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Volume 37, No. 7 — April 2011 • Adar II / Nisan 5771

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APRIL 2011


From the Rabbi’s Study


In addition to making a donation to MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger, or to American Jewish World Service (AJWS), I invite you to get involved with local community organizing (see the ACTIONN update below) n a few weeks we’ll gather or with Invisible Children’s efforts around the tables of our fami- in Africa (see below). lies, friends, and community ACTIONN/PICO UPDATE at a Passover seder to retell one of the most central stories of the On March 12, over seventy Jewish people: our liberation from people (including seven adults slavery in Egypt. and one student from Temple For me, Passover is an oppor- Sinai) attended the ACTIONN/ tunity to do what I call in-reach PICO community organizing trainand outreach. In-reach: Passover ing workshop at the Unitarian is a good time to reflect on our Universalist Fellowship in Reno. Jewish identities and, as we rid our It was a wonderful day which homes of chametz and eat matzah included chevruta-style (in pairs) for a week, it’s a good time to text study, inspiring PICO trainreduce the arrogance in our lives ers who opened our hearts and (symbolized by the chametz) and minds to the possibility of, and the to increase our humility (symbol- philosophical approach to, making ized by the matzah). meaningful change in our comOutreach: to others, in the munity, and relationship building sense of both inclusiveness (sym- through group and one-on-one bolized by the orange on the seder conversations. plate) and responsiveness to the Temple Sinai will be hosting the hunger, homelessness, and op- next workshop on Saturday, June pression that plagues the world 3 from 10am-4pm. Please consider today. participating in this workshop. If In the Haggadah we sing the you’re interested (or just curious), song Ha Lachma Anya: “This is the give me a call. bread of affliction which our ancesINVISIBLE CHILDREN tors ate in the land of Egypt. Let all those who are hungry come and On Sunday, March 13, Temple eat with us. Let all who are in want Sinai hosted the community-wide share the hope of Passover.” screening of Tony, a documentary The matzah serves to remind film about the life of an Ugandan us both that the path to liberation youth, presented by the San Diego is a difficult one, and that it is one non-profit Invisible Children. This we must take on behalf of others organization is dedicated to fightso that we “share the hope of ing the tyranny of the 25-year Passover.” rebel war inflicted on north Africa There are many ways we can by Joseph Kony and his Lord’s help share the hope of Passover. Resistance Army (the LRA). Initially

Sharing the Hope of



in Uganda, the LRA has moved into the Congo, Central African Republic, and southern Sudan. On April 25, Invisible Children has a worldwide action event: “25 – Speak Out Without Speaking.” The idea is to raise awareness, advocacy, and funds ($25 per participant) for the Invisible Children Protection Plan. The Protection Plan has three goals: Radio (building radio towers for early warning of the LRA’s approach), Rescue, and Rehabilitation (of the children abducted into the LRA as child soldiers before returning them home to their families). Participants in the “25” event vow to keep silent for 25 hours. Silence begins at 7pm on April 24 and ends at 8pm on the 25th. I’ll be participating, so will Rachel Greiner (one of our Youth Group teens and a student at Reno High). If you would like to join us in the 25 hours of silence, you may register at the Invisible Children’s website listed below. If you’d like to support me in my effort to remain silent for 25 hours (virtually impossible for a Jew, Rabbi, lawyer) you may do so with a $5 donation. Please e-mail me and I’ll send you a link to my personal “25” page. To learn more about the above organizations go to: • • • •

As we enter the Passover season, may each of us find our own way to share the hope of Passover with others. Chag Sameach, Rabbi Appleby Î


he Congregational meeting on February 27 was a success thanks to the participation of almost half of our members. A lot of good ideas were put forth. By the time you read this, your Board of Trustees will have discussed most, if not all of the ideas, and possibly implemented those that will have an immediate benefit and will start working on those that will take time. Perhaps, I have talked to you to clarify your idea. Some of you have offered to help implement an idea. Besides ideas, we also got some CASH. I want to thank all of you who, since we first announced our financial situation, have made additional contributions, brought your dues pledge up to date, or continued to make your dues payments on time. I understand that in these difficult financial times giving

m money to Temple S Sinai may not be a top priority, so aanything you do iis greatly appreciaated. You have sstarted to make aan impact. To tthose of you who would like to help but don’t believe you can, please contact me. A congregation is only as strong as its members. Temple Sinai is a strong congregation and will become even stronger because of you. So, keep your comments, ideas, questions, and, hopefully, cash coming. Who is Doug Goodman? My wife Saundra and I have been members of Temple Sinai for almost five years, and I am completing my third year on the Board. We came to Reno from the Bay Area in 2004 when the company I work for decided to relocate here. For us, it was our 15th move in 33 years… I’m also retired Army. Doug Î

Dear Temple Sinai Family...


he 2011-2012 Fiscal Year Membership Pledge Drive Letters will be arriving in your mailboxes soon.

