comes and sings, then the first will be able to lift his voice as well.” I truly believe that music is the most important component of any communal prayer experience. In a welcome address given to entering freshmen at the Boston Conservatory, Karl Paulnack, (pianist and director of the music division) said: “The first people to understand how music really works were the ancient Greeks… the Greeks said that music and astronomy were two sides of the same coin. Astronomy was seen as the study of relationships between observable, permanent, external objects, and music was seen as the study of relationships between invisible, internal, hidden objects. Music has a way of finding the big, invisible moving pieces inside our hearts and souls and helping us figure out the position of things inside us…. Music is a basic need of human survival. Music is one of the ways we make sense of our lives, one of the ways in which we express feelings when we have no words, a way for us to understand things with our hearts when we cannot with our minds.” Please bring the warmth of your voice and your spirit to our Temple Sinai on June 3 for the uplifting music of Craig Taubman’s Friday Night Live. L’Shalom ~ Rabbi Appleby

Bikur Holim ~ Visiting the Sick


abbi Appleby makes bikkur holim visits and phone calls, but can only do so if she knows that someone is ill or is in the hospital. If you, a loved one, or a friend, would like Rabbi Appleby to make a bikkur cholim visit or phone call, please let Rabbi Appleby know. Call the Temple office at 775-747-5508.


t the end of the upcoming fiscal year, Temple Sinai will celebrate its 50th anniversary. We are reaching this milestone because of the commitment of all members, from the founders to current, to building a strong, vibrant Jewish community. It is this deep sense of Community and Family that has allowed, and will continue to allow us to grow and overcome the obstacles in our way. Each of us has received the 2011–2012 Membership Pledge request. Given the state of our economy, this coming year, probably more than any other in Temple Sinai’s history, requires us to look not only deep into our wallet, but also deep into our heart. The continued strength of our Temple Sinai community, the community we want to be part of, depends on the financial commitment each of us is willing to make. Some of us may want to do more but can’t. We will do what we can. Some of us can do more. We will do what we can. That is what a strong family does. The Board of Trustees, the people we entrust to manage the financial assets of Temple Sinai is doing all it can to make sure the money we give, whatever the amount, is used wisely so the Community remains strong. (The Board will be finalizing the budget for the upcoming year in the next month, so I’ll report more detail in my June column.) Yes, financial times are difficult. However, we are strong and will come through these times even stronger. Colin Powell said “Optimism is a force multiplier.” While he used this in a different context, we are in a battle of sorts. I am confident we will win… because of all of us. Doug

Coming to your neighborhood soon...

ACTIONN leaders, e want to thank everyone who participated in the first-ever daylong training on March 12 at the Unitarian Universality Fellowship of Northern Nevada. Over 72 people participated and it was a powerful day and strong affirmation that people of faith in Northern Nevada are ready to take action for justice. We wanted to follow up with you about a number of important next steps to continue building towards our founding convention.


ACTIONN LEADERSHIP MEETING: Thursday, May 5 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at Temple Sinai, 3405 Gulling Road, Reno, NV We will be gathering to follow up on our one-toone relational meetings and prepare for the second day long training in June. Here is a link to some additional material that may be helpful as you continue to meet with congregation and community members. The relational meetings are an essential component of community organizing and help us to build community and a common narrative; strengthen relationships; and develop our shared priorities for action. We will also use the meeting to help prepare for the daylong training on June 4th. ACTIONN DAYLONG LEADERSHIP TRAINING: Saturday, June 4 from 10:00am to 4:00pm at Temple Sinai, 3405 Gulling Road, Reno, NV We will be having our second daylong leadership training in June and we want to encourage you to please invite fellow congregation and community members. We would also like to invite everyone who participate in the first leadership training to join us for lunch and for the second half of the training as we discuss our plans to build towards our founding convention. Here is a link to the flyer and the online registration form. Haga click aqui para el flier en español. Please share this with people from your congregation and new congregations that are interested in learning more about community organizing. ADDITIONAL BAPICO logoCKGROUND ON THE PICO NATIONAL NETWORK: we will be bringing hard copies of some background materials on the PICO National Network. We wanted to share a link to a short video that tells the story of PICO organizing and how congregations are transforming communities by putting their faith into action. Faith in Action: The PICO Organizing Model:

MAY 2011


ll congregants will receive an invitation to neighborhood gatherings with the Rabbi this summer. We hope to build a stronger sense of community and to discuss how our Temple can best fullfil your expectations of congregational life. More info to come.

