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DON’T GIVE UP!! Hebrews 12:1 - We are in a race. There is a race that is set before us. When I think about an athlete or a person who starts out in a race, a few things come to mind. First of all, they have to be in good health to run in a race. I would think that in the natural they have to take good vitamins to make sure that their body is strong. Second, they would have to exercise daily in order to keep their Temia Brinson, President stamina. We must be filled with the word of God to run this race. That makes us strong in Rejoice Magazine the Lord. If you are not strong in the Lord spiritually, you just might not endure this race. What does an athlete wear when he runs in a race? He might have on a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, and good tennis shoes for running. What does an athlete look like running with a suitcase in his hand or a big coat on? We can’t be weighted down when we run this race. You got to pull off all that heavy stuff. Take off all your baggage, stop the drama, and run this race that is set before you. He said to lay aside every weight. Some things are not a weight; it’s just a down right sin. Unforgiveness and evil doing, is indeed a sin. It’s a long race for some of us so, run as light as you can. Stop looking at how fast someone else is running and get in the race for yourself. I’ll tell you this one thing, you can watch me if you want to. I am in this race running trying to make it for myself. Don’t mess around and miss the prize watching somebody else.


Some people can’t get anything from God because they won’t hold out long enough. I’ve seen so many students, pastors, and entrepreneurs miss their blessing because they didn’t have the patience and determination to endure the race. They run a little bit and they get tired; they want to stop and quit. Look at your spiritual compass. This isn’t the time to quit now. We got to run with patience, perseverance, and determination. If you fall, get up and start over again. This race is not given to those that can run the fastest, but to those that endure. So hold on and… Don’t give up!! .


Table of Contents MINISTRY Dr. Sheila J. Spencer: The Prophetic & Dream Institute……………………….…4 Speak Into The Atmosphere Youth Conference………………………………..…6 The Music Ministry of C. LaJuan Adams……………………………………...…7 Pastor Carla Walker: Thirsty 2012 Conference……………………………….....19

GROW YOUR MINISTRY ` GROW YOUR BUSINESS The Rejoice Magazine Dream Team……………………………………………...6 J. Richard Byrd: Get Your Business or Ministry Sermons On iTunes…………....8

THE HEALTHY YOU Lydida Cason: Fat Burning Foods…………………………………………….…..5 Dr. Adrian Manley: Mental Health and The Church……………………...……..12 Silianise Moise: 7 Secrets for a Happy, Healthy, and Satisfying Relationship….18

FASHION & STYLE Sunday Best Amber Bullock……………………………………...……………..14 Keesha Rivers: Fla’Vore Productions…………………………….……………..15


Comedian Steffon Vann: The SoulFunny Radio Show………………………….17 The Rejoice Magazine Radio Show…………………………………..…………19

POLITICS Representative Perry Thurston………………………………………….……….13

BOOK SPOTLIGHT Prophet Corvell Brown: Relationship Laws of Thinking………………………..16


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by Lydida Cason Certified Aerobics Instructor and Personal Trainer

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Today, one of Central Florida’s most well-known music ministers is Cynthia LaJuan Adams. She has performed with a multiplicity of gospel luminaries. Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Darryl Coley, Yolanda Adams, Donald Lawrence and Judith McAllister have all influenced her musical versatility. Unequally, God has endowed her with an unusual ability and His anointing to usher people into the His presence. Cynthia LaJuan Adams was born with a gift which has developed into a life-long love affair with God.

