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The Emerging Scholar

The Russell Conwell Learning Center Emerging Scholars Newsletter Volume 1 : Issue 2 : December 2013


Emerging Scholars Interns

s a means to achieve their goals, students are offered various opportunities to start building their resume and receive professional leadership development and training. The Emerging Scholars Internship is intended to help expose students to a professional environment, while enhancing their academic experience at Temple University.

Each Emerging Scholar applied, and was hand picked based on their academic success, participation with the RCLC, proof of dedication and hard work. Their job description varies from:

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Conducting online and in person workshops for the RCLC Assembling video proj- ects for the RCLC’s site Proctoring study halls Developing communica- tion materials Generating resumes for career portfolios Attending weekly professional develop- ment seminars Leadership training Academic Preparation

Each of the eight interns

expressed their initial reaction when finding out they were “the chosen ones.” Asya Evans says, “I was surprised. I know there are tons of great scholars in the RCLC, so I felt accomplished when I was chosen.”

Each individual intern conveyed their happiness and the joy they were filled with when reading their congratulatory emails. Aside from voicing their elation, Jessica Payne says, “I feel having this internship is a great way to start off my freshman year at Temple.”

2013 Interns Omar Agag

Kyndall Brown Asya Evans

Richan Goodman Jessica Payne Scott Weiss

-Zuliesuivie Ball, Editorial Intern

Emerging Scholar Spotlight: Rachel Anne Santos Gabat What activities are you involved in?

Name: Rachel Anne Santos Gabat Hometown: Easton, PA Major: Kinesiology, PreHealth achel is a first semester freshman who is already very active in several organizations are Temple. Currently working towards her dream of being a Physical Therapist, Rachel splits her time between pre-health associations and doing community service for the Phillipines.


I have been really busy already this semester! I am part of three organizations. Because I want to get a head start on my professional goals, I joined Temple’s Pre-Physical Therapy Association (TPPTA). I also heard about Alpha Epsilon Delta, which is a Pre-health Professional Honors Fraternity. It is a nationally recognized organization that has scholarships and resources to gain knowledge in my field. My family is from the Philippines and TUPAC (Temple University Philippine American Community) is an awesome organization. It’s like being back home and I feel like I can really relate to everyone in the group. What do you like about Temple? It has such a diverse population. I have met so many different

types of people. I also love being in the city and the proximity of everything. I can walk to class quickly, and get around easily. I have found that all of Temple is very welcoming and it is very easy to make friends. The resources offered by the University have helped me a lot. There are always people who want to help you. What’s your favorite part of Temple?

I really enjoy being a member of TUPAC (Temple University Philippine American Community). It’s like being back home and I feel like I can really relate to everyone in the group. I think its great that we do so much community service. Everything we do is to raise money for all of the people in the Philippines. Lately, with Typhoon Haiyan and an earthquake that hit a couple months ago, we really need

to help them out. I was happy that I was able to find a group where everyone in it shares the same interests as me. Do you like being part of the RCLC? The first thing I noticed about the RCLC was how much of a close-knit community it is. Everyone says it, but it really is like being part of a family. We all support each other and want to see everyone succeed. It is a great place to get work done, but also have fun and build relationships. The workshops are really helpful with academics, and the activities, like community builders, are a perfect way to take a break from studying. My academic coach Rovina is awesome. She is super nice, and helps me stay on track with my classes, and anything else I need help with. -Christina Betz, Editorial Intern | Page 1

Relvi Mehmeti

Pre-trial unit, and was responsible for helping the city’s prosecutors prepare for criminal cases, and had the chance to go to court with lawyers from the office. This internship will be ending this semester, just in time for Relvi to travel to Harrisburg to begin a 13 week Legislative Fellowship Program.

he next year will be a busy one for Relvi Mehmeti, who is fresh coming off an equally demanding semester. Relvi had an internship with the District Attorney’s office in Philadelphia, where he was assigned to the