ACTIONN Leadership Training


Moving Ahead Towards Temple Sinai’s 50th Anniversary



KADDISH TO BE SAID MAY 6 Eugene Brown husband of Beatrice Brown, May 1 Sarah Cohen mother er of Marilyn Roberts, 27 Nissan (May 1) Harry Norman father er of Beatrice Brown, May 1 Judge Bert G. Goldwater, Mayy 3 Leonard Greiner father of Miles Greiner, May 3 Evelyn Gingold aunt of Jeff Gingold, 30 Nissan (May 4) Nathan Finkelstein uncle of Ethel Jaffe and great-uncle of Sue Burkhamer, May 5 Franklin Jay Barnett son of Monroe Barnett, May 6 Anita Neesh Kroot mother of Marty Matles, May 7

KADDISH TO BE SAID MAY 13 Samuel Gordon grandfather of Mindi Brenner and father of Howard Gordon, May 8 Robert Schaffner grandfather of Lynne Daus, May 8 Marshall Harris father of Edie Paris, May 9 Ronald Zwelling cousin of Sandra Medvin, z”l and Bradley Medvin, May 9


Leonard Winograd father of Ellen Winograd, May 10 W Ernest Gruenwald E uncle of Rod Sloan, May 14 Sam Kaplan brother of S Mary Garfinkle, z”l, May 14 Mae M Kurka mother of Mira Kurka and grandmother of Hannah Margolis, May 14

KA ADDISH TO BE SAID MAY 20 Shirley Cooper grandmother of Barbara Pratt, May 15 Sidney Goldstein husband of Selma Goldstein, May 16 Samuel Goldwasser father of Jill Greiner, May 17 Peggy Davis Seelig mother of Nancy Podewils, May 17 Sol Barnett brother of Monroe Barnett, May 18 Martin Maskowitz father of Rose Orenstein, 15 Iyar (May 19) Pauline Rosenberg mother of Mark Rosenberg, May 20 Spencer Grist husband of Kim Grist and step-father of Courtney, Brittney, and Randall Smith, May 21

KADDISH TO BE SAID MAY 27 Saul Millstein father of Deborah Baer, May 23 Cydelle Blum mother of Stephen Blum, May 25


sxj ,kve

MAY 2011

The goal of the kehilat hesed is to create a more caring and responsive community: to transform our casual associations into loving and sacred relationships.


9 9 9 9

Let us know what your needs are and please call:

If you need a ride to the Temple If you need an errand done If you are home-bound If you are the caregiver for a family member with special needs 9 If you would like to be hosted for a Shabbat or holiday dinner 9 If there has been a death in your family 9 If you or a family member is ill

9 9 9 9 9 9 9

Let us know if you can help with any of the following: Deliver a meal to a neighbor Give a neighbor a ride to a Temple event Give a neighbor a ride to an appointment Run an errand for a neighbor Call or visit someone who is home-bound Knit a shawl for someone who is ill Offer a place at your holiday table

Anna Cowan aunt of Marynne Aaronson, 22 Iyar (May 26) Harvey Gordon Schar, May 26 Reba Horwitz, May 27 Fred David Wolfson father of Tamara Rolston, May 27

KADDISH TO BE SAID JUNE 3 Sarah Krassenstein grandmother of Eileen Wells, May 28 Leroy Tate father of Sharrone Blanck, May 28 Morjorie Winograd mother of Ellen Winograd, May 29 David Mitchell, May 31 Samuel Alderman father of Natalie Sera, June 1 Gene W. Fenton, June 1 Mikel Shanna Kladney brother of David Kladney, June 1 Frances Schumer Saper mother of Gary Schumer, June 1 Annie Rubin, June 3 Julius Ashkin father of Laura Ashkin, June 4

SAVE THE DATE: Annual Congregational Meeting Sunday, June 5th 2:00 - 4:00 PM Temple Sinai Social Hall Agenda, Slate and Nominee Bios are in the mail and available online at: calendar/events/ The Rabbi Wants To Know... Do you have college age children away from home? We would like to keep in touch with them. Let Rabbi Appleby know at 747-5508 or RabbiTempleSinai@

We thank those who support Temple Sinai.