In 1970, C. LaJuan’s budding music ministry became evident to her mother during a church service at Church of God--910 Livingston Street. ―When I looked up, I saw LaJuan singing and dancing in the aisle. I knew then she had a gift,‖ Mother Eason recalls. In fact, it was Mother Eason’s love for the piano and singing that exposed her children to music. ―We would gather around the piano and sing as a family,‖ says C. LaJuan who admits, ―I would sneak and watch Soul Train when mama wasn’t home.‖ But it was Deacon Johnny Eason who made sure that his children participated in activities such as roller-skating and sports. A native of Orlando, C. LaJuan attended St. Mary Magdelyn Catholic School and Eccleston Elementary School. Her educational foundation was attained at Carver Junior High School, Maynard Evans High School and Valencia Community College. At Malone Memorial COGIC, she sang with the church’s toddler group—the Sunshine Band. During her young age, she attended the monthly music fellowship services hosted by the Orlando District Choir Union. This Choir Union was held at various churches and singers and choirs would fellowship together and sing until the power of the Lord came down. Even though C. LaJuan was very young, she had to join in and sing along with the adult choir—her mother made sure she had a willing spirit. As a teenager, C. LaJuan became a member of the then James Cleveland’s Gospel Music Workshop of America. Her aunt, Mrs. Margarett Loman Hester, was the Minister of Music for the Orlando Chapter of the GMWA. She traveled with this renowned choir and was featured as one of its young soloists at various concerts, musicals and special events When she turned 16 years old, C. LaJuan was invited by organizer, E. Dale Stafford, to become a member of the Winter Park Summer Community Choir--an opportunity she considers a highlight of her career. Her musical talents extended into being a choir director and adept vocal teacher. After graduating high school in 1980, Cynthia attended Valencia Community College, and later met her husband, the late Lancelot Alexander Adams while working at Tektroni, Inc. The two were married, November 17, 1984 and this union was blessed with two children--Stephanie Renee, 24, and Jonathan Alexander, 21.

Today, C. LaJuan serves as Minister of Worship at Majestic Worship Center, Clermont, Florida, pastored by Pastor George Holiday. C. LaJuan is humbled for each opportunity she is afforded to use the gift God has given to her. For years, she has been a licensed Evangelist Missionary where she speaks and sings at church conferences, workshops and secular events. In years’ past, she was invited to sing at the Charisma Women’s Conference attended by nearly 10,000 women. Recently, C. LaJuan was led to record a live CD project, “For All You’ve Done”, on November 13, 2011, which will be released by the end of this month. A committed Christian, mother, daughter, sister, church worker and friend, C. LaJuan Adams considers it a privilege to worship the Lover of her soul. Truly Praise Is What She Does!


A word was spoken over her life by Pastor Larry E. Perkins that that Lord would allow her to lead many into the presence of the Lord as a Worship Leader. His prophecy has come to fruition. In 1988, Bishop David S. Beacham, Jr., pastor of New Church of Faith, Orlando, Florida, encouraged C. LaJuan Adams to pursue what would become her ministry and passion—Praise and Worship. ―Bishop Beacham and his wife, Elaine, sowed into my life … they sent me to my first Praise and Worship Symposium in Los Angeles, California, where Dr. Judith McAllister was the facilitator,‖ says C. LaJuan. In fact, many others have also encouraged the seasoned worship leader--the late Mother Ruby Harris paid for her to take piano lessons at Rollins College, and the late Dr. Mattie Moss Clark afforded her the opportunity to sing at a National COGIC crusade. C. LaJuan gives God all the glory and the honor for her very supportive family, and her dear mother, Mother Mildred Loman Eason. Musical roots are deeply embedded and a part of her family’s great legacy. Her maternal great-great-great grandfather was a slave, but he was a skilled musician whose giftedness was passed down through her family’s lineage. She reverences God for His favor that rests upon the lives of other family heirs and musicians—Mother Bessie Harper Smith, Mother Ophelia Loman and others.


Born in July 1962, C. LaJuan has been fixated with singing gospel music since early childhood. At 7, she and her two siblings--Ida LaVette, age 6 and Jon, age 4--took singing lessons from the late Arma Linda Pope Collins. When Mrs. Collins insisted that Jon lead a song with his sisters as a backup singer at Malone Memorial COGIC Annual Men’s Day, C. LaJuan named the group, the Eason Trio. The threesome sang ―I’ll Wait Right Here‖ and ―Give Me Two Wings to Fly,‖ at the special event.



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In just 8 years of ministry, under the spiritual guidance of Pastor Christian, CWC quadrupled in size with over 300 members strong. Additionally, Pastor Christian is the visionary and founder of Kids Of Distinction’s (KOD) Childcare Learning Center. Currently, within the city of Leesburg, there are 4 KOD facilities. CWC has acquired multiple properties within the lake county region, including the purchase of the former 15th Street Church of God within Leesburg, Florida. Needless to say, Pastor Christian is an influential force in the Central Florida area and throughout the United States. His sought out charismatic personality, contagious humor and attitude, attracts him to speak at revivals, conferences, workshops, and retreats throughout the country.


