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P11 Jumpstart Science Questioning in the Primary Science Classroom Name: Ms Audrey Liaw School: Tampines Primary School, E6 Subject Area: Science Synopsis It is an established fact that asking good questions has led to important discovery in science. For instance, Dr Charles Drew (1904-1950), a black American scientist asked this important question, “Can we preserve blood so that it can be used later for someone else?” Drew’s question led him to develop a system for the storing of blood plasma that is a blood bank that revolutionized the medical profession. In the classroom, pupils too need to ask relevant and important questions to help them in the learning of science. However, a survey with pupils in our school showed that about a third of them grade themselves poorly in a rubric in the area of curiosity, which hinges on asking questions. Further interviews with selected pupils and their teachers suggest that this could be due to their lack of language ability and confidence in asking questions. Our lesson study introduces the use of a set of 12 question stem cards to help pupils jumpstart the process of asking questions in class.

Jumpstart Science Questioning