Cemetery Fund Toby & Shirley Isler in memory of Mike Melner

General Fund Jeff Gingold & Jane Townley in memory of Evelyn Gingold, aunt of Jeff Howard Gordon & Mindi Brenner in memory of Sadye Herman, motherin-law of Harold and grandmother of Mindi Martha Gould towards pest control Judy & Martin Herman and the Reno Jewish Film Festival in support of Temple Sinai Helene Spinner in memory of her father, Joseph Spinner Ricky & Adrienne Tropp in support of Temple Sinai Ronnie Varney in memory of her mother, Ruth Gross Frankel Barbara Weinberg in support of Temple Sinai Kimberly Williams to honor her mother, Pamela Williams (Hannah Chai)

Temple Sinai Family Thanks ~ Todah

Barbara Weinberg

Oneg Fund Ken & Marilyn Roberts in honor of Marilyn’s birthday

musicians Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund: Directly supports Rabbi’s tzedakah efforts Religious School Fund: General school needs and scholarships Ritual Fund: Sanctuary and religious supplies

Seder Subvention Fund Robert Colt Mike Medvin Peter Okos Susannah Skyer Gupta & Vipin Gupta Bill Wells

Please Consider Making A Donation General Needs Capital Fund: Servicing capital improvements to the Synagogue Cemetery Fund: Maintenance of cemetery FF&I Fund: Furnishings, fixtures and interior improvements General Fund: General operating expenses Maintenance Fund: Building and grounds maintenance Music Fund: Events, equipment,

Refuah Sheleimah “Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery” to: Herb Pevney, Rose Orenstein (former member and longtime friend of Temple Sinai), David Abedon (nephew of Ethel Jaffe), Dale Morris (friend of Ethel Jaffe), Marsha Levins (mother of Marilyn Rappaport), Ann Ezgar, Pamela Williams (mother of Kimberly Jacobs), and the earthquake/ tsunami victims in Japan.

Birthdays May 4: David Briggs, Larri Picker, Marilyn Roberts, and Nurit Stites May 5: Vera Stern May 6: Neil Alderman and Ann Frohlich May 7: Marina Kottler May 8: James Rappaport May 9: Daniel Fuchs, Jessica Fuchs, Mira Kurka, and Richard Spero May 10: L.J. Kutten, Brett Rappaport, and Gary Schumer May 11: Rebekah Bonds

Schedule Upcoming B’nei Mitzvah Now! Our current schedule is as follows: May 21, 2011 – Jessica & Daniel Fuchs June 25, 2011 – Matthew McKean July 2, 2011 – Noah Blanck July 9, 2011 – Max Zeltzer B'nei Mitzvah must be scheduled at least eight months in advance. Call the Rabbi at 747-5508 to reserve your date. ALL services listed above are at 10:30am.

May 12: Adam Greiner and Anne Zucker May 13: Rachel McKean May 14: Rabbi Emerita Myra Soifer May 15: Maryann Zucker May 16: Melanie Stites May 17: Jocelyn Islas May 18: Larry Ezgar May 19: Howard Fine and Edwina Flagg May 20: Cooper Garrett May 26: Enid Matteson May 28: Mary Rubin and Seth Rubin May 30: Jacob Smith Jun 4: Michael Bollman and Kurt Frohlich

Anniversaries May 6: Rod & Pam Sloan May 11: Bradley & Laura Medvin May 15: Martin & Nancy Cohen May 20: Esther Isaac & Richard Mazza May 22: David & Jennifer Briggs May 27: David & Maryann Zucker May 30: Richard & Patricia Eisenberg May 31: Bill & Debra McKean

MAY 2011

Thanks to our April Oneg hosts: the Religious School’s 4th/5th Grade Class, the Men’s Club, the Ritual Committee, and Marilyn & Ken Roberts. Thanks to our April greeters: Temple Board members Julia Rubin, Jeff Blanck, Marilyn Rappaport, Adrienne Tropp, Marynne Aaronson, Marsha Cohen, and Marcia Fine, and Temple Board president Doug Goodman. Thanks to Rabbi Emerita Myra Soifer for conducting services on Friday, April 29. Special thanks to Marcia Cohen for all her hard work organizing our wonderful Congregational Passover Seder at the Atlantis Casino Resort on April 18. The Seder was a fabulous success with about 140 people present. Thank you!