Pastors John & Constance Christian

Christian Worship Center (CWC) was started on January 3, 2000 in Leesburg, Florida, by Pastor John H. Christian, and his family. “I can recall preaching to my wife (Constance), our three little children (Jonvier, Joshua, and Czenobia), and an empty building,” Pastor John recalls. In January 2004, the church membership doubled in size in less than two months. One of Pastor John's most memorable moments was in the month of October 2004 when 32 people joined the church. At that time the church moved forward to purchase an additional 5 more acres for future church growth. Then in 2005 the church began its own version of Extreme Makeover, the sanctuary size was expanded from 100+ seats to 300 seats to accommodate the rapid growth of new members and families being added almost weekly, additional restrooms were installed, the former The Christian Family duplex was renovated into administration offices, and the house on the property was transformed into a daycare facility. During this season, Pastor John was elected as City Commissioner and now serves as the Mayor of Leesburg. According to CWC member Tasha Hurst, “Having the Mayor of the city as your Pastor gives me both a sense of pride and conscientiousness of my community. Our Pastor leads by example, whenever he informs us of community issues or events, he’s always present as well; not because of his duties as the Mayor, but because he genuinely has a heart to serve others and his community. Following his lead, he encourages his members to take ownership and personal responsibility for our community, city, and most importantly the future of our children.” The ministry has quadrupled in size, and the church has acquired multiple buildings and land. Additionally, the church in conjunction with Men of Distinction (a community service organization founded by Pastor John Christian) own four child care learning facilities throughout the city, by the name of Kids of Distinction and is in pursuit of acquiring more property.

Christian Worship Center

929 CR 468, Leesburg, Florida 34748 Phone: 352.365.1709

This 6,400 square foot facility was donated to the ministry by Affordable Structures. Pastor Christian is in the process of moving and renovating the facilities, as it will add to their ministry and childcare system with a 132 capacity state of the art facility.


by Elder Adrian Manley, PhD




s we move toward a more health conscious society, it is imperative that we consider the value of mental

health. Many have thought and yet associate the term Mental Health with whether or not someone is ―crazy‖. More and more we are hearing the words depression, bipolar, and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Mental Health professionals have worked diligently to promote awareness of mental illnesses and/or mental disorders. Yet there is much work to be done to help others understand a more thorough and complete meaning of Mental Health. Some even question the validity of such discussion and understanding within the Church and Christendom. It is my desire that this article will offer a perspective that will serve us well as we, the Body of Christ strive to minister and meet the needs of the whole person. According to the Surgeon General, 1Mental health is a state of successful performance of mental function, resulting in productive activities, fulfilling relationships with other people, and the ability to adapt to change and to cope with adversity. Mental health is indispensable to personal well-being, family and interpersonal relationships, and contribution to community or society. This definition sounds like the purpose and objectives of ministry. We should endeavor to make our churches, homes, and communities filled with people who possess productive activity, fulfilling relationships, the ability to cope and adapt to change. We and those we love constantly face challenges and multiple vicissitudes in life such as death of loved ones, divorce, job loss, drugs and illness. These inescapable challenges impact our lives significantly, causing a great deal of stress, heartache, and emotional pain. Many people struggle with various Mental Health related issues. In some cases, these persons are misunderstood and dealt with in a manner that is ineffective and even damaging. It is important that we are equipped to receive and minister to people where they are instead of where we think they should be. I beseech you therefore brothers and sisters to consider the mental health of those that are members and those that will visit and become future members of our congregation. I recommend three small steps to begin this process. 1.



The first step in this process is creating awareness. We can create forums, workshops and seminar \ opportunities to educate our leaders on the more common issues such as depression and bipolar disorder. Church leaders can be trained to understand, recognize and be sensitive to the symptoms and signs of these issues as well as how to help these individuals through prayer, the Word of God, and counseling. After training and educating our leaders we must disseminate or pass on the information to others. Leaders can provide family members and friends information on signs and symptoms of these Mental Health issues. In most cases it is the family and friends that see and know the things that never make it to the attention of the church leadership. We tend to wear the ―I’m blessed and highly favor mask‖ at church and cover up much of the hurt and pain that we are experiencing. Finally, I recommend that we begin to focus on ministries and or partnerships that are specifically designed to help congregants struggling with mental health issues. Churches across the country have standard men, women, youth, married, and single ministries. How many of them are specifically designed to aid those that are depressed or have loved ones dealing with such issues? If your local church does not have such ministries, partner with agencies, counselors, and therapists who love God and are equipped to deal such matters.