From January to April, Relvi will be living, working, and receiving college credit in Harrisburg. The highly selective fellowship program will place five college juniors/seniors from PA in the office of a Committee Chairman


this is such a beneficial and competitive scholarship, it is also very time consuming. Michelle says “there were many essay questions to complete, I had to attend interviews conducted by previous women who won the scholarship and in order to receive the last $1,000, it was required that applicants complete a community event as a way to teach students of other institutions what they learned”.


cademic Coach Michelle Stanley is touring the world! Awarded The Vira I. Heinz Scholarship, Michelle has the pleasure of studying abroad in Fabrik Germany. The Vira I. Heinz Program for Women in Global Leadership is in partnership with The Heinz Endowments and the University of Pittsburg Scholarship. Aside from it being a leadership development program, The Vira I. Heinz program also provides up to $5,000 scholarships, awarded to female leaders who have never traveled internationally. Because

Double majoring in Political Science and Geography, Stanley will focus and analyze the

Coaches’ Corner

What does graduation mean to you?

Name:Dominique Mclendon Hometown: Harrisburg, PA Major: Psychology, minor in Sociology of health


ominique Mclendon is graduating half a semester early with a degree in Psychology and a minor in sociology of health. She wants to become a full time academic counselor, and her dream job is at Drexel University.

Being that I am graduating early, it is a combination of pressure and excitement. Not many people make it to this point or have the ability to graduate early, so I am very glad to be one of those few. It took me 3 ½ years to complete undergraduate school. Thanks to the Russell Conwell Learning Center, I am very fortunate to have found a job (academic coach) in a field that I want to pursue. I’ve learned that college is a bubble of safety. Once it is over, you officially enter the world of independence. What are your plans after graduation? Upon graduating, I plan to find a

Coach Profiles

Academic Coaches are always doing big things in the RCLC and outside. We would like to congratulate all of the coaches on their acheievements!

from the House of Representatives. The fellowship recipients will help draft laws, and work with leaders from both political parties. Relvi will be considered full-time, working 40 hours a week at the office, while also taking two seminar classes at night to earn 9 credits towards his graduation. In addition to helping draft laws, Relvi will summarize bills, do structure of the Euro Union, how they function, and their process of accepting new countries, while she is in Germany. In addition, the study abroad package allows students to tour countries such as Turkey and Bosnia. She says, “ While being in Germany, I hope to network more with female leaders, see how they function in their cites and possibly take German as a language.” Michelle, an outspoken feminist herself, hopes to educate women on female leadership as well as expand or initiate their interest in

job in counseling and advising. My dream position is to work at Drexel University while persuing my master’s degree in higher education. What role has the Russell Conwell Learning Center played in your time at Temple? I will definitely miss the atmosphere and people at the Russell Conwell Learning Center. They provided me with one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. I’ve had other jobs related to guiding, assisting and counseling students, but no other place has made be feel as welcomed and utilized as did the RCLC. I will miss working with the caseload of students I built bonds with. If my Drexel plans fail, I plan to come back working for the RCLC. It makes me happy

research on potential re-writes, and help reply to constituents’ letters. As a “Research Policy analyst.” Relvi will be doing highly constructive work. As a final project, and culmination of the fellowship’s experience, the students are tasked with drafting their own bill, or piece of legislation, pitching it to the floor and trying to get it passed. -Christina Betz, Editorial Intern

Michelle Stanley her majors: Political Science and Geography. -Zuliesuivie Ball, Editorial Intern

to see the work and assistance I provide paid off on my former and current students. What strategies did you use in order to graduate early? I originally came into Temple with 6 additional credits that carried over from high school, so that automatically gave me an advantage, but I was also very dedicated to my studies. I never planned to be here longer than I had to and with that being said, I took the necessary steps to make sure that I was ahead of the game. During some semesters, I took 18 credits, declared my minor sophomore year, and always forced myself to work hard. -Zuliesuivie Ball, Editorial Intern | Page 2

December 2013 Issue