KNPB Documentary Project


Donations to Sinai


‫ הנעורים‬/ ‫בית מדרשׁ‬ BEIT MIDRASH / HA-N’URIM RELIGIOUS SCHOOL / YOUTH MAY 2011


for all of their help. Youth Group members Ikaika Flagg and John Z. Eisenberg manned the Jail and were never short of “customers.” One of our parents, Robin Kazel, o much helped at the arts and crafts has happened at booth. I hope no names were Religious School this left off the list, but if they were, year; it’s hard to imagine your help made the Purim that it’s almost over. We’ve Carnival great. Last but not least, had many new students I want to thank our parents and and B’nei Mitzvah as well! students -- because of you, our PuStudents have learned many valuable lessons from their rim Carnival was a great success! teachers, and students have May Calander taught the staff many things as ¾ 5/1 - Religious School/Hebrew well. It has been a truly educa¾ 5/3 - Hebrew tional year. ¾ 5/8 - NO R/S or Hebrew Even as this year draws to Mother’s Day a close, it is not too soon to ¾ 5/10 - Hebrew consider plans for the coming ¾ 5/15 - Israeli Independence Religious School year. Please take Day a moment to fill out next year’s ¾ 5/17 - Last day of Hebrew Registration Form. You can mail it Tuesday to the synagogue, hand it to Mike, ¾ 5/22 - Religious School (10-11am); or fill out a form via our website. 11:00am-1:30pm Religious School End of Year Picnic Todah Rabbah! (held at Temple Sinai) I would like to acknowledge everyone who helped make Never Too Soon our Purim Carnival such a sucWhat better way to show cess. On the Saturday before our children how important their the event, Jen Briggs set up all Jewish education is than to bethe games and prizes, as well as come a volunteer at the Religious put up signs that she made for School! There are many ways to it. Marilyn Rappaport (who took show your support: become a tickets) and her son Brett (who teacher, host an oneg, come to led the fishing booth) were such services, volunteer to help with a tremendous help on Sunday. a Religious School event, head a John Louie, Neva Donavon, and fund raising event, or even join the their son Ben handled the set up Religious Education Committee, and tear down of the Gaga Pit as renamed the Life-Long Learning well as manning the booth. The Committee. Gaga Pit is always a favorite. Deb Garrett and Rabbi Appleby made Farewell the most delicious Hamantaschen The 2010-2011 school year has for the “Hamantaschen Walk” led by Nurit Stites. Tovah Goodman seen many changes. At the end proved to us again she is a woman of this school year we are losing of many talents by leading the a wonderful teacher: Sharrone face-painting booth. Many thanks Blanck, who teaches the 4th/5th also to Sharrone and Jeff Blanck grade class. Sharrone has served

Religious School News


here in Temple Sinai’s Religious School since 2002, as a teacher as well as Director. We are very sad to see her go, and she will be greatly missed.

Future Events Please join us in honoring our teachers at services on Friday, June 3 at 7pm (which is also the special Friday Night Live Service). To celebrate, the Religious School will provide a cake (the Oneg will be hosted by Judy & Gary Schumer to say “goodbye” for the summer). This service will honor not only the teachers and their aides, but the students as well. Many thanks to everyone for their continued support of Temple Sinai’s Religious School. Tracy Bartlett Religious School Director

Torah for Tots


orah for Tots, Temple Sinai’s class for children ages 2-5, will be on Thursday, May 12 at 4pm at the Temple. The May class will celebrate Shabbat and teach about Israel and Hebrew words. Torah for Tots teaches young children about Judaism with simple prayers, games, songs, art projects, and stories. There is no fee for the class, and it is open to Temple members and nonmembers. To sign up for the class or for further information, please contact Judy Schumer at

Temple Sinai Youth Group ages 13-18

Monthly Simchat Shabbat Services (ages 9-109) The FIRST FRIDAY of every month at 77pm The service is followed by an Oneg with an ice cream bar and Israeli dancing (all levels are welcome). This month: replaced by the Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Memorial Day) and Shabbat Service at 7pm.

Tot Shabbat – SAVE THE DATE !!! The next “Tot Shabbat”—the last one of the season—will be Friday, May 20th at 6pm, followed by a pot luck dinner. Please mark your calendars!


Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Memorial Day) and Shabbat Service 7pm Friday, May 6 & Yom HaAtzma’ut (Israel Independence Day) and Shabbat Service 7:30pm Friday, May 13


For information on the Youth Group and to be placed on the email list, please contact: Tracy Bartlett ( or Rabbi Appleby (at

EVERY FRIDAY at 7:30pm (Except the 1st Friday of each month) This month: MAY 13, 20 & 27 at 7:30pm

‫לוח זמנים תפילה‬ ‫לה‬

Erev Shabbat Services


‫ מועדון גברים‬/ ‫אחותיות סיני‬ ACHOTIYUT SEENAI / MOADON GEVARIM

Men’s Club


t our April meeting, our own Judy Schumer presented a talk about her life in Shanghai. What an interesting time in her life! The next time we invite Judy back, we will book the new social hall, invite the general public, and have a fund raiser. On April 8, we once again had the Men’s Club lead the Shabbat Services, and oneg. Under Mike Medvin’s leadership, with Dr. Jeff Gingold conducting, everything went perfectly. The oneg following the service fed all beautifully under Phil Shalitt’s organization of volunteers. Special thanks to Rabbi Teri for all her guidance and assistance.

For May, Jeff has outdone himself again by scheduling Rev. Catherine Linesch. She is serving as a minister in the Unitarian Universalist congregation and has been a hospice worker for the last 17 years. Presently, she is the Bereavement Coordinator at Vista Care Hospice. She will be answering the following questions: What is Unitarian Universalism? What are some of the connections between the Jewish and Unitarian Universalist faith traditions? From Dave’s version of the Talmud: “Blessed are the young, for they shall inherit the Temple Debt.” Let’s all make a effort to ease the burden on our children; a little extra now, makes life better in the future. The Board and the Men’s Club leadership have come up with two fund raising ideas, and

we are looking for volunteers to help get the ideas ready to present to Temple Sinai members. *Monte Carlo Night: Usually held at one of the gaming schools, with the school providing the dealers and all the tables, etc. It will be our job to get members and nonmembers to attend and provide the food, etc. *Automobile Raffle: Just as the name says, we work with a local dealer to raffle off a new car, and we keep all the profits over the cost of the vehicle. We will need to have an advertising campaign and lots of ticket sellers. If anyone has any contacts with any of the dealerships, please let Doug Goodman or me know. Dave Levine, Men’s Club President and

MAY 2011


Three Rabbis, One Book


Sunday, May 15 at Temple Emanu-El in the library


abbi Appleby, Rabbi Beyer, and Erev Rav Saiger will discuss As A Driven Leaf by Milton Steinberg. Please read the book and come to participate in a lively community discussion on this modern historical novel that brings to life well known Talmudic Sages who struggle with questions of faith and doubt. Information on the book, can be found on Songs from “Fiddler on the Roof” by Sierra Chorale after the discussion.

Other Meetings

Temple Sinai Book Club


or information about upcoming meetings, times, and location, contact Carisse Gafni at *May 19: Postville – A Clash of Cultures in Heartland America (non-fiction) by Stephen J. Bloom. Barbara Weinberg will be the host and facilitator. *June 16: Songs for the Butcher’s Daughter(fiction) by Peter Manseau Judy Schumer will be host and facilitator.

Folk Dancing at Sinai ISRAELI

Monthly Board Meeting Bo

7pm Every Tuesday Night (check the calendar for dates) (Open to all; 1st time FREE, $5 regular, $3 for students.)

7pm Tuesday, May 11. All Temple members are welcome to attend. See the weekly email and bulletin board for the agenda.

Folk Dancing:


7pm Every Thursday Night. (Open to all; $2 for the public and $1 for Temple Sinai Members.) Check the calendar to confirm all dates and times.

If you are ttaking ki g ttrash h outt and d it does not fit into the dumpster, DO NOT leave it on the ground beside the dumpster. Please leave a note for our Administrative Assistant and arrangements will be made to have the dumpster emptied.

Mitzvah at the Gospel Mission Temple Sinai congregant Pat Blanchard has an on-going group which serves dinner to the homeless at the Gospel Mission. Her group serves on the third Wednesday of each month for about an hour & half. Please contact Pat at to signup for your special date or call 824-0220. This is not a drop-in arrangement.


Cleaning Up?

By Board action, on recommendation of the Ritual Committee, pork and shellfish may not be served at Temple Sinai. This includes any products containing either pork or shellfish; so, do check, carefully, the contents of what you might be serving at Onegs, meetings, receptions, etc. Also be careful to remember those possible “common” foods that are indeed included in these restrictions (pepperoni pizza is one good example!).