We will be asking EVERYONE to return them to the Temple office ASAP, even if you don’t want to make any changes to your current pledge. Please note: If you procrastinate on sending your pledge letter in, it will cost the Temple time and money as we send additional letters to you. Thank you Temple Sinai Î


Getting Started

SPECIAL SERVICE ALERT!!! The joyous music of Craig Taubman’s Friday Night Live is coming to Temple Sinai on June 3.

If you are interested in becoming familiar with the music before the service, we have 24 CD’s of the Friday Night Live service available for purchase at the Temple for $10.00 each.

APRIL 2011

We are looking for several musicians to play at the service – rehearsals begin soon. If interested, or if you have questions, please email: Rabbi Appleby (, Gerry Willis (, or Jon Leo (



KADDISH TO BE SAID AID APRIL 1 Sadye Herman grandmother of Mindi Brenner and mother-inlaw of Howard Gordon, March 27 Seymour Albert Richer, March 27 Jacob Davis father of Stephen Davis, March 299 Lucien A. Zentner, March 29 Simon Gafni father of Gil Gafni, z”l, March 31 Joan Ezgar Rosenberg mother of Larry Ezgar, March 31 David Paul Rutkovitz son of Jules & Shirley Rutkovitz, 25 Adar II (March 31) Morris Bronov cousin of Bernard Bronov, April 1 Sadie Dickens Jaffe mother-in-law of Ethel Jaffe and grandmother of Sue Burkhamer, April 1 Gloria A. Kladney mother of David Kladney, April 1 Fanny Nussbaum, April 1 Abraham H. Melner, April 2

KADDISH TO BE SAID APRIL 8 Herschel Green father of Marsha Cohen, April 3 Minette Kessler aunt of Alison Lasher, April 3 Tommie J. Martin, Sr. grandfather of Naomi Martin, April 3 Gerald Smith teacher of Rabbi Emerita Myra Soifer, April 3 Joseph Aaron Spinner father of Helene Spinner, April 4

Milton Daus grandfather Mil of Lynne Daus, April 5 Racheal Silversher, R 1 Nissan (April 5) Yetta Silversher, April 5 Y C Charlotte Gersten mother of Lynn Tisevich, April 8 Rachel Nussbaum, 4 Nissan Ra (April 8) (A

KADDISH TO BE SAID APRIL 15 Leonard Krauser father of Melissa Lopez, April 10 Regina Maskowitz mother of Rose Orenstein, 6 Nissan (April 10) Jerome V. Holland father of Ellen Holland, April 11 Sonya Drukarev aunt of Joseph Merkin, April 13 Mae Lazar cousin of Ethel Jaffe and Sue Burkhamer, April 13 Abe Lutzker father of Shirley Rutkovitz, 9 Nissan (April 13) Mae Sarah Norman mother of Beatrice Brown, April 13 Lucy Bretzfelder, 10 Nissan (April 14) Milton J. Gumbert, April 14 Ruth Gross Frankel mother of Ronnie Varney, April 15 Helen Schoen mother of Richard Schoen, April 15



APRIL 2011


9 9 9 9

If you need a ride to the Temple If you need an errand done If you are home-bound If you are the caregiver for a family member with special needs 9 If you would like to be hosted for a Shabbat or holiday dinner 9 If there has been a death in your family 9 If you or a family member is ill

KADDISH TO BE SAID APRIL 29 Rose Rubin Jacobs, April 24 Rita Bloomfield grandmother of Linda Labowe, 21 Nissan (April 25) Louis Braslawsky father of Leslie Pansky, April 25 Barney Felix Eisenberg father of Richard Eisenberg, April 25 Seymour Goldberg, April 25 Bessie Greenfield sister of Mary Garfinkle, z”l, April 25 Louis Rosenthal in the Virginia City Cemetery, April 25 Ida Friedman, April 26 Anita Ellen Altman, April 28 Sam Brustein grandfather of Marilyn Roberts, 24 Nissan (April 28) Dorothy Smith grandmother of Kimberly Jacobs, 24 Nissan (April 28) Marvin Daling, April 29 Sigmund L. Heller, April 29

Michael Aaronson uncle of Marynne Aaronson, April 18 Robert Altman long time friend of Temple Sinai, April 19


The goal of the kehilat hesed is to create a more caring and responsive community: to transform our casual associations into loving and sacred relationships.

