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CONVENTION IS COMING!!!! you is started working on your SEPPA Checklist?the TheHave clock ticking as we rapidy approach Everything on it is quite important.The 2011 2011 SEPPA Convention. SEPPA Convention, which March 26-29, approacing There are fewarrives items I want to issuggest toquickly. you as I hope to see all of you in Athens, GA. checklist, of sorts, to think about. 1. HOTEL RESERVATION Do this immediately. The information is on this page, directly beside this column. 2. REGISTER FOR THE CONVENTION Go the website and pre-register. It’s free!!! Yes, I said free. If you wait until you arrive in Athens. there will be a charge. 3. CHARIOT RACES Does your state have its team together? If not, why not? This event is just for fun and to get to know the SEPPA membership. Get your team together and register!! 4. JOYCE WILSON MASTER CLASS This master class is a first-time feature for the SEPPA convention. Space is limited and registration is required. There is a separate fee for this course and the spaces are filling quickly. Don’t get left out! 5. PRINT/IMAGE COMPETITION Prove yourself! Show other SEPPA members what you have and prove it to yourself. This year, you can enter digital or traditional prints. Check out the link on the SEPPA website.


It’s not too early to start making your hotel reservation for the 2011 SEPPA Convention. The host hotel is the Hilton Garden Inn. Room rate is $125 per night. The hotel is a simple crosswalk away from the Classic Convention Center. Their direct number is 706-353-6800.

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“My Valentine” by Adrian Henson

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Suzette Allen Shooting Stadium Bambi Cantrell & John Woodward

Jamie Hayes Karen Goforth Mary Fisk-Taylor Kevin Newsome Janet Boschker Richard Sturdevant Janel Pahl Victoria Kelly

Joyce Wilson Michael & Tina Timmons

Kevin asked for your questions, and did he ever get them! Kevin lets loose with the an all new video. YOU WILL LOVE THIS VIDEO!!! We, at Southern Exposure, hope you will enjoy “A Few Moments With...”. This month, DUCK. (Click on the title, DUCK. and you will be linked to the video.)

Rick Gibbons The personification of the “energizer bunny,” Ms. Barnhart inspired Judy with her zest for life, never missing the Friday night dance at her retirement home until passing away at the age of 101 last December. Judy promised to follow in her footsteps and participate in the senior pageant, inspiring others to stay active and healthy in their twilight years. In its 14th year, the pageant is known for recognizing mature women who exhibit the qualities of elegance, dignity, respect and grace...”women who promote positive aging.” A portion of the pageant proceeds fund a scholarship for older individuals who are returning to college to study gerontology or geriatrics.

Judy Jordan of Lincolnton, Georgia, was crowned Ms. Senior Georgia-Carolina 2010 last September. Inspired by the late Ethel Barnhart, Judy followed her mother-inlaw into the pageant arena after Ms. Barnhart won 2002 second runner-up at the age of 93.


Judy’s experience teaching ballroom dancing and her passion for aging gracefully fit the pageant perfectly. Dancing to her program called, “My Invisible partner,” Judy mixed a waltz, rumba and charleston into a thrilling number that won the talent competition. She also won the evening gown competition and scored high in the interview portion of the event. Her success has given her the inspiration to create a program for photography associations called “it’s a Wrap!” that emphasizes techniques for lighting and posing the mature woman, including elegant wraps that look like designer gowns. Looking forward to a busy 2011 with speaking engagements, parades and interviews, Judy’s philosophy of life is to “be a beacon of light to others, giving them hope, strength and a passion for the days that are to come. For it is through my endurance, my love of family and my love for the Lord that I am able to continue to dance to the tune of life, encouraging others to join me rather than sit the last one out.”

She is somewhat dismayed that her daughter or granddaughters show no interest in following her into theatre or pageant life, performing or dancing. Her granddaughters are into sports, not makeup, hair and glamour. Maybe her influence will inspire them in their later years. It pleases her that memories of their grandmother will be much like those of her mother in law Ethel: never one to sit in a rocking chair on the front porch, but rather to be the last one on the dance floor.



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Jamie Hayes

Photographing Body Parts and I’m not talking baby hands and feet!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Why not celebrate the most romantic holiday with a little glamour lesson? This month we will be creating drama and sizzle with just one light and my favorite light modifiers --the beauty dish, or as Profoto calls it, the soft light modifier. Although other companies make this great little tool, my favorite, by far, is the one made for Profoto. The main reason it comes ina diffused white or specular silver and there is even a grid spot attachment which yeilds a vast variety of control. In the examples I used for this article I will be using the grid spot attachment for all of the images. (see photo1,2,3,4). 12