If you are not already receiving the Temple’s Weekly eNewsletter, send an email to asking us to add you and we’ll put you on the list.

Mary Allstead

Available Now: Winter 2011 Sinai Membership Directories


MAY 2011

(for Temple Members only)

Pick yours up from the synagogue office. Also, please call the office (747-5508) if you notice any corrections that need to be made to your entry.

3981 S. McCarran Blvd. Reno, NV 89502

(775) 722-1748


ROBERT RAND MD (775) 826-7263 6512 S. McCarran Blvd. #D, Reno, NV 89509

Family Medicine, Acupuncture, Alternative Medicine, Biofeedback, Impedance Cardiography, Non-Narcotic Pain Relief Natural Supplements Dietitian On Staff

“ We pick up where chicken soup lef t off.”

D.M.L. CONSULTING 305 West Moana Lane, Reno, NV 89509 Business & Personal Tax Planning Tax Return Preparation, including all states Estate Planning, specializing in personally designed Trusts Year-round staff including:

Wayne D. Omel Financial Advisor 465 S. Meadows Pkwy. Suite 13 Reno, NV 89521 Bus. 775-826-7880 TF. 877-826-7880 TF. Fax 866-445-1350 California Insurance License 0C24309

Calling Oneg Hosts: 2010/2011 Oneg Hosting Calendar now available for sign-ups... Oneg means “delight/pleasure.” It is for the delight of the host and the pleasure of congregation. The host to share his/her delight for the special occasion/event and the congregation to enjoy the pleasure of interaction with others.

Dave Levine, EA, MGFC Dave Maddy, EA Julie Freemyer, EA William Harrison, Esq. Tori Warren, CPA

For your personal appointment, call:

775-329-3443 Please sign up for a date or two. There are four easy ways to sign up: 1. Stop by Temple Sinai office to sign up 2. Sign up on Temple Sinai kitchen door Oneg sign up sheet 3. Call the office at 747-5508 4. Email If you are unable to host an Oneg, please consider a donation to sponsor one. Just send your donation to Temple Sinai with a note that it is for the Oneg Fund and if the donation is in honor or memory of someone or of an occasion. Thank you to all our Oneg hosts. The congregation certainly enjoys all Onegs.

MAY 2011

Temple Sinai Breast Cancer Support Line


Julia Rubin, Sinai member, a nurse, and herself living with breast cancer. 846-2122 or Confidentiality honored. Go to to donate a free mammorgram a day to an under-privileged woman. Go to to join a movement to bring women and researchers together to eradicate breast cancer.

The Temple Sinai Sentinel is published monthly. Temple Sinai is a Reform Congregation affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism. Temple Sinai is located at: 3405 Gulling Road, Reno NV 89503. This issue is: Volume 37, No. 8 • May 2011


MAY 2011


May 2011




May 6 ~ Yom HaShoah & Shabbat Service May 21 ~ B’nei Mitzvah of Jessica & Daniel Fuchs May 22 ~ Religious School End of Year Picnic June 3 ~ Friday Night Live Service

Rabbi Teri Appleby

May 1


Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Memorial Day) 9am Men’s Club with Rev. Catherine Linesch of UUF 9:30am Religious School 11:30am Hebrew (grades 3-7)



Mother’s Day NO Religious School / Hebrew School - Mother’s Day Break

Yom HaZikaron (Israel Remembrance Day)



9:30am Religious School Israel Independence Day Celebration 11:30am Hebrew (grades 3-7) 2pm Three Rabbi’s One Book at Emanu-El


6pm Midweek Hebrew (grades 4-7) 6:30pm Sisterhood Mahjong Night 7pm Reno Israeli Folkdance Co-Op



6pm Midweek Hebrew (grades 4-7) 6:30pm Sisterhood Mahjong Night 7pm Reno Israeli Folkdance Co-Op


Lag B’Omer 11am Religious School End of Year Picnic


Yom HaAtzma’ut (Israel Independence Day) 6pm Midweek Hebrew (grades 4-7) 7pm Reno Israeli Folkdance Co-Op



30 Memorial Day

31 7pm Reno Israeli Folkdance Co-Op

4 Rosh Chodesh Iyar 12noon Talmud Study 7:15pm Ritual Committee Meeting

11 12noon Talmud Study 7pm Board Meeting (All Temple members are welcome to attend.)

