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April 2011

Modern Home Furniture

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As Temay Furniture, we participated in the 7th International Furniture Fair (IMOB) in Istanbul in February 2011. IMOB is organized by the Turkey Furniture Manufacturers Association.

• MODEF - Inegol Fair is starting on April 3rd. • You can see our products at the stand of Natela Sofa.

In the region, Turkey is the most important country with furniture production. And IMOB is Turkey’s most comprehensive and important furniture fair in both Turkey and the re-

gion. In such an important trade fair, we exhibited our new designs to our visitors. Because of the events in the North African countries like Egypt and Libya, the required returns don’t started yet, although a lot of visitors at the fair were from Middle East. We hope that the problems will be resolved soon and everything will be back to normal.

From IMOB Fair...

R & D Work for 2012 is already moving ahead...

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R & D Work for 2012 is already moving ahead...


Innovations in the Design World


MDF vs. Particleboard


Furniture Fair Dates


About this Newsletter


About Temay


Designing Furniture. This is the nucleus of Temay's production structure. We are already working on the products which we will present to our customers in 2012. The first overall design of our product is already deter-

The first product showcase for 2012 collection...

mined. We want to produce different products from our last year collection. Below, you can see the first 3D preliminary render.



Innovations in the Design World Organic Design Coffee Tables


The coffee tables are produced by the French designer Jerome Abel Seguin. 'Jerome Abel Seguin' is also the given name to these coffee tables. The coffee tables are getting attention with its unique materials and natural appearance. It also resembles the idea of 'returning to all natural furniture'.

Dream Bag Source:

'Jerome Abel Seguin' coffee table resembles the idea of 'returning to all natural furniture'.

This special seating, which was designed by Ulrika Engberg and Kasper Medin, has a relaxation and an entertainment effect. It also has produced the idea of dreaming minds. The seat has been produced especially for the interest of children, depending on demand and creativity it can be used for different views and functions.

Multifunction Vases The Spanish brand, VONDOM, is getting attention with it indoor-outdoor vases, lightings, and furniture products. The diamond-inspired shape of the vases is designed by JM Ferrero. The self-watering system of the vases makes it more interestSource: ing. The vase could be as furniture and it could also come with its special LED lights.



MDF vs. Particleboard What is MDF?

What is Particleboard?

Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF) is an engineered wood product formed by breaking down real wood residuals into wood fibers and glued back together with special resin by applying high temperature and pressure.

Particleboard is produced in a similar way as MDF. In both products, the same wood and resin is used. However, wood fibers in particleboard are bigger than that

What is the difference? The table below compares product characteristics of MDF with particleboard: Explanation Furniture with dowel and gluing

MDF By using the right glue, MDF will be the best choice because of its small fibers.

Particleboard Particleboard could not produce the best result in this area.

KD (flat packed) with minifix

In modern way of assembling flat furniture, MDF is not as strong as particleboard. In all flat packed products, spreading dowel or similar element will be used. MDF’s cohesiveness with this sort of element is not as perfect. MDF has a density of 750-800 kg/m3. It weights 10-15% more than a particleboard.

Particleboard is the best product to use the modern techniques of assembly. Particleboard will be the best choice, if the furniture is flat packed and minifix style connecting fittings are used.

Bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms

MDF will increase the weight of the product. Being resistance to water has no use in bedrooms or living rooms.

The right quality of chipboard will outperform MDF. The chipboard will produce much better results, because most furniture’s are produced with modern connection techniques.


MDF outperforms chipboard because it is water resistant

When a particleboard is soaked into water, it is probable that it will lose its characteristics in a short time.

Weight question

From the information above, it is obvious that each product has its place. The particleboard holds screws and other connecting fittings well; on the other hand, MDF has a smoother finishing and is more water resistant. Yet, too many people think that particleboard is hunks of wood haphazardly glued together. Not true. In many uses in modern furniture production, particleboard will greatly outperform MDF. One must remember that within itself, each product has its own qualities. Let’s take the example of particleboard; there is a WORLD of difference between GOOD particleboard, and cheap particleboard. And a high quality of particleboard in home furniture will outperform MDF. At Temay, in all our products, we use the top quality

Particleboard has a density of 650-700 kg/m3.

of particle boards.

Where MDF should be used? MDF has the best moisture (water) resistant. Moisture actually means the product is being exposed directly with water. Therefore, using MDF on kitchen counter tops and below it would be best choice.

General Idea of the Public The main problem is that people have developed a mentality over time that the MDF is better because of its heaviness and its resistance to water. They go further and they are even willing to pay more for products made from MDF. This is absolutely not necessary. If the home furniture producer is using the high quality of chipboard in their products, this would be the best thing the consumer should get.


Modern Home Furniture

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Important Furniture Fair in Turkey and Abroad Date




3-10 April 2011


İnegöl - Bursa - Turkey

12-17 April 2011

I Saloni 2011

Milano - Italy

About Temay

We design, develop, and manufacture modern natural wood finish furniture. Our product range includes bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms. Our furniture adds aesthetic value to your life. We continue our efforts for an aesthetic, modern, high quality and decorative products. Every detail of our products provides functionality solutions. Even in a simple drawer design is made after detailed calculations. Every design detail is adding a

new value to the life of our users. The aim is to make rooms more spacious and bright with high quality wood furniture’s by a natural touch. Temay’s goal is to produce suitable furniture for everyone. This is our strategic basis. To make it short, you will enjoy using the products which you will buy from Temay. Till the next issue, we wish you the best.

Newsletter | April 2011  

With this publication, we are hoping to inform our customers and colleagues about the development of our company and furniture industry. Thi...

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