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The Heart in the sand The stories of Captain James are very famous, but there is a story that nobody knows. One day, when James was flirting with another pretty girl like all those pretty girls that he usually met, a handsome boy jumped near him. -Stay away from her – He shouted. -Keep calm, we are only having fun, what’s the problem?’- James answered. -It’s not a problem, he’s only a man who is in love with me , he’s nothing for me- She laughed and kissed James on his face. -Shut up!- The unknown man shouted again – You’re mi future wife! -It’s not true! Leave me alone! -You heard the girl, now go out, we have a lot of things to do She laughed again and the man felt so furious, he tried to hit James, but there was a mistake, James pulled out his sword and two seconds later it was near his neck. -Never attack from behind – he said seriously -Well… it´s true, but I want to fight for her hand, but not here. James could see the blood on her neck and the stranger felt more nervous. -Continue, it sounds funny -Em… at midnight , in Fortune square, but I have good reputation, people will think badly about me if they see me fight anywhere like an ordinary pirate, I’ll be wearing a mask. -What do you think about this, baby?- The girl smiled with a big and happy smile -It’s great, I’ve always wanted two men to fight for me. The stranger nodded and he left.  When he arrived, the man was waiting for him. -Hi man, are you ready to lose? - James joked. But before he could move, the stranger hit him and tore his shirt with the sword. -Oh good beginning, but it’s only good lu…- A second thrust sword surprised him on his right, James put up his sword and hit him, once, failed, twice, failed again. The man seemed quicker than this morning and he hit more strongly. -What’s happened? Two quick thrusts and the pirate was disarmed with the man’s sword on his neck. -Ok, you win, the woman is all yours. The man put down his sword and separated from him. -Congratulations- James hold the stranger’s hand but it wasn’t the end, quickly James took a knife out of his jacket and broke his mask, it felt down and he could see his face, the stranger’s face, he wasn’t a man, he was a woman. -It’s incredible. -Oh, shut up! – Shouted a man behind the trees, he was the stranger- Come on! I knew that it was a bad idea. She spat James on his face -Silly…- She whispered and then she left. -Oh James, he thought that he could lie to you, but you’re more intelligent, now I’m yours- Said the “prize” -Oh, it’s true, you’re the reason of the fight…. It was easy, this morning I injured him , but his neck was perfect now… was funny, have a nice day! -But what happens with me? -I’m a pirate, the sea is calling me!

But it was not true, James walked around the city for weeks, he had never been more than two days in the same place, but nobody had ever won him, and it was obvious that never had lost with a woman before, he couldn’t feel calm if he didn’t win her. He saw the girl a lot of times after the fight, but she always found the way to run away and leave him embarrassed. He discovered a lot of things about her in their little dialogues, he could make other questions that she decided if she would answer or not. He discovered that the stranger’s name was Marcus and she didn’t fall in love with him, but when he asked if she had a boyfriend, she only smiled and close the library’s door on his nose. And about the typical sentence “it’s your name as pretty as your face?2 She preferred to be quiet, she was a mystery woman, and James loved it. He felt so strange, when he fought with the girl on his mind there was another fight, he thought she was like a man, didn’t clean, didn’t cook, she only read, write and fight. She wasn’t female, but sometimes, he thought that it wasn’t bad. One day when they were fighting, she asked him. -If you’re a pirate, what are you doing on land? Don’t you miss the sea? -Sometimes…-He answered- you need to be on land to know how beautiful the sea is….but now…I’m starting to think that the sea is not the most beautiful thing in my life… They were very near, only centimeters separated their faces, she looked at him and lost the attention and he used it to disarm her, his sword was on her neck -Oh shit!- She said. But he let his sword fall down and kissed her. -It’s a mistake, you need to travel, have adventures. Your heart is for the sea -Come with me, you could be the part of my heart that it’s for the land. Tomorrow, I’ll be waiting for you. -But…-He silenced her with a kiss -You win, always- And ran away  He waited for her all day, but she didn’t go, finally he couldn’t wait any longer.  -Land in sight! James and his crew went for food, but he stopped when saw something really strange. On the sand he saw a heart with two letters, J and A. -Angy, my name is Angy- He looked behind and the girl was smiling, and I think you need more vigilance on your ship. They merged into a hug and kissed.

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