Ok, I know some of my other articles show multiple light and a variety of modifiers (yada,yada,yada) but I wanted to show how dramatic the results of this simple and relativley inexpensive (street price less than $500 for soft light reflector and grid!) reflector can be so I have created all of this months images with just this light and a blank white wall in the studio. By the way the wall is only 5 foot wide by 8 foot tall not a lot of space for such a bountiful return don’t ya think! I started with the main light strobe fitted with the white soft light reflector and the grid attachment as I mentioned earlier. This light was place just outside and either the left or right of the subject at about a 45 degree angle, high and aimed down for the “ta-tas” shot. I lowered it for the legs shot though. I tested the different distances between the subject and this light to vary the size and shape of the shadows and also the area of coverage of the highlights until I achieved the look I wanted. (don’tcha think they look good?) I wanted the shadows to be as much a part of the images as the subject. By carefully placing the shadows, I was able to contour the bust line, accentuate the abs and arms and thin the hips and thighs. No PhotoShop required, sorry Julieanne! ( but I did use CS5 to retouch the skin and remove marks on the wall though) As with all of our sessions, we photograph for the sale. These were the wall portraits and everything else went in an album. You can’t sell it if you don’t show it. So this Valentine’s Day go ahead and show it!

Camera: Canon 1DS Mark III Lens: Canon 35-350 L Series 3.5-5.6 Zoom Lens Exposure: 1/125 sec @ f/11 100 ISO RAW File Capture and jpeg (for viewing purposes only) Light Meter: Sekonic L-358 Light Modifiers: Profoto soft light reflector white interior Strobe: Profoto Compact 600r

Suzette Allen

One of the dilemmas of doing graphics for sports posters or even making cool brushes from small designs is the resolution factor.

If you size them up they are all pixelated, but how do you get them smooth again? Here is a great Photoshop Magic Trick that works with all versions of Photoshop (even back to 5.0, probably!). 14

I did a SPORTS PROGRAM for SEPCON on Jan 15th in San Antonio, and this was one of the projects I demonstrated. I wanted to make a 16x20 poster for this swim team but the only graphic I had for the dolphin logo was really small. It was about 350 pixels by 150 pixels. Great for the web but would only print out at about 1 inch long at print quality! I wanted it to be about 6 inches long on my poster! Here is the trick to make it bigger and smooth out all the jaggies that happen when I do that!

photo 02

Step one:

Size it up to the size you want. I want it 6” long, so that is 1800 pixels (at 300dpi). Image>Image Size>1800 px. Pretty jaggy, huh? (See Photo 02)

Step two:

Turn it into a B&W graphic: Sometimes Threshold works, but in this case it doesn’t, so I used the magic wand to select the red and black areas and then made a new layer and filled with black. (only fill with black) (See Photo 03) Increasing the tolerance on the wand makes it select the red shape better since my graphic has bevels and highlights and shadows on it. I also had to select each section (red and black) and fill it separately. I also had to use a different tolerance on each color to get the best selection. (See Photo 04)

photo 03

Step three:

Turn off the visibility of the original layer so you can see your shape. Use the eraser to delete any unwanted parts, or paint with black to fill in any “holes”. (See Photo 05) photo 04

Flatten your file so it is now white background with black graphic. (this is vital for the next step). Suzette Allen continues on page 18. photo 05

Suzette Allen continued...

photo 06

Step five:

Once the layer is black and white (no transparency) you can do the magic trick to smooth: Go to Filter>blur and blur it until the jaggies are all mushed, but not so much that you start losing shape definition. For this graphic, about 8 pixels worked. (See Photo 06)

photo 07

Step six:

Now do LEVELS on the layer and pull the black and white corner handles toward the middle until it refines and smooths it all out! WOW--isn’t that amazing? You will find that it tends to widen gaps and smooth out detail, so the simpler the graphic the better, but this is so useful! Occasionally you might need to refine or redraw tiny sections or smooth out bumps, but that is quick and minor compared to tracing it all by hand!

photo 08

Step seven:

Now you have a graphic you can make a brush out of! Select all (ctrl+A) [cmd+A] and choose Edit>Define Brush. (This only works if your file is smaller than 2500 pixels). OR you can delete all the white and save it as a .png so it is a shape on transparency you can drag onto any layout! (See Photo 08)


Creativity is endless at this point, and you can fill or bevel or make patterns or whatever!


CONVENTION HOTEL RESERVATIONS It’s not too early to start making your hotel reservation for the 2011 SEPPA Convention. The host hotel is the Hilton Garden Inn. Room rate is $125 per night. The hotel is a simple crosswalk away from the Classic Convention Center. Their direct number is 706-353-6800.

Victoria Kelly

We’ve all heard the joke about the only sure things in life are death and taxes, right? I want to add one more: women will ALWAYS find a way to have lipstick, regardless of the state of the economy. Let’s face it--the economy is presenting photographers with new challenges when it comes to keeping existing clients...and finding new ones. Many of us (and that includes me--) have looked to shore up the bottom line by including additional revenue streams. I’ll admit that in my soul I’m a girlie girl’s not unusual for me to find a great pair of shoes or earrings and build a total outfit around them. (My purple suede pumps were glorious at Imaging...) My primary market is high school seniors so I’ll own up to spending quite a bit of time keeping up with color trends, clothes and makeup.