Let us know what your needs are and please call:

Max Bretzfelder, 17 Nissan (April 21) Harry Ceppos father of Jerry Ceppos, 17 Nissan (April 21) Helen Solomon grandmother of Barbara Pratt, April 21 Alan Reid father of Barbara Pratt, April 22 Mary Shapiro grandmother of Steven Rubin, April 22 Toby Marks Kutler mother of Traci KutlerDodd, April 23

9 9 9 9 9 9 9

Let us know if you can help with any of the following: Deliver a meal to a neighbor Give a neighbor a ride to a Temple event Give a neighbor a ride to an appointment Run an errand for a neighbor Call or visit someone who is home-bound Knit a shawl for someone who is ill Offer a place at your holiday table

The Rabbi Wants To Know... Do you have college age children away from home? We would like to keep in touch with them. Let Rabbi Appleby know at 747-5508 or RabbiTempleSinai@

We thank those who support Temple Sinai.

General Fund Jennifer Bainton in memory of Emanual Halpern Barton Barrow in memory of Mae Barrocas Tom & Leah Bernthal in honor of Gary & Debra Pomeranz and in memory of Ruth Dickens Susan Bluhm in memory of Joseph Bluhm Robert Dickens in support of Temple Sinai Neva Donovan & John Louie to be used for the Rabbi and Mike’s salaries Dennis Dworkin & Amelia Currier in appreciation of Temple Sinai Betty Goodman in honor of Douglas Goodman becoming Temple president Ellen Holland in memory of her mother, Phyllis Siegel, her father, Jerome V. Holland, and her aunt, Maxine Halpert Toby & Shirley Isler in memory of Reba Isler Rita Malkin in appreciation of the Brisket Cookoff Steve & Marty Matles in support of Temple Sinai Maud Naroll & David Gissen in support of Temple Sinai Gary & Debra Pomeranz in support of Temple Sinai

Temple Sinai Family Thanks ~ Todah

KNPB Documentary Project Al & Wendy Alderman, Pat Blanchard, Patty Dickens, Robert Dickens & Leah Wilds, Alan & Camille Gertler, Judi & James Kosinski, Sharon Honig-Bear, Steve & Marty Matles, Gary & Debra Pomeranz, Judith Strasser, and Richard & Adrienne Tropp

Oneg Fund Oscar & Lucille Alexander

Religious School Fund Joe Merkin Oscar & Lucille Alexander

Ritual Fund Ken & Marilyn Roberts in memory of Sarah Cohen and Sam Brustein, grandparents of Marilyn

Our Condolences Our condolences to Julia Rubin on the death of her grandmother, Helen Ruth Jackson, on March 18.

Refuah Sheleimah “Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery” to: Herb Pevney, Stephen Heslop (father of Ranger Heslop), Rose Orenstein, Karen, Lehlani and Kehlani Smithridge (friends of Benala Abrams), Rev. Tom Butler, David Abedon (nephew of Ethel Jaffe), and Dale Morris (friend of Ethel Jaffe), and the earthquake/tsunami victims in Japan.