18 12noon Talmud Study

25 12noon Talmud Study 7:15pm Ritual Committee Meeting

7pm Reno Israeli Folkdance Co-Op



Nisan / Iyar / Sivan 5771

Temple Sinai is affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism 3405 GULLING ROAD • RENO, NEVADA 89503 (775) 747-5508 Fax (775) 747-1911 E-mail:, web page:

27 Nissan




1 Iyar Rosh Chodesh Iyar 7pm Reno International Folk Dance Co-Op 6pm ACTIONN Meeting at Sinai

12 Sentinel Deadline 7pm Reno International Folk Dance Co-Op

19 7pm Book Club 7pm Reno International Folk Dance Co-Op

26 7pm Reno International Folk Dance Co-Op

Jun 1 Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day) 12noon Talmud Study


2 7pm Reno International Folk Dance Co-Op


7pm Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Memorial Day) and Shabbat Service with the Oneg hosted by the Yiddish Club 7:39pm Candle lighting


7:30pm Yom HaAtzma’ut (Israel Independence Day) and Shabbat Service (Still need an Oneg host -- call the Temple at 747-5508 to sign up.) 7:46pm Candle lighting


6pm Tot Shabbat Service & Dinner 7:30pm Shabbat Services with the Oneg hosted by the Fuch’s Family in honor of the B’nei Mitzvah of Jessica and Daniel Fuchs 7:53pm Candle lighting


7:30pm Shabbat Services with the Oneg hosted by the Weiss/Wolf Family in honor of the naming of Elliana Weiss 7:58pm Candle lighting

1 Sivan


Rosh Chodesh Sivan 7pm Friday Night Live Simchat Shabbat Service and Religious School Teacher Appreciation Night with the Oneg hosted by Gary & Judy Schumer to say “goodbye” for the summer 8:04pm Candle lighting

7 Torah Portion: Emor Lev. 21:1-24:23 9:10pm Havdalah (72 min)


Torah Portion: B’har Lev. 25:1-26:2 3pm Religious School GetTogether with the Rabbi 9:17pm Havdalah (72 min)


Torah Portion: B’chukotai Lev. 26:3-27:34 10:30am B’nei Mitzvah of Jessica & Daniel Fuchs 9:23pm Havdalah (72 min)

28 Torah Portion: B’midbar Num. 1:1-4:20 9:29pm Havdalah (72 min)

4 Torah Portion: Naso Num. 4:21-7:89 10am ACTIONN Training Workshop 9:34pm Havdalah (72 min)

Temple Sinai 3405 Gulling Road Reno, Nevada 89503 (775) 747-5508

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(775) 741-1199

2nd Annual Temple Sinai Religious School UN-FUNDRAISER Introducing our 2nd Annual Temple Sinai Religious School UN-Fundraising Event! With this (un)fundraiser, you have the opportunity to give a gift to our Religious School fundraising program. The best news is…we are not asking you to buy anything, sell anything, bake anything, or count orders! Instead of expending all that time and energy for a fundraiser from which we would only receive a portion of the proceeds, we have a program where 100% of the money goes to fund programs and projects for Temple Sinai children. Instead of spending hours and hours working and planning, just write a check. Your total donation will go to the school, and you can use the rest of your time to do something you enjoy. Pick your favorite non-event(s) and send your check to the Temple Sinai Religious School UN-Fundraiser. I am so tired of selling (and buying) chocolate bars and the guilt associated with eating them that I’ll gladly send in $18 instead. Rather than collecting, schlepping, and turning in aluminum cans for recycling, I’ll give $36 instead. Here is my $48 entry fee for the “Zero-K “race. I would rather sit on my sofa and nurse my pulled leg muscle. I would rather send $64 than go to a fashion show for clothes that I will never wear anyway. NAME ADDRESS PHONE

While I love black-tie events, our tuxedo and evening gown are at the cleaners, so here is $82 instead. Based on busy calendar and latest budget analysis, I am able to support to the tune of $__________. I would like to host an Oneg in Religious School’s honor, but I would rather not host alone. I can share the honor for $____________.

Temple Sinai Sentinel - May 2011 Issue  

TEMPLE SINAI affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism THE NEWSLETTER OF RENO’S REFORM CONGREGATION Volume 37 No. 8 -- May 2011 Nisan / I...

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