Over the past few years I had attempted to partner with makeup artists to do senior girls before their sessions but found the whole process a bit cumbersome to manage with schedules and such. I finally decided to bring the process in-house and had begun researching my options. The Fates intervened last summer when a mom came into the studio with her son for senior pictures. She and I quickly became friends and it wasn’t long before I was sharing with her my desire to offer skin care and makeup to the senior girls. (I can spot a kindred fashionista spirit pretty quickly!) It turns out that this mom is a sales director for Mary Kay-living in her OWN pink bubble and she and I set up a time to chat over coffee about the company and how I could make it work in the studio. Here’s what I learned during our chat: that Mary Kay cosmetics are sold in 38 countries...that more women earn greater than $100,000 a year in Mary Kay than in any other company, as documented by the Wall Street Journal...and that in Mary Kay you’re in business FOR yourself, but not BY yourself. Oh, and there’s a Mary Kay charitable foundation that gives money to research cures for cancers that affect women and domestic violence. Now...before you start picking out your pink cadillac you should pay attention: Mary Kay is not a “get rich quick” business. It IS all about relationships...kinda like photography. I’ll admit I was a bit I went to a Monday night “success” event where I met other MK gals...and had a blast. Fast forward 2 weeks--I signed on as a Mary Kay consultant, ordered my inventory and began planning and doing. I was totally impressed with how much education and information were available, both online and from my director.

I’ve learned how to better budget my to prioritize my to keep myself motivated when someone says “no”...and how to work MK into my studio life. My first 6 weeks were kinda was the holiday season and I did feel a bit overwhelmed...but I had MK sales during that time right along with holiday cards and portraits. (I also had my director, Suzanne, on speed dial.) While I had originally thought Mary Kay would be “just” another revenue stream, I’m living life inside my pink bubble... and I realize I’ve joined a group of dedicated professionals that are always willing to share, teach and assist. And the great thing? In January when studio business was slow, my phone was ringing and I was hearing my favorite words: “I’m desperate for makeup”. So...if you’d like to look into whether the Mary Kay opportunity might be a good fit for you, hop onto my MK website at and click on “Sell Mary Kay” in the menu bar. Or call me. I’d like to tell you how I’m making Mary Kay work for me in the studio with our Valentine promotion!


Pete Wright

As a fourth-generation artist and a second generation photographer, Pete Wright was raised in North Carolina in an environment rich in art and photography. His photographs were first published when he was 14 years old when he accepted his first paying job as a photographer working for a regional newspaper. Years later, in 1997 PW Photography’s first studio opened in Greenville, North Carolina. The following year the company moved to Richmond, Virginia. The studio’s work has ranged from portraits and weddings to sports and editorials.

During his 23 years of working as a photographer Pete has earned the distinction of Master Photographer and Photographic Craftsman from PPA. He also received Photographer of the Year honors from PPA four consecutive years from 2007 throught 2010, has been awarded Fuji and Kodak Gallery Awards, was accepted into the PPA Loan Collection multiple times, has been featured in several national publications and is fortunate to have lectured around the world about his passion for photography. He loves to teach and inspire others to follow or find their passion in photography and use that passion to build a successful business! The Image “Last Single Moment” was literally created in just that a moment. The image was captured in the lobby of a hotel while the groom and groomsmen waited to be picked up by a limo to be taken to the ceremony. It was a brand new hotel that had opened in the weeks leading up to the wedding and had lots of posh environments and sweet lines throughout and while I would loved to have had time to take the groom all over the hotel to get great images I had only enough time to capture this portrait while he was sitting and waiting. The portrait won first place in the Social Event Portrait category and a Kodak Gallery Award in Virginia and went on to merit and receive the distinguished award in the Social Event Portrait category at SEPPA.

Note: Images chosen for the cover of Southern Exposure are first place, distinguished or other award winners from the annual affiliated judging.

Schedule of Events note times & location

Friday, March 25th 9:00am

Print Judging

Sunday Continued

Foundry Building

Saturday, March 26th 8:00am

Trade Show Set Up


Print Judging

Grand Hall

11:00am 12:00noon 4:00pm

Grand Hall

Board of Governors Trade Show Closes

Athena B Grand Hall

4:30pm - 7:00pm

Athena E


Foundry Building

John Woodward vs. Bambi Cantrell Sponsored by PWD Lab

12:00Noon Registration Desk Open 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Trade Show Opens

Foundry Building

Suzette Allen

“Accessorizing Photoshop” Sponsored by East Coast School 7:00pm

Chariot Races


Sunday, March 27th 7:00am

Registration Desk Open

7:45am - 9:15am

Jamie Hayes

CC Athena E

“The Glamour of Photographing Women” Sponsored by GP Albums, GNP Frames & WHCC 7:45am - 9:15am

Karen Goforth

Mary Fisk-Taylor


Kevin Newsome

Melting Point


Athena E

“Where is That Easy Button?” Sponsored by GP Albums, GNP Frames & WHCC 9:30am - 11:00am

Registration Desk Closes

Athena F

“Stimulus Package” Sponsored by H&H Color Lab 9:30am - 11:00am


Athena E

“Executives - A Market Ignored” Sponsored by Millers Lab

with the “Band

of Oz”

open to all registered covention attendees Be sure to wear your name badge & toga . enjoy great food, music and friends!