Birthdays Mar 30: Robert Colt Mar 31: Elizabeth Alderman, Barton Barrow, Herbert Pevney, and Hannalea Weinzweig Apr 1: Rabbi Teri Appleby Apr 5: Barry Frank

Seder Subvention Fund LJ & Linda Kutten, Neva Donovan & John Louie, Albert Lerman, Richard Michaelson, Harold Oleck, Ole Theinhaus, and Ricky & Adrienne Tropp

Please Consider Making A Donation General Needs Capital Fund: Servicing capital improvements to the Synagogue Cemetery Fund: Maintenance of cemetery FF&I Fund: Furnishings, fixtures and interior improvements General Fund: General operating expenses Maintenance Fund: Building and grounds maintenance Music Fund: Events, equipment, musicians Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund: Directly supports Rabbi’s tzedakah efforts Religious School Fund: General school needs and scholarships Ritual Fund: Sanctuary and religious supplies

Apr 7: Jennifer Bainton Apr 10: Karen Ceppos Apr 11: Sovereign Edmonds Apr 12: Beatrice Brown Apr 13: Kale Flagg and Jennifer Merkin Apr 16: Robby Fuchs Apr 18: Robbin Ceppos Apr 19: Adrienne Tropp Apr 20: Amanda Frohlich, Arielle Murphy, Leslie Pansky, and Chris Stanton Apr 21: Michael Davis Apr 23: Josh Bainton and Florence Minkow Apr 25: Rob Fleischman Apr 26: Patty Dickens Apr 29: Jeff Dodd and Valerie Weinstein


APRIL 2011

Thanks to our March Oneg hosts: Lynne Daus, Linda Duffié, Helene Spinner, and the Rappaport and Rubin families. Thanks to our March greeters: Temple Board members Ken Roberts, Bobbi Kornbluth, Julia Rubin, Marynne Aaronson, Marcia Fine, and Temple Board president Doug Goodman. Thanks to Karen Ceppos for conducting services on Friday, March 25. Thanks to Hindu religious leader Rajan Zed who was our special guest speaker on March 11. Thanks to Bennett Kottler for providing the musical accompaniment and to Judy Schumer for coordinating the Dairy Potluck at the Tot Shabbat Service & Dinner on March 18.

Norm & Lynn Robins in memory of Anne Zimmerman Mark Rosenberg in support of Temple Sinai Richard Sadorf in memory of Jimmie Sadorf Laura Ashkin & Chris Stanton in support of Temple Sinai Vera Stern in memory of Sidney Stern Nurit & Chet Stites in support of Temple Sinai


Donations to Sinai

Mar 26: NONE



Join us for a P Pre-Passover Cho Chocolate Oneg

Erev Shabbat Services EVERY FRIDAY at 7:30pm (Except the 1st Friday of each month) This month: APRIL 8, 15, 22 & 29 9 at 7:30PM

after Sh Shabbat services Friday, April Apr 15. Come and enjoy some guilty pleasures while getting ready Pesach – sponsored b by the Ritual Committee. Committee Some non-chocolate non-ch desserts desse and fruit will also be served. serve

Monthly Simchat Shabbatt Services (ages 9-109) The FIRST FRIDAY of every month at 7pm The service is followed by an Oneg with an n vels ice cream bar and Israeli dancing (all levels are welcome). This month: APRIL 1 at 7PM

Monthly Shabbat Morning Services Saturdays on the FIRST SHABBAT of every month at 10:30am This month: APRIL 2 at 10:30AM Next month: MAY 7 at 10:30AM

Monthly Tot Shabbat Service & Dairy Potluck Dinner (ages 0-8) The THIRD SHABBAT of every month at 6pm This month: APRIL 15 at 6PM.

APRIL 2011





abbi Appleby makes bikkur holim visits and phone calls, but can only do so if she knows that someone is ill or is in the hospital. If you, a loved one, or a friend, would like Rabbi Appleby to make a bikkur cholim visit or phone call, please let Rabbi Appleby know. Call the Temple office at 775-747-5508. Î


Bikur Holim ~ Visiting the Sick

Yom HaShoah Yellow Candle Home Observance


April 30, evening

Holocaust Memorial Service

7:30 PM Friday, May 6


Passover Seder Reservation Form

Temple Sinai

Passover Seder Monday, April 18, 2011 6:00pm

Atlantis Casino Resort, Grand Ballroom 1-3, 3800 S. Virginia Street, Reno This year’s Seder is being held in the beautiful, new Grand Ballroom and promises fabulous food selections. Seder begins promptly at 6pm. Please be seated no later than 5:45pm Reservation deadline is NOON on Wednesday, April 13. Check must accompany your reservation.