Jesus stated in Luke 4:18 that He was anointed to minister to the poor, brokenhearted, captives, blind, and bruised. We his Followers are called and empowered to do likewise even in the area of Mental Health. 1U.S.

Department of Health and Human Services. Mental Health: A Report of the Surgeon General—Executive Summary. Rockville, MD: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Center for Mental Health Services, National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Mental Health, 1999.

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Dr. Manley is Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and an Ordained Elder in the Church of God in Christ. He presently works as a counselor at Valencia College in Orlando.


THURSTON TO SCOTT: STOP BLOCKING FEDERAL REVIEW OF GOP-BACKED VOTER SUPPRESSION LEGISLATION October 25, 2011 Office of Governor Rick Scott State of Florida The Capitol 400 South Monroe Street Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0001

Dear Governor Scott, I write to express my profound disapproval of your administration’s attempts to make it harder for many Floridians to vote. Through taxpayer-funded legal shenanigans -- including Secretary of State Kurt Browning’s efforts to ignore landmark federal civil rights legislation that protects racial and language minorities in Florida -- it is clear that there is a move to suppress the vote. I firmly disagree with Secretary Browning’s assertion that Section 5 of the federal Voting Rights Act is no longer required in Florida or the United States. Accordingly, I am confident that the federal court is likely to block significant sections of the new ―voter suppression‖ elections law that Republicans in the Florida Legislature passed and you signed into law earlier this year. Those unnecessary statutory changes amount to a dangerous threat to the voting rights of Florida’s language and racial minorities, and thankfully the federal courts are reviewing this misguided directive. I am sure the court will see how these desperate Republican attempts to keep college students, racial and language minorities, and other Democratic voters away from the polls are almost comical in their transparent partisanship. The changes in Florida’s election law still being considered by the federal court would reduce the number of early voting days, set new rules for groups conducting voter registration drives, require voters changing out-of-county addresses at the polls to cast provisional ballots and make it more difficult to get citizen initiatives on the ballot. I know that I am not alone among those who recognize that these efforts by you and legislative leaders are intended to keep low-income, minority and college student voters – many of whom changed the electoral landscape in 2008 – from casting ballots next November. Also what seems comically transparent about these attempts is how they are part of a concerted national effort, spearheaded by conservative, bigbusiness-backed groups like ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council. According to news reports, Florida is among 38 states that have instituted very similar new rules prohibiting same-day registration and early voting on Sundays. So, it is my opinion that under the false premise of attacking rare cases of voter fraud in our state, you have aligned yourself with those who would twist our democracy for the purpose of suppressing Floridians vote. While many of the most egregious methods of minority vote suppression from earlier in our nation’s history -- such as the poll tax, the literacy tax, the white primary -- have disappeared, it is clear by your actions that the fight to ensure that Florida’s language minorities have access to the ballot is not over. Governor Scott, I urge you to reconsider your legal and political stances that are in opposition to the will of the people and our citizens’ right to vote. Sincerely,

Perry E. Thurston, Jr. State Representative Florida House District 93 Representative Thurston is an attorney who serves Florida House District 93 in Broward County. His district office can be reached at 954-762-3746