Monday, March 28th 7:00am

Registration Desk Open

8:00am - 10:00am

CC Athena E

Janet Boschker

“Finding Your Niche in the Children’s Market” Sponsored by Southern Exposure Magazine 8:00am - 10:00am

Richard Sturdevant

Athena f

“Using Composites to Rock Your Clients” Sponsored by BWC Lab 10:00am

Trade Show Opens

President’s Reception Fire Hall Featuring the Southern Exposure Writers and Cover Artists


Grand Hall


Awards Banquet

Athena E Formal Attire You Must Purchase a ticket: $20.00 Sponsored by Georgia PPA

Tuesday, March 29th 8:30am - 5:00pm

Athena E

Michael & Tina Timmons

“The Fine Art Side of Photography” Sponsored by Millers Lab

12:00noon Former President’s Lunch Fire Hall 1:00pm



Athena A

Trade Show Closes

8:30am - 5:00pm

Joyce Wilson

Athena A

“MASTER CLASS” BEYOND PORTRAITURE This class is a separate registration. You must be a Master Photographer or within a few merits to attend this class.

Convention Closes We will see you in in 2013.


Victoria Kelly

Athena E

“Rock Star Seniors” GW Moulding & Southern Exposure Magazine 2:30pm

Janel Pahl

Athena F


“Living in Light” Sponsored by Southern Exposure Magazine 3:00pm 4:00pm

Registration Desk Closes GPPA Meeting

Athena F

Schedule is subject change.

The SEPPA Board of Governors, at the annual meeting in Franklin, TN, approved the all new SEPPA Degree Program. The Southeastern Photographic Fellowship is now a reality! You can earn your new SPF Degree in two categories. The orange ribbon will be with a concentration in print credits. The purple ribbon be with a concentration in service to the organzation. Both options will be completed with education and or service credits. You may also, achieve both Degrees separately for a purple and orange ribbon. SEPPA will post the Credit Chart and submission forms at a later date. Be sure to check back. All events, beginning April 1, 2010 will be eligible to submit for credit.

Saturday, March 26 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Photoshop Fashion

Accessorizing Photoshop for Efficiency and Style

Photoshop, of course, is the ultimate digital imaging tool … let’s call it our “basic black dress”. Gotta have it, can’t live without it. And we will explore all the amazing fashionable updates with CS5 like Content Aware Magic and the awesome new Mixer Brushes! It will paint and smear pixels just like Painter! CS5 is certainly sporting a totally updated silhouette these days! But even though Photoshop is pretty fashionable on its own, what about accessories? Just like dolling up your basic black for evening or sport, we can add a lot of functionality and style to Photoshop with great complimentary programs like Lightroom, and plug-ins like NIK and Topaz….how about speedy composite tools like Album DS? Or add retouching speed with Portraiture! This stylish class will take you through the core features of Photoshop CS5 and ALSO teach you how to integrate Lightroom , Album DS and Nik/Topaz plugins for not only speed and efficiency , but some really cool and stylish “looks” to keep you in the limelight with your imagery! We will learn how to make design accessories like brushes, templates, and overlays, and then how to streamline your workflow with the add-on software selections. Of course we will add to your fashion sense with some great techiniques to create PinUp-style paintings, high fashion looks and soft elegant touches, perfect for kids and moms too!


SUZETTE ALLEN Suzette Allen has quickly become a well-known instructor, teaching others how to master the tools of Photoshop. After years of graphic design work and working as a retoucher at a photo lab, Suzette is quite adept at the skills needed for efficiency, creativity and great composition. Pair that with her natural teaching style, and you have a winning combination! Suzette has been a professional portrait photographer for 25 years and has been teaching digital imaging for 9 years. She has been an international speaker for Photographic Conventions, as well as a teacher at many of the PPA affiliated schools. She is the recipient of the Fuji Masterpiece Award for Digital and Commercial Photographer of the Year for California in 2002. She is currently the “Photoshop Expert� on, a resource site dedicated to helping photographers thrive in the Digital world. Suzette is best known for her patient and down-to-earth teaching style and extensive knowledge of Photoshop with an intense focus on efficiency.