Cut out and return form with check

Temple Sinai Passover Seder Reservation Form

Reservation Name: ______________________________________ Phone: _________________ Address: _______________________________________________________________________ Indicate # of Members:

Indicate # of Non-Members:

____ Adult(s) at $45.00 per adult ____ Child(ren) 5-12 years at $26.00 per child ____ Child(ren) 0-4 years NO CHARGE

____ Adult(s) at $55.00 per adult ____ Child(ren) 5-12 years at $30.00 per child ____ Child(ren) 0-4 years NO CHARGE

Our Seder will be a full, sit-down meal with a choice of brisket, chicken, or vegetarian entrée. In addition to the four cups of ceremonial wine, both wine and grape juice will be served with dinner. Please indicate the number of attendees in your party for each entrée: Brisket ______ , Chicken______ , or Vegetarian ______ . Make check payable to Temple Sinai, and mail with this form to 3405 Gulling Road, Reno, NV 89503. Please note on the check that it is for the Seder. Reservation deadline is NOON on Wednesday, April 13. It is our wish to welcome all those who want to celebrate with us. If you are able to make an additional donation to help defray the cost of those in need, please so indicate here: I wish to donate $____________. Those wishing to attend, but who are in need of assistance, please contact the Temple Office, (775) 747-5508.

Passover Seder Flyer back.

2nd Annual Temple Sinai Religious School UN-FUNDRAISER Introducing our 2nd Annual Temple Sinai Religious School UN-Fundraising Event! With this (un)fundraiser, you have the opportunity to give a gift to our Religious School fundraising program. The best news is…we are not asking you to buy anything, sell anything, bake anything, or count orders! Instead of expending all that time and energy for a fundraiser from which we would only receive a portion of the proceeds, we have a program where 100% of the money goes to fund programs and projects for Temple Sinai children. Instead of spending hours and hours working and planning, just write a check. Your total donation will go to the school, and you can use the rest of your time to do something you enjoy. Pick your favorite non-event(s) and send your check to the Temple Sinai Religious School UN-Fundraiser. I am so tired of selling (and buying) chocolate bars and the guilt associated with eating them that I’ll gladly send in $18 instead. Rather than collecting, schlepping, and turning in aluminum cans for recycling, I’ll give $36 instead. Here is my $48 entry fee for the “Zero-K “race. I would rather sit on my sofa and nurse my pulled leg muscle. I would rather send $64 than go to a fashion show for clothes that I will never wear anyway. NAME ADDRESS PHONE

While I love black-tie events, our tuxedo and evening gown are at the cleaners, so here is $82 instead. Based on busy calendar and latest budget analysis, I am able to support to the tune of $__________. I would like to host an Oneg in Religious School’s honor, but I would rather not host alone. I can share the honor for $____________.



Religious School News


the Lazy 5 Ranch). We will utilize the gaga pit, and both social halls. If you have any indoor or outdoor games, please bring them? I am now the head teacher for the 2/3rd grade class, and the beginning Hebrew class. I love to teach and am very excited about working with these children. We have three new students joining us. Esther, who is in the 5th grade, joins Sharrone’s class, and Austin and Tali join Jen’s class. Please say hi to them and make them feel welcome! Danny and Jessica Fuchs have their B’nei Mitzvah the weekend of May 13 and 14. Tracy Bartlett Religious School Director Î

en’s class is such a joy to watch. Some of the children have opted to attend her class rather than go skiing with the family! She has just gone over the story of Noah and the Ark with the class, and students made some wonderful foam art with Noah, his family and the animals. The children’s creations are on display on the hallway bulletin boards. We will have two more bake sales: April 3 and May 1. The children love these bake sales and can’t wait for their turn to get their treats! Spring Break is the week of APRIL CALENDAR April 10, and there will be NO Religious or Hebrew School on Religious School/Hebrew SUNDAYS: April 10, and NO Hebrew on Tues¾ April 3 day April 12. Religious School re¾ April 10 – Spring Break sumes on Sunday, April 17. ¾ April 17 – Model Seder Sunday, April 17 is the Model ¾ April 24 Seder for Pesach. Students will Hebrew TUESDAYS: meet in their class rooms from ¾ April 5 9:30-10:00am and then congre¾ April 12 – Spring Break gate in the small social hall for the ¾ April 19 – NO HEBREW, Model Seder. Passover On May 22, Temple Sinai’s ¾ April 26 Religious School will have its annual picnic at Temple (instead of

The February Torah for Tots class had a “Daniel and the Lions’ Den” project.

