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A heart in the sand Two teenagers were sitting on a beach, waiting for August to finish. In their childhood they played on the sand, looking for seashells swimming in the sea and they laughed like they had never done. They grew up together, always wishing to meet again. Summer when they started feeling something, they decided go out and one night, they went to the beach to sleep. They were talking for a long time when the sea turned rough, a storm was approaching. They entered the tent to protect themselves. They didn’t realize that the tide had risen a few meters. The girl went to collect her things and saw how the sky roared and cried. The boy saw that she didn’t return and he went out to look for her, but she wasn’t around. He approached to the seashore and suddenly a big wave swallowed him. Nobody knew about them anymore, but every summer in August, a heart with two letters appears in the sand in the same place and nobody knows who draw it.

The heart in the sand 7