Saturday Evening In the Courtyatrd

Show Your State Pride!! Each state is onvited to participate in the 2011 Chariot Races. Custom create your own state chariot . Get a red wagon and fix it up! The creation is completely up to your team. Each state team will consist of a rider and 4 Puller-Pushers! Contact Tom McCollum, SEPPA Executive Director and Register now! It’s complimentary! State__________________________________________ Team Rider___________________________________ Four Member Push Team_____________________ ________________________________________________


Sunday, March 27 4:30pm to 7:00pm

Bambi Cantrell vs. John Woodward This is the live program you have always wanted to see! Two master photographers photographing live, in front of an audience. A panel of judges. A host. A secret prop. Only one can reign supreme as the best. You get a front row seat to this exciting event. This will be like nothing you have ever seen at a photographic convention. John Woodward and a mystery guest will go head to head in battle as they show you all the knowledge they have. You will be inspired, You will be captivated by the energy. You’ve just got to be there!



sunday, March 27 7:45 am - 9:15 am

The Glamour of Photographing Women As professional photographers we all have a passion for photography. A desire to create beautiful images for our clients to enjoy, love, treasure and ultimately purchase. However, as individual artists we should all have something that we love to photograph, love to mold and create into artwork and art pieces that will grace our personal galleries or the interiors of our clients’ homes. For me, creating glamorous images of women is my personal passion.

From romantic to sensual, fun to flirty, intimate to pin-up, Jamie will take you on a visual journey into the intimate world of glamour photography. The art and study of the female form and the journey of creating beautiful portraits and illustrations of women has become an extremely profitable and rewarding product line in his Richmond, Virginia, studio. Jamie will demonstrate lighting and posing techniques ranging from simple one-light setups to elaborate multiple light masterpieces. This program is packed full of images detailing the entire process of Glamour Photography. Don’t miss this opportunity to study with one of our industry’s top photographers and successful business owners.



M. Photog., Cr. CPP ABI API It all began for Jamie at the age of 13. He never imagined that saving S&H Green Stamps would lead him to purchase a Kodak 110 camera and this would define his life’s path forever. That camera with its fancy new flash cube extender would lead him on an incredible journey into professional photography. Jamie photographed his very first wedding at the age of 15. He had to get a ride from a family member but did not want his bride to know, so he had his uncle park down the block and walked the remaining two blocks to the church. Twenty five years, two former employers, hundreds of weddings and thousands of sessions later, Jamie and his business partner, Mary Fisk-Taylor, have created one of the most creative and lucrative home based studios in the Richmond, Virginia, area. Jamie considers himself very lucky; most people consider him to be extremely talented. He was blessed with a fine eye for detail, an imagination bigger than life and an ability to create images that have been named some of the best in the country. His name is constantly at the top of the list for highly accomplished professional photographers but the real reward is the smiles and tears that he consistently brings to his client’s faces when he delivers their beautiful portraiture. Jamie gives credit to all of the wonderful friends and mentors that have encouraged and taught him along the way. He truly believes that becoming a member of PPA so many years ago was the beginning of his photography education and brought him to the point where he is today. Jamie’s appreciation for the education led him to the PPA Business Instructor program back in 1999. Ever since then Jamie and his business partner Mary have been lecturing across the country at many National and Regional conventions as well as week long schools. Receiving his Craftsman degree in 1998 and his Masters’ in 1999, Jamie has enjoyed many awards for his work including the Kodak Grand Gallery Elite, Kodak Gallery Awards, Fuji Masterpiece Awards as well as many entries into the PPA Traveling Loan and General Collections, three-time Virginia Photographer of the Year and numerous Best in Show awards. In 2002 he received a perfect score of 100 at SEPPA regional competition and had all four entries, 2 wedding albums and 2 prints, one of which was only a few of the newly accepted team coverage wedding albums, accepted into the PPA Loan Collection. Jamie and Mary are both proud members of the Society of XXV, a by invitation only world renowned portrait artist group.


Sunday, March 27 7:45 am - 9:15 am

Stimulus Package

Market, Market, and Market Some More!

There is so much talk about how bad the economy is. It has made us all fearful. At some point, we’ve all wondered about the future of our photographic industry. In 2008, we decided we were going to set some goals and go after them. We set our goal at $1,000,000 in sales. We fell short, however we recorded 2008 as being our best year ever! Not too bad in a struggling economy, huh? The best part is that we’ve maintained that amount of sales the last two years.

Come and learn how we stayed focused and persistent to reach our goal. First, we will cover marketing on a budget. We’ll share how to get customers in the door, using the tools you already have. Then, learn how to continue marketing once you get them in the door. Learn all about free marketing to entice your clients to return again and again. Not only do we have to be talented photographers, but even smarter business people. Turn off the tube, quit listening to the negative media and get your “share” of the stimulus package!


KAREN GORFORTH Karen, Goforth, originally from Connecticut, moved to Kannapolis, North Carolina, in 1980. She soon started her photography business, Irresistible Portraits, out of the basement of her home. Now, celebrating her 20th year, the business has bloomed into a boutique style professional photography studio in the heart of Kannapolis. Irresistible Portraits offers a unique experience that sets it apart from its competitors. Karen holds the degree of master craftsman and is certified through the Professional Photographers of America. She uses her photographic talent and keen sense for marketing to keep up her thriving studio. But not every image is made with intentions for profit. Karen and her staff have founded a non-profit foundation, Focused on a Cure, to support local breast cancer research. Photographing breast cancer survivors and fundraisers are another way for Karen to share her talent and help her local community.