Torah for Tots


he Torah for Tots class will celebrate Shabbat and Passover on Thursday, April 14. The children will learn about the upcoming holiday with a story, songs, game, and special Passover treats. To find out more about the class or to join, contact Judy Schumer at There is no fee for the class and Temple membership is not required. Torah for Tots is for children ages 2-5 and siblings are always welcome. Î

Schedule Upcoming B’nei Mitzvah Now!

Temple Sinai Youth Group ages 13-18

Our current schedule is as follows: May 21, 2011 – Jessica & Daniel Fuchs June 25, 2011 – Matthew McKean July 2, 2011 – Noah Blanck July 9, 2011 – Max Zeltzer

For information on the Youth Group and to be placed on the email list, please contact: Tracy Bartlett ( or Rabbi Appleby (at

B'nei Mitzvah must be scheduled at least eight months in advance. Call the Rabbi at 747-5508 to reserve your date. ALL services listed above are at 10:30am.


n February 26 the Sisterhood held a brisket dinner and the Men’s Club helped the fundraising effort by holding a silent auction. We collected 36 bottles of excellent wine and spirits, along with items donated by two local merchants and our own Alpaca Rancher, Len Chyet. We raised $750 to help in the Sisterhood’s effort; maybe, we can do even better next time. Some items sold for less than their value. What a painless way to raise money, have fun, and get something of value at the same time. Special Note: Congratulations go out to our own Les Cohen, Alan Gertler, and John Louie, award-winning chefs, for their brisket cooking ability. For our April 3 meeting, our own Judy Schumer will be doing a presentation about the Jews of Shanghai and growing up in that environment and time in history.

Temple Sinai Sisterhood

Tribute Fund Marilyn & Ken Roberts Linda Kutten – Get Well Sandy Wager – Sympathy Rachael Wager-LaCross – Sympathy Saundra Goodman – Happy Birthday Sharrone Blanck – Happy Birthday Julia Rubin – Sympathy

Julie Stage & Mark Rosenberg Linda Kutten – Get Well

Lynne Daus Linda Kutten – Get Well Ashley Helfinstein – Bat Mitzvah Julia Rubin - Sympathy

Linda & LJ Kutten

Advance Notice: Friday Evening, April 8, 2011, Men’s Club Shabbat Service. Save the date!

Wendy Alderman – Happy Birthday Saundra Goodman – Happy Birthday Sharrone Blanck – Happy Birthday Deborah Baer – Happy Birthday

Men’s Club VP Mike Medvin (348-8094) will again be organizing the service, and Phil Shalitt (972-1570) will be in charge of the Oneg. Be the first to call them to volunteer; it will make their jobs easier.

Marsha & Les Cohen

For more information on Men’s Club contact me at the addresses below. Dave Levine, Men’s Club President and Î

Linda Kutten – Get Well Camille Gertler – Get Well

Barbara Pratt Linda Kutten – Get Well

Ann & Larry Ezgar

‫גברים‬ ‫ מועדון גבר‬/ ‫ אחותיותת סיני‬Î ACHOTIYUT SEENAI / MOADON GEVARIM Î SINAI SISTERHOOD / MEN’S CLUB

Men’s Club

Linda Kutten – Get Well Jake Margolis – Thank You


Minimum Donation: 1 card $ 3.00 Pkg. of 10 $ 27.00

APRIL 2011

Call Marilyn Roberts (775) 622-3115 or e-mail:

 11


It takes a Synagogue… Building Community


he Temple Sinai Caring Committee is planning another round of neighborhood gatherings as were held when Rabbi Appleby came to Nevada to be our religious leader. We will begin in May with gatherings for the religious school families followed in June and July with meetings for all Sinai families. At the December 12 Sinai Worship and Celebration Forum, there was a clear desire to know each other better and to support each other in our joys and sadness. We believe that getting together in small groups with Rabbi Appleby and your neighbors is a good way to build our Temple Sinai community. The Sinai Caring Committee is ready to respond if you are home-bound and need a bit of company or an errand done, or if you are a family caregiver and need a bit of relief. Whatever your need for temporary help may be, let your synagogue community know. Call Rabbi Appleby at 747-5508 or Barbara Weinberg at 322-6295. Î

New: Temple Sinai’s Online Gift Shop Shop online for your Judaica items and the profits go to Temple Sinai. Go to:

APRIL 2011


W O N E L B A L I A V ! A ! ! E N I L N O

Other Meetings

Temple Sinai Book Club


nfidel, the autobiography of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, will be discussed on April 21. This book was postponed from an earlier date. For information about location, contact Carisse Gafni at The May 19 book will be Postville and June 16th book will be Songs for the Butcher’s Daughter. All these books are available in the Washoe County Library and synopses are on Î

Folk Dancing at Sinai ISRAELI

Monthly Board Meeting Bo

7pm Every Tuesday Night (check the calendar for dates) (Open to all; 1st time FREE, $5 regular, $3 for students.)

