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I was seventeen when it began. I go to Figuerias every year. We have got a house near the sea there so my family and I go on holidays. It is amazing. There are a lot of people and all of us are close friends. We get so sad when we have to leave. That year my parents gave me a dog. A big black beautiful collie. I called him Jullian because of a character of a book. One day I was walking with Jullian on the beach. He was running along the seashore playing with the water and a ball I threw. Jullian stopped with a white dog whose owner was a young girl. She had long black hair. Her face looked white and her face looked white and her eyes were the darkest I had ever seen. She was really pretty. We started talking about dogs and then she told me that she went every year on holidays to Figuerias too with her parents. We spent the whole afternoon talking and watched the sunset while our dos played. Her dog was called Ares. We decided not to say our names. We started meeting every day. She was very interesting because of her likes, ideas and experiences and she was so cheerful, mature and open-minded. We used to go to the beach where we met because it wasn´t a too crowded beach. Two weeks later she went back to her city. I felt miserable and got a bit upset during my last week there. We continued talking on the phone and one day in November she told me crying that Ares had gotten sick of a severe illness and two weeks later it died. It was a very sad moment. In April next year my dog was run over by a car because he was running after a ball. I couldn´t believe it. Jullianhad been just nine months with me but it was an excellent dog and I missed him. In summer I went back to Figuerias and met that girls whose name I still didn´t know. We went to the beach where we first met and remembered our dogs. We met thanks to them so as a sign for representing our relationship and why it had begun we made a heart with the first letter of their names inside. Then she told me that her name was Ares and that her dos was a present of her grandmother some days before she died and she wanted the dog to have the same name as her only grand-daughter. From that moment we made a heart on the seashore each week and waited watching the sunset until the water removed it. We have been doing this all these years. It’s our way of giving thanks to Jullian and Ares.

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