Sunday, March 27 9:30 am - 11:00 am

Be prepared to be entertained and educated. Mary Fisk-Taylor owns and operates an extremely successful portrait and wedding studio in Richmond, Virginia, with her business partner, Jamie Hayes and is just crazy enough to open a second studio last year. The new studio focuses on a more fresh and fun approach to children’s photography and high school seniors. She is the mother of two very busy children and a member of Volunteers Anonymous! In March, Mary will discuss the need for balance in your life, creating and maintaining a studio image and her best marketing strategies. She will share with you her journey into this crazy business of photography, the struggles of being a Super-Woman and the truth about Success!


Mary Fisk-Taylor

M. Photog., Cr., CPP, ABI, API

Mary Fisk-Taylor has been a member of the Professional Photographers of America since 1999. Along with her business partner, Jamie Hayes, they operate a high-end wedding and portrait business in Richmond, Virginia. Hayes & Fisk the Art of Photography is a home-based studio located on almost one acre of beautiful gardens and they have successfully created one of the most sought after Portrait and Wedding studios in their area. In 2009 Mary developed the concept of a fresh and fun new studio in the Richmond area. With the help of her family, most importantly her mom and sister, Real Life Studios was opened in Midlothian, Virginia. Real Life Studios is best know for their high school senior portraits as well as the funky children and tween imagery. Real Life also has an entire Event and Party division which gives the studio a constant and steady revenue of new clients and income year round. Mary was very pleased and honored to have received her Master of Photography, Craftsmen of Photography and Certification of Professional Photography in just three short years!!! This was quite an accomplishment for her both personally and professionally. Mary was named Photographer of the Year in 2007 and has won Best Wedding Album of the Year in Virginia several times. Nationally she has placed albums in the top five. She has won numerous Best in Show awards, Kodak Gallery Awards, Fuji Masterpiece Awards, Loan Collection prints and albums. Mary is also a recipient of the prestigious Virginia Award, which honors photographers for their commitment and dedication to their state association, and the business of professional photography.


Sunday, March 27 9:30 am - 11:00 am

Executives A Market Ignored

The landscape of our industry has evolved dramatically in recent years. More and more, professional photographers are fielding calls from potential clients who need the digital file for commercial purposes. In the film days, this was classified as a commercial job and rarely did portrait photographers even bother with it. The most any executive would purchase would be a single print to be used for business purposes. It was hardly worth the time. Today, executive portraiture has become a product line that a good, quality portrait artist can count on for a steady revenue stream. It is still classified as a “commercial job” in that we are turning over the digital files along with a “user license” for them to make prints at their leisure for commercial purposes. Kevin’s program will shed light on how the executive market has helped his business get through the slow times in our economy and how this huge profit maker can be marketed effectively to create a revenue stream that keeps on giving.


KEVIN NEWSOME With more than 30 years as a full time professional photographer specializing in executives, seniors, children and family portraiture, Kevin Newsome might be considered one of Florida’s most experienced image artists. He’s a past president of the Tampa Area Professional Photographers Association (2003), the Florida Professional Photographers (2001), and the Southeastern Professional Photographers Association (2008-09). His book, Children’s Portrait Photography – A Photojournalistic Approach, was published by Amherst Media.

Monday, March 28 8:00 am - 10:00 am

Find Your Niche in the Children’s Market Little people require a special blend of psychology, deception and silliness. Maternity, babies, toddlers, tweens & teens – we’ll cover the ages and uncover the mysteries of photographing little people. Nurture creativity Find your style – Explore possibilities …. are all themes of this program. Variety. Consistency. Quality. Whatever your chosen style of photography, these elements must be present in your work if you are going to survive. Lighting. Composition. Presentation. Set yourself apart as a professional in the studio and on location. Creativity. Style. Technique. Refine your craft, elevate your images, and rewards will follow. Janet will share what has worked to develop her distinctive style and build a strong referral business.


JANET BOSCHKER Janet Boschker began her career in professional photography in 1983 as a wedding photographer at a leading studio in Charlotte, NC. As a single mom of 3, she juggled career and family for 11 years before starting her own NorthLight Photography in 1994, specializing in young children and their families. Her involvement on state and national levels led to the PPA Master of Photography in 1995 and the Craftsman in 2000. 2006 brought PPA International Affiliate Judge status and led to judging engagements on the state, regional, national and international levels. It continues to be her pleasure to be invited to judge, speak and share her experience in the hope that it will be helpful to another’s journey in the incredible field of professional photography.

Recent Accomplishments 2005: 1st Place Children SEPPA 2007: 1st & 2nd Place Children, 1st Place Women, 2nd Place Groups, NC Photographer of the Year 2008: SEPPA Distinguished Award, NC 2nd Place Children

PPA Photographer of the Year 2006 – Silver; 2007 – Platinum; 2008 – Silver; 2009 – Gold: 2010 - Silver Janet was Director of the East Coast School for the last three years and is a past president of Professional Photographers of North Carolina. She received the National Award at the 2009 PPNC Convention.