Fashion & Style with Amber Bullock



A native of Marion County, Fla, Keesha and her son who she became a single young mother at age 17, to Prince Brian, they relocated to Orange County, Fla on Apr.1 of 2000. From the rough and hard days (including adoption) Keesha Rivers eventually overcame (physical, mental and emotional abuse, trials she still can’t talk about yet because wounds are still there and not to forget to mention a very “strict upbringing” from her CHOSEN ANGELS as her parents: father, Pastor Sinclair Rivers and mother: Dr. Rose Rivers who instilled in Keesha growing up no matter what they were challenged with, they made sure they knew the morals and values of life and purpose. Keesha has a strong relationship with God and understands that FlaVore is a business but it is ministry first. Keesha wants to provide talent, models and over twenty other services with character and morals in the entertainment industry with the main focus to "inspire" all. Not calculated or categorized based on race, size, or gender but that will send a positive message to the nation that you can live life with joy, happiness and have fun with no regrets. Being faithful to whom she knows as her guiding light and source when situations has arrived, she remains faithful to the evangelistic and prophetic call that is placed on her life even when her house flooded in March of '08 . Keesha could no longer commit to a job with home problems, transportation issues and more. She had made a decision to operate what she has always been taught to do and that is to have FAITH. Encountering her second flood in 2010, Keesha and her son Brian were forced to live in a hotel for 2 months while repairs were being done. She continues through FAITH to launch Fla’Vore Productions.

Keesha has always been involved in a variety of categories since the age of eight years old. Some of her highlights have been Superior Drum Major, Choir Director, Singing, Choreographing, Fashion events, Dancing and miming. Keesha has also sang professionally with The Greater Florida Mass Choir where she had the privilege of singing behind Gospel Artist like Dorothy Norwood, John P. Kee and had the pleasure of being on the Bobby Jones Gospel Show in the summer of 2002. Keesha has been known to write skits, songs and has organized events for other organizations at such an early age. She's also worked with juveniles for the past 7 years, many of those relationships she still maintains by mentoring them as well as many others around the world. Keesha has been highlighted and interviewed with the Ocala Star Banner on several occasions in which her Aunt Jean still has all the collectibles until this day. Keesha has also been featured in The Florida Sun Newspaper and sang with the late Rev. James Moore. Keesha had her first TV interview on the Samy Prisco Show (Dish Network cable) and July of 2011, Keesha stepped out on FAITH and took the entire FlaVore ministry along with special guest to Atlanta Gospel Fest without a dime in her pocket. Through that experience, lives were changed for life and Fla’Vore reputation went all the way to the WHITE HOUSE!

Keesha is currently enrolled at the University Of Phoenix studying Bachelors of Science in Psychology. She believes that studying all areas out of the box will allow her as visionary to provide wisdom to the ministry to TRULY help the NATION. Keesha was also the FIRST Pageant Director for former Ebony Magazine Supermodel/Commentator Mrs. Jada Collins. Along with that, Keesha has been asked to be the FIRST Pageant Director for the FIRST Miss Phat Girl Pageant that will be hitting the airways of Florida in Feb of 2012! Previous pageants Keesha has judged: Miss Orlando Teen, Miss Florida Coed, Miss Senior America and Astrogenesis Record Label. Ms. Rivers also is the founder of the WOKB radio 1680am "The FlaVore-Aide Radio Show" on Sundays at 6:30pm (Eastern/ Standard time). Also live stream at: or you can email her directly at: Fla’Vore recently partnered with The Orlando Union Rescue Mission based out of Orlando, Fl where they will be able to assist in a variety of categories to Magazine, Precious Creations Academy, Jada Collins, WOKB Radio, Soul funny Radio Show 1140am, On the Go Events Travel Agency, IADT Design School, State Rep Pam Powell, Hollywood Barbers, Kim McNair Productions, Lee Hodge Photography, Expressions At Winter Park Salon and Boutique, Dillard at West Oaks Mall, Angie Bee Productions, DJ Double A Productions, Tyesha Williams, HYN Orlando Community Development, Maelea Designs and many more in our 4 years serving the community. Keesha would like to leave this message to ALL: “ In life, we have ALL gone through some things we are not proud of but if we dwell on the past, where is the next generation future? Let’s continue to bless others and be the REAL change society needs. That is a requirement. “


The Relationship Laws of Thinking: Eight Relationship Mastery Keys By Corvell Brown

Why are there so many divorces today? Would you like to know the answer? It is simply one word: MASTERY. The Bible states that things are destroyed when there is lack; this also applies within relationships. Why live in relationship misery when you can have relationship mastery? This book was designed as a master key to unlock relationships.