7pm Tuesday, April 13. All Temple members are welcome to attend. See the weekly email and bulletin board for the agenda.

Folk Dancing:


7pm Every Thursday Night. (Open to all; $2 for the public and $1 for Temple Sinai Members.) Check the calendar to confirm all dates and times.

If you are ttaking ki g ttrash h outt and d it does not fit into the dumpster, DO NOT leave it on the ground beside the dumpster. Please leave a note for our Administrative Assistant and arrangements will be made to have the dumpster emptied.

Mitzvah at the Gospel Mission Temple Sinai congregant Pat Blanchard has an on-going group which serves dinner to the homeless at the Gospel Mission. Her group serves on the third Wednesday of each month for about an hour & half. Please contact Pat at to signup for your special date or call 824-0220. This is not a drop-in arrangement. Î


Cleaning Up?

By Board action, on recommendation of the Ritual Committee, pork and shellfish may not be served at Temple Sinai. This includes any products containing either pork or shellfish; so, do check, carefully, the contents of what you might be serving at Onegs, meetings, receptions, etc. Also be careful to remember those possible “common” foods that are indeed included in these restrictions (pepperoni pizza is one good example!). Î

If you are not already receiving the Temple’s Weekly eNewsletter, send an email to asking us to add you and we’ll put you on the list.

Mary Allstead

Available Now: Winter 2011 Sinai Membership Directories


APRIL 2011

(for Temple Members only)

Pick yours up from the synagogue office. Also, please call the office (747-5508) if you notice any corrections that need to be made to your entry.

3981 S. McCarran Blvd. Reno, NV 89502

(775) 722-1748


ROBERT RAND MD (775) 826-7263 6512 S. McCarran Blvd. #D, Reno, NV 89509

Family Medicine, Acupuncture, Alternative Medicine, Biofeedback, Impedance Cardiography, Non-Narcotic Pain Relief Natural Supplements Dietitian On Staff

“ We pick up where chicken soup lef t off.”

D.M.L. CONSULTING 305 West Moana Lane, Reno, NV 89509 Business & Personal Tax Planning Tax Return Preparation, including all states Estate Planning, specializing in personally designed Trusts Year-round staff including:

Wayne D. Omel Financial Advisor 465 S. Meadows Pkwy. Suite 13 Reno, NV 89521 Bus. 775-826-7880 TF. 877-826-7880 TF. Fax 866-445-1350 California Insurance License 0C24309

Calling Oneg Hosts: 2010/2011 Oneg Hosting Calendar now available for sign-ups...

APRIL 2011

Oneg means “delight/pleasure.” It is for the delight of the host and the pleasure of congregation. The host to share his/her delight for the special occasion/event and the congregation to enjoy the pleasure of interaction with others.


Dave Levine, EA, MGFC Dave Maddy, EA Julie Freemyer, EA William Harrison, Esq. Tori Warren, CPA

For your personal appointment, call:

775-329-3443 Please sign up for a date or two. There are four easy ways to sign up: 1. Stop by Temple Sinai office to sign up 2. Sign up on Temple Sinai kitchen door Oneg sign up sheet 3. Call the office at 747-5508 4. Email If you are unable to host an Oneg, please consider a donation to sponsor one. Just send your donation to Temple Sinai with a note that it is for the Oneg Fund and if the donation is in honor or memory of someone or of an occasion. Thank you to all our Oneg hosts. The congregation certainly enjoys all Onegs. Î

Temple Sinai Breast Cancer Support Line Julia Rubin, Sinai member, a nurse, and herself living with breast cancer. 846-2122 or Confidentiality honored. Go to to donate a free mammorgram a day to an under-privileged woman. Go to to join a movement to bring women and researchers together to eradicate breast cancer.