Monday, March 28 8:00 am - 10:00 am

Live Free, Shoot Hard and Create Art: Using Composites to Rock your Clients Enter into a world where photography has no rules, where the ordinary can become extraordinary, and creativity has no bounds. Richard Sturdevant specializes in the art of composites to create wonderful vivid images that tell a story. No matter what type of photography you create, composites can add a whole new dimension to your style. Richard will show you how he uses composites to create stunning works of art for his portrait clients, commercial clients and award winning competition prints. He will take us on a journey through his creative thought process from start to finish. This program will inspire you to think like an artist and how to use the camera and Photoshop as paintbrush.

RICHARD STURDEVANT Richard Sturdevant is a leading expert in photographic artistry and creative composites. His award winning work, style, and techniques have earned him high praise in the photographic industry. Richard is known for an impressive track record in print competition - receiving six prints with a perfect 100 point score in both state and regional competitions. Sturdevant’s fluid combination of photography with fine art skills stems from his original artistic roots. Prior to becoming a photographer, Richard made his living as a classic and award-winning artist and also was a national art instructor and a published subject matter expert. Using airbrush and oil, his unique but photorealistic style made for a natural transition to photography. Today his passion for painting comes alive in his creations of photographic art. As a photographic artist, Richard received the prestigious title of 2010 Southwest Photographer of the Year with SWPPA, 2009 and 2010 Texas Photographer of the Year with TPPA and 2008-2009 Dallas Photographer of the Year with DPPA. He also achieved International Gold and International Platinum Photographer of the Year with PPA in 2007, 2008 then went double Platinum Photographer of the year for Photographic Open and Electronic Imaging in 2010. From 2005 to 2009, he received 5 Kodak Gallery Awards as well as 12 Fuji Masterpiece Awards. Richard owns and operates Sturdevant Studio - a thriving portrait studio in Garland, Texas. He specializes in fine art composites, seniors, families, wedding, and commercial photography. He was featured in Rangefinder magazine August 2006 where his image “Durrel’s Run” was featured on the cover. Richard is a member of PPA, ASP, WPPI, TPPA, DPPA and is PPA Master of Photography. With over 20 years of experience as a creative artist, Richard brings a unique eye to the world of photographic education. Sharing his knowledge and experience with others in the industry is something that he enjoys. As part of his commitment to helping others learn and succeed, he has launched his own brand of educational materials to photographers, graphic designers, and artists nationwide. He believes that these materials, known as the “Sturdavinci Art Tools”, will help fellow professionals, as well as aspiring students, achieve their creative potential and improve their workflow. Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary will continue to be Richard’s goal in his personal photographic journey and as a platform for his teachings.


Monday, March 28 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Living in Light Janel’s passion for light has affected her photography as well as her life. Creativity flows when our subjects have beautiful light skimming across them. A face, a flower, a tree in a forest or a single shell on the sand all are affected by the light. Janel’s program will inspire you to seek the light and apply its beauty to your subjects as well as your everyday life. Her teaching, woven with her life’s stories and positive outlook on life, will prove to be a breath of fresh air.


JANEL PAHL Janel Pahl has been photographing California families for over 27 years. She designed and built a 1,000. square foot elegant home studio with a pathway to her enchanting year round cottage garden. Janel’s passion for life and people comes out in her artistic photographs, which emphasize emotion, natural light and creative composition. Eager to share, Janel has become a teacher throughout the United States, Canada, England, Ireland and Italy, mostly with her own artistic workshops, “Journeys of the Soul”. Her work has won numerous awards in PPA competitions. Along with her family portraits, Janel has pursued her fine art photography. She has signed with the world renowned art publisher Winn Devon and was their featured “artist to watch for in 2009” in Décor magazine. She has shown her work at the well known Laguna Beach Art A Fair for the past two years.

Monday, March 28 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

RockStar Seniors Victoria’s recipe for a sucessful senior business contains a few key ingredients: a dedicated staff person whose entire focus is seniors, a commitment to a strict senior timeline on the studio calendar and a network of senior moms who help spread the word. Her philosophy? Give every senior a rockstar experience to kick off their senior year and they’ll tell their friends. “We want every senior to leave our studio feeling like the star they are...from the time they walk through our door until they leave with their goody bag, they have our 100% undivided attention.” It means Victoria spends a lot of time reading...magazines, that is, keeping up with current fashion trends, colors, music and movies. “We don’t want any surprises at the preview session... the parent that accompanies the senior to the photography session leaves with a complete pricelist and homework assignment.” Victoria will take you through a typical senior year: recruiting your style crew, producing your marketing materials and more, right down to selling the senior images with ProSelect.