This book can be purchased for $40 at or from the staff at ChurchedOut Ministry (866) 862-5831 PO Box 173, Park Forest, IL 60466 About The Author Prophet Corvell Brown is one of the founders of ChurchedOut Ministry, where their mission is to provide love, time, support, encouragement, empowerment and the truth. Their goal is to save souls by reaching out to families and communities regardless of race or social status. ChurchedOut reaches beyond the walls of the church. They know & believe that they are the church and that lives can and will be changed by the power of Jesus Christ. They minister through music & evangelism to show others the fruits that are produced by serving the Lord. 16


1. HONESTY: To me this is the cornerstone of any truly healthy relationship. Don’t get me wrong now. Honesty doesn’t mean saying "oh! Babe this dress makes you look fat”, every chance you get, well, except if you are looking for trouble. However, being honest about where you spend your time, and your plans for the future as well as money are examples of honesty that any relationship needs to survive. Once deception starts to take hold in your relationship, it will get easier and easier for you guys to start lying to each other. What might once start as a little white lie about where you spent your Saturday afternoon can spiral into bigger and bigger and biggest (LOL) lies. So by being sincere with your partner about the important/essential things in your life and sharing your fears and concerns, you cement a deeper bond. 2. RESPECT: Well, well, well. This one doesn’t just apply to romantic relationship. It applies to all human relationships. Respect is a VERY important element in any relationship. You need to feel respected in your relationship, especially in the way you speak to each other in public. You should never put down or talk down about your partner when talking to friends or families. You need to respect each other emotionally, physically and psychologically. Ladies, don’t make your man feel less than a man, and gentleman, your girl isn’t your maid. 3. LOVE: Ah, amour. This is one of the most difficult emotions to define. We said LOVE doesn’t hut! But it does. Someone doesn’t have to bust your head open for it to hurt. True love does. It hurt as hell matter fact. Just having to worry about someone else's well-being, is hard enough. Having your heart broken into pieces by someone who supposed to love you might make you feel like you will never love again. But regardless of the pain that it caused you, you are still craving for it and some of us might do some amazingly stupid thing to get it (even stealing someone else's. Sad, but true). So if you think you have found the love of your life, tell him/her that you love them all the time. Show it. Telling someone you love him/her a million times is not as good as an ACT of love. Just remember, love is a very fragile thing and must be cared for like any other living thing. So cheating, lying and hurtful words are worse than the poison apple to a relationship and can kill that love forever and no magic wand would be able to help you. 4. COMMUNICATION: You guys might have heard the axiom "you have two ears and one mouth for a reason therefore, you should talk half as much as you listen". You need to practice to listen more to your partner. I know! We all want to voice our opinion and be respected. So just remember by listening you are giving your partner the gift of being heard and being respected as well. Communication is a two way street. You can't just listen all the time, but by paying attention to how you guys communicate, you can strengthen and deepen your relationship.

Silianise Moise

"I'm the soul captain of my destiny" Author/Writer Li fe i s Not a Fai r y T al e, but ... Available at a bookstore near you 407.242.7787


5. PASSION: OK. Dirty pervert, you need to stop thinking what you are thinking. I know you are thinking about S.E.X, but passion doesn’t just mean sex. While having some wild and passionate hot sex is important of any successful relationship, however passion can be expressed in many different ways. You can be passionate about shared dreams, the future or looking forward to go on a great vacation together. It is crucial to find new things to keep the relationship excited; this also applies to the bedroom. Don’t keep doing the same boring things over and over; this is one of the best ways to keep passion alive. 6. FRIENDSHIP: The key to having a long term relationship is FRIENDSHIP. I mean, honestly at the end of a long day all you want is a friend to lean on, a friend to help you get through the tough times life throws at you. We all need someone to lean on, and who is better to do it than the love of your life. 7. UNDERSTANDING: I already know that I'm far from being a saint, neither are you, my friend. The only saint there ever was on this earth was Jesus. You need to have understanding and sympathy if you want your relationship to flourish. This doesn’t mean she should accept him coming home at for 4am after hanging out with some girl, or accept verbal abuse from your girl. Certainly not. Understanding comes in when life throws a lot of challenges your way and being able to understand that everything is not going to go perfectly as planned. Nothing in life is perfect, so you cannot expect perfection from anyone beside the man ABOVE.

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