The Temple Sinai Sentinel is published monthly. Temple Sinai is a Reform Congregation affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism. Temple Sinai is located at: 3405 Gulling Road, Reno NV 89503. This issue is: Volume 37, No. 7 • April 2011

‫ לוח‬Î SUNDAY





April 2011 Î Adar II / Nisan 5771





Erev Pesach 6pm Congregational Passover Seder at the Atlantis Casino Resort


7:22pm Candle lighting

Pesach VII


29 6pm Midweek Hebrew (grades 4-7) 7pm Reno Israeli Folkdance Night

1 Nisan Rosh Chodesh Nisan 6pm Midweek Hebrew (grades 4-7) 6:30pm Sisterhood Mahjong Night 7pm Reno Israeli Folkdance Night


6 12noon Talmud Study 7:15pm Ritual Committee Meeting

12noon Talmud Study 7pm Temple Sinai Board Meeting (all Temple members are welcome to attend)


Sentinel Deadline NO Midweek Hebrew Spring Break 7pm Reno Israeli Folkdance Night

12noon Talmud Study


20 Pesach II 12noon Talmud Study 8:54pm Havdalah (72 min)

Pesach VIII 6pm Midweek Hebrew (grades 4-7) 7pm Reno Israeli Folkdance Night 9pm Havdalah (72 min)


19 Pesach I 6pm Midweek Hebrew (grades 4-7) 6:30pm Sisterhood Mahjong Night 7pm Reno Israeli Folkdance Night


12noon Talmud Study

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Mar 27

Rabbi Teri Appleby

21 Adar II 9:30am Religious School 11:30am Hebrew (grades 3-7)

9am Men’s Club 9:30am Religious School 11:30am Hebrew (grades 3-7)

10 NO Religious/Hebrew School - Spring Break

17 9:30am Religious School Model Seder 11:30am Hebrew (grades 3-7)


Pesach VI (CH’’M) 9:30am Religious School 11:30am Hebrew (grades 3-7) 7:28pm Candle lighting




7pm Reno International Folk Dance Night

7pm Reno International Folk Dance Night


APRIL 2011

Apr 1

7pm Simchat Shabbat Service with the Oneg hosted by the 4th/5th Grade Class 7:05pm Candle lighting


7:12noon Candle lighting 7:30pm Shabbat Services with the Services conducted by, and Oneg hosted by, the Men’s Club

15 7pm Reno International Folk Dance Night

6pm Tot Shabbat Service & Dinner 7:19pm Candle lighting 7:30pm Shabbat Services with a “Chocolate Oneg” hosted by the Ritual Committee


7:30pm Shabbat Services with the Oneg hosted by Marilyn & Ken Roberts in celebration of Marilyn’s birthday 7:32pm Candle lighting


Pesach IV (CH’’M) Earth Day 7:26pm Candle lighting 7:30pm Shabbat Services (still need an Oneg host -call the Temple at 747-5508 to sign-up)

7pm Reno International Folk Dance Night


21 Pesach III (CH’’M) 7pm Book Club: Infidel by Ayann Hirsi Ali (at the home of Judith Strasser) 7pm Reno International Folk Dance Night







Torah Portion: Kedoshim Lev. 16:1-20:27 9:03pm Havdalah (72 min)

26 Nisan

Torah Portion: Ex. 33:12-34:26 8:57pm Havdalah (72 min)

Pesach V (CH’’M) Shabbat Chol Hamoed


Torah Portion: Achare Mot Lev. 16:1-18:30 8:50pm Havdalah (72 min)

Shabbat HaGadol

Torah Portion: Metzora Lev. 14:1-15:33 8:43pm Havdalah (72 min)


Torah Portion: Tazria Lev. 12:1-13:59; Ex. 12:1-20 10:30am Shabbat Morning Services 8:36pm Havdalah (72 min)

Shabbat HaChodesh

April 8 ~ Erev Shabbat with the Men’s Club April 17 ~ Religious School Pesach Celebration April 18 ~ Erev Pesach: Congregational Passover Seder at the Atlantis


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Temple Sinai Sentinel - April 2011 Issue  
Temple Sinai Sentinel - April 2011 Issue  

TEMPLE SINAI affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism THE NEWSLETTER OF RENO’S REFORM CONGREGATION Volume 37 No. 7 -- April 2011 Adar II...