Tuesday, March 29 8:30 am - 5:00 pm limited to 40 registered students

Master Class Beyond Portraiture

Are you searching for inspiration and new direction? If so this is a day you will not want to miss. Joyce will share photographic and art techniques to add to your repertoire, and help build your reputation as an artist. Demonstrations and assignments with the emphasis on creativity and concept will stretch your imagination and help you develop unique images and products for clients…competition prints that rock…and portfolio collections for gallery shows. Joyce has maintained a philosophy throughout her career of “One for Thee – One for Me”. This philosophy served her well as she was able to satisfy her client’s needs and continue to experiment and grow as a creative artist. Joyce’s enthusiasm and passion for art and her ability to teach and guide students is legendary. You will be introduced to a variety of processes: pastel fusion and oil painting on digital images…creating digital negatives for Cyanotype, Van Dyke and Polymer Photogravure…collage and acrylic transfers…hand made albums and accordion booklets, and Photoshop techniques to elevate your work to another level. Not your ordinary workshop, this day of discovery will take you on a path Beyond Portraiture into the elusive realm of fine art and new visions. Assignments to continue after the workshop day, marketing information and hand-outs will enable each student to continue experimenting and challenging themselves on their personal journey.

JOYCE WILSON Joyce Wilson is an artist who consistently produces images with creativity and imagination, and continues to surprise and delight her many followers. After a long and successful career based in Indianapolis, Joyce moved to Santa Barbara in 1996 and served on the faculty at Brooks Institute. She left this position in 2006 to concentrate on her personal work, but has recently returned as adjunct faculty to teach the popular Beyond Portraiture class. Joyce has lectured and taught at photographic conferences throughout the world for the past 40 years. She is a M.Photog.Cr. and Fellow of the American Society of Photographers and was awarded an honorary Master of Science from Brooks Institute. In 2003, the International Photographic Council honored her at the United Nations with the distinguished Leadership Award, and she received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Professional Photographers of America in 2006. Joyce’s work is featured in solo and group exhibitions, and is part of the permanent collection at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, the International Photography Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City, and the Sherman Hines Museum in Nova Scotia. Recent exhibitions include the Rossignol Cultural Centre, Nova Scotia, Canada, Larson Art Gallery, Columbia College, MO, Ami Gallery, Indianapolis, IN, Samy’s Camera Gallery, Santa Barbara, and the Faulkner West Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA.

REGISTRATION This is a separate registration in addition to the normal SEPPA Convention registration. All registrations must be completed by February 15, 2011. Required: PPA Master of Photography Degree Call Tom McCollum, SEPPA Executive Director and provide the information listed below. Checks and Credit Cards accepted. Call SEPPA at 888-272-3711

Tuition: $89.00 per student in advance.

Name____________________________________________ email_____________________________________________ website___________________________________________ PPA Number_______________________________________


Tuesday, March 29 8:30 am - 5:00 pm open to all seppa attendees

Creativity Revisited Heart, Mind, and Soul

As you decide to attend this program, remember that we are all unique human beings; a product of our combined life experiences. We are all born creative; some people just seem to be more artistic than others, able to open their minds to a more complete creative process.

Join Michael and Tina to unlock your hidden talents. Using audio and visual presentations we will share with you easy steps to help you re-connect with your inner child and re-establish a creative connection. This high energy program will be unlike anything you have ever experienced before, and could change your life, both in and out of photography. Bring an open mind and be included in the must see program of the year.

MICHAEL & TINA TIMMONS Michael and Tina have both been involved in photography since 1983 and joined forces in 2000, after owning individual studios. They own The Portrait Gallery and Gallery 143 in Michigan. The portrait studio specializes in family, children, high school senior portraits, and events. Gallery 143 offers customizable Fine Art Interior DĂŠcor, and services clients such as NASCAR, Hendricks Motor Sports, Drury Inns, McDonalds Restaurants, in addition to banks, hotels, doctors offices, individual businesses and private collectors. Competition printing is another service provided, with over 32 Photographers of The Year as clients.

Both are Master, Craftsman, and Award of Excellence Degree holders through PPA, and have been named Photographer of the Year within the state. They have received awards such as Kodak, Fuji, Best of Show, Judges Choice, Top Ten (both state and regional), Four for Four, ASP State and Regional Elite Award, Michigan Service Award, numerous Loan collection images and PPA Photographer of The Year every year it has been given. Michael has had four loan prints in 2003, 2008, and 2010 and Tina achieved that status in 2009. Michael has exhibited in The International Hall of Fame, Photokina in Cologne Germany, Epcot in Walt Disney, has been The MES Photographer of the Year three times, and has had four prints score 100. He has received the National Award and is a published poet and writer. In addition Michael was named a Fellow by the American Society of Photographers in 2010. Tina has been awarded the MES Illustrative Award three times and was published in The New York Times Magazine.

Michael and Tina have lectured across the United States at local, state, regional, and international conventions in addition to numerous week long schools and personal workshops. They travel all over the world sharing their experiences, while continually photographing each location to add to their fine art library. Both are International Jurors through PPA, while Michael is a Jury Chairman and the current Vice Chairman of PEC. They traveled to Korea in 2009 to judge the PPK International Regional Print Competition. Both have held numerous board positions and stay involved in every level. Sharing their knowledge with a large circle of photography

friends has become a huge part of their life.


Southern Exposure February 2011  

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